I Kissed a Girl (2024) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

This programme contains strong
Our summer of love started with a
# Oh, her body is bible
# The only Heaven that I know #
- Wait, I want to hear about the kiss!
- Some would say perfect.
- And along the way, the path to love
was never straight.
- We did have a kiss.
- What the fuck?
- You've got company.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
- Keep it going. Come on.
- Three new girls.
- Oh!
- Oh, my God!
- I love the drama.
- Do you want some more girls?
- I'm never that girl.
- I want to know that I'm wanted.
- If I didn't like you, I'd have gone
- Now, four couples remain to face the
final kiss off in front
of their friends and family.
- It's time for the girls to decide
whether their partnership
is the start of something special.
- Last time, after Amy made her
- Hannah.
- # Listen to your heart
# Take a listen to it #
..others questioned the decision.
- I'm happy for her.
But will it last?
- The girls made big steps in their
future together.
- Are you falling in love with Eva?
- Yes.
- Do you regret picking me over me Fi?
- No, I don't.
- Before a wild party
- Gay panic.
- ..shattered the Masseria.
- I've heard a few conversations about
Hannah and Amy.
- I can speak for myself. You know
that, right?
- Are you just talking shit behind my
- You literally just threw me under
the bus.
- I'm trying to get rid of the tension
- I don't feel like I need group
- Cannot be arsed.
- Welcome to I Kissed A Girl.
# We go like fire and gasoline
# My kerosene #
- How did everyone sleep?
- It's the penultimate morning in the
Masseria for our
four remaining couples.
- How is everyone feeling?
- I actually really loved that party.
- Yeah, same.
I need more parties like that.
- You were dancing!
- But after last night's drama, not
everyone's raving about the party.
- Morning, Priya and Naee. Are they
- Yeah.
- Good morning.
- Soon the girls must make a huge
decision at the final kiss off -
whether to commit to a relationship
back home
or call time on their summer of love.
- Come on then!
- Let's go!
- Eee!
- But first, there's the small matter
of last night's tension to resolve.
And no, I'm not talking about the
- Fuck me. We can't be like that for
the next two days.
- I know.
- Like us three couples and then just
them, like, that's
- Yeah.
- But if that's what they want, then
that's fine.
But, like, that shit's just weird.
And it's like, not really how it
should be.
- Like this is the first time I've
actually woken up pissed off.
Is it wrong to say that everyone is
pissing me off?
- No, I understand.
- Like
- Totally.
- Everyone is pissing me off.
- I really get you.
- Everyone is just acting like nothing
happened last night.
And I'm just like, "How are you all
acting so fine knowing
"that we just got absolutely rammed up
the bum?"
And, oh, it was grating me a little
There's so much fucking hypocrisy here
because everyone
has spoken about everyone.
- Everyone.
- So like, what the actual flip is
going on?
- I know, babe.
- I have to fucking chat to Hannah.
I'll have to have a conversation with
Hannah, cos I just want
to clear the air and make the most of
the last couple days.
- # If you never, if you never
# Just don't say a word. #
- I don't understand. It should be
Hannah in a bad mood.
- Yeah.
- Not them two.
- I am not in the mood today for
- I'm out of it.
- Mm-hm.
- I'm not I'm on the sidelines now.
- Yeah.
- It's between Hannah and Priya.
I was just trying to shine a bit of a
light on the issue,
but it just caused a bit of a shit
And you know, Priya didn't really
handle it how I thought she would.
- We're sweet, though, aren't we?
- Yeah.
We're chilling.
- Not really anything to discuss.
- We're good.
- I know.
- We're sweet.
- Really, really like Meg.
I'd like to see where, like, we're
But with that chemistry test.
I feel like the fact that Meg answered
the falling in love
question as "Yes" has just been
playing on my mind.
I feel nervous with the pace that it's
going at.
- # Is a waiting game #
Priya, you can't stay in the bedroom
all day.
And, Hannah, we can see you behind
those cushions.
Time to face the music, girls.
- It's so awkward.
- You got it, babe.
- I need to clear the air.
Especially for Amy's sake as well,
because that's one
of her best friends.
- # What if it only gets colder? #
- Oh!
- Here we go.
- Shut the front door.
- Already?
- Shut the front door.
- Can I just say, I don't want there
to be bad blood.
You say you're really straight up.
But you haven't been straight up with
I just feel like you've been a
..bitch behind my back.
- I'm really not impressed right now.
Thanks, Eva, for bringing that up last
Really appreciate it.
That whole "Oh, yeah, you talk too
And like the one word to describe Amy,
I wouldn't have chose
"different" personally, I didn'tI
didn't know like.
To me, that
- I didn't mean it in a bad way.
- Yeah.
- Like I know where you're coming
from, it comes across
- Yeah.
- But I meant, like, everyone that
I've been with
has not been like Amy.
Like, she's different, but in a good
- Yeah.
- It didn't come from a bad place.
- Yeah.
We've not really had many
conversations. She doesn't know me.
So for her to, like, judge me straight
off my back,
it's like, ridiculous.
- We've not got long left.
- Exactly.
- Let's make the most of it.
- Yeah.
- We don't have to be besties.
- Yeah.
- But for Amy's sake, I don't want it
to be awkward.
- Yeah, exactly.
Everything I've done up to this point
is because I love Amy
so much, and I just want the best for
But from now on, I'm staying out of
it, and I'm not meddling any more.
- # We are caught up in your love
affair. #
- How was that?
- She doesn't understand the way I
work because she doesn't
really know me.
And obviously the comments that I made
- Mm-hm.
Like, it is muggy to be bitched about,
do you know what I mean?
And it's like, not nice to, like, have
to be civil with someone.
But I appreciate that from
- Oh, no, it's fine.
- I appreciate that because she is a
very good friend of mine in here.
- Yeah.
- Do you know what I mean? And that
like, means a lot to me.
I definitely was feeling the love from
Priya, which is nice,
but I was also feeling like, "Oh, it
could get sticky
"because there was tension between
like, a best friend of mine
"and like the girl that I'm paired up
It's definitely difficult.
- # I keep on running beside myself
- I think there just needs to be a
group apology and
let's just get on with it.
I don't think this needs to taint the
remainder of our experience.
- # I found my friends, I found my
# Can't feel my hands, can't feel my
hands. #
- Right, guys. We're all gathered
- We're gathered here today
- I just want to address the fact
that everyone's being severely shite
craic today.
- And not to make it awkward, but we
just need to clear the air.
Does everyone agree?
- Yeah.
- Everyone agree?
Whoo! Yeah, whoo!
- I just want no bad blood.
Let's air out and then we can get on
with our last few days
in the Masseria.
- ALL: Three, two, one, lesbians!
# What a feeling #
- I just can't take you seriously.
- # Being's believin' #
- Big, happy family.
- # Pictures come alive #
- For our short amount of time that we
have left!
- This conversation is getting a bit
juicy, don't you think?
- We're really milking it!
- Ah!
- Um, I do the puns around here, thank
- It's getting a bit saucy!
- Finally, peace has been restored in
the Masseria.
The girls can relax, unwind, but not
for long because here she comes.
# I've been waiting for you #
- Damn!
- # I've been waiting for you #
- Gay panic, gay panic, gay panic.
- Oh, my God!
- Oh!
- Holy crap.
- Tomorrow is the final kiss off and
you all have a big
decision to make.
Are you ready to commit and take your
into the real world?
Or is it time up on your summer of
To give yourself time to think,
..you will be separated from your
- No!
Oh, God, I'm gonna cry. I'm literally
so devastated.
I don't get to spend the night with
Hannah tonight.
- You won't see each other until the
final kiss off.
- Oh, my God.
- It's a lot to think about, girls.
To help make up your mind,
your loved ones
..are arriving
- No!
- ..very soon.
- Knowing that they're going to be
here in Italy is insane.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm gonna cry.
- Have the best evening and I will see
you all
tomorrow, right?
- You will.
- Oh, my God!
- Thank you so much.
- See you tomorrow, Dannii.
Oh, my God!
- I hope my sister's here.
- I really hope my brother's here.
It would mean the absolute world for
Eva to meet my dad
and my brother. They mean so, so, so
- # Did you miss me?
# I've been so messed up since you
stopped calling #
- I'm so nervous.
This will be the first girl that
they've ever met.
- Mm.
- No pressure.
- It's all right.
- # I don't know what to tell ya I
don't know what to say #
- You excited about your sister
- Yeah. She is me.
- Yeah?
- A blonde version of you?
- She's the blonde version of me.
- Do you think I'll fancy her?
- Yeah, you actually will fancy her,
and she'll fancy you.
I have two lesbian sisters,
so the gay gene is rife in our family.
- I just have this, like, pre-guilt
because my exes have, like,
been, like, "You literally met my mum,
and you did this to me,"
and I'm like, "Oh, stop!"
I normally get on with mums so well,
but, in this case, I'm pooping my
pants a wee bit.
- # Here I go
# How does it feel? How does it feel?
# Just tell me something. #
- Your smile's so cute, man.
- Aw!
I bet you're excited.
- Yeah, and, I'm like This is her
first time flying.
- Is it really her first time flying?
- Yeah.
- Oh, my gosh!
- Me and my mum are very close,
and her first time going to a
different country,
so I'm really proud of her, and I am
excited to see her.
- My dad is 73 and then my mum is 57.
It's like
- Imagine when I was born, you was
like you were like,
"23 years later, you're going to be
visiting a house in Italy
"full of lesbians."
- A 73-year-old Punjabi man in a house
full of lezzers!
- We're iconic.
- I know, right?
Coming out,
I was definitely more afraid to tell
my dad than I was my mum.
- # Only me and you #
- I'm such a Daddy's girl, but he just
accepted me for who I was
and he's going to love me, regardless
of what gender I date.
- # Only me and you. #
- I can't wait to see Naee with your
- I know! That'll be so cute!
- Naee's just going to be like, "Your
daughter, type shit."
- "So, yeah, she's a right ting."
- "She's a leng ting."
- I feel like I'm usually good meeting
people's parents,
but I'm shitting myself.
- # You, me, we just wanna waste some
# Do just what we like, yeah #
- I need to make a good impression.
I really need this to work.
- I don't even know whether I'm
supposed to hold hands
during this thing or not.
I'm going to overthink absolutely
fucking everything
about my being right now.
I'm praying to God that I can find
and don't just turn into a shell of
- No panic, but friends and family
have landed,
and they're ready to help the girls
come to the right decision
at the final Kiss-Off.
- Going to be sick. Bleurgh!
I'm literally sitting there
- Good luck!
Good luck, and don't fuck it up.
First impressions matter a lot,
especially when it comes
to meeting the parents. Mum and Dad -
that's a big deal.
- # I got my fingers crossed #
Meeting Amy for the first time are
Hannah's mum and dad.
# Can't take my eyes off you #
- Don't cry!
- Ciao, bambina.
- Nice to meet you, I'm Amy. Lovely to
meet you.
- It's such a surreal feeling, seeing
my parents in the Masseria.
- I'm Amy, lovely to meet you.
- Hello!
- And I'm literally introducing them
to a new girl.
- Two beautiful girls.
- Gorgeous!
- Here to meet Hannah
are Amy's sister and best friend.
- Seeing Lucy and Lucia, my heart
feels so full.
- From the beginning, were you paired
- No, we weren't.
- Oh, really?
- ..I've had a journey in here.
Hannah was, like
- The last.
- ..the most recent person to come in.
- Yeah.
- Oh, really?
- I was, like
- What?!
- ..one of the last girls to come in.
- Have you been causing causing
- Well, yeah.
- Unintentionally.
- Unintentionally.
- But it's all good, like
- Was it instant attraction?
- I walked in and I saw her, and I
went, "Who is that?!"
- She's like, "She's fit."
- I know, I literally did.
- "OK!"
- You really do look so cute together.
- Yeah.
- Do we?
- You really do.
Gorgeous pair.
- Stop!
- She kept telling me about you.
- Yeah!
- She was like, "You'd better not
fancy my sister!"
- "Better not fancy my sister."
Me and my little sister, we're
- She was like, "What if I fancy her?"
- Do you fancy me?
- Yeah!
- ..except when we end up fancying the
same girl,
and then it'scompetition.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow, babes.
Ah! You good?
- MUSIC: In For The Kill by La Roux
- Can you guys, like?
- # I'm going in for the kill
# I'm doing it for a thrill
# Oh, I'm hoping you'll understand
- Awkward! Especially considering I
just met them,
but they just had to watch!
- # And not let go of my hand #
I love a good PDA!
- Get a room!
- PARENT display of affection!
- Oh
- You're actually nervous?
- Does it show?
- No, not at all.
- I feel physically sick.
- Ahhh!
- # There's not a moment
# I don't want to talk to you #
On their way to meet Cara
- Hello, Mum!
- ..are Georgia's mum and family
- Hello, Georgia. All right, love?
- Fancy seeing you here.
- Fancy!
- Having my mum and Sandy here
This is Cara.
- Hello.
- ..makes things feel a lot more real.
- Joining are Cara's mum and brother.
- Ahh!
I've definitely never introduced a
girl to my family,
so this is a big deal for me.
- Hiya. I'm Georgia. Pleased to meet
- You too.
- Their opinion means so, so much to
Like, it really taints my view of
if my family doesn't like them.
- So, have you had a good time?
- Yeah, it's been good.
- So yous connected from the minute
you've met?
- Yeah.
- We went through our ups and downs in
There were so many miscommunications
of, like, getting in our own head, and
then we'd get, like, upset
because we weren't, like, saying
- Yeah.
- And then we've worked out.
- Have you guys met any of Cara's
partners before?
- Cara, and nearly all of my children,
have a very limited dating history,
so it's not
- Yeah.
- Don't just say that on TV!
- Don't know what's wrong with us.
- Nothing, nothing!
- I've only ever brought one person
home to meet my family,
and it didn't go the best, so
hopefully it went well.
- # I'm running low on serotonin
# Chemical imbalance got me
twisting #
- Not nervous about my side, I'm
nervous about your side.
- I am. I'm nervous about my side.
- Why?
- I'm a Daddy's girl.
- Oh, my God.
- It's all a bit nerve-racking, isn't
Like, I feel like thisthis means
Like, it's getting serious.
- Heading to meet Eva are Meg's dad
and brother.
- Oh!
My dad's very protective over me.
I don't usually speak to my dad about
or people that I'm with.
- I'm Eva, nice to meet you. And
- Neil.
- Neil?
I already knew that. I already knew
- Yeah, yeah.
- I really, really hope that he likes
- So, Eva, where do you, er?
- Yeah.
- Ireland, yes. Yeah, yeah. Northern
Ireland. So, like, Belfast.
- Ah.
- Ah, right.
- Northern Irish.
- Hello!
- Joining the welcome party are Eva's
bestie and her sister.
- Meeting someone's family is a lot of
pressure for me.
Like, I am genuinely so scared
of being committed to anyone ever
Kind of, like, walk you through, like,
how we kind of
- Yeah.
- Go on. Go on, yeah.
- Meg and I kind of did a bit of a
wife swap situation.
- Oh, OK!
- Basically, I started off as the
comforting person,
and we were like a
- Oh!
- No!
- Savage.
- So I think we were able to, like,
build it quite naturally.
- Good.
- A natural, mutual bond.
- Yeah, like, get to know each other,
personality as well,
and then we built on that.
- Yeah.
Do yous have any questions for us?
- My questions were more like,
"Oh, I'm going to come in, I'm going
to interrogate you.
"You know, what job you're doing, how
old you are."
But now you're just a really nice
so I don't really know what to
- Oh, thanks.
- She is lovely.
I'm so happy that my dad and my
seem to really like her.
It's like a little glimpse into the
- Cheers tothis experience, I
- Meeting you guys.
- And meeting everyone. And meeting
- ALL:
- Cheers!
- I have to say, I'm so happy that
that's over and done with.
I think it went quite well.
Like, I don't see anywhere it could
have went better.
- # You
# You're the colour if you only knew
# We could be beautiful #
- It's just as, like, nerve-racking as
bringing a girlfriend home.
- Mm, true.
- After jetting in
on her very first flight,
it's Naee's mum.
- Oh, hi!
- Hi, Mum.
- Hi!
Hi, baby.
- I missed you.
- I've missed you loads, darling.
- Come and meet Priya.
- Aww, bless you.
- Growing up, I've always had to,
like, look after my mum
because she suffers from
osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.
- And look at the grin!
The grin says it all.
- Coming out to my mum was necessary.
There was always something just
weighing on me.
I didn't want to hide any more.
It helped me to just, like, be myself.
- It's going well with you both?
- Really well. Really well.
Naee's amazing.
- I know. I know she is!
- I'm glad my mum was there for me
when I came out.
She has so much love to share with
Like, she's just the best person in
the world.
- I see where she gets her smile from.
- Hi!
- And joining them are Priya's mum and
- Hello!
- Hi!
- Aww!
- Mummy and Daddy came!
Hi, Daddy!
- Hello!
- Oh, it's just like home came to me.
This is Naee.
- Hello.
- I'm Naee. Nice to meet you.
- How are you doing?
- I'm good.
- He's kind of shy,
so I really didn't expect my dad to
come, I'm not going to lie.
- So how's it been?
- TOGETHER: It's been really fun.
- Yeah!
- Literally at the same time.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, we've had a great time.
- Looks like it, yeah.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
- And you two look so happy.
- Really!
- They do.
And you've been together since the
From day one?
- PRIYA AND NAEE: From day one.
- Yeah.
- Really?!
- There was also another girl that was
interested in Naee at the time.
- - Oh, my goodness!
- I knew there would be.
I knew there would be.
- A little bit of drama. A little bit.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- Popular girl.
- Yeah.
I won.
- Of course. I mean, look at her.
- Had to fight her off with a stick.
- Aww. I know - I can see why she won.
- Aww!
- I can see it.
I can see it.
- Thank you so much.
Feels like we've known each other,
- BOTH: ..ages.
- Yeah.
- Even talking at the same!
- I know! They are, aren't they?
We could hear you laughing.
- Could you?
- From over there. On the sand, we
could hear you.
- She laughs a lot.
- I do, I do, yeah.
But Naee's really funny.
- Oh, she is. She is.
- Yeah, she's hilarious.
- She's a little joker. She is.
- Looks like you've had a great time,
- Yeah.
- I was nervous, but it was fine,
meeting Priya's dad - he was chill.
He's a sound guy.
They like me, I think.
- # Oh-oh
# You can't do better #
Time for goodbyes, because the couples
won't see each other
until they meet at the final Kiss-Off
Now let's get into it.
What did their loved ones really
- So what are you thinking about
Like, are you going to turn around?
- I wouldn't say she is somebody that
I'd go for back home.
Do you know what I mean?
- I think
- I was surprised.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- But it's refreshing.
- Ha.
Lucy knows me like nobody else.
And then Lucia, like, knows me on,
like, a social level
and, like, what I'm like back home.
So their opinions mean, like, the most
to me.
It's such early days, and it's like, I
am thinking about
all of these little bumps that we've
- Considering it's such early days
and you feel like there have been
these little bumps
- I know.
- # Lonely, lonely, lonely #
- She's lovely.
- Yeah, I liked her.
- Like, I want to give it a shot, but
in my gut, I'm just like,
is there that slight chance that she
doesn't want the same?
I don't want
..to put all of my eggs in her basket
and she's not thinking the same.
- At the end of the day, it's your
And if you're not happy, then
- I am happy.
- Right, well, there you go.
- I am happy, I'm just worried and
I feel like my head's going to
- Well, that's part of life with any
relationship - you always worry.
- Oh, well
- You're going to have your ups and
- Well, we'll just have to see what
- Yep.
- I've never seen you do touchy-feely
- I don't, no, cos I'm not a
I genuinely don't know what's
happening to me.
I genuinely don't understand. I've
just kind of got used to
Obviously, when I'm feeling
I'll just cling to Georgia. I don't
know what it is.
Like, she's just
- Makes you feel safe.
- Yes.
- My mammy and brother would have no
with saying if they didn't like
and they know what's good for me.
- She's really pretty. I can see the
- The fact that they're really
welcoming to Georgia
is definitely a good sign.
- What you need to ask yourself is,
do yous like each other enough to sort
of, like, give this a go?
- # And a lust for life
- And a lust for life
- # And a lust for life
- And a lust for life
- # Keeps us alive
- Keeps us alive #
- Would you like it to be more after
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Cos obviously you've got your
football relocation.
- Football's a massive part of, like,
who I am and where I live,
but I feel like it can work if you're,
like, with the right person
and you're both willing to put work
She's got her own thing. I feel like
that's what I've always wanted.
- Yeah.
- So they're not, like, constantly
"Why are you at training?"
- Yeah.
- Like, "Don't go to training
- Yeah.
I'm happy for both of you.
- Yeah.
- Because, you know, you did look
lovely together.
- Thanks. Thanks, Mum.
- Yeah, it's just lovely to see.
- It's nice to hear them say that,
cos they've obviously seen me in other
stressed out my head with football.
So it's nice for them to see me and
say, "You look happy."
Why am I crying?
- # And the colour of the sky looking
# You know, you know, you know #
- I really like her.
I feel like she has, like, potential
to be my girlfriend, you know?
- Oh, wow!
- Yeah.
- This is a first.
I've never heard you speak about
anyone like this before.
And you haven't stopped smiling.
- Thanks, Mum.
- She seems lovely.
- Yeah.
- There's been, like, no arguments.
Like, nothing. Other couples have had
- Really?
And you made more friends here, which
is quite good.
- Yeah, and I think that's
I think that's one of the most
important things,
because that's what you've moaned
about so much
- I know.
- ..is that you don't know anybody
your age.
- Exactly, yeah.
- ..who's gay.
- Exactly. And now I have loads!
- And now you have friends all over
the place.
- Yeah, I've had a great time here.
- Good.
- Honestly.
- Good.
- Dad's like, "I bet you have!"
- It was so nice to see him, cos I'm
so close with my dad.
I'm a Daddy's girl.
- OK, lovely?
- Bye, Daddy. Mwah!
I definitely got some good vibes off
my parents,
so, yeah, that really made my heart
- # Got me losing all my cool #
- A bit different to usual type.
- She's not your usual type.
- No.
- I know.
It was built off a friendship first.
- Which is good!
- Yeah. Probably the best way to go
about it.
- Means you get along well.
- Yeah.
These past couple of days,
I have been in my head a little bit
about it.
- I can imagine.
- It has been freaking me out.
Like, the fear of commitment.
- But you can't live your life in
You have to just live it.
- Yeah.
The last few days, I have been feeling
a little bit of pressure
because I don't want to hurt Meg, and
I'd never want to do that.
So I don't want to commit if I you
know, I'm not ready to.
But, at the same time, the connection
and what we've built here
is very different to what I've done in
the past.
- Maybe that's what you need to focus
is the thing that she's giving you
that no-one has before.
- What do yous think of her, like?
- I don't know!
- You
- Yeah, she's all right. Yeah.
- I think Morgan wasn't giving too
much away.
Kind of made me think,
"Oh, maybe I'm, like, thinking too
optimistically about it."
And now I've only got one thing on my
which is the final Kiss-Off.
- # No
# Please don't cry #
- Yeah, she's lovely. She's great.
- She's not done owt bad, has she?
She's not done owt that's made you go,
- She has got
.."The Player" name.
- OK.
- Yeah, she does seem confident, to be
but you're also confident.
- Some people I've been with go really
shy around you
- Mm.
- ..and don't speak much.
But for her to be like that straight
away with you says a lot.
- Yeah, I like her.
- Yeah, I do like her.
She seems good.
- First impressions, I like her.
- Yeah.
I was so nervous that my dad wasn't
going to like Eva,
but now I've kind of got the seal of
honestly, it's like being on cloud
- Sibling! Oh!
- # Change your mind
# I really thinking of running #
Our couples have been separated for
their last night
to really think about their big
decision tomorrow
at the final Kiss-Off.
If they truly see a future together,
they'll turn to their partner.
But if, in their heart of hearts, they
don't see it working,
then they must not turn.
- I feel like on a massive high right
Without sounding cringe,
I'm actually falling in love with the
- Ah!
- Like, I swear to God.
- I think we figured that out in the
chemistry test yesterday.
- Well, I am lesbian, so it wouldn't
be surprising if I did say,
"Oh, yes, I'm falling in love with
It's in our blood. So I guess I'm, you
know, on track.
- I asked my friend, "What do you
think of Meg?"
And she was like, "Oh, she's all
- "All right"?
- Yeah.
So it was just a bit like"Oh."
SoI don't know!
On one side, she's this amazing, sweet
Like, I feel so secure with her.
But, on the other hand,
we are moving at two different paces,
I have this thing in the back of my
head, being like,
"I don't want to lead her on because
she is an amazing person."
- Ah! Beddy time.
- God, it does feel a bit like a
wedding day, doesn't it?
- I'll yous all at the altar, yeah?
- Oh!
- # I kissed a girl and I liked it
# Sipped her like an Old Fashioned
- Are you stressing and overthinking
it as well?
- I think she should have picked
- Really?
- Stop it!
Don't say that.
- No, cos they had such a deep
emotional connection.
She just didn't want to ruin the
- But that'sthat's not the point.
Like, the point is she picked you.
Like, there was obviously something
- What if she doesn't pick me again?
I'm just nervous. Like, I don't know
if we're on the same page or not.
Like, I hope we are,
but I cannot get it out of my head.
I hate it.
- The night-before nerves are hitting
Who knew it was even possible to have
cold feet in Italy?
# I kissed a girl
# No surprises
# I really, really liked it. #
MUSIC: I Can't Wait by Nu Shooz
# Baby, I-I-I can't wait #
- I can't believe it's the last
- Definitely strange not waking up
next to Cara.
Obviously, it sounds silly to say,
like, "Distance makes the heart grow
when they're literally probably, like,
200 yards away from us,
but, like, yeah, I've missed it a
little bit.
- Oh, good morning!
- Oh, my God, it's quiet!
Waking up this morning, we all look
like goblins
because we've let our true selves out.
- It's giving, like, Hannibal Lecter,
- That's exactly what I'm thinking.
- That is scary.
- Did you, like, manage to sleep or
were you?
- No, I couldn't, like, really sleep.
I was stirring. Like, in and out.
No. Bad sleep for me.
I don't know what Amy's going to do.
I'm just
..overthinking and scared that she's
not going to turn.
Yeah, I'm nervous.
- Yeah, I'm actually fucking shitting
Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
But in this case, it's just fucked my
head up completely.
- So it's the final Kiss-Off today.
Who's ready to traumatise our parents?
- Oh, God!
- And it's almost time.
So, girls, you'd better get a wriggle
- # Da-da-da #
- Having everyone's friends and family
watching that final Kiss-Off moment is
just so insane!
- # Something in the way you love me
# Won't let me be #
- I know that Georgia and I have been
like an OG couple.
Not having that communication with
each other
is just like making me go mad, cos
then we're overthinking.
My eyebrows aren't cooperating!
So, yeah, I'm nervous.
- # Borderline #
- What would yous do if I didn't turn
for her?
Would you be shocked?
- My jaw would be on the floor,
but I'd support you through whatever,
- I woke up this morning and I'm like,
"Phwoar! Come on, let's go!"
However, there is that little bit of
doubt in the back of my mind.
But I guess I'll just have to see.
- # You just keep on pushing my love
# Over the borderline #
- Whoo! This is it, ladies.
- ALL:
- Mwah!
- That's how we started it, wasn't it?
- Regardless of how it goes, we all
love each!
- Yeah, exactly.
- Whoo!
- # I want love
# Baby, tonight, I want it #
It's the moment of truth. The final
Kiss-Off is here.
- I say kiss, you say off.
- Off!
- Kiss.
- Off!
- Will the girls turn to a future
Or will it be time up on their summer
of love?
Looks like the girls are ready.
Fizz is at the ready.
Friends and family are ready.
- Keep having to pinch myself. Is this
actually happening?
- All we need now is the queen of the
# I want love
# Baby, tonight, I want it
# I want love
# Don't try to fight me on it
# I want you and me #
# There's no confusion
# Breakin' all our New Year's
# I want love
# You and me, there's no confusion
# Breakin' all our New Year's
# I want love. #
Welcome to the Masseria.
Now it's time for the girls to decide
whether their partnership is the start
of something special.
Are they willing to put in the work
on the foundations that they've built
# This is as good a place to fall as
any #
Will they commit to each other in
front of you, friends and family?
# Make me your Maria #
Or do they feel, hand on heart,
that it's best to call time on their
summer of love
and let each other go?
# This is his body, this is his
love #
First up, it's Georgia and Cara.
- The whole time we've been in here,
I've just tried to be true to myself,
so I've just got to do what's right
for me and, like, go from there.
- I'm absolutely panicking about the
I don't know what she's thinking.
I am so, so, so nervous.
- Just breathe and take a moment.
If you want to stay with your girl,
then turn and kiss her.
- Obviously we've had like, twists and
We've had, like, a bit of a journey in
but I've always felt quite secure in
knowing what Cara's going to do.
But with every Kiss-Off, there's
always been a thought of, like,
"Oh, what if she doesn't turn?"
- But if you want to call time on your
summer of love,
then don't turn.
- Georgia and I have been living in a
bubble in here.
When I start overthinking, I start
and then think of worst-case
So there's a lot more to think about
outside of the Masseria.
- Girls, if you're ready to commit,
then seal it with a kiss
# Oh, no, no
# I think about the love you gave
every day
# I think about the hope you gave and
took it away #
- Oh
There's, like, one word - "Ahhhhh!"
Look at MY hands!
- I know.
It was a bit touch-and-go, wasn't it?
- I know.
Oh, my God, the roller-coaster we've
had here is actually insane.
- You're both beaming.
It's amazing to have this moment where
you've shared this kiss
in front of your loved ones.
Thank you so much!
This makes me so happy.
This is what we're here for. We're
here for love.
- Me and Cara's definitely, like,
any expectations I think I had coming
in here.
But, then again, I think my
were, like, pretty low. Ha!
- Fuck!
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- I can't imagine you two being with
anyone else.
Like, it's justit's insane.
Next up, Amy and Hannah.
# Say what I want Say what I need #
- I feel like I've definitely had a
journey in here.
But, in the end, ended up with Hannah
and it just feels right.
- # That girl I see
# When did I become that girl? #
- There is a part of me that's worried
that she isn't going to turn for me.
I'm nervous for what's going to come
of it.
I don't know if I want to turn or not.
- Girls, I know your hearts are
pounding right now,
but we're all here with you.
Take your time.
I'm sure it's been a long night.
If you want to stay with your girl,
then turn and kiss her.
- Maybe our energies aren't, like,
what I would usually go for.
But, at the last Kiss-Off, I took a
leap by choosing Hannah over Fi,
and it's definitely paid off.
- If you want to call time on your
summer of love,
then don't turn.
- I need to have my back and decide
what's best for me.
- If you're ready to commit, then seal
it with a kiss
# Maybe one day our story will be told
# To two million #
Oh, OK.
Turn and face me.
# This universe holds many words
# Ours are eternal #
Why didn't you turn?
- I think you're amazing, Amy.
There is a physical connection there,
but I just don't think that emotional
connection is 100% there.
And obviously Fiorenza
I think you guys are more suited for
each other.
- How do you feel?
- I'm gutted, I can't lie.
Just feeling a lot of emotions right
I didn't expect it, to be honest.
- Yeah.
# Now I have your world, I'll always
keep the lights on #
- I'm such, like, a lover.
And, like, that is truly the reason
why I came in here.
And it's just
..just sad it hasn't ended that way.
- You've been honest, though
- Yeah.
- ..and that's what I've asked for.
- Yeah, I didn't want to
- Just so everyone's family and
friends know,
I've really asked these girls to be
and, do they think that this is really
that's going to work?
- My heart just sank when I saw her
and I knew that she'd turned.
Knowing that there could have been
something there,
leaving, I felt really guilty.
- I've had an absolute journey in
- Mm.
- And, you know, it's It is, like,
because Hannah really, like, did
change all that.
- Yeah.
- If it's meant to be, it will be.
- You don't know if you don't try.
I know you've made friends
that I can see lasting for a very,
very long time.
- It's been a bit of a roller-coaster
and I'm so proud of myself, I am.
And like, I've got a new family coming
out of this
- ..and that means everything.
- # Maybe one day I will call you my
# To two million. #
Next up, Eva and Meg.
# I've been taking chances #
- Meg's an amazing girl.
She has made me feel so comfortable,
so secure.
- # From my heart and from my soul
- She's been unbelievable.
Not like any other girl that I've even
talked to before.
She cares a lot about me and I care a
lot about her.
- # That's all right
# That's all right #
- From the start, me and Eva, we got
on like a house on fire.
We had that emotional connection, that
She's always been there for me, like I
have with her.
- # Road to road #
- I know what I'm going to do.
However, I don't know what's going on
inside Eva's head.
- Girls, I'm here with you. Go with
your heart.
Be honest.
If you want to stay with your girl,
then turn and kiss her.
- This is the most difficult decision
I've had to make.
I'm so scared. So scared.
- But if you want to call time on your
summer of love,
then don't turn.
- My decision is based on what my
heart is telling me to do.
And I'm hoping she's missed me as much
as I've missed her.
- Girls, if you're ready to commit
..then seal it with a kiss
Turn and face me.
It's a big decision.
Meg, I'm so sorry.
Eva how did you come to this
- I feel like, on the outside, I would
have done her a disservice
and wouldn't have been able to fully
The chemistry test made me realise
that we were at two different places,
and I don't want Meg to have to wait
around for me to play catch-up.
- # When you broke me first
# You broke me first #
Really wanted you to be honest with
each other,
with yourselves first.
And we could see the other day your
heart was wide open -
you were ready to race right in.
- Yeah.
She's an amazing girl.
She really is.
I was so just shocked.
It's just upset me
cos, you know, you just want to care
for someone so much,
like, you've got so much love to give.
- # Like me, I did #
Can I hold your hand for a second?
You are so loved. You're so beautiful.
You will find the right person.
I know this has been really tough,
but it's so important to make a
truthful decision,
not turn and not be able to follow
- Watching Meg get upset actually
broke my heart.
But I needed to put my care and
respect for Meg first,
knowing that I wouldn't have been able
to 100% commit
when I left the Masseria.
- One of the most beautiful things
that I've seen
is that you have the biggest, biggest
open heart.
- I do.
I know this has happened with me and
but I'm leaving here with such, such
an amazing group of queer girls
that I didn't have before.
- # You broke me first
# You broke me first #
- I guess it means my match is still
out there somewhere,
waiting for me.
Sofingers crossed I find them.
- Finally, Naee and Priya.
MUSIC: Dreams by The Cranberries
- Everyone knows that me and Priya are
It could be a perfect match.
- # In every possible way #
- I'll try.
- # Then I open up and see #
- I think we feel the same about each
other, so that's not the issue.
It's just doing it in front of
everyone that is making me nervous.
- If you want to stay with your girl,
then turn and kiss her.
- I'm going to follow my heart and I
hope Naee does the same thing.
You never know. I mean, it's the final
- Girls, if you're ready to commit,
then seal it with a kiss
# Finally it has happened to me
# Right in front of my face
# My feelings can't describe it #
Oh, my goodness! Yes!
So much nervous energy.
- Oh, my God, I'm shaking.
- I've never seen you shake before!
- My feelings for Naee are very
Going down the the long-term route.
- You were a solid match, right from
the word go.
- Yeah.
- Naee, you've been through so much
- I feel amazing that I found someone
that I think is, like, perfect for me.
- She's my comfort. She's my little
safety blanket.
And, yeah, is my person.
- Mm-hm.
- This makes me so happy.
Everyone, give it up for Priya and
# I'm going crazy just to let you know
# You be amazed how much I love you
so, baby #
Thank you for being so honest, girls,
and sharing so much with all of us,
from your first kiss in the Masseria
to the last.
And although there may not have been a
path to love,
I hope that it leads to amazing
Girls, never change who you are, stay
and love who you want to love.
# Let's go party! #
# This time, I know it's for real #
- It's been up and down,
but let's leave on a high note and
- MUSIC: Thinking 'Bout Us (VIP Mix)
by Dannii Minogue
- Let's go, lesbians!
- This is - one-hunny-p -
the best hot queer girl summer I have
ever had in my life, ever.
- # You know I'm thinking 'bout us
- I'm leaving here more gay than when
I arrived,
and I don't even know how that's
- # I'm thinking 'bout us #
- This summer has been the best summer
of my life.
I mean, come on. Every gay girl's
- # You know, I'm thinking 'bout us. #
# I never had this rush in my body
# I never thought I'd feel something
new #
- Sexy girls and Dannii Minogue. I
feel so blessed.
My time has beeniconic.
- # I never felt like this with
somebody #
- You're such a wonderful daughter
- Aw!
- ..you've brought so much light into
my life and I'm just so proud.
- Awww!
- I love you.
- Stop it. You're going to make me cry
- # I never had this rush in my body
# I never thought I'd feel something
new #
- Love you.
- I wouldn't have wanted anybody else.
- Same.
- I kissed a girl and I really, really
liked it.
- Well, what an incredible summer.
Well done, girls.
Boys, you're next.
# Hold on to me under neon lights
# Take me by the hand into the night
# Yeah, we could be the one
- Oh
- # We could be the one, and
# Get in the car, let the music start
# Have a little faith, need to open up
# Yeah, we could be the one
- Oh
- # We could be the one
- Oh
- # Neon nights, and we are kissing
Neon nights, and we are kissing
# Neon nights, and we are kissing. #
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