I Kissed a Girl (2024) s01e10 Episode Script

The Reunion

This programme contains strong
Well, what a roller-coaster,
as I Kissed A Girl hit our screens.
- Gay panic!
And you lot were here for it!
MUSIC: The Show by Girls Aloud
- Lesbians!
- Oh!
- Typical lesbian shit.
- Now, eight months on from the
Masseria mayhem
- Don't sit here and lie to me.
- Naee, I'm not even
- Who did I find out the truth from,
- ..strap in
- I'm just going to go and buy a hat.
..for I Kissed A Girl: The Reunion.
# Give in, let go Let the music start
# Have a little faith Need to open up
# Yeah, we could be the one #
# ..Hold on to me under neon lights
# Take me by the hand into the night
# Yeah, we could be the one
- Oh
- # We could be the one
# Give in, let go Let the music start
# Have a little faith Need to open up
# Yeah, we could be the one. #
Hello and welcome to I Kissed A Girl:
The Reunion!
Last summer, I had the privilege of
playing Cupid
for the UK's first cast of queer
And weren't they just incredible?
It started with a kiss,
and from then on, the roller-coaster
did not stop.
Things moved so quickly,
I've only just recovered from the
Now, eight months on, the girls are
to reveal all that's happened since
their summer of love.
And I am dying to know the gossip!
Who is still together,
and who has found a new golden
OK, shall we get started?
- Yes!
- Please give it up for the girls!
# Give in, let go Let the music start
# Have a little faith Need to open up
# Yeah, we could be the one
- Oh
- # We could be the one, oh
# Hold on to me under neon lights
# Take me by the hand into the night
# Yeah, we could be the one
- Oh
- # We could be the one, oh
# Neon lights and we are dancing. #
Girls, how good is it to see you back
You look beautiful.
Who's excited?
- Very!
- Yeah!
Who's nervous?
- Me!
- Well, we have so much to get through
But before we let the cats out of the
let's take a look at our sizzling
summer in Italy.
# We live in the era of being
self-made #
- I am about to kiss a girl that I've
never met.
- No small talk.
- No swiping on the apps.
- It's just a kiss.
- Hot girl queer summer's here!
- Let's go, lesbians!
- I can't wait to see this!
- What's going to happen?
- Yes!
- # ..It takes a woman to know #
- Fit girls, beautiful Masseria.
- Nobody's fucking safe.
- Tits everywhere.
- Just looked at Hannah's boobs and
got distracted!
- I'm ready to kiss some girls!
- Uh-oh!
- Buongiorno!
Which girl is giving you that red flag
- Oh!
- Here we go.
- # These beautiful things that I've
got #
- What were you saying?
- Some girlie chat.
- # ..Please stay #
- It's either a yes or a no.
- Naee took me to the terrace
- She's pissed me off.
- Are you scared about splitting any
couple up?
- No.
- What the fuck?
- I don't chase, I attract.
- It's a shame that it hasn't
- I'm never that girl!
- Are you just talking shit?
- You literally just threw me under
the bus.
- I love the drama.
- Just feel like you've been a
complete bitch behind my back.
- What the actual flip is going on?
- If I didn't like you, I'd have gone
- It's really fucking tough.
- Oh
- # Slam it to the left If you're
havin' a good time
# Shake it to the right If you know
that you feel fine
# Chicas to the front Ha! Ha!
# Go round #
- The gayer, the better.
- Wahey!
- Oh!
Totally amazing!
- Live, laugh, love, lesbian.
- This is the best hot queer girl
summer I have ever had.
- Sexy girls and Dannii Minogue.
- # ..Hai, si, ja! Hold tight. #
You ladies, what an impression you've
I mean, I was watching like that, but
I loved every second of it!
Amy, I went back to Australia
and I'm like, I wonder if she's taken
the boots off yet.
But nothe boots are still on.
- They're glued on!
- And Fiorenza, the eyes.
We've got to talk about that moment on
the terrace.
Because when you want to turn it on,
you can put us in a trance.
Right, Meg?
- Yeah!
- Your flirt game was on fire, and the
fans noticed everything.
Take a look at this.
- Am I making you nervous?
Ha. Smile.
I'll wait for you to take your sip.
I've taken my sip.
- Come here, then.
- Fans of this show have just been
I've loved just reading all of the
I think she absolutely nailed it!
- Yeah.
- Now, as you can see,
we are missing someone really
important tonight.
Our football legend Georgia, who does
have a valid excuse.
She's playing in a cup final match
this evening!
But when it came to girls in Italy,
Georgia was not about playing the
From the moment she locked eyes with
it was a case of, "Nice to meet you.
"When are we moving in?"
# Feel the rain on your skin #
- It was perfect.
- Your eyes are outrageous.
- Cara and Georgia
That's basically the perfect lesbian
- # Today is where your book begins
# The rest is still unwritten #
I feel like you guys haven't taken
your hands off each other
since the first kiss.
- I'm happy for both of you.
- Yeah.
- You did look lovely together.
- Thanks, Mum.
- Girls, if you're ready to commit,
then seal it with a kiss now.
# No-one else can feel it for you
# Only you can let it in #
# No-one else, no-one else can speak
the words #
- Meeting Cara has definitely, like,
surpassed any expectations
I think I had coming in here.
But then again, I think my
expectations were, like,
pretty low. Ha!
- I kissed a girl and I really, really
liked it.
- # The rest is still unwritten. #
Cara, welcome to the reunion.
- Oh, hot seating.
- Yeah, we need to know.
What's the update?
- Uh, I literally wish I could be
"Yeah, we're married," but it's
It just I think it was just not
going to work out because of
our communication and shit.
We didn't establish a relationship
- What's happening?
It is happening? It's not happening?
- No, no, we're just friends.
- I mean, you two were inseparable.
It wouldn't be right unless
we caught up with the main girl
So Georgia has recorded a little
- Hi, everyone. Sorry I can't be there
Absolutely gutted about it, but I've
got football,
and as we famously know, football
comes first.
I had the best experience on the show
and honestly,
the reaction has been incredible.
I'm sure you've had the update from
Sadly, things didn't work out between
but thankfully we're still friends.
Girls, you're going to have the best
night. I know you are.
You're going to be giddy as owt.
So, Dannii, look out for yourself, cos
those girls can be wild.
Bye, everyone.
Georgia! So good to see her.
We miss you so much.
But let's give it up for Cara and
In Italy, Fiorenza and Amy were great
but there was always the question if
it could be more than that.
Fiorenza was searching for her black
but had this feline been in front of
her all along?
And just when she was seeing sense,
in walked Hannah,
and things for Amy got really
Do you think there's room in here for
two more?
- I want to leave here with a
girlfriend, not alone.
And I will get what I want, because
..look at me.
- AMY:
- Hannah is stunning. Like, my type to
a T.
- Amy is fit as
- When the bottle landed on me, I
thought this is the perfect time
to welcome Hannah to the Masseria.
- Me and Amy have been waiting to
kiss, so
- Me and Amy should have kissed sooner
because that was well overdue.
- Which lovely lady would you like to
take behind closed doors?
- Amy.
- Can I go for round two with Hannah?
- Take me, Amy!
- Yeah.
- Part of me thought that, like, Amy
would choose me.
- If you think it's what you want,
you've got to make moves and get it.
- You'll regret not doing it.
- I just wanted to chat to you
about where your head space is at
..people and that.
- Obviously, I would be lying if I
said the door was closed.
- So my door's openany time.
- Any time I have a conversation with
Fiorenza, I'm like,
just remember, like, how much of a
spark we kind of have
and how much emotionally we get each
Do you want to kiss?
- You always want to kiss!
- But the connection I have with
Hannah is just too strong to ignore.
My head's a mess!
- Amy, do you want to kiss one of
these girls?
- On one hand, I have Fi,
who's been with me through my journey
from the start.
We have this undeniable, you know,
emotional connection.
And then, on the other hand, I have
We have this amazing organic,
undeniable chemistry.
My heart is just so heavy.
- Amy, reveal the name of the girl you
want to kiss now.
- Hannah.
- # Friends don't look at friends that
# Friends don't look at friends that
way. #
Please welcome Hannah, Amy and
Amy, in the middle of it again.
- I know!
- I know!
- Stuck between two Scots.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Yeah!
- She's got a type.
- So, there were a lot of connections
for you, Amy.
I did have to have a notepad.
It was
There were a lot of notes and they
kept going and going.
- Yeah.
- So what was it for the two of you
I'll start with Amy and Fiorenza.
..that took it out of that friendship
- I think it was just the closeness
and, like, we're so similar,
like, we're both so goofy and, like
- Yeah, and I think as time went on,
it was like
It was too early days to, like, want
to dive into, like,
the romantic side because
we were just such good friends.
- Such good friends, yeah.
- And then obviously as time went on,
it was, like, a bit more flirting.
- Yeah.
- And then I think, for me, it was
actually when, like,
seeing Amy and Hannah together,
I think that was almost my point where
I was like,
I need to, like
- Yeah.
- ..get in there.
- So, Amy, tell us how you felt when
Hannah walked in.
- I, like, was gobsmacked.
Obviously I was dressed as Jennifer
- Yes!
- So, you know, I my first thought
was, "Shit." Like
"I'm, like, drowned in a wig,
"glasses, scarf."
- You wanted to rip it off?
- I was like, "Babe, I'm hot"
- I'm here!
Once we got rid of the Jennifer
Coolidge costume
- Yeah.
Shed that layer.
- There was obviously You shed that
There was obviously that attraction
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I mean, when she was strutting her
stuff down that runway,
I was like, "Jesus!" Two femmes. I was
like, "OK."
When you miss one bus, two comes.
- Fiorenza?
- I realise that, like, everything
happens for a reason
and like, I'm Yeah, ..settled with
the fact that, like,
we're just friends and I'm like, I'm
happy that it worked out that way,
that we just ended it as friends, you
- It's the perfect almost-love story,
and I think that's beautiful in the
way that it is.
- Aww.
- Like
- Yeah.
- It's
- And I'm just really happy,
the way things turned out
- You say love story,
but talking about a friendship, right?
- Yeah.
As in almost-love story, as in, like,
we now have this friendship,
but it could have been something. Do
you know what I mean?
- We are platonic soulmates.
- Yeah, we're platonic soulmates.
- Yeah.
- You can be yourselves with each
- Yeah, exactly.
- Just be flirty and fabulous.
- Exactly!
- Yeah.
- Not too flirty, though.
- Yeah.
- As friends.
- Yeah. Calm down!
- Oh, goodness.
- Kidding on!
- All right. Fiorenza, where are you
up to now?
Are you dating? Are you single?
What's happening?
- Yeah, I'm in a relationship now.
- You are?
- Yeah.
Um, I've been going out with her for
about six months now.
- Yeah? How's it going?
- It's going really well.
- You're so happy.
- Yeah, really happy. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, please say hi to your girlfriend
for me.
- I will do.
- And I wish you all the best.
- Thank you so much.
- So let's thank Fiorenza.
Amy and Hannah became an official
and these lovebirds were well and
truly smitten,
but soon cracks started to form for
the new couple
as Hannah got spooked by the ghost of
# Two, three, four Woohoo #
- Feeling really good about Hannah.
Like, she just makes me giddy!
I can't stop kissing the girl.
- Is your attraction to your partner
100% genuine?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Course it is. Why wouldn't it
- What one word would you use to
describe your partner and why?
- Different.
- Oh.
I was like, not sure how to take it.
- Do you feel you have a strong
emotional connection
with your partner?
- Yeah.
- No.
- It's a bit awkward.
Has your partner always made you feel
- No.
The Fiorenza situation didn't really
make me secure.
- Amy, do you trust Hannah completely?
- I wouldn't say completely, no.
- # You're not the one for me
# No, no #
- Amy and Hannah.
- Yeah.
- That was a train wreck.
- Do you regret picking me over Fi?
- No, I don't. I fully don't.
- I don't know if I believe you or
- We know where we stand with each
other and, like
I still am really attracted to you.
- Oh, well, I hope so!
I think she should have picked
I'm just overthinking and scared that
she's not going to turn.
- # My heart forsaken me. #
- I feel like I've definitely had a
journey in here.
But in the end I ended up with Hannah
and it just feels right.
- There is a part of me that's worried
that she isn't going to turn for me.
- # Now I second-guess my thoughts
Every step #
- I took a leap by choosing Hannah
over Fi,
and it's definitely paid off.
- If you're ready to commit, then seal
it with a kissnow.
# Go ahead and break my heart That's
fine #
- I think you're amazing, Amy.
There is a physical connection there,
but I just don't think that emotional
connection is 100% there.
- I'm gutted, I can't lie.
I'm such, like, a lover.
And, like, that is truly the reason
why I came in here.
It's just
..just sad it hasn't ended that way.
- # Like you did mine. #
Hannah, I'll start with you.
Getting to know Amy,
what was it about her personality?
- I did make a comment and I said
and I'm going to take the time now to
explain what different is.
- Yeah.
- Absolutely
..the best person. I've never met
with a personality like yours.
You're so kind. You're so lovely.
Like, you're funny, so funny.
Different in a great way.
- Yeah.
- In a good way.
- What was going through your head at
the final kiss-off?
- My head was a mess, a complete mess.
I had no idea, like, was Amy going to
turn? Was Amy not going to turn?
Obviously, from, like, conversations
we had and the chemistry test,
I was just a bit thrown off, so I
didn't actually
Maybe the communication wasn't there.
- How did you feel, Amy?
- I genuinely thought, I was stood
there and I was like,
"Oh, like she's doing a bit."
I was like, "She's, like, longing it
- Yeah!
- "She's teasing me."
And then it just kept going and going
and going and I thought,
"Oh!" Like
"I've just been rejected again!"
But no hard feelings at the end of the
I think everything happens for a
And me and Hannah weren't meant to be.
And it does, likeit does kind of
upset me when you say
you didn't turn because you thought I
wasn't going to turn.
Like, at the end of the day, I didn't
off ofthe thought of what you were
going to do.
It was purely off, like, based off of
my feelings.
- Mm-hm.
- But
II do see Like, I do get where
you're coming from
in terms of the chemistry test and
- Do you think, Hannah, sometimes
people think
you're a lot stronger than you are?
- Yeah.
I mean, I come across very
..confident and like, "Woo!"
But deep down I'm like, it's just
ait's just a show.
- It's funny because, like, when she
first came
into the Masseria, I was like, "Oh, my
God, this bitch,
"like, she's got nerves of steel."
She was giving nothing away. She was,
like, playing mysterious.
But she puts this front on.
- Now, Priya, do you stand by what you
said at the time?
- My opinion has changed.
I do love Hannah.
I think it was just the way she came
She came in full guns blazing
- Yeah!
- ..and I was like, "Oh." We just got
off on the wrong foot.
- Yeah.
- That wasthat was the situation.
But, yeah.
- And you had my back. You were
- Yeah.
- Hannah wasn't the only girl making
tough decisions
at the final kiss-off.
Throughout their time in the Masseria,
Eva and Meg were going from strength
to strength.
But when Meg arrived at the L-word,
Eva worried if she could ever meet her
- I'm actually, like, quite happy
with how things are going.
- So am I.
- I wouldn't want it to change.
- And I know
- Yeah, I'm just for you.
- Yeah.
- Meg makes me feel really, really,
really good about myself.
And Meg makes me feel really, really
- Girls, reveal your decision
# I feel it now, I need it #
# That feeling That feeling when #
- I am so grateful and so happy
to be able to grow my connection with
- Obviously we're like this, but when
we leave here,
it can't keep going like that.
It kind of has to go a little bit,
like, slower.
- Stay there, yeah.
I know exactly what you mean.
- Meg, are you falling in love with
- Yes.
- Eva, are you falling in love with
- No.
- I could have said no.
- Yeah.
- But I didn't want to lie.
It's like, you're getting them
..that you're starting to get them
- II'm genuinely so scared of being
committed to anyone.
We are moving at two different paces,
I have this thing in the back of my
head being like,
I don't want to lead her on.
Because she is an amazing person.
She cares a lot about me and I care a
lot about her.
- Girls, if you're ready to commit,
then seal it with a kiss now.
- I was so just shocked.
It just upset me cos, you know,
you just want to care for someone so
like, you've got so much love to give.
- You were so loved.
You're so beautiful.
You will find the right person.
- I guess it means my match is still
out there somewhere
waiting for me.
..fingers crossed I find them.
- Meg and Eva, welcome to the hot
You're looking great.
- So are you.
- Thank you!
Eva, when you came in
Woo! What an entrance!
And I see you're here in a gorgeous
dress tonight.
- Yeah, I just thought I'd switch it
up a bit.
I think I was I was feeling very,
like, masculine
whenever this was filmed.
And now I just feel a little bit more
confident in myself
and, like, my femininity, because I'm
not going for
the straight girls any more, so now
- So, you learnt a lot in the Masseria
about yourself?
- Oh, my word
Yeah, yeah.
Understatement, understatement.
- Meg, I think you had a lot to do
with that, right?
I think you opened your heart,
and you had a lot to do with opening
other people's hearts, too.
- I mean, I'm a lover girl. What can I
- What can I say!
Eva, is there anything that, you know,
Meg did particularly that,
you know, really helped you open up to
- I feel like I've, like, reached my
final form now of, like,
being fully confident in, like, my
sexuality, femininity, masculinity.
Meg did genuinely, like, just really
helped me out in a way
I didn't know I needed.
- We had that friendship there to
start off with.
It was very much a solid ground, where
you could speak to someone.
Just You could just speak to
someone about anything.
That's what we started off on, and
then it grew from there.
- Now, Eva, do you think, looking back
now, it was the right thing
to do, not to turn?
- Looking back now, I.
..would still stand by my choice,
because I feel like I wouldn't want to
string Meg along.
I think she's an amazing person, and I
just want the best for her.
- It was a tough moment.
- It was. It was hard watching it, as
It's so difficult to get that right
balance and be that
perfect person for someone. It never
works out.
- Guess what? It's cos they're not the
right person.
Never dim your light!
What's the update for you? Are you
- I am seeing someone, yes.
- Ooh!
- You know, there's nothing I love
better than seeing your face
when you are happy.
You give everything - your eyes,
It is beautiful.
Tell me about her.
- Funnily enough, Dannii, you might
actually know her.
- Oh!
What do you mean, I know her?
Meg, who is it?
- Lailah?
Well, I think we're going to have to
do a sofa switch,
and say goodbye to Hannah, Amy and
Thank you very much.
Lailah, thank God you've got your
running shoes on.
Get here now!
- I know.
- OK!
Girls, it's so good to see you so
Meg, you have famously said, "I'm
always that girl."
Lailah was like, "There's no-one here
for me. I'm leaving."
And look at you two now.
- I'm not that girl any more.
- So, Lailah, what happened?
- So, it was a few days after, like,
the rest of the girls
flew back from Italy, and Meg dropped
me a message.
We got to talking and, like
I had a bit of a crush on Meg in
there, like,
I'll be honest, that, like, developed
a few days in,
and I didn't know that she was kind of
crushing on me a bit too.
Like, so
- Slid in the DMs.
- Some flirty DMs!
- So, it went from there. We met up,
like, a week and a half later.
- Where did you meet up?
- I'd just flown back, and I landed in
and we went for a cheeky Nando's.
- Oh, I love a cheeky Nando's!
What future are we looking at?
How's this going to play out?
- We're taking each day as it comes,
seeing what falls in our way.
- Basically, Meg's moving in next
No, I'm joking, I'm joking. She's not.
- But you've met family.
- Yeah.
- How's the whole family thing going?
- Yeah, my family love Meg, and my
friends are obsessed with her.
She's amazing. Like, falling in love
with Meg has been, like, one of
the most beautiful experiences of my
life, like, genuinely.
- Aw!
- No, seriously.
I think, like, the whole country fell
in love with her.
But, like, being able to do it on a
personal level,
she has the biggest heart.
- Yeah.
- And, like, the fact that she
The fact that she gets to love me with
that, I
Yeah, she's that girl. She's THA
girl, so
- Well, I heard the L-word a few times
just dropped then,
so I'm just going to go and buy a hat
- for whatever myyou know
- I think you might have to.
That's so good!
So happy for you.
Please, another round of applause for
Lailah and Meg.
Before we started filming, I was told
the girls would move fast,
but I wasn't prepared for just how
fast that roller-coaster would be.
I wish I could talk you through it
but, honestly,
I can't talk that quickly. So, luckily
I know someone who can!
Taking us through the wonderful web of
is the amazing Charley Marlowe.
CHARLEY: We all know lesbians move
- I was engaged to someone in the
military in the US,
and I'd never met them, and it was
after two months.
- That's so gay!
- But in the Masseria, the path to
love was more like
a dating superhighway.
- Three, two, one! Lesbians!
- I'll try and explain. But I'm
warning you, it gets messy.
So, here we go.
Once the snogging started, it didn't
take long for the girls to scramble.
- Gay panic.
- Fiorenza and Meg weren't feeling
things with their matches.
- Amy, she's lovely, but there's not
that initial butterflies there.
- But up on that terrace, they were
soon feeling each other.
- I fancy you.
- Yeah, feeling's mutual.
- Oh, God.
- Amy matched with new girl Eva
- Our vibes are off the scale.
- ..then quickly realised she might
fancy her best mate Fiorenza.
- Do you have a wee crush on me?
- I have a wee crush on Fiorenza
- But that was OK, because Eva had
made moves for Meg,
who had just been dumped by Fiorenza.
- I do have, like, a weird crush on
- That's fine, cos I've got a bit of a
crush on Eva.
- Ah!
It's giving wife swap! It's giving
sister wives.
- Keeping up? Well, if that wasn't
- Girls!
- ..new girls arrived!
- Chop and change, chop and change!
- I think you need to move fast.
- And you don't need to tell these
girls that twice.
Thea snogged Beth.
Then Amy snogged Lailah.
And then they all basically snogged
each other.
- Woo!
- The path to love was more confusing
than previous line-ups
of the Sugababes.
- You've got Thea, you've got Meg,
you've got Amy,
you've got flippin' Beth.
Oh, my God, I cannot keep up.
- There you go.
In summary - total chaos.
I'm bloody exhausted after that.
Thank you, Charley!
Now joining me are four girls who
came, slayed
and said ciao, ciao to love.
They turned heads, they kept us
And they don't chase - they
- ..attract!
- OK! Please welcome Demi and Beth and
Demi, our baby gay! How are you doing?
- I'm good. How are you?
- Good.
I mean, you came in, you met this
wonderful group of girls.
How's life been since you left the
- Life's been good.
- Yeah?
- It's been good. The Masseria gave me
so much confidence.
I feel like it's just been on the up
ever since I left.
- What do you think you learnt?
- I learnt a lot about myself.
I learnt to be more centred and also
more confident in my sexuality.
I learned it's OK for me to take up
space within the queer community,
even if I hadn't dated a woman.
- Woo!
- Erm Yeah, woo!
- You didn't have long to make
connections inside the Masseria.
Has anyone caught your eye since?
- I have a partner now.
- Yeah?
- They're amazing.
Yeah, they're called Jill.
- Oh!
- They're very cool.
They're Fiorenza's best friend.
- Yeah!
- Jill! We love you, Jill!
So, hang on
Fiorenza and Demi, you had your first
kiss together.
And now, Fiorenza, you're playing
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
- That's my best friend!
- Em, you came in for adventure.
You stood under the adventure pillar.
What's happened since the Masseria?
- I still have had my adventure.
- Tell us what it's been.
- Yeah, I took the van over to Europe.
So, I've been travelling.
- Met any great ladies along the way?
- Uh
Europe has a lot of nice girls.
- I'm very glad I've been single for
the trip.
- Oh!
- Yeah, it's been good so far, but
..no-one's, like, stuck just yet.
- OK. Now, Beth.
- Yes.
- Yes! There's that laugh!
I've missed that laugh.
- I've toned it down a bit.
- How's it been since you left the
- Yeah, great. Um
I've been living my best life.
- And we all get updates, as well.
- Yeah.
- Beth tells us everything.
Those voice notes will!
- Voice notes?
- I'm probably a bit too open.
But I do share with the girls all my
dating drama.
- Everything.
Every detail!
- Beth has been living her best
lesbian life.
- So, beware, whoever you date,
is going to be right across this chat
- Hi!
- What have you been up to?
- Lots of gigs, lots of
- The girls have come to some gigs?
- The girls have been!
Cos I was, like, my time on the show
was, like, so short.
I felt, like, really upset that I
didn't get to spend so much
time with them. I'm so grateful that,
They're so supportive and, like, we
can still be friends
afterwards, as well, Like, I'm so
grateful for that.
And they love my music, right, guys?
- Yeah!
- I listen to your music! I love your
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah, it's fantastic.
Well, it's great to see you gorgeous
girls enjoying life
and to see you back here all together.
So, Demi, Em, Beth, Thea - thank you
so much.
In the Masseria, it wasn't all fun and
games and snogging.
Across the summer, we saw the girls
opening up to each other
for incredible conversations about
queer history, identity,
pride and sexuality.
And we all loved hearing the girls'
and the conversations that they
- Wearing, like, feminine clothes, for
me, like, I've never just felt
I never felt comfortable.
I feel like I'm trying to fit into
something that I'm not.
- I actually had long hair.
I think the only reason I cut it was
to look more gay.
I was in a heterosexual relationship
for four and a half years.
- What?!
- Really?
- I was with a guy for four years.
I was a completely different person in
that relationship,
and now I've been able to become,
like, my true self since then.
- Honestly, I'm, like, tearing up!
- Yeah. Genuinely.
Like, I was Emily before, I think, and
now I'm Em.
- What's, like, annoying, as well, is
when you do come out as bi,
sometimes people are waiting for you
to then come out as lesbian.
- Yeah.
- But it's frustrating where, like,
it's not a stepping stone.
Like, this is where I'm stopping now.
- Did you just, like, struggle with
feeling, like,
not gay enough for lesbians, or else
being, like, a kink for men?
- Yeah.
- I always feel the urge to be like,
it's not a kink
and I'm not having a threesome.
- Yeah. Just get that out there.
- Yeah, just letting you know that
this is not what's happening.
- How do you guys feel about the word
- I don't mind it, really and truly.
I use it.
- Do you?
- I don't think it's like
I don't know why people shy away from
that word.
- I feel like I've always identified,
like, as gay,
as opposed to saying I'm a lesbian.
Thinking back to, like, school, if
there was a boy that was
interested, and you weren't about it,
it's like,
"Oh, are you a fucking lesbian?"
It's like, "No, I just don't fucking
like you. You're a cock."
Do you guys know why the L is the
first letter in the LGBTQ+?
- No.
- No, I don't.
- You know like back with the, like,
HIV and the Aids epidemic?
- Yeah.
- Nobody wanted to really help them.
It was lesbians that were helping them
and, like, nursing them.
Cos it was like
- Stop, that's giving me
- I'm going to cry!
It still bothers me, when it
because it's such a good word.
- Do you know what, after that story,
I can't wait to go out
and just tell people I'm a fucking
- I'm a lesbian!
I need to just say to, like, my
younger self, "You are a lesbian."
Why would you not want to be a
Lesbians, I see you!
These brave conversations had such an
How was the response?
- Incredible.
- It was beautiful.
- I think it's, like, really beautiful
that we were quite a diverse cast
and personalities, like, different
intersectionalities, as well.
And I think, like, younger queer
lesbians can watch this
and see themselves in, like, each and
every one of us.
And we just didn't have that, like,
growing up at all.
- Cara, there was an amazing moment
where we saw you speaking
with other openly bi women.
Is it really important to have that
safe space to talk?
- Obviously, I don't be around people
all the time in the queer community,
so, for me, being around all these
girls and actually talking to people
who I could identify with and relate
to is so
It's been so important for me coming
out the show.
Like, my ma even says when I came out,
she was like,
"You're literally so much more
yourself." And
I just appreciate all yous guys!
- Under the Italian sky, one couple
shone brightly from the start.
Priya, a Taurus from South Wales,
looking for her protector,
and Naee, a Virgo from south London,
looking for her princess.
They stayed together at every
were voted the strongest couple in the
said the L-word at next steps,
and sealed it with a kiss at the final
But before we find out what's written
in the stars, let's recap.
# Can you come a little closer?
- OK, thank God. She's my type.
- She's fun.
Like, she's a bit of me, she's a bit
of me.
- So, how do you feel about this
- To be honest, I'm still trying to
see what you're saying.
- I'm still trying to figure you out.
- No, like, I'm still very interested
in you.
- Reveal your decision now.
How are you feeling?
- Relieved.
- Relieved?
- I'm looking forward to how we grow
in ourselves
and our relationship, too.
I want to fuck her so bad.
- Ah!
- Oh, God Just get us a bedroom,
I am very smitten.
I don't know. I feel like such a
teenager when I say that.
- Even outside the Masseria, I'm going
to feel the same way about you.
- Me, too.
I can't see it changing.
- Yeah.
- Do you think we'll be official at
some point?
- I want you to be my girlfriend.
That'd be so real.
- Mm.
- Are you falling in love with your
- I would say yes.
- Priya?
- Yes.
- I've never heard you speak about
anyone like this before.
And you haven't stopped smiling!
- Thanks, Mum.
- If you're ready to commit, seal it
with a kiss now.
- My feelings for Naee are very
Going down the the long-term route.
- Girls!
The strongest couple, couldn't keep
your hands off each other!
What happened when you got back to the
- She went back home and got married
to her fiancee.
- Oh, no!
- I'm so sorry, bro.
- You're doing too much!
- I'm so sorry, bro.
- Are you making that up?
- I'm being serious.
Her fiancee that she mentioned in
episode one
- Uh, hang on
- ..she went and got married to her
after the show.
- I was going to be nice about it, but
it's not
..it's not looking that way any more.
If you want to be acting like that.
- Is what it is, bro.
- What happened?
- OK, so
The story Naee has her version.
But I did mention in the show that I
..I was engaged to someone in America.
- I just want to be clear.
Before you started the show, you had
completely called off
the engagement and broken up with her?
- Yeah.
We were, like, done.
- You'd broken up with the fiancee.
Had you stayed friends with her?
- Yeah.
- So, you were friends with her, you
spoke to her.
- And then
..just before the show, we got back in
I let her know about the show.
Went on the show.
I was falling in love with Naee.
Came out the show, stayed at hers for
a week.
And then she was calling me and she
was very, like,
upset about the situation.
Like, I sat on it.
So, I went back home, I sat on it,
debated onyou know
I think the fact that I'd known her
for a long time,
and I think it was just the time.
But Naee is an amazing person,
although what she did just now was
- It's the truth, to be honest. It's
my truth, bro.
- Naee, is it difficult?
Because I remember at the beginning
you said it's normal for you
to have a few girls
- Yeah.
- ..going at the same time.
- Yeah, the whole problem is, like, we
both said after the show,
we were speaking to people. That's
fair enough.
But I found out the whole truth from
someone in the cast.
Like, she didn't have an actual
conversation with me
about what was going on.
- I called you.
- We didn't have an actual
- I called you.
- Don't sit here and lie
- I'm not even
I called you saying
- Who did I find out the truth from,
I already knew you were speaking to
someone else, first of all.
- I called you.
- I already knew, bro.
This is why you was blocked before. Do
you understand?
- Oh, my God. OK.
- I had no idea who she was speaking
I just knew that her energy shifted
when she got back home.
- So, you thought she's gone back to
and then you hear she's in America?
- Basically.
- And she's got back together with her
- Her fiancee, yeah.
- How did that make you feel?
- I was just like, damn, that's quite
shit, to be honest.
- So, you were ready to be with Priya?
- I was ready up until her energy
And then I was like, OK, like,
something's clearly going on.
Something's wrong here.
But I just didn't know the truth, the
whole truth.
- Priya, you reconnected with your ex.
Tell me about what happened in the
- We got married. We just Yeah,
that was it.
- You flew there and you just got
married that trip?
- Two weeks into being in America,
It WAS a difficult decision, because I
didn't want to hurt her.
And I truly am very sorry for hurting
and that was not my intention,
I just went with my heart and
- What does she do?
- She's in the military.
She's, literally, the best person for
me, so
I'm very happy. Living my best gay
- I'm happy for you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Dannii.
- It is what it is at the end of the
Like, at least you found love. You
know, I'm happy for you, bro.
- Naee, where do things go from here?
Cos I don't want to see you shut down
and not open up to love.
- I'm not shut down to love.
I'm speaking to someone.
- You are?
- Yeah.
- Oh, good.
But you're happy?
- I'm cool, yeah.
- Well, I wish you both a fantastic
life in your next steps.
Let's give it up for Priya and Naee.
Finally, for a Masseria chapter which
ended all too soon.
With Abbie and Lisha, there were
sparks, cuddles
and a few red flags to navigate.
The path to love is never straight,
especially when communication starts
to break down, but these two were
ready to keep working
on their connection.
That's until a dramatic turn of events
changed everything.
- I was like, wow.
Are you happy?
- Yeah, I'm happy.
She is unreal!
- Mama's so happy!
- I see Meg and Lish flirt in front of
me, like,
it does make me feel like shit.
- I'm not flirting with her.
- You're all over her.
- If I wanted to explore things with
I think I would have done it by now.
- Yeah.
- Abbie, do you think Lisha's good at
- Yeah.
- Oh
That was a bit of a gap, babe.
- Yeah, um
- You're making out to the group like
I'm shit at communicating
and that I don't listen to you.
- How have things been going?
- It's been bumpy, but I feel like
it's just made me realise
how much I really do like her.
- Same.
No, I feel like we're really working
on our communication.
- Priya and Naee.
You will now have to decide which
couple are together,
but their hearts aren't truly in it.
The couple you choose will leave the
Masseria now.
- Lisha and Abbie.
- What?!
- Our journey in here has not been a
smooth one.
But we've dealt with our issues and
just grown closer.
You don't speak up about issues, then
you're just coasting and
..you're hiding behind something.
Well, it's eight months on since then.
Break the news.
Are you still together?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Wow, this is crazy.
So, you were voted off as the couple
least likely to stay together.
What happened when you left Italy?
- You came straight back to mine,
didn't you, to Brighton?
- Yeah.
- Met my friends, my family.
We had so much fun. And then I came up
to yours.
- Yeah, met the family.
- Aw!
- That's fantastic.
- We're still, like, very different
people, but we have so much
- We're still learning about each
other every single day.
- Yeah.
We're still growing. And, yeah, our
hearts are definitely in it.
- Yeah, definitely.
- And so, what are the next steps?
What are the?
- Getting engaged!
- Get married, have children.
- No, I think the distance is hard, so
I think in the near future
- Moving out.
- We definitely want to move closer.
- Well, I love to see love, so I'm so
happy for you.
Please give it up for Abbie and Lisha!
Our time is almost up. What an amazing
Although, please, no more U-turns,
please. I couldn't cope.
So, if you could just hold off from
hooking up or breaking up
in the next
..minute, that would be fantastic.
And one quick thing, I have a very
special announcement.
I'm so excited and proud to say that
we'll be back
with a brand-new series.
I will be playing Cupid again for the
return of I Kissed A Boy.
Casting for the show is open.
So, if you are queer and would like to
join me in Italy
for a summer of love, then apply now.
Girls, you have been amazing.
You have smashed stereotypes, you've
broken hearts,
and you had us falling down in
Stay gorgeous.
And you know what I'm going to say
Love who you want to love.
And thank you at home for watching,
Your support has been amazing.
You've wrapped your arms around these
brave and beautiful girls,
and it's been wonderful to see.
All that's left for us to do is party,
and we can't have a party without a
So, tonight the girls have raided
Amy's wardrobe -
which contains a lot of boots.
So, love and kisses.
And let's party!
# I will love you better when I'm
lovin' myself
# I'll be back when I'm ready to love
someone else
# I promise you in time I'm gonna
treat you so well
# I'm thinking 'bout us Thinking 'bout
# I'm thinking 'bout us, us, us
# I'm thinking 'bout us
# I'm thinking 'bout us, us, us
# I'm thinking 'bout us Thinking 'bout
# I'm thinking 'bout us. #
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