I May Destroy You (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Happy Animals

I don't know
if it's gonna go with my outfit.
It is, I love it.
- Bells, this is you!
- Woo!
- Look at that green one.
- I'm gonna buy that right now.
My enemies
will be green with envy.
- Yo.
- Whose birthday is it?
- Uh, it's Where is she?
- Our friend over there.
It's my birthday!
Tell you what, I'll throw in
an extra item for free, guys.
- Are you serious, mate?
- Yeah, mate. No worries.
Chaps and cheese!
You got nuts?
Don't tell me you've sold out
We don't even need
We need more cheese.
Being a woman
is the fucking worst.
That'll be 71.98 please.
Do you wanna try again?
It's declined.
Can I get a selfie please?
Yeah, you're gonna have to
remove all your items
off my conveyor belt,
and put them back in the aisles.
"Prior to being raped,
I never took much notice
of being a woman;
I was busy being black and poor.
Daring to observe the hazard
my gender may pose
to my freedom and survival
feels like a betrayal
to the council flat
I was born and raised in,
where hardship
was no respecter of genitals,
and a little brother
was as starved of food
and love as his sister.
When I think about
the Met Police Force,
and the chronic racism
that cripples it,
the fact that I opened my mouth
to tell them someone
did a little rape in there,
feels felonious in itself.
The Bible says,
'You cannot serve two masters.'
Am I too late to serve
this tribe called women?
Do I actually understand
what it is to be
a woman struggling?
A little rape in the mouth
is a walk in the park
when other girls are currently
being stoned to death
for having mobile phones,
are bleeding to death
after genital mutilation,
are looking at a womb
irreparably destroyed
by militias systematically
raping them
during times
of civil conflict and war.
Are these facts
a humbling reminder
not to be so loud
about my experiences,
or are they a reminder to shout?
Can my shout
help their silent screams?
Is it time to serve a new tribe?
I hope one day to know."
I'm thinking more.
You know, I'm trying.
It's okay. You know,
that was that was fantastic.
The thing is, um,
we have a contract,
and we we have to honor,
um, that contract.
Uh, so this is great, but, um
you, um
You need to finish the draft.
Where Where is the money?
With Henny House.
With Henny House, with Susy?
Thank you so much
for agreeing to see me.
Of course,
I'm gonna let you
through and up,
all the fucking way up.
Love the hair by the way.
Oh, thank you.
Have a pomegranate.
How's it going in the kitchen?
Is it in the oven? Measuring?
Marinating? When are we serving?
Mm. Well, I I started,
um, doing what you said.
Which was?
I'm starting to write
about my experiences.
- Rape.
- Mm-hmm.
Huh? Just different,
it's different to my usual.
I'd love you to meet
some other writers I look after.
Would you like that?
Yes, I would.
Um, I also wondered if, um,
an earlier transfer of fees
was something that was possible?
You haven't been paid?
Oh, dear, you should've received
a quarter upon agreement,
- that's contractual.
- Oh, no, no, I got that.
Yeah. But that was like
a year ago,
and 'cause
the content has changed,
it's taking a bit longer
to finish a draft,
so I just wondered
if I could have
some of the fees in advance.
You've probably signed
a contract. Hmm?
That makes things tricky,
They're a little like things
we've agreed.
Mate, you don't even need
to know what you're saying.
Just read the script
and pocket the cash.
All right?
No, no, no.
Mate, you can't have
a party without treats.
- No, but this is from
- Yeah, I know.
Every time I bring
someone in here,
I get a referral fee,
so I'm all right for a while.
Just give it back to me
when I need it.
Hello, this is Happy Animals,
- we're a vegan grocery
delivery service.
- You got a minute?
Um, yeah, your
details were on our database
Yeah, come on over.
Hey, I'm Dan, CEO.
Oh, wicked, yeah,
nice to meet you,
thanks for, yeah, bringing
Do you know, uh,
much about Happy Animals or
- No, no.
- Right.
Let me just fill you in.
It's a bit dull but, uh
I basically spent
three years in uni,
uh, just going deep
into the existential threat
of climate change.
So, you know, animal agriculture
and eating meat
are the biggest threat
to global warming,
so I created, uh, Happy Animals.
Yeah, so people
who want to buy vegan products
and know what's out there,
know what they can buy.
Wow. So it's kinda like Amazon?
Uh, yeah. But kind of ethical.
Okay, okay.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, I wondered
if you would be interested
in, uh, influencing instead.
- Oh, like, uh, Instagram?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Double pay,
I mean, I pay cash
up front as well.
- Sure, yeah sure.
- Great.
No, yeah. That sounds great.
Emily, can we, um, get
So, yeah. I thought
maybe we could start
with a photo of you
in the Happy Animals
t-shirt and bag?
Would that be good?
Yeah, yeah. Can I
Can I see what it looks like?
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Perfect. Okay.
Yeah. That is lush.
Um, would you mind if we do,
like, a quick ten-second video?
Yes. Yup, definitely.
- Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Just the phone script.
Hi, this is Arabella
from Happy Animals.
The climate crisis is real,
we're here to make a change.
- Great.
- Cool.
And would you mind doing,
like, a few more?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? Great. Okay.
The thing I'll miss
most after the complete
ecological collapse are crops.
Because crops bring us
yummy vegetables!
A bit more playful.
I love it.
Indonesia has to move
their capital city
because the current one
is literally sinking.
-Twenty percent off!
Click the link.
-Get your products now.
You know where to go.
Maybe a live-stream tomorrow?
- Great! Uh, cash?
- Yeah.
Yeah, when you clock
out we'll sort that out.
She's stopped by the way.
Cigarettes and weed.
That's good.
I bought her a vape, it helped.
Less toxins in her system.
- Not sure about that.
- What?
New research, innit?
Vapes looking more toxic
than they thought.
It's better than smoking.
It smells better
for non-smokers. Yeah.
What are you up to today then?
Well, as you can see,
I'm at work right now, T.
On my break.
Did I see you this morning?
In the supermarket?
It's my birthday.
- I know.
- Thanks.
Arabella is hosting
a party for me tonight.
I'm sure you saw the event
circulating on Facebook.
So you wanted to check
that I wasn't gonna turn up
with the champs?
It's just self-care
guidelines say
It's better for her
that I stay away.
I'm not gonna forget, Terry.
You don't have to keep
turning up at my workplace,
hounding me down to check.
Self-care is important
in the first two stages.
The only thing
more important is
to avoid friends
who don't affirm or comfort.
This, um, self-care,
who's it for?
And the guideline says
to avoid me?
Because I left her.
Ultimately, yes.
So, it doesn't matter that I got
your approval to leave her?
"Yo, Terry, Arabella's twisted,
and I really need to go and bang
my mistress, what do I do?"
I can't verify
those are my words;
I was under the influence
of tequila and class A drugs.
You put me
in a difficult position.
I wasn't there,
I didn't know what to say.
So instead of just saying,
"I don't know,"
you say, "Just leave her,
- this is what she does."
- That is not how I said it.
That's exactly what you said,
and you were sober
when you said it.
And then, you forced me
to lie to her the next day.
What does the past have to do
with Arabella's
- current recovery
- I'm just trying to assess
- I'm trying to do, now?
- Which one of us
- she should be avoiding.
- I'm taking her to yoga,
dance class, meditation,
painting, steam room,
I listen to her talk,
I make her feel good.
No one else is doing
these things. I'm helping.
Well, you get back to that,
and I'm gonna resume my break.
Oh, wait.
You finished that again.
Hey, it's the birthday bitch!
- Hi.
- There she is.
- Happy birthday, my dear.
- Pastor Samson.
Hmm. You are looking spicy.
Thank you. Thank you.
What are you saying, Kwarms?
What you saying, bro?
- That's my boy Jamal still.
- Hi, Jamal.
Yo, I didn't catch
your name, bro.
- My name?
- Hmm.
It's Kwame.
Yeah, this one is Kwame.
And I'm a friend
of the birthday girl.
- And this one here is my yard.
- Hmm.
Yours? Okay. Well, thank you
for letting us gatecrash.
Oh, you're very welcome.
Anyway, I'm Jamal.
This, uh, name,
this look, it's really intense.
- Are you Egyptian?
- Half.
Oh! Mmm. And also?
- Ecuador.
- Ecuador!
Yeah, I know, right?
- Egyptuadorian.
- Come on!
All right.
Maybe I'll catch you next door
later on, yeah?
Yeah, maybe.
Hmm. So, um
Isn't he, uh, hmm,
- your type?
- Okay, okay. It's okay.
Oh, yeah. Go and serve.
I do have
a thing for Egyptians still.
See, my firsts were Greek
and Egyptian.
Firsts, plural? How's that then?
I lost my virginity
to two guys at the same time.
Yeah. When I was walking
home from school,
and these two guys
pulled up in a car.
So I went in the car.
And, yo, I was really nervous
'cause there was barely
a word spoken.
And I didn't catch their names,
they didn't ask for mine,
but one said they were Greek
and the other said Egyptian.
Wow, babe.
Yeah. It's kind of dark.
I'm on a break now,
Shut up.
Queen bish!
Speech, speech,
speech, speech.
All right,
all right, guys.
If you're familiar with the term
"O'kinch," say "O'kinch."
Sometimes you gotta look
at life and say what?
It's my birthday, I'm cute.
And I never thought
I'd make it through.
I've had four auditions
in five months.
I have crumbled
and chickened out
of going into the room
every single time,
but when you look in that mirror
and every day you're buff
- Yeah.
- What can you say but
It was a close shave today,
the finances tried to test us.
But God came through.
- Yes.
- He did!
Anyway, Bella
- thank you for the yard.
- Of course.
You do so much,
- I'm so proud of you.
- What are you talking about?
T, you're my best friend.
I'll give you
my fucking organs, G.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
I love you more.
I love you more than anything
in this world.
I love you
more than I love myself.
T, come on.
You know your death
- is my death.
- Is my death.
- Your birth is my birth.
- Your birth
is my fucking birth, G.
It's your birthday.
It's your birthday. I love you!
Yo, say cheese.
- Cheese.
- Cheese.
Did you just hide your chicken?
- What?
- I cannot.
- It's off brand.
- Whose brand?
How long are you doing this?
I'm back there tomorrow.
Where are you working?
Oh, Arabella is the face of
Happy Animals.
- Oh. Happy Animals?
- T!
Vegan tings, climate tings.
"The ice caps are melting."
Wow, you have now become
a climateer?
Pastor, for the money.
- All right?
- Let's watch this, take a look.
- Oh, no.
- Here we go.
The surface of the ice sheets
are getting darker
and less reflective of the sun
which places the icecaps
in the grip
of what's called
a feedback loop,
which is contributing
to the acceleration
of the melting icecaps
and fueling sea level rises.
Wow. Wonderful!
Don't knock the hustle.
- Only yesterday
- What?
A climateer
came knocking on my door,
saying now is the time
to change my car
to an electric something,
something, something.
I just bought a new Mercedes,
I worked hard to get it,
and you're standing at my door,
telling me to what?
Throw away my car! Huh?
And what next?
Exchange my cow for a carrot.
Why must the white man
chop at the neck
when the Africans only now
beginning to swallow, huh?
They say because
there's dairy inside.
I am tired of white people.
Yeah, me too.
Oh, shit. Theo, mate!
- Yes!
- What you saying?
Are you all right?
Someone needs to tell her
that black women don't do coke.
And apart from Arabella,
we don't get raped,
so she's not gonna find
no business here.
- Who?
- Uh, Theodora?
Because what else
would she be doing at a party,
apart from selling class-A
and trying to find
new rape victims
to put some dollar
into her little donation pot?
Uh, she could be celebrating.
Celebrating what?
Her life is about as celebratory
as a true-crime
documentary on Netflix.
I I I'm gonna go toilet,
Oh, shit.
Come on, Egyptuador! Love that
Yes, mate! Hey!
You having a good night?
You having a good night?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Yeah, man, can't complain.
Oh, it's boiling in there.
Bells, Bells. Sorry, um
Can I go in your
bedroom for a bit?
- Yeah. Sure.
- Got a headache.
- Are you having a good time?
- Yeah. Yeah.
What's wrong?
- What a party.
- Hello, mate.
- I'm gonna smoke if
- We're not smokers.
- V for Vape.
- Oh, yeah, course.
Yeah, well, I'll be,
uh, outside.
- Shall I tell her to go?
- No, no, no.
I'm happy for her to be here,
as long as you trust her.
- Do you trust her?
- Why wouldn't I trust her?
Because of things that happened
in the past?
Like framing a black man
for something he never did?
That That was, um,
- that was a long time ago.
- And in between that time,
has anything been resolved,
has she even said anything?
Uh, no, no.
Exactly, then why is she
all up in our yard
dancing with our friends,
consuming the vibes,
consuming the food?
Well, she paid
for the food. Now that
Yeah, even that though,
why is she being nice
and supportive?
What is she hiding?
T, we need to resolve our
problems on the dance floor.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah
- Just be careful.
- Careful
- Yo.
- Yo.
That's mad,
I was just thinking about you.
Yeah, I've been wanting to say
sorry for disappearing after,
you know
And I wanted to say thank you.
Thank you?
for being so cool, you know?
Yo, I met someone,
and I don't care, you know,
I don't give a fuck.
I'm doing me,
and I'm not listening
to anything anyone has to say,
do you know what I mean?
Oh, Egyptuador, you having fun?
- Yeah. Having a good time.
- More wine?
- Nah. I'm good, you know.
- Oops!
I'm actually
trying to find your toilet?
Uh, yeah.
It's the first door on the left.
- This one?
- Yeah.
Oh, sorry, man,
I thought this was the toilet.
I prefer your anti-man videos.
Aah, Samson,
it's not exactly a bad cause
because crops are, you know
- dying and shit, so
- I don't have garden,
I don't see crops.
Samson, it's a thing, you know,
planet-wise, we are fucked.
Is this what
they pay you to say?
Theo, back me up?
I can't, I'm eating.
Look. All I'm saying is,
if you deep it
Sis, deep history, I beg.
Let me tell you something
about the vegan,
- and the climateer.
- Yes, Pastor Samson.
Oh, they love
looking into the future.
But they don't care
about the past.
Because they don't look
too noble back there.
It's our duty to remind them.
- May we never forget.
- We will count every sin.
How's that got anything
to do with
It is the same manipulative
and sociopathic mind
that helped them invade,
exploit, and rape,
all but 22 countries
in the world
that they're channeling
to invade Hackney,
to talk about cows and carrots.
It doesn't matter
what it looks like.
Jesus, the English language,
sports, climate change,
the only real agenda
is power and worship.
- And money.
- The same way they used
the missionaries
to spread their "goodness"
Well, yeah,
they don't get paid when I post.
Chale, if you're going to fight
exploitation of any kind,
you yourself better know
when you're being exploited.
Every like you get
gives them exposure.
Exposure gives them
more followers.
Followers gives them power.
And power gives them money.
And you
help them get our attention.
Do you want me
to open the window?
Get some air in here?
Maybe they're right
about the icecaps.
I gotta tell you something.
Yeah. You were quiet in there.
I was quiet in there, yeah.
You know I don't do, like, that
corny fucking Facetime,
Insta stuff for Happy Animals.
I scout Bells,
do you know what I mean?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
No, sorry,
what do you mean?
So, like bringing you in.
Uh, me bringing you in,
uh, does have benefits.
Yeah, the referral fee.
Uh, so if I bring in
people of color,
I get a better referral fee.
So he he was right.
- But they do want
- Yeah.
Yeah, the more I think about it,
the more I'm
I probably should have told you,
um, obviously then
you wouldn't have
And I really need the cash.
And you said
you really needed the cash.
You know, um
- school days?
- Yeah.
It was me that went
to the teacher,
um, what's it, Mr
- Mr. McHale.
- Yeah.
Wow. I always wondered
how I got caught.
I was a bit shit.
No, you weren't.
Anyway. I don't think I'm gonna
go in tomorrow
because I don't think
I wanna do that job anymore.
- Oh, tomorrow?
- Mm-hmm.
Hmm. Would have been nice.
Smile, say some catchphrases,
pose, double pay.
Too good to be true, right?
- Oh, yo.
- Hi. Where's Kwame?
I gave him some private time
with Jamal in my bedroom.
He's on a break?
I'm sure he was swiping
on Grindr in the market.
He's on a break.
I had to find the key.
For fuck's sake.
- See ya, bro.
- What happened?
- I'm gonna fucking kill her.
- No, no, no.
Where is she?
Come on.
Oh, um, we can still get
the money from Happy Animals.
- How?
- I'll let it percolate.
- Okay.
- Night, Ben.
Night, Ben.
Who did you talk to?
No one, really,
I just reported it and boy.
That was enough to put me off
ever mentioning it
to anyone ever again.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
I I think I just wanted
to forget about it.
You have to tell Bella.
Yeah. I'll tell her,
but these times,
it's kind of hard
to get an in with her.
Do you know what I mean?
I feel like I've got to tweet
or Instagram her
before she even knows I exist.
Oh, I'll tell her,
I'll tell her tomorrow.
She'll be good to talk to,
We should probably
help her tidy up.
Oh, happy birthday.
No, it's not mine,
it's hers, remember?
- Shit!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oi, oi, happy birthday.
- Oh, uh, tomorrow
- Yeah?
Will be tomorrow.
Tomorrow is tomorrow.
Your birth is my birth, guys.
The climate crisis is real.
My hair is not.
And I love chicken.
Fried chickens.
What the f
What the f
God found the line
that separated him
from everything else.
And we will show him
exactly what we mean
by violation.
Do you by any chance
wanna go out tonight?
Sex with men is not safe for me
right now.
And I would like to have sex
with a female.
Honestly, you need
a plane ticket to Italy!
What is it about Italy?
- Well you know what it is
- He's a hypocrite.
He's controlling!
- Bella?
- Fuck!
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