I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

A Gorilla Head Will Not Do

[Bruce] Hey, it's Bruce.
- Leave a message.
- Fuck. Dad.
Fuck! Call me back.

[line ringing]
Hey, it's Bruce.
Leave a message.
Fuck. Dad.
I need to talk to you.
- [phone ringing]
- Dad?
[phone chimes]
[both panting, moaning]
[Bruce chuckles, grunts]

[indistinct chatter]
[man] Coach's body's
already headed to the morgue.
[gasps] Shit!
Clara. Fuck!
[Lyla] [sighs]
No one's found the head?

[engine starts]
[vehicle door opens]
He's dead.
I know.
I mean, how could anyone?
Did you see it?
We all saw it.
That's why we're meeting
in this sketch-ass parking lot.
Can you not be a bitch
for five minutes?
- I loved him so much.
- We all loved him.
He was my best friend.
I really can't breathe.
Do Do you think
he was in pain?
I mean,
he got his head chopped off.
Okay, that's really not helping.
- [Margot sobs]
- Sorry.
I can't breathe right now.
[seat belt unbuckles]
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey,
come here. Come here.
- [lights clack off]
- [screams] - Shit!
- Oh, my God.
- What the fuck? Get back in the car.
- [screams]
- What the fuck?! What the?!
- [electricity crackles]
- Dude, seriously?!
[Margot crying]
You came.
[Margot] Johnny's dead.
[Dylan] I know.
I I got Alison's text.
I can't believe
that cunt killed him.
- W-What? Alison didn't do this.
- How do you know?
- Because she's dead.
- [Dylan] Not even my moms
believe somebody can text
from the dead.
I mean, well, then,
someone found her phone
or cloned it or something.
I mean,
someone is obviously doing this
- to fuck with us.
- What absolute psychopath
would do something like that?
The same one
that chopped Johnny's head off.
Stop saying "chopped
his head off." Seriously,
- so ugly of you.
- [Alison] It's not Alison.
It's whoever put that goat head
in my closet
and has been following me
in that black pickup truck.
You didn't tell me
someone was following you.
She told me.
You told Riley but not me?
Look, I'm telling you now, and
Johnny was Alison's only friend.
Why would she do that to him?
She She loved him.
That's why.
It's classic psychopath behavior
to hurt
the one you love.
I think we should tell
that sandpaper pussy policewoman
what we know.
- Can we not talk about her pussy?
- We're not calling the police.
You're un-fucking-believable.
Are you insulting me?
I just lost my best friend.
We should've gone to the police
- a year ago.
- [Margot scoffs]
- But now that you're in danger
- Breaking news alert.
We're all in danger.
Oh, too bad.
- I'm not turning Alison in.
- [Riley] Okay, we all agreed.
We're not calling the cops,
- We can fucking figure this out ourselves.
- We have to find her.
- Stop saying it was her.
- Then who else killed Johnny?
[phone ringing]
What's up?
Jesus Christ.
- [Riley] Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, can I get a ride?
I got it.
[footsteps approach]
How are you?
Amazing. Obviously.
[chuckles softly]
Well, I'm legit freaking out.
I don't think
we should be alone.
You know, 'cause
Johnny's dead.
You want to get in?
Homeless people poop here.
Come ki at mine.
[phone ringing]
Uh, um, I'll meet you there.
Let's just sit here
in awkward silence.
[Shygirl: "Freak"]
- Hey.
- I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like
to hear me say it ♪
Can we throw it down again? ♪
Can we
throw it down again? ♪
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like
to hear me say it
Aw. She's shy.
I'm a freak, yeah, I know
Did you get my cereal?
Can we throw it down again
Prescription strength.
[Lennon] You know me, I thrive
on a balanced breakfast.
Thanks, Riri.
On the floor ♪♪
Do you
just seriously hate me now?
Can you at least tell me why,
besides the fact that I'm poor
and have bad values?
'Cause that's
legit my mom's fault.
Is it 'cause I kill bugs?
'Cause you know
that whole catch and release
thing is total bullshit.
They die anyways.
It's not that thing
that happened in the
bouncy house last year, is it?
'Cause I'm not into you
like that.
I didn't think you were.
Good. 'Cause I'm not.
I honestly just felt sorry
for you.
[Dylan] Good to know.
[Riley] Shit.
- Who are you? [laughing]
- [laughing]
I was not ready
for my spotlight.
- Always, baby. Always, always.
- I know, I know, I know.
And before you
What? Oh, nice.
- What do you think?
- I have
no fucking clue, as usual.
Your mom said
you would babysit Kai.
Sorry, Kelly. She might want
to tell me that next time.
[Courtney] Coach the roach
never picked up his kid.
- Fucking deadbeat.
- Yeah, fuck that guy.
Him and his fucking
football drills.
Hi, Courtney.
Hi, Kelly.
Someone got hot.
- [Kelly laughs]
- Thanks.
- Jesus, Mom.
- [Courtney] What?
- He's 18. Totally legal.
- [Riley] Sorry about that.
Hey, um,
want me to help you look
for Alison tomorrow?
Unless you got
some other big plans.
- I got nothing.
- Cool. I'll hit you up.
- [siren whoops]
- Something you want to tell me?
[car door opens, closes]
[man] I'm looking
for Kelly Craft.
[line ringing]
[Alison] Hey, it's Alison.
Leave a message or don't.
- [beeps]
- [siren whoops]
- Fuck.
- [siren whoops]
[turn signal clicking]
[siren whoops]
- [car door closes]
- [indistinct radio chatter]
- Hey, Lennon.
- Hi.
Did-did I do something wrong?
I mean,
I-I wasn't speeding, was I?
Where you coming from?
Is this some profiling thing?
What happened here?
It's Red Rush.
Slushy. I-I spilled.
You should get home.
That-That's it?
Your dad's been trying
to reach you.
If I don't go home,
you gonna cuff me?
I mean, I know
you're into that kind of thing.
[engine starts]
[engine turns off]
[engine revving]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Bruce] That was not cool.
[Alison] Sending
your secret girlfriend
to bring me home?
I 1,000% agree.
[Bruce] You want to be treated
like an adult,
- you got to act like one.
- Oh, you mean like you?
Are you really sure
that's what you want?
I get that whatever you saw
must have been pretty upsetting.
Yeah, gold medal
in understatements.
Well, I'm sure I wouldn't like
what I saw in your phone,
That's why we respect
each other's privacy!
- Are you done?
- No.
Something I need-need to talk
to you about. Um
It's about Johnny.
I-I know.
I'm sorry, honey. Oh, come here.

[waves crashing]
[watch beeps]
I'm a freak
Like, I swear
to whatever god you worship,
it just takes the edge off.
What if I don't have an edge?
You totally do.
You need to, like, loosen up.
You'd legit be, like,
a fucking ten if you did.
No way.
[whispers] Let's fuck shit up.
Know you like
to hear me say it ♪
On the bed, on the floor
- Whoa.
- [chuckles]
That feels good.
Ah, ah ♪
Real nasty,
never take me home ♪
Won't ever meet your mum,
but your daddy's on the phone ♪
Ring, ring, call me up, know
I give you what you like ♪♪
[waves crashing]
[phone chimes]

[Hawaiian music playing]
[woman] She talked about cutting
Coach's brake lines
all the time.
[man] Everyone knows
Kelly did it.
She's trash.
[man 2] He and Johnny
were so sweet together.
And they waited
till Johnny turned 18.
[woman 2] You don't take a team
all-state five years running
without having a big heart.
- [door opens]
- Hello?
Jesus. What the fuck is up
with you and dumpsters
- these days?
- I was going to use the restroom.
Yeah. Bodily functions.
Since when do you smoke?
Sometimes it just makes me
feel close to her.
How are you doing?
With, you know, everything?
I mean, we just
We haven't really talked.
I have nothing to say.
You know you want to.
[Shygirl: "Freak"]
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
Know you like
to hear me say it ♪
Can we throw it down again? ♪
Ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah ♪♪
[woman] Everyone knows
once Coach tied the knot,
Kelly'd get nothing.
I call that motivation.
It's keto.
You lie.
Only to the people I love.
Thanks, Harold.
Sorry about your friend.
Me, too.
He was my only real one.
[Bruce] I know it must
feel like that right now.
But, um, well,
you've got lots of friends.
You're the tits, Harold.
No, you're the tits.
[Lyla] Goddamn.
You know how hard it was to tell
my kid sports camp was canceled?
[Doug] I love children.
Good to know, Doug.
Seventy-nine percent
of all murders
in the United States
are committed by friends,
loved ones and acquaintances.
Are we still talking
about my kid?
Kelly Craft.
People are talking.
Yeah, I heard.
- [Naomi August: "Sins"]
- Don't know how to listen ♪
Oh, I used to be a Christian ♪
Fucked a bitch,
now I'm a heathen ♪
And I, I like my sins ♪
And I,
I like my sins ♪
Go ahead, just roll it up
[knocking on door]
Pour a shot and lift it up ♪
Put some lean up in my cup
You're supposed to knock.
Well, you're supposed to answer.
Don't worry, I know the rules.
Live the rest of my life
as my sister
and use a condom.
That's a good addition,
the condom thing.
So, you
want to talk about Lyla?
Okay. Well
I-I just
[clears throat]
I just want you to know that
it is healthy for adults to
You know, uh
try things.
Did you just google
what to say to your daughter
when she finds out
you're the police chief's
secret sex slave?
Maybe not those exact words.
Well, if you change your mind,
just let me know.
How long have you two
been playing Fifty Shades?
We, uh
We've been off and on for
a long time.
Is that why Mom killed herself?
I don't think so.
Your mom had a lot of issues
didn't have anything
to do with me.
I-I didn't really help,
but she was
a complicated person.
And I'm her daughter.
I love you, okay?
You know that, right?
I'd never tell Lyla anything.
- Okay.
- [phone chimes]
We're in this together.
Yeah. Noted.
[door closes]

As a trained observer
of human behavior,
you should be aware.
I saw no signs of remorse
when I informed Kelly Craft
of Coach Eric Craft's death.
Makes sense
seeing as he's her ex-husband.
Public outcry is growing.
I don't care about outcries.
I care about evidence.
Agreed. Which is why
I'm also in the process
of contacting all
the taxidermists on the island.
Just covering all the bases.
[door opens]
Hey, Kelly.
Sorry about all this.
- Whatever. He can't read.
- Do you mind
if I come in and talk to you
for a minute?
I just want to ask
a few questions about Coach.
I don't know anything.
Then no harm asking, right?
Come on. Come inside.
Let's go.
Why don't you stay out here.
[door closes]
Do you have business
in the vicinity?
Just the business
of living here.
Well, do you mind showing me
some ID to prove that?
- For what?
- [Courtney] Hey.
Shiny shoes.
Stay away from my kid.
I'm not looking for trouble.
I was just asking
to see some ID.
And threatening to shoot me.
- [phone dings]
- You all see this incel
with his hand on his weapon?
[Doug] No, I-I
I made no such threat.
I just caught
this pedo piece of shit
trying to harass my kid.
There's no need
for that kind of language.
[Courtney] You think
you can just pull your gun
and everybody's gonna bow down
and suck your cock?
Well, not my kid, pal.
That's not what I was implying.
Rein it in.
[Courtney] Now you're telling me
how to talk? Right here
in my own house?
Can you believe this?
[Doug] No, I'm not.
Please stop filming.
[Courtney] I'm gonna get
his badge number
- right now. Let's read that.
- [Doug] Go ahead.
- It's on the Internet.
- [Courtney] That's 127D.
[continues indistinctly]

Heard about your boy.
[clicks tongue]
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- I'm just saying.
Couldn't have happened
to a nicer dude.
Unless it was him.
Right, Big D?
You and Johnny, grad night, man.
Y'all two had it going on.
And I remember.
[indistinct chatter]
[vehicle approaching]

- Someone upped her Adderall again.
- What?
No, I was
- Wait, what are you doing here?
- Uh,
I got worried when
you didn't show up last night.
So you stalked me?
It's called
consensual following.
I wanted to make sure
you weren't, like,
lying bloody and headless
on the ground.
Right. Cool.
Well, obviously not dead.
Thank God.
I can't stop thinking
about Johnny.
I know.
I wasted all year
hating his perfect guts
over nothing,
and now I'm never gonna get
to see him again.
I just
I-I don't want the same thing
to happen to you.
Yeah. Me, either.
What's up? Dirty panty handoff?
I'm meeting my stalker,
- I-I think.
- [horn honks]
That's legit a terrible idea.
- I need to prove it's not Alison.
- [horn honks]
Fuck off, Kyle!
I'm late for therapy.
Just remember that
the same rules apply for killers
as for panty pervs:
daylight, public places,
- no secondary location.
- I know. - [horn honks]
I'm coming, asshole!
[exhales sharply]
Do not die.
I mean it. I will have
a literal Trisha Paytas
breakdown if you do.
I'll be careful.
[phone chimes]

[tapping key]

[engine turns off]

[Alison] Hello?
[rooster crows]
- [Blue Makaha: "Lana'i"]
- Sweet talks
We dream, they sing ♪
Lana'i ♪
They sing, a day dream ♪
Lana'i ♪

[rats squeaking]

[door closes]
Shit. Shit. Shit.
[Dale] Now I got you.
[Riley] That was super sus,
I mean, Dale talking
about you and Johnny?
Dale has the mental capacity
of an insect.
Something smells disgusting.
It's a cave.
Those cops
better not fucking arrest Kelly.
She's got a kid, and we all know
she hasn't done shit
besides be poor.
Mr. Fairness
and Justice for All?
You really think
Alison could still be here?
Her name's not here.
Well, yeah,
she's not a part of the cult.
[Dylan] It's not just them.
- It's everyone who died in here.
- Okay.
So whatever freak show
carved them all
probably thinks she ran away
like everyone else.
- She didn't run away.
- Okay, I know.
I was there. I'm just saying
the names don't mean shit.
She's dead.
Then why are you here?
To make sure
you don't end up like Johnny.
If Alison wants to kill me for
what I did, that's up to her.
Dude, I get it, okay?
You feel bad.
But you didn't do
anything wrong.
I'm a freak in the sheets,
and I go the whole night ♪
I hear they call me shy,
I can only wonder why ♪
'Cause I get down low,
and I'm always with a guy ♪
Yeah, I can bring a girl,
or I can bring a whole crew ♪
Meet me at the bar, if you
lose me, I can find you
[belt jangling]
[zipper closes]
Like to hear me say it,
can we throw it down again ♪
I'm a freak, yeah, I know,
you like to hear me say it ♪
Like to hear me say it,
I'm a freak, yeah, I know ♪
You like to hear me say it,
can we throw it down again ♪
I'm a rough ride, you can
only have me for the night ♪
Only good times, I don't
give a fuck, but I might ♪
Giddyup now,
I ain't gonna wait
[Alison] So, are, um,
- are you having fun?
- [Dylan] Uh
Yeah, it depends
on how you define "fun."
- [Alison] Um, do you do you want to?
- [Dylan] Oh, sorry.
Uh, no, no, no. It's fine.
- Sorry.
- Sorry to the table?
Right. Exactly.
Is she not the cutest thing
you ever saw?
Ah, ah ♪
Do me right here
on the floor ♪
Got me right here
on the floor
Uh, did you want a shot,
too, or?
Do me right here
on the floor ♪
Do me
right here on the floor ♪
Do me right here
on the floor ♪
Do me
right here on the floor ♪
Do me right here
on the floor
I can't fucking believe you.
Ah ♪♪
It's my fault
she was in the road that night.
[Riley] I know
that your demented OCD brain
is telling you that,
but it's not.
I could have stopped it
so many times.
No one could have stopped it.
Okay? We all did what we did.
I feel guilty, too.
I thought I saw her
take a breath
when we were leaving the cave.
Wait, what?
I mean, it wasn't real.
I'm just I'm telling you
- that that's what I
- [screeching]
[gasps, screams]
Oh, my gosh.
What's with all the screams,
Neve Campbell?
I texted we were coming.
[Riley] Are you fucking serious?
Sorry I wasn't chill
when I thought saw
Zombieland psycho twin
over there trying
- to merk us.
- [Alison] Dale just tried
- to attack me.
- Are you sure he wasn't making a move?
I mean, I know you two were
into those games.
[Alison] It wasn't that.
I saw his truck.
He was the one following me.
And we all know
he clones phones,
and he saw us that night.
And he was pretty sus
about Johnny earlier.
- It's not Dale.
- [Margot] Even if he saw us,
why would he care
if we killed Alison?
You're the one
he's obsessed with.
Oh, unless it was, like,
this elaborate plot
to send you running
into his arms to save you.
- Très Swimfan.
- I thought you hated old movies.
- [Margot] Only the boring ones.
- Okay, can we
please just focus up
and talk about how
- we're gonna stop Dale?
- [Dylan] I told you,
- Dale didn't do it.
- And how are you so fucking sure?
'Cause Alison was alive when
we left her here that night.
Riley saw her breathe.
This is extremely upsetting.
She wasn't alive, okay?
Dead people don't breathe.
Just 'cause someone
shits themselves doesn't mean
- they're coming to fucking kill you.
- What about texting videos?
My sister didn't send that,
and I know she's fucking dead.
Look, I killed her.
I hit her with the car,
I put her in the trunk, and
I left her in this fucking cave.
You think I want
any of that to be true?
You think I don't wish
Alison was here right now
instead of me?
She would tell you all
to shove it
up your bleached assholes,
and she wouldn't give a shit
because you are all
the worst fucking friends.
And she was right.
You don't want
to believe
that it was Dale? Fine.
Fuck you.
I'll go deal with him myself.
That was a lot.

[light buzzing]
[breathes deeply]
[Dylan] Hey.
What are you doing here?
We finished
bleaching our assholes early,
so thought we'd help you
deal with the psycho killer.
[Riley] You're welcome.
[entry bell jingles]
No, sir,
a gorilla head will not do.
I'm looking for a human head.
[man] What kind of human head?
Male. Late teens, early 20s.
- No, we can't help you.
- No?
Do you have another type
of human head?
[line clicks]
- [sighs]
- [siren wails]
[Margot screams]
[retching, coughing]
I don't get it.
[Margot] What's not to get?
What do we do?
[Dylan] Told you
he didn't do it.
Dale was a fucking douchebag,
but he deserved better
than this.
I mean, who the fuck
even likes Blue Crush anyways?
Everything is so fucked!
- Do you think his dick was blue?
- Look, all I know
is that he was
the one following me.
[Dylan] That doesn't mean
- he's a killer.
- Or he deserved to die.
I mean, what were you
doing there before we showed up?
You're not seriously accusing me
of being shady right now.
I don't know, maybe I am.
Did you see anything?
- No. N-No. I
- [Margot] Okay, we all need to calm down
and face the fact
that Alison did this.
I don't mean to be rude,
but you always said
she was a psycho bitch.
Okay, even if she was alive,
why would she kill Dale?
[Riley] Maybe he caught her
doing something sus
while he was stalking you.
Or maybe she wanted drugs.
Tea. Especially if she's been
living in a cave all year.
- That is majorly stressful.
- We need to find her.
[Alison] Dylan. Dylan,
come on. This is Alison
we're talking about.
You don't seriously think she's
capable of something like this?
Did you think we were capable
of doing what we did?
That was an accident.
I don't think any of us know
what we're capable of.
- [siren wailing in distance]
- [Margot] Shit. The cops.
We need to go.

[siren approaching]
[vehicle door closes]
[engine starts]
- [door chimes]
- [Gordon Broad: "Waikiki Jungle"]
One for all and all for one
[Doug] Hello?
Nighttime there's a party
Anybody here?
Dance, dance, dance ♪
Candlelight and music ♪
Sometimes start
a new romance ♪
[light buzzing]
But when it starts to go
Looks like you're
overflowing there, buddy.
I got a 187 down
at the Snak 'n Stuff.
[indistinct radio chatter]
We found what looks like
goat guts in the dumpster.
Let's get it tested.
- Surveillance footage?
- [Doug] It's been absconded with.
But I did find
a felonious amount of drugs
hidden in the corn dogs.
I'm a freak in the sheets
and I go the whole night ♪
I hear they call me shy
[Riley] So, that's it?
I'm always with a guy,
yeah, I can bring a girl
I'm sorry.
If you lose me,
I can find you, I'm a freak ♪
Yeah, I know, know you like
to hear me say it
I'm sorry.
I'm-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You're not seriously
saving yourself for Alison,
are you? 'Cause
you know
she's never gonna fuck you!
[whispers] Let's fuck shit up.
You know you want to.
I'm a freak ♪
Yeah, I know, know you like ♪
To hear me say it,
can we throw it down again
Can't fucking believe you.
Know you like
to hear me say it
I think I might be a bad person.
You're not actually a good guy,
you know?
You're just a chickenshit.
Ah, ah, ah ♪
Ah ♪♪
[Health: "Colors"]
[thunder rumbles]

[turn signal clicking]
- Mm, she is ready.
- Mm-hmm.
Is that mine?
Some of it.
She needs a night out
after what she's been through.
Would you ♪
Throw the dead out? ♪
Could you ♪
Throw your body beneath? ♪
It's been so long ♪
Not every struggle ♪
Is one to be proud of ♪
You better hold on ♪
To what is left of me ♪
Would you ♪
Could you
throw the bodies beneath? ♪
- Oh, you like that?
- Yeah.
[moaning, panting]

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