I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Hot Shrimp Salad

[Lennon panting]
[Shygirl: "BAWDY"]
I just wanna
get down, real low ♪
Yeah, I like it, you can
bring it, come and get it ♪
Move your body to me ♪
Nasty, filthy,
moving your body ♪
So close, so, so close
[Lennon] You like that?
I know you like it.
You want to touch it?
You can't touch it.
You can't touch it.
You want more?
Hmm. What are you gonna give me?
[computer chiming]
[rapid chiming]
I'll fucking wreck you.
- No, really. I'll fuck you up.
- [moans]
[phone chimes]
Looks like someone pulled
an all-nighter.
For fun or profit?
I think you're right.
I think my sister is after us.

Dale does make three,
but that doesn't mean
there's a larger safety issue.
Today's Summer Solstice Nature
Run will proceed as planned,
and I assume
Kani Kani Festival, as well.
I can't comment on suspects.
I'm in close contact with
the town council on all of this.
These crimes have no connection
with any cult activity.
So don't fucking
go there, Jerry.
We have enough real shit
to deal with.
- You know it was Kelly Craft.
- What?
Yeah, everyone knows that she
was in close contact with Dale.
[Bruce inhales sharply]
And she lit Coach's car
on fire last year.
That was a bunch of Waialua
Bulldogs, so why don't
- you do your job
- [grunts]
and I'll do mine?
- What are you doing?
- Uh, you're right.
You should, uh
yeah, you should
probably get back to work.
- Seriously?
- See ya.
[sighs heavily]
Hey, Courtney.
It's Monday.
[Bruce] Yup.
[Margot] You probably
shouldn't have fucked him.
Yeah, way to state the obvious.
[Margot] I'm just saying,
I don't think
she's forgiven you,
or she wouldn't have
sent it to us.
What am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
I didn't even know her.
I mean, does she even
have an Insta?
Yeah, I don't think
I knew her, either.
Well, you did always say
she was jealous 'cause
your dad loved you more,
and you're smarter
and hotter, and,
you know, just better.
I mean, I-I did some pretty
fucked-up shit to her, too.
For instance,
left her in that cave.
And used her name
for my porn account.
Yeah, that was
a little mean, too, but
it's not like she had anything
to lose if anyone found it.
I mean, she had no life, except
- she did fucking love him.
- And you really think
she'd kill all of those people
just to get back at me?
I mean, she was
hella mysterious,
like a sad little
Phantom of the Opera.
Which makes it really hard
to figure out what she wants.
Well, you're the only one
who can.
Got to go deal.
[Margot sighs softly]
Stay safe.
could not handle losing you.
[deep, eerie breath]
- [Ragamuffs: "Used To Be"]
- I used to surround
- [Margot] That's cute.
- [Lennon] It's hot.
Gonna make bank off that one.
- [Margot squeals]
- [Lennon chuckles]
Uh, yes, please.
- Come on.
- Oh, thank you.
[inhales sharply]
[both laugh]
Oh, I used to
- [inhales sharply]
- Happy grad night to us.
You realize this is,
like, the end of an era.
I mean, it's kind of, like,
our last night together.
Is Baby Margot getting
all emo? It's cute.
Hey, I just want
to celebrate us,
- or whatever.
- [phone chimes]
Ah, fuck. So annoying.
I have my own fucking life
to lead.
Psycho twin again?
- Yeah.
- Ugh.
"Where are you?
- Did you leave without me?"
- [Margot scoffs]
[Margot chuckles softly]
Oh, my God.
She so wishes she was you.
It's kind of sad.
Yeah. [sniffles]
I mean, she's always
kind of sad. [chuckles softly]
I think she does have, like,
um, legit depression, though.
- [chuckles softly]
- Bitch, don't we all?
[both laugh]
But not tonight!
- No.
- Aw.
Tonight's gonna be so fun.
Fuck yes, it is.
I used to be so
[both laugh]
- [wind chimes tinkle]
- [birds calling]
[wind whooshing]
[wind chimes tinkle]
Dylan? What the fuck?
[wind chimes tinkle]
- Hannah?
- [gasps]
- Oh, my God.
- Riley!
- Oh, Hannah. Ah.
- Oh, my God.
You scared me. I thought
you were a sex trafficker.
I'm so sorry.
[Hannah pants]
- Are you okay?
- Oh, now I am.
And I'm happy to see you, honey.
Oh. I just
- Oh.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, look who I found.
- Jesus, Mom.
Could you put on something,
No, I could not.
It's nature run.
And I hope
you'll both be joining us.
We won't.
I forgot how often
your moms just runs around
- naked for no reason.
- Where'd you get this?
Found it on one of your
crazy-ass salt licks over there.
Do you think Alison left it?
[Hannah] Nature run's
about to start.
We should go.
[wind chimes tinkle]
[indistinct chatter]
Have a good run.
[woman] Okay, runners,
get hydrated to avoid chafing.
- [woman 2] Hey.
- [Dylan] Hi. Hi, Sarah.
- [chanting] Arrest Kelly Craft!
- [car horn beeps]
- Arrest Kelly Craft!
- [car horn beeps]
Avenge Johnny's death!
- Justice for Coach.
- [horns honking]
- Justice for Coach! Hey, we know our rights, pig.
- Justice for Coach!
- We have permits.
- [car horn honks]
[Lyla] They have a permit.
Okay, we go through this
every year, Mom.
It's not indecent exposure.
It's a 5K.
No, I do not think Kelly Craft
will use it to make her escape.
She has nothing to escape from.
All right, I I got to get
to work now. Bye.
There's an angry mob outside,
calling for her arrest.
Well, then tell them to go home.
Sometimes I hate this town.
Of course. Uh, I also
put together a victim profile
to circulate
to other local communities.
- Okay.
- Male,
middle to lower class,
age 19 to 35,
reasonably attractive.
Sounds kind of like you.
What do you know
about Kelly and Dale?
In what regards?
In regards to their fucking.
I try to stay away
from carnal gossip.
Right. Okay.
Well, can you find out the
nature of their relationship?
Hey, Wade.
You know how much I hate
to disappoint you.
- Ugh.
- We all do.
As you can see,
major blood vessels
and structures of the neck
were severed to remove the head.
And someone wiped it clean
of any outside DNA.
Let's crack it open.
I'm sorry?
See if the killer
left a message.
I think the message was the head
sitting on your doorstep.
I'm asking you to crack it open.
You're not my supervisor,
unless you went
to medical school
when I wasn't looking.
[Doug] I went to
the police academy.
[Lyla] I think
Doug might be right.
[wind softly whooshing]
[phone chimes]
[panting rapidly]
[eerie creaking]
I don't care
if you're dehydrated.
You can't be hanging brain
all over here.
- This is a family place.
- [Riley chuckles]
Polynesian music plays]
- [woman] spicy shrimp.
- [indistinct chatter]
[door opens]
I was just texting you.
Where the hell were you?
What? I need a permission slip?
I mean, how many times
have you gotten up
- to move product?
- Okay.
I wouldn't get all Judge Judy
on me, I mean, what with
your sex tape floating around.
It was a joke. Okay?
You used to make 'em sometimes?
I don't see
what's funny about that.
Okay, I know someone's legit
coming to merc us,
but don't you feel like
if this is really the end,
we should be having some fun,
instead of moping around,
doing nothing?
I'm not doing nothing.
Well, smelling Alison's
sweatshirt doesn't count
as actual activity.
You know that sweatshirt means
she's coming for you next.
I think she's trying
to communicate with me.
If she wanted to talk, why
the fuck she block your texts?
We don't know she did.
- Maybe her phone was off.
- Dude,
you're supposed
to be the smart one.
Use your big-ass brain.
Okay, that sweatshirt
wasn't a love letter.
- It was a fucking threat.
- If she wanted
to kill me, she could've
done it already.
I know she's trying
to tell me something.
Oh, my gosh, Dylan.
She fucking killed Johnny,
Dale and-and fucking Coach.
Do you seriously have
some kind of fantasy
that you two are gonna ride off
into the sunset together?
I don't expect you to get it.
Okay, I know that you're not
thinking clearly.
I mean, I have Prozac.
Do you want Prozac? I mean
Prozac is for depression.
I'm not depressed.
Just trust me, okay?
You didn't know her like I did.
For real?
I knew her well enough not
to fuck her twin sister.
[gasps] Shit.
[breathing heavily]
[panting softly]

[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]
[Alison] What?
No. No. No. No.
[gasps, grunts]
[muffled speech]
- [distant cheering]
- [woman] Come on!
[sighs, chuckles softly]
[sighs softly]
[birds calling]
[chuckles] I thought you'd
at least make it
till the end of the day.
[Bruce] She still looks
like herself.
I know.
Yeah, Wade thinks
she's been gone a long time.
She probably got caught
in one of the lava tubes
under the cave.
Same thing happened
with one of those cult suicides.
This is my fault.
She was depressed.
It's no one's fault.
We can do an official autopsy,
but her injuries are consistent
with the impact caused
by a jump, so
She's been through enough.
I'm sorry.
I just want her back.
[Margot] At least we don't
have to lie anymore.
[Riley] Are you fucking
kidding me?
The cops said
she's been dead this whole time.
- Sorry. No offense.
- Offense taken.
Her dead sister's body
just washed up next to her.
I said sorry.
I mean, I
I knew she was dead,
but seeing her like that
It reminds us all
of what we did.
At least
the police ruled it a suicide,
so whoever's after us
can't blame us anymore.
[Riley] Whoever's after us
wasn't threatening
to call the cops.
They were threatening
to kill us, which means
they are still fully out there
trying to kill us.
Who else saw us that night?
[Riley] Dale's dead,
so that just leaves us.
Or someone we don't know about.
So, what?
They're trying to punish us
like they're fucking God?
Or they want revenge.
Or one of the many other reasons
psychopaths kill.
I mean, have you never listened
to a podcast?
It's understandable
to want revenge.
I'm just saying it makes sense.
Yeah, maybe in, like,
theory, but,
I mean, Alison didn't
have any friends.
She had me.
We all saw
how there for her you were.
Are you legit
shading me right now?
Oh, everyone knows you didn't
give a shit about her.
You have no idea
what I felt about my sister.
Yeah, I do,
because I loved her.
And you knew it.
That's why
you fucked me that night.
You fucked me to fuck her.
And I fell for it.
And now she's dead.
And I'll never
fucking forgive you.
So many feelings.
That's what happens
when you take someone's V card.
[sighing] Oh, my God.
Can we circle back around
to who the fuck
is trying to kill us?
- [birds singing]
- [crow cawing]
[panting heavily]
[thunder rumbling]
[dogs barking in distance]
Hi, Bruce.
What can I do for you?
They found my daughter's
body today.
Must be very upsetting.
Cut the crap.
How long did you have her?
About a year.
Just kept hoping things
would turn out differently.
- Should have told me.
- Why? So you could
tell me I was full of shit?
- She's my daughter.
- I waited for the solstice,
but she's not the one.
So I did what I had to do.
I left you the necklace.
I deserve to know
where she was,
what happened to her.
My loyalty's not to you, Bruce.
I prepared your daughter
to enter the next life
free from the burdens
of this one.
You should be happy.
- [scoffs]
- She's getting
the chance at redemption
we never will.
This has got nothing
to do with us.
Everything's connected.
Do you know what it was like
for her sister to find her body?
At least
her twin mate is finally free.
She don't quite
see it that way.
Well, hopefully,
she will someday.
I've protected you
for a long time, Clara.
Do not fuck with my daughter.
I protected you, too, Bruce.
[door opens]
[door slams shut]
My God.
Hey, Doug.
- You bring us some cold ones?
- I heard you were
transporting some of
the arachnoids to the mainland.
Came to assist.
Yeah, well, your cooler
ain't gonna cut it.
What you got for me?
I did some digging regarding
your earlier inquiry about, um,
Dale's relations
with Kelly Craft.
They were, in fact carnal.
Ah, shit.
I won't be able
to live with my mother
if she's right about this.
I live with my mother, too.
[Doug] Um, it seems that, uh,
Dale was also having carnal,
as well as other inappropriate
types of relations,
with many people.
Great. Talk to all of them,
and let's get Kelly's phone
records and bank statements.
Compare them with Dale's.
You know the drill.
I do know the drill, ma'am,
and I love it.
And I love that about you, Doug.
[insects trilling]
[door closes]
My funeral is tomorrow.
[Bruce sighs]
[sighs heavily]
Can't do it.
Of course.
No, I-I mean it.
[sighs] Uh, you
[clears throat]
You want to not go?
You want to
You want me to cancel?
Just tell me what you need.
I don't know.
It's my fucking funeral.
I'm about to be dead forever.
I never should have
pushed you into this.
No, I-I did it. I lied.
I just
Just so fucking tired.
[inhales deeply]
What if I don't want
to be her anymore?
Well, uh
You can't be Alison
unless you want to go to jail.
You'd have to start over
where no one knew
who you were.
Even then, you'd always be
hiding something.
I just wish I could go back,
and-and not get in that car,
and-and not say I was her and
never go to the fucking party.
Oh, hey. I'm sorry. Hey.
She's not who
we thought she was.
What do you mean?
She, um
she hurt people.
I'm-I'm hurting people.
People are getting hurt.
That's what sucks
about being an adult.
No matter what you do,
people are gonna get hurt.
You just do
what you think is right.
And what if I don't know
what that is?
You'll have to figure it out.
[Bruce sighs]
Where did you get that?
Someone found it on the beach.
[Bruce chuckles softly]
No matter what you decide
it gets easier.
[insects trilling]
- [rooster crowing]
- [sheep bleating]
[Doug] I know
you see the uniform,
and you think
it's all glamour and glory.
Take this bank statement.
Now, your average officer
of my rank might not think much
about a bunch of deposits
into the account
of a suspected drug dealer,
but these here
they're in Bitcoin.
I understand you're not
an expert in cybercurrency,
so trust me when I tell you
it is hard to track.
It was the financials
that blew Watergate wide open.
Did you know that
about Watergate?
Your mom should
be done soon, Kai.
I'm glad he's dead.
The asshole cheated on me with
a 15-year-old football player.
Johnny was 19.
Same fucking shit.
He left me.
He never paid child support.
And people go around
acting like he's a hero
and I'm a fucking piece of shit.
Well, I don't think
you're a piece of shit, Kelly.
But I need you to explain these
texts between you and Dale,
where he offered to,
"Off him if you get him off."
It was a joke.
About murder
in exchange for oral sex?
That's my sense of humor.
Come on, Kelly.
You realize
this does not look good.
I've got three
very violent homicides,
and so far, you're the only
common denominator.
- I hate math.
- I can't help you
if you won't talk to me.
I blew Dale for free, okay?
He didn't do shit for me.
The only people he did shit
for were teenage girls.
Hey. I know I've been
MIA lately, but
Put a finger down
if you came back
from your first year
of college ready
to have a full-on
hot girl summer,
and then your best friend
and his hot football coach lover
got brutally murdered, and your
friend got, like, decapitated,
and they couldn't
find his head forever.
But then, they finally did,
on the same night
another guy from your town,
who was low-key kind of sketch,
got murdered
in a Slushee machine.
And then, your best friend's
twin sister,
who has been missing
for, like, a whole year,
shows up in the ocean, dead.
And now you're getting ready
to go to her funeral
and pay your respects, and
you realize
life is precious,
and friendships need
to be cherished.
Because you never know
what's gonna happen.
[Hannah Hart:
"This Heart is an Ocean"]
It hurts and it burns
But right now, you're just
really grateful to be alive.
I know that
I'll learn with time ♪
Like or comment
for a story time.
- [chuckles softly]
- [Mei] Much better energy
than the last few takes.
It's good for you
to keep posting.
A lot of people love you.
They want to be there for you.
- Thanks.
- [phone ringing]
And that filter helped
with the flashback.
[maid] Miss Margot,
it's for you.
Who uses a landline?
[bird calling]
You're early.
I know.
I just wanted to apologize.
I fucked up.
That whole night.
Everything I did was wrong.
And now, I wish I had told you.
I'm-I'm sorry, Alison.
I love you.
How'd you know?
I always did.
And all I did was
- fuck it up.
- Can you just fucking stop?
Just stop blaming yourself
and everyone else
and-and stop being such a dick.
You didn't used
to be a dick, Dylan.
We all make choices.
People get hurt.
Just suck it up and move
the fuck on with your life.
If you really knew Alison,
you know that's what she'd say
to you right now
if she was here.
What are you doing?
Warming up the shrimp.
That's a salad,
with mayonnaise.
You'll poison half the town.
Don't threaten me
with a good time.
[scoffs softly]
Afternoon, Chief.
Look who's got her pants on.
- Nice to see you, too, Courtney.
- Someone threw a rock
through Kelly's window,
no thanks to you.
I can't help her
if she doesn't report it.
Can you tell Harold
no one likes a cold shrimp?
Not today, Courtney.
Hey, how you doing?
I'm glad you're here.
- [beep]
- [Doug] Hi, Chief.
It's not exactly an emergency,
but I was typing up
the transcripts
from your interview
with Kelly, and I decided
to cross-reference it with
Dale's bank statements, and
I don't think
Kelly Craft is our killer.
I tracked a number
of recent Bitcoin statements
made to Dale
from an OnlyFans account.
I'm pretty sure
it belongs to the dead girl
who turned up yesterday.
- [Litty Kitty: "Superstar"]
- Huh, bye, bitch ♪
You could never be me,
I'm a fly chick ♪
I'm super-duper hot
I do it and I never
really try, bitch ♪
- Five-star class
- You tryna tonight?
[chuckles] I mean,
it's grad night, right?
- I'm a upscale ho
- How about Connor Davenport?
- No. Ew. [chuckles]
- Connor's hot.
He's, like, literal
himbo energy.
I low-key love that for you.
Stop, no. He's actually rout.
Well, I mean,
you kind of have to.
There's, like,
legit no one else.
Looking like a superstar ♪
Yeah. I guess.
Looking like a superstar
Hot. Want me to tag you?
Connor, hi.
I missed your pretty face.
Looking like a superstar
[Lennon shrieks, laughs]
[man] I'm so sorry.
[Bruce] Thanks for coming.
You know I'm here
for you no matter what.
I love you, Lennon.
Thanks, Margot.
[man] You okay?
At least Alison's not
in pain anymore.
Hey. Oh.
Um, hello?
Did someone do too much blow?
What? No.
Did you forget there's
a psycho killer on the loose?
Okay, but we are a funeral,
and you are being
high-key disrespectful.
Well, I high-key don't care.
I can't find Dylan.
I'm sure he's off somewhere
being all depressed and aggro.
- I'm gonna go look for him.
- What?
[woman] Heaven gained
the real angel,
but now you have Alison
with you, too.
I'll, uh I'll be right back.
[rooster crowing]
[Courtney] Hey, Ri.
[Riley sighs]
What are you doing out here?
Got to sneak my smoke breaks
now that Bruce Almighty
put his cameras up.
Always trying to put Courtney
in the corner.
Yeah. Listen,
have you seen Dylan?
You know, I'm not even
getting OT for this crap?
Fucking Harold riding my ass.
No, it sucks.
Um [exhales]
- Okay, I got to go find Dylan.
- Wait.
Can you help your mom out?
Thanks, Riri.
You're my girl.
How are you doing, sweetheart?
I know it's hard,
but trust me, it's not over.
Your spirits will meet again.
[Mei] I'm so sorry.
I just want you to know
that Margot and Carl and I
will always be here for you.
You're family.
Thanks, Mei.
Coming to you live
from this funeral.
And guys, it's, like, super sad.
So I guess I just
wanted to say, like,
this one's for everyone we lost.
Rest in power.
I'm high-key disrespectful?
That was a tribute.
Chill out.
I saw your sad boy
down at the beach.
Where are you going?
Ladies. I chugged, like,
a gallon of water with, uh,
cayenne and honey
before I got here.
[Kid Cudi: "She Knows This"]
- We go, step in ♪
- Yeah, yeah ♪
- And we gon' tear shit up ♪
- Uh - [sighs]
- [Lennon] You should probably go.
- Yeah ♪
- Roll it up ♪
- Gang ♪
Ooh, talk about dude,
I give two fucks ♪
- Fuck ♪
- But we know ♪
- Ooh ♪
- Truth, duck all ♪
The ho shit
burnin' the burnt clips ♪
- Nah ♪
- Now listen ♪
Wow, baby, let me set it off ♪
In your itty-bitty 'kini,
such a vision, oh
[sighs] I guess
I should've locked the door.
Why? You obviously
wanted me to see.
I mean, you've recorded
the whole thing.
I'm just being me,
making love and making money.
This is so supremely fucked,
even for you.
[sighs] I'll clean
the sheets, okay?
I mean, it's not like he bled.
Though he was
definitely a virgin. [chuckles]
And they say, "No, ain't
no controllin' him,"
You are full-on
Villanelle right now.
I can't even. I mean,
this is beyond
attention-seeking behavior.
Okay. Therapy time with Margot.
Come on, read me.
You do this all the time.
Fucking hurt people and then
act like it's all a joke.
Well, it's high-key not funny.
I talked to my therapist
about it,
and I understand how hard it is
for you to be vulnerable.
She thinks it makes total sense
because of what happened
with your mom.
My mom is dead,
and I like to fuck,
and that's that on that.
Do you know how
full of shit you sound?
I get it.
Okay? You're scared I'm gonna go
to USC and forget about you.
Oh, my God. Margot,
I know this might be hard
for you to comprehend,
but not everything is
about you, okay?
Just having fun.
So you fucked
the guy your sister has been
in love with forever?
In my bed?
And recorded it? For fun?
Can you not see how
psychotically fucked that is?
I do fucked-up shit
all the time.
It doesn't mean anything.
- I don't believe you.
- I don't give a shit.
You can push me away
all you want,
but I know you.
I know you love me.
And she see me,
she knows this
And I love you, too.
If you knew me at all,
you'd know that I don't give
a single flying fuck about you.
Yeah, and she see me,
she knows this ♪
Yeah, and she screamin',
"She knows this"
[cries, sniffles]
[Alison] What are you doing?
Uh, nu-nothing.
Harold makes the best
red velvet.
- [clears throat]
- Mmm.
Def not keto.
I just wanted to say
that I'm-I'm sorry.
To me?
You've always been there
for me, and I don't
I don't know what was wrong
with me, but I just I did
I did a lot of fucked-up shit.
Um, I'm sorry.
[Margot breathes sharply]
[Margot] Mm.
[Margot clears throat]
Uh, sorry to interrupt.
I was looking for you.
Well, you found me.
Are you ready to say goodbye?
[Bruce sighs heavily]
[guitar plays gentle intro]
[Keali'i Reichel: "E O Mai"]
[flames whoosh]
Ah, ah-ah-ah ♪
Ah-ah, ah ♪
Ah, ah ♪
Ooh ♪
Kaua i kai wai ♪
Wai olohia ♪
O Kahualoa ♪
Kokohi i ka wai puhia ♪
E ku'u aloha ♪
E o mai ♪
[phones chiming]
Kaua i kai wai ♪
Wai olohia o Kahualoa
[woman screaming]
Excuse me.
- [woman] What's that?
- [man] What's going on?
[overlapping chatter]
Back up. Back up.
Everyone step back.
[Lyla] Oh, shit.
[gasps softly]
[gasps] Oh, my
I'm not cleaning it up.
[gasping softly]
[phone chimes]
[phones chiming]

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