Idol Room (2018) s01e14 Episode Script


JTBC Idol Room Episode 14 - Mamamoo [Let's go.]
[Let's go everyone here today.]
[They're in sync although no one expected that.]
Isn't it to point out? [So funny to watch.]
[Repeating a few of their dance moves.]
It's too long.
I feel embarrassed every time.
[This this.]
We have the hottest group of this summer, MAMAMOO.
[A big welcome.]
- I say, - Mama mama MAMAMOO.
- Hello, we're MAMAMOO.
[Moon Byul.]
[Whee In.]
[Hwa Sa.]
[The first time to IDOL ROOM.]
Finally, MAMAMOO has come to "IDOL ROOM".
[They've seen each other many times.]
[But being polite as if it's the first.]
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
[Very awkward to see their acting.]
- I feel very tight.
- I feel awkward, excited, and breathtaking.
[They laugh very well.]
[Laughing from the start.]
So funny.
Your clothes look very comfy today.
[It's comfy-looking fashion.]
Hwa Sa [I'm fashionista.]
This style is hot these days.
This is hot these days.
[Explaining calmly.]
- What kind of fashion is that? - Training clothes [To me, it looks like dried laver.]
Isn't it dried laver look? [Degraded.]
Dried laver? [Similar.]
Dried laver Hwa Sa and Whee In [Like cats?.]
They're from the same hometown.
[Watch out for the pronunciation.]
- Same hometown.
- Hometown.
[Although it has nothing to do with fashion, they're from the same region.]
- I heard "cat".
- Me too.
They're both from Jeonju.
Is training clothes in style these days? Who followed whom? [They won't understand anyways.]
No, no.
- Did you follow each other? - No.
[Quick wrap up.]
I left my jean at home.
MAMAMOO and jtbc go back a long time.
[jtbc & MAMAMOO's connection, "Brand Song".]
You sang the brand song for jtbc? [Singers that sing very well participated in the jtbc brand song.]
[MAMAMOO was the only idol group.]
For "IDOL ROOM," [Could you change the lyrics?.]
we asked you to change the lyrics.
And if we like this song, [It will be the official logo song.]
we will make this the official logo song.
[Full of drive all of a sudden.]
- We will use this.
- Really? - So we ask for your help.
[Emergency meeting.]
If there's more than one, we could Please give us the MR.
[MAMAMOO's song dedicated to IDOL ROOM.]
[We're ready.]
[You thought that it was over, right?.]
[The intro is very long.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Hwa Sa starts away.]
[Going smoothly, expert vocals.]
[Luxury in the ears.]
[Out of tune.]
[This is a very good chance.]
- Wait.
- The harmony [It's 10 A.
[Morning is harsh for singers.]
I guess it's because we're shooting too early.
- It's too early in the morning.
- Let me do it again.
- I'm sorry.
- MAMAMOO's been busy.
[Giving them the mike to add pressure.]
I guess it's because you don't have a mike.
[Adding pressure.]
Hand mike for singers.
We don't want this.
[With the mike.]
We should sing very well now.
[Let's get it.]
Let's get it.
[IDOL ROOM brand song for MAMAMOO.]
[Warming up.]
[Changing the lyrics on the spot.]
[Let's see.]
[Repeating IDOL ROOM infinitely.]
[Leaving room for the next time.]
It's not complete.
- It was good.
- Good.
[Relieved to see their response.]
MAMAMOO's done it successfully.
[We fooled you.]
[Logo song will be Hui's song.]
We will continue with Hui's song.
Let's continue with Hui's song.
[They got hit.]
It's not easy singing in the morning.
[An essential course to open the show.]
We could check that through MAMAMOO.
[Feeling sulky.]
Please sing in the events after 4 p.
[Laughing a bit later.]
It's What's wrong, Solar? [What's wrong?.]
- Why? - It's [Looking very innocent.]
I feel very shameful.
[Hwa Sa is the rising eating show star.]
Hwa Sa is shaking the nation.
[Dedication for Hwa Sa.]
Hwa Sa is shaking the nation.
[Everything she's eaten is sold out.]
Whatever she eats, it's making the news.
[The three things she ate.]
Tripe, soy sauce marinated crab, dried laver.
It's going crazy.
[Oh my God.]
[She even got an appreciation plaque from dried laver association.]
Even the - dried laver association gave her the plaque.
- Really? [It's for real.]
I only got the picture.
- Really? - I didn't get the plaque itself yet.
[Why is it so hot?.]
Why is it making news? Whatever you eat? [Eating show was the easiest job ever.]
I think it's because I eat sincerely.
I don't pretend.
[A witness says.]
- It's - She eats very mouthwatering-ly.
[You shouldn't pretend to be pretty when you're in front of food.]
It's very good.
[This is the eating show with soul.]
[Regardless of carbohydrate, protein, or fat.]
[She eats with her whole heart.]
[She even got the plaque from tripe association.]
Did you get the appreciation plaque for tripe? - Yes, I got it myself.
- What did it say? [Hwa Sa revived the tripe consumption.]
Thank you for dedicating yourself to tripe.
To tripe consumption.
[Her eating show.]
[After that, the tongue sole association gave her the plaque.]
It spread.
I got a plaque from the tripe byproduct association.
[They were distressed with their poor sales.]
They couldn't sell the residue and piled them all up.
[After her eating show, it got sold out.]
- And it got sold out.
- It all got sold out.
Thanks to you.
[And the next item?.]
Is there anything that you'd like to try? [News, Hwa Sa is into cuttlefish.]
- I'm into cuttlefish these days.
- Cuttlefish.
[How to eat cuttlefish: 1.
Grill it.]
- Cuttlefish - I buy a whole pack.
Make a sauce with mayonnaise, perilla oil with some hot pepper.]
Make a sauce with mayo, - oil and hot pepper.
- You grill it? Yes, the dried version.
[It will be sold out soon.]
- Cuttlefish - It's good.
Does anyone else do the eating show? [MAMAMOO love eating.]
- All of us - We all love eating.
[Whee In?.]
- Whee In? - I like chicken feet.
That's amazing.
And beef jerky.
I learned tripe from Whee In.
[She was the teacher.]
- She was my teacher.
- Then it's hers.
[Oh no.]
The appreciation plaque should've gone to her.
What? It's mine.
[Teacher's generosity.]
I will let it go since you're my hometown friend.
[Tripe goddess Hwa Sa was born.]
- She taught you? - I couldn't enjoy it because it was too chewy.
[Hwa Sa wasn't familiar with tripe because of it's tough texture.]
But I ate on Whee In 's b-day [She opened her eyes on Whee In's birthday.]
- It was super good.
- Yes.
Since then [She's the teacher.]
[Eating tripe for birthday means something.]
Eating tripe for birthday means that she loves tripe.
Eating tripe instead of a birthday cake.
I ate with the cake.
[Solar's news, she found a new talent of her tongue touching the nose.]
Solar's got a new talent.
Her tongue can touch her nose.
No, no.
That's not it.
My tongue cannot touch the nose.
It can't.
[What happened? MAMAMOO was watching TV.]
We were watching TV one day.
[They were watching an idol trainee doing that.]
An idol trainee actually touched the nose - with his tongue.
- He must have a very long tongue.
[The members asked Solar to do it.]
And we asked her to try it.
We like to try what other people do.
- So we all tried watching the TV.
- Does it work? [It almost touched her nose.]
It almost touched her nose.
That's amazing as well.
[Getting the order form both sides.]
- Try it.
- I'm not sure if I can do it now.
[She listens very well.]
- Extend your tongue.
- I'd look weird.
[Getting the order.]
Turn around and practice.
[Turning around right away.]
Tongue is not that long.
It works.
[Should I do this?.]
[Expecting to be ashamed.]
Should I show them this? If you can almost touch it, it's still No, no, no.
[It almost touched her nose.]
No way.
No way.
[Getting the order again.]
Try your best.
[Ordering with her eyes.]
[Try it again.]
That was funny.
[Sticking her tongue out with all his might.]
Your facial expression is funny.
- I can't do it.
- No, no.
[They asked about other members.]
What else do you have? [They are pushing Solar again.]
You have that, Solar.
Flicking sounds.
Flicking sound? - Me? - Talk about the flicking.
She's a talent machine.
[They are pushing her from both sides.]
You should just show them.
You should just show them right away.
[And she does whatever they ask her to do it.]
[The one who asked her to do it.]
[Hwa Sa, why don't you watch her?.]
You asked her to do it, and what are you doing? [Oh my.]
You asked her to do it, what are you doing? [Still, she's smiling.
What a kind person.]
Why won't you watch her? - No, no.
- She's done it several times.
And in the meantime, Whee In and you [And they're having much fun.]
weren't watching, talking among yourselves.
[I'm sorry.]
- We were talking about some other talents.
- She was working very hard.
And Moon Byul was responding.
[Too late.]
It's over.
It's OK.
[She's feeling better.]
I scolded them.
They won't do it again.
They won't do it again.
[There's more to that.
"Three talents".]
There are three talents.
- What else is there? - The finger flicking and [Explaining hard although she's not doing it.]
- You need a floor.
- She makes a sound.
- This? - But it won't work.
- This? - You have to do it with the little finger.
[Not as good as you might imagine.]
k Why would you laugh? You guys made her do it, and why would you laugh? [Not me.]
I didn't ask her to do it.
- She's trying hard, and why do you laugh? - Do it again.
[She's laughing all the time.]
[She's laughing because she feels tight.]
Do it again.
[She would do it anyways.]
[Better than before.]
The others can't do it.
[What's left?.]
We've seen two.
What's left [She's Solar's trainer.]
This [Excuse me.]
Are you her coach? - Was it this? - Yes.
- What's that? [She never gets tired.]
Take this out.
- You can make sound? - Yes.
[Joint popping.]
You need to support that with your palm.
[It hurts.]
Is it dislocated? [Feeling embarrassed.]
It worked well.
[What's Hwa Sa's talent?.]
Hwa Sa, Whee In, what were you two talking? When she was showing us her talents? Whee In was asking for the windshield sound.
[Blinkers sound.]
- Windshield? - Blinker.
- Blinker.
[Partner, she makes the sound of opening the car door.]
- Blinker? - When I make the sound, she used to make the sound of blinkers.
[They were going to do it.]
We were talking about doing it one day, and we forgot so we were talking about that.
Opening the door and windshield? [She can't remember.]
- How did I make the sound? - I don't remember.
Isn't it this? [Personal talent.]
What the.
She's good.
She's good.
Is this it? [Then changing the partner.]
- It's this.
- Go ahead.
[For the first time.]
- Was it this? - I'm embarrassed.
- It sounds the same.
- Really? [Opens the door, blinkers, reading countenance.]
[They are excited among themselves.]
That's unique.
It's the same.
[Complimenting each other.]
- It sounds exactly like it.
- Look at them.
- I thought that there was a car.
- I thought that I was on it.
You four go along very well.
- You do.
- They're a girl group for no reason.
[Showing the ceremony.]
They are a girl group.
It's good to see you cheering each other up.
I don't have personal talent.
There are many updates about Solar.
[Solar is into Pilates.]
You started Pilates? [Recommended by the hospital.]
I have very serious back problem and the doctor told me that I have to do Pilates.
Otherwise I won't have a difficult time.
[Bragging about her.]
She's learning pole dance these days.
- Pole dance? - Pole dance.
- Pole.
It's on our music video.]
- Pole dance? - Yes, it's on our movie.
[Source: "Egotistic", Solar is the pole dance.]
[She's learned only for one hour.]
That was when I learned it for one hour.
I'm keep learning.
[The bruise on her arm.]
Did you get the bruise from pole dancing? This is a mole.
[Everyone's confused that it's a bruise.]
I thought that you hit the pole or something.
- This is a mole.
- Everyone thinks that it's a mole.
- Everyone - Even the doctor thought it was a bruise.
[She went to the hospital once.]
I got hurt [And the doctor got confused.]
and doctor said, "You got a bruise".
[The trainer corrects her.]
It looks like a bruise.
[Even a mole is like MAMAMOO.]
- Today's PICK IDOL close-up - camera.
[Moon Byul's camera is on as well.]
Let me explain what this is.
[A close-up camera will follow them.]
From now on till the end of the show, we will pick one member and close up on her.
[And after the V LIVE, it will be online.]
And on NAVER, we will show the full version.
Please come in.
[To choose the PICK idol, here's the wheel and the camera.]
- We have to hold this? - Now [No way.]
[excuse me.]
No, you won't have to hold this.
A camera will film you.
[You won't have to hold this all along.]
You won't have to hold this.
Make a flower cup like this.
- On your stomach.
- We will give you this.
Thank you.
[She's wearing a long pants.]
- Can I have a blanket? - Yes.
- Blanket.
[This is how the rotating camera works.]
[To prevent exposure.]
[It's a bib.]
Please try to look pretty for 3 seconds.
[Whee In.]
[Cute one.]
1, 2, 3.
[Hwa Sa.]
1, 2, 3.
[Moon Byul.]
1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
[Are you ready?.]
[And hello from the top.]
[This is very exhausting.]
Solar, are you having a difficult time? Here we go.
[PICK dol is selected like this.
They will rotate it and pick one.]
Here we go.
[Whom should I pick today?.]
Here we go.
[You're not rotating.]
I feel dizzy.
[Can't understand.]
The camera is rotating, not you.
[The time of destiny.]
[Oh my.]
[Is it me?.]
Who is it? Solar.
- It's Solar.
- It's you.
It's Solar.
[It's my destiny.]
[The camera finds her.]
- It's Solar.
- It's you.
[No clue.]
[They will shoot it from now, but she's worried about what's she's done.]
I was weird.
- Solar.
- Solar.
[Hold this and film yourself for an hour.]
Film yourself with this.
[Feeling pressured.]
Hold this and film yourself.
With this for an hour.
[She's a kind one.]
Solar camera.
[Arranging the meeting.]
Today's PICK IDOL Solar.
Which camera is it? Please raise your hand.
- It's him.
[Very calm.]
- Don't pretend to be obedient and quiet.
- I [Very obedient.]
I've been selected as a PICK IDOL.
[What's wrong with her?.]
I will show you my pretty self.
- Thank you.
- That's been very good so far.
And she will be on from now.
[Looking pretty.
[Looking pretty222.
[We will show you everything.]
[Her cheekbone hurts from laughing too much.]
- You've released a new song? - Yes.
[For summer, MAMAMOO is out with "Egotistic".]
It's titled "Egotistic".
[It's the first reggaeton style they've tried.]
For the first time, we've tried a song from reggaeton genre, which is a kind of Latin music.
We've tried and [Warning egotistic lover.]
We're warning egotistic guys or girls to be on their own in that case.
- Be on your own.
- If you're going to be egotistic like that, be on your own.
I heard that this song is making news for some other purposes though.
[Whether "Egotistic" is to put others to shame.]
The title sounds like it's putting others to shame.
[I've read this.]
- GFRIEND's title song is "Sunny Summer".
- They're out with that.
- And to that, we're "Egotistic".
- We go, "Egotistic".
[Like this.]
Right below [It can be used everywhere.]
- It's like that.
- "Empty," "Egotistic," Something Special" - "Egotistic" is everywhere.
- It can match any song.
[So funny.]
It's so funny.
I've never heard of this.
It will make news.
- "Making A New Ending for This Story".
- "Egotistic".
[So funny.]
It's funny.
Now it's time for nano dance, conquering the killing part.
[Select the killing part.]
There will be killing parts in your new song.
[Members will dance in a relay.]
At first, you will start dancing altogether.
And then one by one, [The dance will be analyzed in nano level.]
we will capture your dance.
[This is the killing part.]
[Nano dance order, - Hwa Sa - Yong Sun - Moon Byul - Whee In.]
In this order, you will dance till the end.
Did everyone understand? - Yes.
- Yes.
- You all understood? - Yes.
- Yes.
[Said yes for four times.]
- You all understood? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Some members get it wrong even though they said yes.
[Not me.]
Let's dance to your new song, "Egotistic".
["Egotistic" nano dance.]
Nano dance.
Give us the music.
[The music is on.]
[They are weird.]
[They didn't get it.]
[She's here again.
Pretty fool.]
[Pretending as if she didn't get it wrong.]
[Solar, I saw you.]
It starts from here.
[You dance from where the song starts.]
- No.
- No from here.
[One by one, you add the dance in nano part.]
When the song You have to dance to the song.
[She didn't get it.]
I'm sorry.
I thought that I should start from here.
Here we go.
Give us the music.
[Do it well.]
[Solar trainer checks her.]
["Egotistic" in nano level.]
[They start the dance.]
[Whee In looking haughty.]
[One two.]
[Pretty fool is gone.]
[This is chic Solar on stage.]
[Very Latino.]
[Exotic melody and dance.]
[And time for nano dance.]
[MAMAMOO's fatal dancer, Hwa Sa.]
[Her eyes did all the dance.]
[Making the same move 950,723 times more fatal.]
[MAMAMOO's pretty check, Solar.]
[There's a huge difference between Yong Sun on and off stage.]
[MAMAMOO's conservative Moon.]
[Rapper swag.]
[MAMAMOO's talent, Whee In.]
[From head toe, you can see her talent.]
[After solo dance, they've united.]
[Eat this heart.]
[Want to call you sister.]
[Amazing till the end.]
[MAMAMOO's songs are very MAMAMOO.]
You always come up with a new song.
- It's reggaeton for sure.
- Amazing.
This time, we're going to do something that we've never done.
[A new type of dance.]
Attention dance.
[With your hands stuck to the side.]
You have to stand at attention.
[You have to dance with your face and lower body alone.]
Like this.
[It sounds awkward.]
Like this.
We have to dance like this? I have that.
[Your feet are free.]
- You can't do this.
- Then like this? - Can we use our feet? - Yes.
You just have to stick your arms.
[No pocket.]
- How about we put it in the pocket? - No.
[Don't hold clothes.]
- Can we hold clothes? - No.
[Whatever that makes you comfy.]
It shouldn't look good.
[It's to dance despite inconvenience.]
We shouldn't do this.
[Attendance dance song, "Starry Night".]
Let's dance to "Starry Night".
- This dance is - "Starry Night?" - Yes.
[She's practicing her arms although she's told not to use the arm.]
This is very difficult.
While dancing to the song, [You will get the chance.]
when you can't do it anymore, we will let you use the arm.
That's the only time.
Is it that much? [It's nothing, but a lot of idol members said that they can't take it.]
- Please.
- When you say please, we will let you use your hands.
["Starry Night" is.]
[Arms are busier than the legs.]
[a dance where you have to use the arms.]
[Attention dance for "Starry Night".]
Give us the music.
I'm scared.
[Atmospheric start.]
This is so easy [Gently.]
- for MAMAMOO.
- Of course.
[Already in crisis?.]
[What is this?.]
[Laughing very hard.]
[It's captivating with the hands.]
[But without the hands, it looks weird.]
[The real epilogue.]
I feel stupid.
[Solar's hands are feeling the song.]
[They're losing it.]
[They're losing the feet.]
[And they barely continue.]
- I think it's off the beat.
- Off beat.
[Moving her shoulders.]
[Swag in the shoulder.]
[Moon Byul's part is over.]
Go on.
[This is the highlight.]
[You need the arms to complete the dance.]
[Screaming again.]
[Their mouth can't hold it.]
[But her eyes are still fatal.]
[And it will go on.]
MAMAMOO is good.
[We knew it.]
[Instead of using the arm, she used her feet.]
[They're half-way through.]
Instead of her arms [Feeling suffocated again.]
No, Hwa Sa.
[They'd like to dance with their arms.]
[Let them use the arms.]
Let's use the arms.
[Feeling open now.]
[Cheering automatically.]
[Feeling very free now.]
[It looks relieving to watch their whole dance.]
Now they look good.
[After some crisis, they've succeeded.]
[Attention dance felt weird.]
- It felt weird to use the arms.
- I know.
Arms are very important.
It's because we always use the arms.
[Thanks to the limb.]
We've used our arms a lot.
You look very different with and without the arm movement.
[Thank you arm.]
I know.
- Fact! - Check! [Looking at them.]
Now, let's have time for Hwasa to gather her legs.
[Feeling so comfortable like at home.]
Let's have time for Hwasa to gather her legs.
If you wear training pants, you'll do like that.
[Training fashion - freedom in mind and body.]
- Sure.
- It's so comfortable.
That's the charm of the pants.
This is time to check [Fact-finding time.]
whether gossips around MAMAMOO are true or false.
Give us the first topic.
Fried Dried Laver, Soy Sauce Marinated Crabs, Grilled Tripe.
[Queen Hwasa.]
Hwasa at them and they were sold out.
[Fact that amazes them.]
- This is really - As I said before, this is the fact, right? [Queen Hwasa said.]
- Right.
- The food you had is sold out.
- No, no.
- I bet you have a lot of commercial offers.
[Offers for eating shows.]
Offers to eat their food products like eating manyplies.
[There has been no contact yet.]
I haven't heard of that.
If I were you, at this moment, I would open a Soy Sauce Marinated Crabs franchise.
Well, Byul suggested so.
[Moon24 is having her eye on them.]
She wants to invest.
She wants me to open a restaurant and invests in.
But I'm not talented in running a business.
[Just endorse it.]
It doesn't matter.
Moonbyul and I will run it.
[Soy Sauce Marinated Crab restaurant, endorsed by Hwasa, run by Conhee & Byul.]
[Laughing out loud.]
But aren't you stressed because of it? You may not want to eat.
I still want to eat but [Eating show liberalist Hwasa.]
I want to eat when I want it.
The staff wants me to eat on the show.
[Right We're the bad guys.]
So, we prepared this to put pressure on you.
- We prepared.
- Enjoy some food.
[Have you heard of it? ASMR eating show.]
- Do you know ASMR eating show? - Yes.
It sounds so You'll experience that special eating show now.
[What's that?.]
What? [What?.]
[A table and ASMR devices.]
We prepared some food.
Soy Sauce Marinated Crab, steamed rice, Fried Dried Laver [Hwasa's triple food set.]
And grilled tripe.
[Variety show's rule.]
You're not going to eat it freely.
Something big is at stake.
When you eat these, [ASMR eating show.]
the sound must stay under 60 decibel.
If you can finish the food without making noise louder than 60 decibel, IDOL ROOM production team will send a coffee truck to MooMoo.
[Prize: Coffee truck for MooMoo.]
- Really? - Yes.
- Hyejin! - I see.
- Let's go! - I'll do my best.
[Worst item for ASMR: Fried Dried Laver.]
This is the worst item.
When she chews, it may make a noise [I'm not kidding.]
- It's too crunchy.
- Wet with your saliva.
[Orders from members.]
Don't try to cut it.
Or dip it in soy sauce.
[All right, I'll eat it as I want.]
You can do it! We're going to measure the loudness.
Even now, it's 79, 80 decibel.
[Notice: A staff member did it and succeeded with the limit of 60.]
Melt it like candy.
- I see.
- Here we go.
[Hwasa's ASMR eating show.]
Ready, go! [Carefully starting with grilled tripe.]
[Dipping it in soy sauce.]
[Eating show in silence.]
[This is good.]
[Warning to Wheein.]
[She's about to laugh.]
[Never imagined that I'd eat reading a decibel meter.]
[Feeling pressure.]
[Rice grains fell down.]
[Still it's safe.]
[So nervous.]
[Next target: Soy Sauce Marinated Crab.]
[I think this will be okay.]
[No, it's not okay.]
[Eating show goddess failed.]
Fail! [Freedom for eating shows!.]
Out! Wow, the device is so sensitive.
I was so surprised.
[Sound test with Fried Dried Laver.]
Will you chew this? I want to check out the sound.
[Crisp and cheerful sound.]
[You'll be out.]
It's hard to eat this.
[ASMR eating show.]
We're tripe evangelists.
- Wheein.
- Tripe-gelist.
What should I eat first? [Hush, quiet.]
Go! [Starting with rice not side dishes?.]
[Chewing the rest.]
[She's professional.]
[Checking the meter's sensitivity.]
[Okay, I got it.]
[Starting with Fried Dried Laver.]
[Head-on match.]
[Can't believe it.]
[It feels like a runoff.]
[She chewed.]
[So nervous.]
[ [Great challenge.]
[Battle between a human and a machine.]
[Humankind's wish (Go, humans!).]
[Following one of Lee Sedol and AlphaGo, the 2nd match of Wheein and (De)Cibel.]
Out! [Sad defeat.]
[Humans moaned.]
Out! Fried Dried Laver [Wheein lost but humans can win!.]
I thought I could do it.
- This - It was close.
[Too sensitive, (De)Cibel.]
It's quite sensitive.
I was surprised.
It's so sensitive.
This is so much fun.
You know, when you bite this.
[Firs time to eat Soy Sauce Marinated Crabs.]
I've never tried it before.
[ASMR eating show.]
It's better not to chew.
- Just press it with your tongue.
- Here we go.
Go! [So excited.]
[Dip grilled trip in soy sauce.]
[Difficulty level: Low Grilled tripe.]
[Difficulty level: Medium Soy Sauce Marinated Crabs.]
[Hold your plate!.]
[Yongsun keeps following Hwasa's directions.]
[Birth of a funny meme.]
[MooMoo's interest.]
[Mission Yongsun's meme.]
[Taking a short break.]
[Soy Sauce Marinated Crab went out of the table!.]
[Merciless (De)Cibel.]
Out! [It was close.]
Out! You should've used your hands.
[Having a spoonful of rice.]
I bet nobody can succeed.
Please spit it out.
You can't eat after you failed.
- But it's salty! - You can't eat after failing.
[Food changed.]
Should we use chopsticks? - No.
- No.
[You can use your hands.]
- I used my hands.
- You have gloves.
You may wear them or you can do it with bare hands.
Wear gloves.
It may make some noise.
- Right.
Use your hands.
- Hands are fine.
[MooMoo's coffee is at stake.]
This is the only chance to send a coffee truck.
- Moonbyul is the only one.
- Byul, way to go! [Ready.]
- Are you ready? - Here we go.
Go! [ASMR eating show.]
[She gave up on cutlery to win.]
[This is the last chance!.]
[Like a dad.]
[Chew it carefully.]
[(Grilled Trip was too tough to chew).]
[Finally, it's time to eat this.]
[So kind to help her stop trembling.]
[What's left is Byul's battle.]
[Does she start laughing again?.]
[What's happening?.]
[Everyone starts smiling.]
[Nobody expected she would suck Fried Dried Laver.]
[Everyone starts laughing.]
[Making a fuss in silence.]
[What's that?.]
[Still licking it.]
[It will take 10,000 years to eat it up.]
[Ran away to laugh.]
[Let's think about something sad Something sad Failed!.]
[It's stable now.]
[Licking again.]
[So hilarious.]
[Everyone cries.]
[The silent battle that seems to go forever.]
[It came to an end suddenly.]
Out! [Laughing out loud.]
You were so professional.
- It was good.
It will melt after some time.
- It would have been melted.
[I wanted to see more.]
Do you have any work to do later? [Disappointed.]
[Fans will have a party of MAMAMOO memes.]
I saw you from the side [Moon Hamster who eats Fried Dried Laver.]
So hilarious.
Just like a squirrel eating an acorn.
[I'm satisfied with the result.]
Next fact check please.
MAMAMOO, we're not stereotyped.
We can do innocent and sexy.
Guess who said that.
[Who said that?.]
Moon Byul? [No way.]
[Yoo Hee Yeol's bait.]
What kind of group do you think you are? [She hates being bound to something.]
We can't be bound to something.
We've tried innocent concept today.
One day, we could do something sexy.
We cannot be stereotyped.
[It's Moon Byul.]
[She's got it.]
- You said that? - We tried something innocent.
We could try something sexy next time.
[High treason.]
Why did I say that? [This comment created a big aftermath.
Don't miss it.]
Why did you say that? I won't watch it.
[Perplexed with what she said.]
It's - That was full of swag.
- We didn't make that up.
[She's in the corner.]
- In the video - It was very frank.
From your perspective, who's the one [Sexiest.]
[Who's the sexiest member?.]
at the peak of sexiness? Of the four members? [Not just any old look.]
[Queen Hwa Sa.]
She's the sexy one.
[Queen Hwa Sa (24), born in New York of North Jeolla province, born sexy.]
A bit I'd say fatal rather than [Would you correct that?.]
being sexy.
[Not sexy.]
- Fatal.
- Then who's not sexy at all? - Me.
- Moon Byul? - No.
- You just said that.
[Let's not forget who said what.]
Oh yeah.
You said that.
You shouldn't walk away.
That's bad.
[Changing her attitude every second.]
- I mean among members.
- It's a different sexiness.
[It's a different genre of sexy.]
- We're all sexy in different ways.
- Different.
[Here we go again.]
We have different genres of sexiness.
Fatal sexy.
- Girl crush sexy.
- Girl crush sexy.
In Whee In's case, cutie sexy.
[From now on, she's the cutie sexy.]
[What would it be?.]
[Let's check that.]
From Moon Byul Let's see what girl crush sexiness is.
Girl crush sexiness.
Moon Byul, you know what I mean.
- It's easy.
- Is it? Let me give you some music.
[You want girl crush sexy?.]
Girl crush.
[Here you go.]
[It's this.]
[Very confident.]
[Like they're at home.]
[Trying hard.]
[Into herself.]
[Oh no.]
[You're not into me, are you?.]
- Why? - Wait.
[She's hot hit.]
What the.
[Real girl crush.]
- Wait.
- Why? Why do you hit Solar? This is girl crush? [You need to hit.]
[This is girl crush sexiness.
This is the girl crush sexiness.
Girl crush sexiness.
[Cutie sexy this time.]
- Let's watch Whee In's cutie sexiness.
- Me? What is cutie sexy? [The leader gives them the order.]
Whee In, what do you do well.
Give us the music.
[She's pushed.]
[Whee In looking coy.]
[She is unhindered.]
[And sexiness (but cute instead).]
[Very satisfied.]
[Faithful to her order.]
[Sexy signature posture.]
[Here's cutie sexy.]
That's cutie sexy.
- It went up high.
- This is the sexiness I was talking about.
That's cutie sexy.
[They want her to put the leg over her neck.]
Can you put it over the neck? [Impossible now.]
[She used to do it.]
I did it when I was young.
You're flexible.
[Queen Hwa Sa and Ahnyonse.]
[It's Fatal Ahn's turn.]
It's not easy to look sexy in training clothes.
[Even her clothes are fatal.]
I've never seen anyone wearing a heel [This is the fashion of New York in North Jeolla province.]
with training clothes.
Here we go.
- Fatal sexiness.
- Fatal.
[Looking fatal already.]
Give us the music.
[To Hwa Sa, sexiness is being fatal.]
Look at her.
[Oh my hands.]
[He's hurt.]
[Self zoom-in.]
[Ahn fatal shows her charms.]
[Injured 1, 2.]
Here we go.
[Ahn fatal's temptation.]
Here we go.
[I know that you're all into me.]
[Goose bumps.]
[She's back to her 24-year-old self.]
I know what you mean.
[She's laughing hard.]
[She's injured many people's hearts.
We respect you.]
Finally, the one at the top of sexiness.
[Age advantage.]
[Pole dance Kim Solar's turn.]
Give us the music.
[Her face and 163cm body look very serious.]
[Trying to be sexy.]
[Where did she go?.]
[Yong Sun's gone.]
[What is this?.]
[Odd mix of emotions.]
[It's funny and I want to make fun of her.]
[But she's too serious.]
[Now she looks as if she's working out.]
[Expanded the world of sexiness on her own and ran away.]
[Closing her eyes.]
[Her expression shows.]
You like to do squat? [Only the one who did it feels proud.]
Each of you have the sexiness [Very strange and untouchable sexiness.]
- that you all talked about.
- Yes.
But sexiness was [It was only the prequel.]
only the beginning.
[To make fun of them, he propose innocence.]
Innocence is MAMAMOO's keyword.
[Very natural.]
Of course.
[They're too big to be stereotyped.]
We cannot be bound to stereotypes.
[The song that made a lot of news.]
From this album, there's another song that fans were very curious about.
[Sky! Sky!.]
It's "Sky! Sky!" [It's something that they don't usually see.]
It's a music video that we can't watch.
What about being innocent? MAMAMOO stands for innocence.
You can represent everything.
I don't want to set a limit to MAMAMOO.
[The point in watching the music video: they fly in the sky.]
We fly a lot.
Let's watch it.
It shows the ultimate innocence.
[Laughing 1.]
[Laughing 2.]
[Music video for "Sky! Sky!".]
[Watch out #Didsomeonecallme?.]
[Rising into the sky #Flying.]
[#This is when MAMAMOO look at their innocent selves.]
[I don't want to watch that.]
Why would you fly? [They do look like angels.]
[Not E.
[Comment: This music video shows the ultimate innocent look of MAMAMOO in which.]
[their innocence allowed them to fly in the sky despite air resistance and pressure.]
[Oh my God.]
[Please stop the music video.]
[Oh my.]
- Wait.
- I'm sorry.
[That was their first time flying.]
You flew very well.
[It was never on stage.]
You've never performed it on stage, have you? - No.
- No.
[This is the first(and maybe the last) performance.]
So we invite you to perform today.
[Deep sigh.]
Shall we watch it again? [If you don't remember.]
- Again? - No.
- We will do it right away.
- Can you remember? - Very well.
[Conhee picks the best shot, Whee In and a dog.]
Whee In looked out of place with the dog.
[They're connecting.]
[Save me.]
- Was I mistaken? The dog was shaking.
- It was.
[Whee In is embarrassed.]
It looked as if it was frightened.
[Hoping that it won't be the last performance.]
Let us request the performance for ["Sky! Sky!".]
- "Sky! Sky!".
- What a great event.
[Looking innocent.]
Looking innocent.
[Trying to be innocent.]
We remember your looks.
Starting with Solar, [Try looking pretty before you start.]
please look innocent.
2, 3.
[Subjective innocence.]
It's risky.
- Moon Byul next.
- 1, 2, 3.
[It's easy, isn't it?.]
[From then, I couldn't continue.]
Oh my God.
[At the same time.]
[What's wrong with them?.]
[Mind control.]
Whee In, looking at the dog.
- 1, 2, 3.
- You have to stroke it.
[Mind control failed.]
[My rough thoughts.]
[It's because she learned innocence.]
[And darting eyes.]
[Whee In's working hard.]
[And Hwa Sa's looking at her.]
[The joys and sorrows of doing business in one shot.]
[Excuse me.]
Hwa Sa, why do you look like that? [He got you.]
I understand.
I was concentrating.
[She was concentrating too much.]
- Hwa Sa's umbrella.
- Umbrella.
[She had to wear umbrella to look innocent.]
1, 2, 3.
[Not normal.]
[A bit of innocence.]
[And it's going away through her hands.]
Looking like a robot.
[MAMAMOO members have innocence now.]
Let's continue like this.
I love that.
[Finally, "Sky! Sky!" performance.]
You know the moves, right? Try to look refreshing.
[Moving her feet.]
[Subjective innocence.]
There's some innocence.
[It's not a cover performance.]
[It's their first time doing it.]
[Something similar to innocence is somewhere.]
[It makes them smile.]
[Umbrella, dog, bicycle.]
[They're OK without props.]
[And if she doesn't watch it.]
[She mistakenly shows her fatal charms.]
[They've finished it all right.]
You can't limit MAMAMOO.
[We've done it well.]
It was perfect.
[Fact check requested by MooMoo.]
Your fandom requested this.
By ID YongddoniILoveYou.
[Happy Yongddoni.]
Like this.
[I love MooMoo more.]
Solar's relative left this comment.
"I want to see them covering a girlish band's dance".
[Today is MAMAMOO's girlish day.]
- This is today's topic.
- Girlish.
Sexy is just a bait.
[Automatic reaction.]
Girlish and pure.
[Saying this to move on.]
It's not bad when you try it, right? You have some girlish part in your heart.
[No conscience.]
The girlish concept matches us well.
[For you?.]
I think four of us are refreshing.
[We're looking for MAMAMOO's conscience.]
It's amazing.
[MAMAMOO's girlish dance.]
What's the dance you prepared? We prepared [TWICE's TT.]
dance of "TT," which was very popular.
Look at his face.
[To set up the new concept of being girlish.]
Let's enjoy [MAMAMOO's girlish version "TT".]
their girlish dance to "TT".
Hang on.
Four of you, please sit down.
[As you do that.]
What's your role from TWICE? Moonbyul, who do you dance for in TWICE? [TWICE.
Who is your role? [Not easy to say.]
[Reading the room.]
You have to say someone.
- Who is the tallest one? - Tzuyu.
[As she is the tallest one.]
- Then, she is - Tzuyu.
- Tzu-byul.
- Tzu-byul.
[I'm Tzu-byul.]
[At the height of 163.
This is Tzu-byul.
- And Solar? - As I'm the leader, [TWICE's leader Jihyo.]
- Jihyo.
- Because she's the leader of TWICE.
[I'm Ji-yong.]
- Jihyo.
- Jihyo and Ji-yong.
- Ji-yong.
Wheein? [Same bangs.]
[TWICE's Chaeyoung.]
As my bangs are similar to Chaeyoung's.
Right, I wanted to talk bout it.
[I'm Whee-chaeng.]
Then, Whee-chaeng.
Hwasa? [She picked Mina because she wanted.]
- Mina? - Mina? - I don't know how old she is but Mina.
- Hwa-na.
[I'm Hwa-na.]
- Hwa-na.
- Hwa-na.
[IDOL ROOM introduces an imaginary band.]
It's an imaginary unit band.
Tzu-byul, Ji-yong, Whee-chaeng, Hwa-na.
[We're MAMA-ICE.]
Let's watch their "TT" performance.
Even though it's an imaginary band, [From debut to disbanding in one day.]
This is their debut performance.
Their cover dance.
Music, please.
[MAMAMOO's version TT #TWICE.]
[Girlish MOO.]
[That's amazing.]
[That's the God-given purity.]
Hang on.
How can I say Ji-yong? [Not good.]
You'll be scolded.
[Why? I was girlish.]
It's your debut performance.
Don't do this! [Ahn Hwa-na.]
Let's do this again.
Dear Hwa-ice.
[Girlish band MAMA-ICE's 2nd performance.]
[My way.]
[Everyone does her own dance.]
[Girlish attitude.]
[Future-oriented girlish.]
[The original song's feeling is gone.]
[Amazed by their version of being girlish.]
[Top 2 girlish members.]
[Rappers look a bit normal compared to the top 2.]
[This is the best part!.]
[Being girlish with eyes closed.]
[CPR for the dying concept of girlish.]
This is girlish! [MAMAMOO is way more amazing that we thought.]
Hang on.
[Except for Ji-yong.]
Hwa-na, Whee-chaeng, Tzu-byul, come here.
No, not good.
[Ji-yong's solo performance.]
- Please don't.
- Not kidding.
- No.
[Ji-yong, way to go!.]
When she did "You're mean" part, [Let's watch this together.]
I got goosebumps.
[Kim Ji-yong / Hyper-realistic girlish.]
She looked as if she's pissed off.
[Ji-yong's solo version of "TT" #TWICE.]
Music, please.
[This is the stage for myself.]
[Be girlish as much as you want!.]
[That's amazing 2222.]
[I don't care even if you stare.]
[Everyone can do this, but nobody can show this.]
[Attracted by her version of girlish.]
[Younger members feel complicated.]
[There it comes, TT.]
Look at me.
[Finally, the best part is coming up!.]
[Girlish dance with eyes closed.]
[Let's make gif files and use as emojis.]
[Yongsun's 2nd personality - Girlish Ji-yong.]
[Successfully finished solo performance.]
[Lingering impact.]
See? This is the girlish dance.]
[What did I do.]
- Now.
- She's changed.
[Respect to her.]
You wrote a new chapter.
You saved us.
Great job.
[Ji-yong has never appeared since then.]
Next topic for the Fact Check.
MAMAMOO's truth! They are so terrible at playing games.
[MAMAMOO's official stance on the issue.]
I heard MAMAMOO is so terrible at playing games.
- Us? - Yes.
[Not that terrible.]
We may not be good - but not terrible, either.
- Right.
I don't think so.
[Passing memories.]
- May I say after watching video clips? - Shall we? [Free notes and beats like MAMAMOO.]
Orange fart, - who did it? - Is that the right note? [Orange fart game - players should not smile.]
Who farted the orange fart? You did.
[They started laughing within 1 second.]
You smiled.
Dibi Dibi Dib.
[Famous game Dibi Dibi Dib.]
[Without knowing basic rules.]
Dibi Dibi Dib.
- No.
- No.
[MAMAMOO is terrible at playing games.]
Dibi Dibi Dib.
Dibi Dibi Dib.
Why do we keep doing this? [Please tell us how you felt.]
Won't you admit? [Rationalization.]
[That was a special case.]
We may not be good at that.
Right, that game.
[Donhee's big deal.]
You failed to buy coffee to MOOMOO.
[Extra round of game for a coffee truck.]
- Will you do this? - Okay.
If you win Donhee and Conhee, [Production team has nothing to do with this.]
We'll pay and send a coffee truck.
[If you win Donhee and Conhee, we'll send a coffee truck.]
- Really.
- Really? [Don-Conhee vs MAMAMOO.]
What about Silent 007 Bang? - Good.
- We love such games.
[Rule: Playing 007 without sound.
Player who makes noise will lose.]
- Okay.
- Let's mingle.
- Come here.
- It's going to be fun.
[Are they shuffling the seating plan?.]
[Unexpected train play.]
[What's the point of doing this?.]
- Did we shuffle? - No.
To this way.
Who will go first? [Dad's joke.]
- The leader - Lady first.
You go first.
I'll go first.
Let's get started.
Ready! [Silent 007 Bang, start!.]
Go! [Let's take a break.]
- You lost.
- Why? - You had to do this sign.
- He lost.
[MAMAMOO's rule: Players need to send a hand signal to start.]
It's not a rule! [Rules vary per region.]
Well Did we lose? [You lost, too.]
You did it wrong.
You lost.
- Each team insists the other lost.
- Because [Rule from Donhee's village.]
The majority should raise their hands.
Don't you know? [Too childish.]
Don't you know? [It sounds like conversations of fools.]
- I didn't.
- The majority needs to raise hands.
[Let's not fight.]
Calm down and let's do this again.
- Let's use this sign.
- This.
Go! [As MAMAMOO said.]
[Precise signal to start.]
[007, Hwasa, Bang!.]
[Bang to himself.]
[Bang to himself.]
[Typical tactic to make next players get confused.]
[Players on the side are struggling.]
[007, Solar, Bang.]
[Don-Con team failed.]
[He didn't raise hands.]
[Game players worse than MAMAMOO.]
What are you doing? [MAMAMOO won.]
We won! We won! [You violated rules.]
No, no.
It's over.
[It's not over You can't say.]
Please say it.
- Hey! - You said it requires the majority! [They spent more time in bickering.]
Right, we did it.
- You said when playing Silent 007 Bang.
- But you lost.
[Having conscience.]
Right, we lost.
But you broke the rule.
It's 1:1.
[This is what he argues.]
- What? - You should've not said.
[This uncle is so stubborn.]
This is a practice round.
[Clumsy game players.]
Let's start the first round.
[Don-Conhee 0:1 MAMAMOO.]
The score is 1:0.
Let's play Dumpling game.
Dumpling, okay.
[Rule: Call a multiple of five.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling.
[Players can close or open their fists to make the said number.]
See? [The last one will lose.]
Who will go first? [Let's practice first.]
- We'll go first.
- Let's have a practice round.
- The limit is 30.
- Practice? - Go! - Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling.
[He has to start.]
Your turn.
[Why didn't you start?.]
You need to go.
[5 dumplings after a long break.]
- Your turn.
- 5 dumplings.
Well [Excited after seeing clumsier ones.]
We can't play a game.
- I think we can't play this.
- Long time no see such people! 5 dumplings? [Still, not knowing.]
5 dumplings.
[Like teaching a child.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling 15.
5 dumplings.
[So funny.]
I'm crying.
Oh, my.
[Did you get it?.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling.
You need to do it fast! Not like this! [Donhee got mad.]
You're so terrible at games! You are not ready.
[He even made a song.]
Go! There's nothing like that! [The worst game player, ever!.]
I used to do that! [Crying.]
There's nothing like this.
[Tired after laughing so hard.]
[They finally started Dumpling game.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 10.
[20 - failed.]
Starting from me.
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 15.
[Close but 10, failed.]
[10 failed.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 15.
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 10.
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 10.
[Nobody opened a fist.]
[Strong pronunciation of disappointment.]
Don't curse, please.
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 5.
[No way.]
[Too many fingers.]
[Hwasa's turn.]
Here we go.
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 10.
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 8.
[Laughing out so loud.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 8.
You can't say 8.
[Dumpling game's rule.]
You should say a multiple of 5.
[My stomach hurts after laughing so hard.]
5, 10, 15, 20.
25, 30.
[We're playing this to verify what.]
If you say 8, you should do like this! [Rolling on the floor laughing.]
[Nobody believes.]
I did it to make you laugh.
I have common sense.
I know what a multiple of 5 is.
[Pretending as if he understood.]
5, 10, 15, 20.
Let's go! [Starting again.]
Done? Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 15.
[They got 15.]
[2 persons vs 4 persons.]
- We have less players - You can't help it.
[Now it's getting serious.]
You didn't say it in the beginning.
You should've said it in the beginning.
[Time for the leader to step in.]
Say something, leader.
- You two - You didn't mention it when playing 007.
Why didn't you bring it up then? [Just play it.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling [Laughing so hard.]
Let's continue.
[They continued the game.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 10.
[Donhee failed.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 10.
[Solar failed.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling.
- Dumpling.
- Why? [Donhee doesn't know dumpling is 0.]
She said "dumpling" instead of a number.
- Dumpling means 0.
- It's 0.
[2 wins in a row.]
[We won!.]
[Warning for cranky Donhee.]
Let's hang out together.
[Hwasa teases them like a kid.]
He doesn't know what dumpling means.
[Biting his teeth.]
Let Hwasa go.
- Right.
- Let's continue to play with four.
[Hwasa goes out.]
- Hwasa, step aside.
- Come out.
- Hwasa passed.
[She likes it.]
- Okay.
- Four of us will continue.
[Solar passes.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, 10.
- Okay.
- 2:1.
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling, dumpling.
[What's wrong?.]
Hey! Why? What's wrong with her? [Game is so dangerous.]
[Everyone shows abnormal symptoms.]
- Hey! - Hey! You can't do this now.
[Psychological warfare.]
Will you open it? [Reading his mind.]
- Hurry up.
- Will you open it? I don't know.
[Trying to make them confused by slowing down.]
[Dumpling game full of thrill.]
Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling [Thrilled.]
[Dice was thrown.]
[He got 5!.]
[Childish reaction.]
He took too long time! [Don-Conhee 1:1 MAMAMOO.]
- 1:1.
- Time is over! No, no.
[Game addicted.]
- Will you play Honey game? - Honey? - What's that? - Well, first [Rule: Say real first.]
- Real? Real.
- Real.
It's a real game.
[The first player points out 2 players, and each pointed players will point at 1.]
1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Honey.
- Honey.
- Honey.
- Honey.
[If someone is pointed by 2, the player is out.]
Then, she is out.
[Clumsy game players.]
- Why? - Why is she out? Why? [Kind explanation.]
When 2 players point out one person.
[Still not understanding.]
Why did they point out? [Pass.]
Let's not play this.
- Do you ignore us? - Why? - Test us.
Shall we have a practice round? Okay.
Real? [Did you understand?.]
- Real? - Real? [I'm not that clumsy.]
- Real? - Real, game! 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4.
[Moving on fast.]
- Honey.
- Honey.
[It looks like he doesn't understand.]
- Honey.
- Honey.
[He pointed out two.]
- Honey.
- Honey.
Why? You pointed at me.
[To the wrong beat.]
You missed the beat.
[Hello, I'm sing Hyungdon.]
What's the beat? What's the beat? 1, 2, 3, 4.
Or [Beat genius.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Spending more time in bickering.]
- It's laid-back.
- There's nothing like that.
You need to wait for me.
[Attendance Check game.]
Let's play Attendance Check game.
What's that? [Saying attendance check but moving his hand like dumpling.]
- Attendance check, attendance check.
- The same gesture.
We should do this again? [Rule: Point at a player and say a name of another player.]
Say someone else.
[Player needs to say a different person's name.]
For example, Wheein.
Then, Wheein needs to answer.
[Found a new game.]
- Then, point at another player.
- Like solar.
- Right.
- Okay.
[Wrong hand gestures.]
- Attendance check, attendance check.
- No, not that one.
[Original gesture.]
This is it.
Attendance check, attendance check.
[Until when will you dance?.]
Attendance check, attendance check.
- Moonbyul.
- Yes.
- Too late.
- Hyungdon.
- Too late.
[Hi, I'm rapper Moonstar.]
The beat is confusing.
[Beat genius' beat training.]
Beat? Attendance check, attendance check.
[Still not understanding the rule.]
It's Moonbyul's turn and why she got caught? She pointed at me and said Hyungdon.
[Full of clumsy players.]
He plays it without knowing the rule.
Attendance check, attendance check.
[So hilarious.]
Don't focus on the gesture! [Rolling on the floor laughing.]
Don't focus on the gesture! [Are you ready?.]
I hope you know the rule.
- Understood? - Okay.
- Let's play this.
- Ready? [The game started 10 minutes later.]
Attendance check, attendance check.
[Smooth start.]
- Hyungdon.
- Yes.
[Called out Hwasa after skipping beats.]
[Nice people who give him a second chance.]
[Game picks up speed.]
- Wheein.
- Yes.
[Close to fail.]
- Fconn.
- Yes.
[Careful about the pronunciation.]
- Fconn.
- Yes.
- Who is "Fconn?" - It's not allowed.
[Too rigid (Cut me some slack).]
- No.
- It's a nickname.
- Fconn is not allowed.
- Okay.
You What's your name? Yes.
[Who are you.]
You what's your name? [MAMAMOO wins.]
[We love this game!.]
Attendance check, attendance check! [Attendance check song mania joins.]
[Pretending it was a practice game.]
- This is how we do.
- Practice game was over.
- No.
- I said it was a practice game.
[Angry Donhee is so hilarious.]
This is the last round.
[Their game never ends.]
Let's mingle.
- Real.
- Okay.
[They are not just clumsy at games They're clumsy in everything.]
- Did we mix well? - What's this? Isn't it strange? [Anyways, game addicted.]
- Real, real.
- Real.
[Exciting attendance check rhythm.]
Attendance check, attendance check.
Starting from you.
- Starting from you.
- Me? [Let's sing it again.]
Attendance check, attendance check.
[The game started.]
- Hyungdon.
- Yes.
[And it's over.]
[He needs to call out another one.]
- Hyungdon.
- Yes.
[He does not know the rule, still.]
[Parade of worst game players.]
Attendance check, attendance check.
[MAMAMOO plays games way better than Donhee & Conhee!.]
You had to name someone else! [Still lying.]
I now know! [MAMAMOO became game genius.]
- Attendance check.
- Thanks! [I'm a genius.]
Attendance check, attendance check! [That's my style.]
I should make a song.
It's so much fun.
[A coffee truck will be sent to MOOMOO.]
As we promised, we'll send a coffee truck to MAMAMOO! Next topic, please.
Yoo Heeyeol acclaimed that all members of MAMAMOO can dance, sing and rap.
Do you agree with that? Members? [Of course.]
Yes, we do.
[No need to talk about MAMAMOO's singing skills.]
[Trust MAMAMOO is the truth and science.]
[Let's pass checking their vocal abilities.]
They're so famous for singing abilities.
Let's check out their rapping abilities.
[MC, do you want to see it?.]
[A vocalist.]
Want me to do it? [What? She's so confident.]
[Story rappers, Yong and Wheein.]
- Two are story rappers.
- Storytelling? It's very hard.
[Full of swag, even when she wasn't asked.]
[They rap in daily conversations.]
They can talk in rap.
[Hip-hop story-teller 1 and 2.]
They can do storytelling with the rap.
Storytelling and dialogues? How do you talk in rap? [Sudden swag.]
- Wheein? - What's up? [Like in English.]
[But in Korean.]
Did you have lunch? It's time to have.
[Storytelling about meals.]
Oh, my god! I had pork belly meat lunch box, let's get it.
Me, too.
[Full of filler words.]
Let's get it! [My type.]
[Worried about meals.]
[It was a fruitful conversation.]
[Promoting their rap.]
Their rap has stories.
- It's very refreshing.
- Can only the two do this? [Others can do it?.]
Because other members can join it.
[Automatic response.]
Wheein can do it with Hwasa.
[Never heard of that.]
Have you talked with me in rap? I mean, we can chat.
[They joined story rappers.]
Try it.
Yo, yo.
What are we doing now? [As the mind goes.]
We're having a rap battle.
I've never done this before.
Oh, my god! [Changing her target.]
- Moonbyul.
- What's up? - Jump into it.
- I'll rap from now on.
[Real rapper.]
[Real rapping.]
So shout out loud, say ho! - Ho! - Say out! [Confidence, that's what it takes to be a rapper.]
[Wheein is at the center.]
Wheein is like a bridge among you.
Wheein leads when rapping.
[Jung Bridge / a.
a Wheein Bridge.]
- Like a bridge.
- She's a leader in story rapping.
[Serving as a hip-hop bridge for 5 years.]
[4 rappers prepared Dynamic Duo's rap.]
So, MAMAMOO prepared performance of "Guilty" by Dynamic Duo.
[Swag-rry night.]
[MAMAMOO members hold mics.]
[Let's enjoy MAMAMOO's rap performance.]
Come on, drop the beat.
Come one, drop the beat.
[Dynamic MAMAMOO "Guilty" #Dynamic Duo.]
Let's get it.
[Yong and Wheein again.]
Not yet, not yet.
[Let's ride the beat.]
1, 2, 3.
Let's go! [Too enthusiastic for narration.]
Why did you do that yesterday? [Great vocal performance.]
[Bad girl.]
[Bad guy.]
Why did you do that previously? [Yong and Wheein started a role play.]
Why did you do that to me? What should I do to please you? [Calm down.]
That's my line, sister.
[Bad girl.]
[I will say bye.]
I'll go.
[Moon-ko raps instead of Gaeko.]
[I like the swag.]
[Rapper who missed the beat.]
[This is the rap.]
[The karaoke machine was prepared for fun.]
[But they turned it into a high-quality performance.]
[I love it.]
[You'll see this when you give mics to MAMAMOO.]
[Everyone is good at singing and rapping.]
[Each member has great abilities.]
Come on, come on! [Too immersed in the song.]
[Beautiful ending.]
[You thought so?.]
Let's get it! [Suddenly?.]
Listen to our rap.
[Sudden good bye.]
This was MAMAMOO's rap.
[Oh, we had fun.]
[Having endless charms like onion.]
MAMAMOO showed various aspects today.
You're good at rapping.
Thank you.
[Mic, check check.]
Thank you.
[Born-to-be talented artist Wheein.]
Thank you.
[Your first impression to IDOL ROOM.]
MAMAMOO visited IDOL ROOM for the first time.
We've seen their various charms.
How did you feel about today? [Today's pick-dol.]
I was selected as today's pick-dol [She calms down when a camera zooms in.]
and a camera followed me all day.
I hope it comes out well.
[Ending like a girl band.]
I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you.
I hope you enjoy our title track "Egoistic" [Please support MAMAMOO's songs.]
and there are many good songs included in this album.
Please check them out.
[Wish you good luck for your concert.]
Please give support to MAMAMOO! - Thank you.
- Thank you.
- This is IDOL.
- ROOM! [You can watch IDOL ROOM's video clips including pick-dol cam on V LIVE.]
Thank you!