Idol Room (2018) s01e04 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 4 - AOA [Solemn.]
Idol variety show with No.
1 credibility, Idol Room! - We decided to reject Dongwoon's idea.
- I thought about - if we should choose his idea.
- I know.
Knocking and spinning.
It's just too much.
- It was distracting.
- I'm saying this because he's not here.
He shouldn't have done it in the first place.
[You're so mean.]
- It was hard to control my expressions.
- They were delegations who came to celebrate.
- Right.
Dongwoon promised [Idol Room waits for Dongwoon's new pose.]
to come up with another pose.
- Let's give him a chance later.
- Finally on the 4th episode, we have a girl group.
[Congrats, The first girl group on Idol Room.]
I'm so relieved.
Because I thought I'd not be able to see this girl group.
I was anxious.
- They made a comeback in 1 year and 4 months.
- It's been such a long time.
We've been rooting for them.
Yeah, with 6 more months, they could've been released from the army.
- Right.
- The compulsory military duty lasts 20 months.
- I know.
We've waited for them for a long time.
They made a comeback in 1 year and 4 months.
Ace of Angels, AOA! [Seolhyun, Jimin, Min-a.]
[Yuna, Hyejeong, Chanmi.]
[Dramatic welcome with LED screen.]
- AOA! - AOA! [Dramatic reactions, good.]
[Our LED is so cool.]
Praise the LED! - It's so classy.
- Amazing.
Please say hello to the viewers.
- 2, 3! - Hello, Ace of Angels, we're AOA.
[Bubbly and refreshing girls.]
AOA, I've waited too long.
- It's been a year and 4 months.
- Yes, it's been such a long time.
- You haven't changed.
- It feels different, right, Min-a? - You'd had only individual activities.
- Yes.
[It's so obvious.]
That's just obvious.
Of course we feel different.
[A hard blow from the start.]
- It's so hard.
- I was wondering how they feel.
Did you make a push to release a new album soon? As we've tried to find quality songs.
We tried this and that.
- We finally got something perfect.
- Something perfect.
- Yes, we got something perfect.
- Hadn't you come across it, - it might have taken 3 or 4 years.
- Right.
[Consistent promotion.]
But we have something perfect.
Without that, Big Bang would have made a comeback sooner than you.
In fact Isn't this the first schedule since your comeback? - Right.
As a group.
- The first one as a group.
- It's our first schedule as a group.
- What made you choose "Idol Room"? - Mainly due to Donhee and Conhee.
[All smiles.]
- Did you hear her? He knows Donhee and Conhee.
- Sure.
[She's a trainer for Donhee.]
The show that is surely great.
[A half of her happened to disappear.]
- Great MCs who let us give off our charms.
- Chanmi is correct.
Now we have a Jimmy Jib camera.
[Showing off.]
We also have a large LED screen.
[On the ceiling.]
- There's a camera on the ceiling.
- We do.
[Finding a hidden camera.]
- There it is! - I was surprised.
If you scratch your head, the camera will get it.
- It's getting close-up shots.
- We prepared various segments today.
- Have you watched "Idol Room"? - I have.
- I did.
- You already did? - This show became famous.
- We worked out a plan.
- A plan? - Yes.
- We changed all the segments.
[A war of nerves.]
- This is not going to be easy.
- When you watched the show, did you have any idea about any changes or new segments? [The signature pose bothered Jimin.]
This pose overlaps with the show I'm on.
So I came up with a new pose.
It's "Idol Room".
[Surprise sexy pose.]
- Making a square.
- Hyejeong should demonstrate it.
So pretty.
[She just strikes a pose, but it feels like we have to raise the age limit to 17.]
[That pose us?.]
- It's so pretty.
- But if we do it.
- Only a girl group can pull it off.
- Idol Room.
- I love it! [Piggies with twisted arms and legs.]
[Sexy Twin Towers.]
[Amazing reactions.]
- So cute! So cute! - Don't be misleading.
- I love it.
- Really? - That is so human.
- Why don't you all do it? We'll see.
- Shall we? - OK.
Start! - Idol Room! - It's different.
- Looks different.
- Idol Room.
- So sexy! - That is epic! [Objective about themselves.]
- Stop fooling with us.
- It's hard.
[The staff's request, change Jimin's position as she's wearing black pants.]
In fact, AOA - Jimin? - Please switch your position, Jimin.
[Between the twin towers.]
The background is black, all they could see was your torso.
You seemed to be floating.
[Captain Jimin without the lower body.]
- Oh no.
- It looks like her legs.
[Short Jimin is in between tall members.]
You seemed to be floating.
[The big news.]
During your break, Many people were envious.
In the event where president Moon Jae-in attended you all got - so called "Moon Jae-in Watch".
- If you're an avid fan, - Craved by so many! - Right.
- "In goods".
The "In" goods? Watch? - Yes.
[The ultimate watch.]
- Did you all get it? - Yes.
No one is wearing it today.
[What's with this pose?.]
Can we take a look? [Warning from those who have the watch.]
- No touching, you might leave a scratch.
- No.
- I'll just look.
- It looks different between for men and women.
- They look different.
- The size is different.
- It's pink.
Inside, there's a warranty.
- That it's original.
- It's leather.
- There's a warranty card inside.
[As if they don't have it.]
- It's pink.
What kind pink is this? - Rose gold.
[Amazed as if they don't have it.]
- Rose gold.
- OK.
- Pretty, right? [The perfect pose till the end.]
Where can I get this? - Is it available on Craiglist? - You have any acquaintances in the government? No, we got it at the PyeongChang Olympics.
- You met the president there? - Yes.
I thought he'd be unapproachable.
[President Moon is so sweet.]
He offered handshakes first.
- He offered handshakes first.
- He recognized you? - Yes.
- He said he enjoyed watching our performance.
- He took a selfie with us.
[Proof picture.]
[You can pay us with the watch.]
If you can give us "Moon Jae-In watch", we're willing to work as a part of a talent donation.
Please call us at 070.
Today's pick-dol! Personal cam! [Members who saw this before.]
- Do you know this? - We saw it on TV.
[Knowing the creator.]
- Who made this? - Woojin.
[Like this.]
- How did you know that? - We saw this on TV.
- This.
Not this.
- Here.
- To cover up the armpit.
We're collecting signature poses.
If you have an idea, please let us know.
[Everyone likes Woojin's pose.]
- I like this.
- Yes.
- It's very appropriate.
- Close-up camera! - A camera will keep pointing at one of you, throughout the time.
- Right.
- Close-up shot.
[Pick-dol's video clips will be released.]
The entire video clips will be [Amazing.]
- released on a portal site.
- The entire clip? - Yes.
[Who want to be the pick-dol?.]
Anyone who wants to be it? [Smiling.]
- It's a great honor.
- Glad to see that.
I think Mina wants to be the pick-dol.
- To everyone's eyes.
- I feel like I became one.
So my face turns red.
- Oh, my.
- In jargons, it's called "Imaginary pick-dol".
[Pick me, pick me.]
- Pick-dol.
- She likes as if she became one.
[High technology system for a fair selection.]
- I hope she can become.
- What's this? - A spinning wheel.
- There's a cam.
- Lie down around it on the stomach.
[Everyone lies around the wheel.]
Like a clock, please.
[The camera will choose the pick-dol.]
We'll check the portion of screen.
[Girl band members with 7-year-long career.]
Oh, my legs.
[Hello, angels.]
- There's another camera on the ceiling.
- AOA! Ace Of Angels! - Let's choose a pick-dol.
- It's hard to look up.
[As if it's not his business.]
You need to work out.
[Candidate no.
1 Mina.]
1, 2, 3.
[Candidate no.
1, 2, 3.
[Candidate no.
3 Chanmi.]
1, 2, 3.
[Candidate no.
4 Seolhyun.]
1, 2, 3.
[Candidate no.
5 Jimin.]
1, 2, 3.
[Candidate no.
6 Hyejeong.]
1, 2, 3.
[Angel flowers are ready.]
- I'll spin in a fair manner.
- Yes.
[Semi-transparent human Jimin.]
- Jimin.
- Yes? - I almost stepped on you.
- You're almost invisible.
- "Invisible".
- Funny.
[Angels, are you ready?.]
- Let's do it fairly.
- Yes.
- Ready.
[We're ready, the wheel starts spinning.]
Let's see! [AOA members are being passed by.]
Who will become today's pick-dol? [Come to me.]
Nobody knows.
It's getting slower [Members are looking at the cam.]
- It spins a lot more than I thought.
- Sure.
- It points at - I think it's Chanmi.
[Time of playing hard to get.]
[Me, I want it, me, pick!.]
Mina? Is it going to Mina? [This camera will choose Seolhyun?.]
[Passing Seolhyun, it picked Jimin!.]
- Jimin! - Awesome! - Today's pick-dol is Jimin! [Imaginary pick-dol feels sorry.]
Congratulations! Mina looks sad.
- Sorry, Mina.
- Today's pick-dol is Jimin! [Girl band's first pick-dol Jimin.]
- Congratulations.
- Where's the close-up cam? [Hey hey.]
- Her personal camera.
- It will keep pointing at you.
- Okay.
[Shooting Jimin's cute and pretty moments.]
[A lot of video clips.]
[Get ready for heart-throbbing moments!.]
[Adjusting her top.]
- This is airing, too.
- Everything will be captured.
Everything about you.
If you're worried about - your screen time, - Come to me.
- To Jimin, right.
[Generous general Jimin.]
If you stay around her, you'll be in the footage.
[Strong-willed youngest one.]
In this case, Chanmi will enjoy a close-up shot.
[Enjoying a close-up shot.]
- Right.
- Let's go there.
[Jimin says hi to her personal cam.]
Please say hi to the cam.
[Please say, instead of gestures.]
Please say like what you're going to do.
[First time to do this.]
Hello, my personal camera.
- Let's do our best! - She feels like a cartoon character.
[Time for promotion.]
Before we start the dance time, - let them introduce their new song.
- Right.
- With that song, we will [A bit nervous.]
- Your new song.
- Who will introduce it? [Hyejeong in charge of briefing AOA's new song in 2018.]
- Me.
- Hyejeong.
[Explaining without gestures.]
"Bingle Bangle" is a perfect summer song.
You can enjoy AOA's cool and cheerful charms.
- Senior singer Nami has a song titled "Bingle Bingle".
- Yes.
[Acting cute.]
I thought you'd say so.
[Surprised by her cute action.]
- Did you know? - Don't do that.
His heart skipped a beat.
[I'm sorry for being cute.]
- Really? - When you said "I knew it".
[Donhee watched AOA's choreography video clip.]
I saw your dance video clip [Challenging AOA's choreography.]
and it was challenging.
[You know it!.]
- This is the most - You know that! - The first one who says so.
- We gave up on high heels.
[It requires physical strength.]
We can't dance to it wearing high heels.
- Right.
- The title sounds cute and fresh.
- The choreography is different.
- She's now warming up.
[Idol band member with 7 years' career.]
[Getting ready for dance.]
[Warming up.]
If you're worried, please stretch.
- I saw the choreography.
It was challenging.
- Really? - Yes.
- So excited to see.
[Like an old lady who walks at a park.]
I've never seen their dance to a new song.
[Maengaji's exercise.]
It's time have the true Idol Room time.
[Time to promote their new song.]
It's time to create beautiful memes.
It's time to learn the killing part of the dance.
Nano dance! [Nano dance, they will pick the killing part of the dance.]
You all will dance together to the song.
And when the killing part plays, [They will dance in this order.]
Starting with Seolhyun.
Then, Chanmi - Who is Dong? - Dong dong.
- Hyejeong.
- Hyejeong.
Who is Maeng-gu? - MaengA.
[It's me~.]
- Maeng.
- MaengA.
- Noon.
- It's Yuna.
- And it's Jimin.
- I think it's so cool.
Noon, Jim.
[They will dance in relay for the killing part.]
And after dancing in the order, and when Jimin is done, - Group dance.
- Group dance.
When it's not your turn, you have to stay still.
- We will show you the video first.
- This is what you have to do.
[Bingle Bangle #AOA.]
[This part.
120809% addictive! Cute and sexy dance.]
- Got it? - Yes.
Hope you can get this right at the first try.
[They watched the episode 1.]
- What's our reward? - Sorry? - Do we get reward? [Try to change the subject.]
- Do we get rewarded? - Not for this one - We have something else after this.
- If you successfully achieve your mission for the next segment [Uncle Donhee is the best.]
[Super pressured.]
- Next segment? - I guess the rumor goes around.
[Donhee/The idol father who treat meat and TV to the singers.]
I was worried about it.
- We have to start from here.
- Where? When it's over, we can start from here.
- You have to go around in a circle.
- Here we go.
Give us the music.
[The perfect song released after 1 year and 4 months, Bingle Bangle.]
[Cutie Mina's peekaboo dance.]
[Long awaited AOA's amazing group dance.]
[The intro part with beautiful Seolhyun.]
[Feeling the beat.]
[There is no break in between.]
There are a lot of movements.
[Abrupt changes in the formation.]
[Step 1 Cell division of the pretty ones.]
[Step 2 Cell division of the pretty ones.]
[Very refreshing song.]
[Busy formation changes.]
[No wonder why you gave up on your high heels.]
[Time for the killing part to begin.]
[Killing part will start in 1 2 3.]
[Time for Nano dance! The killing part!.]
[Perfect body, Seolhyun.]
[Innocent looking, cute, Bingle Bangle.]
[Chanmi, the main dancer.]
You have to keep in mind.
[Dong dong, Hyejeong.]
[She looks so sexy.]
[MaengA, Mina.]
[She's the cutie of the group.]
[Yukorita, Yuna.]
[She's sexy and cute at the same time.]
[Seductive Shin, Jimin.]
[The seductive red.]
[Did you practice this? The group dance starts so naturally.]
[Bingle Bangle is so catchy.]
[The song is so sexy.]
[The perfect STOP.]
[So proud.]
They know how to make great memes.
Nano dance is done successfully.
[Moving in between twin tower.]
The fans really love it.
[AOA just made more fans.]
They watch this non-stop.
- So tiring.
- You easily completed nano dance.
It's another dance segment! As Donhee says, 357 dance.
You can't [Warning.]
You can't talk to each other from now on.
Shh! [Can't plan things.]
- You can't talk to each other.
- We already planned it.
[They are clever.]
- We already planned it.
- Told you.
[This is why you should plan ahead.]
So [We won't let you pass.]
We have new plan too! [So mean.]
- We have new plan.
- No.
- Come on.
- No way.
[Asking for sympathy.]
Even with the plan, I think we will get it wrong.
I wish you will get it right.
[Reward time.]
- If you pass it at once - Reward! - I will cheer for you.
What do you need? If you get it right at once - Something we need? - What do we need? [Thinking hard.]
- I guess she needs many things.
- Can you do this for us? - What? [Support lunch box.]
- When we make our comeback, please send us lunch box.
- Call! [Donhee is awesome.]
I will send you the meal truck.
[I love you, Donhee!.]
I will send you the meal truck.
- For our staff too.
- For everyone.
[Oh! Uncle Donhee is awesome.]
We will play one of your songs.
[Deciding on 357 dance song.]
[Donhee's choice is.]
It is "Heart Attack".
[It's your song.]
- Can we do this? - No.
[They are having a problem with the song.]
It's hard.
- I can't remember the dance.
- Others said that too but they did it.
I really wish that you can pull this off.
- I wish we can do this.
- I will send you the meal truck if you pull this off.
And if you hear the number [They are planning while the two MC are talking.]
You have to hurry and come out.
[Stand in the order, the leader Jimin is giving out the order.]
- Should we stand in order? - You have to You have to hurry.
[Before the show, they planned this order.]
- Come out this way? - Stay on the side and - You can't link arms with each other.
- You can't talk anymore.
[Why are they so serious for this?.]
I feel so nervous.
I want to throw up.
I am sweating.
If you throw up, we will pay for your meal.
Here we go.
Please hit the music! [Heart Attack.]
Three! [#1, 2, 3 rush out according to the plan.]
[She's obviously not confident.]
[Something is off.]
- You dance differently.
- It's supposed to be different.
- Don't be too serious! - For real.
- All right.
Don't be serious.
[So far, so good.]
[Chanmi is supposed to turn around.]
- Only you turn around? - That's correct.
[Not bad.]
- Min-a.
- Five! [She did come out, but #4 hasn't found her spot.]
- Hyejeong, that took long.
- You were too slow.
[Pretend she's not Hyejeong.]
All right.
Let Jimin join.
Six! [Here comes angel #6.]
[Confident performance.]
[He seems more confident.]
They look confident.
[Subtraction attack.]
One! [Everyone from #2 to #6, OUT.]
[AOA made a mistake?.]
[Everyone is out.]
[Seolhyun is out on the other side.]
[Oh my.]
What? What? [Unbelievable.]
Give us a short break! [Whatever, he's already excited.]
- No! - We need a short break! [Teasing ceremony.]
Give us a minute.
[The father of idol groups.]
- Hold on.
- No.
[So annoying.]
There was no prior notice.
[Whatever they want.]
That doesn't count.
- You have to go there.
- Over there.
- You need to go there.
- Nobody told us in advance.
- All right! [Here comes wise Seolhyun.]
Let's start all over again.
[Problem solved.]
- OK.
- Again.
- Just like that? [Feels like losing.]
- We didn't know the rule.
- Come out from here, girls! - OK! - Now we know.
- We'll change the song.
- Change the song.
- Dance to "Short Hair".
- No! [Emergency.]
"Short Hair"? What do we do? [Not get along with their own songs.]
- No! - I don't know.
[Can't wait to see the performance.]
No! No way! Everyone, let me tell you in advance.
A special event or a concert version will not be accepted.
- OK, OK.
- The music show version.
- Only the music show version.
[I heard that.]
- Make it up, make it up.
- You can't make it up.
- "Make it up".
[Good hearing.]
- "Make it up" isn't allowed.
- Can't you show the choreography video? [Poor song "Short Hair".]
- Nope.
- This is so - Your body should remember.
- That's so mean.
- Oh my goodness.
[Short Hair.]
- Let's go.
Please play "Short Hair".
- I really don't remember it.
[Trying to remember the choreography.]
- Oh my.
- If we don't succeed this time Four! [She came out, but she's obviously confused.]
[Look at her.]
Min-a! [Her dance stands out.]
[Even the members haven't seen Min-a's dance.]
What's this? [Going back and forth + Stroking hair.]
Right, right! [This is not right.]
- Free! - Great! - Min-a! [Touching her hair with no reason.]
[Come here, Min-a.]
- Excuse me.
- Your dance moves weren't coordinated.
- You touched your hair too much.
- What was this? [I don't know.]
- What's this, Min-a? - Too much.
- You walked so confidently.
How can you do that? - We don't perform the song even at an event.
- Right.
- Let's try "Bingle Bangle".
- Yeah! [A recent song which gets along with AOA.]
Good, good.
- This is fun.
- I want to finish the song.
- Seolhyun said, "This is fun".
- Succeed, succeed.
- It's so hard.
- "Short Hair" was so hard.
- When you start, I'll say, "One".
[#1 is on standby.]
- You already planned who'll do? - Nope.
- Chanmi is the best dancer, I guess.
- Yes, Chanmi is.
- Here we go.
- The center is here.
- I'm not the one who dances at the center.
- She's said she's not the one for the center.
There's no such thing.
Everyone starts like this.
From the center.
No, I can't take others' place.
- A person for the center.
- Just for once.
One must dance there.
I see.
Let me do this time only.
- You don't need their permission.
- Do it as you want.
- So cute.
- The choreography should be fine, right? - Here we go.
Please hit the music.
[Bingle Bangle.]
In your position.
[She perfected all the dance moves like a supercomputer.]
Let's watch Chanmi Show.
[Fantastic dance.]
- Good! - Doing great! [Doing great.]
[By the time when AOA feels relaxed.]
Good job.
Three! [The most stable performance so far.]
[Especially her.]
[Without 3 positions, her dance moves are stable.]
[Good job.]
[Something is missing, as there are only three members.]
[Let's add more members.]
Five! [Now the formation and dance moves are getting real good.]
[Kind uncle mode.]
[AOA as a group once again.]
[It's time to attack.]
[Focused on dancing.]
Thank you, everyone.
- Let's say thank you now.
- Three! [I'm #4, so I should leave.]
[Too late.]
Three! [Hyejeong takes the long way round.]
[So relieved.]
That's so brazen.
["Bingle Bangle" without a mistake.]
Right, right.
[The real attack.]
Here we go.
[Math attack.]
- The square root of 16! - The square root of 16! - The square root of 16! - The square root of 16! [Spaced out.]
- The square root of 16! - The square root of 16! [Smart Seolhyun.]
- 4! 4! 4! - 1, 2, 3! [BUT #4 came out too late.]
[The surprise attack worked.]
Because of the square root of 16! [Disappointed.]
You failed with the square root of 16.
[He's super excited.]
- Too bad.
- The square root of 16 is 4.
[Highlight got flustered by the root attack.]
Highlight also failed at the square root of They failed at the square root of 4.
The square root of 16.
Seolhyun was the only one who knew the answer.
[Root He's a genius.]
I've never heard of root.
- You went too far.
- Right.
It's been a year and 4 months to appear on a show.
I'm sweating after the dance.
- Chanmi! - It's a bit too much It's been awhile since we're on a show together! - We know, Chanmi.
You give up? - Nope.
[After the second verse.]
I wanted to show my part.
- Too bad.
- It's really cool.
- Shall we see that as a ceremony? - Whose? Jimin's? As a ceremony? - OK.
- We can't provide a food truck to support you.
[Responsible as the main dancer.]
But we'll give you a stage for a ceremony.
- We wanted to show that.
- Chanmi, it's okay.
[Soaked in sweat.]
- You can challenge next time.
- Chanmi.
- What? - Jimin will dance.
- OK.
It's the highlight part of their performance.
Let's watch together.
Hit the music! Not yet.
Not yet, not yet.
[We beg of you, Donhee.
Have mercy on us.]
You're out! Out! [Crying out loud.]
Please! We gave you a chance.
[It's the lyricist's fault.]
The lyrics are the same.
- It's repetitive.
- It repeats 3 times.
There's no more chance.
It's the last chance.
I know my voice.
- Here we go.
Please hit the music.
- Right.
- Your voice? This time.
[The one in charge of this part still doesn't know.]
- Now? - This time.
- Now? - Yes, now.
[It's not a mission.]
[The highlight part of "Bingle Bangle".]
[Follow diva Jimin, everyone.]
[Jimin's sharp rap.]
[Stronger dance.]
[It's surely the highlight part.]
[Jimin's part.]
[It's supposed to stop here.]
[But since it's so cool, let's watch more.]
[Though Jimin's part is over, it's my part so carry on.]
[6 AOA members + 1 fat Donhee.]
[Tee hee.]
This is nice.
[So professional.]
[Keep dancing while holding back laughter.]
[Cool domino choreography.]
[Oh it's Donhee again.]
[Tired Until when should we dance?.]
[Though they want to stop, they can't help but dance with the music.]
[Turns out it's "Bingle Bangle" full version performance.]
[So catchy.]
Yuna's solo.
[Perfect dance using last bit of strength.]
Ad-lib time.
I'm tired.
[Fierce till the end.]
[Grand finale.]
That's amazing.
That was intense.
[Jimin's CAM video will be revealed through V LIVE.]
- Idol Room's main segment.
- Donhee.
- Conhee's.
- Fact.
- Check! Check! We need to be in sync.
We're not so in sync yet, as this is only the 4th episode.
- Fact - Check! [Check.]
Shall we get started? You know our staff, right? They have enormous volume of data.
- I'm scared.
- I'm anxious.
- Let's check out the first fact check.
- AOA's best diet dance is "Miniskirt".
- Really? - "Miniskirt".
- Really? - Really? - After dancing to AOA's "Miniskirt" there have been lots of people - who said they lost their weight.
- Really? [But the singers themselves had no idea.]
People said "Miniskirt" is great for diets.
What about the dance this time? [Hot diet trend = Losing weight through K-pop dance cover.]
[Lots of people said they lost weight by dancing to K-pop.]
[AOA's "Miniskirt" is known to be especially effective.]
[Burning up enormous calories.]
Which part would make people burn up calories while dancing to the song? [Benefit 1.
Muscle-boosting through squats.]
We kept sitting down and standing up.
Come to think of it.
[Benefit 2.
Great for digestion.]
Since we keep shaking our hips, - it stimulates intestines.
- Like hula-hooping.
[AOA's songs are great for health.]
Feels like it stimulates digestion flow.
[For a fact check, the two will confirm the diet effect.]
- We'll dance with you from behind.
- OK.
[Before and after.]
And we'll compare our weight before and after the dance.
[This is crazy.]
- We'll compare our weight.
- Really? [Donhee and Conhee who usually don't move are willing to sacrifice themselves.]
To see if it really has a diet effect.
"Miniskirt"? [Angry.]
Hey, that's a scale used for measuring rice.
[A customized smart scale for Donhee and Conhee.
Big enough for 10 people.]
This is a bit Hey, isn't this used to measure the weight of a cow?/ Don't the butchers use this? [Where did they get that?.]
So we'll weigh ourselves together [It's hard to believe, but they want to keep their weight secret.]
We also have our man pride.
Don't look.
[So curious.]
Look that way.
[Donhee's and Conhee's weight is a top secret (or so they say).]
Men are also sensitive about this.
I only put my toe on it and it already says 14.
[Secret guaranteed.]
[No such thing.]
- OK.
- OK.
[A total of 202kg.]
That was two people? [Peek Curious.]
I was shocked.
[Donhee and Conhee's trainers for the day to check the facts.]
Do the "I'm so pretty" part [Come and follow me, Once you do this, you'll be an AOA from today.]
Chan-mi is good at dancing.
[Interested in the scale.]
Chan-mi is good at dancing.
- She memorizes the moves well.
- She's a fast learner.
[Curious Min-a.]
- The dances? - She learns them fast.
[Regrets it.]
[Me too.]
- Hye-jeong, is it correct? Is it precise? - Yes.
[Making sure just in case.]
[Seol-hyun stands by for the fact check.]
Here we go.
Does "Miniskirt" really have [Donhee and Conhee will experiment whether.]
a diet effect? ["Miniskirt" helps lose weight.]
- Does Seol-hyun usually start on the floor? - Yes.
- OK.
[These three will cheer them, observe them, and nag them.]
So we're going to follow you girls.
Music please.
[He'll follow Chan-mi.]
I'm going to watch Chan-mi and follow her.
[Happy to see the Hey Fairy, The dance starts with an exciting sound of heys.]
[He's already Don Chan-mi at heart.]
[Hey Hey.]
[Mind the fact that this is not a madhouse.]
[This is the scene for checking the facts.]
[Very serious without laughter.]
[Don Chan-mi & Kim Chan-mi.]
He looks the same! [In what aspect?.]
[Copies the dance in order to lose weight.]
[I'm going to follow trainer Yu-na.]
I'm going to follow Yu-na.
[The people who are watching the TV at home should follow trainer Seol-hyun.]
[The moves are not difficult yet considering that it's a diet dance.]
Was the choreography this empty? One by one.
[As soon as they finish talking, the key moves come out.]
[First key move.]
[I'm so pretty dance.]
[The effect of I'm so pretty dance.]
[Rapid arm and leg movements stimulate the muscles and makes you look pretty for 0.
1 second.]
[No effect yet.]
[Second key move.]
[Leg stroke dance.]
[The effect of the leg stroke dance.]
[Finding out that you also have legs aside from the head, thorax and abdomen.]
[Let's go Donhee and Conhee.]
[Happy to see the killing part.]
[Quickly joins the group.]
Turn back.
[Trainer Chan-mi.]
[My eyes.]
Turn back.
[With shorts, Adding my own sexiness to it.]
[The difficult part is coming.]
It's here, it's here.
[The part where they lose tons of calories.]
It's here, it's here.
[Third key dance move.]
[Hip wave dance.]
Get up.
This is hard.
[The effect of the hip wave dance.]
[Effectively burns the lower body fat.]
[and gives you an apple butt.]
- Sit.
- Get up.
[A strong diet effect.]
[Groans are heard everywhere.]
- It's hard.
- It's hard.
- Do we sit? - Do we sit? [Requires lots of physical strength, as much as ranger training.]
Push, push.
[Finishes the whole song without a stop.]
[Sparta trainer Chan-mi.]
You have to sit.
[Save me.]
[So funny.]
[Does a wave.]
[The most demanding position.]
He just had to follow Chan-mi of all people.
[Very effective.]
[Recommends Chan-mi's part for dieters.]
He had to follow Chan-mi of all people.
[Having difficulty in breathing.]
[Never stop.]
Go down.
[Shaking his hip.]
[But he manages to do everything.]
He's good.
[Let's move positions.]
You're going over there.
Camera! [Walking to his position as if possessed.]
Camera! [I'm not so sure about a weight loss effect but I sure aged very fast.]
[But the trainers never cease to smile.]
Back, back.
[The dieters are so exhausted.]
[Hip wave dance.]
[The difficult part came again.]
Now sit.
[Automatic (piggy) groans.]
[Praising them.]
You're so good.
[Can't hear anything.]
[His moves evidently became slower.]
- Aren't we done yet? - Not yet.
You've done the 3.
7 dance like this? [Sparta.]
[Don Chan-mi, follow me.]
Let's go.
[They are nearing the end.]
Spin, spin.
[This time, it's a circular hip wave dance.]
[Quickly rotate your hips four times and 1, 2 at the knee.]
[So painful.]
[So fun.]
[And still looking pretty in this situation.]
[Was the song this long?.]
[Finally, a beautiful ending.]
[Too much on their heart.]
You girls are amazing.
[This is like ranger training PT no.
How can you always be like this? [Sir, this was an easy one.]
- This is a really easy one.
- It's only 3 minutes.
- You hardly move in this one.
- This one is OK.
[And Donhee didn't speak for a while.]
This is a moderate one.
[Checking how they are.]
- It's so hard.
- Are you okay? [A segment within a segment.]
[Experiencing an idol's life.]
I think they need water.
[I admit the dance's diet effect.]
- Isn't it like this? - The 3.
7 dance is amazing.
[Rapid aging.]
[His eyes have sunken.]
This is a diet dance.
[202kg →?.]
[Will they have lost weight?.]
- Precisely 3 minutes.
- We were 202kg.
We were 202kg.
101kg and 101kg.
We gained.
[You must've eaten something.]
[You're lying Unbelievable.]
- 1kg - You're lying! [Gained 1kg.]
[The smart scale only speaks the truth.]
- We gained 1kg.
- You're lying.
- We must've gained muscles.
- Oh.
[Chan-mi says random thing.]
- I guess we gained muscles.
- Fat is lighter than muscle.
We gained 1.
[They're no longer fat pigs but muscle pigs.]
"Bingle Bangle" makes you lose weight for sure.
[Making a conclusion before they make them dance again.]
So this song helps you gain muscles.
- Muscle training.
- We really gained 1.
[Fact check.]
["Miniskirt" is really difficult.]
[But its diet effect differs for different people.]
Let's go on to the second fact check.
[An endless controversy, cute Min-a vs sexy Min-a.]
We need to make a conclusion now.
What's this? [Cute Min-a vs sexy Min-a.]
Fans had a debate whether Min-a's cute [The endless, most difficult dilemma for Elvis.]
or sexy.
[Obviously cute.]
[It's so easy.]
- We reached a conclusion.
- Didn't you? [She's causing the controversy herself.]
But she keeps making the controversy [Everyone, listen.]
If you see me 10, 20, 30 times.
[Have to see her 30 times.]
[If I do say so myself.]
You'll find me looking very sexy.
[Laughing party.]
Everyone's laughing.
[You guys are mean.]
Everyone's laughing.
So you think you're sexy? Pfft.
[What did I just hear?.]
[Uncle Conhee!.]
- I've never seen him scoffing while talking.
- I mean, she's cute [Cute Min-a vs Sexy Min-a.]
[AOA members state their opinions.]
What do the members think? [You know?.]
Hey, you know? [Forcing her to say sexy with such a cute face.]
As a third person observer, I'd say she's very cute.
[Seol-hyun's opinion.]
[Sexy Min-a tries to be sexy.]
She wants to be sexy.
So a cute kid wants to pretend to be an adult.
[Yu-na says.]
[Sexy Min-a resists against her innate cuteness.]
She doesn't like being cute, I think.
Why don't you like being cute? [Cute Min-a group's view.]
[She resists to cuteness since she's got it.]
- It's because she's got it.
- Yes.
[Born to be cute Min-a.]
- Because she's got it.
- It's because she has cuteness.
- Yeah.
Because I know how you feel.
[I'm Donhee the Cute.]
- Because you're cute? - Yes, I'm cute too.
[A second sea of laughter.]
[Cute Donhee is displeased.]
[Taking the chance to laugh with them.]
[A polite report.]
Who burst out laughing? Someone laughed really loud.
[Cute Donhee=Sexy Min-a.]
[Sigh The same thing?.]
- Too loud.
- This is driving me crazy.
Before making a conclusion.
What do the other members think about their own image? Chan-mi, what do you think your image is? [Cool Chan-mi.]
- I think I look cool.
- A nice role? [Kim Chan-mi (aged 23) Emits her girl crush charm when dancing.]
I look powerful dancing.
Girl crush? [A simple logic.]
[Yoga fire since she's good at yoga.]
Yu-na's like, yoga fire.
- I'm fit.
- So a healthy charm.
- You really look fit.
- Isn't that sexiness? [Seo Yoga (aged 27) Missionary of sexy healthiness.]
Sexiness with a healthy look.
[Lethal move: Yoga fire.]
Healthy sexy.
What about Seol-hyun? [A comment by human multivitamin.]
I'm a vitamin, perhaps? [Kim Vitamin (aged 24) Human pick-me-up.]
- Vitamin? Endorphin? - Fresh? [Spend every day with Seol-hyun.]
Like fresh and bright? [So far, the three angels are very objective.]
The three of them know their images very well.
[Except for Min-a, the subject of controversy.]
But Min-a's controversial.
What about Hye-jeong? My image is cuteness.
Someone has a wrong idea of her image also.
[Objections everywhere.]
Another controversy here [Dejected.]
[Cute Hye-jeong.]
[Sexy Min-a.]
- We're cute and sexy.
- Cute, and I'm sexy.
We? You're cute and you're sexy? [Analyzing the cause.]
They live together.
This is problematic.
These two live together.
[Analyzing the cause.]
That house is built is a bad place.
What about Ji-min? [Revealing her new nickname by Elvis.]
- The fans gave me a nickname.
- What? [You know?.]
- Shin Fatal.
- Shin Fatal? Why? [Shin Fatal (aged 23) Fatal 24/7.]
Because I always take pictures like this.
That's fatal.
[Shin Fatal moments that were caught on camera during the show.]
[Her fatalness comes out even without making efforts.]
[This is what complete fatalness is.]
[2 angels don't know their identity.]
You know well about yourself except for two.
[Hye-jeong argues for cuteness.]
They're supporting each other [Min-a persuades for sexiness.]
Only those who live together think so.
[Cute or sexy.]
[Let the dance be the judge.]
Then let's see Min-a dance.
[Super determined.]
[I'm going to put an end to the controversy as Sexy Min-a.]
[Sexy Min-a test.]
[Sing baby shark song both sexy and cute.]
You know the shark family song? [Unbeliever of Sexy Min-a 1.]
- She's cute even when getting up.
- Oh no.
[Unbeliever of Sexy Min-a 2.]
- She's already cute.
- Oh no.
[She's cute even when she's just breathing.]
- Cute version.
- Cute one first? [I'll do cute Min-a first.]
Music please.
[Cute Min-a.]
[Trying to hide her cuteness on purpose.]
- Look how cute she is.
- Cute.
- She's cute.
- She's cute.
- Look at her eyes.
- Wait.
[Hiding her cuteness.]
[You're going easy on purpose.]
You're hiding it on purpose.
[Cute Innocent.]
No, I just did my best to be cute.
The Min-a I know would do like this from the beginning.
[He knows Cute Min-a well.]
You have to do it like this.
[Sexy blood is running through my veins.]
I can't help it because I have sexy blood.
[Not working.]
[Arguing that she has innate sexiness.]
- I'm sexy by nature.
- Do it.
Act cute for sure.
[Give up Sexy Min-a's not going to work.]
Show us your maximum cuteness and sexiness.
[OK, got it.]
- Fine.
- If you don't do cute right, we're not going to see sexy.
You're not new to the show business.
Music please.
[Being cute Min-a for real this time.]
That's it.
[A spoonful of cuteness.]
[Automatic uncle smile.]
[Cute Min-a's skills.]
- Cute.
- Look at our baby.
[It's tiring to speak of Min-a's cuteness.]
- So cute.
- You're doing a good job, babe.
- Sexy.
[How will AOA react after seeing Sexy Min-a?.]
Sexy! [Unleashing the sexy Min-a in her.]
[Very flustered.]
[T-this is not what's supposed to happen.]
[Sexy Min-a gives all she's got.]
[Look close and she'll look sexy.]
[Look for a long time and she'll look sexy.]
So cute.
[That's me.]
What do we do, she's so cute.
[Not working.]
You look like a baby.
[Min-a's effort toward a sexy identity is bringing tears to everyone's eyes.]
[Forcing them.]
Am I not sexy? [Good-bye Sexy Min-a.]
[Even her roommate can't accept it.]
Stop! [An end to the conclusion.]
Min-a is cute! Cutie pie.
[Cute Min-a, no doubt.]
Cutie pie.
[Another angel with an identity crisis.]
Let's go with Hye-jeong, another subject of controversy.
[Cute Hye-jeong? Sexy Hye-jeong?.]
She thinks she's cute.
[Sexy Hye-jeong advocate 1.]
She's totally sexy.
She looks sexy when she just stands up.
[Sexy Hye-jeong advocate 2.]
She's sexy.
She looks sexy when she just stands up.
[White shirt and jeans.]
[Here walks sexiness.]
[Cute Hye-jeong is not so good at cute dances.]
She's so sexy.
[Cute Min-a advocates who are captivated by her cuteness.]
- Min-a was so cute.
- Cute.
- Right? [Is he giving a testimony.]
She was like my oldest daughter.
[Like a preschool child.]
[Ultimate cuteness.]
- It's like she should go to her cram school - What! It means she's very cute.
[On the other hand, it's hard for her to be cute.]
Cuteness is harder.
- Show them your sexiness.
- When dancing - Because you're sexy.
[This is natural sexy.]
Look at her bit her finger.
Min-a, bite your finger.
[This is fake sexiness.]
[Don't forget, I'm fatal.]
- It's like, "Buy me an ice cream.
" - My oldest daughter.
[Cute Hye-jeong or sexy Hye-jeong?.]
[Hye-jeong is at the crossroad.]
Music please.
[Oh my gosh.]
She's sexy.
[Slightly brushing her hair out.]
She's sexy.
[Followed by a wave attack.]
[Audio-visual education.]
[This is how I learn about sexiness today.]
[Viewer's opinion.]
You're not practicing what you preach! [Sexy major.]
[That was sexy Hye-jeong.]
Now, show us cute! [Quickly acts cute.]
You're sexy! [Everyone's looking for the hidden cuteness.]
She doesn't have cuteness at all.
[Quick conclusion.]
[No cuteness at all from the beginning.]
- Zero cuteness.
- No cuteness DNA.
- Give up, give up.
- No, no.
[Your cuteness DNA became extinct with the dinosaurs.]
She's never really been cute.
[Controversy ends.]
Hye-jeong is sexy! [Consolation.]
[It's OK.
We both know you do.]
Her body has no cuteness DNA.
[Even Shin Fatal admits her sexiness.]
- But she's really sexy.
- So sexy.
[Sexy? Cute?.]
Anyone wants to try also? [Raise your hand if your need an objective confirmation.]
We need to see that fatalness.
[Show us Shin Fatal.]
- I want to see Ji-min! - Then lastly, Ji-min.
[Summoning fatalness.]
- Shin Fatal.
- Fatal.
- Let's see what that fatalness is.
- Show us what fatal is.
- Miss Shin Fatal.
[Baby members want to see her fatal moments in front of their eyes.]
I want to see from the front.
- I want to see it like this.
- Do I have to see this again on TV? - Hey, they're shooting you.
- Oh, right.
[I have my fancam.]
- Fatal.
- The girl with fatal extensions.
- Shin Fatal.
[What will the fatal version of baby shark look like?.]
Here's Ji-min's dance.
Music please.
[What is fatal?!.]
[I, Shin Fatal, will give it a new definition.]
[But they laugh as if they're seeing their nephew doing cute things.]
Why am I laughing.
[Fatal Ji-min does her best no matter what they say.]
[Goes off the stage with by shooting her last ounce of fatalness.]
Shin Fatal! [But the uncles can't really accept that fatal moment.]
- Why? - It's so funny.
It was good.
It was impressive.
[So I learned something about sexiness today 222.]
I've never laughed so hard while watching someone dance.
[Lingering imagery.]
You're very good at funny dance.
No, it's fatal dance.
[I'm sure the camera shot my fatalness.]
Please check it out on the fancam.
[Fact check.]
[Who cares if they're sexy or cute.]
[AOA should be able to do anything they want.]
Next fact check, please.
"BIGBANG's shadows can be seen from AOA.
" "A perfect, successful re-enactment of BIGBANG performance.
" [AOA's first solo concert in 2017.]
It was during our first solo concert last year.
[The biggest issue.]
[BIGBANG's "Bang Bang Bang" cover dance.]
We covered "Bang Bang Bang.
" Perfectly.
[Good things have to be repeated.]
Then can we ask you do dance [A special AOA cover dance time.]
for the fans who couldn't go to the concert? [An additional performance is also prepared for today.]
We made preparations.
So they prepared several cover dances.
[Today's playlist.]
[Taemin "Move".]
There's Taemin's song.
[BTS "DNA", BIG BANG "Bang Bang Bang".]
So you practiced a lot.
[DNA dance is known for being hard.]
Isn't "DNA" very sexy? - It was so hard.
- It's just her alone.
- It's hard.
[So the main dancer dances DNA alone.]
She dances it alone because it's so hard.
People gave up.
[The behind story.]
[Ji-min, Seol-hyun and Chan-mi practiced DNA but only Chan-mi lasted.]
Then let's see the cover dance stage.
This is all about your love for the fans.
[Exploding with fatalness.]
[MOVE #Taemin.]
[Looking fatal even from walking.]
[Moving rhythmically.]
- Look how cute Min-a is.
- So cute.
[Same dance but different feeling.]
[No sexy.]
[But this one is sexy.]
Ji-min's looking fatal.
[This is bad for my heart.]
[#AOA X Fatalmovement #Ultimate collaboration #She'sdefinitelycuteMin-a - This is fatal.
- It's fatal.
[Here it is.]
[DNA #Bulletproof Boy Scout.]
[They practiced up until here before giving up.]
[What are you girls doing?.]
[The leader makes use of what she's practiced.]
[This is the person who lasted until the end.]
[Exploding with girl crush.]
So Chan-mi can do it all.
[What are you doing?.]
[They sudden form a ring- around-the-rosie formation.]
Came in too fast.
[This was the dance they're supposed to do.]
[The gap between ideal and reality.]
[The girls ruin Chan-mi's dance.]
[Somehow got to the finale.]
[Bang Bang Bang #BIGBANG.]
That was fatal.
[Oh! Right!! I'm Shin Fatal.]
The fatal one and cute one are together.
[The clap spell.]
[The song that brings bewitching excitement.]
[I like this song.]
[My bro's song.]
[The excitement explodes in Bang Bang Bang.]
[Looking sexy and tough.]
[This is the reason why it became a big issue.]
[Didn't know AOA had it in them.]
[Bang Bang.]
[Sexy and tough dance with discipline.]
[Can't be sexy for long.]
[Cute Min-a eventually appears.]
[It's still exciting.]
[Finishing up the dances they've prepared.]
Min-a's cute.
[Confused about her formation.]
[I was so sexy.]
It was perfect.
- Ji-min.
- Yes.
[He wants to talk about Ji-min and Seol-hyun's appearance in DNA.]
When Chan-mi was dancing.
Did you poke her butt? [She really wanted to do the D.
A part.]
- Because it's so hard.
- I can't remember other stuff, but this one is OK.
I can't remember the other moves.
[Fact check.]
[Concept fairies AOA can even act sexy and tough.]
[Can we expect this kind of concept for your next album activity?.]
After 1 year and 4 months, AOA made a comeback and visited IDOL ROOM.
[60 minutes have passed so fast.]
Time has flied so fast.
[AOA members all drew attention.]
You all drew attention of viewers.
[How did you feel?.]
Tablecloth, how did you feel? Or Park Narae.
(A Korean comedian) I wanted to show off my hidden sexy aspect but I couldn't.
- Really? - That's sad.
But you were cute today.
[The tallest member.]
Next, Jang Doyeon.
(A tall comedian in Korea) I had a great time today.
[Hello, I'm Shin Doyeon.]
I had a great time today.
[Applause for your sense of humor.]
[Maeng & Dong Girls born in 1993 are love!.]
[Variety show for the entire group of AOA.]
I was so excited to be on a show all together.
Thank you for your nice treatment.
I had a lot of fun today.
I enjoyed being on the show.
[Forgetting this is a business.]
I really enjoyed shooting a show after a long time.
It was so much fun.
[Hoping viewers like AOA members.]
I hope the outcome is nice.
I like your new song "Bingle Bangle".
- We have today's pick-dol.
- Right.
[Beneficiary of a personal cam.]
Please say that to your personal cam.
[Saying bye to a different one.]
You did a great job.
[It's me, your personal camera.]
Oh, my.
[Jimin lost the camera.]
That's the one.
- Where did you say bye? - I thought that one was mine.
[Sad Jimin's cam.]
- This one? - It pointed at you while you were dancing.
[Oh, it was you.]
I'm looking forward to seeing my dance.
[Showing off her charms.]
Thank you for your hard work.
Will you turn around? [IDOL ROOM's welcome back gift.]
Will you turn around? [Letter to myself.]
[To Me Letter.]
[When we were angels It still looks strange.]
[After a while.]
Long time no see this.
[Glad to see this.]
After a while.
[Members stand before each one's pic taken 6 years ago.]
[They debuted as Ace Of Angels.]
[Glad but embarrassed to see my own pic.]
When was this? [Angels who arrived to the earth.]
- When we debuted.
- In 2012.
[When they debuted in 2012.]
- When we were angels.
- Please come forward.
[Those in the pictures are.]
- Surprised.
- They're 1st generation member of AOA.
When we were angels.
- The first generation.
Did they graduate? - Yes.
- The 1st generation member.
- Please say something to them.
[The 2nd generation of AO.]
It's a letter that you send to yourself in the past.
Minaring who is 20 years old.]
Mina, you're holding a harp.
[Put it down.]
I think it's better not to hold it.
[Instead, dance.]
Dance harder, instead of it.
[Encouraging Maenga to be sexy.]
Why don't you develop your sexy traits? [Compliments to my appearance.]
Fortunately, you'll look better.
I look better than then.
[There's no turning back.]
You'll become more beautiful.
Don't worry.
That's computer graphic.
Jiminel who is 23 years old.]
Jimin, you'll have Sweet and Sour Chicken someday.
[Too much honesty.]
[Banning it.]
Don't eat it.
I warned you.
[Sorry to Jimin 6 years later.]
Why? [That's all?.]
- Everything is fine, except that.
- Please go on.
[Cool Jimin.]
It's okay.
You may make a mistake.
[2nd warning against her favorite food.]
But never ever eat Sweet and Sour Chicken.
It's banned.
[More curious.]
I want to look for the pic.
Chanmititi who is 17 years old.]
- Chanmi was pretty.
- Pretty.
- She lost a lot of weight.
- She looks like a doll.
[Serious voice.]
- Chanmi.
- Surprised.
- Your look would change soon.
[Don't run away.]
You may want to run away but don't.
[Don't worry.]
I will go catch you.
Listen to older sisters and make a strong commitment.
[Your pretty look will be restored again!.]
If you stay strong, your day will come.
[Chanmititi, cheer up!.]
Don't feel stressed out.
[To Yunaria who is 22 years old.]
You'll become busy.
AOA will succeed.
Don't be tired and cheer up! [Beginning of AOA that contains a story of AOA.]
[A long hiatus that they didn't want, 6 years when they filled each other's gap.]
[Being together makes us happy and cheers us up - Hyejeong.]
[Hoping to continue to see AOA's unique performances in the future.]
[Six members gathered up to become AOA.]
[Various video clips of IDOL ROOM including Jimin's CAM are on V LIVE.]