I Know This Much Is True (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


I want you to really think
about what it would be like
for you to be the sole caregiver
of Thomas. Okay?
Thomas, you're gonna flunk out.
You could end up
in fucking Vietnam.
Dominick Birdsey, I called about
my grandfather's manuscript.
What about your wife?
I have a girlfriend.
How's it gonna affect her?
I'm pregnant.
Oh, and another baby
- you asshole!
- Dessa!
Get those grades up
or I'm pulling you
out of that school
and you're going
in the military!
You understand me?
When my
stepfather finally received.
Thomas' freshman year grades,
he went ballistic.
Hey, you all right, buddy?
And then he spent all summer
making my mother pay for it.
It wasn't till mid-August
that Ray stopped
jerking everyone around
and announced
that he'd help finance
one last chance.
He handed a $2,000 bank check
to my mother
for Thomas' and my tuition bills
- due that week.
- Oh, Ray!
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Ray loved it,
being the big hero.
- Raymond Birdsey.
- The savior.
God, it was pathetic.
You won't regret this, Ray.
From-from now on,
I'm-I'm gonna go to bed earlier
and, and I'm gonna be ahead
of my assignments.
In the midst of all of Thomas'
breakfast time resolutions,
I made a silent promise
of my own.
He was gonna make it or break it
from now on without my help.
Leo and I had
driven up in secret
to the university housing office
and officially requested
rooming together
at South Campus.
It makes me laugh.
Beyond that, I was planning
to haul my ass
across the river every
weekend to be with Dessa.
To make sure I didn't lose out
on the best thing
I had going in my whole life.
It makes me laugh.
Just to think that now.
Now you don't want me.
After that summer,
I promised myself
I would get as far away
from my home,
from my fucked-up family,
as I possibly could.
I was almost there.
- Hey, buddy.
- Look at this.
This is this is just great.
Some stupid secretary
makes a mistake
and we, we got a whole
We got a whole big mess to fix.
It's not a mistake.
Wait! You know
they're gonna tell us
we have to go to
a certain office
and then we're gonna get to
that office and they're gonna say.
"Oh, no, you don't
want this office.
- You need to go
to another office."
- Thomas, it's not a mistake.
I'm not I'm not
rooming with you.
I'm rooming with Leo.
What do you mean, you're
rooming with Leo?
It's not really a big deal,
you know?
He just
He just asked me one day.
Hey, Thomas, this will be
good for you, man.
Yeah, you-you'll
make new friends.
How do you know this new guy,
How do you know Randall's
not a great guy?
I-I bet you he'll be a much
better roommate than I ever was.
Look, Thomas, we're we're
We're too close, you and me.
You know, we, we get on
each other's nerves.
Hey, I did this
for the both of us.
That's partly why I did it,
was for you.
Okay, you can laugh at me,
but that's the truth.
You're just a traitor.
What'd you say?
I said, you are a traitor!
Can you stop doing that?
Can you put the knife down?
Thomas, put the fuckin'
knife down, man.
Put the knife down.
Put the fuck
put the knife down.
Don't be a kid.
Put the, put the knife down.
Put the knife down.
Put the fuckin'
Drop the knife.
Just drop drop the knife.
Hey, just put
the fuckin' knife down.
Stop, man, put the knife down.
Put the knife down!
Stop it! Thomas!
Fuck! You fuckin' stop!
Stop, calm down. Stop!
Thomas Okay, okay.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
The fuck is wrong with you?
Look at this, man.
If I were you, I-I'd fix this
chair before Ray gets home.
He sees this,
he's gonna go apeshit.
You are me.
You said if you were me
you'd fix this chair
before Ray gets home,
but you are me.
- I'm not you, Thomas.
- Yes, you are.
I'm far from it.
You're me.
You're me.
Does that hurt?
What do you think, man?
Good, good answer.
Happy fuckin' Halloween, man.
So did they give you, like,
pain pills
or anything like that?
Yeah, they gave me Tylex,
but I can't fuckin'
take it right now.
- Why?
- Because I don't
wanna be wasted
when this insurance claim
asshole shows up here
and tries to gyp me
out of my return on my truck.
You should take them.
Leo, I'm not gonna sit there
trying to negotiate
with this guy
looking like
fuckin' Goofy, okay?
You'll feel better. You
don't have to be a tough guy.
You're not, like, a cowboy.
- Or, like, a stuntman.
- No shit.
What time is the guy supposed
to be here, do you know?
10:30. He's late.
- And your brother's thing is at?
- 4:00.
So what do you think?
You think you're gonna
be able to spring him?
I don't know. I fucking hope so.
Are you sure you can go looking,
ahem, the way that you look?
Leo, just fuckin'
cut the shit, man.
I'm telling you
that you don't
If you walk in there looking
You don't think I
know how I look?
They've been trying to schedule
I'm not missing
this goddamn hearing,
you understand me?
I'm sure they can postpone it.
I don't think that it's in
your brother's best interest
to show up looking like this.
Leo, I don't have a choice.
You look like homeless Rocky.
I'm not makin' fun of you, man.
- Who is that?
- Is that the guy?
- That's him. Fuckin' come on.
- Fuck.
How you doin'?
You're the claims guy?
Yeah, Shawn Tudesco.
Yeah. You're a
little late, aren't you?
Mutual of America.
- A little late?
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Sorry about that.
Wow, you, like,
totaled your truck, bro.
- No shit.
- What's that green stuff?
The yellow gook
on the windshield?
That's egg.
- Egg?
- Yeah.
Some kids were celebratin'
Halloween a day early.
Those little bastards.
Where were you driving
when you got into the accident?
Route 22, up by the state park.
It's so dark out there at night,
The tree came out of nowhere.
Ah, you
- Hey, man, I'm Leo.
- Hey, Shawn Tudesco.
- Yeah, I recognize you.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, you work out
at Hardbodies, right?
- That's right, man.
- Yeah, you lift weights.
- Yes, I do.
- We play racquetball out there.
Right on, man.
And his girlfriend
works out there.
Oh, yeah? Cool.
Who's your girlfriend? Denise?
Denise? No.
Joy? Really?
- Yeah, you know
- No, I know Joy.
You do?
- Yeah.
- Everybody knows Joy.
She's world famous.
Oh, really? She's world famous?
Okay, bro, look. I'm just gonna,
I'm gonna total your truck.
Probably get you about $200,
$300 over the book value.
You'll make about 1,000 bucks.
- Very nice. Very nice.
- I'm just gonna do
some paperwork.
What the fuck's
that supposed to mean?
- What?
- What, she's world famous?
What the fuck?
- What?
- What? Like she's a slut?
Like she circulates?
Like, guys are havin'
a good time with her?
Like, Joy to the fuckin' world?
Fuck you, Leo.
- I'm sorry, I was joking.
- Fuck off.
I'm sorry.
Hey, how much you bench, man?
I'll see you in my dreams.
Why didn't you tell me
over the phone that you got hurt?
You didn't ask.
I shouldn't have to ask.
You're my kid, aren't you?
Easy, easy.
Why didn't they give you
one of those collar things
at the hospital if
your neck's bothering you?
I'm all right, Ray. I'm fine.
Yeah? Well, you don't look fine.
Have you had breakfast?
I'm not hungry, I just wanna
get over to that house on Gillette
pull those shutters off,
get home, wash up,
and get ready for this hearing.
All by 4:00, huh?
Well, how are you gonna
pull shutters with that hand?
I'll manage.
All right, look, I
I can't help you today,
I have a doctor's appointment
this afternoon,
but I can, I can give you
a hand tomorrow.
- Don't worry.
- Why don't I just
take you home,
so's you can get some rest, and
we'll work on it together tomorrow?
The doctor didn't say anything
about restricting myself, Ray.
He probably figured
you had the common sense
to know that already.
Listen, you know
what your problem is?
- You take on too much.
- I'm all right.
Oh, yeah?
Well, if you're so all right,
how come you cracked up your
truck in the middle of the night?
That doesn't sound
too all right to me.
Look, I know you've
been bearing the brunt of it.
All that business with him
down there.
You carried your own load
and his load and
My load too, I guess.
Him and me,
we just never hit it off,
but Jesus Christ, why'd he
have to go and take his hand off?
That's what's eatin' me up.
But you guys never had
to go to war like I did.
You're lucky.
It changes you
going to war.
Special report which follows:
Mayberry R.F.D. will not
be presented tonight
but will return next week
at its regularly scheduled time
over most of these stations.
The draft lottery,
a live report on tonight's
picking of the birthdays
for the draft.
On the evening of December 1st,
Leo, myself, and a bunch
of guys from our dorm
convened over at Dessa's place.
Thomas was there, too.
We all parked ourselves
in front of the TV
to watch the first US
draft lottery since 1942.
Selective Service estimated
that the men whose birthdays
were among the first 120
or so pulled from the drum
would get their greetings
from Tricky Dick
and go to war.
I was home free at number 266.
Leo was in better shape,
number 305.
But my brother,
born six minutes before me
at 11:57 p.m. on December 31st,
had drawn number 100.
He and his academic probation
were bobbing around in the pool
most likely to be called
to active duty.
By the time
the lottery was over,
both the boys
who were celebrating
and the ones who were
drowning their sorrows
- Thomas.
- Had used the occasion
to get shit-faced drunk.
How are you? How are we doin'?
What's on your mind, Thomas?
Hey, man, you hey,
you think you should take it easy?
He's just taking
the edge off. He's all right.
Hey, Dominick, things
have always gone your way.
Our whole lives, the deck,
the deck is always
is always stacked in your favor.
Hey, never mind about that.
He gets good grades,
he's got a three-year reprieve.
There you go.
The fuckin' war will
be over in three years.
How you doin', man?
Are you going to class?
- You studying?
- I can't concentrate.
Why not?
My dorm is too hot.
What do you mean the fuckin'
- The dorm's too hot?
- Thomas.
You can just open up
a window, man.
- Yeah, what he said.
- Come on.
If the dorm is too hot,
open the fuckin' window.
- Okay.
- I know.
Buddy, buddy, hey, hey,
buddy, buddy, hey, hey.
You gotta screw
your head on straight.
Stop acting crazy.
Come on, man.
You're-you're not crazy.
- I'm not.
- You're not crazy.
I just
You just gotta relax.
- You're a smart guy.
- I am?
You're smart.
You're way smarter than I am.
Do you mean that?
- I do mean that.
- I am?
You're smarter
than this asshole.
Hey, you just got a lot
going on up there.
You guys doing okay here?
- Hey, can I ask you something?
- Yeah.
Do you think this is
a smart guy?
Oh, he's double trouble.
He's smart and sweet.
- You see?
- I don't feel very good.
- Hey. It's all right.
- Hey.
Thomas, you're not crazy, okay?
You keep hitting your head,
you might not be so smart, okay?
Hey, hey.
I'm joking.
Take it easy, take it easy.
Can we have a good time?
- Do you wanna dance?
- Okay.
He's lucky to have you.
You're a good brother.
I'll swing by and pick you up
as soon as I get
out of the doctor's.
Maybe, 12:30,
1:00 at the latest.
Maybe I'll stop by that
medical supply place
on the way, get you one of those
collars just in case
you want it later.
I'll get you a leash
while I'm at it, too.
What's going on at the doctor?
Who are you, Dr. Kildare?
Don't go at it too hard.
I can help you with it tomorrow.
Appreciate it.
If these people can't
wait one more day,
then tell them
to go fuck themselves.
I didn't hear you drive up.
Hey, how's it going?
This isn't really a very
good day for you to be here.
I Henry's having
kind of a bad time right now.
He's not
he's not in good shape.
There's something
wrong with him.
I'm Yeah, I'm not gonna
be here very long, anyway.
I was just gonna, you know,
pull down these shutters.
And then, um.
I mean, maybe an hour, tops.
Now, well, could
I think it would be better
if if you, if you just left
now. Could you just go?
I yeah, I don't
I don't have a ride.
All right. Oh, God.
What the fuck, man.
Fuckin' kidding me? "Oh, really?"
"He's having a bad day? Oh,
I'm really sorry to hear that.
How'd you like to switch places
for a while, pal?"
Fuck, ah, fuck.
Just wind.
I fucked up.
Oh, God.
- Who is that?
- I don't know.
Wake up.
Hey, don't take it.
No, don't take it.
Hey, buddy. You okay?
I dropped out.
What are you talking about?
Thomas, you gotta
stay in school.
I can't do this anymore.
Pull your shit together.
You're not dropping out.
I'm sorry, Dominick.
Why are you
telling me this right now?
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, no.
No, don't take it.
Don't take it.
Don't take it.
You are me.
There you go.
All right.
Oh, it's okay, bro.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey. Hey.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's not real, brother.
It's not real.
It's the morphine, okay?
A lot of patients
freak out on that stuff.
I mean, that's the kicker
about hallucinations, right?
Is it real, or is it Memorex?
You know what I mean? Hey,
you want a little bit of this, bro?
Here you go.
Come on. There There you go.
Hey, you ever do acid, bro?
I dropped it a couple times
way back in my hombre days.
You know, before wife number two
got a hold of me.
There was this one time,
I was trippin', right?
And I and I thought I was
running with a pack of wild dogs.
I could have swore
I was turning dog, bro.
I could have swore
that was real.
You want any more of this,
man? It's getting
a little drippy, bro.
What happened?
What happened?
I don't feel anything.
Well, yeah, that's 'cause
you know, your brain,
it acts like a circuit breaker,
you know?
When it gets too intense,
the switch just
flicks you unconscious
like that.
What happened to me?
You know what, man?
Forget about computers, bro.
You want high tech, you give me
the human body any day, man.
- Someone was screaming.
- Hmm?
- Someone was screaming.
- Yeah.
Yeah, that was,
that was probably you.
Your foot was literally turned
in the opposite direction.
It was facing away from you
like this.
Yeah, your fibula
was poking out of your leg.
- It was pretty gnarly.
- What day is it?
It's Saturday,
1:35 in the morning.
- Saturday.
- Yeah.
How can it be Saturday?
I don't know, bro.
Because yesterday
was Friday
and tomorrow's Sunday, man.
- What's the date?
- Huh?
- What's the date?
- The date?
Today? Today, today's,
uh, November 3rd.
You know, you've been a little
in and out of it lately.
Between you and me
- Oh. Oh, man.
- Hey. Hey, whoa.
Hey, whoa, whoa, no, what are
you doing? No, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No, I have to, please.
- No, come here, come here. Relax.
- What happened to my brother?
- I don't, I don't know.
Did you hear?
What do you mean? What
happened to your brother?
Where is he?
I don't know what
you're talking about, man.
Let me use the phone.
No, no, no, you
can't use the phone.
No, I
Hey, hey, you're
just disoriented, okay?
It happens, you've been lying
in bed for two or three days.
It happens, all right?
You call somebody right now
at this time of night,
they're gonna come down here
and they're gonna bust
that other foot of yours,
all right?
So you just gotta wait
until the morning.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Look at me.
You can call whoever you want
in the morning.
I promise you that.
Matter of fact,
if I'm still on duty,
I'll dial that number myself
for you, all right?
I'm gonna put you down.
I'ma let you rest
for a little while.
You in any pain, bro? Yeah?
Here. Take this right here.
This is a morphine pump.
You control it with this,
little green button.
There you go, that's green.
Green means go.
You pump that
if you need it, okay?
- Green means go.
- No, I need to stay awake.
No, I know, I know,
it's just there if you need it.
Just do me a favor.
Don't go trippin' out,
all right, buddy?
Just get some rest, bro.
- Hello?
- Hello.
I'm trying to get
a hold of Lisa Sheffer.
I'm sorry.
She doesn't work today.
Yeah, this is an emergency.
Can I just get her
home number, please?
I'm sorry, sir. I'm not
at liberty to do that right now.
Yeah, but I already have it.
She gave it to me.
I just, I just, I just don't
have it on me right now.
Sir, I'm sorry. The
best I can do is take a message.
I already have her phone number.
Would you like to
at least leave your name?
And your last name, sir?
She knows my last name.
Just tell her I called.
And what can I
tell her this is in reference to?
Hey, she knows me.
Just tell her Dominick.
She knows who I am. She
knows what it's in reference to.
I'll pass on the message, sir.
- Want me to help you with that?
- No, I got it.
- Oh, shit, oh, shit.
- Oh, geez.
Oh, I'm sorr
What can I touch?
Is this all right?
- Yeah.
- Here.
Don't worry about this.
It's not important.
Whoops, excuse me.
Sorry, excuse me.
One of the side effects of this
new diet they got me started on.
Gives me terrible gas.
Nice to see you among
the land of the living.
How's the leg?
Fine, I'm high as a kite.
Yeah. Push the green button.
Green means go.
Steve is the name.
- Steve Felice.
- Dominick.
- Pardonne-moi.
- Jesus Christ, man.
Well, you know, they say that,
once my body gets used
to this high-protein diet
that I'm on, that this
is all gonna go away,
and uh, I certainly hope so,
because I got a girlfriend.
Okay, all right, I get it.
- Hello?
- Dominick?
- Sheffer.
- Hey! How are you?
I can't believe it. When I found
out what happened, oh my God!
What happened?
Did they postpone the hearing?
Look, you know what?
I was thinking I should
come to talk to you
about this all in person,
you know?
Just please
tell me what happened.
Did they postpone it
or did it go ahead?
They went ahead.
Where is he?
Right now, he's at Hatch.
Dominick, look.
Let me just make sure
I can get a babysitter here
and then I'll be right there
like as soon as I can. Okay?
- You there, Dominick?
- See ya.
Ma, Oh, Dominick.
He's talkin' crazy.
If you can come home,
that'd be so good.
He's he's in the bedroom.
He won't come out.
Hey, Thomas, it-it-it's me.
It's Dominick.
Can you just open
the door for me?
It's okay, I-I figured out
what's wrong with me now.
They-they planted receivers
inside my mouth
and they've been
sending me messages
and they've been trying
to brainwash me.
But I figured out that
they're heat sensitive.
So I-I made myself
a cup of hot cocoa,
And I burned them out with it.
Uh, but then I started
to pick up these other signals
and so I've been
ripping them out.
Do you wanna see?
I'm Vonette. I'll be your
caregiver today, okay?
Did you see that
you have company?
No, who?
Sheffer, hey.
Hey, Domenico.
How are you doin'?
All right, how are you doin'?
- - This is
You look pretty bad.
This is from me.
Well, this is from Patel.
These are from me.
You didn't have
to bring me flowers.
How you doin'?
Hmm. So?
Not so good, huh?
It didn't go how you wanted, no.
It's not your fault, Domenico.
It's not your fault.
Did he freak out
'cause I wasn't there?
Mmm, yeah, he did.
He told me that he was certain
that you were hurt.
He kept saying it, Dominick.
"My brother's hurt,
my brother's hurt."
And my God, you were.
I tried to calm him, I.
I reached out for his hand
and that's when he flipped out.
You know,
he whacked me in the face
and the guard jumped on him
- and he put him in a choke hold.
- He hit you?
That's how your
lip got like that?
Well, so I guess the cover-up
didn't work?
I always sucked at makeup.
I can't believe he's never
done anything like that.
It's all right, it really is.
You know, I asked them if
we could postpone everything,
and, you know, the guy there
who's in charge of everything,
that asshole, Dr. Hume,
he flatly refused.
Yeah, he said no.
He said because of
the public perception,
and because of the amount
of media attention
that Thomas' case had got,
that the board felt
that action of some sort
was preferable to stasis.
- Give me a fuckin' break.
- Right? That's what I said.
I reminded him
that the patient's welfare
needed to come
before the state's
desire for good publicity.
I actually wondered out loud
whether or not they could
objectively listen
to an argument
about his being freed.
I mean, it was
the stupidest thing to do.
I committed the mortal sin.
I, I questioned
their almighty judgment.
It got a little frosty for me
right after that.
They sort of ignored me.
They just pushed
right through me
and they went right to Thomas.
You know, Dominick,
I haven't had any coffee today.
We ran out at my house.
I'm gonna go grab myself
a fix, okay?
I'll be back in like
10, 15 minutes.
Why don't you see if
you can read through this
and if you have any questions,
we'll go over it then, okay?
Read it and weep, huh?
Yeah. I'll be back in 15.
Ms. Sheffer, as much as
we appreciate your insights,
the board would like to hear
in the patient's own words
why he cut off his hand.
Thomas, is that something
you can help us with?
"If the right hand offend thee,
cut it off
and cast it from thee."
Are you saying you mutilated
yourself to atone for your sins?
To atone for America's sins.
And what are America's sins?
From the beginning
of history, American history,
America's gone to war
because war
war is profitable.
And now, finally,
we have arrived at a moment,
a-a-a critical crossroads
prophesied by the Bible
in the book of John,
the apocalypse.
Our only hope is to give up
this path of greed
and to walk a path
of spirituality instead.
It's no surprise to me
why you wanna keep me here.
You're trying to demoralize me.
And the CIA hires men to come
Come in my room at night,
wake me up, and make me impure.
They're trying to break
my spirit.
My spirit isn't broken.
They underestimate me.
I'm trying to stop an unholy war
that will bring down on America
the the wrath of God.
Iraq is gonna awaken.
It's a sleeping dragon
and it's gonna devour
the children of the world.
Thomas, look at me.
- Thomas.
- I'm prisoned here.
We want to help you get well.
We want to listen to you.
I'm sorry you're upset
at the moment, but
everybody cares
very much about you.
Let me just ask you
something else entirely.
I read in your report
that you told the police
that you were inspired to your
library sacrifice by voices.
- Is that accurate?
- Yes, it is.
Do you always feel compelled
to obey the voices you hear?
The good voices, yes.
The evil ones, I battle.
So how do you
distinguish between them?
The sound of Jesus' voice
is like nothing else.
- So Jesus speaks to you.
- Jesus speaks to everyone.
I listen.
Okay, well, let's just,
let's just suppose
that one of the voices of good,
say the voice of
Jesus Christ himself,
asked you to hurt someone.
To kill someone, say,
one of his enemies.
Would you
would you feel obliged
to obey then?
That's just a qu weird
question. It's ridiculous
because Jesus, Jesus would never
ask me to do
something like that.
He wouldn't ask me
to harm anybody.
Jesus Christ died
on the cross so that,
so that we would know the light.
Yeah, but it's just an example.
You know, if Jesus asked you
to go back to the library,
and cut the throat
of the woman behind the desk,
because she was an agent
of the devil,
would you do it then?
Because Jesus asked you to?
Jesus wouldn't
ask me to do that.
Maybe not, but if
he did
would you?
If he did
Yes, if.
Thank you, Thomas.
It's okay.
It's over.
Hey, how far'd you get?
I got to when
they got him to say
that he'd slaughter
a librarian for Jesus.
Could you believe that?
The way they led him like that?
I was so pissed off.
So what's the verdict?
As if I don't already know.
It's, uh, it's a year.
- At Hatch?
- Yes.
Hey, Dominick, you remember
that first day that we met?
When you were there
in my office?
I thought "Now, this guy
is a walking attitude problem."
"This guy has got chips on both
his shoulders," you know?
But I don't know, somehow,
I got sucked into
your brother's case.
I started thinking about
things, you know?
How we all try to help
each other but sometimes,
the things we do end up
causing more damage instead.
You know what's the first thing
they teach you
in the school of social work?
Don't get personally involved.
Don't lose your objectivity.
Straight-A student,
look what I did.
I did both those things.
And I love you for it.
I guess what
I'm sayin', Dominick,
is I really finally understand
why you're so pissed.
I'm not pissed anymore.
- Hey.
- What?
- Do me a favor.
- I'll do anything.
You take your daughter
some place today.
Just the two of you together,
have some fun.
Yes, I promise you
I will do that.
And you don't worry about
Thomas, okay?
I'll keep an eye on
him. I'll make sure he's safe.
It's you.
You're the one I'm gonna
worry about now.
Not Thomas.
What are we gonna do with you?
Hey. You rest.
It's all okay.
Thanks, Sheffer.
Thank you, Domenico.
Sleeping Beauty.
I've awakened you.
Where's Sheffer?
Thomas' social worker at Hatch.
- I'm the only one.
- Where's Sheffer?
Oh, she's gone.
I didn't mean to jump all
over you about your brother.
God, I feel so sick
about it and I haven't
been able to sleep for days.
That's all I've been able
to do is sleep.
I missed his hearing, Joy.
I let him down. I failed him.
Listen to me. You have to stop.
Trying to be this big
savior all the time, and
you gotta start taking care
of yourself instead, Dominick.
'Cause think about it. I mean,
why did this even happen?
From rushing down there every
two seconds. You're losing sleep.
You need to start
worrying about yourself.
About our baby.
Everything's gonna be okay.
No, it isn't.
What are you talking about?
Yes, it is.
I know it's not mine.
Of course it is.
It can't be.
I'm sterile.
I had a vasectomy.
When I was married to Dessa.
Dessa and I had a baby together.
A little girl.
- Her name was Angela.
- Stop it, why?
I never told you about
any of that.
Why are you doing this?
I just didn't think
it would be an issue
because I thought you
didn't wanna have babies.
I should have told you.
I know I should have.
We've both been
lying to each other.
I think it's just this
medication they've got you on.
It's got you thinking
really strange.
I'm damaged goods.
- It's not your fault, okay?
- Wait. Please.
It's not your fault, none of it.
Just stop, just stop talking.
- You don't want my baby.
- Stop it. Please.
You don't want my baby.
Please can you stop it because
you're wrecking everything.
- You need help.
- You're lucky it's not mine.
Because you're starting
to act really crazy.
Excuse me?
- Excuse me?
- Joy
Um, can you see if there's
anything wrong with him?
Because he's acting
really weird.
Okay. You seem fine.
Let me just check your vitals.
Your BP seems a little high.
Let's get you squared away.
All right, now, hon, if you don't
mind, I have to check his catheter
and empty the bag.
I'm just gonna draw the curtain
for a couple minutes
and you can get right back
to your visit, all right?
All right.
Catheter seems just fine.
I'll just empty the bag.
There you go. You are all set.
Oh, she probably just
went to get a snack.
I'm sure she'll be right back.
You let me know if you need
anything else, okay, hon?
And other coalition forces
now have their capability
to defend successfully
against any further
Now that's a set of balls.
- What?
- The President.
Going after that maniac
in the desert.
Look at him.
He's a tough guy
all of a sudden.
I'm going for this.
Take off them glasses,
put on the gloves, George.
Take 'em out!
Oh, Dominick,
I forgot to tell you.
My girlfriend,
she was here yesterday
and she says she knows you.
At first she didn't recognize you,
and then it dawned on her.
How about that, huh?
Yeah, it's a small world.
Yeah, you can say that again.
Small, stifling,
suffocating world.
Hey, you okay over there?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Oh.
- Oh, what time is it?
- Just after 9:00.
You were out. You slept all day.
Oh, your dad was here. Big Ray.
He was?
Why didn't he wake me up?
You never wake a sleeping baby.
And you'll see, when it's your kid,
you'll know what I mean.
Oh, God.
Oh, hey, here she is.
Get on over here, Annie Oakley,
and give your old hound dog
a kiss.
Long time no see.
Life has not been kind to you.
I brought your grandfather back.
And there's no charge.
I mean, besides what you
already gave me.
By the way,
you have my condolences.
I'm not sure I would read it,
though, if I was you.
- How are you?
- Hey, baby.
I'm a lot better off
than that man.
What have you
been reading, Dominick?
This book my grandfather wrote.
It's like his personal history.
If you keep reading
you may learn something
about yourself.
You're trying to say
that I'm like him.
Do you think that
you're like him?
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