Ice (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Thicker Than Water

1 [CAM]: Previously, on Ice [GUNSHOTS] [CAM]: Hello, my loves.
Have you missed me? You did well, son.
Thanks, Dad.
[FREDDY]: We own a mine in Venezuela? Yeah, this is what Pieter was after.
Is it producing? Well, we could go there and find out.
Jump! Jump! [AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSION] [SCREAMS] [RAH]: What exactly is a diamond? Some think it's love.
If that were true, then anyone who agreed to place it on their finger would feel treasured as long as they're wearing it.
Some would have you believe it's eternal, but, like anything, it can break under the right pressure.
[FREDDY]: Oh, my God.
Fuck me.
Bad day to be off vodka.
[JAKE]: You're fine, Freddy.
You're fine.
[GAEL]: Gentlemen! Bienvenidos.
How was your flight? [FREDDY]: Not good.
Not great, actually.
He has a fear of flying.
Well, no, I no, I have a fear of crashing.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, thank you for coming all the way out here.
Oh Pieter Van de Bruin's death changes nothing.
You are the owners of a mine which provides jobs, and for that, you deserve the respect.
Come on.
Sorry to hear about your brother.
Oh, I knew his life with that old man would kill him one way or another.
Do you want to go to the hotel first, get settled? Uh, no if you don't mind, we'd like to go straight to the mine.
[GAEL]: Of course.
La mina.
[CAR ENGINE STARTS] So, have you found any promising samples? Our foreman assures me your mine has potential.
Potential? But no roughs yet? Well, if the hunt was easy, the find would be worthless.
[FREDDY]: What's going on up there? Be calm.
Let me talk to them.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] [SPEAKS SPANISH] He's asking for your identification.
" I think that means "jail.
" Find your passport.
What just happened means nothing to you.
You aren't going to report it to anyone.
Stay calm.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] Muchos gracias, señor.
[] [RAH]: What happens to another when you promise your heart and exchange a token that ties you in such a ritualistic way? They call it, "happily every after.
" I'm not so sure.
There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming, but I'm here to help you through every stage.
Did your daughter have a favorite color? I don't really know, um Purple.
Like a queen.
Sorry we don't have a purple.
Perhaps blue? Also very regal.
Excuse me? Red.
Definitely red.
It's a beautiful choice.
Red it is.
Would you like a plaque with her name placed in a columbarium? A columbarium? It's the building that holds urns.
No, I want I want Palesa with me.
Of course.
Well then, we're all set.
If you have no more questions I can give you a moment.
No, of of of course.
It's fine.
I'll call you when everything's ready.
This process helps make it easier.
I promise.
I know that you mean well, but promises don't mean anything to me anymore.
Thank you.
You're going to like this place.
Yeah? Yeah, they got fantasy rooms.
Fantasy rooms? Yeah, you can pretend to be a pirate.
A fucking pirate? Or whatever you want, then.
A dragon.
Fucking Aladdin.
You know, in my old spot, you get a pint and a pull for a tenner.
Now I've got to pretend to be Davey fucking Jones to get my knob polished? Who? He was a pirate.
You fucking brought it up.
East End's fucked.
No it's been upgraded.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You know, I don't really fancy white titties, you know? Something about pink nipples I don't like.
Yeah shaved minge mm.
I don't care.
[CAM]: Let's jiggy-joggy, huh? Turn around.
Right next door? Fucking hell.
It's not a competition.
[DOORS CLOSE] You do not have OSHA down here, do you? Yeah, or child labor laws.
[GAEL]: If only everyone could afford the simplicity of an American view of the world.
Here, work is difficult.
Starving is worse.
Diego! - Meet Jake and Freddy Green.
- How are you doing, buddy? Very much a pleasure.
Diego's our head geologist and foreman.
Oh, okay.
The man with the plan, huh? Cool, yeah, let's, uh, get this show on the road.
Can we see the mine? Come this way.
These are the latest kimberlite samples.
Mind if I? Of course.
[DIEGO]: We're opening holes in the vicinity.
Don't worry.
[GAEL]: With patience, your mine will no doubt produce more carats than Venezuela's other mines combined.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] I'm hungry [QUIETLY] I'm not seeing anything.
What? I'm telling you, zero signs of a diamond pipe in this mine.
You must've missed something, Freddy.
I'm not a licensed geologist, but you know, Pop drilled so much diamond shit into my brain.
That sample they showed us was shit.
I'm telling you, I'm not seeing any other markers.
Fuck me.
[YELLING IN SPANISH] What the hell is going on? Gael, what's going on, man? Boy's a thief.
This kid is a thief? [GAEL]: They learn very young.
Learn what, exactly? Hiding roughs.
They hide them in knots in their shoes, attach them to arrows, shoot into the forest sometimes even hide them up their ass.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] No! No! No! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you fucking serious? No! No way.
That's not happening.
We have rules.
Yeah, well, so do we.
This is our mine, right? Run and protected by me.
I'm going to blow that entrance up and shut this entire thing down! Relax, okay? No one's going to blow anything up.
Can you let this go just one fucking time? Besides, I'm not sure that they know what a rough stone even looks like, right? No more feet, or hands, or whatever else you fuckers are chopping off, or I swear to God, we'll pull out.
Hey, Mom.
Where've you been? We got coffee after study group, and then we just kind of drove around.
I told you I was making dinner.
Yeah, I texted you.
And you said you'd be home soon.
Here I am.
Four hours later.
And? Is four hours soon to you? Is four hours soon to you, Hannah? Because four hours is not soon.
[WILLOW]: Oh, my God, chill out.
Holy, she's a fricking Nazi.
What did you say? Um, I'm going to go.
No, it's fine.
It's not fine.
She'll see you later, Hannah.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, my God.
Seriously? Yes, ma'am.
You don't check in.
You're late.
After everything we've been through, Willow - You! - Excuse me? Yeah, everything you've been through, okay? None of that happened to me, Mom, remember? So don't make me live in some flipping prison just because you're scared.
And what about the budget talk we had? What part of "cutting back" don't you understand? You seriously think You don't even know.
I'm out.
Ah! Hello, Malcolm.
Looking fit as always.
Nice to see you.
Hello, Cam.
[CAM]: Hi, Tom.
Good to see you.
Have a seat.
I've got some business to do with your dad.
Yeah, well, my business is my son's business.
Nah, it's cool, Daddy-o.
[CAM]: No, you stay here.
Give me the room.
All right, let's have a look at what you've brought, then.
This lot retails at two mil.
I got five other rolls exactly the same.
You won't get what they're worth.
I fucking know that.
My man will have to check for inscriptions, erase serial numbers, inspect them and all.
Inspect them? Yeah.
The next time gems this good come through your front door, your nuts'll be swinging down by your fucking ankles.
Tell you what.
Give me six months, I'll move them clean, get you top dollar.
- Two days.
- Oh, piss off.
I reach out to all my buyers, my risk goes sky high.
Any one of them gets nicked and runs off with the mouth, we'll all go down.
Now, hang on.
Hang on.
We both know if you had other options, you wouldn't be here.
We both know that you'd fuck your own mother and your own grandmother to have quality stones like that.
- Let's go.
- All right, hang on, hang on.
Come on, Cam, don't be stupid.
We both know I'm your best bet.
Now, look I know a guy who might have the readies to take the lot, dump them all in Mumbai.
Of course, there'll be a deep discount for this kind of bulk, and then my 25%.
Oh, well, that's not negotiable.
Everything's fucking negotiable.
Times've changed, mate.
This is my firm now.
I'm top dog.
You pay my vig, or you get the fuck out.
Can I come in? Like I have a choice.
I gave this to you for your birthday.
This is your favorite sweater.
All of those clothes down there are yours.
Can you please just leave me alone? Come on, Willow.
Talk to me.
I didn't think I was going to get a lot, maybe just enough to buy my own lunch for the rest of the year, so I wouldn't have to bother you every morning.
You tried to sell them? Yeah, but they're not worth anything.
Even my leather jacket.
The guy would only give me $10 for it.
Oh, honey we're not in that kind of trouble.
You don't have to sell anything.
Money's just a little tight right now, that's all.
It's just so not fair.
I know.
No, I mean Papa leaves me a diamond worth, like, a gajillion dollars, and no one can find it? How does that happen? I don't I don't know.
I just don't know but what I do know is that none of this is for you to worry about.
That's my job.
I mean it.
I have homework.
Can I make you a plate, bring it up? I'm just going to make food later.
All right.
You know, it really sucks you thought I was shopping.
I know.
I'm really sorry.
There you are.
Jesus, fuck.
You scared me.
Didn't mean to.
It's, uh ever since the kid, I've been having visions of one of those guys shoving a rusty machete up my ass.
Yeah, about that they didn't look too happy with you getting involved and you're missing the party.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, well, it's not really my scene.
Is it some sort of AA thing? Too soon to be around booze, or what? I'm guessing it's always going to be too soon.
You know, earlier, I asked a guard for a pull off his canteen.
Turned out it was tequila.
You know what? I almost said, "Fuck it.
" What if I haven't hit my bottom yet? You have.
I fucking hope so.
I hope that Gael isn't too insulted with us missing the party, - You know what - especially after today.
Fuck him up his genocidal ass.
All right? What, you would've been okay watching that kid's fucking hands get cut off right in front of us? I would have stopped it, 'kay, but just, down here, you've got to be a bit more diplomatic.
How am I not diplomatic? "Fuck him up his genocidal ass?" That's what you just said.
You just said that.
You can handle diplomacy from here on out.
You know go with me for a second.
I know, in my drug-filled haze, I missed quite a lot, but if I got this right everything Pieter Van de Bruin did he did to keep his hands in this mine.
He wanted this.
He knew something was here, and yet, what, they haven't found any diamond pipes yet? Okay, then fuck it, right? Let's just go home, and we'll find another source of cash.
No, no, no, what I'm saying is maybe just because there weren't any pipes in the area Gael showed us, maybe that doesn't mean there aren't some pipes here somewhere.
Pop owned this whole area was his mine, right? Well, look, see the dry riverbed right there? The one that cuts through there, and then there's the ridge right behind it? That's not part of the mountain.
So that suggests there was some kind of shift in the earth, like, thousands of years ago.
That if I was looking for indicators of a pipe, that's where I'd be digging, not over there.
Okay, so, Gael's showing us the wrong side of the mine.
I he He's fucking us.
My God.
Check it out? Yeah, alone.
[CHUCKLES] What the fuck is that, huh? Well that's a bit of fashion, mate.
You know what I mean? If you're playing for team fucking Liberace.
Team what? You know, he was a a gay pianist.
All the old ladies loved him, you know? He sang that song, uh oh, I can't remember.
Fuck it.
Your first bespoke, right? Yeah.
First proper little you know, proper whistle.
My mother, your grandmother, first took me when I was 11.
Well, when I was 11, my mum was too busy getting bounced off the walls of her flat by her latest husband.
No shit? How is your mother? 7215 Horrocks Lane.
You want to know how she is, Dad, go and ask her.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Ah! That's what I mean.
This is how I want people to see you, yeah? [JAKE]: Anything? Dirt.
Freddy? Hey, you got something? They've been digging.
[FREDDY]: Here we go core samples.
Holy shit.
Find something? [FREDDY]: A fucking garnet.
No better sign of a diamond load than these babies.
That mother if that motherfucker's been digging viable samples, then he is storing them somewhere around here.
Come here.
I half expected you wouldn't come.
Here I am.
I made some sweet tea.
[JUDITH]: I've remembered you in my prayers.
[RAH]: They're wasted on me, Sister.
You may not feel it now, but His presence can be a comfort.
I don't want it.
The pain I feel lets me know that I'm still alive.
Oh, Rahwia What is it they they say? "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.
" [JUDITH]: Blessed be the name of the Lord.
He gave me my baby back so I could watch Him take her away.
She died in my arms, Sister.
I could feel her going.
No if you ask me, He is a sadistic fuck.
Rahwia! Blessed is His name? Well, fuck his name! [JUDITH]: Stop.
That's enough.
I can still feel her beside me.
Because she's still there.
No, Sister Judith, she's not.
She's dead.
Did you bring what I asked you to bring? [UNZIPS BAG] If you ever need anything else There is nothing else that I need from this place.
Being back must bring up a lot of memories.
Thank you.
[DOG BARKING] Don't remember that.
Ha! Your brother painted that.
Part of his "therapy.
" I told him it's ugly as shit, but he's proud of it.
Sit down and quit pacing.
You're making me nervous.
I'm not pacing.
I'm just taking it all in.
Nothing's changed.
TV got bigger.
[WOMAN]: Mm.
It always does.
Your room is exactly how you left it.
You know, there's even a picture of Jason Wright taped to the headboard.
That's just sad.
He was asking about you the other day.
He's back in town.
He's working for his father.
Big surprise there.
Man, their business stinks ever since "the sea" went dry, but they'd put away a lot for a rainy day.
Good for them.
So, are you going to tell me why you decided to grace us with your presence? I need your help.
No shit.
Jake and I Yeah, you're divorced.
Anyway Isaac recently passed away Jake's father.
The company's gone.
All of it.
I need to think about me and Willow.
I need to get on my feet, secure our future.
And by "getting on your feet," you want me to give you money? It's not what you think.
Ha! Yeah, right.
It would be a loan.
I could easily pay you back within the year.
I've got a plan.
Oh, so the Greens are into counterfeits now, huh? No.
It's real, Momma.
36 carats worth almost 150 million.
Fuck me five ways to Sunday.
With some money, I can start a business a clean business.
Not like this dirty one.
You know, you never had trouble with this business when it let you act all high and mighty so you could bag Jake Green.
I didn't mean it like that.
I wasn't implying anything.
I'm sorry.
Before you go any further, I have a requirement.
What is it? It's been ten years, Ava.
It's time I get to see my granddaughter again.
You get Willow, bring her over here for a visit, and then we can discuss your little venture.
Fuck him up his genocidal, thieving ass.
[SIGHS] That motherfucker.
[FREDDY]: It's one small chain.
Not very secure.
Us coming was a surprise.
They had to do this in a hurry.
Yeah, they didn't expect us to look this deep, so they didn't worry about security.
[FREDDY]: It's a whole fucking lab! Fuck me.
[JAKE]: Holy shit, man.
Guess Gael knew how to find diamond pipe after all.
Yeah he said he hadn't found anything promising yet.
Lying motherfucker.
What do we got here? Guess he forgot about these.
Holy shit.
You old fuck.
Did you really already get me six and a half? Top dollar? Couldn't very well let down an old friend, now, could I, eh? That's fucking incredible.
Come on.
[CHUCKLING WARMLY] Have a seat, Malcolm.
Looking sharp.
Hope you slags have still got some money left for me to take.
Well, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought I was going to be Tommy DeVito-ed or something.
What, you see plastic on the floor, you bastard? "What do you mean? What am I, a funny guy?" "Funny-looking.
" "What, I make you laugh?" "Oh, I amuse you?" "What, am I funny, huh?" [LAUGHING] Hang on.
Yeah, Joe Pesci, huh? Joey the Fish.
Bloody thing gets heavier every day.
Yeah, nothing changes.
I'm not looking, Tommy, for fuck's sake.
Not that I don't trust you But I don't.
[LAUGHS] Ooh There you are.
Whoa, whoa.
You know, I can see there's, uh there's not six-and-a-half there.
It'll get you set you up in I.
When the fuck do I get the rest? I don't know.
Next week, maybe when I've shipped the rest of the merchandise.
Ah, fuck Ain't you going to count it first? No, fuck that.
No, I might have taken my 25% out.
You'd have a bigger problem than you've already got.
I have a problem? Yeah what with you being the, uh, "top dog" now and, you know "Pay the vig or get the fuck out?" You insulted me, Tommy.
Only told the truth, mate.
No, you know, usually, I let it go you know, call it a call it a mistake of judgement put it down to you not knowing how to react to me coming back out of the blue.
But? You did it in front of my son.
[GRUNTING] Looks like you wankers haven't gotten any better at this game, have you? [STRUGGLING, GRUNTING] [LOUD CLATTER] Look whatever's going down in there has nothing to do with us.
All right.
I mean it, mate, all right? Those are two very old dogs in there, with a lot of shit to sort out.
It's not our fight.
Do you understand? Yeah, we good, bro.
Oof! [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [SHATTERING] Where you going? Where you going? I didn't want to take over, you cunt.
[THWACK] That's not what I'm fucking here for.
[THWACK] If I wanted to take over this shit hole, you'd fucking give it to me.
[THWACK] You fuck me, and I'll cut your fucking head off.
[THWACK] See? Nothing changes.
Here's your 10%, and I better get the rest of my money next week, or I'm coming back.
[GRUNTING] [REPEATED HITTING] Malcolm Malcolm! Enough! Enough! Get out.
Fuck off.
Like a fucking animal.
Go! Gael, he wanted us to fund the opening of the mine and yet, he was moving in our roughs as his own.
Technically, they're Uncle Sam's roughs.
Who cares? So how do they look? Dad was right.
Fucking freeze.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're just looking around.
Stand over there.
Hands on the table where I can see them.
[FREDDY]: Okay, all right.
[GUARD]: You, over there.
We were just looking around, man.
Not a big deal.
Okay, those are Sorry, oh, shit Hands on the fucking desk.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
I just spilled the thing.
My bad.
[SPEAKING SPANISH] Don't do that.
Don't do that.
Hey, Gael will want to talk to you.
Hands on your heads.
Jesus Christ.
Go, go, go, go! [EXPLOSION] [FREDDY]: What are you doing? Come on! [JAKE]: Getting his gun! Tell me you didn't kill that fucker.
Oh, and this from Lennox fucking Lewis.
[LAUGHS] Finally, you said a name I've heard of [PHONE RINGS] And he's retired.
You should've said Anthony Joshua.
Fuck you.
Yeah? You fuck me, Cam? Huh? I trust you with my contacts, my men, and you fuck me? [CAM]: Who the fuck is this? Oh, you sent your boys down here for the roughs.
Gael? What fucking boys? The fucking Green brothers.
They'll be coming home in pieces.
Jake and Freddy? What fucking roughs? What I'm hearing from you is that you found roughs and forgot to mention it to myself.
A few small stones.
They may be worth nothing.
Then why are you worried about my nephews? Are we still partners in this little side venture, or not? Of course.
Then stop your fucking whining and take care of it.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] Please tell me we're just passing through.
This is where I grew up.
No wonder you never talk about it.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
So why does she want to see me all of a sudden? Oh, well, you know when people get older, they I have no idea, honey.
I don't know why she wants to see you.
She just does but I'm hoping she'll help us loan us some money.
How does anyone living out here have enough money to help us? You'd be surprised.
[PANTING] Hold on.
Let me rest for a second.
I probably shouldn't admit this but that was fucking awesome.
[LAUGHS] I think you hit your head.
No, you're telling me you don't feel, like, a little high right now? - Pure adrenaline, bro.
- Yeah.
A little.
[LAUGHING] - All right, a little.
- All right, let's keep moving.
Which way? We're going to go left.
[FREDDY]: You sure this is the right direction? [JAKE]: Yeah, it can't be too far.
[DIANE]: Well, well, you are a looker, Willow.
I'm not.
Well you look just like your momma.
Of course, she wasn't as well-developed as you back then.
Jesus, Mom.
That's why she had to wear those tight clothes, really tight clothes.
Otherwise, the boys wouldn't even have noticed her.
Well, she's hot now.
Willow! Can we please change the subject? [DOG BARKING] Do you live here alone? Sometimes, Michael comes and stays with me.
Michael? Your Uncle Mitch.
Yeah, Uncle Mitch.
He's had some problems through the years, but he has a very good heart.
I don't really remember that much about him.
That's 'cause your mother wouldn't allow you anywhere near him.
He's a junkie.
Was a junkie.
Well, I didn't think it was okay to have him around my baby.
Well she's her own girl now.
Maybe she can decide some of these things for herself, right? I guess [LAUGHS] [AVA]: Nice chat.
Willow, will you, uh, wait outside for me, please, so I can talk to my mother? Um well, it was nice seeing you, Grandma.
I just hope we get to do it some more.
Willow? Call me Diane.
Yes, ma'am Diane.
I'll be right there.
[WOMEN, SINGING BADLY]: I know what it means To work hard on machines Do you believe in love? One that lasts for all time You take me up Oh-hoh You take me up to a higher ground Jesus fucking Christ Hey! Do me a favor.
Put your cock in their mouths and get them to shut the fuck up.
[WOMEN]: Now I never want to come back down Like someone strangled a cat.
[PHONE RINGS] You arrange to meet me in a karaoke bar, and then you make me wait on my own? What am I, a schmuck? No, look, I'll be there soon, but I've got to ask you [CAM]: Ask away.
I'm going to need my cut now.
"Disappearing" costs money, and Tommy and his boys ain't about to give up lightly.
Yeah, you don't have to worry about that.
Fuck, yeah, I do, all right? [WOMEN]: You take me up Oh-hoh Look, his crews are everywhere.
Couple of weeks in Cardiff just ain't going to do the trick this time.
Tommy's had his ass kicked, okay? He knows he's out of line.
He ain't going to come after you.
You don't have to worry about it.
I don't? No because you're coming with me.
What? Malcolm, the job you did for me in L.
, it was beautiful.
Now, I can use your talents in La La Land.
Pack your bags, kid.
You know that's what killed Daddy.
You killed Daddy.
What? Marrying that Jew-boy.
Running away to Los Angeles.
You do realize that Willow's half-Jewish, right? I never said I gave a shit, but it damn near drove him over the edge.
I married Jake because he was the first thing that came along that could get me out of here away from this family away from you.
See I looked at you as the curse.
From the beginning of the pregnancy, heaved my guts up morning, noon, and night 'til all I could taste was bile.
Bitter, acidy, yellow bile.
Can still taste it sometimes like now.
Then you were born, and you screamed non-stop.
Doctor said you were colicky or some shit like that, but I knew the truth.
I knew you were just a little ball of hate.
A punishment.
Maybe I deserved it.
I thought of killing myself.
I actually considered that.
Then I realized your father and your brother couldn't last a week without me.
I even thought of of you being out of the picture.
We could have got along just fine without you but then, one day, you just stopped crying, just like that, and you barely said another word for ten years.
Your father, he wanted to send you to a doctor, but I was, like, "Fuck me, I am so glad for the peace and quiet.
" And then it was puberty.
You turned into the town slut with your cut-offs, and your tight clothes, prancing around in front of the customers while they were waiting for their purchases.
Their meth.
Which is providing you the money you're begging for now.
I am not begging.
I told you, I will pay it back.
Yeah, right.
You think of me however you want.
A curse, a punishment I really don't give a shit.
The money.
Yes or no? I said I used to think of you as a punishment or a curse.
Then I realized I was giving you too much credit.
What you always were, what you still are is a disappointment in every possible way.
A complete disappointment.
Let's go.
What? Now.
Hello? Seatbelt.
You okay, Mom? I'm fine.
Just want to get a jump on traffic.
What did she say? She said, "yes.
" I think you'll be pleased.
It's one of the most beautiful memorials I've seen, truly.
Would you like to open it now? I can't.
That's a natural response.
You need to do this when you're ready.
You'll know when that is.
[FREDDY]: Dude, the trees are getting thicker.
It's getting steeper.
We're definitely heading further into the mountain.
We can't turn back, okay? This guy's going to be on our ass.
You'd rather get lost in the middle of the fucking Amazon? Yes.
[JUNGLE ANIMALS HOWLING] Do you want to keep moving? Why? We're so fucked.
[JAKE]: No.
Now we're fucked.
[FREDDY]: Are you kidding me? [RAH]: A diamond is not a commitment.
Anyone can dole out three months' salary, brandish it on bended knee, and wax philosophical about undying love when, really, all they want is to avoid being alone.
In essence, a diamond is whatever you want it to be, for whatever reason, at that time.
A talisman for your most primal desires.
A symbol for your most fervent wish.
A lie, most likely, in the end.
My diamond is a soul.
My blood.
Palesa's ashes, reborn as a red stone with a will, and a spirit, and a strong, strong heart.
As long as I can feel it against my chest, I know I'm alive.