Idol Room (2018) s01e09 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 9 - Apink [New IDOLROOM with cozy colors.]
[Limited edition T-Shirt.]
[Cute uniforms for Don & Conn.]
[Unfamiliar IDOLROOM and familiar signal song.]
- This again? - This one.
[IDOLROOM SONG by Hui from PTG.]
[Everybody Jump.]
[Honest Jump.]
[Saturday will be fun.]
[Repeating few dance moves.]
[Long opening dance labor.]
[The End.]
The most trusted idol show! IDOLROOM! Such a big change.
[Everything changed but the name.]
You must be surprised to see this.
[Comments from viewers.]
Some commented that the set was too big, - So we made it smaller.
- Right.
[For real communication.]
It's hard to communicate in a big room.
Feels too distant.
Thank you JTBC for [Work place politics.]
accepting our suggestions.
And the time changed.
We're now on every Tuesday at 6:30pm.
[A comment to the signal song composers.]
And a word to Hui, since our showtime changed, - The lyrics should be - Changed.
[So shameless.]
Please change the lyrics [Change Saturday to Tuesday.]
and record again.
The set has changed so much.
[Praising the new look.]
You know Jay-Z? It looks like a film set for American pop singers.
[Beautified for the guests.]
Today's guests are - Perfect for this new look.
- Right.
- I don't know them personally.
- It's my first time, too.
I'm meeting them for the first time through IDOLROOM.
- It feels like I'm meeting celebrity.
- Right.
[Welcome, Apink!.]
Let's meet Apink! All the way there.
Thank you.
Wish you the best.
We have a pig head here.
[A ritual to wish the best for a new place.]
When you splash wine, you know - It is to wish the best for the new site.
- I did with the wishful heart.
- Please say hi to the viewers.
- 1, 2, 3.
Hello, we are Apink.
[Apink Cho-rong.]
[Apink Bo-mi.]
[Apink Eun-ji.]
[Apink Na-eun.]
[Apink Nam-joo.]
[Apink Ha-young.]
[Pretending as if it is first time.]
I've only seen you in TV.
- This is the first time in IDOLROOM.
- Very first time.
- Right.
- So awkward.
- And we've been to Saipan, too.
Saipan? When? [Don & Conn and Apink are close.]
We've never filmed abroad together.
[Filmed in Saipan together.]
[Making a wish.]
The special overseas episode will be with us? Overseas episode? There is none.
We've used all the budget for the new set.
[Can you tell?.]
Looks expensive.
[And uniform.]
And you have new uniform.
[Attacks first.]
Is it Yeoui-daero? [Unexpected.]
Yeoui-daero? It stands for IDOLROOM.
- I thought it meant Yeoui-daero.
[Apink attacks without a break.]
- Circles are on weird places.
- Exactly.
They represent eyes.
[Today's point.]
What are you thinking? [Don & Conn vs.
8-year-old idols.]
First time in IDOLROOM.
Apink is celebrating their 7 year anniversary.
What's your first impression of IDOLROOM? Can you say it in 7 syllables? You're smart.
First impression? [Creativity test for Apink.]
We got this place down.
We got this place down.
[Na-eun fails.]
- Nope.
- Why not? [Childish.]
[It's ours.]
This place is ours.
And Ha-young? Smells like money.
[Symbol of wealth.]
- Zimizib is there.
- Zimizib.
Zimizib is a symbol of wealth.
- It keeps moving around.
- Right.
[Getting money's worth.]
We spent quite a lot on it, so it should never rest.
And Cho-rong? In 7 syllables? [Cho-rong the Leader speaks.]
- First impression? - In 7 syllables.
It feels a little boring.
[Are you serious, Cho-rong?.]
- That's your first impression? - Yeah, a little [The table turns.]
It feels a little familiar.
[Don & Conn feels powerless.]
Maybe that's better.
She is a true fact bomber.
- That's how I felt.
- Just a feeling.
- Possible.
- I meant to say 'familiar' - Right.
But yesterday, [New episode from yesterday.]
I heard something yesterday.
Our dance teacher asked if we are close to any celebrities.
So I said we are close to Hyeong-don and Defconn.
And Cho-rong said, 'We're not'.
No way! [Betrayed.]
- We're not close to them.
- No way! [Speechless.]
That's not true.
Nam-joo said that? [Childlike Cho-rong.]
Nam-joo and Cho-rong said that.
- Serious? - No! [Pssh.]
So double-minded [Thinking of excuses.]
Thanks, Bo-mi.
[Big shot.]
Other members like Na-eun, Ha-young and Eun-ji agreed.
They're such precious sisters in my heart.
[Nam-joo attacks back.]
- You know what's worse? - What? Bo-mi said, 'I'm not so close, either'.
- No - She did.
When we film for other shows, [Just business.]
we talk about Bo-mi.
- Fine.
- And there's a fresh news.
[Eun-ji's exercise is a big issue among Pink Panda fans.]
I heard Eun-ji's exercise is a hot topic.
[Suspicious reaction.]
Eun-ji? Eun-ji? - What? - Did something good happen? [Quickly shuts her mouth.]
- What? Why are you laughing? - Share with us.
It's not Eun-ji's exercise.
[An omni-directional revelation.]
She's famous for her arms.
[Whatever it is, she looks troubled.]
- Can't we say it? - There's a picture of her arms.
- Don't.
I mean it.
- Show us.
[A girl crush video, Eun-ji's famous video.]
[Source: Eun-ji's SNS.]
This is not it.
[Everyone's dissatisfied at a cool-looking video.]
This isn't it.
That's not it.
That's nothing.
[Nam-joo! Don't.]
You really exercise a lot.
[Although Nam-joo is controlled, Bo-mi comes in.]
There's a picture of her body after this.
- A picture of her body shaped after all that exercise? - Yes.
- The final outcome? - Yes.
[Merciless revelation.]
I think you can find the picture if you search for Jung Eun-ji and Thor.
Jung Eun-ji and Thor? [Already laughing.]
Thor? - Jung Eun-ji and Thor? - There's a rumor that Eun-ji is Thor.
[Flustered that her dialect came out.]
- Eun-ji.
- Why do you keep searching for it? Don't.
It's okay.
Let's see it.
[A quick search tip, Search for Jung Eun-ji, fight in the search engine.]
Jung Eun-ji, fight.
- It's not that.
- It's not that cool-looking.
[Embarrassing herself.]
It's a really funny one.
[With 8 years of entertainment experience, they make their own footage amount.]
They do it on their own.
- This is it.
- This is it.
This is it.
Jung Eun-ji and Thor.
Here it is.
Here it is.
It's Thor.
[I'm Jung Thor, Did you call me.]
[Source: drighk 2015.]
[It's the same person.]
- Son Goku.
- Awesome.
Super Saiyan.
Those are Eun-ji's arms? Wow.
[OK We heard the excuse.]
It's because of the lighting.
Other pictures aren't like that.
- Your shoulders are triangular.
- I have broad shoulders.
[She's losing her mind.]
She has a great body.
So clothes look good on her.
Why do you work out so hard? [She used to be unhealthy.]
My healthy deteriorated.
My back disk and all became so bad.
[The outcome of hard workout - Thor.]
So I wanted to become healthier.
Before that, I was in a state of lethargy all day.
[But that picture is too healthy.]
- But you got too healthy.
- Yeah, I think it's too much.
[We've forgotten about this.]
The fans want to know about your hip exercise.
[The topic comes up again with request from Pink Panda fans.]
So many of them want to know.
[ID: Fwangda, Teach us Eun-ji's hip exercise.]
- Really? - Yeah? - Yes.
Is there a special workout method? [IDK and IDC, Donhee is proud of his butt.]
Although I don't do anything special - His butt is up there.
- Yes, it's just there.
- So jealous.
[Pure curiosity.]
Show us.
[Getting flustered several times today.]
- Now? - No, no.
If we see it, we know.
- Can you roll up your shirt? - His butt is really - I'm just [Proud of his butt, My butt is like peaches.]
- Bubble butt? - My butt was born peach.
[This is TMI.]
You had that nickname You had the nickname.
[Made by Ha-young, Donhee the man with tight pants.]
You said I'm a man with tight pants.
[Laughing the hardest since she's been here.]
- Tight pants man.
- Which shows that my butt - Na-eun, are you feeling disgusted? - No.
- Then why? - Because I was suddenly reminded of that nickname.
So, for those who want to make their bottoms firm, [Requesting that Eun-ji demonstrates her hip exercise.]
Can you show them? - Plank? - Of course.
- How come they have yoga mat prepared just like that? [The mat is here.]
I know.
[Eun-ji's exercise class is opened.]
- When doing plank.
- Plank is really hard.
- Plank? - Plank.
- Plank is all about holding with your abs.
- It requires a lot of core strength.
- Yes.
[The members pay attention to the trainer.]
You make a triangle shape like this.
- Right.
[Eun-ji's hip workout.]
[Hold for 2-3 minutes.]
How many minutes do you usually do it? [Then raise one leg to the air and lower it.
Like 2.
5 to 3 minutes.
- If you do this - Look at her leg shaking.
The posture is important.
5, 6, 7.
[Nam-joo's request.]
Can't you take off your jacket? [Lives as if she has no tomorrow.]
- Why? - I want to see her arms - So mean.
Cool! [Girls, it's not over yet.]
This and squat.
Then we Yeah, that! Right! [Giving people a big laugh even just by exercising.]
Then we Yeah, that! Right! I saw that! That! [Now, follow what you've learned.]
- Cho-rong, try it.
- Cho-rong, go ahead.
- Since you're a homebody.
- No, she's a workout junkie.
[She's almost like a trainer, too.]
- I thought she's a homebody.
- At home? - She does Pilates - Then Ha-young, who doesn't work out.
- Ha-young, Ha-young.
- She never works out.
[Game junkie, Ms.
Oh (23) / Game chair potato, Zero exercise.]
Eun-ji, teach her that.
- This? - Yes.
[Lower your body in a sitting position.]
Go down.
And as you do, make sure your knees don't go beyond your toes.
[What did she do that makes her groan?.]
- She's already having a hard time.
- We heard that.
[Why are you groaning?.]
- You're 23.
- I have a short Achilles tendons.
[The trainer doesn't give up.]
- Let's do it.
- Trust her and do it.
She looks so scary when she teaches.
[The body of a wooden doll.]
I can't go down any further.
- OK, OK.
- As I showed in other programs, [Sparta trainer Jun.]
- I have a short Achilles tendon.
- Get up and focus here.
Get up.
[I'm sorry but where?.]
- Is it - Where is "here"? [Lol.]
Are you sure this is your body? [Innocent.]
- Even though she knows, she'll pretend that she doesn't know.
- Where? [She really doesn't exercise.]
- You don't know if you don't work out.
- Because she's a pro gamer.
[Everyone's given up.]
And going up the stairs is good.
[Where is here?.]
[Ha-young is still in search of her destination.]
If you focus on your butt when you climb up the stairs [Here? Where? It's still a mystery.]
Let's do the personal camera for idols at this time.
- We saw it.
- Let's shout it out.
Personal camera for the idol who got picked! [Yay.]
Personal camera! [Doubting her eyes.]
[What did I just see?.]
- I just saw something.
- A camera.
[Hypnotizing Ha-young.]
It's the lens.
The viewfinder.
- You saw the viewfinder.
- The lens.
[Babble Babble.]
- I was shocked.
- The mic [We're not making progress.]
How come you've become so talkative? [Please understand.]
- It's been a while since we did a show.
- It's been a year.
[Too much talkers and yet shy.]
But we don't talk this much in front of everyone.
[So what?.]
But only those who always talk are talking.
Girls like Na-eun should talk.
[The too much talker.]
So you don't like it when people who usually speak talk again? [Bearing a grudge.]
Who cares? We're not close anyway! [Annoyed at her for no reason.]
- I didn't say anything.
- We're not close, so what? [Number one in bearing a grudge.]
You're all the same! You're in the same group! OK.
[Goes on with his sloppy MC work.]
Anyway, you choose one each! [The ones that caused his anger don't care.]
You choose one person and we continue.
OK? - Bring out the spinning wheel! - So cute.
- Hurry.
- His face is red.
[He's being overwhelmed by APINK.]
- Hurry up! - Put it down.
- We're kidding.
- I'll explain when he comes back.
- Since we're not friends, I'll talk in a non-friendly way.
- Just do it whatever.
The camera will shoot one person the whole time.
[A personal fancam for a single person.]
The whole time.
A no-cut footage.
[It's basically a mono-entertainment show.]
The full version will be released.
That's very burdening.
Let's do it.
The members lie down around the spinning wheel.]
Make a circle and do the flower petal.
- We have to lie down? - Yes.
Do the flower petal pose.
The one whom the wheel will point to is the pick of the day.]
- Circle.
- Flower petal.
Flower petal.
There's a camera on the ceiling.
- Where? - There.
[Pink set.]
- APINK is back.
- Hi.
[An aerial view of the beautiful APINK.]
- They've come back.
- Ow.
[Everyone's groaning.]
This really hurts.
[This is what 8 years of being a fairy is like.]
- Why are you moaning? - I thought you exercised.
Three seconds.
[Speaking harshly again.]
- Look pretty.
- This looks like one of those at a Chinese restaurant.
[Am I pretty?.]
1, 2, 3.
[Making fun of the leader.]
[Don't care.]
1, 2, 3.
- 1, 2, 3.
- Look pretty.
- 1, 2, 3.
- She's stayed home for too long and didn't practice, right? [APINK's lovely Cho-rong.]
[APINK's Ppo-mi, Bo-mi.]
[APINK's fourth fairy, Na-eun.]
[APINK's puppy, Eun-ji.]
[APINK's Aphrodite, Ha-young.]
[APINK's Joo-parazi, Nam-joo.]
[The flowers are ready.
All you have to do is to spin it.]
[Getting the spinning wheel ready.]
Here we go.
The pick for today.
[Who will be the one shooting the mono-entertainment show?.]
Here we go! Today's pick.
[Cho-rong chanting a spell for the camera.]
- Let's go! - "Pick me, pick me.
" - Today's pick.
[Candidate 1.
The baby member who really wants to do this.]
Who will it be? [Candidate 2.
The leader who's chanting a spell.]
It feels really good when you get picked.
[The camera's playing hard to get.]
- Does it? - Yeah.
Because the camera keeps shooting you.
[Can't take her eyes off.]
It's the best.
It feels really good.
[The pick camera is making its choice.]
Cho-rong! The homebody.
[It goes past the pretty girls.]
It's the best.
It feels really good.
Cho-rong! The homebody.
[And goes to the pretty girl next to her.]
Cho-rong, who's come out of home after a long time.
[I feel good.]
Who's come out of the house after a year.
[Buckhak Baksa: Cho-rong's pronunciation for doctor of laws.]
She's today's pick.
Today's pick is Cho-rong.
[Raise your hand, personal camera.]
- Where's the camera? - The camera.
- Is it that one? - It's going to shoot you the whole time.
[I love it.]
That's burdensome.
[Picking on her because she has the personal camera focusing on her.]
- So if you do this, does it all show too? - Hey now! [Not that.]
[Donhee phishing.]
[His acting really shines in a situation like this.]
[Suddenly being lady-like.]
- Look at her leaning on one foot.
- Everything will show now.
[Won't stop being childish.]
Please take video of this, too.
[This is how Cho-rong makes use of her personal camera.]
[Showing her cute side.]
[Never stopping to show her lovely side.]
[Check out every moment of Cho-rong through the PICK CAM.]
[APINK returned after a year.]
They returned after a year.
- The new song is - "I'm So Sick".
[A very mature song, "I'm So Sick".]
"I'm So Sick".
I saw some articles yesterday.
[Bo-mi's and Cho-rong's teasers were released before this shoot.]
I saw Bo-mi's and Cho-rong's.
- You saw the teasers.
- Yes.
And after seeing that, [Didn't have such a big laugh for some time.]
- I laughed so hard.
- Why? It could be funny.
[The Hall of Laughter for Donhee.]
It's the biggest laugh I had all year.
I didn't see it, but it's already funny.
I saw the posters.
[Mystical Bo-mi, Sexy Cho-rong.]
- And they're very mysterious.
- Right.
Like this.
[What's that supposed to be?.]
- Who? - Bo-mi.
- Bo-mi? - It's Cho-rong.
- It's me who's going like this.
- Cho-rong.
[Zero sexiness, she's just lovely.]
She was like this.
I laughed for a long time.
Before we listen to the song, how come it took you such a long time? So many people were waiting for APINK.
[As soon the question is asked, everyone speaks.]
- It was hard to find a good song.
- Yes.
[But she's silent alone.]
And we did lots of solo activities while we were taking a rest as a group.
[Found Na-eun.]
We did lots of solo activities.
[Caring Donhee, your mouth will stink.]
Na-eun, why don't talk? Your mouth is going to stink.
[Stinky mouth? Shuddering at his excessive affection.]
Let's change our positions.
[Na-eun is forced to go to the front row.]
Na-eun, come here.
No, Na-eun.
Go there.
I laughed a lot.
You have to speak a lot.
[She doesn't say no when they make her.]
So talk to me.
[Burdening her with the introduction of the new song.]
Let's hear about the new song from her.
The new song? You already recorded it.
[Suddenly burdened.]
But I didn't get anything yet.
So you don't know about the new song and it's already released? I mean, I don't know how to introduce it.
Just say how you feel.
[Na-eun, fighting!.]
Who made it, and what's the concept [Nervous.]
So this song was made with someone who worked on "Only One" with us.
["I'm So Sick was made with Black Eyed Pilseung.]
- Black Eyed Pilseung.
- We know him.
So we worked with them.
The title is "I'm So Sick".
- What is it about? - Umm [Repeated buffering out of pressure.]
So you recorded the song two days ago? No.
I know.
[A song that expresses.]
- So I - Did you betray a man? [the sadness a woman feels.]
I don't have feelings left for you anymore.
[after her love is over.]
- I have zero feelings for you.
- No feelings left.
Then the theme is quite shocking.
[APINK was about pink and innocence.]
Because you've done bright and fresh songs.
- But now.
- We've become women.
[Like this, like this.]
So I have zero feelings for you [Proud of herself for that introduction.]
- So then it's a real change.
- Yes.
It's unprecedented.
[Feeling dazed at the sudden question.]
What's the genre? [Eun-ji explains for Na-eun, who's experiencing buffering.]
It's has a tropical sound.
[A seasonal song for summer with tropical-feel house beat.]
Tropical It has lots of sounds that would be good for summer.
[Surprisingly, the concept is girl crush.]
And it's supposed to be girl crush? So what about it is girl crush? Is the choreography powerful? Like how? [Dance moves have become different.]
The dances are different from what we've done.
And the lyrics itself is a girl crush.
Before this, we did some things that are lovely.
[This is the only love dance move he knows.]
Our songs talked about how much we like a man.
[The focus is on me, instead of love.]
But now, I'm OK.
[Explanation is not enough.]
We're curious, so we'd have to listen to the song.
[First time seeing APINK's new song, "I'm So Sick".]
So we'll take a look at your new song.
This is a very popular segment.
There's a segment called Nano Dance, where you show your killing part.
- You know this segment? - Yes, we do.
[Choose the killing dance part.]
- You've seen it, right? - Yes.
- The fans.
[Each member shows the same part in a relay.]
They make lifetime memes for you [Nano Dance produces unlimited lifetime memes.]
through this segment.
Then what's the killing part of "I'm So Sick"? There's that part you should show us, right? Let me show you a footage.
[Powerful dance, girl crush.]
- So you all dance together.
- It's hard.
[Killing part order.]
Bo-mi, Na-eun, Eun-ji, Nam-joo, Ha-young, and Cho-rong.
- OK.
- OK? And then all together.
People have rarely gotten this wrong.
[Worried after hearing that no one's gotten it wrong.]
- No one.
- Really? - Yes.
[Lining up for the dance.]
Then let's see the nano dance for "I'm So Sick".
- I'm nervous.
- Me, too! [Starting his introduction comment.]
APINK has come back after a year.
[Like an invisible man.]
[Everyone's doing her own thing.]
- This will attack your heart - The mirror They've become the girl-crush group.
[I'm doing the introduction.]
Quiet already! [Sorry.]
Here is APINK's nano dance.
Please turn on "I'm So Sick".
[I'm So Sick #APINK.]
[Starting out with Center Son's seductive provocation.]
Look how they change.
[As they said, it's quite different than before.]
[The bright, cute APINK we know is gone.]
[Instead, they've become fully mature.]
[APINK's big transformation.]
[Chic Haughty.]
[And a slight hint of sexiness.]
[We thought this would be awkward, but they really pull off the concept.]
[It's not true that APINK is a bit sexy.]
[APINK is very sexy.]
[Adult Bo-mi.]
[It's like yesterday when you were eating chicken feet, but you've matured so much.]
[Eun-ji appears.
She looks natural in this kind of music.]
[Awesome APINK, You're doing a good job.]
[What happened? Bo-mi!.]
- Bo-mi! Bo-mi! - Bo-mi! [The dance comes to a halt.]
- Bo-mi! Bo-mi! - Bo-mi! [Why me? I have no idea what you're saying.]
You should've started.
[The nano dance has begun.]
[Bo-mi didn't start dancing?.]
This goes twice.
[Split opinions.]
You dance together, and then you do it alone.
[Re-explanation, This part is not the nano part.
Next part is.]
The second one - So Bo-mi's the only one who got it right.
- Yeah.
I must be a genius.]
Doing it all together was correct.
[No, because you stopped, too.]
- So I got it right? - No.
You didn't dance either.
[Again, Everyone dances to the first part.]
You do it together.
[And then stop at the second part.]
Then you start doing it alone.
- So we do the two parts together.
- Two parts together, then I do it alone.
[Listener Jung's assessment.]
Here we go again.
I like "I'm So Sick".
[Uncle So touched.]
Please turn the music on loudly.
Really loudly! Really loud! [Listener Jung's assessment 2.]
It really feels tropical.
I thought I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a moment.
[Look at the way he talk.]
- Chiang Mai.
- Please give us the music.
[PRO Na-eun, Her expression changes as soon as the music is on.]
[Second nano dance for "I'm So Sick".]
[Getting addicted quickly.]
[Suppressing her laughter.]
[Hypnotizing themselves I'm sexy I can be sexy.]
[Exploding with adult-like charm, not awkward at all.]
[They're not Beagle APINK at this moment.]
[They're Chic Pink.]
[Haughty Pink.]
[They've reached the part where they made a mistake.]
[Safely gets through.]
[This is the real nano part.]
[Powerful dance moves.]
[Sparkling, Bo-mi.]
[Dance moves as pretty as her looks.]
[Goddess, Na-eun.]
[Exploding with girl crush.]
[Full of joy, Eun-ji.]
[The person with the sexiest dance moves.]
[Healing vitamin, Nam-joo.]
[Sexy x chic concept, the song suits her looks.]
[Amen, Ha-young.]
[She's now equipped with sexiness given by god.]
[Shining, Cho-rong.]
[Everyone comes together with no one making a mistake.]
[They all had the fruit of sexiness.]
[So APINK was pretty sexy on this day.]
[Various footage of IDOL ROOM including the Rong Rong CAM can be seen on V LIVE.]
We're with Apink today.
- Donhee and Conhee's Fact! - Check! We're with Apink, who made a comeback after a year.
[Rumours about Apink[ There were rumours about Apink.
[Never heard of.]
There are no rumours about us.
[Telling her the fact, she's always home.]
None for you since you're always home.
But other members might have some.
There's a saying that [Park Cho Rong actually goes out.]
Cho Rong is not home all the time.
I go out as well.
[Witness to that.]
- She doesn't stay home all the time.
- She goes out a lot.
And she has much fun when she does.
[Totally agrees.]
- Very true.
- Very true.
- There are those reports.
[She has all the fun at one time.]
I tend to have fun at one time.
Apink, please be ready.
Let's check the first fact.
Yoon Bo Mi's pitching posture was acknowledged by professional baseball players.
The maximum speed of her ball was 87km/h.
[Unbelievable record 87km/h.]
- 87km/h? - 87km/h? [Humble as well.]
I threw a lot, and that was the best record.
[The collection of Bo Mi's pitching.
Apink, that was an amazing one.
[The real comment by the newscaster.]
She has great motor nerves.
[Her pitching form is acknowledged even by the expert.]
Girls usually throw from up close and in a sloppy way.
[Bo Mi (26) / Apink member.
Side job: pitcher.]
But when we look at her posture, - she must have practiced a lot.
- That's almost Doesn't that make you almost a baseball player? [Embarrassed.]
- You should make a debut.
- 87km/h.
In amateur baseball clubs, [It's considered a fastball among ordinary people.]
the good ones throw 100km/h.
And they are usually the ones who used to be baseball players.
Heo Gu Yeon commentator said [Praised Bo Mi's pitching as No.
that her pitching was No.
1 among female celebs.
And Choi Won Ho commentator said that her pitching has strength.
Yang Sang Mun, the head of LG baseball team said that it was the first time he admired the pitching of a female.
I saw the picture of you pitching.
[Don Hee is teasing Bo Mi.]
- I saw you doing this.
- Me too.
- I saw the picture.
- Yes.
[All her powers were at the tip of her hands.]
And she was throwing with all her might.
- Thank you.
- Did you practice a lot, or was it natural? I didn't practice at all at first.
[Instinct + practice.]
But I practiced very hard afterwards.
- Have you tried pitching a lot? - Yes.
- How many times did you try? - Commentator Chung Min Cheol taught me.
[She got trained by the expert.]
We were in a baseball program together and he taught me how.
Let's have a look at Bo Mi's pitching [No way.]
- pictures.
- No! [The picture that Bo Mi screamed "No".]
[At first, she was just like a member of a girl group in 2014.]
[After a year in 2015, she became a girl group member who likes baseball.]
[After 3 years in 2017, she became at least an amateur baseball player.]
[And after 4 years in 2018, she's just a baseball player.]
[The changes in her baseball life.]
- How old were you? - Why are you holding the bat? [When she was in grade 9.]
It was when I was in grade 9.
You're young, and that picture is from your middle school years.
Why is it black and white? [Is Bo Mi actually as old as Donhee?.]
Well, that was - All my friends had flowers.
- Indeed.
[Bo Mi is not affected.]
- They had flowers with them for the picture.
- Or sesame leaf hair style.
But I wanted something different.
[The black and white picture makes them wonder.]
Why is it in black and white? Why is that? It was in our times that there were no color pictures.
[Very confident.]
- Why? - I loved black and white pictures.
[What the.]
[And her mouth and body pitched together.]
Since then her lips were twisted.
[Bo Mi in 2017.]
[A baseball player indeed.]
That is a baseball player.
I got coaching from this time.
- So cute.
- Actually, I struck a posture before this.
[Fans cheered for the posture.]
And fans were shouting for joy.
[Mesmerized, she tried to look pretty.]
So I put my back further.
- Now I see the posture.
- I was thinking of the posture.
[And she lost the control of the ball.]
And the ball was everywhere.
[Since then, she got the coaching and was reborn.]
And after that, - You should do baseball for sure.
- Yes.
[Strong thighs show that she knows baseball.]
Your thigh shows that you know something.
- It's only something that a person who knows baseball can do.
- Wow.
She watches the ball till the end.
Commentator Heo Gu Yeon said, [Heo Gu Yeon continues his praise.]
The way she does the changeup from high to low is amazing.
What is changeup? - What is it? - It shows how well Bo Mi [The one who threw it doesn't know.]
[Bo Mi learns baseball.]
Changeup is when the ball bends.
[Putting it in a good way.]
That means that she can do it without knowing.
- So - We've prepared this.
We've prepared this.
[Let's check how amazing her ball is.]
Let's see how powerful Bo Mi can throw compared to other members.
[Checking facts using the speedometer.]
- With the speedometer.
- Really? - Let's check some facts.
- Here we go.
[What's here?.]
[Leader is very polite.]
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
[A baseball player in uniform entered.]
- Please introduce yourself.
- Please.
I'm Nam Young Jae, at the baseball club [In university baseball team, Position: catcher.]
university baseball club.
Nam Young Jae.
Have you watched Bo Mi's pitching? [Even athletes saw her pitching.]
Of course.
I've seen it all.
- You have? - Yes.
- How is it? [He cites the years.]
I saw the 2014, 2015, and 2017, 2018 versions.
And she was getting better.
Do you have girlfriend? [Catcher Young Jae is single.]
- No.
- What kind of girl do you like? [Will there be one among Apink members?.]
- Bo Mi.
- Really? - Really?- Yes.
- How old are you? - 1999-born.
- 1999? - And Bo Mi, you were? [Pretty older sister who pitches well.]
- 1993-born.
- You're older.
These days, older girls date younger guys.
- You're now 20.
- 1999-born.
In your case, [Young Jae's pick, the most impressive one?.]
you must have seen many pitchings by female celebs.
Whose was the most impressive? [Sincere at heart.]
Bo Mi of course.
[Infinite trust for Bo Mi.]
Since you said Bo Mi, - you will get the ball from Bo Mi.
- Yes.
[His heart is pounding just thinking about it.]
Do you feel nervous? - I'm very nervous now.
- Very? - You were Bo Mi's fan to begin with.
- Yes.
I heard that you prepared something for her.
[What is it?.]
Really? - I - Really? [He bought Apink's album to get the autograph.]
I wanted our autograph.
He bought the album.
[Going straight towards Bo Mi.]
He's got the album.
Apink - You're our fan indeed.
- Yes.
[Very touched.]
Thank you.
Thank you.
[Other pretty ones are not in his eyes.]
You might want to [They are all Apink.]
get the autograph from everyone else.
Are you a personal fan of Bo Mi? So you're not going to get any from others? [He says what he has to say.]
Can I take a picture with her? [Taking picture only with Bo Mi.]
- Only with Bo Mi? - Yes.
With Bo Mi alone [Only with Bo Mi.]
Only with Bo Mi.
[He's a mania of Bo Mi, who looks at Bo Mi alone.]
Kids these days are very smart.
[Na Eun is sulky.]
- Kids these days - Let's sit down.
[Kind uncles calms them down.]
Don't take it personally.
- It's Apink's album.
- Album.
[Here, it's more like 1:1 fan meeting.]
Of course.
We respect everyone's taste.
[Bo Mi mania is lucky today.]
- Thank you.
- Bo Mi looks like a celebrity.
Thank you.
Say 1, 2, 3 in the camera.
1, 2, 3.
[Taking a posture automatically.]
- Click.
- Nice.
- You don't have to pose.
- OK.
You don't have to strike a pose.
[Measuring the speed of other members.]
Before we watch Bo Mi pitching, let's see how good other members are.
- We're going to test that.
- OK.
- Please get their balls and evaluate.
- OK.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
[Bom-garner the boss will go at the last.]
Bo Mi will be the last one.
[Let's call the leader first.]
Let's have Cho Rong first.
- Cho Rong is good.
- Rong leader first.
- Cho Rong, have you worn the glove? - Yes.
I've done the pitching.
Cho Rong's been pitching.
[She practices.]
Like this.
Isn't it too close? Can you get it? [Of course.]
Of course.
[He's staying like this.]
Don't worry.
You won't be hurt.
[Coward Donhee hides behind a 20-year-old.]
How hateful.
[Apink baseball king contest, Cho Rong.]
Cho Rong, who's tried pitching.
[Way to go.]
Here we go.
[It's a long ball that was faster than he expected.]
[Both were surprised by the strong ball.]
[I'm sorry.]
I knew it.
It's too close.
This is very dangerous.
[Young Jae caught the ball, but Donhee is the one making all the noise.]
- Were you surprised? - No.
- Wait.
- But [She only says what is true.]
You survived thanks to him.
Otherwise, you would've been hit.
- Now.
- You're very good.
You caught Cho Rong's ball now.
[What he thought of Cho Rong's ball.]
You seem somewhat perplexed.
- Why? - It was faster than I thought.
[My ball is fast.]
- It was faster? - Yes.
- It is too fast indeed.
Let us go back a bit.
[Cho Rong's first record, 51km/h.]
The record is 51km/h.
Let's do it again [Securing some safety at least.]
Can you take a step back? [Frightened.]
I'm scared.
Hyungdon, try to relax.
You're a celebrity after all.
[Oh my.]
He looks very sulky already.
[Cho Rong's second trial.]
Here we go.
The direction is [Right into the glove.]
One strike! [Scared.]
Strike! [Look at her.]
- How fast is the ball? - She's very good.
[Cho Rong's record, 57km/h.]
- 57km/h.
- 57km/h.
[Leader Cho Rong's pitching posture is quite good as well.]
That was 57km/h.
[Bo Mi's record is 30km/h faster than that.]
How fast is Bo Mi's ball then? Next please.
Thor in the world of singers.
[Apink baseball player contest, Eun Ji.]
Jeong Eun Ji.
She does look like Thor.
[No warming up.
She throws right away.]
- Throwing with the muscle - Entertaining Thor.
What is it? [Unexpected hammer-like ball of Jeong Thor.]
- Throwing with muscles - Entertaining Thor.
[It's a random attack that Young Jae couldn't help.]
That's a bit [I'm sorry.]
It's a bit [He shows his dissatisfaction with all his face.]
Look at his face.
[Audience are having fun.]
It's because Thor has too much energy.
[Thor's muscles are angry from the exercise.]
- Oh no.
I've made a mistake.
- It's OK.
[Conhee walks away as well.]
Since you're strong, - go further back.
- OK.
- This is funny.
- Here we go.
- Let's go, entertaining Thor.
[Eun Ji's second trial.]
[The baseball went home.]
I threw it without much power.
Let me take the glove away for our safety.
[We should survive.
Taking the glove away for everyone's safety.]
I'm sorry.
Please sit down.
[Throwing the ball as if she's throwing a towel to the laundry basket.]
Eun Ji's speed is immeasurable.
[Apink baseball player contest, Nam Joo.]
Next, Nam Joo.
Nam Joo should hide.
[Emergency alert is on.]
For Nam Joo, you should all sit down.
[Warning calmly.]
- I'm not good at all kinds of ball games in general.
- It's OK.
[Everyone here is in danger.]
- Including you.
- Everyone here.
- Just dangerous.
- Including you.
- And Cho Rong.
I guess it comes like this.
I'm danger too.
I don't know where the ball will go.
Nam Joo, just throw the ball.
Just relax and throw.
[She looks the safest in terms of the pose.]
She looks like Chan-ho Park in terms of posture.
Her posture is like Chanho Park.
- She's never done it.
- Look at her eyes.
[Her eyes are those of professional players.]
Look at her eyes.
[So cute that it's bad for your heart.]
[Wow that's scary.]
[What was that?.]
[Very threatening speed.]
[Nam Joo's record, 37km/h.]
- 37km/h.
- 37kmh.
[Starts as a baseball.]
[But ends as a joke.]
[Finally the real deal.]
Let's have the real athlete with us.
I was fortunate the other time.
I was fortunate.
- Now - Why? - I fell a lot of pressure.
[Donhee's final cry for survival.]
Please measure with the speedometer.
I ask for you to measure.
[Walking back out of fear.]
We should take turns.
[Forcing him to use the speedometer.]
- Let's take turns.
- Are you going to buy a new sunglasses? How about taking it off? [Feeling a lot of pressure.]
I feel so much pressure now.
[Nervous thinking that he will get hit.]
[Nervous for catching her ball.]
Yoon Bo Mi [Warming up before the real thing.]
[It's right in.]
[Watching it in front of the eyes, it's amazing.]
[She just threw it lightly, and it's 56km/h.]
She just threw it and it's 56km/h.
She just threw it and it's 56km/h.
[At ease a bit.]
Yoon Bo Mi.
- Is she going to do it now? - Baseball goddess.
[Apink baseball player contest Bomgarner Bo Mi.]
She looks pretty today.
[Her eyes are different.]
[And her pitching pose is at another level.]
[Her ball is quick as it looks.]
[Bomgarner, her record is 63km/h.]
[Bo Mi mania has another heart throbbing moment.]
[Again, it's the posture of an athlete.]
How was it? Catching Apink's balls? I'm exhausted that I can't do it anymore.
[Apink's pitching is difficult even for the athlete.]
- Exhausted? - You're sweating a lot.
He's exhausted.
[Whose ball was the best?.]
Whose ball was the best when you caught it? [Always Bo Mi.]
Bo Mi's ball was the fastest.
[Bo Mi the Bomgarner, fact checked.]
Bo Mi was first with the record of 63km/h.
Let's give a big round of applause for Young Jae who's worked hard for us today.
[Thank you Nam Young Jae for getting the balls and protecting Donhee and Conhee.]
Next subject for the fact check! What's this? Apink's units of BnN, YOS, and Chorong and Lais officially launches! Do you have units? [Apink has units.]
There are 3 units in Apink.
Right, the rappers' team.
[Hyungdon has never heard of it.]
Have these units officially performed? [Official announcement.]
Not officially.
Members formed the units [Apink's units were unofficially formed.]
for fun, several times.
How many units do you have now? [There's an official unit.]
This unit has officially released a song.
- It's BnN.
- BnN.
Bomi and - Namjoo.
- Bomi and Namjoo.
Bomi and Namjoo.
[I've never heard of it.]
Have you released a song? [Hesitatingly.]
- Not in the album.
- Two or three times? - For memories? - There's an evidence.
Let's see that.
[What evidence?.]
[Among Apink's songs that have been released for 7 years.]
[Bomi and Namjoo's unit appeared.]
[BnN released a song digitally Hello! We're Apink Bomi.
- and Namjoo! - BnN! Nice to see you.
- Hello, I'm Apink Bomi! - And Namjoo! [Raising old memories.]
- Hello, I'm Apink Bomi! - And Namjoo! - BnN! - What's that? [Old relics that everyone has forgotten.]
When did you shoot that? I guess it was when we promoted "FIVE".
That's real.
[Second unit "YOS".]
- They have another unit.
- YOS.
Who are members of YOS? [Her, her, and her.]
Y, O, S.
- Y from Yoon Bomi.
S from Sohn Naeun.
- O From Oh Hayoung.
- Oh from Oh Hayoung.
- With family names.
- 1, 2, 3.
- Hello.
- Y.
- O.
- S.
[Without any official promotion.]
We're YOS! [Embarrassed.]
I think you forgot the team name.
Did you release any song? [Formed on April Fools' day.]
- We formed it on April Fool's Day.
- On April Fool's Day.
It was a joke for fans.
[To fool fans.]
You cheated the entire nation? [Bomi's mom fell for it.]
My mom believed it, and asked about its debut.
People would believe it.
[Bomi mother looked forward to seeing it.]
She'd been waiting to see YOS on TV.
- "I hope YOS would debut soon".
- On April Fool's Day.
As a fan event.
The 3rd unit.
Chorong and Lais.
Who are the members? - Who are "Lais?" - Me and Bomi.
[Bomi again?.]
Bomi is a member of every unit.
She gets along with everyone.
[Nicknames for Bomi and Hayoung.]
We usually call each other "Lai".
- Why? - She calls me "Dolai".
(Korean slang for an idiot) I address her vice versa.
So we answer our calls like saying, "Lai!" [It all began with a picture.]
So, we took a picture with Chorong.
And three of us like hip-hop.
There is a proof picture.
[Pictures of Chorong and Lais, that ended without official promotions.]
They're like DJ DOC.
It feels like that.
In case of NCT, [MARK belongs to NCT DREAM, 127 and U.]
MARK is always a member of units.
[Bomi belongs to BnN, YOS and Chorong and Lais.]
Bomi is like MARK.
Well, Apink has so many units.
Starting from YOS to Chorong and Lais.
[Apink units that has never performed.]
These units were created but have never performed properly.
[Apink units' official debut performances.]
Taking this opportunity, - We'd like to - present you the official debut stage.
If fans like it, the unit will release songs.
It will release songs.
[Ambitious Hayoung likes it!.]
I don't think so.
[Judge Donhee and Conhee.]
We're going to be the judges to decide whether this unit can officially release a song.
[Judges will strongly recommend the winning unit's official performances.]
- We'll be cool-headed.
- You know, Hyungdon and Daejun.
[Solo artist Jung joins the judges.]
May I join you? We'd love that! If you join us.
[Produce Apink Unit.]
[Candidate no.
1 Entertaining duo BnN.]
[Each unit choose a song that fits unit color.]
Don't try to make us laugh.
Please do it seriously, like an official unit does.
- Here we go.
- Okay.
- I think we're going to fight.
- Music, please.
[Open the Door #BnN.]
I like this song! I like this song.
[A song that shows the unit's identity.]
Is this song made by Horaengi? [Bomi missed the beat and set the pitch too high.]
- Isn't it too high? - I guess so.
[Jeong Eunji / Judge and assistant singer.]
[Sudden request to stop the song.]
[Bomi kept singing ignoring the request.]
- I got used to it - That was too high.
Let me give you another chance.
[Please follow Eunji.]
Eunji will sing it for you.
Please follow her.
[Follow me.]
Here we go! Music, please.
[More nervous.]
I hope she can sing it right.
[Kind directions from the assistant singer.]
[Thank you, Eunji.]
[Giving up.]
We screwed it up.
[Yoon Bomi doesn't know how to give up.]
[She almost missed the beat.]
[Laughing out loud.]
[BnN is so excited!.]
[Unit BnN, made of most entertaining members.]
[Drawing attentions not by singing but by dancing.]
[They're always amazing.]
[Violent dancing.]
[Asking the audience to sing along.]
All together! [I like this.]
[BnN is enjoying the performance.]
[Eunji finished singing.]
Eunji sang the entire song.
[BnN was just dancers.]
It was impressive to see two dancers.
[Now that they've seen the performance, they're worried.]
Here's the 2nd unit.
[Bo Mi has no time to rest.]
YOS Yoon Bo Mi, Oh Ha Young, Son Na Eun.
- YOS.
- Wait.
- Ha Young.
- Bo Mi is so busy.
[Produce Apink unit.]
[Contestant number 2, Emotional ballad unit group YOS.]
Please explain the song a little.
This song is [Made it themselves?.]
- We wrote it.
- Really? [A spontaneously written song.]
It's the first spontaneously written song.
Then you're going to make up the lyrics as you go along? [She's a contestant too.]
- Is this a ballad? - It's a ballad.
[Na Eun, you know what you're singing right?.]
It sounds like Na Eun hasn't heard the song [A spontaneous instrumental accompaniment with lyrics thought on the spot #YOS.]
[She doesn't know when to start.]
[Can't hold in her laughter.]
[What am I listening to?.]
[The first note starts on a roller coaster.]
[Even the members can't believe this.]
- Wait.
- No, wait.
[Makes up excuses.]
This is called a bending method.
[A technique which starts out with a low key and builds up.]
- It's way too loose.
- Bending - It's too loose.
- The bending This is the key point of our song.
[Can't help her.]
- I know it's spontaneous but still - Bending isn't supposed to sound like that.
But when it goes too far [Shameless.]
- We'll give you another chance.
- Yes.
[Looking forward to her performance.]
- YOS.
- I thought the tape was stretched out.
Because you might really perform in these units later on.
[Let's pretend that didn't happen and say this their 1st performance.]
Let's try that again.
[Please pull back on the bending.]
- Please try to pull back on the bending.
- Yes.
You can't start out with the bending technique.
Music please.
[Getting back in the mood.]
Here is YOS.
Free style.
[The first note without any bending.]
[Making up the lyrics.]
[Saying hello.]
[Passing it to Na Eun.]
[Making up the lyrics as she goes along.]
[The audience cannot hold up their faces.]
[Her turn is coming up.]
[Can't decide when to start.]
[It's her first time to listen to the music and she's making up the lyrics on the spot.]
[She's almost in tears.]
[Oh my gosh.]
Great! [Putting in harmony.]
Good! [She has a good voice.]
[They're quite serious.]
[Singing way too passionately.]
[Another roller coaster.]
[Crying a bit.]
She's singing in harmony.
[Na Eun chimes in.]
[Oh my gosh.]
[Where did that energy come from?.]
[MC Na Eun's stage.]
Rap part.
You sound like Solid.
[The rapper has lost the beat as soon as she starts.]
Good ending.
[We don't know what to say about this It was way over our heads.]
[I can't listen to this anymore.]
[Another person is in tears.]
[So into her singing.]
[The judge says, "I don't want to listen to YOS".]
Sorry, but I can't listen to this anymore.
No What were the lyrics? [She made up those lyrics so that "IDOL ROOM" will be more successful.]
You'll be fine.
It was well thought out.
In the beginning with Bo Mi [For "IDOL ROOM".]
It was a gift for you.
And Na Eun's [Her rap part made MC Hyung Don almost cry.]
rap part - It was cut off.
- It was faint but It made my heart ache.
It's the rap part.
[She just started.]
You sound like Solid.
[Faint and forcefully ended.]
[Na Eun's high notes.]
The high notes were memorable too.
- How did that go again? - Like a dolphin.
[Yes! There you go.]
[I don't want to listen to that.]
I really didn't want to listen to that.
[She's a true Apink member.]
Thank you for that.
I'm sorry, but how do you decide to sing in harmony? [Just spontaneously.]
- On the spot.
- It just comes to us.
We've been doing that since we were trainees.
[3 chord harmony please.]
- Please sing in harmony.
- 3 chords.
[Group YOS does not know how to say "no".]
You know this.
[A determined harmony.]
Please use this.
[The real power of the group.]
Dolphin, dolphin, cue.
[Ultrasonic waves penetrating the stratosphere.]
[Even she can't bear to listen.]
[Apink's unit performances are intimidating.]
Then the last performance, Cho Rong's crew might feel a little burdened.
This team is strong.
I know them.
[Produce Apink's unit.]
[Contestant number 3, Cho Rong and her crew, full of swag.]
[Looking forward to them.]
You look like a real unit team.
[They've transformed into playful rappers.]
You look like a real unit team.
What? [Huh? What?.]
Ribs? Like marinated ribs? [The rap king of this neighborhood.]
What are you saying? [Look at them.]
- Are you making up the choreography now? - Practicing.
They're making up the choreography.
- The choreography.
- Practice, practice.
[It looks like it will be a huge laugh.]
They're making up the choreography.
Right here? They're making up right now.
Being spontaneous is good.
[We are ready.]
["I Didn't Go To School"! #Cho Rong and her crew.]
[Half worried and half anticipation.]
When do you start? [They're not sure when to start.]
[Started too soon.]
[Song mishap.]
[Dance mishap.]
[A strong choreography.]
[Tumbling around.]
[She hurt herself on her mike while tumbling.]
[But she continues dancing.]
[The most organized performance yet.]
[The audience is responding well too.]
1, 2, 3! [Now for the main part.]
[The choreography is all over the place.]
[She's embarrassed.]
[Already her 3rd performance, so embarrassment is not an issue for her.]
[Here she goes.]
[Such a neat rap.]
[Bo Mi is the passionate member.]
[Eun Ji is a huge fan.]
[I'll take over the rap part now.]
[So much swag on her face.]
[When did they make up this choreography?.]
[Being shameless is her biggest strength.]
[One two, one two.]
[Let's go to the climax!.]
[Perfect choreography.]
[Loves it.]
[They're all over the place.]
[The performance ends well, THE END.]
[The judge's commentary.]
It was quite well done.
[Encore requests.]
Can we see the opening again? [He's their number one fan now.]
It was so It was so memorable.
- Bo Mi - I was so moved.
I love Bo Mi's tone.
[They're quietly getting ready to perform again.]
Please give us the music one more time.
[A serious start.]
This is so [The fans sings along too.]
[This dance is loved by everyone.]
[Long steps.]
[Passionate tumbling.]
You never let us down! [Respect for Cho Rong and her crew.]
They're amazing.
[Listen up Apink CEO.]
Why won't you let them make their debut? [BnN is eliminated for sure.]
Why do you keep insisting on BnN? YOS and Cho Rong's crew is the bomb.
[He thinks she should get out of BnN and join YOS or Cho Rong.]
Nam Joo, join YOS or Cho Rong.
We'll decide on your team's name, Cho Rong.
[We strongly insist Cho-Lies make a debut.]
Cho-Lies is a good name.
It sticks.
[Both units are so funny like comedians.]
Cho-Lies Cho-Lies.
I want to make a team with YOS and Cho-Lies combined, name YOS-Lies.
[I strongly promote YOS-Lies.]
- YOS-Lies.
- YOS-Lies.
How about a collaboration, you guys? Next fact check, please.
Dance rank within Apink, revealed in 7 years! [What is dance rank?.]
Dance rank within Apink? [She already looks like the top.]
I'm so curious.
ID Eunjin.
[Eunjin, I want to know the dance rank within Apink.]
Eunjin said, She is especially curious about the rank among Namjoo, Hayoung, and Bomi.
[Fierce competition between Kim, Oh, and Yoon.]
She is very curious.
[Which part were you in charge of in the beginning?.]
When you joined the firm.
Eunji, what about you? [Expected Main vocal.]
- You were a vocal.
- And Bomi, how about you? [A new potential of girl group, Taekwondo.]
- Taekwondo.
- Right.
[Taekwon girl Yoon Bomi can join us.]
I'm serious.
I was picked for my Taekwondo.
- Very - So you joined the firm thanks to Taekwonodo, and then - My talents.
[Confident with her dance.]
- What's your role? - Dance.
- Dance.
[Multi girl, dance and singing.]
- What about Namjoo? - Dance and singing.
Dance and singing.
And Naeun? I did everything they wanted me to.
[Passionate girl, Naeun.]
Passion robot.
[When she joined.]
- What about Hayoung? - Back then, dance.
[Believe it or not.
I can't even believe it.]
- Dance? - Believe it or not.
- Back then, dance.
- And Chorong? [Apink's color and image.]
I was in charge of image? [Mascot.]
- Right.
- Back then, image? [Chorong was picked for her dance.]
Chorong was picked for dance.
- Really? - Yes.
- Hip hop style.
[Application of Chorong said, main part: Image.
Else: hip hop.]
In Cheongju.
- She was the queen.
- It's rusty now.
You were the queen in Cheongju? No, it's rusty now.
[Oxidation joke.]
Would you like me to clean? [Leader's opinion on the dance rank.]
Leader, what do you think? Your opinion on the dance rank.
But our members are [6 members dance style is all different.]
All members dance differently.
[Scientific reason for lack of sharp group dance.]
That's why we can't dance as a group.
- We can't do sharp group dance.
- This is tricky.
New idols do poppin dance like this.
[Can't do the recent dance styles.]
- I can't do that.
Things like this.
- You just did.
- Namjoo - You just did.
- No, no.
[Namjoo can do it.]
Namjoo is good at that sort of things.
- Namjoo does poppin? - Yes.
Then, because it is hard to rank among members.
[IDOL ROOM offers an official opportunity.]
Use this chance to rank officially.
So you can organize and rank.
[For what?.]
[Have you heard of it.]
I tried dance psypher.
- I tried dance psypher.
- What is that? [Dance psypher.
A dance stage free of format.]
You know what psypher is? [It is a dance feast with all kinds of music.]
- Rappers do it.
- We know.
- You play music.
- And to the music, - you dance, one by one.
- What.
[My outfit doesn't allow me to move freely.]
I can't put my hands up.
[What should we do.]
- What dance? - This is hard.
- Come out.
Warm up before you start.
- But this is [Eunji is logical.]
Wouldn't it be easier to compare when the music is the same? [Music, it is freedom.]
[They prefer free music and free dance.]
- We can tell.
- We like free.
- We can tell.
- I will be the bottom.
[Girls born in year 93 are Not good at free.]
- I don't like this free.
- Let's go.
[Cheongju dancer is checking the order.]
- Drop the music! - Oh my.
[Music play.]
[Checking each other.]
Come out to the stage.
- You should warm up first.
- What do they want us to do.
[Not the time to move, yet.]
This is warm up time.
We will start when the music changes.
[Change, come on Apink.]
Change the music! [Like a Lego.]
Son Naeun! [Like a Lego.]
[Son center is shy.]
Show us.
- Dance psypher.
- What should I do.
[I will be like her soon.]
[Son Passion is now shy, different from YOS times.]
Dancing machine.
[Rooting for her with both hands.]
[The boss of ballad is done, pick the next one.]
Who's next? Naeun, you pick.
[Refusing with eye contact.]
Who's next? Naeun, you pick.
[Main dancer of Apink, CPR for dance psypher.]
Bomi! If you don't like the music, you can do this.
This is music for Bomi.
This is Bomi's music.
[Did you call me?.]
[Controlled upper body, and busy lower body.]
[Her move and what she says do not match.]
I can't do free.
[I can't control myself.]
Help! Mom, I'm going crazy.
Mom [Her body and her mind are separate.
She is a dance machine.]
Really [I can see how good her Taekwondo is.]
Mom, really [Unless the music stops, her dance never stops.]
She is the top, definitely.
[Hayoung, it is your turn.]
Hayoung! [God Hayoung, let's go.]
[Starting with unapologetic wave.]
[The laugh landmine.]
[The manager's soul hidden in 23-year-old's body.]
[Another soul in the little one.]
[Manager, please.]
[Too late.]
[Hayoung is excited at the moment.]
[Dance of a woman who is into her 8th year of career.]
In the club This is psypher.
[Who is Manager Oh's pick?.]
You've done enough.
And who? [Eunji made an eye contact.]
- Eunji! - Eunji [What is Jeong Eunji's dance?.]
- Please change the music.
- New music, please.
What should I do.
[Everybody clap.]
[After Manager Oh, Director Jeong's clap.]
Eunji's dance got better.
[Ok, I'll clap for you.]
We should clap for her.
Clap clap.
Show us.
[No lesson learned, not educated dance, but just dance.]
Show us! Show us! [Oh my, fist of Thor.]
[What is that?.]
Thor, show us! [Hammer of Thor!.]
Hammer! Hammer! [Breaking down dance.]
Hammer, hammer! Hammer dance! [Thor says goodbye, and Namjoo is next.]
Namjoo! [Her face changes for the stage.]
[This is real dance.]
[She is the flower in the dance desert of Apink.]
Namjoo was picked for her dance.
[Our BnN is the best.]
- Wow! - Poppin! [Forget about BnN, I am enjoying the freedom of music.]
Poppin! Poppin! [Creak.]
[We will try, too.]
[Approaching the pig.]
Out of the blue? [Shall we dance?.]
Uncle~ [Poppin communication.]
[Switch to the ending fairy, Chorong.]
[Chorong's time.]
[Belated excitement.]
[Oh my, this BPM.]
Everyone else is dancing, too.
[Manager Oh likes random BPM.]
She was the top in Cheongju.
[I am the daughter of Cheongju.]
She was the top in Cheongju.
[I'm not rusty.]
[I'm getting excited as I dance.]
[But the rest are done now.]
[I can't see anymore.]
What are you doing? [Letting her go.]
- What are you doing? - An exorcism.
You were like dancing in pajamas on your bed at home.
[They did the dance, and now blame the music.]
- The music was too difficult.
- Yes, it was.
I have seen dance of countless girl groups and boy groups.
[Let's not forget that the MCs are specialized in idols.]
For so long.
[Nervous, what are you going to say.]
I am confident to say this.
[Idol-specialized MC's experience.]
It was an unprecedented embarrassment.
[Don't be surprised, it was just Apink being Apink.]
That's not true.
We just haven't danced to [Our image has been pure for 7 year.]
- This type of music.
- We didn't have fun to this music.
[Let's blame our lack of experience.]
We've done cover dance of boy groups.
What kind of music did you want? [Let's say we are optimized for K-pop.]
We are optimized for K-pop.
- K-pop is better for us.
- Pop music.
[Very new dance psypher of Apink.]
I will give you a chance to remove - the dance psypher.
- You can erase people's memory.
[You should leave something good as we are heading to the end.]
I heard that - You prepared a cover dance.
- Apink did lots of boy group cover dance, right? [First time in 7 years.]
It was our first time in our fan meeting event.
- This time.
- It was your first time? [Such a difficult song, Fire.]
- Which song? - BTS's "Fire".
"Fire" is a difficult song to cover.
[Another song is BIGBANG's "Bang Bang Bang".]
And BIGBANG's "Bang Bang Bang".
But Naeun didn't do it? [Naeun had an ankle injury then.]
Back then, I had a leg injury.
I had to rest.
[She will join in the middle.]
- Can you do it together this time? - I will join in the middle.
Really? Viewers.
[Please forget about the dance psypher.]
- Please forget.
- The dance psypher.
- Please.
- Pretty please.
[This time, educated dance.]
Apink's girl crush stage.
[Starting with the bad dancer of Apink.]
[Fire #BTS.]
[Giant Baby is up.]
[Hey~ I am Oh Sugar.]
[BTS Fire.]
[Apink with intense group dance.]
[So cool.]
I can tell you practiced a lot.
[We're used to seeing the innocent-looking Apink.]
[But Girl Crush Apink is so new to us!.]
[5 minutes ago, forgetting the dance.]
[What's dance cypher?.]
[Bomi in the center.]
[Pink Panda.]
[It's looking perfect.]
[They did their best to learn the dance.]
[We don't see Boss Oh anymore.]
[The uncles are shocked too.]
[The perfect group dance is finally back!.]
[Full power girl-crush!.]
[The perfect group dance is on-going.]
[Feeling the beat.]
[Please call 911 if there is fire.]
[They put fire on Panda's heart.]
[Having girl-crush on these sweet girls.]
[Wink, I will forgive you.]
[5 Ha 0 is the best.]
[With no break.]
[Bang Bang Bang Big Bang.]
[Finally, it's time to see Apink with all the members.]
[Looking for the perfect timing.]
[Eun GD.]
[Bang Bang Bang.]
[Naeun joined them.]
Son Naeun joined the team quietly.
[Good, you looked natural.]
[Nam in the center.]
[Nobody move.]
[Pink Bang is complete.]
[The dancer of Cheongju.]
[And Boss Oh.]
[Shooting guns following the setting the fire.]
[Bang Bang Bang on your heart.]
[Apink was so cool.]
Good job.
[Donhee only gives compliments once a quarter.]
Apink is so talented.
[Idol Room will wrap up with the cover dance.]
Apink made their comeback after a year.
[Time to wrap up now.]
It felt like the time was D.
- Do you know what it means? - Of course.
- Yes.
- Deleted Instantly.
[Am I right?.]
You want us to say that you're right? - Am I right? - You are right.
- Really? - Yeah.
Apink here today.
[Any comments?.]
How did you like it, Na-eun? [Escaped B3.]
Today, we finally got out of basement [Is my ear okay?.]
- And spent time on ground.
- Basement? We've never been in the basement.
[Dreaming of B3.]
In my dream [Great working environment.]
The ground floor feels more fresh and even the air is better.
[Overall comment.]
- So the air was good.
- Yes.
Thank you.
A show without fine dust.
Today's Pick-dol, Cho-rong.
[Pick-dol Cho-rong's thoughts.]
- About today.
- Yes.
How was it to be a Pick-dol? [Totally forgot.]
- Can't remember what you did, huh? - Yes.
[Making fun of Cho-rong.]
- Everything will be on Naver.
- She cussed before.
[Cho-rong's words.]
Thank you for catching every single expressions.
- Maybe I made you uncomfortable.
- Yes, a lot.
I'm worried about that.
I'll review the show and pay more attention to my actions and improve them.
You looked really nice.
Lastly, before you say bye to fans, [Prepared for Apink.]
We have prepared something.
- A little gift.
- What is it? [A picture for a warm ending.]
That is, LED! That is so cheap.
[A letter to myself.]
Too cheap.
- Too cheap? - Too cheap.
[Mad Eun-ji.]
- How is that a gift? - For your motivation.
Look at this.
[Fresh and young.]
This is when you first debuted.
Where are they now? [Found Rong-baby.]
- So young.
- Babies.
[Me seven years ago.]
So fresh.
[Weird feeling.]
[7 Years ago.]
April 19, 2011 was [Today is the 2633th day.]
the the first debut date.
- It's been 8 years already? - Yes.
It's been 8 years since the debut of Apink.
[Some things are learned with time.]
And as you spent those 8 years, I'm sure there are a lot of things to say to yourself in the past.
To yourself in April of 2011.
[Ha-young in middle school.]
- Must feel emotional.
- I gotta go quickly.
To get rid of that picture.
[To 17-year-old Ha-young.]
[Calls my name softly.]
You were probably clueless [Busy teenage.]
and didn't enjoy yourself in the midst of busy schedule.
But if you keep working hard with the members, you will someday come out in a program called IDOL ROOM and have a great time with other great celebrities.
[The great celebrities.]
I'm always behind you, Ha-young.
[To 17-year-old Nam-joo.]
Nam-joo, I'll be quick.
[More than the emotions, speed matters.]
To get rid of that picture.
[Nam-joo is hurt.]
I'm sure you are hurt at the age of 17.
[The old looking face.]
Hearing that you look older than you are is not an easy thing, but you'll eventually look young.
[No worries.
Nam-joo will look younger.]
So, don't worry so much.
Bye! [Looking old? No way.]
She didn't look old at all.
For a 17-year-old, yes.
[Bad uncle agrees.]
Ah, really? [To 19-year-old Taekwon girl.]
First, you lack confidence.
She's the most confident one.
You can try anything you want, Bo-mi.
Don't be stressed with the entertainment shows.
Don't worry and just try everything.
And don't practice too much.
Go out and have some fun.
- What? - Practice when you have to.
But go out in the wild.
And those will become great stories when you are on talk shows.
You don't have any interesting stories.
So please go and make mistakes for great stories.
[Failed to convince.]
Are you making mistakes now? You're wandering off now.
You can wander off for stories.
[To 18-year-old goddess.]
You debuted as a high school student [Gave up a lot for her dream.]
and didn't get to enjoy school life.
But you'll achieve a lot in the future.
[More achievements in future.]
So do your best now.
[To 21-year-old Cho-rong.]
You're spending time with great people.
[Apink is my family and friends.]
So don't worry so much.
[To 19-year-old Eun-ji.]
You'll succeed.
So, fighting! [From baby pink to hot pink.]
[7 years passed as they showed their colorful sides.]
1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! Hello, we're Apink.
[A miraculous story.]
[I hope Pink Panthers is always with every step that Apink takes.]
[Next 7 years will be as shiny as the past 7 years.]
[Love you and be with you forever, Apink.]
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