I May Destroy You (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes

Still says two minutes.
Just gotta wait.
Oh! He's kissing me in public.
Stop this smoking shit.
If this is what I get
for a smoking addiction,
maybe I should tell him
about the coca
- No.
- Okay. Okay.
Every guy,
they just want to fuck.
Mm, not Simon.
I tried that.
I was very drunk.
He shoved me over on the floor
and ran outside the flat.
Huh. Wise friend.
Oh, it's round the corner.
Every time you come,
you bring so much shit.
Hello, Marco, it's Arabella.
February, I'm busy.
March, I have some time.
- You gonna come to London?
- No, London is shit.
No sand, no beach.
In March, you come.
They they fly me here
because they think I'm working.
Just show them
what you've done so far.
So what I'm saying is, what does
that actually look like
when all I've done here
is eat four-cheese pizza
and a dick?
You need to chill out
with the bags.
They might not let me come back.
- So?
- So
Are you gonna miss me?
I don't like
this sort of conversation.
Doesn't have to be
a conversation.
Are you gonna miss me,
are we boyfriend and girlfriend?
Could just say yes,
it wouldn't be a conversation.
Ciao, bella.
So, we'll talk?
Don't know when.
When I'm ready to call you,
I call.
Don't forget the sea,
she's gonna be asking
for when you come again.
Yeah, so, um,
how was Italy this time?
Um, productive?
- So productive.
- Good.
- Welcome home.
- Good, good.
- Yeah.
- Whoo!
Good. And and how you feeling
about the draft?
Good. Yeah, good.
You're you're finished?
Pretty much, yeah.
Uh, just some minor,
minor revisions,
and then I think
we are good to go.
Great. Well, uh, we've
been speaking to Henny House.
Today's Thursday the 21st,
um, and the deadline
for submissions is is
In four days.
So if you want to be
in the mix for the summit
- That's very soon.
- Yeah, well,
you know,
maybe not for a first draft.
Um, and perhaps it's already in,
you know, good enough shape.
Why don't you ping it over,
and I I can get through it
by end of play, and
you know, send some thoughts.
I just got back,
so I'm a bit jet-lagged,
but I can send it tomorrow.
Hi, Arabella.
Hello. I didn't realize
there were three of us
on the call.
- I, uh, I got your voice note.
- I know you did, yeah.
I was worried.
Glad you're safe.
Started watching
Banged Up Abroad every weekend,
didn't know where else to look
for you.
- Oh yeah?
- I knew you were fine
once I came across
your Instagram,
posting photos every day.
Oh, yeah, okay,
yeah, my private life. Sure.
Did you see my emails?
You know, I didn't go to Italy
to be glued to my inbox,
I went to write.
- Arabella?
- Yeah?
We believe in you.
That's, you know,
that's why we represent you.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you so much.
Um, you know,
Henny House are expecting,
so if there's anything else
we can do?
No, I'm good, I'm good,
just some minor revisions.
Okay, great, well, um, can't
I can't wait to read.
I might do an all-nighter
in the office,
just to go over it all,
see what I need to
Oh no, well,
look, it's available.
So, yeah,
we could pop in with feedback.
Um, I could clear
the top of the day,
say, um, 10:00 a.m.?
- Ten. It's perfect.
- Look, we'll need, um,
three to four hours to read
before we can have feedback,
won't we?
So, I mean,
if we're meeting at ten
and and let's say
we need four hours, uh
Six a.m., you'll have it
for 6:00 a.m., Julian.
That sounded
like a warm welcome back.
These people
are so fucking weird.
You'll be all right,
you've done it before.
It's all a bit different now,
It's all big fancy
business people involved,
So now it's all a bit corporate,
- Did the first book for Twitter.
- Well, who owns Twitter?
- Big fancy business people.
- So, what's the difference?
There is no fucking difference,
you're so deep.
C'mere! Missed you, mate.
Yeah, you too.
clashes with armed forces.
Forty-three people
have been injured
- as protests
- So what now?
I keep thinking
"One more orgasm,
and I'll see the light
and I'll piss off,"
but every time I go back,
it's like I'm a little bit
more obsessed.
How many times
have you gone there now?
Three? Four?
Yeah, like a desperate ho,
I know.
Practically asked him out
before I left for the airport.
I've lost all decorum, babe,
I told ya.
You asked him out.
What is wrong with you?
Like, what am I even aiming for?
Ugh. What did he say?
So dumb.
Uh, I should go.
Uh, where you going?
I gotta finish my draft, innit?
Uh, okay.
Well, I've gotta prep anyway.
I've got an audition tomorrow.
Oh, cool. What for?
Feminist beauty campaign.
Always a one-liner.
Kill it, babe.
Bye. Offskis.
Good luck!
rate higher than any
other country in the world
the west of Africa
- Hey, baby!
- Hey, babe!
How you doing?
Oh, welcome home.
- Good to see you.
- How you doing?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Yo! My G!
- Welcome back!
- Back in the bits.
You can't be airing
my calls, man.
- I get anxiety.
- Oh, come on.
You know the love don't fade.
The love is real,
you understand?
I know you're doing your thing,
so I'm gonna keep it concise.
Tonight. You, me, Kat,
and my cousin,
the one who plays basketball
and likes your pictures.
- Yeah, the American.
- Yes, yes, yes.
His last night in London,
and he wants to see you.
Yeah, sorry, G. I got work.
Oh, don't do me like that, man.
No, I mean I would,
just to see Kat in a bar.
Come on, I know you're looking
for a motive.
- Nah, nah, nah, nah.
- I know you're looking for it.
I'm, uh
It's Thursday, come on.
I have to hang up
and do my work.
- I'm gonna hang up.
- Just hang up. Hang up.
It's Thursd
That guy, you know. That guy
Fucking hell, man.
I could call Natasha.
It's a bit late notice,
but she might be down,
she likes a drink.
She's everyone's type. Hmm?
- Babe?
- We're good.
I'm not wasting my time
going out
for your cousin
to hijack the evening
and turn our threesome date
into a double date.
- We're good.
- He'll just ruin
the whole thing.
We're good. I sorted it.
- Oh. Who?
- Arabella.
- Arabella?
- Arabella.
How's she gonna keep him busy?
Magic tricks?
- Sorry, but
- Yeah, look, the man's
Look, the man's tall, all right?
You have options, he's fine.
- Why does he have to come?
- What is the
It's his last night.
Why can't we reschedule?
No, because if we reschedule,
we'll just
keep making up excuses
instead of doing something
that could be
really good for us.
- What's her name again?
- Alissa.
Let me see her?
So sexy.
Can we delete the app now?
Look, I've got her number.
All right, all right.
Unless you wanna keep it
for some reason.
I'm sorry, that was unnecessary.
No, I'm sorry,
that was unnecessary.
- Yeah, don't do that.
- No, I know, I'm sorry.
It's a random chapter, so
"For many years,
Tinsel Town has been the hangout
due to its 24/7 availability
and comfortable vibe.
It's the zero-effort
birthday spot,
second only to Nando's,
and, of course,
it's linking central
for the new generation
of hormone-inflated teens
who managed to save
some of their EMA
till the end of next week
and wanna impress a girl
with a chicken burger
and a milkshake. So"
You made me download the thing,
you made me go on it
without you, right?
You're making me feel
like some pervert.
I want you to feel like
you can do your thing.
If I want to do my thing,
I'd cancel the thing.
I want you to feel free.
How's you forcing me
to set up a threesome anything
You're gonna stop
all this winging and whining
when you've got two women
in your bed.
You know she might not want
to do anything, you know that?
- I know.
- Might just be a date.
I know.
Heels, I think. Yeah?
"Tina, being in her 30s,
couldn't quite understand
why you, Terrell"
- Date night
- Yeah
Is it nearby?
how much you got left?
I'm like two-thirds
of the way through.
- Yeah?
- Gonna knock it out overnight.
Are you swayzin later?
Oh, you know I can't socialize
after I ejaculate, so
- I got work anyway.
- All right, love.
- All right.
- Mwah.
I'm proud of you, yeah?
Turn your phone off.
Turn it off.
Bye, baby.
- Damn!
- I know.
Please don't ruin our threesome.
Simon, my bruh.
The thing is, I don't even think
you'd be that into Bella.
She's a bit
- What?
- I don't know, she's sort of
she's a bit
a bit lost.
- Well, she's hot.
- Yes, she is.
- As are you.
- Ahem.
Damn, cuz,
you've come a long, long way.
Has he, now? Tell me more.
Summer vacation, New York,
the skinny years?
We had to craft techniques,
plans, speeches,
just to get a girl
to look at us.
- Tell me more.
- Hi!
- Alissa! Hi.
- Hi.
It's so good to meet you.
Eight years?
Fuck! Eight years?
- Eight years, yeah.
- Really, eight?
That's crazy!
Oh my God,
don't say it like that!
- No, I just mean
- It makes me feel so old.
Eight years is amazing.
I can barely manage
eight months.
What do you mean? Why?
I mean, I just
think I like drama.
It kind of follows me
wherever I go.
Couples that say
they don't have drama,
- it's all lies.
- It's all lies? No.
Yes. Even this.
Deep down, I'm petrified.
But he said this was your idea.
Yeah, no, but I mean
I mean, that's why I was
so desperate to meet you both.
So cool.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You're so sweet,
I was feeling so anxious.
Oh, me too.
To women with anxiety.
To anxious women.
And depression.
I get quite deep depression.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Well, if it means
anything to you,
I'm finding you very charming.
And stunning.
Yeah, you're stunning.
Oh, are you new
to the app as well?
When did you join?
Why did you think to do it?
I'm generally kind of, uh
Wild? Are you a bit w wild?
That works.
But hey, I did say
I couldn't manage eight years
even if I wanted to, so
if I can't beat 'em,
it's time I joined 'em, right?
- Hilarious, gosh.
- Oh. Sorry, um
Hello? Oh, hi.
Oh, uh, yeah,
I'll be right there.
Is everything okay?
My mum, she's not feeling well.
So I've gotta go check on her.
I'm so sorry,
I hope she's okay.
- Yeah.
- I mean, it was so
It was lovely to meet you guys.
Yeah, you too.
Um, I mean, I'd love to, um
If there's anything we can do,
like a cab or
No, but, um
maybe we could see
each other again?
He's got my number.
Do you think she's okay?
Do you think
maybe it's quite serious
and she's just playing it down
You know, I think
I'll just leave you guys to it.
I've got papers to mark
and an early start, so
Nice to hang out with you.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Fine. I'll, um
I'll just get a cab.
Hey! It's about to go down!
- My G!
- What you sayin'?
- How low can you go? Hey!
- Okay, yeah.
- How low can you go? Hey!
- How low can you go? Hey!
How low can you
What's up?
Is that And this is
Yeah, this is Derae. Yo.
- Yo! Whassup?
- Yeah.
Oh, you kinda short.
- Thank you. Where's Kat?
- Gone.
- Excuse me?
- Pissed her off again?
- Yeah, but fuck all that.
- Excuse me? Hi.
Are you the girl
who wrote Chronicles
of a Fed Up Millennial?
Yeah, yeah.
"He likes to play
puppeteer to a broken doll,
- but doesn't actually know
how to rescue anyone."
"More like rescuing a beef
from a burger like
- "Whoa, beef! I mean"
- "Whoa, beef! I mean"
"If I didn't
take you"
"out of that
bread in time,"
"someone could
have eaten you!"
I love you, cool.
I love you, too.
Can I take a picture, please?
Yeah, mate!
Rollin' with
a literary star like
Shut up.
- Thanks.
- Cool. Yeah, man.
- We're waiting for
the next one, yeah?
- Gotcha.
Ooh, it's cold.
Ah. This should help.
Aww, saved.
Yeah, let's find a bar.
- It's Thursday, remember.
- Oh yeah.
Make some noise, y'all!
This is Karaoke Kingdom!
Hip hop every fucking Thursday,
make some noise!
Yo, we got a goat in tonight!
Fucking pull up!
I wanna hear you thump
for a goat in the game!
The walls
are falling down on shit!
Nothing to Bella, yeah?
Bella, Bella, Bella!
Yo, yo, yo!
This our new friend, uh
What's your name again?
Tari Tariq!
And, uh, David is somewhere.
While you been out catching
cancer with the cancer crew,
we been catching joke!
- Si. Who's that?
- What? Who?
You know your boy,
what you mean?
Look, I
all I'm saying is,
I like Kat,
I like the way she cooks.
I can't eat her food
with a dirty conscience.
Don't worry for Kat, man.
Kat thinks you're ugly.
I don't care, it doesn't
change the taste of the food.
I don't, I think you're
I think you're unusual.
Unusual ain't bad.
- Our secret, you see?
- Bro? Shut the fuck up.
My G, my G!
Hey, David!
My chap, my chappington!
Yo, Tariq! Tariq!
My pleasure.
Silver tequila?
Are you a fucking commoner?
- No, I got work.
- Right, right.
All right. Right, right,
right, right, right.
To friends.
- Some old, some new.
- Right.
- And some fucking strangers.
- Cheers!
Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes.
- Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes.
- Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes.
So, first of all, thank you.
How are you feeling about it?
Hm. Yeah, good. Good.
Good. It's It's really strong.
What's here is is
um, very, uh
Well, it becomes rather
Uh, and is this finished?
How do you I mean, is this
Where does it go?
the last few pages
So, the end
is is fascintating.
I just How does it tie in
with the, um
Are you okay?
There is
There is blood, uh dripping.
Yeah, I, um
I think I'm feeling a bit
- Look, well, let's park this.
- Is that okay? Yeah?
Do you Do you know
where the station is, please?
Which one?
Do you know
where Artillery Street is?
Around here?
Um, it's it's, um
It's where It's where, um
It's where I live.
It's where the um
Aren't you Arabella?
I know you're Arabella.
of a Fed Up Millennial.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sorry, I just think
I just think, like
you're you're amazing.
That thing you wrote about
dark-skinned girls and full lips
and being free to wear
whatever lipstick we want?
Yeah but honestly, honestly,
sometimes it's like,
Wait. Why do you care
about my lipstick?
There are children starving
in Africa!
Can I Can I get a selfie?
- Yeah!
- I love you!
Do you know
how I can get to
Artillery Street?
There's one.
Thank you!
Nice to meet you.
I am a woman.
Fitness comes in all sizes.
I am a woman.
Our hair is professional.
How'd you smash your phone?
- Belle.
- I don't know.
Our careers are different.
You fiddle the keyboard.
- You're sorted.
- What's your career background?
I was just expressing
myself online,
and people were like,
"Why haven't you got a book?
You should make a book."
Exactly, yeah.
An actor is reliant
on other people's choices.
Is that your real hair?
Control what you can,
no more, no less, innit?
- How're you doing?
- I'm great, as long
- as I'm around people.
- Flashbacks?
What do you do?
I'm starting to write
about my experiences.
She's not fine.
If you aren't looking for it,
you ain't gonna see it.
Your blood pressure.
- Back in the room. I'm sorry.
- You will need to monitor that.
- What? Oh.
- Your blood pressure.
- Double clap!
- You ever get that feeling
that someone's right for you?
But you're not yet right
for that person?
You can't walk around
taking drinks from strangers
You didn't have a problem
when I took a drink from you.
I wanted to report something.
Who did you talk to?
I just wanted to forget
about it.
Am I too late serve this tribe
called women?
There is so much injustice.
My job is to speak the truth.
Thought you were writing
about consent
I don't understand it.
I do.
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