Idol Room (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Seungri (Big Bang)

JTBC Idol Room Episode 12 - Seungri (Big Bang) [Ba dum tss.]
[Donhee and Conhee with no sense of rhythm.]
Get up! [Puzzled.]
Get up! [Making an appearance in a not-so-cool way.]
You should have come out.
[Dancing as he is told.]
You should have come out.
You're a celeb, you should know better.
[Figuring out how to follow them.]
[Being cute and silly as he gets used to it.]
[Jimmy jib tour dance.]
[Idol Room.]
Let's move to our spots.
- Is this the way it is? - Yes.
[Proceed without any explanation.]
Idol variety show with no.
1 credibility! [No idea what's going on.]
Idol Room! Come on, Seungri [Never-ending puzzled look.]
- Idol Room! - Come on, Seungri - This! - I should do this? - I know you saw the meme already.
[This is not going to be easy.]
It's hard.
For the first time in history of Idol Room, we have a solo guest here.
- The studio feels so huge.
- Yes.
Your orange shirt really stands out.
Since we haven't introduced him yet, he can't say anything.
[Can't wait to talk.]
- B to the I to the Bang Bang.
- Yes.
[You thought we'd introduce you now?.]
B to the I to the Bang Bang? You missed them? [Oh, my goodness.]
He alone can fill the void.
[So fun to tease him.]
- Hard carry.
- B to the I to the Bang Bang! Nope.
[Funny reactions.]
- B to the I to the Bang Bang! Nope.
- No.
In Korea [A well-made skit.]
He came back with a new album after "Strong Baby".
- Can't wait to check it out.
- He's been around for a long time.
[We've teased him enough.]
An all-around entertainer.
[Not too soon.]
B to the I to the Bang Bang! Nope.
He deserves a longer introduction, since he came back after a long time.
[Getting tired.]
He has a colorful career.
[Tireless reactions.]
A rising businessman.
He's called Yang Hyunsuk Junior.
[Welcome, Seungri!.]
Seungri! Hello, nice to meet you.
I'm Seungri of Big Bang.
- This is a 60-minutes show.
- Yes.
- Can you fill the 60 minute show by yourself? - Is it going to be okay? I'd like to ask you back if 60 minutes would be okay.
[I am Seungri.]
Did you plan 2 weeks? - That is how you took it? - I took a look at the script.
[Super confident.]
I think you've really underestimated me.
- You mean you'll surely fill the 60 minutes.
- Exactly.
I will churn out two weeks worth of footage today.
- Is that your stylist? - Yes.
When you said you'd churn out two weeks worth of footage, she snorted.
I guess even your staff member doesn't know your true capability.
- When it comes to Seungri, - He's global.
He can speak Japanese, Chinese, and English.
Since your fans are all over the world, please help our show to spread throughout the world by saying greetings in 4 different languages.
- Let's start from Korean.
- Korean.
[Global idol Seungri's greeting in Korean.]
Hello, I'm Big Bang's Seungri.
I'm thrilled to come out as an idol in a long time.
I hope you will enjoy this show with an idol, which is me.
I hope you have a great day.
You stuttered a lot in Korean.
[Oh, you didn't know that.]
My Korean is really poor.
- Right? - Yes.
[Lee Seungri (Korean).]
I'm good at all the other languages but Korean.
Let's just skip it.
Next up is the real deal.
- English, please.
- In English.
Hi, guys.
This is Seungri.
Finally, my solo album is coming out, soon.
I'm excited right now.
I hope you guys enjoy this TV show.
Thank you.
That wasn't as hard as I thought.
- I understood everything.
- I believe our production crew got that.
[Greetings in Chinese.]
- OK.
- Now in Chinese, please.
Hi, I'm Seungri.
My new album finally came out.
I'm really thrilled.
I hope you will enjoy this show today.
Thank you.
[Last but not least.]
In Japanese, please.
Hello, I'm Big Bang's Seungri.
It's been a long time, everyone.
I'm glad I can show you my idol-like self.
I hope you will enjoy the show today.
[It's not over yet.]
Can you mix what you just said in 4 different languages? [Speechless.]
Don't end like, "Hi, I'm Seungri".
[Asking a little too much.]
[For example.]
Hello, I'm Seungri.
Like this.
- Mix Korean and other languages.
- Mix them? - Yes.
- Mixed style? - Please enunciate.
- All right.
[And he pulled it off.]
Hello, I'm Seungri.
This TV show is really great.
My Idol.
Hi, everyone.
Hello, I am very happy.
Enjoy happy the TV show.
All right.
Now fans who speak those languages understood you.
It felt like I quartered my brain.
And yet, Seungri pulls it off.
I have one more favor to ask you.
How many followers do you have? [The power of a world star.]
I have 7.
7 million followers.
[Rounding down.]
- 7 million.
- Yep.
[Let me show off accurately.]
- It's 7.
7 million.
- Oh my gosh.
- This show is pretty new.
- Yeah.
- Yup.
[Idol Room targets international audience.]
For international fans, - we need to promote it.
- Promotion is crucial.
So [Kneeling down to reach the global audience.]
I beg you to follow us.
Come on - I'm sorry we're trying to be a free loader.
- All right.
[Seungri's cellphone is brought right away.]
Some people just talk the talk.
[Why is my phone here?.]
- A text from the CEO.
- Hang on, it's my phone.
Of course it's your phone.
[He follows right away.]
[An easy guy.]
Let me follow you.
[The 6th idol who followed Idol Room.]
- You got 2K - I pushed.
- You forced me to push it.
[Forcing him to take a picture.]
Let's take a picture together.
- You have 7.
7 million followers.
- All right.
[This is a picture for the business benefits.]
[Don't be fooled by a phony show of friendship.]
[The truth behind the pics of celebrities.]
[Now forcing him to upload the photo.]
Shall we upload it now? [No way Upload? Where?.]
Where? - On your social media.
- On my Instagram? - Yes.
Who else would it be? [Doing whatever he is told.]
- Let me photoshop it.
- You do that? Please don't mind us.
It's just you who has to look nice.
- I've never been forced to upload something on my Instagram.
- Sure.
We figured.
[Including CEO Yang.]
No one has ever told me what to do with my SNS.
It's our first time to force someone to do it, too.
[But he's kind enough to do what he's told.]
- You're our first solo guest.
- I see.
[Avatar Seungri, he even writes down what they say.]
Idol Room, hi, everyone.
Hi, everyone.
[Taking the phone away.]
Give me that! I'll write it myself.
[He doesn't have his SNS account.]
How come you're so terrible at SNS? [He's been taken advantage of during the first 10 minutes.]
Hyungdon and Daejoon.
[Huge bags under his eyes.]
- Daejoon.
- Sorry, I mistyped my name.
- I'll do that.
- We got it.
- Almost done.
- Jung Hyungdon.
- Jung Hyungdon.
[You just upload it.]
Just press "confirm".
[So kind.]
Hang on.
I can tag you and type "Idol Room" here.
That's smart.
So kind.
[So easy and so kind.]
- You're so kind.
- OK.
[Donhee and Conhee's post on Seungri's SNS.]
- Share.
- Nice pic.
- OK, OK.
All right, all right.
You made a big contribution to the Korean Wave.
[Speaking of SNS.]
In fact, the number of G-Dragon's followers is the highest among the Korean celebrities.
[G-Dragon, the most influential star on SNS.]
He has 16 million followers.
It's almost twice as many as my followers.
I was so shameless when I asked him [Seungri asked a little favor to GD.]
We met up when he was on leave from the army.
I asked him if I can use his account while he serves in the army.
[Seungri asked for an audacious favor.]
You asked him to hand it over to you.
- I asked him if I could use his account briefly.
- What did he say? He said that I must be insane.
So that happened.
It was a shameless favor to ask.
You're YG's official wedding singer? You sing at just about all the YG-related weddings? As you know, it's been 13 years since I joined YG Entertainment.
- I've sung at 18 weddings.
- 18 times.
- That is a lot.
- For our manager, Financial Management, HR.
- Stylist team.
- Do you know why they asked you specifically? [Only Seungri.]
Strangely, the staff members only asked me.
Why is that? They do not ask GD or Taeyang.
- Now - They don't ask Daesung brother.
Why do you call Daesung brother, and GD and Taeyang are your friends? [Did I?.]
What? [Using the honorifics to Daesung.]
Not GD, not Taeyang, not Daesung brother.
I still feel awkward around Daesung.
[Revealing the secret, though no one asked why.]
How come? I mean, it's been 13 years.
But I feel weirdly awkward around him.
- That happens.
- The last member you should overcome.
- Weird.
In that sense, could you sing something for us? [He plays along with anything.]
- A song for Idol Room.
- Wishing it lasts long.
- We're honored to hear it.
- OK.
[Smooth opening line as if he prepared it.]
Idol Room Hyungdon and Defconn.
Congratulations on becoming the major TV show.
Here's the song for you.
"Strong Idol".
[Changing the lyrics.]
This is the beginning.
1 in the ratings.
[Too worked up.]
On JTBC, in Korea.
[Killer dance.]
We dance together.
I become an idol.
Idol Room.
[Great job, Seungri.]
[So proud.]
It was hard even if you prepared it in advance.
- That was really sweet.
- Hi, everyone.
Thank you.
[English please.]
[His ordeal begins again.]
In English this time, please.
- The same song in English? - Yes.
[Still, I give it a try.]
[It's the English version.]
- No.
1 in viewer ratings.
- I'm sorry.
That was in Korean.
- But - In English, please.
- But people in LA say "Sicheong-ryul".
[Are you OK, Seungri?.]
Looks like you're panicking.
[He acts cool, but he's sweating.]
Yes, the sweat is pouring down my back.
[No mercy.]
[Endless favors.]
Then in Chinese, please.
[In Korean.]
- This is the beginning, for real.
- Hang on.
- This is the beginning, for real.
- Hang on.
- This is the beginning.
- The beginning is the same.
- Yes.
[He's making an excuse so smoothly.]
The Korean Wave is powerful.
For the hallyu fans, they know certain Korean words already.
- They'd know "This is the beginning".
- Yep.
[Japanese, please.]
This time, the Dotonbori version, please.
- Osaka version.
- OK.
[Real Japanese.]
Korean TV JTBC No.
To Idol Room, come on, everyone.
This is the best! The best! Idol No.
"The best".
You said "the best" a lot.
[What a bundle of fun.]
You're the best.
[Appreciate it.]
Thank you.
In fact, the production crew asked me to read the script carefully.
All evening yesterday, - you read the script.
- I did.
I kind of expected it, but I didn't know you two would not follow the script at all.
[Give us a break.]
- We don't read the script.
- I expected that, but I really didn't know.
You're playing along so well, Seungri.
Thank you so much.
[The Great Seung-tsby's colorful career.]
You have a colorful career.
There is a long list, since you debuted more than 13 years ago.
- Let me point out a few.
- OK.
You debuted as Big Bang in August 2006.
[He's spent half of his life as an idol.]
It has been 13 years since you became an idol.
But since some members are serving in the army, - As Big Bang.
- you're force to take time off.
- Just as Big Bang.
- Right.
Here it goes.
You're CEO of the global ramen franchise making 25 billion won a year.
This is well-known fact.
You're the CEO of YGX, a subsidiary company of YG Entertainment CEO Yang entrusted it to him.
He appointed you as CEO of an YG subsidiary.
X stands for junior.
He's been a highly sought-after lecturer and consultant.
Seungtsby who speaks four different languages.
I'm very flattered.
I just want to be remembered as a young man you worked hard.
I believe those modifiers are meaningless.
[The remarkable growth of the youngest member.]
Just like his stage name.
You've become the real winner.
We should talk about your ramen business.
Why is it so delicious? I'm really thankful that a lot of people enjoy it.
In fact, I did not expect to succeed so well.
How did you come to start the business? [Revealing the story.]
- It goes back to - It goes back - It was 6 years ago.
- 6 years ago.
- In 2012.
- Yes, in 2012.
When BoA became a huge hit, - the Korean Wave started.
- It began.
- TVXQ became tremendously popular.
- Right, they did.
[Big Bang entered the Japanese market.]
Big Bang also joined the wave in Japan.
- So I went to Japan.
- You did.
I lived along by myself in Japan.
- By yourself? - Yes.
- I started promoting in Japan.
- You appeared in variety shows.
- Yes.
But then, the exchange rate rose like crazy.
- And the cost of living became too much.
- I'm sure it did.
[So focused.]
- It's all relative.
- I couldn't - You couldn't break even.
The agency figured they can't make profit if I stay in Japan.
I was asked to come back to Korea.
- So interesting.
- Come back.
It's a story about his ramen business, but it's still interesting.
They said they had give me enough time.
I was told to come back.
So holding back tears, I went to the ramen shop right by where I was living.
- Alone.
- Alone.
[Dramatic story.]
- I rummaged through my pocket.
- How much? - I had exactly 600 yen.
- 6,000 won.
Just enough to buy ramen.
The store had exactly one ramen on the menu.
And it was 650 yen.
[Too bad.]
- 650 yen.
- Short of 50 yen.
[Time to finish the story.]
You couldn't ask for 50 yen to the agency.
I thought about it.
I'm short of 50 yen.
What do I do? So I asked the owner if I could have the ramen without the pork.
Pork is the key to Japanese ramen.
I don't need the pork.
- Just the noodles.
- Can I have the ramen with just 600 yen? [Kind owner.]
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- He smiled at me and told me it was okay.
He took 600 yen.
As I was eating my ramen, [The last ramen.]
I thought about going home the next day.
He quietly gave me two pieces of marinated pork.
- He put it in the ramen? - The owner - Underneath the noodles? - No, on a plate.
- He knows something.
- So dramatic.
- That is when I decided.
- Decide what? I should bring this food to Korea and share the emotions.
There was such a beautiful and sad story to how you started your ramen business.
[Now he makes 25 billion won per year.]
Then it became a huge success.
But it has gotten so big that it's a lot of pressure.
To be honest, I'm looking for someone to take over.
[Surprised, he revealed the news like this here.]
I'd like to step down as the CEO.
I started the business because I wanted to share the emotions.
- But it's gotten too big financially.
- It's become so big.
It's a lot of pressure, and the original meaning isn't quite there anymore.
Here's the news.
Seungri is looking for a new CEO.
CEOs who are watching this show, [Why us?.]
please contact Idol Room.
Then we will hook you up.
- There will be a small fee.
- Yes.
I'm looking for someone to take over.
- You became the CEO of YGX.
- Yes.
- That means CEO Yang appointed you.
- Yeah.
You are on the same level as CEO Yang? No, I am not.
There's a behind-the-scene story to it.
When we ask you questions, you reveal all the behind-the-scene stories.
[A little misunderstanding.]
Many people think that Yang Hyunsuk gave me the position.
But I was having trouble with a business fostering DJs.
I realized I could not do it alone.
I asked CEO Yang for help.
So he took us in.
- Based on your vision? - Yes.
I'm glad he put a lot of faith in me.
How's the business coming along? Is CEO Yang happy about the results? [Everything is working out fine.]
We'll start something from this summer.
As I told you earlier, [This time, no one asked him this question.]
I launched something but I had to close it down.
My vocal academy.
One of the teachers became romantically involved with a student.
It was a big issue at that time.
- I know I'm not supposed to say this, but what could I do? They were in love.
- Yes.
- What's the use of a business without love? - You can't stop it.
- Yes.
[Out of the blue.]
You're a teacher, I'm a student.
It's the other way around.
You're a student, and I'm a teacher! It was something like this.
CEO Yang gave me another chance.
He has got full faith in you.
So I'm preparing for the academy business.
From now on, as for the new artists in YG Entertainment who are about to debut - The academy I'm putting together will pick them.
- Yay.
[Expected search keywords.]
Seungri academy.]
He put a lot of faith in you.
CEO Seungri 3.
Seungri and Daesung 4.
Seungri's success.]
If Seungri picks them, they can debut as YG Entertainment artists.
He said I should be in charge of picking out young talent and foster them.
So I'm working on it.
[YG's big shot.]
YG Entertainment is drawing a big picture involving Seungri.
[The opening along lasted for 30 minutes.]
Let's get started.
Personal camera, the first ever fan cam on a variety show.
Today's pick-dol.
Personal camera.
[Having no idea.]
Let me explain what it is.
We will spin the spinning wheel.
When the camera gets you, the camera follows you throughout the shoot.
The person whom the camera picks.
You know NAVER, the unedited footage will be revealed on NAVER.
So the camera shows the reactions of one person? - Yes, one shot.
- Specifically that person? - Yes, one shot.
[Obviously I'm the pick-dol today?.]
But I'm the only guest here.
[Personal camera isn't that easy to get.]
We found a way.
Please bring the spinning wheel.
The spinning wheel.
Lay down on belly in front of the wheel.]
I should sit down? [2.
Spin the wheel, the one whom the wheel points is the pick-dol.]
Do the flower petal pose.
But there are lots of spaces.
- We have to fill it up.
- We have to fill it up.
Please come on out.
[Who's coming?.]
- To fill the void Jennie.
- Jennie, you're back.
- You're back already.
- Jennie.
- Jennie, you're back.
- You're back already.
[2D Jennie and 2D Mino.]
Mino! Mino and [Unexpected get-together of YG artists.]
Youngbae! You're on leave from the army.
Bobby, Byungjae.
Good to see you here, Seungri.
[Icing the cake, CEO Yang.]
Good to see you here, Seungri.
[What the.]
We will lie down around the wheel.
How come you don't look happy to meet your label mates? [Good to see you here, Seungri.]
What do I do? Jennie! [Jenni can't make eye contact.]
- Jennie! - Why are you looking at me? [Can't see well.]
Yeah, Jennie.
- I guess you met her in a long time.
- We are not close.
[What about me, Seunghyun?.]
[What about me?.]
- How about Mino? - Mino! I'm right here, dummy.
I'm right here, dummy.
- Mino, yo! - Yo! [Thought Youngbae was in Gangwon-do.]
- Youngbae.
- He's on leave.
Byungjae is not an idol.
- We invited YG label mates.
- All right.
- CEO Yang.
- I brought them here.
Hello, sir.
Spin the wheel, and if the camera points at you, it will follow you around.
If it points at someone else, we will use the reactions of the person.
We will use the reactions of the person.
[Lay down, everyone.]
Do the flower petal pose, please.
- Come here, please.
- This way, Byungjae.
[He does what he's told so well.]
- Lay down like this? - Yes, like a flower petal.
Make a circle.
[YG label mates are excited.]
Starting from Jennie, pretty face.
1, 2, 3! - Jennie! - Smile, Jennie.
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol BLACKPINK's Jennie.]
- Jennie.
- Smile, Jennie.
- Smile.
[So silly.]
Stretch the paper.
[Winner's Mino.]
[BIG BANG's Taeyang.]
1, 2, 3! [iKON's Bobby.]
1, 2, 3! [Sentimental sexy lips.]
- Close your mouth, Bobby.
- Close your mouth.
- Close your mouth, Bobby.
- Close your mouth.
[YG's CEO Yang.]
CEO Yang.
Thank you, sir.
[Yoo Byungjae from YG.]
He looks like real.
[BIG BANG's Seungri.]
[We are ready.]
Please say hello to the camera up in the ceiling.
- YG family.
- Hi, we're YG family.
[The CEO loves this employee.]
[An exemplary employee.]
Here it goes.
[The wheel spins.]
Let's see whom it gets.
Who is it going to be? [Along with the CEO, realistic candidates for pick-dol.]
I'm nervous.
[Though she has a poker face, she's nervous.]
If it points at someone except Seungri, we'll use that person's reaction footage.
No, no, no, no! This way! [Please.]
No, no, no, no! This way! Come this way! Who is it going to be? Youngbae? [That way?.]
I can't see.
Youngbae? Youngbae? Who is it going to be? [Pass the guest Seungri.]
- Can't find it.
- Youngbae? Youngbae! Good for you, Youngbae.
[Congrats, today's pick-dol is Taeyang.]
- Congratulations.
- Good for you, Youngbae.
[Feels a bit bittersweet, but pleased.]
All right.
[Youngbae will be on TV today.]
Despite the fact Taeyang is serving in the army, he is making an appearance.
Please say something to him.
Congratulations on becoming the pick-dol.
Please show a lot of great reactions.
[For our youngest member, Seungri.]
[Please look forward to it.]
[Tons of Taeyang's reactions.]
Finally, it's time to talk about your new album.
I'm sure you worked really hard for this comeback.
You need great songs, right? In fact, I didn't care to become a solo artist at all.
["I'm So Sick" by Apink.]
Are you promoting Apink now? [A great entertainer.]
[He plays along again.]
It's been over 10 years since I performed as a group.
[Deep love for Big Bang.]
I thought group activities fit me.
So I thought only about group activities.
After our members left to serve in the army, I was left alone.
And I was told [Fill up the emptiness that VIP might feel.]
- to fill the void.
- Their vacancy.
- Yeah.
I was told to take care of our fans so they wouldn't feel emptiness.
[Good job.]
- There was an order.
- They told me so.
I was motivated by that.
[YG's big shots took part in the album.]
For my solo album, - big shot producers worked with me.
- Who are they? [Hit song machine.]
- Teddy.
- Teddy is a genius.
[His recent hit song.]
[Major hit songs.]
- BIG BANG's "Bang Bang Bang" - There's no need to explain.
It's my first time to work with Teddy in 13 years.
- I heard you have double title tracks.
- There are two title tracks.
- One of them is Future Bounce.
- Future Bounce.
I have a great feeling about this album.
Feels like I'm on a national team.
Representing YG Entertainment and BIG BANG.
It feels like I'm entering a competition.
So what's the title of the song? My title track is called "1, 2, 3"! - "3"? - "1, 2, 3"! - I'll count to three.
- "1, 2, 3"! [Start to explain confidently.]
People say this.
I'll count to three.
- That didn't come out easily.
- I'll count to three.
[Once again, he's not good at Korean.]
- Count to three.
- I'll count to three.
You come right over.
The other title song is - "WHERE R U FROM".
- Where are you from? The song "WHERE R U FROM" Song Minho from WINNER became the featuring rapper.
Following the fever of "Gangnam Style", I believe this can sweep throughout the world.
You're aiming for another "Gangnam Style".
I'm all about dancing.
[I saw that last year.]
- You don't dance anymore.
- What? I did.
But I started dancing again.
[To celebrate the comeback.]
So did you learn new choreography? I got amazing choreography.
[Seungri's new song is finally revealed.]
You're coming back as a solo artist in 5 years.
[We'll check out both double title tracks.]
Let's check out "WHERE R U FROM".
Please drop the beat! [Seungri is up.]
["WHERE R U FROM" #Seungri.]
[The Great Seungri is up.]
[Here comes the dance.]
[Love it.]
[It figures why he mentioned "Gangnam Style".]
[Seungri You're real something.]
[I own this summer.]
[Cool comic dance.]
It goes like this.
[That's the preview.]
It has Seungri's unique vibe to it.
I've thought a lot about the dance styles of this album.
- But then, these days - By the way, you're gasping so much.
I need more strength-training exercises.
You should get in shape.
When I see groups like BTS and Wanna One, - there dances go so hard.
- Amazing.
It's no joke.
I thought there is no way I can top that.
So I asked for all of my dances to be funny.
[Crack up.]
- That's why it made me laugh.
- Yes.
I actually had high hopes.
It looked pretty fierce at first.
- Nope.
- But When idols come out on a show like this, - they play their song a lot.
- Yes.
They usually cover the whole first verse.
[Everything is calculated, nice pacing.]
If I do that, I'd be exhausted when we talk.
[80 percent of what raised me was the talk.]
- Your priority is on the talking.
- Obviously.
[By Seungri, a great storyteller.]
- OK.
- Yes, that is why.
[Changing the subject to "1, 2, 3"!.]
As for "1, 2, 3"! it is unprecedented in Korea.
- Does it have a comical element to it? - Is it funny? - It does not.
- Is it cool, then? [Just like John Travolta.]
- You know John Travolta? - We do.
- I'm Seung Travolta.
- From Seungtsby.
[Well-rounded idol.]
[He makes his own nickname.]
Upgraded to Seung Travolta.
Now let's check out "1, 2, 3"! [Nano dance to master the killing part.]
- Nano Dance.
- Nano Dance.
When idol groups come to our show, each member dance the same part - one at a time.
- The killing part.
- The killing part.
- Then we put them together.
- OK.
[The first ever solo guest.]
- But you're the only guest.
- Yes.
- Right.
[Can't miss the nano dance.]
- You can't do it in relay.
- Yes.
So we'll start from your face to your upper body and to your lower body.
We'll split into three sections.
We'll check it out as an insect version.
[Can't get used to it.]
[Idol Room What is with you.]
[Seungri's 3-part nano dance.]
All right.
I'll give it a try.
It's one of the double title tracks.
Drop the beat, please.
[Look forward to Seung Travolta.]
["1, 2, 3"! #Seungri.]
[The dance hasn't started.]
[Roaming around.]
I'm lip-syncing.
[Is this the dance?.]
[Still warming up.]
[Can't wait.]
[The dance! isn't this yet.]
[Seung Travolta with unshowy movements.]
[The long-awaited dance moves.]
It's got the John Travolta vibe to it.
[Coolness overload.]
[I'll count till three so you come right over.]
[This is the nano dance part.]
[Diligent eyes, nose, mouth muscles.]
The upper body.
[Taurine Seungri.]
[The upper body at an exact angle.]
[Baby panda Seungri.]
Only the legs! [Toddle around.]
Now altogether.
Keep on dancing.
[For the solo promotion, I'll count to three, and everything works out.]
[From head to toe, Seungtsby's confidence rocks the stage.]
[This summer, Seungri will count to three.]
[VIP, just trust me and follow me.]
[The preview.]
- That was exciting.
- OK.
But personally, I was a little disappointed since your dance used to be really fierce as a lot of people remember.
How can I put it? There's a lot of comical elements.
[Excitement stirring dance.]
This dance move.
- This one.
- You said it's not funny.
- It's so exciting.
[I like it.]
How nice is this! [We want to see the powerful dance!.]
Charismatic dance like "Strong Baby".
No, I should follow the trend.
Please play "Strong Baby".
[20-year-old vs.
29-year-old Strong Baby.]
Let's compare how he's changed.
Please play the chorus part.
We'll show you who Seungri is.
Drop the beat! [Let's go, Strong Baby.]
- See, this was 5 years ago.
- Yes.
This is Seungri.
- Charismatic Seungri.
Not comical one.
- Yeah! [Sexy.]
- "Strong Baby".
- Ya'll like this man.
[Hey, sexy.]
[Clap clap clap clap.]
- Those claps were - It was too weak.
You were way stronger back then.
GD when he was 22.]
[Seungri turned 20.]
[Seungri who was 20 years old is gone.]
[When he made women's hearts flutter.]
[Got it.]
- OK.
Drop the beat.
- Please play "Strong Baby".
[I'll make it this time.]
[So nervous.]
[Powerful dancing.]
[Tonight you know.]
[Of course I know.]
[Donhee and Conhee's effect on the dancing.]
[Cute and sexy dancing.]
[Diligent hands and legs.]
[Sexy dancing of a 29-year-old.]
[Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.]
- Yeah! - This Seungri.
- This is Seungri.
[Endless favors.]
Play "WHERE R U FROM"! [Can't catch my breath.]
[Endless dancing.]
That was too weak.
Play "WHERE R U FROM"! [Why am I keep dancing here?.]
[Bring my dancing spirit.]
[Go, Seungri!.]
[So passionate.]
[So much different from his movements 5 minutes ago.]
[So passionate from head to toe.]
[I love it.]
[Seungri's dance DNA is finally up.]
[Save me!.]
See? [Now that I saw it.]
It's funny, but the new dance is harder.
- It's harder.
- Comedy is hard.
- Right.
- It surely is.
[What he means: I'm really tired now.]
I'm walking a tough path.
- It's busy.
- Yes.
I got fired up as I danced in a long time like that.
Donhee, Conhee's Fact Check! Dear Seungri.
- It's been 13 years since you debuted.
- Right.
[For 13 years.]
There have been many rumors [Passionately agreeing.]
- and false accusations.
- Right.
- There were a lot.
- Let's finish them.
- All right.
[Segment to investigate truth.]
- Let's talk about the real facts.
- Sure.
Please ask me.
I'm ready.
The first fact to check, please.
Seungri likes to make that look these days.
Is it true? Lips for a kiss.
[Is that a kiss?.]
- What's that? - That thing? ['3'.]
That's an emoji for lips.
[Like this.]
Those dots are eyes.
[Moving lips like this.]
- Lips.
- It looks like lips [Do you want these lips?.]
ready for a kiss.
- That's my favorite emoji.
- When do you put on that look? [Of course.]
When I am ready for a kiss.
Before a kiss, then? [What are you talking about?.]
In fact, that's the look when I want to be an idol band member.
I pout my lips like that.
[Seung-vely, idol band member's look '3'.]
- You're doing for fans.
- Right.
[Intentionally making this duck-like face.]
- Idol band members do that.
- That's not a natural look.
If you have that, - it means you have other looks.
- Yes.
[Seungri's facial expressions.]
Is there anything you developed? When I open my mouth, [VIP knows his heart-shaped mouth.]
it looks like a heart.
My mouth look like that.
So [Seungri's heart-shaped mouth that appears when he's happy.]
What does this look mean? [A look that makes fans want to buy food.]
It makes fans to give food.
Come here, like that.
Like a puppy who opens his mouth for food.
- A puppy's lips? - Like that.
Do you know what Daeng-daeng-ee is? (Puppy) [Seungri is not good at buzzwords.]
Daengdaengee? What's that? [Found something to tease.]
- He doesn't know buzzwords.
- What's that? - He's 29 now.
- I don't know.
[Puppy-like Seungri.]
- Don't you know Daengdaengee? - I don't have a computer at home.
- But you're using a mobile phone.
- I don't know.
What is that? - Will your album be a Dding-ban? (Masterpiece) - Sorry? - Will it be a Ddingban? - What's that? Ddingban? [Seungri's latest buzzword.]
What's the latest one you know? King-wang-jjang? (Best of the best) Is that your latest one? - The latest buzzword you know.
- Jjang? (Best) [It was popular in 2006.]
So sad.
[Real Anseup.]
(Eyes become teary).]
Oh, tears in my eyes.
[Anseup: Literally meaning moisture in eyes.]
It's listed on a Korean dictionary.
[Meaning a sad or pathetic situation.]
It means moisture in eyes, right? [Ignorant of buzzwords.]
If you know this, Do you know Beon-dal-beon-jum? [His eyes blinked 1212 times.]
- Beon-dal - This is an abbreviation.
Does it mean like, "Have you earned money?" [So serious.]
This is serious.
[Lee Celeb(29) who doesn't know buzzwords.]
You have to learn these first.
What's that? Beondalbeonjum? - This is - Beon is an abbreviation for what? [Sad.]
(Larva) [Seungri's version of Beondalbeonjum.]
- Then, dal? - Dalbit? (Moonlight) Larva, moonlight.
Then, Beon again.
What's this? [Unexpected acrostic poems.]
(Extra round) [Then.]
The last "jum".
Zoom in? [MCs are in panic.]
- Is this real? - Is this a documentary film? So, what does it mean? Beon That thing? [Beon-dal-beon-jum.]
If I ask your number, will you give it to me? [He sounds like my dad.]
Why do kids do this with beautiful Korean language? [Conhee's attack.]
- Why do they make - You're not good at Korean.
You're fluent in Japanese and English.
- I'm not good at speaking Korean.
- Bok-se-pyeon-sal, please.
- Sorry? - Sorry? - Bok-se-pyeon-sal.
[He even misheard.]
Bok-se-pyeon-sam? [Seungri, you misheard it.]
- This is one of the easiest things.
- Bok-se-pyeon-sal? Even a 3-year-old knows.
[Using his brain.]
- Bok Complicated? - It can be a good quote.
- Complicated - Its meaning is like you.
- In this complicated world.
- Yes.
- Great! Now "Pyeonsal" is left.
[Boksepyeonsal - Live comfortably in this complicated world.]
Live comfortably? [Seungri's buzzword list is updated.]
It's difficult.
Fans say this is the cutest part of Seungri.
- His pinkie that never bends down.
- What's that? - Your pinkie? - Well, it's hard to fold my pinkie.
When I hold a mic, my pinkie [A pinkie's adventure.]
goes up like this.
- Like this.
- It stands up like this.
When I drink something [I want to make a V sign.]
When I hold a mic, my pinkie always - When making a V sign.
- Right.
[Whatever he does, his pinkie stands alone.]
- It's hard to fold.
- It stands up alone.
[Seungri's personal charm.]
Fans found it well.
- Seungri exists thanks to VIP.
- Right.
[Seungri's everything, for VIP.]
Your fans will love this.
[Seungri's facial expression emojis.]
With your nine facial expressions, we're going to make emoticons.
[Time for screenshots!.]
You're the 2nd one to do this after TWICE.
[Human emoticon.]
You're the first solo artist.
[With facial expressions.]
TWICE members had various looks.
[Emoticons will be made.]
Seungri will do this well.
Just like TWICE.
TWICE was amazing.
- Seungri.
- Okay, I'll do it.
- Seungri is the cutest from Bigbang.
- Really? - Who else? - I've never heard about that.
- Who else? - GD or Taeyang.
- Where are they now? [They're in the military service.]
- In Gangwon-do.
- Where are you now? Where is Seungri? [Seungri is in IDOL ROOM.]
- I'm here.
- So, you're the best.
[Seungri Don't fall for that.]
- Since they're not here - Just like your name.
Final victory.
[Seungri is flattered.]
- I see.
- Good.
Before making emoticons, [2 gift set for fans[ - Lips for a kiss.
- Please show Lips for a kiss and your pinkie.
- Let's make emojis out of them.
- Okay.
1, 2, 3! [Cute and lovely.]
[Mochi power +1212.]
This is the one.
- Good.
- You have one.
[It will be my hard disk forever.]
[Seungri knows what VIP likes.]
Seungri is the best fan lover.
I do whatever I'm asked to do.
[Donhee's specialty: coming between.]
Can GD or Taeyang do this? [The youngest member fell for it.]
If you ask it to GD, "Please show lips for a kiss".
[The owner of GD impersonation license.]
He can't.
[Identical, though.]
Right, sure.
[Seungri is excited!.]
"Taeyang! Please show your lips for a kiss".
[Youngbae, are you watching now?.]
Right, he prays.
- I think I should close my lips.
- Lips for a kiss, Seungri! [The cutest face in the universe.]
Right, he does it! Only Seungri can do this.
[There are 7 to go.]
You made just one.
You can make 8 facial expressions.
So quickly.
- Sure.
- What else? [No.
I'm mad.]
- I'm mad.
- I'm angry.
I'm angry.
Seungri is angry.
[Even this cuteness master feels shy.]
- Seungri is mad.
- Seungri.
- You can do this because you're still in your 20s.
- Right.
- You can do this until you turn 30.
- I'm mad.
[I'm so mad!.]
[Please add a comment.]
Please say, "I'm, I'm, I'm angry!" [Now he's enjoying.]
- Please do that.
- I'm, I'm angry! - Seungri is angry! - Okay.
- Good.
- Done.
[GD impersonation.]
- What if it was GD? - Sorry, what should I do? [Like a copy machine.]
[Seungri, way to go!.]
Come-hither look.]
- Alluring look.
- It's easy.
- Are you doing this now? Are you doing this now? [Seungri's finger hit my heart.]
[Can you handle me? I'm so charming.]
He's good at using his hand.
If it's a come-hither look, you have to open your mouth.
[Panda's one point lesson.]
Open your mouth, with a dreamy look.
He's the master of photoshoot.
6 are left.
I think he can make 100.
Trust me.]
It's called "Trust me".
[Just like a reliable big brother.]
Trust me.
- Trust me.
Next - Sorry, but our fandom VIP [His fans are mostly older than him.]
consists of people older than me.
- But they call you "oppa".
(Meaning older brother) - They're older than me.
[Another episode.]
This fan has been supporting me since when I was a trainee.
- She's married now.
- Yes.
[His episodes are so interesting.]
She gave a birth to her child.
This fan gave my name Seungri to her baby.
- What did her husband say? - Jiyong, I guess.
- Seungri is pretty.
[Feeling bitter.]
[For older fans.]
- Please make on for older fans.
- Big sisters, trust me.
[If the word "trust" becomes a human.]
Big sisters, do you trust me? [That's Seungri.]
Sisters, do you believe me? I bet it made fans' hearts race.
Don't live like a beggar!.]
- What's the next? - Don't live like a beggar! - This is a bit - It's what my dad [What his dad said to him.]
said to me before I left to Seoul.
- He said this to me.
- Right.
- Don't live like a beggar! Don't live like a beggar! What did it mean? Even though I have nothing, - live like I'm rich.
- Don't live a pathetic life.
If you don't have money, live a frugal life.
- If you have money, enjoy it.
- Okay.
Don't be like a beggar to rich friends.
- Live a cool life.
- Yes.
Last one.
6: I love you.]
- Love you.
- I love you.
I love you.
Yes, yes.
This is so nice.
[Love you, Come-hither look, I'm mad.]
I want to use these, too.
['3'V, Trust me, Yes yes Charisma, Sad, Don't live like a beggar!.]
Rap genius Seungri can rap based on his schedule.
What's this? [Surprised.]
- What's this? - This [We prepared a video clip.]
- Someone reported.
- We got this video clip.
[Run Bigbang Scout - Seungri's free-style rap.]
Wearing the boy scout uniform, five of us are sitting here.
This is Gimpo camping site.
[GD is embarrassed.]
We're close to Gimpo Airport.
[About the schedule in China.]
We're going to China tomorrow, stay there on Sunday, and return to Korea.
In fact, [Rap genius pursued by the hip-hop scene.]
"Show Me The Money" asked me to join.
That much Why didn't you apply to that? [Thinking it was rude to contenders.]
So many people apply to it to become a rapper.
[Let's not do this.]
If I join, - you're going to steal their thunder.
- It thought it is not polite.
So, we received your schedule in July from your manager.
It's full.
[Is this real?.]
In July [My schedule How can you do this?.]
Photoshoot, music video, and overseas events, promotional events You're going to have an interview, shoot a music video, fly to Japan, broadcast on V LIVE, perform on music shows, interview, commercial, Ulsan [So busy.]
A fashion show and a DJ event! [Amazing, only one day off.]
You have only one day-off! How can you do these all? [Let me see.]
If it's good, I'm thinking to release it digitally.
[Thinking about the lyrics.]
He's making a rhyme.
I didn't know.
First time to see my schedule now.
- For this month? - Yes.
[First encounter with his July schedule.]
How do you feel? Do I have so many things on a schedule? [Amazed.]
- It's full.
- It doesn't make sense.
But he's back as a solo artist in 5 years.
He has to do this.
- What about bpm? - Bpm Boom bap, please.
- Sorry? - Boom bap.
- What's that? Boom bap You can choose between trap and boom bap.
[I don't know what it is but.]
Let's do boom bap.
- I think you don't know.
- What's that? [Boom and bap from drum sounds.]
This beat is [Hip-hop beat based on drum.]
boom bap.
Trap is.
- I'll go with Drake style.
- Drake? - Yes.
- Then, trap.
- Okay.
[Trap mania, MC RiRi's July schedule rap.]
With the beat.
July, July, July.
July, July, July.
July, ho! [You're listening to the introduction.]
July, July.
July, July.
- Let's do this again.
- I liked it.
[Seungri misses Bigbang members.]
It was nice.
Ho! Such things were nice.
- That's trendy.
- Okay, the title is "In July".
- It feels so good.
- "In July".
- Feels nice.
[He got the rhyme.]
It's in my head.
[We prepared the best for MC RiRi.]
They downloaded the beat.
[Hat, mic, MC RiRi is ready.]
Okay, swag! [Full of swag.]
- If he does this for July - Microphone check! - Sorry? - Microphone check! [Give me the beat.]
Mic, check! [My July #MC RiRi.]
[Seungri raps, check check check!.]
Microphone check! I'm on IDOL ROOM.
I'm Seungri, on IDOL ROOM.
Before Hyungdon and Defconn, I read my schedule in July.
[Let's get started.]
July, July, July, July.
On July 9, I'm on IDOL ROOM.
[He wanted to talk on the show.]
To show off I'm a witty speaker.
Tomorrow, I have an interview with entertainment show.
[Too much information.]
M something network! In July! I'm going to shoot a music video on Thursday and Friday.
I'm going to shoot a music video on Thursday and Friday.
With the music video director who I worked with before, I'll film a music video on Thursday and Friday.
On Saturday, I go to a club.
[Soulful lyrics.]
I go to the club which I own and run.
[Hip hop soul delivered to Youngbae in Gangwon-do.]
[Lyrics from his real life.]
Just like Mansur! On Sunday, I have an event! [So honest.]
Money comes into my pocket.
Sunday, event, event.
My first commercial event.
Oh yeah! In July, July, July, July.
[Hip-hop swag.]
In July, July, July, July.
[Immersed in the rap.]
In July, July, July, July.
My schedule is like Seung-tsby! Yeah! [Why? Who talked to Seungri?.]
What? [Too excited.]
What? Come on! [Hip-dove fell in love with his rap.]
He needs to compete on "Show Me The Money".
[Donhee's opinion.]
Personally, [Improvisational rap is better.]
It's better than "WHERE R U FROM".
Sorry? - I think it's better.
- "In July! July!" This Do you know what is most attractive? [His happy face for a specific schedule.]
I'll go to the club on Saturday which I own and run.
Going to the club which I own and run.
Is it Hyungdon and Daejun's style? [Catchy rap lyrics that hit their ears.]
In July, July, July.
You can hear the rest of rap through the music streaming sites.
[Seungri is a talented rapper.]
I think he's a master of free-style rap.
Next topic for Fact Check.
YGX's CEO Lee Seunghyun always works too hard.
[Tight schedule.]
[Complaint from insiders.]
As we saw the schedule, there's no day-off at all.
What do you think about that? [Let me talk about my management principle.]
- In the entertainment business, - Yes.
if you want to achieve something, - it requires something like miracle.
- Right.
[13 years in the industry.]
If you want to succeed in the industry, you have to work harder than others.
[That's true.]
- It means you can't rest.
- Sure.
[Flowing great quotes.]
Working too hard in this industry? I don't think that is a nonsense.
[Question for CEO Lee.]
Still, they want to work at your company.
I guess there must be some advantage in work environment or welfare for employees.
- I think it's 80 out of 100.
- 80 points? - Yes.
[YGX's welfare system.]
- Healthy drink and cup rice are provided.
- For employees.
I heard so.
Don't you know about this? [Never heard of it.]
- First time to hear that.
- Really? While CEO has no idea [Notification message.]
Company credit card has been frequently used.
If it is used, I get a notification message.
[Real CEO who receives company credit card history.]
Hangover drinks and - things were bought at a convenience store.
- Cup rice.
I didn't know what it was.
[Welfare system that he didn't know.]
You had no idea about this? [Seungri starts stammering.]
I need to check.
Because I'm not in the office.
We'd like to see if there is any labor-management talks.
We wanted to know so - we invited them.
- Please come forward.
[YGX employees and artists.]
Great to see you here.
[Who are they?.]
They're YGX employees.
Please introduce yourself.
[Seungri's favorite artist and straight-talker.]
Hello, I'm DJ GLORY of YGX.
- Yes.
[Slave for Seungri's music.]
I'm DJ TPA of YGX.
[I'm the youngest.]
Hi, I'm DJ DANU of YGX.
[IDOL ROOM prepared this venue.]
In the labor-management relation, I think there are some things to be sorted out.
[Anonymous report.]
He works too hard without a rest.
I think that's true.
[In front of CEO.]
Sometimes, I'm worried about his health.
[Trying to receive another report.]
DJ TPA or DANU, any complaint? [1 employer and 3 employees.]
Of course, they have.
In the labor-management relationship, there must be complaints.
If you don't talk today, it will be harder to say later.
[I'm generous but please read the room.]
- Sure.
- This is the only chance.
[Will we choose peace?.]
[Are we ready for a war?.]
DJ TPA, anything? [Faster than light.]
In my case, [When Seungri liked to make rap.]
CEO Lee wanted to make rap and loved it.
[Music slave.]
He called me every other day.
[This is the one.]
TPA, when will you finish the song? [Surprised Panda Let's be calm.]
When will you make the next song? [Music slave was exploited.]
He didn't like it.
He wanted another.
Did you hear that? TPA's song? As you know, [CEO Lee's counter-argument.]
Many DJ-made songs are similar.
[Verbally DJing.]
All songs are similar.
So, I thought they were similar.
[There's some more.]
He wanted us to modify.
[First reaction.]
For example, I sent it today and he didn't like it.
"Please change this, this, and do it again".
[I sent the unchanged version again.]
I didn't change at all and sent.
I love this! It happened several times.
[Blaming the management.]
That's the sorrow of employees.
Did you know that? You received the same song [Deja-vu.]
I talked the same thing to YG.
CEO wanted me to change a song so we tried many things.
[It happened to Bigbang 5 years ago.]
It was too hard to change it.
[Without any modification.]
He came 1 hour later and asked, "Did you change?" We answered without knowing, "Yes, we did".
He said, "See.
It sounds much better!" [Laughing out loud.]
[Mini-me of CEO Yang.]
The same thing happened, like a butterfly effect.
I guess this is YG tradition.
CEO Lee Seungri is known [2nd disclosure by employees.]
to have a bad fashion sense.
We got this report.
Who reported this? [Let's be calm.]
It says Seungri is poorly dressed.
Who said so? [DJ GLORY raised his hand.]
[It's all bygones.]
- He's much better now.
- DJ GLORY pointed out his fashion style.
- It was serious.
- How was that? Once, he said this to me.
If you start working with me, please dress up well because you're celebrities.
However, when I dressed up, he said, "Who do you think you are?" "You're overdressed!" But he doesn't know fashion style much.
[Seungri / Doesn't care T.
He doesn't know about fashion.
I asked several times, but he had no idea.
So, I don't know what to do.
[CEO Lee's 2nd counter-argument.]
They're misunderstanding.
GD and Taeyang shined because Daesung and I were dark.
[Yin-Yang theory.]
Why did you drag Daesung to this? He's dark, too.
[Combination of Yin and Yang.]
- He always wear grey things.
- Grey.
So, you did it for young DJs.
[CEO Lee's deep insight.]
If I shine, they will not stand out.
I wanted my outfits to look humble so that they can stand out! I'm sorry for this.
[Orange color outfit.]
- I don't think it's too much.
- It's normal.
[Donhee and Conhee think its' normal.]
It's so bright to me.
I think I'll be blind.
[13 years to avoid bright colors.]
Daesung and I don't like such colors.
Did your stylist bring this for you? [Stylist's pick.]
But I opposed to this.
[Don't like it.]
This is too much to me.
I want some decent and humble clothes.
People don't like when I go overboard.
My outfit should look humble because I may go overboard.
- Because I may go overboard.
- Right.
[CEO Lee's fashion style.]
I hope my outfits doesn't stand out.
I talked to the stylist but the stylist insisted [Seungri's stylist: It's for shiny Seungri.]
saying I will be born again as a fashionista.
My stylist insisted.
[Conclusion: Peaceful YGX.]
Anyways, we work peacefully together.
- It's fun to run this business.
- Okay.
Speaking of which, I'd like to see a performance by YGX CEO and artists.
Three DJs here prepared a medley of YG hit songs.
Seungri will [DJ RiRi will dance today.]
dance in return for three DJ's hard work.
This is real harmony of labor and management.
[I got it.]
- I'll do my best.
- Okay.
Please, hit the music! [YG hit song medley - What did they prepare?.]
[Familiar voice.]
[Seungri's self-introduction.]
I'm a charming guy, Seungri.
[It begins with CEO Lee's greeting.]
[9 years ago.]
[Strong Baby #Seungri.]
[Clap clap to the beat.]
[I'm a strong baby.]
[So excited.]
[What's the next song?.]
[Manipulating CEO Lee with high quality DJing skills.]
[CEO Lee's cute dances led by DJing.]
[Working so hard.]
[Dance, dance.]
[Relaxed I'm fantastic orange Seungri.]
[Thinking about the next song.]
[Changing songs.]
[It's changing into "LIES".]
[Great dancer from Gwangju.]
[I'm so excited.]
[Dancing on behalf of 5 Bigbang members.]
[Testing Seungri's dance again.]
[At double the speed.]
[Staring at them.]
[Just shaking-my-head dance.]
[Next hit song.]
[My brother's song!.]
[Encouraging the audience to shout out.]
[Enthusiastically reacting.]
[Next song please.]
[Surprised by the puppy sound.]
[Fun to tease him.]
[YG princess' song.]
[Whistle #BLACKPINK.]
[Oh, I should dance to it.]
[Employee and manipulator vs CEO and the one being manipulated.]
[What's the result of this reversed relationship?.]
[His best favorite song.]
[Jerry / Dreaming of the 5th member of BLACKPINK, not Jennie.]
[Never ending hit songs.]
There are so many hit songs.
[The last dance that will end this performance.]
[Collaboration of CEO's face and the employee's hand.]
[Beautiful collaboration.]
[So immersed in the dance.]
[The audience likes it.]
[Manipulated CEO likes it.]
[Manipulating employees like it.]
[It's so joyful.]
Thank you.
[Hit song medley is over.]
He's good at dancing.
[Great hit song party for listeners.]
There are so many great songs.
The introduction was impressive.
[Rare audio clip.]
- It was hard to get.
- What's that? [Music slave worked hard.]
- In early days since debut.
- When you were a rookie.
I was surprised.
DJs, thank you for your hard work.
[Music brought them together.]
However, it's not over yet.
It's not over yet? [Organized by IDOL ROOM/ Sponsored by Lee Seunghyun.]
"Let's bring CEO Lee down!" [Applause.]
Let's bring CEO Lee down! It's simple.
[Match between CEO Lee and employees.]
As the title goes, you need to beat him.
[Segment to let employees win.]
Regardless of labor-management relation, [Please have a fair match.]
have a match between two men.
Let's have this match.
[This is to encourage employees.]
To cheer up employees, if you win, [Wow.]
Hang on.
[CEO Lee's personal credit card.]
It says Lee Seunghyun.
- Isn't it my credit card? - Yes.
[The name on this card.]
- Lee Seunghyun.
- Check the spelling, please.
[You'll be given a chance to show your generosity to employees.]
Not the company card.
- It's his personal credit card.
- His own credit card.
- DJ GLORY, anything - You want to have, if you win.
What do you want to buy with this? - If I win shopping? - Shopping.
What do you want to buy? [Matching outfits.]
My stage outfits and his own, too.
Right, he needs some support.
- Stage outfits.
- Yes, stage costumes.
- Okay.
[YGX company dinner.]
If I win, I'll throw a company dinner.
[Menu matters.]
- What will you have? - Sorry? - What will you have? - Barbecue, I guess.
- Beef.
- Yes, beef.
- Two plus grade beef.
- DJ DANU? - I wanted to have this since a long ago.
I want to have a pendant for YGX.
What can I get if I win? - You can protect your card.
- Because you're the CEO.
- I see.
- That's huge.
[Don predicts Seungri's victory.]
But I feel that Seungri won't use this card.
Fans want to see this.
[CEO Lee's hobby Jiu-Jitsu.]
Let's have a Jiu-Jitsu match.
[Joy and sad.]
Let's have a Jiu-Jitsu match.
[Bring it on, guys.]
It's one-on-one match.
- Oh my god! - It's not easy.
[Japanese Masters Championship in 2017.]
[Seungri won Silver and Bronze medals.]
[Jiu-Jitsu master Seungri.]
[Richard Lee, Seungri entered.]
[Who's his counterpart?.]
[Jiu-Jitsu newbies who wear the uniform for the first time.]
[CEO Lee ties the belt.]
[Due to a huge gap in Jiu-Jitsu skills.]
Sit on me.
[Rule of this match.]
- If you do this, it's called mount.
- Mount position.
[If they do this in 1 minute, they will win.]
If you do this, you'll win.
- Okay.
- If you can do this, you will win.
- Starting with DJ TPA? - Okay.
[First challenger TPA.]
- Let's start with TPA.
- TPA who looks so fragile.
TPA, have you ever practiced any sports? [He looks like he never run.]
I've never tried this before.
It seems that he never tried any sports before.
[DANU can't participate.]
DANU can't join because of his injury.
Either of GLORY or TPA [Benefit: If one wins, three will win.]
wins, it will be regarded your victory.
- All of us? - Yes.
- He will buy gifts for you all! [Enthusiastic.]
We can do it! [I'm Song-jitsu.]
[It's not easy.]
See? [Round 1, start!.]
- Ready, go! - 1 minute.
- Mount position.
That's all.
- You need to sit on him.
[What is he doing?.]
He's so fragile.
TPA, have you worked out? [Like a paper-doll.]
[Seungri even smiles, using 10% of his power.]
Just sit on him! [Struggling.]
- Just sit on his chest.
- Way to go! All you need to do is to be on his chest.
- Just one step.
- That's all you need to do.
Just sit on his chest.
[Paper-doll like person.]
Just sit on his chest! [Smiling without knowing what will happen to him.]
[CEO Lee is having fun.]
- Armbar! - Say what you want to say.
[Mom, it doesn't hurt.]
- I miss my mom.
- Tap, tap, tap! [TPA never gives up.]
You can go on the chest! [I don't want to give you a chance.]
[Seungri, you're amazing.]
- You can just sit on - CEO Lee is strong-willed.
[Cold-hearted combatant Seung-jitsu.]
- Very strong.
- Strong-willed.
He wants to protect.
[1 minute has passed.]
Stop! - CEO Lee never loses.
- Right, he may want to give him a chance.
[So happy.]
Against TPA.
[Merciless before his credit card.]
You were too mean.
- One contender is left.
- GLORY's turn.
[2nd contender GLORY.]
Then, I will [Giving him an advantage.]
- I won't use my left hand.
- Hold your belt, then.
[Seungri's power went down by 1.]
- Let's do this.
- Here we go.
[Round 2 start!.]
Ready, go! [Very enthusiastic.]
- Almost there! - Go up on the chest! [Baby panda was surprised.]
His leg was stuck.
[Way to go!.]
His leg got stuck! [GLORY's continuous attack.]
- His leg was stuck.
- Right.
[Rolling over the floor.]
- Hold his waist! - CEO Lee [Human shield that protects anything.]
CEO Lee [We're on the side of employees.]
- Just sit on his chest.
- Just do it! [Sung-jitsu at risk.]
- Stop him from moving his knees.
- And just sit on his chest! [Will Seungri lose?.]
Stop him from moving his knees.
[Who will get Seungri's credit card?.]
Put his knees between your legs! Hold his knees between your legs! [Human shield trying to protect.]
[We're on the side of [Sung-jitsu at risk.]
- Stop his knees from moving.
- And just sit on his chest! [Will Seungri lose?.]
Stop his knees moving.
[I'm Seung-jitsu, it's not going to be easy!.]
Stop his knees from moving! Stop him from moving his knees! [Stronger than he thought.]
Not successful yet.
Hold his knees between your legs! [Holding his leg tightly.]
His leg is stuck now.
Take your leg out! Think about the prize! CEO Lee! [Riding on GLORY's back.]
[Like a baby panda.]
CEO Lee is on his back.
[Get off.]
- What should we do? They fell down.
- GLORY! [Baby panda doesn't want to leave.]
- What should we do? They fell down.
- GLORY! [Seungri won.]
[GLORY gave up after being exhausted.]
- CEO Lee is not generous.
- He's so strong-willed.
CEO Lee, that's too bad.
[CEO Lee, congratulations.]
But he protected his card.
[I love it!.]
[I'm great, Seungri!.]
[The only one who is excited.]
Congratulations, CEO Lee.
So, employee's dream went up in smoke.
Look at them.
DANU's face.
[Disappointed for losing a gold pendant.]
Even though I won, [CEO Lee got soft-hearted?.]
about the company dinner, - I will - No, no.
[CEO Lee said, it's self-service.]
Yes, I will say they do it themselves.
Rules are rules.
Enjoy dinner with your pocket money.
To employees who came over here.
[Time for CEO Lee's speech.]
Please say words of encouragement.
I have a lot of room for improvement.
Still, you always trust me and follow me.
Thank you.
It takes 13 years for me to be like this.
[Let's not be in a rush, take it easy.]
I want to climb stairs slowly.
[Please trust me.]
Don't be in a rush.
I hope you can be patient and follow me.
Thank you very much.
I wish you big success.
[Heart-warming scene to end the match.]
I hope you learn Jiu-Jitsu.
Seungri is back after 5 years.
[How did you feel?.]
You've shown many things today.
In my 13-year-long career, this is the first time to end a show in Jiu-Jitsu uniform.
- With untidy hair.
- Right.
Anyways, I was glad to show off my charms as an idol band member.
To fill the gap of other members, I am doing my best.
Please give me a lot of support.
[Word to private first class Dong.]
Today's pick-dol.
- Taeyang's video clips have appeared from time to time.
- Yes.
Please say hi to Taeyang who has been with us.
Thank you Taeyang for being a pick-dol today.
[To Youngbae (Who will watch this at the military squad room).]
I hope you will stay healthy during your military service.
I wish you good luck and health for your service.
[Same to you, Seungri.]
Seungri gets mature.
- You debuted on August 19 in 2006.
- Right,.
[Today is the 4,358th day since then.]
- Do you remember? - Yes.
To Seungri who just debuted.
[Time for "To me letter".]
Please say something to Seungri back then.
Look at the video clip.
[Fresh and cute, ambitious Seungri.]
- How old were you? - I was 17.
[29-year-old Seungri wants to say this to 17-year-old Seungri before debut.]
To 17-year-old you.
From 29-year-old Seungri.
[To Seungri.]
Hello, Seungri.
I'm you 12 years later.
You may feel everything is amazing, fun and touching.
But such feelings will turn into numerous challenges, hardships and difficulties.
[The team that made you now.]
Respect and love the team Bigbang.
[Stay humble to your position.]
Love your job more.
And stay humble.
[Seungri, thank you!.]
Thank you.
Way to go! [16-year-old Seungri, who just loved dancing.]
[He became Seungri of Bigbang and got.]
[so many titles and nicknames.]
[Perfect Seungri? It was all possible since I grew up in Bigbang - Seungri -.]
[You who have stayed with me during my young days.]
[VIP has made everything of Bigbang.]
[We will make you feel happier from Bigbang and Seungri.]
[You can enjoy more video clips of IDOL ROOM on V LIVE.]