I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Least You Had a Spare


- [WOMAN] Get him!
- Aah!
[QUIETLY] Shh, shh. Shh.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, thank fucking God.
- Oh.
Shit. Shit.
Oh, fuck!
[INHALES] Oh, shit.
Arthur's about to smash Manny's face in.
- [KELLY] Come on, Manny!
- Baby's got to eat tomorrow!
- Mom.
Mom, please. Mom?
[COURTNEY] Honey? You there?
Mom. I need your help.
It's a butt-dial.
Oh, kill him!
- [KELLY] Maim him, too!
[COURTNEY] Ooh, you're
gonna owe me 50, girl.
- Just to be around you ♪
Just to watch you talk ♪
I know it's not real, but ♪
Can we live in a song? ♪
'Cause I stay on an island ♪
But I've always loved to swim ♪
Maybe it's not real, but ♪
I can feel it when we sing ♪

I thought maybe you
got caught or something.
Aw. Who are you gonna worry
about next year without me?
Wack. Come on.
I mean who else is gonna give me shit
about listening to Daniel Johnston?
Please. Everyone knows
that you are deep and moody.
Oh, hey.
All eyes turn to you ♪
What's it like to be so magic ♪
[LENNON] Aw. She's shy.
I can sense you walk away? ♪
Everything is boring ♪
That you didn't say ♪
Do you want to watch them pee, too?
You're disgusting.
Dude, you've known
that since second grade.
Come on. Let's bouncy house.
Why don't I smell coffee?
After what you did to my vag coming out,
the least you could do is
make the fucking coffee.
Borrowed your jacket last night.
Some drunk-ass bitch
threw wine at me, so
not my fault.
At least somebody got lucky last night.
[MARGOT] New hookup?
It's just it's this
guy named Fred Phillips.
Hmm. Best man in the cult
wedding of the century.
I mean, Clara was def hotter
back then, but your dad
[CHUCKLES] I mean, he's a total zaddy.
I totally wish I could unhear that.
[GRUNTS] Sorry.
It's just, do you think
they might still be in love?
No way. He's fucking that policewoman.
You of all people should
know, fucking's not feeling.
Obviously, like, for me,
but my dad's, like, old.
I'm just saying.
Maybe that's why Clara's
been killing everyone.
You know, to get revenge
for her one true love
who lost his daughter.
I mean, my dad has some
deep fucking issues,
but there's no way he would want that.
Are you sure?
I mean, I know you're his favorite, but
Alison was his daughter, too.
Yeah, it's not like I can ask him.
Uh, you should ask the best man.
Find out if Clara's the
obsessive murderous type.
Not in those exact words.
Okay, maybe, but I can't find
him on Facebook or Insta or
- Hmm. Tried LinkedIn?
- Hmm?
It's what all the old people use.
You're a genius.
So much smarter than Dylan, right?
Hey, Margot.
Is Lennon here? She's
not answering her phone.
Probably because she
doesn't want to speak to you.
I'd like to hear that
from her, if you don't mind.
I do.
[KYLE] Hey.
There a problem here?
No, not at all.
I just want to talk to Lennon.
I told him it wasn't a good time.
Have her call me?
What kind of store doesn't
have goddamned business hours?
- What the ?
- [DYLAN] Ow!
- Fuck!
That's what you get for
sneaking up on people.
Do you need something?
My moms are at a yoga retreat.
Yeah, of course they are.
So, you and Riley?
It's about time you stuck it to her.
So she asleep in your
truck or something?
Uh R-Riley's not here.
Then where the hell is she?
I don't know.
I just
When's the last time you saw her?
[WADE] I went back
and found traces of those same
spiders in the cranial cavity
of Harold and Officer Cruise.
Doug was right, as usual.
We have a serial killer amongst us.
[SCOFFS] Whatever.
Thanks, Wade.
And no other connections
to any of the victims?
- There can't be that many people
breeding nonindigenous
spiders on the island.
[OFFICER] Stop! You can't go back there!
You're disobeying a direct police order.
Get the fuck off me! Where's my kid?
Ma'am, if you don't leave right now,
- I'll be forced to arrest you.
- Okay.
Why don't you arrest her for
beating me up in high school?
Okay. I didn't beat you up. It's fine.
- [OFFICER] Copy that, Chief.
- What's going on?
You need to release my kid,
or I'm gonna sue your ass
for giving her a phone
call I couldn't hear.
I don't think we have Riley in custody.
Just old Mrs. Granger.
Her usual indecent exposure.
Then where the hell is she?
- Have you tried calling her?
- [COURTNEY] Yes, Mei.
I am not an idiot. She
didn't fucking answer.
I'm sure she's fine.
- We stayed out all night at her age, too, okay?
So if you haven't heard
from her in a couple of days,
come back, we'll file a report.
All right, so what do these spiders
eat besides, you know, brains?
Hey! My kid is missing.
Maybe she got up early
and went to Pyramids.
Carl said it was firing.
Riley sucks at surfing. I am
telling you, something is wrong.
You need to get off
your ass and find her!
There is nothing official
we can do for 48 hours.
In 48 hours, she could be dead.
There's a fucking killer out there
that you haven't fucking caught.
[KALAMA] The killer only targets
reasonably attractive males.
I'm sure she's fine, Courtney.
We'll keep an eye out.
Fuck you, Lyla.
I'll find her myself.
And if anyone has hurt my baby,
you're all gonna wish you were dead.
Sorry about that. Back to spiders.
Let's call every pet shop
and aquarium on the island.
See if anyone's putting in regular
orders for live feeder insects.
[KALAMA] Yes, ma'am.
- I see you, you little secret hottie.
- You're wasted.
- And honest.
Whip out these fucking
milky milks and own it.
Let's show Dylan the real you.
- Why?
- So he can see what he's missing.
Can we live in a song? ♪
'Cause I stay on an island ♪
He sees you now.
But I've always loved to swim ♪
Maybe it's not real, but ♪
I can feel it when we sing ♪

[RILEY] Come dance.
You look like a legit ho right now.
Babe, I'm sorry.
I-I'm just telling
you because I love you.
I know. Thanks.
Everything is boring ♪
That you didn't say ♪

I can't believe you left her there.
I thought she was with you.
Why would she be with
me? You're her bestie.
You drove her there.
- What?
- Stop. Stop, okay?
I walked home, too.
I mean, she texted she got out.
I mean, we all thought she was safe.
Maybe she turned her phone
off to do a drug deal.
They do that sometimes so
people can't track them.
She's not in some Columbian drug cartel.
The killer always texts
after they kill someone.
First the video of Johnny, and then
[MARGOT] Yes, we all know about
- that pathetic excuse for a sex tape.
- [DYLAN] My point is
that we haven't gotten a text.
- That is a good sign.
- [ALISON] And we can't just
rely on a psycho killer
to text regularly.
We need to try to find her.
I'm having private time.
What the fuck, Kyle? Are you deaf?
I said I'm having private time.
[KYLE] Got to get to your appointment.
Your mom said no excuses.
Shit. I have therapy.
Promise you'll update me constantly.
I don't know what I'll do if
something happened to our Riri.
[BRUCE] So, uh, you were the line
cook on the Limp Shrimp truck.
Yeah. My brother runs it.
- Right.
You know, I'm looking for someone
a little more professional.
Thanks for coming in.
Cool. Could I just get
a selfie in the bathroom,
you know, where those dudes got capped?
Brah, come on. It's just a selfie.
Get the fuck out of here.
Brah? What is up?
Did you, like, do it or something?
I don't think you want
to post that and find out.
Hey, brah, no selfies in the bathroom,
if that's what you're thinking.
I'm thinking you pee outside, freak.
[SIGHS] Hey, Courtney.
I'm sorry, we're not
open yet. Should be soon.
I don't care about my stupid job.
I mean, I need the goddamned
money, but I can't find Riley.
She's not here. Did you try calling her?
Why does everyone keep asking me that?
Do I look like a fucking idiot?
She didn't answer, and your
girlfriend won't look for her.
Well, listen, I'm sure
Riley's fine, all right?
Teenagers do this shit all the time.
No, don't pat me. This is serious.
You need to tell your
fuck buddy to quit looking
for killer spiders and find my kid.
I have this sick feeling inside.
You know what I mean?
Like, sick like when
your kid's in trouble.
I'll, um
Yeah, I'll talk to Lyla.
See if there's anything she can do.
[VOICE BREAKING] I cannot lose my baby.
Believe me, I know.
At least you had a spare.
Is that Riley?
- Whoa!
- You okay?
When did this become our fucking lives?
- Yeah, searching the side of the road,
while a killer fucks with us
isn't what you meant when you said,
"Our futures will be brighter
than we can ever imagine."
When the fuck did I say that?
Your valedictorian speech.
Right. God, that sucked.
Maybe I do deserve to die.
Ah, I bet this guy's life sucks, too.
It's not exactly how any of us
thought things would turn out.
[ALISON] At least you got to go to MIT.
I mean, it's all you talked
about since, like, second grade,
when the rest of us were
all obsessed with Furbys.
[DYLAN] It wasn't what
I expected, either.
What the fuck's a Furby?
Just this weird robot thing
with, like, big eyes and
I mean, you didn't miss anything.
She was definitely dating the clown.
Do you remember in, um in
fourth grade when that kid Joe
made fun of Riley for
wearing the same clothes,
like, two days in a row?
I mean, you felt so bad
that you came to school
wearing the same clothes for,
like, three weeks straight.
Forgot about that.
Yeah, that's when I
realized you were, um
[DYLAN] A total simp?
I didn't think you were
paying attention to anything
except how to beat me.
Yeah, I never could.
You were valedictorian.
Only 'cause I cheated.
I mean,
I may or may not have fucked Mr. Haskell
to get an "A" in A.P. Bio.
Oh, that.
What? You knew?
Everyone knew you'd do anything to win.
Wow. Okay.
It's not all that flattering.
So why'd you hook up with me?
It was grad night.
You gave me drugs.
Yeah, there was that.
And I was into you.
I thought you loved Alison.
I did.
Maybe I just remind you of her.
You're nothing like her.
I'm just fucked-up.
[ALISON] Riley?
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Riley!
- Riley!
Oh. Hey, puppy.
[DYLAN] What you got there?
- Oh!
- Whoa! [GASPING]
The police found your spiders.
Two visits in one week?
Finding your way back?
[SIGHS] You need to leave.
Someone broke in last night.
Went through the photo albums.
I told you to get rid of those.
You have no authority here.
I know that makes you uncomfortable.
I'm just trying to help you.
I'm not the one who needs help.
Police are gonna figure out
where those spiders came from.
Even if I did leave, your
secrets would still be here.
You're not wearing 'em
well these days. [SIGHS]
Do you know what happened
to Courtney Thacker's daughter Riley?
Fuck off!
We should have been there for her.
She should not be dead right now.
Okay, we don't know that she is.
I mean, that shark bit
off Bethany's whole arm,
and she lived, and won Pipeline.
I love Soul Surfer,
but this is like slitting
your wrists times a million.
Mary Vincent got raped, had
both her arms chopped off
and was left naked in a ditch.
And she climbed all the way
up to the road to get rescued.
Are you seriously saying
that Riley's naked with no
arms in a ditch someplace?
You're so disturbed.
I'm saying she could be alive.
We have to go back to Clara's.
[MARGOT] This time we're going prepared.
[ALISON] What the hell?
My dad's from New Jersey.
Guns are not part of the plan.
May I remind you, it was your plan
that got Riley into this situation.
- Fuck you.
- Do it.
I will take you down so fast.
Stop! No one's taking anyone down.
We have to do this together.
It's the only way we'll be safe.
- Guns will keep us safe.
- Really?
All that cop's gun did was kill Harold.
[SIGHS] Riley, if you're okay,
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
- Riley?!
Whoever's out there, I am
not fucking scared of you.
You take that from her, you goat dick?
Why would she call us here?
[DYLAN] It's high tide.
To make us watch! [CRIES]
Fuck you!
- No. This is what she wants.
- What?
To torture us to death? No. [SOBBING]
She's doing a great fucking job.
Riley's dead.
- [LYLA] Police. Open up.
She's not here. Search the property.
Consider her armed and dangerous.
Jesus, Clara.
Bring them in.
[KALAMA] Chief, I got something.
Put an APB out on Clara Whethers.
[OFFICER] Copy, Chief.
All units, be advised:
be on the lookout for
[DYLAN] Why else would
she call us to the cave?
She's warning us.
She thinks we won't go to the police
because she knows what we did.
And she's correct.
What would we even tell them?
That Clara Whethers is killing
people 'cause we killed Alison?
One more move, and you're dead.
It's just me.
- Dad?
- We said no guns.
You shouldn't be lurking
on other people's property.
I'm sorry. I
We need to talk.
I told you she didn't
want to talk to you.
Hey. It's okay.
[WHISPERS] It's fine.
I'll be right inside.
And so will Kyle.
Are they in a fight or something?
Hmm. She would have told you herself
if you were important to her in any way.
What do you want?
I know you found out
I was married to Clara.
Here it comes. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
"It's not what it looks
like. We were young.
I was in a fucking cult I legit
pretended I knew nothing about."
I'm sorry. Of course I knew about it.
I was in it, and, um
so was your mother.
If you fucking tell me Clara Whethers
is my real mother right now
No, she's not, but your mother's alive.
I know it's
it's a lot to take in, but I just
I don't want there to be
any more secrets between us.
She killed herself.
That's what she told me to tell you.
It's not true.
She left us.
[CRYING] Seriously, Dad,
this this isn't funny.
I was gonna tell you,
right after, I swear.
I got home, and I thought, "Fuck her.
They deserve to know what kind
of a person she really is."
But then I
I looked at your little faces,
and I just
[CRYING] So you said she killed herself?
It seemed better at the time.
I know that sounds crazy, but I
What was I supposed to say
to my eight-year-old girls?
It can't it can't be that simple.
Some something must have happened.
You just don't
You don't wake up one day
and just decide to leave your family.
This guy we knew from
the cult came to visit us.
Fred Phillips?
My sister was in touch with him.
You told her the truth and not me?
Well, she fucking knew.
That's that's oh,
that's that's what
she was trying to tell me
that night at the party.
That's why she said Mom didn't love me.
That's why we got in that fight.
That's that's
that's why I took her car.
[BRUCE] It's not your fault.
I got into a fight with
her that night, too,
on the way home, so I
I pulled over, and I
told her to get out.
Yeah, I did that all the time
with the both of you, you know that.
[SNIFFLES] I'd tell you take a walk,
clear your heads.
That's why she was in the road?
It wasn't you.
It was me.
[SNIFFLES] Fuck you.
[BRUCE] Lennon please.
Please just come home. Uh
Jesus, Kalama.
Maybe some louder shoes.
Sorry, ma'am.
Any news on Clara?
Not yet.
We put out APBs on all the islands,
as well as airports, marinas.
If she's here, we'll find her.
Put one out on Riley Thacker, too.
So Clara got Courtney, too?
Yeah, that's what my mom said.
Not the Clara part, just
that Courtney got murdered.
[DYLAN] Maybe it's better that way.
She's fucking dead.
How is that better?
So she didn't have to
find out about Riley.
And your mom didn't say
anything about Riley?
And Clara's still out there.
Hey, I'll turn on the alarms.
We'll be safe here.
Dylan should stay, too.
We have to be together.
Any closer, and we'd
be a legit throuple.
Sorry to upset your
delicate sexual sensibility.
You can stay in the guest room.
Just to be around you ♪
Just to watch you talk ♪
I know it's not real but ♪
Can we live in a song? ♪
I can't believe it's over.
I can't believe you're
fucking leaving me.
I don't want to.
But I've always loved to swim
Oh. Uh
[LAUGHING] Oh, no. I just
I didn't I'm sorry. I didn't
- Uh, I didn't mean to, like
- What?
- Hey. Hey.
- Please stop.
- You know how much I care about you.
Please stop.
I'm just trying to help you
not be a loser at college.
- It's MIT.
- And you're still a loser if you have your V card.
Yeah. I, um
I mean, you're my best friend.
When you walk in a room? ♪
It's just sex. It's it's no big deal.
All eyes turn to you ♪
Maybe not to you
Hey, I just don't want to
give you the wrong idea.
What, the, uh the
idea that you give a shit?
I do.
I give so much shit.
I I'm just
That you didn't say ♪
I'm I'm sorry, Riley.
Sorry for what, huh?
Sorry for what?
Sorry for being such a good guy?
I'm just sorry, okay?
[RILEY] 'Cause you're
not actually a good guy.
You know? You're just a chickenshit.
[DYLAN] Okay. I'm sorry, okay?
[RILEY] You're not
seriously saving yourself
for Alison, are you? 'Cause,
you know, she's never gonna fuck you!
Where movements are secret ♪
I'm sorry.
The world through your face ♪
Where we stay ♪
Outside ♪
'Cause I was actually
saving myself for you. [SOBS]
Days keep on going after ♪
- [MARGOT] He's gone.
- Who?
Dylan. I went to get
a low-cal keto snack,
and his door was open.
Well, how-how would
Clara even get to him?
She didn't.
This was on his bed.
Does he think he's the
Terminator or something?
I mean, look at that handwriting.
Those block letters
scream serial killer.
All right, maybe he just
went back to his house
to get something, or or something.
I-I'm sure he would've
texted if he had his phone.
Exactly. What kind of person
throws their phone into the ocean?
Unless they're trying to hide something?
Like what?
- We all know that Clara's the killer.
- Do we?
I mean, Dylan is the only
one who saw her in the cave.
He legit said that it was
better Courtney was dead.
I mean, you have to
admit it's super sus.
Uh, uh, he he doesn't
talk to us all year,
and then he comes home, and he tells us
we deserve to get merc'ed.
I think he just feels guilty.
He always feels something, like, extra.
Then why didn't he kill me today
when we were in the woods together?
He's probably saving you
for last, to make you suffer most.
I mean, it makes sense.
You killed the girl he loved.
[KAI] Riri!
Kai, come on!
No. It's time for bed.
I told you. Inside.
You'll see Riri in the morning, okay?
[KAI] Riri!


The tide's coming in.

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