Idol Room (2018) s01e11 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 11 - Seventeen Dance! [Today's guests are present from the beginning.]
[Thank you.]
[Participating in the opening dance.]
So this is the new intro song.
[Everybody jump.]
[Usually, the camera has only Donhee and Connhee to shoot.]
[But with more people, more scenes to create.]
[Wherever camera shoots, you get a great view of handsome guys.]
[The most trusted idol show, IDOL ROOM.]
It is their first visit to IDOL ROOM.
[Congratulations! SEVENTEEN's first visit.]
The entire group is here.
Hello, we are SEVENTEEN.
Coups, Jeonghan.]
[Mingyu, Hoshi, Dino.]
[Joshua, DK.]
[The8, Jun, Woozi.]
[Seungkwan, Wonwoo, Vernon.]
Vernon was injured from a recent performance.
[Vernon was injured during the concert.]
So he is sitting down.
Are you okay now? Your fans are worried about your legs.
CARAT/ I'm okay.
Don't worry.]
It doesn't hurt at all.
It's just for the better recovery.
[What happened in the concert?.]
- Did you fall from the stage? - No.
During the very last song, [Was too excited during the last song.]
- At the very last beat.
- The last beat.
I got injured as I landed on the very last beat.
- You were just too excited.
- Was too thankful for the fans.
- Yeah.
[Get better soon!.]
Hope you get better soon.
How long has it been, SEVENTEEN? [Automatic answering machine.]
We came back with the new album in 5 months.
- It's been 5 months since we met you.
- But why - Yeah? [Picking up an argument.]
You're not a leader.
Why do you speak like one? [Answering calmly.]
For so many years, I've been talking like this as if I'm the leader.
This is for survival.
[Leader cheering for Seungkwan.]
For survival.
[Proud of him.]
Seungkwan is a main guest in Unexpected Q.
[Doing well.]
And he is doing a great job.
- This is his prime time.
- Now that we have SEVENTEEN in IDOL ROOM, [A request for SEVENTEEN.]
I have a small favor to ask.
You just heard the signal song.
But there is no choreographed dance to this song.
You just saw us dancing.
That's all we have.
[They choreograph their own dance.]
Jun, The 8, Hoshi are in your - Performance unit.
- Right.
[Give us the dance.]
Can you create a dance that we can follow? [Hoshi answers without hesitation.]
I can make a dance that everyone can follow and have lots of fun with.
[I trust you.]
- We'll play the music.
- I just have to feel the music.
Music start! [Signal song starts.]
[Begins with easy movement.]
[Time for something more.]
[Something better is about to come out.]
[The song reaches the climax.]
[Not so satisfied.]
[This dance is from Pick Me.]
[Dance plagiarism?.]
[Targeting Hoshi - Are you serious?!.]
You're just copying other dances.
[Handing the bomb over to the next person.]
We have four people in the performance team.
The next person will do it.
- Let's see The8.
- Come up here, The8.
[The8 with great responsibility.]
His clothes look so comfy.
I'll do it in my style.
- Your style.
- Follow The8's style.
They should be able to follow.
- So make something that they can follow.
- Music please.
[Three handsome guys.]
[Encouraging their participation.]
I like this.
[Follow me.]
[Everyone following him.]
[The8 style is too hard to follow.]
[I feel like I lost / Hyeong-don was revenged with difficult dance.]
[Follow me like this.]
[So easy!.]
[Ended after making fun of Don and Conn.]
- That's how you do it.
- Right on.
[Trying to edit him out.]
We haven't seen The8's dance.
He declined the request.
[They're tough.]
The8 said he is not ready, and he doesn't make dances for signal songs.
[So funny.]
Lastly, [Calling on the leader of vocal unit.]
- Woozi here.
- Woozi.
Woozi is known for not dancing unless necessary.
I think he can make something perfect for us.
[Don & Conn's unending love for Woozi.]
- They love him.
- They love Woozi.
[Capitalistic pig.]
We love You've been saying that for two years.
[Anyone rich is a big brother for me.]
I have two big brothers.
Ronaldo and Woozi.
[Woozi now has an unwanted little brother.]
Ronaldo and Woozi.
I'm envious of you, Woozi.
- Music please.
- Woozi is actually good.
Woozi is good at dancing.
[Shake shake.]
[So far so good.]
This is perfect for us [Time to show something.]
Let's go.
[Wait a minute.]
[This dance is.]
[That's from TT.]
- What was that? - That's from TT.
Now that you are successful, you are looking down on us.
So how many of your songs are registered for copyrights? - By the time this show is on, about 60.
- That's a lot.
[Excuse me.]
Coup smiling a lot as always.]
- Can you try one more time? - Yes.
- Music please.
[Another chance against his will.]
No heavy moves.
Why aren't you doing this? [Repeating the shake.]
[Decided on something.]
Let's go! [This dance is.]
- Hey! - This is from Beep Beep.
[You know a lot of dances!.]
Beep Beep.
- There you go, idol MC! - Everyone gather here [Can't dance, but knows a lot about idols.]
- Beep Beep.
- Just come back in.
[All failed.]
You're just recycling dance moves.
So SEVENTEEN came back in 5 months.
It's been a big issue.
Their concerts were sold out every time.
And the 5-second chant at the concert was a big issue, too.
[Is it possible?.]
There is a fan chant where you shout all 13 names in 5 seconds.
You have to say the names as quickly as Outsider can do.
- You have to be quick.
- Can you hear the names? - Actually, you can.
- I heard Hoshi made it.
- I did, but I can't do it well.
[Hoshi's 5 second chant / From SEVENTEEN's official SNS.]
So you shout Hoshi oppa and [A big mission for fans.]
Seungchul, Jeonghan, Jisoo, Junhwi, Soonyoung, Wonwoo, Jihoon Myeongho Mingyu, Seokmin, Seungkwan, Hansol, Chan! Highlight! Enjoy it! [CARAT successfully does the chant.]
Seungchul, Jeonghan, Jisoo, Junhwi, Soonyoung, Wonwoo, Jihoon Myeongho, Mingyu, Seokmin, Seungkwan, Hansol, Chan! [But SEVENTEEN can't do the chant.]
- But the members can't do it.
- We're not so good.
[Let's try here.]
- In this order.
- Okay.
I'm sure you know each other's names.
- Should know everyone's name.
- Jun, Chan.
[Practicing the chant.]
- Jun, Chan, blah blah - Jun, Chan, Myeongho, Hoshi [Studying hard.]
Myeongho, Mingyu, Seokmin, Seungkwan.
[5 second chant.]
If you make it in 5 seconds, [A big prize for the winner.]
we have a precious gift.
We'll give you this official IDOL ROOM T-shirt.
[Unexpected response.]
Limited edition.
If you get this, you have to wear it at the airport.
[Airport look?.]
- This shirt.
- Airport fashion? - It's limited edition.
[Only one team received it.]
There is one team who received it.
I really want it.
[TWICE promised to wear it at the airport.]
TWICE said that they really wanted this shirt.
[Can't trust them.]
They really promised to wear it? [Look into my eyes.
You'll trust me.]
Why can't you trust me? I'm serious about TWICE.
- Really? - They really wanted it.
- We don't just give it out.
Whoever makes it in 5 seconds.
[Random mission: Saying 13 names in 5 seconds.]
How much does SEVENTEEN love each other? Or who do they love more? Let's check how much they love their members.
[Creator Hoshi's challenge.]
- I'm the one who made it so - Right, Hoshi.
I'll do it successfully.
[We trust you, Soonyoung.]
You have to succeed it.
- You have to make it.
- I'll try with their real names.
- The real names.
- Real names are confusing.
- Music please! ['Highlight' plays.]
The real names are - Soonyoung, Junhwi, Chan, Hey! - Failed! [Got stuck after 4 names.]
[Hey (22)/Real name: Xu Minghao/Nickname: The8.]
Hey, hey.
- Hold on, I think he's trying to be funny.
- It's quite confusing.
- Hey? He has a name.
[It's a misunderstanding.]
Are you doing this? - It's really confusing.
- Come here, Dino.
Come, Woozi.
[Come Myeongho - Hey, come here.]
Hey, come here.
Are you saying, 'Hey, come here'? - No - My goodness I'm really sorry, The8.
[That's okay / Big hearted.]
The8 must be sad.
[It's not easy.]
The real names and nick names are confusing.
Can't do it with the real name.
[Youngest Dino challenges.]
Shout the names out loud.
Music, please! [High expectations for the young brain.]
You should say Jun, Myeongho like that.
[Hiding away.]
Junhwi, Dino, Myeongho, Soonyoung, Seokmin, Jeonghan, Joshua, Seungkwan [Fails at Wonwoo before reaching Mingyu.]
[Chan, my name is Wonwoo.]
Didn't say Wonwoo.
- To reach Woozi - DK is [Human megaphone DK.]
- DK has the loudest voice.
- Let's go, DK.
This is all you got?! You should make it at least up to Vernon.
[Time to succeed now.]
We're ashamed.
- Let's hear the music.
- Fighting, DK! - All the way up to S.
[Wishing for success.]
- You should be very calm.
- Say the names.
[Please say my name.
I'm Wonwoo.]
- Concentrate.
- 1, 2, 3, 4.
Junhwi, Chan, Myeongho, Hoshi, Jeonghan, Jisoo, Seungkwan, Woozi, Wow! [Again at Wonwoo.]
Why do you all stop at Wonwoo? [Why do you to this to Wonwoo?.]
Why do you get stuck here? [Copying DK.]
- Wonwoo.
- I know.
- Sorry.
- Why do you get stuck at Wonwoo? Look everyone.
That's Wonwoo.
[Sorry, Wonwoo!.]
- That's Wonwoo.
- Wonwoo is there.
Wonwoo, you haven't even said a word.
I'm sorry.
[Wonwoo hasn't said a word yet.]
Why does everyone get stuck at Wonwoo? It's not a hard name.
It's the easiest.
[Jeonghan tries.]
- Come here, Jeonghan.
- Okay.
- It's confusing.
Jeonghan, please reach up to Wonwoo.
- I got it.
- Let's go.
- Music, please.
[Will he say my name?.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
Jun, Chan, The8, Myeongho, Hoshi, Hey! - You! - Hey? - Jun, Chan, The8, Hoshi, Hey! - Hey? He was giving me a dirty look.
What do you mean? [Criticizing DK.]
- Why are you giving him a dirty look? - Why did you do that? [When did I do that?.]
- A Dirty look? - Did he do that? [LOL.]
- That's a little too much.
- I didn't! [Acting a victim.]
I was really offended.
You shouldn't give him a dirty look when he is doing the chant.
[The power ranking revealed: JeonghanDK.]
- I wouldn't do that.
- I wouldn't.
He was perplexed.
[Not good with words.]
I got lost because he looked at me like this.
How can he do the chant if you look at him like that? I just wanted him to see me better I want to continue, but my feeling got hurt.
[Look at this guy.]
I understand.
You can't give a dirty look when someone is doing a chant.
Apologize to him.
Just smile like that.
[Give up.]
I'm sorry.
Come to the front, Wonwoo.
[Wonwoo's name was never called.]
Now, Wonwoo has been waiting for so long.
He might get hurt.
[Happy to have his name called.]
- You are hurting him unintentionally.
- Of course.
[Mingyu finally tries.]
- Here goes Mingyu.
Music! - Hold on.
[Nervous from the beginning.]
Should I start now? - I'm so nervous.
- There is no need to be! Just have to say the names.
Why do you put your hand on the belly? - Why do you put your hand there? - Can you feel my heart beat? [Oh my Mingyu.]
He put my hand there.
[His heart beating on his belly.]
He's putting his hand on the belly.
Focus now.
You should focus.
Go faster at the end.
2, 3, 4.
Mingyu, Wonwoo, Jun, Dino, The8, Hoshi, [Stops at DK again.]
Mingyu, Wonwoo, Jun, Dino, The8, Hoshi [And suddenly stops.]
[Am I not right?.]
Did he give you a dirty look, too? [I am not guilty!.]
- I didn't! - Did you do that again? - He did.
I just looked! [So funny.
Woozi is laughing to death.]
- I just looked! - Keeps giving me a dirty look.
[Acting to be offended.]
- I'm sorry for you, Mingyu.
- Offended again.
[Want to say something but can't.]
- Why do you do that? - No dirty looks, please.
This is what I think.
- The leader should make it after all.
- The leader must.
- The Leader must finish this.
- Yes, he can.
- He must do it.
- He must love the members so much.
- Right.
I trust in S.
Music, please.
[Leader! Show us what you got!.]
[Looking ahead and saying the names.]
Junhwi, Chan, Myeongho, Hoshi Hey, you can't just read it off! [Stop.]
Hey, you can't just read it off! [Reading off the names on the screen.]
He's just reading the names written here.
[Wanted to pass the game.]
You should communicate with the members.
- Even I can just read the names off.
- Put that down.
He is getting so sly.
Please play a fair game.
So sly.
- Sly S.
- Sly S.
- I like that.
Sly S.
- Sly S.
That was very sly.
Coups trying again.]
Music, please.
[Leader! Call my name.]
Seungchul, Hansol, Mingyu, Jihoon, Seungkwan, Joshua, and who are you? [Does DK really have problem?.]
- What are you? - Dirty look - Why did you? Why do you do this to me?! I'm just looking! - Why DK? - Your stare is quite strong.
Why don't you fix that for everyone? [All accepting.]
Okay, I'm sorry.
Sadly, no one from SEVENTEEN was able to win the IDOL ROOM T-shirt.
- Today's Pick-dol.
- Close-up Camera! In Close-up Camera, we'll pick one of you and that person will get the camera for himself.
[I want the close-up camera.]
- A personal camera for you.
- Right.
It will only shoot that one person.
And later on NAVER, it goes out without any editing.
Please bring in the wheel.
[Selecting today's pick-dol.]
Members should lie around the wheel while making flower petals with their hands.]
Whoever the camera stops at will be today's pick-dol.]
- So cool.
- Cute.
- Camera will pick a person.
- So, 13 of should lie around like a clock.
[Crawling toward the camera.]
Make petals on your face like this.
We used this to pick a person to clean.
- We even tried this with 18 people.
- Of course.
[Vernon is envious because he can't lie down.]
- It's on.
- For Vernon [Connhee will go in for Vernon.]
Defconn will substitute for Vernon.
[I want the camera!.]
Good! - Me? - Yes.
- My back hurts.
[Everyone is around the wheel.]
- I filmed 2 Days & 1 Night yesterday.
- Sorry.
Do a cute pose.
[Fighting cutie Seungkwan.]
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3, Woozi.
[Tall as refrigerator, Mingyu.]
1, 2, 3.
[Connhee the substitute for Vernon.]
- Defconn.
- Vernon.
Coups, Wonwoo, Jun.]
[The8, Hoshi, Dino.]
[Jeonghan, Joshua, DK.]
[SEVENTEEN flower is bloomed.]
- If the camera catches two people, we'll go with the person who was shown more.
- Okay.
Do the petals.
[Actively participating.]
Please say hi to the camera above.
- Hello.
- SEVENTEEN is back.
- Thank you.
- Here we go.
[The wheel spins.]
1, 2, 3.
It'd be funny if it stops right away.
[Focused on the camera.]
- It's spinning fast.
- We don't know yet.
[It's making people nervous.]
- I don't think it's me.
- Seungkwan - Maybe Sly S.
Coups? - Vernon? - Vernon? [Me?.]
- Sly S.
Coups? - Vernon? - Vernon? - Vernon? - Sly S.
Coups? - Sly S.
Coups! [Passed Connhee and stopped in front of the leader.]
Sly S.
Coups! [Staying in front of the camera.]
Sly S.
Coups! Sly S.
- S.
- Sly S.
[I'm sad, too.]
- Sly S.
- Sly S.
Coups did it.
There he goes.
[Meeting the camera.]
Where is the Pick camera? Please say hi to the camera.
[Waving like a politician.]
- Any words? - Hello, I am S.
[Heard it wrong.]
You called yourself Sly S.
Coups, too? [Took it right away.]
- I'm Sly S.
- He liked it.
[#1 Sly S.
I will show you everything from 1 through 10.
1, 2, 3 [Though it may look the same, S.
Coups shows all 10 he got.]
[Please stay tuned!.]
Can anyone tell us about the new song? Woozi? It's called 'Oh My!'.
[Probably singing 'How Come' by Brown Eyed Girls.]
- Is it 'How Come'? - No.
- 'Oh My'.
- 'Oh My!' Basically saying, 'Oh my, I am in love with you.
' [A love song with sweet confession.]
That's the basic story line.
[Professional music terminologies.]
It is an urban soul song with swing rhythm.
- When will it be released? - On 16th.
This show airs on 17th.
- Thank you.
- And it is also Wonwoo's birthday.
[Happy Birthday Wonwoo.]
[Born on 1996.
- We picked the date on purpose.
- Really? Another team was on schedule, but we wanted the show to be aired on Wonwoo's birthday.
So celebrities like Justin Bieber were pushed to the back because of Wonwoo.
[The main dance to 'Oh My!'?.]
Any special dance move to 'Oh My!'? - Well - Any name to the dance? - It's called 'knock knock dance'.
[Knock Knock.]
- It is knock knock dance.
- Knocking this way.
Put your hand here, and hit it like this.
1, 2, 3.
[Easy to understand.]
[Easy to repeat.]
Oh my, oh my.
[Automatically follows the lecture.]
Oh my, oh my.
Very nice.
That's it.
[Why Seungkwan?.]
Sorry but isn't he a vocalist? [Seungkwan (21) / Vocalist / Side job: MC.]
[The first release stage in IDOL ROOM style.]
Now, we will let you perform 'Oh My!' in IDOL ROOM's way.
- Completely conquer the killing part, NANO DANCE.
[Pick the part with the best dance moves, (killing part) and members do a relay dance.]
[All members should stop while the one person dances.]
[This is the 'killing part' for 'Oh My!'.]
[The order for NANO DANCE.]
Bbyo, Kyeom, Jun, Chan, Shu, Han, Bbu, 8, Coups, Ggyu, Won, Hosh.
[Who is Bbyo? Nobody knows who Bbyo is.]
[Bbyo = acronym for the boss of vocals.]
- Bbyo means Bobo? - Bobo? [Now he knows.]
- It means Bobo.
- You can only dance in your part.
[MC Bbu shares the good news.]
You wrote Bbyo there, and this means the 'boss of vocals'.
It is a nickname for Woozi, and only our fans know it.
Thank you so much.
[Bbu thanks instead of Bbyo.]
This is IDOL ROOM's [Mingyu is also moved.]
[We love you!.]
- I didn't know.
- I wondered what Bbyo was.
- Thank you.
[He is Chu.]
[He watches from the MC's seat.]
Vernon will watch with me - whether they're doing well.
- Got it.
Coups is never helping out with the chair.
Since he is a pick-dol, [Regretting.]
- Everything will be aired.
- This is how important the leader is.
[Good combination of handsome boys.]
Fighting! [The first time revealing SEVENTEEN's 'Oh My!'.]
- Fighting.
- Play 'Oh My!' by SEVENTEEN.
[Bouncy sound in the intro.]
What is he doing? [What's Wonwoo doing?.]
What is he doing? [He is controlling SEVENTEEN.]
He is controlling them.
[Cheerful voice capturing the ears from the beginning.]
[Handsome faces complete the stage.]
[Am I cool?.]
[As if watching a character from a game.]
[Perfect for summer.]
[Sounds cool and fresh.]
[Cool and freshness is described through this scene.]
[Please don't forget Vernon.]
[Thanks to Don and Conn, his handsomeness is even more emphasized.]
[Gathers again.]
[Most coolness completed with the least movement.]
[SEVENTEEN is another name for masterpiece.]
[Perfect group dance.]
[As if a movie is playing in the corner.]
[Every day, Every day, Every day, Every day.]
[Every day x 4.]
[What should I do because I like you?.]
[Entering the part for NANO DANCE.]
It's coming up soon.
[Woozi starts.]
[Sexiness oozing out of Woozi.]
[Doruto DK.]
The dirty look that he never gave.
[Perfect dance with the look.]
That look.
[Powerful moment by Jun.]
[Adult dino, Dino.]
So cool.
[Carrot of SEVENTEEN, Joshua.]
It's Shu.
[Great dance from a vocalist.]
[Yoon bunny, Jeonghan.]
Pretty and handsome, Jeonghan.
[Every move he makes is pretty and handsome.]
Pretty and handsome.
The master of entertainment shows! [Boo-kebox became a dancing machine.]
[Great dance that goes from gentle to powerful.]
[His dance makes your heart beat.]
[All-around Mingyu.]
[Coolness oozing out of his tall body.]
[Born as SEVENTEEN, Wonwoo.]
[Sexiness x 960717 with the dance.]
[Sexy Hoshi.]
[The peak of performance by Hoshi.]
[His simple moves complete the awesome killing part.]
[If you continuously make me flutter.]
[Point dance.]
[What should I do.]
[It is all because SEVENTEEN is too awesome.]
[Absolutely a masterpiece.]
[The End.]
[Pig #1 copying SEVENTEEN.]
[Pig #2 copying SEVENTEEN.]
That totally captured my ears.
[A new segment for SEVENTEEN.]
This is a brand new segment.
[A new segment?.]
Brand new segment.
- Please make it successful.
- Got it! It's called 'Bun Bul Bun Dan'! [What is Bun Bul Bun Dan?.]
Bun Bul Bun Dan.
Let me explain it to you.
When a number is called, find the camera with the number and dance.
[Including the IDOL ROOM's treasure #1, Zimizib camera.]
[All cameras are numbered.]
[Donhee cam.]
[Even Donhee cam is numbered.]
[When Donhee calls out a number, dance in front of the camera with the number.]
[For example.]
If I say 3, [Dance formation around Camera #3.]
Camera #3 becomes the center.
[Smart guys.]
- Then the path should - Change.
- Everything should change.
[Like this.]
[Move move.]
If the zimizib moves like this, [Then follow the camera.]
- What should you do? - We move.
- Right.
It's like fighting for the center.
[Find the center quickly + Keep the right formation.]
Sounds fun.
[First try.]
- We can do it.
- The song is, 'Very Nice'.
- 'Very Nice'.
- 'Very Nice' - Got it.
[Checking the location of the cameras.]
Let's begin casually.
[Woozi also checking.]
Start casually.
[Mingyu trying hard.]
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Vernon giving directions.]
- Where is #5? - Behind you.
[#5 is here.]
[Cameras are ready.
SEVENTEEN should just dance.]
- We'll start with #1.
- Got it, #1.
[Center around #1.]
Number 1.
Camera #1 Center should move a lot.
[First try with 'Very Nice' #SEVENTEEN.]
Music, please.
Let's go.
[Perfect group dance.]
Good, good.
[Nervous about the number changing.]
[Looking to hear the number.]
- Number 4.
- Number 4.
[Getting lost.]
[Camera #4.]
- Number 4! - Number 4.
[The formation broke.]
[In chaos.]
[Group dance resumes when they find the formation.]
Let's make it to the main part! - Three! - Where is #3? - Zimizib.
[Camera #3.]
- Three! - Where is #3? - Zimizib.
[Moving dramatically.]
[The8 is the target.]
Stop, stop! - Hoshi got it right.
- Right.
- Wait [Didn't you get it wrong?.]
- The8 got it really confused.
- The8.
- You are moving everywhere.
- Wasn't it #3? [The8 just moved as the camera moved.]
- Number 3.
- Right.
- If it was - Then wasn't I supposed to move? - You were.
You said it right, but why did you move like that? - The description is right.
- It is right.
- Remember the numbers.
- Got it.
[Memorizing the numbers.]
[Second try.]
Music, please.
Let's go! Great group dance.
[A lot more relaxed after the first try.]
[Perfect steps.]
[Very nice.]
They seem relaxed.
[Attack begins.]
- Three! - Three.
[Bbu navigation.]
- Move slowly.
- Slowly.
[The center moves with the camera.]
- The main part! - Five! [Finding the camera.]
- Five! - Here.
[Formation resumes after finding the camera.]
It's fun.
[Surprised - Better than expected.]
Very nice.
- Three! - Zimizib! Three! [Instinctively finding the camera.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
Good, good! [Fixing their eyes on the camera.]
Moving on to the main camera soon.
[Get it wrong!.]
One! - Where is it? - Here.
- Where is it? - Here.
- One! [Right here.]
Number 1.
You are doing a great job.
Two! [Where is #2?.]
[Yup, too late.]
[Gathering to complain.]
That was not fair.
Everyone was on the floor! [Can't attack when we're sitting.]
- What was the number? - Two.
What should you do if I said #2 when you were sitting? [Stubborn.]
- You have to turn while sitting.
- Sit and turn.
But there is a front and back.
[Logically refutes.]
We need time to turn, at least.
So why didn't you turn?! - Pay more attention.
- Got it.
[Wise SEVENTEEN gives up.]
- It's really fun.
- #4, 5 [They got excited.]
- It's fun.
- We're hooked on it.
- No.
- Everyone, let's change the song.
- I see.
[They're so good at dancing to "Very Nice".]
- "Don't Wanna Cry".
- We haven't done it.
- Dance - Let's start with No.
[Starting to check members.]
- No.
- Too difficult.
Music, please.
[Too obvious that he made a mistake.]
[I saw you.]
Out! What? [I had to find my place before finding the center.]
My place was here.
As if he didn't make a mistake.
- For the first time.
- Even before music started.
[In 3 seconds.]
- First time to fail in 3 seconds.
- Sorry.
[I'm so sorry.]
I forgot.
I thought this was my place.
I was surprised.
Let's go! Music, please.
[Seungkwan doesn't want to cry #SEVENTEEN.]
[It always starts like a music show or a music video.]
I like this song.
[Perfectly synchronized dance.]
[Bangchan mode.]
[Hoshi, very sexy.]
[Detecting the attack timing.]
It's time to change, I guess.
3! [Checking out the location.]
Jimmy jib! Jimmy jib camera.
[He's not wrong, it's his solo part.]
[The one who actually made a mistake.]
[Another one who is lost in the crowd.]
[I need to find my place.]
- Jimmy jib! - No.
3! [S.
Coups finally found his place.]
3, no.
[Finally he found his place.]
It's going to change.
[Pretending as if he did it right.]
- Changing.
- Have to move? - Let's move! [Amazing! They moved while sitting down.]
That's awesome.
5! [12 heads in a hurry to find camera no.
[They became peaceful after a short chaos.]
- Good, good! - So nice.
[(Hoshi is looking around).]
[Go, no.
- No.
1! - The rightest camera.
[Targeting the center.]
- The rightest one.
- No.
[They realigned their places.]
- Here? - 5, 6, 7, 8.
You bumped into each other.
[Warning! Illegal U-turn.]
Bumping into each other.
[He starts laughing out.]
Bumping into each other.
[Let's find the camera.]
[Donhee's suspicious movement.]
2! [Camera guide in a hurry.]
[Run to find Donhee!.]
2! - What's this? - Out! [(Predicted) failure again.]
Why didn't you come to the camera no.
2? [Applause for Donhee's use of space.]
- Amazing.
- At this wide venue! Why didn't you come to the camera? [Never seen Donhee move so fast.]
I thought you were Jerry from "Tom and Jerry".
You should be prepared to find a camera.
[He planned to go to a waiting room.]
It was supposed to be in the waiting room.
[Donhee stopped SEVENTEEN from running away from studio.]
If I say no.
2, everyone goes out I planned to have it on the 1st floor lobby.
But I stopped moving at the studio.
[Last try with another song.]
The last song.
Here we go! Music, please.
[Manager, please don't let him run away.]
Please stop him running away.
[Let's succeed this time.]
[Perfectly synchronized dance.]
Look at the camera no.
2, everyone.
[Acting cute.]
[Attack came earlier than expected.]
5! [Relaxed after finding the center.]
They're good at this.
[No time to be relaxed.]
4! [This is the camera no.
Here, inside.
[As expected, SEVENTEEN's perfect group dance.]
He's going to change.
3! [Oh, yeah! Clap!.]
Let's get ready.
[Skillfully moving to the center following the camera.]
5! - No.
5! - To the left.
[When everyone was busy dancing.]
2 camera Conhee ran away.]
2 ran away.
[Another attack.]
1! [Still concentrating on the performance.]
[So professional.]
Way to go! Great job! [Conhee's camera no.
2 came back.]
4! [A piece of cake.]
4! Great job! [So easy.]
Be prepared to find no.
- No.
3! - Jimmy jib camera.
[Attack didn't work.]
Good, good.
[Changing the formation following the cam.]
- Defconn! - No.
2, ready! Not yet.
[Conhee's camera was mentioned.]
2! [Running toward it.]
[Turn back again.]
3! [Successfully finished.]
[Trying to climb up.]
Bridge part.
2! [Here we go!.]
Cool, cool.
- This is not the remix version.
- No.
2! [Running away with the camera.]
2! [Catch me, if you can!.]
2! [I won't lose the center place.]
2! [The final attack by changing height.]
2! [This is easy.]
2! [They perform so professionally.]
2, no.
2! [Looking at the camera no matter what happens.]
2! [Coming to an end.]
2! [Successfully finished dancing to "CLAP".]
Everyone! [You did a great job!.]
[Love it.]
- SEVENTEEN is amazing.
- It was fun.
- Right.
You did it well.
It was cool to see.
[Perfect success.]
SEVENTEEN successfully achieved! [You may watch various video clips including Coups CAM on V LIVE.]
It was great.
Donhee, Conhee's Fact Check! [Getting excited without knowing what this is.]
[First time to appear on IDOL ROOM.]
SVT visited "IDOL ROOM" for the first time.
[Time to check rumors around them.]
There are rumors about SVT.
- Rumors? - Rumor.
- Gossip.
- Wow.
We'd like to investigate them and find if it's true.
- It sounds fun.
- First topic, please.
It's fun.
So much fun.
SVT is proud of strong team work.
Seungkwan, you said you guys produced the best in the worst situation.
- Yes.
- Where? [At the SEVENTEEN concert.]
It was a 4-day-long concert.
[Vernon injured his leg.]
But Vernon injured on the 2nd day.
On the 3rd day, we talked about it and I said that.
[I said it but that's cool.]
In this worst situation where someone injured, I said we were going to produce the best result.
[Throwing a wet blanket.]
- It's the worst situation because Vernon hurt.
- Yes.
[Words of wisdom.]
- Someone gets hurt, it's the worst.
- Whoever it is, if anyone does, it's worst.
[The best comment from the worst situation.]
- He's very wise.
- Really.
Witty entertainer.
[Boo, boo.]
Woozi said this.
"We know what each other wants by looking into eyes".
Are you sure? [Let's check.]
Woozi, you said so, right? Tell us what Dino wants to have now.
[Looking into eyes.]
[Dino, come to the MCs.]
Dino, tell me.
Come and tell me.
- I think we can do this.
- Hope he guesses right.
Black Bean Noodles.
[Vernon got the signal.]
- What you want to have.
- Okay, I got it.
[But this one doesn't know.]
- Please look at Woozi.
- If he knows, it'll be awesome.
Because he said he could know by looking into eyes.
[Talking Not angry.]
1, 2, 3.
[Don't know what to say.]
[Listened to Wonwoo's voice.]
- Late night snack? - Tripe.
- Stir-fried tripe and vegetables? Tripe and vegetables.
[Fact bombing.]
You don't get it at all.
Actually, I exaggerated a bit.
[Too exaggerated.]
That was too much.
[The one got a signal.]
- Vernon, what do you think? - Black Bean Noodles? [Goosebumps.]
How did you know that? [Everyone read Dino's thought.]
- I thought so.
- I got goosebumps.
[They were the only exceptions.]
- I thought Black Bean Noodles.
- I got goosebumps.
Vernon knows by looking into eyes.
- It's not just looking.
- His thought.
- I guessed he'd want to have it.
I got goosebumps.
[Mean comment.]
Woozi is now in hot water.
[Dry lips.]
He boasted he could do this.
[Vernon's credibility went up.]
But Woozi wasn't included.
[Woozi's ability for sugar-coating improved.]
If one of us can do, I think it's true.
[Teamwork test.]
Let's see how strong their teamwork is.
[Strike the same pose for a given word.]
It's like charades.
- Easy.
- This is to see your teamwork.
If you discuss, it's going to be boring.
- We need to pose right away.
- Sure.
The 1st word.
[Difficulty level low: 1st word - Heart.]
- Heart.
- Easy.
- This.
- A lot of variations.
You have this, and that.
[Telling with his eyes.]
- You know, right? - Honestly - We need to do the same thing.
- 1, 2, 3.
Stay still.
[The same heart.]
Stay still.
- Stay still.
- What are you doing? - What are you doing? [Quick change.]
- Stay still.
- Hey.
- What are you doing? [Complaints from all.]
- Of course, a heart is this! - No.
- What are you doing? [He was wrong, too.]
- Hang on.
- Mingyu.
[SVT heart.]
- What's that? - This is SVT heart.
[This is for CARAT only.]
When SVT makes a heart for CARAT.
You should've done this! - Joshua, they say SVT has a special heart for fans.
- What's that? [Making an excuse.]
[That's it!.]
We had this choreography for "CLAP".
[Mingyu wants to get a free ride on it.]
- Great job.
- Anyways.
[(It was good So natural).]
It's a heart in the "CLAP" dance.
[Failed at the first attempt.]
- Let's concentrate.
- This is not difficult.
- A heart.
So easy.
- Shall we do this together? [Donhee & Conhee's turn.]
- Black Bean Noodles.
- 1, 2, 3.
- Black Bean Noodles.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Very different.]
[Seungkwan points out.]
You raised a plate and you didn't.
- A plate? - We are sharing a big plate of noodles.
This big.
I'm holding the entire plate.
I'm holding it.
- That's so easy.
- Let me read the word.
[Difficulty level low: OH MY!.]
- "OH MY!" - This is too easy.
1, 2, 3.
[Find the one who is wrong.]
You did the same thing.
- Vernon.
- What? - Wrong arm.
[Vernon raised his right arm.]
- Vernon.
- What? - Wrong arm.
Why did you do this? [Coups CAM.]
Why did you raise this hand? [Coups CAM.]
[Aware of his personal cam.]
It's okay.
[Look at him.]
- He changed his word.
- Arm [Sorry.
- It's okay.
- I don't know.
[I'm sorry, too.]
[The 3rd word: Mingyu.]
Next one.
[Trend among SVT members.]
- Mingyu? Easy.
- Mingyu? - Easy.
[They copied Mingyu's gestures.]
- It's easy.
- Shall we do that? [Got it?.]
Don't make a signal.
[You know.]
- Don't do that.
-Here we go.
- Let's do it.
- 1, 2, 3.
Mingyu! [Both of them are belatedly raising hands.]
- Mingyu.
- Oh? - Who? You? [Mingyu raised both hands.]
- Mingyu.
- Oh? [DK failed to change his gesture.]
- What's that? - Isn't it himself? - Hang on.
[Mingyu = 2m = tall.]
- What does it mean? - Tall.
[Inkigayo MC.]
- Mingyu is the MC.
- MC.
- When we saw him.
[It was meaningful but he did it wrong.]
- Others did this.
- Right.
It's too hard to test our teamwork with this game.
[This is not the real test.]
Do you think I can test your teamwork by this? [I'm so glad.]
- This is not good enough.
- Sure.
This teamwork test is [Generous IDOL ROOM.]
Depending on how long you maintain it, - CARAT will receive gifts.
- Really? - Really? We're going to buy coffee.
1 cup per second.
- SEVENTEEN! - Good.
- We're going to do our best.
[Human chair to give gifts to CARAT!.]
- Human chair.
- 13 members? - Human chair? [The youngest one with strong thighs.]
Who will sit at the end? - Vernon.
- Vernon.
- You will sit on top of them.
- Okay.
- Can you do that? [Human chair: 13 members will sit over another's laps and hold the position.]
First of all, [IDOL ROOM buy a cup of coffee per 1 second.]
Dino, please sit down.
Sit down and stand in a line.
- Let's do this.
- S.
[In a line.]
It's going to start by removing the chairs.
- Don't really sit on laps.
- Mingyu, stand up.
- Oh, my.
The one sitting in the front should bend.
[Cheering up.]
Let's bend over.
- May we hold each other? - Woozi.
- Joshua.
- This.
[Thighs are trembling.]
It's hard, already.
Ready, go! I removed the chair.
- Not bad.
- 2 cups, already.
3, 4, 4 cups.
[He's holding laps with his hands.]
I sat on.
10 seconds.
10 cups! [He's exhausted.]
You need to sit down.
[Don't stand up.]
Jun, you need to sit on laps.
- You need to sit.
- Am I the only one [He's having a tough time too.]
- Please sit down.
- who feels tired? [13 SVT members are going down.]
You need to sit.
Don't stand up.
[I need to endure.]
What? No, no.
Let's play this fair.
The crew members start frowning.
[Only for CARAT.]
- Love you, CARAT! - Let's buy coffee! [Trust and strong will.]
Say CARAT when you feel tired.
[Cheering up!.]
CARAT! CARAT! CARAT! [Carrot for them.]
50 cups now! [Best mission to build teamwork.]
- Sit down.
- Dino, if you're tired [Strong thigh Dino won't take a rest.]
- Let's do it! - CARAT! CARAT! [This is not a boot camp.]
You have to sit down.
[1 minute surpassed = 60 cups of coffee.]
1 minute! [Discouraged.]
- Why? - You have to sit down.
- Let's do this another time.
[No answer No give up.]
CARAT! CARAT! CARAT! You have to sit down.
[Words of comfort that doesn't help.]
Dino, way to go! The youngest one! [Squeezing muscles of his thighs.]
80 cups! 80 cups! [Hoshi wants Dino to be strong.]
- Dino, don't fall down! - No, no.
[Hey I think I'm done.]
CARAT! CARAT! CARAT! [Falling down.]
Stop! [Strong thigh Dino fell down.]
[(I did my best).]
You outdid what we expected! [Great job, Lee Chan!.]
- Our youngest member, great job! - Dino, good job! - Dino - How many seconds? - I think Dino bought this.
[Final record.]
1 minute and 25 seconds! [1 minute and 25 seconds = 85 cups.]
- 85 cups.
- 85 cups of coffee.
We're going to buy.
[So proud.]
[Strong thigh Dino did a great job for today's mission.]
[Today's coffee fairy Dino.]
SEVENTEEN earned 85 cups [IDOL ROOM will add 15 cups.]
and we'll buy 100 cups, adding 15.
- Good.
- We'll write down names.
- Thank you! [SEVENTEEN's strong teamwork for CARAT.]
We were amazed by your teamwork.
[Best teamwork, proved!.]
Next topic for the Fact Check! [Fact Check.]
13 members are all good looking.
Jeonghan said SVT is proud of their good-looking appearances.
[From a radio show.]
I heard you said it on a radio show.
[Yoon Jeonghan / Spokesperson for SVT.]
SVT members are all good-looking.
[It's like a picture of good-looking guys.]
I'm proud of their good looks.
Tell us honestly.
[Of course.]
I'm the best one.
Handsome Yoon Jeonghan.]
- Agree? - I am handsome.
- Agree? - And others are good-looking, too.
- I'm good-looking and they are, too.
- Proud of our looks.
- Not bad.
- All right.
- Who are the top 3? - Top 3 [Jeonghan's view.]
It's in the eye of beholder.
- Please choose top 3.
- Okay.
- Be honest.
Who's next to you? [(Jeonghan, Dogyeom is here).]
[(I think I'm in top 3).]
[(Please call my name).]
- Shua, Jun.
- Sorry? - Shua and Jun.
[Jun on the left, I'm no.
1, Shua on the right.]
- Shua and Jun.
- Sorry? - Shua and Jun.
[Mingyu never misses it.]
He did this.
"Shua Jun" It depends on his taste.
[According to a media report.]
Each one of you has a specific title.
- The production crew found it.
Do you know that? - Title? - Embarrassing.
I didn't know I had a title.
Sunshine good-looking guy.
[Thank you so much.]
- A handsome guy who makes me gasp.
- Thank you.
I hope it's gasp, not oops.
The8 is Mr.
Pretty ankles.
[Especially, his ankle bones.]
His ankles are pretty? Seungkwan is Prince Bboo.
[Seungkwan heard it.]
[Bboo Bboo.]
Please let me know your name, reporter.
Wonwoo is sexy and handsome.
- Jeonghan.
- Surreally good-looking when he smiles.
Nostalgic good-looking.
God-given Ver-caprio, statue-like good-looking.
A handsome guy from the heaven.
Innocent good-looking guy, Soonyoung.
Woozi, cute and handsome.
Dogyeom is photosynthesis good-looking.
Dino is a handsome guy who makes girls' hearts race.
[If you're good looking.]
If you're really handsome, you have to look good at any situation.
So, we prepared [Good-looking guy validation.]
this special mission today.
So called SVT, "Give-me-one-bite" handsome guy contest.
[We prepared Jokbal for you.]
We'll give you Jokbal.
(Boiled pork feet meat and vegetables) You have to eat a piece of pork meat wrapped in lettuce.
[Enjoying the vegetable wrap.]
And keep your best smile.
[The best-looking one will be picked.]
- I see.
- This is easy, too.
- Jokbal.
- We can just eat it.
That's so nice.
[Welcome, Jokbal.]
[You look most beautiful when eating.]
- Look at the gloss.
- It looks yum.
[It looks so delicious.]
You know, "give me one bite".
[(Please hurry up).]
- You will take a bit bite.
- That's so glossy.
- Who will go first? - Seungkwan.
[Most enthusiastic since filming started.]
- Vernon.
- Okay, Vernon.
[Good for you.]
- Vernon, you worked so hard.
- Thank you.
[A statue-like Vernon.]
What's your best smile? [This is it.]
- Even when he stays still - Okay, this.
[Nobody is interested in his look.]
That's a big wrap.
Full of love.
[Jokbal, I only see you.]
Can you eat it in one swallow? [Too big vegetable wrap.]
- Can you do that? - It's as big as my fist.
- It's like a baseball.
- Thank you.
[Handsome guy validation.]
- Enjoy it.
1 - 2, 3! [Yum.]
It looks different because he's handsome.
Does it fit in your mouth? [Have you ever seen a statue eating Jokbal?.]
[Unexpected photoshoot.]
[Smacking his lips.]
Let us see your smile, Ver-caprio.
Drop what you have in hands.
[Ver-caprio is just eating Jokbal.]
He's just chewing but he looks different.
- He's so handsome.
- You need to keep your best smile.
[Words of amazement.]
Good-looking! [The contest goes off the topic.]
- Next one.
- Holding it with you hand [Not interested in their looks They're just hungry.]
- And enjoy it.
- Okay.
[Showing off his best smile.]
[Warming up his mouth.]
Hoshi's mouth is big.
- Hoshi's mouth is big.
- He's eating well.
[Innocent good-looking guy.]
[Jokbal eating broadcast can't be more innocent!.]
[Jokbal-holic, having no interest in looks.]
Look forward.
[Soonyoung, please open your eyes.]
Don't forget your best smile.
[Yum yum.]
[Yum yum.]
[Passionate Jokbal eating scenes of the contest candidates.]
[Acting like his nickname.]
[We expected they would look weird.]
He looks nostalgic.
[All of them look great.]
He can't swallow it.
[The contest proves they are handsome.]
Photosynthesis! [Delicious.]
He ate it up! [Mingyu is imagining.]
He ate it up! [Mingyu, what are you doing?.]
Why did you open your mouth? [(Yum).]
[When Dogyeom eats.]
Mingyu keeps eating together.
[(Yum) (Yum).]
When Woozi eats, [He's eating imaginary Jokbal.]
He chews again! It's good but I'm hungry.
[Donhee starts feeling hungry.]
- It looks yum.
- It's delicious.
[When SVT wraps Jokbal with lettuce.]
[Oh, I want to have it.]
- Woozi.
- It's a nice size.
[(I really want to have it).]
- Push it to your mouth.
- Seungkwan.
[Let's look at good-looking guys.]
[SVT effect! Even Jokbal looks handsome.]
[There's no humiliating scene.]
[Event to share Jokbal.]
Please enjoy the leftover.
- Before they remove it.
- Right.
- Have one more bite.
- Mingyu [Mingyu took a bit one with bone.]
- Have one more bite.
- Mingyu [I really wanted to have this.]
That's the most delicious part.
[Everyone eats Jokbal.]
Seungkwan, that's the best part.
- It's a drumstick of Jokbal.
- Right.
[Yum yum.]
[Mingyu, were you starved?.]
[Eating well.]
[No point of being handsome, in front of Jokbal.]
That's the best part.
[Everyone eats, chews, tastes and enjoys.]
I think you ate it well fitting the concept of Mr.
[Who's the best one?.]
Members, please pick the best one.
Who did it well, matching his title? - Who ate it well? - Who was it? [Let's watch again.]
[Everybody did a great job fitting their titles.]
[Who is the most handsome guy?.]
- Who did it well fitting the title? - Best.
- Who ate it well? - Who? [Self-recommendation.]
- I think I impressed others.
- Yes, everyone gasped.
[Mingyu, why do you eat it so passionately?.]
- Mingyu - He's chewing the bone now.
- Right, it made me gasp.
- So, Mr.
Handsome is Mingyu? [SVT's handsome guy criteria = Eating well.]
- Mingyu? - Is it Mingyu? - Mingyu? Mingyu who made us gasp won the honor! [I'd like to thank Jokbal for this honor.]
Frequent dance covers of SEVENTEEN in audition shows.
"The reason why we have to work harder".
Isn't this amazing? Don't you feel honored? We were really amazed.
[SEVENTEEN's songs are covered by idol groups.]
[Source: CJ ENM.]
[Dance covers in various audition shows.]
[Source: KBS.]
[Verified to be popular dance cover songs in audition shows.]
Why do you think people do dance covers of your songs? [Simple.]
Because they like our music? [The composer is pleased.]
- That's obvious.
- To be honest, people seem to believe that our dance moves are not that difficult.
But our dance moves are actually hard.
Our dance moves are different in terms of dancing in-sync.
[The secret to SEVENTEEN's choreography.]
What matters is the timing.
The timing of the beat.
Hook~ bam! Hook~ bam! Just stay on the beat.
- Keep to the "bam" part.
- Yes.
- We can do it right now.
- Please do it.
- How? [Are you ready?.]
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Seems to be no big deal, but it looks so cool.]
Hook~ bam! Hook~ bam! [Perfect timing.]
[So easy.]
Just keep to the "bam" part.
[All 13 members are the performance team.]
You said all the members are good at dancing.
Most of our members are great dancers.
Who is a bit slow in learning dance moves? [Voluntary report.]
- As for the speed, - I'm a slow learner.
- So this is - You said it first.
- As for learning speed, - I need a lot of time to memorize.
- I understand.
I memorize slow.
Though Jeonghan is a slow learner, he practices by himself to catch up when the others take a break.
[A true hard-working dancer.]
So perfect.
The fans requested something related to dancing.
[Request from CARATs.]
SEVENTEEN is famous for their dancing skills.
Show us a dance cypher.
Dance cypher - We've done this a few times.
- Good, good.
Have you done a dance cypher? [On TV.]
I've never done that before.
- Not on a TV show.
- 5 years ago.
- When we were trainees.
[Dokyeom's fierce warm-up.]
If you like the music, come on to the dancefloor [Inner dance.]
and start dancing.
SEVENTEEN's dance cypher.
Music, please.
[SEVENTEEN's dance gauge is up.]
Move to the groove and when the music changes, [Grooving.]
Let's see.
[SEVENTEEN is on standby.]
[Oh my bro.]
[The youngest on top, Dino is up.]
[Right up Donhee's and Conhee's alley.]
[Look at his eyes.]
[Sexy adult Dino.]
[Michael Chan-son.]
[Our youngest member has grown so much.]
[Now that he's had some fun.]
[Pass the baton to The8.]
[Figuring out the rhythm.]
So light-footed.
[Effortlessly playing with the melody.]
[Taking the backing up dance to the next level.]
[Incredible footwork.]
[So amazing.]
[Classy dance master.]
Who? Who? Who? [Shua is up.]
[He started dancing, but the music changes.]
[Keeping calm, as if he's already known it.]
[Coups CAM.]
[Rolling with excitement.]
[Mysterious acrobatics and mime dance.]
[Since I'm embarrassed, see you then!.]
That's it? [I loved that dance move.]
[Here comes Jihoon.]
Woozi! [High quality dance.]
[This is the dance skills of the vocal team leader.]
Woozi bro! [Excited fans of Woozi's.]
Woozi! [Sexy Woozi-worm.]
[After Woozi swept the stage, Seungkwan is up.]
[Get on the rhythm.]
[Cheering for Seungkwan.]
Pelvis, Seungkwan! [His face is almost like a pro dancer.]
Look at his face.
[Cute dance moves.]
[Dancing machine at a glance.]
[Wonwoo, come on.]
Last but not least, Wonwoo.
[Here's the personalized song for sexy and handsome guy Wonwoo.]
[Oh my.]
So sexy! So sexy! So sexy! So sexy! [So sexy that they can't even watch him.]
So sexy! So sexy! [Feeling dizzy.]
[Wonwoo's sexy move.]
[It's eating their heart out.]
Look at his face.
[The sexiest guy in the universe.]
[Jeon Wonwoo rocks.]
I - Woozi bro.
- Can we see Woozi's dance as an encore? [Cool Woozi doesn't refuse.]
- Encore.
- It's been awhile since I danced like that.
[MC Boo.]
Let's pick a contender for the dance battle.
Let's have a one-on-one dance-off.
[The most excited audience.]
It's going to be so fun, oh my.
[Request for a special song.]
Some powerful hip-hop song.
We can tear it off and dance.
[Calm down Seungkwan.]
Tear it off, grab it, and throw it away! - Something like that.
- Like the song Woozi danced to.
With this music, I'll go.
The8 did great earlier.
[It's not fair.]
He's a b-boy.
We have to surround them, you know what I mean? [Seungkwan got too much into his character.]
[Calm down, Seungkwan.]
Seungkwan, please [SEVENTEEN dance off.]
[B-boy The8 vs.
Too amazing to be true, Woozi.]
[Seungkwan is pumped up all the time.]
Dance battle.
Let's [OK, Seungkwan.]
Please proceed, Seungkwan.
[Talking on and on without pausing for breath.]
Our dance battle! You can see me here! [MC Boo, runaway engine.]
Let's get it! Music! [Spin spin.]
[The water bottle chose Jihoon.]
[Power popping.]
[This is going to be a tough fight.]
[Showing off his dance skills he's developed for 23 years.]
[Got the great spot.]
[Look at Jihoon dance.]
[Ha! Is it my turn?.]
[Mommy! I got The8's shirt!.]
[The8's amazing footwork technique.]
[Is this dance or martial arts?.]
[Look at him.]
[Fast footwork off the floor.]
[Is it over now?.]
[Oh my goodness.]
[Jihoon won't sit still.]
[It was a good match.]
Good job, good job.
Good job, good job.
- That was awesome.
- Amazing.
[Really impressed.]
You've still got it, Woozi.
[Tee hee.]
Still - This is not over.
- Then? Like no other idols have ever tried, let's verify SEVENTEEN's dance skills.
[What could it be?.]
So fun.
Freestyle dance on a treadmill.
It's going to be so fun.
Recently in China, freestyle dance on a treadmill is all the rage.
- Here we go.
- Dokyeom goes first.
- OK.
Get on the treadmill.
freestyle dance on a treadmill is all the rage.
- Here we go.
- Dokyeom goes first.
- OK.
Get on the treadmill.
Give us the music! [Longing for freedom.]
He's jumping right in.
[Filling up the audio.]
Sexy, sexy.
[Planned out dance moves.]
[Avoiding the running area.]
[Looks like he screwed up his plan.]
- That was awkward.
- He looks flustered.
- Show us! - Here we go! [Finally get on the running area.]
[Almost ruined it but hid it with his quick wits.]
That scared me.
[Looks quite cool.]
[Regaining his pace, he's doing quite great.]
[That was fun.]
[Come on out, Woozi.]
[This step looks familiar!.]
[Seungcheol's great discovery.]
Isn't that hopscotch? [Hopscotch dance.]
Isn't that hopscotch? [Nice.]
[Woozi has done one year's dance today.]
- It's too hard.
- So fun.
[Prince Hoshi needs to show something.]
[Half dance half funny.]
[Light steps.]
[The first acrobatic dance.]
[Hesitate to do something again.]
[Playing hard to get with the audience.]
[The ending fairy's squirmy wave dance ending.]
Coups is filled with excitement.]
[The last contestant is heating up the passion.]
[This is just Seungkwan's talent show.]
[Cut it out.]
[Seungkwan, whoa whoa.]
- They've turned up the heat.
- It's heated up.
Why did you just lie down? [Get serious, please.]
Who wouldn't want to be funny here? I'll give you another chance.
Give us the music, please.
I'll show you my real freestyle dance.
- I won't try to be funny at all.
- Those who haven't tried yet If you want to try, come on out.
[Dancing with acting skills.]
[Drunken dance.]
- Be careful.
- Look at his acting.
- It's dangerous.
[Time to show something real.]
[Is this the real dance he promised?.]
[Being funny is in my genes.]
Is it gymnastics? [Please don't try treadmill dancing at home.]
- It's not easy.
- It's hard.
[Quite good for the first try.]
- That person was great.
- It's harder that it looks.
[Who's next? Hyungdon?.]
- Hyungdon? - What? - Hyungdon.
[No, thank you.]
[Leave it on a high note.]
Good job.
Good job.
SEVENTEEN came back as a group in 5 months.
[Too bad it's time to go home already.]
We had a great time.
[SEVENTEEN got closer to Donhee and Conhee.]
You have become more relaxed.
And you've grown further.
We were so glad to meet SEVENTEEN here today.
How was it today, S.
Coups? You are today's Pick-dol.
Coups CAM.]
[My camera.]
That's right.
How are your feelings as the Pick-dol? I was almost unaware of the camera following me.
You've followed me secretly so well.
[What's that.]
I felt free.
[Caring about the next guests.]
Those who will be on this show, you can feel free.
Thank you.
We made a comeback in 5 months.
We hope you enjoy our title song "Oh, My"! We will keep working hard, so please send us a lot of love and support.
- We've been with SEVENTEEN.
Say The Name, - SEVENTEEN! Thank you! [Good job, SEVENTEEN! Clap clap clap.]
Idol show with No.
1 credibility.
This was Idol Room! [You can watch various Idol Room videos including S.
Coups CAM on V LIVE.]
It's the opposite.