Idol Room (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Black Pink

1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 7 - Black Pink [Hee-ho!.]
[This is IDOL ROOM's official signal song composed by Hui of Pentagon.]
[Let's go!.]
[Everyone, gather up here.]
Do we have to do this every week? [Your Saturday will be more exciting.]
Hui! Hui, we're using this.
[Hyungdon and Daejun will make you feel excited.]
[Dance with me.]
Hui of Pentagon [Thank you, Hui.]
[IDOL ROOM's first signal song.]
composed this song.
You just heard IDOL ROOM's first signal son [Soyeon's signal song will be presented next week.]
We'll use Jeon Soyeon's, too.
[We use stars' gifts well.]
If you make one every week, [Thank you for your donation.]
- we're going to use it.
- Right.
Let me introduce today's guest [Owner of this light stick.]
You may have noticed - from this light stic.
- Look at the color.
[Combnation of pink and black.]
- Pink.
And the stick is black.
- Black.
So, you may know who will visit us today.
- Pink black? No.
- No.
[Long-awaited comeback.]
They came back to us after a long hiatus.
We've been waiting for their new song.
[Idol band wth 100 million views.]
Their new songs always garner 100 million views.
[Come on, Jen-Chu-Li-Chaeng.]
Let me introduce BLACKPINK! [Jisoo.]
BLACKPINK! [BLACKPINK's new picture on LED screen.]
[Wow, amazing.]
[Laughing out loud.]
- Our new photo is on the screen.
- I always wonder [Starting with affectionate teasing.]
where these girls are gone? [Girls prettier than the picture are here.]
Celebs always look different their pictures.
Please introduce yourself to the viewers.
1, 2, 3! Hello, we're BLACKPINK.
[Donhee and Conhee's opening ceremony.]
Long time no se you! [Welcoming Rose with light sticks.]
Long time no see you.
- Long time no see you.
- So nice to see you, BLACKPINK.
How long has it been? [Comeback after a year.]
After a year.
[BLINK's spokesperson.]
BLACKPINK's album came out too late.
[Feeling sorry.]
You should've released songs following "Playing With Fire" and "As If It Is Your Last".
[BLINK are exhaused after a long hiatus.]
Are you playing with hearts of your fans? What took you so long? [Calm answer.]
We wanted to come back with a great song.
[Where is Jisoo?.]
Are you pretending as if you're calm? [Not calm at all.]
[Jisoo's unique charm.]
We spent a year [Being calm again.]
to come back with a nice song.
- But you have not changed.
- Right.
[Light stick.]
Your light stick is released.
- A brand-new one.
- What's this concept? - As you can see - Inspired by "Weekly Idol".
- Right.
- Inspired by "Weekly Idol".
- Right.
[Why are you so surprised?.]
[For what?.]
I am so sorry.
- From the previous idol program.
- Oh, right.
- Oh, my.
[Inspired by a show where they met Donhee and Conhee.]
We got inspiration from a TV show.
Oh, my.
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
- Don't worry.
- We got inspiration from it.
- What kind of inspiration? [A victim of Donhee's toy hammer.]
- I was hit.
- Right.
[Idea was from the shock.]
- When we tried to make a cheer stick - This is it.
- Right.
[Love it.]
- I remembered the toy hammer.
- This is so pretty.
What a nice idea! I heard from the production team.
[Why do say that on the show?.]
- We have to return.
- Really? [Begging.]
- Will you give us? - Please.
- We will! We will give them to you.
[I'm begging.]
Don't! [BLACKPINK members feeling uneasy.]
- But YG told us to return.
- No, it's yours.
[Please take it.]
YG told us to give it back.
[What a nice gift.]
Kids will love this.
[Donation for Donhee's twins.]
- Babies.
- They will love it.
[Asking for their signatures.]
- Cute! - Will you give me signatures? - Sure.
- Of course.
[Twins' dad who is frugal.]
I will sell it on Auction.
[I learn from you again.]
I need to do that`.
- Hang on.
- What's wrong? - BLACKPINK brought a gift to celebrate your first visit? - Yes.
[If we receive the gift.]
- What's that? - Oh.
[Greedy for the light stick.]
Do I have to return this? [What a surprise! Black and pink toilet paper.]
- Black.
- Pink.
[Never heard of it.]
- Toilet roll? - Yes! - Is this your fan merchandise? - No.
- Where did you get it? - What a surprise! [They use it at the dorm.]
We're using black and pink toilet roll.
- Do you use such things? - Will I use the same toilet paper? [Embarrassed.]
Doesn't it sound weird? - It's weird.
- No! Please take it.
[I want to use this.]
You need to take it.
- Toilet rolls of this color are sold? - Yes.
[Even their toilet paper is unique.]
We're using it.
[Polite comment.]
- Thank you.
- We have nothing to give.
- It's okay.
- Everyone.
[Please give something.]
- It's okay.
- Everyone [Donhee and Chichoo combination.]
- Everyone - It's fun.
- Thank you for the toilet paper.
- Right.
[Greedy for more.]
We need a signal song and a signature pose for IDOL ROOM.
[Period to make IDOL ROOM's signal song and pose.]
We're now receiving it.
[From May in 2018 to when they're tired.]
- Ours may be adopted.
- Sure! - It's possible.
[Jisoo's unique idea is needed.]
Jisoo is an idea bank.
[Jisoo starts thinking.]
- Then - Signal song, please.
- Signal song? - You're good at composing songs.
- Right.
- Room, IDOL ROOM.
- Room.
[IDOL ROOM's signal song completed in 10 seconds.]
[Still singing.]
[Suspicion for copying a children's song.]
Plagiarism! [Creator's warning.]
Don't sing both at the same time.
Please make one.
Not the one you prepared.
I didn't prepare one.
[If you prepare this, that's weird.]
I bet you didn't.
[Full of charms.]
I bet she didn't prepare.
- Then the signature pose? - Signature pose for Lisa? [Signature pose for Lisa.]
- Lisa the dancer.
- Lisa is the best dancer.
If this gets picked, then should we do it for every person? [Sister's order.]
- Do it powerfully.
- Yes.
- Can you do a simple pose? - Lisa? [Lisa's fashion grabs attention.]
Is that shorts? [Shake shake.]
I am so confused.
Typical YG fashion.
[Pop quiz.]
Is that shorts or long pants? [Is Lisa wearing shorts or long pants?.]
Maybe a skort? [Shorts+Long pants.]
There is a zipper here? [Dummy for fashion.]
Maybe like rubber boots for mud flat? [A foreigner who doesn't know what 'mud flat' is.]
[Looks confusing.]
Those you use for fishery.
- Should I do it now? - Yes.
- Idol! [Looks like 'Room' is installed in her upper body.]
[Unfortunately, someone did it before.]
- Someone did it.
- Really? - Someone did it.
- In the first episode.
[Too bad.]
- Like Psy style.
- That too.
[BTOB Ilhoon's pose.]
And this too.
I thought that, too! [Scarily similar ideas among idols.]
Why?! What are you thinking? You can't copy each other's dances.
[Idea bank speaks.]
- How about this? - What? I don't think it will be fun.
[Already excited.]
See? There are two of you.
I didn't like how you two do it separately.
- Right! - So, one of you make the house.
[Calm down and speak, Jisoo.]
And the other one comes out here.
- How - Come out like this? - Show me.
- One makes the house, [Great, crawling pose.]
and the other crawls out.
- Highlight did it already.
- Seriously? - Unbelievable.
- Highlight did.
Don't worry, everyone.
- Just keep thinking.
- And when you have an idea, [Thank you for your participation.]
then you can do the dance anytime.
Now, for the first time in entertainment shows, We will decide on today's Pick-dol.
[Today's Pick-dol.]
So called, 'Personal Camera'! [Black Pink knows this popular pose.]
- This? - Like this.
- Right.
- I did it before.
[Personal Camera summer version.]
- Gotta cover here.
- Camera.
[Jennie Cam.]
So the Personal Camera is [Personal Camera for today's Pick-dol.]
A camera will keep filming - just one person from you.
- Personal camera.
You can get some cute memes out.
[Perfect for creating cute memes.]
A lot of them.
[Emphasizing the importance.]
- Because the camera films constantly.
- Time to think about solo debut, too.
- No solo album for you, Rose? - Me? [Bombarding with questions.]
- No solos? - Sometime soon? - And Jennie? Solo album? - Maybe later.
[Slowly taking power.]
- Jisoo? Solo debut? [If you want.]
I will.
[Jisoo got Donhee.]
The company doesn't know you well, huh? [Black hole for charms.]
Let's go! We'll pick only one.
And she gets the camera entire time.
[Heat beats.]
- We play fair game.
- Come in.
Wow, I've only seen this on TV.
- You've seen this a lot.
- Yes.
[The honorable, fair, high-tech spin wheel.]
I did watch a lot.
[Peekaboo by Jisoo.]
There's a camera above.
Hello, Bling camera! [Where?.]
Hi! There.
[They found the camera above.]
[Hello Hello.]
Now, one by one.
[Checking out herself.]
Shall we start? - Jisoo, cute pose for 3 seconds.
- I'm nervous! Cute pose, 1, 2, 3.
[Today's clown Jisoo.]
Really cute pose, please.
[Stubborn Jisoo.]
Make a really cute face.
Cute pose.
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol Black Pink Jisoo.]
[Pick-dol Black Pink Ppu Ppu Lisa.]
[Pick-dol Black Pink Jenduck Jennie.]
[Pick-dol Black Pink Parkchang Rose.]
You all practiced a lot.
[Embarrassed to death.]
You've seen this show.
[Such a eye candy.]
Black Pink! [Nervous.]
[Spin the wheel.]
Let's go! [Speed cannot hide the beauty.]
This is spinning hard.
[Stop, ddu du ddu du.]
[Most likely Rose?.]
- Rose? - Wait.
[Is it really me?.]
- Who will it be? - Rose, I think.
[The camera picks Sorry Rose.]
[Jisoo Pick.]
- Jisoo! - Today's Pick-dol is Jisoo! - See? - From now on, everything will be on the show.
From now.
[Passion Queen: Looking for camera.]
Where? Everything will be on the show? [Here, I'll stalk you from now.]
[Congrats Jisoo.]
- Hide here.
- Congrats! [Naive.]
Tell me when I pick my nose.
It would be too late to tell you.
- Any word to say as a Pick-dol? - Idol Room! Anything to say? [My way.]
- I got you.
- About your resolution? [Please share your resolution.]
Any resolution for today? [Just following my train of thoughts.]
I'm Black Pink.
Resolution? [What is it?.]
I don't know what that means.
[Whatever it is.]
- I will do this! - Resolution, please.
[Hope you make it.]
- Who are you talking to? - It's hard.
[Fun to make fun of Jisoo.]
[#sheasks #sheanswers.]
This won't be on the show, huh? Can't fool me! [Asuras Jisoo.]
[Cutie Jisoo.]
[Great collection of Jisoo.
gif is coming!.]
Here I am.
If Rose, Jennie, Lisa are concerned about not getting camera's attention enough, [YG's flowers in one shot.]
- Then do this.
- Stay next to Jisoo.
If you do that, you will get a least one shot.
You'll get at least one [Customized service for Pick cam.]
Any CG effect you want? Any phrases or background images you like? Then put in 'Ppung' here.
- 'Ppung'? - Word Ppung? Ppung is my favorite word.
- Ppung? - Ppung.
[Ppung the love.]
Like a fart? [Are you satisfied?.]
- Fart - Please put in lots of 'Ppung'.
Okay, you've waited long enough.
[Finally introducing the new song.]
Black Pink's mini album is out.
Who will introduce the new album to us? - Who is the most eloquent? - Lisa.
[Donhee and Connhee's Pick: Lisa.]
Lisa's Korean is the best.
[Better than Rose: Korean Thai Lisa.]
The title for the song is Ddu-du? [1st Mini album: Square up.]
It's Ddu-du Ddu-du.
- Ddu-du Ddu-du.
- What kind of song is it? Ddu-du Ddu-du.
Ddu-du Ddu-du is a more upgraded song compared to Boombayah.
[Filled with Black Pink's charisma.]
It's a really cool song.
Better than Boombayah? [Ddu-du Ddu-du.]
Also with Boombayah, you got cool titles.
- Ddu-du Ddu-du.
- Ddu-du Ddu-du.
[Blink found.]
But in Welch, Ddu-du Ddu-du means - Black.
- Black black black black.
- Did you know that? - Nope.
[What a coincidence.]
- We found out later.
- We didn't know.
What's the meaning of Ddu-du Ddu-du? It's like a gun sound.
- Gun? Like bang bang? - Like a machine gun sound.
Ddu-du Ddu-du to your heart.
[Targeting the hearts of Blink.]
I got it.
Ddu-du Ddu-du! - Yes.
- Ddu-du Ddu-du! - That's what it means.
- Easy.
- Ddu-du Ddu-du.
- Good.
[Perfect review for the killing part.]
Let me explain to you about Nano dance.
Look for the killing part from your new dance moves, and each dances their individual part and we will put them together.
I will show you the Nano dance part you have to do.
[Ddu-du Ddu-du #BlackPink.]
[Squirmy wave with maximum sexy charisma.]
[Worried to death.]
- I'm confused.
- So when I start [The order.]
You all start together, then Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, Lisa.
- Okay.
- Then you finish together.
[Reviewing the order.]
Jen, Jisoo, Rose, Lisa.
I'm third.
- I am Jisoo.
- Jen.
- Jennie.
- Got it? - Yes.
- Who doesn't get it yet? [They say they understood.]
- Got it.
- Got it, Jennie? - First move was - I'm the third [Studying the Nano dance.]
Here - How did it go? - Music start! [All-kill song: Ddu-du Ddu-du #BlackPink.]
[Begins with Girl crush.]
[The Nano dance part.]
[Embarrassed Jenduck.]
Let's do it again.
[Two pigs are ready to pick on Jennie.]
- Jennie? - I asked before.
- If you understood clearly.
- Starts with you and it goes on.
[Excuse: Confused because I was first up.]
I was too burdened to dance first.
[She also got suspicious look.]
[We saw it all, Jisoo.]
It's not just Jennie.
Jisoo also got it wrong.
Jisoo, too? Thank you.
[Evidence for Jisoo's mistake.]
Let's start over.
[Comradery between Jennie and Jisoo.]
Jisoo, too? Thank you.
Both of you got it wrong.
- So that you won't be alone.
- Thank you.
- You would be too lonely.
- Even if you get it wrong again, [You can retry forever.]
- You can always retry.
- Sorry.
But the process will be shown on the show.
[Oh my God.]
Really? Oh no! [Suddenly practicing.]
- Will it be through my personal camera? - Yes.
Yes, everything through your personal camera.
[Whatever I'm in my own world.]
How did this go? If you ask me about your choreography [Hard practice.]
Got it.
- I got it.
- Let's see if you really got it.
- Let's see.
- Let's check it out.
- I'll just follow the beat.
- I'm scared.
- Music start! - I'm confused.
[Did they get it? Ddu-du Ddu-du #BlackPink.]
[Smooth start.]
[Great relay turn.]
[Ddu-du Ddu-du's Nano dance part.]
[Cat woman Jennie's powerful dance.]
[Leader Jisoo pioneers 'lovely and sexy' charm.]
[Changmunk Rose's daring charisma.]
[Long-legged Lisa's outstanding moves.]
[Nano dance cleared!.]
[Confused a little.]
[But back on track as a pro.]
[Attractive and addictive melodies.]
[My heart is under attack.]
[Bang bang.]
[Perfect combination of Black Pink, music, choreography.]
So cool.
Dynamic moves.
Jisoo, did you get personal lessons? [Connhee thinks Jisoo's dance improved.]
Your dance improved, huh? Like a dancer.
[Jisoo's enemy.]
I don't think it improved at all.
[Jisoo says, 'I got better.
I did.
Check out my camera later.
There are certain likes and dislikes.
[Check out Dancing Machine Jisoo's everything.]
- I was surprised.
- Now we will do 3,5,7 Dance.
Let's do a bet.
- Betting time.
- Let's do this.
- What do you want if you succeed at first try? - Meat? - We will buy you meat if you win.
- Meat? [Excited.]
I hope you get to eat it.
[Nom nom.]
[If you fail.]
What if you don't make it at first try? [As if it is new.]
Then I will give you the Ppong stick.
[Can't fool me.]
You gave it to me already.
[Buy one get one free.]
I'll give you one more.
[Give me.]
Bet something on it.
They call it a 'big deal'.
- Let's do that.
- We'll bet on a big one.
But we will make a small bet.
I think we will lose.
Then bet on a small thing.
Then our first mini album.
[Black Pink's mini album + autograph.]
- Great.
- Autographed CD.
- Great.
- Pink version.
But don't write 'To.
Defconn or Hyeong-don', just autograph it.
[Selling them?.]
[Idol's rare item collectors.]
We're just too shy.
[Second-hand sellers Don & Conn.]
- Just autographs.
- I'll display them at home.
[Song for 3,5,7 Dance.]
It is 'As If It's Your Last'.
That's good.
- New songs might be unfamiliar.
- Yes.
- Great.
- You make mistakes even in Nano dance.
Can't push you in 3,5,7 dance.
As If It's Your Last.
The easiest and most popular.
If I say a number, that many of you should come out and dance.
And just dance.
But you cannot talk at all.
[No conversations = no planning.]
- Among us? - Yes.
- No signaling or planning.
- No signaling? [Teacher's pet Jisoo.]
- Got it? - Yes.
- If you have questions okay? - Yes.
[She talked!.]
If you have questions this kind of conversation is okay.
[Calm down Jisoo.]
My goodness.
You are in one team.
[Simple rule.]
I say a number and that number of you come out and dance.
If I say two, then two of you dance.
- That easy? - Yes.
- Just do it.
[Getting in position for 3, 5, 7 battle.]
[Delivering order before the dance.]
- This order.
- Okay.
[Already expected.]
Planning is no use.
Jennie? I heard everything.
[Experienced with idols.]
- Everyone does that.
- We hear it all.
- And everyone makes mistakes? - No, not all.
[Wanna One, Shinhwa, Highlight succeeded.]
Wanna One succeeded.
[Not confident.]
- We will fail.
- Music start! [As If It's Your Last #BlackPink.]
One! [#1 Lisa according to the plan.]
- Lisa? - Lisa it is.
Rose and Jennie will come, if I say two.
- Yup.
- Two goes in if they say two? Three! [Said three and three more came.]
[Why is #4 Jisoo out?.]
Three? You said three.
[Only one who misunderstood.]
- Three on stage! - Confusing.
[Poor Jisoo.]
Did you not hear three, Jisoo? [Unique way of thinking.]
So three more.
So three more came out.
[The stage would be full later.]
You can't keep adding like that.
[When all four are out.]
What if I say one more? That's too complicated.
What if you say one? - Then three goes out? - Huh? - Impossible.
- If you say one, then three goes out.
[A girl in the number hell.]
The number I say should be the number of people on stage.
Gotta match the number I say.
- So difficult.
- Is it? [Ready.]
Let me try again.
I got it.
Just make sure you have the number of people I say.
[Jennie teaching Jisoo.]
- Music! - She need more explanation.
[Round 2: As If It's Your Last #BlackPink.]
I should be #1 [Moves.]
How many? - Now! - Two! [Lisa and Rose out.]
[Almost out.]
That was close, Jennie.
[Dance party for As If It's Your Last.]
- Where? - Not sure.
Good! [#3 Jennie in!.]
Three! [Starts dancing.]
Gotta get the right moves.
[This is my part.]
Two! [Jisoo's face changing real time.]
[Rose almost went out.]
[Pretends like she never missed.]
[Will let you pass once.]
Okay, just one pass.
- They'll get it wrong.
- It's difficult.
[The complete Black Pink.]
Four! [Dancing Machine Jisoo's real side.]
[As if nothing happened.]
Three! [Jisoo went out a bit later.]
Four! Three! [Training alone.]
Two! [Black Pink got used to 3, 5, 7 Dance.]
Four! [And the last punch!.]
Soon! [Confused.]
What? [Baffled faces all around.]
[Don't know Soon?.]
- Soon! - Soon? - Soon? - How many is that? [Native English speaker thinks.]
- Soon.
- Soon? In Thai.
[How many is that in Thai?.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Counts in Thai but no Soon.]
- Soon.
- 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10.
[Even a Thai doesn't know what Soon is.]
Maybe 3.
[Koreans teaching Thai to Thai.]
That's 3.
- Soon.
- Soon? - Soon.
- Okay, we won! [Don & Conn's error?.]
- It's doesn't exist.
- I think so.
What's zero in Thai? - Soon? - Exactly! - Soon? - Exactly! [Thai who forgot Thai.]
Don't say that, Lisa! [It meant zero in Thai.]
She forgot Thai! - Lisa, you should've said 'zero'! - Zero.
Did you forget what Soon meant? [Murmurs.]
Did you forget what Soon meant? I was expecting all of you to exit.
[Unexpected Thai attack.]
I thought it was English.
- We didn't know.
- But you have Thai here.
I thought you meant 'soon' in English.
You are Thai, so I thought you would definitely understand.
We learned to count from one, not from zero.
- From one? - 1, 2, 3, 4.
[The importance of basics.]
Gotta learn from zero.
Gotta start from zero.
I thought Lisa would get it and tell everyone to exit.
I'm sorry! [Lisa (22): Korean Thai who forgot Thai.]
Lisa forgot how to speak Thai.
Can you say something to your family in Thailand? Before you forget to speak Thai completely? [Cannot even find camera.]
- Sorry.
- There, Lisa.
I didn't forget what 'soon' means, I just didn't expect Hyeong-don to know 'soon' in Thai.
Never imagined that.
- Her Thai is good.
- So good.
[Since they got used to the song.]
There's no hope with "As If It's Your Last".
[Let's change the song.]
So, you'll dance to "Playing With Fire".
[Studying Thai.]
- "Playing With Fire".
- What was 0 in Thai? [Thai class.]
0, 1, 2, 3, 4.
- 3, 4? - Yes.
- 3 is 3.
[The one who makes idol band members learn a lot.]
[Cramming how to read numbers in Thai.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
- 1, 2, 3, 4.
- 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.
- 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Here we go.
- Okay, music start! [Starting again.]
[Playing With Fire #BLACKPINK.]
"Playing With Fire".
[Jendeuk gives an 1-on-1 lesson.]
- Fire dance.
- 4! [It means four.]
- 4! - 4, 4.
[So preofessional.]
[Serious looks on their faces.]
- Way to go! - Great.
[K-pop's 1, 2, 3, 4.]
1, 2, 3, 4 of the K-pop industry.
- 3.
- 3, 3.
[Successfully finished, thanks to cramming Thai.]
[This is fake, calling 3.]
Three! [Chichoo, great job!.]
She wasn't fooled.
[They're performing Jisoo's part without Jisoo.]
[Four! Inviting the part's owner.]
Four! [My precious part.]
You need to dance, according to the choreography.
[Oh, Jisoo.]
Now [One.]
- 1.
- 1, 1, 1.
[Lalisa got excited after understanding Thai.]
It's too hard.
Four! [They got used to attacks in Thai.]
- May I say? - Please.
[Attack in Korean.]
Two! Way to go! Three.
[They are doing great but look so nervous.]
[So much fun.]
Everyone, don't be nervous! [Summoning Jen-Chu-Li-Chaeng.]
Four! [Serious look.]
[Noticing the attack signal of Donhee.]
- 2! - Sorry? [Dumbfounded.]
- 2! - What? [Smart Jenjen, it means 2 in Chinese.]
2! 2! [Attack in Chinese that they've never imagined.]
[Saying numbers in Thai, Chinese and Korean.]
1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4! [Amazed.]
You should've known this! 1, 2, 3, 4.
[Excited because his trick worked!.]
[So difficult.]
- You failed with 2! - Did anyone ever succeed? - Sure.
[Another band succeeded with a math formula.]
- Wow! - They calculated a formula! They calculated and succeeded.
[357 dance conspiracy.]
I bet they had a spy.
No, there's no spy.
Because we say it whimsically.
- Wow.
- Awesome.
- Jennie knew that and she left.
- Right.
[I knew that.]
- But she can't say.
- Right.
I did this and left.
- This is - So sad.
- It's too difficult.
[Bragging about.]
I wanted to treat you with a barbecue party, a food truck, or whatever it may be.
It's so sad.
[Innovative way of thinking.]
- So - Even though we lost, we'll receive.
- What? - We need to receive.
[Jisoo's mysterious charm.]
We need to receive.
- What should we do? - Let's have a break.
- Okay.
Please calm down.
[You may enjoy video clips of IDOL ROOM.]
I wanted to treat them with a food truck.
[including Jisoo's cam on V LIVE.]
Donhee and Conhee's fact check! [Check!.]
- This fact check is - Yes.
[Rumors about BLACKPINK.]
BLACKPINK is so popular that there are many rumors and gossips about them.
[Segment to validate the truth.]
- There are many rumors.
- Right.
[Due to the scheduled work.]
- About Jenni.
- She goes overseas often.
[Innocent, staring at them.]
That's all.
[No reason.]
That's all.
[What's that?.]
[Just saying.]
- There are rumors.
- Rose doesn't like rose pasta.
- Such things.
- That's a fact! - True.
[Newsflash: Rose doesn't like rose pasta.]
- Really? - Yes, checked! I like Arrabiata pasta.
[Not knowing much about pasta names.]
Arabia strawberry? [Pronouncing again.]
- Arabia strawberry? - Arrabiata pasta.
I like this.
[Remembered that he had something.]
What's that? Ali ali ali olio? [They start laughing.]
- Alio Oilo.
- Ali ali ali olio.
Ali oli oli olio.
[Regarding existing rumors only.]
We will check the existing rumors.
[What they said somewhere.]
You must have said it before.
We collected rumors that can be checked with the evidence.
Let's check the first one.
[Self-sound effect.]
Ta-da! The first one to check is - Rose's voice is science! It has golden frequency that feels comfortable.
- Science? [Owner of golden frequency voice.]
Rose's voice has the science? Rose's voice makes listeners feel comfortable.
[Fans left these comments.]
Fans said her voice is perfect for ASMR.
Do you know about this? [Never heard of it.]
- First time ever.
- Really? [Compliments for Rose's voice.]
- ASMR - We've found some comments about Rose's voice.
[Oh, my.]
What? [Compliments for Rose's voice.]
- Her voice is seductive and charming.
- Seductive? But her voice is also as clear as a crystal bead.
Rose can sing high notes while dancing.
Especially, when she sings in her original voice, she shows off sexy voice color that reminds me of a python and powerful voice volume.
[Honored and shy.]
A fan left this comment.
[Nano fact check.]
Let's start with the first line.
- We're going to check the fact from the first line.
- One by one.
- Voice color is seductive.
- What does it mean? - Sexy.
[Exlanation tailored for Rose.]
- It means sexy voice.
- It's sexy.
[Rose's sexy voice just came out.]
It was very attractive.
Oh, wow.
[Voice color is seductive.]
[Impersonator Choo.]
- It's the Melbourne style.
- Melbourne style.
She can sing high notes when dancing or in a life performance.
Will you sing while dancing? - Now? - We need to check the fact.
[Song to validate: As If It's Your Last.]
- Please sing "As If It's Your Last".
- Good.
[Everything is possible with Yong-chaeng.]
- Okay.
- 5, 6, 7, 8! [Without warming up, Rose began a live performance instantly.]
[Without any crack in her voice.]
[It feels like she sings while standing up.]
Really good.
[It's like a bed, so comfort that you can't feel any movement.]
[She can sing high notes when dancing or in a live performance.]
- Embarrassed.
- I guess [Chaeng is the best.]
it's because she grew up breathing fresh air [Conhee's critique.]
- so her voice feels like the mother nature.
- The mother nature? [Donhee's critique.]
There's no fine dust in her voice.
[Austrailia continent feels in her voice.]
- Jisoo did - I've lived in Korea for long.
- Jisoo said, "Way to go, way to go".
- Way to go, way to go.
- "I can do it".
- You said you could do it.
- If you sing and dance - Sure.
[Encouraging her with compliements.]
- Your part.
- Your dancing skills have improved.
Let's see Jisoo's part.
[Jisoo was persuaded.]
Jisoo! Let us see your performance.
You're good at dancing.
[Making an excuse.]
- My part is cute.
- I know.
[Two hearts, proud of her part.]
My part has this highlight gesture, sending two hearts.
You are like a fistful of sand.
[Laughing out loud.]
- This is real, for the fact check! - You have only this part? I have more.
[Fountain of cuteness.]
[A series of cute movement.]
[Asking for an encore.]
- Really! - Please sing that last part again.
I can't catch you.
- While dancing.
- Please.
- 1, 2, 3, 4! [She can dance and sing!.]
- Perfect.
- Great job! [Satisfied.]
Her voice really feels comfortable.
But let's check out how Rose's voice makes listeners calm down.
[Time to validate Rose's voice.]
Let's check it out with BLACKPINK song lyrics.
[with BLACKPINNK lyrics.]
- Lyrics.
- Please read "Ddu-du Ddu-du".
- Yes.
[Rose will read the lyrics.]
- Comfortably.
- Read? - Yes.
[Song to read "Playing With Fire".]
- Oh, "Playing With Fire".
- Read the lyrics? - Yes.
[Playing With Fire.]
[Impressive melody to describe fire-like love.]
[The lyrics are about uncontrollable love that feels like playing with fire.]
[Playing With Fire: Written by Teddy.]
"My mom told me every day".
"My mom told me every day".
[Members start laughing when music is played.]
"To always be careful of guys".
"Because love is like playing with fire I’ll get hurt".
"My mom might be right".
Why does it sound sad? "Because when I see you, my heart gets hot".
[Please call 911, my heart is on fire.]
I can't hear any more.
It's too sad.
Will you please do that with "BOOMBAYA?" [Changing the song to BOOMBAYA.]
Let me read "BOOMBAYA".
[BOOMBAYA is a song that describes a powerful and charismatic woman.]
[The lyrics are about a girl who wants to dance forgetting everything.]
[BOOMBAYA - By Teddy et al.
"When I kick open the door, they all look at me".
"Even if I don’t try that hard All guys get nosebleeds, pangpangpang".
"Nosebleeds, pangpangpang".
[Everyone laughs.]
"Nosebleeds, pangpangpang".
"Pangpang parapara pangpangpang" - BOOMBAYA lyrics were like that.
- "A toast for me right now, clink, clink, clink".
A toast doesn't sound like a toast.
"Hands up, in my hands there’s a Bottle full o’ henny".
"The girl you’ve always heard about, that’s me, Jennie".
[Her sweet voices amazed everyone.]
I like Rose's voice.
- As I hear it now - I was nervous.
- Your voice is so nice.
[Recommending a job of radio show DJ.]
- I hope she can be a DJ.
- It was like a radio show.
- If she does that, she will do great.
- Something like "Rose's Starry Night".
[They saw Jisoo holding it.]
- Jisoo, do you want to try? - I will practice reading in Korean.
- No.
- Okay.
[Naturally, it's Jisoo's turn.]
- Without music.
- Without music.
- Without - Hey, rap.
- Jisoo took the paper to read.
Jisoo, start please.
"Yah Yah Yah BOOMBAYAH Yah Yah Yah Yah" [Holding laughter.]
"Boom Boom Ba Boom Boom Ba".
"Boom Boom Ba Boom Boom Ba, oppa".
[Laughing out loud.]
- Oppa? - That's a part of lyrics.
[The lyrics consisting of yah and BOOMBAYAH.]
"Boom Boom Ba Yah Yah Yah BOOMBAYAH".
[Realizing the importance of melody.]
I didn't feel this when I heard the song.
[Lingering impact of "Oppa".]
- "Oppa".
- Did Rose's voice calm you down? [Donhee was amazed by Rose's magical voice.]
I personally recommend she should be a DJ.
Really? I strongly recommend Rose for a radio show DJ! [I want to hear Rose's magical voice 24/7.]
Rose has a great voice tone.
Thank you.
Next topic for the fact check, please.
"Jisoo, a self-claimed children's song mater, wants to release a children's song album".
- What? - Really? [Fact check.]
- That is in the evidence.
- What? - What? "I will release a children's song album someday".
- Did you really write that? - Yes.
[That's my nickname.]
- Jisoo's children's song album.
- Chichoo! Chichoo! [Donhee and Choo are so happy with a nickname.]
- Why do you like children's songs? - Why? - Yes.
Children's songs are simple.
And it's catchy.
What's your favorite children's song? My favorite is the one where a little brother throws a stone secretly.
- Secretly throwing a stone! - "Plop Plop"! "Plop Plop".
Her favorite children's song is [Unique explanation.]
a little brother who throws a stone secretly.
Another children's song you like.
- And "Santoki (Jack Rabbit)".
- Oh, "Jack Rabbit".
- You can sing it backwards? - Yes.
[Chichoo, 23 years and 5 months old.]
- That's why I like it.
- Kitosan? - Yes.
1, 2! 1, 2, 3, 4! [Children's song jukebox.]
"Kitosan, Yakito" [Chichoo, expert in singing children's songs.]
[Maestro Chichoo.]
[A cappella.]
[Wrap up with golden frequency voice.]
- Harmony.
- A cappella.
- For a cappella, - YG is the best.
Since you love children's songs, have you talked about becoming a children's song singer? Rather than that, I'd like to make children's songs.
If you pass this test, CEO Yang might consider it seriously.
We'll play children's songs.
- Listen to the first part.
- Guess the title? - You can guess the title or sing the song.
- Oh, sing the song? If Jisoo knows the best, YG Entertainment should take her wish into consideration.
If the other members are better than her, then they should be taken into consideration.
[Getting serious.]
Here's the first children's song.
[Mega-hit children's songs.]
[The 1st one.]
[What is it?.]
I know.
- Me! - Jennie! [Jennie the cutest crocodile in the world.]
[Lalisa Kim / From Thailand.]
[Beginner at Korean children's songs.]
- In the swamp.
- "Crocodiles".
Jennie got 1 point.
I knew that one.
[Too bad.]
- You should've said faster.
- I'm not good at that.
It's impressive that you got it right with the intro.
[I'm the one who's good at children's songs.]
- That's amazing.
- Next! - It's so hard.
- Play the music, please.
[Who's going to get it.]
[The 2nd one.]
Answer! [Surprising reaction speed.]
I know the answer! [I know it too.]
- "Three Bears".
- "Three Bears".
- You got it! You have to sing it.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Sing along.]
[Oh my gosh.]
You're really great at this.
[Unexpected candidate for children's song album.]
- Oh my gosh! - Amazing.
Jennie is doing such a great job.
- How can you get it right so fast? - She's an expert.
- The tide has turned.
- Next one, please.
[Jennie is on fire.]
[The 3rd song.]
[Tongue twisted.]
Attattu! Answer! Attattu doesn't count.
- You should say "Answer" clearly.
- Rose was faster.
- No! [The main vocalist's "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars".]
[That was so close.]
Rose got 1 point.
- I'm sorry, Jisoo.
- It's hard to say "Answer".
- Say "Answer" first.
It's so hard to say "Answer".
Let's practice.
1, 2, 3.
- 1, 2, 3! - Answer! [This isn't supposed to be a big deal.]
The pause between 2 letters is too long.
- Answer! - Answer! - Answer! - 1, 2, 3.
- Answer! - There you go.
- Lisa was the fastest.
[But she doesn't know Korean children's songs.]
- It's hard.
- Answer! [The 4th song.]
Next one, please.
[Rapid-fire rap for Jisoo.]
Answer! Answer! Answer! Answer! [Ta-da.]
- Answer! - Answer! - Rose! [Finally the song she knows.]
- Jennie, Jennie.
- What is it? Hang on.
[She forgot the title.]
- I don't know.
- Lisa.
- I don't know.
- Lisa.
[Me, me.]
- "Baby Shark".
- Correct! 1, 2, 3, 4! [Kim Lalisa's joyful ceremony.]
[The cutest shark we've ever known.]
So cute! You got it! I almost said "Jaws".
- Same here! I thought the same thing.
- Right.
In English.
She's still into "Baby Shark".]
- That's not Jaws.
- It was made in America.
- I said "Answer" as well.
- You were too late.
- Too late.
[Then next time.]
I'll check the camera later.
Here's the last question.
It's for 3 points.
[Current scores.]
- 3 points? - 3 points? - Yes.
[Bright intro.]
[On the tip of their tongue.]
[What's this familiar melody?.]
- I know this one.
- Listen carefully.
- Stop! - Hold on.
[Sounds familiar.]
Isn't it Lotte World (a theme park) song? [It somewhat sounds like it.]
No, it's not.
Answer! When the park is closed.
- I think I heard the song a lot.
- We'll play the music again.
I think I know this one.
[A children's song for 3 points.]
[Intro replay.]
[Two adults know this one.]
[Automatically humming.]
[Is this a hint?.]
"On the field where wind used to stay" [Lisp.]
Soft breeze.
- What? - Say, "Answer".
- Head breeze? - What's head breeze? - What breeze? - It's like What kind of breeze would that be? - Soft breeze? - Soft breeze.
Nope! - Mountain breeze.
- No! - Over the mountain.
- No! - No.
[Sounds so random even to Lisa.]
- It's not the mountain.
- Not mountain.
- Ocean.
Ocean breeze? - Ocean breeze? Nope! - No! - City.
- Not city breeze.
- Hooked on dancing? - No! Not hooked on dancing.
- Not hooked on dancing.
- Not hooked on dancing nor headwind.
[A tough road to a solo children's song album.]
Listen carefully again.
Listen up.
Try to remember.
[What is the answer?.]
- It's driving me crazy.
- You used to hear the song when you were little.
- You've heard this a lot, right? - Yes! - Play the intro again, please.
[They already memorized the intro.]
[I think I really know this one.]
[We'll let you hear the lyrics.]
- "My hometown that I used to live".
- Come on! [What is this.]
Come on! [We got you.]
Come on! [BLACKPINK has never heard of this song.]
- Listen up.
- I wondered whose voice it is.
Is it French? [Masterpiece.]
[Singing their own song.]
[What is this song?.]
It was "Another Children's Song" by Hyungdon and Daejun.
What about the title? - That's the title.
- "Another Children's Song" is the title.
- So you've never heard this song? You've never heard this, but you lied that you knew this one.
Such liars.
- What did you say? Hooked on dancing? - I thought it was French.
BLACKPINK has some nerve.
You've never heard of this song.
- That was so close.
- What a bummer.
- A children's song expert - No wonder it was for 3 points.
- A children's song expert is Jennie! [Don't know children's songs well.]
[Children's song expert.]
Jennie will get a children's song record contract.
[Another test for Jisoo with 0 point.]
It's a shame.
We prepared another test to verify if you are a children's song expert.
There are listeners.
We'll hear the voices of the listeners of children's songs.
We invited verification agents.
Please come on out.
- Did you invite children? - You never know.
- Children? - Oh my.
- I guess children are coming.
- No way.
- Come on in.
For real? For real? For real? For real? [Everyone is hyper.]
Oh my God! [The best agents in the field.]
- Oh my! Hi! - Come on in.
[BLACKPINK greet the kids on their knees.]
I should get closer to them.
[Children's song experts.]
[4 years old.]
- Hi.
- So cute.
[Holding hands tightly.]
3-year-olds? 4-year-olds? [So in love.]
So cute.
Oh my gosh.
Come here! [With an ulterior motive.]
Come over here, please.
Jisoo, stop doing business here.
She fell for me already.
[Everyone is seated.]
- It's so hard.
- So cute.
- Oh my God! [Children's song listeners.]
[5-year career.]
- Seungbum, hi.
- Hi.
[Respecting the experts.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
He doesn't know what's going on.
[Good with kids.]
- Seungbum.
- How old are you, Seungbum? - I'm five.
- Five.
[So cute, I'm going to die.]
- He's 5.
- Please introduce yourself.
[Excuse me, Seungbum?.]
- Seungbum.
- What are you looking at? - Seungbum.
- Seungbum! [Big smile.]
- He's super cute.
- So cute.
Hold still.
I've watched him for a while.
[Bae Seungbum (5).]
- He's great at playing hard to get.
- So cute.
[Agent #2.]
Hello, Ms.
Hong Ryeowon.
- So cute.
- Please introduce yourself.
Hello, I'm a cute 5-year-old.
[Hong Ryeowon (5).]
[Children's song is my life.]
I'm Hong Ryeowon.
[So adorable.]
I'm Hong Ryeowon.
[Fall in love with Ryeowon.]
- Cutie pie, Hong Ryeowon.
- Cutie pie.
[Agent #3.]
- So cute.
- And Mr.
Moon Joowon, say hi.
[Moon Joowon (5).]
[Sensitive ears.]
I'm Moon Joowon, and I'm 5.
Please remember me.
[Sure thing.]
Thank you.
[They forgot about the test.]
We will remember you.
Now Yeonji.
[Agent #4.]
Please introduce yourself, Yeonji.
[Han Yeonji (5) /Living doll.]
[A strong preference.]
I'm Yeonji, 5-year-old.
Please remember me.
Thank you.
[A round of applause.]
Good job.
- Where do you live, Yeonji? - I live in a moved house.
- A moved house? - Yes.
- Where? - Oh, she moved.
- Did you move? - Did you move recently? Have you moved into a new house? Oh, she said they did.
- A moved house.
- Yeonji has moved into a new house.
- A new house.
- Good job.
[The last agent.]
- Congrats.
- Introduce yourself, please, Jiyoo.
[Kim Jiyoo (5) / Cuteness overload.]
[Walking children's song dictionary.]
So cute! [Mesmerized by her winsome actions.]
- Kids.
Do you all know these ladies? - Yes.
- Where did you watch them? - On TV.
- Really? - I saw them on TV as well.
- You did? What do they do? - What did they do? - They sing! - They sing.
- That's right.
[Don't forget that it's a test.]
So all five of you.
[They should be chosen after dancing to a song.]
- You know children's songs? - Yes.
After hearing children's songs, think about which one of them did the best.
- And tell us who did the best, OK? - Yes.
You go first, Lisa.
Children's songs.
They're special guests.
- Your children's song album is on the line.
- I'm so nervous.
[A song of her choice.]
[Shark Family.]
[Main dancer's dancing skills.]
Look at her.
Look at her.
[Putting her heart and soul.]
[Smile out of politeness.]
The kids don't look so happy.
Lisa is trying so hard.
Joowon is smiling.
Lisa is trying so hard.
[I'm the main dancer of BLACKPINK.]
- Joowon is smiling.
- Jiyoo looked away.
[They're more embarrassed.]
[Working hard as if it's an audition.]
Seungbum is not watching.
Yeonji is watching you.
Seungbum is distracted.
[Kids Would you look at me?.]
[Grandma shark.]
Lisa, you're doing a great job.
[Two kids are happy.]
Yeonji and Jiyoo are smiling.
- Joowon is smiling.
- Great.
[Jennie is happy as well.]
[Impressive "Shark Family" performance.]
Other than Seungbum, they are all smiling in their own ways.
[It's not easy to open his heart.]
[Trying to relate to 5-year-olds with a heart.]
[So hard.]
- Amazing.
Can't get enough of it.
- Jiyoo and Yeonji loved it.
- It's so hard.
[Jennie, 22 years and 5 months old.]
Now Jennie.
[Worried Jennie.]
They're special guests.
[It's so hard to meet the standards of the children.]
I'm in big trouble.
Are you watching? See who's the best among them.
[None of my business.]
It's hilarious.
My tummy hurts.
I've never seen Jennie seem so nervous like this.
I've never seen that before.
She doesn't know what to do.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- What are you going to do? [Jennie's song.]
- "Three Bears".
- Don't cry.
- "Three Bears".
Why would you be sorry? - Why would you be sorry? - I feel so sorry already.
- Please play the music.
- Listen carefully.
- OK.
[Jennie's trying to win the children's hearts.]
Jiyoo is clapping.
[I'm Jennie.]
[Jennie's "Three Bears".]
Seungbum, watch her.
[Still no interest.]
Seungbum, watch her.
- Seungbum.
- She's getting nervous.
She's getting nervous.
[Random dance.]
[Getting closer to the clients.]
Has Jennie failed? [Trying to let the clients to join her.]
- I'm sorry.
- Not good.
[I have to do that soon.]
- I'm sorry.
- But Jiyoo smiled a lot.
Thank you so much.
That was Jennie's "Three Bears" feeling sorry.
[Rose, 21 years and 4 months old.]
It's Rosé's turn.
- Let's go! Let's go! - "Crocodiles".
Look at her, Seungbum.
[Why am I nervous?.]
- I don't know.
- I love the lady with pink hair.
She said she likes the lady with pink hair.
[But the lady with pink hair didn't get it.]
- You like what? - I'm hopeless.
Watch her, Joowon.
[The lady with pink hair's song.]
[Turned into a pink crocodile.]
[The biggest reaction so far.]
[Still indifferent.]
You have to crawl.
Shark makes eye contact with the voters.]
You have to crawl.
[The pink shark gets on her knees.]
[But kids aren't impressed at all.]
[I liked pink hair though.]
[Not satisfied.]
- I've never seen a baby so mad.
I think I was a bit better than her.
- I've never seen a baby so mad.
- I think I was a bit better than her.
Joowon is scared.
- It's - Here we go.
- Good job.
[Childish Jisoo.]
- Play the music, please.
- Seungbum, look at her.
[Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.]
- Here comes a children's song expert.
- Good job.
- Good good.
- She's doing great.
1, 2, 3, 4! [OMG.]
- Wow! Wow! - She's doing great.
[No way.]
[Still trying hard.]
- He's serious.
- They like her.
[4 kids can't take their eyes off Jisoo.]
They love her.
[Looks like they like Jisoo the best.]
[Twinkle twinkle Choo Star.]
They liked her.
Let's go around and talk with them.
Seungbum! Who did the best? [Declined to comment.]
"I love milk" We have a blank ballot.
He said he can't choose.
- Now Ryeowon.
- Who do you think did the best? [Without hesitation.]
Who do you think did the best, Ryeowon? - It's her.
Just as I expected.
- Jisoo? Why? - Why? - Because she's pretty.
- Because she's pretty.
[Straightforward standard.]
- What about the others? - Oh no.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
- We're sorry.
No, no, no.
I like the lady with pink hair! [I'm so glad I have pink hair.]
- Pink hair - I'm sorry.
[We're sorry our hair is blonde.]
- Sorry.
- No, no.
- No, wait up.
- Children have a good eye.
- Jisoo got one vote.
Joowon, who do you think did the best? [Jennie? Lisa?.]
- Who? - Go to the lady of your choice.
Who did the best? [Jennie got one vote.]
[Oh my goodness.]
- Thank you.
- Lisa thought he was coming to her.
Lisa! Wait up.
I'll vote for Lisa.
[The chose one.]
[The unchosen one.]
Thank you.
I'm so moved.
[Sending hearts.]
Who did you like the best, Yeonji? Go to her.
[A precious vote.]
Who did the best? [The shark lady got one vote.]
- Lisa! - Lisa! [The voter who's supported the pink hair.]
Now Jiyoo, who do you think did the best? Go! [Without doubt.]
Pink hair.
[So adorable.]
- Now Seungbum.
- Seungbum.
[The last vote.]
- Seungbum.
- Seungbum's vote.
[The result depends on Seungbum's choice.]
- Seungbum! - Seungbum! - Seungbum! [Silent.]
- Seungbum! - Tell us who did the best.
- Seungbum! [Anxious MCs.]
Seungbum! [Adamant.]
- Seungbum! - Seungbum! Look at them.
He won't look.
[Respect his choice.]
Seungbum will keep neutral.
[Children's song is supposed to be listened, not chosen - Bae Seungbum.]
So the test finishes in a draw.
[CEO Yang! We'll look forward to BLACKPINK's children's song album.]
The next fact check, please.
Lisa is the dance supercomputer? She memorizes the choreography as soon as she sees it once.
- Bravo! Bravo! - Fact check.
- Do you agree? - Yes.
[Very proud.]
- Do you agree? - We have a genius member.
[Do other members agree?.]
She remembers the choreography at once? Yes, when we went to take the dance lesson, [Giving testimony about Lisa being the genius dancer.]
the dancers were doing various dances - and Lisa was looking at them.
- She memorizes.
[Proud of Lisa, She can learn the dance so quick.]
- and starts the dance.
- Like a copy machine.
[She's known as a dance scanner.]
- Copy machine.
She can just scan and learn it.
[The other members are amazed.]
She just dances immediately.
Lisa, can you do other idol singers' dance by just watching it once? [Never tried.]
Probably not by watching it once - If I watch a couple of times - We've seen only one person who does that.
- Someone who can copy any dance at once? - Yes.
Male, Key.
Female, BoA.
Wow! - Just those two are capable of that.
- Key and BoA.
And Lisa can join them.
That means Lisa practiced dancing so hard.
- Let's check it out.
Lisa, let's see.
- Go for it! - OK.
We didn't believe it before we saw Key and BoA.
I don't trust myself either.
- Hang on.
Can I do this? - Way to go! [To enter the hall of fame.]
- Go to the front.
- We'll show you.
Play it for us.
[So juicy.]
[Red Flavor #Red Velvet.]
[So different from BLACKPINK's style.]
[Can Lisa pull this off?.]
[Scanning the dance.]
[Checking the dance moves.]
[They're focused too.]
[She can learn the dance at once?.]
That's hard.
[Memorizing the dance moves.]
[Not confident.]
- "Red Flavor" by Red Velvet.
It's difficult.
- Was it this? Or this? - Was it this? Or this? - Way to go! - Go for it! [But I can't do the dance for you.]
I'm more nervous than you.
- Let's go! - Please hit the music! [Lisa version's Red Flavor, let's go!.]
[Mirror mode.]
[Lisa watched it once and finished scanning details.]
[She's like BLACK Velvet.]
[Perfect dance, as if it's her song.]
[God Lisa is a super computer, true!.]
- Goosebumps! - I have a question.
[So amazing.]
You did not know this dance? - I knew this.
- I knew this one.
[Knowing only highlight part.]
But I didn't know the detail.
This is not easy.
- I think she did it wrong.
- In fact But she danced exactly the same.
[Let't try one more.]
Let's do another song.
- Let's try one more time.
- Amazing.
[She is surprised, too.]
- Lisa is amazing.
- No way.
[Can you do this?.]
[What Is Love? #TWICE.]
[Let me turn into TWICE.]
[Concentrating super computer.]
[Entering data.]
[Following the moves on the spot.]
Oh, my god! [Normal computers are amazed.]
Wow! [The entire chorus part.]
[Difficulty for a super computer.]
- Done? - We don't know.
- Go, Lisa! - I'll try.
- Just do that as you want.
- I may be wrong.
- Just follow your instinct.
- At least she tries.
That's amazing.
[Lisa! I believe in you.]
This is amazing.
Let's see.
[Somewhere between BLACKPINK and TWICE.]
Music, please.
[What Is Love? #TWICE.]
[So cute facial expression.]
[Precise movement without hesitation.]
[Identical 100%.]
[Amazed again.]
[After watching once, Lisa danced during the entire chorus.]
[Another one who is scanning.]
[Praise her, dance god Lisa.]
[Lalisa (Dance master) Manoban, age: 22.]
I don't know it well.
[See? This is when she doesn't know well.]
- How can she do this? - I don't know it well.
- That was identical.
- Really.
- Really? That was identical.
I was surprised.
[Chance to a normal computer.]
- How can she do that? - Anyone who thinks you're as good as Lisa? [Jisoo who practices a lot.]
- Jisoo.
- Well Jisoo will dance to another girl band's songs.
[Dancer who makes a lot of efforts.]
Your dancing skills have advanced.
[Warning: I'm not like Lisa.]
- Improved.
- But I'm different.
[Of course, you are.]
Sure, you will be different.
- But we want to see you dance.
- Right.
[Jisoo version.]
[Gashina #Sunmi.]
- "Gashina".
- "Gashina," right.
This [386 computer, a bad example of cover dance.]
You can just shoot.
[Ready to shoot, half-success.]
You shoot in "Ddu-du Ddu-du".
It's easy.
[Gashina dance music video.]
- "Gashina," please.
- Please show it to her.
- Please do after watching once.
- Only once? - Jisoo can do it.
What's this? [Others practicing too.]
What's this? [Quickly gave up.]
- I don't know.
- Let's do that.
- Giving up! - Let's try.
[Words of encouragement again.]
Goddess of dance, with a sense of humor.
[It makes Jisoo feel happy.]
Let's go! [Cute.]
Music, please! [0% sexy, 100% cute.]
[Cute version of Gashina.]
[Neck joints are working hard.]
What's next? [Passing the highlight part.]
[Ending with a cute pose.]
What's this? - I don't know.
- Children's song vibe.
[Elementary student Choo.]
Didn't you feel the babies' vibe? [Another dancer who practices hard.]
- Let Rose do, too.
- I can't do this.
[That's what we want to see.]
- Sorry? - I can't do this well.
- That's what we want to see.
Rose, which song? [A new chapter of cover dance.]
Let me show how bad I am.
Which one? [Rose's version.]
[Red Flavor #Red Velvet.]
I think I can't do this.
[Like this.]
[She starts dancing after entering data with eyes.]
[Red Rose's Red Flavor.]
- I don't know what this is.
- Red Rose.
[Embarrassed in advance.]
- Red Rose.
- Hit the music, please.
- I don't think I'm doing well.
[Dance instinct.]
[I like this dance!.]
[The highlight part is similar.]
[2 members of BLACK Velvet.]
[It's not like Red Flavor but Pink Flavor.]
[Between cover dance and free dance.]
[Everything will be fine if your ending pose is refreshing!.]
[Rose, god-given vocalist who passed the 700:1 competition.]
[I'm good as it was exciting.]
- She's an amazing vocalist.
- She may not be the best dancer.
[Jennie's turn.]
- Hyungdon, please let Jennie do.
- Jennie, let's go! This is not an excuse but [Confessing her disease.]
I have this disease that I can't dance without Lisa.
- Let's try TWICE.
- "What Is Love?" - "What Is Love?" - "What Is Love?" You can do this.
- Please show.
[Oh, my.]
[She starts moving her both hands when the music comes out.]
[Standing up like being possessed.]
I don't know.
[She found herself dancing.]
[It's difficult.]
[Today, she's a cute Jendoong.]
- Here we go.
- Oh, my.
- You can do it.
- Let's go! - It's too difficult.
- Let's go! [Jendoong! Way to go!.]
Music, please.
[She learned dance moves quickly.]
[It's not the same but full of swag.]
[Shy but perfect ending pose.]
- She's good at this! - Too hard.
Why were you so embarrassed? You did a great job! [No way, thank you.]
Really [Super computer.]
- Lisa is amazing.
- Awesome.
- Really.
- How can she do that? - Respect, respect.
[Natural-born bad dancer.]
- How can she do that? - Right.
I learned dance for long.
So I can remember quickly.
- Thank you.
- Lisa, amazing.
[Lisa is a dance super computer.]
The fact was proven as true! [IDOL ROOM endorses its performance.]
Proven! Next fact check please.
Mamamoo and Red Velvet failed BLACKPINK's difficult pump.
[What is this?.]
Pump? What is this? [It's a rhythm game you play with your feet.]
It's a game machine and now ["BOOMBAYAH" is now installed.]
your "BOOMBAYAH" is installed.
- Really? - Yes.
- Did you know this? Did you? [The only witness is Jennie.]
- I saw it.
- In our times, it was this.
[Donhee was into rhythm game when he was young.]
That's it.
[Proud vs.
What the.]
- What the.
- DDR.
[Culture shock.]
- DDR.
- That was in our time.
- Yes.
There's a video.
It hurts on the side.
There's a video.
[Source: JTBC2 "I'm into You".]
["BOOMBAYAH" is in the game.]
[And to this game.]
[Mamamoo's Moonbyul and Red Velvet's Seulgi.]
There was a bit of war of nerves when choosing [But it was a total failure.]
the song, but it was a wise choice to choose BLACKPINK's song.
[Very surprised.]
- That looks super difficult.
- It's amazing.
[Have you played this game?.]
- Do you know pump? - Yes.
[They've tried it at least once.]
- Have you tried? - There's a huge arcade in Hongdae.
We went together and tried.
[Trusting Lisa from what he's seen.]
I think that Lisa will do this for sure.
[Waking her head.]
- Of course.
- No.
- She responds immediately.
- Let's try it.
- We've prepared a machine.
- The machine itself.
- It's amazing.
- It's huge.
- Look at the size.
- Oh my God.
- Wow.
This is our scale.
[Look at the scale, they've brought the whole game.]
- How did you bring it? - Amazing.
[I'm ready.]
The machine is huge.
Will BLACKPINK be able to succeed [The level that Moonbyul and Seulgi tried.]
dancing to your own song "BOOMBAYAH" [Will they conquer the machine?.]
that Mamamoo's Moonbyul and Red Velvet's Seulgi failed? You do have natural sense of rhythm.
- So - Let's try it right away.
- Right away.
[Since Lisa seems to succeed, do it next.]
- Let's do it second, Lisa.
- OK.
- Because you will succeed.
- OK.
- Rose.
Let's try Rose.
- Rose.
One by one.
[Conquer "BOOMBAYAH" rhythm contest, Rose.]
[Way to go.]
Way to go.
[Worried already.]
- I don't think I can do this.
- Here we go, Rose.
[The candidate is already taking her feet off.]
I don't think I can do this.
[The music is on.]
What should I do? What do I do? [You can do it.]
How? [Rose's dance shadow, Lisa.]
Good, great atmosphere.
[Unlike her worries, she began well.]
[Her legs are pumping.]
[Now she feels confident.]
[Rose's dance shadow Lisa is also on.]
[Jisoo joins as well.]
Here we go.
[Unexpected group dance.]
[In trance.]
Good, Rose.
[She's getting perfect scores.]
Your face is on.
[Amazing atmosphere.]
She's good when her face is on.
[Donhee joined.]
Let's do it altogether.
[Jennie joined as well.]
[A fun rhythm party altogether.]
What the.
[Here it goes to the climax.]
This is difficult.
What should I do? [More than half of them are now lost as the song entered the climax.]
What is this? [Virtual pump.]
[Her feet are everywhere.]
This is too difficult.
[No longer relaxed.]
Let's check your score.
Rose's score? [Looking forward to it.]
[Very happy that there's one at the low rank.]
- Wow.
- Why do you love it so much? [Unbelievable, I did my best and it's F.]
I'm tired.
- Isn't it exhausting? It is.
- Yes.
[Now time for the competent one to try.]
Lisa's challenge.
[Already, she's showing her foot skills.]
[Already qualified, dance super computer Lisa.]
Lisa memorizes all the dances she saw once.
She scans and she memorizes.
[She already scanned all the steps when Rose was doing it.]
In our team, [Lisa acknowledges Lisa as dance genius.]
we have a genius.
[Will she succeed?.]
[Let me conquer the rhythm.]
Lisa challenges.
[Conquer the "BOOMBAYAH" rhythm contest, Lisa the fun.]
- Let's go, Lisa.
- The pride of BLACKPINK.
- Way to go! - What's wrong with her legs? - It's doomed.
- Something's not right.
It's here.
[ Huh?.]
- What's with her legs? - She's doomed.
[Lisa's a trickster.
She looks as if she's already gotten the rhythm.]
Something's weird.
- Her legs - She's weird.
[As you can see, her steps are just wrong.]
[Here we go.]
What's with her? [She doesn't care.
She's excited.]
Lisa, it's weird.
[Ha ha.]
She's never tried this.
[So cute.]
[The most stiff step in her life.]
She's angry.
- What's with her step? - What's wrong? [Her steps are totally twisted.]
- She has weird steps.
- She's flying.
[She gets "Miss" all the time.]
Here we go.
[Laughing at ease because she's not on.]
The song will end soon.
[He's no longer her believer.]
It's doomed.
[Dance supercomputer has made an enormous error.]
[Finally, she makes a confession.]
This is difficult! [Checking the fact.]
- Lisa - This is F for sure.
How many combos of misses does she have? - Isn't it D? - Combo miss.
[The machine is honest.]
F! - This is difficult.
- It turns out Lisa has very unique steps.
You just have to do this.
[Korean beat in Thai body.]
- Offbeat.
- Like this.
[She can't talk.]
- You do it like this.
- It's like the person who does it for the first time gets perplexed.
[Calling both of them.]
- Let's go by two.
- Two.
- It's difficult already.
- The level you've tried already.
[Having witnessed the failure of a genius, they're worried.]
- You know? - Oh no.
- Difficult.
- It's difficult.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
[Jennie & Jisoo's rhythm game skill, to be continued in 60s.]
- Here we go.
[Conquer the "BOOMBAYAH" rhythm contest, Jisoo.]
- Here we go.
[Conquer the "BOOMBAYAH" rhythm contest, Jisoo.]
I'm doomed.
[Already, she doesn't know where to start.]
- "BOOMBAYAH" on pump.
- Where is it? [Nervous? Relaxed?.]
- Where should I start? - Where? - Wait a minute.
[Same game, different foot.]
What is this? [As expected, Jisoo gets miss all the time.]
- I can't press it.
It's weird.
- Don't give up.
- What should we do with Jisoo? - This is weird.
[Her beat is off and series of miss show that.]
I believe in Jisoo.
[Wow, Jennie.]
- Jennie is good.
- She's getting perfect.
- Jennie.
- Jennie, good.
[Next to the black feet that are everywhere.]
I believe in Jisoo.
[there's a perfect white feet.]
- Jennie is good.
- Jennie perfect.
[Jennie has played pump.]
Jennie perfect.
- Jennie, good.
- Jennie, good.
[Jump, she knows how to try the high-end skill.]
- Good.
- She uses both legs.
[The one we wanted! The conqueror of rhythm.]
I like Jennie! [Let's wipe tears and check Jisoo.]
- Jennie, good.
- She's good.
- Jisoo's doomed.
[It's more comparable when you play together.]
She's super good.
She's good.
This is the class of rhythm queen.
She's smiling.]
- Jennie.
- Jennis's so good.
What are you doing, Jisoo? That means that she's been to arcade a lot.
How do you press it? [Like this.]
[Black feet don't know where to go.]
[Black feet owner is now confused.]
[She's losing it.]
I have no idea.
[Breaking news, Jisoo's set a world new record for the lowest score.]
Never seen 215 miss combo.
[Will she get any at all? Record breaker.]
Why are they together? Jennie's getting perfect.
[She's quietly renewing the perfect score.]
- Wow.
How do you do that? - Continue.
["BOOMBAYAH" is coming to an end.]
[She looks innocent.]
Jennie, good.
[She can't continue even after the song.]
It's difficult.
[They are looking forward to the score.]
That was OK.
Jennie did a great job.
[The winner of rhythm dance.]
- B.
- Jennie got 251,100.
[Not sad at all.]
- Jisoo.
- Jisoo F.
[It's more difficult than you think.]
- Jisoo - It's super difficult.
- Hard level is - It's difficult to step on it.
[She found a reason to blame.]
- I guess it's the shoes.
- Don't blame the shoes.
It's because of the shoes.
[How much shoe insole did you put in?.]
Were you this tall? [It's a secret.]
[You will get hurt.]
[The ultimate excuse.]
There's more soil on the land I stand.
[Rhythm game rising star, Lisa.]
We expected Lisa to win.
[But she gave them a chance to laugh.]
- I guess it was her first time.
- It should be.
She showed us a very unique step.
[Unexpected ruler of rhythm.]
It seems that Jennie's done pump a lot in the past.
She has great rhythmic sense.
It's got better.
[Rhythm genius Jennie beat dance genius.]
Today's pump king, Jennie.
[I achieved everything today.]
[Now it's time to go.]
BLACKPINK came back with a mini album after a year and we met them through Idol Room for the first time.
[So sad.]
- The time flies.
- BLACNKPINK becomes more amazing year after year.
[Thank you.]
With a lot of charms.
How was your time with us, Jennie? [Unknown.]
I found a new talent today.
I didn't know that you have talent in this.
I personally wish that you'd buy this machine and practice at home.
[Or install one at the training room in YG.]
Put this in YG practice room, and develop it as your personal talent and stand out in the entertainment world.
[Giving advice for everything.]
And post it on YouTube.
Did you hear that?.]
CEO, I need a pump machine.
[Today's PICK idol.]
Jisoo was the PICK idol today.
What did I do today? We should check out the real show and find that out.
[She's amazed by the camera.]
They follow you everywhere.
[Excited and looking forward to it.]
- I wonder how it would be.
- We will show everything.
[Thank you for your hard work.]
We'd like to see it quickly.
Thank you.
Thank you for the hard work.
[BLACKPINK came back after a long time.]
BLACKPINK came back with a mini album in 1 year.
[Already into his heart.]
[We wish you the best of luck with "DDU-DU DDU-DU".]
I wish you all the success.
Let's shout this together.
[See you quickly next time.
Idol Room! Thank you.
[You can watch various videos of Idol Room on V LIVE.]