Ice Cream Girls (2013) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

He's a lifeguard.
He's nice.
You've got a boyfriend.
Mum! You're saying this guy did horrible things to her? He raped her.
Under her supervision order, Poppy's been told not to approach you.
And what if she breaks the order? She'll be sent back to prison.
There were two of us.
We got put on trial for murdering her boyfriend.
But I didn't kill him.
Do you mean the other girl did? I just want her to tell the truth.
Al Francis.
I'm with the Sussex Reporter.
I'm working on a story about the Ice Cream Girls murder.
Poppy's trying to put the blame on you.
I'm gonna tell her to leave us alone! You made these? Yeah.
You see, he's coming round.
I knew he would.
He's a good man.
What about this new friend of yours, then? What about him? Here you go.
May I take these? Yes.
How did you find me? I saw your address in the probation officers' file.
You talked to Brian.
I didn't tell him anything.
But I will, unless you stop harassing me.
You haven't changed, have you? Why can't you just leave me alone? How can you live with yourself? How I live has nothing to do with you.
You've got a kid.
You've got a husband.
I've got nothing, because of you.
Don't you come near my family.
Don't you even talk about them.
What about me? Have I changed? It's been 17 years.
Do you ever think about me? I tried not to.
You got me put away.
You lied.
I didn't lie.
I know somebody who's gonna help prove it.
He says I should reopen the case.
What, your journo mate? What's the point? Why go back through it all? What journo? Oh, don't play innocent Poppy.
He came to see me.
Who? He'd better not print it.
But I haven't talked to any If he writes a single word, I will go to the police.
I will have you done for harassment.
I'll make sure you're not inside for another three years, but for another ten.
What was his name? What? His name.
The journalist's name.
Al Francis.
I mean it, Poppy.
This is your last chance.
I won't have my family hurt.
Poppy! Poppy! Hello? It's me.
Let me in! What are you doing, Poppy? What's the matter? What's happened? I can explain, all right? My editor asked me to track you down.
It was a dirty tactic, but then I met you and everything changed.
How fucking stupid do you think I am? I believe you're innocent.
Serena had a good lawyer.
You had a shit one.
You were convicted on circumstantial evidence.
Jesus Christ! Poppy! That's for lying to me.
I've got a pathologist to re-examine the evidence.
The shoulder and torso wounds could have been inflicted by different people.
I've found out where Marlene Riley lives.
We can go and talk to her, Poppy! I'm on your side! I'm not gonna give up! I'm not.
'It wasn't Serena's fault.
' He'd hit her and he was hurting her.
Your friend denies that.
That's why we went there, to tell him to stop.
She says you persuaded her to go.
She asked me to go.
She was too scared to go on her own.
Look, if Serena killed him, it's because he was trying to get at her.
Serena isn't saying she killed him.
She's saying you did.
We're charging you with murder.
Ms Poppy Carlisle? I need you to come down to the station with us, please.
What's going on? Are you her mother? Yeah.
We'll discuss it at the station.
You can come along.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll come.
No, you're needed here, love.
Poppy's a grown woman.
She can sort out her own problems.
Please, Jim.
But Poppy's I said no.
Come along quietly, now, Ms Carlisle.
Out you get.
Come on.
OK, I'm coming.
Come on.
Do I even get to know what I've done wrong? There's a restraining order out.
You were informed not to come within a kilometre of the individual Serena Farley.
You broke it.
About me and Marcus - you were right.
I've gotta stop it.
Just I don't know how.
Clean break? It's the only way.
He gave that to you, didn't he? Get rid of it.
Come on.
Whoo! Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Vee's going to be late for school.
I don't know what she's doing up there.
Vee! You're gonna be late.
It's ten past eight! Mum, you shouldn't be up.
I like being down here with you.
It gives me pleasure, and pleasure's the best medicine.
'I'm here at Ashcliffe Police Station.
Following the' Look at that.
That woman you know, who came into the surgery.
She's been arrested.
found guilty of murdering a teacher.
She was released three weeks ago, having served a total of 17 years in prison.
' My God.
Did you know about that? Er I think so.
'The Ice Cream Girls trial was a news sensation in 1996, when teacher Marcus Halnsley was found murdered, following a love tryst with Carlisle and another girl.
' Were they both at your school? No.
'In court, Carlisle was described as a callous and controlling young woman.
A second girl was also tried and acquitted for the murder.
This iconic picture shows the two Ice Cream Girls, shortly before the murder.
' Why didn't you tell me about this? Er I just Serena was already up at Leeds when it happened.
You did know, I think, but I didn't give you all the details.
It was very unpleasant.
Well, she won't be coming back for a flu jab.
See you.
So, what happens now? You've got to tell him.
I can't.
Not on my own.
I I'll come with you.
We can do it together.
This is an application to keep you here for a couple more days, because once they actually take you back into prison, it's gonna be a lot harder to get you out.
So, tell me.
Did you physically threaten her? Make direct contact? I watched her house.
I met her husband and her daughter.
What about the sister? Because it was the sister who called us.
Not Ms Farley herself.
Serena Farley isn't pressing charges.
Isn't she? Which may help us.
But then there's this issue with the press.
You talked to a journalist.
Your release form clearly states you mustn't.
I didn't know he was a journo.
I thought he liked me for me.
I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of here, Poppy.
Your stepfather has withdrawn his and your mother's address as a place of residence for you.
Is there anyone we can apply to for you to go and live with? I've got a brother and sister.
They live in London.
I'll find them.
Ah, here's my wife now.
The police have brought your driving licence.
Because you reported the incident immediately, we won't be pressing any charges.
In terms of the speeding, you can either get three points on your licence or you can attend a one-day course in road safety.
I'll attend the course.
Thank you.
That's great.
Erm Thanks for bringing my licence back.
I also thought it'd be a good opportunity to discuss the other matter.
Ms Carlisle's harassment of you.
Her case is presently under assessment.
What harassment? Serena? I didn't want to worry you.
But, to reassure you, she's in detention.
If that changes, we'll let you know.
Let me get this right.
This is the girl from the news - the Ice Cream Girl? That's correct, sir.
So, why's she harassing my wife? Serena? As I said, we'll keep you informed.
Will someone tell me what the hell is going on? We'll let ourselves out.
Evan You were the other girl.
The second Ice Cream Girl.
I can explain.
You were tried for murder of a teacher you had sex with.
I was acquitted.
And you don't think that just maybe you should have told me!? I couldn't.
The court protected my identity.
Evan, please.
Oh, come on! Don't give me that bullshit! What would you have done if I'd told you? Listened! At 19? You'd have run a mile! Do you have such little trust in me? I'd have lost you.
You know, you don't know me, if that's what you think.
And I certainly don't know you.
God, I've never known you.
Please don't say that.
We made vows.
On our wedding day you stood there.
You looked me in the eye and you Everything we've had has been a lie.
Everything we had together.
I can't do this.
I can't be with you.
Don't leave me.
I couldn't bear it if you leave me.
Vee! Vee! Vee.
It's you.
You were on trial with that woman.
There's a picture on the web, and it's blurry, but Yeah it was me.
Oh, God! God.
Oh, Vee.
Why didn't you tell me? I was scared.
I thought you'd hate me.
You are the only thing that I am proud of in my life.
I didn't have a childhood like you.
I didn't have a dad.
Your Gran tried, but she had to work.
She wasn't around much.
And then this man appeared.
This teacher.
And she killed him.
Poppy did.
Were you there? I saw her stab him, once.
Why? Why did she do it? I don't know why.
Are you gonna get worse? Is there gonna be stuff all over the news about you, like there is about her? No.
And what if my friends find out? I couldn't bear that! I couldn't.
Vee, grab some stuff.
We're leaving.
But where are we going? Come on.
Go with your father, Vee.
You do as he says.
We'll say it, then go.
I can't.
Serena, you have to.
What are you two doing here? What are you doing here? Your probation officer arranged it.
Well Welcome to my world.
My husband's left me.
My daughter's ashamed of me.
If it's revenge you want, you've got it.
Now, please, leave me alone.
Are you asking me to feel sorry for you? Why do you hate me so much? Why do you think? We never talked properly about what happened that night.
Maybe we should.
You've had 17 years.
You choose now? You're scared.
You're right.
If that journalist writes his article, it'll destroy my family.
People might start thinking about who killed Marcus.
Look, saying you didn't do it isn't gonna help you.
I only went there that night because of you.
Then you sat down in front of an officer and you lied.
I didn't lie! Why would I want to kill Marcus? He didn't mean anything to me.
It was you who had to get away from him.
You pushed me into it! You wanted me to confront him! That's bullshit! You liked the fact that I was listening to you.
Didn't you? Didn't you, Poppy? So, to what do I owe the pleasure? Serena's got something she wants to say to you.
I Go on, Serena.
Little Poppy calling the tricks.
Well, this is interesting.
You had power over me.
You enjoyed it.
I was trying to help you.
It felt good.
Nobody had ever listened to you before.
Serena wants to end it with you.
What, cos Poppy says so? No.
I want it to end.
You've got a crush on Serena Haven't you? Oh, shut up.
Just shut up! No! You knew he'd get angry.
Is that why you stabbed him? Just admit it, Poppy.
You did stab him.
I hated what he did to you.
No! Stop it.
I'm gonna have to punish her.
It's your fault.
This is all because of you! I wanted to hurt him.
He was all the shit men in my life rolled into one.
Is that what you want to hear? You've got two minutes.
What I don't understand is why you came back.
You stupid bitch! Go and get help! Go on! I didn't come back.
I was shitting myself, so I ran away.
I shouldn't have.
I could have stopped you.
Stopped me? But I didn't do I was in a phone box, talking, and a car went by.
It picked me out with its headlights and 'Emergency services.
' A man's been hurt.
You need to come now.
I saw the blood on my hands and I couldn't go back in there.
So I ran and If I hadn't, then you wouldn't have been left there alone, and maybe you wouldn't have killed him.
No, I didn't! I swear I didn't kill Marcus.
You came back.
I heard you.
I heard the cottage door open.
It wasn't me you heard.
Nothing could have got me back in there.
You've got to believe me.
It wasn't me.
No, give me five more minutes.
Just five more minutes! No, time's up.
Come on.
I need to see Serena.
You've already seen her! Serena! Come on! A lawyer, then! I want a lawyer! I need to talk to someone! I need to talk to you.
Come in.
Um, sit down.
Do you want a coffee or? Poppy's been rearrested.
Yeah, I heard.
I tried to visit, but she didn't want to see me.
Are you still writing the article? Yes, I am.
She spent 17 years in prison for a crime she didn't do.
I'm beginning to think that maybe that's true.
I've been to see Poppy.
We talked about the night it happened.
Poppy said there was a car.
She saw a car.
Someone else came into the cottage.
Maybe someone else killed Marcus.
That someone else could've been you.
When she went outside, you could have done it.
No, I didn't do it, either.
I didn't kill Marcus.
I didn't kill him.
So, you didn't do it and Poppy didn't.
So, who? Well, you're the one researching the case.
That's why I came to see you.
Well, there is one odd thing that I found out.
Poppy suggested we look for Marcus's old girlfriend, Marlene Riley.
She thought that Marlene could confirm that Marcus was violent.
Anyway, I traced her.
I found out she was pregnant during the summer of 1995.
Pregnant? Yeah, she had the child in February of '96.
A boy.
He'd be 17 now.
His name is Tom Marcus Riley.
Ms Riley? Mr Francis? Yes.
Thank you for seeing me.
Hello, Marlene.
Serena? What's going on? Tom, would you get us some coffees, please? Thank you, darling.
Now, what do you want? What I didn't tell you on the phone, Ms Riley, is, I work for the Sussex Reporter.
I'm writing about the Ice Cream Girls crime.
I don't want any publicity.
Were you aware that Poppy Carlisle was released and is back in prison? Yes.
Well, I believe she's innocent, that she didn't murder Marcus.
So does Serena.
That's rich, considering Serena was one of the reasons why she got sent down.
What makes you say that? Serena didn't tell the court what Marcus was like.
And neither did you.
Marcus was my student at teacher-training college.
No-one knew about our relationship.
If I'd testified, it would all have come out.
I'd have lost my job.
Did Marcus ever assault you? No.
But I knew he was capable of it.
I saw what he did to you.
And when I got pregnant, it it changed everything.
Marcus as a father of my child.
I couldn't have that.
So I consulted a local family lawyer, who was strong on women's rights asked if I could keep him away from the baby.
'No chance,' she told me.
So I decided to leave town.
And I was about to leave, when I heard Marcus had been murdered.
When was the last time you saw Marcus Halnsley alive? I'm sorry for Poppy.
Really, I am.
But looking for someone else to blame isn't going to make it any better for her.
She's been convicted for Marcus's murder, and that's the way it's going to stay.
Now, please, leave me and my son alone.
Well, she had a motive.
She was protecting her child.
I'm gonna see if she was ever interviewed by the police.
Do you want me to drop you home? I've gotta go into town.
Look, it wasn't me who reported Poppy to the police.
It was my sister.
I need to talk to her.
I'm here to see Fez Gorringe.
Would you tell her it's Serena? Serena, I don't understand.
What are you looking for? That journalist - he thinks that maybe someone else was involved in the murder.
Someone else? What do you mean? An old girlfriend of Marcus's - Marlene Riley.
So, what's that got to do with you? Serena, don't go back into all of it.
She was pregnant with Marcus's child.
She went to a lawyer's firm.
I need to check if she came here.
Why, for God's sake? Serena, what is - Fez, please! Just trust me, for once.
It would have been the summer of '95.
We alphabetise all our clients.
R Here.
Ramsey, Rollins, Reynolds.
She's not here.
Are you satisfied? Are you sure? Yes, I'm positive.
Wait Here it is.
You can have it for five minutes.
And then put it back in the right place when you're finished.
Thank you.
Here - take that one.
Serena, what are you doing with that? That's a client file.
Well, that must go back.
Oh! It's important.
That's why I took it.
15 August, 1995.
'Ms Marlene Riley.
Consultation about paternal rights.
' Who was she? She was Marcus Halnsley's girlfriend.
Did she come into the firm? You took the meeting.
These are your notes, Mum.
This is your handwriting.
Oh, darling, it was a long time ago.
Serena, you've been out half the day.
Mum hasn't eaten.
She hasn't had her pills, and you've taken a confidential file - 'The subject, according to the client Marlene Riley, is not suitable father material.
She contends he is controlling to the point of violence.
He's having an abusive relationship with his own pupil.
' Serena, if the firm find out that you've just walked off with those notes, you could be in trouble, and Fez too.
You must take them back now.
It's here.
At the end.
She tells you his name.
'Marcus Halnsley.
' And after that there's no more notes.
She had no idea who you were.
She went to you because you championed women's causes.
How was she supposed to know she was sitting in front of my mother? I don't know what you're talking about.
If I suspected a teacher was having sex with Vee I'd go mad.
I understand, Mum.
I do.
Serena What are you saying? Did you follow me from our house? You can't have been sure that I was the pupil Marlene described.
Serena, stop it.
Stop it.
Did you see us go into the cottage? Mum, don't say anything.
Maybe you parked a little bit away.
And you saw Poppy run out and go to the phone box.
Serena, please Leave her alone.
Just leave her.
You wanted to catch me and Marcus together.
You went inside, didn't you? Didn't you, Mum? Darling, why are you doing this? Because you've lived with it for too long.
You have to let it go, Mum.
You have to.
I wasn't sure it was you.
He had other pupils that he tutored outside school.
But you'd been so withdrawn that summer.
You'd changed so much.
Do you remember, Fez? We were worried about her.
But when that woman came into my office and she told me, in my heart I knew.
So I followed you.
Mrs Gorringe.
What? Did Serena do this? That mad friend of hers did.
Pass me a towel, please.
It's a new shirt.
Don't want to ruin it.
Have you been having sex with my daughter? This isn't the moment, OK? I'm losing a lot of blood here.
Have you!? She's 16 years old.
She can make her own choices.
You call it choice, raping a schoolgirl? I never raped Serena.
Beating her up! What we've got is special.
Serena loves me.
She loves everything I do to her.
He was a disgusting man.
So sure nobody could touch him.
Any mother would have done it.
What about after? Why didn't you go to the police? If I'd confessed, it would have ruined your life.
You and Fez wouldn't have had a mother, and you were both so vulnerable.
Don't say you did this for me, Mum.
Please don't.
Every cut was for you.
For what he did to you.
And it was me that let him into your life.
Me! If I'd walked away that night, he'd have moved on.
There'd have been other girls.
I don't regret it.
Not for a single moment.
He should've been tried in a court of law! I've been around courts all my life.
I've seen so many women let down.
Give it to me, Serena.
You can't do this to Mum.
I won't let you! You have to make this right, Mum.
You know you have to.
Poppy Carlisle deserves her life back! Mum.
We're placing you under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Marcus Halnsley.
You do not have to say anything Thank you for coming.
You did the right thing.
I don't know what's right and what's wrong.
I just know I had to do it.
I need to know something.
Why? Why did you fall for him? I don't think you'd understand.
Try me.
At first, he made me feel great about myself.
And then it was like, if I didn't do what he said .
I'd lose him.
And if I lost him, I'd die.
I wouldn't exist any more.
Power games.
Much worse.
God, the things he made me I wish you'd told me.
I loved him.
I did love him.
Look, you were 16.
He chose you because you were vulnerable.
Now, you keep blaming yourself and he's won.
And he mustn't win.
Can you forgive me? There's nothing to forgive.
What is it? Has something happened? Serena? Poppy You're free.
My mother's been arrested.
But since she's got such little time to live, she'll be granted bail.
This won't go to court.
There won't be a retrial.
I'm sorry about that.
Truly, I am.
That's why I want to write it up.
People need to know what really happened here.
But I understand if you don't want me to be a part of it.
I'll get someone else.
It should be him.
He does care about you, Poppy.
I'll think about it.
There's some people outside who want to see you.
What, journalists? No, not journalists.
There's Poppy.
Oh, my God! Let me see you.
Excuse me.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Would you like to come inside? I won't.
You look busy.
Off back to Leeds.
I'm moving to London.
London? My sister Bella's got a flat there.
I'm gonna live with her.
That's great, Poppy.
New start.
I'm looking forward to it.
Oh, er Al's got a job on a paper in London.
He's moving too.
To be with you? Might see him around, I suppose.
Well, this is it, then.
I don't suppose we'll see each other again.
Bye, Serena.
Goodbye, Poppy.