Idol Room (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 8 - UNB, UNI.
[You are listening to the signal song of IDOLROOM.]
[Composed by Soyeon from (G)I-DLE.]
[Wrong swag.]
[Educated pig thanks the composer.]
Soyeon! [Juicy voice + sour visual.]
Soyeon! [Finding location.]
[This is where you should be, IN IDOLROOM.]
In IDOLROOM~ IDOLROOM! This is our first time with the song, so it's hard to follow.
[Thank you, composer Soyeon.]
Soyeon composed this logo song for IDOLROOM.
We played it just now.
We have the most number of guests today.
When I see them, I am reminded of the word.
- Second chance.
- Right.
[Rookie idol with experiences.]
- Most of them debuted once before.
- Right.
They're organized into new teams and visiting IDOLROOM today.
T welcome.]
UNB and UNI.
T! [Dashes.]
[Never ending entry.]
Hello! Why don't UNB say hello to the viewers? Two, three! Let's begin UNB! Hello, we're UNB! [UNB, 9 members through the survival program.]
[Feeldog/Jun/Euijin/Ko Ho-jung/Marco/Ji Han-sol/Daewon/Kijung/Chan.]
[From trainees to 7 years since the first debut.]
[Known for their strong performance skills.]
Why don't you say hello, UNI.
T? [Explains the meaning.]
It means unity, two, three! [Error.]
Hello, Uni, Uni, UNI.
T! [UNI.
9 members through the same survival program as UNB.]
A/Yoonjo/Lee Hyun-joo/ Yang Ji-won/ZN/Lee Su-ji.]
9 members through the same survival program as UNB.]
A/Yoonjo/Lee Hyun-joo/ Yang Ji-won/ZN/Lee Su-ji.]
[All debuted at least 3 years ago.]
[Talented vocalists and great visuals.]
[Newly debuted teams but.]
It feels weird.
I personally know many of them.
But now that they are here together, it feels like they are whole new groups.
- I'm familiar with many.
- Yes, very familiar.
[Donhee & Connhee's Familiar Idol #1.]
- Long time no see.
- Ji-won, too.
[Donhee & Connhee's Familiar Idol #1.]
- Long time no see.
- Seen you before.
[Not so sure.]
- Yebin was in - DIA.
[Too friendly.]
DIA~ Right, you seemed too familiar.
Anybody seeing us for the first time? [Most of UNB.]
Euichan? - Chan? - Yes, Chan.
[Just Chan.]
- Chan's first time? - Yes.
- Really? - Where did you belong? [Chan/Used to be in A.
, now in UNB.]
I used to be in A.
- Really? - Where did you belong? [Chan/Used to be in A.
, now in UNB.]
I used to be in A.
and just made a comeback recently.
Anyone else? [Familiar name Han-sol.]
- Han-sol? - I think I've met you before.
- First time.
- First time in this program? It's because of the lunch box restaurant.
I was wondering why, [Name effect?.]
- You look like a young gentleman.
- Thank you.
On the name tags, [Images pursued by members.]
ZN for example, 'Free pass to be daughter-in-law' [All different.]
They've written how they want to be seen.
Would you like to introduce yourself, starting with Jun? - Me? - Yes.
Hello, I am Jun who loves to laugh.
Jun who loves to laugh.
[Showing off skills.]
Hello, I am the king of jump rope in UNB.
[Brought the rope from home.]
I'm Daewon.
[King of jump rope, Daewon.]
Cool! King of jump rope.
Next? [Giant youngest steps out.]
- Kijung.
- I'm Kijung, master of facial expressions.
The master of facial expressions.
[Voice echoes.]
- Euijin.
- Hello, I'm the new item.
[LAN-line brother, Euijin.]
Always new, Euijin.
I'm Ho-jung from Muscle Mania.
[Ho-jung from body building competition.]
Maesil mania.
Maesil mania, Ho-jung.
[Always positive, Feeldog.]
Hello, nothing is impossible.
- The leader of UNB, Feeldog.
- Feeldog.
[Super Dancing Singer Han-sol.]
Hello, I'm Han-sol the super dancing singer.
Super dance singer.
[Human vitamin, Chan.]
Hello, I am Chan the human vitamin that you can enjoy without dissolving in water.
[Kills the mood.]
If you don't dissolve it in water Hello, I'm Marco [Odd cutie Marco.]
the odd cutie of UNB.
[Uniquely odd.]
Odd Marco.
Hello, I'm NC.
A [Noisy queen, NC.
with the destructive and loud voice! - Destructive voice.
- Destructive voice.
[I'm the center, Euijin.]
Hello, I'm Euijin the Hong center.
[Fact attacker, Yoonjo.]
Hello, I'm the one who tells the truth.
the Fact attacker, Yoonjo.
Watch out! Watch out.
[Sits down for the older sister.]
Hello, I am hoping to be the youngest [Oldest, Ji-won.]
but the oldest, Yang Ji-won.
[No mercy for the familiar ones.]
- Can't be the youngest.
- So mean! [Whatever, I'll just introduce myself.]
Hello, I'm from UNI.
with the clear voice, Yebin.
[Clear voice, Yebin.]
I'm Yebin! Hello, I'm actually quite naive.
I'm Woohee.
[Not the sexy Woohee I know.]
Thank you, Woohee.
[Naive leader, Woohee.]
You're trying, Woohee.
Like a rookie.
Hello, I'm actually the sexy queen, [Wordy explanation.]
but the members call me a wannabe.
[Wannabe sexy, Hyun-joo.]
I'm Hyun-joo, the sexy wannabe.
She is embarrassed.
[Mature but youngest.]
- Cute.
- Hello, I'm youngest but mature.
I'm Su-ji.
- Youngest but mature, Su-ji.
- Youngest.
Hello, I'm from UNI.
with the free pass to be the daughter-in-law.
I'm ZN.
Free pass to be the daughter-in-law.
That means, - Elders usually like you.
- Yes.
If a guy says 'I want to marry her, ' then you get approval.
E'Dawn from Pentagon has the look to fail the formal meeting with the parents.
That he would always gets rejected.
- Always fails.
- You're the opposite of E'Dawn.
[Fact attacker? Not bomber?.]
- Yoonjo is a fact attacker? - Yes.
They usually say fact bomber.
[How bad is it?.]
- If an attacker then - Must be really strong.
Why don't you attack us once? [Fact attack on IDOLROOM?.]
When you watched IDOLROOM, was there anything to be improved? [Gentle beginning.]
I did the program 5 years ago, [Attacking the bones.]
and nothing has changed since.
Nothing has changed since.
[Hands put together.]
Well, we only have two people.
[Same people, no changes.]
We haven't changed.
[Politeness out of courtesy.]
But it's fun.
Who's here for this? Carrots and stick Keeps going on.
[Watching the show like a viewer, Jun.]
Thanks for the comment.
[Moves to next target.]
- Hyun-joo is a sexy wannabe? - Yes.
[Sounds like a baby.]
- You're the youngest.
- Our concept is sexy, - Cute.
- I actually thought that [Yes, 0% sexiness.]
- I don't go well with sexiness.
- Yes.
[Passionately agrees.]
- I don't go well with sexiness.
- Yes.
But I actually can handle it well.
[Um nope.]
That's what you think.
- Pushing on sexiness - Why? - Why do you do that? [Learned sexiness.]
First, I learned from the members.
Who do you want to be like? [I'm the sexy goddess.]
Actually, I've conquered them all.
I've conquered them all.
[So passionate.]
[Sexy wannabe is cornered.]
Let's see.
[Can't find any trace of sexiness.]
You're like a baby.
- My goodness.
- Music, start! [This is learned sexiness.]
[Great like a Tyrannosaurus.]
[Maybe extinct.]
Come back in.
Come back in.
Hey, hey.
[Still have a lot to learn.]
- We'll show you what's sexy.
- Take a look.
[Let's call on the textbook of sexiness.]
Come here, Woohee.
[The original sexy goddess who is naive.]
So experienced.
- From the experience.
- And age.
[Already sexy without trying.]
- Show her.
- Oh, no.
[Sexy textbook opens.]
Music, start! [There we go.]
[Culture shock.]
[Looks differently.]
[Sexy from head to toe.]
[In 10 sec, sexiness reached the max.]
Stop, stop! Stop, Woohee.
That's enough.
Put it away for a second.
[Like this.]
Put it in your pocket.
[Changes mood.]
- That's sexy, young one.
- Okay.
Reflect on yourself.
[Now UNB.]
Who's the youngest from UNB? - Kijung.
- He should be the 'new item.
[The new item, oldest brother.]
Euijin says that he is the new item.
What do you mean by 'new item'? What do you mean? [So eloquent.]
New items are you want to have it [Eloquence of LAN-line brother.]
and excited when you have it.
And always want to carry it with you.
- That's what I want to be like.
- It makes sense.
- When I talk - Your voice tone is great.
Thank you.
[Sudden attack.]
[Always laughing?.]
Why aren't you laughing, Jun? - Me? - You said you always laugh.
[Always ready to laugh.]
I'm trying.
Euijin and Kijung are 11 years apart? [Little oldest.]
[Giant youngest.]
Really? 11 years? [Any age gap?.]
Kijung, how is talking with Euijin? Can't connect to him.
[Found weakness.]
- No answer.
- From what I heard, [Slandering begins.]
Kijung thinks that Euijin is like an old man.
That Euijin is like an old man.
I heard.
[So embarrassed.]
That you can't really talk to him.
That Euijin just answers [Telling him to say yes.]
but he doesn't really understand.
[Jun caught in the radar.]
- What did you say, Jun? - Huh? [Sacrifices Euijin for a laugh.]
He told me that Euijin is like a stubborn old man.
He told me that Euijin is like a stubborn old man.
[Victim Euijin complains.]
[Sorry, just kidding.]
I'm just kidding.
- Stop it now~ - He always lectures, huh? [Signal sent.]
Don't you feel that, Kijung? [The target is Euijin.]
When you talk to Euijin? [Signal received.]
- A little - Little stubborn.
[Big bomb dropped.]
I don't know what Cyworld is.
Cyworld [Great.]
- You can speak now.
- Go ahead.
- Does everyone know? - Yes.
- Right? He might now know.
He's a SNS generation.
[Kijung / born in 2014, school-lunch generation.]
I'm used to Facebook, Kakaostory [Still in shock.]
T is also in shock.
[Handshake to stop more revelation.]
Then there might be a generation gap.
Selected by Rain.
Kijung was selected as the master of facial expressions.
From 'The Unit', I danced while looking at Rain.
How? [Oops.]
[Let's fight.]
To show your determination? [Laughter begins.]
[Shows off his cheap laugh.]
Rain must have thought 'Who's this guy?'.
[Ha, I'm Rain's Pick-dol.
So you became the master with that expression? [Proud.]
That's all you need.
- Cute.
- From Muscle Mania? - Yes.
[Ho-jung competed in Muscle Mania.]
- Really? - Yes.
[Ranked in 4th.]
I won the 4th place in last April.
[Fact check without delay.]
May I? [Unexpected.]
It's off-season, so [Don't get me wrong.]
I'm not telling you to show all.
[They look like a gang from the neighborhood.]
We're just checking.
[But they are naive MCs, just checking the fact.]
Wow, what am I going to do? [Unbelievable.]
Are they all yours? [Baby face + big muscle.]
[The baby faced muscle man.]
[Checking out the six-pack.]
[Not happy.]
[Can imagine the status of Ho-jung's six-pack.]
That dude He's not watching out what he eats.
[Come back when the six-pack's in season.]
Not in season now.
We have another amazing news on Idol Room.
By the time this broadcast is aired, UNB will have released a new album.
They're going to reveal the new song on Idol Room today.
We've never seen it either.
- Is it your first time as well? - Yes.
- I see.
How come you give us this great privilege? Because it's Idol Room.
Please tell us about the song.
Like who's the composer [What? Someone called me?.]
Like who's the composer [Me?.]
[Shifting the chance to introduce the song to each other.]
Our camera director would have to explain at this rate.
I thought you guys were asking your manager over there.
Our leader.
Our new song is "BLACK HEART".
- We're a group with strong performance skills.
- We know that.
Our performance skills have been upgraded.
It's twice as good now.
[Strong confidence.]
You're going to find out how great our performance skills are.
Let's check it out.
[Time to see it for ourselves.]
Let's take a look.
[Looking forward to it.]
Let's check out their amazing performance.
Let's check it out.
Play the music please.
[Let me open the door.]
[Surprising spinning kick.]
[Next up is Marco of UNB.]
[One more time.]
[Acrobatic moves pretending to be dance.]
[Eye-catching beginning.]
[Powerful moves.]
[Flexible part change.]
[Constantly changing parts.]
[Can't take our eyes off each movement done with perfection.]
[Stable performance no matter who's in the center.]
[The dance is perfectly in sync.]
[This is why UNB is proud of their dance skills.]
[Individual time to showcase their freestyle dance skills.]
[Awe-inspiring part.]
[Any of them is the main dancer.]
[Heart throbbing.]
[Showing off incredible dance skills.]
[A big round of applause.]
That was awesome.
[Vivid feedback.]
You dance as if you break your bone.
- That was an amazing performance.
- Mad dance skills.
[Can't help but admire.]
They're really good.
UNB, you guys are amazing.
[Looks proud.]
They have solid fundamentals.
They're just perfect.
That was amazing.
This segment is like welcome rain - for those who're thirsty for airtime.
- Right.
The close-up camera for the first time on a variety show.
Today's pick-dol, personal camera! Personal camera! Feeldog was the fastest.
He's surely a sports buff.
[Like this.]
A camera will film only one of you.
- You can rent it throughout the day today.
- All day today? - Yes.
[Unbelievable benefits.]
- Till the end of the shoot? - And - The entire time.
- The unedited version - will be uploaded on NAVER.
[Oh my! I should get this.]
The lowest probability was 16:1 when PENTAGON and (G)I-DLE were on the show.
[Record breaking.]
But today it's 18:1.
- Just one person? - 18:1.
- Just one person.
The competition rate is 18:1.
I'm scared.
If the camera gets two people, - Then we'll decide based on the share.
- Like this.
The one with more share will get the camera.
Who's it going to be? I'm curious.
[Lying down per se is hard.]
Go in.
- On your belly.
- You can do it.
[I'm ready.]
You can do it, everyone.
- This is doable.
- Yes, it is.
Make a pretty face.
All right? [Acting cute as instructed.]
- OK.
- 1, 2, 3.
Let's do it again.
Don't go overboard.
1, 2, 3.
[Acting cute again.]
[It's fun to tease her.]
Let's do it again.
[So fun to watch someone get teased.]
- That was too much.
- It was a bit too much.
You didn't look innocent.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
[So curious.]
[Who's going to become a pick-dol?.]
Who's going to be today's pick-dol? The competition rate is 18:1.
[This mark will point at today's pick-dol.]
Here we go.
Be sure to stay still.
Make a pretty face.
Stay still.
[Hard to choose.]
Pretty face.
The probability is amazing.
- I should close my eyes.
- I bet you'll fight for it.
I think Woohee will get it.
[Come here.]
Here we go! [Nervous.]
Who? [The spinning wheel is playing hard to get.]
[I choose you!.]
- Stay still.
- Jiwon.
- Jiwon! The mark is more on Jiwon.
[Too bad.]
- Finally! - Bummer.
You're being filmed from now on.
You are being filmed starting from now.
- Starting from now? - Yes.
- Oh no.
Today's pick-dol is Yang Jiwon of UNI.
[Too bad.]
I was a bit hopeful.
Where's - I envy you.
- That's the camera.
- I envy you.
- Jiwon cam.
- Hi.
[What did Jiwon do throughout the shoot?.]
[Jiwon on personal camera.]
[Please wait for it.]
Donhee and Connhee's Fact Check! [Wow.]
[Check check.]
[Put your hands up if you monitored.]
Does anyone know about this? [Good job, many are prepared.]
- We've all watched it.
- You have? Which one? The one where you really do check the facts out But is there anything to check with Euijin? Something that you're not really confident about? - Not confident? - Yes.
[Hong center.]
Not really.
As I have heard You don't really know yourself.
[Crack up.]
We're not lying here.
You've said these already.
- I'm curious.
- I'm scared.
- Let's check.
The first fact check.
Euijin from UNB is a professional counselor and wise man complimented by Shin Dong-yup.
- Euijin is a "virtual brother"? [Nice reaction.]
Complimented by Shin Dong-yup? Were you on a show? I was on "Hello Counselor".
After that, many people said I'm a wise man - and that I'm a virtual brother.
- Do you remember anyone? There was a young student who stayed out to drink alcohol - and doesn't come home.
- Yes, those stories.
- Yeah.
I told him, "Instead of wasting is time, have celebratory drinks after success".
Then it will taste the best.
- That he should drink to celebrate? - Yes, drink to celebrate.
There are a lot more.
there was a college girl doing musicals who only ate instant noodles.
You told her that there are so many sweet things in life so when she actually performs on the stage, she will enjoy the sweetness of life and feel the happiest.
He's so wise.
It's like there's always something in his head.
He always has advice to offer.
That is cool.
[I'm so cool.]
Some of his fans also commented like this.
"Does Euijin just say" "those words without any preparation"? "Or do you prepare them in advance"? - I'm curious.
- So am I.
- "He is so awesome.
" - Are they always in your head? If I were to prepare in advance, then I wouldn't make sense.
I just heard the story and said what I thought, and they liked it.
And that just became wise words? - I have an issue.
- Like what? My twins fight all the time.
What should I do? Even when I buy them the same things, they fight to have each other's toy.
- It's out of jealousy.
- You always have to spend twice as much.
I buy them the same thing.
Why do they fight? It's the same toy.
But they fight for it.
But they grow up fighting.
But they don't grow up well.
- They don't grow up? - Yes.
[Too bad.]
I've never had kids.
- Married man's problems are not easy.
- Not easy.
So, I asked the staffs about their problems.
- Seriously? - Give them words of wisdom.
- Out of the blue? - Seriously? - Wow.
- Oh my.
[Oh my goodness.]
[Virtual brother's counseling center is open.]
Real issues that our staff members have.
[What's going on?.]
Some are really serious.
Let's do this one.
- This is a real story of our staff.
- Quite long.
- Very serious.
- Let me read it.
Listen carefully, counselor.
"To write one script, we have meetings for days and nights.
" "But the MCs don't read the script.
" Oh, no! "Should I keep writing the script?" "How can I get the MCs to read the script?" [Understood.]
What do you make of it? - Must be our writer.
- I have a question then.
Is your script more fun Or are the MCs comments more fun? Or are the MCs comments more fun? [Super satisfied.]
[Euijin earned Donhee and Conhee's affection.]
I love this guy.
What is more fun, the script or us? We're more fun, of course.
- That's a fact.
- I'm sorry.
That's what I meant.
[Keep working, staff.]
But please do prepare the script.
We do look at it.
And I was going to read this, but not sure.
- I'm not going to read it.
- What is it? Hmm what should I do Let me read.
- "I'm a coordinator".
- Stylist.
"The celebrity that I'm in charge of is gaining weight".
"He says he will lose weight, but he only gains".
I've never told my stylist that I will lose weight.
[Feels guilty.]
- "There are no more big clothes to borrow.
" - From the agency? "But he keeps gaining weight".
"What should I do?" It's a serious problem.
What should she do? [Shake legs out of pressure.]
Then, when does this celebrity look better? When he is big or skinny? When does this celebrity look better? When he is big or skinny? [Respect.]
You are really good.
There's one thing Euijin doesn't know.
- That person has never been skinny.
- Exactly.
That person has never been skinny.
Other than these problems, let's hear some problems with UNB and UNI.
- I have something to share.
- ZN.
I know other members have had this problem.
All the people feel awkward around me.
I don't know why they feel that way.
She doesn't think it's awkward.
- I relate to that problem.
- I'm really worried about it.
It's not like I feel awkward.
I have tips for getting close with other people.
How? I look into their eyes for a long time.
I hate that.
- I know.
It's annoying.
- I feel pressured.
[Revealing his secret.]
That's why I wear sunglasses.
[How to use eye contact tactic.]
Look into their eyes for a couple of seconds.
Say hi and keep looking until that person turns their head.
For example, make eye contact when we say hi.
For example, make eye contact when we say hi.
[Eye contact skills Donhee's version.]
Keep looking till that person disappears.
[Euijin's nice reaction.]
[Side effect.]
Keep looking till the person is gone.
Then go? [What is that.]
That was like a horror movie.
[Problem solved.]
Let's move on to the next fact to check.
T members think we're prettier than other bands.
- That was from Yoonjo.
- It's a fact.
[Shin Yoonjo/ fact bomber.]
[She can't lie or exaggerate.]
[Look at that.]
- Yoonjo.
- I printed out the article.
[Must read.]
- The evidence.
- Please show it to us.
When asked about their difference from other bands debuted through competitions, ZN answered, "I think we're prettier than other girl bands".
- So chic.
- Swag.
[Prevent trolling.]
I didn't say so.
I didn't say we're prettier than others.
I said we're pretty.
- That's the same.
- Right.
I don't think it's a bad thing that you love yourselves.
It's not just about love.
When I monitor our performances, members are - Pretty.
- Right.
- That's it.
- Because you love members.
- Right.
I picked ZN as the most beautiful contender during "The Unit".
[Yoonjo's pick.]
[Visual #1 ZN.]
I was shocked when I first saw her.
- Why? - Because she was so beautiful.
Don't you think so? - Don't you think so? - Why do you ask us? - That's personal preference.
- Tell us what you thought.
- ZN was so pretty.
- Everyone looks pretty.
Hyunjoo behaves so politely.
Like this.
And Woohee looks different - when she smiles and when she's sexy.
- Really? You want to see? You want to see? [All of a sudden?.]
- Woohee is child-like and sexy? - Nope.
- I'm natural-born sexy.
- Natural-born sexy.
- Natural-born sexy.
When we heard that our concept would be sexy, [Now I can talk about it.]
I was really worried about it.
Because many members haven't tried it before.
When we recorded the song and started practicing choreography, I found each and every one of us has something special.
Euijin, what would you describe yourself? I'm sort of powerful and sexy.
[Just powerful, not sexy.]
Like this? Powerful sexy.
- Never heard of that.
Powerful sexy.
- Powerful sexy.
What about Jiwon? Me? I'm mature and sexy.
- Mature and sexy.
- No, mature.
- Mature.
- Mature and sexy.
- Mature and sexy.
- I'm girlish and sexy.
- Girlish and sexy.
- ZN is awkward and sexy.
- I'm - Awkward sexy.
- Awkward sexy.
[That is so true.]
No! I'm new bride-like sexy.
[Agree with the new bride vibe.]
New bride-like sexy.
- I'm cute and sexy.
- Cute and sexy.
Why do you sound like giving up? [Forcing to have 9 different sexy.]
Yebin? I'm robot-like sexy.
I've never tried sexy concept and I sometimes feel like a robot.
- You rarely tried a sexy concept.
- I got a lot of feedback.
- Yoonjo? - Chic and sexy.
I'm chic and sexy.
- I-Can't-Be-Sexy.
- Born-to-be sexy.
- Can't be.
- I-Can't-Be sexy.
Let's start from powerful and sexy.
- Go out? - Strike a pose.
[No is not an option.]
Show your facial expressions.
Lion-like one.
Hang on.
Powerful and sexy? [Too late to take her words back.]
You can do it.
Powerful and sexy.
What do I do? [Can Euijin demonstrate powerful and sexy?.]
Here we go.
[Steeped in anticipation.]
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
[Hi, I'm Euijin the tiger and this is powerful and sexy.]
This is powerful and sexy.
- I want to see born-to-be sexy.
- What is it? [She's been sexy ever since she was born.]
Born-to-be sexy.
[26 years and 7 months old.]
Oh no! This feels so weird.
[Keen attention.]
1, 2, 3.
[Avoid eye contact.]
[Look away.]
1, 2, 3.
[Born-to-be sexy.]
[A big lesson "Be careful about what you say".]
[The one who brags about 9 different sexy.]
I'm sorry.
- Cute and sexy.
- Cute.
- Oh no! Here we go.
1, 2, 3.
This is human emoji.]
So cute.
So cute.
[Not sexy, you're just cute.]
- Cute! - Cute.
Cute and sexy.
[Once again, I'm sorry.]
Now it's UNB's turn to show us something.
You have a certain image of yourself.
First off.
Show your positive image.
- OK.
- Positive.
- Show your image through a pose and facial expression.
- Positive.
[Show positiveness through facial expressions?.]
Show us through your facial expression.
[Show me positiveness.]
There's no reason not to do so.
[Tee hee.]
[Here's positiveness you ordered.]
[Pretty smile.]
[I saw positiveness in Feeldog.]
So positive.
I got that.
Express new products.
[I'm new.]
[Euijin's turn.]
- Why not? - You showed positiveness.
[Made in Euijin's 2018 S/S new arrival.]
What is it? [Turn around.]
[New arrivals that make me do double-takes.]
[New arrivals.]
You give double-takes.
New arrivals.
- Window shopping.
- New arrivals.
[This is human new arrivals.]
- New arrivals.
- OK.
- OK.
Now Kijung.
- He's an expert in facial expressions, he's got a lot in store.
- Yeah.
- And he's the youngest member.
- Show us.
Kijung can deliver anything we ask, right? [Deep sigh.]
We'll start from an easy one.
- That's so hard.
- No, it's not.
It's easy.
[Giving him an example.]
- When we saw a cockroach.
- Loathe.
[Calling the leader.]
That's scared.
[How dare you.]
[That's loathing no matter what they say.]
That's loathing.
- That's too cute.
- This isn't going to work.
- Too cute.
- That's being cute.
- I'm an expert.
- Finally.
- Here it comes.
- He's the ace.
Now you're finally showing it.
How many facial expressions would you like to try? [Adjustable levels.]
From a poker face, level 1 to 3, and to a killer smile.
[Oh my Marco.]
A killer smile? [Lv.
- Blank face.
- Blank face.
1 Faint smile.]
Level 1.
2 bigger smile.]
[His eyes are disappearing.]
Level 2.
Level 3.
Back to a blank face.
[Weaker reactions.]
That took too long.
I'm sorry.
[Good job, Marco.]
No, you were better than Kijung.
- There's one more.
- There's more? When you fast for 3 days.
This is unique.
I've never seen a facial expression when someone fasts for 3 days.
You've got to fast for 3 days to find out.
1, 2, 3.
[Oh my goodness.]
1, 2, 3.
[Oh my goodness.]
[So amazing.]
- You look so thin.
- I'm a little sick.
[Copying it.]
[Hungry bird.]
How do you do that? [Copying it.]
[Hungry giraffe.]
How do you do that? O and J.
[He's an facial expression expert now.]
How is that possible? Amazing.
[Former muscle mania, Hojung.]
Muscle mania.
Not muscle mania today.
Just go for mania, not muscles.
I have a tough guy image in UNB.
I'll do squats holding Feeldog.
No way! I'll do squats holding Feeldog.
Not Feeldog.
- It's us.
- It should be us.
[Unexpected turn.]
Because [Hojung's in a crisis.]
Other groups tried with us.
[Lift 0.
1 ton up.]
Other groups did that as well.
- Hongseok of PENTAGON - did about a dozen squats.
[Conhee princess.]
He holds me whenever he sees me.
- I'll give it a try.
- For real? He did a dozen times.
[Putting his pride on the line.]
[Tough princess Conhee.]
Come on.
[Not a headlock.]
[Lift up.]
[Cheer up.]
[Everyone is nervous except Donhee, Conhee.]
His pants are going to burst.
[Heaven and hell.]
- Look at his thighs.
- OK.
How many? [The goal is 10.]
[So far he did 8 squats.]
- 8.
- You should do 10 at least.
One more time.
[Hojung's face is about to explode.]
[Don't underestimate Hojung.]
[Oh my gosh.]
[Hojung lifted 0.
1 ton up.]
It's amazing that you did that during off-season.
[You thought it was over?.]
Let's move on to level 1.
Get down on the ground.
Carry Donhee on your back.
[Push ups with relatively petit Donhee.]
- Push-ups.
- Push-ups are easy.
- I'll try.
- Right? You can do that.
- Right away.
- Right away? He's going to get sick tomorrow.
[I'm ready.]
[Burst of strength.]
Get ready.
[Donhee got bounced off.]
Hojung is forced to become muscle mania.]
- It's like a ride.
- He's so strong.
Just one rep? You should position well.
- Here we go.
- OK.
[Helper Oh Kwangsuk.]
[Donhee is rooting for him.]
[Wake every muscle up.]
Just one rep.
- No, no! - Go down a little more.
[I think this is it for me.]
[No, I won't.]
- No! - You should go down a little.
[The eldest member's positive smile.]
[I'm free.]
[Finally escape the pig trap.]
[Urgent patient.]
[I miss my mom.]
- I'll get going.
- I wish you could do more.
[Vivid review.]
It felt like I'm riding a horse.
I think next time Hojung can surely do push-ups with us on his back.
- Thank you.
- He has the most toned back I've never been on.
It was really toned.
[Idol No.
1 back muscle mania Go Hojung.]
He's strong.
Let's move on to the next fact to check.
[My body starts moving whatever music come out".
"UNB's hobby is dance cypher".
[So proud of team members' dance.]
It's what Ji Hansol said.
[Words by a super dancing singer.]
Dance cypher means that you will dance together and provoke each other.
What's this, Hansol? When we hear music on the street, sometimes we dance there.
[When hearing music.]
So, when you walk in front of a shop, [Dance DNA that stops them from walking.]
you start dancing there? [Not dancing, but moving to the rhythm.]
We just move to the rhythm.
From an alley to a station, it takes 2 hours for them.
Because he needs to dance.
- At every shop.
- He has to dance at every shop.
[UNB's hobby is dance cypher.]
So, you do this dance cypher during a break.
[Yes, it's true.]
Really? - UNI.
T, have you seen this? - Yes.
- During "The UNIT".
- It's amazing.
- Amazing whenever you see it? - Yes.
CA, who do you think [Hearing carefully.]
the best dancer is? [N.
CA - Feeldog.]
- I think it's Feeldog.
- Feeldog.
- Feeldog.
Yunjo? [Yunjo Feeldog & Euijin.]
- Feeldog and Euijin.
- Eujin.
[Hansol's name is not mentioned.]
Hansol talked about this.
Well - They may think so.
- It depends on personal taste.
- Right.
It depends on personal preference.
Jiwon? [Feeldog? Euijin?.]
During the UNIT, I thought it was Feeldog and Euijin.
[Hang on.]
She just sounded like our mentor.
Euijin and Feeldog.
I think Feeldog and Euijin are the best.
Very good.
[Comments like a mentor.]
Since they debuted as UNB, I think Daewon is rising as the best dancer.
[Jiwon Daewon.]
- Daewon.
- Daewon.
[Let's watch this together.]
Let's enjoy UNB's dance cypher.
[UNB's dance cypher.]
[Without warming up.]
[Dance DNA that makes him move.]
[This is not the dance The movement that my DNA wants.]
[Hansol's fact.]
Hansol really reacts to the music.
[DNA-led Hansol starts dancing first.]
[Checking his joints.]
[Everything is fine.]
[Great job.]
[Dance You need to move to the rhythm.]
Way to go! I got goosebumps.
I got goosebumps.
[DNA's order.]
[Let's stop today.]
[Good job, boy.]
Way to go! Next.
[Same music, different dance.]
[Daewon's flexible dance.]
They're so good at it.
[Cheers to my eyes.]
[Extraordinary dance.]
[Like a circus show.]
[Another dancer comes forward.]
[Hansol's DNA liked the music.]
[Starting the dance engine.]
[Feeldog absorbed the rhythm.]
[Showing how the rhythm moves in his body.]
[Is this real?.]
[Jun comes out.]
Great job.
[Passionate poppin dance party.]
[Jaw-dropping dance.]
[You're so good at everything!.]
[That's why he is called cheater.]
[I had a lot of fun, bye.]
Come out.
[Another one-letter name comes out.]
Chan, come out.
[This time, Chan.]
[Audience Jeong said.]
Everyone is good at dancing.
[Tough dance in cute yellow shirt.]
[Brand-new one comes forward.]
They're so good at dancing.
[Dance magic.]
[New world of dancing.]
[2018 S/S brand-new dance.]
Good! [A series of great dancers.]
[Marco's dance.]
[Everyone is a great performer.]
[Kijung and Hojung.]
[Those who learned dance as a minor subject.]
[Their performances are like this.]
[Feeling pressure after great dancers' performances.]
[Will we end like this?.]
[Finale with the circus dance.]
- Finale.
- Great job.
- He's in charge of finale.
- Good job.
[Automatic applause.]
Well, I saw them behind and Jun was like a tuna.
[Talking about his dance.]
[Dance as fresh as a tuna.]
[Did you fall in love?.]
His poppin dance was amazing.
T's dance that we should not miss.]
Their dance is amazing, too.
[Dance cypher round 2.]
T vs UNB.]
Let's watch their dance cypher.
[Feeling pressure.]
- If we play a song, - What? - Oh, my.
[One per team.]
One per each team will come out.
[MOVE - Taemin.]
- Music, please.
- Let's go! [Hansol with dance DNA comes forward.]
[Main dancer Uijin comes out.]
[Dance big match.]
[Way to go!.]
[Well-matched dance competition.]
[Slow movement looks so cool.]
Hong Uijin! [I am the best dancer of this district.]
[Hansol's unique movement draws attention.]
[Giving up.]
T 0:1 UNB.]
You got off to a good start.
[Oh, this song is.
[Suji comes toward the stage.]
[Enthusiastic dancer Kijung comes forward.]
[Doing her best by swinging her head.]
Move your head! UNI.
T, swing your head! [Out of repertoire.]
[Leader Oh cheered him up.]
Way to go! [Out of repertoire.]
[Dancing with facial expressions.]
[Go for it!.]
[What Is Love? - TWICE.]
[A song that they know well.]
[Nobody knows the dance Uijin was pushed to the stage.]
[Oh, my.]
[Referring to her.]
[Dance open book test.]
[Dance moves with errors.]
I told you so.
[Those who only know the dance can enter the stage.]
If you don't know the dance, - please come out to the stage.
I told you so.
- Really? Why did you do this? [I wanted to do something.]
Sorry, I didn't know the dance.
- Let me tell you again.
- I see.
[Please come to the stage when you know the dance.]
Can't I join if I don't know the dance? No.
Don't come forward without knowing the dance.
[A good day to dance.]
I was too excited.
- Sorry.
- I understand.
- Sorry.
- You may do that.
- Don't be swept by your emotions.
- Okay.
Here we go.
Play the music, please.
[Red Flavor - Red Velvet.]
Go! [UNI.
T is good at girl band dance.]
[New definition of Red Flavor.]
[I will win.]
[Satisfied leader Oh.]
[Way to go! Jun!.]
- Good! - What is he doing? [Thumbs up for his enthusiasm.]
Good! Jun.
[But the rule is the rule.]
Warning for UNB.
Because you danced without knowing the dance.
[Jiwon starts mimicking Jun.]
If you don't know, you can't join.
Because they came out without knowing the dance.
[Creative dance competition.]
Please play music.
[Perfect one for the Baby shark song.]
- Baby shark! - Baby shark.
- Go! [Sexy and cute Hyunjoo's turn.]
Only one can join.
[Many members start moving.]
[Daeng shark is coming.]
This is a free-style dance competition.
[Shark dance.]
[What's this dance?.]
- Free-style.
- That's a shark.
[Cute dance.]
So cute! [Trying to copy her cute dance.]
[Cuteness that nobody can compete.]
[Changing the dance genre.]
[Dance collector.]
[Oh, I like that dance!.]
[Daewon captures the audience with reckless dance moves.]
[If you want to do this!.]
[Here we go! A windmill dance!.]
[Sense of crisis.]
[It turned into a random dance competition.]
[Competition was put to an end to calm them down.]
[Kudos for Daewon.]
- Daewon, you were amazing.
- Thank you.
[Amor Party - Kim Yeonja.]
[Leader Oh comes forward.]
[Jiwon started moving but stopped after seeing Feeldog.]
[I will dance!.]
[Another level random dance vs Class-A high quality dance.]
[Chaotic dance competition.]
[What's this?.]
[The level of random dance that nobody can't beat.]
[Giving up looking ahead.]
[If I'm shy, I will lose.]
[Dance competition that is on fire.]
[Way to go!.]
[What's this song?.]
It's our logo song.
[IDOL ROOM's signal song by Pentagon Hui.]
This show's logo song.
[Everyone comes forward.]
Go ahead.
[IDOL ROOM signal song's miracle.]
[Members who fiercely competed each other.]
[united with the dance.]
[Competition doesn't matter.]
[What only matters is that we're excited.]
[So excited!.]
[Dance cypher ended.]
[It was spectacular.]
Both teams were so good that it's hard to decide who won.
UNB is good at performance.
I heard you made the choreography and performed on the stage.
Did you make your own choreography? Our choreographer created dances for the entire song [Members added some ideas.]
and wanted to us to add details.
- That's nice.
- So we worked together.
Who leads such things? [Everyone says "ALL".]
- All of us.
- Everyone is good performer.
[Segment for UNB.]
To appreciate their dance performance, - let's see their cover dance! - Cover.
- UNB, please get ready.
- Okay! [Excited.]
[UNB's version of "Monster" by EXO.]
[Amazing introduction part.]
[UNB's version of "Monster" by EXO.]
[Amazing introduction part.]
[Turning from UNBeagle to UNB performers.]
[Performance that makes viewers' hearts race.]
[Perfectly synchronized dance.]
[Like domino, cool group dance.]
[Every section is like the highlight part.]
[How viewers feel now.]
[I already fell in love with your dance.]
[The upcoming highlight part.]
[Warning! Your heart will race.]
[This is it!.]
[Someone's heart skipped a beat.]
[But it's too early to gasp.]
[If something is cool, you need to watch it twice.]
[Fatally attractive.]
[UNB, download in my heart!.]
[From the front, from the side.]
[Even from the bottom or top, their performance is so cool.]
[I'll enter your heart.]
[Welcome, please.]
[Deep insight, big hand for them.]
Great job! You're so cool.
T's cover dance.]
Now, let's invite UNI.
[Positive applause.]
T's version of "Run The World" by Beyonce.]
[Beyonce's song which is not easy to perform.]
[High quality.]
[Each one looks so hot.]
[9 member, 9 types of sexiness.]
[That's is true.]
[Great performance!.]
[Will you not fall in love with us?.]
[Movement in perfect order.]
[Perfect score for their charismatic dance!.]
[Amazed again.]
[200% sexy.]
[Dance that pounded viewers' hearts - The END -.]
Amazing! [They turn into cute UNI.
T after performance.]
It was so cool! [Like siblings, both bands showed great performances!.]
UNB and UNI.
T, so awesome! [Time flied so fast.]
They didn't stop challenging.
[Time for UNB & UNI.
T to go home.]
They rebooted their career.
UNB and UNI.
[About IDOL ROOM.]
How did you feel today? When we heard we were going to be on IDOL ROOM, we loved it! [Special thanks to Donhee and Conhee.]
I was glad to see you again.
Thank you for leading us well.
[Embarrassed by compliments.]
Thank you for cheering us up.
[Laughing out loud.]
I was glad.
- Thank you for cheering us up.
- We were glad, too.
I had a great time on the show.
- Hope to see you frequently.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- We hope to see you again, soon.
[Reunion with big brothers.]
I was glad to see you again.
The words that she chose are different.
[So funny till the end.]
More familiar.
[Recording the highest competition rate.]
And Pick-dol.
[Don't forget.]
I was today's Pick-dol.
[Close-up shot again.]
Among these attractive friends, I was chosen to be the one.
Thank you.
I think it could be a gift for my fans.
Thank you very much.
[Teasing her.]
You don't remember what you did today.
[Belatedly worried.]
Please check out the full video clips [What did I do today?.]
on Naver today.
[Ending-fairy Jun.]
We had a great time here.
I'd like to thank writers [Great social skills.]
for giving us a chance to have fun.
[Jun, you're so amazing.]
[Like an award acceptance speech.]
Thank you! Thank you for supporting UNB and UNI.
Thank you, MCs.
We hope to see you again in the future.
When I heard that we were going to appear on IDOL ROOM, I was worried because I like the show.
[Tried his best to show many things.]
I was nervous at the waiting room, and kept practicing.
I even practiced at the beauty shop.
I am glad that we finished it well.
[Hope-dol brother and sister bands.]
Both groups' concept is hope.
When people who have seen us challenge something, I want to give hope to them.
I hope these bands can inspire others to be hopeful and positive.
We will do our best.
[UNB received a second chance to perform as an idol band.]
[We desperately and earnestly wished a second chance - Feeldog-.]
[The reason for 9 members to start their career again.]
[Standing again on the stage.]
[They started the competition with that sole goal.]
[Grateful time to show the future direction.]
T turned on my light again when it was going out - N.
[Wish they can spread their wings.]
[UNB and UNI.
T, let's begin!.]
[You can watch various video clips of IDOL ROOM on V LIVE including the pick-dol cam.]