Ice (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

Dig Two Graves...At Least

1 Previously, on Ice You fucked up.
25 years have gone by.
Not much has changed.
It will, N'Koulou.
Why did you kill him, Freddy? Why did you kill Avi? [REPORTER]: Hollywood's own Emily Duran wore a necklace that has since been verified to contain blood diamonds.
[EMILY DURAN]: You fucking bitch! Let me help you.
Stay the fuck away from me! You robbed the wrong family, Alexi.
No, Dad.
Please don't.
[] [GUNSHOT FIRES] [FREDDY]: Angel? Oh, my God.
Angel? What the? Angel? Angel! Oh, fuck.
Fuck, Freddy! She shot herself! Go get help! Motherfucker! Somebody! Somebody, help me! Call an ambulance! Fuck! [P.
ANNOUNCEMENT]: Flight 842 to Barcelona is now boarding.
Please have your passports ready.
Flight 842 to Barcelona is now boarding.
Here you go, hon'.
Are you sure? Can I just be alone, Mom? Please? Yeah.
I'll be at the ticket counter with your dad, all right? [AGENT]: When did you want to fly? [JAKE]: Yeah, the last flight out, 8:00 p.
, I believe.
And did you want to change the reservations for both? Yeah, for Jake and Freddy Green, and this lady, she's going to buy both of those tickets.
I'll need your passports.
How is she? Oh, she was really starting to like that boy.
You know, I am sure that Alexi had this whole thing planned out from the beginning.
Not gonna be able to breathe until you guys are on that plane.
[AGENT]: These are your tickets, Mr.
Green, and I'm working on yours now, Mrs.
Thank you.
Right, so we have a shorter layover, so we're only gonna be a couple hours behind you guys.
We'll be fine.
I know I just gotta make sure I make it to that conference on time.
Freddy did it? We have the Anastasia.
But I haven't been able to get ahold of him since he did.
[] [PHONE VIBRATING] So you found the body? Uh, yeah, I was there, when she did it.
I'm gonna need you to come with me.
[INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENTS CRACKLING] I'm so sorry for all of this.
Don't be sorry.
I have to go to Cape Town anyways, and now I get to go with my beautiful, beautiful daughter.
I believed everything he said.
It's easy to lie to someone who wants to believe you.
I'm just I'm stupid.
You're not stupid.
You're trusting.
It's a big difference.
Dad, if I wasn't there, when you came in, would you have? Let's not talk about that right now.
All set.
We need to get going.
All right.
I'm gonna believe you wouldn't have.
That's fair enough.
So I'm gonna run to the house.
I'll get you clothes Here's your receipt.
Who's Tessa Pryor? A friend.
[THUD] I'm gonna ask you again.
Who the fuck are you working for? The fucking circus.
Now, it seems a shame to keep fucking up that pretty face.
Then let me try fucking up yours for a while.
[CHUCKLING] You know, I bet I would've liked you in another world, of course.
Of course.
- Well - [CLICK] if you're not gonna tell me what I wanna know [EXHALES TENSELY] I wouldn't do that if I were you.
You really think I give a shit about dying? If you do it, you'll never find out what you really want to know.
What do I really want to know? Who strung up your son in your office.
You pop this bitch, you'll never find out.
[] Rah? No fucking way.
Why would she? Your son decapitated somebody the day before he died.
Was that on your order? No.
Didn't think so.
There were actually two of 'em.
We found their heads in the trunk of a car.
They were couriers.
I heard about it.
One of hers, one of mine.
It seems Malcolm was stealing from both of you.
She got to him first.
I've got the decapitations on video, if you wanna see them.
He wasn't exactly discreet.
Fucking slag! [] [MEDIA BEGINS CLAMORING] [REPORTERS FALL SILENT] [SHUTTERS SNAPPING] The video that went viral yesterday was a cancer to the industry I love and represent here today.
On behalf of Westhuizen, on behalf of Africa, on behalf of the entire diamond world I begin with an apology with a promise, and with a plan.
How come you know so much about my boy? I've had operatives on both of you, lock-down surveillance, since the robbery.
What fuckin' robbery? [CAM ON RECORDING]: Because I fuckin' stole 'em.
Oh My associate here worked a very nice confession out of you.
[MOUTHS WORD] - What, are you cops? - Not even close.
You bounty-hunters? You say that like it's a bad thing.
Oh, fuck! That's all right.
I'm off those diamonds anyway.
What? [REARDON]: There's another stone in play.
One that will make everything you stole from G and G look like paste.
Seems your fuck-up nephews recently cut a diamond that's worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
You son of a bitch.
You bugged me? How can you possibly be surprised after you wouldn't tell me what he asked you to do? You want to steal their fuckin' diamond? I'm gonna let them take it down to South Africa, get their price at the Expo, and then I'll confiscate it.
So what do I got to do with a massive diamond? If I can't get it back legally, then I'm gonna need you to get it back your way.
If I say no? I promise you, you'll die in a jail cell.
So I got to go to South Africa, too? But there's a bonus.
Lady Rah's there? We have a winner.
Okay, yeah.
But I got to stop off somewhere on the way.
All right.
Call this number.
I'll have one of my jets ready.
Jet? Diamond recovery has its perks.
We will be watching you, Cameron.
Count on it.
[] I'll see you there.
"Diamond Expo 2018" is a celebration of diamonds attended by professionals from nearly every country in the world.
Now, we propose to use this event to recertify the world's most expensive diamonds as conflict-free.
[REPORTER]: How's this different from the old process? Thank you for your question.
The recertification process will be very thorough, very rigorous, and it will be something that the diamond industry is not commonly known for very public.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
There will be cameras in the room so the public, no, everybody, will be able to witness the rigorous scrutiny that the world's diamonds undergo.
And, in the end, you will get to decide for yourselves if you believe that the process, and most importantly our diamonds are worthy of your trust.
Where the fuck are you, Freddy? Call me back.
How long were you out there standing in my hallway, listening? He confessed to the robbery before he beat the shit out of me.
I wanted to see what else you could get out of him.
So, I was interrogating him with my face? Look, I didn't tell you to fuck the first guy and I didn't tell you to go after the other guy on your own.
That's on you! How did you know that I went after him? Do you think I would let you into my system without watching what you do? I'm starting to think you're not as smart as advertised.
[PHONE VIBRATING] What is it? Are you fucking kidding me? All right, I'll be right there.
Now, I know your first instinct is going to be to call Romeo and warn him that I'm after his new diamond, but since I've got both of your phones tapped, I'll know.
Look, I'll make you a deal.
Stand down.
All right? This one time.
Walk away.
Don't do anything.
And we'll be square.
How? How are we square? I get that Anastasia, I'll burn your father's file.
Everything I have on Judge Pryor goes bye-bye.
You'll both be free of me forever.
You want to get some ice on that.
[] You got a passport, right? We going, uh overseas, boss? To Cape Town.
That's in South Africa.
Long trip.
Yeah, well, you ain't gotta fuckin' walk it, but I gotta stop in London on the way.
That's in England.
I gotta see Malcolm's mother.
That's gonna be a hard visit, boss.
Look, uh when you first get to Cape Town, I need you to put a crew together.
What kind of job we talkin'? Number one, robbery.
What's number two? Insurance mercenary.
Lights out.
You see, I know Rah murdered Malcolm.
And bingo, she's also in Cape Town.
That woman's as good as dead.
Nobody touches her.
You understand? Nobody.
This is fuckin' personal.
The little girl I knew couldn't have done this press conference.
We were always capable of whatever needed to be done.
Both of us.
Everything else is ready.
How soon can we leave? The pilot needs about 30 minutes' notice.
Then tell them we're on our way.
[] Ah.
[LINE RINGING] It's Freddy.
I'm not answering my phone, so I must be doing something better than talking to you.
Leave me a message.
Come on, Freddy.
Do not fuck this up now, man.
[DOOR OPENS] Homicide? Yeah.
I told you.
Well, yeah, you told me you had a record, you, uh you didn't mention homicide.
Want to sit down, please? Yeah, well, you know, I wasn't convicted.
The judge let me go before, uh, before there was a trial.
And why's that? Wasn't enough evidence.
Okay, so what can you tell me about this morning? Shouldn't you read me my rights? I thought you said you just witnessed the suicide.
I only need to read you your rights if you're a suspect.
I mean, unless you, uh Unless I killed her? That's debatable, I guess.
Debatable? How? Just read me my rights.
And, uh, make sure you record it, because I have real good lawyers.
My name is Jake Green.
He's been expecting you, Mr.
You're the spitting image of him, you know that? Saul, how you doing? Better, now I see you.
Come in! You understand your rights as I've read them to you? Yeah.
Yes, you understand? Yeah, I understand.
You wanted to talk.
Is there something you want to tell me about the suicide this morning at Venice Beach? I do.
Um Yeah, so, her name was Angel.
Well, her name was actually Angela Leonard, but we called her Angel, and, um I mean, she was great.
[CHUCKLES] And she could fucking party.
But I guess that was kind of our fault.
"Our"? Hmm? You said "our fault".
I know why she did it.
I know why she shot herself.
Why? It was because of me.
- Because I - [DOOR OPENS] What are you doing, Freddy? H-How? - I got this from here.
- Sure.
I'll keep him out of your hair.
Guy's got some issues.
Don't I know it.
Thanks again, Robert.
All right.
No problem.
"Robert"? How Y You know him? What are you doing, Freddy? You're not trying to do something stupid here, are you? The fuck are you talking about? What are you How are you Why are you here? Come on.
Come with me.
I'll tell you whatever you want to know.
Come on.
[] 556 carats.
Vivid blue.
Ecron cut.
Jake you know what you've got here, right? Wouldn't be here if I didn't.
And all this time, I was thinking it was make-believe.
You know, your father brought the Holocaust Diamond here in 1972.
He wasn't gonna sell it, of course, but then, when you and Freddy were born, he decided he should take stock, you know, what did he call it? To take precautions.
We ate egg salad sandwiches seven days a week until I was nine because of those "precautions".
[CHUCKLING] That was your father.
Humility above all else.
That's the first time I've heard "cheap" be called humility.
You know, when the word got out Isaac was sitting on that stone, it brought business to Green and Green like you won't believe.
Changed everything for him.
Thanks for bringing this here, Jake.
I'm honored.
So you'll handle the auction in Cape Town? I wouldn't dare let anyone else near it.
I'm on the first flight tomorrow morning.
Can you give me a prediction? When the buyers find out it's the Anastasia, you're gonna need a restraining order to keep them away.
It is, isn't it, Jake? It is the Anastasia? Look, I know you guys have had a run of real bad luck lately - Saul.
- Don't worry about me.
I'll handle it for you no matter what.
I just want to know if there's something else I should maybe know about it.
Saul it's real.
So, can you just give me a guess? A stone like this, with a story? [SAUL LAUGHS] It's generational money, kid.
Two, at least.
How long for the report? Uh, 48 hours, typically, but, for you, end of business today.
Ah! You're a prince, Saul.
Do you mind if I invite some local high-end buyers, just for a preview? It'll blow their kippots all the way back to Tel Aviv.
No problem.
Hey, I'll pick it up on the way back, or on the way to the airport.
Drop by after 6:00.
We'll do some celebrating, hmm? Uh, Jake, there is one last thing, hmm? Ah, just between us girls.
The Anastasia has been missing for 150 years, Jake.
Where do I tell them you found it? Tell them I had a dream about my father, and he told me where to look.
So you're a fucking cop? Former.
Remember I said I got popped with all those pills? What I didn't tell you was I stole them off a dealer, who was under the protection of the D.
That's why you got community service instead of jail time? There's an awful lot of guys I put in the joint that would love a shot at me.
Anyways, I used to work in this division, so I gave them your name and I asked them to let me know when you hit the system, like this morning.
Why Why are you so invested in me? When I had my community service, I took the cure, and part of it is pay it forward.
You seem like a guy who could use a break.
You were a cop, huh? Can I ask you a question? You ever shoot anyone? What? - You ever shot anybody? - I heard you.
Why are you asking? You ever stop seeing the the surprise the pain and the the the fear, when they know, they know that their life is over? Do you ever stop seeing their eyes? No.
But the thing is, Freddy, going to jail isn't gonna make it go away either.
Your conscience is never going to be clear.
That ship fucking sailed when you pulled the trigger.
So whether you're out here or inside what you did is gonna be right here.
All you got a shot at is redemption.
Redemption? I don't think there's anything more I can for you.
You know, you're gonna have to figure it out for yourself.
I've never won that battle.
You gotta try.
Good luck in South Africa.
How do you know about that? Your Anastasia's all over the news.
[STARTS ENGINE] Where the hell have you been? [FREDDY]: The diamond's on the news? Yeah, of course it is.
Why? How else are we gonna sell it? Hmm? People have to know that it's been found, and that it's available.
Trust me, Freddy.
This is my part of the business.
Yeah, yeah.
Where are you? We got an 8:00 flight to catch.
I'm near the police station in Venice.
Were you arrested? No.
I was here as a witness.
All right.
You can explain it to me in the car.
I'm on my way.
Fucking Cape Town.
[] [BACKGROUND CHATTER, INDISTINCT] Never thought I'd see this place again.
Seems smaller.
[CHUCKLES] So were we.
The school is that way.
You know, memory can be a gift and a curse.
For me, I think it's what I've been through that drives me to continue living.
It's the pain I'm yet to cause that drives me.
The men who took you, what did they look like? [DRY CHUCKLE] They looked like us.
Don't move.
You're not welcome here.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Soldiers don't belong in this village.
We're not soldiers.
We're old friends.
Take it.
You should be studying.
[AMINA]: Hey.
It's all right.
Thank you.
Come on.
Go and study.
She reminds me of someone.
Welcome home, Rahwia, welcome home.
- "Home.
" - [LAUGHS] Look at you.
Hey! Come on in.
Come on.
Your donations have helped provide clothing, food, shelter, oh helped us through many difficult years.
I am truly, truly grateful to you for that.
I wish I could've done more.
You're an inspiration, Amina.
I just know my mission.
And tell me about yours.
N'Koulou said you needed something from me.
I need to speak to the Governor.
That's a very big ask, Rahwia.
It's business.
I've seen you on the news Terrible things those people are doing.
Why are you involved with them? It's a long story, Amina, but just know that I'm back in Angola to make things right.
To try to make a difference to the village, to the mines and I need your cousin's signature.
Look, we haven't been close lately, at least not since he's become governor.
It's complicated.
Oh This is important, Amina.
This is probably the most important thing I've ever done in my life.
I wouldn't ask if it wasn't something I needed.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
I I cannot help you.
Do you remember when you would take walks in the village with my mother? Of course.
And you and I would dream of a better Angola, a more just Angola, and you would look me in the eyes and you you told me things would be different when I grew up.
Well, they're not.
I think of your mother quite often.
In fact, if I didn't know better I'd say I was having a conversation with her right now.
I will do what I can.
That's all I can ask.
Thank you.
[] Hey.
What were you doing with the cops? I was gonna confess again.
- Actually.
- What? Yeah.
I'm not sure I can stay clean if I'm not locked up.
Freddy, look.
The drugs, that was not you.
Okay? That was my fucking fault.
That was me.
I didn't have to take 'em.
I'm gonna do everything I can to help, okay? We will get you clean, and you'll fucking stay clean, okay? [] [RAH]: No one lives better than a politician, N'Koulou.
And on a public servant's salary.
Here's the gift.
Any advice? He's been known to be quite handsy.
Not with me.
I'm certain, not with you.
How do I look? Ready.
I'll be right here.
This way, Madame.
Governor Courtois is waiting for you.
[] Good evening, Governor Courtois.
Thank you for seeing me on such short notice, sir.
My cousin doesn't ask for much.
You mean a great deal to her.
And her to me.
Were you a student of hers? In a manner of speaking, yes.
She taught me a great deal when I was younger.
Well, then I'm glad to help.
I understand you need my signature on something? Yes.
It would benefit a lot of people.
Then, by all means, do come in.
Well the front of the house is a complete fucking mess.
Ava's remodeling.
Well, it was more about the blood and the bullet holes.
Who are you? It was an incident.
News said it was attempted robbery with assault weapons? Well, then you didn't need to ask, did you? Jake, who is this person? Diane Pierce.
Ava's mother.
This is Freddy.
Yeah, your cokehead brother.
Uh, what the fuck did you just call me? Oh, I'm sorry, is there another brother? You don't know me.
Babydoll, I know you fuckin' better than you know yourself.
She's speaking figuratively, Freddy.
Diane here is a major meth supplier around Salton Sea.
That's right.
You're a drug dealer.
[CHUCKLES] Well, maybe you have heard of me.
Ava says you remind her of her brother.
A fuckin' failure.
Ava said that? Thank you for checking in on us.
I'm not checking on you.
Is Willow safe? - She's fine.
- Where? Out of here.
These guys who came with the assault rifles are the Russians.
I know.
That's why I called.
I can make sure that these guys never bother you again.
[] Here you are.
Thank you, sir.
My pleasure.
Now, may I offer you a drink? I really need to get going back to Cape Town.
But we haven't gotten to know each other at all.
Perhaps another time.
But, before I go, I brought you a gift.
To thank you for everything that you have done.
A gift? There was no need.
I assure you there was.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] It's beautiful.
Handcrafted by a dear Krio friend of mine.
Each of the six diamonds come from a mine not far from here, five carats each.
They are absolutely perfect diamonds.
One for every year that I was a slave.
[] It's called digitalis.
Virtually undetectable, and the cause of the fatal heart attack that you are now experiencing.
[STIFLED GASP] We children in the mines would call our master "Bwana Kifo.
" "Master Death.
" He was a brutal man.
And every day, when I came up short, he would lash me.
And in those six years, I was lashed over 150 times! Do you recognize me, Governor? Don't I look familiar to you? Not even a little bit? [] [GASPING] [] [GASPING AND GURGLING] [SCREAMS]: Help! Help! The governor's having a heart attack! Help! [FEIGNING TO GASP AND SOB] Go! Just go! [] [BUZZER BLARES] Taxi? Just Jake.
But I would love to give you a ride somewhere.
Jake, what are you doing here? I thought you were leaving.
No, we transferred our flight to, um Can I just come up, talk about it? Um now's not really a good time.
Well, I'm about to go halfway across the world.
I need a proper goodbye.
[EXHALES SHAKILY] - [DOOR OPENING] - Hello? No matter what I do, I can't seem to keep these damned orchids alive.
Well, I've got some good news.
Yeah? Yeah.
One of the reasons that I had to stay was, uh for the diamond appraisal, and it went really well.
That's great.
To the tune of $170 million.
I'm really happy for you.
That's great.
What are you doing? Um Hmm? It's just this damn orchid.
You know? [TRASH CLATTERS] I get a $170 million diamond appraisal and you give me a complaint about an orchid? How about a kiss? Come here.
- My God.
- It's nothing.
That is not nothing, Tessa.
A client hit me when I told him that the best I could get him was 20 in San Quentin.
A client? Yeah.
You wouldn't be so concerned if you saw the other guy.
Besides, in my line of work, I'm lucky I've gone this long without a scratch.
Why the fuck didn't you call me? Because it's not a big deal.
This is a big deal.
It's a big deal.
Come here.
Tessa You need to understand I have to leave.
- What? - I wanted to just be gone when you got back from Africa, but you showed up.
What are you trying to say here, Tessa? I can't do this anymore.
Okay, what the fuck does that mean? I need to end this.
I'm sorry.
"This," like us? You need to end us? I told you at the beginning, that I wasn't good at relationships.
Then let's talk about it.
Goddamnit, Jake! It's over, okay? Why can't you just accept that? Wow.
That was quick.
- Uh-huh.
- How'd it go? It was fine.
You all right? Mm-hmm.
How could I not be? I'm about to be filthy rich.
There's a bottle over there.
[CAM SIGHS] He was murdered, Bella.
For something he did? Or you? Probably a bit of both.
Now he's at Pine Lawn in Los Angeles.
Plot 34, row B.
Now, if you ever want to visit Don't think I will.
I want you to tell you how sorry I am.
Oh, pull yourself together, Cam.
Mournful doesn't wear well on you.
Well, I wasn't always a saint to you, Bella, and for that I must apologize, but I like to think I was a decent father.
That should account for something.
You're not serious? Bella Fuckin' father of the year, were you? I did what I could.
Then I'm embarrassed for you.
I fucking loved Malcolm! Yeah, so much so, you got him killed.
That's not fair.
He'd still be alive if you'd kept your muddy paws off him That's not fair.
If you'd let him stay here in London, where he knew the streets and the rules of the game.
All I wanted was someone I could leave it all to, you know, like a legacy.
A legacy? Christ's sake! You're a bloody parasite.
Oh You suck the life out of everything that comes close to you.
I fucking tried! Don't do this, Bella! Don't fucking do this! Now, I I just need you to tell me I did right by Malcolm, I just need you to tell me I did right by our son.
That's all.
You came here for absolution? Oh, yeah.
Sorry, love, you knocked on the wrong fucking door.
Thanks for the lilies, though.
They're beautiful.
Please now, for me Fuck off and die.
They're all in there? Every one of them? Okay, do it.
[] - Hi.
How are you? - Hello.
Good, and yourself? Good.
- Can I take that? - Oh, no, I'll keep that with me.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
I could sleep for a week.
I'm going to settle the parking.
How are you feeling? Disgusting.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! [] [PHONE BEEPS] [REPLY BEEPS] [SIGHS]