I May Destroy You (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Someone Is Lying

What'd you pick?
- Truffle butter. Nicki Minaj
those hips.
- Solid.
Simon. On a week night.
Jesus, Bella.
Was your mate first.
Then where was my invite?
I don't know.
What happened to your deadline?
It was this mornin', alie.
- Ain't you tired?
- No.
So did you finish?
You not hungry?
I am.
I think I am. I don't know,
I'm just
a bit constipated.
That's how Elvis Presley died.
You need to be careful.
I need you for my lines.
Uh, boss man. To go, please.
What do you say?
You said, "Show me, see me"
instead of, "See me, show me.
Fuck, okay cool. One more time.
"Our beauty excludes no woman
or girl."
"I am woman.
Fitness comes in all sizes.
I am woman;
our beauty isn't binary."
"I am woman;
our hair is professional.
Show me, see me
like everyone else.
If we show you a world
where every woman is seen
And ladies show show us all."
- Anything?
- You said, uh, "See me, show me
exactly like,"
it's "exactly the same as."
Let me see.
Apart from that, I
don't know if that's
- Cool.
- It's perfect.
How'd you smash your phone?
Bez? What?
I don't know.
How can you not know
how you smashed your phone?
I don't know how I don't
Right. Simon have coke?
- What?
- Did Simon have coke?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Right.
So you were doing coke
No, I mean, I had a bump, T.
All right.
Well, you were with Simon
probably took back to work.
I think we should call Simon.
We should call Simon
just to check.
I'll just move my audition.
All right, this is
Simon Ridgley.
It's gone to voicemail.
Excuse me.
Hi Simon, I'm with Arabella.
We tried to call from her phone
but you didn't pick up, so
we'd call from another line.
Hey, Si.
I'm at work right now, you know.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
so just one thing, one thing.
I just wanted to know how
How did last night end?
- How did it end?
- Yeah.
I went I went Derae's hotel
I went back with him
'cause it was his last night,
so I went back,
and I then went to work.
Terry, what's good?
Is everything all right?
Okay, cool, but how how did
Yeah, yeah, how did
we say goodbye. How did it end?
Well, you were pretty waved.
Uh, you said you had
to go to work,
so I walked you back.
You were with me, yeah?
You were there the whole night.
You were with me the night,
Of course.
You're good, man. You're good.
All right.
Shit, I'm out here going
Sorry, we just need to call
for confirmation that
you took her back to work.
I haven't slept.
Simon, I'm so sorry.
I haven't slept.
Thank you, thank you, yeah.
Hey Si, listen. Um
Like, why is my head, like,
bleeding, my phone smashed?
Um I think you fell.
Yeah, you fell.
Where's the blood coming
from? Where you bleeding?
It's like my head and um
Is it bad?
Uh Nah, it's like
Yeah, no.
That's good, then.
That's all good, all good.
- Bells.
- Yeah.
- Get some sleep, yeah?
- Bye.
- Well, that's good.
- Yeah?
Oh, my god, it's like so good.
Yeah, my head's been like
Yeah, like, I don't know
Okay, what you mean?
I've got this like
thing in my head of, like,
this guy, um
He's in a toilet cubicle,
and he's like
I dunno, it seems like he did
something a bit dodge.
He's pantin' and sweatin'.
He's got really big nostrils,
and it's like he's blocking
the door,
and the door is like
I don't know, there's
this like thumping sound.
Yeah, it's like he's
I don't know, like,
blocking the door.
Trust me, like, before you came,
I was just in my room
watching YouTube video
after YouTube video
trying my mind from you know?
- What?
- I'll show you.
It's about, like, false images
in the mind.
Imagine for a second
a duck teaching a French class,
a ping pong match in orbit
around a black hole,
a dolphin balancing a pineapple.
You probably haven't actually
seen any of these things,
but you can imagine them
How does your brain
produce an image
of something you've never seen?
That may not seem hard,
but that
Oh no No.
He's gonna ask me how I'm doing
and all that.
He doesn't even know I went out.
He's gonna be pissed.
All gone.
Now, you need to sleep.
It's been, what
Thirty-five hours.
- I think.
- Yeah.
- Where's your head scarf?
- Top drawer.
- Here you go.
- Thanks, babe.
He probably thinks I'm like
countin' macronutrients
- and doing meditation.
- Who?
Well, Biagio can wait.
Right now, we need to sleep.
- I should sleep.
- That's all.
- I need to go.
- Oh! Feminist beauty campaign!
Thanks, babe.
- Okay. Bye. Thanks.
- Good luck. Good luck, babe.
Thank you.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
And your name is?
I'm Terry Pratchard,
but my friends call me T,
- so you may..
- Great.
I'm Scarlet.
This is Jacki, and that's Toni.
So, on the X please,
and if you could please say
your name and IG handle
into the camera.
I'm Terry Pratchard, IG handle,
Oh, follower count, 7,236.
Great. So, just before we read,
what's the most freeing thing
you've ever done?
"Most freeing thing." Um
Oh I may need to think
about that one.
Okay, that's great.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
So, this, as you know,
is our new campaign.
Situational shots,
playing sports, yoga,
applying makeup,
and your section
is at the hair shop.
Getting that hair did.
That's right!
That's it, so um
Scarlett is gonna read
the other parts
and join you
for the ensemble lines.
- Cool.
- Okay.
We are women.
Our beauty
excludes no woman or girl.
I am woman;
our fitness comes in all sizes.
I am woman;
our beauty isn't binary.
I am woman;
our hair is professional.
See me, show me
exactly like everyone else.
If we show you a world
where every woman is seen,
then girls, you'll show us all.
- Really great.
- Thank you.
So, um
Just in terms of the
Is that your real hair?
Uh, no. It's a wig.
Okay. Just She's at the salon,
so there's a chance
it's gonna be
being washed, dried.
- Do you do that to your
- Yeah, it's human hair.
Do you ever take it off?
Yeah, I take it off
all the time.
Can we see
what your hair's like?
Maybe not now
Uh, another day
so I can prepare it.
Okay. Well, thanks so much.
Thank you.
I had a threesome once.
Yeah. Thanks.
Thanks guys. Bye.
Half the annual
average for the number of
people killed by flooding.
Last Friday, the region
has reported a death toll of
42 people.
- Has Alissa rung yet?
- No.
What's in the mash?
It's not red kidney beans.
One more go.
I don't know.
Sweet plantain and pinto beans.
I mashed them both separately,
and then blended them.
Where'd you get that from?
I don't know.
It just came to me.
Doesn't sound like something
I'd necessarily like.
But I like it.
No, hold on. No, no, no.
We're not watching this
in my yard.
Let's do another.
- Science.
- Animation.
At the same time.
Yeah, go on then. Lovely!
Consciousness is perhaps
the biggest riddle in nature.
Stripped to its core meaning,
consciousness is what allows us
to be aware
both of our surroundings
and of our own inner state.
But thinking about
consciousness has this habit
- of taking us around
in circles.
- Oh, where'd you get that?
Oh. Yeah, I know. I fell.
Oh, I should get, um
tissue and a plaster.
But once we try
to pinpoint what exactly it is,
that leaves us grasping
at thin air.
Different schools and ideas
compete with one another,
but no one has come close
to figuring it out.
It's unsettling to realize
that we don't understand
what makes us aware of
ourselves and the world.
In this fuzzy area,
consciousness and intelligence
are also related,
although they are not the same.
Um, Ben
There's another thing.
I'm standing outside,
I'm staring at a cash point,
and it's hard to stand straight,
as if the wind's really strong.
I'm tryna', like
put my my pin in
on on the keypad,
but when I try to press
the right buttons,
the keypad numbers keep movin'.
Looks like you took
40 quid out.
Thought you were in Soho.
A bit of a ways away.
He's stupid.
I have no idea.
Pinto. Pinto and Plantain.
He's mashing up the plantain,
sees a can of pinto, and mashes
the two of them together.
- Put 'em in a blender.
- Thank you.
- It's good, right?
- Mm. Nice.
Manage to get some sleep, yeah?
Uh, I tried.
But I haven't slept.
Sorry again about this morning.
This black out had me like
It's all good, eat up, man.
I need to you know,
just gather the pieces,
any of the pieces.
I was, uh looking through
my bank statements,
and it looks like we stopped off
at the cash point.
So did we go to the bank,
and then you walked me back?
Okay, so we we were
at the cash point together
and then you walked me
back to work.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
It's like 45 minutes
if we walk it
'cause it was in Camden.
So did we get an Uber,
or 'cause
Yeah, we got Uber,
then I went back to Ego Death
to meet Derae.
- 'cause, you know,
it was his last night.
- Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And then went back to his hotel
you know, and uh Yeah.
Who booked the Uber?
Who booked the Uber?
Yeah, uh
Who booked the fucking Uber?
'Cause I haven't used Uber.
Was it Uber?
You said Uber.
I was just thinking
'cause it's like
Don't know if I booked
on my phone or
maybe Derae booked it.
Tell you what, when he gets off
the flight, I'll check.
You said you went back
to the bar to meet Derae,
so Derae wasn't there.
Can I see your Uber receipts,
Thanks, I'm just gonna, um
- Hi, I'm so sorry.
- What's going on?
I'm really sorry. Uh
Yeah, I didn't know I was gonna
end up at your
I just turned up at your, um
I'm so sorry.
Uh Yeah.
- Simon gave me your
- Yeah. What did Simon say
I don't
Don't even worry about that.
That's not my Um Yeah.
I don't want to cause any
I don't care about that.
It's not my problem,
you know.
- So what is the problem?
- There is no problem.
It's just not mine.
The thing that is not a problem
is not
a thing for me.
He told you everything?
Well, if you're okay with it
then I guess I can say
it was really nice to meet you
last night.
Well, the little I remember.
- What?
- Yeah.
We were in that bar and
- At Ego, yeah.
- Yeah.
Then I woke up this morning.
- Really?
- Yeah.
My housemates reckon
I got spiked 'cause
I had to cancel my shift
I feel that shit.
I've been tellin' Simon
all mornin'.
And he's ignoring me.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Sorry, what do you want?
I have a blackout.
It's the same.
Well, shit.
I guess I actually was spiked.
And I
think I remember seeing
someone being attacked.
Oh. Oh no.
The person we both know
in the story is Simon.
Because of what I remember,
I don't know if you've been safe
all night.
I don't think Simon's a criminal
if that's what
you're getting at.
He comes over every Thursday
and he hasn't stolen
a thing, so.
Yeah. I was safe.
I've been safe fuckin' Simon
for six months now.
Yeah. I'm not an idiot,
despite what you may think.
- No, I I
- No, I didn't say
you called me an idiot.
I said you might think
I'm an idiot.
Okay, so I'm gonna call me
an Uber and
"Sure you were safe."
Clearly, you think I'm someone
you can patronize,
and clearly you enjoy CSI,
so why don't you find out
where the fuck you were?
Simon doesn't have
a criminal bone in his body.
He couldn't even cope with me
spending one evening with Kat
undercover, 'cause she's the one
lookin' for pussy.
It's not like I'd ever
Because she's gross.
I just wanted to meet her!
But the boy's having
heart palpitations
because he's a fucking pussy.
And you're at my door
with some bullshit
conspiracy theory
of Simon the rapist. You're out
of your fucking mind, bitch.
You're sick in the head.
You need to go take
some medication,
because he never told me
you were crazy!
- Get some fucking help.
- Yep, it's coming in one minute.
Yo, T, I got spiked, you know.
Yeah, yeah. I think so, yeah.
So, I'm gonna go to the station.
Yeah, I
it's something
I should probably tell them.
About the thing in your head?
I've literally got no idea.
Aight. Well
Where you at?
I just got home.
- Call me after, yeah?
- Aight.
- Aight, cool, cool. Bye. Bye.
- Bye.
- Kwame.
- Yo.
Hi, Arabella.
- Hi.
- And who's this?
- This is Kwame.
- And he is?
I wasn't involved.
I wasn't there. Just Kwame.
Okay. Arabella, I'm Funmi.
Beth and I have been assigned as
special officers to your case.
We've read
your initial statement.
We're going to ask you
a few questions,
then if we feel it's necessary,
we'll take you over
to the sexual assault
referral unit for forensics.
And then, get you home safely,
Do you have any reason
to believe
that this friend of yours,
Simon or Derae,
would spike your drinks, or
want to hurt you in any way?
There were another two,
We didn't know 'em, so
I don't know. It wouldn't
have been Simon. He's my friend.
He's one of my best friends.
He really is.
He wasn't even in Camden.
I guess
He just left me somewhere
which is quite weird.
I kinda made my deadline.
Did I tell you?
And the assault, you recall
- The thing in my head?
- Yes.
Yeah, I wouldn't
Yeah, 'cause now you're
calling it something I never
I never said that.
Do you see anyone else?
- Where?
- In this memory.
No you you can't
call it a memory.
Okay, other than the man
in the
In my head,
who may not even be real,
because I'm the person
who can actually see it,
and I'm not sure, so
we should probably pay attention
to that.
- Yes.
- Yeah, 'cause we don't know.
That's a very big thing
to assume. I'm just
saying that we should
refrain from
talking about things
like they're facts.
We should
We should probably just
- be careful.
- Okay.
The man, he doesn't seem
too dissimilar
from the gentleman you describe
at Ego Death.
Hmm, David?
No, no, 'cause David was
He's kinda short.
Like not that much taller
than me.
And he never had that nose
like the dude in my head.
He had large nostrils and David
never had large nostrils, so
If you're looking at someone
who's taller than you,
you see more of their nostrils
than you would
someone who's shorter than you,
wouldn't you?
But if you're on the floor
looking up at an individual,
the nostrils will always
look prominent,
and they might seem taller.
Because of the angle. See?
Can you see the person's eyes
in your
Yeah, I can, uh
Yeah, I can see everything.
I can see his
whole face very clearly.
Yeah, maybe we can
Maybe we can draw him or
- You can see his eyes?
- Yeah.
Who's he looking at?
Open wide for me.
Sorry, is that hurtin'?
It looks like you have
a small cut in there.
We'll get someone to come look
at that for you, okay?
Just one more.
I'll be really careful.
one of the fastest growing
plants in the world,
was once considered
a humble plant.
But it's now enjoying a new
rep. This wood-like
Do you mind? Because some people
are like Blegh!
No, no, no, do your thing.
Bless ya.
First time?
Really? Whoops.
Mad, innit?
How everything is beautiful,
and nothing hurts.
- You're all done.
- Cool.
Is there more at home?
Feminist beauty campaign
How was it?
Oh no.
- You okay?
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm just a bit like
I'm deleting Simon's number.
Why would he just leave?
Ask Sherlock Holmes.
-It's making me think back
to Italy.
- Italy? Oh yeah?
- Yeah, like,
we should make a pact
never to disappear, you know.
I told you I was going.
Yeah, but
I was on so many drugs, babe,
I was so fucked.
Uh, so was I.
I was on, like,
five actual drugs.
You was on three, and two
of which was alcohol and weed,
which are not even really
like drugs.
I didn't disappear.
I told you I was going,
you just can't remember.
I came and I told you.
I told you.
Oh, was it really that bad?
Your audition.
Yeah. I was really shit.
I would do this,
but I'm really tired.
How are you doing?
I'm great as long as I'm around
- Flashbacks?
- Sometimes it gets a bit much.
I take her to yoga,
dance class, meditation.
I make her feel good.
I need a plane ticket to Italy.
This is mad, fam.
- You're beautiful.
- Are we ready?
I've never really spoken
to a brother who was
- You could say it.
- A gay guy.
My therapist said
it's important to do things like
painting, cuddling with people
that I trust.
I've got no idea
what's going on.
We're probably gonna be
having sex soon, innit?
- Should we do that now?
- Yeah.
You get that feeling that
someone's right for you,
but you're not yet the person
you need to be
to also be right
for that person?
It's the kind of world where
there are places like this
that you can come and talk
about it
and know that you're not alone.
You are so great.
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