I Woke Up A Vampire (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

The Musical

Slower. Slower!
What did you do with Madison
and where is she?
- Yes, and you are a a hunter?
- You're one of them?
No. This isn't possible.
- No. You're my friend.
- Get over it.
The first friend
I have ever had.
Well, be that friend to me
and get back Madison.
It's too late. She's gone.
the Collector take her?
Where did
running across town,
It's tough
react well to crash landings.
but my body does not
Okay, what'd I miss?
Why does the Collector
want Madison?
Because the Shapeshifter
has his daughter.
in exchange for her return.
He's giving her Blendeds
The Shapeshifter? They're the
most powerful of all Mythics.
to tell me this before?
Kev, you didn't think
I've had a lot to unpack.
Excuse me,
I'm sorry I didn't
get to it all.
You've been hunting for him.
Why didn't you know about this?
he did with my catches.
I didn't care what
I just know I've been keeping
the world safe
from monsters, Mythics,
Actually, you're helping
an evil shapeshifter
that will probably
create an army
lead to the destruction
of humankind.
to do what's right.
There's still time
Are you with us?
Anyone seen Carmie?
where are my small trees?
Wh Small trees!
Not possible, Leanna.
You have no voice.
It's a musical.
You can hardly tell.
No one will notice.
Really? Hit a high C.
This is not your night, okay?
the performers get on and off.
Stay backstage, help get
Anyone seen Carmie?
No way.
"Kev, if you're reading this
that means you're still alive."
- Blended was never printed.
- "This issue of
It held the ultimate secret.
In these pages is the answer
Carmela is searching for."
She still hates Carmela.
"Sorry, Carmie.
But as with many answers,
the one she wants.
it may not be
Good luck."
comic book writers?
What is with
what the answer is?
Can't she just say
- just tell you the answer.
- "I cannot
find her own path
Carmie has to
or it won't have any meaning."
Help! Let me out!
Let me out!
Please. Help!
Someone help me!
Help me!
Let me out. Come on!
I was hoping for a few more.
It's you?
to tell you I'm leaving.
I came
Why wouldn't you
just not come?
I mean I'm leaving for good.
It's been hunted dry.
This town.
I heard there is more of what
I'm searching for down south.
Well, kid,
say you're not weird,
I'm not going to
but good luck.
I brought you something.
- A goodbye gift.
- Oh, really?
Dylan, how could you do this?
I thought we were friends?
It's what I do.
I told you.
What kind is it?
Those are rare.
No. Please. Don't do this.
Dylan! No! Please, Dylan!
No! No!
- Here's your programs.
- Oh, thank you.
- Flowers are a little much.
- Carmie's an understudy.
Probably won't even be in it.
grounded for the next month.
You two are already
You want an extension?
That's what I thought.
Mr. and Mrs. Henley.
An exciting night.
Hello, Jordan.
They never get old.
Yeah. Vampires!
Yes, backstage is electric,
but we haven't seen Carmie.
Um, is she with you?
We thought that she was here.
Wanted to be on time.
She left home early.
missed her backstage,
I must have just
if you could tell her
but if you see her,
to come and find me backstage,
that would be great.
Thank you.
What are we gonna do? What
wardrobe and make-up?
Why are you in
interpretive dance the role."
"I'm a genius, I can
30 minutes to curtain,
This going to be a disaster.
Don't worry, Mads.
We're here to rescue you.
Kev's waiting for us.
We have a plan.
Now, let's get out of here.
Don't make a sound.
Come on.
Can you let me out?
I locked the doors
when I came in.
Didn't want anyone following me
with my valuable capture.
obligation to the Shapeshifter.
I hope this settles your
It will.
It should, I hope.
Is it really you?
Do you have more Blendeds?
Yes, my dear.
Not just one, I have two.
I do.
will be so pleased
The Shapeshifter
and we can go home.
You have nothing!
No, did you drink her blood?
the blood of the Blended.
Fool. I don't drink
Where are they?
They were just here!
I don't know.
turning the Blendeds evil.
You're the one
No more.
A little boy hunter?
The Van Helsings
have fallen far.
yourself to be worthless,
You have proved
and your service pitiful.
you'll see of me.
This is the last
My daughter?
She is fine.
Living free without
human prejudice.
She has no idea you exist.
Woo-wee! I'm the man!
Yes. That's how people
need to refer to me.
Kev the Man!
Hey! Let me out!
Move over!
You're stepping on my foot,
move your foot!
Do you have the onions?
Yes, onions.
I am so the man.
That was insane.
I was scared of nothing?
Remember when I said
That Shapeshifter is scary.
Scratch that.
Thank goodness you made it.
You're all alive. Good.
That was so out there.
I grabbed Carmie and Madison,
I thought the Shapeshifter
was gonna get me!
You have the skills of a hunter.
Well done, Kev.
You think so?
I thought I was a goner.
just to help me escape?
Why would you catch me
That's crazy.
My friends needed me.
That's what I do
Where is our sister?
She is seriously blowing it.
The musical!
"Trust me. Mime."
The show must go on.
Okay, uh Uh
So, I will play the lead.
Benny, get ready.
This is really happening.
- Break a leg.
- What?
have a good show. Duh!
Theater speak for
Start the show!
Refund our money!
Start the show!
Or refund our money!
Start the show!
Or refund our money!
I can't do this.
This is all you've talked about.
What do you mean?
Being in this musical,
and now it's here.
Your dream came true.
You're the lead.
Who am I to think
I could do this?
I'm a nobody.
the coolest, baddest,
You are like
funniest person I have ever met.
but you know like six people.
Thanks, Kev,
I'm scared, what if I fail?
I'm not good enough.
What if I mess up?
Don't ever say that.
Don't say that.
help you and Madison escape?
Was I good enough to
I was scared.
not really my thing,
Being the hero is
because you believed I could.
but I did it,
Carmie? Is everything okay?
blow this for me."
"She better not
Coming from a mime.
Thanks, Leanna.
your extra side show.
It's nice to have
Kev, are people filming this?
It's what parents do.
happening with their kids.
They never watch what's
They just film it thinking
they'll look at it later,
but they never do.
- Make-up, remember?
- But my glow.
All right. Places, everyone!
It's show time.
"You'll not be a good as me,
but whatever.
I've seen you dance, you will
If you get lost
look for me in the wings and
follow my choreo."
- "You're welcome."
- Mm-hm.
They don't want to know me.
They don't want to know me,
because I'm different.
I knew it. She's terrible.
Vampires? So done.

in vampire make-up?
Wh Why are you
I would wake up smiling ♪
Used to be so easy
the silver lining ♪
And I only saw
Now silver is something
that I am avoiding ♪
Now see the monster
that I am becoming ♪
I'd set the world on fire ♪
Used to think
Now they call me fanger,
they call me a vampire ♪
with this power I'm finding ♪
I'm an orphan again
The light that I'm hiding
would surely be blinding ♪
Welcome to the,
welcome to the ♪
Welcome to the outside ♪
on an island of obscurity ♪
Feeling like a castaway
The outside ♪
Blended but so separate ♪
everything will change ♪
Now today my
"I hope you've recovered
from your heartbreak.
I've moved on."
Okay. Yeah.
Outside ♪
It looks like I'll have to ♪
Learn to fly ♪
[audience cheering,
That's my baby.
from my side of the family.
Well, the talent comes
She's adopted.
the family has no talent.
And your side of
And set for song two.
Lights down.
And lights up.
I used to live
in a paradise ♪
Now there's fear
in my eyes ♪
My heart is beating wild ♪
the reason why ♪
I can't figure
I can't believe my eyes ♪
Now, there's something
close behind ♪
I think I'm gonna
run and hide ♪
I think I'm gonna
lose my mind ♪
I'm being hunted ♪
I feel like
Don't know exactly
what I did ♪
Nice moves.
- Are you making fun of me?
- How could I?
It took a lot to do
what you did today.
I mean, you risked
your life for me.
I could've been
In a second if the Shapeshifter
caught you helping us.
She would have no problems.
Vampire ♪
[audience cheering,
Give me your phone.
What for?
leaving town to go up north.
My mom and I are
a little more space,
She thinks I need
the whole She-Wolf thing.
you know,
Right, yeah. Of course.
So your phone?
Carmie about any Blended stuff,
And if you need to talk to
I can get to her.
I already have her number.
we could keep in touch.
I just thought
You You and me?
Yeah. Sure.
scared of my smile ♪
Don't be scared,
Talk to you soon.
I know my fangs are sharp ♪
We don't have to hide ♪
Hide in the shadows ♪
live in the dark ♪
We don't have to
- I hunt and you run ♪
- Don't be scared ♪
- Scared of my smile ♪
- Hide from the sun ♪
Never give in ♪
I know my fangs
are sharp ♪
- We don't have to hide ♪
- Never too far ♪
- Hide in the shadows ♪
- Love that is mine ♪
Finally give in ♪
live in the dark ♪
We don't have to
She really is something.
Yes, she is.
Not the worst school play
I've ever been to.
but we need to figure out
I agree,
what she does for us next.
Is he alright?
"See. I'm not the only
one that trips due to
on this set."
I think my leg's broken.
is an evil mistress.
Oh, the theater
We need you in the finale.
No. No way.
["Never Gonna Give You Up"
each other for so long ♪
We've known
but you're too shy to say it ♪
Your heart's been aching,
what's been going on ♪
Inside we both know
and we're gonna play it ♪
We know the game
And if you ask me
how I'm feeling ♪
you're too blind to see ♪
Don't tell me
Never gonna give you up ♪
Never gonna let you down ♪
Never gonna run around
and desert you ♪
Never gonna make you cry ♪
Never gonna say goodbye ♪
Never gonna tell a lie
and hurt you ♪
Never gonna give you up ♪
Never gonna let you down ♪
Never gonna run around
and desert you ♪
Never gonna make you cry ♪
Never gonna say goodbye ♪
Never gonna tell a lie
and hurt you ♪
[audience cheering,
Wait, wait, wait!
There's no flying!
Who added flying?
[audience cheering,
[audience cheering,
Thank you. Thank you guys.
this musical, my performance,
I just want to say
been possible without Leanna.
none of this would have
be your understudy.
I am so proud to
Come on.
[audience cheering,
my dearest Jewel.
I will find you,
you want people to think
Leanna, it seems like
you were in the show.
"I'll post these to my social
think I was in it.
and people will
Fake news works."
That was amazing.
I did good, and I didn't
have to use my powers.
Aw. Thanks, Leanna.
to get these for me.
You didn't have
You're so sweet.
"Your dad brought
those for you.
for my pictures."
I just used them
She is definitely extra,
but what a night.
like I was someone,
I finally felt
and not just two people
bumping into each other.
good enough to be a
One person who's
to be a Blended.
the musical already?
A video link for
That was fast.
Am I in it?
A Rick roll? Funny, you guys.
I don't get this at all.
Hello Carmela.
supposed to be singing?
Wait, aren't you
but I didn't call you for that.
I can do if you'd like,
Rick Astley! It's really you?
you killed it tonight
Yeah. I heard
and I just wanted to call
and say well done.
How did you know?
I know a lot about you.
Your power is growing,
have a big decision to make.
and soon you're going to
My powers? What?
Be careful of
what they tell you.
manipulated truths and lies.
You are in a world of
Listen to your heart
will shine through.
and the truth
You must lead us.
You're a Mythic, too?
We're everywhere.
when the time comes.
Choose wisely
See you soon.
awesome night of my life.
This is the most
Tell her.
We need to show you
what we found.
It's a vampire skill.
and control with their mind.
An ability they can hone
Kev? Really? Today?
let me have my moment?
You can't just
Listen to him.
is the Shapeshifter?
My birth mother
She will have to know
the truth eventually.
But I have time.
All the time there is.
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