Ice Cream Girls (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

You ready? Can't believe we're actually doing this.
It's not too late to change your mind.
Mum will understand.
She needs you, Serena.
I know.
Is that it? Yes.
Let's go.
Goodbye, Leeds.
This is it, Vee.
It's dead nice, Mum.
Your mother's gonna be thrilled to see you.
You made good time.
Vee! Auntie Fez! Lovely to see you.
You must be exhausted.
Hello, Fez.
Evan! Mum! Oh, hello, darling.
How are you? You're early.
I wasn't ready for you.
Don't worry, I won't break.
Gran! Vee.
You've turned into quite the young lady.
You won't be saying that once you've had her round the house for a couple of days.
Hello, Rachel.
Oh, it's wonderful to have you here.
Evan, you and Serena are in the best spare.
And Vee, you've got your mother's old room.
I've redecorated a couple of times since your mother left.
It's important to keep things fresh.
Vee, I took some of your mother's old furniture out of the attic and that's her old desk over there.
You'll need a desk for all that studying, won't you, ey? Unfortunately.
This is good.
Really good.
Perform like this in the exam next month I promise, you'll have your maths GCSE.
Yeah, a year later than everyone else.
I'm so thick at it.
Don't do yourself down, Serena.
You're bright.
I hear you get great marks in history.
Have you been checking up on me, sir? It's nice, Mum, isn't it? You see.
Maybe moving down here's not such a total disaster.
Shut up, Dad! I never said that.
All right, all right.
What a beautiful day.
There you go, Mum.
Thank you, darling.
You see why I couldn't do this by myself? I had no idea it was this bad.
And I didn't expect her to be so fragile.
Being back here I'm terrified.
What if - It happened 17 years ago.
It's over.
No one remembers.
Yeah, but I do.
It's all coming back.
Just think about mum.
She needs us.
You can do it.
I obviously take a special interest in my tutorial students.
How's she doing, Mr Hansley? I was just saying, Mrs Gorringe We're looking good.
It's very kind of you to spare the time.
No, not at all.
Serena's a pleasure to teach.
She's a hard worker sometimes.
Ah, look at that.
It's Mr Hansley.
My God.
Over there! Mr Hansley.
He's got a girlfriend! For me? Thank you.
How'd it go? They're taking me on as a locum.
Oh, that's great.
And it could be a long-term contract.
Well, there's no need.
It's not like we're staying here forever.
Yeah, but it's a really good practice.
I think this move might be a good thing for me.
Where are you? Erm Just about to go and pick Vee up from school.
I'll see you back at the house.
Love you.
Love you, too.
They took the piss outta my accent.
And they're all in groups or paired up.
It's only the first day.
It'll get better.
Yeah, well, it's not you that has to go through with it, is it? I should've just stayed at home.
Aunt Rose said she'd look after me.
We've been through this, Vee.
We're a family.
We stick together.
We could've come down on the weekends to see gran.
It wouldn't work.
It's too far.
But it's my GCSEs and I'll screw them up! If anything, this is a better school than your old one.
You don't even care that I've got no mates.
I owe this to gran.
You're speeding.
You better stop.
Serena, listen to me! Don't say anything until I get a solicitor.
Serena! Mum! Mum.
Stop! Stop, Mum.
He wanted you to stop.
Mum! Stop.
Stop the car! Mum, listen to me, please! They're gonna have your numberplate.
And then they're gonna trace you.
Why did you do that? Mum? You need to go to the police station.
You're gonna be in real trouble.
They might even put you in prison.
You're scaring me.
Don't worry.
It'll be fine.
You're not listening to me.
You need to go to the police station.
Yeah, of course.
You're right.
I'll come with you.
It's easier if I go on my own.
I'll just say I don't know what happened.
I panicked.
Which is true.
I'll drop you home, first.
Don't tell your dad.
Don't tell anyone.
You realise you could be in serious trouble, Mrs Farley.
It's not so much the speeding, it's the fact that you didn't stop.
Why didn't you? I panicked.
Do you have a criminal record? No.
So, why did you panic? I've been under a lot of stress, recently.
I've just moved down here from Leeds.
My mother's ill.
You used to live here, then? You suggested your mother was a resident here.
I was brought up here.
How long ago did you leave? Mid '90s.
Went to university up north.
Met my husband there.
We stayed.
What was your maiden name? Gorringe.
My maiden name was Gorringe.
Serena Gorringe.
I thought I recognised you.
I just started on the force during the trial.
Made an impression on me.
I always wondered where you'd ended up.
What are you gonna do? Don't worry.
We're not allowed to reveal your identity.
We weren't then because you were a minor, and we're still not now.
I meant about my licence.
I'm holding it until further notice.
When will I get it back? When we decide whether to press charges or not.
You don't get away with every crime, you know? Hey! Hey! I'm looking for Liz.
Hello, Poppy.
All right, Jim? Liz? Liz? Poppy? Mum.
I thought you'd be here earlier.
I had to go and see my probation officer.
D-Do you still drink tea? I dunno Yeah.
I love tea.
You got a dog? We found him round the bins.
He had problems at first but Jim wouldn't give up on him.
You know what your stepdad's like once he makes up his mind up about something.
He's called Whisky.
He's the pub mascot.
It's nice here.
Isn't it? Been here a couple of years.
I meant to write but it's been so busy.
Jim's got the freehold.
We've had to work.
I understand, Mum.
So How are Bella and Luke? I thought Well, I thought they might be here.
They're both at uni now.
Can you imagine? Uni! Will I see them soon? I dunno, Poppy.
But I thought - It's hard enough getting Jim to agree to have you here, in the first place.
He's got to be seen to be respectable.
This is his pub.
I'm grateful, Mum.
I wouldn't have got parole without this address.
I know that.
I'll show you your room.
Come on.
It's not much, but It's fine.
You kept my stuff.
And there's this.
It's from gran.
The beach hut.
It's yours.
Please be seated.
Poppy Carlisle is a lonely child - Inflicted more wounds - Desperate for parental approval - Did your relationship with Mr Hansley - She is a jealous, violent girl - Never met her own father - This jealousy led her to commit this heinous crime.
All rise for the judge.
Do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty? Guilty.
No! No! Poppy didn't do it.
You can't take her away! You can't.
Don't! She didn't do it.
Vee? You OK? I think you should tell dad what happened with the police.
I'm just I don't wanna add to his stress.
Dad's not the one that's stressed.
You are.
He'd only be cross if he found out you didn't tell him.
D'you reckon? Yeah.
I do.
Maybe you're right.
I know I am.
I'll tell him.
I just want to wait and see what the police decide to do.
How was school? Better.
Are you OK? Because Well, since we moved here, you seem different.
I'm just finding it hard.
Seeing your grandmother like this.
Poor mum.
Don't read too late.
What you doing here? I got an A.
Hahey! Look at you! I told you you could do it.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Come inside.
I'm older than you.
I'm your teacher.
Don't you like me? That's not the point.
I thought you did.
God, Serena.
Course I do.
I'm crazy about you, to be honest.
But, look, we shouldn't do this.
Why not? Because it's wrong Are you sure you want to do this? I want it to be you.
You stupid bitch! Excuse me.
You got any more ketchup? Thanks.
And we want to pay.
Now? Now.
Do I know you from school? I'm I'm 18.
I've left school.
You don't look 18.
Well I am.
God, she well fancies you.
All right? Where have you been all day? Been cleaning out the beach hut.
It's in a state.
No one's been in there since your gran passed.
Thought I'd do it up.
For Bella and Luke when they come down at weekends.
They don't.
Made new lives for themselves.
It's better that way.
Especially now you're back.
Hello? If you just give me their phone numbers I can do the rest.
What's going on? Jim hasn't changed, that's what.
They've worked hard to get to uni.
They don't want you turning up What have you got these for? Just found them, OK? Gran kept them.
I don't want this filth in my house.
You've never believed me.
You've always wanted me to be guilty.
That's not true, love.
Did it ever, not even once, cross your mind that when I told that judge I was innocent, I was telling the truth? Poppy? He'll come round about Bella and Luke.
He's protective of them.
It was tough on them, too.
Not just you, you know? I've served 17 years for that bitch.
I wanna know what happened to her.
Let it rest.
No! I think I think I'm gonna tell Evan.
You can't.
I'm lying to him.
Every time I look at him it's all I can think about.
The press never had your name.
There's no reason he'd find out.
I'm not sure I can hold it in any longer.
You should've told Evan at the beginning.
I've always said that, but now is not the time.
Mum can't cope with any extra stress at the moment.
But Fez, I - She's got six months.
That's what the doctors are saying.
You didn't tell me.
You didn't ask.
It's not you who's been to all the appointments, is it? Who's watched her eyebrows and eyelashes fall out or massages her feet because she can't feel them any more.
I know.
I should've been here.
That's not the point.
The point is she's been through hell.
I'm not having the last six months of her life messed up because you can't live with your conscience.
You smile.
OK? And you keep on smiling until we put her in the ground.
And then you can do what the fuck you want.
Can I help? I need to see a doctor.
If you don't mind waiting you can see Dr Farley.
Hello? Hi, Poppy.
How are you? All right.
I've rung your home.
Your mum said you didn't come back last night.
What were you up to? I slept at the beach.
You're not doing anything to jeopardise your parole, are you? Poppy? No.
So, I'm seeing you 9:30 Friday, then.
OK? Excuse me.
The doctor's ready.
I've gotta go.
This way, please.
Come in.
Come and sit down.
So, you're not registered here, but you've requested an emergency appointment? Yeah.
I need the morning after pill.
I can provide that for you, no problem.
OK, just need to fill this out.
What does the 'P' stand for? Poppy.
They got my surname wrong, as well.
It's not Castle, it's Carlisle.
My name's Poppy Carlisle.
And you're not registered with any other practice in town? No.
Been away for a bit.
Is that Serena? Yeah.
How do you know Serena? We used to hang out when we were teenagers.
You married or something? Yeah.
And that's your kid? Vee, yeah.
I can't believe you know Serena.
She hasn't talked about me? She hasn't talked about anyone from here.
We lived up north, but her mum's unwell so we moved back here.
She was quite something, Serena's mum.
Lawyer, wasn't she? Mmmm.
Her sister, too.
Proper little team.
Can't believe it.
You living up in Wavenden, then? Wavenden? Wavenden point.
It's at the top of the town.
It's nice.
Serena always said she wanted to live in one of those cottages.
Oh, really? Yeah.
Probably forgotten all about it.
There's a great view from up there.
You should go and see it.
I might just do that.
Say hi to her for me.
I will.
Right, that's it.
I told you before.
Not in front of the kids.
Fuck you.
You use that language again round here, young lady, you're out of this house.
Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you? If you woke up one morning and I was just gone.
Come back here.
What now? Mum, I hate him.
I bloody hate him.
Stop it, Poppy.
What have I ever done to him? Oh, love.
You're not his.
I wish it was just me and you.
Like it used to be.
Don't, Poppy.
Don't make me choose.
You're not going to sleep overnight in there, are you? Cos it's not allowed.
No, I'm not.
Does this hut belong to you? Yeah.
It's a proper old one, innit? Has it still got all the original fittings inside? So This place is your gran's? Yeah.
She's not about to come and disturb us, is she? What about that black girl you hang with? Is that your girlfriend? Would it matter if she was? No.
She's chucked me, anyway.
She's a bitch.
Not like you.
Are you a virgin, Poppy? No.
I think you are.
Hello? You all right in there? Look, I didn't mean to offend.
It's just, I've seen you down here and I thought You know, if you needed a hand with the hut.
Painting it or something.
I don't, OK? You don't wanna hang out with me.
Well, how do you know what I want? I've just come out of prison.
Prison? For murder.
So, who did you, erm knock off? My boyfriend.
How did you find out about this mystery place? Someone told me.
Someone from work? There are a couple of houses to look at.
One's for sale.
For sale? Yeah, why not? I like it here.
Oh, be serious, Evan.
You don't wanna move.
I really don't mind.
We ended up in Leeds by chance.
Yeah, but We're here because of mum.
I don't want to live here forever.
You did once.
Your teenage dream, remember? Where are we going? I told you, it's a surprise.
Where is it? It's a terrace at the top of the town.
Wavenden point.
A friend of yours told me about it.
She said you loved it.
Serena! Serena, where have you been? Serena! I've been going mad.
I couldn't come to your house.
I couldn't even call you.
So, you found someone else? I couldn't give a shit about her.
I promise you.
There's only you.
No! I love you so much.
Please don't.
Stop the car.
Please, don't! Stop the car! Stop the car! Are you all right? I need to go home.
Err I'll cancel the estate agent.
Now! Please, Evan! OK.
You hurt me.
What? I didn't mean to.
Serena, I'm sorry.
You know I'd never hurt you.
Take it.
Do whatever you like with it.
Just don't leave me.
I must have had something bad for lunch.
Yeah, don't worry.
We can come back again.
You said it was a friend of mine that told you about Wavenden.
Who was it? She came into the surgery.
She said you used to be friends.
I was a bit surprised, to be honest.
She seemed, I dunno damaged.
What was her name? Poppy.
Poppy Carlisle.
Don't take it out.
It'll bleed more.
You stupid bitch! Jesus.
Go and get help.
No, I can't leave you with him.
Go on! Under her supervision order, Poppy's been told not to approach you.
Is she dangerous? Your guess is as good as mine.
I didn't kill him.
Do you mean the other girl did? It was a perfect day and you've ruined everything!