I Woke Up A Vampire (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Power Play



I knew it! I knew you were here!

So few understand the infinite
wisdom that comics hold.
You're louder than
your mom's snoring.
This is not good, Rainey.
These powers didn't come
with instructions, okay?
It's a steep learning curve!
[Rainey] Oh, that's going to
- [knocking]
- Ah!
What is going on in here?
I've been rehearsing
for the play.
Love the dedication,
but can you try
not to read so loud?
Alright, um, clean this mess.
Your room is a disaster.
- And then to bed.
- Sure.
Between you and the twins,
I can't get a moment's silence.
Carmie, come on!
What did I say about the noise?
Whoa! That was quick.
Really? I mean, it wasn't as
messy as you thought it was.


Do we always have
to be on the roof?
You know I'm afraid of heights.
What do you want, Collector?
It's not what I want.
It's what I need, okay?
You have to get me more.
Okay. Easy, easy.
I just
I happen to have a buyer
who can't get enough
of those critters.
A critter is a squirrel,
a rabbit.
You're asking me
to hunt Blendeds,
the evil offspring
of Mythics and humans.
Now, I've dedicated myself,
like my ancestors have
for centuries,
to hunt these monsters
so people like you can
hide them away from humanity.
You profit
while I protect people.
I keep the world safe.
Great. Cool. Whatever. Look.
I was told you were the best.
So, when do you think
you'll have another?
I'm close.
I can feel it.
Blendeds can't
hide from a Helsing.
We have finely honed instincts.
- We know exa
- [gasps]
Unshrink me!
Come on, man!
Don't leave me like this.
Okay, I promise, I promise.
No more touching anything.
No more questions! We good?!

Okay, what am I supposed
to do with this?!
Just take a bite.
You'll be fine.

- [crunches]
- [whooshing]
Can we just text next time?
[reporter] In today's news,
a distracted driver crashes
into a shipment
of party supplies.
Our interview with
an irate local clown, next.
- [whirs]
- More power! More power!
Is it going to be green enough?
It's going to be so green!
Come on, hurry up.
I'm hurrying!
What is going on?
[both] League of Anarchy!
League of what?
We've been invited
to the biggest
The baddest
The most underground-est
gaming competition!
And Mom and Dad know about this?
- Of course not.
- Why worry them?
[both burp]
First of all, gross.
Second of all, your gaming
kept me up all night.
Can you at least play
with your headsets on?
You mean train?
No can do, Carmie.
We need the noise!
It makes us feel alive!
[both roar]
Whoa, whoa!
What's the hurry?
I don't know.
Some big, bad gaming thing.
Ah, gaming.
I mean, you know I used to be
quite the gamer in my day.
Yup. The things
these thumbs have seen.
What are you doing?
007. GoldenEye.
DK mode. I used to wipe the
floors with my competition.
Dad, that was like
a hundred years ago.
- You've gotta let it go.
- It's a classic.
[slurps, groans]
This is not good.
I promise you'll be alright ♪
I promise
You'll be alright ♪
Wipe your tears,
I know you just want to cry ♪
Bring yourself higher ♪
Good to know.
Easy on the doors.
Higher and higher ♪
Hey. Dylan, right? Are you lost?
- Never.
- No shame.
It's easy to get lost on your
first day at school.
- Schedule's confusing.
- I don't get confused, either.
Lucky you.
Someone going to fix that?
Your first class
is Language Arts.
Drag! Mr. Luna
loves giving homework.
Here, just head down
this hall, then turn left.
Head down the next hall,
turn right.
Second door on the left.
Right? Left. I think it's left.
Just turn left.
Thank you.
No problem. See you around.

Some days I feel I'm going
Hundred in the fast lane ♪
Like I'm speeding, no brakes
I'm headed in the wrong lane ♪
I can't be in a rush to get my
Goals until the time's right ♪
Can't be in a rush, I gotta
Slow it down and hang tight ♪
Everyone gather around.
Come on.
This year we are
going to be doing
A reimaging of a classic!
Fangs of the Opera.
I suggest you start getting
familiar with the material
sooner rather than later.
Thank you, Universe.
[girl] I ordered a copy
in advance. I'm off book.
Theater speak for
"I have it memorized." Duh!
It shouldn't be that hard.
It's mega dense.
Okay, let's get in a line.
Um, excuse me? I got this.
Everybody, let's get in a line,
and let's go through the choreo
and see how we move together.
Okay? Come on. Come on!
Hey. Break a leg.
Theater speak for
"have a good show".
You just gotta fly
Higher and higher ♪
Coming through, coming through!
I'm on a mission!
I just gotta fly
Higher and higher ♪
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.
- One, two, three, four
- [grunts]
Ow! Sorry.
You are so lucky
you got the understudy part.
No chance of anybody
seeing your moves.
[teacher] And one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight.
Do you want the name
of my dance teacher?
That'd be awesome! Thank you!
Look at me. Follow my choreo.
[Kev] Carmie, no!
[Leanna] Move to your left.
- Kev? What is your deal?
- [Leanna] Other left.
- Is my dancing that bad?
- No!
I've been digging through
Blended comics all morning
and, Carmie, you are a part
of something really huge.
A world so complex
that I thought it could
only exist in comic.
Okay. The Mythics,
the Blendeds, blah-blah-blah.
We've already been
through this, okay?
There's more to it.
There are people who don't like
and their sole objective is
to hunt and eliminate them.
What's not to like about me?
I'm amazing!
In fact, check this out.
Okay, carrying on.
Because you're unpredictable,
you're a threat.
Your powers could cause
chaos in the human world,
or expose the Mythics.
And trust me,
Mythics don't want that!
So, until we figure out
how to protect you,
- chill out with your powers.
- [teacher] Okay!
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Got it.
Powers. Down-low. Guess what!
The musical is
Fangs of the Opera.
Talk about synchronicity, hey?
Carmie?! Are you listening?
Yeah. Totally.
The universe is telling me
it's my time to shine!
Ooh, yes. There we go.
She didn't listen.
Good! Okay, keep following me.
[Aiden] I will hunt you down!
I'm passing all of you!
[Rainey] Hey, it's getting
close to my walk time.
It's break time for you two.
What are you doing?!
We're in the middle of
an intense training session!
How can we level up
if we don't put in the time!?
Oh. How about you level up
with some fresh air?
Get up. Come on. Up. Up.
Yeah. That's fine.
You think gaming is a joke?
Dad, these games are serious.
They were invented post 1990!
You won't be able to handle it.
Okay. We know what we're doing.
Yeah, you ready for this, honey?
- Uh-huh. Mm-hm.
- Let's do this.
How come they get
all the TV time?
I don't know,
it's so unfair.
[both] Dad!
21st century parenting
has gone to the dogs.
[teacher] Okay, and
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight
And one, two, three, four
Can I help you?
Uh, yeah.
I'm new at school and I thought
maybe I could help out.
You have any special skills?
Covert operations?
I don't think that would help.
Anything else?
I'm not afraid of heights.
I'm very agile.
And my hand eye coordination,
second to none.
Real modest too, I see.
How about we start with
you passing me that brush?
You were there at
the car crash the other day?
The whole world must
have seen that news clip.
It was nuts. Confetti
and balloons everywhere.
I almost got hit.
You must have some
superhuman reflexes.
Just adrenaline.
Lots of it.
That's a skill.
It's called fear.
We just reacted.
Me and Carmie.
You two close?
I just moved here.
It's hard moving to a new place.
Always leaving something behind.
I like leaving things behind.
Leaves more room
for what's ahead.
Carmie lives on the same
street as me. What's she like?
Why are you so interested?
I'm not.
Well, I think there's a nail
over there calling your name.
[Dylan] Hm.

So, someone could be hunting me?
Yes. They've been after Blendeds
for centuries.
Meaning they're
really good at it
and they have these crazy
supervillain-type weapons
that no one can escape from.
My life is turning into,
like, a superhero movie.
There's something else.
When you turn 16, you're going
to have to choose
what you want to be:
Human or Mythic.
You're kidding.
I have to learn how to drive
and decide my destiny?!
What if I don't choose?
Well, your Mythic
self takes over.
For you,
that means full Vampire.
And I'm the understudy
for Fangs of the Opera?
The irony kills me!
I mean,
I want to be in the musical,
not some invisible understudy.
Can you believe
Leanna already has
the entire playbook memorized?
It's, like, a gazillion pages!
And here I am
with powers that I can't
Are you okay? Are you okay?!
[stammers] I didn't mean to.
[Kev] I'm okay. I'm okay.
I'm okay.
We're good. We're fine.
I guess that's why
my kind is being hunted.
We're different.
A little scary.
People can deal with scary.
It's different that
they can't handle.
Things just really explode
around you don't they?
Carmie is small, but powerful.

I have to get to work.
Let's get out of here.
[Madison] I'm going home, too.
I'll come.

Shoot to thrill,
Shoot to thrill ♪
Cold as ice ♪
I have seen
my glorious reflection!
For it is one to behold.
My reflection is
no longer fleeting,
as I no longer grow old.
Carmela. Why the confused look?
Those are lines
from the musical.
She hates the name Carmela.
I remember.
Haven't you memorized the lines?
I don't memorize. I I learn.
Mm. Well, if you need any help
Oop. Girl can dance.
Wait for it.
- [grunts]
- [thuds]
You tripped me.
Don't walk so close.
[Kev] Fascinating, isn't it?
She's dances flawlessly,
but it's always suspenseful
when she walks down the hall.

Meet a lot of interesting
characters at Hammer and Tong?
Every day there's someone
coming in to buy
or sell the strange and unusual.
Especially during the full moon.
It's like catnip for weirdos!
Maybe more like wolf-nip.
Gotta go. I got boxes to unload.
Okay, bye.
Congrats on making the musical.
I'm just the understudy.
Leanna's the star.
Don't let her get to you.
You'll shine in your own way.
I love your nails.
I've always wanted
to get acrylics.
These are all-natural.
How do you not chip them?
They grow back quickly.
Have you met the new kid?
I thought you were the new kid.
There's another one. Dylan.
I have. He came by my house
for dinner the other night.
Seems cool.
He acted like he never met you.
New kid vibes.
He's probably just
trying to make friends.

Can I help you find anything?
Got any new series?
What do you have in mind?
graphic novels, vintage?
I'm looking for a specific
Manga artist, actually.
Soyogo Shima.
Low on the dialogue.
High on the danger.
When you know, you know.
This way.
Just down here.
Whoa. Amazing!
Guess what we have?
Fantastic Four, number 48.
The first appearance
of the Silver Surfer?
You have it down here?
Are you kidding me?
We keep that in a temperature
controlled room at all times.
Haven't seen one of
these in a while.
What do you think?
Escapism or too dark?
A little far-fetched.
No one would
believe any of that.
Whoa, you draw?
I get inspired
from time to time.
Those boxes aren't
going to move themselves.

[bell rings]
Some days I wake up ♪
I don't feel
Like I got anybody ♪
I check my phone ♪
And ain't nobody care
To check up on me ♪
Where is it?
Here it is! Carmie's part.
Some days I feel I'm going
Hundred in the fast lane ♪
Like I'm speeding, no brakes,
I'm headed in the wrong lane ♪
Every day I go through the
motions gotta keep my mind ♪
It's like watching
a train wreck.
Can't look away.
I can't be in a rush to get my
Goals until the time's right ♪
You just gotta fly,
You just gotta fly ♪
Such a hot mess, right?
Can't even appear on
video without blowing it.
[Rainey] Someone,
it's way past my walk time!
[Aiden] You're supposed to
stay inside the lines! Dad!
[Bill] Okay, my controller
must be broken.
[Jayden] You're going backwards.
That's the off button.
We told you
you couldn't handle it!
One more game!
Just one more game!
What is going on?
They've lost it.
Okay, um
Best out of 103. Hundred What?
- [screen beeps]
- [both grunting]
Okay. My eyes. They're burning.
I think I have gamer's elbow.
It's a thing.
- No, it's not.
- It's a real thing.
It's not, mom!
That's it!
We have dinner on the table.
Butter sandwiches.
Chop-chop. Let's go.
Give me this! And this!
Give me the remote.
How can they even drive in real
We could've had them.
We'll get them next time. Yeah.
I need a patch of grass, now.
Carmie! This is serious.
Grass. Come on, grass.
What's so serious?
It says missing Blendeds are
being forced to go full Mythic,
it's all right here!
The Mythics want all Blendeds
to join them against the humans.
They don't wanna
give Blendeds a choice.
[Rainey] We passed a hydrant.
That was a hydrant.
We're dangerous
because we can still choose?
Who'd want this?
I don't know.
But whatever you do, do not,
I repeat, do not,
use your powers.
You will be found out!

I think I found one
at the school.
I cannot wait.

Still afraid of heights.

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