Idol Room (2018) s-1e26 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 26 - Twice [Ye~ Come on.]
[Bright figures came in.]
[Shiny shiny.]
Wow [Twice girls are here!.]
Where? [Twice in IDOL ROOM.]
[Getting excited.]
1 in credibility IDOL ROOM! For the first time in history they came here again in a short time It was so short.
Right after they met us, they said "oh, now you wear long-sleeves" - Oh yes - Long sleeves - Why can't we have it? - They are loyal, too.
Let me introduce today's guests.
Twice! 1, 2, 3 One in a million Hello, we are Twice.
3rd come-back this year alone.
- You're so busy, right? - Yes Fans call you Cowice.
- Why? - You work like a cow.
You work hard.
- You understand, right? - Yes [Momo language.]
[Everything is round to her.]
Well, to our Twice girls, we are so grateful.
We never expected this.
Momo said one short sentence.
I'd like the t-shirt.
- I'd like the tee.
- This tee? - Yes - This tee? - Yes - Why Then are you gonna really wear it? I'll wear it in an airport.
Airport? Accepted! They actually wore this and got the shot.
We are so grateful, Momo.
Who wore this after the airport shot? Mina! - Why? - Why? [Tada.]
- Goosebumps - I've got goosebumps.
- We are in it.
- I've got the chills.
- I just had the chills.
- Jeongyeong and Mina wore a jacket cuz it's getting cold.
- You didn't give us the long-sleeves.
- Right.
- Feel so bad.
- This one - It's for MCs only.
- For MCs.
[Momo doesn't care.]
- Again? - Yes Aren't you flying high, TWICE? And there's another thing that TWICE should be grateful.
Coffee truck shot for IDOL ROOM as well.
Really? We thank you so much.
Now you got the coffee truck.
If you want more, what is it? IDOL ROOM tee for our fans, too.
Hey, Jihyo You wear yours, TWICE.
Why do you wanna wear ours? - We love it.
- To TWICE fans if we want to give this tee, we need 1 mil tees.
Oh, this news is really important.
- You guys are great.
- What? GD called me days ago.
A few days ago.
GD is a solder too.
We understand.
He'd like to talk with a celeb.
The military is divided into 3 at the moment.
TWICE, Red Velvet And Black Pink.
- 3 - 3 The competiton is so fierce.
When a music show is on, each group sings a song very loudly.
GD called him and told him so.
And when he said he's gotta go, GD said 'don't hang up, please.
Talk more.
' Don't say that.
He's watching this show all the time.
Oh, right.
GD, you said you want their autographs.
I'll send you.
One autograph, each, please.
Have you seen the 1st broadcast? - Sure - Yes - That was crazy.
- How did you like it? - From MC Rail - I heard it's so fun.
- I couldn't see it well.
- Why not? - So embarrassing.
- Why? It was you! You did it yourself.
I did it at that time.
But I couldn't see it.
[Re-live MC Rail.]
[Unexpected flow.]
[Beat fighter.]
It was a signature layback.
Do the featuring for us.
I'll try to make some time.
[Got punched.]
MC Rail, are you still into rap? Nope - Since the day - Done? - You burned it all.
- These days, MC Rail practices hip expressions.
Especially yesterday.
[MC Rail again.]
The confident expression full of swag.]
- Right - Let's see No rap.
With music, facial expressions only.
- IU's new song - Bbi bbi - To her Bbi bbi 'Bbi bbi' Jihyo did a great job.
- You did the dance a lot.
- The same cap.
- What now? - Oh, same cap? - Sure, now that's Nayeon's.
- You said you can do it yesterday.
- I'm gonna do it.
- Same cap - To 'Bbi bbi' - I wanna see it - Me too - Right in front - Nayoen's getting ready.
- Like I'll show you something.
- You'll be torn apart.
-What shall I do? Music start [ Feel the beat.]
[Start with the hearts.]
[Steps with swag.]
[Expressions full of hip hop.]
[Strawberry princess deeply moved.]
[This is the swag.]
Look at the show later.
We also met someone who was surprised - by the 1st show.
- Right.
JYP, the father of TWICE.
- Yes - We've seen it.
- Seen it.
-JYP's so surprised.
When they were asked to show sexy dance moves.
I thought the show was to be messed up.
They can't do it.
- Would hesitate - Then, all of a sudden - They did it.
- One by one I was so surprised.
- Especially Mina's expression - That was crazy.
Is she really Mina? Mina, what do you think? I get so scared right in front of him.
We had a lesson days ago.
He told me how I could still get scared.
So, if he was another side of me.
JYP doesn't know.
- At all.
- Not at all.
- Do you think JYP doesn't know about you? - How do you feel? - He still - thinks we are still little girls.
- Right.
- Chaeyoung's no longer a baby.
- Grown-ups.
- You are 20.
He thinks only he's getting old.
- Yeah.
He thinks you are still little girls.
- Right.
That's why we got this corner ready.
To make JYP see the real you.
Not to surprise him again.
- What corner? - Scary.
Sponsored by IDOL ROOM - Right.
- It's amazing.
- It's very famous.
The 5th Havana Korea Contest [Grateful Tofu.]
- They are back in a long time.
- It's quite famous.
- Very famous - Right - Hard to believe.
[Havana Contest Only In Idol Room.]
[Joy of Red Velvet.]
[Sunmi, Yooa of OH MY GIRL.]
[And Exy of WJSN were selected as the queen at this contest.]
[Everybody wonders.]
What's the criteria to select the queen? [These are two panels.]
It's up to us.
[Smart Tofu: No criteria.]
- It's up to us.
- We need to be moved.
From Dahyun? Or Jihyo? - No, not the first one - From Dahyun [From the eldest.]
- I don't want to.
- From Dahyun [From the youngest.]
I don't want to.
- From the youngest! - OK - OK - Good - No, why only time like this? Tzuyu opened her mouth for the first time! - She said "Why only time like this?" - Yeah - She understood us.
- What do you want, Tzuyu? [The later the better.]
This order - From unnie? - From Nayeon? OK, from unnie - Unnie, first - From elders? [Making fun of Tzuyu.]
Nope, from the youngest - From there, then.
- Once it starts, you'd like to do it earlier.
From you, from Tzuyu.
When do you want to do? Yes, when? [Still making fun of Tzuyu.]
- 4th - 4th You should be the 1st.
You're so bad At least I'm asking.
- Tzubana - From Tzubana - Tzubana - Yes You will do it anyway.
- Tzubana - You can do so well to surprise JYP.
He'll be really surprised if Tzuyu really does it.
He'll be surprised.
Let's go! Music start! [Sexy moves as understood by Tzuyu.]
[Breezy moves.]
[Mixed feelings our little girls has grown up.
Oh no! Don't know what to do.
Tzuyu, the 4th.
Tzuyu can try it the 4th.
Somebody has to show how to do it.
- Unnies can show you first.
- I can't do the freestyle.
Do you wanna do after seeing others? - I thought I've done it.
- Nope Nope Let's start from Momo.
The criteria will be so high, then.
- Mobana - Mobana - You know what to do, right? - OK Mobana - Show it like this - This? - Mobana's getting ready.
- OK - Way to go! - Music - Go! - Go! She know the feelings.
[Born to be sexy.]
[Others are learning.]
[Looking very sexy with minimum moves.]
[Look at her moves.]
Mobana? [Havana live.]
I got the chills.
[Looks like her own concert.]
Mobana! Mobana! That was amazing.
Mobana! [Yoohoo~.]
- Up next - Next one is What about Jeongyeon? To keep this mood? - Jeongbana - Jeongbana Could she beat Mobana? How can I beat her? Music! Look at her face! [I am femme fatal.]
[Looking so sexy.]
[I can't even see her.]
Are you watching this JYP? [Hard working shoulders.]
Jeongbana! Your shoulder moves are amazing.
You look so original.
Amazing shoulders.
What did you just hug, Jeongyeon? Chaengbana! - Chaengbana! - Let's go! The next one is Tzubana.
[Oh, no.]
Chaengbana's not a baby anymore.
- Don't treat her like a baby.
- Show it to JYP.
- Chaengbana - Music start! [Looking so cute.]
- Cute - Chaengbana - Why are you guys saying she's cute? - No, no - She shouldn't be cute.
Khahaha Cute [Like Simba shamppoing his hair.]
[Simba with frizzy hair.]
[Chaeyoung, respect!.]
[No more.]
Look, make her hair neat again.
- Cute - Look, the stylist! - Make her hair neat again - So cute! I thought we were at a hair designer shop.
I tried to be sexy.
You stroked it too much.
- Chaengbana - It was really attractive.
- Up next - Changbana's no longer a child.
Tzubana! [No.]
- I've done it! - Yes? - I've done it.
When? - It was a camera rehearsal.
- Right.
- Camera rehearsal.
Now is the real.
- That's right.
- The camera's on, Tzubana - Tzubana She's coming out again.
She does what she has to do.
She's coming out again if you tell her again and again.
This is Tzubana, music start! [That was rehearsal, now is real.]
Great! [The sexiest move for her.]
[Tzuyu's still to young to know the sexiness.]
Pretty She's done great! Now is time for Sabana! - Sabana - Don't feel so much fresh The next one will be Dahyun, anyways.
Let's go.
- Sabana - Let's go.
Look at her eyes.
It's their official move.
It's official.
[Using hair again.]
[ Seduction of this Osaka girl.]
Sabana She's trying very hard.
Sabana! Good job! What would you do without hair? - Our life - What would you guys do? - Hyobana - She could show her unexpected charm.
- Hyobana - I'm under so much pressure.
Hyobana! [Doing great.]
[Sexy, huh?.]
[Everyone ooooohs and aaaaaahs.]
I'm done! [Good job.]
Jihyo, you stick with Sana.
[Stick together with the same fate.]
Navana Navana A strong candidate [The 7th participant, Navana.]
[Dubvana under pressure.]
[Looking sexy.]
[Kind of remind us of MC Rail.]
[Awkward smile out of so much pressure.]
Mibana! - Mibana - Let's go JYP was most surprised by her.
She can surprise him once again.
- That's her.
- She's a strong candidate.
The girl who surprised JYP.
Music [She's totally different when music starts.]
[Where are we?.]
[Unbelievable she's using the t-shirt!.]
[Look at her eyes.]
JYP, this is Mina! She's no longer nervous.
Mibana Mibana What do you call it? - IDOL ROOM - IDOL ROOM! Mina, say something to JYP.
You deserve it.
I'm not nervous any m.
Let's go again.
She was very nervous.
She was really nervous.
- Cute - One more time Like when you did the Havana dance Producer Park, I'm not gonna be scared any more.
Why do you get scared again? She should get scared again.
- The last one - Davana Davana has the DNA in her body.
- Davana - Davana Feel the pressure.
She's into it.
Deeply into it.
- It's here.
- Already - Go! - Music - Let's go [ Dubana is here!.]
[4 secs before she arrives in Cuba.]
[in Havana.]
[The tight lips.]
She's getting better.
[Pretending to be sexy.]
Excuse me.
Is she catching a taxi or something? - JYP - Wasn't I so sexy? People back there make noise.
You could do this for 5 minutes more.
Let's select the queen.
So many of them.
Hard to remember Sabana, Hyobana Tzuba didn't make it.
[Tzuyu worked hard!.]
We just wanted to make sure.
Why didn't I make it? I did so well, why? - We just wanted to make sure.
- You three were sort of guest dancers.
That's right.
6 people in the finals.
Davana, too? - Davana's in.
- She was impressive.
She was so serious.
I love her dance moves no matter what.
- Who? - Mobana! [Congratulations!.]
Today's Pickdol for Close-up Camera! [Camera all set.]
Last time it was for Jeongyeon.
Jeongyeon CAM.
[Jeongyeon CAM clip was on air.]
It has changed to a live one.
[You communicate with fans and pick one.]
Then, it will live stream only me? No, you weren't picked.
- We have to pick one.
- We'll live streaming the process.
- Only the process of choosing one.
- Okay.
- It will be live streamed.
- Personally, I think the youngest ones don't talk much when they are on air.
Chaeyoung and Tzuyu.
So I'd like to find out whether they don't really say a word until the end.
You two would say at least some things.
Maybe personally.
Tzuyu doesn't.
We want to check it out.
And Tzuyu's posture is always straight up.
She never leans on one foot.
Because these three never stops moving.
- Whilst Tzuyu is like this.
- Staying still all the time.
- Always.
- I really want to check things out.
[Tzuyu's still posture throughout the show.]
Nice to meet you! IDOL ROOM! Nice to see you all.
Twice has come back.
- It's live.
- It's a live streaming.
Someone commented, Sana! Can you sing a song by Hong Jin Young? Hong Jin Young? - Do you know one? - "Thumbs up" How come do you know the song? Well done.
They want to see the choreography of "BDZ".
- Okay.
- "BDZ".
[Topped the Oricon monthly album chart in Japan.]
[Twice's first title song "BDZ.]
" - "BDZ" - Okay.
4, 3, 2, 1.
["BDZ" on Korean show, my wish came true.]
[I can't see Jihyo.]
[Full shot.]
This is something we couldn't see in Korea, right? Yeah.
Today's Pickdol.
I wonder who will be the one.
Let's choose one.
Wait, your fans say where are your wings? They want us to check.
[Wings here.]
Okay, you will get one shot for three seconds each.
[The answer is one, Twice.]
Let's go! Who will be today's Pickdol? We don't know yet.
It's almost there.
Who will be the Pickdol? [It's almost there.]
- There it is.
- Who is it going to be? It's Sana! [Twice in Idol Room live has ended.]
Today's Pickdol is Sana.
- Any goal? - Goals? I'll take over the camera.
[Perfect Korean skill.]
Overwhelming the camera with her beauty.
[So cute.]
[There's no way out if you fall for her.]
I'm sure ONCE would love it.
[Twice's new song "Yes or Yes".]
Please tell us about the new song you've come back with in 4 months.
Our new song, "Yes or Yes" [Yes or Yes.]
is a song with the concept of saying the answer's decided and [A charming and lovely dap-jeong-neo concept.]
- It's dap-jeong-neo.
- you only need to answer.
[Again Tzuyu?!.]
[Please tells us about the song.]
What is the song about? [Eyes moving, Tzuyu moms expecting an answer.]
The song is about [Girl with correct answer.]
"Yes or Yes".
I think it's okay for Tzuyu to introduce herself at events like press conferences.
Right, she's so good at explaining things.
She looks satisfied with herself too.
[614% sincere.]
Yes, I'm good.
- So cute.
- How cute.
[Cuteness overflow, oh you, Cho Joohee.]
Tzuyu is too cute.
Then let's move on to nano dance.
Right, in the nano dance that totally conquers the killing part, [Nano dance, dance in relay for the killing part.]
we will hear Twice's new song, [to analyze the dance in nano units.]
"Yes or Yes".
["Yes or Yes" nano part is here.]
[Nano dance order.]
We'll go with Tzu, Myo, Eukk, Jyo, Mat, Chaeng, Dub, Mo and Sya.
- And dance together and wrap up.
- Let's get started.
[Nano dance.]
"Yes or Yes", play.
[Automatic exclamation, Pretty cells divide from the beginning.]
[This is JYP's proud flower bed dance.]
The song is cute.
[Looking forward to it 1020%, now starting officially.]
[Unexpected charm, power dance added to clear and refreshing voices.]
[Arms and legs working hard from the start.]
[Crying a bucket of tears, can't I choose all 9 of them?.]
[perfectly digesting the power dance moves.]
[Power fruitiness.]
[Consuming vitamins with eyes.]
Is this really Jeongyeon's voice? [After one pretty girl finishes, there's another pretty girl.]
[The wonderful visual you see no matter how you look is the blessed zone.]
[Totally addictive, how could you release this song before CSAT?.]
[Seriously, I'll bet my life on Twice.]
[The group dance is even more spectacular.]
[Nano part is here after continued exclamations.]
The dance is more powerful than I've thought it'd be.
[Finally entering nano part.]
[Twice Tzubbeo, Tzuyu.]
[Maximum prettiness of best flawless proportion.]
[Twice black swan, Mina.]
[Captivating dancer, Sharon who downed lemon sparkling water.]
[Twice Yoojung sunbae, Jeongyeon.]
[Salute! The humanization of cool+pretty.]
[Twice queen-god-hyo, Jihyo.]
[Just god, god, god.
God moment of god Jihyo.]
[Twice Narom, Nayeon.]
[Releasing fruitiness despite the power dance.]
[Twice exquisite features, Chaeyoung.]
[A baby beast who has nothing she cant do.]
[Twice tofu rabbit, Dahyun.]
[The most lively who can conquer power.]
[Twice dancing machine, Momo.]
[Perfect, talented dancer in another class.]
Now all of you get ready for after Sana.
[Twice ohyo-san, Sana.]
[Truth that's makes sense in the dance field as well! Life is meaningless without Sana.]
Together! [Skilled, they are Twice.]
[Fandom, Once, get your candy bong out and say yes 3 times.]
[You can watch real-time V LIVE filmed.]
Twice is Twice.
[on the set of Idol Room on V LIVE.]
You've finished it in one time.
We're with Twice here.
Twice's 3-year anniversary.
We will commence the "Tw-jal-al" contest.
[It's been 3 years.]
It's already been 3 years since Twice's debut.
Frankly, you've seen each other more than [3+n years since Twice has been together.]
your family members over the 3 years, right? - Since you all live in the dorm.
- We're always together.
- They're family.
[Does Twice really know Twice?.]
So do you really know each other? [Confident.]
- They're family.
- We know each other well.
- We can know everything.
[Sudden Twice test.]
What is Momo's shoe size? [Answer.]
It's 240 mm.
[Incorrect according to her expression.]
[Modifying answer while looking at Momo's face.]
[Yoo hard drive error.]
It's 235-240 mm.
- 230! - 235.
- 230-235.
[Momo's official answer.]
I wear both 235 and 240, - See.
- But officially, it's 235.
- Officially? - Officially? [ What is Tzuyu's shoe size?.]
- Tzuyu's shoe size.
- Tzuyu? [Answer.]
- Tzuyu, 245-250.
245 mm.
[Caution, not an auction.]
This is not an auction right now.
[Kind of confirmed they know each other well.]
- 255! 260! - 260.
How about members' habits that have not been revealed yet, [For example, who drops their food while eating?.]
like dropping or spilling food when eating.
- We know everything.
- Who drops or spills food? - Momo.
- Momo.
[Look away.]
Momo drops her food? - Like this? - Do you drop it like this? [Mysterious body, there's a hole in her chin?.]
There is a hole here So we will now find out who the best "Tw-jal-al" is.
[Time to select the best Twice member who knows Twice (Tw-jal-al).]
The rule is simple.
["Tw-jal-al" contest, first write down.]
Write down the name of the member you think of [the member's name who best fits the question.]
for the questions we give you.
[The 1st place will be select through verification.]
We will verify it right here [Each member who wrote the 1st place will receive 1 point.]
and the member who gets the most right ["Tw-jal-al" winner will be who got the most questions correct.]
will be the "Tw-jal-al" member.
For the winner, [A huge gift will be provided.]
we will have a huge gift that befits the Twice name [Answer, Idol Room t-shirt.]
It's not a T-shirt, is it? [We are not unscrupulous people.]
We didn't make t-shirts.
- We're better than that.
- Right.
- Think bigger.
[Thinking bigger.]
A hoodie? [Showing signs of obsessing over Idol Room tops.]
- It's not clothing.
- Fleece? - It's not clothing? [Hello, Twice.]
I said it's not a t-shirt.
[I guarantee, it's much better than that.]
We are better than that, something that befits Twice.
First question, please.
[Come on.]
Who is the best "Om-duk" among Twice? [What is Om-duk?.]
- You what Om-duk is, right? - Om-duk? What is om-duk? [Proud.]
Oh My Girl mania.
[Twice is well-known to be Oh My Girl mania.]
Oh My Girl mania.
It's said that Twice are fans of Oh My Girl.
[Who is the biggest Oh My Girl fan?.]
- Who like Oh My Girl - The best? [Coming out as a fan.]
- the most right now? - Me, I like them.
[Don't want to lose.]
I also like them.
[Confessed their love for Oh My Girl since debut.]
I hope the Oh My Girl members get their cellphones really quickly.
- We can't call and congratulate them even if they get 1st place.
- I'm going to get their number.
[Dancing Oh My Girl dance.]
[Source: V LIVE Twice.]
[Easy to find videos that prove they are Oh My Girl fans.]
[Ask the Om-duk.]
Why do you think Oh My Girl is so lovely? [Oh My Girl members who are so cute although they're older than Twice.]
They are older than us, - but they're - Cute.
- Really? [What is the Oh My Girl promotional t-shirt Twice is wearing?.]
- Oh My Girl promotional t-shirt [Mat-Eukk-Chaeng wore t-shirts and showed their love of Oh My Girl.]
Chaeyoung, Jeongyeon and I have worn them before.
[Source: The Daily Sports.]
- For the airport fashion? [Self-claimed Oh My Girl fandom members, Miracle 1, 2 and 3.]
Oh My Girl promotional t-shirts? [It's important it's limited edition.]
That's limited edition.
- Look at Nayeon unni's expression.
- Limited! - Yes.
[That's why you wanted Idol Room Ts?.]
Twice must really like limited edition [Regardless of unit price, it's okay if it is limited edition.]
stuffs very much.
- Limited.
We like limited editions.
[First "Tw-jal-al" contest.]
Now, who is the biggest Om-duk among Twice members? [Careful.]
I think that this member likes Oh My Girl the most.
This person is the biggest fan of Oh My Girl.
["Tw-jal-al" contest, write the No.
1 member.]
Within our team.
[If that member wins, each get 1 point.]
- Let's start with Momo.
- Momo? Nayeon unni.
- Nayeon unni.
- Jeongyeon.
- Jeongyeon unni.
- Nayeon unni.
- There are more Nayeon unni.
- Nayeon unni.
- There are many Nayeons.
- Nayeon.
- Nayeon unni.
There are many Nayeon and Jeongyeon.
Tzuyu, why did you write Nayeon unni? [Tzuyu witnessed Om-duk Nayeon.]
When we are in the waiting room, [Exclaims Oh My Girl is cute watching them in the waiting room.]
she says they're cute looking at the monitor - and she says she wants to take selfies with them.
- Nayeon likes them that much? She says she even wants to take selfies? [Verified fan.]
I took pictures.
[Another Oh My Girl fan who is envious.]
They are the celebrities of celebrities.
- Nayeon? - I wrote Jeongyeon.
- Jeongyeon.
But it's funny how Nayeon wrote Jeongyeon.
I also like them a lot, [Nayeon witnessed Om-duk Jeongyeon.]
Jeongyeon looks for [She even knows videos I don't know about.]
videos of Oh My Girl that I don't know about.
Yes! I'm that fan.]
- Many times.
- Data! - And she shares them with me.
The ones that Jeongyeon shows me are all new to me.
[Again, proud.
Yes! I'm that fan 222.]
So I think it's Jeongyeon.
- Sana? - Jihyo.
- Jihyo.
- Why? [Sana witnessed Om-duk Jihyo.]
When Oh My Girl came out with a new song, [She learns Oh My Girl's new song faster than anyone and promotes it.]
Jihyo was first to listen to it.
[She searches the music video and is the first to watch.]
She also said she watched the music video.
So I thought she was fast because she's really interested in them.
[Proud fan.
Ha! You noticed.]
Jeongyeon? Me.
[1 point for 1st place.]
- What's the vote count? - Nayeon got 5 votes.
[Status of 1st place candidates.]
Jeongyeon got 3 votes and Jihyo got 1 vote.
Then, I'll reveal the verification method that [We've confirmed that you're fans.]
will distinguish [Revealing item that will verify the biggest Oh My Girl fan.]
you're fans.
[Very curious.]
Please show us.
["Let's do peekaboo".]
I know this.
[Definitely fans, "let's do peekaboo".]
It was so cute! - They already know.
- I have that saved like that in my phone.
[What is the "let's do peekaboo" saved on Jihyo's phone?.]
"Let's do peekaboo"? [Revealing "let's do peekaboo" that's crazy cute.]
It's super cute, it's crazy.
[From the show aired on Sep.
11th; Source: Idol Room with Oh My Girl.]
[Seunghee interpreted the North Korean children song "Let's do peekaboo".]
[A cuteness that threatens the original North Korean children singers.]
[Ggaeggohaeyo: Assuming it means peekaboo in North Korean.]
[Seunghee's "let's do peekaboo" is the best.]
[Cute, even the second time around.]
- Right.
- How cute.
[Copy and paste of talented Seunghee.]
[Guessing the biggest Oh My Girl fan.]
We will see Oh My Girl fans, Twice, [Guessing which Twice member can sing "let's do peekaboo" the best.]
do "let's do peekaboo".
This is not "Tw-jal-al".
[Idol Room's miraculous logic.]
This is to secure enough footage for the show with the title of "Tw-jal-al".
This is [Challenge to be the best Om-duk.]
We'll accept the challenge of members who feel confident they can do it.
[It's unlikely we'll just take volunteers.]
Starting with Chaeyoung who looks confident.
She looks very confident.
[Strawberry princess selected.]
[Chaeyoung is known for.]
Our Chaeyoung is known for her cuteness.
[She is the cutest beast we know.]
Chaeyoung is known her confidence too.
[You know what "let's do peekaboo" is, right?.]
- This is hard.
- It suits her.
[Confidence attached, but doesn't know the lyrics and melody.]
What is it? [Main vocalist's instinct, sol-mi-mi-do-re-do-re-do.]
"Do peekaboo looking at me".
[What is this coy voice?!.]
[FYI, the main rapper.]
[Seongnae-dong's silvery voice.]
[What should we do with this cute life form?.]
How cute.
[Receive my lethal cuteness.]
[Proud he made her do it.]
There was a reason she was confident.
[Professional cute actor leaves after performance.]
- That was full of swag.
- What am I going to do? [The order is already decided my head.]
Next is Jyo! [Probably called Jihyo.]
Me? [She wrote Jihyo as 1st place.
Jihyo! Let's get 1st place!.]
- Jyo! - Let's see how Jyo does.
[The weight of burden a true Om-duk feels.]
Oh my, I'm nervous.
[It's okay, relax.
Two pigs that are tuning the key.]
[Can't believe my ears.]
[Pretending to have perfect pitch.]
[So funny.]
[Nervousness evaporated.
Starting peacefully thanks to Uncle Piggies.]
Let's do it since you got pointers.
- Let's go.
- Start.
[A very proficient voice of half air and half sound.]
[Great pitch.]
[Cuteness is basic option.]
[Dance that's Hyungdon and Defconn's style is bonus.]
[Was Jihyo always this cute?.]
[Listeners saw and heard a great performance unexpectedly.]
[A true Om-duk.]
- She is a true Om-duk.
- She is a true Om-duk.
[Here is another shy Om-duk.]
Her expression is Om-duk.
[Jihyo can choose who goes next.]
Jyo, please choose the next person.
Please call out the next confident person.
[Shy Om-duk refusing.]
Come here.
[Burst into laughter 1 and 2.]
[Suddenly "Flower bud art company".]
Looks good.
[Confidence skyrockets for shy Om-duk.]
[One who want Jeongyeon to be 1st since she wrote jeongyeon.]
Let's go.
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Jeongyeon starts performance; With my rabbit bag on my back.]
[Jeongyeon's mind is travelling back and forth between South and North Koreas now.]
[Overcame crisis and finished the song successfully.]
[It's meaningful that she finished.]
[Coming back to reality.]
I'm not Seunghee.
[One who wrote Jeongyeon as her answer, I don't think I'll get points for this one.]
It's Nayeon's turn.
[Who is the biggest Om-duk?.]
Nayeon got the most votes [Nayeon got the most votes.]
for being the biggest Oh My Girl fan.
[She wrote Nayeon.
I trust in Nayeon.]
Nayeon unni is really good at these things.
[The best Om-duk.
Another member who.]
I think Nayeon was [will get 1 point if it's Nayeon, 1 and 2.]
just full of cuteness since she was born, right? 5, 6, 7, 8.
[A veteran who has a separate voice for work.]
Hold on.
[Work stopped.]
Hold on.
[The totally different voice tones for work and everyday.]
The voice tones of "rabbit bag" and "hold on" - are completely different.
[Suddenly embarrassed.]
- To hold on.
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Resuming work.]
[Nayeon effect that makes pigs dance.]
[Ignoring pitch and beat.
Is it cute even if I sing like this?.]
[Only the end was stable.]
[What is arrangement? Each time a different "let's do peekaboo".]
Everyone sang a different song.
Their own creative songs.
[Now is time to pick the best Om-girl.]
How can we [Everyone is in 1st place from Once's view.]
be the judges, right? [That's why we invited.]
So we have a special judge who will [Got a gut feeling.]
- evaluate fairly - Seunghee is not here, is she? [No no way.]
[Jeongyeon's not here.]
- Never.
- Then it's totally embarrassing! [Please tell me no.]
- Why! - Really? Are you embarrassed to show to Seunghee? You like them that much? [Who is the special judge?.]
- Never.
- It can't be.
[JYP? Seunghee?.]
Our special judge, [You've waited long enough.]
please come out.
[I'm not ready to meet my star.]
- Judge.
- No.
It's! [Strong reactions.]
Really? [Hello.
I'm the talented Seunghee from Oh My Girl.]
[The "let's do peekaboo" homage situation from just now.]
[She was watching everything.]
[Oh good job.]
[Talented Seunghee was monitoring everything for a fair evaluation.]
[Om my gosh.]
She was watching [It's so embarrassing.]
all your "let's do peekaboo" real-time.
[I can't believe I came out as a fan in front of Seunghee.]
Seunghee was watching everything.
[Time to say hi among celebrities.]
- Seunghee.
- Hello.
Wow, it's Seunghee unni.]
That's why.
[Sharp Sana.]
- Say hi.
- I was wondering what that phone was.
[What do you think about Twice revealing they're Om-duk?.]
Twice has been very public about being fans of Oh My Girl, right? [Asking the star.
Suddenly Seunghee's fan meeting.]
What do you think, Seunghee? [V! I'm that Om-duk.]
Thank you so much.
[Celeb's regular comment.]
I love you very much.
[Very curious about the legendary expert's opinion.]
What did you think of Twice's "let's do peekaboo"? First, I liked that they had their own style.
[Like watching me.]
And I really liked that she had confidence.
[Who is the object of this evaluation?.]
You need to have confidence, right? - Let's vote.
- Who is the best [Announcing best Om-duk Seunghee picked.]
one of "let's do peekaboo"? [Candidates looking forward to the announcement.]
It's not the announcement of 1st place of a TV music show.]
[The winner of the best Om-duk title goes to.]
Who is in the 1st place? - You have to tell us.
- Chaeyoung.
[Talented Seunghee chose Chaeyoung.]
Chaeyoung! [Touched.]
[Change suddenly.]
- Why? - Seunghee.
[No one wrote Chaeyoung.]
- Why is she the winner? - I'm so disappointed.
[None of the Twice member guessed correctly.]
We all got 0 point because of you.
Seriously, you [All got 0 point.]
- Everyone got 0 point.
- Right.
[What is the reason for selecting Chaeyoung as the best Om-duk?.]
Why is it Chaeyoung? I always crave for something new.
[The 3 who were unexpectedly not fresh.]
She was refreshing! [Meanwhile, Son Chaeyoung was fresh.]
I looked forward to Jeongyeon and Jihyo.
[A common self-reflection of a fan.]
I would have tried harder if I knew you were watching.
- Thank you.
- Please say a few words [Seung star, please say bye to your fans.]
to your Twice friends.
[Twice is a religion and the truth.]
Twice is always right.
Fighting, and I love you.
[Thank you, talented Seunghee for the video call despite your Japan schedule.]
Thank you.
Wait, then [Don't forget, this is "Tw-jal-al" contest.]
no one wrote Chaeyoung's name.
- Right.
- Yes, so everyone gets 0 point.
[No one wrote Chaeyoung.
Current score for everyone is 0.]
[These staff how could "let's do peekaboo" come out.]
I never thought of "let's do peekaboo" coming out.
[Don't know why but getting competitive.]
- Really.
[1st "Tw-jal-al" contest.]
Who is the language genius in Twice? Who do you think is the language genius in Twice? [My name is Park Jihyo! I'm a detective!.]
I've got a hunch.
[Looking at things, you're going to quiz us in Momo language, right?.]
It's like Momo language.
You're going to see who can answer the fastest, or something like that, right? [Invented Momo language, Ha! Finally recognizing my genius?.]
- We don't know.
- We don't know.
[Everyone playing detective instead of writing answers.]
We should take the questions at face value.
[Baby detective.]
Will it be like something like gan-jang-gong-jang-gong-jang-jang? [Gossiping.]
- Verifying - We could write anyone and maybe get it right.
[Changing subject, who really speaks multi-languages?.]
Then anyone who proficient in languages? - The most foreign languages.
- Tzuyu speaks the most foreign languages.
[Only slow, Jo Joohee proficient in 3 languages.]
Tzuyu? How many languages does Tzuyu speak? Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
[When do you have language issues abroad?.]
Do you have any language problems overseas? [Highest level of difficulty.]
Room service.
[Thoroughly agree.]
It's hard.
It's difficult.
- What do you want to eat so much? - One day, she suddenly [Room guest with her head down.]
told me to come to her room since [in Jeongyeon's room, invited Jihyo after ordering steak.]
she ordered steak.
But the moment I entered her room, she tells me to call for room service.
- Didn't you say she ordered? - She did and the steak came, [Too many variety of sauces.]
but she couldn't order the sauce.
[She ordered steak, but couldn't order the sauce.]
She didn't know what sauce to order.
- Where were you then? - In Japan.
[Momo, Sana, Mina.]
If you were in Japan, you have Japanese members.
[Belated realization.]
Right, so why did you call me? [Hirai Momo, born in Kyoto, Japan.]
- Now that I think about it.
- Right, there's Momo, [Minatozaki Sana, born in Osaka, Japan.]
Sana, [Awkward.]
You have Japanese members [Time to write answers, write the Twice language genius.]
Now, this is easy.
The language genius you can think of.
[0 point for everyone until now.]
[Can gain 1 point if they get the 1st place member right.]
- I saw Momo's.
- Why? [Who is she?.]
So shameless, she wrote her own name.
- I didn't.
- I saw it.
- You did? [Awkward.]
I saw it.
[I saw it.]
Momo wrote Momo.
- You know what, right? Momo.
- Why? [Very proud.]
I speak 3 languages.
[A idol who invented a language called Momo language.]
There's Momo language.
- That's something only I can do.
- Momo is becoming more shameless as we speak.
- How about Sana? - I wrote Nayeon unni.
- Nayeon.
- Nayeon? Why? - Why? Nayeon unni is very shameless even if she doesn't know something.
- That's very important in speaking a language.
- Right, shameless.
[Sana witnessed shameless Nayeon who pretends to be a language genius.]
So in Japan, we went to eat, and she just ordered in Korean.
[Ordered successfully?.]
Then did you get the food you ordered? [Obvious result.]
[Shameless genius.]
No, I eat what I want to eat somehow.
And Mina? - Momo-ring.
- Momo-ring? - Why? - Mina-ri.
[An unusual beginning.]
In many occasions, Momo can't think of a word [Twist.]
but she lives without any discomfort.
[Is it a compliment?.]
Can't tell if it's a compliment or not.
[Momo has no difficulties with just a circle.]
She does well with saying you know what it is.
She does well with saying you know what it is.
So funny.
- Jihyo? - Why is it me? - Momo.
- Momo-ring.
- I also wrote Momo.
- I wrote Sana unni.
- Sana.
- And Jihyo? - I also wrote Sana.
- Sana.
Tzuyu? [Voter who wrote Sana changed her mind.]
- Wait.
- Why? - I'm going to change it.
[Voter! Trust in me!.]
- Why? - Why are you changing! - Isn't Sana unni proficient? - She is, but [Revoting regardless.]
Hold on.
[Nayeon also votes again.]
- Dahyun got a feeling.
- I changed it.
- Nayeon! - Me! - I vote me.
[Hello, guests.]
I'm asking you to write a language genius.
[Like "let's do peekaboo".]
Previously, [Still suspicious because they were tricked once.]
we were tricked once [1 point if they get it right, current status of anticipated 1st place.]
[Very curious.]
Let's see what the verification item is.
Show it to us.
- It's Mogeurami language speed quiz.
- Mogeurami language? [These network people.]
I knew it! [Excited since it feels like she's acknowledged as a genius.]
[Momo uses circles to explain thing whenever she's at a loss of words.]
The shoe thing [Source: V LIVE Twice.]
Right? Like that.
[Circle + you know what it is = Momo language.]
Like the thing they sell in subways.
- The thing on the floor.
- Thing on the floor? - No, this.
- What is this? [Mogeurami language speed quiz.]
We will give you a word.
[Momo will explain in Mogeurami language.]
Momo will explain [The one who gets the most right is the language genius.]
using her hands.
If the members can't get any correct, - The person who wrote Momo - 1 point.
[Me, fighting.]
[Voted for herself.]
[Voted for Tzuyu.]
- Tzuyu, fighting.
- Sana, try hard.
[Voted for Nayeon, the real language genius Kim Sana regretting.]
I should have written me.
[Explain only using circle + you know what it is.]
You have to explain using only you know what it is.
How can we know what she's saying? [Start.]
Ready, start.
[Jokbal (pig's feet) mania, oh my love.]
- You know what it is, right? [Seeing her smile.]
- Peach? [Throwing any words.]
- Apple.
- Jokbal.
- Beef.
Nayeon, correct! [Why?.]
- How can we know? - How is this possible? [Tzuyu heard afterward in the midst of things.]
- Next.
- What did she say? - Jokbal.
[Jjimdak (braised spicy chicken).]
[People who are suspicious of how it's different from before.]
- You know, right? - Idol Room.
- Twice.
[Jokbal, jjimdak.]
[Mogeurami language is science, it's completely different if you look closely.]
[Parade of any word they can think of.]
- Idol Room.
- Twice.
[Moving farther away from the answer.]
- Twice.
- Once.
[Hint, goes in the stomach = food.]
- Shooting set.
- Stomach.
[You don't know what it is?.]
- Momo! - Meat, beef.
[All sorts of food ingredients are named.]
- Pork.
- Momo.
- Black pig.
- It's food.
- It's food for eating.
- Pig.
[Momo is.]
[This is the answer.]
Samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng)! - Meat.
- It's something we all like, you know it, right? [Answer.]
- Jjimdak.
- Gopchang.
- Jjjimdak, correct.
Jjimdak! [Having fun although she's got it wrong.]
[Jajangmyeon (black-bean-sauce noodle).]
Something we enjoy these days, you know? - Ganjang-gejang.
- Gopchang? [Inhaling.]
Chicken? [Parade of wrong answers.]
- Naengmyeon? - Jajangmyeon? - Correct.
[I'm a genius.]
[It's me! An obvious hint.]
Momo, peach! [Brain network between peaches, correct.]
- Peach.
- correct, wow.
[Big hint.]
You know, right Chaeyoung? [Chaeyoung, strawberry princess.]
You know, right Chaeyoung? [Fishing for right answer.]
- Strawberry.
- Correct.
[World of Mogeurami language you can't believe even when you see it.]
This is crazy, how do you [Notice.
Viewers, try to guess.]
- How do you know everything? - This is hard.
You know what it is, right? It's so good.
[They don't know.]
[All of Momo's favorites are revealed.]
- Jelly.
- Drama.
- Teddy bear.
- I like it a lot.
- Barbie doll.
- You know what this is, right? [Active Mogeurami.]
- Fur coat.
- This.
- Jelly! - I really love this.
- Snacks.
[That shape is.]
Avocado? [the crucial hint.]
Opposite of what Mina likes.
- Natto.
- Mayonnaise.
[The loudest voice of Sana since starting the recording.]
[Oh my.]
[Student failing Mogeurami language with 0 point.]
I don't know.
[Has no thoughts in particular.]
- You know, right? -Samgyeopsal.
- Correct.
[No way.]
Correct! [Discouraged after hearing the answer.]
[Dazed even after the correct answer.]
[Jokbal, jjimdak, jajangmyeon strawberry, mayonnaise, samgyeopsal.]
[Mysterious Mogeurami language that all looks different once you know it.]
[Impressive friendships the members have after their 3rd year.]
- You got this correct - How did know? That's amazing, the samgyeopsal.
A true soulmate.
[I'm a genius, it's because I used Mogeurami language.]
This is really soulmate stuff.
There a few one that gave me goosebumps.
[Very curious.]
How is this mayonnaise? [Smart answer, Mayonnaise is mayonnaise.]
- This is mayonnaise.
- Everyone's correct.
[3 correct answers for Mogeurami language.]
For now, Nayeon is in 1st place.
[Language genius Nayeon who got the most correct.]
So [Sana and Nayeon who predicted Nayeon as 1st place.]
Sana and Nayeon [Currently in first place for "Tw-jal-al".]
take 1 point each.
[Request for Twice.]
- Congratulations.
- Don't think too hard, [Please just answer the question as is.]
and write what you rally think.
- Right.
- I don't think we can do it.
- I really thing I can't do it.
- Next question.
- Please give us the next question.
- Twice's best food fighter! - Which food fighter? Which food fighter? Literally, who eats a lot of food.
- A lot? - Yeah.
- So everyone.
- The food is - There's no food.
- I'm not asking you to make a guess.
- No food.
- Maybe we have to eat things as if they are really delicious.
Members here.
- Talk about the members.
- In your daily lives.
- How much you can put it in your mouth.
- I think that is the one.
- Stuffing it in your mouth.
- Like candies.
- Everyone.
- Stuffing it in your mouth.
No way.
We've got it right.
Silence! Put a lot of them in the mouth and say something? Guys no.
I think we have to pretend like we are filming an ad.
No, you guys are wrong.
Wrong!!! - You are not the staff.
- Then being cute? Look at that first.
Who likes to eat a lot of food? [Answers based on their guess.]
- I'm done.
- Momo first.
- Who did you wrote? - Why Jeongyeon? Why? She eats well and has a big mouth.
That why.
Who did you wrote Sana? - Jeongyeon? - She's the one.
- Why? - Jeongyeon can eat a big huge bite.
So you too guessed that the food fighter should eat a lot.
Eating a lot.
That's why you chose Jeongyeon.
- How about Mina? - Jeongyeon.
She's the one.
Who did you wrote Tzuyu? I'm very innocent.
- Tzuyu.
- You eat a lot? I do.
- She eats leftovers.
- You eat them all? You like leftover foods? You are done? Okay, I'll take care of it.
She wasn't like that before.
- She doesn't have it at first.
- She doesn't? She waits.
She's not there when we start eating them.
- How about Chaeyoung? - Tzuyu.
Many guessed Tzuyu.
I'm for Tzuyu too.
What's your guess.
I have some in my mind.
How about Jihyo? You want to be part of the game right? You said yourself? If you want to be part of it.
- You want to? - I can eat it if I take part in the game.
- Dahyun? - Me.
I'll eat it.
Why? I had pizza already, I shouldn't have ate the pizza.
You don't even know what the game is.
[Endless guess.]
You are only thinking of the type of game.
- So what's the game? - Lemon is okay.
Lemon is okay.
Show us.
- Oh~ Jelly jelly! - Jelly? Can you sing "JELLY JELLY"? [Jelly Jelly.]
[A cute song for lovers who feel jealous.]
[So cute.]
[Cute, OH MY BOY.]
Who likes jelly most? Momo and Nayeon? - Chaeyoung too.
- She likes it? Jihyo said Twice can win the quick eating challenge.
- I'm confident.
- I can do it.
Who eat jellies first.
- Yay! - Eating quickly.
3 people in a group.
You can't use your hands.
Without touching it? - Can I just taste it? - Why is this so long? You'll have it soon.
I want to know the taste.
It's been cut.
[Having it right away.]
[Looks delicious.]
Ready, set go! Hands off! Hands off! Who will be the fastest one? - Hands off.
- The fastest one.
Hands off.
Jihyo is really fast.
Who eats it first.
- Jihyo is really fast.
- Dahyun too.
Look at Jihyo.
She's amazing.
[Jelly hunter in this area.]
[Happy because she's eating jelly.]
[Jeongyeon, let us see your face.]
We only pick the winner.
Only the winner.
[But she's unbeatable.]
[The winner is Jihyo.]
Jihyo! Jihyo's record is, Why are you so fast? 14 seconds 56.
14 seconds 56? Wow amazing.
Next three! Ready set go.
Who's the fastest one? Who will be the fastest one? Who will be the fastest one? Who will be the fastest one? Who will be the fastest one? Tzuyu is slow.
She's just enjoying it.
She's just being here together.
It doesn't go up.
It melts, making it more difficult.
Hands off.
It's hard to eat it.
Nayeon and Chaeyoung.
Nayeon is speeding up.
Look at her speed.
[Like a rabbit eating grass.]
[Like a baby lion.]
[Tzuyu still the same.]
[So interested.]
Jihyo was the best.
Why were you so fast? - It doesn't go up.
- You were really fast.
- You were.
- Almost there.
[The game is over.]
Stop! Nayeon! 28 seconds and 19.
Jihyo was really fast.
Jihyo was the best.
It'll be your talent.
Who's next? [Enjoying jelly.]
Ready set go! [Nom nom nom nom.]
[Unexpectedly fast.]
Momo is good at it.
Sana too.
Momo and Sana.
- It's past 4 seconds.
- Sana is good at it.
[Emerging Jelly Hunter.]
[Color matching jelly.]
Sana is fast.
It's past 8 seconds.
Momo is leading the game.
Momo is very fast.
Momo is very fast.
[Look at her.]
She's using skills.
Swallow it all at once.
Swallow it all at once.
- Wow.
- Sana is almost there.
Don't give up.
Sana you are almost there.
- Don't give up.
- Sana.
- Don't give up.
- Stop! Sana's record is.
[So curious.]
28 seconds 94.
Jihyo's big win! - You are a winner! - Congratulations.
- I believed myself! - Who wrote Jihyo? - I did! - Only Jihyo? One point for Jihyo! Congratulations.
[Delicious and satisfied.]
The First We Know Twice Well Competition.
Who has the strongest fist? The strongest fist? Anyone who's powerful.
Do we have scores? - No Nayeon.
- Good guess.
I can't see the machine.
- We don't have one.
- Yeah.
Sana, your nickname was Osaka's honey punch? - Be honest.
- Really.
Fans made the nickname.
I don't know why.
Have you played a punch game before? Because you always have you fist up.
She does it often.
When one of the members make jokes.
I did this.
[Source: V LIVE Twice.]
Like this.
[She never uses it.]
- I get it.
- Like a punch.
Then who will be the strongest fist of Twice? I chose one.
I did.
- Hey - Don't write your own name.
What will be the game? - Jihyo first.
- Jihyo? You wrote your name.
I'm so into weight training these days.
- You exercise regularly.
- Okay.
- How about Jeongyeon? - Nayeon.
- Nayeon is powerful? - Yeah.
She has huge hands.
- How about Chaeyoung? - Me.
- Me.
- Huh? Are you filling out the application form? Did you? You don't know the prize but you want it.
Who's the strongest fist? Here, the princess! I have a lot of muscle.
I have a lot of muscle.
She's not strong.
Tzuyu too.
- How about Nayeon? - I chose - How about Mina? - Mina.
Momo? Momo.
Okay, now we will reveal how you should prove that you are powerful.
Show us! - Knock the tap ball.
- Tap ball? Tap ball? This is one used by Boxers when they practice.
- Stand up first.
- You do like this.
[Not a good example.]
Oh no.
So do it as many as you can for 30 seconds.
It seems hard.
I look ugly.
Cheongdam dong Red Fire.
Ready set go! [Stable.]
- She's so good at it.
- Like Jegichagi.
Why are you moving forward? Like Jegichagi? Why are you moving forward? [The yellow ball makes Jihyo move forward.]
Isn't she dancing? Why are you moving forward? She's like dancing.
She's like a cat.
[Cat punch.]
- I'll be doing it like her too.
- Stop.
- Next.
- Jihyo.
- How many? - Really? - How many? - Huh? She's the best today.
She's one top now.
Cheongdam dong Tofu.
Cheongdam dong Tofu.
Cheongdam dong Tofu.
- Let's go.
- I can't see it well.
It's going down.
- Wait.
- That way? Okay, ready.
It's a unique technique.
Let's go.
- Cheongdam dong Tofu.
- Get ready.
[This is not a sound from her mouth.]
Why are you moving forward? Bye bye.
[Dahyun moves away.]
Is she hitting it? - She isn't.
- No no.
- She's not hitting it.
- Not like that.
We should hit it.
Cheongdam dong Tofu.
Not like that.
Cheongdam dong Tofu.
You are out! - This is too harsh.
- Why? - Too harsh.
- I hit it.
- No way.
- With my fist.
You don't bring them together.
Cheongdam dong Tofu.
Too harsh.
Ready set go.
Why are you moving forward? Why? It's like a circus.
It looks dumb on the back.
[Doing her best.]
Stop! Ready set go! She's calm.
She has a rhythm.
She does have one.
Looking at her back, it's like a master living in the mountain.
- Stop.
- How many? [Chaeyoung 69.]
- 69.
- 69.
[Looks like a professional player.]
- She is like a model.
- Kick boxer.
- She looks great.
- Sawadikap.
[The 5th player, Jeongyeon.]
Go! [Concentrating.]
- Way to go! - Stop.
[Jihyo is winning, Jeongyeon 64.]
[6th player Tzuyu.]
[7th Mina.]
[8th Sana.]
Ready, go! [I'm the honey fist from Osaka!.]
She's really bad at sports.
What's wrong? [It's not easy to do.]
- A lot harder than I thought.
- Right? I guess they thought it was easy.
We will play the background music.
When girls with long hair does [Oh!.]
[Relaxed to stop the ball.]
[Don't forget, time is ticking.]
You don't have much time.
Hurry up! Almost there! Stop.
[Tzuyu 57, Mina 64, Sana 57.]
[Jihyo is winning.]
- Finally.
- Samurai from Cheongdam-dong.
Momo, please win.
[I will win.]
If it's to show just power, Momo is a strong candidate.
Fast, fast.
She's so fast.
[Too fast to see her fists.]
She's really great.
- Here we go.
- Ready, go! [Laughing out loud after she starts.]
- What? - What's that? Go.
[Slow fists.]
- What's that? - What? Just like Momo.
[Variety show goddess Moguri.]
Just like Momo.
Let's count that.
She hit it with her head.
[Laughing out so loud.]
In her own world [She starts enjoying it.]
Momo Land.
She's excited.
In Momo Land.
[Ending with a comedy routine.]
She's excited.
[Variety show's heroine Momo.]
Momo Land is excited.
[Momo is so lovely.]
- Let's count.
- Momo Land.
Momo Land is so cute.
So funny.
It's so much fun! [Let's check the record.]
- Momo Land, it was so much fun.
- Hilarious.
[Momo 48.]
- How many? - Momo Land, 48! Finally, it turned out that Jihyo has the strongest fists! Congratulations! Jihyo was amazing.
[Those who voted for Jihyo.]
Who wrote her name? [Only one, Jihyo.]
- Indeed.
- Jihyo! Finally, Jihyo is the winner! [Winner of competition, God-Jihyo.]
- Congratulations.
- Any prize? - The participants - Prize.
[Time to disclose the prize.]
- You were so curious, right? - Yes.
[Taking time.]
- For Jihyo.
- What's that? On the day when TWICE is back, to your fans, we will send a coffee truck under your name.
[Prize: Sending a coffee truck to ONCE under Jihyo's name.]
- Under Jihyo's name.
- For Jihyo only.
[So happy.]
- That's so nice.
- It's a gift from Jihyo to ONCE.
[I love it.]
- Amazing.
- That's the best.
- This is amazing.
- No other names, Jeongyeon or Dahyun.
[Only God-Jihyo.]
- Only flower Jihyo.
Our Jihyo.
I love Jihyo.
- Good.
[Announcement: Coffee truck will come to you!.]
To ONCE! Under Jihyo's name! We will send a coffee truck! With TWICE, we had a great time.
[60 minutes have passed so quickly.]
It was so much fun.
Today's pick-dol was Sana.
[Any worry before releasing the personal cam?.]
Any worries before seeing it? - Worries? - Yes.
It's not like worries but I forgot my solo cam is filming me.
[Asking back?.]
I'm afraid how I would look.
Right? [(To whom are you asking?).]
Are you asking us? - Should I answer? - I guess so.
As I was saying, I understood.
- I'm worried.
- But to eyes of fans, you will look cute and lovely.
- Sure.
[ONCE, please enjoy that.]
- I believe ONCE will like it.
- Sure.
- Jihyo.
- Yes.
[Comments for the show.]
How did you feel about being on "IDOL ROOM?" [Comeback after 4 month.]
We visited "IDOL ROOM" with "YES or YES" after 4 months' break.
We've been on "IDOL ROOM" twice.
[Best out of the two.]
It was the best among the two times.
[TWICE always lives in our hearts.]
Why does it feel like you appeared more? I feel like so.
It feels like you appeared more often.
[See you more often.]
It was so much fun.
Please give a lot of support to TWICE, "IDOL ROOM" and "YES or YES!" [TWICE is always right, "YES or YES".]
"IDOL ROOM" will keep supporting you till the end.
"IDOL ROOM" with the best credibility among idol band shows! Thank you! Thank you!