I Was Possessed (2015) s01e04 Episode Script


Man: I never thought that I could be
a victim of possession.
I didn't think that there was something
that could possess a human body.
Woman: I didn't really think
possession was possible.
I never thought I could be possessed.
I mean, I was just a normal person.
Woman: I ran down the aisle
and I was choking this man.
I wanted him dead.
I just felt non-stop burning
sensation on my side.
My name is Adam Sardinha.
My name is Jessica.
Jesus will help her.
You leave her alone in the name of Jesus.
You leave her alone now.
Speak to me in the name of Jesus
and answer, where is your abode?
Where is that?
Jessica: My name is
Jessica and I was raised
in Augusta, Georgia on a farm,
by my grandfather and grandma.
When I was little, I didn't have
friends come to the house very much
because it was a dark place.
My grandmother had
statues and dark draperies
and they just thought it
was a weird place to be.
So, I didn't have many
friends and it was really lonely.
But I loved my grandma
and the games that we played
I thought were really innocent.
And we had fun.
She would take me out and she said,
"Now I want to show
you the stars at night,"
and so we'd look at the
stars and then she said,
"Let's play pictures."
And I'd say OK and so I'd draw a picture.
And it would be like a star or moon.
She'd tell me, "Well,
that is the Archer, that's the Milky Way."
And then she would say,
"Certain times of the month
the moon will be big,
the moon will be small."
And sometimes she would have women over
and they would have tea parties
and they would lay out cards
and they would always lay
them out in a certain way.
And then she started saying some
strange things about the cards.
And the ladies were just all quiet.
And they were listening to her.
I was used to the different
ceremonies and stuff.
It just felt normal, you know.
I thought everybody did it.
I just thought they were games.
It just felt like, you
know, innocent stuff.
When my grandma and
grandpa passed away, I was 11.
And then I went to live
with my mom in Savannah.
Living with her was kind of odd.
And I knew that something was different.
I would see some things and I would think
maybe a lot of people did, you know.
I didn't know. I just was me, just a kid.
I woke up one night and I looked
and there was this thing
at the end of the bed.
It was like a shadowy figure.
I mean, it was, like, huge and tall.
It was scary-looking.
I knew that I had imaginary playmates,
but this was different.
This is something I never had seen before.
I knew it was not friendly.
It was something that
I could feel in my gut.
It was there and it went away.
And I was thinking, "How is this happening?
This is not real."
It was the scariest thing
I think I had felt ever.
Man: It was sometime
in 1974 that I met Jessica
and she was a pleasant person to be with
but I did notice that she was
very reserved with other people.
She had a lot of difficulty in school.
Jessica: At school, I
was the big girl, the fat girl,
I was the one that didn't fit in.
This guy, he would always
wait for me after school.
He would bully me and call me names
and it was really horrible.
Jessica: I was devastated.
I wanted revenge.
I was tired of being bullied.
And I said, "Look, I've had enough of you.
I wish you were dead."
Jessica: I found out
on the news that the boy
had been killed on a motorcycle.
I felt really bad and guilty.
I didn't realize that
words were so powerful.
It could've been coincidence but in my mind
I thought I was the
one that made it happen.
After that incident, I quit school.
I just wanted to escape.
I felt like there was
nothing worth living for.
I remembered back when I was a kid
and being with my grandma and things that
my grandmother would say to me.
And I thought, OK, nobody wants me.
Maybe Satan wants me.
So I said, "Satan, you know,
if you want me, you take me.
You can have everything
I got. I just give up."
And all of a sudden
it got very, very silent.
I felt this eerie thing coming
over me and up inside of me.
I felt like a switch got turned off
and something got turned on that night.
That night was like a
defining moment for me
because after that incident
I wasn't myself anymore.
Nick: She was angry,
mean, cold, calculated.
That wasn't Jessica at that point.
That was someone else.
I really did not understand
what was happening.
Jessica: One Sunday I
decided I was gonna go in
and sit down at the church.
Preacher: Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done.
On Earth as it is in heaven.
Jessica: I sat in the back.
The pastor was just a-preachin' away.
Preacher: Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
Jessica: And I looked at him and I felt
this thing inside of me rising.
I saw myself get up,
run down the aisle,
and start choking this man.
I wanted him dead.
Jessica: I ran down the aisle
and I was choking this man.
I wanted him dead.
The people around me
were trying to pull me off.
I got up.
I ran down the aisle,
busted through the door,
and it cracked.
A solid door does not
crack with a woman like me.
It doesn't crack.
And I went out and I looked around like
"What just happened?"
That wasn't me.
Something else was
starting to take control of me.
Man: I picked up the phone.
It was two a.m. exactly.
I hear this very soft feminine,
almost child-like pleading
voice saying, "Hello.
My name is Jessica. Can you help me?"
Jessica: I had no idea
how I got his number.
I just said, "I need help.
I don't know what's wrong with me."
Stephen: She said, "I'm very afraid.
Can you help me?"
Stephen: All of a sudden I
heard this male voice say,
"No, she's mine. "You can't
have her. Leave her alone."
My immediate thought
was it was her boyfriend.
I said, "Listen I, I don't
want your girlfriend,
"I don't know Jessica.
She just called and
asked if I can help her."
And, uh, it said, "You can't have her.
She is ours."
I said, "Who are you?"
"There are many of us."
Voice on phone: There are many of us.
Stephen: Chills went all over me.
I said, if there are many of
us, who are your leaders?
What are their names?
And immediately it spat back.
"Adrian, Orion, uh, Leviathan, Beelzebub."
I asked, "How many are you all together?"
He said, "There are about 3,000 of us."
I realized I was speaking
to a demonic spirit.
I knew a lot about possession,
but I had no practical experience in it.
So, I felt this urgency to help her.
I felt like she was a young woman
that was headed for utter destruction.
Stephen: You remember my name?
Stephen: OK, my name is
Steven and you've got my number.
You hold onto that number. Don't lose it.
So you can get in touch with me.
Stephen: I heard very
clear distinct precise voices,
different voices coming
out of the same person.
I was shocked.
Satan, I'm not talking to
you, I'm talking to Jessica.
You keep your mouth shut.
I'm talking to you now, Jessica.
Do you understand?
Stephen: Jessica, have you been hearing me
just the last minute or two?
Stephen: No, see, I didn't
go anywhere. You did.
Stephen: I don't know where
you went but in your mind,
you see that thing, that
spirit inside of you takes over.
Stephen: And when it does, another voice
speaks out of you.
And it's not you.
Stephen: No, that voice
was a different person.
You see, Jessica, what you say
isn't always the things that you say.
Sometimes Satan speaks through you.
Stephen: You see, there's something in you
that can't say Jesus isn't there.
Stephen: Say, "Jesus is Lord."
Stephen: Jessica?
Stephen: Say, "Jesus."
Stephen: Say, "Jesus."
Stephen: She actually
thought she was saying "Jesus"
but the sound didn't come out.
It came out like a belch or a hiccup.
But she could not clearly say His name.
Stephen: You can't say that word?
Stephen: Do you know why?
She desperately needed help.
But she didn't know
where she was so she said,
"Why don't you go to
Savannah and check into a hotel",
and she told me which hotel to check into.
And she said, "I will call
you when you get there."
I called my youth minister
and said, "Get ready.
We've got an appointment with the devil."
Jessica. Jessica, come on in.
Jessica: I just don't remember how I got to
the motel room or anything.
I just don't remember.
Stephen: It's OK, Jessica.
Just have a seat right here.
She was a very normal-seeming young woman.
She was courteous. She spoke clearly.
Jessica, I was asking you a while ago
if you would pray and say,
"Jesus, reveal yourself."
Would you try to make that prayer again?
Say, "Jesus, reveal yourself to me."
Can you say it, Jessica?
Who are you?
Stephen: All of a sudden,
she wasn't there anymore.
Some other entity looking
out through her eyes.
Her whole demeanor just took on
a whole totally different aspect
and a different voice came from her mouth.
I was afraid for this girl's life.
Speak to me in the name of Jesus
and answer where is your abode?
Where is that?
Jesus will help her.
Stephen: I was dealing with a young woman
plus a multitude of demons.
And I'm not an exorcist but I
wanted to see her delivered.
Youth minister: In the name
of Jesus, you leave her alone.
In the name of Jesus, you are defeated.
By His blood you've
been defeated at Calvary,
and you have no place here.
Stephen: I command you to reveal yourself.
Who are you?
Stephen: Let's pray now, OK?
Stephen: Say Jesus.
Stephen: Jesus.
She didn't say Jesus. She couldn't.
She, she, it was a
great strain on her face.
Lord, let her say it.
Satan, I bind your power to prevent her.
I forbid you to own her tongue any longer.
She wants to know Jesus
and she will know Him.
She doesn't want you anymore, Satan.
She doesn't desire you anymore, Satan.
You must let her go.
Man: In the name of Jesus,
you come out of her now.
Stephen: Jessica?
Stephen: Say Jesus.
Stephen: Say Jesus.
Stephen: The voices were so different.
They sounded like different personalities
speaking through her.
I speak with the authority
Of the son of the living God.
I speak to you about His authority.
You must go.
Stephen: Male and female, young and old,
hostile and angry and some even witty.
It was an intelligent being
inside of her possessing her,
using her body to speak.
Say I invite you into my life, Jesus.
You'd rather I say I reveal myself to you.
If Jesus reveals himself to Jessica,
then she'll invite Him into her life.
Stephen: They were
not just guttural sounds.
They were distinct voices.
The right that I have
is that I'm a child of God,
a child of the true and living God,
possessed of the Holy Spirit,
bought by the blood of
Jesus Christ at Calvary.
Jessica: I wasn't aware of the voices.
I just know that it wasn't me.
Who are you now?
Haven't I cast you out in Jesus name?
Well, I'm doing it now.
I cast you out now. In the name of Jesus,
you must go.
Stephen: It was exhausting emotionally.
Youth minister: Jesus, please help us.
Stephen: But after
hours of praying with her,
she agreed to pray with us.
Stephen: Whose word is that, Jessica?
Jesus' word.
You said it, Jessica.
You said it.
Say, "Jesus."
Can you say, "Jesus I love you"?
He loves you, too, Jessica.
He loves you, too.
He's changing you.
Jessica, Satan has been cast out of you.
He's lost his power over you.
Stephen: I started to cry.
I see her lips moving and I listen closely,
and she's saying, "Jesus.
This woman that for 6 hours
has not been able to say "Jesus"
is saying his name clearly.
There was like glory bumps all over me.
We knew that it was over.
She was set totally free.
I felt like maybe everything was
gonna be OK, for once in my life.
Stephen: I didn't think
she was strong enough yet
so I thought if she would come
home with us we would have that
little bit of time to disciple her.
And Grady Mosley was waiting there.
He was a college student who was a member
of our church at that time.
Grady: When we first met
there wasn't a great deal
of emotion about her.
There was not a sense of, of
kindness nor rudeness about her.
I wouldn't say she was friendly,
but she wasn't unfriendly.
She was just a person that was there.
Stephen: My wife and I and Jessica
were in the living room.
Grady called just to
say, "I'm praying for ya
and, uh, hope you have a good night."
Grady: I was just thinking about her.
She was a girl that was struggling.
She was hurting.
So I called her, "Hey, I'm
"thinking about you this evening.
I hope you have a good night's rest."
And at that point, that's
when the voice changed.
That's when it came out in a
deep, masculine kind of voice.
Without a doubt my thoughts were, were 100%
that this girl was still
demonically possessed.
Jessica: It was like I stepped
into some kind of black hole.
Stephen: Jessica got up and
started actually attacking me.
Put her arms, hands around
my neck and started like
she's trying to choke me.
Woman: You need to get over here.
Grady: Stephen's wife
grabbed the phone and said,
"You need to come on over here now."
Stephen: I thought the demons were gone
but apparently they weren't.
Stephen: Satan, I come against you.
I command you to loose this girl's tongue.
I command you to allow her to speak.
Jessica: When they were praying for me,
I felt like I was 6 floors
underneath myself
and that they were, like, way up here.
And I was trying to get out.
You come out right now
in the name of Jesus.
You have no power. In the name of Jesus.
Grady: We were praying,
and then when I looked at her
and she looked up at me,
that's when I leaned forward
and put my hand upon her head
and that's when she bowed completely
up off the back of the couch.
Stephen: You come out right now.
In the name of Jesus, come out of her now.
Set her free by the blood
of Jesus Christ, she is free.
Youth minister: Set her free
right now in the name of Jesus.
Stephen: It was gone.
It was undescribable except it was
a peace that passes understanding.
In my living room that night, a young woman
who had opened herself to
demon entities who had possessed her,
was set totally free.
We all knew it was over.
Jessica: It was, like, incredible.
I felt like maybe there
was really hope for me.
And that I wasn't a lost cause.
And that it might've been
worth something for a change.
That's how I felt.
If it hadn't have been
for Stephen and Grady,
I probably would've been dead right now.
Nick: After the exorcism, Jessica became
the original sweet person that
I had met and that was great.
Grady: It was life-changing
but I have no desire to seek out
being involved in this again.
Stephen: I hoped that
Jessica would grow to become
a balanced mature woman.
And I think she's come a
very long ways toward that goal
and has no sign of demons anymore.
You know, Jesus helped
me through the process
and used me to see her set free.
It's one of the few genuine
miracles I've ever experienced.
Dear heavenly father, protect us
as we go into battle here.
Protect us. Protect this family.
Protect Adam.
If there is any unclean spirit here,
any demonic spirit here,
I command it to leave
in the name of Jesus Christ.
Adam: My name is Adam Sardinha.
I grew up in Ansonia, Connecticut.
I lived with my parents and my sister.
Back when I was in high
school, I was awkward and shy.
I didn't really like being
with people too much,
but I loved the outdoors.
Because I loved being in nature so much,
I wanted to learn more about it.
And the best way that I could do that
was to join the Boy Scouts.
My plans in the Boy Scouts
were to get to Eagle Scout.
Woman: Adam was a great kid.
He and I were always very
close but he was painfully shy,
then a bunch of things
happened that really hit him hard.
Adam: With everything happening in my life,
I had no way of dealing with it.
So it all kind of just got
bottled up inside of me.
Carol: He was more reserved and withdrawn.
I thought it was just because
his father didn't come around as much.
Adam: I stayed in my room.
I didn't hang out with my friends.
I was essentially a hermit.
I didn't like it and I didn't know
how to do anything about it.
Adam: Every once in a
while, I would wake up at night,
and I, uh, just couldn't go back to sleep.
This one night I walked out of my room
and I went to the refrigerator
to get something to eat.
The feeling was almost immediate
and I felt like someone was watching me.
It felt like the attention of
something and you don't know
what that something else is.
I kind of tried to pass it by
and not really think about it
but the feeling would
build, so I turned around
to check to see what was going on.
Nobody was there.
I went throughout the house
and turned on all the lights
and there's nothing there.
I finally went to bed, and tried my hardest
to just forget about it.
Man: When I first met Adam,
he was fun to hang out with.
But then he started changing.
He would become irritable
and as his friend I became very worried.
Carol: I figured, well,
this is just his reaction
to the grief process.
So I thought that's what
was going on with him.
I figured that in time
everything was going to stabilize
and he was going to get
back to his normal happy self.
Adam: One afternoon, my
mother and I went out to eat,
and as soon as we sit
down, she got a phone call.
I looked up and her face was pale white.
Carol: I couldn't put my head around it,
couldn't wrap my head around it at all.
I panicked.
I clicked the phone off and I said,
"Our house is on fire," and I just left.
Adam: One afternoon,
my mother got a phone call.
I looked up and her face was pale white.
When we first got to the
house, she started crying.
It was a disaster.
The firefighter in charge
didn't even know what caused the fire.
Carol: It didn't make sense to me
and now my entire life was in shambles.
Adam: I was still seeing
things following me.
I was still hearing things around me
that I had no explanation for.
Carol: He told me that he was
hearing voices and seeing things.
It's going to be all right.
He was angry all the time.
I thought maybe there was
something going on in my house.
It was scary.
Scott: Carol started telling me
her story and shared with me
that her son wouldn't
communicate with anybody.
He was very offset from people
and seeing some real strange things.
So I decided to do an investigation.
Carol: I figured, well, it
couldn't hurt to have Scott
go in and check things out.
I figured he'd find nothing.
Scott: I did walk-throughs
through Carol's house
just to get a sense of
what's happening there
with a video camera, a voice recorder,
and a digital camera
and a temperature sensor.
Took some video, took some pictures.
Give me a sign. Talk
into the walkie-talkie.
Give me a sign that you're here.
Scott: I finished up, and left.
I came back to my house
and started looking at the pictures.
And I came across this one picture.
It was a red background.
Now, remember, the kitchen wasn't red.
There was no light in the background.
But there was this black figure there
and its legs were inverted backwards.
Definitely wasn't human.
Carol: After the cleansing of the house,
things really calmed down a lot.
Things seemed to be getting back to normal
and I felt very comfortable at that point.
Adam: It woke me up out of a dead sleep.
It felt like a punch.
I fell straight on my face and I just felt
nonstop burning sensation on my side.
Right after that, I went to my mother.
Carol: He says, "Mom, I
think I got a burn on my side."
I had no idea what was going on.
Whatever it was, was attacking my son.
And I didn't appreciate that.
I called up Scott and I said,
"I don't know what's going on
but, uh, this is what happened."
Scott: The square mark meant in my opinion
that whatever was attached
to Adam at that point
marked him to be his own.
Carol: After Adam got the mark on his side,
I noticed that he withdrew even more.
I knew that wasn't my son.
Adam: I felt as though
my body wasn't my own.
That I was some bystander inside my head
and that somebody else was driving.
That I had no option but to let this driver
go wherever he wanted
and do whatever he wanted.
Sean: He really changed.
He was more irritable.
Aggravated with everything.
I was afraid he was going to hurt himself.
Carol: One night, I had
gotten home from work
and could smell something burning.
I went calling throughout
the house, you know,
"Adam, where are you? Where are you?"
And I didn't hear anything.
And I realized that the smell
was coming from Adam's room.
Carol: I literally had to
force myself into the room.
Adam's standing there with a bowl of fire.
He looked very dark,
like a shell of himself.
Scott: I saw his unresponsiveness,
his black eyes, and he wasn't Adam at all.
It wasn't the Adam I knew.
I told Carol straight out
we need to do an exorcism.
I've been involved in exorcisms
but I wouldn't consider myself an expert.
But something inside me was saying,
"You know what you have to do."
Dear heavenly father, protect us
as we go into battle here.
Protect us. Protect this family.
Protect Adam.
Scott: Adam's eyes were black, total black.
He was scrunched down.
I'd ask him a question, no response.
It was an unsettling scary
because you don't know
what you're up against.
You don't know if this
thing's gonna hurt you.
If there is any unclean spirit here,
any demonic spirit here,
I command it to leave
in the name of Jesus Christ.
Scott: Possession isn't
always a forceful, hostile thing.
It's not like their heads
turn around or stuff like that
and the most frightening
thing about something like this,
this kind of possession,
is that it's subtle.
If there is anything attached,
anything inhabiting,
anything anywhere in this house,
I command it to leave.
You are not wanted here.
He just started to lay his hands on me
and, uh, pray for me,
but I can't really remember much else.
Adam and his family did nothing to you
and you chose to do this.
I command you in the name of Jesus Christ
to leave and leave now.
We're asking you, Lord, to expedite
the spirit out of Adam.
It was physically and
spiritually exhausting.
It was the longest 3 hours of my life
but the end result is that Adam
wasn't possessed anymore.
Scott: All right, we're finishing
up the exorcism of Adam.
Adam, how ya feeling?
Heh. Kind of weird.
Kind of like I just woke up from sleeping.
Scott: The entity that was inside of Adam
did say his name was
Azazel and I took a photo.
It was the only thing in the photo.
It had lips, teeth, nose, and a mouth.
Adam: I think the main reason
why it chose me over the rest of my family
is because I was the
most emotionally vulnerable
because I had no outlet for my emotions.
I was the ticking time bomb of the house.
After the exorcism happened,
I got my social life back in order.
Now I have more friends
than I can deal with.
And I finished my Eagle project.
I'm in a good college.
And I have a career ahead of
me and I'm looking forward to it.
Life is good now.
Sean: Adam now, he's, uh, he's really good.
He's easy to get along
with, fun to talk to.
He's a better person.
Carol: Adam is such a
totally different person
since everything happened.
I absolutely love seeing
the person that Adam is now.
My hopes for him right
now is that he doesn't
fall back into whatever it is
that got him possessed before.
Because once you get possessed,
you can always become possessed.
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