Ice (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Strange Friends

1 Previously, on Ice I need to see the stone.
Two days, or I release the spot.
Cut the fucking stone.
My name is Braxton Michaels, and it'd make my day if you tell me yours.
I'm Willow.
Nice to meet you, Willow.
Next time you cross my path or your son it'll be the last time.
You found the Holocaust fucking diamond.
What? They just found Malcolm.
[] I don't understand.
It's just for a few days.
Who do you need protection from? Well, I'm not really sure that I even need it.
What does that mean? Well, this is the same thing that I needed the 50K for, you know, why I took that run and everything.
I got something in the works, maybe it might be really big.
What is it? I don't want to say.
Then I don't want to help.
Okay, how about I can't say? Why is that? All I'm asking is for a couple of guys outside Ava's house for a day or two, just for, like, a presence.
If for no other reason than I've known you almost my entire life, and we're fucking friends.
I'll pay you.
Now, look, if this thing goes the way that I think it's gonna go, then I'll take care of you.
And if it doesn't? Well, if it doesn't, I will owe you a shitload of deliveries.
And you know I can handle that.
[GRUNTS] Thank you.
I fucking told ya Jake would run to that little prick Alexi for protection if he murdered my son, Malcolm.
Did I not? Did I fuckin' tell you that? Where are the boys? Are the boys over at his strip club? Well, good.
I want the message to be, uh very fucking loud and crystal-fucking-clear.
No one protects Jake Green.
[] [] [] [AVA]: "Mazel und broche" A simple Yiddish phrase that means "luck and blessing".
This, and a handshake, are all it takes to seal a deal in the diamond world.
On streets where dealers walk around carrying millions of dollars worth of diamonds in small packets, no one fears robbery.
Transactions can reach the many millions without contracts, yet no one fears not getting paid.
[LIGHT SWITCH CLICKING] What the fuck? [AVA]: The diamond trade is based almost entirely on trust.
[GLASS CRUNCHING] Motherfucker.
[GROANING] [COUGHING AND SPUTTERING] Wrong time, wrong place, buddy.
[THUD] [] [KEYS CLACKING] [CHAT WINDOW BEEPS] Yes? You left a message, my lady? You are still dressing Emily Duran for the A.
s, right? Why, in the name of Oleg Cassini, to anyone else? would she ever go Who's providing the jewelry? A new woman.
Ava something.
Did you not know? I thought you'd been a part of it.
All is fine.
In fact, I was thinking of offering her some help.
Emily tends to have very specific taste.
Don't I know it.
What time is she arriving? Not until the final fitting, tomorrow afternoon.
No, the jeweler.
What time is the jeweler scheduled? Oh.
Hold on.
11:00 a.
She's bringing a number of pieces to go with the dress.
There will be a package for her when she arrives, but I would like it to be a surprise.
I'm on a plane right now to Cape Town for the Expo.
Can you facilitate a Skype meeting between me and Miss Ava when she gets there? Absolutely my pleasure.
[SPEAKING RUSSIAN] What the fuck? [SPEAKING RUSSIAN] Hey, lighter.
The circuits it was turned off.
Dimitri, wait.
Look, it did not blow.
It was just a Ivan Ivan.
Dimitri, I'm sorry, your brother There's a note.
What? In his mouth.
There's a note.
Trust me, Dimitri.
The man responsible will pay.
[] [CAM]: Fuckin' Alexi.
Did you leave that message with the Russian? Tell me something was that message crystal-fucking-clear? Hang on.
I got a better idea.
Forget about the Russian.
[] Baby brother.
What's going on? I'm just waiting for the right moment.
Moment, huh? Yep.
The right moment's coming.
What the fuck does that even mean? You said, if you were high, you could cut it.
Oh, no, no.
I said I'd never cut a stone without being high, I didn't say I couldn't.
But that's, like, the only Would you stop stressing, please? Trust me.
I told you, I'm only moments away.
[FREDDY SNIFFS] All right? I have to show Ramona a fully-cut diamond tomorrow.
- Okay.
- You know that, right? Yep.
Got it.
[SNIFFS] - We got a moment.
- I got it.
So can you cut it? Yes! I can, Jake.
You know why I can? Because you made a very difficult decision.
I want to thank you for that, on behalf of Green and Green, because I'm about to cut the shit out of this stone.
It wasn't supposed to be like this, though.
What do you mean? What'd you think would happen? You give me a bunch of fucking coke, I'm gonna do the drugs and I'm gonna do the job.
I got to talk to him.
Talk to Alexi.
What's up? It's fucking Cam? What? That you need protection from? What the fuck are you talking about? This asshole had his boys smash up one of my clubs.
They killed Ivan, my front man here.
What uh, who? C-Cam? Are you deaf? Yes, Cam Rose, your fucking uncle.
They beat him to death, Jake, with a bat.
Why? The note says he doesn't want you protected.
[SIGHING] Motherfucker.
I swear to God.
He must be trying to steal it.
Steal what? You never told me it was Cam you were at war with.
Because I didn't fuckin' know, okay? Get your ass down here, Jake.
We got to talk.
All right, just give me a minute.
I'll be there in a bit.
You going? You good to go? Hey.
Would you stop? Let's see you smile.
Trust me.
We're good.
I got you.
I got you.
Get outta here.
- This is so not good, Freddy.
- Thank you for those donuts.
[] [] [PHONE RINGS] [PHONE CONTINUES RINGING] Oh, we;re well beyond talking, Jake.
[ANANKA]: Good morning, ma'am.
I trust the flight is going well? Exceedingly.
The package you asked about, from Cape Town, has arrived.
Could you have it sent to Antonio in Beverly Hills? But it must be there by 11:00 a.
Of course, ma'am.
Oh, and Ananka? Could you open the package and hold it up so I can see it? Oh, my it's beautiful.
[CHUCKLES] That it is.
[ALEXI]: This is on you.
[JAKE]: I told you, I did not know.
So this is a coincidence, huh? First, you ask me to protect you, then I find out you're at war with the only asshole in town who can assemble an army as big as mine? I'm telling you, Alexi, I didn't fucking know.
I mean, we had words, sure, but this level? No.
This doesn't make sense.
I don't need this.
Alexi, come on.
I can't be naked out there.
Naked? If it's not Cam you were worried about, then why the fuck do you need this protection? I'll tell you about it when it's over.
Fuck that.
I could take care of you.
What the hell can you do for me? I can give you a percentage.
Of what? Something big.
Thought the government took everything from you? This is different.
Meaning? Meaning if this plays out none of us will ever need anything again.
You included.
What do I do in the meantime, huh? How do I make right for all this? I will do anything.
He has a couple of shipments coming in, blood diamonds.
I want them.
Get the word out.
$10,000 for any info on that fuck's next shipment.
I'm down a guy, Jake.
You're gonna rip him off with me.
Okay, call me, and I'll be there.
Just, please keep your guys on Ava's house.
[] Uncle Freddy? [SNIFFING DEEPLY] Hey Willow.
Oh, shit.
No, no, no.
No, Willow.
Willow, stop, please.
Stop, stop.
Let me explain, let me explain.
- Sorry, sorry.
- Willow, we need to go.
No Oh, shit.
[AVA]: What's wrong? - Nothing.
- What happened? Freddy? [MUTTERS]: Fuck I fucked up.
What happened? She caught me doing lines.
What? You're using drugs? In my house? Around Willow? It's not how it looks, okay? [SNIFFLES] Just hear me out.
I had to cut you know, I had to cut the stone, right? What the fuck does the stone have to do with it? I couldn't see it, and Jake thought it was a good idea Jake thought it was a good idea? So Jake knows about this? - It's a one-time thing.
- Right.
So I can cut the fucking stone No.
You need to get the fuck out of the house.
Get your shit.
Both of you! - Ava, please - No! Would you just listen to me? Please? [STOMPING UP STAIRS] I'm sorry! [DOOR BANGS] Fuck.
[CRASHING] [] [] [PHONE BEGINS RINGING] [RINGING] [TESSA]: What do ya know? The diamond business not keeping you busy enough? Well, I heard that courtrooms are where all the hot girls hang out.
Is that a fact? Mm-hmm.
You know, my door locks from the inside.
And there are blinds.
I need your help with something first.
I still represent your brother, so if you start that sentence with the word "Freddy," it's client-attorney privilege.
No, it it has nothing to do with Freddy.
Okay, um you know how the government, they seized everything from my family? Yeah.
Yeah, and then there was a robbery Jake, I think we should just Let me finish.
Let me finish.
So, because of that robbery, the government, they they lost everything that they seized.
[SIGHS] Our entire Green company was founded on a $150-million diamond that was smuggled out of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.
Score one for the good guys.
And then, when my dad died, he left it to Willow That's a lot of responsibility for a 17-year-old.
He also made my ex the sole guardian.
Not you? No.
Not me.
My dad, he's a Never mind.
It's a long, long story.
So, what? You want me to find out if the government has a right to the diamond? No.
Then what? [EXHALES] Okay.
What I need isn't exactly legal.
[SHUTTER SNAPS] That is gorgeous.
Isn't it? It's bold, but feminine.
The color is stunning.
Emily's going to look spectacular in that.
At the very least.
Oh I've got a package for you.
You have a package for me? [ANTONIO]: And a call.
I don't understand.
Oh Take all the time you need.
[VIA VIDEO CHAT]: I'm Lady Rah.
We've met.
I know who you are.
What is this about? Antonio is a dear friend of mine, and I asked him to let me know when you arrived.
Did you? I have a business proposal for you.
No, thank you.
And yet you haven't even heard it.
Why would I? Because I've known Emily for years, and, until last week, Westhuizen, my syndicate, was providing all of Emily's jewels for every event.
Apparently, she's decided to go in a different direction.
Ava You have done very well in a short amount of time.
I commend you for that.
I really do.
There aren't enough women in our industry.
However, we had no idea that Emily was even considering anybody else, and subsequently, we have already designed and made a piece specially for her, for this event.
A hundred carats, which I'm going to guess is more than everything you brought, combined.
Obviously, Emily wasn't impressed or I wouldn't be here.
Emily hasn't seen it, otherwise, trust me, she would be impressed.
But I have a proposal you take this piece, and you present it as your own.
I beg your pardon? You will gain the name recognition, and one-fourth of the commission should Emily buy it, and Emily usually buys it.
You'll gain more money than you would with your own piece, and you will still get that very important cachet of dressing an important celebrity.
I think I'll pass.
Think about it.
An awards show is an important step in this industry, one that you can't afford to miss.
I'll certainly keep that in mind.
Ava Your pieces are nice.
I'm sure very nice.
But Emily prefers something muscular.
"Muscular"? Yes.
I would think a hundred carats is a great start.
Why don't you ponder it over and let me know? That won't be necessary.
my whole life and I've never had a fish taco that good.
Told you not to question me.
Never again.
I swear.
Thanks for taking care of me.
Hey, if taking care of you means having bomb fish tacos, I will be here tomorrow.
For letting me vent.
[BRAXTON]: It's all good, Will.
I know it's really not any of my business, but why is your uncle and your father staying in your basement? Oh, they're not staying there.
I guess they kind of are.
Um, that's where the wheel is.
Wheel? Yeah.
My grandfather's old diamond-cutting wheel.
That's what my family does.
So my dad and Uncle Freddy brought back this ginormous uncut diamond from South America.
It's called a rough.
Yeah, I'd probably sleep in the basement, too, if I had a ginormous diamond.
Yeah, sometimes, you own one and no one tells you they found it.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry for opening that wound again.
It's okay, it was still open, trust me.
Hey, uh, I really gotta bounce.
I got football.
Have fun.
Text me when you're home safe.
I will.
[EXHALES] [CHUCKLES AWKWARDLY] That was, uh Yeah, that was all right.
Well, uh we'll finish that one later? Okay.
[SNIFFING] No shit.
[LAUGHS] [] Hi.
Ava Green.
No photos, not even selfies.
Don't mention her last film.
- She hates that one.
It's bad.
- Okay.
Emily's one of the people who decides right away if you're a friend or not a friend.
If she likes you, you're a star.
You'll be fine.
Be yourself.
Wow her with diamonds.
Got it.
Emily, darling? This is Ava Green.
Oh, Sydney's diamond friend.
God, my stepmother is crazy as shit, but she has good taste in jewelry.
She's brought you a bunch of bling so you can choose something for Saturday night.
You know I love bling.
You do.
Nice to meet you, Sydney's friend.
Please, call me Ava.
Sydney and I are more like acquaintances.
She seems like a lovely woman, but I wouldn't presume to call us friends.
Carly, can you get us some tea? - Of course.
- [SNAPS FINGERS] [EMILY]: From Tunisia.
I did a film there last year and fell in love with it.
It's $200 a pound, but I'm addicted.
[CHUCKLES] Sounds amazing.
Jill, this'll only take a second.
In fact, everyone, can we have a little space? Let's go, people.
Why don't you go ahead and show Emily what you have? [AVA]: Sure.
The dress Antonio designed for you has a fabulous neckline.
It's low enough to be daring, so I chose pieces that wouldn't detract from the drama.
This one hangs just below the collar.
That's not right.
What else do you have? Uh if you'd like more diamonds this one is 30 carats.
I want something that's more more.
You know? Muscular? Exactly.
Do you have anything like that? With your dress, I really think that something more delicate Call Antonio What I mean to say is, is I don't have anything with me, but now that I know what you want, I have the perfect piece.
It's more than 100 carats, it's very very muscular.
Like it was made with you in mind.
[] Willow.
Hey, Uncle Cam.
What are you doing here? I'm just walking home.
If you're going to the house, I don't think anyone's home.
No, I [STAMMERS] Actually, I'm I'm just on my way to visit your Aunt Sarah's grave.
God, I'm so sorry.
It was tough, you know, but I keep telling myself, you know, she's in a better place.
I loved her so much.
I know.
Everything that's been going on, no one's had the chance to even talk about what happened, or say goodbye.
How'd our family get so screwed up? Not even Winston Churchill could answer that one.
Say, um, why don't you come with me now, you know, say goodbye to your Aunt Sarah? Your Aunt Sarah would really love that.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
I'll take you home after.
[] [] About fucking time.
I'm here.
Cam is sitting on a good stash.
He's moving them in a couple hours.
What's our play? Soon as we get the call, we move in heavy.
He's gonna have a couple of decoy cars, but our inside guy drives the real thing.
You turned one of Cam's guys? Money talks, Jakey.
Soon as he sees us, he's gonna peel away from the convoy and we escort him away.
What do you want me to do? Right now enjoy the show.
[] [CELL RINGING] Hello, Ava, darling.
You knew damn well Emily wouldn't like anything I showed her, because you'd already arranged to have her to wear your piece.
No, I "knew damn well" Emily wouldn't like anything you showed her because I knew what she was looking for, and I offered to let you present that piece as your own.
Why are you doing this? Again you get your precious name recognition, and I get three-fourths of a very healthy payday.
I'm trying to do what's best for us.
But the decision is wholly yours.
You haven't left me much choice, have you? Haven't I? You could choose to say no.
Antonio is still holding it.
[] What the fuck are you doing here? It's been a minute, Tessa.
You can't just walk into the firm like this.
I'm a valued client.
I pay a huge retainer.
Right, but they don't know about us.
Is there still an us? You don't write, you don't call.
Don't make me vomit.
They don't know I work on the side for you.
I'm having trouble believing it, how little I hear from you.
You said you didn't want to see me again until I had answers.
He was here today.
He wanted legal advice.
[CHUCKLES] That's the first time I've heard what you give him called "advice".
So it's not that difficult for you to be more of an asshole than you already are.
Two items from the Green and Green robbery popped up on the European black market today.
So you finally have a lead? No.
What I have is an escalation.
Of what? Once these are sold, they're not recoverable.
What's not recoverable is not billable.
What the hell do you want me to do about it? Up the pressure.
We're running out of time.
I already told you that Jake wasn't involved in the robbery.
And what makes you so sure? Because what he asked me to do today shows me that he doesn't have a pot to piss in.
What did he ask you to do? Let's just say that he's a guy grasping at straws, all right, not a guy with millions in a Cayman bank account.
[SLOWLY]: What did he ask you to do? It's none of your fucking business.
I'd hate to have Mr.
Green find out what you're really doing to him.
And I could get the same message to Freddy about his sober coach.
Careful, Tessa.
Looks like we both have a vested interest in keeping our secrets, don't we? Don't make the mistake of thinking you're on the same level as me on any of this, because that'll get you in serious trouble, and you don't want that.
I fucking checked everywhere.
There is safe, but I could not open it.
That about the job? Not today.
Maybe tomorrow.
Seriously? Not gonna happen.
Where you going? I'm gonna go check on something.
Your brother? What? You're gonna check on Freddy? What the fuck difference does it make to you? [] Oh, Mama [STIFLING SOBS] [ANGEL]: I always wished I could've met her.
I always wished I could've met her.
What? You used to say no matter how bad you fucked up, she'd always remind you you were special.
I never had anyone like that.
Angel? Hi, Freddy.
[] I trust you had a pleasant flight? Better now.
What happened with Quinn? Oh.
I, uh I believe he resigned.
He lobbied hard for the position in Los Angeles.
He wasn't happy when I paired him with you, but he assumed that situation was temporary.
He had every intention of taking I.
for himself.
And yet you still partnered him with me, knowing that? That hardly seems fair, Charlie.
Two days with you, and he came crawling back, a shell of himself.
Maybe I should change my perfume.
I asked you here to speak without the rest of the board.
I want an answer.
I've made Westhuizen more money in the last month than they've made in the last two quarters, so I would imagine that this private conversation would be about that.
No? Unless, of course, you called me here to have a little chat and say, "Thank you, Lady Rah.
Thank you for a job very well done.
" Mr.
You got anything left over for a friend? Yeah.
Of course.
A-Are we still friends? That nice bump you're fronting me says we are.
[SNORTS DEEPLY] [SNIFFS] [LAUGHING] You look different.
I do? Yeah, you cut your hair.
You look different, too.
How you doing? How are you? How've you been? You know, it got hard to score after, but, you know, I do what I need to.
I mean, it's different now, 'cause I smoke it, you know.
More intense.
[FORCED CHUCKLE] You ever think maybe you should stop? Get clean? [FREDDY LAUGHING] Why the fuck would I want to do that? Do you have any more? Yeah.
Of course.
[SNIFFLES] Of course.
There you go.
[SNORTING DEEPLY] [ANGEL LAUGHS] We always had good shit, Freddy.
Oh, yeah.
Premium shit.
We had a good time.
Did you know that we were gonna get married? What? He didn't tell you that? No.
I pawned it, 'cause, you know, I smoke crack.
[LAUGHING] I think even you would've liked it, you know even though we know what an asshole you can be about diamonds.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
Of course, I would've liked it.
He had good taste.
Can I ask why? He He liked you.
He was your friend and I was your friend.
Oh Why did you kill him, Freddy? Why did you kill Avi? [] She's right beside Pop.
She'd like that.
I'm embarrassed who we've become our family, since he died.
Remember when we used to have dinner at his house once a month? - Yeah.
- All of us? [SIGHS] I don't think we've been together since then.
Not even once.
If someone you loved took something from you, would you [SIGHS] would you be able to forgive them? Like, really forgive them? At least give them a chance to explain, to tell you why? I don't know.
I'm so pissed at my Mom.
She isn't just my mom, you know? She's like my best friend, and [DEEP BREATH, SIGHS] I don't think I can trust her anymore.
I don't think our family knows how to forgive.
And Aunt Sarah She was the best of us.
She had the best heart.
[CRIES]: Right now, I'm trying to picture her smiling.
I know she did, but [SIGHS HEAVILY] I just can't can't see it.
None of us smile anymore.
Sometimes, it's hard to.
Yeah, I know.
"Blessed is the true judge.
" I'm gonna try to be better, Aunt Sarah.
And I promise, I'm gonna make all the boys better.
All of them.
Dad, Uncle Freddy Even you, Cam.
[] I miss you.
I miss you, too.
Look, we need you.
The family.
Uncle Freddy's doing coke again, and Dad's been staying in that house.
He's afraid to leave him alone.
Your father's been staying in the house? Yeah, we're all in this weird lockdown.
What about Thursday? Was he home all day Thursday? Yeah, Thursday was, um, pizza and two movies night.
Two movies, huh? [LAUGHS] But he fell asleep during The Notebook.
Yeah? Well, you know, always makes me cry.
Okay, look, um For Pop.
Wipe your eyes.
Hey, now.
You're a good kid, Willow, you know? You're just what this family needs.
You're a jewel in the crown.
That night When I left, you were the only one who was with him.
Remember when I left? I remember.
I never told the cops.
Not even that fucker Carlos, I never - I know.
- I never told 'em that you were the only one that was left with him that night.
I know.
I didn't tell.
I didn't tell I just [SOBS] Oh, I just I don't know why.
[HUFFS TENSELY] You want to know why.
I have moments, I have flashes, but you know, I was I was being a dick.
We'd been up for days, you know? We were fucked up.
He was being a dick, and we started fighting, and arguing or something, I don't even know, and then there was a gun [CHUCKLE-SOBS] And then And then I shot him.
[SOBS] [CRYING] I shot him and there was no reason there was no reason for it, except I was fuckin' high.
Which is why.
Which is fuckin' why.
[FIST POUNDING TABLE] [GRUNTS RAGEFULLY] All because of this fucking shit! No, wait! Oh, fuck! [GASPING] Why did you do that? [] [TESSA]: I've got good news and bad news.
[JAKE]: Let's start with the good news.
I can do what you asked me to do.
And the bad news? It'll be done expertly, and if anyone investigates, they'd have to go really deep, but if they do, we'll probably both go to jail.
I kind of figured that.
Look, if you want out, it's I understand.
[CHUCKLES] What? What's so funny? Jake helping you and your family get back on their feet would be the smallest thing I'd go to prison for.
And what does that mean? One day, I have a really, really long story to tell you.
No, you don't have to tell me anything.
No, I do, because Never mind.
Forget it.
I've been trying to get in touch with you all day.
I've just been busy.
What's going on? Willow caught Freddy in the basement, doing drugs this morning.
Look, he said that he could not cut the rough unless he was high.
Sounds like something an addict would say.
I know.
I know, but it it wasn't it wasn't all him.
No, I know.
You know? Okay.
Look, I'm sorry.
Aren't you tired of saying that, Jake? I know I'm tired of hearing it.
I threw the drugs out.
I can cut the stone without 'em.
Ava, you got no reason to help us.
Except, I'm asking you I just need until the morning.
You sure that you can even do it, Freddy? Yeah.
I am.
Please? Fuck.
All right.
Thank you.
Just until the morning.
He's not going to be able to do it.
He can do it.
Okay? I haven't seen him like that since we were kids.
Okay? He can do this.
Have a little faith, and we will be out of here in the morning.
- I promise.
- All right.
I meant what I said to you, you know? [AVA]: Someone once said, "Diamonds are sublimely worthless.
" [MOTORCYCLES RUMBLING] But that's not true at all.
What they mean is diamonds have no intrinsic value.
No measurable worth.
Ava, get inside! Oh, my God! Who are those guys? Get inside! Come on.
[ENGINES SHUTTING DOWN] [AVA]: Don't believe for a second that there is no value there.
We're here for the diamonds.
Whoever told you there are diamonds here is a liar.
Attention, asshole.
We just want the diamonds.
No one has to get hurt.
Like I said I don't know why you think there are diamonds here.
Both of you, inside.
Just let her fucking go.
She has nothing to do with this.
Both of you.
And we want all the diamonds.
Not just the ones in the basement.
All right, look.
Just relax.
You can have what you want.
We're not gonna fight.
The lady's always the smart one.
Let's go.
[] We're both gonna get out of the car and you're gonna go and hide in them bushes.
You give me five minutes, then you call the cops.
You tell 'em there's a robbery in progress at your parents' house.
Now get out.
- Okay.
Where - Go in them bushes.
Whatever you hear, you don't come out, you understand? Go! Okay.
Shouldn't you just want until the cops come? No, I'm just gonna look after your parents.
- Go.
- Okay.
[] In there.
[AVA]: Mazel und broche "luck and blessing.
" God help us all the day those words are no longer enough.
[WILLOW]: Be careful, Uncle Cam.
[MUTTERS]: Are you kidding me? I've been looking to kill somebody all fuckin' day.