I May Destroy You (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Line Spectrum Border

It's hard to stop it
when it starts off so small.
- Steve's like that. He's
- Remember,
- all aggressors should
- Oh, Bob. Bob. Sorry.
I took Bob aside.
I said, "Can you stop?"
Barely finished speaking
before he's looking
all horrified,
saying he'll never talk to me
again 'cause it's "safer."
Looking at me like I'm crazy.
Well, Bob probably does think
you're crazy.
He thinks this is all
a little uncalled for,
and this personal space thing
is all going a bit too far.
And he's very confident
in his view
because he's gone exploring
to see for himself
what boundaries and violations
these women might be
banging on about
because Bob's thorough.
And on these explorations,
Bob found the line
that separated him
from everything else.
Rather than crossing it,
he tiptoed on it.
And he experienced this feeling
of being on the boundary,
on the border,
right on the line
of being neither in one place
or another.
And saw how in this gray area,
where nothing was quite clear,
no one could be clear.
We can't articulate.
We fuddle our words.
We couldn't pinpoint
exactly what it was he did
that we felt was so wrong.
So, yeah, Bob thinks
you're crazy.
Yeah, he thinks he's
the smartest man in the room,
who knoweth all things,
because Bob has observed
the detail.
We have to start observing Bob,
telling him,
"We too see the detail.
We see you, Bob.
And if we see you, it means
we are right there with you,
tiptoeing in line
right behind you.
And in that place
where rules, clarity, law,
and separation cease to exist,
we will show you exactly
what we mean by 'violation.'"
We're all somewhere on a line.
Sexuality is a spectrum.
We're all on a spectrum.
Really? I had no idea.
Let's all have sex.
I don't know why it's a big deal
for you two. You're straight.
I'm not straight.
I just love dick.
And I have dick, so
So does my brother, Kwarms.
What's the point in hand?
Uh, the point in hand is that,
as you know,
sex with men
is not safe for me right now,
after being sexually assaulted
by one of them,
so I'd like to have sex with a
- A female
- A "female"?
I'm dead.
My brother's dick.
My brother's dick.
My brother's dick.
Boobs and a vaj.
Boobs and a vaj.
Boobs and a vaj.
Your nostrils are flaring.
- You're disgusted!
- That is mingin'!
Wank, Kwame.
Just wank, please,
and leave the females alone.
You say wank, yeah?
Huh? Huh? Wank, yeah?
Huh? Huh? Where you going?
Where you going?
Yo, what's good?
- Hey.
- Hey!
Are your ears itchy?
I was just thinking about you.
Um no.
They're not itchy.
- Are yours?
- No.
And you just crossed my mind,
- so I guess that ear thing
is nonsense.
- Oh my God.
Fuck. Heartbroken.
Mm. Gutted.
Are you uh,
are you with people?
Your eyes are sort of
darting around.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm with, uh,
a couple of friends
at the moment, so
Ah, right.
I better get back
to work anyway, so
Um, do you do you
Do you by any chance
wanna go out tonight?
- I'd really like that.
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah, me too.
Um, yeah, I'll be free.
Good. I'll I'll
I'll talk to you later, yeah?
Yous up, yeah?
Who is this man?
Who is this man?
Who is this man?
I'm dead. I'm dead.
- Oh my God.
- I'm dead!
Well, well, well.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Oh! Girl or boy?
Do you know yet?
- It's a girl.
- Aww!
- Hello.
- Double congratulations! Hello!
- Oh my God!
- Thanks for coming today.
Tell me you guys get to leave?
- Yeah.
- We do. Bless you.
We need to be pregnant
baes, you know, it's goals.
- Your birth is my birth.
- Goals.
Ooh, we'll do a YouTube channel
- and an Insta page.
- Obviously.
"Pregnant baes."
Oh my God. Do it.
Endorse us! I love it.
Oh, are you gonna, like,
film each other's births?
I don't think that's our
Ah, yeah. That's our shit.
We're kinda trashy like that.
- Yeah, We probably should
- Yes.
No, of course. Yeah. Sorry.
I'm gonna read you
a summing up of what we've done.
I appreciate
it's been nine months
since your first interview.
The initial inquiries we made
were to find out
where the crime took place.
We did manage to trace you
quite successfully on CCTV.
We scrutinized that CCTV
and potentially identified
a possible suspect
who was already on remand
for a very similar offense
in a nearby area.
Yeah, that's
That's the one you arrested.
He was interviewed,
and his DNA was taken.
We had numerous conversations
with forensic scientists
to decide which items
of your personal belongings
were best suited to examine
and where we might find
any kind of evidence.
Yes, when you the flannel.
When you tested the flannel.
Yes. Subsequently,
forensics detected semen
on the flannel.
In a normal case,
we could just upload it
onto a DNA database and wait
for a match to come along.
But unfortunately,
the DNA detected
wasn't substantial enough
to conduct a mass comparison.
So our only option
was to directly compare
individual DNA profiles
with the sample.
We asked
about any consensual partners
- at the time of the assault.
- Biagio. Mm-hmm.
Yeah. He did go into a station
and his DNA was taken in Italy.
It didn't match.
It was a negative match.
we compared the DNA results
with the suspect
already under arrest.
That was also negative.
So unfortunately,
that line of investigation
didn't go anywhere.
So it's no longer
an active investigation.
I'm really sorry to give you
that kind of information.
We we have your belongings
back from forensics.
Would you like them back?
How you doing, boo?
If you wanna chat, chat.
If you wanna cry, you can cry.
'Cause, I mean,
I don't know how healthy it is
to be here any longer.
Know what I mean?
'Cause I'm like, I know
the story hasn't been sweet,
and and we've been here
lingering for an hour,
so I'm like, let's
Let's transport Arabella
out of the police station
into an environment
that sparks joy.
- I need to leave.
- Yeah, yeah. Cool.
- Girl, I'm your taxi.
- Self-care.
- I've maxed out my cards.
- Babe, I haven't. I got you.
- There is something.
- Okay. Go on.
I can't say it.
Do you wanna come
and whisper it to me?
- I need a plane ticket
- Bae, I can't hear you.
I need a plane ticket to Italy.
- Bella?
- Yeah? What?
What is it about Italy?
Well, you know what it is
about Italy, T.
Bella, man.
Bella, listen, I understand.
His dick game was strong.
- No
- You fell hook, line, and sinker
but now it's time to sink him.
- Hook, line, and sink him.
- Right. Okay.
This is the same guy, yeah,
who told you
you had a drug problem
and then sold you drugs
in the same breath.
It wasn't in the same breath.
- What?
- It was in the same night,
- which is different
- Listen, he's a hypocrite.
He's controlling.
Is being around
a controlling hypocrite
good for your recovery plan?
Let me just check
the recovery toolbox.
Ooh! "Surround yourself
with people who affirm you."
- And that's you?
- Yes.
- That's you.
- Yes, it is.
So if you were to suddenly
not affirm me
when I needed
affirmation the most,
it would make you someone
I should stay away from,
and a bit controlling
and hypocritical.
How was the journey?
Was it all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
It was good, thank you, yeah.
Oh my God. You're seeing my face
up close for the first time.
- I'm shitting it.
- Ah, don't.
What are you talking about?
You're stunning.
Oh, well, you know.
when the veil goes.
You're gorgeous,
I l I love your hair.
Don't say that you like my hair.
That's the only thing I know
cannot be liked by anybody.
- It's awful.
- What what?
I have a hat in my bag.
That's how much I hate my hair.
You carry a hat in your bag?
On every one of these things.
Oh, yeah?
So, how does that work?
Um, well, I sit across from you,
and if I see your eyes
darting up to my hair,
then I excuse myself
to the toilet
and I come back like this.
No, you don't.
Yeah, seriously.
I like to do what I can
to make it a pleasurable
experience for both parties.
- A pleasurable experience?
- Yeah.
All right. Well
we should drink to that, yeah.
Um, a G&T would be amazing,
thank you.
Well, are you into white girls,
black girls?
Do you have a particular
interest in Greek girls?
Um, no, I'm I'm pretty open.
I'm into everything.
But you're here with me.
Walking me home.
What about you, uh,
do you have a type or
I'm into guys with some edge.
I'm into black guys.
Could you tell?
Well, you're letting me
walk you home.
I'm really into black guys.
Well, yeah, that's that's me.
Mi scusi?
Yeah, exactly.
So where the f
Sir, could you stop
the car please,
'cause I know the way from here?
Can you
Your international data
has run out. Please
So hi.
Uh, I don't know if
Hi. Uh
I've got gin.
Is that all right?
Bella? What the fuck
are you doing here?
Come here.
I, um I just w I I
I just wanted to say sorry.
I just
I I came
because I wanted to apologize.
- To me?
- Yeah.
For making you go to the police.
So you break into
my house for this?
Well, no, I didn't I did
I didn't break in.
I remembered
where you kept the key.
I just really needed to see you.
That's why I'm turning up
at your apartment
with, uh, songs and sorrys
and, uh
la pillola.
- La pillola?
- Yeah.
You're crazy.
The only thing you remember.
No, I also remembered
Pizzeria Il Tempo.
It's your favorite.
- It is.
- I ordered.
'Cause I was hungry
waiting for you.
You're crazy.
You know that's
why you like me.
Liked me.
Probably hate me now.
I can never hate you.
Ignoring my calls
for no reason then.
I rang you on the way
to the airport.
- What is this?
- Oh, that Sorry.
It's, uh
You It's just writing, uh
on yeah, nothing.
Read it for me.
Well, no, I haven't
I haven't even read it
back to myself, so
I want to be near you.
I, uh I stopped partying,
and drinking,
and I, um
I stopped smoking.
- I stopped smoking.
- You did?
You came alone?
Uh, yeah.
How long do you stay?
I say however long
you want me to.
You good for cash?
- Uh I might just
- Here.
Yeah. Thank you.
Biagio, the door's locked.
Biagio, are you okay?
Okay, so I'm thinking, um,
you've probably locked me out
on purpose.
I'm not sure, but
feeling confident.
Can you at least tell me
what I did?
Preferably not with a door
in between us.
Biagio, can you open
the door, please?
Right So, uh
I'm yeah, I'm
I'm thinking back, and
I'm realizing I might've
come across as a bit intense
when I said I was here
as long as you wanted me to be.
I'm not.
I do have a return.
I'm not, um
Like, I have a ticket.
I have a ticket.
It's it's Rome to Heathrow,
tomorrow morning.
I will show you. It's
It's, uh, tomorrow morning.
I think I've left my pass
My my passport is in there,
so now I really am here
as long as you want me to be.
I can't I can't leave
unless you open the door
and give it to me.
Biagio, are you really
that kind of prick, yeah?
Wow. Biagio,
you're a fucking bitch!
You're a fucking cunt, Biagio!
You fucking piece of shit.
Fuck you,
you fucking piece of shit!
You're a fucking bitch!
You son of a bitch!
Fucking bitch.
You fucking son
of a fucking bitch.
Get away from my door.
- It's nice.
- Ah, that's my first.
I'd been begging for a tat
for ages, and then my dad died.
- Oh, sorry.
- Thanks. And, uh
two days later I told my mum
that I wouldn't be able
to recover from the grief
unless I got a tattoo
of the date.
It was the
only thing she couldn't
really argue with.
Ah. Sociopath flex.
I do say that I have a sociopath
lying dormant inside my brain.
Yeah, well Whatever it is,
I think you're fucking cool.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Oh, is it?
What What did you say?
- "Ni"
- You said "nijja"?
Yeah Yeah.
"Nijja," it's my substitute.
Is it
- You have a you have a
- Substitute. Yeah.
I'm not gonna say it.
Why? What d'you think's
gonna happen?
If you say it three times
in the mirror,
does the KKK leader
appear in the mirror?
I got a lot of black friends.
I would never say it.
All I'm saying is
"nijja" is fucking weird, so
I wouldn't be so antsy about it.
Well, it's complex, isn't it?
Hmm. Okay.
everyone's terrified to speak.
I can't even ask
for a fucking fag in public
without being paranoid
some fucking gay guy's
gonna have a seizure.
What, so you won't say "nigger"
but you will say the F word?
Did you just substitute
"the F word" for "faggot"?
I thought I was the antsy one?
It's really complex.
Also, on a personal level,
like, how much sympathy
do I actually really have
with, like, major appropriators
of female identity?
I just I don't know.
I'm gay.
You're joking, right?
- You're gay?
- I'm gay.
Well, if you're gay,
why are you on a dating app
looking for
What the fuck?
No, the thing the thing is
sexuality is a spectrum.
And I I wanted
I wanted to explore, like
You're gay.
Why would you not say
that you were gay?
Because we we shared a lot.
I mean, like, a lot.
And you just sort of
kept that bit back.
Yeah. But I
I wasn't even sure
Yeah. Can you leave?
Have you done this before?
- Do you do it regularly?
- I don't fucking do it.
Have you ever had sex
with a woman?
Oh, you're a virgin.
That's great.
You're crying?
Waterworks? Really?
And just so you know,
you're a fucking dick.
Your international
data has run out.
Please call
the following number
For anybody
who thinks I'm crazy
for having Insta
and Twitter wars
with rapists
and life-destroyers every day,
you can relax, I have
the all-clear. Yay!
Back in the room,
it's all right.
Hey! I love your work.
I've read your posts.
Sorry, you must be busy.
I am never too busy
to talk about pain.
I love you too. I mean
it trickles down, doesn't it?
Do you need social media?
These networks promote speaking
at the cost of listening.
I have to speak.
Kwame, if you paint things
to make it look like
you're a victim, and I find out
that isn't the case,
it makes me question
who you are.
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