I Know This Much Is True (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


Are you uncomfortable
about remembering the past?
My brother doesn't belong here.
- He should be over at
- He's seriously mentally ill.
You never think about
what I need!
Christopher, he used to beat us.
Elbows off the table.
He never hit Dominick
the way he hit me.
And one time he took
the handle of a
Ugh, I can't! I can't!
Stop it!
I learned something today.
There are two young men
lost in the woods.
Not one two.
The cemetery that abuts
the edge of Three Rivers
is a modest place.
At the southern end,
out past where
my grandfather is buried,
a beaten path leads to a river.
Follow the sound of water,
and you'll come to a spot
that takes your breath away.
Everyone here calls
that spot simply, the Falls.
The Falls is and has been
a calendar picture
and a trouble spot
in Three Rivers.
Suicides have happened here.
Accidents, murders.
The year Thomas and I
were third graders,
the dead body of a classmate,
Penny Ann Drinkwater,
was found out at the Falls.
Penny Ann Drinkwater
and her brother, Ralph,
were the only other twins
at River Street School.
Back then, Thomas and I
thought of the Drinkwaters
as colored.
But they were mixed.
Part black, part white,
part Wequonnoc Indian.
Can you please stop that?
What do you guys have at
your house for Thanksgiving?
Thomas liked her but I didn't.
I didn't want to sit
next to her either.
She smelled like pee,
she ate paste.
She sucked on the buttons
of her ratty sweater.
And on top of all that,
Penny Ann was a liar.
She lied about her grades,
about how much money
her parents made.
She lied about everything.
My mom is buying me
a Shetland pony in the spring.
He's going to be brown with
a white stripe on his nose.
You're nothing but a big, fat liar.
There came a point
in the fall of
my third grade year
that I just couldn't
stand it anymore.
Come on, Penny, hurry up!
So I decided to make up
a lie of my own.
I made up a story
about how I had seen.
Penny Ann stealing Oreos
from some kid in the hallway.
- Where is she?
- She's in the hallway.
Stay here.
Penny Ann.
Mrs. Hanko wrote a note
to the principal,
Ms. Haas Come here.
And sent us both to see her.
Ms. Haas believed me,
not Penny Ann,
whose repeated denials
turned into a combination
of crying and coughing that sounded
oddly like a dog's bark.
I felt satisfied that
a lesson had been taught.
Okay, go sit down.
But then, the look
my brother gave me
made me remember that
the theft had been pure
invention on my part.
He's always doing that.
Reminding me of what I do wrong.
Penny Ann was suspended
for three days.
But she disappeared,
and never returned to school.
Dominick. Come on.
Is your character a bad guy?
A good person.
Somebody who steals from people?
As the weeks went by,
her desk became harder
and harder to sit next to.
In the wake
of her unsolved murder,
she began visiting me
in my nightmares.
The school bought
a small willow tree
and hosted a tree-planting
ceremony in her honor.
All the third graders
were asked to write essays
on how we would remember
our dear friend.
She was a good friend and fun to
I usually knew what
the teachers were after
and wrote so sentimentally,
I was chosen to read
my tribute aloud.
She could make anybody laugh,
even her teachers.
She was kind, and I wish
she was still here.
Thank you.
After the speech,
I couldn't look at anyone.
Especially my brother and Ralph.
So I hid in the safety of Ms. Haas.
We were a team.
Her and I had conspired
to make Penny Ann's life miserable
just weeks before.
Domenico, have a seat.
I got some good news.
The probate judge
decided to drop the criminal
charges against your brother.
You know, the weapons thing.
- That's great.
- That's fantastic.
Now we got some bad news.
Your brother has been released
to the custody of the Psychiatric
Security Review Board,
and they've been known to be
pretty aggressive
with their sentencing,
and headline grabbers
like your brother,
they tend to be at a disadvantage
when it comes to that.
The other thing that
scares me more than that,
they've already
scheduled his hearing.
- For when?
- Wednesday, the 31st.
- That this Wednesday.
- Yes, it is.
- Happy Halloween.
- So that,
that could be good
though, right?
- I mean, he might be outta here.
- Well, I don't know about that.
Usually I'm screaming about how
inefficient everything is,
and now, it's their efficiency
that's really making me wonder
what the hell's going on.
If this is some
kind of fuckin' bag job
where they're just
They're just ramming this through
to lock him up
and throw away the key,
I'm gonna raise holy hell.
I need you to advocate
for your brother
but not blow your top, okay?
That's what I wanted
to work with you with.
How we're both gonna be
in the hearing
to present the best case,
advocate for your brother
to get him out of here.
I don't want you to tell
everybody that I said that,
but between you and me,
I think he needs to be outta here.
What happened?
I mean, last week,
you-you thought this place was the
best place in the world for him,
and now, now you think
he should be out of here.
- Yeah.
- Why?
Because I saw him.
I saw him, Dominick.
He's he's having
a real hard time here.
Everyone can see it.
He's so passive.
He gets picked on all the time.
And there are some
real criminals here.
You know, your brother is not
one of 'em. He's a gentle soul.
Yeah, you wanna know what sucks
about this whole security
clearance bullshit?
What? The way I'm not
allowed to see my own brother.
Your clearance will
be here any day.
And then you'll get to see him.
This can be a very
challenging environment
for paranoid schizophrenics.
It really can, people are
actually watching you all the time.
I think an environment
with less of a security focus
would be so much better for him.
Which is what exactly
I was trying to tell you all
from the very beginning.
I know you did.
And you didn't wanna listen to me!
- Dominick, Dominick.
- You didn't listen to me.
I'm listening now,
and you know what?
You're the smartest
boy in the class.
Right, you get a gold star
on the way out.
- Okay?
- Ha, ha.
I am on your team now.
Isn't that somethin'?
It's somethin'.
We have to make up
a plan for you.
Something that we can follow,
like a road map.
'Cause your hot Sicilian blood,
it's not doin' us any good.
You gotta be calm, cool, and
collected inside the hearing.
We go in with laser focus,
boom, boom, boom.
We get him out of here, okay?
And you know how
we're gonna do that?
We're gonna write a script.
You're gonna write a script.
- A script.
- A script of what
we're gonna say at the hearing.
How you feel about your brother.
How you know this is
the wrong place for him
without disparaging this place.
Can I, can I trust you?
You can, Dominick.
You can.
Write it down.
What do I say?
Start with your feelings
about your brother.
How you know him to be.
How that one incident
doesn't define him.
You know.
Write what's in your heart.
Hey, Ralph. How you doin', man?
Long time no see.
Hey, um
you see my brother in here?
I see him.
Are they treatin' him okay, man?
I haven't been able to see
him since that-that first night.
You know, and-and they
won't let me see him
until I get this stupid
security clearance, so I was
That won't be a problem
for you, will it?
Your record must be
white boy white.
Man, I just wanted to
know if he's okay.
You see them doing anything
or mistreating him?
I mean, we've got
this social worker.
She's fine and everything,
but you, you see anything
that the, the staff misses?
Can you reach out to me?
I'll give you my number.
Look, I know you don't
owe me any favors, Ralph.
But if you see something,
just until, you know, I get
this security clearance thing.
I know you're busy, man, but
give me a call
if you see something
you think I should know about.
Do you a favor.
Okay, man, thanks,
thanks, Ralph.
Thanks for nothin', man.
He's right there.
His unit just took
their rec break.
Said you wanna see him.
Jesus Christ,
he looks like shit.
Hey, man, just light his fuckin'
cigarette, you goddamn bully.
What's the deal with this guy
with the cowboy hat on?
He thinks he's fuckin'
John Wayne.
Who is that dude?
Before Thomas' intake,
I hadn't seen Ralph Drinkwater
since graduation day of 1968.
And on that day,
we received a joint present
from our mother.
For both of you, mm-hmm.
My graduates.
Come on, Dominick.
There you go.
Ma hadn't bought the typewriter.
She redeemed it.
For years, she had been
saving S&H green stamps
in hopes of cashing them in
for a chiming grandfather clock.
She was more than halfway
through to her goal
when she revised her plan
and got us
the typewriter instead.
Our success, she told us,
was more important
than some silly old clock.
By "our success," I think Ma
meant our safety.
The year before,
a neighbor of ours,
Billy Covington,
had been killed in Vietnam.
Although his death failed
to move me at the time,
it clobbered my mother.
Four years our senior,
Billy had been all his life
a sort of living preview
of coming attractions
for her two boys.
Vietnam could kill us.
College would keep us safe.
As a high school senior,
I hungered for a clean break
from my entire fucked-up family.
But cost made it
impossible for me
to distance myself
from my brother,
and so I lobbied hard
for separate roommates.
It's just separate rooms.
We'll still be
on campus together.
Maybe even in the same dorm.
Thomas, it's time for us
to become our own person.
What about our typewriter?
- What about the typewriter?
- We both own it.
Where's it going to live if we're
living in two separate places?
It's portable.
I'll-I'll deliver it to you
whenever you need it.
Why should I have
to wait around for you
to deliver it to me
when I need it?
- We'll keep it in your room.
- Nope.
- Thomas!
- Nope.
Here's the funny thing.
After that big stink
Thomas made,
he hardly touched
that typewriter
during our entire freshman year.
Hardly ever cracked
the books, either.
He'd been a pretty conscientious
student in high school.
Had worked harder for
his B's and B-minuses
than I had worked for my A's.
But at UConn, Thomas
couldn't get out of bed.
I'll be right there.
Jesus Christ.
What'd you do, crash
into a cologne truck?
I'm naturally musky, okay?
Does he wanna come?
Don't start, okay?
Good evening, how are you?
I am fabulous. How are you?
Fabulous. I like that.
We're fabulous too.
We just got here
from Los Angeles.
Yeah, LA, actually,
you guys look kind of familiar.
Did we see you out there?
The 20th Century Fox lot?
Yeah. We're actresses.
Actresses? Well,
what a coincidence.
We're both, uh, stuntmen.
Oh, stuntmen!
Yeah, did you ever see, uh,
"Butch Cassidy
and the Sundance Kid"?
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, you know the part where
Paul Newman and Robert Redford
jump off the cliff?
Robert Redford, Paul Newman.
- That's fascinating, yeah!
- Right?
That's not very nice.
No, I wouldn't do that.
No, wait, I Bye.
Ah, it didn't work.
Now, you know, you know,
that's, that's what I hate.
An "A" chick who knows
she's an "A" chick.
It's like a brain disease.
I'll take a good-natured "B" chick
over an "A" chick with
a bad attitude any day.
You're out scoring women?
I'm trying to score,
hopefully someone from
the "A" or" B" category.
Well, I'm sure
they'll be impressed
by your, uh, sensitivity.
What can I get you guys?
- Um, two boilermakers please.
- Yeah, we need
Excuse me. All right, thank you.
Keep your hands to yourself of
I'll have you thrown out of here.
You understand? I'm just
trying to get your attention.
Sweetheart, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.
Buddy, why don't you fuckin'
get your hands off her.
Hey, I don't need you
to protect me, all right?
If you're gonna start
a fuckin' brawl in my honor
- get outta here.
- Fine. Forgive me.
- Have a drink.
- I'm gonna go take a walk.
Hey, it sounds like you
might have flooded her.
I'd wait a while
and then I'd start again.
Not that I'm trying to rescue
you or anything.
No, hey, hey.
Look, I really appreciated
you trying to get
those jerks off my back.
- Yeah, they're assholes.
- Yeah.
Yeah, they are.
So what'd they do, fire you?
Did you quit?
My replacement finally
showed up, but thank you.
Uh, where do you live?
Maybe my buddy and I
can give you a ride home.
I'm not sure I'm an "A,"
so would I be able
to go with you guys or?
I'm sorry,
I don't grade women like
He's a He's a weird guy.
Okay, okay. Yeah.
I'm sorry.
You would be an "A" though
if I was grading,
but I'm not grading.
Okay, nice save.
Hey, what's your name?
My name? Uh, Dominick.
Dominick. That's Italian, right?
Yeah. Uh, half.
What's the other half?
A little of this,
a little of that.
Oh, uh, I'm Dessa, by the way.
Oh, um, Dessa, I'm
Sorry I didn't ask you your name.
Uh, really nice to meet you, Dessa.
Right. Yeah.
Hey, why don't you
give it another whirl?
- The, uh, the, the car.
- Oh, right.
Let's see.
It's alive! Thank you.
You're welcome.
I like talking to you.
Me, too.
- We should do this again soon.
- Yes, okay.
Okay. Uh.
I'll see you around.
- Bye!
- Bye.
Good night.
Did you meet a girl tonight?
What if I did?
Did you?
Did you and she
go to bed together?
What the
why, are you gonna
give me a big speech
about premarital sex now?
I'm just, I'm just curious.
What are you curious about?
About what it feels like.
About what it feels like
to-to be inside of a girl.
I don't know, it's like this
this like intimate connection
you get to feel
with another person.
You're like attached
to each other for a little bit.
Like you're magnets.
Your body and her body and,
and then she gets excited
and she gets wet inside and
It's like she wants you
inside of her
so she gets ready
so once you're in
It's like
It's like what?
It's like
Like nothing, Thomas.
It's none of
your fuckin' business.
You want to know
what it's like so bad,
why don't you leave this
fuckin' dorm room
and go find a girl
and fuck her brains out?
Just shut the fuck up
and go to sleep.
It's just, I was
worried, that's all.
I just don't want anything
bad to happen to you
because I love you
and I need you.
Because you're my brother.
You know what really
gets me about that
conversation, the memory of it?
It's how much
he was still there.
Still there in what respect?
Well, I mean, like,
he was still able
to care about somebody.
Beyond himself.
He was, he was, he was,
Thomas was still home,
and I wasted that time with him.
I, I, I squandered
that, that last moment together.
I remember my wedding.
He was too sick to actually
to come, you know?
But I got, I got, I got
ready early and I got
in the car with Leo
and I had him take me
over to the hospital.
I ran up there in my tuxedo and I.
I saw him there.
I said to him, "Thomas, man"
"if things were different,
you'd be my best man."
- What was his reaction?
- Nothin'.
He was gone.
He was
You know, he was,
he was zoned out
on whatever the fuck
they had him on.
Librium, I gue I can't even
remember anymore. It's just
I mean
The one time I actually
did get a rise out of him
was when Angela was born.
And I went over
there that afternoon
and I busted out some cigars.
And I sat with him.
I told him he was an uncle.
And he smiled.
And he got it, man.
He was he got it.
But he never met her.
I mean, it was
It was, it was only three weeks.
There was no time.
We were, we were so busy, and
That morning,
we were gonna take her,
take her to see him.
But she
He missed her.
Hey, what's up, numb nuts?
Uh, I booked us a court
tomorrow at 9:00.
So we gotta get you back
to the world of the living.
I'm gonna give you a good
old-fashioned ass whooping.
So 9:00. Don't puss out on me.
Hello this is Ruth Rood
calling for hello?
This is for Mr. Birdsey.
This is our fifth
message in two days.
Sorry, Morticia, I've had a few
other things on my mind lately.
This is Dr. Batteson's office
calling for Joy Hanks.
Your test results are available.
Please give us a call at
your earliest convenience.
End of messages.
- Go on. Serve.
- What happened?
Did your leotard
go up your butt?
I'd be killin' you, dude.
I would be killin' you by more,
but I got a lot on my mind.
Yeah, as if I don't have
anything on my mind.
- Lucky shot.
- That's what I'm talkin' about.
Right, lucky shot.
Come on, man,
get your head in the game.
I'm trying. Oh, did I tell
you about this audition?
For this movie.
- Nothing big budget.
- Shit.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Hey, what's up?
I'm sorry I didn't
come home last night.
Or the night before.
I was mad at you.
Where you been?
Can I make it up to you?
Let's stop fighting.
Can I come back?
- Just okay?
- Okay, okay.
Can we play?
Can I get back to the game now?
Let's play.
There's somebody on the phone
for you. That's why
I came to get you.
- What, why didn't you just?
- A lady from the hospital.
- Which hospital?
- The one with your brother.
Why didn't you say
something about it?
I don't know. You're the one
who gave them my work number.
Where you going?
Where are you going?!
Thanks for comin' so quickly. Yeah.
Your clearance came through.
You get to see him today. It did?
That's what I needed you
here right away
so that I could talk to you
about some stuff goin' on
- before we get in there, okay?
- Okay, what's up?
Okay, um, the state's
closing Settle as early as March.
They're not taking
any new admissions.
So that leaves us in
a little bit of a fix.
If he gets released,
where's he gonna go?
- He just comes with me.
- With you?
Yeah, I mean,
what else am I gonna do?
We're trying to get him
out of here, aren't we?
Yes, but I don't think
you understand
just how difficult
it's gonna be.
You're gonna have
to monitor his meds.
- Yeah.
- Supervise his hygiene.
- Yeah.
- You're gonna have to baby-proof
your house pretty much
and lock up all the knives.
- What the hell's that about?
- I'm just sayin'.
- That's the reality, Dominick.
- Yeah, I know.
So why are you
making a joke of it?
I'm not making a joke.
You have a job. You have a life.
I know that.
There's, there is no choice.
- He's not staying here.
- I understand.
And we said, do we wanna
get him out of here or no?
We wanna get him out of here,
Dominick. All right.
But I want you to realize
what you're undertaking.
He should be in a facility.
And I'm gonna work my hardest
to get him somewhere.
But for right now, we don't
know where that is, okay?
So you know what I need
from you today?
I need you to think
about what it would be like
for you to be the sole
caregiver of Thomas.
24/7. And after
you see him today,
then you decide, okay?
Here we are.
You sit right here, Dom.
He should be here any minute.
Again, focus on,
on the meeting, all right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Oh, shoot.
- Here he comes.
Hey, buddy.
The patient needs to stay seated
on this side of the table.
Both of you need to stay
over there.
No handshakes, hugs,
or physical contact of any kind.
Thank you.
Hey, buddy, how you doin'?
You're lousy?
Why, why are you lousy, buddy?
Ralph Drinkwater's
the janitor here.
Yeah, yeah, I've seen him.
He looks just the same,
doesn't he?
Hasn't changed at all
even after all these years.
You look
You look good, too, man.
What? You do.
- Seriously, considering
- Considering what?
I mean, all this, you know.
Your hand, this place.
I'm thinking of having myself
declared a corporation.
- A what?
- A corporation.
I've been reading about it.
It's to protect myself.
If I, if I, if I make
myself into a corporation,
then I have safeguards in case
someone tries to
tries to sue me.
Why, why would anyone
wanna sue you, buddy?
Can I have a cigarette?
No, sorry.
No, it's not allowed.
They don't let you walk
the grounds here.
Food's disgusting.
Yesterday, they served
rice and beans for lunch
with wheat bread,
and canned pineapple.
I found a dead beetle
in my rice and beans.
Did you tell someone, Thomas,
so they could get you
another serving?
I mean, if that happens again,
what could you do
to really make the situation
better for yourself?
You remember
remember when we used
to take walks?
You, me, and Dessa by the Falls.
You two always used to stop
and read the gravestones,
Used to read Grandpa's
Why wasn't Grandma
buried next to him?
I, I don't know.
Ma never, Ma never
said anything about it.
Remember when you used to, uh
take your shoes and socks off
and wade into the water?
"And he showed me the river,
the water of life,
"clear as crystal, flowing forth
from the throne of God
and the Lamb."
Will you do me
a favor, Dominick?
Yeah, what? Sure, anything.
Will you get a jar of water
from the river
and bring it back to me?
What do you want that for?
Because I want to wash with it.
I feel like if maybe
if I washed with it,
it'd help me heal my infection.
I'm unclean.
But it looks good, buddy.
You your your wrist.
- It looks like it's healing.
- I mean my brain.
I think if I wash
with the river water,
it'll help heal my brain.
It's just against the rules.
Nothing can come into
the facility unless
it gets approved.
You cannot bring water
into the facility.
Hey, what's the big deal?
I'll just bring him
a jar of water.
It's against the rules
to bring anything in.
- You can't bring anything in.
- Come on, what's,
what's the big fuckin' deal?
I don't, I don't
make the rules, sir.
You know, I can work
on that request, Dominick.
I can, but right now, we really
have to talk about the meeting.
Right, you remember that?
We have a meeting on Wednesday.
We have a meeting,
we talked about.
There's gonna be a hearing
on Wednesday.
- Yes.
- Do you remember?
To decide if I get
outta here or not!
And I'm gonna be there,
Dr. Patel's gonna be there,
Dominick's gonna be there, and
you're gonna be there, too, Thomas.
You already told me that.
I know.
Okay, great. So what we wanna do
is just make sure that
when we're in there,
we know what we're gonna say.
And remember we
talked about the question
they're probably gonna ask you?
Do you remember
what that was about?
- About my hand.
- That's right.
And what are you gonna say
when they ask you about your hand?
How how's Ray?
We really have to focus.
Come on now, Thomas.
What are you gonna say
when they ask you
why you removed your hand?
Thomas, answer her question.
Hey, look, man, you wanna
get out of here, don't you?
Then you gotta
answer her question.
"In the midst of the river,
on both sides of the stream,
"is a tree of life
bearing 12 fruits
yielding its fruit,
each according to the month."
Answer her qu "Its leaves
for the healing of the nation."
- Answer her question, man.
- I am answering the question.
I was following
biblical dictate.
I cut off my hand
to heal the nations.
Listen, Thomas, she and I
have been working real hard
to get you out of here,
because we know
you're miserable here.
But if you start spouting that
Bible nonsense in that hearing
instead of answering
their questions directly
you're gonna be
stuck here at Hatch,
eating beetles in your dinner
- or whatever you wanna call it.
- Dominick, that's enough.
Hold on, I think, I think we
should give it to him straight.
Hey, man.
Thomas, you listening to me?
You gotta lay off
the Bible bullshit
when you're talking to these
review board honchos.
And if they ask you if you regret
what you did in that library,
you tell them yes.
And then and then if they ask
anything Where's Dessa, anyway?
Where is she?
What happened to her?
Don't, no, don't get
into that, man.
You know what happened
to Dessa. We're divorced.
Listen, if they go on
They had a baby daughter and
she died. If they say something
She's my niece.
And Dessa let me hold her.
Stop it. Stop that.
We have to talk about this hearing.
She's gonna tell you what to say
and what not to say
so you can get out of here,
you understand?
- Dessa's my friend.
- God damn it, listen to me.
She's my friend whether she's
married to Dominick or not.
Yeah. You're still her friend.
Thomas, what are you gonna say
when they ask you about your hand?
I'm gonna tell 'em
the truth. Ok, good.
And what's the truth, Thomas?
That I sacrificed my hand
to prevent Armageddon.
And it would,
it would have worked,
but they sequestered me here
to silence me.
They'd be at
the peace table right now
if war wasn't so profitable.
They're torturing me here.
Calm fucking down.
You're gonna freak out
in here, don't do it.
We gotta get you out of here.
- You have a hearing.
- They put snakes in my bed.
- Calm fucking down.
- They
They put razor blades
in my coffee.
Oh my Calm down.
Thomas, calm down.
They put their elbows in my throat.
I'm unclean, Dominick.
They have keys, they rape me.
- They rape me
- Okay.
They they come into my cell
and they rape me.
- They rape me.
- Come here.
- I'm unclean.
- Thomas.
She's good.
Her and Dr. Gandhi are nice to me.
You need to be five feet
from the patient, sir.
No physical contact
with the patient, sir.
I'll take responsibility,
Pete. Sir.
Just give 'em a minute.
Just give 'em a minute, please.
Okay? One minute.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I'm gonna get you out of here. I
swear, I'm gonna
get you out of here.
Please don't be mad at me,
Dominick, please
don't be mad at me.
I'm sorry, please don't be mad.
You better fuckin' explain
to me what happened.
I finally I wrote
my English paper,
and then, I went to go type it,
and I couldn't find
the key to the typewriter.
Jesus Christ.
I waited, and I waited for you.
I never know where you are anymore.
Fuckin', I don't even
have a roommate.
Hey, don't fucking
blame this on me.
And then, I, I started
to think that, that you,
you wanted me to fail because
you want me to flunk out
because you, you, you
you don't want me here anymore
because you wanna be alone.
I do not.
Because you want your own life
because you don't want
to be with me anymore.
Thomas, you're gonna flunk out.
You're gonna break Ma's heart.
Thomas, if you flunk out,
you could end up
in fuckin' Vietnam,
get your head blown off.
Dominick, can you please
Can you please
type my paper for me?
I'll-I'll buy you
a new typewriter case.
I-I just have to get
my paper in by 7:00 a.m.
Why would I type
your paper for you?
Because of my hands.
They won't stop shaking.
But my-my teacher,
she won't give me an inch.
If I get this paper in at 7:01,
she probably won't accept it.
She's out to get me, I think.
Hey, can you calm down, man?
Calm down!
Hey. Calm down.
I could have whaled into
him for what he'd done.
Please calm down.
For what he'd failed
to do all year long.
But as angry as I was
I felt scared, too.
I got him calmed down, yeah.
I'd type the stupid
paper, I told him.
It was an essay about the theme
of alienation in
modern literature.
A patchwork of
Cliff Notes and bullshit
that contained no specifics
and made no sense.
Its rambling sentences went off
in a dozen different directions
and never came back.
The handwriting
was unrecognizable.
That paper scared me more
even than his behavior.
But I typed what he'd written,
fixing up things here and there.
And hoping against hope
that his teacher
would find something coherent
in what he'd put together.
I hope this taught you
a lesson in personal management.
It has. It def-definitely has.
Get some sleep, Thomas.
Thank you, ma'am.
- Hi.
- How you doin'?
Okay, how are you?
Oh, I made you dinner.
Here. I didn't know you
were gonna be home.
- Wow.
- It's chicken.
But, um
It's a little
It's been sitting out for a while,
so sit down, and then
This might not be
the best chicken
you've ever had in your life,
but I've-I've never
made this before.
Chicken pi pic piccata.
Italian, you know?
- Italian.
- Yep.
Made for you.
It's Italian chicken.
I don't think the chicken
is Italian itself.
It's pretty good, huh?
What's wrong?
I, um, saw my brother earlier.
You did? How was he?
"How was he?"
He's, uh, same as he always is.
He's crazy, sick.
I can tell you don't like it.
- What?
- I can tell you don't like it.
What are you talking about?
The chicken.
It's not about the goddamn chicken.
Uh, it's about my brother's
hearing coming up,
and I'm trying to fuckin'
prepare for it, all right?
So, I Shit.
Is drinking beer part of
your preparation?
Listen, I know that you
couldn't give a flying fuck
if he stays down in
that place and rots.
All right, I get that.
I actually accept it.
But I got an obligation, all right?
- To my brother.
- No, please sit down.
- Yeah.
- Can you just please sit down?
Please sit down, Dominick.
Because I have,
I-I just want
to have a conversation,
and the last thing
I wanted was for us
to get into a fight tonight.
I wasn't gonna say anything
until I was sure.
um, now I am sure.
I'm pregnant.
We made a baby, Dominick.
You and me.
Well, say, come on,
say something.
This is
It's taken you by surprise?
Yeah, me too.
You're sure that I'm the father?
Of course you're the father.
Who else
What kind of question is that?
- I just
- Huh?
What's going on?
In your mind, what's
Hey, hey!
Ah, fuck.
- Hey!
- Oh, shit. Go, go, go!
- Hey!
- Fuck you, dude!
Let me catch you!
Let me get my hands on you!
Come here!
We wiped our ass with
that toilet paper, bitch!
What are you doing?
What happened?
Where are you going?
Can you just talk
to me for a sec?
Shh, Sadie!
What do you got there?
You got pictures already.
- For these.
- Let's see.
So excited.
I didn't tape any of it.
What's this?
I started out in Athens.
That's Athens?
Isn't that amazing?
What is that? Another boat?
That's Santorini.
I missed you.
I missed you so much.
Have you been able to
remember her without
feeling like you were gonna
get punched in the stomach.
I'm not there yet.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, fuck.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'm sorry.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
It's been a long time, I guess.
I'm so scared.
No, it's okay, baby.
You don't have
to worry about it.
You're not gonna get pregnant.
I took care of it.
- What are you talking about?
- I took care of it all.
Can't get
You won't get pregnant.
What are you talking about?
I got snipped.
It's gonna be okay.
What are you talking about?
I got a vasectomy.
It's good.
I wanted another baby,
you asshole!
That's why I went
across the ocean to decide!
- You piece of shit.
- Dessa.
Oh, Jesus!
That summer, I promised myself
he was gonna make it or break it
from now on, without my help.
He's talking crazy.
If you can come home
that'd be so good.
Thomas, I did this
for the both of us.
You are a traitor!
The board would like to know
in the patient's own words,
why he cut off his hand.
You have to stop
trying to be this big savior
all the time.
We're too close, you and me.
You are me.
I'm not you, Thomas.
You're me.
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