Idol Room (2018) s01e06 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 6 - BtoB The most trusted idol show, Idol Room! [Dongwoon's pose survived today again.]
- We do Dongwoon's pose? - Sure, he is watching.
[Today's guest.]
Today's guest is.
They decided to release their digital source for the first time on this show.
[First release of their new song.]
It is not even released.
[While the urgent news is delivered, someone coughed.]
It is not even released.
[Cracking down coughing.]
Quiet, Minhyuk! [Being hard on them already.]
Our show is trying to settle down.
[Without the music release.]
Even before they released their song, they decided to come here.
[Welcome, BTOB.]
- Please welcome, BTOB! - BTOB! [Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Penieel, Changsub.]
[Sungjae, Ilhoon, Minhyuk.]
- BTOB! - BTOB! [Welcoming them with "Beep Beep".]
"Beep Beep".
[Very old song.]
- Hi.
- "Beep Beep".
[Nice to see you.]
- The picture is - We are going to do this with everyone? [Hell of saying hi.]
We have to do this with everyone? Say hi to our viewers.
[Comeback with Mini 11th album.]
We are back with "THIS IS US", 3, 4! - Born to beat! Hi, we are BTOB! - BTOB! [Just said hi.]
- 11th album? - How have you been, Hyunsik? [Attack started.]
You look like spinach.
[Calm Mr.
- We met recently.
- Right.
Why 4 of you are dressed like ingredients for gimbab? [Spinach, carrot, pickled radish, seaweed.]
- Me? Me included? - Carrot, pickled radish.
- Very colorful.
- Changsub has been nervous to appear on Idol Room.
[Changsub couldn't sleep.]
- He couldn't sleep.
- Why? - You look like you slept well.
- He has a phobia for entertaining show.
[Entertaining show phobia?.]
- He is now - This is your 11th album? - Yes.
[Too late to have a fear for shows.]
If you have a phobia when you are singer with 11th album - It sucks up my energy.
- Changsub.
- Yes.
[Attacking him regardless of the phobia.]
Did you get acupuncture on your nose? - Or is it the lack of sleep? - Does my nose look big? [Phobia for the show, lack of sleep, swollen nose.]
- Today especially - My nose swells often.
- Did you prepare so much? - Not really.
You practiced a lot to show personal skills? [Even more attack.]
I'm going to chew this on the show~ [Imitating Chansub's voice.]
- I will break the jinx.
- I don't have the phobia.
- You are so good.
- How have you been, Mr.
Pickled radish? [Seo Eunkwang, leader, a popular musical actor.]
I have been active in musical.
- Right, I heard.
- It's called "The Three Musketeers".
- Right.
[Eunkwang is in musical "The Three Musketeers".]
- With Eom Gijun.
- With Eom Gijuun.
- And Son Hoyoung.
- Right, with Hoyoung.
- We play d’Artagnan.
[Musical actor.]
- "d’Artagnan".
- Yes.
- Can you show us something? [Will not be something like this.]
- Sing for us? - "d’Artagnan"~ [Conhee's aria is discouraging.]
You know, "d’Artagnan"~ - He has the line.
- Similar.
- Do that, please.
[Nice voice, d’Artagnan.]
[Leader has been working hard like this.]
[Other members are laughing.]
- This is a personal skill.
- Can you show your back? [d’Artagnan's sexy back was fatal.]
- It was so pretty.
- Was it? - Yes.
[If you ask, I will.]
[Perfect back.]
All of a sudden [Next to him.]
And, Sungjae of "Master in the House".
- How have you been Minhyuk? - Is that all? [Fair to everyone.]
We get to see Sungjae very often on TV.
And you talk a lot on that show.
- Do you do musical? - No.
- You don't? - I don't.
- Do you act? - No.
[No acting at the moment, then pass.]
Then let us pass.
- Because we watch "Master in the House".
- We do.
[Fun to watch when it is someone else.]
We love watching your show.
[To be polite, a little more question.]
Are you preparing anything? - Yes, I am preparing.
- Hard to choose, right? I'm curious that when you say you are preparing for the next piece.
[Preparing for the next piece.]
What do you mean by that? [ID: Viewer Mr.
Jeong (experience 100).]
Do you fix your shoelaces? Do you want to know? You are actors.
[ID: Popular actor, Mr.
I read scripts and review them.
- You receive scripts? - Yes.
- He would.
- How many did you receive? [Dignity.]
- I have received over 20.
- But you have to choose.
- Yes.
- Rather than choosing, I want to find out what is suitable for me.
- That is choosing.
That is choosing.
I did acting recently.
That is choosing.
[Sladering anytime he gets to.]
I heard that you said, "Don't you have anything from Kim Eunhee"? [This never gets easy.]
- That level is - No.
- I heard you said that.
- No.
You are teasing me too hard.
- Tease you? I'm just making things up.
- To tease you, we need to talk about truth.
[Just making things up.]
Right, I didn't talk about anything about you.
- This is just slander.
- Right.
- That's what we do.
- What did you give us to talk about? - Right.
[Slander with confidence, don't get belittled in front of idols.]
If we act nicely because - you became popular, will that make a good show? Understand us.
- I see.
- OK.
[Packing it with nice words.]
- Anyways, Sungjae.
- Yes.
- We look forward to your next piece.
- Psychopathic show! - Say whatever party! [After teasing them during the opening.]
Hope you choose a great work - and see you acting in a drama.
- Thanks.
- Way to go! - BTOB is famous for their pose on red carpet.
Right, when they were on red carpet, [Famous for unique red carpet pictures.]
They did a lot of weird poses.
[Picture 1: The Creation.]
It's like The Creation.
[Picture 2: Fan.]
- Like a fan.
- Fan.
- An folding fan.
- Right.
[Picture 3: Star.]
- What's this? - A star.
Don't you feel any pressure? [A lot of pressure and expectation.]
So we stopped doing it.
We have to develop a new pose.
Who gives such ideas? Usually, we put our heads together 5 minutes before coming out.
[Carpet makes the pose.]
- Whimsically? - Through a discussion.
So, we prepared [They can create a pose, if they have red carpet!.]
the red carpet! So we prepared the red carpet.
They prepared red carpet! [Red carpet.]
I guess I've seen it before.
Thoroughly prepared [Give us your pose now.]
It's so long.
Red carpet is long.
[BTOB discussed beforehand.]
Actually, we prepared something.
Just like you created IDOL ROOM, [We saw it.]
- we copied The Creation.
- We saw the picture.
- This time - We wanted to do it together.
[Making an excuse of remix.]
Like a remix version.
Please keep it for another occasion.
[No remix.]
[Right now.]
Make one right now.
Right now.
[Asking to create a pose in 5 minutes.]
- In 5 minutes.
- Okay.
Hyunsik said 5 minutes, so we give 5 minutes.
[Idea came up after 10 seconds.]
I got one.
- We will be away.
- I have an idea.
- What? - Gimbap (Seaweed roll) - That's nice! - You're the ingredients.
[Perfect outfits for Gimbap.]
Pickled radish, carrot.
[What about me?.]
- Spinach.
- Gimbap doesn't have this color.
- You will roll us.
- Yes, you will.
[Ilhoon's role: Someone who makes the roll.]
- Me? - Yes.
- Okay.
[Peniel joins Gimbap - Peniel and I will be the seaweed.
- Okay.
[Minhyuk is sesame oil.]
You're sesame oil.
Will you not doing something like Gimbap? Will you not doing something like Gimbap? [Real Gimbap that appeared at this moment.]
[Because of our pride.]
We don't do such a lame thing.
[He leaves the set.]
I hope you don't do it.
[Changing the idea quickly.]
Let's make a triangular Gimbap.
[Red carpet pose masters.]
I will make a triangle frame.
You two will be the triangle.
I will do this.
- It's the seaweed.
- Go inside.
[Triangle Gimbap.]
- Ingredients.
- Get inside.
- May I go on top? - Spinach.
[Pickled radish, carrot and spinach.]
Lie down.
[Making a pretty pose.]
- Lie down.
- Endure for awhile.
[Two were left.]
Minhyuk, come on in.
[Two were left.]
What am I? - Just go in.
- Go in.
[Going in.]
I will celebrate it.
[Ilhoon, the person who celebrates.]
I will celebrate it.
[5 minutes are up.]
You need to lower your head.
To make a perfect triangle.
Time's up! [Ta-da.]
Is it a dumpling? [BTOB triangle Gimbap.]
- What's this? - Triangle Gimbap.
Triangle Gimbap? [Approaching for nitpicking.]
What are the ingredients? - Carrot.
- Spinach.
- Spinach.
- Pickled radish.
- What's this blue one? [Blue Minhyuk.]
Blue sausage.
[Help me.]
- What's this? - Blueberry.
- Blueberry.
[Do you have blueberry in Gimbap?.]
Blueberry? [Not common ingredient for Gimbap.]
- Blueberry? - New type of Gimbap.
- Organic.
- Organic.
[Sense King Hoon.]
- Thank you.
- This is IDOL ROOM.
[Look at the team work.]
A room filled with idol members.
[Better interpretation than intention.]
- Right.
- Triangle Gimbap is the subtitle.
- That's the real one.
- IDOL ROOM, the real title.
I was amazed that they did it in 5 minutes.
[2018 BTOB's new pose: IDOL ROOM.]
I felt your teamwork is amazing.
Great job.
This is the first variety show that introduced a personal cam.
A personal camera that will follow you all day.
[Pretending as if he knew.]
- Camera.
- Personal camera! Personal camera! [Cutie, pickled radish.]
- He has a great sense.
- Camera.
[I like it.]
This is nice.
We don't have any signature pose for IDOL ROOM.
[Asking them to make one.]
No signature pose? - You've been doing this.
- We'd like to have a new one.
[Enthusiastic to find the best one.]
We've been asking the stars - to make one.
- What about this? [Spinach's simple and clean pose.]
[No impact.]
How do you do that? What about this? IDOL ROOM.
[Big impact.]
What about this? [Magical pose that attracts attention.]
I think it's nice.
[Pose vending machine, BTOB.]
- Crazy.
- IDOL ROOM! - Nice.
- Let's do it together.
[Donhee and Hoonhee.]
- It's nice.
- Try.
- IDOL ROOM! It draws attention to the bottom.
It feels like there's something.
[Dear Hoon, you did a great job.]
Let's do this later.
For today's pick-dol, [Selecting one person.]
a personal camera will be given and you'll enjoy close-up shot all day.
[Singers with 7 years' career have never heard of it.]
A personal camera will follow you.
[Personal cam video clips will be released online.]
You know, the green portal site.
Video clips will be released on it.
[Confused, is it something good?.]
Awesome! - The entire personal cam will be released? - Yes.
[Whatever you do, it will be captured.]
Whether you pick your nose, cough, fans will see it through the video clip.
What have I been doing so far? [Too early to worry.]
Did I do anything inappropriate? [Not yet, Hoonhee.]
- We didn't decide today's pick-dol.
- No? - We need to do that now.
- Suddenly.
What camera did you look at? [Personal cam makes Ilhoon get confused.]
- We need to pick one.
- I was worried.
One of you will be the pick-dol today.
[Someone who feels dizzy on a variety show.]
We prepared this for a fair selection.
Everyone, lie on your stomach [1.
Lie on one's stomach around the wheel.]
Spin the wheel.]
with your hands around your face.
The one who this camera stops to point at is today's pick-dol.]
The camera will point at today's pick-dol, right? And there's a cam above you.
- My neck hurts! - Oh, there's one.
[Thank you.]
- Hello.
- There's one.
[Miracle cure for a shy guy, close-up cam.]
I personally hope Changsub would be the one.
- Go, Changsub! - Pretty pose for 3 seconds.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
[BTOB is ready to get picked.]
- Are you all set, guys? - Yes! - You want it, Changsub? - What? [Avoid eye contact.]
[He seems not to want it.]
- You want it? - Go! - Let's go! [The spinning wheel starts to spin.]
Here we go! [Handsome faces.]
[It's no big deal, but it makes them nervous.]
It's spinning.
[He's nervous it might get him.]
Here we go now.
Today's pickdol! [Who's it going to be? The camera can't choose.]
- Hold on.
Changsub? - Go! [Connie's voice, "Changsub".]
Changsub? [No.]
[Suspicious behavior.]
- Go! - Changsub! [Eunkwang and Ilhoon are cheating.]
Changsub! [Respecting everyone's wish, Changsub is forced to be picked.]
Changsub! [Super worried.]
Congratulations! [Everyone's excited except Changsub.]
I saw that! I saw that! You're so [Timid rebellion.]
- It's rigged.
- I saw that.
- I saw that Changsub got picked.
- It's been rigged.
- No, no.
[Removing the prop.]
- Changsub got picked.
- You guys are angels.
You should have filed a complaint before we removed it.
But it's been finalized.
I know you two go by the book.
[Perfect teamwork, Donhee, Conhee, Hoonhee.]
- Yes, we're strict.
- We witnessed.
- It was Changsub.
- We don't cheat nor use tricks.
[I don't know.]
We're not saying we allow that.
[Overcome the stage fright with close-up camera.]
Today's pickdol is - Changsub.
Where's the camera? - Thank you.
- Changsub cam.
- I'm getting a one shot Thank you.
- It'll follow you around.
- Amazing.
[Can't breathe already.]
So much pressure.
Thank you.
[We haven't seen this kind of fan cam before.]
[The weirdest boy among weird boys.]
[Strangely attractive guy.]
[A captivating fan cam will be revealed soon.]
If you want to join him, go closer to Changsub and the camera will follow you.
- It will follow you around.
- You'll definitely appear a lot on the show.
The pickdol cam version will be uploaded on NAVER.
[The close-up camera doesn't guarantee airtime.]
But you may not appear on the show.
- I'm not sure about the actual show.
- Maybe only this part will be on the show.
It's time to introduce your new album.
Your album hasn't been revealed yet, right? - Right.
- Any reason you want to reveal it on "Idol Room"? - Because it's "Idol Room".
- Because it's "Idol Room".
- Because this show is so special to us, we wanted it to be revealed for the first time on this show.
- Who's going to introduce the song? - The composer here.
- The composer.
[PD Im.]
- Was it Hyunsik? - Yes, it's me.
- Again.
- A rich songwriter.
- The title is "Only One For Me".
- "Only One For Me".
It was an extension of "Missing You".
Since it's summer time, - the song is upbeat and refreshing.
- The rest of you all write songs.
[BTOB knows how to write songs.]
- Yes.
- So does Ilhoon and Changsub.
All the songs in this album were written by us.
- How come the title song is always Hyunsik's? - Because he's good at fighting, I guess.
[Don't care.]
He's good at fighting.
[Big smile.]
- Isn't that so? He's masculine - We make a fair decision.
- We all go into the room.
- Voting.
- We listen to all the songs and Which song competed with Hyunsik's song? - Whose song was neck and neck? - Ilhoon, Hyunsik.
- Among the songs I wrote, there's a song called "THE FEELING".
- It's to be pre-released.
- By the time this is aired, it's revealed.
I think that song and Hyunsik's song was neck and neck.
Hyunsik's song was more proper for the title track.
[What's important is this.]
Hyunsik and Ilhoon competed against each other.
[Spaced out.]
Who was on Ilhoon's side and who was on Hyunsik's? [Difficult question.]
- Don't hold any grudges.
- It was anonymous.
- Anonymous? - Yes.
[I'm sure I got one vote.]
Eunkwang really loved my song.
[Trying to drive a wedge.]
- Eunkwang.
- Close your eyes.
- Yeah.
- Don't open your eyes.
- We'll keep it between us.
- This is not big of a deal.
- Close your eyes.
[Can't avoid this situation.]
Be honest and close your eyes.
[Flustered voters.]
You guys are close friends.
- Music is a matter of taste.
- Yeah, your preference should be respected.
Don't be upset about it.
Close your eyes, everybody.
- Close your eyes, Peniel.
- I voted for Ilhoon's song.
1, 2, 3.
[He got at least Eunkwang's vote.]
He really loved my song.
[I trust you Eunkwang.]
I voted for Ilhoon's song.
1, 2, 3.
[Unexpected supporter.]
[Ilhoon has no idea about the situation.]
You may put your hand down.
I voted for Hyunsik's song.
1, 2, 3.
[Seo betrayed him.]
Put your hand down.
[Overwhelming choice.]
That wasn't neck and neck.
[Trying to stay calm.]
[Feels guilty.]
It wasn't neck and neck.
You trust Eunkwang too much.
That's as far as we can say.
- Take care of Changsub better.
- All right.
[Secret supporter.]
- Changsub is a good guy.
- Changsub is nice.
- Take good care of Changsub.
- All right.
[A new song that just came out.]
- You don't even have the dance.
- Right.
- What should we do? - We prepared a live performance.
[We have many vocalists.]
So if you like it as you listen to the song.
- Just enjoy.
- Ok.
- Live performance of "Only One for Me".
- Yes.
- Our first live! [Nervous.]
A real first live.
[Turning the engine on.]
[Hyunsik's song, "Only One for Me".]
[He can compose and sing.]
[Straightforward voice.]
[Nothing special, just turning the voice on.]
[You are the only one.]
[Refreshing mood.]
[Appealing with eye contact.]
[Successful performance with many vocalists.]
[Checking the audience.]
- Nice! - It's like the commercial of sports drink.
[Feeling of refreshment as if drinking sports drink.]
- That's right! That feeling! - You aimed for it? [Summer swag.]
- We didn't aimed for it, it's just how we feel.
- Like the Mediterranean Sea.
- Yes, right.
- BTOB is good at these emotional songs.
[BTOB Hit Trend - Emotion.]
- It gets popular, right? - Yes.
- And it suits you, too.
- Right.
["Beep Beep" of 2014.]
And it's hard to do this like before.
- You remember that.
- It is tough.
- How long can we do that.
["Beep Beep" maniac.]
I like it all, but "Beep Beep" was my favorite.
With BTOB, 357 dance as Donhee sings! You know this? You come out as I call out.
[members should come out to dance as Donhee calls the number.]
[The sensible fight is fun to watch between Donhee and idol.]
[Donhee's attack skill is improving.]
[How will BTOB handle 357 dance?.]
You only need to succeed in one song.
I chose the song, "Movie".
[BTOB 357 dance song, MOVIE.]
Nice song.]
- "Movie".
- "Movie".
[Compliment, please.]
- I wrote "Movie".
- I love the song.
[Compliment, here you are.]
"Movie" was the title song? [What do you want from them.]
[Oh my.]
[Resetting mentality.]
What are you doing? [They want to take that skill.]
- Was that a personal skill? - Was it? - Was it? - "Did you cook the bean sprout"? - I can't collect myself.
[Excuse me.]
- Can I use later? - Sure.
[Contract done.]
- 1, 2, 3.
- When you are embarrassed.
- Embarrassed.
[Resetting mentality face.]
That was a good reaction to the situation.
- Everyone, you are wandering.
- Hey, you made plans, right? - You can't.
[They are naive.]
We don't have a clue how to.
As much as you prepared, we prepared, too.
[Upgraded attack method.]
Don't forget that.
- Listen carefully.
- OK.
[Beef party at stake.]
If you succeed at once, we will offer beef party.
Nice, nice.
We can do that.
I'll buy it personally.
[Oh, he's cool.]
- Really? - Seriously? [Donhee Vs.
357 battle, round 1.]
Let's go.
Music, please.
[MOVIE composed by Ilhoon.]
- Relax.
- Yes, fighting! - Trust each other.
- Right, clap! - 3! - Relax your face! [They are definitely more than 3.
[Pretending he was just tying shoelaces.]
Eunkwang! [No one is confident.]
Minhyuk and Eunkwang [Even.]
- Sungjae tied shoelaces.
- I just wanted to tie my shoelaces.
[Not even so sad, lost 1.]
- If you move one step, you lose.
- Fail.
[Sneakily nullifying.]
We didn't know, so it doesn't count! [No negotiation.]
No, it is down to chicken.
[Ah beef.]
When he says 3, only 3 should step forward.
[Too difficult.]
- Has any group succeeded? - Sure.
- Most of them.
- All of them.
[There is a list of masters.]
- WANNA ONE, and more - All succeeded.
- All did? - Sure.
- You have released 11 albums.
- OK, go! - I want to succeed! [Focus.]
- Now chicken is at stake.
- Eunkwang is a black hole.
["MOVIE" for chicken.]
Nice! 4! [What?.]
4! [Too late.]
OK, I'll allow.
- This is not the dance.
- That's correct.
[Talking to himself too loud.]
[Heard it.]
Just a second.
- Peniel, what's up? - Peniel? - Yes? [Pretending nothing happened.]
- Why? - This is the time to move around.
[All staff heard something.]
You were talking to each other.
- You heard it wrong.
- It was ad-lib.
- Was that original choreography? - This is the choreography? - Originally - This is? Look closely.
[How can this be the dance.]
- Is it just my feeling? - This is the choreography? - Seriously! - Originally I should be over here.
[Peniel confesses.]
- But I came from the wrong side.
- You came to front, right? [BTOB failed the 2nd time.]
You got it wrong.
Let's get through the intro, guys.
[They haven't even passed the intro of "MOVIE".]
We didn't even hear the intro.
[I'm not worried.
I'm just teasing.]
In this case, Ilhoon doesn't get paid for the royalty.
[Friends, please help.]
The first verse won't be played.
- Peniel, we won't be generous.
- You weren't.
[As if you were generous before.]
You weren't generous at all! - We will not! - When were you? [Very brave idol.]
- As if you were generous.
- Let's try again.
[Menu upgrade.]
Spicy stir-fried pork and ramen with rice cakes.
[Positive guys.]
Way to go! Spicy stir-fried pork and ramen with rice cakes.
[Let's just pass the intro.]
- Play the music.
- I should focus.
[Pork and ramen.]
I don't think that would solve the problem.
I want to watch it.
I love this song.
[Reading Donhee's face.]
5! [Mistake.]
[The first 5 got to work.]
- I'll let it slide.
- I'll let it slide.
5! - I'll let it slide.
- I'll let it slide.
[Peniel They really let it slide this time.]
[Congrats, BTOB finally covered the intro.]
I'll let it slide.
[Confidently dancing to the first part.]
3! [He got off work, but then comes to work.]
- Hyunsik.
- We'll let it slide.
- Hyunsik.
- We'll let it slide.
[OK That was natural.]
I'll let you slide.
You obviously left.
He left.
[Joining the dance again.]
He left, obviously.
4! 3! [Sungjae got to work.]
[Get off work quickly.]
3! [Manager Im can't get off work.]
I thought you were leaving.
[Were you getting off work?.]
No, he wasn't getting off work.
- He's free style.
- Was it just me? [I'll work hard.]
7! [All 7 members got together.]
But there's no dance in this part.
[The perks of close-up camera.]
[Since there's no dance, 1 shot chance.]
3! [Who's going to work overtime?.]
3! [Manager Im finally gets off work.]
[It's a matter of how you see it.]
[Half at work, half at home.]
- What? - Changsub.
[Amazed by Ilhoon's quick wit.]
Why would you dance over there? Why would you keep dancing over there? [The vibe from an entertainer who's been in the business for 7 years.]
Ilhoon, you're so hilarious.
You kept dancing to remember the dance routine? I went far away from them.
[It's safe to say he got off work.]
There were over there and I [What?.]
I didn't know that.
Hyunsik has made so many mistakes already.
Hyunsik tried to get off work but then came back.
[Starting from beef.]
How lower can you go? [he can't go lower.]
What's left is dirt in the playground.
How about you just drop ramen with rice cakes? How about a Korean buffet on the first floor? [Forgotten about beef.]
[Super positive.]
- A restaurant coupon.
- Sounds great.
- Korean buffet.
- Nice.
- 6,000 won.
This is the last chance.
[There's no more chance.]
It's the last chance? [The original goal is the whole song.]
Our goal is the first verse.
[Please just succeed, BTOB.]
We won't let it slide anymore.
[Cheer up with the pose.]
- Let's go! - Play the music! [The last song.]
Feels like this is the title track as we heard this song so much.
- 1! - 1! [Crack up.]
- 1! - 1! 1! [Is it him again?.]
[Changsub goes to work.]
I'll let it slide.
[The solo stage.]
You guys are so close.
[Stage fright again.]
- How come I'm the only one dancing? - A solo stage.
- A solo stage.
[So awkward to see dancing alone.]
Solo! [Training Changsub.]
- Let's overcome your fright! - Here we go! What's with his eyes? [His ears are going to explode as he's embarrassed.]
- Let's change from the second verse.
- From the second verse.
- Let's change from the 2nd verse.
- I'm so tired.
- 3! - 3! [Everyone is hesitating.]
1! [Getting off work slowly.]
[Ilhoon Is this jolly dance real?.]
3! [It's only a matter of time for someone to make a mistake.]
[Barely making it.]
1! 1! [He got off work and returned.]
4! [Struggle to dance.]
[Let's see the group dance.]
7! [You know what?.]
- This is hard.
- Is it an ace in the hole? [Not a single member of BTOB is specialized in dancing.]
[Don't expect great group dance.]
We're terrible at dancing.
3! [Getting off work after seeing 3 on the stage.]
Why are you coming here? [He went off course.]
Why are you coming this way? [Surprised.]
Why are you coming here? Why are you coming here? We had eye contact.
- BTOB failed! - Failed.
- You freaked me out.
- I was freaked out.
- Did you see him pushing? [Freak out.]
- I was freaked out.
- He came to us so naturally.
I found out 3 of you were dancing already.
[Error in finding the route.]
You love us.
[For 6 years.]
I've never seen Minhyuk's face so closely before.
[Surprise eye contact.]
I was freaked out.
He was too close.
[BTOB's funny 357 dance, THE END.]
It was so natural that you almost joined us.
[A variety of Idol Room videos are available on V LIVE.]
We're with BTOB.
Fact Check with Donhee and Conhee! - Fact Check! - Check, check.
Why are you so excited? [Hyper.]
- For fun.
- Eunkwang wants to be funny.
- You seem to be in a good mood.
- It's the segment that suits the goal of this show.
We're going to find out news and rumors about each and every one of you.
If it's true or false.
For example [Is Changsub scare of variety shows?.]
Is Changsub actually not funny? I got goosebumps.
Does Sungjae have Lee Seungki on his left and Lee Dongwook on the right? Amazing.
If those vicious rumors are true or false - We're going to check that.
- We're going to check that out.
First fact, please.
BTOB consists of 7 vocalists and 7 rappers.
Rich in vocalists and rappers.
All members can rap and sing.
- That's a good rumor.
- It really is.
- It's a fact.
Changsub, can you rap? [Asking himself if he can rap.]
Are you asleep? [Don't forget that pick cam is watching you.]
Your personal camera.
Your personal camera.
- Buffering.
- Changsub I say things to cheer them up.
[Rapper Ilhoon's feedback.]
He can babble.
- He can babble? - Yes.
Changsub, you're the main vocalist, right? [Proud.]
All the vocalists are main vocalists.
All the vocalists.
[Proud of the vocalists.]
Each vocalist has a unique color.
- For example, "Missing You".
- "Missing You".
If Eunkwang is away, who will sing his part? [No hesitation.]
- Anyone can do it.
- If that happens, [Even without discussion.]
we don't talk who will fill the gap.
The one who wants just sings.
Shall we do it now? How do you sing the original version? Eunkwang's part.
[Eunkwang's part in "Missing You".]
[Sweet voice.]
Here comes the ad-lib performance.
- Who sings before Eunkwang does? - Hyunsik.
Please sing your part, Hyunsik.
[The part before Eunkwang is Hyunsik.]
Let's see who will sing.
[No discussion.]
Are we playing 357 game again? [Rapper Hoon, vocalist Changsub, rapper Dongkeun, vocalist Sungjae.]
[There are 3 vocalists, but rapper Ilhoon sings.]
[Good job.]
[Singing skills of a regular rapper.]
[BTOB = 7 vocalists.]
[Fact check done.]
Our rapper.
Let's suppose Ilhoon is not here.
Please sing the part before Ilhoon's.
[Before Ilhoon's part.]
[It's always Hyunsik before the crucial parts.]
[Rapper Peniel, vocalist Changsub, vocalist Sungjae, rapper Minhyuk.]
[Here comes vocalist Sungjae.]
[Did you guys practice?.]
[The lyrics and the rhythm are perfect.]
[More difficult.]
Suppose that Sungjae and Ilhoon are not here.
[Now who's going to do it?.]
[There are two rappers.]
[But vocalists strangely want to rap.]
[More difficult.]
Now Changsub is not here.
- They're not here.
- They are not here.
[Now a rapper will take the rap part, right?.]
You do it.
[Nope! A vocalist stole the rap part.]
[Eunkwang is terrible at memorizing the lyrics.]
- Remove? - Remove what? What are you saying? When did you perform with the fewest member? - When 2 of us couldn't make it.
- I think it was 5 of us.
- Who? - That's true.
- I think it was Eunkwang and Changsub.
- Right.
What do you think you are, Eunkwang? What do you think you are, Eunkwang? I'm D'Artagnan.
[Tee hee.]
[He's so witty.]
- You couldn't make it when you played the role D'Artagnan? - Yes.
- I see.
[Addicted to harmony.]
And I heard that you're almost addicted to singing in harmony.
I heard you love singing in harmony.
[Source: youtube United CUBE.]
[Singing in harmony no matter where they are.]
[And that's high quality.]
[This is why they're known to be rich in vocalists.]
In fact, rappers love to sing in harmony.
What's with you? I always wanted to be a vocalist.
You know.
When you sing in harmony, you must have a song that you like the best.
Please show us something really good.
This is BTOB.
[The leader turns his back to the rappers.]
[Donhee caught that.]
[So mean.]
How come you don't even look at them? [Suddenly trying to make the rappers feel better.]
- It's just that - You tried to - Right.
It can apply to all of us.
- Ilhoon was getting ready to sing in harmony.
They belong to the major league, - We belong in a minor league.
- Still, he didn't even look at you guys.
[Don't pity us.]
[Strong 3 rappers.]
It's all right.
We can sing whenever we want.
- We have our own vibe.
- We can join when there's beat.
I want to see something really cool.
[Leader Eunkwang chose the song.]
Let's go with an easy song.
"A Song For Mama".
Now [The world that vocalists live in.]
[Please pay some attention to the rappers.]
3, 4! ["A Song For Mama" #BTOB's harmony version.]
[Figuring out the timing to join them.]
[High quality harmony.]
Ad-lib, ad-lib.
[Look at us, the ad-lib steals the spotlight.]
[Steady harmony despite fierce ad-lib.]
[He seems like the main vocalist.]
[So funny and touching.]
[A stark difference.]
You obviously are in a minor league.
[But their enthusiasm is that of a major league.]
Obviously - Your ad-lib is - Sounds cheap, right? - You have that vibe.
- Yes, that vibe.
[Let's check out the 7 rapper rumor.]
- Everyone can rap.
- Sure.
Eunkwang likes to rap and he tries to compete on "High School Rapper".
He badly wants it.
[Rapper who learned rap by memorizing.]
If there were High School Rapper when he was young, - he would have competed.
- Who's vocalists? [Who is the best rapper?.]
- Me.
- Oh, not me.
- Who is the best rapper among you? The one who really raps.
- Everyone is unique.
- Everyone is proud of his rap.
I think Hyunsik has a unique tone.
[Top 2 rappers among vocalists.]
- Then - Also, Sungjae.
- He's good.
His voice tone is deep.
Let me explain for your information.
When we debuted, Sungjae's position was a rapper and vocalist.
[Sungjae: Rapper, vocalist and the youngest.]
- Really? - When he was a trainee, - he wrote the rap lyrics.
- He made a rap.
- Did you rap? - He was evaluated as a rapper.
- As a member of rap team.
- Let's do "Rap of Korea".
[What's that?.]
Rap of Korea? [Conhee's chair spins.]
What's "Rap of Korea?" [If Conhee likes it, he will turn around.]
Defconn will turn around.
- Rap of Korea.
- Rap of Conhee.
If Defconn likes his rap, [Let's make the hip-hop dove turn!.]
he's talented in rapping.
[Give me a mic.]
Do you have a microphone? - Without instrument? - I like it.
[Showing off shallow knowledge.]
It's MIC.
- Swag.
- He doesn't know who raps.
- Sure.
[Evaluation based on rapping.]
Please be our judge.
[Candidate no.
1: MC Ilsan Eagle.]
a Sik-eagle.]
[Making the rhyme of rap.]
[Rapping shyly.]
[Listening carefully.]
[Showing the respect by lowering his head.]
[Continued to rap after reading the room.]
[Sudden gesture.]
[Stop it.]
Too long.
I had stomach-ache after having Sashimi so I don't like fish-themed rap.
[He should've considered it.]
- He chose the wrong theme.
- Right.
[Candidate no.
2 MC 6JT.]
a Yook-jal-to.]
[Warming up.]
[Waiting for his turn.]
[Rapper's soul was released.]
[Fast rap full of hip-hop pride.]
[Rapping so hard.]
[I don't like it.]
He said it's too long.
[Rapper's soul got hurt.]
[Adding oil to the fire.]
- No! - Vibe was not right.
[Too long warming up.]
It was too long.
I don't like gargling sound you made before you started.
[Ready to start.]
It sounded like you were teasing me.
Thank you, anyway.
[Candidate no.
3 MC Spear.]
a Carrot.]
The next one.
[I am.]
- MC Spear.
- What? [Interpreted in Korean: MC Chang.]
MC spear.
Let's move on.
Who's the next? [Facial expression out of embarrassment.]
Next one, please.
[Candidate no.
4 MC Silver Light.]
a D’Artagnan.]
Drop the beat! [There is no beat.]
What beat? [Rhyme that he learned by listening to others.]
[Punch line.]
[Stood up thinking he passed.]
From his rap, - I felt this.
- What? [Evaluation.]
You were too relaxed.
- Please turn around.
- Okay.
- At the "Show Me the Conhee," [All contenders failed at Rap of Conhee.]
nobody has been chosen.
[Hip-hop dove who doesn't like ranking.]
It's hard to choose.
Because everyone was good at rapping.
[For evaluation.]
So, vocalists prepared a rap performance.
- Great.
- Let's enjoy their performance.
- Rap performance.
- Okay, let's go.
They're Gimbap members.
- MC Roll.
- Traffic light.
[Starting to rap.]
[Drop the beat.]
So excited.
[Song to perform: BewhY's FOREVER.]
[Rapper BewhY who boasts speed and precise pronunciation.]
[Announcement of universal rapping.]
[Attitude of a rapper from the country of courteous people.]
[Removing the name tag as vocalist.]
[Hip-hop patch is loaded.]
[Excited three rappers.]
[MC 6JT starts.]
[That's my type.]
[Swagger who got an IV injection.]
[Hip-hop was the easiest subject.]
[I'm encountering the rap god inside me.]
[MC spear, come on.]
[Rap god is with us.]
[Their performance draws people.]
[Dance to praise rap god.]
[God, send me the rapper's soul.]
[Writing a new definition of rap.]
[I will save you from singing.]
[Maniac believer's passionate evangelical activity.]
[Believers gathered up to meet rap god.]
[Hip-hopper who got blessed.]
[80% of vocalist, 20% of D’Artagnan, 5% of rapper.]
[Seo Eunkwang enjoys his life 105%.]
[Rapper's soul trapped in the body of vocalist.]
[Getting on the beat.]
[What's wrong with you?.]
[Pouring out rap soul.]
[Suppressed rapper's identity is rising up.]
[Idol band main vocalists, be born again as a rapper!.]
- Really - Thank you for the performance.
I am sure that all members can rap and sing.
- Checked! - Checked.
- It's a fact.
- Thank you.
- Respect.
[BTOB who can sing, rap and make us laugh.]
[We trust you! Do whatever you want!.]
Next topic for Check Fact! "People say BTOB's songs is effective in diet, fatigue and dry eyes.
" [Laughing.]
What does it mean? Losing weight? Is it a cure for all? It sounds like medicine.
[Picking up the fact.]
- So - We printed out some comments.
It's from ID Pacifist.
"BTOB said their songs have curative effect for diet, fatigue" "and dry eyes.
Is this real?" - Even fans were curious.
- I want to explain.
[Announcement of BTOB's stance.]
I talked about it.
- It was me.
- You said so.
[Checking the fact.]
- it's not a groundless rumor.
- No.
I said this song will help students study better, Our songs would help to overcome fatigue and enhance your health.
- It sounds like a medicine peddler.
- Yes.
It was a part of marketing efforts.
[Songs for good health.]
Which one? Each title track has different efficacy.
[Professional marketer Hoon.]
"MOVIE" was good for students.
It helped to recover from fatigue.
[Way to go, no.
- Stamina of students.
- Right.
[Promoting their songs.]
When it comes to "Missing You," it was a cure for fatigue recovery and dry eyes.
[Hang on.]
Because AOA appeared on our show last week and they said their song was effective in losing weight.
[Donhee and Conhee tried it.]
We performed their song.
But I gained 1.
- It's the yoyo effect.
- Right.
[Started promoting again.]
- I gained.
- But the point is You need to hear it for a long time.
[Recommending long-term treatment.]
- Over a long time - Was it certified by FDA? [The U.
Food and Drug Administration.]
We're working on paperwork to get it certified.
Are you talking about "MOVIE" that you made? [Hit and run.]
- Right.
- I can't answer this question.
He's like a pharmacist.
I can't answer the question.
[Way to go, Hoon.]
- It's inappropriate.
- I worked hard at a farm [He's working at a farm.]
and I suffer from sore muscles.
- I want to overcome fatigue.
- Okay, please listen to our song [Prescription: streaming songs for a year.]
- for a year.
- A year? - It must have instant efficacy.
- You need to make investment.
[It's so much fun.]
I guess it has some efficacy if I hear for a day.
[Music treatment.]
I'll sing "MOVIE" for you.
This will be effective.
- Let's see how effective its.
- This is [A farmer who suffers from chronic fatigue.]
He's having sore muscles.
He worked hard in the fields.
- He grew up some cows.
- Let me sing the verse.
[Rapper who wants to sing a vocal part.]
I'm a rapper.
Hang on.
Why do I feel angry from the first part? [It's like that in the beginning.]
I'm tired.
It may have some side effects.
[Miraculous theory.]
- Because it's my first dosage.
- You may feel some side effects - when you take medicine first.
- Because you're hungry.
- Oh, right.
[Vitamin candy to your ears.]
- It's getting better.
- He's smiling now.
[Can't help but smiling.]
He's smiling! He's feeling better.
[Con artist X music therapist.]
Can't you feel the efficacy now? [Adding the chorus part.]
- When we sing the chorus part - You're now smiling.
you will feel that your physical strength enhances.
[One more vocalist.]
Let us sing.
[Fatigue, go away!.]
[Massage will be helpful, too.]
You're now touching him [1 patient with 3 therapists.]
[Full recovery.]
This song is the best cure! - This song is the best cure for fatigue! - That's how it works.
[Validation with another patient.]
Defconn suffers from dry eyes.
[An old patient with dry eyes.]
My eyes are getting try.
"Missing You" is effective for dry eyes.
[Blindly trusting.]
- Good.
- It's a sad song.
[Musical treatment by uncertified & unqualified therapists.]
"Missing You" is different from other songs.
You may want to close your eyes to enjoy a song.
But you need to keep your eyes open when hearing it.
Hey [Treatment for dry eye patients.]
Don't close your eyes.
- Open your eyes wide.
- That's the effective treatment.
- Doesn't it feel irritating? - People do that in Germany.
[Amazing Dr.
- In Germany? - Yes.
- Treatment from Germany.
Let's validate it.
I don't usually shed tears.
[Conhee's eyes.]
My eyes usually look clear and dry.
[Attracted by his eyes.]
Clear and dry.
[Moisture is needed for Conhee's eyes.]
Please make him cry.
5, 6, 7, 8! [Prescription: Missing You.]
If he cries, it works.
[Moisture for your eyes.]
[Opening his eyes wide.]
Don't close your eyes.
It's treatment.
- You're under treatment.
- Right.
- It's working.
- Don't close your eyes.
[Still dry and clean.]
- If you close your eyes - Everyone! [BTOB's music therapy.]
Don't close your eyes.
[Eyes are stinging.]
I know it's hard.
But it's treatment.
[Moisture bomb for dry Conhee's eyes.]
[I want to cry.]
You want to cure dry eyes.
[Great therapists working so hard.]
The song is not over yet.
One more time! [Let's see, continue.]
Tears are welling up! [1 year has passed while trying to make him cry.]
[Utilizing all kinds of treatment.]
[Cry, please.]
[Will BTOB's therapy work?.]
Eyes are in his eyes! - Ending, Changsub.
- Success! [Complete recovery?.]
Didn't you cry? Poke my eyes, dudes! [When he heard so.]
Well, I think [He tires to do as he heard.]
Don't poke, Peniel.
[Prevention of an accident.]
Peniel tried to poke.
[Treatment stopped before recovery.]
I saw tears in his eyes.
I think the patient is not ready for treatment.
He didn't open his heart.
Shall we not talk about treatment? I am nervous.
Everyone, BTOB's "MOVIE".
[Donhee's validation.]
It's good for fatigue! [BTOB care for Melody.]
[BTOB provides songs that move your heart.]
Next topic for Fact Check.
Eunkwang and Minhyuk's controversy over debt of 100,000 won.
- What? - What's that? In November, 2017, Minhyuk lent 100,000 won to Eunkwang.
[The one who owed.]
- But he didn't repay.
- Really? - Really? - Really? Tell us about this case.
Isn't it the payment for a laptop? [BTOB's V LIVE broadcast.]
I want to say this.
[Minhyuk asked Eunkwang to pay.]
Eunkwang, you owe me 100,000 won.
Was it 150,000 won or 100,000 won? [Without telling why he borrowed.]
100,000 won? When will you repay? I guess it's for the lap top.
[The 3rd parties' guess.]
Money to buy a laptop.
- You needed money for a laptop? - Tell us.
[Even the creditor forgot.]
- That's a lot.
- It's complicated.
[What Eunkwang remembers.]
I bought items to be used at the dorm.
[BTOB's debt controversy.]
I spent my pocket money to buy them.
[Minhyuk's opinion.]
- I bought it with my money.
- No! - That's not what it is for.
- So, you bought a laptop.
[The third one's questioning.]
The laptop was your personal item.
[Making a fuss.]
- It's different.
- It's perjury.
- Listen.
- Will you run away? - Let me explain why.
- D’Artagnan.
[I will listen[ I spent my pocket money so I wanted - to buy my person item with the company's money.
- In return for.
I wanted to buy a laptop to play games.
I wanted my company to pay for the laptop.
- Because it was expensive.
- After asking others for understanding.
- Yes.
I bought a laptop and promised them to give 100,000 won.
[He made a verbal promise.]
So, you have 6 members.
[6 persons x 100,000 won.]
Excluding Eunkwang.
It's 600,000 won.
[Let me think.]
[Surprised eyes.]
[Did I receive 100,000 won?.]
Did you give it to me? [More creditors are coming.]
Most members haven't received it yet.
- I did! I paid.
- Why? [I have no memory.]
Oh! I paid! - How? - Don't manipulate.
- BTOB Really! Really! BTOB offered congratulatory money at a wedding ceremony.
[He gave it on behalf of them.]
I paid it, instead of giving 100,000 won.
[(No need to give 100,000 won to each.]
- I said - I paid.
[Going back to the original point.]
It's getting more complicated.
[What's the truth?.]
- This - It's getting more interesting.
So, the result is [An eraser in my head.]
- Did you pay for it? - Yes.
He owed a lot to many people.
[His debt is rapidly increasing.]
Eunkwang needs to repay this to Hyunsik.
[Eunkwang / A debtor.]
- He needs to pay.
- How much? [Hoon-romon's calculation.]
Add 600,000 won.
[600,000 won + 100,000 won.]
You have to give 700,000 won to Hyunsik.
[I'm screwed.]
- Eunkwang.
- Yes.
[Huge debt.]
I'm so screwed.
How did the staff know about this? Let's calculate together.
[Come on in.]
- Try to remember.
- Please bring it in.
What's this? [Can't believe.]
Where did you get these? - What? - What? [Oh my wallet.]
This is my wallet! Why do you have my wallet? Why is it here? [Seizing his wallet.]
- Is this your wallet? - Are you sure? - Yes, it's mine.
- Okay.
- It's a luxurious brand item.
- Settle your debt.
If you have debts, you will feel uncomfortable.
He has only 6,000 won.
[Oh my.]
This is a typical wallet of those who don't pay others' money.
It's for showing off.
[Can't settle the debt.]
You can't pay debts with 6,000 won.
[6,000 won - 700,000 won =?.]
Let's calculate again.
[Hyunsik's way.]
I paid 700,000 won, 100,000 won per each.
[He needs to give me money for 6 members.]
He needs to - give 600,000 won to me.
- He didn't repay.
[Congratulatory money: 600,000 won Laptop debt: 100,000 won.]
700,000 won is for members.
700,000 won is for members.
[His brain worked so hard.]
I remember now! I really remember now.
I don't need to settle the debts.
Let me tell you why.
I wanted to pay 700,000 won [1.
He wanted to pay congratulatory money.]
and I said so, [Because of the ATM checkup.]
but I couldn't withdraw money.
- It was the checkup time - Right, around the noon.
So, I asked Hyunsik to pay for me.
[700,000 won + 300,000 won.]
I will pay 1 million won to you.
So I gave 1 million won to you.
[I've never received.]
When? [Sudden talks about 1 million won.]
When did you give it to me? You haven't given 1 million won.
- Why do you give it to me? - Suddenly? Why? Right, why does he start talking about 1 million won? It's 700,000 won.
Why did you say1 million won? You asked me to give in cash so I gave it to you! - Remember.
- He will remember if he has received.
- It's not 1 million won.
I swear.
It was not 1 million won.
Is there anyone who saw Eunkwang giving money to Hyunsik? [No.]
- Nobody.
- None.
- Then, he didn't give.
[Debtor driven into a corner.]
- I remember if I received.
- Sure.
But, are you sure that you paid it? [Hyunsik, who says only truth.]
- Did you pay congratulatory money? - Sure.
[Too calm.]
- Sure.
- He paid.
- Right? [Minhyuk-Eunkwang-Hyunsik's obligation.]
Eunkwang hasn't settled the debt with Hyunsik.
[Newsflash: Another debt issue of BTOB.]
There's another debt issue.
[BTOB debt case 2, in April 2017.]
- Another one? - Sungjae didn't pay to Eunkwang for a computer chair.
[How did you know that?.]
Sungjae didn't pay it to Eunkwang.
- What's this? - I stayed quiet because of this! [Failed to hide it.]
- He didn't pay me! - I stayed quiet! [Great job.]
How did you know this? How did you know this? [Idiot no.
- Our staff works so hard.
- How did you know this? How did they know? [Room mates didn't know.]
I didn't know about this.
- They don't tell us.
- Sungjae, you were so bold.
[The 3rd one is having fun.]
- Is this real? - His wallet is coming.
- Give me that.
[I'm screwed too.]
- Is this real? - His wallet is coming.
- Give me that.
[Sungjae's wallet is seized.]
How much is it? Do you know what happened in April 2017? [Eunkwang vs Sungjae.]
- This is real.
- I stayed quiet.
What's this computer chair? Tell us.
[Sungjae, why didn't he pay for the chair?.]
It's a computer chair.
- Why didn't you pay to him? - This is real.
[Using Eunkwang's ID.]
I used his ID to buy 2 chairs.
[(It seems that he didn't pay intentionally.]
- I'll pay later.
- Later? - How did they know this? - Wealthy people are merciless.
[Yook Sungjae(24) / One of the wealthy people.]
- Right, they're merciless.
- Right.
His wallet is shiny.
- This is - Goosebumps.
[Poor people came to look at it.]
He's wealthy.
Wealthy ones are merciless! [Ta-da.]
Please compare it to Eunkwang's.
[Oh this must be a dream.]
- I was Is this a movie? - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [Uncertified accountant repaid.]
Let me settle the debt! [Eunkwang became rich in cash.]
- The money - Hang on.
[He takes cash from Eunkwang.]
350,000 won.
- He repays us.
- 100,000 won.
[Settling Eunkwang's debts.]
- Thanks.
- 100,000 won.
[Oh, my money.]
- You need to pay.
- It's my money.
[Changsub's turn.]
- It's my pocket money! - You need to repay.
But why do you use my money? - I did.
- Money circulates.
[50% of debt was settled.]
- You need to pay 50,000 won.
- Eunkwang needs to pay 50,000 won.
I need 50,000 won more.
[Left with 6,000 won again.]
The end! [Having no excuse.]
Why didn't you pay his money back? You knew about this.
[Admitting he did it intentionally.]
That's worse.
[Now I can say - Sungjae's debt.]
When Eunkwang was busy, [Taking the opportunity.]
Eunkwang, let's say you bought the chair for me.
So he said, "Yes".
When he was distracted.
You did that to this innocent and naive one? [You're being fooled.]
- Sungjae is so smart.
- He's meticulous.
- Right.
- He's so clever.
- Wealthy ones are mean.
That's how he became what he is now.
[Maybe, we're being fooled by him acting like an idiot.]
[Agreeing with smile.]
Well, a certain level of cleverness is needed.
The rest of debt is Hyunsick needs to receive [Calculating the debt.]
- from Eunkwang.
- 800,000 won.
- Interest.
- Sorry? - Interest.
- You need to pay 100,000 won.
- I paid money.
Should I give interest, too? Hyunsik, Hyunsik, Hyunsik money.
[Debt with high interest rate.]
Hyunsik, Hyunsik.
[Feeling dizzy.]
As we can trust! [Borrowing money from Hyunsik will make you go broke.]
It's amazing.
- I think I should pay.
- 800,000 won.
[BTOB members, please settle the rest of debt!.]
You may discuss it later.
I hope you can settle down all the debts among you.
How did they know? [So happy.]
IDOL ROOM also settle down your unresolved debts among idol band members.
If you want someone to repay your money, - we will do that for you.
- This is the best! [BTOB's friendship built on the debt relationship.]
[Donhee and Conhee will help.]
[you with debts at IDOL ROOM.]
Next topic for Fact Check.
BTOB is the band consisting of seven nuts.
- What's this? - Idol band of nuts? - Do you admit that? - "ㅇㅈ?" (Do you admit?) - We're so used to it, so "ㄱ ㅇ ㅈ".
(Sure, we admit that) [Need time to interpret it.]
[Realized it.]
Oh [Buffering.]
I want to keep in touch with such young generation's culture.
[Like young students.]
"ㅎ ㅇ ㅈ".
(Admit) [I got it.]
[Evidence for the rumor.]
We have a video clip.
Let's watch.
[Source: Yook Sungjae's social media.]
[Three idiots.]
I had a dream.
A dream of ghosts.
[Centering on Idiot no.
2, others go crazy.]
[I'm alone in a different world.]
[The absolute power who controls idiots.]
[Shy Changsub.]
- My throat became sore on the next day.
- Changsub.
He's such a funny guy.
[Showing the top of his head only.]
Why are you shy in front of cameras? [BTOB: 7 beagles and 7 nuts.]
That's a sort of energy and fans like to see such things.
Right? [Melody loves it.]
Fans think we're cute.
[The most beagle-like member.]
Who is the worst one? [The 3rd oldest, Changsub.]
- Among BTOB.
- Well, Changsub.
- He's amazing.
- Unexpected answer.
[He looks so shy.]
- No.
- He looks so quiet.
Why are you staying calm on IDOL ROOM? [Haha.]
[Ilhoon's automatic response.]
But Changsub is Are you his spokesperson? - But I think I should say this.
- About what? [Changsub at the waiting room.]
Previously, in the waiting room, Changsub was sitting like this.
[Nervous but curious.]
[Realized after 6 years.]
I think I don't fit to a variety show.
[Laughing out loud.]
I thought about that.
He always think he needs to make us laugh.
I guess he has obsession to make others laugh.
- You don't need to.
- Changsub, I will make you no.
1 today.
[BTOB's nut ranking.]
Let's figure out their nut ranking.
[The sun that never goes down.]
Expecting Changsub's best performance.
The first round is copying a facial expression.
It sounds funny.
[Players are entering.]
It sounds fun.
Don't go too far.
- Sorry.
- Please take a step backwards.
- Like this? - Sorry.
- Just one step.
[He needs some time for buffering.]
- Like this? - The first round.
- Round 1.
- Stand up.
[Round 1: Copying a look on the face.]
If it's not good enough, you'll be out.
[Copying the facial expression.]
- Okay.
- Yes.
[A dog who looks so nostalgic.
Or just sleepy.]
Everyone, do it together.
[I will sacrifice my good-looking face.]
Ilhoon, you're doing a great job.
[Copy and paste.]
Ilhoon, success! [Everyone tries his best.]
[They're not afraid of frowning.]
Minhyuk is out.
- I think Hyunsik needs to be out.
- Hyunsik, out! [The 2nd and 4th oldest ones were out.]
Next picture, please.
[Placing his pink tongue at the right place.]
- Huh? - What's that? [Copying right away.]
[This is my type.]
Ilhoon is great! Perfect! [The same.]
[If the dog is a person, it's Peniel.]
- Peniel, 100%.
- Identical.
[White eyes are working so hard.]
- That's nice.
- Sungjae.
[Another strong candidate.]
- Good.
- Good.
[Idiot no.
2 and 3.]
- Sungjae.
- Great job.
- Good.
[Five passed the test.]
- It's so competitive.
- It was hard to roll my eyes.
[Changsub will win anyways.]
- It's a neck-and-neck competition.
- I'm so good at this.
- It's close.
- Oh, my eyeballs.
[Why do you open your eyes like that?.]
[So cute.]
- What's that? - It's a popular meme.
[Sub wants to win.]
This dog is threatening.
He looks so scary.
- Before he bites.
- Eunkwang is amazing.
Eunkwang! Eunkwang! [Standing out.]
Eunkwang! Eunkwang! Are you the dog? [Get out! I'm Seo Eunkwang!.]
Hey, is it you? Identical.
[I can't let him win.]
You're a copy machine, Eunkwang.
Oh, my.
We prepared this for Changsub.
[I don't want to lose.]
Sungjae is identical, too.
- Ilhoon, great.
- The same.
[So competitive.]
Ilhoon, great.
It's so close among 5.
It's a neck-and-neck competition.
[It's hard to pick the one to lose.]
Eunkwang was just identical.
[Five passed again.]
No one has failed.
[The highest difficulty level: Eunkwang who eats his fist.]
What? [My face.]
This is hard.
You need to put your fist.
[A contender can pass when he puts his fist into mouth.]
It needs to be in your mouth.
[Changsub is faced with the biggest challenge.]
You need to put your fist into mouth.
It needs to be in your mouth.
[Everyone is ready.]
It needs to be in your mouth.
[Failed because of the fist.]
Ilhoon, out.
[Failed because of the fist.]
Peniel, out.
[Sungjae is out, too.]
- Sungjae, out.
- Eunkwang succeeded.
Eunkwang, succeeded.
[White eyes again?.]
[Members, are you watching this? He put the fist deeper into his mouth.
[The current Eunkwang won the past Eunkwang.]
[Nobody was able to eat his fist except for Eunkwang.]
- Changsub is out, too.
- I can't put this in my mouth.
[Strong candidate to win was out.]
- Changsub, out! - I can't put it in.
If Changsub is out [This was to help Changsub win.]
Why did we do this? We have Round 2.
We have Round 2.
[God-given face.]
Eunkwang is the winner for the Round 1.
We have Round 2.
[God-given talent that humans can't beat.]
They can't beat Eunkwang.
[Don't worry.]
This is a dance battle.
Dance competition.
[Let's help Changsub win.]
I'm looking forward to seeing his dance.
[Still trying.]
Eunkwang is also It's easy.
[Round 2 Dance battle Dance more crazily then the previous one.]
When Ilhoon dances, the next one needs to dance more crazily than him.
- If it's not good enough, you'll be out.
- Okay.
Okay? [Changsub is a main dancer.]
- Changsub is the master of crazy dance.
- Sure.
[Feeling pressure.]
- It's not easy.
- Ilhoon, start with easy moves.
[Core member Ilhoon starts.]
I'll be easy on them.
Music, start! [Moderate and sexy.]
Light moves.
[With the impressive ending.]
Light moves.
Minhyuk, be easy on them.
[Minhyuk who was out from the Round 1.]
[Getting out in the light speed.]
Out! Out! [Peniel's turn.]
[Laughing out loud.]
Peniel, that's nice.
[Like a gas station balloon in Chicago.]
Peniel, great job! Pass! Eunkwang.
1 candidate Seo Eunkwang.]
- That's - Amazing! [Trust Eunkwang and enjoy.]
Good! [Controlling time and space.]
Good! [Pass.]
[Feeling nervous.]
[Boiled green spinach.]
Because you're a composer, you're not dancing hard enough.
[Spinach, you.]
Because you receive royalty! [Out by miraculous theory.]
- Hyunsik is out! - Out.
[Sungjae, famous for crazy dance moves.]
Yook-jal-to! [Nervous.]
Good! Yook-jal-to! [Old-fashioned dance.]
Great! [Being immersed.]
[Old ones like it.]
I want to join! [Sungjae made Donhee dance.]
Pass? Pass? - Pass! - Great job! [Changsub, let's finish this! Unofficial main dancer Sub.]
- Pass? - Pass! - Great! - You can do it! - You can do it! [Subsub, way to go!.]
Changsub! Changsub! [An orange frog.]
[A frog's talent show.]
Great job! [Changsub passed.]
- Pass! - Okay, the 2nd try.
[Ilhoon starts again.]
It's Ilhoon's turn.
[I'm ready.]
[Aimed to show high quality grasshopper dance.]
Out! You may go through that door.
Peniel! Peniel.
[Backpack kid dance at two times the speed!.]
Out! It's out of trend.
[Eunkwang will do it again?.]
- Eunkwang.
- Eunkwang.
[Presence of god who creates something out of nothing.]
[At another level.]
[Looking like Bruce Lee.]
[Do you know Bruce Lee?.]
- That's a bit - Let's see.
[Evaluation was delayed to help Changsub win.]
- Let's see.
- Yook-jal-to! [Sorry?.]
Yook-jal-to! [He started with a bang!.]
Yook-jal-to! [What? Why is it so sexy?.]
[Out because you look too cool.]
Out! It was like real dances.
[Feeling a lot of pressure.]
Changsub! [Dance god is relaxed.]
[This dance will decide your ranking.]
If you fail, Eunkwang will [Thinking about the moves.]
- win.
- Changsub needs to win.
[Everyone wishes him a victory.]
Please show! [Oh.]
Out! [No, not that one.]
[There was no dramatic victory.]
Out! - Unfortunately.
- Unfortunately.
[Sad ending.]
- Eunkwang won.
- He lost confidence.
[You didn't go easy on them.]
Eunkwang, I think you should've danced easier for Changsub.
[It's my fault.]
- I was easy on them.
- He didn't show his best moves.
He didn't show his best dance.
[He ranked second.]
[The craziest one will be on top! Leader Kwang will win anyways!.]
[Thank you very much, BTOB.]
I lost track of time and had a lot of fun.
Sungjae, you're such a top star.
[Sacrificing himself for IDOL ROOM.]
You left the mark on the floor.
[Steps of Yook-jal-to.]
It's the mark he left, by scratching his knee.
[Best entertainer.]
Thanks for your great dance.
- Sungjae, thank you very much.
- My pleasure.
[Donhee and Conhee taught him.]
I learned how to do on variety shows from you.
- Right.
- Your lessons led me to this place.
I am always grateful for you.
- We will visit you before our comeback.
- Thank you.
Whenever I see BTOB, I think they grew up well.
We grew them up well.
[They grew up themselves with Melody.]
[Today's pick-dol.]
Changsub was today's pick-dol.
I thought about it positively.
Having difficulties on a variety show is the evidence that I haven't lost my first commitment.
[What is he saying?.]
You may think like that.
[This is Donhee's lesson that Sungjae got.]
Or, it means that you've never advanced.
- It can be interpreted in many ways.
- Anyways, I had a great time and enjoyed working with you.
It was such a joyful and nice day.
[Changsub, you did a great job.]
It's cool, because he tries not to lose his initial resolution.
Thank you.
Leader Eunkwang.
[Eunkwang who showed great performances.]
- You were impressive.
- No way.
You were so amazing.
He's D’Artagnan of this team.
- How did you feel today? - IDOL ROOM feels like [Leader's comment.]
my room.
So comfortable.
I had a great time.
[BTOB will come back in summer.]
BTOB's new album will come out.
We worked so hard.
[Wishing BTOB a great success.]
Please look forward to our new album, "THIS IS US".
Thank you for watching IDOL ROOM, an idol band show [BTOB, thank you! Great job today!.]
with the best credibility.
Thank you.
[You may enjoy other video clips of IDOL ROOM on V LIVE.]