I Was Possessed (2015) s01e01 Episode Script


Woman: Nothing like this had
ever happened to me before.
I thought that I was a normal teenager.
Woman 2: I never thought
it could happen to me.
I thought this was only
something that happened on TV.
For it is he who commands you.
He who flung you headlong
from the heights of heaven
into the depths of hell.
My skin was on fire. I was bright red.
Woman: I felt just like
my whole body drained
from my head to my feet
and that's when the rage took over.
My name is Tanisha Jones.
My name is Molly Sacharski.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
be gone and stay far
from this creature of God.
God, heavenly father,
restrain this child of yours.
Through the evil one,
restrain this child, Lord.
God commands you, to the pit now,
bound with all of your works and effects,
and all of your associates,
their works and effects, never to return.
I command you out of her.
You shall leave her now.
Molly: My name is Molly
Sacharski and I'm 34 years old.
I grew up in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.
It was a pretty fun place to grow up,
but it wasn't always easy 'cause my mom was
a single mom who raised me on her own.
In the summers I used to go
to camp while my mom worked.
I met Sarah there.
We became best friends.
Still are to this day.
Sarah: She and I connected.
She has so much love and
she has so much to give.
She's a very loyal friend.
I did end up moving
to Honolulu for college.
Despite that distance
and being oceans apart,
she's like my family.
Molly: My twins Noah and
Isabella are my pride and joy.
It's a lot being a single mother,
but they're the most
important things in my life.
Sarah: Once the twins were born,
Molly being a single mom,
she decided it would be best
to go back with her mom so that
they could take care of the twins together.
Molly just thought that
that was the best choice.
I think it was, too.
Molly: My mom bought a
house big enough for all of us
with two floors, a big
yard for the kids to play.
I was happy to think that my
kids would grow up in this house
with all the love and happy
memories that we would make.
Sarah: Molly seemed really
excited to be living at the house.
She could finally have a regular
happy, suburban life for her kids.
But that didn't last long.
Molly: Right after we moved into the house,
within a few weeks weird
things started happening.
You'd hear things moving in the basement.
Things would move in the kitchen
at a certain time at night.
Knocking at the back door.
I would get up and go around
the house to make sure that
there was nobody in the house with us.
I would check windows and doors to
make sure everything was locked up
that there was no possible
way that anyone could get in.
And everything was locked and fine.
Within a few weeks, we had found
random, dead animals.
First was a rabbit
and then a few days
later it was a chipmunk.
And then it was a squirrel.
It didn't really register
as anything strange to me.
I just figured animals die,
just happened to die at our house more.
My son Noah was fine
with his room at first.
And then out of nowhere
he didn't wanna be in there anymore,
he didn't wanna play in there.
There was a closet in there
that has a crawl space in it
and he was terrified of that closet,
didn't wanna go near it.
He would just sit there like
he was looking at someone.
He told me that there
was a bad person there.
And when I asked who
and where the person was,
he wouldn't tell me anything.
I just thought it's a new place,
so I didn't really think too much of it.
I just figured it's a
kid scared of the dark,
who's scared of being alone.
Sarah: Molly likes to tell a story.
She can be dramatic, but
the things she was telling me
were really concerning me.
Molly: A few weeks later, I was
walking past my mom's room.
Noah was in there watching a movie
and I heard him talking to someone.
Noah: Uh-oh. No.
Molly: When I tried to listen,
I could hear him whispering
Noah: No, I can't do
that. My mom will get mad.
Molly: I got scared because I
knew no one was in the room.
I was definitely afraid that
somebody was talking to my son.
But I didn't see anyone at all.
Noah told me that this
person told him to hit himself
and to leave marks on his
body, like scratch himself,
hit himself, uh, hurt himself
and leave marks behind.
I was terrified and angry.
Not at Noah, but at whoever
was telling my son to do this.
I thought there was
really someone out there
telling my son to hurt himself
and I could not understand
why and who would do it.
It just, it didn't make any sense to me.
One night about 6 months after we moved in,
I was putting the kids to
bed and I started feeling
like my skin was
burning, like it was on fire.
I turned bright red.
I started losing feeling
in my hands and face.
I was extremely scared.
My throat swelled and it
was getting harder to breathe.
I didn't know what it could be.
When I went to the ER, they
couldn't find anything wrong.
They just told me to go home
and if it started up again, come back.
Sarah: She would tell me
about her health conditions.
She just had so much
stress in her life all the time
that I always felt like it was just
manifesting in different ways because
she just didn't know how to cope.
Molly: A few days later,
whatever was wrong with me
started to affect my children.
One night, Noah woke
up and he couldn't talk,
he couldn't do anything, but
he kept, like, grabbing at me.
I didn't know what was going on.
He couldn't talk to tell me what was wrong.
And then after a few minutes of me saying,
"Baby, talk to me, what's wrong?"
he started turning blue
and he finally got out, "Can't breathe."
I was terrified that he would die.
Molly: Noah couldn't talk,
he couldn't do anything.
He started turning blue.
I was terrified that he would die.
The paramedics checked Noah out,
checked his breathing,
blood pressure and everything.
And they said he was OK.
But they said that all of us
shoulda gone to the ER because
we didn't look good or sound good.
And at that point, the
police said that something
must be wrong with the house.
My mom had actually done a Google search
and the one thing that
popped up was black mold.
My mom wasn't getting sick at all.
It didn't affect her whatsoever.
Not even a sniffle. That's why we thought
maybe it was black mold, because
she's on the downstairs
floor and we were all upstairs.
So we figured it had to be
something upstairs causing this.
We had a contractor come and check
to see if there's black mold.
But the contractor said
there was nothing there.
There was no mold.
They couldn't find anything wrong at all.
I wanted us all to be safe.
I wanted to make sure my kids
weren't gonna get sick anymore.
And we couldn't fix it being at
that house, so we had to leave.
Molly: I thought that things
would really start to get better,
but I was wrong.
Noah's attitude had
changed within 24 hours.
He wasn't my mama's boy anymore.
He was saying horrible things to me.
Being really mean.
Didn't want anything to
do with me or his sister.
Wasn't afraid of the dark anymore.
I thought maybe I might
need help for my son.
That something might be wrong.
Molly: One night, Noah
started laughing maniacally
and running around in circles.
I started praying, saying,
"Whatever's going on,
"just give me my son back.
"I'll trade places. I'll do anything.
Just leave my kids alone."
After that I started feeling
completely different.
My moods went from
completely normal to very irritable.
I was tired all the time
and just didn't wanna do anything anymore.
I just kinda shut down.
Sarah: It seemed like Molly
dropped off the face of the earth.
I was concerned but I really
didn't know how bad it was.
Molly: I would sit down
and try and write out letters
and then I would black out for a second.
And when I came to, there'd
be scribbling on the page.
It wasn't my handwriting.
I can show you.
This is my handwriting and then you can see
it starts to scribble and get messier.
And then at the bottom
here, you can't really read it.
And thenlike, on the
next page, it all of a sudden
just goes to scribbles
and it doesn't make sense.
I got the feeling that
something was trying to stop me
in everything I did.
Um, really terrified.
Like, really.
Sarah: What was strange
about this was that I was
reaching out to her at that time.
I was calling her home phone
and I was calling her cell phone.
I'm trying to think, did I do something
that would make her upset with me?
Molly: I was extremely confused and scared
and very, very paranoid.
It felt like I would never
escape what was going on.
I didn't know what to do anymore.
I, I was looking for some
kinda help, some kinda guidance
and I mean, the one
place you're supposed to be
able to turn to is God,
so that's where I turned.
Michael: Molly was looking
for some spiritual guidance
for some of the problems
that she was going through.
She was very scared for her kids.
I found Molly's story interesting
and somewhat disturbing.
So I decided to send a team to
Molly's house so that we could
determine for sure what was going on.
It's also important for our
investigators to determine if
the person may be dealing
with some mental health issues
or outright lying.
Molly: It sounded strange to
me but I felt a sense of relief,
because if they know what it is
that means that they can probably help.
And maybe they can make it go away.
Woman: The original team that went
to Molly's home for an investigation
found no tangible evidence
and Molly was a little upset
because she knew she had
stuff going on in her house.
Molly: it was a hard
pill to swallow because
I knew it was happening to me
but nobody else could
see what was happening.
I felt like it was never gonna end
and we were never gonna get better.
Patty: Molly contacted the Reverend again
and asked for another investigation,
and the Reverend handed
her case over to me.
I knew I had to approach this
with an open mind knowing that
someone is desperate, still needs our help,
and so I knew we had
to dig deeper on this one.
My initial phone call to Molly was chaotic.
Our phones kept getting disconnected.
We've seen that happen quite a bit.
Electronics are manipulated.
These evil things don't
want that person seeking help
from a paranormal group,
especially a Christian paranormal group.
After hearing what Molly
was experiencing in her house,
and everything that was happening to her,
I felt it was a dark case and we probably
better not take any chances on this one.
I knew Patty was right.
I knew that the demonic
entity had taken over Molly.
Patty: I knew that the Reverend
and I should get in there
and perform an exorcism.
Michael: In the name
of the Lord Jesus Christ,
let it be known that this is Molly's fight.
The Holy spirit of God is going before us.
How ya feeling today?
You OK? What's going on?
My heart, like, hurts.
OK. Just try to relax.
Patty and I have done this many times.
We're right here with ya. OK?
We'll help you through this.
Molly: I didn't know what to expect.
I didn't know if I was gonna get hurt.
Feel the burning power of the Holy Spirit.
Molly: If I was gonna hurt somebody.
Give me your name.
For it is Christ himself that compels you.
Molly: I was just terrified.
Feel the burning power.
Feel the burning power.
Answer me, unclean one.
Molly: A haunting's one thing
but a demon is something
completely different.
Give me your name, unclean one.
Michael: We declare the authority
over all powers of the darkness
through Christ our Lord.
By the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ,
I command the spirit
holding highest authority
working against Molly to step forward now.
Give me your name.
Michael: I handed her my crucifix,
which she kind of shunned away from.
Something that I would
expect a demonic entity to do.
You shall give me your name now
or the Holy Spirit of God will
burn you a hundred
fold for your disobeying.
Unclean one, I command you
to tell me what is your name.
Michael: She was becoming
more and more uneasy.
Give me your name, unclean one.
Michael: And her appearance
changed where I could tell that
something was changing within her.
I suspected it was the
demonic entity coming forward.
God, creator and
defender of the human race,
look down in pity on Molly,
now in the toils of the unclean spirit,
now caught up in the fearsome threats
of man's ancient enemy.
The Holy Spirit of God commands you.
God himself commands you.
Feel the burning power of the Holy Spirit.
Feel the burning power of the Holy Spirit.
Give me your name.
Michael: The reason that I say prayers
that would make the demon
come forward and give me its name
is so that I could have
more authority over it
to be able to cast it out of Molly.
Christ himself compels you.
Molly: I remember my
body being extremely tense.
Where I couldn't control it.
Every muscle in my
body was going full force.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
be gone and stay far
from this creature of God.
For it is he who commands you.
He who flung you headlong
from the heights of heaven
into the depths of hell.
Molly: I got this extreme
pain in my heart like it felt like
someone attached strings to
my heart and it was yanking on it.
Michael: During an exorcism,
the demonic spirit will try to
influence the person by causing pain
and control in order to prevent the person
from continuing the exorcism
so that the demon is not thrown out.
Tell me your name, unclean one.
Give me your name, unclean one.
Give me your name.
Be bound by the Holy
Spirit of God in this position.
Give me your name. Feel the burning.
John. John.
Therefore, John, I cast you out.
I cast you into the pit of hell
where Christ himself compels you.
You shall leave Molly with
all of your works and effects,
and all of your associates,
their works and effects, never to return.
I command you out of her.
You shall leave her now.
You shall leave her, never to return.
I command this in the
name of the Lord Jesus Christ
who is king of kings, lord
of lords, and our savior.
For Christ himself will fill every area
that the demons just left.
And in the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
Christ says let her, Molly,
that the evil one that no
longer has control over you
is gone forever, it's gone forever.
Do not fear, do not fear, do not fear evil,
for Christ our Lord is ultimately
more powerful in everything.
Is he gone, Molly?
Molly? Is he gone?
Molly? Molly? Molly?
Unclean one, I command you to answer me.
Spirit holding the highest
authority working against Molly,
you will step forward alone.
Give me your name. Give me your name.
Say it, unclean one.
Say it so we can understand it.
Lunt. Lunt.
Say it so we can understand you.
Say it.
Michael: The demons that came
out of Molly during the exorcism
were Lunt and John.
John, I cast you out
by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Michael: I could draw them
out by calling on the Lord
to bind the demon and to
remove the demon by force.
Christ himself compels you,
the Holy Spirit of God compels you,
the mysteries of the cross compel you,
the holy saints of God compel you.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit,
so shall it be.
Molly: When the exorcism
ended, I got very emotional.
Um, it's a very scary thing to go through.
Molly: I was definitely relieved.
It's definitely a surprising
thing to have happen.
You feel like a normal person
doesn't have this kinda
thing happen to them.
And then when it does, it's like what?
Molly? God is with you.
God is going to take care of
you and your children.
You know that, right?
Molly: I'm extremely, extremely grateful
that the Reverend and Patty were there
to help get me through this.
I'm relieved.
I'm relieved that my kids are OK.
Michael: For me to be able to help
free somebody from a demonic spirit
is the most rewarding part
of my job as an exorcist,
to be able to help a person
become closer to the Lord.
Sarah: It's really good to
have Molly back in my life.
And I always wanna be able
to have that connection to her.
Even if I'm oceans across,
that I can give her a phone call
and know that she's there to talk to.
Man: I know you haven't wanted
to be like none of them, I know it.
It shall leave and it shall
never come back again.
It shall leave!
My name is Tanisha Jones and I grew up
right outside of Atlanta
in Riverdale, Georgia
with my mom, my sister, and my brother.
I was a normal child pretty
much, have fun, go to school.
I really did like going to church.
Even if there was no
one else in the sanctuary,
I really did just like
the feeling it gave me.
Man: I knew the family very
well, and because of her age,
Tanisha was always in children's church
and all of my encounters
with her was always left with
"That's a rebellious young
lady there, my goodness."
Which is just, you know, pretty much
indicative of kids that age.
Woman: Tanisha was a real mama's girl.
Wherever I'd go, she was there
and, um, just a real
sweet, sweet little girl.
But I was a single parent.
Tanisha: That move to
Mississippi my ninth grade year
impacted my life greatly.
It was frustrating because I liked
the high school that I was going to
and it's taken me from all of
this and dragging me to a place
where I really don't wanna be.
Around the time of the move, I
pretty much completely stopped
going to church at all.
Woman: We grew up in the church.
It was just custom in
our family to go to church.
So when she moved to Mississippi,
she started veering away from church.
Something in her pushed
her away from church.
I was kinda concerned for her.
Angela: After we moved, Tanisha
was kind of standoffish with me
and I don't know exactly what
the, you know, the reason was.
I didn't know if it was just adolescence.
Tanisha: I would just come
home and go to my room.
I really felt isolated.
Angela: She was just
different. I didn't know why,
but it was something going
on and I didn't know what it was.
Tanisha: One night, I was
at one of my relatives' house
and they had just thrown a party
and there was a lotta liquor left over.
And a voice popped in my head and I heard,
"You know there's liquor."
And I was just thinking like,
"Where in the world did that come from?"
It was like, "Ooh, don't
you wanna try this?"
I knew that wasn't my voice,
like, that wasn't me who said that.
That was something completely different.
Battle: Demonic spirits
are always looking for an opportunity
to hurt a person they don't already have
possession or control of.
Tanisha: I didn't know where it came from
but I just went with it.
After taking that first drink, I could tell
that there was a change in me.
Over the next couple weeks,
my feelings really
changed towards my mother.
I would come home from school
and I could hear this just
antagonistic voice saying,
"She's gonna make you mad today," or
"She's gonna say something
to you today to make you angry."
So, it was hard for me even to be
in the same room with my mom,
because the voices just kept
antagonizing the situation.
Tomeka: Her attitude and everything
started being a lot different.
The little, sweet girl that we knew
started to be very rude and disrespectful
and I was worried about her.
Angela: She wasn't like
that with anybody else.
She just had this hatred towards me.
I felt it was hatred.
And I didn't understand. I didn't know why.
Tanisha: During my
junior year of high school,
I came home one night and my mom
asked me to clean the kitchen.
Angela: She had this look, this cold, mean,
real aggressive look on her face.
Tanisha: I felt my whole body
drained from my head to my feet.
And that's when the rage took over.
After I threw that first punch,
I don't remember much.
My dad came in and bear-hugged me.
I was still trying to claw
my way to my mother.
Tomeka: It was very scary
to think about it because
that wasn't the niece that I knew.
Angela: I really thought she
was on drugs or something.
I didn't know what was going on.
I just didn't understand it.
Tanisha: I didn't really feel
bad about what I had done.
When I first started
college, I would still hear
those same voices, like, "Hey,
you know the liquor's in there."
The urge for drinking, it didn't leave
but I felt like I did gain
more control over it.
Angela: When I found
out Tanisha was pregnant,
I was hurt because I really wanted her
to get married and then have kids.
Tanisha: I came back to my old community,
back to my old church with a lot of
the old faces that I remember.
Battle: When Tanisha
came back, I had a lot of joy
and a lot of real enthusiasm to see her.
I had heard it from her aunt that
she was really seeking the Lord.
She wanted to get back involved in church.
Tanisha: Pastor Battle was speaking
and I was just meditating on his words.
Battle: I noticed that
she was different now.
I knew it was an inside struggle
or inside battle with her.
That's why I went over to her
and began to minister to her.
Tanisha: I really didn't know
that he was talking to me.
I just remember he put his hands on me
and I swayed a little and my
legs just completely gave out.
I know you haven't wanted
to be like none of them.
I curse it now.
I curse it!
In the name of Jesus I
bind you hatred of self.
Tanisha: I can't really remember anything
that Pastor Battle said to me.
I pretty much just dropped.
You seen yourself
strange but tonight, tonight,
tonight is your night!
Tonight! I curse the curse
and I command the partners to come out!
You will not stay another second longer,
you will come out of there!
Battle: The demons were
manifesting, so, I began to
call the demonic spirits out specifically.
Demons always fight back.
And they were really fighting
back very, very hard, because
they really did not want to leave.
Out now.
In the name of Jesus out now!
Come out of there!
Silent tears, Kingdom cry
at night, I curse you now.
Come out, from your great power.
I curse it. Tonight.
Tomeka: I knew she had no control.
She was all over the place.
Battle: I curse it myself!
I curse it!
Battle: Our fight was just as
intense as their fight was that
we would make sure that they knew
we were gonna win the battle.
I call for sure, I call you to come out.
Battle: It was a team effort
in terms of ministering to her, uh,
and that's what we do
to protect the person,
to keep the person from hurting themselves.
And you're gonna come out of there now.
You're gonna come out of there now.
Tanisha: I got up and I
felt really lightheaded.
I was really shocked
because nothing like that
had ever happened to me before
but I went home feeling more
optimistic about everything.
Tomeka: I was so happy that
it happened because I know
that she needed to be free of some things.
And that was just the night that
the Lord chose for her to be free.
Tanisha: I started to see a
major difference in my personality.
I'm not gonna say that
I fell into depression
but it really felt that way
because I knew that something was wrong.
Battle: Sometimes we don't get a chance
to really finish all the work,
and it can seem like the
same demon came back.
Tanisha: When I got to service
and I came in and I sat down.
And I could feel the anger but I
kinda just tried to block it out.
Tomeka: I noticed Tanisha
was like looking like she had
something going on with her.
All of a sudden she just jumped
up and just kept screaming,
"I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him."
Battle: Come on out of there!
Come on out of there. Devil
Woman: Aah!
Battle: In the name of Jesus
Tanisha: When I got to
service, I could feel the anger.
Tomeka: All of a sudden,
she just jumped up and ran.
Battle: In the name of
Jesus come on out of there.
Come on out of there.
Tanisha: I don't remember my
legs moving but I can remember
the chairs hitting the
back of my leg one by one.
That's pretty much all I remember.
Tomeka: Tanisha just kept screaming,
"I'm gonna kill him, I'm gonna kill him."
Battle: The blood of Jesus,
come on out of there now.
Battle: I knew that there was a
manifestation already underway.
Sometimes we have to go in
two or 3 times to deal with a demon
because there's a lotta different dynamics.
Battle: Come outta there.
Battle: So I began to call that spirit out
now we know we're in
another battle for Tanisha's life.
Battle: The blood, the
blood, the blood of Jesus.
Come on out of there.
Battle: I'm in a fight.
I'm engaged in warfare.
Battle: Come on out of there.
Sea of demons, come out of there now.
Battle: I'm following the demonic
spirits making sure you know
I'm engaged on you tonight.
Battle: I keep hatred for self
because of what was done to you.
In the name of Jesus we bind you.
Hatred for self, because of what was done.
Come on out of there. Come out of there.
Tomeka: I was concerned
for Tanisha, but I was so happy
that it was happening as well
because I know that she needed to be free.
Battle: You're gonna
turn her loose right now
in the name of Jesus.
Battle: We operate in the authority
and the power of Jesus Christ.
Therefore, it is as if He
Himself is coming against them.
Battle: In the name of Jesus,
let her go, let her go, let her go.
In the name of Jesus we'll destroy you now.
We'll destroy you now.
Come on out. Come on out.
Battle: The demonic spirits
know this whole dichotomy of
spirit and spirit power
and position and authority.
Battle: Burn it out, burn it, burn it,
burn it, burn it, burn it,
the blood, the blood, the blood, the blood.
You got a demon
You ain't gonna kill nobody.
He gonna kill you.
Come out of there now.
Come out of there.
Come out of there now. The blood.
Battle: I've been involved
in this area of ministry
over 30 years, so,
I ministered here, ministered in Africa,
all over the place.
So, it's almost impossible to say
how many exorcisms I've participated in.
Battle: In the name of Jesus.
Battle: I know from my life as a minister
that we have greater authority
than any demonic spirit that
we would come up against, including Satan.
Get out of there.
Battle: That gives me
supreme confidence to know that
we're gonna win this battle.
Battle: In Tanisha's case, she
was dealing with demonic spirits
that we consider generational
because we see it, uh,
in the family bloodline.
A generational curse is
causing the demonic forces
to operate in her life.
They can actually be, uh,
possessed, uh, from the womb.
At the end of the night, she was set free.
We had much success in
getting rid of the demons.
Tanisha: I could tell that
there was a change because
everything seemed like
it had a ray of sun on it.
I have Pastor Battle on my side.
Without him, I really can't
say where my life would be.
Tomeka: She's grown to
be a wonderful young lady.
She's getting back to be the person that
I was hoping she would always be.
Angela: I do believe that she
was possessed with something
and I do believe that she
has been delivered from it.
I'm grateful and I thank the
Lord that she has been set free.
My assessment of Tanisha is
one of great hope and enthusiasm
because her life is
packed with great promise
and, and, and really a great future.
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