I May Destroy You (2020) s01e10 Episode Script

The Cause the Cure

Ayy, my darling.
Let's go McDonald's.
Ah, I thought I was bringing
the McDonald's to you, my dear.
Next time, hmm, okay?
Love you.
I told ya!
Told ya he was coming.
Slow down.
- Daddy!
- Ayy!
- Hey!
- How are you, my darling?
Wave. Wave. Happy. Wave.
Phone pings, look at phone.
Deep breath. Sadness.
How are you?
- I'm fine now.
- Mom's birthday today, remember.
I miss you daughter, eh.
I miss you, too.
- You coming to Mom's?
- No.
The good Lord works
The good Lord works
- Bella, Terry's here.
- 'Kay.
- Hello?
- Hi.
I'll see you at Mom's, eh?
Oh, it's cold.
That should help.
Red lorry,
yellow lorry, red lorry,
yellow lorry,
red lorry, yellow lorry,
red lorry, yellow lorry,
red lorr
Okay, I'm ready.
Uh, "Woman Three says hello
to coworkers.
She receives notification
on her phone,
and she opens it,
looks around her office
and cries."
Okay, I'm feeling good
about that.
Yeah, that's good.
That's really good.
- Very.
- Yeah, cool, cool.
- Bella, you sure?
- Yeah. Don't have a lot
to do today.
Just my mom's birthday.
That's it.
Oh, my bad.
And you?
Oh, by the grace
of God, me, I'm okay.
- Hi, Mom, happy birthday.
- Happy birthday, Auntie!
Look at all of you, thank you.
- Uh, what time is Dad coming?
- He said 5:00.
- Aight. Right, bye. Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye. Happy birthday.
- Bye, Auntie.
Oh, you didn't tell me
Daddy was coming.
You lot gettin'
your Brady Bunch on.
Yeah! Yeah, we're gonna do
all the stuff, you know?
- Oh yeah, proper stuff?
- Mmm.
- Table tings?
- Share food,
- pass the bowl around
- Serving spoon.
Every bowl should have
a separate spoon.
Ooh, dishing and serving?
Not just for ourselves,
but also for each other.
You lot are doing it? Wow.
I can't even stand my dad
at Christmas,
just taking up space
at the table,
playing Homer Simpson,
cracking daddy jokes,
eating daddy-sized
portions of food
as if he's earned
the right to chomp.
Right. Let's go again.
Oh. Uh, okay. Uh
"Woman Three says hello
to coworkers."
Yep yep, yep
To a ki if you want
On the team if you want
On the scene if you want
You can be what you want
Nothin' ain't
Nothin' ain't
You're sure you can take me?
Don't you have work to do?
I'm on a break.
I am not even
supposed to try and write.
Oh. Your deadline?
Ain't they waiting?
I think they are busy
celebrating people
who actually achieve.
And don't you get paid
on delivery?
Ben, rent might have to be
something you cover
one more time, is that
So how does not writing
help you to write?
I don't know.
Carrie's orders!
So staking out Ego Death Bar
every Thursday to Saturday?
If you don't feel comfortable
coming with me,
you don't have to
It's not about
my comfort, Bella,
I wasn't the one
who was spiked there.
What happened there
has nothing to do with me.
I mean, it's one thing going on,
I don't know, "hiatus,"
and another thing
spending all your free time
returning to the scene
of the crime.
Ben, does that seem normal
in any way?
You know there's nothing
coming out of that thing, right?
- There's not, is there?
- No.
I thought I was going mad.
You're amazing.
Terry Pratchard.
Sorry for just, uh
I I went to your workplace,
I was I was just gonna
I don't work there anymore.
Some people be looking
for me too much.
Guessing you must've seen Kat?
So, yeah.
Mom's cooking
is second to none, so
that's one thing.
Can we, um, can we walk?
- Are you angry with me?
- No.
You angry with me?
Generally, I just feel, uh
really bad for thinking
even for a second
that you might've, so
I'm really
You're good, man. You're good.
It's mad though, like
how if I didn't leave you,
none of this would've happened.
She's right.
Technically, I did.
- And I'm fucking
- Nah, nah.
You're good, man.
- It's good to see you, still.
- Yeah, man.
Feels, uh,
feels kinda good like
Yeah, I can roll you one.
Yeah, why not?
I'm glad she told you.
How's that my L, for real,
when she's the one
who gave me approval to leave?
And seeing she's the one
who forced me to lie
and say I walked you home.
She's got two L's, I got one L,
so who should be carrying
the L this whole time,
- you know what I mean?
- Who you talking about?
Oh, shit.
So bro, what's really good?
Same old, sis.
Same old.
- How's Wunmi?
- Yeah
What happened?
She's been in a few
serious relationships already.
And she weren't really looking
for like long term tings.
We're still friends though,
so it's chill.
We did argue one time, though.
-I'll get it.
Araba, you've grown.
- Oh, nice to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
- Hello, Auntie L.
- Oh, Nick.
- How are you?
- I'm fine, Auntie.
Who is it?
Araba, you don't remember me?
Auntie, you know this one now,
she doesn't remember anything.
Mom, Auntie Lenora's here!
- My dear.
- Ooh, is it!
Fine girl no pimples, simples.
By the grace of God, I'm fine.
Auntie is going now.
God bless you for coming by.
- Bye, Auntie.
- Bye, Auntie.
- What?
- Basic Twi, Bells.
How have you still not learnt
basic Twi?
When did you?
I been trying to understand
what the elders been saying
- since we were babies, fam.
- Shit.
While you just
sat there clueless
playing Gameboy.
I'm dumb, bros.
You this girl,
couldn't retain shit.
Listen. My head is like
diet cola, okay? It's light.
'Cause you don't remember.
No, I don't.
I got hungry.
Daddy is taking us
to McDonald's.
It's Auntie L.
The man is no good.
I spoke to him
this morning, he'll be here.
It's gonna get cold.
If it gets too cold,
we'll put it in the microwave.
Can I at least get a plantain?
- I'm getting hungry.
- No, Nick. You cannot.
-I'll get it.
- Dad?
- Plates, Nick.
And bring the blue plate
for your dad, the one he likes.
Hello, Dad!
My girl, eh!
- How are you?
- Fine.
- We need tunes.
- How are you?
Thank you.
- Ayy.
- He's here! Hooray!
- We can finally eat.
- Happy birthday, madam.
- Why thank you, Kojo.
- Nicholas! Eh?
What you sayin', Dad?
Nicholas, microwave?
- Nicholas, how is school?
- University?
It's good.
But it's been
how many years now?
- Six. I got one left.
- Hope you are not spending
all your studying time
in the gym?
Oh, Kojo
- What is going on these days?
- It's a part-time degree.
- I've gotta work, innit.
- He's doing very well.
By 17, I was living by myself.
You, you had moved out.
- Mmm, yeah, I'm
- By 26, I didn't have muscles,
- I had a house.
- I'll be back.
I wonder how much
that house is worth now, eh?
-Probably at least a million.
That house was the spot.
You were always at that house
after school.
Yeah, 'cause Dad lived there.
And he was driving
that orange car.
Ooh, when Daddy
was driving Mercedes-Benz!
I was driving a Toyota!
A specimen of a car!
- Come on, better than a Benz.
- Okay, Daddy.
It wasn't orange.
It was burnt clementine.
You didn't see another guy
driving a burnt
clementine Toyota.
It was my trademark.
Only for those guys to come back
the next day and steal it, eh.
- What? What was that?
- Oh, they, uh
they stole the television,
the speakers
Madam, listen,
if you're going to say it,
say it right, eh?
I was driving my Toyota.
I walked into my house.
I was sad.
Only the day before,
I was victim to a cruel robbery.
I looked around my empty house,
I said, "God," eh?
"What did I do to deserve this,
Why did you do this to me?"
And then I heard a car engine.
I say I say,
"I know that engine."
It was my Toyota.
Hey, Jesus.
By the time I run to the door
it was gone.
Yeah, um, the day before, when
they robbed the whole house,
Dad didn't realize they'd also
robbed his second set of keys.
It's hard to start again, man.
You were only a baby.
Yeah, you didn't come
to that house much.
No, he wasn't a "baby,"
I was 14, so he was like
Hmm, yeah.
- They really must have
followed you, eh?
- Who?
- Oh, Kojo, let's not.
- What?
You left the window open.
Yeah, man!
How else do you think
they got in?
I don't know how long you were
entering the house like that.
Oh no!
It was me?
It's okay,
it's in the past now.
The past is the past.
So why are we talking about it?
She asked me
where the blame lies.
- I'm just telling her.
- Kojo!
She was a child!
Of course, of course,
but I was sad, eh?
What happened?
To struggle
in this country for decades,
to lose everything
in a matter of hours
because of this
wonderful tyrant.
Who is the tyrant?
-Okay, okay!
Uh, one second, please.
- He's looking.
- Is he?
Yes. Don't look for him,
he'll think you're a slag.
Walk straight.
Bella, what you saying?
You all right?
Bruv, run, run!
- Wait. What is happening?
- If he sees you
in your dutty school uniform
for a second longer, it's over.
You need to go to your dad's
and change, bruv.
If my dad sees me, I'm fucked.
Hi, Daddy
Yeah, I'm fine.
I was gonna come say hello,
you home?
Oh, it's a shame.
That's a long time,
till midnight?
Nah, it's okay.
I'll just go to Mummy.
Ah, don't work too hard.
Love you.
When your parents
ain't together, double yard,
- that's sick!
- No, they are together,
they just never lived
in the same place, you know?
And I get to see him
whenever I like,
and I get to stay here
He ain't got no other family?
Nah, I just got two yards,
So how come you ain't got a key?
He's gonna cut one for me,
he just keeps forgetting.
Is your mom and dad married?
Oi, Kevin is so buff.
When I see him,
I feel a pebble in my clit,
bouncing off
the upper left side,
you know what I mean?
Have you got nice garms
in your yard?
- Yeah.
- Okay, cool,
'cause if I'm struggling
walking around as your friend,
how's anyone
gonna be your boyfriend?
All right.
And these things on your feet
are testing our friendship.
Tell me you got crep
in the yard, too?
You need to hurry up,
or Kevin's gonna be gone
by the time you come back.
Cool, cool.
Double tap, yeah?
I thought you said
he was at work?
I was like, "Shit!"
What happened?
Mom. Are you okay?
Yes, of course.
It's my birthday,
and I'm looking cute.
Lenora, is she your friend?
Yes, my dear.
She was also
your father's plaything.
You don't care?
I'm single and sexy,
why should I care?
All I care about is my children.
- Mom?
- Hmm?
I have to tell you
about something
that happened to me in January.
What happened?
The most to me
I can feel the change
Does it need more sugar?
The mojito?
No. It's it's perfect,
it's it's really nice.
Way ahead of me
You're gorgeous.
Thank you.
When are you gonna do
something about it?
I cooked and made you a mojito.
Yeah, thank you.
What else you got for me?
You mean my dick?
Yeah, I mean your dick.
We can explore being sexual
another day.
Then why'd you follow through
and make me come
all the way here?
I liked your pictures.
You know, your profile
says "Fun Now."
Mojitos are fun,
and now we have them.
Stop fuckin' with me,
you know what I mean.
Okay, well,
you're wasting my fucking time.
So can you just see me out?
'Cause this
This is fucking weird.
Is having a mojito
weirder than instantly fucking?
Sometimes, there's other stuff.
Sit with me.
And we'll think about what else.
How long you been on Grindr?
I want a hug.
- Hi.
- Hey, girl.
What's good?
How was your audition?
It was all right, you know.
- Yeah?
- Mmm.
And your dad, did he turn up?
Um, well Hey, Kai.
She's here.
Can I get you guys anything?
Uh, yeah.
- Your usual?
- Yes, please.
- And red? Glass of red?
- Yeah.
Can we get
two glasses of red, please?
Cool. All right. If there's
anything else that you need,
just let me know.
Oh, the swag.
Oh, yeah.
So, did you dad turn up?
Oh, girl, I should've
told you not to trust him.
Nah, he he he did.
He was a bit late, but
Oh, okay.
I gave Simon
his jacket back today.
What did he say?
- I'm sorry.
- You're amazing.
Thank you
being a really great friend
and looking after me
this past year, yeah.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
Your birth is my birth, G.
- Your death is my death.
- Your death is my death.
Sis, are you good?
- Yeah, you?
- Yeah, man.
You gonna eat that?
Are you okay, darling?
- Do you want more food?
- Oh, yes, please.
Can we get more plantain?
You this boy and your plantain,
- The book.
- Amazing, Ben.
Della Croy-Dickie.
I need to meet her.
She's like my twin.
I wondered if you could maybe
arrange a meeting
for the two of us.
Where's your draft?
We've been waiting
for quite a while now.
I am in more debt
than I've ever been
in my whole life.
What's on the menu tonight?
Going to do
your bar watch thing?
Hey, you wanna come?
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