Idol Room (2018) s01e13 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 13 - GFriend [Starts with energetic signal song (by Hui from Pentagon).]
[Cheerful guests are here.]
[So fun!.]
[So excited.]
[Dancing in his own style.]
[Dance with me.]
IDOL ROOM! [Curious.]
Who made the song? [Complimenting on the song.]
- The song sounds good.
- High quality.
[It's not my song, don't ask.]
The most trusted idol show #1! IDOL ROOM! [Like this.]
GFRIEND is back as our summer friends.
[Welcome, summer girl friends!.]
GFRIEND! Hello, we're GFRIEND! [Sowon.]
That was the signal song for IDOL ROOM.
[The song they were curious about.]
Hui from Pentagon [IDOL ROOM's signal song by Hui.]
wrote the song.
[We got the song.]
But there is no official dance.
[But no dance.]
I feel so bored while the song is playing.
- The song is too long.
- Yes, it is.
It's hard to wait until the song is over.
We asked SEVENTEEN to choreograph, [Don & Conn couldn't follow.]
but it was not what I expected.
[Then should we?.]
So [GFRIEND's famous choreography.]
GRFRIEND is good at choreographed dance.
Don't mention it twice! They're so good.
We also need choreographed dance for the signal song.
Who is in charge of dance? - SinB? - Me.
- What? [What?.]
- Why? - I thought you were the funny one.
No, I am the dancer.
[SinB = QueenB for cute face.]
Oh, I thougth you were the pretty one.
I thought you were the pretty one.
[That's true.]
- Should we ask everyone? - Huh? [Also curious.]
How about you, Sowon? [Can't you tell?.]
- Dance.
- Dance? - Dance? - Yes.
[Tall enough to dunk.]
Maybe for being able to dunk? - With dunk shoot? - Not for being able to dunk? - No, I'm a dancer.
[Asking for IDOL ROOM dance.]
If we like the choreography, then we'll give you the IDOL ROOM t-shirt, which is owned by only 11 people in the world.
We'll give you this t-shirt.
SinB saw it and said [Don't know why.]
I said I really want the shirt.
- Do you want this? - This shirt? - Yes.
SEVENTEEN also wanted it really bad.
[But they didn't pass.]
- But they didn't get it.
- They failed.
Two of us and TWICE are the only ones that own this shirt.
TWICE passed the test.
They promised to wear it for airport fashion.
[No way.]
- Will they wear it? - Of course.
[Proof for unbelievers.]
- Of course.
- They made a promise on the show.
- They promised.
- They did.
- And it was broadcasted.
- It was.
[July 26, Incheon International Airport.]
[TWICE wearing the shirt as they promised.]
[TWICE Hi!.]
[Showing off the back side.]
I should walk like this.
[You're prettier.]
Isn't this shirt pretty? We kept the promise! [Loyal TWICE.]
IDOL ROOM! [TWICE is wearing IDOL ROOM shirt as a uniform (airport fashion).]
[TWICE kept the promise about IDOL ROOM shirt.]
[TWICE is wearing IDOL ROOM shirt as a uniform (airport fashion).]
[TWICE kept the promise about IDOL ROOM shirt.]
[TWICE proved their loyalty.]
[Recommending it to Yerin.]
It'd look good on you, Yerin.
- I like it because my name is Yerin.
- Yes.
- But our t-shirt has its name.
- Sorry.
We even autograph the shirt.
- Let's begin with Yuju.
- Yuju is [Dance Test.]
[#1 Yuju.]
I want to see her dance.
[Genius for creative dance.]
Creating dance is Yuju is good at creating dances.
[GFRIEND version of signal song dance.]
- Let's go.
- Yuju's known for her dance.
Music start! [Follows beat with long arms and legs.]
[Time for something serious.]
[Jump 3 times to the left, and to the right.]
[3 step jump dance after much contemplation.]
[Let's follow her for now.]
[Meaningless worm dance at the end.]
[Missed the beat to end on.]
- Alright.
- Go back in.
- Go back in.
- Wasn't it good? - Aren't you good at funny dances? [Make a confession.]
Tell me honestly if you were embarrassed.
I was a little embarrassed.
I felt that from your moves.
That you couldn't stop even though you wanted to.
[IDOL ROOM signal song dance test.]
- Eunha.
- Are you Eunha? [#2 Eunha.]
Aren't you the expert at sexy dance? [Worried.]
Is it just how I feel? [Making fun of Eunha.]
Or are your pants pulled up too much? [Answers nicely.]
It comes up high like this.
- High-waist pants.
- High-waist.
[Talking nonsense.]
You tailored the waist part.
Legs are as wide as ours.
[Still happy.]
Yeah, these are wide leg pants.
[Moving on to her hair.]
What are you trying to tell with your hair? The hair we're trying to represent the friends with nature.
I'm supposed to be water.
- Fire? - Just tell us about yourself.
[Too happy to attack - Well, I'm water.
- Something good happened? [Hair color made Eunha happy.]
- I colored it today.
- Really? You cannot stay still, huh? [High level vocabulary.]
It looks like Blue Lagoon.
[Blue Lagoon.]
- Blue Lagoon.
- The kind of coral.
[Whatever it is.]
That's cool.
[Whatever it is, I am happy.]
No matter what we say to you, you answer positively.
- Good job.
- Really? - Let's do the sexy version.
[Alcohol in her hair dye?.]
That cool feeling.
Music please.
[Starts with cute moves.]
[Naive and cute.]
[Whip, step step step.]
[Too cute for your hearts.]
[Covers eyes to protect the heart.]
[Everything turned into comedy.]
[Only seen as comic dance to them.]
- That's like a fool.
- Like a fool.
- Stop it! - Like the fool in the town.
- I can't do it.
- Those were the vocalists.
[We have hidden cards left!.]
Do not pressure anyone.
But this person called herself - A dancer of the team.
- I'm a dancer.
I'm a dancer.
And she even said this as soon as she met us.
[What did Sowon say?.]
The question that men hate the most.
Did anything change about me? - That's scary.
- I was scared to answer.
I said nothing changed.
Did you get taller? She said that she cut her bangs for the first time in 10 years.
- How are we supposed to know? - We don't know.
[First time with bangs since the debut.]
This is an enormous change.
- Cutting bangs.
- Change, for us, means [From men's view.]
your bangs should be this short to be noticed.
It should be this short, at least.
- You guys - That's what we call 'change'.
No, you just don't have keen eyes.
- Sure, sure.
- Let's move on.
I have high expectation for this dancer.
[#3 Sowon.]
Music please! [Arms and legs wander in the air.]
[Already to funny.]
[Starting with basic aerobic dance moves.]
[It's alright.]
The next part is important.
[The belly dance to cover the awkwardness.]
[I'd rather not see.]
[Cut, cut.]
Can I verify the rumor? [Thought you were a dancer.]
What kind of dance did you do at the audition? Can you do the dance you did at the audition? [I did dance.]
I danced to a pop song.
- Which one? - Probably Madonna.
- Like a Virgin? - There we go.
[Making fun of So-Leader.]
Let me just make sure that you're a dancer.
[Why do you do this to me?.]
What do you want to check? I thought you passed the audition as a dancer.
But it's been 6 years no You remember cutting bangs 10 years ago, you can do the dance from 8 years ago.
- We still remember our dance from 7 years ago.
- Of course.
[Dance genius Don & Con.]
We remember everything.
- We remember all.
- Of course.
[Sowon's audition song by Madonna starts!.]
Is this the song you danced to? No? - Let's go! - Let's go, Sowon.
[Sowon's audition dance.]
The dance from 8 years ago.
Boss, Sowon still has the heart of a beginner.
[Let me show you.]
[Her body remembers the move.]
She remembers everything.
I can't do it anymore.
What are you doing to me? [Almost grabbed Donhee by his collar.]
[So embarrassed.]
Why are you grabbing his throat? You're the one who can't dance! Why are you doing this to me? [Haha.]
[GFRIEND also fails the dance test.]
Okay, our signal song is still in the making.
[Too bad.]
- It's hard.
- It was perfect I hear that Umji is getting prettier and prettier.
[Pretty Umji.]
I heard that a lot today.
Do you also feel that way these days? [Self recognition.]
That you are so pretty these days? More than that, I feel like I don't look like a kid anymore.
[What was that?.]
What kind of reaction was that, Eunha? - Eunha? - Yeah? - What was that? I did that? [Eunha's uncontrollable manic phase.]
[Is she drunk?.]
Can you bring in the breathalyzer? - More! - That's not blusher, right? - It's not blusher, right? - Your face is really read.
- Really? [Red cheek Eunha.]
Your cheeks and eyes are red.
It's just make-up.
Or maybe you had too much Sprite.
No, I didn't.
When did GFRIEND become so cute? [Why does she do this now?.]
You are almost too feminine now.
[Objective uncle.]
Is your back hurting? What's going on? - Take a rest if it hurts.
- Maybe her waist is too long.
[I'm tall but cute.]
That must be why.
GFRIEND's one letter cuteness is becoming really popular these days.
- What is it? - One letter cuteness? We wanted to show off our cuteness in the shortest time possible.
[Invented by GFRIEND.]
Every member says a letter [A letter per person.]
to complete the cuteness.
- Should we show you? - Let's see.
[Solemnly ready.]
Speed is important.
One letter cuteness is never done.
Let's start! - Bbu - Oot - Nyang - Awoong - Ang - Nyang Sorry, I said two letters.
[How can I get it wrong?.]
This is actually quite cute.
- Wanna try? - Nope.
[Making requests.]
Can you do it with our names? - Hyung Don Hee Dae Jun Hee.
- Hyung Don Hee Dae Jun Hee.
[I got it.]
Hyung Don Hee Dae Jun Hee.
It sounds cute.
Ready, go.
[Cuteness master.]
- Hyung - Don - Hee - Dae - Jun - Hee.
Not hee, but 'yee'.
You're just changing letters - and your poses are the same.
- That's not true.
[Umji, confess!.]
No way.
[The mouth that speaks truth.]
Sorry, mine were all the same.
[Second word.]
Idol Room Fighting.
Idol Room Fighting.
[It shouldn't make sense.]
If it makes sense, it's not so cute.
[Still in manic state.]
Then let's do 'Idol Room Et Jja'.
[No means no.]
No, please say 'fighting'.
Ready, go.
- I - Dol - Room - Fight - Ting! [Stiff tongue made a mistake.]
You grabbed his throat again! [Sowon goes to Donhee when embarrassed.]
What's wrong with her? Are you learning Jiujitsu these days? [LOL Party.]
She almost grabbed me like this! - What's wrong? - And she is so tall, too.
[Seems taller than Donhee.]
- Coming from above like this.
- You felt the pressure.
It's scary since she comes down like this.
[Not embarrassed anymore.]
You feel threatened.
Is that true? [Curious.]
[As of 2017, the most played song on propaganda broadcast to North Korea is by GFRIEND.]
This is the most played song.
[We are the best.]
- Right.
- I saw it on the news.
- Is this true? - I heard it plays endlessly.
'Me Gustas Tu' is ranked at 3rd place.
[Been to North Korea.]
I've been to Panmunjeom.
I was able to see North Korean town on the other side.
[Raises hand.]
I've been to North Korea, too.
[One more.]
Me too.
When I was in 5th grade, I was the last tourist to North Korea.
- Really? - Yes.
- Before the restriction began? - Right.
- That's awesome.
- Never met anyone who's been to North Korea.
You look really cool, Sowon.
- Umji too? - Yes.
You've been to North Korea, too? [Another cool lady.]
I've been to Geumgang Mountain.
- In elementary school? - Yes.
- With your parents? - Yes.
They were medical volunteers - And I followed.
- As a little kid? - Your dad is a doctor? - In medical field? - Yes.
Her dad is a doctor cool No wonder There are two people in GFRIEND who's been to North Korea.
[1/3 of the team has been to North Korea.]
No wonder their song keeps playing.
- They know it.
- I am pretty sure that Kim Jeong Un is - aware of GFRIEND.
- Definitely.
[No way.]
The song is played on propaganda broadcasting.
Of course he knows.
He should know all the girl bands.
Since Sowon was the last tourist, please say to Kim Jeong Un that you want to go back as a peace envoy.
Please send him a video letter.
[Sowon speaks as requested.]
I am the last tourist to North Korea.
When I was there, the squirrels in Geumgang mountain were so cute.
So we [After making her speak, they laugh.]
[Making announcement.]
We'll be there to perform.
I don't think you can make it.
[Going to Donhee again.]
- She does this again! - Why are you hitting me? - What do you mean you'll go? - Not just you.
- Help all of us go.
- Why are you so greedy? I was so surprised.
Say something Umji.
- As a person who's been to North Korea.
- Right.
But she's been there as a volunteer.
[So sudden.]
There are a lot of good food in South Korea.
Let's eat something Can I do it again? [Nervous.]
Of course he won't watch it, but I'm nervous.
- He will watch it.
- My goodness.
They're so cute today.
As I volunteered, I got to see Geumgang Mountain.
There are a lot of people in South Korea who love hiking.
Please help us so that they can hike on Geumgang Mountain.
Good MC.
Then our song, 'Me Gustas Tu' [Something in throat.]
Then our song, 'Me Gustas Tu' Don't be too nervous! [Umji is so cute!.]
He won't watch it.
No way.
She was just getting emotional.
I heard our songs were played to North Korea.
We made a comeback with a song called 'Sunny Summer'.
I'm sure the summer in North Korea is very sunny and hot.
[Perfect ending.]
Please enjoy our new song and hope you play it a lot.
Thank you.
[Good job!.]
She's a good MC.
The one and only from IDOL ROOM.
The first personal camera for idols.
[Today's Pick-dol, Personal Camera.]
Idol Pick-dol, Personal Camera! [Here!.]
Camera! [Yerin Camera Ready.]
You spin a wheel to pick a person and that person will get a personal camera until the show is over.
[Attention, BUDDY!.]
And on Naver, the no-cut version will be released.
So if I scratch myself here, - Will that be shown? - Of course.
[Smart Umji.]
- And that's not a penalty? - It's a reward.
[A big reward for BUDDY.]
Please bring in the wheel.
Lie around the wheel.]
Lie clockwise.
Spin the wheel to pick a person for Pick-dol.]
- In a circle? - In a circle.
[Groaning of 21 year old.]
[Everyone in pain.]
Let's make cute faces.
SinB should move to the front.
Looks like you're all being trained.
[Pick-dol: SinB.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Yuju.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Umji.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Yerin.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Sowon.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Eunha.]
[A flowerbed of GFRIEND.]
We're spinning it now.
Ready, go.
[Let's go.]
Go! [Which flower will be picked?.]
[Come to me.]
- You never know.
- I really can't tell.
[Time for the real game.]
- It's not me.
- Who is it? [Then who?.]
- At the center? - Hold on.
- It's confusing.
- Today's Pick-dol is - It's not me.
- Who is it? [Between SinB and Yuju.]
Did it land in the middle? [Then we measure the proportion.]
- Hold on.
- It's confusing.
Let's see who is taking more space.
[SinB has bigger portion.]
- SinB! - It is SinB! - The portion matters.
- What an honor! What an honor.
[Falling on her butt to celebrate.]
All of these will be on Naver.
All of these will be shown.
That you took a fall.
[SinB x Personal Camera.]
SinB's personal camera is here.
Please say hi and share your resolution.
[Stands straight.]
I am usually clumsy, but today, I'll do my best to act girly.
[Fortune teller.]
That doesn't work so well [Sniff.]
The old habits come out.
- Even now.
- Is this really not a penalty? Of course it is a good thing.
[To BUDDY, it is.]
You end up getting lots of memes.
[Girly SinB.]
[SinB trying to be girly.]
All will be filmed.
All of these will be shown.
[Forget about being girly!.]
[Her cheerfulness is revealed!.]
GFRIEND made a comeback in quite a short time.
- In 3 months.
- We made a comeback in 3 months.
- So fast.
- So quick.
- 'Sunny Summer' is.
- Yes.
It is a pop dance song that is perfect for summer nights.
- Pop dance.
- Pop dance.
- Yes.
- Shall we listen to the song? - Yes.
No one is injured, right? [Can't hear.]
- Side effect? - No, 'injured'.
- Side effect - It sounds so different.
- Open up your ears.
- Side effect.
- Side effect.
Music please! [Sunny Summer by GFRIEND.]
[Flap flap.]
[Rare cuteness in GFREIND's choreography.]
[Instead of seriousness in their group dance, they added cuteness.]
[Sunny Summer, GFRIEND is cute.]
[Lovely for this summer.]
[We'll love you, GFRIEND.]
[Perfect for summer.]
The song is different from - GFRIEND's usual songs.
- Right.
It really feels like summer.
[This is not the end.]
I'm not sure if you've seen this game before.
Some like it, some hate it.
People who are in the game suffer, but the viewers don't understand why.
This is the game.
As known as 'Attention Dance'.
[Seen it before.]
- I've seen it before.
- I have, too.
[Attention Dance.]
Put your hands to the side, do not move them.
[Must dance with your face and lower body.]
You have to dance in this position.
[Don't hold your clothes.]
- Can I hold like this? - No.
- No.
[Can change hand position.]
Can I do this? Anything that makes you comfortable is prohibited.
- You can't do that.
- I can't? - Nope.
[No hands in the pocket, Umji.]
- Can't do that.
- No? - Nope.
- Just attention.
- Can I put hands in the back? - No.
- No hands in the back.
- Just in attention position.
[The girls are concerned.]
Can I scratch myself? [So picky.]
No, just wait until the end.
[Already feeling itchy.]
- I should scratch now.
- You can do it after.
- I got mosquito bites.
- But you can't scratch.
If you really can't help it, [Will be given only one chance.]
if you really have to use your hand, - We'll give you one chance.
- Just scream.
- Tell us you can't hold it back.
- Then you scratch and resume the position.
- Scratch away.
[Girly SinB.]
- You feel more itchy when you're not moving.
- Right.
Which song should we play? [The song.]
[Love Whisper.]
[Difficulty: 5 stars.]
- Love Whisper? - But [Remaining positive.]
You have to use your arms a lot for Sunny Summer, - but this song requires more leg moves.
- That's right.
[The spin dance.]
- The dance is - It's hard to find balance.
Hold on.
You can't.
[Slapping with hair.]
- Hold on.
- Nope.
This goes online, SinB.
[Acting girly again.]
That angry face you made.
- Your angry face.
- Sorry.
- Wouldn't it be too hard? - What was next? [Confused.]
Everyone suffered in the beginning, - but everyone made it to the end.
- Really? - Yes.
- Just try it.
- It will work.
- It will.
Let's start with 'Love Whisper'.
- Don't move your hands! - I can't do it.
[Already loud from the beginning.]
- Music - Hold on! - You can do it.
I'm itchy.
[Lost girlishness.]
- Can I touch my hair? - Why? [What's going on?.]
- What, SinB? - It didn't even begin! Why? You didn't start yet.
Music please.
Can squirm.
Why are you [Suspicious Domino dance.]
- Not coordinated at all.
- What? - SinB? [Original dance looks so natural.]
[So sad.]
- Can we try again? - Hold on.
- Hold on.
- Why? [I saw it.]
You turned in a group of three.
It's my fault.
[Reviews the dance.]
- Like this? - Okay.
[Ankle collision.]
No other teams got it this wrong.
[SinB, personal camera.]
[Fake smile.]
That was recorded, SinB.
- Should I spin my head on the third count - Yes.
- Attention! - It's so hard.
- And confusing.
Music please! [2nd try for Attention Dance.]
[Love Whisper by GFRIEND.]
[Domino turn succeeded.]
[Domino footsteps, too?.]
[They seem suspicious.]
[Another confession.]
How does this go? [Let's move on.]
[But the next part is super energetic part.]
[Can you handle this?.]
[Finally came back as GFRIEND.]
[SinB's part.]
SinB! Attention! [Feels awkward to not move hands.]
SinB! Attention! [Gotta hold it back.]
It feels weird! [Gotta hold it back.]
[So awkward.]
[But got used to it.]
[It's easy now.]
[Reaching the peak.]
What was it? [Somehow made it to the end.]
[Looks so cool with the hand motions.]
[Looks so flat without the hands.]
Watch out, SinB! [Wrong steps.]
[Lost her hands, lost her ways.]
Yuju! [Emergency!.]
My pants are falling off! [Help me!.]
SinB! [Music never stops.]
Hang in there, SinB! [LOL.]
[Fixing her pants.]
Use your hands now! [Freedom!.]
Move, SinB.
[Still fixing her pants.]
[Didn't hear.]
I feel so free.
SinB is so excited.
Why are you not dancing? [A loner in the dance.]
- You can use your arms.
- Yuju! [Still confused.]
Why are you using your hands? [I don't know.]
- He told us to.
- Don't go there! [As soon as they said 'Attention'.]
- Come out! - Attention! [Another accident.]
Attention! [Dance battle it is.]
[Nobody was this loud.]
Attention, Yuju! [Attention for this part?.]
- We can't stay like this! - Attention! [This part is the most energetic part of all.]
[Out of balance.]
- Attention, Yuju! - We can't! - Attention! [Entered the ending part.]
What was it? [The youngest is quite good.]
[The 3rd accident from Attention Dance.]
Use your hands.
[Why again?.]
[Yuju didn't hear again.]
[Didn't hear again.]
[So confused.]
- Use your hands! - You can move your hands.
[Thought she'll be back to herself if she can use her arms.]
What? [What's going on with Yuju?.]
[Runs to the end.]
Where are you going, Yuju? [Get yourself together, my friend!.]
- Where are you going, Yuju? - You're not here! - Yuju! - Okay, guys I realized that the dance is not the issue.
[Lost her mind during Attention Dance.]
What's wrong with me? When the hands are free, you started hitting each other.
[Almost like a war.]
Yerin got hit by Umji.
How does it feel to have your hands tied? [All idols testify the same.]
- Doesn't it look good? - I can't remember the dance.
- I can remember the dance with the hand motion.
- But [Especially.]
Since SinB is a dancer, she seemed to be in pain.
[I saw you screaming.]
You have some anger issue? [No way.]
No, I don't! - I'm going crazy! - My pants were falling off.
[Checking it again.]
- Are we the first one to fail? - Yes.
[Unexpected applaud.]
We love being the first in anything.
[Good job for failing.]
- GFRIEND is always the first in something.
- Good job.
- Good job.
- We finally failed.
[Self-made happiness.]
Good job for being the first.
- Good.
- It's good to be the first at anything.
[You can check out more videos from IDOL ROOL on V LIVE.]
Donhee & Connhee's Fact Check! [Check.]
Check it out.
[Checking out the rumors about GFRIEND.]
We're here to check the rumors whether they are true or not.
- We really have nothing.
- Scandals or [What are you doing, SinB?.]
[SinB, watch out for camera.]
SinB, that will be filmed on your personal camera.
That was really cute.
[Only based on fact.]
Here we talk about something that you already said.
We'll fact-check those only.
If you have something to tell us, please do we begin.
That sounds scary.
- First fact please.
- Please! "GFRIEND's team work is 230 out of 100" That you can boast about your strong team spirit.
Leader Sowon said 230.
- Not even 100.
- Not 100.
Why did you say 230? [Forgot.]
- Why did you say that? - When did I say that? - We don't make up stuff.
- So for this, - We prepared evidence.
- Really? - We don't make up stuff.
- Evidence? - Really? - Is there? [Song Eun-i & Kim Sook's Radio.]
How great is your team work? Out of 100? [Clearly Sowon's voice.]
- 100.
- 230.
230? - On the radio.
- We have evidence.
I probably meant that.
When we first debuted, we gave ourselves 50 points because - Out of 100? - Yes, because the beginning earns you half.
So we gave ourselves 50 points.
Now that we've been together for 4 years, that makes it 200 points.
- What about 30 points? - Since couple of months passed You mean there was no reason.
- Or the score doesn't matter.
- Right.
[Throwing bait.]
Do you think that your team work is probably the best of all idol teams? [Wise answer.]
Other teams' must have strong team spirits, but Who is the funny one among you? Yerin? - Me? - Yes.
[According to Sowon, everyone is funny.]
Yerin or SinB.
- I think it depends.
- Who is the funniest? Who is the Hyeongdon and Daejun of GFRIEND? - Everyone.
- Honestly Umji said 'honestly'.
I think I can cover one of you - I think.
- Who? - Pick one of us then.
I pick Jeong Hyeongdon.
Are you the MC of the team? [Really?.]
- You mean you are? - Yes.
You're the Hyeongdon of the team.
You two also look similar, too.
[Not really, but they both seem unhappy.]
- She's not happy.
- Why the angry face? - She doesn't like it.
- I saw him and he made an angry face first.
I'm not so happy either.
[Testing GFRIEND's team work.]
Let's how good your team work is.
You'll be blindfolded and touch each other's cheeks to guess whose cheeks you're touching.
How is that possible? For example, Yoseop from HIGHLIGH guessed everyone right by touching the butt.
I think it is possible if you have great team work.
- Start with Yuju? - Should we do it with chin? - Can we do it with chin? - Chin.
We usually touch each other's chin.
- Really? - This will be better.
- I can guess Eunha.
- Umji is easy, too.
[#1 challenger - Yuju.]
Come out here.
Come up here.
- Let's be quiet from now on.
- You shouldn't talk.
[Yuju is ready with messy hair.]
- Don't talk.
- Turn around, Yuju.
- I can't see anything.
- This way.
- Stand in random order.
- Look at her hair.
People usually wear it under their hair.
I cannot see anything.
[#1 chin - Yerin.]
[Not sure touching.]
Just touch the chin.
- SinB.
- Okay, SinB.
[#2 - SinB.]
What is this? - What is this? - A member's chin.
[This is my chin, Yuju.]
Hold on.
- This is either Umji or Eunha.
- Umji.
[#3 - Sowon.]
[For sure.]
- This is Sowon.
- Sowon.
[#4 - Umji.]
[Like a puppy.]
[Very sure.]
- This is so Umji.
- But you said Umji already.
[Confused with two Umji's.]
Which one did I not say? - You said Umji already.
- This is Umji.
[So fun to watch.]
[Last one gets the best response.]
[This grip is.]
This is Eunha.
How can you laugh so loud as you grab someone's chin? [Eunha's chin is like her fingerprint.]
- That feels - Different? She said Eunha.
Why did you laugh so much? It feels different.
- Is it like jelly? - It feels so full in your hand.
[Squishy chin.]
[Goes on the chair.]
Next is Sowon, come here.
[Eye mask just for Sowon.]
Sowon is up next, come here.
She's so tall [Putting on the eye mask as if it's a crown.]
Not like this.
I can only put it on her if I stand on the chair like this.
Here goes Sowon.
[The 2nd player is Sowon.]
Members, please stand in line.
- Here we go.
- Will she really be able to guess correctly? [The 2nd player is Sowon.]
Members, please stand in line.
- Here we go.
- Will she really be able to guess correctly? [Number 1 chin fat, Yerin's chin.]
Say 100% if you're for sure.
[She's more cautious than ever.]
- Eunha.
- Eunha.
- Go back.
- Wait.
[Chin fat number 2, Eunha.]
- Like a true leader.
She's straightforward.
- Straightforward.
[Slowly feeling her chin like it's slime.]
[A round grip.]
Wait, why is this chin so round? [Eunha, again?.]
- This is Eunha.
- Eunha again? - Eunha again.
There's 2 chins of Eunha so far.
[Corrects her guess.]
The 1st one wasn't Eunha.
[Chin number 3, SinB's chin.]
- [She has the ability to guess who it is at just that sound.]
[Chin number 4, Yuju's chin.]
[She can guess who it is at just a few touches.]
- Yuju.
- Just the chin.
- Yuju.
[The last chin is Umji's chin.]
Just the chin, just the chin.
Don't pinch her.
- Just the chin.
- The first chin! Hey, get over here.
[She calls back the first chin because she's confused.]
Where? [The leader has 2 chins in her hands.]
[She can't figure out which one is Umji's.]
What? Where is Umji? [Desperate.]
[I'm right here.]
Umji's chin stretches more.
- You were right until so far.
- This is I got everyone right? - This is Yerin and this is Umji.
- Correct! [Sowon got everyone correct.]
The leader! [Jaws dropping.]
She got everyone correct after saying come over here.
[Current score 100%, Eunha tries.]
Let's try Eunha since everyone can get Eunha right.
- It's hard.
- But you can tell Eunha's for sure.
[The 3rd player is Eunha.]
- Here we go.
- Next.
[It's the camera's lucky day, they're having a 1:2 fan meeting session.]
[Number 1 chin, Sowon.]
[Her hand is lost.]
[She knows it's Sowon without even touching her?.]
It's Sowon.
Why did you laugh just now? [Someone with a height not within reach must be Sowon.]
There was nothing there.
That's because she's so tall.
It's because she's too tall.
[A spank = Now she knows for sure it's Sowon.]
Yeah, it's Sowon.
[Eunha is so logical.]
- Sowon, correct.
- It was kind of - unexpected on our part.
- Yes.
[Chin number 2, Umji.]
Huh? [You know my chin right?.]
[Yuju, wrong.]
- Yuju? - Yuju.
[And the real Yuju appears.]
[They all feel the same for her.]
What? It's weird.
They all feel the same.
Isn't it the same person? - No, they're all different people.
- They're all different.
- They're all different.
For real.
[Yuju, ding-dong-dang.]
- Yuju? - Yuju.
- Yuju.
[Chin number 4, SinB.]
[SinB, correct answer.]
- SinB.
- SinB.
[Chin number 5 is Yerin.]
[Wow, she got Yerin correct as well.]
[At Eunha's try at guessing, she got 4 correct.
Sowon, SinB, Yuju, Yerin.]
Am I done? [She got quite a few correct.]
We're all good.
[You thought it was over?.]
This is not a real teamwork test.
We'll give you another teamwork mission.
If you complete this mission, our staff will give Buddy coffee as a prize.
- Let's make it! - We do as we say.
- Please bring it.
- OK.
- What is it? [Ta-da.]
- Watermelon! - Watermelon! - Food.
- For 230 seconds, you have to collect 230 watermelon seeds.
I can't eat cold food.
Are there 230 seeds in there? [Leader Sowon's quick plan.]
Then 5 of us have to collect 40 each.
and one of us gets 30.
[Even a strategy.]
We can count them on our palm.
[Motivated Sowon and Eunha.]
- There you go.
- It's too easy.
Sounds good! [Excited.]
I love watermelon.
[I'll do my best, Buddy.]
You should not savor it.
Eat quickly.
- OK.
- I usually swallow watermelon seeds.
[Lots of the members swallow watermelon seeds.]
I just chew them up.
I swallow, too.
Get ready, go! Hurry up.
[They said they would hurry.]
[But it's taking forever.]
Yerin spat one out.
It's too slow.
At this pace, it will take 35 minutes.
Can GFRIEND give Buddy - Yellow seeds don't count, right? - That counts.
- It counts.
- It all works.
- There are no seeds.
[Coaching, you have to hurry up.]
At this pace, you can't collect 230 seeds.
SinB spat one out.
[Then, is it my turn to get the job done?.]
[Watermelon seed generator.]
[They've collected quite a lot of watermelon seeds.]
[Sowon is speeding up.]
[But how come there are no watermelon seeds coming out?.]
[Unexpectedly eating so well.]
It's so good.
[Coach Donhee is frustrated.]
It's not the time to savor the taste.
[Forgot about the mission.]
I know it's good.
But Buddy are waiting.
[Yerin pulls herself together and focus.]
Eating watermelon is not the point here.
- This is about spitting out the seeds.
- Right.
Remove the seeds.
There you go, Yerin.
How many did you get? Oh boy.
[Just this many.]
You're in trouble.
[It's already been 200 seconds.]
Umji! And Yuju.
[Nom nom nom till the end.]
- Keep it up.
- How many did you get? [Time is up!.]
- Count them.
- Time is up! [Serious, checking her seeds.]
- Get out of the way.
- Please get out of the way.
We'll examine.
[Forensic investigator.]
Can you get out of the way, please? - We have to check now.
- We have to investigate.
[It doesn't look enough with half of an eye.]
5, 6, 7.
[In the meantime, she keeps eating.]
[While Donhee and Conhee got distracted.]
There were no seeds.
[Sowon sneaks up on the watermelon.]
There weren't a lot of seeds.
[Adding more seeds.]
[We're filming everything, Sowon!.]
I did my best.
30! [Showing off how she did well.]
There are no seeds.
You see any seeds? [Sowon+Yerin+Eunha+SinB+Umji = 151 seeds.]
How many so far? I collected 32.
If Yuju got 79, Buddy can get coffee.
I think it's possible.
[Not even close.]
[So disappointed.]
- Buddy! - Sorry, Buddy.
[178 watermelon seeds.]
GFRIEND play fair and square.
That's why they are called goddess GFRIEND.
- What a shame.
- Sorry, Buddy.
If only had there been more black seeds.
[What a shame.]
Next topic for Fact Check! Yuju can turn the cutie pie song into a hip-hop tune.
I want to do a duet with Kim Haon from "High School Rapper".
Yuju is a rapper Have you said that or not? I think I have.
- I've talked a lot about "High School Rapper".
- We don't say anything without facts.
/ - On a radio show.
- I remember I did.
You can turn any song into a hip-hop tune.
[Hip-hop is my life.]
That's how much I love to rap.
What is the hip-hop version of the cutie pie song? You know the song that goes like, "One plus one is".
[Never heard of it.]
You can make the hip-hop version out of that? I rap only in accompaniment parts.
We have a beat.
[We didn't make a rap beat.]
Our staff have a beat as nice as [We legally downloaded the beat online.]
the "High School Rapper".
[What is the hat for?.]
- There's a hat.
- There is a hat? You want a hat? It's a hat for girl group rappers.
[Snapback cap.]
[Automatic swag.]
So cool.
Hip-hop musicians all have their own nickname.
- She has her nickname.
- Gela, Gela.
- Gela? - MC Gela.
- Why? - What does Gela mean? Since my Christian name is Angela.
That doesn't really fit hip-hop.
[Somewhat holy swag.]
Here's Angela.
- MC Gela.
- Gela.
[Coaching how to have swag.]
Hold it like this.
[Like this.]
- Haon might contact you.
- So cool.
- You're rapper.
- Here we go.
Drop the beat! [She let the beat control her body.]
[Those who are watching are more embarrassed.]
Everyone knows the cutie pie song.
Here's Yuju's version.
- You've got a nice vibe.
- Nice! [Cutie pie song with the hip-hop vibe.]
One plus one is called cutie pie.
[Is this delivery real?.]
Two plus two is [The world's most hip cutie pie song.]
also cutie pie.
[Give off a laid back delivery.]
Three plus three is, I'll forgive you.
I got goosebumps for real! [Witnessing the goosebumps.]
- I got goosebumps.
- Really? - What? Why did you get goosebumps, Sowon? When she said, "I'll forgive you", my hair stood up.
[Another hip hop musician.]
I heard Sowon used to rap when she was a trainee.
Oh my God! Deliver the feelings at that time with the beat.
Your rap during the audition.
[Heavy is the head that wears the snapback cap.]
It's your turn! Sowon, what was your specialty when you auditioned for the agency? You said it was dance and now it's rap.
[She is really something.]
[SO-MINEM, wassup?.]
Sowon joined the team as a rapper.
Drop the beat.
[1 teaspoon of swag.]
[Expected to be embarrassed.]
Put your hands up! Left, right, 1! 2! [The moment when a rapper's pride becomes a shame.]
1, 2! 1, 2, 3, 4! [When she starts rapping.]
Everybody listens to me.
[Feeling sorry for her.]
[In the spotlight.]
So many lights! What about the lights? [Sowon do you really want to rap?.]
Keep going! [Save this moment between her fingers.]
[My root.]
I joined Source Music with rapping.
But I won't rap.
[Gangster rapper.]
She's hitting him again.
[Sowon is hitting Donhee for no reason again.]
What is wrong with you? I'm really not cut out for rapping.
I've never mentioned rapping.
[Don't do a flip-flop.]
You said, "I joined Source Music with rapping".
That's it.
Once I joined the agency, it was over.
[SO-MINEM (24) changed her position to visual / and had nothing to do with rap ever since.]
- Freestyle rap is really hard.
- Right.
- We have MC Pork Neck.
- Stop it.
I can't! She's the master of freestyle rap.
There is no magic formula or anything.
- You just have to spit it out.
- She's really good.
She comes up with words so well.
- Just spit it out.
- This segment is for you.
- Just spit it out.
She has a knack for writing the lyrics.
[Her full name is MC Pork Neck Kimchi Stew.]
MC Pork Neck! [Smile.]
[The studio is filled with beat and tension.]
There are lots of beats.
- We have a lot of beats.
- This show is rich in beats.
[The listeners are more nervous.]
This is MC Pork Neck's rap.
Everybody, listen! [Original meat-lover.]
I'm MC Pork Neck.
I'm a very picky eater.
I love kimchi stew with pork neck, that's why I'm called Pork Neck.
[Fiery rap about pork parts.]
Pork neck.
Pork belly, shoulder butt.
[Crazy hook.]
[It's just like my story.]
Pork belly, shoulder butt.
I love all the parts.
Yo~ [So hilarious.]
In my head, [Make some noise! I love meat.]
there are all the parts.
[Can't stop laughing.]
[She's crying as she's laughing so hard.]
[Another order for pork neck.]
Yo~ So catchy.
I like the restaurants in Hanam area.
[Laughing to death.]
[Swag is not something you earn.]
She likes BBQ places [You just give off swag naturally.
MC Pork Neck.]
in Hanam area.
Buddy asked GFRIEND for this.
"Vocalists of GFRIEND posted a video clip of singing Asian Drum on their Instagram".
"I want to see them singing their favorite hip-hop song".
Did you sing that frequently? We loved that song.
Vocalists and Umji.
[Eun, Um, Yu - who likes Asian Drum.]
Eunah and Yuju.
- With Eunha and Yuju? - Yes.
- Will you do that? - Collaboration, please.
[Umji and Yuju sings "Double Asian Drums".
Yuju and I will Let's see.
[I'm MC Moksal.]
[I want to join them.]
[Double Drums, stand by.]
[1 MIC and 1 Snap back.]
Here you are.
[MC Moksal took them.]
[She participated without an invitation.]
[Sudden change into "Triple Drums".]
Did I join too naturally? Please volume down.
[Asking for help.]
Please say things to cheer them up.
[Introduction is my part.]
I'll say "Drop the beat".
Please say "Drop the beat".
[I refuse to be normal.]
Drop the beat! [Beat came out slowly.]
It should come out right after.
[Trip Asian Drum #High School Rapper.]
[MC Moksal starts up.]
[MC Ttabong joins.]
[MC Jella supports.]
Please volume up.
[It makes me have goosebumps.]
I got goosebumps again.
[Perfect triple drums.]
[Jolly Yerin, so excited!.]
[Beagle-rin who gets wild.]
[Beat, that's my world.]
[Powerful low-tone rap.]
[It's so funny.]
[Just amazed.]
[Fulfilling her duty.]
Ho! [After the low-tone rap.]
[MC Ttabong's solo performance.]
[Way to go!.]
Ho! [So stable.]
[Perfect division of roles.]
[Perfect chemistry.]
[Embarrassment is short but swag remains forever.]
[Everyone, bring it on.]
[You'll be a rapper, if you do like this.]
[Peace to GFRIEND who lowered the bar of hip-hop.]
[Lingering impact.]
[What a good performance.]
Next topic for Fact Check! If you're Buddy, you'd know GFRIEND's past.
When SinB was little, she asked out Leeteuk.
- Is this true? - How did you find out? - Of course we do.
- What is it about? [The whole story about asking Leeteuk out.]
This goes back to the show "Truth or Dare".
- You can talk about it.
- There was this variety show.
I went on the show when I was really little.
[Let's check out the video evidence.]
Really? Let's take a look.
[No No.]
We are pretty and in great shape.
- Which one is you? - On the right.
[Baby SinB.]
- On the right? - Leeteuk! I'll give you my name card later.
[Video provided by SBS.]
How about a 3:3 blind date this weekend? [Cameo Leeteuk (25).]
3:3! Huh! You do have an eye for the beautiful.
[Pretty SinB, like always.]
How old were you? - Probably 9? - You were already a celeb when you were 9.
You must have met him [Did Leeteuk recognize you?.]
ever since you debuted.
- Yes, a few times.
[That girl was me.]
- I have, but - You didn't tell him? - I didn't get to tell him.
- Really? - Yes.
Leeteuk must be still waiting.
When is that blind date thing going to happen? After my debut, this video clip got pretty popular.
I think he'd probably know.
[Don't let your guard down.
It's not over.]
Our staff prepared something else.
Do you remember? Isn't that Eunha's past? - Eunha should be nervous.
- Our staff - I'm sure there are lots of Eunha's videos.
- Why? Eunha has a really funny video clip.
- Eunha was really - Stop it.
- It's going to be revealed.
- Stop it.
[What is Eunha's past video?.]
I think they prepared that one.
- I think so.
- Let's check it out.
[The first one up is Yerin.]
Yerin? [She has no idea.]
- Each of us got one? - We'll start from Yerin.
- You found mine? - You'll be surprised - if you see these videos.
- We found them.
Our staff managed to find them.
- I don't think there is anything on me.
- Let's watch Yerin's video.
[Oh, that's no big of a deal.]
[Baby Sowon.]
[Baby Yerin with choppy bangs.]
[Yerin still looks like a doll in her past video.]
[So cute.]
When was that? - When you were a trainee? - Yes.
- So cute.
- Sowon was next to me.
- Who? - Sowon.
- What? [Embarrassed.]
- There was Sowon.
- I didn't see Sowon.
How old were you? [Sowon (20), Yerin (19).]
i think I was 19.
I really don't have a past.
Everyone has a past.
I mean, there is no past videos.
[We'll let the music video slide.]
I don't have past videos either.
- Next up is Umji.
- I'm nervous.
- What is it? - I'm nervous.
- I think my mom asked me something.
[Looking away.]
What? [So embarrassed but can't stop watching.]
[Video provided by CJ ENM.]
I was told my glass bead wouldn't break, but it broke.
But it broke.
There is a way we can find the glass bead again.
[The other members' acting.]
What is it? Shall we get started now? [It is corny but they sure look young and passionate.]
[So focused on acting.]
[Corny warning.]
Did you act? [So fun to act.]
There is a way we can find it again.
[Now I can talk about it.]
In fact, we went through that scene again.
- Really? - Right.
What were you worried about, Umji? [Relieved.]
- I was afraid it was from my school.
- Festival? - Yes.
- Next up is Yuju.
- Yuju has a lot.
- Singing contest? - As for Yuju - Singing.
[They all make this face on their turn.]
- First off - "K-pop Star"? - Oh, please.
- There are audition videos as well.
[So smart.]
Hello, I'm Choi Yuna.
I'm 7th grader.
[Finally, it's time.]
A video when she was in middle school? [Video provided by Oma Middle School.]
[A singing contest 8 years ago.]
[22-year-old Yuju watches her 14-year-old self.]
[A little girl who kept singing to become a singer.]
[Watching her past self as a singer.]
[Oh my.]
- I think I'm going to cry.
[Relate to it.]
- So am I.
Your voice sounds different.
- I'm tearing up.
- Why? - Why? - You miss that time? - No.
[Tearing up to see the past video.]
- Been a long time? - It's just- The past video.
How many years have passed? [A flood of memories go through her mind.]
I was 7th grader.
That was when I was 14.
I'm 21 now.
- 7 years ago.
- You're touched.
At that time, I didn't know what was going on.
I just worked hard.
How can a 14-year-old know anything? You were so little.
[So proud of Yuju.]
- There was a singing contest.
- You've always been a good singer.
- I had no idea there was a contest in Korea.
- Me neither.
[Moving on.]
What about Eunha? [Please Help me.]
- Do you have the legendary video? - No! [Crying even before playing it.]
- It's Eunha's turn.
- There it is.
Eunha has tons of past videos.
[2 best videos are chosen.]
We picked the hidden one.
[Running away.]
What! [Making a fuss.]
[A special past video of Eunha.]
[A shocking combination of hanbok and popping dance.]
[Copying Eunha.]
What is this! [Crying.]
What is this?! [The climax.]
[A bow with a backbend pose.]
- Here it comes.
- What's going on? [Popping dance.]
Come over here, Eunha.
It is you.
[Please turn off that video.
I'm dizzy.]
Let's watch together, Eunha.
[We turned it off.
Come here.]
Where are you, Eunha? - I want to leave early.
- Come here.
Looks like that was Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving).
You danced so well.
[So right up their alley.]
Was it for your grandpa's birthday party? [There's more.]
- So hilarious.
- Looks like a holiday.
We have more videos.
- Eunha has a lot in store.
- Please play it.
[Her legs feel weak.]
What is this? [So cute.]
Hello, I'm a 4th grader.
I'm 11.
- My name is Jung Eunbi.
- 4th grader! [What was wrong with me?.]
[Impressive introduction.]
I'm good at singing and dancing.
And striking a pose.
[Little Eunbi has walked a single path as a popping dancer.]
[BGM: Children's song 11-year-old Eunha's fierce performance.]
[Creative dance to a children's song.]
[Laughing so hard.]
[Why are you doing this to me?.]
Eunha is truly an entertainer.
You have great charms.
[Without any past videos, she can enjoy this.]
Dance! - Eunha loved popping dance.
- Striking a pose! [Everyone is worn out except Yerin.]
You like popping dance.
Even with hanbok.
That is legendary.
[Worn out.]
There is a reason why we played past videos.
Please stop.
In order to prevent that video from coming into light again, [Meme production for 2018.]
let's reenact the scene.
[Dragging everyone else down with her.]
The members should do it together.
[Baby goblin, saddened by the broken glass bead.]
I was told my glass bead wouldn't break.
- Let's begin.
It's the 2018 version.
- Oh my [Getting ready.]
I was told my glass bead wouldn't break.
But it broke.
[Too motivated.]
[Adding ad-lib.]
Don't worry.
- Our glass bead.
- Let's go again.
- There was no "Don't worry" line.
- Drop the "Don't worry" line.
- No ad-lib.
You have to reenact the scene exactly the same.
[Super strict.]
Don't enunciate when you say, "We can get the glass bead back".
- You should stutter as you did in the video.
- Stutter.
Got it.
Let's go again.
Action! [A crying scene without any embarrassment.]
My glass bead.
[Focused on acting.]
It was told it wouldn't break, but it broke.
There is a way we can find the glass bead again.
How? How? Shall we get started? [Cringing.]
[Corny scene where they bring the invisible glass bead.]
[So satisfied.]
- Cut! - Nice.
One shot.
It was told my glass bead wouldn't break, but it broke.
There is a way we can find the glass bead again.
How? How? Let's get started.
[6:30 PM every Tuesday.]
[Tune in for Idol Room.]
[2018 version meme.]
Next up is Eunha.
[A special prop has arrived for Eunha.]
Please follow me, Eunha.
[The staff are so thorough.]
[The same hanbok in the clip.]
Please change it off the stage.
[The staff are so amazing.]
Isn't that the same hanbok? So funny.
Can't believe I'm going to see that again on a TV show.
- I know! - The hanbok is similar.
It's similar.
[Popping Eunha traveled from the past.]
- That hanbok looks similar.
- It is.
Like this.
And I did this.
Eunha! Your body will remember how.
[Not confident.]
- For sure.
- No, that's freestyle dance.
- That's freestyle.
- Eunha can do it, since your body remembers.
Make sure to do the arch pose like this.
Here we go.
[Popping dance is the way to go during holidays.
Eunha's 2018 popping dance.
[All eyes on her.]
Welcome! Galaxy popping.
[Powerful appearance.]
[100% in sync.]
[Her body surely remembers how.]
It's pretty far.
[Popping dance moves that have been in her genes for 22 years.]
To the center.
To the center.
[The highlight is the backbend.]
[Oh my.]
[Going down to B1.]
[Too bad she's not so flexible as before.]
[Hidden dancer instinct.]
She's good.
[I'm the master of popping dance.]
She's good.
[Falling in love with her charm.]
- So cute.
- Wow - So cute.
- It was so cute, like the past video.
- I really love that video clip.
- I know.
- I really love that video.
- After some time, you'll realize how precious those video clips are.
Eunha, would you like to hide that video clip or leave it as it is? [What is the hanbok popping video to Eunha?.]
- I'd leave it there.
- I agree.
I'm really envious of you.
You have that video of yourself.
I really hope that video would disappear forever.
[So is your past video.]
- Why? - I seriously think that's cute.
I never talked about it.
["Hanbok popping" has been forbidden words.]
That's why even when the members wanted to talk about it I begged them not to mention it.
[No past video.]
- But now that it's revealed.
- Are you envious or not, Yerin? - Me? - Aren't you jealous? A video for a variety show? [So honest.]
I'm happy I don't have one.
Next topic for Fact Check! GFRIEND is famous for their synchronized dance.
Even every angle of their fingertips and toes are identical.
Have you heard about this? The angles are identical to toes? [That's it!.]
The fans combined the dance footage of the 1st and 2nd verse of "Time for the moon night".
The angles of your fingertips and toes were precisely identical.
That video went viral.
["Time for the moon night" verse 1.]
["Time for the moon night" verse 2.]
[The two videos are combined.]
[This is magic.]
[Unbelievably in sync.]
- They are combined.
- It's the same.
[Wow, oh my goodness.]
[We're really amazing.]
How do we do that? It's amazing.
[Let's take a look again.]
[Combining the dance of the 6 members in the same part.]
It's the same part where 6 of you danced like one person.
[Oh my goodness.]
- Look at the angle of your legs.
- The angles are the same.
All 6 of you.
GFRIEND is so cool.
I can see how much you practiced.
Even when combined, it's the same.
So we are going to check it out here.
All 6 of you can dance like one person, right? Stand in a line.
We'll see if the other members can't be seen.
A tall member should stand in the front.
We will verify if you can coordinate all the dance moves like one person.
[So serious.]
- That's the test.
- OK.
- You can do it.
- From the tallest to the smallest.
[As expected, the tallest one is in the front.]
- "Glass Bead".
- "Glass Bead".
- "Glass Bead"? [Hard to remember "Glass Bead".]
It's been so long since I danced to "Glass Bead".
Shall we sit here? [Nice spot to enjoy GFRIEND's performance.]
[They found a little trick.]
First off, Sowon is in the front.
- Sowon, stand at the back.
- Go to the back.
- No! Sowon, go to the back.
- Who's the shortest member? - I was here for a purpose.
Here we go.
- I can't see anyone else now.
- I can't.
["Glass Bead", the first song that showed off innocent and powerful charms.]
[Can they show off sharp dance moves?.]
Music, please.
["Glass Bead" in a line #GFRIEND.]
[It looks like "Glass Bead" by one member.]
[But the other members are working hard behind her.]
[Adjusting the speed and steps to Umji.]
[6 members dance like one person.]
[Camera in the front, camera on the side.]
[This is the part.]
[Can't take my eyes off of them.]
[They can only watch the back of the other members.]
[Dance AlphaGo, GFRIEND's sharp dance moves.]
- One more time, please.
- Okay.
- You can't see us? - I can't.
- Really? - It's amazing.
[Sharp angles.]
[Their bodies remember it.]
We practiced it for 11 months.
Time for the moon night.
[Really amazed.]
Really? [Powerful and sentimental song "Time For The Moon Night".
- Let's try "Time For The Moon Night".
- "Time For The Moon Night".
Music, please.
[Looks like it will be legendary #GFRIEND.]
[Showing off dance moves without hesitation.]
[Jaw-dropping sharp dance moves.]
[Exactly the same.]
[Perfect from any angle.]
[Reenacting the legendary video.]
[Amazed for real.]
[Movements with big strides.]
[No error.]
[GFRIEND with sharp dance moves.]
Amazing! [It's too soon to be surprised.]
[This is the killing part.]
[Did you practice secretly?.]
[Perfect synchronization.]
[GFRIEND is science.]
[Fantastic till the end.]
[A round of applause.]
That was amazing.
- I can't believe it.
- Did you see that at the "Night" part? When you did this dance move, I got goosebumps.
[Amazing part.]
[Buddy around the world.]
The "Night" part.
[I got goosebumps, is that normal?.]
The angle was so precise.
Next up is the performance that your fan asked for.
ID Yariki said, "GFRIEND is famous for their fantastic cover performances".
"If they do a boy band's cover dance, what song they would choose" "and I wonder if they would be confident".
GFRIEND is famous for their dance skills, right? Have you copied other artists' choreography? [Fun cover dance.]
We do dance covers.
We did a boy group cover performance medley overseas.
- Our fans loved it.
- Really? [New cover dance for Idol Room.]
It will make the fan's dream come true.
GFRIEND prepared "FAKE LOVE" of BTS.
[Fake Love cover performance?.]
Let's check out their BTS cover performance.
What do we do? Music, please.
[Different from their usual powerful and refreshing dance moves.]
[Cover dance with charisma.]
[GFRIEND's surprising performance.]
[What is this big gap?.]
[Check out the angles.]
[High quality no matter what they do.]
[Here comes center Eunbi.]
[This performance is real.]
[Fake Love Fake Love Fake Love.]
[Every one of them grabs the attention.]
[They can pull off any concept.]
[Born to be idol.]
[SinB's ending.]
[Donhee and Conhee are impressed so many times today.]
That was amazing.
[I saw that, ending SinB.]
SinB's smile at the end.
[Blowing a kiss to their fans.]
GFRIEND members are great dancers.
GFRIEND is so cool.
[Thumbs up.]
GFRIEND is back with "Sunny Summer" after their 3-month break.
You joined us on the show today, how are your feelings? I was so thrilled to be on the show with our new song.
I'm not really funny.
But I was able to have a lot of fun here today.
Please give your support to "Sunny Summer".
And today's pick-dol SinB.
[Working hard on reactions.]
Is there any part you're worried about? In fact, I kept pulling my pants.
- I think I scratched my nose a few times.
- That was down to earth.
[She knows the staff well.]
- You won't edit it out, right? - No, we won't.
[You got it, since you're pretty no matter what.]
The full version will be revealed.
It was our first time to come on "Idol Room".
[A long summer.]
- Please check out "Sunny Summer".
- For sure.
[Beat the summer with "Sunny Summer".]
Thank you.
Idol variety show with no.
1 credibility! Idol Room! - Thank you.
- Thank you.
- GFRIEND rocks! Thank you.
[You can watch various video clips of GFRIEND including SinB cam on V LIVE.]