Ice Cream Girls (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

She's got six months.
Being back here, I'm terrified.
It happened 17 years ago.
No-one remembers.
But I do.
It's all coming back.
How are Bella and Luke? It's hard enough getting Jim to have you here in the first place.
Just go! I can't leave you! Go on! I served 17 years for that bitch.
I want to know what happened to her.
Silence in court.
Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe are charged with the murder of Marcus Halnsley.
These callous young women stabbed him 11 times.
Marcus Halnsley died over a period of an hour through blood loss.
You didn't mean it about leaving me, did you? I love you.
I won't let you go.
Serena? Darling, is everything all right? Mm-hm.
Just because I'm ill doesn't mean I can't listen.
Is it Evan? No.
Vee? It's been difficult, hasn't it, being back? Tell me.
Poppy's out.
She went to see Evan at the surgery.
She didn't tell him who she was but she talked to him.
I thought her parole had been turned down.
They should have told us.
They might.
I've not had chance to forward the mail.
The thought of her with Evan.
She could have told him everything.
She mustn't be allowed to, I'll call probation services and tell them she's harassing your family.
They'll put her back in prison.
I'll do it.
I'll talk to them.
I will.
That's me, isn't it? Too much to do.
Ah, look Bless Happy birthday, Mum.
Can I see? Yeah.
Their handwriting's so grown-up.
They are grown-up.
Not kids any more.
When can I see them? I won't discuss this.
Not today.
Have you even asked them? I've been thinking, Poppy could help out in the pub.
You did a cookery course.
I remember you wrote to me.
I'll think about it.
How are we gonna celebrate your birthday? I'm taking your mum out.
We could have a drink downstairs.
How about that? Yeah.
Oh, relax, Jim.
Come on.
Have a drink.
Come on, it won't kill you.
Here's to Liz.
She doesn't look a day over 30.
You wouldn't think I've got a grown-up girl, would you? Your mother's a dark horse.
Where's she been hiding you all these years? Poppy Carlisle is a lonely child desperate for parental approval.
She has never met her own father.
She has a difficult relationship with her step father.
She meets Halnsley and has casual sex once with him.
She becomes infatuated with him.
But, Mr Halnsley is in a relationship with my client.
Poppy can't stand it.
She kills him in a fit of jealousy.
Taxi's outside.
Have fun.
Give my best to the kids.
Hello, Taxi.
You just picked up my mum.
She forgot her handbag.
Can you tell me where she was headed? What did your relationship with Mr Halnsley entail? He was my teacher.
We became friends.
Lovers? Yes.
Was he violent with you? No.
Did he sexually violate you? Never.
My client, Poppy Carlisle, says he did.
Poppy's lying.
She was crazy about him.
She wanted him for herself.
No further questions.
Mum! I can't open it again.
Serena, I thought we talked about this.
I just think it's better to be safe.
Can you hurry up? I've got people to meet.
Who? Jessica and Ed.
They're in my Geography.
We haven't talked about them before.
So? You don't know them.
I'll take you! She'll be fine walking.
No! She's 15.
We don't know these kids.
You can't drive me anyway.
Remember? Remember what? I was stopped by the police.
I had to hand in my license.
What for? Speeding.
And then, she didn't stop when they pulled her over.
Serena, why didn't? I'm going to the beach after school so I might be back a bit late.
Hey, no, you Why didn't you tell me about the police? 'Cause I thought you'd think I'm an idiot.
You OK? It's just Mum.
Seeing her like this You're under a lot of pressure, but please don't block me out.
I'm here for you.
You know that.
I love your skin.
So smooth.
Marcus? It's Marlene! What's she doing here? Why didn't you answer? I must have fell asleep.
You haven't returned my calls.
Exams, report writing, you know what it's like.
Kiss me and I might forgive you.
I can't believe you'd do this! It's not what you think.
Serena's different.
She's just a child! Why didn't you stay in my room? You didn't even try to chuck her.
I have to keep her on side.
I told you that.
She could report me! Ruin my career! Serena! Can I please talk to you? How old are you? Sixteen.
At least you're legal.
Please don't tell on us.
I went for him.
He didn't want to.
He'd have been in control.
He always is.
You just don't always know it.
I know Marcus.
Do you really? He's not playing games with me.
He loves me.
He's a lying little shit.
He said he split up with you.
Leave him.
You're so young.
You've got your whole life ahead of you.
Serena I never want to see you again.
Hello again.
We met the other day, remember? That wood's old.
You should get a new door and do the strips horizontal.
It'll make the hut look bigger.
Aren't you a font of wisdom? That's me.
For your information I can't afford a new door.
How long have you been out? Not long enough to start throwing money around.
You got a job? Yeah, it'll get better.
How would you know? My mum's a probation officer.
Kind of grown up with it all.
What, here? No, London.
I'm just here for the season trying earn some money.
I'm a lifeguard.
I'm Al.
Can I buy you a coffee, Poppy? I mean, not if you don't want to.
It's just, it's my day off and I'm At a bit of a loose end.
As long as you're paying.
Here you are.
Don't go drowning when I'm on duty.
That's my advice.
Most of the time I'm hopping about so much to keep warm, I'd be knackered if I had to get in the water.
You look nice when you laugh.
You should do it more often.
Got out of the habit.
What kept you going when you were in prison? Do you mind if I ask? What do you mean? Well, how did you keep You know, sane? A rich imaginary life, I suppose.
It wasn't happening to me.
That's what I used to think.
I had this other life, and in it I was this together person who everything goes right for.
My husband's cool.
Doctor, something like that.
And I have a kid.
Teenage daughter.
Work? Don't have to.
Hubby makes enough.
So, I just hang out looking after my perfect house.
Don't you get bored washing up all the bone china? Boring's good.
Boring's fine.
Now you're out, Is that still what you want? Might want it, but I'm not gonna get it.
Well, I'm glad you're not like that.
Too many people are.
You're not nervous of me? It's nice that you're not.
Mr Draker? Happy birthday.
Look at you.
Woman of the house.
You missed a bit.
I'm joking.
Make a wish.
What did you wish for? For this.
For it all to stay the same.
Happy birthday.
That's really good.
You want some more? Ooh.
Oh, you're getting it all down your top.
It's too hot out here.
Come back outside.
What's she doing here? Why? Is it bothering you? No.
I just don't see why she's here.
I feel sorry for her.
That's all.
She's just a sad kid.
You don't need to be jealous of her.
No, we can't.
Can we? I mean, not, not with her outside.
Of course we can.
It's sexy.
No! Don't fight me, Serena.
Mrs Farley.
Why are you so interested in Poppy, can I ask? I was tried at the same time as her.
Are you Serena Gorringe? That was my maiden name.
Is she out? She is.
Then why wasn't I told? We sent you a letter.
I'm living back here.
Is that a good idea? My mother's ill.
I have to be here.
Under her supervision order, Poppy's been told not to approach you.
What if she breaks the order? In all likelihood she'd be sent back to prison.
Has she been in touch with you? It's really important that I know.
This order was put in place for your protection.
You were acquitted.
She was convicted.
She might bear a grudge.
That's why I need to know.
Has she made contact? No, she hasn't.
I thought I saw Poppy the other day in the street but she didn't recognise me.
Well, if she does try to find you, get in touch immediately.
Is she dangerous? Poppy has spent half her life in prison for a crime she still insists she didn't commit.
She's lonely, she's vulnerable, she's scared.
Dangerous? Your guess is as good as mine.
I'm going now.
I'm gonna go now.
I'll see ya later.
Oh, God! I'm so sorry! Oh, jeez, I'm such a clumsy idiot.
I'll be all right.
You must be soaked.
You can't go around in that.
Honestly, it's OK.
I've got a spare tee shirt if you like.
It's in my beach hut.
You've got a beach hut!? It'll only take five minutes.
All right.
Come on.
Are you doing it up? Slowly.
It's like a Wendy house.
You could live here and no-one would know.
Awesome! Retro's so cool.
I love it.
This should fit you.
That's really nice of you.
I'll leave you to get changed.
What's the "V" for? Verity.
Naff, isn't it? My mum chose it but everyone else just calls me Vee.
Do you get on with your mum? Mm, she's a bit of a nutcase at the moment.
She used to live here and moving back is freaking her out a bit.
But, whatever.
I'll leave you to it.
Poppy! Poppy? You two better move or you'll miss the bus.
Don't I get a birthday kiss? Come again soon.
Both of ya.
Marcus? It's Marlene! Who's Marlene? She's Marcus' bitch of an ex.
Go out the back.
Go out the back, now! She's as old as my mum.
Horny, old cow.
Come on.
Pervert! Witch! Old hag! You witch! Looks good on you.
I'll bring it back.
Whenever suits.
So, what colour is it going to be? Don't know yet.
Is it yours? Is now.
It was my gran's before.
Before what? Been away for a bit, like your mum.
I've just come back.
She says nothing's changed.
She's right.
I'll see you then.
Oh, sorry, what did you say your name was? Poppy.
Well, thanks for this, Poppy.
It was really nice to meet you.
Mum?! I'm back! Mum! Oh! OK! OK! I've got you.
All right.
I just don't understand.
She was doing so well.
Did the nurses say why? No.
But they weren't surprised.
The disease is advancing.
Vee, what are you doing? I need to wash this.
What happened? I spilt coffee on it.
So, whose is this? I borrowed it.
Is it a boy's? No! Will you stop going on at me? Did something happen to stress Mum out? Because I just don't understand why she suddenly got worse.
What? What is it, Serena? Poppy's out.
What? But, when? She got parole.
And you told Mum! Fez, please don't start on me! She's dying, Serena, and you still have to embroil her in your problems! She can't sort it out for you this time! - What's up? - Nothing.
You staying for dinner, Fez? No.
What was that about? Something you're not telling me? You've been different My mother is dying, Evan! I'm upset! Is that not allowed?! Serena Mum's awake.
How is everything? I heard you and Evan.
Oh, we were just talking.
What happened at the probation office? Mm, they're gonna sort it.
Don't worry.
Maybe you shouldn't have come back.
I just wanted you close by before Mum.
I'm here.
I'm not leaving you.
I'm not scared.
I'm not.
Is it another man? Someone you've met up with again? Who you used to know? It's like you're not with me.
You're with me physically but you're just not present.
I'm with you.
I've never bought a dress for a girl before.
Did I get your size right? It's a bit tight.
It's supposed to be like that.
What, don't you like it? No, I, I love it.
Thank you.
God, you're beautiful.
I mean, you're just a goddess.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
Get that, will you? Hey, girls, my treat.
You want vanilla, chocolate, strawberry? Chocolate.
Yeah, same.
Right, come on.
Give us a big smile.
Put your heads closer together so I can get both of you in.
That's it.
Take a lick of Poppy's ice cream.
Come on.
It's only ice cream.
It's not gonna bite ya.
Let's have a little kiss.
Come on.
You enjoyed that, didn't you? My ice cream girls.
You's finish those off.
I'm gonna have a swim.
Sorry about that.
I was, was just doing as I was told.
Don't worry about it.
Poppy! Oh, my God! No-one's ever bought me a dress like this and I've ruined it.
- What's he gonna say? - Oh, my God.
Come on.
There's no point us both getting into trouble.
What do you mean? Let me deal with this.
I know how to handle him.
There you go.
I didn't mean to.
I'm, I'm sorry.
It's ruined.
No, it'll wash.
You did this on purpose.
I didn't.
I promise! It slipped out of my hand.
It was a perfect day and you ruined everything.
Hey, hey! There's someone in the garden.
Stay here.
Evan! Don't go out there! Go home, Poppy.
I want to stay.
It's between Serena and me.
Go! You think I'm fucking stupid, do ya? Sorry.
Do you think I'm stupid? You swapped the dress.
You swapped the dresses, didn't ya? Didn't ya? Bitch! No! No, I'm sorry! Please, don't You're not sorry, are ya? Serena You OK? Is she all right? Yeah, she just needs to sit down.
Serena What's he done to you? Nothing.
This isn't nothing.
Go away.
This has nothing to do with you! Go away! Has he done this before? Maybe.
A couple of times.
You've got to tell someone.
Well, I will.
Someone's gotta stop him.
No! No, you don't understand.
He He doesn't mean to.
Afterwards, he's always so sorry.
If you tell anyone they'll stop me from seeing him and I don't want that.
Serena, you can't keep seeing him.
Not if he does this to you! You're just jealous.
'Cause he likes me more than you.
No! 'Cause you're a saddo with no friends.
Serena, you're my friend.
I don't even like you.
Don't say that.
We need to stick together.
I don't need you.
I don't need anyone except Marcus.
Serena Just, leave me alone.
I'm scared.
More scared than I was when I was in prison.
At least it was only other people I had to worry about.
Not myself.
I don't know what I'm doing or why I'm doing it.
That's understandable.
You've been away for so long.
Tonight I did something so stupid.
I risked everything.
It's like I can't keep away from her.
From who? There were two of us.
We got put on trial for murdering her boyfriend.
But, I didn't kill him.
Do you mean the other girl did? Yeah.
She got off.
What? He did terrible things to her but she didn't tell anyone.
When my lawyer questioned her at the trial, she denied it.
She made me look like a jealous psycho, like I was the one in love with him.
And were you? No.
I was taken in by him for a bit, that's all.
Court believed her.
Not me.
I just wanted to tell the truth.
This woman, is she living here? She's got this great life.
It's like nothing bad ever happened.
How do you know? Have you seen her? She's got family, money, a house.
Husband's a doctor.
Doctor Farleigh.
I met him.
I met her daughter, too.
If the probation services find out you're spying you'll go back to Serena saw me tonight.
Serena, is that her name? I was so close I could almost touch her.
You have to stop doing this.
Do you think I don't want to? I can't stop myself.
You just feel sorry for me.
Poppy, shut up.
I've been thinking.
This woman, Serena, she's not gonna confess however hard you push her so there must be other ways of proving you're innocent.
Now, are you the only one who knew she lied in court? You say that this guy did horrible things to her.
What exactly? He raped her.
I know that.
Are you the only one who knew? There was another woman.
Marcus' ex-girlfriend.
She was older.
She saw Serena once when I think she knew exactly what was going on.
Didn't she testify in court? She wasn't called.
Right, let's find her.
What? You mean, you and me? Why not? What was her name? Marlene.
Marlene Riley.
All right.
I have to go.
But, I'll ring you, all right? She was outside the house, just by the window.
At one o'clock in the morning? Something like that.
What was she doing? Nothing.
Just standing.
Evan didn't see her? He thinks something's wrong.
He heard us yesterday.
You have to call probation services.
If you don't, I will.
Fez, let me deal with it.
Mum, have you see that tee shirt I had on last night? Yeah, it's in the wash.
I needed to give it back to that woman.
What woman? She lent it to me yesterday.
Poppy? Yes.
She spilled coffee on me.
She was watching the kites.
Poppy was watching you? What is the big deal? You don't go near her or talk to her or anything! Who is she? Just someone I used to know.
I don't understand I'm taking you to school.
Mum! I'll pick you up this afternoon.
I don't want you walking around.
Not 'til I've sorted this.
What do you mean, "sorted" it? She lent me a tee shirt.
She seemed OK.
She hates me, all right? She's hated me for years.
Why? Who is she? Mum, whatever it is, I can take it.
I can't.
I'm sorry, Vee.
Fez? OK.
Where have you been? I, er, slept down at the beach hut.
On your own? Mum.
Nice coat.
It's not like that.
What is it like then? He's a lifeguard.
He's nice.
You've got a boyfriend.
You've got a boyfriend! Shut up, Mum.
This is my sister, Serena.
It's nice to meet you, Serena.
Al Francis.
What do you want, Mr Francis? I'm with the Sussex Reporter.
I'm working on a story about the Ice Cream Girls murder.
Poppy Carlisle's been released so it's a good time to review the case.
What's this got to do with us? The article's about what's happened during the past 17 years.
What's happened to Poppy and to you, Mrs Farleigh.
Who told you? It doesn't matter who.
You can't.
My sister's identity's always been protected.
Fortunate for you, wasn't it? Fortunate or not, it's true.
If you write anything you'll be breaking the law.
But, I can hint.
You son of a bitch.
If you let me interview you at least it will be 100% accurate.
Get out.
By the way, there's a twist to the story.
Popp said she didn't do it.
It was Poppy that told you.
I'm finding evidence to support her story.
She didn't recognise the angelic picture you painted of him.
She says you had a motive to stick a knife in him.
Maybe they convicted the wrong Ice Cream Girl.
I'll leave you my number.
Call her probation officer.
He said to get in touch if anything happens.
That's not gonna stop him writing his article.
Poppy's trying to re-write the past, trying to put the blame on you! I'm going to talk to Poppy myself.
I'm gonna tell her to leave us alone! Don't come near my family.
You got me put away.
You lied.
I didn't lie.
Just admit it, Poppy.
You did stab him! I need to talk to someone!