Idol Room (2018) s01e02 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 2 - Shinhwa [BGM takes care of the opening.]
[Grand opening.]
Idol broadcasting credibility No.
1! - IDOL! - ROOM! Daniel, this is from Daniel, right? [Daniel from WANNA ONE donated this pose.]
- That's right.
- We are using this pose.
- To those who are invited today.
- That's right.
[Going to get more pose from the new guest?.]
We will ask for good poses for IDOL ROOM.
- Poses that fit us.
- It is a tournament.
- Right.
[Declaring to make use of idols.]
We will choose the signature pose for IDOL ROOM.
- We will choose one.
- Yes.
[The first celebration delegation, WANNA ONE.]
Last week, we invited WANNA ONE.
[The second celebration delegation.]
This week, among all idols in action, [The symbol of longevity.]
The idol group of the longest history.
[Senior to Donhee and Konhee.]
They made debut even before us.
- Much earlier.
- Right.
[That is true.]
They celebrated their 20th anniversary this year.
[Ammonite of idols.]
The idol group with the longest life record.
[Welcome, SHINHWA.]
Please welcome, SHINHWA!.]
[Eric, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan.]
[Shin Hyesung, Jun Jin, Andy.]
SHINHWA! [The group appeared in flowers.]
- What the - Congratulations.
[Very calm, just like a newlywed bride.]
You are too old to do that You don't have to do that any more.
You are an idol group with 20 years of history.
[Why do you have to appear so slow.]
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
[Bragging about the house.]
Hey, check this out.
[The image changed just to brag.]
You didn't have that image before, right? - Jun Jin.
- That was a big investment.
- I should stand before the LED.
- This way.
- Hello.
[Hi, I'm Minwoo.]
Hi, viewers.
[Going for a solo shot.]
Please read our script.
- We wrote it.
- After saying hi.
- Say hi first.
We have the zimizib.
Shall we say hi to that? [He is experienced as an MC, guest, and broadcaster.]
Again, 1, 2, 3! - Hi, we are.
- SHINHWA! [Unwrapped.]
This fell.
- You don't have to do this considering your experience.
- I know.
[Things you can see when you step aside.]
You are starting anew.
- We had tot do something.
- Including myself, this is such a scene.
You wrote all the notes.
[Handwritten notes to congratulate Idol Room.]
- Yes, we wrote them.
- Really? - Yes.
- Read, please.
- I'll read.
[Things rhyme.]
Meat is Han Don, MC is Hyeongdon.
- You are such a sophisticated rapper.
- Defconn, fighting.
[Defconn didn't rhyme easily.]
I didn't have any idea for Defconn.
Only things like Bravo Cone.
Minwoo used it.
Kokkalcorn for snack, Defconn for MC.
[Amazing rhyme.]
- Nice work.
- Rappers should go to Show me the money.
[Don rhyme.]
MC is Brother Money.
[Note master.]
- I should've done that.
- Nice idea.
[Admission of defeat to Minwoo.]
You're cool.
[Former wit guy.]
Dongwan, Middle school math is this, [He must have put in a lot of efforts.]
Idol Room is Jeong Hyeongdon and Defconn.
[He prepared a lot.]
- I have some at the back.
- At the back? Always ready to appear, Kim Dongwan.
[Working on the quantity.]
Hyesung's look like an old script.
[A quatrain.]
I prepared a quatrain with Idol Room.
- Quatrain? - Yes.
- Give us the letter.
- 1, 2, 3.
- "A".
- "With Idol".
- "I".
- "This fun".
- "Dol".
- "Don't turn the channel".
- "Room".
- "Fighting Idol Room".
[The set turned into a exam room.]
That's awesome.
The 20 years was not wasted.
I spent so much time with the last one.
[Feeling pressure.]
- I liked it.
- Me, too.
Eric's note looks glamorous.
Let me read.
Congratulations on your new beginning.
From Eric.
[Eric this is disappointing.]
This is so dry.
- He is an actor rather than an entertainer.
- That's right.
[Jun Jin is helping out.]
He is our leader.
Acting like a leader.
This is unprecedentedly ordinary.
[Last one, Andy.]
- Andy.
- Andy.
The most trusted MC, Jeong Hyeongdon and Defconn.
Wish you the best! [Similar to Eric.]
- Sounds like it's from a business man.
- Very common.
The best statement from a business man.
Very nice.
- Thank you.
- We are staring anew.
[Shining faces after unwrapping.]
- Yes.
- To have a long run, [How to survive for a long time.]
What advice can you give us? [Responding without hesitation.]
You two have amazing chemistry.
Do as you have done, and take care of your health.
[1 statement master, and 5 silent meditator.
- Can we hear from someone else? - Which one would you like? [Sensitive.]
- Which one? - There - Don't be rude.
[Defconn picked Andy.]
- The business man, please.
- Andy.
- After confirming.
- Yes, Mr.
Andy Lee.
- Andy.
[SHINHWA contributed to the opening of JTBC.]
You made it possible to build JTBC building.
[Environment of JTBC at the time of SHINHWA Broadcast.]
Can you compared the mood? [After one word from Andy.]
- How do you feel? - It's so much better now.
[Statement hunter.]
- Compared to back then - Let us hear from Andy a little more, please.
- OK.
- I'm sorry.
[Dongwan captures the niche.]
We filmed in the 5th basement level back then.
[Happy to be on 5th floor.]
I love that we are on 5th floor.
- That's a huge difference.
- Right.
But then I'm really curious.
A lot of people are wondering when the leader Eric is going to speak.
[Jun Jin interrupts again.]
But Eric talks about the most important stuff.
- Only when it's important.
- Yes.
- Only when it's important.
[Precious voice.]
The opening is not that crucial, so I'll save my breath a little bit.
[Trying to get Eric to talk.]
The opening is almost half.
[Relentless talker.]
Those who just debut do great during the opening.
- Excuse me, are you his attorney? - Yes.
[MC, MC and guest, Guests.]
- You didn't know that? - He talks so well.
- It's like he's the MC.
- He's so good at it.
[Letting entertainer Jun Jin free.]
- Why keep him at a distance? - He's like MC.
- It fits him.
- Ask your questions.
[Entertainer Jun Jin runs wild.]
Take off your sunglasses.
[Look at him.]
I'm sorry.
[So fun to pull rank.]
- It's just that we're starting anew.
- Sure.
[Mommy bird scolds a baby bird.]
- He's older than you.
- You scared me.
- He debuted later, but he's still older than you.
- Jun Jin.
[Shinhwa's long-lived career.]
Shocking news just came in.
[Exclusive information.]
During Shinhwa's career, four administrations have changed.
- Time really flies.
- Four administrations have changed.
With all the presidential terms.
[Since the late Kim Dae Jung was a president.]
How do you feel going along with 5 presidents? [What the.]
- Out of nowhere.
- I know.
Because it's hard for idol groups last 5 years.
[It's hard to last for 2 administrations.]
There's a thing called the 7-year jinx.
[So touched.]
Like we've said, time really flies.
- The only thing we can say is time really flies.
- It's really something.
You're looking at the reunification of Korea.
[For the past 2 decades.]
- We performed in Pyongyang.
- We did.
[Shinhwa performed in Pyongyang in 2003.]
- In Pyongyang? - We did.
- That's historical.
- We got there by land.
- Who was the leader? - Kim Jong Il.
- Kim Jong Il was the leader of North Korea.
Even there was a transfer of power in North Korea.
The technical word for it would be "power-dol".
Power idol.
[Jun Jin's cute tricks.]
We should do, "We're Shinhwa".
- Let's change it.
- We always did this.
[Like parents who watch their baby's cute tricks.]
- Like this.
- Change it.
- Power idol.
[Love it.]
Today, Shinhwa was kind enough - to prepare flowers for us.
- To pay you back [Idol Room has good manners.]
Yes, give and take.
For Shinhwa [Anticipation.]
- You prepared something.
- It's a party after all.
Please bring it in.
We prepared this.
[A 3-tier cake to celebrate Shinhwa's 20th debut anniversary.]
[Shinhwa we pre-ordered this for you.]
We prepared a 3-tier cake.
[Customized cake.]
Congrats Shinhwa's 20th anniversary.
- This should be expensive.
- That's not all.
[It's not all.]
- There's more? - Of course we have more.
- I can't wait.
- We got you something nice.
- What is it? - Alcohol? - Champagne.
[A gift for an adult idol group.]
We got you a high-end champagne.
- Because you're Shinhwa.
- How much is it? [Practical Idol.]
It looks nice.
Get your glass.
- Shall we get a glass for each? - You prepared 20 candles? - Yes.
- Use all of them.
- How about just 2 tall ones? - Nope.
Just 2 candles can't represent Shinhwa's long-lived career.
So many candles.
- When are you going to light them up? - 20 candles.
- I feel great looking at the candles.
- Really? - Yeah.
[He prepares himself to blow out the candles.]
The 20th debut anniversary.
- Sing, "Congrats on 20th anniversary".
- OK.
- When the song is over, - You want it to pop? Or [Cork-popping control skill.]
We want it to pop hard.
[Request for the strongest strength.]
During the climax.
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Donhee and Conhee's singing ruins the party.]
- Is it supposed to a trot song? - That was off.
Too husky.
[Cork-popping strength is getting stronger.]
You're a hip-hop musician, aren't you? Your voice was too husky.
[The song finally starts.]
[Champagne is ready.]
- Thank you.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Feast for the eyes, letting half the bottle go to waste.]
[Everyone escapes.]
[CEO Lee is super satisfied.]
- Oh, come on! - That scared me! - What are you doing? - Why did we even go to the salon! I held the bottle pointing at the ceiling.
[CEO Minwoo knows how to entertain.]
It was beautiful.
The Jimmy Jib got the picture.
[Producer Jun.]
In slow motion, please.
[The legendary group Shinhwa lasted for 20 years.]
[They've been active.]
[Shinhwa continues to persist.]
[Feels like flying in the sky.]
[Shinhwa's 20th debut anniversary.]
It smells like alcohol at this idol show.
[Like a reception.]
- It's our 20th anniversary.
- We're almost 40.
[CEO Eric's speech.]
- Now CEO, give a toast.
- Eric will make a toast.
Thank you for celebrating Shinhwa's 20th debut anniversary with us, Idol Room.
We will work hard for another 20 years.
- Thank you.
- I was expecting something more witty.
[Protecting the leader.]
He spoke from his heart.
[Please be a little funny.]
Then speak less from your heart, please.
[Witty guy volunteers.]
- I'll add something after Eric.
- All right.
- OK.
- Eric.
Once again, please.
[Exactly the same.]
Thank you for celebrating our 20th debut anniversary with us, Idol Room.
[Dry comment.]
Say the next line.
[Exactly the same.]
We'll work hard for another 20 years.
Let's not die for another 20 years.
Let's not die [Unique toast.]
Let's not die? [Protects all the members.]
He came up with it in that short period of time.
[Meaningful toast.]
Because he's worried about your health.
- That was really great.
- It was incredible.
- You should stay alive for another 20 years.
Let's say "Let's not die" on the count of three.
- Let's stay alive.
- Let's not die.
Let's stay healthy.
"Let's not die, let's stay healthy".
Like this? - You say, "Let's not die".
- Let's not die! Let's stay healthy! - Let's stay healthy! - We'll stay healthy! [Wish Shinhwa great health and happiness.]
Health comes first.
We're with Shinhwa.
Today's pick-dol! - Close-up! - Camera! [Automatic copy.]
- Is this a camera? - Yes.
Park Woojin of Wanna One came up with this pose.
You have any other idea? [Park Woojin.]
This is brilliant.
[We're taking in ideas about the official pose.]
How about the Idol Room pose? Kang Daniel came up with this pose, like a house.
[The pose looks more perfect as it's Daniel's idea.]
He had the same idea as me.
It's a room.
We made a house when we were little like this.
- When you come up with something, - Free free to share your idea with us.
- We - We'd think only about that.
[Can't multi-task.]
- We should finish it up.
- We can't focus.
[Still thinking about the pose.]
- We had nothing else.
- It used to be like this.
[Donhee and Conhee's idea.]
Idol Room.
This was our idea.
[Where are you going?.]
- I like that.
- Open the door and enter.
[Encouraged, sharing embarrassing poses.]
- One step forward.
- Or Idol Room.
- We had this as well.
- I like that.
- That's cute.
- But the staff rejected all of them.
- They were all turned down by the staff.
- It can be something retro.
[No Jun Jin.]
Idol Room.
- We'll think about it.
- Like an invisible door.
[The leader finally speaks at an important moment.]
I have an idea.
[The CEO's suggestion.]
- I have a small one.
- We like it small.
Dongwan did this in the "All Your Dreams" choreography.
[It's Dongwan's idea, why bring Jun Jin?.]
At "Room".
- Stretch your leg and til to the side.
- Like this? - You go to the right.
[Anxious What's he trying to do?.]
Say, "Idol".
- Idol! - Room.
[The aftermath of champagne.]
Oh my Oh my room! [20-year friendship doesn't cheers him up.]
Oh my! [Mommy bird soothes him.]
- Oh my! - Oh my! Your voice was really cute.
[Oh boy.]
Oh my Room! - I screwed up.
- I like that.
- We'll give it a try next week.
[The best scene replay.]
- Feel free to share more ideas.
- All right.
[A little sidetracked.]
As for the close-up camera, it's the first-ever fan cam for a variety show.
There's one camera that films only one person throughout the shoot.
- Only for one person.
- A shy member wouldn't like it.
Is there a shy member? Eric.
On our way here from the waiting room, he asked me to hold his hand.
[He got to work holding Jin's hand.]
"My hand is cold, right"? [Thanks to Jun Jin, the shy leader managed to stand in front of the cameras.]
He said that.
It can prevent someone from feeling left out.
- Sure.
- Those who're good at reactions can just think the camera is filming himself.
The camera keeps filming one person, even though you don't talk at all.
But we're not the one who makes the decision.
[Flower boy Hyesung.]
- We should pick.
- I hope Hyesung gets picked.
- We don't try to get picked - Not like that.
- No.
- It's kind of a penalty, right? - No.
- It's a blessing.
- It's a blessing.
[He's also camera-shy.]
I feel pressured.
[The spinning wheel.]
We should sit like this, right? [No, Dongwan, go back to your position.]
- Nope.
- Nope.
- We'll walk you through it.
- OK.
Lay down on your tummy around the spinning wheel.
- Like that.
- And put your hands below your chin.
- And we'll spin the wheel.
- Oh, when it stops.
The one whom the camera gets will get the close-up camera.
Let's say the camera got two members.
Then we'll figure out the portion on the screen.
- The portion on the screen? - Yes, we'll analyze that.
- Sounds good.
- Let's say Dongwan get picked.
- OK.
- If I want to join him - Join him If I stay close to him, then I can be on the camera.
[A useful tip to utilize the close-up camera.]
We've been discussing that matter.
Should we blur the person out Should we blur the person out so the camera gets only the pick-dol? Now let's lay down around the spinning wheel with your hands under your chin.
11 members of Wanna One did the same thing in the last episode.
- 11 guys around this wheel? - Yes.
[Nice picture.]
It was dense.
I guess we won't be arguing about the portion today.
[Camera guide.]
Look at the ceiling and say hello.
- Like this? - You can look like this.
- Like this.
- Hello, we're Shinhwa.
Thank you.
Now [Grunts already.]
Let's spin it.
Pretty face.
[Nominee 1 Eric.]
Cute face.
[Nominee 2.
[Nominee 3.
[Nominee 4.
Jun Jin.]
[Nominee 5.
[Nominee 6.
[Orange guys are ready.]
Does any of you get picked often in this kind of situation? - Hyesung.
- Hyesung.
Let me spin it.
[Everyone is nervous.]
For real? Or for a practice? - It's the real one.
- OK.
- Get ready.
- Defconn.
- All right.
Here we go.
[The wheel is spinning.]
Here we go.
[Handsome guys, though it's blurry.]
Who will enjoy the close-up camera today? [Today's pick-dol.]
- I think it's going to be Andy.
- Is it going to be Hyesung? - Not me.
[All shy? They all want it'd be not them.]
Not me.
It's getting close.
- No, no! - Is it going to be Hyesung? [The camera is sad as no one wants it.]
Is it going to be Hyesung like always? [The wheel spins slowly, almost about to choose the pick-dol.]
No, no! No! [Everyone screams "No".]
It's not me.
[The one who rejects the camera the strongest.]
No, never! Not me! [Get Hyesung.]
[Jung Pilkyo.]
No, no! [From the camera's perspective, who hates me so much?.]
[It's you!.]
No! [Revenge of the camera.]
- No! - Shin Hyesung! [So upset.]
He passed me! [Whines.]
- It passed me.
- It's the portion that matters.
- It's obviously you.
[He monopolized the camera.]
Cute guy.
- Cute guy.
- It passed a little, but the camera got you.
[The best scene of the day.]
He really gets picked easily.
This is destiny.
We can't do anything about it.
Hang on.
- He's so doubtful.
- It was fair.
The camera director.
Please raise your hand.
- Are you going to film only me? - It will keep filming you.
- No matter where you go.
- Picking his nose, or getting his eye booger off.
- Even when you go to the bathroom.
- You'll follow me to the bathroom? - Yes.
[I'll follow you anywhere you go.]
- Even during the break.
- Till the end of the show.
[Embarrassed, awkward, shy Hyesung.]
[Orange princess, make some noise.]
[Cute Hyesung package.]
Hi! - Oh my God! - Then - This is what the camera will get! [Teasing Hyesung with the camera.]
[Pressured, worried.]
[Like this.]
[You're being filmed.]
- Oh boy.
- Like that! [Dongwan is more excited.]
- Keep doing that.
- Everything.
[He raised his hand a little bit.]
Like that! [One-shot camera reveals Hyesung's true nature.]
You got pissed off, and the camera got it.
- Were you just pissed off? - I was practicing bowling.
- I figured.
- "I'll hit you with a bowling ball.
" - What? - Wasn't it a fake smile? - No.
Can't wait to see the footage.
- Amazing.
- Now [Back to business.]
Let's find out Shinhwa's dance skills.
As Donhee calls out, "357 Dance"! - 357.
- 357.
[No discussion?.]
From now on, you can't talk or discuss anything.
- Why? - That's the rule of the game.
- We're not allowed to talk.
- Yes.
- While the music plays, [When the song is on, Donhee calls out a number.]
I'll call out a number.
[The exact number of members should come out and dance.]
If we say, "2", 2 should come out.
- Yes.
- Anyone? - Anyone.
- Along the music.
- If 3 members come out, you fail.
You should utilize your teamwork and telepathy.
[Makes an excuse.]
As we have so many songs for so many years, I'm not sure if I can remember all the dances.
[I knew it.]
- We'll stick with one song.
- I see.
- Just one song? - Yes, you can pick a song.
[Think hard.]
"The Solver", "Eusha! Eusha!" "TOP".
[Conhee's suggestion.]
How about "Perfect Man"? - "Perfect Man".
- "Hey, Come On" is good.
You got so many songs.
[As everyone knows the choreography.]
- "Perfect Man" OK.
- "Perfect Man"? - Yes.
- "Perfect Man" perfectly at once.
- We'll succeed at once.
[Confident as always.]
- Can we do it, regardless of airtime? - Sure.
[The main dancer checks the part.]
Is it just the chorus or No, from the top.
- Sounds fun.
- Thank you.
Because let's say 4 of us are dancing, and he calls out, "Two".
Then 2 should leave, but there might end up with 3 members.
[Last week.]
For your reference, Wanna One succeeded on their third attempt, 11 of them.
[It's off season for us.]
They have a new album these days.
Let's start "357 Dance".
"Perfect Man".
Move to the side and those who'll dance should come out.
You guys should go out first.
[Shin Hyesung, warning.]
- You can't discuss.
- We're not discussing.
- It doesn't matter if it's just small talk.
- Small talk is okay.
How have you been? Let's start.
Music, please.
[Donhee vs.
- For now, just listen.
- Listen.
- We listened to it too many times.
["Perfect Man".]
One! [He called out one, but there's no response.]
You failed.
[Urgently ordering Hyesung to go out.]
[Go, go, go, go.]
[Why me?.]
What's this? [The one in charge of dance ordered the main vocalist to dance.]
- I - That's not it.
Come on, seriously! Mr.
Jun! Minwoo was about to come out, why did you signal Hyesung? [Hear me out.]
I mean You MCs don't listen to me.
This is wrong.
[What's the meaning of Jun Jin's gesture?.]
It didn't mean that.
When I get carried away, I just happen to do this.
I thought I was at the auction.
That was so flashy.
[No flinch.]
- Music, please.
- Don't flinch.
You should come out right away.
- OK.
[Another important moment.]
- Did we fail? - You failed.
- The first attempt was a failure? - You should do it till you can make it.
- Because of this? - Yes, because of this.
- Music, cue.
- What do we do? Let's just give it a go.
[The 2nd attempt, "Perfect Man".]
Let's give it a try.
Two! [Three came out.]
You failed! You told me to go out, I said we should do it in order.
It's two, so you should've gone out.
- It was a timing game.
- Don't plan anything now! He said, "Let's give it a go", so I thought he'd go out.
[So I did.]
We should figure out how others are doing.
[2 attempts went to waste.]
That was 2 attempts.
Let's try again.
We haven't played the song for more than 5 seconds.
It was played till, "Yeah" part.
- I won't go out.
- Music, please.
[Step back.]
[Step back with him.]
[He was watching them.]
Five! [A quite a lot of guys got to work.]
["357 Dance" on the spot investigation.]
[Only 4 came out.]
[Blames others.]
All of you except one should've come out! - In order! - Are you a fool? [So childish.]
- I didn't see you.
- Are you a fool? - "Are you a fool"? - I glanced at them, and there was no one.
[Stepping back.]
I did this.
- I told you to go out.
- I glanced at you guys, and I didn't see Andy.
- That means I stepped back.
- I know.
That's so funny.
- There was no one.
- Are you angry? [I'm a gentleman and prince Hyesung.]
- No.
- Your accent came out, right? - No.
- I was surprised to see Andy.
[Another confrontation.]
It's a timing game between Andy and Hyesung.
[Hyesung still didn't get it.]
I know.
Andy and Hyesung - I didn't see you.
- I see you guys' timing game.
- Let's just do it without planning.
- For real? We didn't plan anything, you dummy.
[Shinhwa let's just start.]
- Telepathy.
- I want to hear something.
- We haven't played the song for 1 minute.
- Yes.
- It wasn't even a preview.
- Don't do this.
Here we go.
Music, please.
[Now 4th try, Perfect Man.]
Hyesung or Andy can come forward first.
[Donhee Vs.
SHINHWA, the game began.]
4! [This one would be number 6 in order.]
Why won't you come forward! [Number 2 came to work late, number 6 arrived after Hyesung pushed him.]
- Just a second.
- Why don't you come? [As if he didn't come to work, Jun Jin went instead of me.]
There he is! [There are 4.]
- Why did you cut the song? - This side came too late.
[Jun Jin came to work late, and everyone is laughing.]
Like this.
I went like this.
[What a shame.]
- I did go.
- I did go.
[Main dancer is upset.]
Let me dance! [Everyone, keep it in order, starting from me, ok?.]
Get it, guys.
[Things has been lame.]
- Jun Jin.
- It's been that way, dude.
- 3 people from behind.
- That's why I was here! [This one is dumb.]
Didn't you see that the 3 came from behind? - It's done.
We succeeded.
- I'm sure now we can do it.
[The strategy is delivered to everyone.]
So, - Music, please.
- Will the strategy work? [Music is on.]
[Tired of the intro, let's listen to the music.]
- Let's listen before we sing.
- OK.
- Let's listen.
- We shouldn't go too soon.
[Hyesung, come.]
1 person! 1 person [Hyesung finally got it, number 1 went to work.]
[Why 1 person.]
[SHINHWA CHANGJO, attention, please.]
Turn up the volume, please.
[Unexpected solo performance of left wing of SHINHWA.]
Till the end! [Woojjujju, our little prince is dancing.]
[This is the truth, Hyesung rocks no matter what he does.]
[Too embarrassed, dance stopped.]
[You are number 1.]
Why would I dance alone! - We were doing our part next to you - We were going to call out for more.
- Why would I dance alone.
- Because I said so.
[As Donhee calls out, 357 dance.]
- You should.
- I can't do this by myself.
- Feel it.
- You [You fool.]
That's why I came down this way.
[You didn't get it.]
Why didn't you know that! [Hyesung without sense.]
Do you know how embarrassing that was? That dance requires back and side support.
[Due to the position he chose.]
That's why I came down here.
[Main dancer is checking.]
- That - What was the dance? Was that for this song? I don't know.
I don't even know what I danced.
- If you don't dance correctly, that's a fail, too.
- Right.
- I was all wrong.
[In shreds.]
- I was wrong.
- Let's go.
Music! - Wow.
[Don't even remember how many times we tried, Perfect Man.]
[Calling for Hyesung again.]
6! [Hyesung goes to work regardless of his number.]
[He came to work, but doesn't know where to stand.]
[Do you know where I should go?.]
[The choreography is finally in place.]
[Wrong hand.]
[Left wing + right wing.]
[Confident as the whole.]
[Watching cool orange guys first time in a long while.]
[Let's watch first.]
[Checking Donhee's response.]
[Everyone is checking on Donhee for the next number.]
- We should go out here.
- Right.
[Dongwan's part.]
1 person! [Solo performance of the right wing.]
Kim, good job.]
[Very relaxed.]
[Who, now?.]
4! [4 person system is working.]
[Dongwan is excited the most.]
[Who are you asking to?.]
Where am I? Next to Dongwan.
[Subtraction attack.]
2! - Subtract! - Who? [Jun Jin and the right wing.]
What? [Look at Dongwan.]
Dongwan is staying.
[Dongwan is on fire.]
He's on fire.
[Perfect harmony.]
[He's now comfortable enough to come to camera.]
Jun jin! [Missed the timing to get out while playing with the camera.]
1 person! [It was fun, bye.]
Jun Jini! [It's Jun Jin time.]
[He's also embarrassed.]
- What.
- That's my boy! This is embarrassing! [Solo performance is not easy.]
It is embarrassing.
You should do your best.
[Rooting for the baby bird.]
Nice! [Fighting, baby bird! From mommy bird.]
[It is more and more embarrassing.]
[Donhee, please send me members.]
[Donhee answered, I'll give you members.]
6! [Dance!.]
[Watching mode.]
[SHINHWA's English rapper.]
- Am I right to be here? - Yes.
I'm confused.
[This is sincere.]
- SHINHWA rocks! - You will succeed.
[With all members, everyone is confident.]
[A few of them is going to disappear.]
[Dance away.]
1 person! 1 person.
[Dongwan, running away.]
- Nice, nice.
- I had to.
[And the main dancers solo performance started.]
You must be embarrassed? [This is M STYLE.]
I am.
[M STYLE is cool.]
- Awesome! - Nice! [Calling all members again.]
6! It's the most fun when one person is dancing.
[Konhee caught the crack.]
Andy is in the front, let's call out 1! [Andy, you stay.]
1 person! [The little one on top.]
Finish! [That's our boy.]
[Glad it finished within today, SHINHWA 357 dance, barely succeeded!.]
SHINHWA, pass! [Hyesung's CAM video will be released on V LIVE.]
You passed.
- That was awesome.
- I got the chills! [Dancing alone.]
Is it embarrassing to dance alone? [Dancing alone is hard.]
- It is embarrassing.
- It is.
- He was fine.
- I just did my best.
[Let's move to the next part with Dongwan in good condition.]
Dongwan's solo was - Idol Room's main segment.
- Conhee.
- Fact Check! Any ideas about the gesture for Fact Check? - This was designed by Park Jihoon of Wanna One.
- How did it go? [Write and check.]
- Fact Check! - I like that.
[Wanna One is the best.]
- I like that.
- I know, right? - We give credit where credit is due.
- That's great.
- I know, right? - We give credit where credit is due.
- It's all right.
- It's all right.
[There is no giving up.]
Any idea about the gesture for Idol Room yet? [Witty Minwoo finally talks.]
- I - Idol Room.
- I got one! - I like that "Room" part.
- OK.
[Save Daniel's pose.]
- Let's save it as it's nice.
- OK.
- There are two circles in "I".
- Yes.
Idol Room! [Watertight gesture.]
Idol Room! Like this.
[Like this.]
- Idol Room! - That's cute! [Cute charm.]
I like it.
We'll make the best use of it.
Should we call it M-Daniel? [Unexpected collaboration.]
M-Daniel's collaboration.
Idol Room.
We're celebrating Shinhwa's 20th debut anniversary today.
Throughout 20 years of career, you made countless lies - bluffing and exaggeration.
- I never lied.
Rough talk and jokes.
We managed to gather some facts.
- Before we get started, - OK.
[Requests from Orange Princesses.]
Your fans sent us so many questions about you.
[From Shinhwa Changjo.]
We sorted through a few of them as a warm-up.
Just swipe it.
You know how to use it? [Dizzy.]
He has an Android phone.
[The fans' comments.]
It's from ID Anyeo Anyeoyu.
- No.
- From Chungcheong Province.
"Switch the parts between the rap line and vocal line".
[They know Shinhwa so well.]
Because you guys hate it.
- I'm sure the fan requested it - Yeah.
Because she wants to hear Hyesung or another member do the rap part.
Because Hyesung is the hidden rapper.
[The answer is already set.
Hyesung should rap.]
Let's not switch the vocal and rap parts.
[The main vocalist should inevitably do rapping.]
- Hyesung is the main vocalist.
- Yeah.
- He's Shinwha's main vocalist.
- Yes.
- Show us some authentic rapping.
- Authentic rap.
[A main vocalist has a spirit of a rapper.]
- Show us authentic rapping.
- Authentic rapping.
You have the close-up camera for you.
[This is why he get teased, he gives up easily.]
- What should I do? Rap? - Rap.
- You pick.
- Pick what? Eric's rap line in "Deep Sorrow".
- Let's do "T.
- Yeah.
[He accepts his fate.]
I know you can do it.
[Drop the beat.]
Then beatbox, please.
[No beat no rap.]
- You need beatbox? - I sure need beatbox.
- To rap.
- Eric will do it.
- Wouldn't it be cool to hear his rap alone? - No, without beatbox Since we've been around for 2 decades, we don't need beatbox.
[Teasing Hyesung so well.]
We'll just clap our hands.
- 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Now clap your hands.
Quietly, please.
We should hear his rapping.
- I love your idea.
- We need to hear his rapping.
[Here comes amazing rapper, MC Rapkyo.]
- Together? - Doubling.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Eric's rap part in Shinhwa's "T.
[Tough and sexy rap lines by MC Rapkyo?.]
[Depending on the members.]
[Swag, spitting each words clearly.]
[Oh no.]
[The original rapper is having a massive cringe attack.]
[Having a massive cringe fest.]
Two shot with Andy! [He's teasing.]
You can be a rapper.
[Hyesung doesn't fall for it.]
- No, no.
- You shouldn't be here.
Go to the States.
[Hyesung's face turned red.]
[It's been 1 hour since the shoot began.]
- So hot.
- Now let's get started.
- We're getting started now? - Yes.
- Finally? - Now - Let's check the facts one by one from now on.
[I hate it.]
[What does deep-rooted "Hyesung-centrism" in Shinhwa mean?.]
[Shinhwa's first fact check.]
- What does deep-rooted "Hyesung-centrism" in Shinhwa mean? - Never heard of it.
I guess everything originates from Hyesung.
- What does that mean? - Everything revolves around Hyesung.
I believe we can say this.
[(Formerly) water and oil.]
With Eric, they were water and oil.
With me, mommy bird and baby bird.
Something like that.
He's always at the center.
Put it simply, Hyesung has great chemistry.
- Great chemistry.
- So we analyzed your relationships - for the past 20 years.
- Really? - Yes.
- Let's check it out! [Not on the screen.]
We'll have it on the screen.
I'm afraid there might be something weird.
He's really at the center.
It's complicated.
[Scanning carefully.]
It's very complicated.
The connections center around Hyesung.
Like you can see here.
[I'm the center, so can't help but smile.]
First off, between Hyesung and Eric, it says, "Hey! You dummy".
What is it? It's just how he expresses affection.
So he doesn't call him by his name.
Instead he says, "Hey! you idiot"! - You idiot! - No, it's "dummy".
- Dummy.
- Dummy! - Why do you call him like that? - What made you call him like that? Because he did something stupid.
Like this.
We can tell how he cares about me when he says, "dummy".
There's "Chung" in the word.
[Park Chung Jae's interpretation.]
If I were Park Cheong Jae, he would've said "Cheong".
If you were Park Cheong Jae? What made you call him that? - He hates someone holding his hand.
- He says, "Stop it".
- When someone is touchy-feely? - He doesn't like that.
- When we came, I asked Jin, "Hold my hands, I'm nervous".
Then Jin held my hand.
[Jin's warm kindness.]
He said, Your hand is cold".
And Hyesung was there.
I asked him, "Hold my hand, Hyesung".
[Wild mouth.]
I'll break your hand if you don't let mine go.
- What is wrong with him? - You're lying.
You said that over there! [No reflection, cool acceptance.]
Did I say I'd break your hand? Did I? - You say that often.
- That's too harsh.
- You should take care of each other.
I was just joking.
[Don't be mistaken.]
- Because it's awkward.
- Because it's awkward.
Are you two awkward with each other? [Messenger of peace Sunho.]
It's been 20 years now.
- Please refrain from those rough jokes.
- Let go.
[Can't allow touching him for more than 2 seconds.]
Eric, do you feel okay with that? ["You dummy".]
I've been hearing that for 20 years.
It's "Dummy" because we're on air.
He curses a lot in real life.
[Shinhwa 20th year anniversary campaign.]
So when he says, "Dummy" I feel really great.
[Speak nicely to the members.]
"Dummy" is relatively a nice word? [Break out in sweat.]
Oh my.
This is like a prank camera.
Are you going to go over all of these? - No, no.
- There's a lot, right? Only about you.
It's all related.
Let's go one by one.
Jun Jin! Let's check the relationship with Jun Jin.
The shadowy ruler on a variety show.
Hyesung makes Jun Jin what he wants to do - on a variety show.
- That's right.
I depend on him a lot.
[Now I can talk about it.]
During our 20-year-long career, - we've been on a lot of variety shows.
- Right.
When he said he wanted to try something, - and I didn't? - OK.
Then he gets mad.
[Never ending complaints.]
Had you done that earlier, [Doing himself credit.]
If it worked, - Thanks to me, right? - He's a director.
[He's so good.]
Why only to Jun Jin? What about the other members? [The reason why he gives Jun Jin orders.]
Minwoo has been a lot of variety shows.
- Because they have a similar sense of humor.
- Right.
[Listen, Hyesung.]
I don't like it, I just do what I'm told to do.
[It's just my thing.]
Because Hyesung is older.
Because he's older than you.
[Filial baby bird.]
When it works, I think to myself, "Good".
Did you give him any orders today? No, not today.
Because the camera keeps filming him.
[The camera is watching you.]
- Right now - I can't afford it.
[Overwhelming close-up camera.]
- There's a camera.
- My mind is blank.
- Do you have any other member you want to foster? - What? Do you have any other member you want to foster? - Dongwan.
- Dongwan.
Why? He's funny.
But he could have done better.
[Totally agree.]
He's so judgmental.
So sharp.
It's like you've thought that for a long time.
He didn't tell me anything, but he's definitely had some thoughts.
- What is it? - What is missing? - I can't specify anything.
- OK.
[He specified it.]
He jokes about the things only he understands/ Or some inside jokes.
If he makes that kind of joke, - people can't relate to it.
- People don't understand.
I told jokes because it was so funny to me.
But in most cases no one laughed along.
Let's take a look at Andy.
Our youngest member, Coochie coochie coo.
It's the same as all the other members.
Our youngest member, Coochie coochie coo.
- Except Jun Jin.
- Coochie coochie coo.
- Coochie coochie coo.
- It's because of this.
Between Jun Jin and Andy, if they're the same age or if Jun Jin is older than Andy, we haven't reached a decision.
[Born in 1980, born in early 1981.]
- We're - Like friends or brothers.
- It's - They're really awkward.
- Born in early 1981.
It's been awhile since we entered into an agreement.
We said let's be friends.
[Disclosing the facts.]
- And - They don't address each other.
- Hey - No.
[Without addressing each other.]
- For 20 years.
- We do now.
In the case of Mr.
In the case of Mr.
Andy For the past 19 years.
[Dongwan gets a kick out of it.]
They wait until they make eye contact.
And call him.
Excuse me, pass me that soy sauce.
- Excuse me? - But [Covering.]
Andy is a friend of my friends.
And he's a friend of my younger friends.
So it was a little awkward.
But we talked it out.
[A common problem.]
Since we're in the same group, we decided to call each other friends.
Until when did you feel uncomfortable with each other? [Don't be mistaken.]
This issue was brought up 12 years ago.
- Now you feel comfortable now? - Sure.
I guess the older members really find Andy cute.
Everyone said, "Our youngest, coochie coochie coo".
Because he's the youngest.
There's not much age difference.
How old is the youngest? - 39.
- Almost 40.
[Sunho is so cute.]
Almost in his 40s.
He's almost 40, but the older members still find him cute.
Who takes care of Andy the most? [Stealing the answer.]
- Everyone.
- All of us.
[Are you guilty, Jun Jin?.]
I mean, why You're friends.
- It's because we're friends.
- You should take care of your friend.
- When I see Andy - Andy.
- I mean, always - Andy [Everyone pays attention to Andy.]
The other day, Minwoo brought his mother's kimchi and perilla leaves.
We're neighbors.
- Those two are neighbors - In the same neighborhood? - Hyesung and Eric.
- Eric and I are neighbors.
- I'm between these two.
- Dongwan lives far away.
[He left the city.]
- I live it Cheongpyung.
- He recently moved.
- Gapyeong.
- He moved.
- When I see Dongwan these days.
- Return to farming.
I'm really grateful for dance practice, he has to take a train and gets off at Seoul Station.
He comes with the manager, and practices dance.
- Then he goes back to Gapyeong.
- So every time he comes to Seoul, - You feel like you're going to Daejeon? - You really moved to Gapyeong? I have to take a train called ITX to come to Seoul.
It always feels like I'm traveling.
What made you move to Gapyeong? I wanted to get out of Seoul.
You know.
Due to health issues [Spotted the shadowy ruler's activity in a variety show.]
From Gapyeong - 2 and a half hours? - 1 and a half hours? - It doesn't take long these days.
- He arrives.
[What do I do.]
When he arrives at the studio, he looks Hyesung has something to share.
Hyesung has something to share.
Hyesung just did that.
- He did that.
- I was crossing my legs.
He just did what he used to do to Jun Jin.
- Go ahead.
- What kind of order was it? [Unexpected order.]
- Andy can't make it fun.
- He said Andy can't make it fun.
- But since you've given the order.
- Yeah.
- Go ahead.
- Like Dongwan said, In our song "Eusha! Eusha!" there's a line, "Let's take a train or bus and let's go".
He wanted me to say that.
I don't know how to make it fun.
[Misery loves company.]
- When he mentioned a train? - I know how he feels.
You should make it fun.
[It's really fun.]
Dongwan was talking about it, I can't sing, "Take a train and a bus".
- I'll be talking.
Go ahead.
- Hyesung did that.
[His new best student tries to make it fun.]
To get Seoul from Gapyeong - You want me to do it? - Yes, give it a try.
- I can't pull it off.
- I can't do it.
- Do it.
Hyesung wants you to do it.
[Rebellious baby bird.]
I would have waved my hands to reject it.
[Betrayer baby bird.]
I would have waved my hands to reject it.
- Waved his hands.
- Waved his hands.
[Fact Check, behind Hyesung-centrailsm there's Hyesung who's got teased.]
Let's see the next fact check.
[FACT CHECK SHINHWA's second fact check.]
[Made by Lee Min Woo.]
"The new Korean wave, Min Woo's fart dance went to South Africa" - South Africa? - "Made by Lee Min Woo".
Fart dance.
[Checking the next fact.]
- Really? - There are two fact checks.
Wow, I didn't know.
"Eric's fart doesn't smell".
"The mystery around what his fart is made of".
Fart it is.
[He doesn't deny.
Even his fart is handsome.]
In fact, [He smelled everyone's fart.]
- No smell? - these are all what you said.
[Very confident.]
My fart doesn't smell.
[Another person who smelled it 2.]
You can't smell your own fart.
[Taking a step back.]
There's only the sound.
[First of all, Min Woo's fart dance?.]
Well, did Min Woo make a fart dance? With what kind of intention was it created? [There's an article about it.
SHINHWA's "Fart Dance".]
I never knew that it made inroads to ["Even fans in South Africa do the dance".]
South Africa.
What's fart dance? [The background of how fart dance was created.]
I had indigestion.
I was lying down at home because of that.
[It was when he was suffering from chronic intestine issues.]
You usually lie down like this when you watch TV.
[He was about to discharge gas for 100 times.]
I held my stomach to let the gas out.
But it didn't come out for many times.
[Empathizing with him.]
- It's difficult.
- So I held my fist and [Touched a few times and the gas came out.]
I knocked on my buttock, and there was gas.
[The historic day when he taught members the fart dance.]
I can fart when I knock on my butt.
[We should share good tips.]
- Look.
With the fist - The tailbone? - I might fart now.
- Let me try that.
[Everyone's lying down and touch together.]
It won't come out if you knock it too hard.
[Very effective.]
[The founder could show by example.]
Why don't you try [Lee Min Woo / Age: Old.]
[Creator of fart dance, and the one who farts a lot.]
Here? Would you like to give it a go? [Clinical trial for fact check.]
- It works.
- Really? - Really? - We should check the outcome.
- Seriously? - Because we will have to check.
He's brought a mattress.
You should do it.
[What about us?.]
He has to fart? - You don't have to if you don't feel like farting.
- Don't do it on purpose.
[Everyone's worried about the gas.]
Min Woo, don't fart even if you feel like it.
It's not the right timing.
[Guy who used to have trouble.
Don't worry.
I can control.]
But it would be - amazing if he farts.
- It may be helpful to those with constipation or is in the toilet right now.
It's effective.
[IDOL ROOM supports healthy intestine.]
- Really? - Lie down like this.
- OK.
[This is not a morning TV program.]
It feels like working out in a morning program.
[Show us.]
It's hot in South Africa.
[Posing to start the gas dance.]
Curl your legs up like this.
Lie down like a shrimp.]
And hold your fist.
Just knock this part like this.
Knock your tailbone with the fist.]
Knock this part lightly.
[Is it something be so serious?.]
- Why is he so serious? - So you do this when you're alone? - Yes.
- OK.
[He sensed something.]
- It's not fun because I'm too serious, right? - No.
[Go on.]
- It's not fun because I'm too serious? - No.
That's why it's funny.
It's funny.
You look like a doctor.
I was surprised because I wonder why this is popular in South Africa.
[Very explicit (nitrogen + carbon dioxide + hydrogen.]
How many times should you knock? [(+ammonia + sulfur dioxide = fart) talk.]
How many times should you knock? [Volunteering as the test subject.]
That's Would you like to try? - Does it really help? - Go on.
- Knock it three times.
- Hold your fist like this.
[Very kind 1:1 coaching.]
- Like this.
- Like that.
[Personal (fart) trainer.]
- Knock here.
- This is like morning program.
Would you like to try? [Taking a look.]
[Him as well.]
[Donhee knocks a bit.]
- It's - My arm [Whining.]
- My arm is numb.
- Like this.
[When it is touched by personal (fart) trainer.]
- Like this.
- It won't work if it's not your fist.
It might come out because it hurts.
[He sensed something.]
I don't know what it is, but I sensed something.
Right? [He sealed it because he doesn't know.]
But I'm not sure whether it's liquid or gas.
I feel anxious because you can't tell.
[Amazing new world of fart dance.]
This is amazing.
- It works.
- Why does it work? [Proud to be SHINHWA.]
It doesn't work when you stand up.
I guess it stimulates [Chic and ignorant, the posture is important.]
- Curled up posture.
- Curled up.
[Self arrange.]
- It's almost - Leave it there.
- We need this for the next fact check.
- Really? Eric's fart doesn't smell.
[Professional fact checker.
Let us smell that.]
We should smell that.
We should.
[Everyone's laughing.]
Eric, lie down.
[All right.]
- Eric? - Because it's fact check.
[Everyone, gather up.]
- Eric - Gather around everyone.
- Let's see if it's true or not.
- Gather around.
[It shouldn't leak.]
- Come together.
- It does smell like [Suspicious.]
- Are you gong to fart? - He will.
[Anyone up for it?.]
Can I fart? - Go on.
- It's fact check.
[Meantime, he's posed perfectly.]
- We will cover the sound with music.
- Wait.
[Forgot to check the decibel.]
The mike [I won't miss this.]
Let me put the mike I never imagined anyone would do this.
I feel like farting.
Oh no.
[I know what you mean.
I exeprienced it.]
It feels like it's coming.
World's first.
[Fart dance works very quickly.]
Try, everyone.
Did anyone fart? [Very suspicious.]
Did someone fart? [Bad air that feels the studio.]
[Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia, sulfur dioxide.]
Doesn't it smell a bit? [For sure.]
If it smells, it's not me.
[Is it really scent-free?.]
Have you never smelled Eric's fart? [What?.]
It does smell.
[Uncovering the truth.]
- Once, the smell was so bad that I had to - Jump off from the car.
- We parked the car at the shoulder.
- I jumped off.
[The one who smelled his fart ran on the highway.]
I ran on the highway.
[The one who farted says.]
It didn't smell in the past.
[Telling the truth.]
- It smells these days? - I think so.
I wasn't so sure because it may not be my fart.
[Eric's nose didn't function till now.]
Everyone, Eric's nose is now working.
- Didn't you have rhinitis in the past? - His nose which didn't work [Congrats, Eric's chronic rhinitis is cured.]
- His rhinitis got better.
- He had severe rhinitis.
It got better.
[Min Woo's fart dance makes Eric's nose to function well.]
[FACT CHECK SHINHWA's 3rd fact check.]
Moon Leader "Is he going too far, or is he confident?" "Moon leader said that he would compete against hot singers these days".
[Eric, "I'd like to compete against hot singers these days instead of being regarded as a senior".]
[There's a documentary evidence.]
You said in an interview as so.
- Eric.
- Eric.
[He said that?.]
[The one who said that.]
Well, I think it was probably after the absent period due to military service.
[It was when they made a comeback after 4 years of absence.]
We got together after 4 years and I think I said that during the press interview.
[Who would you like to compete against?.]
To whom would you like to compete against? [Staff asks which idol SHINHWA is interested in.]
Whom would you like to compete against? [He points out.]
I'd like to pay attention to new idols, not compete.
Why do you ask like that? [It's up to me.]
[What the.]
Isn't it up to me? Isn't it up to me? [Interrupting.]
[Eric's spokesperson.]
Eric said that before because he doesn't want to compete, but to say [It is to show that SHINHWA is still SHINHWA.]
- Of course.
- That we're still OK.
- That we're still active.
- You want to be with them.
[Say the name.]
- Yes.
- Which idol group do you pay attention? A group that is like SHINHWA in the past.
- BTS.
- BTS.
BTS is doing very well in overseas market as well representing Korea.
I feel very proud.
[That's the point.
Catching up with idol these days.]
Celebrating 20 years as SHINHWA, the members today are going to do what idol these days do.
[Feeling anxious.]
What do they do? [They're still very cute.]
Acting cute.
[We've prepared something for you.]
You never know.
[The trend is making a short clip of yourself wearing a ceremonial coronet and blowing petal.]
[Oh my.]
[He's never seen that.]
Since when did they do that? [Tossing.]
- Idols these days - Min Woo is good at that.
[Heart is a must.]
It's super hot.
[Oh my.]
I can't make heart.
[It's difficult for him as well.]
- Because of my arm.
- Me neither.
- They shoot the heart.
- There are many versions of hearts.
[We can't lose (Time to reveal our triple heart).]
Jun Jin and I make triple heart - at the concert.
- Huh? Triple heart? We make three kinds of hearts.
[Triple heart with Eric and Jun Jin.]
Really? - It's a large heart.
- I've never seen this.
[He watches.]
Triple heart.
Triple heart.
[Wait a minute.]
[Been together for 20 years, but they watch them.]
The leg doesn't look like a heart.
[It's very weird.
Let's count.]
I'm sorry, but will you show the heart? [Heart 1, heart 2.]
- One here.
- One.
- Two.
This is the heart we see.
- This is heart from our point of view.
- Three heart.
This is a heart form our point of view.
[What a good heart.]
It's like that.
[Making the point.]
It's like when adults don't want to lose to children.
[Showing how they can make 3 hearts.]
We have three! [Correct.]
- It's like that.
- Yes.
- We have three! [2018 SHINHWA version.]
Let's take a posture - like idol these days.
- Of course.
[The little prince doesn't look happy.]
I've prepared some props for you.
[He neither.]
Choose one.
There's a big one.
[Proceeding quickly so that they won't resist.]
This big bread looks good on Hye Sung.
[One coronet per person.]
A large bread.
[Shall I go home?.]
This And this confetti.
[Born-to-be idol wears it naturally.]
[Eric's taste (I like it).]
And the confetti.
[3 combo, coronet + petal + pose.]
Wear the coronet, come out, blow the petal, and strike a cute posture.
[Showing how much he hates it.]
Do something like this.
Starting from Jun Jin.
[Tossing it to Min Woo.]
- Start.
- From Min Woo.
- Min Woo.
- Here's confetti.
- He's good.
He's very good.
[Adapting to reality.]
- What should we do? - No.
1 fan service.
[Don't forget Andy, who's super winsome.]
Of course.
But isn't Andy good as well? - When he's into something.
- He's amazing.
- Andy is cute.
[SHINHWA's cute youngest.]
[Sexy Min Woo.]
Min Woo's version is sexy.
[Fans, are you ready to make some short clips?.]
Starting with Min Woo.
[Summoning the Thai prince.]
- Ready, go.
- Hello.
[Thai prince.]
Something cute please.
- Robocop - I was praying.
[Since there was no response, he pretended as if he didn't say anything.]
SHINHWA CHANGJO fans who's been with us for the past 20 years.
[Here's the cuteness of sweet cool water.]
I love you.
I love you.
[Don't be confused with which one's confused.]
- Good idea.
- It's a good idea.
[Very sweet, he's calculated everything.]
- Hand blow.
- He's good at performance.
[Up next is worried.]
Say hello in Thai.
[Very determined.]
Hye Sung is on camera.
I love you.
[Very meticulous.]
- Why is he embarrassed? - Why do you blow the fans? [Since it wasn't good enough for Donhee (again!).]
- No - Pick them all up.
[What the.]
- Pick them all up and do it again.
- What? [At the bottom of his heart.]
- Do it again if you're embarrassed.
- What? [Did you see that?.]
- He almost hit me.
- Really? We got it on camera.
[He's doing it again.]
When I say, "SHINHWA CHANGJO, I love you," sprinkle the petals.
- Me? - Yes.
[Getting help.]
[#Themostembarrassedinlife, #Embarrassedevennow.]
Like this.
- Fans would - They will love it.
[Feeling pressured, he's lost focus.]
- They like usual things.
- Of course.
- Andy is the highlight of winsome actions.
- Of course.
[Taking the coronet out.]
- It's for fans.
- Of course.
[He's caught.]
- Of course.
- Hye Sung, wear the coronet.
[It's a penalty.]
- I should wear it? Isn't it over? - No.
You all have to wear it.
He's ready.
[Fans are ready to be excited.]
How should I do this? - That means that he's prepared something.
- Yes.
[Bringing up his winsome action after a long time.]
- You want me to move? - No.
[Feeling nervous for nothing.]
[What is this?.]
- It feels very nervous.
- It does.
- Yes.
It's like the final in the Olympic Games.
- SHINHWA CHANGJO fans, I love you.
- Here it is.
[Andy shouldn't spare the winsome actions.]
[Oh Andy It makes you teary to watch the forever youngest member's effort.]
Fans - Fans would love that.
- It's from my heart.
[One more time.
He's very satisfied.]
Taking his heart out to show them.
[Give me some more petals.
What is Eric's big picture?.]
Can I have some more confetti? [I trust you.]
- He's got something.
- Yes.
[Allocating the roles.]
Please sprinkle.
[Expert advice.]
Sprinkle from the top.
[From: The world's cutest leader Moon.]
[To: Orange princesses.]
Huh? [Failed to send it.]
Idol these days don't do that.
One more time please.
[It's very difficult to be the world's cutest.]
- They don't do that.
- Idol these days [Learning the trend.]
- They don't do that.
- They don't.
It's to do something like idol these days.
[Sending again.]
[What the.
Go away.]
- (Sound) - He's acting winsome.
[There you go.]
[His ego is back, throws the coronet away.]
[The aftermath of winsome actions.]
When it doesn't - Fans will love it.
- Of course.
[Warming up before he acts winsome.]
- From Gapyeong - Let me be serious.
[What would witty Dong Wan do?.]
Kim Dong Wan from Gyeonggi Province.
[Getting the comments ready.]
I have some cheesy comments ready.
[Watch out not to melt.]
- Fans will melt.
- Buttery comment.
For the 20 years [He's choking up.]
For the 20 years [Second try.]
For the 20 years [He can't go on.]
Just blow.
[I feel for you.]
Blow and finish it.
Blow like idol these days.
[Don't misunderstand.
He's no spitting.]
He can't spin.
[It's not intentional.
It's full of his spit.]
What is that? - And idol these days aren't embarrassed.
- No? [They are very natural.]
- It's because they are showing their charms.
- Yes.
[It's not replay.
He's trying for the 3rd time.]
It's time for me to return your love [Too much emotion.]
for the past 20 years.
[Good effort.
That was OK.]
[He forgot what he did.
It's just funny.]
Oh my God.
[I'm sunny Jun Jin.
Let me put the past 20 years into this winsome action.]
[It's funny already.]
[Acting like a character from SF comic.]
Thank you very much for loving us for 20 years.
- Wink, wink.
- I love you.
I love you.
[His eyes and breathing were super natural No way.]
[Anyways, it's over.]
It was OK.
[Can SHINHWA act like idol these days?.]
[The 2nd guest for IDOL ROOM was SHINHWA.]
As the guest for our 2nd episode, [Congratulations, don't forget 20 years.]
SHINWHA, who's been out 20 years of history, has been on.
Thank you very much for that.
[Very warm.]
Thank you for visiting us although - your album is not out yet.
- OK.
[How did you like the new program?.]
How did you like IDOL ROOM? [I thought that it was a program for Hye Sung.]
Thank you very much for analyzing [He's done well today as the 2nd PICK idol.]
Hye Sung in depth.
I feel very relieved.
Thank you.
[Seoul to Gapyeong, how do you go home?.]
When should we finish the program for you? [The last train was 20:40.
It's already gone.]
The last train is 20:40.
I'm going to go to the outer circular road.
Isn't it swag? An idol member who lives in Gapyeong.
- Swag.
- Awesome.
SHINHWA has given us a lot of gifts.
[Their existence is a gift.]
- Of course.
- The fact they visited us is a gift.
So we've prepared a gift in return.
[We've prepared something for six precious guys.]
Gift? What is it? Really? [Engraved with Donhee and Conhee.]
- One each.
- Six.
Isn't it T-shirt? [Engraved with Donhee and Conhee.]
- One each.
- Six.
Isn't it T-shirt? [Something to eat?.]
- I guess it's all the same.
- Isn't it snack? - SHINHWA is one.
[What is it?.]
- Thank you.
- So the gift [Curious.]
We're grateful.
- Thank you.
- Can we open? - Yes.
It's orange.
[Engraved with Donhee and Conhee.]
- One each.
- Six.
Isn't it T-shirt? [Something to eat?.]
- I guess it's all the same.
- Isn't it snack? - SHINHWA is one.
[What is it?.]
- Thank you.
- So the gift [Curious.]
We're grateful.
- Thank you.
- Can we open? - Yes.
It's orange.
It's orange.
[What is this?.]
- Open it up.
- It's orange.
[Orange underpants with Donhee and Conhee.]
- Open it up.
- What the.
[They love it.]
- It's - This is shocking.
[Donhee and Conhee will protect you.]
Donhee is on the left.
Conhee is on the right.
[When we asked the secret behind SHINHWA's long-time success.]
When we asked that, [The secret was.]
the secret was that you share your underpants.
[That's how we became closer.]
You could go on with such friendship.
[New heart, new underwear.]
We wanted to give you new underwear.
- Really? - Next time you come, [When you visit IDOL ROOM again, wear it.]
make sure all of you wear this.
- OK.
- That would be nice.
- All six of us.
- In your pants.
[We will wear this for the first performance for our 20 year celebration.]
We will wear this.
[Oh my.]
What if we're wearing white pants? [I don't care.]
Fans will be able to see their faces.
- If we turn our back - They will be able to see us.
[Very happy.]
- It will show when we dance.
- We could do the ending like that.
The ending [That's not enough.
There's one more gift.]
Turn around and look at the back.
Look at the back.
- Do you remember? - This was for "Euisha Euisha".
- So cute.
- We were babies.
[Myself 20 years ago.]
[March 24, 1998, SHINHWA.]
It was when you made a debut on March 24, on March 24, 1998.
[The SHINHWA we loved at the time.]
We were all very young.
Let me ask you something.
To yourself 20 years ago, - The so-called "To me letter".
- To me letter.
[The legend called SHINHWA for 20 years.]
He's still 20 years old.
- He doesn't know anything.
- No.
[To myself who was innocent.]
He doesn't know what will happen.
Starting from Hye Sung.
the 20-year-old little prince.]
[Calling his name himself.]
Hye Sung.
Isn't it hectic after the debut? [Spoiler.]
Work hard.
Whenever you release a new album, [Not up to him but up to someone else.]
the company will ask you for new concepts.
Remember what I said.
[Don't do any experimental hair.]
Don't try new hairstyle! Do something that is the most average and [Are you talking about this?.]
very simple and neat style.
[Or this?.]
If you listen to what I say, [Don't do it.]
you will be grateful later.
[Something that Hye Sung wouldn't know.]
And you will be SHINHWA a lot longer than you expect.
[Very important.]
Don't fight with members.
And eat well.
[20-year-old little prince.]
[Very touching.]
It's very significant message.
18-year-old shy guy.]
Andy, good job till now.
[Cheering for myself.]
The harder you work, the better result you will get.
Make sure to work hard.
When they ask you to do tumbling on a cement floor, never do that because it's dangerous.
You will hurt yourself during the first album.
And then you will try again for the 3rd album.
You will hurt your feet.
[You don't have to listen to them all the time.]
Don't work hard for that.
- Save yourself.
- Watch out for your health.
[Way to go.]
Way to go! Health is the best.
- Eric.
- Oh my.
20-year-old English rapper.]
That is hot.
[Asking him to cut his hair.]
Your hair is long.
Cut it.
[Like Hye Sung, asking him to go to hair salon.]
- Go to hair salon.
- Right away.
[Very sincere advice.]
Does it look good? You will regret.
[Eric's future plan.]
You think that you will become and a professor after 20 years? [Wake up.]
You won't be one.
You will be SHINHWA forever.
[Something's burning.]
And there will be a drama titled "Firebird".
[The work of your lifetime.]
It will save you.
People will make fun of you for that for 20 years.
Do it though.
It's important.
And That's it.
[Emphasizing again.]
Cut your hair.
[It's touching.]
- Cut your hair.
- It's touching.
- It is.
- Yes.
[Same time, same mind.]
- It reminds you of the past.
- Yes.
20 years go by quickly.
All right.
20-year-old wit guy.]
Dong Wan.
Are you working hard as a singer? [Young Dong Wan.]
You will get a lot of fans at a certain point.
[Worried about weird tries.]
You will think of trying something dangerous.
What is it? You will come to love working out.
a muscular Dong Wan.]
You might want to make your muscles big.
Wait for a year.
[It will end after 6 months.]
Your heyday will be over after 6 months.
[Kindly, adding explanation.]
It ended after "T.
[Normal Dong Wan penalizes muscular Dong Wan.]
Who does that in such a short time? You should've built your body slowly, thinking of your health.
Stop eating rice puffs.
[And not so many eggs.]
Don't eat too much rice puffs and eggs.
Jun Jin.
19-year-old character from SF comic.]
After a few years, [When he was the energizer.]
you will be in a athletic program [It's called "DREAM TEAM".]
called "Dream Team".
Are you an athlete? You always go out to run.
You will get sick one day.
[Very sad.]
- Everyone's sad.
- You will be sick.
Thank God.
Who's next to you? [Cool guy.]
Min Woo.
He will be very famous later.
- Min Woo? - With his fart dance.
[Predicting that he will be the founder of fart dance.]
He will be famous in South Africa.
He will be like the president.
We will all work out.
We all have different talents.
[Trust us.]
Our members will stay healthy and do well.
Trust me and work hard.
Way to go! [To.
20-year-old cool guy.]
You've made a debut.
[After being a trainee.]
You're finally the singer that you wanted to be.
Good job till now.
You're starting as a singer now.
The first album won't succeed.
[Telling the fact to the 20-year-old.]
The first album won't be successful.
That is very [Too much spoiler.]
That is too much.
[No mercy for the cool guy who's made a debut.]
- That is so mean.
- Really? - Don't be frustrated.
- Oh no.
[Telling him again.]
Anyways, it won't work.
But it will be super successful from the 2nd album.
[With these members.]
From then on, if you work hard, you will be a singer [20 years, 30 years.]
for 20 to 30 years.
Six members, stay together.
Go on.
[Number six doesn't mean anything.]
[But when it comes to us, it's SHINHWA.]
We're a group for created for active SHINHWA CHANGJO.
["We're SHINHWA".]
SHINHWA CHANGJO! [Tuesday, March 24, 1998.]
[The day they got on stage as SHINHWA.]
[From that day to today, 20 years later.]
[SHINHWA was always six.]
[And there's one more member.]
I see that everyone here are on my side.
[When we have fans, we can dance at dinner shows.]
[I can always dance when I have the energy to eat - Kim Dong Wan-.]
[We've celebrated March 24 twenty times.]
[Let's stay together for March 24 2028 and Marcy 24 2038.]
[We don't want anything but to stay together.]
We're SHINHWA forever.
[You can watch various videos of IDOL ROOM on V LIVE.]