Idol Room (2018) s01e03 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 3 - Highlight [Significant presence at the center.]
Idol variety show with no.
1 credibility! Idol Room! [Signature pose donated by Kang Daniel.]
Wanna One Kang Daniel made this pose.
[+ M of Shinhwa.]
And M added this.
M and Daniel.
- M and Daniel.
- Right, it's collaboration of both.
Thankfully, both teams [They visited Idol Room to congratulate.]
are on a hiatus but [Guests who made viewers laugh a lot.]
they visited us to congratulate - the birth of Idol Room.
- Today's guests are also [Another delegation to celebrate.]
very close to us.
They're having a close relationship with us.
- I'm so curious about them.
- They're are similar to us.
[Idol band that are similar to Donhee and Conhee?.]
Yes, of course.
[Let's laugh together.]
They would know how we feel.
- They used to perform under another name.
- Right.
However, they just started working with this new name.
[Welcome HIGHLIGHT.]
- Let's invite HIGHLIGHT! - HIGHLIGHT! [Yoon Doojoon, Yang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung.]
[Son Dongwoon, Lee Gikwang - HIGHLIGHT.]
- HIGHLIGHT! - HIGHLIGHT! [Showing off high-tech LED screen.]
[They're amazed by the screen.]
- Our trusty guest, HIGHLIGHT.
- Wow.
- LED.
[Handsome guys holding flowers.]
- Good.
- Luxurious.
- Please come in quickly.
- Good.
- The stage is empty.
- Luxurious.
[Scolding them as they're close.]
Come in quickly.
[Without saying hi, throwing flower petals.]
[Just saying wow.]
[Will you please do that sincerely?.]
Junhyung, please don't throw it.
[From the bottom of his heart.]
Don't throw it like scattering salt.
[Look at him.]
[He threw a bunch of petals to get over with.]
Dongwoon, you're throwing a bunch of petals [Donhee & Conhee ask for too much.]
- We need to hurry.
- Okay.
[Throwing petals behind them.]
Thank you.
It feels like throwing ash after cremation.
Please stand at the center.
[We made a flower-filled path.]
Please take a walk.
[Donhee doesn't understand why.]
- We have to walk? - Sure.
- Please walk on the flower-filled path.
- When we were back with a new name, [When HIGHLIGHT debuted.]
you two made a flower-filled path.
[Donhee & Conhee did.]
Right, we did it.
[Wanting to return their favor.]
As we're established now, we made one for you.
- Thank you.
- You're now senior to us.
- Sure.
[Donhee & Conhee entered the flower path.]
I see.
[Wishing a big success of IDOL ROOM.]
Wish you a success! - Walk only on the flower path, IDOL ROOM! - Please give us a lot of support.
[Wishing the best.]
IDOL ROOM, please walk the flower path.
As a popular idol band wished a success, I think it will come true.
This is meaningful.
Thank you.
[Heart-warming opening.]
I wish all the best to Donhee Conhee and HIGHLIGHT.
[Flowers that he couldn't throw.]
Loyal idol band.
There's no other word to introduce them.
[Junhyung finished the decoration.]
Let's say hi to viewers.
- 2, 3.
- Hello, we're HIGHLIGHT.
[Loyal idol band who appear during a hiatus.]
- You're on a hiatus.
- Right.
- Besides Yong Junhyung.
- He finished his promotion, too.
[Junhyung ended his promotion.]
- Over? - You released your solo song.
I heard your song went out of [Confidence.]
- It's popular now.
- Is it? - Yes.
- "Sudden Shower".
- It's popular.
- Is it popular? - Yes.
[Please stop mentioning.]
- You say with a serious face.
- You don't need to talk about it.
[My song is popular.]
- How have you been? - We're so curious.
[Pretending as if he doesn't know him.]
What's your name? [Joking casually.]
- Lee Gikwang.
- Gikwang.
I think you've built muscles.
[Yang Yoseob and Lee Gikwang.]
You guys have a muscular physique.
- Thank you.
- Do you work out? Yes, these days.
- Why do you build muscles? - There's nothing to do.
[Cutie Yoseob.]
But fans would miss your image like a cute Chihuahua.
I won't show what's beneath my clothes.
- This is my hobby.
- Building muscles is your hobby? [Just for hobby.]
That's for one's own satisfaction.
- Right.
- Are you satisfied? [Very Satisfied.]
- I think he's confident.
- Just a bit.
[News flash about Yoseob's abs.]
Yoseob put his hand on the abs.
[Fact check.]
Abs? [New flash: Yong Junhyung showed interest to Yoseob's abs.]
Do you have? It suddenly looked reddish because of him.
[That was fun to see.]
Yoseob is building muscles.
- Gikwang, how have you been? - I'm focusing on core exercise.
[Everyone talks about exercise.]
- Nose exercise? - No.
Not nose, but core.
- Soccer.
- Yes, I do.
Recently, I got a strain on my groin.
- Like baseball player Ryu Hyunjin? - Yes, I got an injury.
[Due to the injury.]
- I had to stop playing this season.
- Right.
- As a soccer player - While you're promoting a song, [Singer Lee Gikwang.]
you're an idol band member.
[Soccer player Lee Gikwang.]
- But you turn into a soccer player during a break.
- Yes.
[Currently, just Lee Gikwang.]
- But you had to quit.
- Yes.
- So, you're now having no job.
- Nope.
- He works out and goofs around.
- I'm having fun all day.
- He's now enjoying a vacation.
- Yes.
A weight-lifting boy, a soccer boy and [Yoon Doojoon: Job - soccer player Side job - singer.]
I'm a soccer boy, too.
- Now you're playing soccer.
- Yes.
- Russian World Cup is just around corner.
- One month later.
[He's promoting World Cup.]
But people are not interested in the games.
- No.
- Many people don't pay attention to [Spotted something.]
[Yoseob's finger went through glasses.]
[Is this the magic?.]
How did you touch your eye through the glasses? [Magic fairy.]
- No lenses.
That's nice.
- Yes.
- New technology? - I thought you were from Marvel.
[Soccer player Yoon's talk Anyways, for the World Cup games - Will you fly to there? - Sorry? - To Russia? - No.
[Don't forget they're an idol band.]
I'm doing things related to it.
[What's the topic of this conversation.]
- As a sports entertainer.
- Right.
But then three of you here [They called idol group, but there's gym and soccer guys.]
- One gym guy.
- Gym guy.
One gym boy and two soccer boys.
[Yong Jun-hyung is the only musician.]
You're the only musician in Highlight.
He's too much of a musician.
Shouldn't you help him work out as well? [The weakest member of Highlight, Jun-hyung.]
As far as I know, he doesn't work out at all.
[I saw him.]
- He works out a lot.
- Which one? - PT? - Gym boy.
- Even now? - Gym boy.
[He hated working out.]
I worked out almost everyday.
[He's become a gym boy.]
When there's no schedule.
- So we meet at the gym all the time.
- Yes, two of us.
[Breaking news, he has great body.]
I saw his body, and it's good.
The one next to him is the one who doesn't work out.
[Dong-woon joined working out.]
- He's working out.
- These days.
- Did you just get started? - Yes, I started because there's nothing to do.
- Since you're not out with your album, you've become gym and soccer boys.
- Yes.
[Most members are into working out and gym.]
And musician as well.
[How about Dong-woon?.]
How about you? I'm doing a healing program in other broadcasting company.
[He's in a traveling program for stars.]
Healing? Watching stars? - Watching stars and writing music? - Yes.
[He's become very sensitive.]
While on the program, [He's even writing poems.]
I've written some poems.
[So he's prepared a congratulatory poem.]
- So? - I've written a congratulatory poem.
[Very serious.]
- There's no laughter at all.
I need some laugh.
[Dong-woon is angry.]
- You got rid of laughter as well.
- Huh? - You're not funny.
- He's angry.
[Delivering how Dong-woon feels.]
- He's angry.
- You got rid of laughter, didn't you? [Perplexed.]
- That is a pure invention.
- You got rid of it as well.
[Feeling calm again.]
- Didn't you get angry? - No.
- Serious.
- Do you like poem? [It's suspicious that he has such high-end hobby.]
Who's your favorite poet? [The favorite of all people.]
- Tell us.
- Yoon Dong Ju.
- Please recite his poem.
- Yoon Dong Ju? - Which one? [Not confident.]
Counting one star for memory, - One star for memory? - One star - Isn't it line from a song? [Hope that Dong-woon would be more confident.]
It's the lyrics from a song.
[It is from the poem, A night counting stars by Yoon Dong Ju, and Gaeko used it in his song.]
[Poet Son recites the congratulatory poem for IDOL ROOM.]
Anyways, I wrote a serious poem.
- For our future? - Shall I explain or read first? - First? - Read.
- Read and then explain [BGM please.]
- BGM.
- There BGM? [Do whatever you want.]
- It's here.
- What the.
[Trying to become emotional.]
- It's very short.
- Super short.
[Getting ready to be touched.]
- Poems should be short.
- It's all about the meaning.
[He's started reading.]
"Becoming the soil in the deep earth".
[AI is interrupting.]
Siri just - Huh? - Siri.
[The artificial intelligence has no clue.]
It's on for no reason.
- Let me read it again.
- We didn't know that.
- You should just turn it off and continue.
[He should've just continued.]
Let me read it again.
"Becoming the soil in deep earth, blooms colorful flower".
"Let me be the flower seeds in the air and be the colorful flower".
[Looking forward to compliments.]
[No compliments.]
It sounds familiar.
- No.
- "No".
[Urgently, poet Son explains.]
Let me explain.
- It's too short.
- It's because [They are reading his look.
Is he sulky?.]
He's very sulky.
- You were staying underground.
- Yes.
[And Siri is turned on again.]
Siri [Angry Dong-woon is here.]
[What's wrong with him today?.]
Why is he so angry? [He doesn't care.]
Say some good words.
He's sulky now.
[Poet Son is forcing them to like his poem.]
- You were underground.
- Yes.
So I wrote that the colorful flower will bloom.
[Forcing them to feel touched.]
Since there's no flower, many idols [Explaining.]
are flying all the way as flower seeds to make sure that you and IDOL ROOM become colorful flowers.
[Without his heart.]
- What an amazing poem.
- Amazing.
[To prevent him from going sulky.]
Please give him a round of applause.
[High praise.
Let me call you Son Dong Ju.]
I will call you Son Dong Ju from now.
- Thank you.
- Son Dong Ju.
[Praising him.]
I should console him for [Success.]
- I guess he's calm now.
- Without Siri.
- Yes.
Let me ask you for this.
[Idea for the signature pose.]
We're trying to make a signature pose [Like this.]
Whenever you have an idea, let us know.
[Dong-woon, do you have any ideas?.]
Any ideas, Dong-woon? [Giving them the idea he has without breathing.]
How about knocking first? You could knock like this.
[Original idea, knock.]
- Try it.
- Knock knock, IDOL ROOM.
[+ Added something more.]
[After looking at Donhee, he turned.]
He made it up at the last minute.
You seemed to have turned at the last minute.
[Highlight's Son Dong-woon donated the signature pose.]
Turning around looks OK.
- "Knock knock" first and then turn.
- OK.
[Before knock knock.]
Should we say "Ah" as well? Yes.
Because you have to be ready before you knock.
[Manner for knocking.]
- "Ah knock knock".
- "Ah knock knock".
- Isn't it too long? For now, let's enjoy watching.
[He's disappointed.]
He's sulky.
[Reading his looks.]
[He's not sulky yet.]
He can't hide his emotions.
[The look on his face is getting on the nerves.]
I never thought that I'd care about that.
- He's not old Dong-woon.
- No.
- Now he shows how he feels.
- Of course.
[With will and persistence.]
Just do "knock knock" then.
Shall we do it together? It's getting too long.
[Quiet Gi-kwang shares his idea.]
- I have an idea.
- Good.
[Dong-woon reader.]
- Everything else - He's sulky.
[Feeling betrayed.]
No, no.
He could have an idea.
- Let's listen.
- How about you two do this? - Fusion.
- Fusion.
[Keep Dong-woon's pose and add one more.]
- From Dragon Ball.
- Yes.
[Let's do it for now.]
Let's do it for now.
[Smiling as they do what he proposed.]
- "Knock knock".
- Knock knock.
[It's taking forever.]
Isn't it too long? It's super long.
[Donhee doesn't choose what Dong-woon made.]
Anyways, if you have any other ideas, - feel free to tell us.
- So you won't use Dong-woon's idea? - I don't know.
- We've done it.
[Reading his look.
He's about to get sulky.]
- You will include this? - Yes, we tried.
- Knock knock.
[Open conclusion.]
Watch on TV whether we do knock knock or not.
[Asking favors again.]
We have something to ask you.
- This is our 3rd episode.
- Yes.
So we need to promote the show on SNS.
Can you please promote the show on your SNS page? Since you have many followers.
[May I ask you this?.]
- How many followers do you have? - 1.
31 million.
1 million.
- Already it's more than 2.
3 million.
- You all have more than 1 million followers.
- Yes.
- 1.
7 million.
- 4 million.
- 1.
62 million.
- 5.
6 million.
- 600,000.
- Why so low? - I guess you don't upload many things since you're busy healing.
- Yes.
This means they have about 6 million followers in total.
Any celebrities follow Idol Room SNS account? [Other than the two MC, none.]
- None, you're the first one to ask this.
- Really? - Really? - It's the start.
- You're the first group that we're asking this to.
Please help us.
[Kneeling down together.]
[What happened?.]
We will help you.
Stop, please.
- We will help you.
- My kids are getting old everyday.
[He's the only person standing up.]
But my shows don't last forever.
- How old are your twins? - 7 years old.
They start school next year.
[Donhee won 5 celeb followers.]
- We should help him.
- Get up.
- Thank you.
- Let's stand up.
[Before they change their minds.]
Give Doojoon his phone.
The members all on the same page.
- What? You brought this for us? - It's my phone.
- We have to follow your page now? - As you can see [Forcing them.]
You have to take pictures with us and upload it on your page.
But did you know that? I wanted to look cool like a celeb so I am not following anyone.
- I didn't follow the members.
- You never followed anyone? - No, I am following nobody.
- Really? Nobody? Nobody.
Not even my company or the members.
[Please tap "follow".]
- Are you trying to make us say that we're grateful? Health boy.
- Yes.
[Checking the page.]
- That's true.
- This is the right page? - That's right.
- Please.
- Follow.
- You only have 441 followers when you two are hosting the show.
[That's why we need your help.]
Because we just started.
[The leader is helping out big time.]
Actor Yoon.
Take a picture together.
[After Leader Yoon.]
I will take one too.
[More pictures.]
Show the sign saying, "Idol Room".
[They are so nice.]
We have to show the sign, "Idol Room".
1, 2, 3.
[Very touched.]
My Son.
Thank you.
[The first idol follower, Highlight.]
[Be healthy, Idol Room.]
[What do you mean?.]
[Gikwang doesn't know how to take pictures.]
[He's face did all the promotion.]
[This is the standard of promotion.]
[Yoseob followed the page too!.]
Please follow our page until the show is released.
After than, you can stop following our page.
If we get many followers, you can stop following us.
Today's pick-dol! Close-up camera.
[Oh my!.]
[What is that?.]
- Camera man.
Wanna One's - Park Woojin.
[Thank you for the great idea.]
He gave us this idea.
- Wanna One members have so many great ideas.
- They came on the first episode.
If you can think of another gesture, please tell us.
[Dongwoon has a great idea for posses.]
Dongwoon, any good idea? [He is the idea machine.]
In the past, cameraman did this.
- They turn cameras like this.
- Yes.
You should do this and turn like this.
[Asking for too much.]
You like turning, huh? [Feeling nervous for him.]
Like a cameraman [It's the slow boy again.]
- How about you add the facial expression? - How? [The facial expression!.]
As if this is the real camera.
They watch the screen instead.
That's so old.
[We have this.]
- There is a monitor.
- A monitor.
- That's right.
- Is it just me? [Gikwang VS Dongwoon?.]
If Dongwoon says something, Gikwang always picks on him.
[Trying to think of a better idea.]
- I know.
- Are you two rivals? [Can't stop thinking about the pose.]
No I have react to his idea.
- For the show.
- I know, Gikwang is - Gikwang is helping out Dongwoon.
[This pose I have to make it better.]
Dongwoon, why are you so serious? [He wants to make a great pose.]
I think I have a good idea.
Keep thinking until we're done.
[Funny pose.]
Got it.
It's the first close-up camera for one idol.
If you are selected as a pick-dol, one camera will film you non-stop.
- Very pressuring.
- Yes.
[Very interested in it.]
[No matter what you do, it will be on the camera.]
- Eye booger too.
- Yes, it will be on the camera.
- Isn't it something bad then? - You can create many cute memes and charismatic memes non-stop.
It's a camera just for you.
- Is it some kind of penalty? - No.
[The right answer.]
- It's doing you a favor, right? - Yes.
[The big wheel.]
We are very fair when we select the pick-dol.
[You can't trick me.]
- What? - We will spin it and - if the your face is in the camera - The person whose face is in the camera is the pick-dol.
- Yes.
[They are voluntarily lying down on the floor.]
- Please - OK.
- Make a circle.
- That's right.
- OK.
Who wants to be the pick-dol? Only Dongwoon? [He's still young.]
- Me? - Yes.
- I wouldn't mind.
[Highlight kids.]
There is a camera on top.
Please say hi.
Highlight! It's right there.
Please make a cute pose.
[Candidate #1 Gikwang.]
[Candidate #2 Yoseob.]
[Candidate #3 Dongwoon.]
[Candidate #4 Junhyung.]
[Candidate #5 Doojoon.]
What a great actor.
[They are the pretty flowers.]
[Time to select the pick-dol.]
The camera only for me.
[A bit nervous.]
- It's like one-person media.
- One-person media.
[Spin the wheel.]
Here we go.
[The 5 handsome members are waiting.]
Here we go.
[Who will it be?.]
- Make your face look good.
- Make yourself look like a flower.
Here we go.
- Who will be the pick-dol of the day? - It's that side.
[Who is on that side?.]
[Passing Doojoon, Junhyung, Dongwoon.]
- Gikwang? - Doojoon? - It's Gikwang! - Doojoon? [Is it Yoseob or Gikwang?.]
Yoseob! [It's Yoseob!.]
Yoseob! [Peekaboo.]
[Pick-dol isn't something bad.]
It's me.
The close up camera.
Very pressuring - It's you.
The close up camera.
- It's me.
The close up camera.
- It will film me only.
- It will film everything about you.
[Doesn't know what to do with his hands.]
- It will film you non-stop.
- Which one? Which camera? That one.
I ask for your cooperation.
[Small head + Big hands.]
[I will get every detail.
[LIGHTs, are you watching this? Many Fairy Yang moments!.]
[Will create 900105 amazing memes.]
[So fun to pick on pick-dol.]
[A forced smile because of the close-up camera.]
Are you disappointed, Dongwoon? [He doesn't sound fine.]
No, I'm fine.
[He can read Dongwoon's face.]
He's disappointed.
Let's get started with Highlight.
As Donhee says, 357 Dance! - 357.
- You don't have anything for this? - Nope.
- Make one for them, Dongwoon.
- Make one, Dongwoon.
[Sudden chance, he looks a bit flustered.]
- Speaking of which, there's no intro.
- 357.
1, 2, 3! [Keeping him at a distance.]
357, 357, 357, 357, dance! [Wanting to get compliments again.]
- 357 dance! - Dance! [Good thing this gesture got approved.]
- Dance! - That's good one.
- I like it.
[He joins after being embarrassed by Dongwoon.]
357, 357, 357, 357, dance! [Are you happy Dongwoon?.]
- Dance! - I love it! [Dongwoon finally cracks a smile.]
Do you know how to play 357 dance? [He monitored it.]
- I have no idea.
- I don't.
- Yes! [Perfect explanation.]
If you two want 3 of us to dance, we should.
You love our show for sure.
- If you say 5, 5 of us should go out and dance.
- That's right.
The exact number of members we call out should dance.
- You can't discuss anything.
- Really? - Yeah.
- If too many of us go out - You fail.
What do we get if we make it? - It's something to be applauded.
- Applause.
- Right.
- What if we fail? - If you fail you'll get criticized.
- And - 2! - 2! Out of the way! Out of the way! [Wanna One got Donhee flustered after making it in just 3 attempts.
Awesome! Awesome! 2! [Shinhwa was all over the place despite their 20-year career.
1! [How well will Highlight do at 357 Dance?.]
Minwoo was about to come out, - How could you signal Hyesung like this? - I mean You MCs don't listen to me! Pick one song.
- Which song should it be? - Which do we remember the best? [Recent song.]
- "Plz Don't Be Sad".
- "Plz Don't Be Sad".
- "Plz Don't Be Sad".
- That doesn't have a lot of group dance moves.
- No, no.
- It's group dance from start to finish.
Don't you dare to say, "This part is freestyle dance".
No secret discussion.
[Their eyes are busy.]
Since there are 5 members, you'll You'll definitely make it since you guys are a 5-member group.
- Don't do that.
- What? It's just my eyes.
We're not allowed to look into each other's eyes? [Can you hear my voice?.]
[Ordering with eyes.]
I'll make it really hard then.
I dare you to do that.
[Look at that dude.]
I dare you to do that.
OK! OK! Got it, got it.
[Donhee vs.
Highlight, 357 Dance Battle.]
You just wait and see.
Music, cue! ["Plz Don't Be Sad".]
- It's the intro.
- I do know that.
- He hasn't said anything yet.
[A little nervous.]
Not yet.
Come out when we say something.
[Start lightly.]
1! [Here comes the starting fairy.]
[Natural stage manners.]
It's a little embarrassing when there's only one.
[Thank you.]
- You got the close-up camera.
- Close-up camera! [Fan service.]
- You got the close-up camera.
- Close-up camera! [Who's going to come out?.]
4! [4 in the order of standing.]
I let it slide a little bit.
[They decided the order through just eyes.]
- What? - I saw you hesitate.
[Constantly keeping an eye on Donhee.]
[Donhee met quite a match.]
- Really no.
- So many freestyle dances.
[Tee hee.]
2! [A bit slow, but 2 left smoothly.]
[Relaxed duo.]
5! [He's slow as always.]
[Glance, He doesn't look at the camera during a game.]
The formation is off.
[You never expected this, huh?.]
The square root of 4! - The square root of 4! - What? The square root of 4! [What does it even mean?.]
- What? - 2! 2! [Doojoon solved the problem late.]
2! 2! [But it's too late.]
I mean Excuse me.
- The square root of 4.
- The square root of 4.
- What is it? - The square root of 4.
- The square root of 4.
[Strong protest.]
- Many of us are art majors.
- I majored in liberal arts.
You all went to school.
- The square root out of nowhere? - What's the square root of 4? - 2.
- The square root out of nowhere? - It's 2.
- 2 should've remained.
It's 2.
3 of you were supposed to move aside.
I thought you were talking about a temple.
He said something temple.
- Temple.
- Root Temple.
Like Bulguksa Temple and Beomeosa Temple.
That was the square root of 4.
It's not like we'll only call out 3, 5, or 7, because it's called 357 Dance.
You need to think outside of the box.
[The crisis those who are terrible at math face.]
- Number and math.
- Is this a math program? - Yes.
- Right.
- 357 Dance requires calculation.
It's so hard.
- You thought it'd be easy? - Yes.
We haven't given you factorization and multiplication questions yet.
We all majored in liberal arts.
- Do you understand how it goes? - Yes.
The square root of 4 was a no brainer.
That's too easy.
[Self reflection.]
- The square root of 4.
- I never expected that.
[Gikwang's forecast.]
He will say "The square root of 9" soon.
- What's the answer? - 3.
- 3.
- How is that 3? - What is it then? - Is it 6? [Donhee is terrible at math.]
The square root of 3 isn't 9.
[How could you attack without knowing that?.]
What is it? [Donhee Conhee needs to watch EBS.]
If square root of 4 is 2, then root 3 should be 3.
[Getting contaminated.]
No, earlier, root 3 was - Isn't 3, square root of 6? - Let's be exact.
[Looking for math genius.]
Who's studied "The Principle of Mathematics?" [Solution.]
I don't shout something that I don't know.
I only know about square root up to 4.
[Relaxed[ - All right.
- Root 4.
- That's very difficult.
[Smart Jun-hyung.]
If he says something, shout the answer if you know.
- Can we do that? - Yes, a smart one could shout.
[Highlight's brain?.]
Gi-kwang had high scores.
[Lee Gi-kwang insists that he was No.
- Really? - When I was in grade 9.
- Stay nervous.
- OK.
[Changed the song.]
- Shall we do "Fiction?" - "Fiction?" [Trick of an idol with 10 years experience.]
- "Fiction".
- There's not much dance.
[He doesn't know.]
- Does "Fiction" have a lot of dance moves? - Yes.
[I heard what Dong-woon said.
They lied.]
"Fiction" is full of dance moves.
[You're fishy.]
We need a lot of dance moves.
[Close up camera, the camera is on them.]
You're on camera if you lie.
[But there's no lie detector.
It only shows beauty.]
- It is.
- "Fiction".
- Let's dance to "Fiction".
Give us the music.
- "Fiction".
I love the song.
[He's very.]
- He uses only one leg.
- One leg.
[Isn't it this?.]
[He dances to "Fiction" with his face.]
One! [One fairy is on the stage.]
Why don't you dance? I'm dancing.
[It's the part when they don't move.]
[Will he dance now?.]
[Still not moving time.]
Why don't you dance? [Move.]
[Finally, he's dancing.]
[One more.]
[Here's Jun-hyung.]
[Two members dancing as Highlight.]
You look like an unit.
[Watching Donhee alone.]
[He's witty.
It's time for the math.]
He will call out something mathematical.
[Everyone dancing in different directions.]
Math! [Leader with conscience.]
Hey, in the same feet.
- You move in different feet.
- No, no.
[Without one member, it's more chaotic.]
Very natural.
Be in sync.
[Foot freedom, they want to dance in sync.]
You dance in different directions.
- The move - One.
1 can't escape.]
What the.
I was going to leave.
He was going to leave.
[Huh? Again?.]
He's not moving again.
[It's time to be still.]
He's staying still.
Why? He's dancing.
[He's moving.]
[Dancing again.
Then everyone.]
[He's slow.]
[Hello, zimizib.]
[Domino dance.]
- Dance.
- It's not in unison.
- Yong Jun-hyung.
- It's not in sync at all.
- Four and half.
- Four and half.
- Four and half.
- Four and half.
[Surprised, he runs away.]
Four and half.
Fail! [Self-insisting No.
13 in school calculates.]
Fail! [Meant to fail.]
Why? Why? - You were late.
- Four and half is 2.
- Two.
- There were three.
- And you're too late.
Yoon Doo-joon went out too late.
[But then poet Son objects.]
No, four and half is [Half means half.]
It should be four people and half.
[Self-appointed No.
13 agrees.]
- He's right.
- Yes.
- It's not half of four.
[Donhee vs.
Highlight, now they're in the war of math.]
- It's - Four and half is - Four and half is - It should be four people and either one of the upper or lower body.
[Insisting on, let's say that you lost.]
- No.
- But will you divide your body, no.
Half of our body will dance.
[Very witty.]
I think it's two.
[No, it's two when it's 4 times 1/2.]
It's two.
[Being persuaded.]
I thought of two first.
- Gi-kwang, how did you learn from school? - But he insisted.
- Yes.
- From school, what's the answer? - Two.
[Verified, Gi-kwang may not be No.
- It's 2.
- We lost.
[The smartest poet Son who studied liberal arts doesn't feel that it's correct.]
You lost again.
[Donhee pretends to be nice.]
- I will do something easy for you since this is the last one.
- OK.
[Selecting the dance again.]
- It's difficult.
- Can you dance to something I want? [Big fan of Highlight recommends Shock.]
- Which one? - "Shock".
- OK.
- "Shock".
- I love it.
- Let's focus.
- You cut very quickly.
- You went out very late.
- You were late.
- Should I run? - OK.
- We will run.
Give us some time.
- I went out right away.
- Me too.
[Slow walker smiles.]
- Jun-hyung went out right away.
- I was slow because [Explaining.]
the tempo wasn't fast.
- I was going out smoothly with music.
- Doo-joon wasn't confident.
He was checking whether the number was correct.
- OK.
- I could see that.
[Telling them.]
- This part is red.
- No.
- He's getting red here.
- He's angry.
- No, I'm not.
[Additional report.]
His ears get red when he's angry.
[He will be angry bird if they continue.]
I'm a bit angry.
Let's go.
- We will succeed this time.
- Way to go.
[Last try, Shock.]
Here we go.
Give us the music.
One! [No.
1 fairy working to hard.]
- I'm tired.
- No pushing.
- It's your dance.
- Don't push anyone to go out.
[Watch the dance with the direct camera.]
I love direct camera.
[Dance is an exhausting labor now.]
[Cheer up.]
[Forcing Yo-seob to dance.]
Let's watch how good Yo-seob is.
[Looking at him.]
[I won't call out the number.]
- Why? - When would you call the number [Diligent dance robot.]
[Looking at him at ease.]
When would you call the number? [SOS.]
I'm getting sweaty.
[Despite the signal, he doesn't respond.]
When? It's up to me.
[You never know when he would call.]
[They're on alert.]
- Focus.
He might say something like 1/4.
- Good, Yo-seob.
[The song's about half way through.]
[So sad to be No.
1, dancing alone.]
- Good.
You danced half of it.
- Good.
[Why was I No.
I'm getting sweaty.
The first verse is almost over.
[He's got other members.]
[This is solitude in the crowd.]
[Attack evolved.]
Pi without the decimal part.
Pi without the decimal part.
He's finished calculating.]
Pi without decimal.
[Just join me.]
- Pi is 3.
24 without the decimal part, right? - That's right.
[Proud No.
- Pi is 3.
24 without the decimal, right? - Yes.
[Hey, it's 3.
- 3.
- 24.
- Pi is 3.
- Is it? It's not 24? [What is it?.]
- I guess I want to move.
- It's 3.
[What the.]
Why are you here? [He's thinking of the next math trick.]
1000 divided by 200.
- 1000 divided by 200.
- 1000 divided by 200.
- 1000 divided by 200.
- 1000 divided by 200.
Done quick calculation.]
- Five.
- 1000 divided by 200.
- 1000 divided by 200.
[He was about to leave, but he stayed.]
Five, five.
[His brain is still pause.]
This is my dance.
[Oh It didn't work.]
[Finally, they are dancing together.]
[Donhee is going fretful.]
Oh no.
[Get it wrong.]
48 divided by 12.
- Why? - 48 divided by 12.
[Answer is 4.]
[Poet Son who studied liberal arts is doing well.]
Why? Why? Why? Why? I didn't go in.
[Risky, nervous.]
[Thinking of everything he knows.]
17 times 0.
[Not much attack.]
[He calls Yo-seob whenever.]
- One.
- Yo-seob.
[It's weird that he calls Yo-seob when it's time to be still.]
Good, good.
Till the end.
[The one who knows Donhee well.]
It's difficult for him to think of a question.
- Focus.
- Listen up.
[Weird calculation again.]
Three and 1/3.
[Highlight does whatever he says.]
- Three and 1/3.
- One.
Stay still.
[One person dances.]
[Getting angry.]
- Five.
- Five.
[Gi-kwang's lost again.]
Dance! Dance! [Pretending as if he didn't wander.]
[Conhee attacks.]
- 21 divided by 7.
- Three.
[Listen up.]
- 21 divided by 7.
- Three.
[His upper body almost left.]
[Big wave.]
Weren't you going out? [Attacking again.]
- It's almost over.
- 24 divided by 6.
- 24 divided by 6.
[They are now used to calculating.]
[Despite the mathematics problem, Highlight's 357 dance succeeded.]
- We've done it.
- It's over.
[Let's talk about Gi-kwang's big wave.]
- Honestly, you went out.
- Yes.
[You know? Main dancer dances free style.]
It's my free style dance.
Doesn't it look that I was electrified? "Shock?" [Actor Yong.]
That was the version you danced today? - You're very smart.
Did you study the sciences? - No, liberal arts.
- Huh? - Liberal arts.
[You can watch fairy Yang's dance on V LIVE.]
We're with Highlight.
Let's take a step closer to truth.
Fact check.
Fact check.
We're going to discuss about your TMI.
You know TMI? Too much information? [Soccer boys have no idea.]
Too much information.
- I guess you heard it for the first time, Gi-kwang? - Yes.
[Two soccer boys missed the trend.]
- I'm hearing it for the first time.
- TMI.
Too much information.
- There are many rumors about Highlight.
- Yes.
[Checking whether it's true.]
We will check whether it's groundless or not.
We will ask you whether it's true.
Let's check he comments that fans left us.
[These are comments that fans left to IDOL ROOM.]
"Did you read the comment that Jun-hyung" wanted to see you, Donhee?" "And please select one member of Highlight who goes well with Donhee".
[Something new.]
- He wrote that he missed you.
- Did you write that? [Shy.]
[I miss you - April 23.]
[One day in April.]
[Jun-hyung thought of his brother and missed him.]
[Did you miss me?.]
[Now I can say.]
I was talking with my friend.
[Why he left it on social network.]
And I watched the video and pictures of the time.
[You can feel his heart.]
I missed you a lot.
Of all Highlight members, [Doo-joon is known to be his best friend.]
I felt very comfy around Doo-joon.
[Brothers 1, 2,? bestie, brother 3.]
Yo-seob, Gi-kwang, and Dong-woon are like brothers.
But Jun-hyung was a bit How should I put this? [The story of the past, he wasn't on friendly term with Jun-hyung.]
He doesn't say much.
- There's a wall.
- Before you get close? - Yes.
And before that, I thought of him as just Yong Jun-hyung of Highlight.
[Donhee x Jun-hyung became friends at Ireland.]
But after that broadcast, I became friends with Jun-hyung a lot.
He talked about Mr.
Yong a lot to me.
[That means that he's become close.
He told Conhee about Jun-hyung.]
You know what? [Slandering.]
Jun-hyung is very disorderly.
Disorderly and depressed.
[Weird combination.]
Disorderly and depressed? Depressed because of disorder.
[Disorder helped with depression.]
It could be misrepresented.
[Inseparable Highlight & Donhee.]
Donhee and Highlight members are very close.
Let me ask each of you a question.
[To Dong-woon, what is Donhee?.]
What is Donhee to you? [Obsessed with laughter.]
- Shall we be funny? - No, not at all.
[It's better to be funny = You should be funny.]
- It's better to be funny.
- A bit.
[Frozen because he has to be funny.]
Just put it simply.
[He's buffering.]
It's very difficult.
[Incorrect, he changes the order.]
- If it's difficult - Will you go ahead? - Go ahead? - Then why don't we have Dong-woon say the final comment? - OK.
[His eyes shaken.]
[Everyone's looking forward to.]
- What matters is what's been said at last.
- Yes.
[Dong-woon's very serious now.]
[Since 2010, they've known each other.]
On a program called "Sweet Rain" you guys had quite a chemistry.
For real.
With sincerity.
- Of course with sincerity.
- Just how you feel.
- Just take it easy.
- What does Hyungdon mean to Doojoon? - He saved my life.
- Come on.
- I mean it.
[Everyone is having.]
That's what you wanted to hear.
You feel great.
He's feeling great.
[Except this man who's getting more worried.]
He wasn't on the show from the start.
After you joined the show, - he took care of me so much.
- He was a big support for you? - Yes.
What does Hyungdon mean to Yoseop? I think he'd say a celebrity.
Celeb pig? [Burst out laughing.]
Celeb pig.
- Celeb pig? - I think he'd say a celebrity.
I mean, the answer would be a celeb.
[So fun when the pressure is off.]
- No, I mean - He's so witty.
[Super pressured.]
- After Junhyung and Hyungdon traveled to Ireland.
- Word spacing [He's getting more worried as they're so funny.]
What does Hyungdon mean to Yoseop? You may say nothing, if that's the case.
Just feel free.
You can say "Nothing".
- What I feel about you.
- Yes.
- You can level with us.
- Image.
- Moon.
- Moon? - That's too vague.
- He's the moon.
[Suffocated by the pressure.]
[My That's a nice answer.]
Moon? - That's too vague.
- He's the moon.
The moon rises at night.
- It's bright to our eyes.
- Yes.
It has always coexisted with the earth.
- The other side of the moon.
- The other side [Save me.]
You got anything? - Moon rabbit.
- There's a person who's not listening all this.
[We're watching you, Dongwoon.]
There's a person who's not listening all this.
He keeps asking me, "You got anything"? We have such high expectations of Mr.
[Adding more pressure.]
Marvel of the talk show world.
Strange of the talk show world.
I'm Thanos of the talk show world.
[Now he has to answer.]
What does Hyungdon mean to Dongwoon? [I trust you Our Dongwoon.]
- Hamburger? - Why? Why? [He tries to fix it.]
- Why? Why? - Why? [Relaxed pose, but he's very nervous.]
For one thing, When we came to shoot the show, Hyungdon always gave us a burger, you remember that? [The one who gave doesn't remember.]
- I did? - A few times.
You sure it's him? [Since I remember it, I'm going my way.]
That's what I remember a lot.
[Nervous, Dongwoon?.]
- Like - You remember that a lot? - Yes.
To take care of us he brought us burgers.
[Look at him.]
He's acting.
[So fun to analyze Dongwoon.]
- He was worried about us.
- His voice got higher.
Leave him alone.
Don't help him.
[#talking to himself #HighlightThe youngest member.]
He brought meals for each one of us.
[Let's see how far you'll go.]
Since you debuted much earlier than us.
As the shoot went on, [Stop it, Cutting in to save Dongwoon.]
Now let's get down to business.
We wanted to begin lightly, but it ended up being so serious.
[I screwed up this time.]
Let's start lightly again.
Let's check the fact.
Lee Gikwang, what's his magical dance that fascinated Americans? What is this about? - Gikwang's American dance.
- Yes.
[The one who spread American dance in Korea.]
You did the dance on variety shows.
You did the dance in front of Americans as well? As I learned to dance in the States, [Reference: "The Dancer".]
We choreograph new dances.
Then we give it to artists abroad.
While the existing American dance was a product you made without going to the States.
Right, right.
- You created the new version in the States.
- A real American dance.
You learned.
- Can you show us the existing American dance and the new one? - We should compare.
[Should I Or not?.]
- Let's compare.
- Let's check it out.
We'll put on some music.
It's the existing American dance.
Music, please.
[Existing American dance, bringing the USA vibe in a long time.]
This is what you showed on variety shows.
[American dance master.]
[American dance that anyone can do but not anyone can do.]
- He's going down.
Here we go.
- It's this part.
[Here it is.]
- Here.
Here it is.
- This is it.
It's - He's getting down.
He went down.
- Here it is.
[This provocative dance was all the rage.]
- Here.
Here it is.
- This is it.
[The highlight of the existing American dance.]
- This is - Without going to the States.
- American dance without going to the States.
- Stop, stop.
- Right.
That was the existing American dance.
- Before you got a ESTA.
- Yes.
- "No visa" dance.
- No visa.
- Yes, no visa.
Now he should do "visa" dance.
Now this dance moves got an - explosive response in the States.
- He learned the dance there.
[So pressured (made in USA).]
It's the 2018 version.
Music, please.
I can't wait.
[Everyone is high with expectation.]
[Gikwang grooves to the music.]
[I sometimes do American dance.]
[Dancing despite groin injury.]
[I don't like it when I sometimes can't endured the pain.]
The groove is [He does dance so well.]
[But what's the difference?.]
[Constant dance grooves.]
We don't really see the difference.
- He didn't get down.
- He didn't? - Sure! ["No visa" American dance, pelvic dance.]
[American dance after studying abroad, dance standing up.]
- I heard Americans raved about it.
- What? Americans [Me?.]
- They raved about my dance? - Yes.
- Who said that? - A rumor has it.
I heard they were shocked by your dance.
We knew you'd try to back out.
So we brought American guests today.
- For here? - We brought American guests here.
[The maximum reaction.]
For real? [Come on, American people.]
- Come on in.
- Come on in.
- Come here, please.
- Come here, please.
[Oh my God.]
Let's see if these Americans [Automatically standing up.]
What's all this? - would rave about it - We need to check the fact.
[Welcome to Idol Room.]
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
What's up, USA baby! [Why Americans here all of a sudden?.]
[American greetings from TV.]
[Talking nonsense in English (feat.
Let me introduce yourself, baby.
What? I think you pissed them off by calling them baby.
Introduce yourself, please.
Hello, I'm Terris Brown.
I'm from New York.
Nice to meet you.
Oh my God! You're from New York? [Sing along together.]
[He's into the New York vibe.]
Building, baby.
[What's that?.]
Building baby [Though it's not funny, he's king enough to laugh.]
New York building.
Hello, my name is Cam.
I'm from the United States as well.
I'm from Arkansas.
Now everyone! [It's your turn, Highlight.]
Say hello to Terris and Cam.
[Everyone on mute.]
Please introduce yourself.
[Silent fairy.]
Please introduce yourself.
[Quite quick this time.]
How old are you? [Looks young for his age.]
- 27.
- 27? [Confidence +1.]
- Very young face, man.
- In Korean age? - Thank you.
- In Korean age? - No.
- Nope? - International.
- International.
Go ahead if you have any questions, Dongwoon.
- 91 91 91? - In English.
I was born in 1990.
I got it.]
- 1990.
- Born in 1990.
- 29.
You should introduce yourself.
[Hello, let me introduce yourself.]
- I was born in 1991.
- No, I mean [Skipping names.]
- 1991.
- I mean Say your name.
Younger than me.
[From the top.]
- Let me introduce myself.
- Okay.
Nice reactions.
[Helper Conhee.]
Tell them that you love action figures.
[Still no name.]
- I love figures.
- Figures? [Out of the blue?.]
- Figures? - Figures.
[Still no name.]
- Like toys? - I love Marvel.
[My friend with no name, you like "Avengers".]
- Avengers? - Avengers.
You saw the movie? [The conversation doesn't last longer than 10 sec.]
[When are you going to tell your name?.]
Hey, what's your name? - I'm SQ.
- SQ? - English name.
- SQ, what does it stand for? You should ask, "Do you know Sisqó"? [Copy.]
- "Do you know Sisqó"? - Sisqó? Yeah.
- "Incomplete", Sisqó? - Yeah.
[A long-time fan.]
- I love Sisqó.
- OK.
- So SQ? - Yeah.
[Long story short, his name is SQ.]
His name is SQ.
- His visa name is SQ.
- OK.
[Passing the buck to Yoon Leader.]
- Wow! Leader! - Actor.
- Leader! [Yoon Doojooon / 28, leader and actor.]
- I can't speak English.
- Actor, sports star.
Sports star, soccer player, actor and Introduce yourself.
- My name is Doojoon.
- Doojoon? - Doojoon.
[A surprise attack.]
You know how to speak Korean, right? [Caught off guard.]
[I'm a genius.]
He fell for it! He fell for it.
[He accidentally blew his cover.]
Keep trying.
Stop trying to trick them.
- My name is Doojoon.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
[Acting like they can't speak Korean.]
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
- Have a nice day.
- Have a nice day.
[Now have fun.]
- Enjoy! - Thank you, we're enjoying, yeah.
Next! [Doojoon and SQ got it over with.]
I'm sweating.
Hi, my name is Junhyung.
[Nervous and anxious fairy.]
I'm 30 years old.
- Me, too! - 30? Same brother! What's up, dude! [Thinking of the next sentence.]
[Out of nowhere, showing off Doojoon's expensive shoes.]
[Dongwoon translator, he's rich.]
[Perfectly understood.]
Very rich guy? [Yes, I'm Yong and rich.
[No more to talk about, wrapping up.]
Let's have fun.
Yeah! That's what we're doing.
[Passing the baton to AJ.]
- Next! - Next! Original U.
S player.
He's the dancer.
- A few days ago, - He said, "a few days ago".
- I went to go L.
- He went to.
I went to L.
- Korean American.
- I went to L.
- Yes.
[Making the longest conversation so far.]
I learned a dance class.
The dance class name is Millennium Studio.
- Oh, Millennium Studio.
- On Facebook, yeah.
[You know I know.
Confident English.]
- I know.
- OK.
[The last one.]
Hello, I'm Yoseop.
Hi, Yoseob.
- I am - I am? It's been a long time since I heard that.
[Showing off.]
- Famous.
- You're famous? - I'm very famous.
- You're very modest.
I'm a star.
[Have you heard of Yang Star?.]
I'm a star.
So confident in English.
[Yang Star (28).]
["English was the easiest".]
[Common reactions to see the star.]
- I'm a star.
- I'm a star.
So we got a famous person and a rich person.
[Yang Star, Yong Rich.]
Rich and star.
- U.
S dancer.
- Dancer.
[Yoon Actor.]
- Actor.
- Actor.
[Son Figure.]
- Figure.
- Figure.
[Son Marvel.]
Terris and Cam! [This is finally happening.]
He Original - Dancing machine.
- He's going to show [I do American dance too often.]
He's going to dance.
[To do list, watch his dance.]
- For you.
- For us? - OK.
Maybe he's very good.
[Show me American reactions.]
- No good, boo.
OK? - OK.
[Perfect communication.]
- OK? - That worked? They can speak Korean, right? Looks like they're in some Korean Language Program.
- Best dance.
- Good luck.
- Good luck.
- They are cheering you up.
[American friends are cheering him up.]
Good luck, man.
Please show it to the Americans.
You learned this from the States.
[Can't wait.]
Let's go.
Let's go.
[American dance! Will Americans like it?.]
Give us the music.
[Carefully starting out.]
[This is the real American dance.]
They are not showing reactions yet.
[Kwang's body is working so hard.]
[Full of American soul.]
Two Americans.
Terris and Cam.
[Checking their reactions.]
[Still watching carefully.]
- Watching his dance? - I am watching.
[No reactions from Americans.
The members are getting nervous too.]
[Here it is!.]
Here it comes.
[Laughing out loud.]
[If you are curious about the real American dance which impressed them.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
[Missing VLIVE Segment.]
How should we go? [Finally, he speaks Korean.]
- How should we go? - Bye.
- You're good at Korean.
- He is.
[Korean name, Hwang Tae Su / 1990 born, been on TV for 3 years for fun.]
It was frustrating.
- Are you good at Korean? - Yes.
[Everyone feels good now.]
- Isn't he good? - I am.
- He's very good.
He said, "It was so frustrating".
[Highlight's American dance and English works.]
[IDOL ROOM supports Highlight's activities in Korea.]
[FACT CHECK, second fact check.]
[Butt tester Yang Yo-seob can tell who it is by touching the butt.]
[Me? All of a sudden?.]
- That's the fact.
- What is it? [Leader has no ideas as well.]
There's a rumor.
It is said that Yo-seob [find Dong-woon by touching his butt.]
You succeeded in finding Dong-woon.
Huh? I did? [Yes, you did.]
[Provided by: KBS.]
Our staff has a lot of data.
[Emphasizing, IDOL ROOM seeks for No.
1 trustworthy program.]
We only mention the fact that has been confirmed.
We're going to cover Yo-seob's eyes.
[We've seen the evidence.
Let's check.]
And let's see if you can tell whose butt it is.
[You need an eye patch and Yo-seobs hands.]
I guess it will be difficult.
[Highlight's butts.]
We've prepared this pretty eye patch.
[Very serious.]
Please lift your shirt.
[Everyone stand forward.]
And show your butt.
- He will be able to tell by the clothes.
- Make sure that he can touch your butt.
[Regardless of fact check, isn't he so cute?.]
How can you [Fairy Yang has become cuter without intention.]
Stand to the side.
- Like this.
- To the side.
[They are standing in a line.]
Touch the butt and evaluate it.
- Evaluate the butt? - Yes.
Yang Yo-seob the butt tester.
[Checking the butt, here we go.]
From the first member.
[To fool him, Donhee's butt is waiting.]
Here we go.
[Donhee, with his self-designated apple hip, he's going to create division.]
Make a guess.
- Tell us how you feel.
- OK.
- Butt.
- Huh? What is it? [He's confused.
What is this strange feeling?.]
What the.
Who is it? [I have the butt support.]
It could've changed.
- Wow.
- How does it feel? - Wow.
[So funny.]
What the.
[Forgetting that he should evaluate, he keeps on admiring.]
This hip is very Who is it? [As a guy working out, I want this butt.]
- Do you want this butt? - Yes.
This kind of butt Wow.
[Everyone else is curious.]
Who is it? - Let's go again.
- Let's go.
[Proud of his butt.]
- Who was it? - Donhee.
[He's lost for no reason.]
- Really? - Yes.
- Wow.
[Fact check 1.
We will start for real.
[It feels weird.]
Here we go.
First member.
[Very serious.]
This feels like [Why is he so serious?.]
You should touch his butt alone, no shirt.
[He's like a doctor.]
This hip is Will you strain your butt? [Butt tester.]
How does it feel? [Evaluate how the butt is.]
Please explain.
[After the first test.]
It feels like Doo-joon's butt.
- It feels like Doo-joon's butt.
- Why do you think so? - It's strong.
- Yes.
[Evaluation, strong.]
Please explain so that fans will understand.
[It's Doo-joon's size.]
- Size? - This is Doo-joon's size.
[And this movement is by Doo-joon.]
This movement is Doo-joon's.
[First evaluation is success.]
- It's Yoon Doo-joon.
- Doo-joon.
- OK.
You never know.
[Fact check 2, Gi-kwang.]
- Next member.
- OK.
[Focusing all his senses on his fingertips.]
- Touch there.
- Here? - Yes.
[What are we doing?.]
- Lower the hip like this.
- Like this? [I know this butt.]
This butt is [Evaluation, robust.]
[Smaller butt = Gi-kwang.]
It's smaller than the butt earlier.
It's Gi-kwang's.
[Thank you for knowing.]
[I didn't know that he had this talent.]
It's smaller.
[Succeeded again.]
[Fact 3.
Dong-woon's butt.]
Here we go.
It's a member's butt for sure.
[Butt tester Yang starts his examination.]
- You guessed that the first butt was Doo-joon, and second Gi-kwang.
- This is difficult.
Please guess who this is.
[At a dead end.]
It's a bit confusing.
[Either Doo-joon or Dong-woon.]
I'm confused whether it's Doo-joon or Dong-woon's hip.
[High skill.]
Strain your butt.
[Why so serious?.]
His butt is a bit [Evaluation, it's larger.]
- Is it saggy? - No, larger.
[So it's Dong-woon's butt.]
I'd say that it's Dong-woon's butt.
It's projected as Dong-woon's butt.
- It's hard.
- Next.
[Confused again.
Unknown butt.]
[What the.
It's too big.]
What the.
Why is it so big? [It's fun to make fun of him.]
That was mine.
Let's go again.
This is the last member.
[Fact check, 4th butt, Yong Jun-hyung's butt.]
- Here we go.
- OK.
- Where is it? - Here.
He's been working out.
Strain your butt.
[He's enjoying it.]
[This is Dr.
Yang's butt hospital.]
It's a hospital.
- Strain.
- This is - Yes.
It's Jun-hyung's butt.
It's Jun-hyung's butt.]
- Why? - Because he's the only one left.
[That's why it's Jun-hyung's for sure.]
- It seems to be Jun-hyung.
- You could be wrong.
[Two butts made him confused.]
Doo-joon and Dong-woong's butts - Confusing? - Yes.
[It's a lie.]
- You got it all wrong.
- First - Wrong? [He's looking forward to it.]
- You said Doo-joon, Gi-kwang, Dong-woon, Jun-hyung.
- Yes.
[All correct.]
All correct! I was very surprised.
[He found out his hidden talent.]
Correct! - Very surprised.
- Amazing.
- You got it all right.
All four of you.
[Succeeded in getting six butts in total.]
- You got all six.
- All six.
[One more skill by the fairy.]
You got all six.
You have very keen hands.
[Obvious question.]
- Did you get different feelings touching our butts? - Yes.
Totally different.
[Yo-seob is the most accurate butt tester in the world.]
[What should he make use of this talent?.]
Today's Idol Room.
Thank you so much.
- Though you're taking a break.
- As a loyal friend.
Thank you so much for joining us.
[The third pick-dol.]
- Yoseop who's been filmed all day.
- Right! [Forgetful fairy.]
- Say something.
- Right.
- Is there anything that concerns you? - Me? Nope.
- It went okay.
[The leader's evaluation.]
- I think it was quite okay.
- It was okay.
Your English was kind of cute, too.
Um Um It was cute.
Please say something to the camera director who worked hard for you today.
I'm not sure if I showed a variety of pictures.
I'd like to thank you first.
For our fans, the footage should be a welcome rain.
Junhyung, how was it today? I had so much fun.
[Sharing his advice all of a sudden.]
When you just let go and feel less pressured, [What is he doing again?.]
there will be positive energy.
Is it time to give advice? - I asked, "How was it today"? - He means he had fun.
[Enough of this.
Encouragement and advice.]
Keep up the good work.
Cheer up.
- Thank you.
- Way to go.
- Mr.
[Please ask about Idol Room pose.]
How was it, Dongwoon? Have you come up with any Idol Room pose? I did come up with something.
[Serious presentation.]
Compared to what I showed up earlier, - it went a little further.
- Good.
Show us.
1, 2, 3! Knock, knock.
[More complicated, make a house and spin.]
Idol Room! And then.
Change it to a heart.
[What do we do?.]
Then change it to a heart.
- He's thought about that throughout the shoot.
- He made a slight change.
- I love it.
- Let's wrap it that way today.
Let's wrap it up that way.
I'll work on it when we have a new album.
What was important to you today was not the show, but only the pose throughout the show.
All right.
We prepared something for the last segment.
Please look at the screen behind you.
What? - Everyone.
- What? [Just as expected.]
This is the basics.
- The basics.
- Hang on.
- Yoseop, were you having your eyes tested? - Who's that? Is that Yoseop? [Closing his eyes.]
- It's me.
- Oh my! Thank God that's his profile.
The front was shocking.
Gikwang looks like a swordsman.
[It's not time for self-examination.]
Why did I cover my eye? You know what these pictures are, right? - Yes.
- When you just debuted.
Now, please share what you want to say [To your past-self on October 16, 2009.]
to yourself who just debuted in 2009.
[A letter to myself, To Me Letter.]
Please leave a video message.
[To Highlight 9 years ago from now.]
[What would they want to say?.]
How are you doing? [To Gikwang who will debut 3 times.]
I know it'll be tough.
Keep working hard and be positive.
The thing is, there's a thing called "American dance".
[From the master of American dance to a rising dancer.]
That will make you famous.
[Nip the bud.]
Don't do the dance.
Even when you turn 30, you might end up doing that dance.
Because of that fleeting popularity, [A piece of advice.]
Don't do it.
You must have had a hard time.
You'll have to wear sunglasses soon.
[Against his will.]
Because the CEO will tell you not to take off your sunglasses.
[You'll have to live in the darkness.]
And if possible, Stay in the dorm.
[So fun to hear it after knowing what happened.]
Dongwoon! Did you know what that concept is? [Blaming his own ignorance.]
That concept was Samurai.
People will probably hate it.
Anyways, hang in there.
[Finishing up nicely.]
Way to go! Hi, Doojoon.
[Just debuted.]
I know you're going through tough times.
Don't lose heart.
Make sure to care about people around you.
Stay healthy.
I believe in your choices.
Everything is going to work out.
Trust your team.
Trust your fans.
[Trust everyone.]
Just do as you do now.
Then in the future, you'll have more fun as an artist.
Hang in there! Thanks! [The strong start in October 2009.]
[Unforgettable 7 years of memories.]
[And different situations.]
[Different name.]
Hello, we're Highlight.
[Despite that, they shine for each other every moment.]
[What matters is not the new name, but the fact that five of them are together.]
["Let's stick with each other" "We'll follow you" forever.]
[Various video clips including Yang Fairy CAM.]
[are available on V LIVE.]