iCarly (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

iTake a Girls' Trip

1 Coconut flakes, tuna pouch, raisins Uh-uh, you are not taking tuna on our road trip.
I'd let you bring a tuna pouch if I was going.
But you're not.
It's just me, Harper and Brooke.
We're gonna have a girls' weekend.
Normally I would remind you that we are women, not girls, but I plan on drinking a pink margarita in a tiara, so you're good.
What kind of pink we talking about? Strawberry? Hibiscus? Pink peppercorn? What? I've been on tons of girls' trips.
They're way better than guys' trips.
They're organized, they're indoors, and nobody teases you if you want to drink some rosé.
Rosé! I can't wait.
I'm finally gonna go on my first girls' trip.
I was living in Italy, and apparently women there don't go on girls' trips.
'Cause they're in Italy.
When I got back, I just never found my group of girls.
It was like all the groups were already taken.
Well, we're putting together a new group, okay? The cool, fashionable one.
The smart, sexy one.
The beautiful, spontaneous one.
And you and Brooke.
Do I know Brooke? Oh, no.
We were roommates in college.
She is amazing.
But let's hurry so we can beat that bitch there before she takes the good bed.
Actually, big surprise.
Since they found out I'm iCarly, they upgraded us to the party suite.
- Ooh! - All I have to do is post a video of us having a fun time.
Which is perfect because I make videos and you're fun.
Mini birdhouse delivery.
Oh, good, we really needed a seventh.
I know I've been making a lot, but this one's got gold leaf wallpaper on the inside.
I say this as someone who needs a girlfriend.
You need a girlfriend.
Ah, I really do.
I'm sick of just dating fun women who love sports and brew their own beer and don't want to commit.
I want something more than that.
I'd be good with that.
Oh! Inspiration has struck.
Birdhouses for people.
Yeah! Ugh, Spencer's life makes me so sad.
I'm over it.
Girls' trip! Yay, you guys! Aw, Freddie, you know what could be fun for you? Get the bags.
Nothing is gonna stop us from having fun.
- Oh, my God.
- Hi, Harp.
Maeve? Oh, my God! Maeve? Your cousin who disappeared four years ago? Oh, my God.
No, probably a different one.
So, after four years at sea, my kidnappers finally decided to let me go.
Wait, so were they kidnappers or pirates? - I'm super into pirates.
- Freddie's super into pirates.
I just love the word "swashbuckle".
You'd love it a lot less if you were the one being swashed and buckled.
Oh, poor Maeve.
Well, the good news is I'm not mad at you for ghosting me anymore.
You should probably not read my emails.
None of that matters.
The important thing is is that I'm here now, and I'm never traveling anywhere ever again.
I just want to sit here with my favorite person.
Well, hey, why don't you come with us on our girls' trip? We can sit in the car, and we can sit in the party suite.
We can sit a bunch of places.
The thought of taking even a single step makes my throat close from stress.
I mean, this sea water usually calms me down.
It's not working now, though.
Harper, you and Maeve should just stay here.
Don't worry about me.
Brooke's gonna be there.
And Brooke can't go.
Oh, no.
Her car was stolen?! Poor Brooke.
Look, I'll be okay.
I have all sorts of fun ideas.
I heard they have a Tupperware museum, and I just got a book about candles.
Girl trip! Ooh Freddie, be packed in five minutes.
This isn't gonna be awkward - with us sharing a room, is it? - Why would it be? This isn't the party suite.
No, it is.
"Party of two.
An intimate experience for lovers in love".
Wow, comes with a couples massage with five flavors of lotion.
I'll, uh, call the front desk and have them switch our room to something with a little less pheromones.
A chocolate drawer? Freddie, you put that phone down right now.
Okay, cousin catch-up time.
- Just me and you.
- Yes.
Ooh, I'm thirstier than a Kardashian at All-Star Weekend.
You need anything to drink? Oh, do you have Sardinian peach nectar? A glass of water's fine.
Harper, what are you doing here? What are you doing here? I have a key.
Spencer is supposed to be babysitting me, but I use this place for me time when you and Carly aren't here.
We know this.
No, we don't know this.
Who are you? Oh, hi, I'm Maeve.
I'm Harper's cousin.
The Harper's cousin? You resurfaced? I have.
And I'm so happy to be back with Harper again.
- Is this tap? - You'll be fine.
And I'm so happy, too.
Almost as happy as when we had Christmas in August.
And my dad shipped in all that real snow from Switzerland because he said it had a better crunch.
Aw, that's sweet.
My dad got me a fish named Donut.
It was on sale because it doesn't swim very fast.
Maeve, I've missed you so much.
I know.
And now that you're back, I'll never let anyone take you away.
Millicent, what is taking you so long? You're just supposed to steal the cookies and come right back.
Well, hello.
- I'm Spencer.
- I'm Maeve.
I'm Harper's cousin that was kidnapped and taken to sea.
- Oh.
- So nice to meet you.
- Oh, gee! Oh, my dear.
- Ooh.
I, uh, I guess I haven't gotten my land legs yet.
Well, lucky for me I got to catch you.
- Yeah, thank you.
- You've had such an ordeal.
Yeah, I try to look on the bright side.
I saw a lot of the world when I wasn't blindfolded.
Wow, your attitude is so refreshing.
You know what else is refreshing? Is that from the Adriatic? Yes.
Excellent nose.
Yeah, okay.
This was fun.
But we haven't seen each other in a really long time, and I skipped the girls' trip so we could catch up, so Bye.
You can still go on the trip.
I'll entertain Maeve for you.
Uh, no, you're not gonna do that because she's here to be with me, so Harper, did you make this? No, I didn't make that tacky thing.
And it's way too small to fit an actual bird.
Well, that's what I love about it.
Actually, um I made it.
- Really? - Yeah.
Those hands are pure genius.
And the gold leaf wallpaper reminds me of the Melk Abbey in Austria.
Well, you know what they say.
If it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.
- No, you didn't.
- I did.
I think your cousin ba-roke Spencer.
Mm, mm, mm.
Look at us.
Girls'-trippin', champagne sippin' and chocolate drawer dippin'.
And I brought something for you.
- Aw, Freddie.
- Mm-hmm.
"My Way or the Rosé".
Aw, I'm never gonna wear this.
I gotta hand it to you, though.
This girls' trip is off to a great start.
Shall we look at my itinerary? "Gossip on the drive here".
"Freak out over how great the room is".
"Look in all the drawers for weird stuff people left behind".
Checking! I wonder what this does.
Ooh, honey Come here to me Let's take a walk amongst the blossoming I-I like this song.
Mm, I like it, too.
It's great for lots of occasions.
Go to cooking class I want to have s-s-s-sex With you, baby Mm Is this weird? Not at all.
You know what? Who says you can't share a honeymoon suite with your platonic best friend with whom you have a complicated romantic history? No one says that.
You know what? You take the bed.
It's so fancy it'll ruin me for all future beds.
Oh, my God.
This bed is so comfortable.
Freddie, you gotta come try this.
At least for a few minutes before you mess up your back - sleeping on that couch.
- All right.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah! - This feels so good.
- Ooh.
You know what, I'm doing it.
I'm going in.
Come on.
I want to have - Oh! - That is incredible.
Oh, so good.
Fun Brooke is here.
Let's get this party star Oh.
Looks like the party already started.
Rrr! - No, no.
I mean, we're not.
- No.
I-I mean, we were.
Not like were were.
Then we weren't.
Let me just turn this off.
With you, baby I want to have S-s-s-sex.
I see you already got your cocktail.
Yeah, I found it on a tray in the hall.
I guess they just leave them out for people.
I'm just so happy that you made it.
Me, too.
Did they find your car? No, I did.
So it turns out it wasn't actually stolen.
I just forgot where I parked it.
I am a total hot mess.
Isn't that cute, though? Adorable.
Are you sure I'm not interrupting something? - No.
- No, not at all.
- You're exactly what we needed.
- Yeah, the more the merrier.
Girls' trip, plus a cute guy.
- And now a cute girl.
- Uh, hello? Sorry, I'm a hugger.
We're gonna have a really good time.
Okay oh! And me.
I'm here, too.
Maeve, you're the most thoughtful person.
You let me cook for you, serve you, you even let me rub your feet.
Well, if you play your cards right, I'll let you feed me dessert.
Oh I got Chinese, DVDs and a stuffed Maltese.
You know, just in case you need a comfort object.
Y'all ate already? Oh, yeah, I told Spencer how much I was missing the ocean, and he surprised me with my favorite dinner.
An Alaskan crab leg buffet.
You should've seen how adorable she was cracking those legs.
Yeah, cute.
But I thought Chinese was your favorite food.
Since when do you like crab? Since I spent four years at sea.
Plus my kidnappers were very anti-gluten, so I kind of don't do Chinese anymore.
Well, that makes sense.
But you still like action movies, right? 'Cause I got Takens one through three.
Ooh, I shouldn't have gotten Takens one through three.
Yeah, I've had enough action/adventure in my real life, you know, so these days, I'm more into - Romance? - Yes.
It's funny you should mention romance movies and the sea, because I have another surprise for you.
Spencer, this is amazing! Well, there is one more thing, but I don't know, maybe it's over-the-top.
Well, we wouldn't want that.
May I sketch you? Are we about to live out my Titanic fantasy? Y'all know how that movie ends, right? Okay.
Oh, should we make a toast? Yes.
To Brooke, for getting her car back so she can be here.
And to Freddie, for making such a sweet toast.
And to me, for getting the door.
Couples massage.
Oh, this is a little awkward, but there are three of us.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe we should pass.
Actually, I have a lot of tension from my car almost being stolen.
I could really use a massage.
I'll get undressed.
Yeah, me, too! Oh, hey, there's a carnival in town this weekend.
Should we go? Oh, yeah! Wait, what are you saying yeah to? The carnival or the massage? Oh, yeah! - Oh yeah.
- Oh Yeah, that clears it up.
Oh, my God, did I eat all these? Damn, this is well-crafted.
Give me your key.
I have three other points of entry.
What happened to your cousin? She get kidnapped again? Yeah, by Spencer.
Wait, what are you doing? You want to watch movies with bad words? I can't.
I'm only here because I left my checkbook.
It's probably in my desk.
That's not your desk! Then why is my checkbook in it? Olive and I are about to go protest the froyo shop.
They stopped carrying rainbow sprinkles, and we're not gonna take this lying down.
- Now you're third-wheeling me, too? - Oh! You're not a third wheel you were never invited at all.
Bye-ee! I'm never having kids.
Ah! I'm so glad we ventured out that carnival was a blast.
It was something.
I was just in awe of how you were able to win this unicorn for me.
What can I say? I'm incredibly good at ring toss.
So, uh do you have any thoughts on what you'd like to do tonight? I do have a few ideas.
- Huh.
- I do, too! Actually I was hoping to check out the tiki bar in the lobby.
I need some alcohol to absorb all that chocolate.
Great idea, Carly.
Here, take this wad of cash.
Have so much fun, okay? Let us know how it is.
Bye! Thank you, Snoqualmie Suites for hooking us up this weekend! My friends and I are having so much fun all together in the same place right now.
What now? Okay, yeah, I'm coming.
I guess it's my turn to dance on the bar.
Got to go.
Another Lonely Lady? I mean, I'm alone, but I'm not "lonely".
I mean, sure, I got ditched on my girls' trip because I brought my best guy friend - and apparently he brought his A-game, but - No.
That's the name of your drink.
Do you want another Lonely Lady? Oh.
Yes, please.
Hey, Harper.
- How's it going? Bad.
- How's it going? Bad.
You first, so I can top you with how amazingly awful my thing is.
Okay, try this.
Freddie and Brooke are getting couples' massages, winning unicorns and hooking up in the honeymoon suite while I'm drinking a drink for losers.
That drink looks good though.
I'm gonna make one.
What's in it? Aperol, vermouth, and amaro.
- Do we have those? - We have warm white wine and vodka.
Close enough.
Ooh! Virtual girls' trip! - Cheers.
- Cheers! Okay, out-depress me.
If you think you can.
Maeve ditched me for Spencer.
Maeve ditched me for sexual purposes with Spencer.
I wish there were any way I could be misinterpreting this.
Should I just come home? No, it's your girls' trip! Go up there! Freddie needs to learn that it's besties before testes! Yeah.
You know what? You do that, too.
Tell Maeve it's cousins before "huggins".
Not as good, but yeah! Okay, that's it.
I'm sick of you two having all the fun without me.
Can I uncover my eyes? It's getting pretty intimate.
We're playing MASH.
I hope I get mansion.
I love that game.
Please, will you do me, too? I'll do both of you.
- Be right back.
- Great.
What are you doing here? I was trying to get some alone time.
Oh, you want some alone time? Try going on a trip with you.
You're right, I'm sorry.
I ditched you.
It's just ever since I got divorced, the second time, also the first time, but mostly the second time, I just felt like I'm never gonna meet someone who's right for me.
You feel that way about Brooke? I don't know, maybe.
It's fun making out with her.
Fair enough.
I just wish I got to make out with someone, too.
Ding dong.
I might be able to help you with that.
You know, it took me a minute, but I think I finally get what you two have been trying to tell me.
The honeymoon suite, the massage, Harper conveniently not being able to come at the last minute.
Not to mention the obvious sexual tension between me and Carly.
The which what? You want Hot Mess Brooke for a hot messy threesome.
- Oh, I don't think - Let's hear the woman out.
Okay, I say we just jump right in.
You know, because rules and boundaries, they make everything so blah.
Brooke, we we're not trying to have a threesome with you.
Oh, God.
Why does this keep happening to me? First at that funeral and then at the DMV.
I'm just gonna grab another drink from the hallway and go home.
Do either of you know where I parked my car? No? Okay, I'll just walk around and listen for the "boop, boop".
- Our girls' trip was a bust, huh? - Yeah.
I got ditched, drank alone, ruined your hook-up, started an argument and then Brooke went home early.
Sounds like every girls' trip I've ever been on.
Yay, I did it.
Ha, ha! Ah, I wonder why she thought we'd be into a threesome? Yeah, it was so out of the blue.
Right? - Should I get a separate room? - Yeah, definitely.
And that's why you don't mix white wine with vodka.
Did I learn nothing in college? Ahoy.
Dim sum? What about the gluten? Sundays were always cheat days.
I really missed you.
I missed you more.
And, look, you know, I'm happy that you and Spencer - are getting along so - Mm-mm, mm-mm.
You're the person I missed the most while I was gone, and you're the person I'm most excited to spend time with now that I'm back.
Aw, you're my number one girl.
Oh, and there's my other number one girl.
Don't make fun of my shirt.
I got chocolate on all my other ones.
Oh, look at us all together.
I'm finally here with my "best friend unless my cousin ever resurfaces" and my cousin who resurfaced! You two are gonna love each other.
But just as friends, right? Oh, did Brooke try a threesome? I heard she's good.
You should've done it.
We're here for the girls' brunch! What is with you men? Can we have anything to ourselves? Freddie said he was coming.
Oh, he earned his spot.
King of the girls' trip! Hey, Harper, can I borrow your phone? Sure.
Why? I'm not a dim sum person.
I'm ordering a pizza.
This is fun.
You know, we should make this a regular thing.
Which is going to be a lot easier because I'm dropping anchor in Seattle.
- Really? - That's great.
- You can stay with us.
- Mm-hmm.
I'll make you a key.
Thank you.
Uh, actually, she's gonna stay with me.
Now what now? Oh, just while I look for a place.
Or who knows? Wow.
I missed a lot on that girls' trip.
So did I.
And I was here the whole time.
Stop! Ooh.

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