I Was Possessed (2015) s01e03 Episode Script


Woman: I never would
have dreamed that this would
ever be my reality.
The force was like nothing I've ever felt.
Woman 2: I felt like I
was fighting for my life.
Woman: This thing was under my skin.
Man: I say lose her now,
demon. I say lose her now!
Woman: I never believed in exorcisms.
Woman 2: You need to go.
I never thought possessions were real.
People: Clear the world of the living
and disappear without a trace.
My name is Hannah Rehder.
Man: Carole, stay with me.
My name is Carole Andrews.
Man: Fight, Carole. You stay with me.
I have the power and
authority to cast out demons
and nothing by any means shall hurt me.
Say lose her now,
demon, I say lose her now.
She is sealed. She is sanctified.
Leave her now.
My name is Carole
Andrews and I'm 50 years old.
I have two grown daughters
who I'm very proud of.
And I've had two antique
stores in the last few years.
I love antiques.
I love researching them as
much as I like collecting them.
Man: I've known Carole since
we were in our early teens.
We were raised not far from each other
back in, uh, Louisiana.
Carole: I have known Frank all of my life.
And we've always had
the fun, playful friendship.
Frank: Carole has a quick wit,
a really good sense of humor,
and a good zest for life.
But she was going through
a little bit of a difficult time.
Carole: After going
through a difficult divorce,
I found myself an empty nester.
I had spent my entire
life, the first 50 years,
doing everything that everyone else wanted.
And it was, it was my turn.
Frank: Carole's divorce
really took a toll on her.
She really wanted to put things behind her,
to move away from
Georgia and just start over.
Carole: I thought, well, let me
see what houses are out there.
I stumbled across this house in Tennessee.
It had a 2,000-square-foot marble veranda.
It was just beautiful in every way.
Carole called to tell me that she had found
this really wonderful house.
I looked it up online and I thought,
man, what a great place.
You know, it really was.
Really ornate, beautiful,
several fireplaces.
It was beautifully built.
Carole: It was a dream house.
I had to have it.
And within 3 1/2 weeks, I was moving in.
The night I moved into the
house, I was very excited.
This was going to be my fresh start.
I hadn't been in the house 5
minutes before I heard a voice.
Did you call me?
I thought it was the mover speaking to me.
And I left the room again
and I heard two voices.
And I stepped back in and
said, "Are you on the phone?"
And he said, "No. I hear it, too."
I pushed it off.
I thought, "I'm sure it's
just something outside."
Probably a week after being there.
I was working late hours
and little mischievous
things started happening.
I would hear little noises.
Just like a light little clink.
I thought maybe it was a
moth that flew into the window.
I would hear these
things, but I just would say
this is an old house, old houses settle.
But then it got bigger.
I was in the kitchen one
day and I turned around
and every cabinet door had been opened.
I thought it was my imagination.
But it was only two minutes later.
There was no way that I
could explain that away.
That was the first thing
that truly frightened me.
Frank: Carole told me
that there were a lot of
strange things going on in the house.
And I started to become concerned.
Carole: I knew there
was something going on.
I felt that there was someone watching me,
that there were eyes on me.
I never felt like I was alone.
I started doing things that were
completely out of character for me.
I used to spend 8 hours a
day researching antiques.
And instead I started
researching witchcraft.
I just was getting lost in it.
I couldn't get anything done.
I never believed in seances, Ouija boards.
I would never be a
part of anything like that.
But I couldn't control it.
Frank: Carole went from a
person that was bubbly and fun,
energetic, quick-witted,
to a person that was
kind of a prisoner of the house.
Carole: I felt trapped.
I felt, "How am I gonna get out of this?"
And then things began to escalate.
One night, I was being held down.
I couldn't move, I couldn't scream.
I wasn't having nightmares.
There was something there.
Carole: I was being held down.
I couldn't move, I couldn't scream.
I was being assaulted.
The force was like nothing I've ever felt.
I could not fight this force.
After that, I had bruises on
both wrists and both ankles.
It was terrifying.
It got to the point where I
didn't want to sleep anymore.
It was so upsetting that I
had spent all this money
investing into this dream house.
I just felt like I had lost it all.
I started researching the paranormal.
I felt like I had nowhere else to turn.
Stephen: When Carole first called me,
she seemed pretty distraught.
My first thought was this
woman needs our help.
And that's why I went over
immediately the next day.
When I first got to the house,
Carole proceeded to
give me a tour of the home.
And she was showing me the different rooms,
telling me when things had been happening.
Carole: I'll be right back.
Let me go get another light bulb.
Stephen: All right.
Stephen: After Carole had gone downstairs,
I see this black mass just
swoop down alongside of me.
I got a little charge through me,
kind of like an electric charge.
I don't scare easy. Been
doing this quite a while.
But it--it startled me.
Stephen: Next we placed digital
cameras and voice recorders
throughout the house.
We ask questions using a ghost box,
which is basically a AM/FM radio
with the antenna taken out
and it sweeps all the
stations at a very fast rate
causing white noise, which
the spirits can speak through.
Carole: Stephen asked,
"Who is attacking Carole?"
Stephen: Do you plan to hurt Carole?
Stephen: I was like, holy crap.
I wasn't expecting that
vulgar, that aggressive.
It startled us all.
I've never dealt with
demons until this case.
But the voice that we captured
sounded evil as all get out.
Carole: On one hand I felt validated;
on the other hand I was terrified.
Stephen: My team couldn't help her.
This was way more than we
were equipped to deal with.
Carole: The next
day I felt this electricity
and like fingertips and this wave.
And I thought could it
possibly be under my skin.
I needed to see for myself,
so I put my phone on record.
It was under my skin,
literally under my skin.
I really thought it couldn't
get more terrifying.
I knew at that point I needed help.
The only thing that was left
was to research exorcisms.
There's not a lot of listings for those.
Frank: I was really skeptical.
I did not think exorcisms could be real,
but if it meant that
Carole gets back to a right frame of mind,
of course, I'm all for it.
Carole: I found Reverend Bill Bean
and I contacted him immediately.
His first response to me
was "Of course I'll help you."
Bill: When I first met
Carole, I sensed right away
that something evil
was attached to this lady.
God has blessed me with
discernment in knowing if
someone is really having this
type of phenomena going in their life
and I certainly sensed that with Carole.
When people are under possession,
they'll mention things
like they heard a voice
or they saw black form.
After the things that
she had revealed to me,
I had no doubt Carole was
under demonic possession.
Bill: I had no doubt Carole
was under demonic possession.
Carole: I never believed in exorcisms.
I never would have
dreamed that this was real,
that this would ever be my reality.
Father, by your mighty power and Holy Name,
I have the power over
the enemy and his minions.
By your power and your Holy Name,
I have the power and
authority to cast out demons
and nothing by any means shall hurt me.
Bill: The first thing I do
to perform an exorcism
is say specific prayers
to begin the process
of binding and casting the
demons out of the person.
Father, by your mighty power
and mighty and holy
name, I have the power
Bill: It's God's power
that works through me.
So as a man of God, I have
the right to cast out demons.
I have the power and
authority to cast out demons
and nothing by any means shall hurt me.
Carole: I think that I
just let my mind go blank.
I don't remember a whole
lot about the exorcism.
I just know that it wasn't
like what you see on TV.
I break the power over all
demons and anything else
that has been used or said on to Carole.
Bill: A struggle was taking place.
Carole did exhibit involuntary movements.
Her body was trembling and shaking.
Bill: I bind, and break the
power over all demons, curses,
hexes, psychic warfare, jinxes,
potions, bewitchment, pain, torment,
incantations, chanting,
crystals, rootworms,
and anything else that has been
used or said onto Carole.
Leave her now leave her now
leave her now!
Bill: The demons were
not leaving her so easily.
Yahweh Rebuke thee in Jesus' name.
She is sealed. She is sanctified.
Bill: There was a high amount of agitation
from these demonic entities
because they were being evicted from her.
And they did not want to go.
Bill: Carole, stay with me.
Fight, Carole, you stay with me.
Come on, honey. Stay with me. Stay with me!
Bill: Eventually the demons
did show themselves,
but they did not
identify themselves at all.
Bill: Fight, Carole. You stay with me.
This is leaving you.
Bill: I could feel them lifting off of her.
Her eyes totally changed,
her face was glowing,
and it was the greatest
feeling in the world for me.
Carole: It was an incredible experience.
I went from being terrified
and hurt to hopeful and happy.
It was just a peaceful, letting go.
It went from dark to light.
Frank: I'm ecstatic.
I'm just couldn't be happier to see that
Carole's back to her old self.
Carole: I felt like I was
gonna get my life back.
I was lighter and was very
excited about the future.
Woman: You are ordered as of this moment
that you are to leave this child.
Hannah: My name is Hannah Alice Rehder
and I am 20 years old.
I grew up in Lincoln,
Illinois with a big family.
The happiest part was my big sister.
She always used to love playing with me
and I used to love going
outside playing in the yard.
I remember those times of being happy.
But when I was 11 years old,
my parents, they got divorced.
I stayed with my dad and
lived in Lincoln, Illinois.
Woman: Hannah's decision was
to stay there because of school.
But her relationship with her
father was very tumultuous.
She was growing and
maturing without any guidance.
We were overjoyed to have Hannah move
from Illinois to Texas with us.
But it was very hard on Hannah.
It really was hard to get
comfortable in a new school,
making new friends.
Hannah: It was a rough transition for me.
I eventually made new friends,
and one of those friends was Troy.
We connected instantly.
I just loved being around him.
He always made me laugh.
And then we started dating.
And I went to his house
almost every weekend.
The very first night I spent the night
with Troy at his parents' house,
I went to sleep in his room
and he went to go sleep in the living room
since we couldn't be in
the same room together.
It was about 1 a.m. I heard music.
It sounded like it was coming
from an old record player.
But there was no stereo in his room.
There was no radio, nothing
in his room that I could see
where the music was coming from.
When I went into the living room
the music stopped.
Troy was passed out.
The TV was off.
It was completely silent.
I really thought maybe you're just tired,
maybe you thought you heard music.
And I just accepted it as
that, but then I heard it again.
That same tune, night after night.
It just kept happening.
I could not figure out
where it was coming from.
I just thought my mind
was playing tricks on me.
A few days later, I was
lying in bed just dozing off.
Right when I was starting
to actually get sleepy
I felt a real tight pressure on my chest.
It just got tighter and tighter.
Hannah: I was lying in bed just dozing off.
All of a sudden
I felt a real tight pressure on my chest.
It felt like someone was taking their hands
and just kept pushing on my lungs.
I knew I was being attacked
but I wasn't sure by what.
Eventually it let go.
After all this, I really felt like
I was starting to lose control.
I didn't feel like myself.
I was so depressed because I was
the only person going through this.
I didn't tell my mom because I thought
she would have thought I was crazy.
I started to notice a change in Hannah.
She became quite distant.
Days where she wouldn't talk to us.
She wouldn't look at us.
She'd stay holed up in her room.
This was not like the Hannah I knew.
Man: I thought it was
just the age, her attitude,
like most late teens.
You know, they got a
little chip on their shoulder.
They think they're adults.
So that's pretty much
what I chalked it up to.
Bella: One morning, I
noticed it was awfully quiet.
Hannah had vanished.
The closet was empty,
the posters on the wall,
the pictures, everything was gone.
I had no idea where she was.
I called the police.
I printed up posters.
I posted them all over town.
We drove to every place we could think of
where she might be.
The Hannah I know would not have
moved in with her
boyfriend without telling me.
Why I did it, I still couldn't tell you.
It really did not make any sense to me.
It felt like some thing
was making me do this.
It wasn't me.
All these strange things
started to escalate.
One night, I happened to
look straight up at the ceiling.
There was something staring down at me.
And I felt something grab my ankle.
Hannah: There were these two
eyes, just staring down at me,
and I felt something yank my leg.
Right after that I felt a hand
go right in the middle of my back.
It freaked me out, so I screamed for Troy.
There was a giant red hand
mark in the middle of my back.
Troy said, "Hannah, maybe you're right.
Maybe there is something here."
And he told me that his house
was on an Indian burial ground.
After that night I didn't want
to stay in that house anymore.
I decided to end it with Troy
and move back with my parents.
It felt safer to me.
Bella: When Hannah moved
back home, we were really hoping
that things would get back to normal.
Hannah: But it was like
the same negative energy
followed me to my parents' house.
I began having this uncontrollable anger
towards my mother.
I started to yell things like "I hate you.
I want you dead."
Turn it down!
It was my voice but it wasn't me saying it.
It felt like some thing
was telling me to say this.
I've had these thoughts of killing her
and it was terrible, like, why would I have
those thoughts about my mother.
That wasn't me and I
knew something was wrong.
Hannah: You get out of my face.
Get out of my face.
Just get out of my face.
The fighting between Hannah
and, and her mom was, was intense.
That wasn't Hannah.
She was almost not in her own mind.
Hannah: I knew it was
about time to tell my mom
what happened to me at
Troy's houseeverything.
Bella: When Hannah finally
talked to me, I knew, OK,
we've got to take this one step further.
We have to get some
resolution for this kid.
I knew I had to do something
to save my daughter.
Woman: I'm an ordained
minister and I have been
dealing with the paranormal
for the past 20 years.
Bella called me and explained to me
everything that was going
on with her daughter Hannah;
I told her that we would do
whatever we could to help her.
Hannah: The moment I
stepped onto Yvonne's yard,
I felt sick.
I wanted to dash.
I didn't want to be there.
Yvonne: I knew immediately that there was
something serious going on with her.
There weren't any emotions at all.
She had this look like
looking straight through you.
I knew this child is in trouble.
Yvonne: The moment
Hannah arrived at my home,
I knew immediately it had become
a life or death situation.
The attachment was pretty dark
and it had taken control of her.
I knew I had to get to work immediately.
What I do is a little bit different from
the exorcisms that you see on TV.
I have a team of 4 people
who are all paranormal experts
and our main goal is to target
the entity and get it to leave.
Hannah: Yvonne told me to
just relax, but I was nervous.
I kept getting more tense
and I--I just hated everybody there.
Yvonne: The first thing
that we do is form a circle
and we have different prayers
that each one of us will say.
People: May the wind
blow you wandering ghost,
and clear the world of the living.
Turn you to where you belong,
and make you disappear without a trace.
Yvonne: Everybody in
the room felt the anger;
it was the actual entity
trying to fight back with us.
I could feel the energy in that room.
The hair stood up on your
arms, on the back of your neck,
and your feet tingled
and your hands tingled.
Yvonne: Leave this child as of right now,
return to from which you came.
Yvonne: We could tell
that Hannah also felt it.
She would stiffen up, she would shake.
Yvonne: You have been attached too long.
It is time for you to move on
and go back to where you came from.
Hannah: I remember me getting weak.
I wanted to pass out.
It--it was a gut-wrenching feeling
and I just wanted to vomit.
Yvonne: Does everybody in the circle feel
the vibration in our arms?
Woman: Yes. I can feel it.
Yvonne: We could feel
the energy of this thing
just building and building.
And we could feel a big change
because she was starting
to stand her ground.
She had had enough.
Hannah: You need to go. Get out of my life.
Yvonne: Be firmer.
Hannah: You need to go!
Hannah: I felt like I
was fighting for my life.
And I was scared if I
didn't fight hard enough,
I was going to lose.
Hannah: You have nothing
to do with me anymore.
Now it's time for you to go.
Yvonne: I could feel
the attachment leaving.
Hannah was finally free.
I didn't even realize I was crying.
Is it over?
Yvonne: How do you feel?
I still got goose bumps.
Bella: I do, too.
Hannah: Whenever I opened
my eyes and looked up,
I seen my mom.
And I told her, "Mom, I love you.
I'm so sorry for everything that happened."
I gave her a big hug.
We cried, cried, cried.
And I've never been so
happy to see her in my life.
Bella: When Hannah raised her head up
and I saw her beautiful
eyes, the dimple in her chin,
that's when I knew that my child was back.
Randy: I never believed
that exorcisms were real.
But witnessing Hannah's exorcism
does make me believe that they are real,
they're not just made for TV.
We all saved Hannah.
Bella: I truly believe that if
Yvonne and her group had not helped us,
my daughter would not be here today.
But life today with Hannah is awesome.
And Hannah could conquer
anything she wants to now in life
because she doesn't have
something or somebody
dragging her down.
Hannah: Was I possessed? I believe so.
I wouldn't be telling
this story if I wasn't.
These tears you see, they're real.
The story you're hearing is real.
I'm here to share my story, nothing more.
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