Idol Room (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Pentagon, (G)I-DLE

1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 5 - Pentagon, (G)I-DLE [Waiting.]
We aim for the No.
1 credibility idol show.
Idol Room! [As the show continues, pose becomes longer.]
This has become to long.
[Your pose came back.]
Dongwoon, are you watching? - The pose is becoming longer and longer.
- That is correct.
[Pose contributors: WANNA ONE, SHINHWA.]
[Dongwoon of HIGHLIGHT.]
We mixed all poses.
- Right.
We are receiving signature poses for one year.
- Later, it will take an hour to just finish the pose.
- Like the turtle and crane in the story.
[Still, we wait for more poses.
Maybe we can do the pose - as we walk in from the entrance.
- Yes.
[Thank you.]
And many idols are making reservations to appear on our show.
Viewers asked us why we don't invite rookies.
The threshold is too high.
[Quick feedback, we listen to our viewers.]
So we decided to respond.
We listened to our viewers.
[Invited monster rookie teams.]
We invited 2 monster rookie teams.
[Hint, 1 boy group and 1 girl group from one family.]
They are brother and sister in a way.
- Brother and sister.
- Two groups.
Please welcome, PENTAGON and (G)I-DLE! [16 members in total.]
(G)I-DLE! - Hi.
[Prefer the girl group.
PENTAGON, step back, (G)I-DLE, come forward.]
You should step back.
[They understand Donhee and returned.]
- You should go to the back.
- Ah, I see.
[(G)I-DLE, come here.]
(G)I-DLE, come over here.
Adults should take care of (G)I-DLE.
[That was not easy, and we did well.]
[Donhee, Conhee and PENTAGON have met, and they are casual.]
How come you appear first.
- We were too passionate.
- You should have yielded.
Get in the line.
[Dense population.]
Taller ones, stand back.
[The busiest stage in Idol Room's history.]
- Ok.
- Yes.
Let us say hi.
1, 2! I, hi, we are (G)I-DLE.
[Debut: May 2nd, 2018.]
[Member: Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Yuqi, Shuhua.]
[Debut song "LATATA" won many charts in 20 days since its release.]
[A monster rookie group.]
[Their first appearance on entertainment show.]
- I.
- Yes.
[How to write.]
So we call you (G)I-DLE? [No need to pronounce G.]
- When you say it, IDLE is enough.
- Right.
[The basic question.]
What does (G)I-DLE mean? [They look at one person.]
What does (G)I-DLE mean? [Briefing.]
[Copy and paste.]
It means individual and group.
6 members of different charms.
[Nice work!.]
[Soyeon (21)/Leader, good memory.]
- Soyeon is the leader? - Yes, I am.
- Right.
- When did you make debut? [Just made debut.]
May 2nd.
- May 2nd? - Yes.
[Conhee heard that they won a chart.]
To my understanding, you won a chart on cable.
- Yes.
- Am I right? - Yes.
In how many days from debut? [New record, in 20 days.]
- 20 - In 20 days? That was super fast.
[Latata song by Conhee.]
[They are nice enough to smile.]
[A forgotten group in the mean time.]
[Note: Although not shown for a while, PENTAGON is another group invited today.
[Donhee's conscience came back.]
- Sorry, PENTAGON.
- That's alright.
We are happy.
[No complaint.
Already expected.]
I feel like watching TV.
[PENTAGON time.]
PENTAGON, please say hi.
Let us say hi, 1, 2, 3! Tentastic! Hi, we are PENTAGON.
[Debut: October 10, 2016.]
[Member: Hui, E'Dawn, Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, Wooseok.]
[Slowly rising with songs like "Gorilla", "Can you feel it".]
["Shine" climbed the chart recently.]
[Acquainted with Donhee and Conhee = they can be casual.]
We've met, right? - Yes.
I feel safe to have Hui.
[Hui has been Donhee's victim a few times.]
We've worked together a few times.
- E'Dawn, too.
- Right.
[An easy mark.]
E'Dawn, did you come back from being a trouble maker? [No is no.]
From Triple H.
[You've seen him somewhere else, right?.]
- Triple H.
- I came back to my main job.
[Hyeonah + Hui + E'Dawn = Triple H.]
You came back? Congrats.
I've read about it.
["Shine" climbed the chart.]
"Shine" is climbing the chart.
[Quick feedback.]
[But E'Dawn is weak today, again.]
It's been news.
[E'Dawn! I hope you are more excited.]
E'Dawn, you don't look excited.
[Believe it or not.]
- I am very much excited.
- Are you? Really? How is the reaction? [Recent news.]
It jumped to 16th from 500th.
From 500th to 16th? [How did you do that?.]
What happened? [Song maker.]
First of all, the song is good.
The song is good.
[Very confident.]
[It is good, but do you really have to say it yourself.]
And we worked hard.
[Using third party perspective.]
Many complemented on our song and performance.
I heard that Hui wept.
- Wept - Did he? [Witness Gang Hyeonggu's statement.]
- It was - I'm the only one who saw.
- Kino? [Hui wept.]
We saw the news, and we were on the way to work.
Everyone was asleep with their headphones on.
[Hui was weeping hard.]
I was listening to music, but saw Hui crying.
I turned to him, and saw him cry.
[No emotion.]
It is natural.
He made the song.
I mean It's not that.
[Making fuss.]
From 500th would be like digging the ground to build a building.
- I would cry in the situation.
- I understand.
[Kino & Hui have known for 4 years.]
It's been 4 years since I met him.
- That was the biggest cry.
- I cried a lot.
- Yes, he did.
Something exploded.
[Tears out of joy.]
- Crying outloud? - Yes.
How long has it been since the turnaround? [They remember the dates.
29 days passed.]
- It's been - 29 days.
[Donhee's prediction.]
- Not too long.
- You will cry in July again.
[July is the month of royalty payment.]
When he's paid for the royalty.
[Happy to think about it.]
It comes in every 3 months.
[Hui will cry outloud in July again.]
- He will cry outloud in July.
- I see.
I will.
It is hard to understand, right? Climbing the chart and stuff.
[Don't know what to say.]
Because you won the chart straight ahead.
[This is an attack disguised in a question.]
You don't understand why, right? [Embarrassed.]
[He's been in the position.]
Climbing the chart? What does that mean? Why is he crying, you would think.
[Can't even say anything.
Just shaking hands.]
What do you think, Soojin? [Wrong spot to stay.]
[Donhee talks to Soojin because no one else gave answered.]
When you look at them, writing the scenario.
[Our eyes are on you.]
- They are cool.
- What? - Cool.
[Excuse me, are you Korean?.]
Are you Korean? You said cool.
[Seo Soojin(21)/Born and raised in Korea.]
You said cool in a strange accent.
So that was how you have been.
[That was enough teasing, now back to the show.]
Now, we have to listen to your songs! We should.
[Time to listen to "Shine" and "LATATA".]
"Shine" and "LATATA".
[Nano dance of killing part.]
It is called nano dance.
It is very important to fans.
[Relay dance one by one during killing part.]
They can capture good images.
[Other members will all stop.]
That is what this segment is about.
[After everyone has their time, the group dance starts.]
You all get to dance alone.
[PENTAGON will start first.]
- Let's begin with "Shine" of PENTAGON.
- Let's have a listen of the killing part.
- Check the music first.
[There are 2 parts in Shine, so 5 members for each part.]
There are two parts.
- We have to memorize the order, too? - 2 parts.
[Killing part 1 of Shine.]
[(Insider dance) Hammer dance.]
[Killing part 2 of Shine.]
[Lalala dance.]
[The first killing part.]
- Starting from E'Dawn, Kino, Yeo One, Yuto, and Yan An.
- OK.
[After the nano dance, all together.]
- And then.
- After that, dance all together.
- Dance.
[The second killing part.]
Hui, Wooseok, Hongseok, Shinwon, and Jinho.
[Between passion and nervousness.]
- And then all together.
- All together.
[Self-suggestion, no mistake.]
No mistake, no mistake.
[Very eager.]
I'm sure PENTAGON will get through at once.
[(G)I-DLE will root for them.]
Let's go, music please! [Shine climbed the chart #PENTAGON.]
[Passionate, vital dance.]
He looks zealous when he dances, right? [Proud.]
[I am the start fairy.]
Deep voice.
[His facial expression looks refreshing.]
[Part tossed.]
[The first group.]
[Shoulder shrug.]
[God made this flower.]
[Group dance.]
[Approaching the first killing part.]
[The hammer dance.]
[Healthy only when he dances.]
[Covered with talent.]
Nice! [Passionate Yeo One.]
[The proper handsome man.]
[Black charisma.]
[The angel Yan An.]
[Shanghai Prince.]
[Pretending everything was ok.]
[(G)I-DLE is worried about their future.]
[Approaching the second killing part.]
[I'm coming up.]
[The second killing part.]
[A genius composer and dancer.]
[The little one, Wooseok.]
[Swag from long arms and legs.]
[Sexy energy.]
[Order confused.]
[Model force, and neat.]
[Full of idol energy.]
[Got together.]
[PENTAGON nano dance (in its way) succeeded.]
[Blaming the one with mistake.]
[You saw.]
- A few members - Hui was a little risky, but [The editing caught mistakes of Hui and Shinwon.]
A few made some mistakes.
Our editing is amazing.
- We will edit it well.
- Thank you.
[This time, (G)I-DLE.]
Now, time for (G)I-DLE.
[This part, powerful + sexy + captivating.]
Soyeon, Yuqi, Minnie, Miyeon, Soojin, and Shuhua.
- Right? - Yes.
(G)I-DLE's nano dance.
Music, Q! [Addictive.]
[Intensive starting.]
[Girl crush.]
[Not limited to the current trend of being pure and cute.]
[Refreshing sexy charisma.]
[6 different voices.]
[Addictive charm, LATATA.]
[Now I understand.]
[That is why (G)I-DLE is popular.]
[Approaching highlight part.]
[Memorable melody.]
[We know this dance.]
[The killing part is coming.]
[Get ready, 1, 2, 3.]
[Killing part.]
The killing part.
[Very charismatic.]
[Yuqi, the youngest.]
[Power cute dance.]
[Kim Minnie.]
[Sexy DNA.]
[Shy, internal sexy dance.]
[Main dancer's dance.]
[Cold beauty.]
[Donhee and Conhee didn't see the mistake.]
Clean! [Good job, little sister.]
- Nice job.
- Very clean.
[Pretending there was no mistake.]
Neat performance.
[Donhee and Conhee is teasing.]
- No wonder you won the list.
- Winner.
- Winner group.
[PENTAGON & (G)I-DLE's nano dance.]
Now I understand.
- That was clean.
- No mistake.
[You can watch various clips of Idol Room on V LIVE.]
The proud segment of Idol Room! Show your talent.
First time on entertainment show.
Close-up camera for idol.
Close-up camera for idol! You are not used to it, yet.
[Donhee and Conhee are sweet to rookies.]
Close-up camera.
This is a camera.
[I see.]
This is the perfect segment for rookies.
[Camera? Like this?.]
It's like a welcome rain.
Our fans favorite.
[We will pick one of you, and fix the camera.]
- We will pick one of you.
- Just one.
- By one shot.
- By one shot.
- One shot.
- One shot.
From the beginning to the end.
[One shot intrigued them.]
- Really? - Yes.
[I have to be picked!.]
The camera is fixed.
[The competition is fierce, 16:1.]
The competition rate is 16:1.
- Amazing.
- The most fierce.
[I want to be picked.]
It is almost like winning a lotto.
[Someone is ambitious?.]
Someone showed passion.
Hongseok of PENTAGON.
[PENTAGON news.]
If he is selected, he pledged to toss Donhee in the air.
- Did you mean it? - Tossing in the air part is correct.
[Adjusting level.]
[Fell for it.]
- You will lift him? - Yes.
- You can lift him.
- Sure, I can.
[I'm precious.
Why no one is asking me.]
- Then - But my opinion matters.
He wants to hold you.
[Donhee + 0.
Hold Conhee who ignored my opinion.
No, I reject.
[Solomon's judgement.]
Then do rock-paper-scissors, I'll lift the winner.
What for would we do it? [Hehe.]
- Why would we do it? - To be lifted by you, we have to play rock-paper-scissors? [With Conhee, Hongseok does a test.]
Then Hongseok, try me.
He looks weak.
[Hongseok is half Conhee.]
- Me? - No.
[I don't believe this.]
But compared to before, [Can't see it, though.]
I lost weight.
- Done.
You can lift Donhee easily.
- Amazing.
[Just in case.]
Among (G)I-DLE, [Anyone wants to show off?.]
- Anyone can carry me? - Anyone? [I don't think so.]
Anyone? [Yuqi can?.]
- Carry? - Anyone can carry me? - Yuqi? - She's strong.
- Yuqi, you can carry me? Wait, just a second.
Among girl idols.
[In history, there were only Hyeri and Sejeong.]
- Bomi.
- And Sejeong.
Sejeong was the only one.
- Sejeong carried me on her back.
- She did.
[I didn't see it but pay respect.]
There were countless news articles about it.
[Temptation of making headlines.]
Do you want to try? [Yuqi stepped up.]
Can she? Let's try.
[Lifting Conhee in front?.]
Not that way.
- Sorry.
- That's not [You might get killed.]
You might get killed by my weight.
Let's just try.
[Yuqi, we cheer for you.]
Let's see.
Go! Go! [Yuqi came back from death.]
[Hyeri and Sejeong were unique.]
See? Sejeong and Bomi were exceptional.
- They are strong.
- Unique.
- I think Soyeon seems strong.
- I want to try.
[Why would you want to do that.]
Try Donhee.
- Let's go.
- Me? [No ego.]
- I'll do it.
- Do you really need to take the shoes off? Cute socks.
Cute socks.
Cute socks.
[Strawberries socks in the killer heels.]
So cute.
- Defcon I don't mean anything.
- Fighting! [He is worried about his title.]
- Watch out! - Stay strong.
- Go! [Wow.]
Be careful! - Stay strong.
- Go! [Soyeon did it.]
- Amazing.
- Amazing.
[One more time, Yuqi.]
Wait! I want to try again.
I want to try again.
[Her ego is hurt.]
I have been in charge of power.
- Soyeon is strong.
- Yuqi, go again.
- With your pride.
- Wait.
[Worried again.]
[I will, this time.]
- 1, 2, 3! - Don't! - Watch out! 1, 2, 3! [Weak.]
- Don't! - Watch out! [His feet are still on the ground.]
- 1, 2, 3! - Don't! - Watch out! [Yuqi couldn't.]
I lost lots of weight.
[Another pledge to be picked.]
Any other pledge to be picked? E'Dawn, you might have one.
- I'll speak fast, something like this.
- No more? I'll speak fast.
I will try to speak fast.
- Fast what? - Speak.
- Speak? - Yes.
Give me an example.
- Example? - Yes.
[With a boost.]
Thank you for choosing me.
[Amazing speed, like an outsider.]
- That was fast.
- Almost an outsider? [Very proud.]
A rapper like a storm.
Come in.
- This is fair.
- You spin the wheel board.
[A fair up-to-date wheel board.]
Lie down around the wheel.
[Pick selection.]
Lie down around the wheel.]
Like this.
The camera on the wheel choose the one.]
Lie down on your stomach.
[Mix the gender, too.
To make it more fair.]
Mix the group, too.
[They sound old as they get down.]
- Like this.
- Cover with this.
No space.
16 is the most so far.
[There used to be much empty space.]
[No space at all.]
- Where? - There is a camera on the top.
If it overlaps, [If two are in the camera.]
- The one with more share wins, OK? - Yes.
Do a pose one by one.
[Hongseok's pose.]
Starting from Hongseok.
[Acting cute in front of the camera.]
Hongseok, 1, 2, 3! [Hard to watch.]
1, 2, 3! [Hongseok, you are amazing.]
Pretty pose, please.
[Gang Kino.]
1, 2, 3.
[Yan An.]
[Yeo One.]
[This is a battle ground.]
There has to be some overlapping.
Ready, [Nervous.]
Let's go.
They will have to fight.
Let's go! [All 16 faces are handsome and beautiful.]
Don't move.
[The choice of the camera is?.]
We don't know, yet.
We don't know, yet.
[Hui as Hongseok predicted?.]
I think it is Hui.
- Stop! - Who is it? [Time to stop.]
- Wait.
- It's going away.
[Choice of the camera god.]
[Soyeon is picked without a doubt.]
- Soyeon! - Soyeon! [Amazing.]
Soyeon! [Congrats.]
Congrats! [Happy.]
- Congrats.
- Congratulations.
No doubt.
Out of the 16.
Today's pick-dol is Soyeon.
- Where are the cameras? - Over there.
- Hi.
- Now you will always be on camera.
Do you make me look pretty? - Sure.
- If you act pretty, it will show.
- Act pretty! [Donhee's tip.]
If you need to be in the camera, [Follow Soyeon.]
Get behind Soyeon.
You will get in.
[She's excited.]
[Very happy.]
[Looking forward to watch it.]
"Idol Room" s main segment, Donhee Conhee Fact Check.
[Like this.]
[Rising stars Pentagon and (G)I-DLE.]
You climbed back up, and went up the charts.
There are all kinds of rumors about Pentagon and (G)I-DLE.
- Right.
- Hui actually wants [Donhee's fake news.]
his solo career than Pentagon.
That's just a rumor.
I got something else.
Wooseok said E'Dawn is healthy and has a nice build.
[The informant revealed truth.]
- Which is a lie.
- This is not a rumor.
[E'Dawn doesn't deny.]
Really? Dawn has tons of nicknames.
For example, the look that his girlfriend's family would hate.
[Immediately got it.]
The look that his girlfriend's family would hate.
- Might die today or tomorrow.
- AM or PM.
AM or PM.
What does that mean? It means, he might not be able to make it till today or tomorrow.
- He seems to die in the afternoon.
- Among them, the last leaf was the best.
[Pale and sickly looking E'Dawn.]
- He looks sick.
- In fact, he has a nice build.
[BUT, E'Dawn really has a nice build?.]
How come you don't use that body? [No hesitation.]
- Can you do push-ups with one arm? - Sure.
- Try.
- For real? - Do it with your fingers.
[Standing up.]
- Can he really do it? - For real? [Strong suspicion.]
He doesn't look really strong.
[Slender silhouette.]
Let me do it with my fingers.
[Everyone's expectations 0%.]
[What! E'Dawn is exercising.]
[No way.]
Can you do it with your fingers? [I, Kim E'Dawn, am the man.]
You exercise like this at home? [Sickly-looking, healthy handsome guy.]
Not like this.
- Can you do it with Defconn on your back? - What? - Push-ups carrying Defconn on your back? - I think he can.
- Just once? [No way.]
- I'm as light as a feather.
- All right.
[I, Kim E'Dawn, never say no.]
This could change your image.
1 ton guy is on board.]
- Can he really do it? - Go ahead.
Take it easy.
[Good job, E'Dawn.]
[He's standing it.]
More like a feather of a dinosaur.
[You got down why can't you go up.]
Go ahead.
[A less obese guy is on board.]
I'll try.
- I'm light.
- Without a break.
[I just said I have a nice build.]
[The biggest obstacle in his idol career.]
- So light.
- He's so fit.
- He does have a nice build.
- You're really fit.
[As soon as he got on, E'Dawn goes down.]
Is it because of your pale face? - Does he look sick because of his pale face? - Hang on.
I'm not on board yet.
[Wow he has a quick wit.]
Why are you shaking so much already? - I think you are.
- I'm not on board yet.
- I'm not on board.
- He barely laid his body.
- So funny.
[Locking him not to let him go first.]
I didn't do anything yet.
Get ready.
[Flat Dawn.]
Hang on.
Come on! I didn't do anything yet! [Am I just imagining? He looks more sickly.]
He's so weak.
[Healthy-looking Hui is actually weak?.]
- I heard Hui isn't so healthy.
- Yes.
- He gets sick easily.
- He has a weak constitution.
[Hui faces the test of time.]
- With one hand? - Push-ups? - Yes.
- I can do it.
- Are you going to get sick again? [A chance to skip an ordeal.]
Then I won't do it.
I won't do it if you're going to get sick afterwards.
- Why don't we - He should play the keyboard.
- Shall we give it a try? [Go for it.]
He doesn't say no.
- Let me give it a go.
- With one arm? - No, with both arms.
- Both arms? [One arm? No way.
Not Conhee.]
[Carry Donhee on his back with 2 arms.]
Me? - Don't do it if you're going to be sick.
- I want to try.
- Don't go overboard.
[Challenging spirit.]
Let me give it a try.
- Let's just see.
- OK.
I can tell by slightly sitting.
[Release the beast inside!.]
Stand up.
[Freak out.]
- You can't do it.
- Come back.
He got bent as soon as I got on.
[Weak Hui.]
As soon as I got on his back.
[This was just a teaser.]
Let's find out various facts and the truth of the rumors.
The first fact check.
Hui of Pentagon.
A genius composer, that's me, me! [Embarrassed.]
I heard that rumor.
Pentagon Hui, "I'm a Genius Composer".
- There was an article.
- For real? - Yes.
[Lee Hoetaek (26) Seongsu-dong Beethoven.]
I really don't think I'm a genius.
But you said that, right? Why would a journalist write that? This is really just a rumor.
- But you saw the article.
- I felt pressured, actually.
[Since he's feeling pressured, let's show off Hui's achievements.]
[Hui's heat songs.]
[2017, Produce 101 "Never", Wanna One "Energetic".]
[2018, Pentagon "Shine".]
[Source: Bugs.]
[The target.]
- I heard Wanna One - wants to get your songs.
I heard they kneel down to beg you.
[Let's pull it together.]
- And this time - To get one song.
What does it take to be a genius? If Hui is not a genius, who else could be? [Born in August, 1993, the story of Hui's life.]
I'm not a genius.
I just work hard.
When did you start composing songs? I wrote a song for fun when I was a high school senior.
My teacher loved my song.
[I caught you.]
[Just for fun?.]
Just for fun [Extraordinary life of Hui.]
- Just like that? - You ARE a genius.
- Like Mozart, right? - Like Mozart.
- Like Beethoven, right? No.
I just wrote a song as a hobby.
[Unintentionally brag about himself.]
People said they loved it.
Did you start studying MIDI program when you were in high school? - That's after I joined the agency.
- After that.
[How surprising.]
- Until then, you wrote music? - Until then, you wrote the musical notes? Yes, just the musical notes.
He wrote the musical notes, and he made "Energetic".
[It all boils down to, "You're a genius".]
He's truly a genius.
Who is your muse? - My muse? - The source of inspiration.
For now, G-Dragon.
[Driving a wedge.]
- You'll catch up soon? - No, it's not like that.
GD went to the army.
[Perfect setup.]
And Hui takes over his spot.
- Hu-Dragon.
- Hu-Dragon! - Hu-Dragon.
- Hu-Dragon.
[Another fact, Cube Entertainment has another genius.]
There's a genius in (G)I-DLE.
[Soyeon, Seongsu-dong Bach.]
Why didn't you tell us? Is it true that Soyeon wrote "LATATA"? [No.
1 song, "LATATA".]
- Yes.
- For real? - Genius Jeon.
- No, I'm not a genius.
[How she made "LATATA".]
How did you make the song? Hui has told me that I should write a song for our team.
When did you start writing songs? [Starting with rap-making.]
I loved writing a rap at first.
And then I liked writing a beat.
Then I got to write a melody.
[Seongsoo-dong Bach.]
- That's what happened.
- Naturally.
That's a genius.
- Right.
- Geniuses are different.
- Simply, Hui gave birth to her.
- Right.
[Jeon Soyeon (21) Musical daughter of Hoetaek.]
A genius [Lee Hoetaek (26), Fostering geniuses, planted a seed in Cube.]
There was this huge tree called Hui.
And it bears a fruit like this.
These two geniuses prepared a song dedicated to "Idol Room".
Oh my.
I really wanted to be on this show.
So I worked so hard on this song.
It's amazing you were so dedicated.
[Super pressured.]
It's the first time.
For "Idol Room" he prepared a signal song.
[Reminder, this place turns into.]
It's a very upbeat song.
[Donhee and Conhee's sketchbook.]
- I hope you'll enjoy the song.
- Of course.
Written by Hui.
Pentagon is on the stage.
[Mike set, Hui made the signal song and sings with Wooseok.]
[Respect for a genius.]
Start like this? [Eye contact before the performance.]
[Half filled with anticipation half filled with pressure.]
[Pentagon Ver.
Idol Room signal song.]
[Written by Lee Hoetaek, Singer: Pentagon.]
[Hey, cochlea, are you ready to dance?.]
[Looks like high quality from the start.]
[Vroom vroom.]
[A hidden vocalist.]
[So touched.]
[I love it.]
[Idol Room~ Made by Pentagon.]
[Shouting with joy.]
[Lifting Prince Hui up.]
Thank you so much.
[Good job, my baby.]
Thank you.
[The next composer can't be just happy.]
- That was so impressive.
- Thank you.
[Precious Hoetaek.
He's the best.]
That was so impressive.
Thank you, Hui.
Thank you.
[Label mates show their respect.]
I believe our show will thrive, thanks to you.
[So thankful.]
- Thanks again.
- Thank you.
- I'm so touched.
[His musical daughter, Soyeon is up.]
Now, Hui's descendant.
[Super pressured.]
Our genius composer, Soyeon.
Music, please.
[(G)I-DLE ver, Idol Room Signal Song.]
[Written by Jeon Soyeon, Singer: (G)I-DLE.]
[Heart Heart.]
[Recording with his ears.]
[In restroom? Nope.]
[In bedroom? Nope.]
[In bathroom? Nope.]
[Tracking the location.]
[In fitting room? Nope.]
[In living room? Nope.]
[Shout it out, God Soyeon.]
[Hui's cheer.]
[There are many rooms in the world.]
[But the best of them is "Idol Room".]
[Anyways, I love you, Soyeon.]
At the end, Idol Room! [Masterpiece.]
- I loved both songs.
- What do we do? We have to pick among the two, right? Right now, viewers' vote is in.
[Idol Room's official signal song.]
[What's your choice?.]
Show Me the Logo.
[Save both songs.]
- With a grateful heart.
- We should use it well.
[Planning to stream the song.]
We'll make a good use of it.
[Thank you for amazing signal songs.]
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[- Idol Room staff-.]
Genius composers.
But you prepared the songs beforehand.
- Right.
- ID You're a Moral Person wrote, [Fact Check requested by the real fan.]
"Pentagon's genius composer, Hui".
"I want to see your songwriting skills".
That was in the comments.
Let's test if he's really a genius composer.
That's going to be hard.
[Here comes the keyboard.]
Just a piano.
[Songwriting skill test.]
The rules are simple.
Conhee and I will give you 2 keywords.
[Play the keyboard.]
- Mix the words.
- Mix them up? [It's so hard to be a genius composer.]
- Yes.
- Like you make rap during free-style rap.
- Like always.
- You can do it, right? [Donhee's keyword.]
- Let me give you black.
- Black? - Black.
- Not bad.
- Black.
[Conhee's keyword.]
- Let me give you "Light".
- Light.
[Donhee's keyword, because he's hungry.]
- Indian curry.
- Indian curry.
Can you roll with Indian curry? Here are mine.
[Conhee's keywords, I'm hungry.]
- Tripe.
- Tripe.
[No association between words.]
Indian curry.
[Try to reject the challenge but failed.]
Does this have anything to do with - It's closely related.
- Is it? - Yes.
[Jam music.]
[Oh my.]
Piano? [Hoetaek's fingers on the keyboard.]
[Donhee is impressed.]
He came up with it right away.
"Ho! The floor is black" [Jazz vibe.]
"The light over my head".
[Let's open a wine bottle.]
"Indian curry".
[From New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz.]
What? [To India, but the attempt fell through.]
Did you ignore Indian curry? - Did you ignore Indian curry? - Don't forget about tripe! - I wanted to do it well.
- I liked the Indian curry part.
[Even a genius couldn't pull it off.]
- I'm sorry.
- "The floor is black".
[Failed to express the taste of Indian curry under the light.]
- A bartender brings Indian curry.
- Then I'll change.
- I'll make a change.
- So will I.
[Change of keywords.]
- Lipstick.
- Lipstick! All right.
Let me change it to beef tripe soup.
- OK! - Beef Tripe soup! Black, light, lipstick, beef tripe soup.
[Hui, the genius composer, sings this song.]
"My heart is so dark that it's black".
"I want a light shine upon me".
"I want a light".
[So sweet.]
"Your lips are so red".
[Red lips.]
"It seems like you put on lipstick".
He has beef tripe soup left.
[Urgent ad-lib, facing an obstacle of beef tripe soup.]
Sing along! [Everybody singing.]
You're thinking about what to do with beef tripe soup, right? [Pressured.]
- He's still working on it.
- Let me think.
[Way to go, Hoetaek.]
[Sing along.]
- Beef tripe soup.
- Sing along! [Please wait, the soup is still boiling.]
- Beef tripe soup.
- It's not here yet.
It's boiling.
[Pentagon boils beef tripe soup together.]
It has been quite great.
"I want to have beef tripe soup, bang bang".
[Satisfied customers.]
It's so hard.
- Great job.
- Amazing.
It could've been harder.
That was impressive.
[Artist Hui.]
Good job.
[Artist Hui.]
This is the final test.
[You thought it was over?.]
We invited a genius lyricist who is as good as Hui.
- Genius lyricist, please come on out.
- Come on out.
[Who is it?.]
[Lyricist Kim Eana?.]
Kim Eana? Here he is.
[It's me, Hyungdon.]
We invited a genius lyricist to "Idol Room".
[Let me show off.]
I just found out that I have 38 songs registered at Korea Music Copyright Association.
I'm registered as a lyricist.
[He looks amazing.]
It's a major group.
He's a lyricist of Hyungdon and Daejun.
And hit songs.
Please list your discography.
[It saw the light of day, thanks to Yoo Jaeseok.]
"Olympic Expressway".
[Hit song.]
"The Gloomy Song".
[Basically IU's song.]
"Choice" feat.
["Rap Impossible", even he can't sing it right.]
And Wangbambbang.
[They wanted to land a commercial, but failed.]
- "Get Out".
- "The King of Math".
There are a lot of great songs.
"Hanshim Cart Bar".
How about Hui re-arrange the song and sing it? [Not a slave.
Idol Room cherishes Hoetaek.]
In 2012, it was a huge hit.
While "Gangnam Style" went viral in the second half of 2012, - in the first half, "The Gloomy Song".
- This song by Hyungdon and Daejun did.
[The biggest song in their life, "The Gloomy Song".]
[#Hyungdon and Daejun.]
[Would Hui be able to pull it off?.]
[It's no-cut video.]
It sounds so different.
[He makes a melody quickly.]
He got the vibe from the lyrics.
[The lyrics.]
I'm sorry.
You skipped, "She's smiling".
[A line is left off.]
[A meticulous lyricist.]
- I'm a lyricist myself.
- I'm sorry.
[I'm a lyricist.]
Those lines are all meaningful.
[Please stick to the lyrics.]
- Sorry.
- Don't leave anything off.
Please say, "No, no".
[Nice melody.]
[Are you a vending machine? Another song with a different vibe.]
[Sticking to the lyrics.]
[Jump in the middle.]
Hold on.
[Excuse me.]
You missed "No, no".
[Again, Hui.]
- This is - "No, no, no".
- "No, no, no".
- "No, no, no".
You left 3.
Let's say I'm not a genius - I'm sorry.
- Hui is a regular composer.
[No 3 times.]
I'm sorry.
[It's 1% inspiration and "No" 9 times.]
[A regular composer Hui.]
Let's move on.
(G)I-DLE, we're all genius dancers.
All 6 members are good at improv choreography.
[Oh my God.]
Is this a genius special? Who said that? You did! I didn't.
Who did this? [Anonymous.]
We should determine by a majority of votes.
[It was from SJ in Seongsu-dong.]
Really? Let's see.
Since they reported by themselves, - We need to verify it.
- We should.
- Oh my God.
- If this is proven to be true, your dancing skills will be recognized.
I want that.
[Improv choreography test.]
When the music is on, come up with improv dances.
If the music was "Gee", then for the part "Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby" you should not do the original dance moves.
[They debuted 28 days ago.]
- Something totally different.
- Oh no.
It should be something totally different.
[Super nervous.]
- Should I do it first? - Understood? - E'Dawn is quite a great dancer.
= He's great.
Why don't you show them something? [No rejection.]
Let's go! [Respect.]
Hit the music.
[E'Dawn's version of "Gashina".]
It should be different from the original song.
[Almost reached out his hand.]
[Look at his eyes.]
[Link it with shoulder dance.]
[Stop right there.]
Hold on.
[Stop the dance.]
Hold on.
I don't know a thing about dance.
You slightly flinched, right? [Quickly accept his mistake.]
It shouldn't be close to the original dance.
You obviously flinched and went the other way.
[I couldn't believe my hands.]
I was shocked.
- No can do.
- That pose looked close.
- All right.
- Make sure it doesn't look like the original choreography.
- Yes.
Take a look.
He's a genius dancer.
Hyojong is a great dancer.
["Red Flavor" with refreshing, cute dance moves.]
[Can he stand the temptation of the original choreography?.]
[Thinking about the choreography.]
"Red Flavor".
[Stretching his arms.]
[A true improv choreography.]
[The key is not being embarrassed.]
[Compelling finish.]
[E'Dawn's cute dances.]
Good job.
It looked nothing like the original choreography.
It didn't remind me of the "Red Flavor" choreography at all.
- I'm in trouble.
- It didn't go well with the song.
- I saw no connection.
- This is what you should do.
- You got that? - You got that? - Soyeon.
- Soyeon is a dancing machine.
[Kino's TMI.]
Soyeon and Soojin make dance moves together.
- I'm a rapper.
- Soyeon is in charge of so many things.
- I'm a rapper.
- She does everything, even if she denies.
- Hit it.
- Way to go! [Am I shaking?.]
Dance genius, rap genius! Go for it! [The one who waits for her turn looks more nervous.]
Way to go! ["Bboom Bboom" #Momoland.]
[Soyeon's reinterpretation.]
[Creative dance moves.]
[Sexy and charismatic.]
[Moaning? Cheer?.]
[The original dance moves in the crucial part.]
[A test not to do the dance moves.]
[Too bad.]
- That was automatic.
- You couldn't stand it at the end.
[The next challengers are scared.]
You couldn't stand it at the end.
Shouldn't it be like this? That was great.
You almost became a genius choreographer.
[Can't hear anything.
Where am I? Who am I?.]
At the end - She's a gifted choreographer.
- A gifted choreographer.
[The second up is Minnie.]
[Bang Bang Bang #Big Bang.]
[Relax, moving to the groove.]
[Oh boy.]
[Crack up.]
[Sweep the dance floor with dual pistols.]
[All you need is two fingers.]
[Bang bang bang.]
- I like that dance.
- It's not bad.
I like it.
[Pentagon copies Minnie's dance moves.]
It's cool.
[Everyone is having fun.]
I love it.
[Super nervous, she can't smile.]
It's like you'll shoot but not.
It's like you hesitate to go.
[Soojin, who supposedly spread the rumor.]
- Soojin.
- Soojin.
- Soojin.
- Soojin is great at dancing.
- How about we see Miyeon's dance first? - Let's wait until the last minute.
Let's wait.
Now Miyeon.
I can't dance.
- We know.
- So we're going to [No dance as a unit.]
- No.
- No.
[She's so worried that she forgot it's a show.]
What are you doing? [Huh? What's going on?.]
I never said that.
[A rage of a terrible dancer.]
Why? You can't be pissed off here.
Are you pissed off? [Cry.]
- You're a rookie.
We've been in this business for - She scared me.
[They pick on the prey.]
You yelled so loud.
Miyeon, you really scared me.
[So funny.]
What do I do? Let's watch together.
Gather around, guys.
[Group watching to embarrass her.]
[Donhee has a gift to embarrass idols.]
Genius choreographer! [To.
Dear idols.]
She gets even more embarrassed as time goes by.
[See? You become a prey of Donhee and Conhee.]
It gets more embarrassing.
We're about to witness the birth of a genius choreographer in Korea.
- Seriously.
- The second Isadora Duncan in Korea.
[She probably lost it.]
Isadora Duncan.
Unbeatable dancer, Miyeon.
Here we go.
[Miyeon's dance.]
[Up and Down #EXID.]
[Heating up the stage with her look.]
[She's brought to her senses.]
[Huh? What happened?.]
- Hold on.
What's wrong? What? - Why? What happened? Did you see a rat? - Was there a bug? Find a rat! - Catch that! - Where is it! What's wrong? She wants to start from the top.
[Forcing her to perform again.]
[Poor Miyeon.]
[Flamboyant introduction.]
Beyoncé in Korea.
[Spaced out.]
Jennifer Lopez in Korea.
[So fun to watch.]
This is dance.
My every movement is dance.
The greatest dance singer in Korea.
[When is it going to end?.]
She's going to continue the tradition of Lee Hyori.
[Cheer up, Miyeon.]
Not Kan Miyeon.
Hit the music.
["Growl" #EXO.]
[Her look seems like she knows what she's doing.]
[But she's just scurrying about with her arms.]
[Laughing after making her do this.]
[No more repertoire.]
[Children's dance routine.]
[The choreography is truly destroyed.]
[You are allowed to get off work.]
Thank you.
[Review without filtering.]
That was so embarrassing.
[Worn out.]
This has been [Ending fairy.]
- just a rehearsal.
- Just for her.
It was a rehearsal to see her performance.
[Seongsu-dong SJ.]
Soojin's stage we've waited for.
Let's check it out.
[Great dancer Soojin's improv choreography.]
Way to go! - Give it up for her! - Hit the music, please.
What's this? [Excited.]
["Shine" #Pentagon.]
[The same song, different choreography.]
[A good example of improv choreography.]
[Sexy shine.]
[The original artists are satisfied.]
[We saw a completed choreography for the first time.]
[Good job.]
But this is not the end.
[Show must go on.]
Since we have two groups, Pentagon vs.
Let's have a dance battle.
To lessen the burden, we picked songs by artists from Cube Entertainment.
Should I take off my shoes? [She takes off her shoes for an important task.]
I think I might fall.
When you hear the music, only 1 member from each team should come out.
[1 song, 1 member from 1 group.]
Hit the music, please.
1 "Whatcha Doin' Today" #4Minute.]
[Perfect cover dance.]
[So confident as if it's her own song.]
2 "RED" #Hyuna.]
[Yuqi is on a roll.]
[Fierce "RED".]
What are you doing, Pentagon? [Looking for the right timing.]
[Minnie, Yuqi, Shuhua.]
[(G)I-DLE international members made a club.]
Amazing (G)I-DLE! [He's about to become a fan of (G)I-DLE.]
So cool.
[This is not a listening test.]
"Bubble Pop"! [Shuhua's solo stage.]
3 "Bubble Pop"! #Hyuna.]
So cute.
[Pushing each other to dance.]
[He never says "No" E'Dawn is pushed to come out.]
[He knows how to leave a strong impact.]
[I did my job, so let me get off work.]
4 "Trouble Maker" #Trouble Maker.]
- "Trouble Maker".
- Yuqi.
[Wooseok and Yuta, finally volunteer.]
[Super flustered.]
I don't know the dance moves.
Wooseok doesn't know the choreography.
Wooseok said he doesn't know.
[In panic.]
[Yuta does the couple dance by himself.]
Wooseok is standing still, and Yuta does all the work.
[He leaves after the part he remembers.]
[Wooseok is ready to disappear.]
[I will save this song.]
[Cube Entertainment's dancing machine Shuhua.]
There's not a single member from Pentagon who can have a dance-off with her? [Silent.]
[Giving off her charms.]
[Replay, Pentagon.]
- No one from Pentagon? - Great job.
[They're confident about their choreography.]
No one? [Dance teachers love these ladies.]
From this team, Yuqi and Shuhua [Cube Entertainment's top dancers.]
did all the work.
- Yeah.
- That was so passionate.
The winner of the dance battle is (G)I-DLE! [Unanimous decision.]
[(G)I-DLE won the dance battle.]
[Ask about medicines to pharmacists, (G)I-DLE's dance to choreographers.]
This is the last fact to check.
Here we go.
Kino is the fairy to turn viewers into fans.
Do you admit? Agree? [Fairy to turn viewers into fans?.]
What does it mean? What did he do and why is this popular? [At a fan signing event.]
We had a public fan signing event.
[Thanks to a lot of fans.]
There were so many fans.
[Who? How? What?.]
I easily get excited when there is a crowd.
[Kino got excited and started being a fairy.]
I was so excited.
I danced and sang so happily.
[The end of story.]
Viewers of the video clip were touched.
[From: Kino.
com This is the day.]
[Flirty Kino who win hearts of fans.]
[So many stories about people who became their fans thanks to Kino.]
[Cute face.]
[Who saw the video clip?.]
Is there anyone who saw it? [Hongseok: My hobby is to monitor him.]
I enjoy watching his video clips.
Why? Are you a fan of him? [Cover dance, too.]
I like to cover his dance.]
[Dance master Kino.]
- His dance has a point.
- I'm curious about his dance.
In fact, he's the member who monitors my performance.
Hongseok looks so handsome.
- Handsome, right? - Thank you.
[Admitting his good-looking appearance, absorbing his praises.]
[Oh, my.]
I can't compliment them.
They do this whenever they're praised.
[He's bold and handsome.]
It's weird if I am embarrassed.
[You can win hearts of people!.]
Anyways, you can do like Kino.
- Right.
- Honestly, you didn't show off your charm but you may have your special talent to win hearts of people.
I didn't hide it but [STOP.]
Hang on.
For Yeo One, we invited special guests to evaluate your personal talents.
Please come out.
Do we have a special guest? - Our - They are so famous.
- Hello.
[IDOL ROOM's guard team is here to evaluate their charm.]
[What's this?.]
Let me introduce them.
They're guards for idol bands but they have never become a fan of them.
[Clear line between private and public life.]
They're focusing on protecting stars.
They draw a cline between their private and public life.
Please introduce yourself.
Hello, I'm Bang Jonghwan.
I've been working for 20 years.
I'm Kim Minsoo, having 15-year-long career.
You've watched a lot of performances by idol bands.
[Have you never liked anyone?.]
You may have become a fan - of some idol bands.
- There was none? Because they are related to my work But you may like someone as a fan.
[Professional answer.]
I am their guard.
They are my guest to protect.
[They draw a clear line with their private life.]
Right, I understand.
If you win their hearts, you will be the first idol band member who turn them into someone's fan in their long career.
[Vote for your star.]
You will open their heart.
1 candidate Yeo One.]
Yeo One raised his hand.
He will turn them into his fans.
I can impersonate many celebrities.
[Yeo One's personal talent.]
I can impersonate many celebs.
- If you like - If they don't like, they may force you to stop.
What should we do, if you don't like to see anymore - You may raise your hand.
- If you do this [Nodding.]
- They will stop.
- It will be embarrassing.
[Their fate is decided by a hand.]
- Then, stop.
- It will be embarrassing.
- This is hilarious.
I'll show several things first.
[Serial attack of impersonation.]
- I see.
- First.
[Famous one.]
- Let me start by impersonating Lee Jeongjae.
- Okay.
Lines from "New World" and "Assassination".
[Yan An knows what will happen I don't want to see.
[Many members turned around.]
Brothers, your joke is too mean.
I got two shots here in 1958.
[This is what guards do saving him from embarrassment.]
I got two shots I saw this so many times.
Then, Kim Sangjoong.
[Refusing to watch.]
- Kim Sangjoong.
- Kim Sangjoong.
You need to consider that he saw this so many times.
- I guess he saw it too many times.
- Moving on? [Giving up.]
- I'll do Lee Seunghwan.
- Okay.
[Turning around.]
When he sings, [Embarrassed.]
he does this ad-lib.
You know his famous song, "For 1000 Days".
[Feeling pressure.]
It's an ad-lib.
Members, do you know the song? [Asking for help.]
[But this is the lonely way that you need to go through alone.]
[Not touched.]
[Yeo One who doesn't know how to give up.]
Again, Han Seokgyu.
- Han Seokgyu.
- Amazing.
[Amazed by his strenuous efforts.]
He sounds relaxed.
[Will this work?.]
Hello, I'm Han Seokgyu.
It's not fun.
Then, he may get angry.
[Angry Han Seokgyu.]
I'm impersonating stars! Please decide.
[Shaking his head.]
- This - There's one more.
[In a hurried manner.]
[His secret weapon.]
- Minnie.
- Minnie? Have you ever seen her singing? [Too busy to see her performances.]
- No.
- No? [Desperate.]
- They haven't seen.
- Screwed.
[Minnie is here.]
Minnie, please show.
- Minnie goes first.
- Minnie's part.
- Minnie, please show how to do.
- Minnie's part.
- Good.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Kind Minnie provides a live performance.]
- This - Okay, let's go.
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Not working.]
[Not angry but thinking.]
This? He went overboard [They would become his fan if he didn't over-react.]
Yeo One failed.
[Having a strategy meeting.]
It was fun, though.
You failed but you showed off your personal talents.
[I did my best.]
- That's enough.
- You enjoyed close-up shots.
- Don't worry about your time on screen.
- Good job.
[Reporting after discussion.]
- Dawn has a lot of personal talents.
- Dawn! [No.
2 candidate E.
Do you have many personal talents? - Yes, he does.
- Really? [I'll show you how to win the hearts of people.]
I think manly guys don't like over-reacting.
[Finished understanding their taste.]
- Precise.
- I know because I'm like that.
[Simple is the best.]
Let's go! [To win their hearts.]
- I'll show you something shortly.
- Okay.
- Okay.
[Have you heard?.]
- It's called a swollen tongue.
- A swollen tongue.
- His tongue looks like a strawberry.
- My tongue will be like this.
Security guards, please take a look.
[What's that?.]
It looks like a strawberry but will they like it? [He raised his hand to stop him.]
- He raised his hand again.
- It means no.
- Is there anything else? - Of course.
[There's no "No" in my dictionary - Straightforward guy Kim E.
- A drowsy face.
- A drowsy look.
[They're excited to see it[ 1, 2, 3.
[Drowsiness became a person.]
What's your decision? [Show me another charm, please.]
[Okay, got it.]
- Failed to win their hearts.
- It's too difficult.
3 candidate Jinho.]
Jinho came out.
After having a long and hard day, I guess they would listen to a ballad song [Strategy to differentiate - a ballad song.]
to get refreshed.
- Do you? - Yes, I do from time to time.
[Eureka! There's a chance.]
- Great job.
- You got a chance.
So, I'll sing a song.
[I Miss You by #Jinho.]
[(G)I-DLE members enjoy his sweet voice.]
[Ballad sentiment is knocking their heats.]
[He starts singing so sadly.]
[But he also failed to win their hearts.]
- He sang "I Miss You" to guys.
- Jinho.
- Yes.
[Conhee's support.]
- You have another one, doing the splits.
- Yes.
Can I do that wearing these pants? [Unexpected charm.]
- The pants - You can make the sound of crows.
- May I? - Please.
[Expecting with a sullen look.]
[Special personal character Doing the splits + making a crow's sound.]
What's your decision? [Fail as he seemed embarrassed.]
It's not easy.
Jinho failed, too.
[Soyeon participated in this audition.]
- Me.
- Soyeon.
I don't think I can win their hearts.
I bet I'm the only one who can do this.
- Soyeon.
- People say a girl whose mouth is big is a beauty.
[Shy but shocking confession.]
- Right.
- I can put my fist into my mouth.
[Personal talent competition.]
- Wow.
- Putting a fist into your mouth? - Yes.
I don't think you can do it.
[I'm excited to see that.]
Let me do it.
[Shocking personal talent.]
The result is [It's too shocking - No!.]
You should've rapped [Pentagon members are amazed by Soyeon's personal talents.]
[Finally, the king will come out.]
Last challenger, Kino.
Why am I the king? - Because of your video clip.
- We started all this thanks to you.
[This audition started because of his video clip that turned viewers into his fans.]
You need to save the pride of our team.
[To turn a person's heart.]
[They tried their best.]
[Now they need to show something special.]
[Talented Kino.]
Please enjoy my positive vibe and make a heart, if you like it.
[Are you the fairy who turn people into fans?.]
Here we go! [Reproduction of Kino's famous video clip.]
- Music, please.
- He's the best.
[Started showing off his talents[ [Not that touching.]
[Another level of charm.]
[Please look into my eyes You will be my fans.]
[First response He shows interest.]
[Trying his best.]
[Not sure though.]
[He gave up early.]
Failed to win their hearts! [He's so talented but not patient.]
It's not easy.
[It was hard to win their hearts.]
[But I'm sure some became their fans today (It's me!).]
[Time to end the show.]
Today's guests are rising bands Pentagon and (G)I-DLE.
[Today's pick-dol.]
- You were the pick-dol, Soyeon.
- Yes.
[My camera.]
- This is the one.
- Yes.
Please tell us how you felt.
[Pick-dol who beat the odds of 1:16.]
I was picked out of 16.
I think I was amazingly lucky.
I was glad.
Thank you for your hard work.
Please check out what you did during breaks on Naver.
[We captured every moment.]
I saw this, too.
[Representing Pentagon.]
Hui, how did you feel? We met Donhee and Conhee after a while.
[Pentagon was glad.]
- Right.
- We were glad to see you [Having a lot of fun.]
and enjoyed this show with you.
Thank you for loving our song "Shine".
[A great song "Shine".]
We were so happy today.
Thank you very much and we will do our best to return your favor.
IDOL ROOM will support (G)I-DLE and Pentagon! Credibility no.
1, IDOL ROOM, an idol band variety show! [Pentagon & (G)I-DLE, see you next time!.]
Thank you.
Great job, kids.
[You can watch various video clips including Soyeon's personal cams on V LIVE.]