Ice (2016) s02e07 Episode Script

Two Ounces

1 Previously, on Ice [CAM]: I want the messag to be very fucking loud and crystal-fucking-clear.
[ALEXI]: The men responsible will pay.
My dad and Uncle Freddy brought back this ginormous uncut diamond from South America.
- So, can you cut it? - Yes, I can, Jake.
I'd hate to have Mr.
Green find out what you're really doing to him.
I could get the same message to Freddy about his sober coach.
Emily needs a necklace for the A.
's red carpet on Saturday.
That's not right.
I have a proposal you take this piece, and you present it as your own.
[GREEN HELMET]: I'm here for the diamonds.
[CAM]: I've been lookin' to kill somebody all fuckin' day.
[] [CLEARING THROAT] I saw The eye of the storm [CRACK] I saw The eye of the storm [THUD] No more you could say I am yours [] I dreamt of the day I let you go I saw the eye of the storm I saw the eye of the storm No more you could say I am yours I dreamt of the day I let you go Help, somebody Can you see what I see? Got this addiction it's refusing me To climb over this impossible wall So let's keep talking Let's keep on breaking through Self-affliction put his arms around me You, stay here.
Fuck that.
The girl and I need to open the safe.
Your shit's in the basement, and I already know how to open a fucking basement door.
Yeah, as long as I'm standing, she's not leaving my side.
Good with me, hero.
[AVA]: Hurt him, and I will never open the safe.
[] [HAMMER CLICKS] You got your orders? Good dog.
Jake! [GROANS] - Are you okay? - Yeah.
[] The safe! Open the fucking safe.
[AVA]: I'm sorry.
I'm just a little nervous.
I know the program's set.
I've just got to punch it again.
Just hang on a minute.
[] What the fuck is this shit? I don't I don't know exactly what it is that you're looking for.
The diamonds you've been selling to your asshole neighbors.
Don't fuck with me, bitch.
Don't fuck with me! Okay.
[BUCKET THUMPS WALL] [BLUE HELMET GROANS] Drop the fucking gun! [AVA]: Oh, God.
[LEADER]: Take it easy, man.
Drop the fucking gun, or we'll see if this helmet's bullet-proof, huh? Huh? - Fuck you! - I'm not fucking around! Take it easy, man! I'm not fucking around! Do it! It's your last fucking chance! Drop the fucking gun! - Okay, okay.
- Fuck you! I'm not fucking around! Last fucking chance! [RAPID SHOTS FIRING] Holy fuck.
What is your emergency? [GRUNTING] [FIRING] - [BONES SNAPPING] - Ah! What the Fuck.
[PANTING] Cam? Ow, fuck! [JAKE]: Cam? [] What the hell are you doing here? I brought Willow home.
What? Where is she? I hid her in the bushes.
She's safe.
Ava, go get Willow.
Go out the back.
Cam? What the fuck is going on? [DIMITRI]: You are Cam? Who the fuck are you? Put down your gun.
I said put down your fucking gun! Now kick it over, old man.
Now! Now I ask question.
Are you Cam? Yeah, I'm fucking Cam.
[HELMET THUDS] Then you must know you killed my brother.
What? The shithead in there? He ain't fuckin' dead, so the best thing you can do is get him and get the fuck out of here, before we really get pissed off.
My brother was in club.
What club? You shoved message down his throat.
What the fuck are you talking? Are you talking about Alexi's strip joint? Alexi? Yeah, I just told 'em, you know, to break some glass, and make some [DIMITRI]: You killed him! [CAM]: Shove it up your ass.
He has family.
And you killed him.
Let's do something here.
Let's, uh, let's make a deal.
You want to make deal? You want to make deal, like money? [SHOTS BLASTING] [CRIES OUT] Fuck you.
Jesus! Fuck.
No, fuck you.
You took your fuckin' time.
Yeah, well, I was enjoying the show.
Yeah, well, I didn't know whether to shine a light up my ass.
You're welcome, Cam.
Now what's with the message? Huh? Did you do it, Jakey? Did I do what? What the fuck are you talking about? [SHELL CLATTERS] Did you kill my fucking Malcolm? Cam I would never And I'm fucking sorry.
[SIRENS WAILING] But I'm sorry.
[SIRENS CONTINUE WAILING] Police! Hands where I can see 'em! On your knees! Hands on your head! Drop the weapon! I know the drill.
[OFFICER]: On your knees.
Hands on your head.
[JAKE]: We're diamond dealers.
We have licenses for these firearms, all right? These men tried to rob us.
[] [] [BLEATING] [] [AID WORKER]: It's not just the children anymore, or the injuries from the machinery.
It's the chemicals.
Arsenic, mercury, lead even cyanide.
There are few regulations but none are enforced.
And everything that's used in the mine flows downstream? Straight into the water supply.
The villagers are dying painfully.
[GOATS BLEATING] Her feet were so bad, we had to amputate.
This is all from the acid.
My God.
God doesn't seem to be listening.
I know.
[] [ROARING, INDISTINCT] [SHOUTING] No! No! No! Not me! No! No! [SCREAMING]: No! No! [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING] No! No! [GIRL]: The Lord is my shepherd [ARMSTRONG]: I gave you money! I gave you a job! The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
- [WHIP CRACKING] - The Lord is my shepherd.
- [WHIP CRACKS] - I shall not want.
- [CRACKING] - The Lord is my shepherd [] Help is coming, little one.
[] God doesn't hear their cries, but I do.
I wish I could say that is enough.
Here is a check for 500,000 U.
I want you to use it to the best advantage.
It's in your name.
I don't know what to say.
Say that you'll do good with it.
I will send more next week.
[VEHICLE APPROACHING] This is a medical facility.
[LADY RAH]: N'Koulou.
Rahwia! My friend! Oh! [BOTH LAUGHING] My friend.
It's so good to see you.
You see, 25 years have gone by, and not much has changed.
It will, N'Koulou.
It will.
I've got lots to tell you.
And quite a few things to show you.
Yeah, it's me.
I'm at a medical facility.
It's about 20 kilometers from Cafunfo.
A medical facility? At first, she was only with the doctor.
But now? Now there's a rebel soldier with her.
A rebel? What the hell is she up to? What do you want me to do, sir? I will, sir.
[] Hey, so I need your help again.
Good thing you're cute.
So, uh Some guys tried to rob Ava's house.
Guys on motorcycles, and machine guns It was crazy.
Yeah, I mean, we're all fine, but shots were fired.
By who? Mostly, our side, but it was self-defense, and we're licensed, so all good, I guess.
Legally, at least.
So what can I help you with? Well, I took a picture of a guy, and I was hoping you could help get him I.
Shouldn't you just leave that for the police? I'm just trying to help.
Okay, uh, send it over, and I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
I know that he's Russian, so I don't know if there's any address attached to, like, uh, immigration, or visa, or anything like that.
I'll try.
And the photo's pretty graphic.
Jake, I'm a criminal defense attorney, okay? Not a preschool teacher.
Desi what does it mean if a guy tells you he was involved in a shooting and all you can think about is, "What the fuck were you doing at your ex-wife's house?" Oh, no.
Yeah that's what I thought.
[TESSA]: The Greens' house was attacked.
Who did it? That's why I'm calling.
Jake sent me a photo of one of the guys.
I was hoping maybe you could run it through your NCIS feed? I'm on my way out.
Be my guest.
Meaning? Meaning come use my system.
Is there a password? Text me when you get here.
I'll log you on remotely.
You don't trust me? No fuckin' way.
We're going to a hotel.
Yeah, I know.
That's a good idea.
I don't need to go to a hotel.
The house is a crime scene.
Dad? Non-negotiable.
Come on.
Give me a call later? Yeah.
Oh, hey.
Um Where are they? What? The safe was empty.
Oh, they're in my car.
I had a showing yesterday, and I didn't have a chance to take them out.
All right.
- All right.
- Be safe.
I will.
We go.
Let's go! [TRUCK STARTS] Oh, shit.
Freddy? I forgot that you were even here.
What's happening? Um, well, Alexi tried to rob us.
What? I mean, he's supposed to be protecting us, but he's not, but it's a long story.
Now, I need you to finish that stone.
I mean, that conference lady, she is on my ass right now.
[] It's done.
Oh, my God.
And this is gonna pass as the Anastasia? Oh, yeah.
It's perfect.
It's fucking beautiful, Freddy.
You did it.
No, man.
We did it.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go get us a spot at the expo.
Good job.
[CAR DOOR SHUTS] [ENGINE TURNS OVER] You okay, boss? Yeah, I'm good.
Need us to hit back? No.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Ah I told you to leave a message with Alexi.
What did you do? What do you mean? I left a message.
Well, how? I fuckin' ball-batted a guy and shoved a note in his teeth.
I told you just to break some glass.
Yeah, I did that, too.
Enlighten me here.
What do you think would happen if you was to take down a guy from another crew without telling me? Shit.
They come for me.
Boss, I didn't think.
Oh! [BODY THUDS] Get rid of this piece of shit.
Hey you got one job.
Find the fuck who killed my son.
Now, we know it wasn't Jake Green, so, uh, put the word out on the street.
Anyone who comes forward with the right information of who did it I shall fill their pockets with money.
They will be richer than they've ever dreamt.
All right, boss.
I will fight back.
I will find a way.
But you did nothing wrong.
Oh, that's not fair.
I will go talk to him now.
No! Stay here with me.
Please! You go to him, and you're dead.
Do you really want that? Have faith.
Our time will come.
[] There's a story here for sure.
A big one.
Fucking Freddy Green! Good to see you.
Been a while.
- Yeah.
- We thought you OD'd.
[LAUGHS] I wish.
You're running short? No, I'm good, man.
You don't look good.
Don't look good.
So I'm trying to find Angel, actually.
- Angel? - Angel, yeah.
Avi's Angel? Yeah.
- Mm-hmm? - Yeah, I was, uh, I was hanging with her last night and No shit? You? Bitch fucking hates you, man.
What's this? Keep it.
Pay me later.
You're good for it.
Do me a favor, and put the word out to Angel that I'm looking for her? Tell her I'm holding.
All right.
All right.
I'll tell her.
[] [KNOCKING] Jake Green.
Ramona Hathaway.
Can I assume by that grin you have something for me? $50,000 for your entry fee.
We usually receive a cashiers' checks.
Well, you gave me a deadline.
I didn't really have time for a bank trip.
I will email you a receipt.
There was a second request.
Oh, my God.
It's really the Anastasia.
Really is.
It's pretty nuts, seeing that in person, huh? That's funny.
I've never actually seen it, but I'd recognize it anywhere.
My dad told me that story so many times.
The King, the cutter, the daughter [BOTH, OVERLAPPING]: The curse.
- Right.
- I'm familiar.
And yet, he failed to tell me that he had the diamond.
It's quite the gift to leave behind.
Yeah, my dad loved giving gifts, and this was his last one, so Well, you are gonna make a huge splash at the expo.
Your dad'll be proud.
You're gonna do very well, Jake.
Very, very well.
See you in South Africa.
Yes, you will.
[] Okay.
This one's for you.
We'll be here for a while, so feel free to spread out.
Willow, honey? I have to go.
Um, are you sure it's okay? I'll only be gone a couple of hours.
[PHONE KEYS CLICKING] [KNOCKING] Will! Uh, would you like a permission slip? No.
I just I wanna make sure I'm fine.
I'm sorry you can't come.
Call me if you need anything.
So, I got something on your guy.
Oh, yeah? Dimitri Lukin.
He's here on a visa from Minsk.
Is there, like, a local address or something? There's an address.
I could text it to you, but I don't want you doing anything stupid.
He's already dead, so I was just gonna pass it along to the cops.
Um, yeah, I got my own shit to deal with, so.
Something bigger than a guy shooting up your house? He did it.
He just cut the biggest fucking rock I've ever seen.
It's gonna change everything.
It's gonna be worth millions.
Hundreds of millions.
I didn't know diamonds could be worth that much.
They sure can.
Now I just have to get Freddy and I to South Africa.
Why South Africa? Super Bowl of diamond expos is happening.
Anyone with enough money to pay for the Anastasia is gonna be there, and we have a private auction room to do it in, so just got to get us halfway across the world to do it, but we'll get there somehow.
Well, if it's a if it's a money thing, I can help.
What? No.
That's not what I'm saying.
It's what I'm saying.
Tessa, no.
I'm not gonna take your money.
You're about to be a big-shot millionaire, right? So, you'll pay me back.
With interest? If that's what it takes to get you to say yes That would help us out a lot.
Okay, I'll email my travel agent.
You're the fuckin' best.
Hey, uh before you go, could we, uh, could we talk about something? Of course.
What? Face-to-face.
I'll come by later.
[] [] [] Well, you're back in the office, so you better have something good.
It's not about Malcolm, boss.
Um You remember that Aaron guy? My runner? Well, I should do.
The fuck ain't checked in for two days.
Yeah, he he's dead.
No shit? The guys, uh, they just found his head.
Uh they found it alongside another head.
Two heads? Yeah.
Uh together.
One of 'em is Aaron's Yeah, I get that.
Whose is the other one? One of Lady Rah's guys.
Rah's guys? What the fuck's he doing with them? [] [EMILY]: Hey.
Look at all the ridiculous prep that goes into being me.
Men have it much easier, don't they? Wouldn't that be nice? Throw on a tux, have a beer, wait for my ride.
So I brought options.
[EMILY GASPS] Oh, Ava That's the one.
There's my baby.
I thought you'd like it.
[CARLY]: Is your security outside? Excuse me? Security.
For the jewelry.
Oh, I, um I was under the impression that you would be taking care of that.
That's not how it works.
What's the problem? Oh, nothing.
I just need to sort out a security detail, that's all.
Why don't you keep an eye on it? Prefer you over the usual rent-a-cop who stares at my ass all night.
Well, I don't, um [LAUGHS] I'm not exactly dressed for an award show.
If only I had a bunch of dresses laying around [] What do you mean, she's not in? What the fuck she doing in Cape Town? No, I'm sorry, we're closed.
She's real insistent, boss.
All right.
[TOSSES PHONE DOWN] Look, I've already parked.
I, uh, I just want to buy some earrings for myself.
14 karats, ideally.
Well, I'm sorry.
I I'm not usually the retail guy.
That's okay.
Um Do you have anything like these? Yeah.
I can get 'em.
You have it? No, um, but it'd take me a couple of days.
Well, I'll come back.
Thank you.
[] [FREDDY]: I'm sick of dragging this family through this shit.
[CAM]: What happened, Freddy? What happened? Whose blood is that, Freddy? Can you just let me breathe for a fucking second? [JAKE]: So it's my fault that you're a fucking drunk? A fucking cokehead? You think the family just took care of itself? I took care of it! I sacrificed everything! [JAKE]: But the shit you've put our fucking family through the past ten years You need to get the fuck out of the house.
Get your shit.
Both of you.
- Ava, please! - No.
[FREDDY]: Would you just listen to me, please? I'm sorry! [KNOCKING] What are you doing? - I'm not coming in? - What? You kidding? The dragon woman could be back at any time.
All right.
Um, want to watch a movie? What kind of movie? I don't know.
We can negotiate.
Female protagonist? Ooh.
Your hair, the dress, that necklace Thank you.
Who's the designer? A dear, dear friend Ava Green.
Ava Green? Is she here tonight? There she is.
Ava Green? I'm not familiar.
You'll know all about her soon enough.
Talent's talent.
Well, you would certainly know.
Thanks for talking to us, Emily.
Good luck tonight.
We can make it.
[HUSHED EXCHANGE] Hey! Hey! Stop! Get him! Come back here! Get him! Bring me that insect here! Bring him here! No! No! [SCREAMING] [CRYING OUT] [ARMSTRONG]: Stretch his arm! No, no! No! [RAHWIA, SCREAMING]: No! [RAHWIA'S SCREAMS ECHOING] [] - [REPORTER]: The authenticity - It's here.
of this now-viral video has been confirmed.
Submitted by a concerned group who wants the world to know there's no such thing as a conflict-free diamond.
[] Now, we need to tell you that this content that you're about to see is extremely graphic, and may be disturbing to some viewers.
[ROMANTIC INSTRUMENTAL PLAYS] [THEME BECOMES DISCORDANT AND UNSETTLING] [] As of 2003, most people thought the blood-diamond controversy had been put to rest, but this video seems to cast serious doubt into the process of securing a so-called clean diamond, and whether or not it's even possible.
Earlier today, Hollywood's own Emily Duran wore a necklace that has since been verified to contain blood diamonds at the A.
We've reached out to Miss Duran and the woman who supplied the jewelry Hard to believe, from where we started, we ended up here.
We did it.
Okhio, congrats on the win.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
You did Em's necklace, didn't you? I did.
Then I'm a fan of your work, too.
Thank you.
Do you have a card on you? Yes.
I do.
I'll give this to my people.
- Great.
- Good to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
[] [HUSHED]: You don't have to sequester yourself.
Oh, no.
I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm just taking it all in.
My daughter would love this.
How old is she? 17, going on 32.
She's a big fan of yours, by the way.
You should bring her over to the house sometime.
We could swim.
Have a little girl-talk.
That would blow her mind.
Love it.
Love meeting fans.
Love hosting.
[WOMAN]: Emily! Oh, give me a second.
Oh, sure.
I don't want to get you in trouble.
You gonna show me your room, or what? [] [PHONE VIBRATING] [CELL RINGING] [SOTTO VOCE]: Shit.
Uh, is Willow with you? I thought she was with you.
I had to go to a work thing.
That's sounds more like a party thing.
Well, it's work.
Believe me.
I-I keep trying to call her, and it goes straight to voicemail.
Why would you even leave her alone after everything that's happened? Are you with her? Ava Look, I'm here longer than I thought I would be, and I'm just wondering if you can go by the hotel and check on her.
When I can, I will swing by, okay? But it's not gonna be quick.
All right.
Just as soon as you can, okay? Yeah.
So Might not be able make it over tonight.
Your travel agent, he has me out on the first flight out tomorrow.
6:00 a.
Oh, um I really need to talk to you.
Uh well Can we talk on the phone? [SIGHS HEAVILY] No.
We'll just talk when you get back from the convention, okay? Go take care of business, cowboy.
You are truly amazing.
You know that, right? God, I wish that were true.
What do you mean? Nothing.
Never mind.
Life is short and you're getting on a fucking plane, so, just don't forget to come back, okay? We need to talk.
Right? Everywhere I turn, it's a man hocking me something.
That's why I love her.
Y'all should use her.
She's the best.
Have you been in the business for a long time? Well, I married into the diamond business, but after a pretty rough divorce, and a lot of family drama You fucking bitch! What? I stuck my neck out for you! What exactly are we talking about here? Blood diamonds! Let me help you.
Stay the fuck away from me! [] [SIGHING DEEPLY] Jesus Christ.
Um What's up? Nothing.
It's It's cool.
Um [SHAKY BREATH, WORDS CATCH] Act I, uh I thought you were into this? I am.
It's just I haven't [STAMMERING] Done this before.
I can tell.
It's not a bad thing.
Look Will.
If you don't want to do this, that's totally cool.
I can wait until you're ready.
This is his house.
You gotta go.
[ENGINE SHUTS OFF] [] Who the hell is that? [ALEXI CHUCKLES] Look at my nephew, all grown up.
Wait a minute.
Is that? [JAKE]: You never showed me this place, asshole.
[ALEXI]: We all have secrets, Jakey.
[JAKE]: You made a big mistake, Alexi.
Not my first.
But it will be your last.
[WILLOW]: Dad? Willow? Dad, this is Braxton.
He's Get behind me.
Now! [BRAXTON]: Will, I'm sorry.
Shut the fuck up.
Yeah, you robbed the wrong family, Alexi.
No, Dad, please don't.
[CRACK] [THUD] Let's go.
Let's go.
[JAKE]: Does he know where you're staying? What? That boy in there, whatever his name is.
Does he know about the hotel? No He wouldn't Does he know? [SIGHS] He picked me up there.
Goddamn it.
Get in the car.
[ENGINE STARTS] [] Who are you? I'm gonna go with "fuck you".
[CHUCKLES] Oh, ho, ho.
[TESSA CRIES OUT] Why were you asking about stolen stones? Those earrings you know they were stolen, right? How do you know? 'Cause I fucking stole 'em.
You'll take that to your grave.
I've had a fucking long day, but it's okay, 'cause you're gonna tell me everything I need to know.
Even if it takes all night.
[] [TV REPORTER]: Apparently, there's no real way to tell a blood diamond from any other.
It's all a scam of sorts, to make you feel like you know where your diamonds are coming from.
Now, this Ava Green is at the center of a pretty heavy scandal.
[TV REPORTER #2]: Ava Green is alleged to have supplied blood diamonds to actress Emily Duran, as seen earlier today on the red Ava? - We gotta go.
- Is everything okay? I don't have time to explain.
Just - What happened? - Willow's already in the car.
Go, go, go, go, go, go! [FREDDY]: It's Freddy.
I'm not answering my phone, so I must be doing something better than Fucking Freddy.
What? Okay, the guys who hit the house, they were the same ones who went after Willow's necklace at school.
It's all my fault.
You didn't do anything wrong, Willow.
Yeah, except for invite a criminal over to our house and then go hang out at his house.
- Whose house? - Fucking Braxton's.
Would somebody please tell me what is going on? Alexi is Braxton's uncle.
Yeah, and he sent the kid in there to see what you had, I guess.
I don't know.
Oh, honey.
I'm sorry.
Look, it's not safe here anymore, okay? Not until I figure things out.
What do you guys think of South Africa? I prefer France.
Me too, but there's a flight to Cape Town in a couple hours.
I think you guys should be on it.
What about you? Well, once I find Freddy we'll be on our way.
[REPORTER]: An estimated $13 billion worth of rough diamonds are produced each year, 65% of which come from Africa.
The diamond industry employs Is it true that piece was one of ours? We're looking into it.
But it's possible? My grandfather was knee-deep in fur trading when P.
's "fur is murder" shit happened.
Bankrupted him.
And history repeats.
None of my clients would be caught dead buying diamonds right now.
The American market's key.
He's right.
Without the Americans, we're fucked.
Thank you for such an astute regurgitation, now don't mind me while I dump my shares.
[PHONE KEYS CLACKING] [PHONE BEEPING] Are you finished? Shame.
I was going to advise against it.
Now, what if I could tell you all that I have a solution that will turn this all around? We're all ears.
Good, Charles, because we are about to make a bloody fortune.
[] I'll be fast.
See if Freddy's in there.
[EXHALING HEAVILY] I'm sorry, Dad.
You didn't know, sweetheart.
Now, Braxton's a fucking asshole.
Just say that with me "Fuck that guy.
" Dad.
Say it.
Fuck that guy.
You know, but we're not all bad.
Some of us are, sure, but not all of us.
He's not there.
Fuckin' Freddy.
Stay away from boys like your uncle, Will.
[] []