Idol Room (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Wanna One

JTBC Idol Room Episode 1 - Wanna One [Historical beginning of IDOL ROOM.]
Wow, it's long.
[Unlike them, they're calm Never!.]
Hello, everyone! IDOL ROOM! IDOL ROOM! Until the next week, [Even they don't like the signature pose.]
we'd come up with a new pose.
[JTBC's first show for idol bands.]
JTBC presents its first show designated for idol bands, "IDOL ROOM".
It's now being launched.
JTBC is famous for its reliable news program News Room.
IDOL ROOM will be the most trustworthy idol band program! That's true.
[Let's do a great job!.]
So we chose the name "IDOL ROOM".
- We'll appreciate your support.
- Right.
[Did they change their names for this new show?.]
I have a new name.
- Donhee.
- Why did you add "Hee?" JTBC is famous for [JTBC's best anchor Son Seok-hee.]
President Sohn.
We'd like to follow Mr.
Sohn's spirit.
[Trying to correct immediately.]
- No, no.
- What does it mean? It's not related to that.
[It means joy.]
- It means joy.
- Does it? - Hee means joy? - Yes.
- So, we're Donhee.
- And Conhee.
This is the first episode of "IDOL ROOM".
[High-quality studio.]
I feel a bit awkward.
- The studio is quite big.
- Right.
You will be surprised.
LED screen, which means a lot of production cost, [Wide LED screen.]
is behind us.
[After showing off things.]
Who's the first guest [They start introducing their first guest.]
for IDOL ROOM? I am so happy to have these guests.
[Sorry for watching these two only.]
Thanks for waiting.
Let me introduce our first guest.
[Big welcome, dear WANNA ONE.]
Wanna One! [LED welcomes too.]
Wow, they're so nice.
[This is nothing special.]
LED! LED! [Nice MCs who show reactions to LED.]
- LED! - Awesome! [They brought a special gift.]
- Thank you! - Fantastic! [Ta-da.]
- You don't have to - We grew it up.
- We grew it.
- We've grown this tree since last year.
Go to a drug store for medicines.
[Witty congratulatory comment.]
Go to Donhee, Conhee for idol bands.
["IDOL ROOM, infinite trust, Wanna One.]
" [Good.]
Wanna One endorsed our show.
We grew up this tree.
[Same lip services.]
We grew this plant for today.
- Did you do that? - Yes, for today.
- Secretly at the dorm.
- Really? - Yes.
- Is this Wanna One's? - Yes.
- Yes.
[Lip services from innocent faces.]
- Really? - Yes.
[Raise your hand.]
Who is the most naive one? [He raised his hand confidently.]
- Me.
- Sure? - Yes.
- Did you grow it up at the dorm? - Yes, next to my room.
[Why do you give it to us?.]
Are you giving this precious thing to us? We're going to take it back.
Will you? [Dropping laugh bombs.]
To look great on TV.
[Surprised by Wanna One's joke.]
It's to make us look great.
[Removable ribbon, too.]
It's detachable.
You can take this with you.
Oh, right.
Oh, right.
[Only this ribbon is ours.]
Did you just put it on the plant? [Kuanlin is excited to tease MCs.]
I'm going to sign on the back.
[Donhee and Conhee are.]
You can use this repeatedly.
[teased by Wanna One.]
- Yes.
- We can take it back.
- We'll take it back to the dorm.
- It's an important item.
Well, please say hi to fans.
[Leader mode.]
Let's say hi.
2, 3! All I wanna do, Wanna One! Hello, we're Wanna One! [Hi, nice to see you.]
Thank you for coming here! [Upbeat mood in the beginning.]
This is IDOL ROOM! [Conhee asks them to strike a pose.]
Shall we do this together? IDOL ROOM! - I have a good idea.
- What's that? [Giving a good idea.]
I thought about it in the waiting room.
[Fact bombing.]
This is not impressive.
In fact [Hey This is my idea.]
- Daniel made one.
- It's like a room.
[Kang Daniel's signature pose for IDOL ROOM.]
To feel like we're at home, - please say IDOL ROOM.
- Let's try.
IDOL ROOM! IDOL ROOM! [Production team's evaluation: Great! Perfect! Five stars! [Nitpicking.]
I like it but - But - I have back pain, so [Honest idol band.]
This feels like downloading.
[Criticism against the signature pose.]
They're different.
How do you to download? [It looks similar.]
- Jihoon.
- Download to my heart! - Look.
You put your right hand over the left hand.
[Too lame.]
Our pose is different.
We do it together.
It's totally different.
[Holding on to their belief.]
I think it's better.
[Adopting Daniel's pose.]
Let's use that one.
- Thank you.
- Because they're our special guest.
- Shall we say together? - Okay.
[Aiming to be the no.
1 credible show.]
We're going to work hard to make the most trustworthy show.
This is IDOL ROOM! [Yay.]
IDOL ROOM! [My idea.]
IDOL ROOM! [Satisfied.]
- It's fun.
- Good.
- Good? - I think it's nice.
- It's better as we do it together.
- I think it's nice.
Is it okay when we do it together? As we do it together, I am not embarrassed.
- Not embarrassed? - I think it's nice.
- Not embarrassed? - Good.
[I saw you.]
Jisung, do it alone.
1, 2, 3! [You said you're not embarrassed.]
IDOL ROOM! - Don't feel embarrassed.
- Don't.
- Are you not an idol band member? - I used to live at a small house.
- 1, 2, 3! - IDOL ROOM! - There you are! - Okay.
[Jisung did it confidently.]
Time to move to a big house.
I used to live at small ones.
[Let's get started.]
This is the first section of IDOL ROOM.
[We're nervous too.]
- This is our first time.
- Excited.
[The 1st segment of the 1st episode.]
It's our 1st episode, the 1st segment.
[Probably, the 1st try for a variety show.]
It's our first try.
- It depends on your hand - Excited.
- We should do a good job.
Whether we can see this next week or not.
- Can we be the first and last guest? - Sure.
[What's all this about?.]
Our first segment.
Up-close and personal camera on today's pick-dol! [Not in perfect harmony.]
- Did we decide to do this? - No.
- Surprised.
- I wanted to show something.
- Let's do it together.
[Troubles about poses.]
- This is a lens.
- It's nice.
- I saw this from another show.
- Then, use the opposite hand.
- Is it the right hand? - What about this? - Let's do this.
Like this? [Another idea donation.]
- This.
- Up close and personal! Okay.
Today's first segment [Please understand that It's their first time.]
Pick-dol, idol, camera What? [Giggling.]
Pick-dol, idol, up-close and personal camera.
Right? - Okay.
- Today's pick-dol! Up-close and personal! [We're watching you.]
Up-close and personal! Let me introduce.
[A camera follows only one member.]
A camera will follow only one member.
- Throughout the show? - Yes, till the end! [Tempting.]
- Close-up shot.
- Really? - Only for that member! It's going to be like your own fan-cam.
[This is a revolution, for the first time ever!.]
We're the first show to do this.
[Idol band member's fan-cam.]
- On a variety show.
- For the first time.
[I want to have it.]
You're going to be the hero of this show.
Best of the best! [Unexpected worry.]
- I would not be able to pick my nose.
- Right.
- Right.
[Suddenly, their noses are itchy.]
My nose starts itching.
- I think you can pick your nose.
- I guess so.
[His own solution.]
You can do it while turning around.
[Time to pick one.]
We need to decide a pick-dol.
- Only one can do that? - Only one.
[Who will it be?.]
It's for only one.
- Today's lucky buy.
- Sad.
- Right.
There's something.
[Way to pick the lucky one.]
- Please give it to us.
- Panel.
- Wow.
- Awesome! - What? - What's this? [High-tech system, a wheel to spin.]
- We can add names on this.
- Right.
If you lie down around this wheel, - we're going to spin this wheel.
- Really? [The one pointed by the camera.]
It will decide who will be the pick-dol.
[If the cam points two, the one who gets more portion will be picked.]
Please pose like a flower.
[Pose like a flower.]
- I see.
- Go and lie down around the wheel.
- I see.
- To decide the pick-dol of today.
For the first segment, for the first episode! [Kuanlin! Ji Sung! Don't do that!.]
Guanlin, please don't lie down.
Its not lying down on your back.
[Please lie down on your stomach.]
Because 11 members are too many.
- Please lie down on your stomach.
- 11 members, that's many.
- It was confusing.
[Gathering up.]
[Do it like me.]
This cam will show someone it picks.
[Camera guide service for Wanna One.]
There's a cam above your head.
- There it is.
- There! [Ta-da.]
You can see the one, right? [We prepared this for you Actually, many.]
It's like a music show.
How many cams do we have now? [First time ever, up-close and personal camera service for one.]
[Who will be the pick-dol selected by the cam god?.]
[Who will be the one?.]
[Before the selection.]
Members are spinning the wheel, as a practice.
[Wanna One's preview.]
- Simulation.
- This is not important.
[Jae Hwan is picked.]
- Jae Hwan.
- Me? - It picked Jaehwan.
- It's you, Jae Hwan.
- I am the one.
As you're lying down like this, [Where can I buy this clock?.]
it looks like a clock.
The one and only, Wanna One clock.
[Math genius Daniel.]
We need one more.
Will you join? [Smiling.]
[Lying down.]
[The clock is complete!.]
No spot for 13 o'clock? [Please don't.]
[Shock to eyes.]
- You think it's dirty? - No! I was surprised.
- Defcon, please do.
- I'll spin the wheel.
[What a nice screen.]
Let's see who will be the pick-dol.
Ready, go! Ready, go! [Spinnning.]
It's moving! [It passes through so many handsome guys.]
- It's fast.
- I've done this a lot.
It's still spinning.
We don't know who it will choose.
[It's me, today's pick-dol.]
Nobody knows.
- If it points two, we will analyze the portions of screen.
- It's Ji Hoon.
Nobody knows.
[Camera is moving slower.]
If it points two, we'll decide by the portion.
[Ji Hoon?.]
It's Ji Hoon.
Ji Hoon! [Who will it be?.]
- All day.
- Me, me, me, me! [Who will the camera god choose?.]
- We'll analyze the portion of screen.
- It's Ji Hoon.
[Who is today's pick-dol?.]
- It's going to move all day! - Me! Me! Me! [Sung Woon is picked!.]
[Congrats, today's pick-dol!.]
[Kiss from jelly-like lips, as a ceremony!.]
- Hang on.
- Hang on.
Are you sure? - It's Sung Woon.
- SungWoon.
[So happy.]
The one who will enjoy up-close and personal shot [The first pick-dol: Ha Sungwoon.]
is Ha Sung Woon.
- Camera director, please wave to him.
- Congratulations.
That's a camera only for him.
[It will follow Sung Woon.]
Whatever you do, the cam will follow you.
[Sung Woon's cute action.]
- It will keep following you.
- Great.
You will have close-up shots only.
[Today's screen time king: Ha Sung Woon.]
Today, regardless of what he does, Sung Woon will always be on the screen.
Good for you! [Generous screen time king.]
If you want to be seen, come to me.
- Good for him! - I envy him.
[Great day for Wannable.]
Sung Woon, you need to be here for the camera.
[Wannable will have a lot of cute video clips.]
[A cute sparrow will be there, too.]
[Sung Woon, I'll look at you only.]
[- From obssesive camera -.]
Today's pick-dol is Ha Sung Woon.
- Woo Jin.
- Yes.
[Woo Jin is unusually quiet.]
- You're so quiet today.
- Me? - Yes.
I'm saving words.
- Are you saving words? - When will you say? [You can't use it if you save.]
We have only 2 segments.
- Really? - Yes.
[Time is gold.]
It's coming to the middle of our show.
- It's coming to an end.
- Yes.
[Igniting his engine.]
I think I should start talking.
[Jinyoung is still quiet.]
Woo Jin and Jin Young didn't say anything.
Jin Young, why are you so quiet? [Idol bands' dad who take care of Jin Young.]
- He doesn't speak much.
- I don't like to talk.
[Unexpected worry.]
If you open your mouth after a long silence, your breath would smell bad.
[Big reactions to a small joke.]
Awesome! Jinyoung.
[Jin Young, we do care about you.]
Say ah and go.
You need to say ah even when you don't speak.
[Laughing and enjoying together, they all warmed up.]
Let's drink some water.
- Ji Sung, you seem to agree with what I say.
- Yes.
Pardon? No.
[Since they've warmed up, it's time to dance.]
It's a long-waited dance time.
It's a so-called "357 Dance".
[As Donhee named it, "357 Dance".]
Let me explain what "357 Dance" is.
- You all know the game? [Quick reactions.]
- Yes.
I didn't say what game it is.
How do you all know? - "You all know the game?" - "Yes".
[Just feeling.]
I only said, "You all know the game?" I only said "the game".
[The youngest became nonchalant, and his Korean improved.]
- Your Korean improved a lot.
- Yes.
You all know what I'm going to say when you hear the first part of the sentence.
- I get to know about it when I do it.
- Of course.
[Exaggerating before they start.]
"357 Dance" is very difficult.
[When the song is on, Donhee will call out the number of people that will be on stage.]
I will call [and it's only a success when the exact number of members come out.]
"three" for example when your music is on.
Then three should come out and dance.
[The point is to be tactful.]
- You shouldn't discuss.
- It's a timing game.
- No discussions.
- How do we do this? - Is it over when there are four people on stage? - It's fail then.
[It's a fail when there are different number of members.]
That's why we do it till you succeed.
- Until everyone succeeds.
- What? [The dance is completed by an instant judgment.]
- Can we say, "You?" - No.
- How about, "I'm going out".
- No.
- It should be based on your instinct.
- Teamwork.
- This is very difficult.
- How about this? [Of course not.]
- How about we go and then withdraw? - Then you're out.
- Really? - This is very difficult.
- You should just go right away.
- This is a timing game.
You have a fantastic teamwork.
[You know.]
- It's a very ambitious program.
[Thank you Daniel.]
- Thank you for that.
- Please say that a lot.
- It's a very good idea.
[This is the survival tactic of the person who had social life for 2 years.]
- Thanks.
- I'm curious how you can think of these things.
[The idea comes from salary.]
We can come up with these ideas because we're being paid.
[Thumbs up for you.]
[Challenge, Energetic.]
We're going to dance to "Energetic".
- That difficult song - It's the first program.
[Quick reaction again.]
- Let's succeed at once.
- OK.
I will buy you something big.
[MC Donhee will buy.]
- What kind of things? - What do you want? - Anything? - Dae Hwi, what do you want? [Wannabe Korean beef.]
- Beef please.
[Live Korean beef?.]
- Beef? Cow? - Cow? - Yes.
- One big cow? - Beef.
- Beef.
- We ate 3.
5 million won worth of beef last time.
[I can spend more than that.]
Beef it is.
[Quick-witted Dae Hwi.]
I think he knows that we can't get it at once.
- It's because it's our first episode.
- We will buy.
- Yes.
[Woo Jin, Min Hyun and Jae Hwan are talking.]
- Beef.
- Can we succeed after one trial? [Talking to each other.]
Of course.
[What they were talking about.]
[Let's number ourselves and go out accordingly.]
[Hey, warning.]
Don't plan strategy.
All right.
[Very thoughtful.]
- Let me be generous.
- What? - Discuss for a minute.
You may fix the order.
- OK.
- Get together.
[They are making strategy led by Woo Jin, Min Hyun, and Jae Hwan.]
- Wow.
- It's a success for sure.
[I don't think so.]
Can we talk about this loudly? [Full of desire.]
All right.
Beef for dinner tonight.
[Very confident.]
- We can't miss this chance.
- I think we will be able to do this.
- OK.
- We can definitely do this.
- Definitely.
[Why are they both very confident?.]
- We can't lose.
- "Can't lose".
Now it's a contest of pride.
"Can't lose".
[King swag already.]
- We're too smart.
- Yes, it's too easy.
[We're ready.]
- Just enjoy dancing and three of you should go out when we say three.
- OK.
Here we go.
Give us some music.
[In the beginning.]
[As planned, it's Woo Jin, Min Hyun, Jae Hwan.]
[Energetic #Wanna One.]
[Wrong direction.]
[Oh my.]
- I want to be his chair.
- It's this dance, right? [Transparent chair.
Min Hyun is getting training.]
- Did Min Hyun play the piano? - Yes.
- Yes.
[Unexpected physical test, and Min Hyun is OK although he's in the same posture for a long time.]
[Min Hyun.]
That must be difficult.
[Wanna One three members' Energetic that you can't see elsewhere.]
[Restless because they can't tell when Donhee would call them.]
[Although it's nothing, there's a intense war of nerves between Wanna One vs.
[It's about time to call them again.]
[Failed already?.]
[It's supposed to be seven, but we have eight?.]
[Tracking down the culprit.]
Eight! Come here.
["357 Dance" on-the-spot inspection.]
[Eight is on stage.]
we have eight! [Dae Hwi didn't follow the strategy.]
- Lee Dae Hwi! - How could you get this wrong? [Voluntarily revealed himself.]
- I was going to give you a chance.
- One more chance please! [No way.]
I was going to be generous.
[Listen to me.]
- If you didn't do it on purpose - I didn't do it on purpose.
Let me explain.
You didn't explain the rule clearly.
[Peacekeeping forces on the way.]
[This guy who wants beef supports Dae Hwi.]
I like that.
[Angry pigs.]
How can I be any clearer? What are your ears for? We explained it all.
[That's a lame excuse.]
- I didn't know that we're doing it in a row.
- Good.
Go on.
[De facto power pushes him to continue.]
- Just once please.
- Then Why did you bluff that you will succeed even before doing it? [According to Wanna One, it would've succeeded if it weren't for Dae Hwi.]
We would've succeeded.
I'm very sorry.
[Super simple, numbers were given in the order they were standing.]
- In this order.
- 1 to 11.
[Wanna One has pure heart.]
- Yes.
- It's so simple.
We knew that.
[We know your strategy.
Let's mix the order.]
Shall we mix the order.
Shall we? [That's confusing.]
Let's mix everyone up.
[Everyone timidly refuse, but it's of no use.]
- It will be difficult.
- Lai Kuan Lin, stand here.
You should be at the center.
[Sung Woon, come here.]
- Min Hyun, you should also be at the center.
- Sung Woon, you should be here for the camera.
Yes, in front of the camera.
That's it.
[Checking the number.]
- Memorize your number quickly.
- OK.
- Let's go.
Give us some music.
[He feels insecure again.]
- Am I number 10? You're No.
[Same strategy, four at the front goes on stage.]
Let's go.
[Energetic #Wanna One.]
- Let's succeed.
- We should.
- Way to go! [He doesn't mean it at all.]
- I wish they succeed! - I know.
We're buying them beef.
- Yes.
[These three look at Donhee.]
Let them succeed.
For sure.
[Four members are doing well.]
For sure.
[Four members are doing well.]
[Reading countenance.]
[Wanna One vs.
MCs are watching each other.]
[Let's focus on the dance.]
- You have to take care of the dance, you know that, right? - Yes.
[Four members are dancing hard.]
Fans are watching you.
Ten! [Right away!.]
[Is it fail again?.]
It should be ten! [On-the-spot inspection REPLAY.]
[Eight again!.]
- Isn't it four? - Four.
[Ten vs.
Four, quarreling about the number.]
He said ten.
- I said ten for sure.
- Ten.
Why did you go out? [Wrong.]
- He's 11.
- It's right.
- I heard that he said four.
- Me too.
Inaccurate pronunciation.
[Amazing Dae Hwi.]
Your pronunciation is not accurate.
[Dae Hwi.]
It's your fault that you didn't hear well.
[This parent has come to deal with the teacher.]
- Teachers.
- I heard ten.
[MC Donhee informs.]
When Dae Hwi went on stage, Sung Woon said, "Why would you go out?" [Did you all get that?.]
Is it on camera? - Please don't edit it out.
- Well [The genre has changed to reporting the scene, camera on the way.]
[Sung Woon, who's not good with numbers.]
I thought that I was No.
[To Sung Woon who's not good with numbers.]
There are eleven Wanna One members.
I thought that I was twelve and said that he shouldn't go out.
[MC Donhee is very generous at this first episode.]
- Then - I will give you the third chance.
- 3, 5, 7 this time.
- Amazing.
[This excited member is still excited.]
- 3, 5, 7 this time.
- OK.
- As I said.
- The last chance.
- It's the last chance.
I will give you the hint for the fourth number.
[Shocking spoiler.]
- I will do 3, 4, 7, 10.
- That's everything.
- Thank you.
- 3, 5, 7, 10.
- Thank you.
- 3, 5 7, 10.
- OK.
[Eleven is ready.]
- To get it wrong.
- I know.
- Give us some music.
[The last chance, three as he said.]
- You should pronounce well.
It's scary.
- Three.
[No changes in the strategy, three goes in.]
He said three clearly.
[Everyone's on.]
We've done the piano part for third time.
[He's pretending to be kind.]
Coming up next is 5, 7, 10.
- Don't say anything else.
- All right.
[Everyone's suspicious.]
- Something's weird.
- He's giving us heads up.
- It makes sense.
[No matter what, the three members are doing Energetic.]
[Focused on Donhee.]
Enjoy, everyone.
[Forcing them to enjoy.]
[They try to enjoy against their will.]
- There's the last part.
- Enjoy.
Follow your feeling.
[Looking for the timing.]
[And they are enjoying without suspicion.]
This is my favorite part.
[Ambush, five.]
Five! [They collided to one another.]
I'm sorry.
[Seven on stage.]
- Seven.
- Seven! [Perfectly seven.]
[With more members, it's becoming better.]
- Awesome.
- My heart is trembling.
[Dae Hwi!.]
Ten! [Passionate No.
[This is the what you get from up-close camera even though you're not on stage.]
Good! [Good job, Wanna One!.]
[Let's eat Korean beef!.]
Awesome Wanna One.
[What's next? They're busy dancing and looking at Donhee.]
[He's lying.]
I want to buy beef.
It's almost there.
[MC, call No.
- We're there.
- He might subtract the number.
- Almost there Dae Hwi.
[Everyone's nervous since it's going smooth.]
- Something's not right.
- Subtract.
[Looking at him.
Something's wrong.]
What is it? Something's wrong.
[Dancing and feeling anxious at the same time.]
- Something's weird.
- You're doing a good job.
[Gut feeling.]
I'm good at memorizing numbers.
[War of nerves between Donhee vs.
Wanna One.]
He will subtract the number.
[Donhee attacks this time, subtraction!.]
Four! [Minus attack for the first time.]
1 was on his way out, but he recovered.]
[Surprised because they succeeded very easily.]
[They succeeded easily as Donhee calls out.]
- Nine.
- Nine! [No.
10 on the blacklist was about to move.]
[He went to the haven.]
Thank God.
I almost went out.
[Minus attack!.]
Two! [I'm doomed.]
Come out.
[Feeling anxious, Donhee.]
Eleven! [Yay, on my way.]
[The first performance by the entre Wanna One.]
[We're going to eat Korean beef.]
Now Dae Hwi is speechless.
[He's desperate and restless.]
Five! [So easy.]
Isn't it over after eleven? [Five made it on stage.]
No, it's over when the song is over.
[It's going to end.]
Really? [Watching Donhee incessantly.]
There's not much left.
Seven! [It's OK no matter what number he calls.]
Let's eat beef! [I'm sorry.
I was acting silly.]
[Get it wrong, Wanna One!.]
Ten! [He's picking on No.
11, who's doing OK.]
Why don't you go out? [Breaking news, Wanna One is in front of the Korean beef place.]
[The forecast of the MC who won't pay.]
They will eat beef.
[Here we go for eleven.]
Eleven! There's not much time left.
[The entire Wanna One finished beautifully.]
[He didn't know that the song finished.]
Oh my God.
[They won the Korean beef that Donhee will buy! Congratulations!.]
Success! [I'm on Wanna One's side because I won't spend my money.]
- Beef.
- Why is the song so short? [Get-together for sure tonight.]
Beef! - Wait a minute.
- You've succeeded.
- Is this the original song? - Yes.
- It is.
It is totally the real original song.]
Isn't it based on what you play on music program? [We won.]
- No.
- Why is it so short? - It means that this song was that lively.
[Very proud.]
You did it.
- Thank you.
- Since I made a promise, I will buy beef.
[Generous Donhee, Donhee will buy Korean beef! He will!.]
[Everyone, we're going to eat Korean beef.]
But this is not the end.
[Playing tricks.]
This time, let's make another deal on Korean beef.
[What is he saying?.]
- OK? - Following the "357 Dance," [Evil MC wants to avoid buying Korean beef with another dance.]
There's a Nano Dance.
[They are getting angry.]
You should succeed the Nano Dance mission as well.
Nano Dance? [Courageous Dae Hwi shows strong rejection.]
There was no such rule.
[Peacekeeping force on the way again.]
- Then please add something more.
- Rice and [Rice and bean paste stew.]
- Bean paste stew as well.
- You don't want rice? - You don't want rice? - Along with beef.
[No matter what, they will have Korean beef.]
We will eat beef for lunch and chicken, pizza, and pigs' feet for dinner.
That's not bad.
[Since they have Korean beef already, they agreed unexpectedly.]
- OK.
- If you succeed.
- You just have to succeed Nano Dance.
- OK.
Let's be successful.
[Select the killing part.]
Of your dance, there are killing parts.
[It's time to concentrate on each member's dance at nano level.]
Divide that in nano scale.
For example, if you did thigh sweeping dance alone, [Eleven people will dance in a relay.]
this time, eleven members will do it together.
[But when one person dances, the rest will stop.]
- In a row.
- Yes.
- The rest should be still.
- Shouldn't move at all.
- So I have to stay still like this? - Yes.
[Full of questions.]
- What if I were to be on air? [You should be on air.]
- You have to be on air.
- Floating on air.
- Yes.
[Very strict for no reason.]
- You should be on air.
- We can do that.
[Is that possible?.]
- Is that possible for anyone on earth? - Of course.
- Just pray that you don't get that part.
- OK.
- Let's see the killing part.
- OK.
[Which killing part will they be dancing in nano scale?.]
- This is the part.
- OK.
[BOOMERANG #Wanna One.]
[Ending part, sexy stroke dance.]
Where? The last part.
The last refrain.
[The main dancer knows right away.]
From "Hey" in the last refrain part.
[Difference in opinion.]
- You have to memorize what the person in front of you did.
- No, this.
[Teacher Ong teaches them 1:1.]
[Who's the smartest person?.]
I'm sorry, but who is the smartest member? [Calling teacher Ong.]
- You should tell them what to do.
- One by one.
Especially Dae Hwi.
Dance in group and then come to a stop.]
Everyone, do this.
- And then stop.
- And then stop.
And I go first.
First, Seong Woo dances the same part.]
I will stop after this.
[Everyone else has stopped.]
No one moves but Jin Young.
Seong Wu will stop, and Woo Jin will dance the same part.]
Woo Jin will dance and then stop.
We will continue the same till we reach Ji Sung.
And remember the order.
Keep dancing till the last person, Ji Sung.]
And when everyone's done, we dance together.
And then they should dance together.]
- That's it.
- Yes.
- You have to know how many times the song is being played.
- That would be twelve in total.
[The song will repeat by the number of members +1.]
That's right.
We should count the 11th time.
[Let's be in the formation of the killing part.]
Let's stand in the formation.
- Min Hyun, stand next to me.
- After each person, [The first dance section, Nano Dance.]
you will dance altogether.
Here we go.
- Way to go.
- Way to go! - Give us some music! [Killing part BOOMERANG #Wanna One.]
[A golden proportion of tough x sexy.]
[You should take a look at this dance by breaking it down at least 170807 times.]
[BOOMERANG stroke dance 1 by 1 START.]
[Ongvid Seong Wu, looking tough with the tip of his hands at an angle.]
[Park Woo Jin, evolved groove version of SBOML (Sexy Baby Oh My Lady).]
[Jin Young, sexy babe is born this way.]
[Hwang Zhuge Liang Min Hyun, high-quality stroke.]
Find your place.
[Lai Kuan Lin, famous for long limbs, cutie sexy.]
I can't see Kuan Lin because of you.
[Nebula Sung Woon, no longer a wannabe sexy guy, but the standard of sexy x tough.]
[Kim cotton candy Jae Hwan, the twist of dance king.]
[Wink king Ji Hoon, showing his sexiness from his years in School of Performing Arts Seoul.]
[Lovely Dae Hwi, skillful stroke dance.]
[Wolf Daniel, this is the dance of the original sexy master.]
[Ji Sung, looking shy but a bit cold Ji Sung dance moment.]
[Finally, Nano dance is over???.]
Jae Hwan! [Sorry.]
Did you get it wrong? - Jae Hwan was watching everyone from behind.
- Why? [Breaking news, Daniel rolled on the studio floor, feeling very tight.]
Why? What for? I'm not familiar with the dance yet.
He's not familiar with the dance moves yet.
[To Daniel, who's rolling on floor.]
Please say something to members.
One guy on floor.
[A weird symptom that he can't stop.]
- I apologize to members.
- Yes.
[Everyone understands.]
I feel very sorry that - I - Why don't you roll with him and tell him that you are sorry? [He can't roll.]
I'm sorry.
- He can't roll.
- It's OK.
[357 Dance, Nano Dance, the test is complete.]
We're laughing a lot thanks to Wanna One.
Good, good.
Thank you.
- I - Why don't you roll with him and tell him that you are sorry? [He can't roll.]
I'm sorry.
He can't roll.
It's OK.
[357 Dance, Nano Dance, the test is complete.]
We're laughing a lot thanks to Wanna One.
- Good, good.
- Thank you.
- Donhee! - Conhee! - Fact! - Check! [Fact check.]
[Like it.]
I like it.
[Designed by Park Jihoon.]
The gesture for fact check was given by Jihoon of Wanna One.
[Wanna One is contributing to production over 10%.]
They are like a vending machine.
[It is from me.]
Idol Room! was designed by Kang Daniel.
[My pose, too.]
[Proud my idea.]
- What was that? - Close camera.
- We plan to change that one.
[Laughing because it is someone else.]
He was proud and wanted to take the credit.
I think he was bored.
But thank you for your passion.
[How about this?.]
We will save the passion.
- Amazing.
- Close Camera! [That's it.]
[The old idea bank is looked away.]
No! In this way - Let's do it together! - Close! Camera! [Everyone else but Sungwoon is satisfied.]
What if your armpit is wet? [Ignored.]
- I like this.
- This is nice.
[Proposing a new pose for compliment.]
You can cover it if it was wet.
That's right, Close! Camera! Right! [As promised in the beginning, his presence is significant now.]
- Cool.
- Love it.
- I know.
There is an enormous amount of news around idol.
- That's right.
- Right? It is impossible to read it all.
[Believe it or not.]
And you know, they say believe it or not.
[Disputable issues.]
Often, we can't tell.
There are rumors as well.
[Rumor maker.]
- Is it true that Jinyoung has a bad breath? - That's right.
[Oh my.]
- Give us the truth, Jinyoung.
- I don't.
[Others join in.]
- Jinyoung.
- I don't think you can comment on that - The first fact check.
- Yes.
[Yoon Jisung.]
- Leader Yoon Jisung.
- There will be many.
- Let's start fact check.
[LED effect was worth it.]
- About Yoon Jisung - Looking forward to it.
- On the back.
- We have it on the back.
I think this is for zimiziib.
"My younger sister raised me 80%".
- Younger sister? - She makes headline every time she get on the air.
[She calls herself a semi-celeb.]
She calls herself a semi-celeb.
She doesn't go out without makeup.
[Calling Jisung's sister brought lots of attention to him.]
[Even after making debut, calling her guaranteed good laugh.]
[Her presence is the best.]
- Doesn't she want to become a celebrity? - No.
[She's got her plan.]
She wants to become a show host.
- She quit her job for it.
- Really? [Joke.]
I heard that your sister was going to appear on Produce 48.
I almost spit.
[News that is new to even her brother.]
- Korea representative.
- Without me knowing it.
- Right.
- Really? - Yes.
- Yes.
- That is why we [I don't believe it.]
- Amazing! - To do fact check with his sister.
[Calling her.]
- We will call her.
- She's the best.
Has anyone met Jisung's sister? - She came to watch.
- I just saw her face.
- How was it? - I've met her a few times.
If I can be totally honest.
[Daniel said she is a broadcasting genius.]
She will be a great threat to Jisung.
- Really? - She is a bomb.
- She has the spirit.
- Can we call her? [Real call from brother.]
- I will - Sure.
- Right, as if it is real.
- Real call.
- Is this your phone? [Jisung's phone.]
- Yes.
- OK, password.
[Can't trust Conhee.
Secure the password.]
8 [Curious about the brother and sister.]
- Here? - Can we check how you saved her name? - Name is - It may be a swearing? [Brother and sister.]
[Blood-related person by mom and dad.]
Everyone, silence.
Don't tell her she's on air.
[Calling her without letting her know.]
- I will call her.
- This is the time to show off your acting.
- Be casual.
- I will call her casually.
- OK.
[Why are you excited?.]
- Hi.
- Hi.
[Intense already.]
What's up.
[As we heard.]
Nothing special.
- What's up.
- For no reason.
[She knows something.]
- Are you filming Newsroom? - What? - Isn't it the shooting day? [Hey, sister.]
- Why would I be on Newsroom? - What? - Not newsroom.
- I see.
Idol Room on JTBC.
- I appeared on that show briefly.
- That is a hommage show, right? Not a hommage show.
[Getting to the bottom.]
- I called for - OK.
You know Defconn and Jeong Hyeongdon.
- Uncle Conhee and Donhee? - Yes.
What did you think of them? - Usually? - Yes.
- In your usual life? - Do I have to think of them in my usual life? [That's right.]
[Guaranteed big laugh.]
[Donhee and Conhee introduce themselves.]
- Hi, we are Donhee.
- And Conhee on Idol Room.
[Voice for broadcasting.]
Hi, how do you do.
A line for broadcasting! You changed the mode immediately.
[She is ready for the show, self introduction.]
- Do you want me to say hi properly? - Yes.
[Prepared broadcaster.]
2, 3! All I Wanna Do! Wanna One, hi.
- I am Yoon Seulgi of WANNABLE.
- Hi, Yoon Seulgi.
- Yes.
We are filming Idol Room.
- Yoon Jisung said.
- Yes.
[Fact check.]
"My younger sister raised me 80%".
Not 90%? [Look at her.]
You think it is 90%? I didn't raise him, but I gave him a little piggyback ride.
[Denying strongly.]
What's your brother's contact name on your phone? - My brother? - Yes.
Should I skip the curse word? - Jisung - It's "Happens to be my big brother".
- Happens to be my big brother.
- Happens to be my big brother.
- Seulgi.
- Yes.
Jisung said you want to become a celebrity.
She's full of herself these days.
Rumors has it that you'll become a celebrity [Joking.]
and you'll appear on the next season of "Produce 101".
[Natural born entertainer.]
People are already saying that? [Seulgi, respect.]
People are already saying that? So you thought about it.
[Jisung is on the brink of losing his job because of his witty sister.]
I've never met Seulgi before.
I've never seen her picture.
You can reveal my picture now.
Open up the gate to a celebrity life.
Can you show us her picture? Let's see.
She is a celeb.
[Yoon Seulgi/ Jisung's sister, quasi-celebrity, natural born entertainer.]
- I'm surprised.
- For real? How come you're so pretty? [Acting cute.]
Come on~ [Quasi-celebrity is too much to handle.]
Excuse me, what's with that nasal tone? [Common question.]
Where are you now? [Reporter tone that no one asked for.]
Right now I'm at This is not a traffic report.
[Crack up.]
It's not a traffic report.
We're not asking you if there's a traffic on Gangbyeon Expressway or Olympic Highway.
[Role play.]
- Reporter Seulgi.
- Yes.
How's the traffic situation on Gangbyeon Expressway? I'm in Bongsan-dong, Wonju city, Gangwon Province.
[She can deal with anything.]
It's pouring right now.
It's experiencing major delays.
She can do anything.
- Amazing.
- Seulgi.
- Yes.
- You're so witty.
[Talented entertainer.]
You live up to your name.
[Cutting remark.]
By the way, I'm not getting paid, this is getting too long.
[She even calculates air time.]
We have to get enough airtime if it's fun.
- Really? - Not getting paid.
Because Jisung didn't get a lot of airtime all day.
- Tell her I wasn't really impressive today.
- Oh gosh.
You're making up for it.
[Seulgi's big fan.]
Jisung's little sister is raising him.
So now we're raising to 90% and 100%? 100%.
(sounds like a curse) [Pronunciation disaster.]
No, no, Seulgi.
That's not what I meant.
Don't be mistaken, Seulgi.
It's a misunderstanding.
You know, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, and 50%.
It's just a misunderstanding.
[Quasi-celeb is outplaying celebs.]
And you mentioned 100% first.
[Lame excuse.]
It's not 80% but 100%.
That's what I was going to say.
- All right.
I'm sorry.
- She can toy with people's hearts.
- She's very charming.
- I'm sorry.
I'll stick with 90%, then.
Would you like to say something to your brother? [Cool vibe.]
- No, thanks.
- OK.
Got it.
[She's funny till the end.]
Way to go, News Room! - Excuse me? - News Room? [You are watching IDOL ROOM.]
- This is Idol Room.
- I mean, Idol Room.
News Room is hosted by president Sohn Sukhee.
[Crack up.]
This is not a new program.
It's a variety show.
- Be happy.
- OK.
Thank you.
[Genius entertainer Seulgi, thank you.]
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Unbelievable.
- She's so witty.
- She's really charming.
- I'd like to talk to her more often.
Fact check.
MC's words.
[Be careful of pronunciation.]
It's 100% my little sister who raised me.
[Amazing entertainer DNA of Yoon siblings.
Who's your mother?.]
- Let's move on to Daniel.
- Daniel.
- Is there anything on me? - There are a lot.
Shocking statement about quitting gummy.
What's the reason behind it? I had cavities in my molars.
My dentist advised me not to have too much gummy.
How much did you eat? [His housemate testifies.]
After work when we go to our dorm, he turns on his laptop and keeps eating a tower of gummy.
[A tower of gummies.]
- Did I eat that much? - Almost unconsciously.
- I don't think he realizes how much he eats.
- Right.
[Source: MBC Entertainment Research Center.]
[This is probably how Daniel looks in the dorm.]
[Digging in.]
[He finishes several bags of gummy in one sitting.]
Do you have a sweet tooth? I didn't like gummy before.
But when I was on "Produce 101" I couldn't concentrate when my sugar levels went down.
- Right.
- That's when I started bringing candy - That's important.
- chocolate and gummy.
It turned out I like gummy the best.
[Donhee/ Always explored food for 4 decades.]
Some people go well with gummy.
That's when I started eating gummy.
When you quit having gummy, did you have any withdrawals? A little bit.
- Like what? - I began biting my nails.
- Because you didn't have anything else to chew.
- Withdrawal can be dangerous.
Are you having gummy again because your teeth got better? Since I had my cavities treated, - I'm eating it again.
- That's why we're going to find out if you can eat gummy again.
- For real? - Because we cherish Daniel so much.
[A bold choice for tall and precious Kang Daniel.]
- So we invited a dentist.
- Really? [Oh my goodness.]
He's really there.
[Certified dentist.]
- Amazing.
- Let's give it up for him.
[All standing up.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
[Nervous already.]
- This way, please.
- What's happening.
- Really? - Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, doctor.
[Just smile.]
Moon Hyungjoo.
Is it that serious an issue? Please have a seat.
[30 years of experience.]
- We invited doctor of Dental Surgery, Moon Hyungjoo.
- Glad to meet you.
- Let's find out.
- If Kang Daniel.
- If Kang Daniel [Daniel's gummy intake, is it okay?.]
can keep on chewing gummy? My life depends on it.
Is gummy harmful to teeth? [Curious Kuanlin.]
[His daddy stops him.]
- It's not good for teeth.
- How much should one eat to have cavities? Hahahaha.
[Unique laughing.]
Did something good happen, Dr.
Moon? - You have a great first impression.
- Thank you.
When you eat sweets, there are germs in your mouth.
[Why is everyone standing up?.]
- Cavities.
- When it breaks down sweets [Serious.]
it creates acids.
It's the acids that cause food decay.
[Diligent reactions.]
So if you eat too much sweets Of course saliva helps neutralize the acids.
[Here's a compliment.]
You're really something.
[Look away.]
Still, anyways - Still, anyways - Yes.
Having gummy often can cause cavities.
Would you perform Daniel's dental checkup? Can you come over here, Daniel? - For your dental checkup? - Yes.
- Come over here - I'm scared.
- Sit back here.
- Have a seat.
[A new world in the second year of their career.]
Suddenly at the studio.
I've watched a lot of variety shows.
I've never seen a show with a dentist.
[Daniel dental clinic open.]
To quit something you like - is a really hard thing.
- Let's take a look.
Here we go.
Shall we have a look [Tourists gather.]
Raise your head a little bit.
Raise your head.
- Wait a moment.
- So scary.
When doctors say, "Wait a moment", it's so scary.
[Worried as well.]
- Could you hold this for me? - Yes, sir.
[I'm here for the show.]
[What's going on?.]
[TMI, Daniel's teeth are all white.]
Daniel didn't get golden teeth.
It's really tense.
Will Daniel be able to chew gummy again? [Good news.]
- Your teeth are very healthy.
- Really? [First time to smile since the dentist appeared.]
I can tell that his teeth are very healthy.
Can Daniel have gummy again? [Attention.]
[Daniel's future depends on his answer.]
Can Daniel have gummy again? No! - Why? - No! [Oh geez gummy.]
Why! [Speechless.]
Why? [Great reactions.]
No! [Flashlight show out of shock.]
[Oh no.]
Bye, gummy! - Bye, gummy! - Don't come to Daniel, gummy.
[Breaking news, Daniel is sentenced to no gummy.]
Let's hear the doctor's opinion.
From Daniel's dental conditions, [No gummy, no life.]
- Look at his face.
- With my naked eye.
I didn't see any problems.
They were in great shape.
- You got your teeth treated, right? - Yes.
- In my opinion.
- Don't be too serious.
[It's not that serious of a problem.]
It's not like you have a cancer or you're terminally ill, Daniel.
[Merely looking on Daniel's agony.]
- He seems like he lost his country.
- I'm surprised.
I noticed some signs of a cavity [Doctor's diagnosis.]
that is starting to develop.
How many gummy do you have per day? - I think - How many kilograms? - 4 or 5 bags.
- Do you eat gummy often? [Choking on his tears.]
Yes, I have it quite often.
- Really? - Yes.
- It's not like you're under investigation.
[Don't cry, Daniel.]
- Did I scare you? - No, sir.
[Unique question.]
Then what would be the recommended daily intake - the recommended daily intake of gummy? - The recommended daily intake.
[Don't say "no gummy", desperate puppy eyes.]
- The recommended intake - I have 3 per year.
It varies from person to person.
How many per day? - Daniel, how many do you want to eat? - Please specify the number.
He asked how many he wants.
You shouldn't be negotiating with him.
- It would help me make a decision.
- You should specify the number.
[Gummy expert.]
- Each bag contains - How many are in a bag? - It contains 13 or 14 gummies.
- 13 gummies.
That's not a lot.
- It's not a lot.
- That's too few.
So 40 or 50? [The testimony from a friend who's known him for years.]
- He cut back a lot.
- 40 or 50? [Desperate hands.]
40~50? [Not that easy, that's a no-no.]
- I understand him.
- No.
- No? - Why not, doctor? - Please explain.
[Final offer, 12 gummies at maximum.]
- 12 gummies a day.
- 12! [Cry.]
12 at the most.
- Just one bag.
- If I tell you this, There can be a claim on my recommendation.
[A special prescription for enchanting Daniel.]
Since you recommended it? But he has withdrawals.
- He has to quit gradually.
- It has to be gradual.
- He should quit gradually.
That's why I can approve 12 gummies.
Let me sum up.
Kang Daniel is allowed to have 12 gummies per day.
[Kang Daniel! Can't avoid cavities if he eats too many gummies!.]
[The tall and precious Kang Daniel Protection Committee.]
[Fact check.]
Next up is Ong Seongwoo.
- A guys who's called "Simuson".
- What does that mean? Simuson? I've heard Samson.
What does Simuson mean? - Simuson? - Does that mean terrifying hands? - What does it mean? - I have no idea.
Simuson? [Even his hands are handsome.]
Ong has beautiful hands.
It stands for "Sexy hands even when seasoning spinach".
- That's what "Simuson" means.
- Do you have pretty hands? I didn't think so.
- They're pretty.
- They are.
They're quite pretty.
Almost like a hand model.
[My hands that always looked for gummies.]
They're pretty.
Don't tell me you prepared spinach.
That's right.
[Why spinach all of a sudden?.]
Let's check the fact.
[Contender, Park.]
My hands would season spinach well.
I know that.
[Look how these hands would work well.]
Excuse me, aren't they chicken feet? They look like chicken feet.
[A table with spinach is set up.]
That looks yummy.
We're doing all sorts of things here.
I really didn't expect to see spinach here.
- Season it well.
I'll have a bite.
- Anything would be good if he seasons it.
[Sweet guy Kuanlin.]
- I'm hungry.
- Would you like to wear this? [Chemistry between Seongwoo and spinach.]
- Let's get it.
- How should he season it to look sexy? How did they know he has pretty hands? He looks sexy already.
[Sexy power +50 Plastic gloves exposing his skin.]
Does he really need help with that? [2 MCs can't stand people being chummy.]
Kuanlin became so cheerful.
[Kuanlin, you can do whatever you want.]
He became cheerful.
Have you seasoned spinach before? This is my first time.
After you learn how to season it, [Opening the sesame seed container.]
- make it for your parents.
- No, no, no, no.
- No, no, no.
- Sesame oil should be the first.
- That should be the last.
- Sesame oil first.
No, no, no, no.
[Tip from the MC of "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.]
You should add salt first.
" - I was just checking.
- Checking the product.
- Checking the product.
- All the fans of Ong Seongwoo.
[Historical day.]
Here comes a meme.
Pay attention.
[Step 1.
Sprinkle salt.]
I'm afraid that's too much.
[Don't care.]
He spilled the half of it.
[It might end up with salted spinach.]
Too salty! After this, the members should eat it.
[A little bit flustered.]
He spilled the half of it.
[Thinking about the sesame oil performance.]
That should be savory.
[Don't die, spinach.]
[Step 2.
Pour sesame oil.]
That's a little disappointing.
[Precious sesame oil, sensitive mother-in-laws.]
That's too much.
He's almost like a bartender.
[Sesame seeds, standby.]
Sesame seeds are crucial.
[It's time to toss.]
Now toss it.
- Toss it? - You should toss it evenly before that.
Let's see how he tosses to combine.
[Step 3.
Toss spinach.]
That spinach is so lucky.
[Boldly touching spinach.]
[So weird.]
That's quite something.
He looks so handsome.
[Gentle Lai turns his head.]
a Ong Spinach I want to have your name.]
[Your stems, your leaves, your everything.]
[Heated up as it is at least for age 15 and over.]
[Touching even more strongly.]
[Hey, mix it up.]
[So thrilling.]
[Adrenaline rush.]
[It's not over yet.]
[Step 4.
Baby, sprinkle sesame seeds.]
[The most enchanting scandal in 2018.]
Can we even eat that? He picked up and put it in.
[Dry mouth.]
It's like he's doing the laundry.
- It smells good.
- Smell.
[Human dopamine Ong Seongwoo and spinach.]
How can seasoning spinach be so sexy? - Can we taste it? - Yes.
- Is it edible? - Try it.
- Tell us how it is.
- Looks good.
- Each member will get some later.
- Is it awesome? - It's good.
How annoying.
[Even the taste is sexy.]
[Savory smell filled the studio.]
- It's good.
- Smells amazing.
[His hands are getting busy again.]
[Falling for his hands once again.]
[His jaw and neck line looks great while having spinach.]
[Hurry up I'm dizzy.]
Let me taste it in a sexy way.
[Stop it, my eyes.]
Argh! [Unique sexy spinach tasting.]
He's got a close-up camera.
[Pick-dol goes too far.]
[Adjusting the screen (Feature: sexy expert and Sungwoon.]
[Let's continue.]
[Have spinach, everyone Just have spinach.]
[I have to eat as well.]
[Sexy Ong.]
Look at his Adam's apple.
- Is it good? - It's good.
- It's good.
It's quite sexy.
[It's sensational vegetable.]
- Spinach can be sexy.
- I didn't know that.
It could make a nice gift.
[Guys = Donhee Conhee.]
It goes well with you guys.
[Matching color.]
- How come? - Because it's green.
- Oh, spinach? - Like this.
You could land a commercial.
There's no such thing as spinach commercial.
What would a spinach commercial be like? [Donhee and Conhee roots for Kuanlin.]
I'm glad Kuanlin became cheerful.
Thank you for wishing us luck.
Let's check the fact.
Ong Seongwoo's hands are the sexiest when he seasons spinach.
[Sexy Ong would be sexy no matter what.]
- Next up is Park Jihoon.
- OK.
Is there no storage space? He declared no more wink and "save you in my heart".
What does that mean? You're not going to do it anymore? [A bombshell he dropped causes controversy.]
Are you dropping a bombshell? Let me make a statement here.
- No way! - No! [Saying goodbye to the buzzword?.]
"Save you in my heart".
You won't do it anymore? Though I can't reveal it, [Donhee's twins are into it.]
even my kids are doing this.
- What happened? - You know what? They call us Donhee and Conhee.
- Not daddy? - No.
They don't call me daddy.
They call us Donhee and Conhee.
That's how much they love idol bands.
[Catchy buzzword.]
They know Jihoon's "Save you in my heart" phrase.
[What made him decide not to do it?.]
Please tell us what happened.
I mentioned it in the behind-the-scenes clip.
[Emotional thinking about his daughters.]
"Save you in my heart" and wink.
I said I wouldn't do it anymore.
[So determined.]
- No.
- I said I wouldn't do it anymore.
[Donhee/ Wink and Save Protection Committee.]
You got a consent from your label and the public? [Breaking new, there's no consent.]
We didn't reach a consensus on the issue.
- Consensus.
- So it was a completely arbitrary decision.
Yes, it's just my decision.
So you're going to quit or not? I will quit.
[The entire studio is in despair.]
[We can't lose his wink.]
The most famous phrase in 2017.
"Save you in my heart".
[His best friend Park.]
I know he really means it.
Jihoon is not really kidding.
[Roommates Jihoon and Woojin.]
We're roommates.
He said, "Woojin, should I quit doing something cute now"? So I asked, "Why"? Then he said, "I want to look cool now".
He talked about it a lot.
Because I think I've acted cute enough.
- And I'm an adult.
- So you know you're cute, huh? - What? - You think you're cute.
- No.
I acted cute quite a lot.
- So you mean you know you're cute.
- I didn't say I'm cute.
[Being cute by instinct.]
- You didn't, but - Look what he just did! So cute.
I didn't say that.
Now I have to look cool instead of cute.
That's what came across my mind.
Then now you have to come up with something that is as good as wink and "Save you in my heart".
You can't just graduate from it without any alternative.
- That's true.
- You should enroll anyway.
- You graduate, then you're expected to enroll.
- Good point.
- There should be an entrance ceremony.
- You should send in your application.
[He was so busy being cute.]
- Application.
- I didn't prepare for entrance exams.
I bet you have something cool on your mind.
- Why don't you continue for one more year? - I remember he did something cool recently.
- Jihoon's cool line.
- Like what? - I do have one.
- What? When we have free time, we sometimes do improv.
Woojin sometimes pulls a prank.
[Steeped in anticipation.]
Then I do this.
[Deep voice.]
I say, "Once again".
[Throwing a tantrum.]
- No.
- No, no.
[It's harder to meet the expectation.]
That's not it.
You give up on "Save you in my heart" for this? - No.
- This is really not working.
We can't do anything about it.
Give us that.
[If Jihoon insists.]
Let's hold - Is there a diploma? - a graduation ceremony with tears.
[This is getting out of hand.]
Hang on.
- Come on out.
- Student.
- Come forward.
- Is there really a diploma? - Before I graduate.
- No.
Please wait.
I'll wink and say "Save you in my heart" for one last time here.
[There's a program.]
That's the last item on the program.
- There's a program.
- BGM, please.
A sad song.
[Commencement ceremony.]
[Fanfare by himself.]
Certificate of graduation.
Park Jihoon.
[I go - Omniscient viewpoint of wink-.]
Oh no Born in May 29, 1999.
[I go - Omniscient viewpoint of "Save" -.]
Oh no.
You say "Oh no" when someone dies.
Who said that? - Park Woojin.
- That's when someone dies.
- I'm sorry.
- This is the graduation ceremony.
[Serious graduation ceremony.]
Please proceed.
[Mixed feelings.]
This boy winked over 5 trillion times for the past year and said "Save you in my heart" countless times.
It left him physically and mentally exhausted.
As he became an adult, [Ad-lib.]
we approve him of graduating from wink and "Save you in my heart".
[Cruel page of history, May 2018.]
May 2018.
[It's time for us to say goodbye.]
[to Wink guy, Park wink, Park Winhoon.]
Please walk around the stage.
[Save-dol, cute expert.]
And when you come back, please wink and say "Save you in my heart" for the last time.
Don't go, wink! [Sad Ong.]
- Bye.
- Thank you.
Here is the last wink and "Save you in my heart".
- No.
- No! - I feel sad for real.
- I feel like crying.
Save you in my heart.
[And the last wink.]
That was the last one.
I've seen this article.
The word that encapsulates the year of 2017 is "Save you in my heart".
But if a lot of people want it No, you must not do it now.
- Really? - You must not do it.
We sang and had a graduation ceremony.
[Park Wink (2017.
Because you declared today.
[Park Save (2017.
You should not do it elsewhere.
- But if other people want it.
- No.
[Giving the certificate back.]
Listen to me, all the celebrities.
Don't wink and say "Save you in my heart" anymore.
It's over.
It's officially over.
[A word is so powerful, everyone.]
- No wink? - No.
- Now you must not do that anywhere.
[Almost a threat.]
If you do that again, what are you going to do? [Polite.]
I'm going to give out my headset.
- I'll sign my autograph on both sides and donate it.
- Amazing.
- Rather than a donation.
Yes, I will save it.
You'll save it.
- Save? - Huh? [He said that out of habit even before the ink on the certificate is dry.]
- You didn't kick the habit? - No.
- Give it! [What is wrong with him?.]
[Current time 10:40 PM.]
He gets quite hyper in the night.
[Nocturnal Kuanlin.]
He's fun.
- He's a rapper.
- High-Kuanlin.
Let's check the fact.
[The 12th member of Wanna ONE.]
- Jihoon.
- What a bummer.
He declared his graduation from wink and "Save you in my heart".
[Though he graduated, his new charm is coming up soon.]
We will forward our address to your label.]
Let's move on - to the next fact check.
- All right.
[Wink and Save Donhee cherished.]
I can't liven up the mood.
[Fact check, Wanna One's Tweety, Lee Dae Hwi.]
- Lee Dae Hwi.
- What the.
- What the.
- What the.
- Entrance ceremony check.
Are we having an entrance ceremony? Wanna One's wink boy.
It's no longer Park Ji Hoon but Lee Dae Hwi.
[A winkhorse who will fill where Wink king left.]
- He's a newbie.
- He winked to a security person at home - This.
- for their service.
- It's famous.
- It's a famous episode.
- What is it? [Professional interference, testimony from a witness.]
- I saw that.
- How did he do? - It wasn't a security person at home a company.
- Company.
[Where? At the company practice room.]
We were practicing.
[To whom? A person from security company who's done checking.]
We had a guy from a security company and he was about to leave after doing the check.
But then Dae Hwi came and [What?.]
- You usually say, "Thank you" like this.
- Yes.
[But he stroked his hair and winked.]
Dae Hwi Did this to the security person.
[There we go again.]
- Exaggerating again.
- To the security person, [Why? Why on earth?.]
he said, "Thank you".
And it was shocking.
[It was to cheer him up who was working hard on such hot day.]
It was very It was in summer.
I wanted him to cheer up.
What was he there for? Fingerprinting CESCO? [Fingerprinting vs.
insect terminating company?.]
- It's important.
- Fingerprinting CESCO? [Correcting what he said right away.]
I mean SECOM.
[Always be careful of your speech.]
SECOM and CESCO are totally different.
[You could graduate in that sense.]
I'm sorry.
- I have something to share as well.
- OK.
[It was when they started living together.]
It was right when we moved in together.
I was waiting to take a shower, but Dae Hwi went in first.
[Dae Hwi went into the bathroom first.]
So I said, "Dae Hwi, come out quickly".
"I was going to do it first".
[Prince Dae Hwi took a long shower.]
He came out after the shower.
[And it's shocking when you recall.]
And it was shocking.
[Why? Focused.]
- Why? - He opened the door and I guess he was sorry that he went in first.
[Waving and winking.]
He came out like this.
I'm not lying.
[Hwikari version, very refreshing.]
He came out like this.
[Getting goose bumps just by imagining it.]
Why did I do that? [With the smell of shampoo, he acted winsome.]
- Lee Dae Hwi.
- He came out like this.
[Everyone's telling on Dae Hwi.]
He was eating snack earlier.
- He was eating some snack.
- Oh my God.
And he came up to me like this.
[With the snack in his mouth.]
He had a snack in his mouth and made me eat.
[Very natural and winsome actions.]
He was pouting his lip like this.
So I said, "What's wrong with you?" But he continued to be winsome.
Younger ones are funnier indeed.
[Very fruitful fact check.]
I've been listening.
- I didn't imagine that would be true.
- I've been listening to Ji Sung.
- I didn't expect that.
- Seul Gi is very funny.
[Helping out.]
- Seul Gi - Comfortable, right? - Comfortable.
- She might be sitting here next week.
I might lose my source of income next week.
[Making fun of Ji Sung.]
Stand here.
[Dae Hwi.]
He's very winsome.
- Wink is just a habit.
- Super winsome.
[Master of wink.]
You must have been jealous of Ji Hoon, who's known as wink king.
[Very cool.]
- No.
- Because wink - It's different.
[From a 3rd person point of view.]
Ji Hoon and Dae Hwi's winks are different.
Why would you call yourself by the name? - Why do you call yourself by the name? - Speaking in 3rd person perspective.
Why would you call your name? [Calm.
Members are used to that.]
Ji Hoon and Dae Hwi's winks are different? Ji Hoon winks alone.
But it seems that Dae Hwi's body is itchy.
[All the cells in his body responds with the wink.]
- He goes like this.
- Twisting his body.
- He twists his body.
- And it's not from time to time.
He does it endlessly.
- Show them.
[Volunteering to see Dae Hwi's winsome actions.]
Act winsome to me.
[Show him everything.]
- Shall I go next to you? - Yes.
Dae Hwi, you're doing well.
You're very funny.
- Really? - You're so funny.
[Please stroke lovely Dae Hwi.]
[I can't do this.]
- Look at his face.
- Go away.
See? [It's sad.
There's more.]
That's not all actually.
It should be natural.
[Personified version of winsomeness = Dae Hwi.]
Dae Hwi is very winsome.
- He is.
- And there's something he does when he feels embarrassed.
- Yes.
- He does it when he feels embarrassed.
- Something to let it go.
- Yes.
[Like this.]
He's got the skill.
[Looking away.]
- Congrats.
- I will work harder.
[I saw that Jae Hwan.]
- Jae Hwan.
- Yes.
- Do you feel sleepy? - Me? - Yes.
- No.
[Time to eat some Hwitamin.]
He's tired.
Dae Hwi, encourage him.
Power up! [That was an unexpected winsome actions.]
[More fatigue.]
He's tired again.
Jae Hwan is tired again.
Jae Hwan, your ears get red when you get attention.
[Red ears.]
Yes, my ears get red easily.
I'm sorry, but could you please look away? [Like strawberry, it's very red.]
Your ears look like strawberry from afar.
[Donhee's comment about fact check.]
Fact check.
From today, Lee Dae Hwi is the official wink boy of Wanna One.
- Entrance ceremony.
- Do as much as you like.
[From today, his winsome actions are legal.
Wanna One's 2nd official wink boy Lee Dae Hwi!.]
[Fact check, Wanna One's Hwangtimental Hwang Min Hyun.]
Next, let's check Min Hyun.
- Hwang Min Hyun.
- Hwang Zhuge Liang.
Known to be easy-going, but actually he's not at all easy-going.
- What happened? - What is that about? [Experienced, he rolls up the cuff.]
Min Hyun is very white.
[Let me tell you.
The mystery of human body.]
And he has no hair.
[Hwang Min Hyun has no hairs.]
Is that why? [You don't mean to say easy-going, but hairless.]
You mean that it's hairless.
- Hair.
- No hair.
- No hair.
- Hairless.
The hair we see is all you've got?.]
The hair we see is all you've got? [Eyewitness account.]
- He has more.
- There are more hairs.
He has hairs wherever there should be.
[Comment by the leader.]
That's not everything.
[Meddling in business again, too much info.]
- But there's a unique part where there's no hair.
- Yes.
No! [What's no?.]
No about what? [Feeling embarrassed.]
No about what? [Min Hyun got all red.]
No! [Park Woo Jin, you.]
- What's no? - I mean - Woo Jin.
- No.
- But - He has hair everywhere.
What is it? [The information.]
There's no hair in the part where you see when you put your hands up.
- Put your hands up.
- Yes.
- Armpit? - No hair in the armpit? - There's some hair.
- But he pulls it out when there's one hair.
- He just pulls it out.
[Min Hyun is so clean that he does not allow any stroke of hair.]
[Checking with his own eyes.]
He doesn't have any hair.
[Very sleek.]
- I have no hair on my arm.
- It's very white.
It's very [Hairy Ong, keep it to yourself.]
Keep it to yourself.
[Very white.]
I have some hair on my leg, but not too much.
That's why you say that you are hairless.
[Min Hyun's leg stands out more between that of Donhee and Conhee.]
- It's - Very pure.
[And there's another white leg.]
And I envy you.
- There's no hair on his arm.
- I love that I don't have any hair in the armpit.
[Armpit coming out, I love hairless armpit.]
- Honestly speaking.
- Really? - Yes.
- There's hardly any hair on your upper body.
- Yes.
[Precious hairless armpit.]
Could you show us your armpit? [Right away.]
Can you show him? [Even this?.]
- Armpit - Let's not do that.
- Check? - Since there's a large hole, [Excuse me.]
- How is it? - He's looking at it.
[This professional meddler is so curious.]
You can see.
[I want to see.]
- There's none.
- Clean armpit.
- Let's go and show him.
- Let me go.
It's so funny that everyone's looking at it like that.
[Excuse me.
Is there any hair?.]
[Being polite.]
- There's no hair.
- It's super clean.
Hairless armpit.
It's very white as if there's snow.
[The review of hairless armpit, snow field.]
You know, like a snow-covered field [Just like a snowfield in Sapporo.]
where no one stepped in.
Like in Sapporo.
You put it in a beautiful way.
[From hairless armpit, the discussion goes on to science.]
It's proven scientifically that [Donhee asserts.]
the less hairy you are, the more evolved you are.
[I'm perfect in terms of theory of evolution.]
- Really? - Yes.
- I envy you.
[Very serious assessment.]
And it suits your image.
Your image is sweet and soft.
[In that pristine area.]
Imagine the hair under the arm.
[Min Hyun doesn't have that.]
Let's check the fact.
[Donhee agreed.]
Hwang Min Hyun is as clean as a snowfield in Sapporo.
[Hwang Min Hyun who has everything is lacking something.
Let's walk on Sapporo snowfield.]
[Next, Wanna One's Pomeranian, Ha Sung Woon.]
Next, it's Ha Sung Woon.
Wannable fans love Ha Sung Woon's jelly lip? [Mine?.]
The truth behind the thick 2cm lip.
What is this? [Blessed family, Ha family has thick jelly lip.]
Everyone in my family has thick lip.
My grandmother, father, and grandfather Everyone has thick lip.
- Lip? - Yes.
- You know how attractive it is, right? [+Nostril of truth, yes I agree.]
Yes, many people love it.
[In the meantime, they are checking their own lips.]
It's quite thick.
[As they've expected, meticulous fact check.]
Give me a ruler.
Let's see if it's 2cm.
- We're checking fact.
- Let's measure it.
- They are very prepared.
- They have everything.
Two centimeters.
From where does it start? [Daniel says.]
Shouldn't we have otolaryngologist here? [Only one doctor allowed.]
We spent all the money on the dentist.
In the middle.
[Nano measurement.]
- His thick is very - From here? [He's nervous.]
It's 2cm.
[Caught red-handed and feeling embarrassed[ It's 2cm.
[It's actually 2cm!.]
- Two centimeters! - Exactly 2cm.
- It is! [Careless said.]
- It looks like salted pollack roe.
- Salted pollack roe.
[Ji Sung's comment led to salted pollack roe fever.]
It does look like salted pollack roe.
- Exactly 2cm.
- A pink salted pollack roe.
- I want to eat some.
It's very good.
[A quick summit talk among Woo Jin, Jae Hwan, and Min Hyun known as "sofas".]
[On air.]
Will you measure my lip? [But they are discussing about the salted pollack roe in earnest.]
You could mix it with rice.
[Salted pollack roe+.]
- You know? - With some sesame oil.
- No way.
Do you eat it with laver? - Yes.
Covering it with laver.
[Salted pollack roe and the world of their own.]
[While everyone's focused on Donhee's lip - It's not open yet.
- Soon? OK.
[They decided to go and eat salted pollack roe.]
You're going to say, "Eat alone".
Let me find a good place for that.
[No one's interested, but Donhee's lip is 1.
- Really? - Somewhere in Gyeongridangil.
[Anyone up for the salted pollack roe?.]
I've been to Gyeongridangil.
It's close to home.
Here's fact check.
- Ha Sung Woon's lip is soft like cloud.
- I agree.
[Ha Sung Woon's lip arouses everyone's appetite to eat salted pollack roe.]
[Fact check for Wanna One's cotton candy Kim Jae Hwan.]
Kim Jae Hwan.
He's been waiting for a long time.
[Getting red already.]
His ears are getting red again.
Park Woo Jin's gesture brings joy to Jae Hwan.
What is this? I guess Jae Hwan feels good when Woo Jin does something.
[Oh that?.]
[He has no idea.]
- What is it? - What is it? Woo Jin is very good at poppin dance.
When I watch him - bouncing his bone, I feel delighted.
- You feel euphoric? [But this person has no idea.]
Yes, I can feel the joy.
What does it feel like? [Inexperienced 1 is curious.]
Does your heart burn? [Inexperienced 2 is also curious.]
- Do your hair stand? - There's this.
I mean, when Woo Jin bounces his bones, I feel what he's feeling in those parts.
[No one believes.]
- Is he an avatar? - Avatar? - If it's not an avatar.
- Virtual reality.
[Here we go, disguising with innocent look.]
When Woo Jin bounces his chest, you feel that? - That's right.
- Say Woo Jin bounced his right hand.
[Donhee can't believe this avatar theory.]
Then you get goose bumps on the right side? [Going further.]
Goose bumps and [Suspicious.]
- I feel tense.
- Really? [No one believes him.]
Woo Jin, since we're checking fact, [We will tell you the truth soon.]
will you bounce your right hand? - Let's see if Jae Hwan gets goose bumps on his right hand.
- Try.
[Very confident.]
- Really? - I feel goose bumps.
[Woo Jin is brainwashing.
Look into my eyes.]
- Really? - I feel a shiver.
[You can dance poppin.]
- Really? - But dance with energy.
- Like when you usually dance.
- OK.
[Standing up.]
I have to see you.
[Jae Hwan.]
- Show us.
- Woo Jin, only the right side.
[It's getting serious.]
- Check his whole body.
I will dance with my whole body.
- Whole body.
Let's check his whole body.
Let me show you what it means to break the bones.
- Really? - Then he will break.
[Watching bouncing joints, Jae Hwan's hairs will stand.]
My hairs will stand.
You should know that [Jae Hwan is famous for.]
He's famous for mythomania.
Who? Jae Hwan? I see.
- He exaggerates a lot.
- Mythomania.
[Believe me.]
He wants attention in broadcast.
- Let's go.
Give us some music.
- I feel anxious.
[Fact check START.]
[Let's start snapping the joints.]
Here we go.
[About to get goose bumps.]
Here we go.
[His heart is touched [Can you feel me? Do you feel this?.]
[Trying to give Jae Hwan some goose bumps.]
You're bouncing very hard.
[I didn't expect him to bounce that much.]
That's too much.
[He should have goose bumps for Woo Jin.]
[Goose bumps.]
Why don't you look at Woo Jin? [Is it coming?.]
Why don't you look at him? [Are you getting the goose bumps?.]
- It's coming.
- Where? - It's standing up.
- No.
[It's clean.]
Your hairs are still down.
[It's becoming clear that Jae Hwan exaggerated.]
It stood up.
[Not knowing that, the master of poppin is dancing hard.]
My hairs stood.
[Woo Jin, stop dancing and look at the back.]
Why don't you look at Woo Jin? [I knew it.]
You don't look at Woo Jin.
[Where is he going?.]
You're not looking at Woo Jin.
Jae Hwan should [The aftereffect of dancing too much.]
Jae Hwan's fact check [Very brazen.]
- Wow.
- You are mythomaniac.
[What's his fault?.]
- Wow.
- Nothing changed.
My hair stood up.
[Poppin laborer, his body and soul barely made it home.]
- It didn't.
- It did.
- What the.
- Jae Hwan.
- Yes.
- You are a serious mythomaniac.
- Indeed.
[He exaggerates lot, looking innocent.]
- It's a fact.
- Yes.
[The victim of his exaggeration.]
Does your heart beat hard? [Doesn't seem to mean it.]
My heart almost burst.
- Then - Hey.
[His heart is about to burst because of the dance and for being fooled.]
My heart is about to burst.
[Just in case, throwing the bait.]
Do you respond to other members as well? [And he takes the bait.]
Sometimes I feel the same for Sung Woo.
[Picking the second victim.]
You want Sung Woo to dance this time? [Poppin lover.]
- He also - He loves poppin dance.
Why do you respond to poppin dance? [Don't you know? My body wants poppin.]
- I love it.
- Really? I love the shiver I feel when others bounce the joints.
[Recommendation by the earlier victim.]
I'd like to see that.
- What? - Kuan Lin is into poppin these days.
[Kuan Lin is into poppin these days.]
Really? Let's have Kuan Lin dance this time.
- Kuan Lin.
- Show us.
- You might get goose bumps.
[For Jae Hwan who loves poppin dance.]
He gets goose bumps when he sees poppin.
[Voluntary victim.]
Goose bumps.
[But he prefers someone else's poppin, not Kuan Lin.]
- Jae Hwan.
- Look at his face.
[He has classy eyes for poppin.]
- He looks as if that it won't work.
- He won't get goose bumps.
- Why? - I don't know.
He didn't dance yet.
- Let's watch if you feel the shiver.
- I feel very tired.
[Predicting Kuan Lin, he's going to mesmerize Donhee and Conhee.]
Both of you will feel.
All right.
Give us the music.
[Laughing 1, laughing 2.]
[Distrusting his eyes, What is that?.]
[Refusing to check, he put his hands down.]
[A diabolic poppin that draws everyone's attention.]
[Look at my poppin.
You will be happy.]
[No way.]
[Looking away.]
[Here's my ending posture.]
[So proud.]
So cute.
What is this? [No longer feeling the shiver.]
- What the.
- His hairs are down.
Kuan Lin, where did you learn that? [Unidentified poppin.
He's very proud.]
It's something that Kuan Lin does when he's happy.
How's your response? [He needs CPR to feel shiver.]
I think it's almost like cardiac arrest.
[Let's invite the master of poppin.]
Let's invite the maser of poppin, Mr.
[Poppin Ong is here.]
- Let's go.
- Poppin.
- Good job.
Hi Kuan Lin, good job.
You get goose bumps when you feel delight.
[For Jae Hwan, many are invited for a brief thrill.]
Woo Jin's done very well.
[Just in case.]
- Woo Jin did very well.
- It was so funny.
[As usual, he starts exaggeration.]
- It was so funny.
- Let me concentrate.
- Your - Let's concentrate.
[He feels sorry for Ong.]
- Concentrate.
- Here we go.
- OK.
- Focus.
- Give us the music.
Love the music.
[Poppin Ong gets in the rhythm.]
[High quality poppin.]
He's acting.
[As if he's thrilled.]
He's acting.
[No thrill, no goose bumps.]
[Ong pride, thrill attack.]
[Goose bumps?.]
[Bouncing his joints as if he will break something.]
He's making a lot of effort.
[Giving up on goose bumps.]
[Trying to kill time with his body instead of goose bumps.]
[Are you watching this? My heart is bouncing hard because of goose bumps.]
He's not even watching you.
[As expected, a victim.]
[Feeling frustrated, why did I dance?.]
He came out to dance on his own.
Seong Wu's very tired.
[The only one feeling the aftereffect.]
- All celebrities seek attention.
- We're victims.
[Laughing together, he doesn't know how shameless he is.]
- It's fun.
- Let's check the fact.
[Checked Kim Jae Hwan's mythomania again.]
Jae Hwan is a mythomaniac indeed.
[You will regret if you are fooled by Jae Hwan's innocent look.
Ong, Woo Jin, Kuan Lin.]
I've never seen Woo Jin and Seong Wu dancing poppin so hard.
[Seong Wu and Woo Jin danced hard for fact check.]
It's been almost three years since I danced poppin so hard.
[He danced his lifetime quality poppin.]
- How about me? - Pardon? [Warm advice, you need another teacher.]
Go find another teacher.
- All right.
- I think that teacher is not for you.
- OK.
[Fact check, Wanna One's champion, Park Woo Jin.]
Park Woo Jin next.
Park Woo Jin announced himself as an all-round dance king.
[Waving his hand, he withdrew it.]
Park Woo Jin announced himself as that.
He should dance again.
He said himself, "Hey, I'm an all-round dance king".
[I have no memory of that.]
That's absurd.
[There's an evidence that you can't escape.]
You said this yourself.
[He said this.]
- I can dance to any music.
- Children's songs are difficult to dance to.
- Even for children's song.
- Children's song.
[Push and pull.]
I agree.
I know how well Woo Jin can dance.
Did you say that or not? Let me check fact for that first.
- I'm tired.
- Wait.
My heart didn't come to a stop yet.
Your heart shouldn't stop.
It shouldn't stop.
It will be doomed.
[Jae Hwan, are you watching this? He lost his words due to poppin.]
Your heart shouldn't stop.
[It was said at the comeback show.]
At the comeback show! I didn't say that.
[I can dance to.]
I think I said that I can dance to any music.
[In short, that's what it means.]
- That's what it means.
- I know.
- You can dance to any music.
- They got you.
[Asking him to testify once again.]
Have you said it or not? [Perturbed, I need to escape this.]
- To any music? - Yes.
- I don't think you've danced to children's songs.
- Have you said that you can dance to [Pressuring.]
- any music or not? - To any beat? [They are closing the dragnet.]
[Woo Jin's testimony will determine everything.]
I think so.
You should be accurate.
Since you said this, let's check the fact.
[He said that he mentioned it.
Let's move on.]
[Please say no.]
Should I dance? [Very pitiful.]
- Yes, then - He asked if he should dance.
- Very pathetic.
- He's tired.
Because of Jae Hwan, he lost energy.
[Kim Jae Hwan (23) / contributor, looking innocent again.]
- He lost energy.
- Super tired.
[Park Woo Jin feels like.]
It feels as if someone's pressuring me down.
[Reenacting what he did.
You danced like this.]
Let me ask.
- You love it.
- From Wanna One, [Kim Jae Hwan is pressuring Woo Jin down.]
there should be a member that you all agree as the dance king.
[Wanna One picks Woo Jin.]
I agree that it's Woo Jin.
[Throwing in the bait.]
- Woo Jin.
- How about a member who thinks that he can beat Woo Jin? [Beady eyes.]
I can dance as much as he does.
Woo Jin is the best dancer? [Ambitious Lai Kuan Lin.]
- Me.
- He's our leader of choreography.
Lai Kuan Lin said that he can challenge.
[High Kuan Lin today.]
He is high Kuan Lin today with much confidence.
[Kuan Lin confesses right away.]
Honestly speaking, I was bluffing.
I can't compare myself to Woo Jin.
- That much? - Incomparable? [Everyone knows.]
- Everyone knows that.
- We all know.
- Woo Jin is the best dancer in Wanna One.
- Yes.
[He goes on with compliments.]
- He's unrivaled.
- But there's this.
[Dance king Woo Jin.]
It's not that he can dance to any music.
[He can't hear you.]
He can do any style of dance.
- Any style? Poppin.
- Poppin, hip hop [Praise and testimony of Woo Jin's dance.]
He can even cover girl group dance.
- And house dance.
- Anything.
[Excuse me.]
- Really? If there's music? - Even ballet.
[Feeling pressured, stop that.]
- Stop.
- OK.
[Finally, the dance king is on stage.]
Let's check the fact.
- All right.
- Wanna One's official dance king.
[The weight of the throne, he feels lonely.]
- Awesome.
- Dance king Woo Jin.
[They will watch at ease.]
- Way to go.
- Awesome.
Give us the music.
[From girl group songs.
"What Is Love?" by #Twice.]
[Automatic response.]
[Such a fierce girl group dance.]
[Maximized goose bumps.
This is it.]
[Flashy footsteps are automatic.]
[Suddenly it changed to a children's song, Shark family.]
[Shark family became poppin dance.]
[Like this.]
[Energy in his shoulder.
[Copying dance illegally, pretending to be thrilled.]
He's good.
[Too much awesomeness.]
He's the king indeed.
[Even this? #From Chunhyangga.]
[Here we go.]
[Everyone's focused.]
It's like performance art.
[No longer laughing, but watching the king's performance with reverence.]
[Artistic movement.]
[They asked him to dance to laugh, but it's a kind of dance that they should pay.]
[Habitual exaggeration.]
I'm getting goose bumps.
[This is a signal for the news.]
[The music is very solemn.]
[He is a true dance king if he can dance to this music as well.]
[Will he be able to get the throne?.]
[This is the signal song for the newsroom.]
It's for the newsroom.
[The music is very solemn.]
[He is a true dance king if he can dance to this music as well.]
[I'm Park Woo Jin.
You shouldn't calculate about dance.]
[Just express the value of newsroom with the whole body.]
[The viewer should interpret his work subjectively.]
It is quite good.
[Seeking truth among lies that are rampant in our society.]
Woo Jin, it's amazing.
[Let's interpret it as a pitiful flap of wings by a sparrow.]
[Triple jump.]
[Crying, it's very touching.]
[I'd like to show Woo Jin's dance to president Sohn.]
He's turning.
Woo Jin is awesome.
- Bravo.
- He is the king indeed.
[Maximum level of thrill.]
[Admiration continues.]
- Amazing.
- He's very good.
- Good job.
[Donhee and Conhee saved the scene in their heart.]
I never knew that Chunhyangga was so sexy.
[Sexy Woo Jin did it.]
Good job.
[Sharing his feeling again, he's getting goose bumps.]
- Amazing.
- I got goose bumps.
- Jae Hwan claims to have gotten goose bumps.
- He got goose bumps.
- I did.
[Checking fact.]
- He's getting goose bumps.
- My hairs stood.
Really? - Didn't you scratch it? - You're very serious.
[You're serious.
Why do you do that to me?.]
[Let's not forget that he's mythomania and he is the only one who doesn't know that.]
- Wow.
- It's smooth.
I got goose bumps.]
Woo Jin.
[Became a fan.
Since when did you dance so well?.]
When did you start dancing? I [He began when he as twelve.]
I began when I was in grade 5.
- With a very strong foundation.
- It was amazing.
Let's check the fact.
[Listen, Kim Jae Hwan.]
Unlike Jae Hwan, Woo Jin only tells the truth.
[Both are calm, but they act and say differently.
Woo Jin is the dance king.]
[Fact Check, Wanna One Bae Jin Young.]
Bae Jin Young is up next.
Wanna One's wanna be handsome member is Bae Jin Young [Smiling.]
[To the point.]
Jin Young, you know that you're handsome, right? - Me? - Yes.
- He knows.
[Little bit?.]
- He knows.
- Just a bit? [Tipping off his facial expression.]
There's a certain look Jin Young has when he looks into the mirror.
[Let me mimic Bae Jin Young.]
When he looks himself into the mirror, - he goes like this.
- That he's handsome? [Mirror prince, Ji Sung mimics Ji Sung.]
I know what you mean.
[I did?.]
- Brushing this bit.
- OK.
[That's right.]
He's into himself.
[Everyone has that look.]
I personally think that we all have that facial expression.
- Yes.
We do that as well.
- I go like this as well.
[All agree.
We're into our handsome look.]
We all do this when we take a shower.
[The biggest laughter today.]
Members picked Jin Young's face as [They want Jin Young's face if they were born again.]
the face they want to born into.
[Ongvid, Kang Daniel, Lai Kuan Lin.]
Daniel, Ong Seong Wu, and Lai Kuan Lin picked you.
The rest didn't mention the face.
Daniel, why would you want to be reborn with Jin Young's face? [Single eyelid.]
I don't have double eyelid.
[Jin Young's double eye lid is pretty.]
Mine is single, but his is very pretty.
And his eyes are dreamy.
[Agree? He nodes.]
So I complimented his face.
[He's embarrassed.]
- And he's acting weird.
- I feel embarrassed.
Anyways, this is the kind of face I like.
[Looking like an actor.]
- Like an actor.
- Actor.
How about you, Seong Wu? - He's thinking when he said that.
- I never picked You didn't? [Giving his opinion.
I always pick Min Hyun.]
I always pick Min Hyun.
[Both are born in 1995.]
Seong Wu always picks Min Hyun.
[What are these handsome people do?.]
I always pick Min Hyun for the face.
[Ongvid is very straightforward.]
On broadcast, when you're asked about these, [Too straight.]
- you just make things up and answer.
- Jin Young's face is [Very excited.]
But he goes like, "I never picked Bae Jin Young".
- "I only picked Hwang Min Hyun".
- It's "Min Hyun".
[Natural change of attitude.]
I wanted to mimic Jin Young's face because - In Jin Young's case, - He's now in broadcast mode.
- He's working.
- Jin Young [His brain stopped.]
- It's [Sulky.]
- He can't continue.
[Got you.]
- You're thinking of something, right? - No.
With such a small face, [Extemporaneous.]
he can handle various types of images.
Fantasy-like image and [He is smiling.]
Masculine image.
[Ongvid quickly acknowledged him as a guy with thousand faces.]
And cute image.
- There are a lot of images that you can express with is face.
- Ong Seong Wu.
How about Hwang Min Hyun's face? Tell us about him.
[Ong in business.]
I'm not interested in Min Hyun's face.
He's working hard.
[Lai Kuan Lin wanted Jin Young's face?.]
Lai Kuan Lin, you picked Jin young's face as well.
- Yes, I did.
- Why? [His sharp face.]
- I envy his sharp face.
- The sharp face line.
[He's trying not to be too proud.]
I don't have that kind of face line.
Jin Young, many people praise you, but you're very calm.
[He's just embarrassed.]
It's as if you've been waiting for this.
No, I'm just too embarrassed.
[Looking forward to.]
Is there any face that you want? [What kind of look would Jin young want?.]
Is there any face that you want? Who would you be reborn as? [Daniel.]
- Why? - Why? [No double eyelid.]
- Wow.
- He doesn't have double eyelid.
And he looks very warm.
[God Daniel.]
- I like puppy-like look.
- I do look like a puppy.
[Humanized puppy.]
- Puppy-like look.
- Yes.
Let us synthesize the face that [Synthesizing the face that Wanna One wants.]
all members want.
Let's create the face that Wanna One wants.
[What will be the golden features that Wanna One wants?.]
Let's pick eyes, nose, and lip and make the face here.
[Wanna One's choice of face shape?.]
What kind of face shape would you want? [Most picked Kang Daniel.]
- Daniel.
- I agree.
He has V face line.
[Am I pretty?.]
Members picked Daniel's face line.
[Wink king Ji Hoon's eyes.]
- It's egg-shaped.
- How about the eyes? - Ji Hoon's eyes.
- Ji Hoon's eyes.
[Best eyes.
Let me borrow that.]
Ji Hoon's eyes.
[Don't be surprised.
We're working on the face with a person whose hobby is Photoshop.]
[Combining it right away.]
What is that? [What did we just see?.]
What the.
[Who are you?.]
- No.
- It's not complete yet.
- If you're going to synthesize the picture like this - You never know what it will be like.
- Wait for now.
- Let's wait.
[Coaxing them.]
We still have a lot more to go.
They're working on it.
[Let's continue.]
- It's scary.
- Watch till the end.
- Nose? - Nose.
- Ji Sung's nose.
[Thank God.]
- Ji Sung.
- Ji Sung's nose is the highest.
[Ji Sung's nose.]
Ji Sung has pretty nose.
[2cm thick, Sung Woon's jelly lip.]
- And the lip? - Sung Woon.
- Sung Woon.
Sung Woon's lip.
[Are we going to have the 12th member?.]
We're picking the 12th member.
[Creating a twelfth member.]
It looks as if a professional is working on [I don't like that nose.]
- The nose is too big.
- It's too big.
[A lot of complaints.]
- It's gross.
- Isn't one of the eye looking sideways? Gross? Wait up.
[It's definitely Wanna One's face.]
- Sung Woon's lip.
- Sung Woon's lip.
It's because the lip is not complete.
[It's been combined bit by bit.
Who are you?.]
- With the lip - Game over.
It's very [The more they synthesize, the weirder it gets.]
- It's a old guy.
- Isn't it a bird? - It will be better if we could have eyes closer.
- I know.
Oh Jesus.]
- The eyes are too far away.
- The eyes [If you're going to do that, return my eyes.]
My eyes look weird.
The ideal face that Wanna One wants is [It's complete.]
- It's this.
- It's him.
The twelfth member is [The masterpiece of Wanna One's features.]
that guy.
[The guy who contributed his nose finds it very funny.]
What should we name him? [This owner of the face line is serious.]
- Isn't he a bird? - He looks like an eagle.
What should we name him? [The name of the twelfth member.
He looks like a bird.]
- Wanna bird.
- He didn't shave.
[It's a kind of face that you have to muster the courage.]
- It's as if he's looking at me.
- It's OK.
- Daniel is scared of him.
- He looks very funny.
- Scary.
[Daniel's eyes are precious.]
- Let's blur him for now.
- Thank you.
- He looks very funny.
- Let's check the fact.
- Bae Jin Young is the - Handsome one.
[Compared to the Wanna bird, he is handsome.]
- Handsome.
- He knows that he's handsome.
[We should protect his face at the national level.]
[Fact check Wanna One Lai Kuan-lin.]
- Time for Lai Kuan-lin.
- OK.
A confession of a sad man with long legs.
Body secret of Lai Kuan-lin.
What is this? [That is true.]
- Right, Kuan-lin has extremely long legs.
- Really? - They are so long.
- Wait, you can't sit cross-legged? - Kuan-lin's legs are long.
- Lai Kuan-lin, you can't do this? - I don't think so.
[Is that possible?.]
You can't do this because your legs are too long? - No? - Why not? - I don't think so.
- Really? - I think you can.
[He can.]
- You can.
- I can.
[Fact check done.]
He can.
Next! [What is this?.]
Let's move to the next fact check.
[Lai Kuan-lin's legs are 111.
7 cm.]
- That was quick.
- Your legs are 111.
7 cm? [Let's measure.]
Daniel's are 110? [Fact check on the sideline, leg length.]
- Really? - Please bring me a tape measure.
[They look long at a glance.]
- Then your upper body would be too small to hold organs.
- I grew? [Daniel's legs are very long, too.]
Daniel's legs are super long.
- In my case, it is the ratio.
- Daniel's legs are super long.
They are long to my height.
[Measuring Daniel first.]
Over 70.
[Keep rolling down.]
Approaching 110.
[Including shoe sole.]
111 cm.
[He saw that shoe sole was included.]
[Pro-meddler starts his move.]
[I want to measure, too.]
- I want to.
- Shall we? [Limited to Woojin, take off your shoes.]
- Take off your shoes.
- He didn't.
- You are wearing boots.
- Boots.
- We don't trust people.
[Quick give-up, not because I'm not confident.]
We should film quickly.
Move to Lai Kuan-lin.
[Respect Bro!.]
[Still growing Lai Kuan-lin.]
- His legs are seriously long.
- Very long.
[Donhee's seating height = Kuan-lin's leg length.]
[Looks like CG.]
Already 70.
Up to now, 100.
100 at this point.
117? [Including shoe sole.]
116 cm.
[Did you see?.]
Fact check, Lai Kuan-lin can sit cross-legged.
[Lai Kuan-lin can sit cross-legged like Koreans.]
It was our first episode of Idol Room.
Thank you for your participation, Wanna One.
[They made a special edition possible.]
- You are welcome.
- I promise.
[Promising the beef pledge.]
I will buy you beef.
[He did buy them beef shortly after.]
It was our honor.
I will definitely buy you beef so you can enjoy it.
- Yoon Jisung.
- Yes.
[Thoughts of leader Yoon.]
Let's hear a few words from Yoon Jisung.
[A visit to Idol Room without a comeback news.]
Thank you for inviting us to the first episode.
We sincerely appreciate it.
I wish you a great success, so you will have the 100th, the 1000th, and the 10,000th episode.
- And I hope you invite us again.
- That is a very nice thing to say.
- 10,000 doesn't seem possible.
- 10,000 is too much.
- Too many? - 10,000 episodes We would be 80 by then.
[Generational work.]
We will need 3 generations to make 10,000 episodes.
[You know what I'm saying.]
I hope the show will be loved for that long.
[Ambitious Kuan-lin.]
- I'll do it then.
- He says "I'll do it".
[MC Lai Kuan-lin is ready.]
He is ambitious.
I like your character, Lai Kuan-lin.
[Today's PICK-dol.]
Today's Close Camera chose Ha Sungwoon.
[The 1st PICK-dol, Ha Sungwoon.]
Leave a comment, please.
[One more camera, over here.]
I kept checking the camera.
[Iron will.]
I didn't really realize.
I tried to look at the camera when I thought of it.
I'm not sure how it will turn out.
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it.
- Thank you.
Idol reliability number one! Idol! - Room! [Various clips of Idol Room including Sungwoon's cam.]
- Thank you! - Thank you.
[are available on V LIVE.]
Thank you.
[A must-see BOOMERANG performance.]
[All 11 members are here.]
[Wanna One makes the stage cooler.]
[Stage set benefits from Wanna One.]
[Each and everyone is perfect.]
[Fatal attraction, attacking your heart.]
[So nice to see all of them on one stage.]
[If you continue this way Thank you very much.]
[90 minutes passed so quickly.]
[I'll save every one in my heart.]
[Engrave on my frontal lobe.]
[Taking notes on my occipital lobe.]
[Idol Room roots for units of Wanna One.]
[Free pass for 365 days a year.
Idol Room is open for Wanna One any time.]
[Come back to Idol Room like a boomerang.]