Ice (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Heart of Darkness

1 - Previously on Ice - [RAH SCREAMING IN GRIEF] [LADY RAH]: My diamond, Palesa's ashes, reborn as a red stone No, no, no! Whoa, whoa! Whoa! Are you fuckin' serious? No! Gracias, senor, gracias.
[AVA]: It would be a loan.
I could easily pay you back within the year.
[CAM]: Malcolm, I could use your talents in La La Land.
So, Gael, he was moving our roughs as his own.
Dad was right.
[AVA]: The money, yes or no? What did she say? She said yes.
[] It's an old line, I know, but may I buy you a drink? It is an old line, but an effective one.
Maybe that's why it's survived for so long.
Two, please.
On second thought, bring the whole bottle.
[CHUCKLES] Big spender.
It's going to be expensive.
I think you're worth it.
That's an unusual necklace.
Very pretty.
Thank you very much.
It's very precious to me.
I'm sure it is.
Reds are extremely rare.
You know about diamonds? They're my business.
Really? [CHUCKLES] Well, FYI if you want to attract the attention of a lady, then I would lead with that line first.
Point taken.
You can call me Palesa.
[] [DRUNKEN LAUGHTER] Voila! What do you think, huh? Wow.
I knew about the pool, but I didn't know about the view.
Thank you.
I told you, it's magnificent.
That it is.
It's perfect.
[LAUGHS] Your turn.
[CHUCKLES] I'm not really one for public displays of affection.
Oh, the only other person who comes here is the pool guy, and it's not Wednesday.
I'm waiting.
[CHUCKLING] I hope that thing comes off.
Hmm You want me to do all the work.
You win.
" It's true, but they don't start out that way.
Billions of years in the Earth, battered by pressure and flame, causes a diamond to deform and recrystallize over and over again.
Fuck, man [GASPING WEARILY] I know I've seen that wall before Are you fucking kidding me? I'm done, dude.
For all we know, we could've been walking in circles for the last 10 hours.
I'm fuckin' serious, honestly.
I'm fuckin' done, man.
At this point, Gael's men find us.
I'm kinda hoping - Really? - I mean, what - [TWIG CRACKS UNDERFOOT] - Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh! You asked for it.
I was kidding.
[GIVING ORDERS IN SPANISH] Go, go! It's them, it's them! Come on! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
[WINCING] Shh, shh, shh! Sundance? Oh, yeah, like the movie, you know? "I can't swim!" [CHUCKLES] All right, that's east.
That'll get us close to Guyana, and they don't give a fuck who we are, or care what we're carrying.
We're gonna walk to Guyana? Well, yeah.
[SPEAKS SPANISH] [GRUMBLES IN FRUSTRATION] [PEBBLE CLATTERS FROM ABOVE] [COCKING GUN] Whoa, whoa, whoa! What the hell is he doing here? It's the kid from yesterday.
Hey, what's going on? You live around here? Yeah? - He wants us to go - It could be a trap.
[BOY CALLS] Rapido! Vamos! What choice do we have? I don't know Let's go, come on.
I'm so glad you came back.
I'm in a position to help.
I can give you 20% of the Holocaust Diamond's estimated value.
You said 30.
Thankfully, I don't need that kind of help.
I was able to use it as collateral after all.
I must admit, I'm impressed.
May I ask who holds your loan? Let's just say it's a very unusual bank.
I see.
If you're not here to make a sale, to what do I owe the pleasure? I need merchandise.
I'm going into business on my own, and I want top quality.
Your diamonds are the best.
This is true, our diamonds are indeed the best, but are you certain you're ready to go out on your own? You and Freddy tried this before.
You haven't forgotten what happened Natalya, I'm about to make a purchase a very large purchase.
Reminding me of my past mistakes is not going to help you make a sale.
In fact, it may even make me reconsider.
My apologies.
I am just trying to warn you that the diamond business is a ruthless one, but it appears that you're fitting right in.
Come, let me show you our inventory.
I believe you'll find the selection to be quite spectacular.
This is crap.
It's all crap.
Since when do you have a fuckin' eye? I can't be a proper criminal without knowing what to pinch, can I? Well There's no way I'll be risking the nick for this bollocks.
Yeah, well, you know, the value is not always in the front of the store, hmm? What are you saying, he's holding back the good stuff? Well, in a manner of speaking, yeah.
[CLEARING THROAT] [DINGS BELL] Cameron Rose! Cy, long time, huh? Such a surprise.
Hey, meet my son, Malcolm.
Your, uh? [CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY] You don't see the resemblance? Maybe he expected someone a bit taller.
[LAUGHS] I'm going to go take a look around.
Yeah, you do that, son.
Cy, I haven't seen you around much lately.
Terrible what happened with Green & Green, eh? That was a nasty business, that.
How lucky was I, though, not having a piece of the company? [LAUGHING TOGETHER] Well, Fate, you know, she's a fickle lover, but when she smiles upon us eh? Well, she's smiling on you today, Cy, you know, 'cause I'm gonna put in an offer for you store.
300 grand should see you safely into retirement.
[CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY] If I thought you were serious, I'd be insulted.
Are you saying my offer's no good? Cameron this is not your kind of store.
It-it's It's low-end merchandise, it's the cheap stuff.
Are you saying that 300 grand don't buy cheap shit? I'm saying that my store is worth twice that.
200 grand.
No, no 175 grand, that's my final offer.
My store is my life.
And I stop him from cutting your fucking head off.
Go on, say no.
It'll make this quicker.
I'll sell.
Yeah, that's good.
Oh, uh, and by the way, if you're thinking of going back on the deal or going to the law, your grandchildren Um Isabel and Tova.
Yeah, they looked adorably cute this morning in their school uniforms.
Cam please.
Don't hurt them.
Come here That's the last thing I want to do, Cy.
It's the last thing I wanna do.
Now, you say hello to your beautiful wife, huh? Where's the safe? Mal, that's not why we're here.
Eleazar here, he's the value.
Hello, my old friend.
[CHUCKLING WARMLY] Ah, well, you know.
Eli, he's the Master, you know? The last of his kind.
When Cy started selling shit, he stayed, you know why? Because he's loyal to a fault.
But I've known you longer, haven't I? Yeah, well.
Built with less sweat.
[CHUCKLING] Eli, um there's going to be a change in management, but we're going to get you the stones your talent deserves.
I only hope I can be of service.
Service? You're gonna turn 'em into fuckin' works of art.
Huh? [CHUCKLING] Beautiful.
[VOICES AHEAD IN CONVERSATION] - Rafa! - Papa! Papa! Uh guess his hand wasn't worth that much He said "Don't shoot," I think.
You think? "Papa".
He definitely said, [JAKE MUTTERING] I'm gonna translate this as "We are fucked.
" Uh, hey.
Mi hijo.
My son.
My son.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Vamanos! - Okay.
- Okay, let's vamonos.
[FATHER AND SON TALKING] You guys are you know.
Word! Turn it up, turn it up.
[] We been through a lot we gon' be all right Ava fucking Green.
Been a long time.
And time has done you right.
How are you, Massa? Oh, I love the way my name sounds rollin' off a white woman's tongue.
Doing fine, lovely.
Yo, take a few.
[SINGER STOPS] And y'all can excuse yourselves.
I'll check you in a minute.
Gotta say, Ms.
Ava, I was surprised to get your call.
Thought your man was out of the business.
I'm on my own now.
So you're poaching Jake's clients? Gangsta.
Jake's not in a position to service his client list, and I am.
Oh, so you're gonna service me now? [CHUCKLES MIRTHLESSLY] 'Cause you know I've always liked what I've seen.
Well then, you'll like this.
Ooh ee! Five carats, Radiant Cut.
Money green.
That's some stone.
Stones, plural.
Sisters cut from the mother rough.
Perfect for studs.
Mm, slow your roll, babe.
You're trading on your husband's reputation, not your own.
Doesn't make them any less valuable.
They'd easily sell for a million, but I can give them to you for 750.
So you either stole them, or you're just looking to make a big sale, quick.
I only want to sell them to you.
Ah you're trying to get your ice on some blinged-out rapper, and make a quick name for yourself.
I saw the stones, and I thought of you.
Nothing more than that Massa.
Damn, I love the way you say my name.
I wouldn't mind hearing it in private, if you know what I mean.
In fact, I'll take your deal long as you take mine.
Stop your fuckin' whinin'.
You know all I did was tune you up a little.
You embarrassed me in front of my son.
You got what you deserved.
You know, that was personal.
Now, we've got a deal.
The two don't go together here.
Tommy I should've kicked your fuckin' head in.
Now, go fuck yourself.
I told you he wouldn't take it lightly.
[GRUMBLES] Well, you know.
No, you proper tucked him in.
Put a man in hospital.
It's it's a bit of a cock up, if you wanted to do more business with him, innit? Ah, we don't need the fuckin' pikey.
How do we import, then? Malcolm Because Tommy might be a pikey, but he's still got London.
Malcolm, look he's not the only game I got on the go here.
All right.
I gotta get some new furniture here.
[GROANS] Hey I've got dynamite in my dining room, too.
[QUIETLY] So what are they fighting about in there? You.
Yeah, I figured.
Uh, what about us? They think you're too dangerous, but Papa thinks you can help us.
Oh? Like, how? I mean, we can't really even help ourselves right now.
Esta bien.
Everything all right? Sure.
It's an honor to have share meal with you.
Okay, thank you.
That's I mean, you haven't seen our table manners yet.
Look, hey, we are grateful for everything, but I think it's probably best if we leave.
Really? You're not hungry? Que? Que? No, no, no, no.
You-you help my son.
You help family.
Thank you.
Sylvia! Mateo! Hi.
Thank you very much.
Esta bien, Matteo.
I'm Freddy.
This is Jake, by the way.
You've got a lovely home.
Oh, wow.
That looks good.
That looks great.
O kay.
We're gonna pray.
Hey You look great, kid.
Come here.
Please, sit.
A present.
A Trojan horse.
[CAM CHUCKLES] Well, I wanted you to enjoy my gift.
Black Lizards 23 G's of box.
Very nice.
So why are we really here? What is it they say, um "So beautiful she needs to be wooed, "but she's a woman, so she also needs to be won.
" [CHUCKLES INDULGENTLY] It will take a lot more than a box of cigars.
What about millions in untraceable diamonds? I can't clean illegitimate stones for you, Cameron.
Aw come on.
Let's just say I have different interests.
Are you seriously saying no to me? Rah I just cleaned up this mess with Pieter and I got your daughter back, and don't forget, you're alive because of me.
I also have a fuckin' business to They killed her.
Your daughter? They killed her.
Oh, fuck me.
I'm so sorry, Rah.
I, uh Did you take her with you? Why the fuck would you do that? I chose this life, she didn't.
Is that what this is? Revenge? Rah you and me, you know, both of us, we've killed many people It was a matter of time before they turned round and bit us on the ass.
And how would you feel if that happened to Malcolm? He's a big boy.
He can look after himself.
He's like his father.
Are you gonna help me? Or have I got to put in a call to Westhuizen? We may not be ready to be partners yet, Cameron, but you really don't want me as your enemy.
[CHUCKLES] No, uh No, I don't.
[CHUCKLING] No No, I certainly don't.
I'll see you around, kid.
[FREDDY]: The Earth isn't a big blue marble, cold and stagnant.
It's dynamic, constantly moving.
Over time, it shapes the diamond crystal, squeezing it, rounding or sharpening the edges.
Sometimes, cavities form within the crystal, creating a diamond with color.
Brown, pink, green, or, on the very rare occasion, red.
That was so good, man.
Thank you so much.
This has been just really delicious.
I appreciate that.
So, look, um, we're in some trouble, so I-I don't know if it'd be cool if we hide out here for a couple of days, or I don't know if you have a car.
We have to get out of the country.
I know, uh Rafa told me that you were hoping we could help you out, and we-we'd be we'd be happy to send you money when we get home, or, you know, I've got Let me, uh I think, a little bit I've got, like, $20, and I have a watch, too, that I can There's that.
Here, take that No.
No, no [SPEAKING SPANISH] That's not the kind of help we need.
Then what? [SYLVIA] Rafa! Nicolas! You need a minute.
I'm gonna go see a man about a horse.
I'm gonna go check on my brother.
Rafa! Do you think it's the best idea to be outside right now? Well, actually, I think we should leave.
Really? Yeah, I got a bad feeling about this.
I don't know, man.
I think our best option is we hole up here for a couple days, if he lets us.
Really? Yeah, till things die down, and then we take off.
So, you're comfortable trusting this guy, all of his friends, with our lives? Any one of them could figure out at any moment that it would be worth it to turn us in.
[VEHICLE APPROACHES] [] [CAR STEREO STOPS] Shari, I'm home! In here! Oh, how is my gorgeous wife? Hi, Massa.
Oh, please, drop that "Massa" shit.
He's Lester at home.
Come see, baby.
Isn't it gorgeous? The perfect gift from a man to his wife, don't you think? Tell her how much he loves her, remind her she's the most important person in his life.
And it's got a name.
"Pink Dahlia.
" A diamond this exquisite always has a name.
Six carats, Fancy Intense Pink.
And the cushion cut is perfect for your wife's hand.
I love it.
How much? 750,000.
750, is that right? Come on, baby, write the check.
[SIGHS] If that's what you want.
It is.
You know how much I love pink.
Thank you.
Lester I have something for you, too.
An amazing pair of greens I really think you'll like.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] Hello? Yes, this is Ava Green.
Is there a problem? [SPEAKING SPANISH] Papa No.
Um we decided.
She decided.
We cannot help you.
That's okay.
That's okay I'd let her decide, too.
I know you guys put yourself at risk helping us out, so I appreciate that.
Before we go we need to get to, I guess, Guyana, somewhere out of the country Guyana? We need to avoid the cartel.
Can you help us out? Do you have any idea [EXPLAINING IN SPANISH] Here we go, here we go [SIGHING] Matteo Why don't we go back to the house? You speak English, right? Your brother does, so I'm gonna let go, okay? I get it, okay? I do.
You have to watch your brother work while you stay at home.
That must suck.
Okay, and I know you want to step up, protect your family, but I have to protect my family, too.
You understand that, right? But I don't want anyone to get hurt, so Don't do this.
Okay? Why don't we just go back to the house? Yeah? Good.
Good, yeah, I think we're okay.
Come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, easy.
Oh, damn Trade routes are an interesting beast.
I mean, you'd think it'd be easy in this day and age, with all our sophisticated methods of transportation, to move goods from one place to another.
Simple logistics.
Logistics are never simple.
Simple, or complex, the minute anyone a person, a country, an ideology draws a line and sets limitations, well, logistics break down.
Well, money always gets you over that line.
You need more than money to move goods, you need contacts, connections, a network.
- My pleasure.
- Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
[INDIGNANT] Sir! We're closing.
It's all right, mate.
I'm just here to have a quick chat with Tamir.
Sir, I'm sorry, but there is no Tamir.
Sir? Yeah? Stop! I'm gonna ask you to leave, now, before we have you physically removed! Freeze, asshole! Or I'll blow your fucking head off.
All right, all right, calm down.
Down on the ground! Now! - All right.
- Now! Calm down, for fuck's sake, I'm doing it.
Indeed, they do.
How much? Three-and-a-half million, cash.
Every transport is negotiated separately.
No, no, no, um We negotiate one time, here and now, and, uh, I'm gonna need my shipment by the end of this week.
Well, then I want the fucking money by noon tomorrow.
Yeah, that's no problem.
Uh, my son, uh he's making a withdrawal as we speak.
Get out! Fuck off! Right.
I reckon we've got three minutes until the cops come.
Ah, I do love working with proper criminals.
Hello, love.
Fucking gun.
I told you so.
Can we fuckin' leave now, please? Yeah, we'll head east.
We can make it.
All right, let's go - [CARTEL SHOUT OUTSIDE] - Shit.
Fuck fuck.
We're fucked.
Fuck Shit They're fucking everywhere, Freddy.
Walk us out.
Just pretend we're your hostages, and walk us out.
They will kill you.
Yeah, it's the right thing to do.
They'll kill us all if you don't.
[FREDDY CALLING] Don't shoot! So you thought you could run from me? That I wouldn't find you? [SIGHING] Fuck you.
What did you say? I said, fuck you.
This ends now.
- Mother fucker.
- No! [NEARBY EXPLOSIONS] [GUNFIRE BLASTING] Behind you! [GAEL COCKS GUN] I should have never underestimated you.
[GUNSHOT] That's right, you fucking shouldn't have.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah Why did you fuckin' slap me? We received your petition to represent Westhuizen's interests in Los Angeles.
It was Well, it was surprising.
As were the extravagant gifts.
Not to say that they weren't appreciated.
A million a bottle I've always wanted to try the world's most expensive bubbly.
I knew you'd enjoy it, Robert.
Whether we appreciate the Brut or not, isn't the point.
You can't buy your way onto the Board with expensive gifts.
But I can show you that I'm serious.
You have lost your L.
Damon was recently the victim of an unfortunate accident.
I am so sorry.
The diamond business is extremely cutthroat, particularly in Los Angeles.
And yet, here you are, positioning yourself to take control of the company's business in that very dangerous town before Damon's body is cold.
What do you hope to gain, Ms.
Rah? Before Pieter van de Bruin died, I was his L.
Pieter was filth.
I did his bidding.
I dealt his diamonds, including blood diamonds.
Diamonds that were mined by child slaves.
Diamonds that funded rebels who murder thousands of innocent people.
I believe he was your man, too.
We didn't know.
Don't insult me.
Los Angeles has been underperforming since Pieter's death.
Percentage of marketing is up, yet profit margins are down, and the Russians are primed to take over.
Give L.
to me, and I will rectify it.
We'll let you know our decision.
Thank you.
Oh one more thing.
You may think that you know L.
You may think that your former representative knew L.
But I am L.
I was the number one diamond dealer in L.
for over a decade.
I am prepared to work with you, but trust me, I am more than willing to work against.
Stronger sense of smell than dogs.
They use their trunks to constantly explore the world around them.
Each elephant needs up to 50 gallons of water a day and almost Sarah? Your doctor called.
He said you're ready to be released.
[TV PROGRAM CONTINUES] Sarah, are you ready to go home? I don't have a home.
Of course you do.
He's there.
You can stay with Willow and I.
We have plenty of space.
I can't.
Don't you see? I can't leave here until everything's settled.
But the the doctor said you're fine.
Ava, please I understand.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry you came all the way down here.
No, it's okay.
We're going to figure this out.
I'll handle Cam.
A nice dram of gold watch.
You'll like that.
[CHUCKLES] [GROANS WEARILY] To a plan well executed.
Yeah, the cameras were right where you said they'd be.
Yeah, preparation, preparation, preparation.
And skill.
Skill and preparation.
Fuckin' hell Yes.
[SIGHS] Oh, God, that's good.
So we're in, then? Yeah, soon as that cunt Percy gets his dough, yeah.
Well, that's the transport sorted.
Where are we gettin' the stones? My worry.
You know? Tonight we celebrate.
Right, uh, you sort the dough out.
I, uh I gotta have a bit of me-time.
I'll see you later.
[GROANS WEARILY, CHUCKLING] Ooh You did good today, kid.
I'm proud of you, son.
Did you honestly think that you could lock her away forever? What? What are you talking about? That the rest of the family would just turn a blind eye? Sarah is ready to come home, Cam.
My wife's very ill, you know that.
According to her doctor, she is ready to be released.
So you think a couple months in hospital, and she'll be better? Ain't life grand.
Well, you wasn't there when she swallowed a bottle of pills, or when she slit her wrists and crawled under the bed so I couldn't fuckin' reach her.
You wasn't there, and neither was her fuckin' doctor.
She is on medication.
It doesn't work.
It never has, never will.
[CAM GRUMBLES] Now I did what I thought was best for my wife, and if you know what's best for you, you'll mind your own fucking business.
No, you don't get to do that anymore.
I am helping her file for divorce.
She's not going to be your wife much longer.
[DISCONNECTS CALL] [DROPS PHONE, CLATTERING] Well, we'll fuckin' see about that.
My friend, he'll take you to Guyana.
Okay, thank you so much.
We really appreciate this, buddy.
Hey, Scarecrow, I'm gonna miss you most of all.
Seriously, you and your brother, we owe you the most.
If you hadn't set off those explosives, it probably would have taken us a couple more minutes to escape those guys.
He's lying, we would've been dead.
Thank you, so much.
Thank you very much.
We appreciate it.
You are welcome.
We didn't know we could trust you, but you were willing to die to protect us.
What's up? Fuck me.
That's the best damn rough I've ever seen.
What? No, no, this is You need to sell this, you can make a lot of money.
They can't.
What? They don't own the mine.
They don't have the rights to that.
The government would just take it from them.
Or worse.
Por favor.
You you take it back to the U.
, and you bring us back the money.
This is what you guys have been arguing about.
I swear to you, on-on my father's grave, I'll bring you the money myself.
I promise.
[FREDDY]: If a diamond manages to withstand two billion years of intense pressure and extreme heat deep within the Earth, it still has to survive the trip to the surface.
It's an explosive, violent ride that only the hardest substance on Earth can survive.
If a diamond makes it to the Earth's surface, it becomes almost impossible to destroy.
Can I buy you a drink? No, thank you.
I'm drinking alone this evening.
It's a private celebration.
Well, you certainly have every right to celebrate.
Quinn Sinder.
I just came from Westhuizen.
They agreed to you running their interests in L.
I thought they might.
Yeah, they did have one condition.
Oh? You don't get Los Angeles without supervision.
They're sending me with you.
Well a bit like throwing you in the deep end, I believe, Quinn.
I hope you can swim.
[] [FREDDY]: Because of the circumstances of its conception, the impossible trials it must survive to be birthed, a diamond is no longer vulnerable.
It is, indeed, forever.