I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) s01e05 Episode Script


Where am I going? ♪
It's dark and it's cold here ♪
I can hear the voices
pleading for my permission ♪
Tryin' to hold on, but
where is the rope gone? ♪
I'm fallin' down this psycho hole ♪
I'm fallin', Brady ♪
I keep wondering how
I'm gonna let you go ♪
But all you wanna do is
make me lose control, yeah ♪
- Do, do, do, do, do ♪
- Ooh ♪
- I've been going crazy ♪
- Ooh ♪
Fallin' down this psycho
hole, I'm fallin', crazy ♪
- Crazy, yeah, I'm just going so crazy ♪
- Crazy ♪
Fallin' down this psycho
hole, I'm fallin', crazy ♪
- Crazy, yeah, I'm just going so crazy, yeah ♪
- Crazy ♪
Uh, yeah, crazy, I'm going so crazy ♪
Yeah ♪
- [MAN] People are dying!
- [CROWD] Yeah!
[BRUCE] Let's all just
calm down, all right?
How are we supposed to
keep our young men safe?
- Get a gun.
- We all just need to listen to Chief Kalei.
She couldn't even save
her own incel officer.
May he rest in peace.
- Looks like your dad's got this handled.
- Yeah. Your mom knows what's up, too.
[DAVENPORT] Sup, Riley?
Hey, Mr. Davenport.
Need anything? Roxy? Xanny?
I'm good.
Are you good?
'Cause you don't seem good.
It's hard to be good the day
after your sister's funeral
where a bunch of people got merc'd.
YOLO. Am I right, girls?
- Okay, everyone, quiet the heck down!
Thank you, Officer Kalama.
Now, along with following up
with Officer Cruise's inquiries,
I've also requested additional
resources from the state,
and I've asked Dr.
Gilbert to assist our M.E.
as a liaison with the mainland.
I've contacted my medical
school colleagues in Boston
who've promised to expedite things
and use their discretion.
Do you ever think about
turning in those texts to the police?
I I mean, like, like, anonymously.
- Anonymously?
- Yeah.
[RILEY] Yeah, that's not a
real thing. So see you in jail,
unless you think your dad's
dick is some kind of power tool.
Wh what is that supposed to mean?
My mom's been bitching
about cleaning up their mess.
- It's the cult!
- [LYLA] Okay. Okay,
Mom, that was 25 years ago,
and it was a mass suicide.
They almost destroyed us.
I just want you to know that
I'm totally not into Dylan.
Cool. Me, either. [CHUCKLES]
I mean, that sex tape?
Looks like I legit dodged a bullet.
We'll be questioning everyone
who was at the funeral
or had any ties to any of the victims.
This is a small town.
Someone must have seen something.

What's so funny?
Um, nothing.
Who are you texting?
Just Margot.
It kind of seems like you
two are getting pretty close.
She's my best friend, remember?
- [BRUCE] Come on, Alison.
It's graduation night.
Don't you want to have
fun with your friends?
These aren't my friends.
They could be, if you
put in a little effort.
You mean, to be totally fake?
Come on, Alison. Don't do this tonight.
At least pretend to have a good time.
- I don't do pretend.
- I'm aware.
- [MEI] Bruce! Come on in.
- [BRUCE] Hey.
- Welcome.
[BRUCE] Thank you.
Bet you I would be so tragic ♪
Everything I ever do is magic ♪
Ridin' down south in a sports car ♪
Lookin' like a superstar,
lookin' like a superstar ♪
Just be careful, okay?
[CHUCKLES] With what,
texting while you're driving?
With Margot.
She and your sister were really close.
Meaning not as smart or good or fun.
Meaning not as superficial.
You are unbelievable.
You make me come home for the summer.
You tell me I have to act like Lennon.
And then when I finally get close
to the people she was closest to,
you tell me to stop?
What, that-that you want
me to be fake and alone
for the rest of my life?
Margot didn't love you.
She loved your sister.


[WOMAN] That won't save you.
[GRUNTS] Fuck.
What the fuck?
I know you.
- Moon Waves. My mom.
- No.
No, from last time.
There is no redemption in this life.

Hi, Courtney. [CHUCKLES]
Is Riley home?
Does your mom need a new cleaning lady?
That dick Bruce furrowed me.
Like it's my fault those
guys bled out in his bathroom.
No. Yeah, totally. [CHUCKLES]
We already have a live-in housekeeper.
Riley. Princess Margot's here.
- Hey.
Oh, do you-do you want to come in?

[MARGOT] Okay, this is the one.
You want to borrow something?
Little more innocent-looking? [CHUCKLES]
I mean, police are very visual.
It's okay. I'm cool.
I hope the others are.
I know Dylan's been a
little intense lately,
- but no way he's a narc.
I'm not worried about poor,
sensitive, spectrum boy.
Lennon was supposed
to be here an hour ago,
and now she's ghosting me.
That's just Lennon being Lennon.
She can be very inconsiderate.
[CHUCKLES] I mean, like
when she fucked Dylan.
How about that time she ratted me out
to skeevy Mr. Posner in seventh
grade for some extra credit.
It just feels different
since she got home.
- Don't you think?
- Maybe.
I mean, she hasn't picked up from me,
and she's only made one
comment about my tits.
They are perfection.
Sure you can buy some.
No one would be more screwed than Lennon
- if the police found out.
- Facts.
I told her her dad's dick
couldn't even save her.
You saw Bruce's dick?
No. He's fucking that
ratch police chick.
My mom said they left used toys
and tons of lube all over the lodge.
Bruce is a bend-over boyfriend?
That would be high-key hot if
it wasn't with that dry vag.
Look, I know Lennon's a
cunt, but she's still my BFF.
I just hope she remembers that
when the police start probing.
[GASPS] Dylan.
- Hey.
Everything okay?
I really miss Alison.
A lot.
Yeah, me too.
[MEI] To our amazing kids
and us the awesome
parents who made them.
First do no harm, right?
[MEI] Come on, valedictorian Dad.
I can't believe she chose
your alma mater over mine.
Michigan offered her a full ride.
I'm just really proud of her.
And your other one?
- What's her name again?
- Alison.
She, uh She'll find her way.
Speak of the devil.
That's me. The devil.
Hey, kiddo. You put
on makeup. Looks great.
I want to go home.
We just got here.
- It's my first Kona.
- Second.
Why don't you go hang
out with your friends?
I don't-I don't have any friends.
[CHUCKLES] Very funny.
- Uh where's your sister?
- I don't give a shit.
- I just want to go.
- Okay, well, I'm not leaving right now,
so go have fun with
- [MEI] It's a tough time for them, you know?
Finishing high school.
To our kids and how much we love them.
[ALISON] Who the fuck
are you, Fred Phillips?
[SIGHS] Fuck.
[SIGHS] Yeah. What?
Someone needs a Xanny.
Riley told me you were stressing.
Why are you and Riley talking about me?
Paranoid much?
We're concerned.
It's interrogation day, and
you were supposed to come prep.
Shit. Fuck. Sorry, um, I totally spaced.
I just, uh
- I I won't say anything, okay?
- No, wait.
- Are you fucking kidding me?
What-what are you doing here?
I was in the cave.
[SCOFFS] You know what, forget it.
I can't take any more of
your sad, guilt-trippy vibe.
I was trying to take your
advice and move forward
and Clara Whethers came
at me with a big-ass knife
- and there was blood all over the place.
- What?
- Whose blood?
- I don't know.
But, um, I've been going
over the whole thing,
and I think that she
might be the killer.
Um, I mean, she's a fucking freak,
but why would she kill everyone?
Remember that night when we left Alison?
- Like I could forget it.
- All right, okay, well
I heard something.
Riley and Margot said it was rats,
but where I heard that noise,
that's where Clara came from today.
So you think she saw us that night?
She said she knew me from last time
and there was no redemption.
Fuck. I mean, I heard those cult people
killed animals and shit.
If she was there, she
could have Alison's phone.
And she was at the funeral when Harold
and that police officer got killed.
And she drives a black truck.
She was just waiting for us to get home
so she could punish us.
Well, d-do you think we
should call the police?
We need proof.
Unless we want to tell them
what we did that night.
I don't want you to get in trouble.

Why was Clara Whethers at the funeral?
Yeah. Did you invite her?
'Cause, I mean, it's
not like she knew me.
Sure she was just paying her respects.
Both our families have
been in Wai Huna forever.
You mean her-her cult family that died?
That's why she wears those
ugly-ass green dresses, right?
Listen, Clara's got her own beliefs.
Like what?
I don't know.
And now's not the
time to worry about it.
I can't believe your
girlfriend won't give us a pass.
Lyla's just doing her job.
- Yeah, and being annoying.
- Just remember,
it got nothing to do with last summer.
You got nothing to hide.
You mean besides my very existence?
[MARGOT] No, ma'am.
I did not see Officer
Cruise arrive at the funeral.
I saw blood and I screamed.
You were there, remember?
[DYLAN] I did not see anybody
on the way to the men's room, no.
I wasn't really paying
attention to who arrived.
- It was my sister's funeral.
- Of course.
[KALAMA] You buy anything from Dale?
Oh, I would never pay Dale for anything.
Just snacks and slushies.
I told Officer Cruise when he called
that I never bought drugs from Dale.
[KALAMA] Did your daughter Alison
have a sexual relationship with Dale?
Not that I'm aware of.
I don't think Alison had a
sexual relationship with anyone.
Were you in a sexual
relationship with Dale?
- That's gross.
- [COURTNEY] Dale?
That douchebag would've been lucky
to put his cock in my mouth.
That's disgusting.
[ALISON] Sex with Dale? Ew. N no.
What about your sister?
- What about her?
- [KALAMA] What about her OnlyFans account?
Did you know that she
had an OnlyFans account?
What's OnlyFans?
It's a site where people pay
for personalized pornography.
Alison was doing that?
Officer Cruise may
he rest in peace
discovered her account
under the nickname AllyWally.
Dale was a monthly subscriber.
[ALISON] So what if my sister
had a porn site? What does that
have to do with the dead people?
That's what I'm trying to find out.
- Hmm.
- [MARGOT] Oh,
I wasn't friends with Alison.
Why would I follow her?
I get my porn for free.
So I won't find Dylan Scanlon
on her list of subscribers?
No, ma'am.
[LYLA] How about her
passwords? I know you two
were close. Did she share
any of those with you?
My sister didn't share very much.
Why the fuck would I have access
to their computers? I clean.
You're the one with the access.
I didn't have any parental
spyware on their devices.
You know, I trusted my girls.
So you don't have access
to any of Alison's accounts?
Do you?
- Clara just totally side-eyed me.
- Me, too.
Um, can we talk about Officer Cameltoe?
I mean, the cut of those
pants is ridiculous.
Hello, Chris Christie.
What was all that
about Alison's OnlyFans?
Legit no idea.
I mean, who would even pay for that?
Except her only fan.
Fuck you.
- Joking.
- [ALISON] Okay, well, it's not funny.
Okay, you're being super sus.
No-no, I'm not.
You actually kind of are.
Well, I I didn't say anything,
if that's what you're worried about.
I just
Someone shut down AllyWally's accounts.
Probably the murderer. That's
who's been sending us shit.
- You don't think the police have them?
- [RILEY] No way.
- They were fishing.
- Yeah, if they knew anything,
they'd know I'd never follow Alison.
They haven't called her in yet.
- We should go right now.
- Go where?
- Clara's.
[SIGHS] Just give me two seconds.
Hey. What's up?
How'd it go?
Fine. Um,
- I'm gonna go grab a ride with Dylan.
- Uh
Were you
Have you been selling pornography?
Of yourself?
It was her.
She was just using my name
in case she got caught.
I told you you didn't know her.

[CARL] Blood's pouring out of my head.
Guy's pistol-whipping me
while Mei's in the
back soaking her feet.
- I was eight months pregnant.
Mei finally comes out
firing her Glock.
Drops both dudes right there.
[MEI] I wasn't gonna
let anyone hurt my baby.
I'd do the same thing for my girls.
Uh, what's going on now, Alison?
I'm-I'm Lennon.
We need to talk.
Well, like Mei said, it's
been an emotional day.
Jesus. Fuck.
[BRUCE] What's going on?
I'm done. Either you tell her or I will.
Why don't we talk about this at h
You don't know what to do ♪
Guys, didn't that haole kid
disappear here in middle school?
Yeah, he got his leg chopped off.
He said he didn't
remember how it happened.
[DYLAN] You mean Fetterhoff?
He had cancer.
[MARGOT] Def did not
wear the right shoes.
Isn't it horror movie 101?
Do not walk into the killer's house?
Guys, no one but freaking psychos
leave their doors unlocked.
We leave our doors unlocked.
We do, too.
Let's just get proof and get out.
[RILEY] So, what are we looking for?
Body parts? Skin suits?
Clown paintings?
[DYLAN] More like Alison's phone.
Or anything that ties
Clara to the killings.
[MARGOT] It's actually
kind of charming in here.
Huh. I wonder if she gets
her honey from killer bees.
Maybe the cult wasn't that bad.
I mean, look how happy they are.
That's weird, though.
[DYLAN] Jesus.
[RILEY] Fuck.
[DYLAN] It's like Chernobyl.
[MARGOT] Another old, boring movie.
Seriously, dudes?
I mean, what if she has freaking
dead bodies tied up in there?
Why would she tie them up
if they're already dead?
- [DYLAN] We need to look.
- We need a plan.
Uh, the plan is to hurry.
She won't be at the station that long.
Meet back here in an hour.
Can we agree this is a legit bad idea?
We can't tell the cops
about Clara without proof.
- Wh
- Fine.
Guys, seriously?
This is deeply super fucked.
[LYLA] "Clara Whethers,
in black truck, drove
past the high school
after Johnny and Coach murders."
I saw you there, too.
What were you doing there
in the middle of the night?
Are we done?
[LYLA] Almost.

[MARGOT] Not where you
want to get your Botox.
Botox is bullshit.
Okay, wow.
That was très agressif.
I know you push people
away when you're stressed,
- but this is way beyond your usual schizo behavior.
Okay, I'm not in the mood for
your therapy right now, Margot.
Then stop acting crazy.
One day you apologize for being a bitch
- and the next day you're bitchier than ever.
- Oh.
Has it ever occurred to you
that maybe I'm just a bitch?
Duh. Who isn't?
Look, I just
I think you're freaking
because you showed
me your real feelings.
Or maybe I don't have real feelings
and I was just having some fucking fun.

- [GASPS] Oh, my gosh.
- You were right.
What, about how fucking
sick this place is?
[MARGOT] About Lennon.
Being super sus?
I mean, yeah, I don't know.
I mean, all that shit with her sister?
Maybe we're being a little too harsh.
We weren't. She is being so extra.
Like, legit psychotic right now.
A a avoiding eye
contact and and
Since when does she drive
with Dylan instead of me?
Okay. You sound psychotic right now.
Okay? Lennon's fine.
Unlike this fucking place.

[KALAMA] Ma'am.
Damn, you are quiet for a big woman.
5.11 trainers, ma'am.
If you're looking for an athletic shoe.
[LYLA] So, basically,
all we know is that
Courtney didn't blow Dale,
which is definitely a lie.
Yes, ma'am. And Dr. Gilbert
would like to speak to you.
She got some results back
from her colleagues in Boston.
Have I mentioned how
much I hate the Ivies?
I hate medical examiners.

- Boo!
- Aah!
It's not funny.
I'm sorry. Did I scare the
stick further up your ass?
Just want to find what we're
looking for and get out of here.
What, so you don't have to be around me?
So we don't get killed.
I want to get out of here, too,
but just tell me what
the fuck is going on.
You just don't get it.
Don't get what?
We've been best friends
our whole fucking life.
Just tell me why you hate
me so we can get it over with
and get back to normal.
There is no normal.
That's the point.
So, what, that's my fault?
No. It ju
It just made me realize
how different we are.
Because you're a good
person and I'm not.
I didn't say that.
You didn't have to.
We're just different.
Fuck you.
My lies are the only reason
why you have a fucking
life right now, Dylan.

Let's get out of here.
I mean, there's no proof she's a killer,
and it's getting dark,
which means she's
she's gonna come home and kill us.
What the fuck are we waiting for?
Oh, shit.
Is that your dad?
Marrying Clara Whethers.
[RILEY] Fuck.
[MEI] Pardosa arctica minor.
And if I didn't go to Harvard?
Brain-eating wolf
spiders, ma'am. Pygmies.
I did a quick Google search.
They're not native to Hawaii
and would never survive
here in the wild.
Thank you, Ulani.
Were you close with Officer Cruise?
Yes, ma'am. We were affianced.
I'm sorry, I had no idea.
Uh, just in here for now.
Though I hoped one day his heart
might not belong to another.
Where'd the spiders come from?
They thrive in the Arctic,
which means someone brought them in
and has been keeping them cold.
In order to put them into Johnny's head.
Please tell me that
is a very large walnut.
It's a rat brain.
So keto.
[DYLAN] Shit.
[WHISPERS] Riley and Lennon!
I'll find them.

- Yo, we got to get out of here.
- Yeah, I'm-I'm right behind you.
I promise. Go.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Where's Lennon?
- Huh? She said she was coming.
- Shit.
- No, no. I got her, I got her, I got her.
Uh, text when you're safe, okay?
Be careful!
I knew you fucking cared!

- Fuck!
Dylan? Sorry.
- [CLARA] Get 'em!
- Hey. Hey.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Run!
I'll distract her.
Hey, Clara!
- [CLARA] Get him!
[MEI] Margot?
Hey, sweetheart.
You okay?
Uh Yeah, um, some
animal ran out on the road,
and-and I swerved and
got stuck. [CHUCKLES]
I'm worried about you.
I'm okay now.
I promise.
Were you eating in the bathroom again?
I thought we dealt with this in therapy.
- Honey.
- I'm sorry.
It's okay.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
- I'm sorry.
- We're gonna fix it.
- No, no.
Just tell me what's going on.
I'm right here, baby. It's okay.
[SIGHS] We talked about the smoking.
We talked about a lot of things.
[BRUCE] What's going on?
I'd ask you,
but all you'd do is lie.
You need to tell Alison the truth.
We both decided it'd be
best if she didn't know.
Oh, no, you decided, and
you manipulated me into it,
and now I'm losing everyone
and every fucking
thing I ever cared about
to protect you and
your fucking bullshit.
- You're obviously drunk.
- I I am thinking really fucking clearly!
- I'm just I'm not doing it anymore.
- Right.
Well, all you're gonna
do is hurt your sister.
I'm gonna hurt you.
You act like you're
the best fucking dad,
but you're so full of shit.
We'd be better off if we had no dad.
You have no idea what I
have done to protect you.
[CHUCKLES] All you've
done is fuck us up.
We are so fucked-up because of you!
You can't speak to me that way.
- No, I I don't want to speak to you.
- Good.
Take a walk. Get your head on straight.
You are so fucking weak and pathetic.
I don't blame Mom for
doing what she did.
That's enough!
You think Alison hates you now?
Just wait till I tell her the truth.
She's gonna hate you
even more than I do.
I'll see you at home.
Everyone's gonna fucking hate you!
You're gonna have no one!
All the lights go down ♪
As I crawl into the spaces ♪
Your sister ever find you?
- It's okay.
Fight, flight or the screams ♪
Life tearing at the seams ♪
Wait ♪
I don't ever wanna be here ♪
Like punching in a dream ♪
Breathing life into my nightmare ♪
Can I-can I stay here?
[MEI] Come on in.
If it falls apart ♪
I will surely wake it ♪
Bright lights turn me green ♪
This is worse than it seems ♪
Wait ♪
I don't ever wanna be here ♪
Like punching in a dream ♪
Breathing life into my nightmare ♪
They'll get you ♪
They'll get through ♪
In the place that
you fear it the most ♪
In the corner ♪
Where it's warmer ♪
In the face ♪
That you wish was a ghost ♪
[WEAKLY] He-Help.

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