I May Destroy You (2020) s01e11 Episode Script

Would You Like to Know the Sex?

Double time, everyone,
'cause you lot are turning me
the fuck on!
Well done,
well done, well done.
All right.
That's a water break, guys.
Take two minutes.
Well done, guys.
He's trying to kill us.
T, what's wrong?
T, T, T, what's good?
- What's wrong?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Got
- What?
Got the job.
- You got the job?
- You got the job?
- You got the job!
- You got the job!
- I got the job.
- You got the job!
- You got the job!
- I got the job.
I got the job!
He wants to go kayaking.
That's good, innit?
Yeah, it's really good.
It's just
We go for walks
he makes me mojitos,
the other day,
we went to a farm.
Know what? He's actually
a bit like you, Ben.
- Oh, yeah?
- A general nice.
And for me, it's a bit unusual,
I had to adapt, but
I feel like I'm copying him now.
Like I'm coming across nice.
You are nice.
I reject that.
I'm nice to you and to her,
but am I generally nice?
What are you getting at, bae?
We're great people, we're goals.
But Ben,
do you ever get that feeling
like someone's right for you,
but you're not yet the person
you need to be
to also be right
for that person?
Yeah, I know
what you mean, yeah.
What do you do?
Do whatever you need to do
to become the right person.
Bun this dead chat.
Bella, are you okay?
Oh, hey.
Just a tiny bit left.
How you doing, bae?
I'm proud of you for moving on.
She's really let everything go,
innit, Ben?
I was thinking
we should do a cleanse.
- Fuck!
- Rehydrating, exfoliating
- Good book?
- Decluttering
It's fucking amazing, Ben.
Della Croy-Dickie! Ugh!
I need to meet her, you know?
She's like my twin.
Let me let me tell you
how deep this shit goes.
Arabella and Della,
both Londoners,
both new writers,
both published
under Henny House,
yet somehow manage to sit
on complete opposite sides
on the spectrum of success
and failure. How?
Our names fucking rhyme.
Well, if you're with
the same publisher,
I'm sure someone
can introduce you to her?
- Yeah
- Yeah.
What about Susy Henny?
I'd prefer not to reach out.
Well, they'll ask me
how I'm doing
and how my draft
is coming along,
and 'cause
I haven't done anything,
it's just the last conversation
I wanna have with them.
- You haven't done anything?
- Or with you.
But more so with them.
So, no reaching out.
I need a plan B.
Hi, Della. I'm Arabella,
I'm a new writer, like yourself.
Um, thank you.
I closed it,
and I felt, uh, different,
and it gave me hope
I might finish my book one day.
But not how you get things.
This is reading
as weak and unsure.
- I am weak and unsure.
- We can't see that.
As someone who just got a job,
can I help you?
- Action.
- Hey, Della.
I'm Arabella, new writer,
woman, she, her.
I've recently read The Sundial,
and I couldn't put it down
for a second.
Not even for a loo break.
As a woman,
I wanted to reach out to you
as another woman,
to see if we, as women,
could get a coffee,
and discuss the struggle
of being under commission
in this patriarchal system?
Email and number below.
I hope to hear
from you soon, sis.
- Hashtag HennyHouseGang.
- And cut.
- Bella, so good.
- Right.
- So layered, so textured. Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
And we are we're
- We're sure about this?
- Trust me.
Mm? Ben?
- Uh, number and email.
- Oh, yes, yes, yes.
- Oh, good. She's seen it.
- Oh, good. Good. Good.
Yeah, that's good. Good, good.
Where's she gone?
Where's she gone?
Should I add another
Yeah, let me add, like, "X."
Hmm. Go back to the home page.
- Uh, let's just wait
- Gimme the fuckin'
She's blocked me.
She's blocked me.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!
- So gorgeous.
- Feel.
Stunning, wow.
I like stroking this one,
to center myself.
I haven't had a break
in eight years.
Man, that's, uh
- that's tough.
- Hmm.
Peace Lily, she was my first.
- This is Kalanchoe.
- Hmm.
I've been growing her,
what, about two years now.
- She is beautiful.
- She is my favorite.
Hmm. I see why.
Do you grow?
- Do I
- Do you grow?
Are you into growing?
Flowers, plants?
- I am, I am.
- Mm-hmm.
Never done it,
I should say, but I
- Oh, you'd love it.
- Yeah.
Yeah, no,
I really wanna get into it.
Do it, do it, do it!
We should be planting.
You know, we are the descendants
of trees.
Guess that's where we get
the melanin.
- What?
- The melanin.
'Cause the barks are brown,
and our skin is brown, so
It was just a joke about
the barks being brown
'cause the brown
is the melanin in our skin,
and trees have brown barks.
Yeah, I was just making
a silly race joke.
Do you believe in multiple races
as a rational taxonomy?
I probably
Probably gonna
have to think about that
and get back to you.
Where's your draft?
We've been waiting
for quite a while now.
I'm just curious
as to what stage we are at?
How's it going?
What's the current word count?
Word c I can't say for sure.
That's actually the reason
I'm here.
I read Della Croy-Dickie's
new book.
- The Sundial?
- Yeah.
And I wondered
if you could maybe
arrange a meeting
for the two of us.
Before, you mentioned
that was something
you could potentially do.
Is something like that possible?
Okay, I just really thought
she could she could help me.
She can't help you.
It was great to see you.
Uh you, too.
Arabella, um,
h how are you?
Yeah. Yeah, good.
We brought you
in here today, um
It's not good news.
Henny House notified us,
um, over the phone
and and via email
that they, uh
they're withdrawing
your commission.
Yeah. They caught wind
that, um, they
their desired outcomes
may not be achieved.
- I went to see Susy.
- Why did you do that?
Well, they've cut and run,
and so now we need to begin
the process of repayment
and, you know,
we have to figure out
how you plan on on
On doing that.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
Things now have become
very, uh, complex.
What does What does that mean?
Complex. You know,
everything's now become
very, uh
We can no longer represent you.
Thank you.
Um, I'll have the
tofu Bolognese, please.
You're vegetarian?
Uh, yeah,
I'm trying it out today.
Fish of the day
looks great to me.
I'll get the fish.
Thank you.
- So?
- So, I guess I just wanted
to explain my behavior,
and to say sorry.
I had an intention
to sleep with a woman.
Uh, just a hook-up,
a one-time thing,
which I already know
is problematic to some people,
but then we matched,
and then we got really close,
on the phone,
bonding and sharing,
and that's when you stopped
being right for my
uh, experiment.
And, uh, yeah,
I wish I had realized that
before rather than after,
because then maybe
we could have had a friendship.
- Okay.
- I know you might think
I I betrayed your trust,
and I think I did, too.
And, yeah, I'm so sorry.
I'll never do
anything like that again.
It's what it is, isn't it?
Yeah, I guess anything that
you might have found offensive,
you wouldn't have heard,
had you not stepped into
my house under a fake identity.
I I'll never even contemplate
doing anything that way again.
Did it once.
No one really knows
what you're gonna do.
You shouldn't fucking get away
with that shit,
but the reality of life
is that predators and criminals
never face justice.
I'm gonna cancel.
Fuck's sake.
I mean, I can cancel it for you.
you're fucking cancelled too.
It's gonna be okay, bae.
It's gonna be okay.
All done, ladies?
Anything else I can get you
before I finish my shift?
Uh, just the bill,
and if you text that number,
I'll have yours.
I can do that for you.
How you doing, bae?
I am in more debt than I've
ever been in my whole life.
How you gonna pay them back?
I don't know, Terry,
that's why I'm crying.
- T?
- Yo?
You were right.
Thank you.
You were right. Della.
- Yes!
- She's, uh she's she's
She's asking if I'm free.
- What're you gonna tell her?
- I'm I'm free?
- You are free.
- I am free now.
You are free now.
All right, I'm off.
- See you later.
- She's emailed me.
What the fuck is that?
Who knows?
I'm gonna let you guys find out.
Yes. Yes. Yeah. Yeah.
Kai! Kai, hey!
- Okay.
- Ooh.
- Hmm. Look at that.
- Ooh, I've got food envy.
Enjoy, guys.
Um I was supposed to wait
until you were leaving, but
I just got to say, thank you.
I saw you on Flip Side. Like
I know who you are.
Just had to
I'm a fan.
That's very kind of you,
thank you.
Excuse me, um
- Can I have what he's having?
- Yeah, sure.
So, what was that?
Knows my work, I guess.
Well, I'm actually an actress,
so I wanna know
who I'm really sitting with.
Do you want another drink?
I'm just gonna go toilet.
Be back.
- Okay.
- Perfect.
Can I get you anything?
- I'm waiting for someone.
- Okay. I'll come back.
Thank you.
Oh. Wow. Hey.
Uh, long time.
- How have you been?
- I'm brilliant.
Yeah, I'm living my best life.
Can I get you a drink?
Yeah, no.
I'm I'm waiting for someone,
actually, so
- Really? Seriously?
- Yeah.
Fuck this shit, man!
After all the stuff
at the summit,
Susy still wanted to publish me,
but didn't wanna risk
using my name.
So, "Della"?
Are you still with
Future Voices?
No, and I couldn't find
another agent after that
So, no one knows
you're Della apart from
Henny House, and my mom.
- Susy knows?
- Susy picked the name.
It's a bit silly to come
and meet me, isn't it?
Why've you done that?
You sent me a video
of yourself
on the toilet?
Seems like you need help
to finish your novel?
And I was supposed
to help you before,
back then,
and I didn't, so, um
- Look, I don't want to make
- Look, just wait. Wait.
I'm not afraid of you.
'Cause you're not under my bed.
You're here with me,
so you don't scare me.
- I don't want to scare you.
- And I've gone underneath,
underneath into the darkness,
and that darkness is now in me,
looking at you,
so I might seem
a little bit more frightening
than the last time you saw me.
You were pretty frightening
the last time I saw you.
Yes, yes, I remember.
Sit down.
You emailed me.
I also made a printout.
What is it?
It's a plot diagram
for creative non-fiction.
This week,
Flip Side shines a light
on trans musician Kai Forest.
I don't even
really like labels
- Hi.
- Hi.
So, shall I get the bill?
Oh, no, why?
You seem uncomfortable.
I'm having a great time.
So, where were we?
You were telling me
about your job.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Actress, yep.
So, tell me about you.
Your background, your history?
Well, I was born
in Hertfordshire.
I moved to London when I was 17
to make it as a guitarist.
Turns out I wasn't the only one
who saw the gap in the market
for the next Jimmy Page.
Couldn't compete,
so I ended up studying fine art.
And now, I have
the outward appearance
of a young man,
but there, within my pants,
lies a vagina.
So, how you feeling?
Wanna leave?
If I leave, people will think
I'm transphobic.
- And you're not transphobic.
- I'm not transphobic.
And your food just came.
- Yep.
- 'Cause you really wanted it.
So, might as well try it
while it's still warm.
- The setup?
- Yeah.
This is where you introduce
the regularity of their world,
before an event disrupts it.
I've actually done that,
I think I've done that.
Good, yeah, you're probably
following it already.
- Conflict, confrontation.
- Yeah. Obstacles, setback.
You also introduce
the other characters,
including the main antagonist,
which, um,
which isn't always a person
But it could be a person.
Yes, yeah. Um
Or multiple people,
an outdated software
in a computer system,
the self, anything that creates
major conflict,
because conflict
enables the story to develop
- and the stakes to rise.
- And the last bit.
- Yeah. Resolution.
- Mm-hmm.
You can also use
multiple narratives,
use circular structures
Circular structures
It's just a guideline, you know?
I I learned all this stuff
in school.
Where? Cambridge?
Thank you.
Would you like to come back
to mine?
- Prude.
- I'm not prudish!
I'm not.
I've had a threesome.
Fuck you.
So, while Giovanni
was getting you a drink,
you started flirting with
Luigi. Yeah,
we just locked eyes
And Giovanni saw?
Yeah, and then he still
gave me my drink.
I could've had
anything I wanted.
And they introduced themselves
to each other?
And then there was a vibe.
And then you all went back
and, uh
And did things
that prudish bitches don't do.
- No, no.
- No, no, go on.
They weren't strangers.
What do you mean?
Sounds like they made a plan
and waited for someone
to take the bait.
You think they were pretending
to be strangers?
I could be wrong.
There was something
about the way they left.
They left together.
They headed off together?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Pre-arranged, probably.
It happens.
It's a while ago.
Still burns
like it was yesterday, huh?
Thank you so much, Zain.
I thought you were writing
about consent.
So did I.
I don't understand it.
I do.
Thank you.
I'm glad I could help.
See you around.
Uh, I'm gonna go home.
Can you, um, throw those out,
please, on your way?
Yeah. Yeah, sure.
Thanks, Della.
- Right.
- Right, mate.
That is such a loud bird.
What's on the menu tonight?
Going to do
your bar watch thing?
Hey, you wanna come?
Oh, you know
I don't go out much.
Well, invite's there
if you change your mind.
Everybody feels lonely
from time to time.
When we have no one
to sit next to at lunch,
when we move to a new city,
or when nobody has time for us
at the weekend.
But over the last few decades,
this occasional feeling
has become chronic for millions.
In the UK, 60 percent
Sorry. Where were we?
Yo, guys.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Leave you guys to it.
- Yeah.
So, you two are
Yep. We are going steady.
You all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Okay, cheers.
- Cheers.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm just nervous.
Got an email about my advert.
It's gonna be in a cartoon,
so I'm kinda like
I'm really sorry to trouble you,
I'm trying to spend the night
in a shelter
- Are you all right?
- I need to get to work.
Okay, well,
let's let's get you in a cab.
Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes!
- She's all right, ain't she?
- Yeah.
Fuck, okay.
A criminal always returns
to the scene of the crime.
- Are you sure?
- Yes!
We need to figure out
what we're gonna do.
I've done that.
Now we're gonna give him
a taste of his own medicine.
So, you down for the alliance
or not?
The alliance is spicy,
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