Idol Room (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Red Velvet

JTBC Idol Room Episode 15 - Red Velvet [Beginning with the same old faces.]
How did it go? [But today's guests add freshness to the scene.]
This is by Soyeon.
[This is the signal song of IDOL ROOM by Soyeon from I-DLE.]
I'm confused with the songs.
[Two pigs ruin the beautiful view.]
[Good job, Red Velvet! Instinctively following the camera.]
[Celebrity Jeong wants the attention, too.]
[Battle for the solo shot.]
[Go away Donhee.
Beautiful scene from the beginning.]
I think we need a drone camera now.
[Already feels like they lost.]
Our days of solo shots are gone [Idols with 5 years of experience.]
These girls know what to do.
The most trusted idol show, IDOL ROOM! [Up.]
Nice to meet you.
[First time visitors.]
I've always wanted to meet them.
As the senior, I've always wanted to see them.
We're meeting them for the first time at IDOL ROOM.
Red Velvet! 2, 3.
Happiness! Hello, we are Red Velvet.
[Red Velvet.]
[Anyone watched IDOL ROOM before?.]
This is your first time at IDOL ROOM.
- Has anyone watched it before? - I have.
[We love you, viewer Kim Yerim.]
- You have, Yeri? - You've seen the show? - Yes.
[What kind of question is that?.]
Why did you watch our show? Aren't you too busy to watch it? [Thank you.]
- I intentionally checked it out.
- Thank you.
[I know the pose.]
- Thank you.
Before we go into details, we have something to congratulate you for.
[Saw something.]
[A red velvet cake.]
[No explanations everyone gets a party hat.]
- Awesome.
- We are so We are so caring like this.
What's going on with the fire?! [Serious.]
- What's wrong? - Why? - The fire is burning black.
- What's going on?! Black fire is coming out! [Save me.]
- Hold on.
- Everyone hold here.
- Do you know what day it is? - We do! [Red Velvet's 4 year anniversary for debut.]
- Our 4 year anniversary! - 4 year anniversary! Exactly 4 years ago, [Struggling with the candle.]
- Red Velvet made a debut.
- What's going on? [Celebration song still goes on.]
[Still singing the song along.]
Congratulations on Red Velvet's debut anniversary! [#4yearswithredvelvet.]
- Blow it! - 1, 2, 3! [Irene finally free from the candle.]
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
[Gathering the props.]
We need the props for the 5 year anniversary.
We just need to change the number next year.
- Thank you.
- Our show began just few months ago.
[This is how much we care.]
And we're celebrating your 4 year anniversary.
[Red Velvet's date of debut - 8/1/2014.]
You debuted on August 1, 2014.
So as of today, the filming date, - It's been exactly 4 years.
- Right.
[Can you remember? - Do you remember your first day? - We do.
[4 members except for Yeri.]
- Where was it? - We debuted on Music Bank.
With the song 'Happiness' on Music Bank.
- How did you feel that day? - I felt like throwing up even as I talked.
[Butterflies in the stomach.]
- So I didn't talk that day.
- Really? - Yeah, since the day before.
- We were so nervous.
So we locked arms like this as we go to the show.
[Remembers the first day vividly.]
- So scared.
- No one recognized you then.
[Even then.]
Well, people did recognize us.
[They had funky hairstyle.]
- They actually did.
- Because our hair color was blue, pink.
I'm curious about the hair color.
What color was your hair, Wendy? I had blue on the bottom half.
- I had yellow on the bottom half.
- Yellow bottom.
- And I had pink bottom.
- Half pink.
- Half green for me.
- Half green.
Yeri is the lucky charm of the Red Velvet.
Since Yeri joined, Red Velvet became even more famous.
[Precious baby Yeri.]
After Yeri joined, we won the 1st place with 'Ice Cream Cake'.
[Yeri is Red Velvet's final Dragon Ball.]
What a lucky charm she is.
I looked up some search words for Red Velvet.
What do you think 'Irene x Jennie' means? Isn't it Jennie from Black Pink? We went to the same beauty shop.
We go to different shops, but that's how we got close to each other.
- Since you ran into each other often? - Right.
Irene doesn't really like going outside, right? [Couch Potato x Shy.]
I am really shy, - but she said hi to me first.
- When you two met? [Irene's beauty shop friend.]
Who went to the same place with you? - Black Pink.
- Black Pink.
Black Pink Starts with Black Pink, and ends with Black Pink.
So there is only Jennie.
You two must be best friends.
[What do pretty girls do when they're together?.]
What do you usually to with Jennie? I don't get to meet her often, but when we meet we ea ea eat.
You eat three times? Ea ea eat.
I heard that Jennie said "I'm Luvie.
" in a video call.
What does it mean? 'I am Luvie?' Our fanclub's name is ReVeLuv.
[ReVeLuv = Luvie.]
And we call them Luvies.
- ReVeLuv.
- So Luvie/ - Luvie.
[Irene tells about the story.]
I was at my birthday party.
And I got a video call from Jennie.
So I got it and Told her that I am with the fans.
And she said she is also one of Luvies.
- Since it is kind of a lovely expression.
- Right.
[Nickname for lovely Jennie on cell phone?.]
What did you save her name as on your phone? [Just Jennie.]
- Jennie.
- Jennie? [So amazed at her simpleness.]
How about other members? [Look at other members, Irene.]
Joy, what did you save Yeri as? [Another simple person.]
And Yeri? - Joohyeon with a heart.
- Joohyeon.
- Heart.
- And? - Seulgi, heart.
- Wendy, heart.
[The youngest must be different.]
How about Yeri? What did you save Joy as? [So different.]
Teacher Park.
Teacher Park.
[Never heard.]
When did you change it? Did you call her 'teacher' because she tries to teach you stuff? - No - Does she nag a lot? [Behind story about the nickname.]
- This is - I've never heard this one.
Why is it 'Teacher Park'? - I think she lectures a lot.
- No, it's not that.
When we visited Pyeongyang, Right! - Yeah, we've been to Pyeongyang.
- Right.
My real name is Kim Yerim, and when the North Koreans called me, they called me 'Teacher Kim'.
So after I came back, I changed the nickname.
So, Teacher Park is here.
And Teacher Bae - Teacher Kang.
- Teacher Kang.
- Teacher Son.
Nice to meet you, Teacher Son.
- Yeah, just like that.
- Teacher Park.
[And Irene?.]
What did you save the members as? Me? Park Sooyoung.
[Simple to the max.]
[Rea name: Park Sooyoung.]
Really? With real names? [Teacher Son's complaints.]
I'm thankful that she even saved me.
She didn't sve my number last time, and asked who I am when I called.
[Thank you.]
Thank you for at least saving my number.
But you never know.
- Do you have Wendy's number, Irene? - Hold on now.
- Park Sooyoung-ee here.
- Park Sooyoung-ee.
- And Yeri? - Kim Yeri-nee.
- Yeri-nee.
- Kang Seulgi.
- Kang Seulgi.
[And Wendy?.]
Maybe Wendy is saved as 'Wendy'? - Do you have her number? - Is it on your phone? - As Son Soongwan.
- Soongwan.
[Simply because.]
[Didn't fix the typo.]
I made a typo when I wrote her name.
So I just saved it as is.
Why didn't you save Wendy's number in the beginning? - Her number changed.
- My number changed? Mine changed? [Confused.]
- Or maybe I changed my phone.
- My number [Same number all the way.]
My phone number has been the same ever since I got my cell phone.
The number you've been using since you came to Korea? Even when I changed the phone, the number stayed the same.
Some people are like this.
[Trying to make peace.]
I guess Teacher Bae changed her phone, and so she didn't know your number.
- I guess.
- Then it is Wendy's fault.
It is Wendy's fault, then.
[Nice member.]
[Accepting the false accusation.]
- Sorry.
- You should have I should have told her first.
[Peace maker now became a instigator.]
And if she changed her phone, you should've asked if she had your number.
[My fault.]
Yeah, sorry.
I was inconsiderate.
Joy is the original 'Havana'? [Excited Joy responds instantly.]
What does this mean? [Recent hot keyword - Irene Havana.]
Irene's Havana dance swept the Internet recently.
But the original Havana dance from Red Velvet was done by Joy and Seulgi.
- Yeah - We found that out.
Havana is really popular these days.
[Let's take a look.]
Let's watch the video first.
[Canadian style reaction.]
[Everyone watches Irene's Havana at least more than once.]
She looks great on the side.
[Copying Irene.]
Great side view.
Irene is really embarrassed to see herself.
It is embarrassing.
[The original Havana by Joy x Seulgi.]
There is a video of Joy and Seulgi.
I filmed it, in case you're wondering.
[Made contribution.]
- Thank you.
- I had the camera.
I'm pretty good with camera.
[Director: Wendy.]
[Dynamic camera movement.]
See how I am moving back? [Great set up.]
[Filmed so well.]
[Eyes of temptation.]
Joy is so [Totally into Havana.]
Both of us looked like polar bears.
[Coincidence made masterpiece.]
- So we were just playing and.
- And filmed it.
So we filmed and posted the dance we did as we were playing.
[Red Velvet Havana Queen Contest.]
[Host: IDOL ROOM, Sponsor: Donhee, Connhee.]
So today, we will pick the Havana Queen.
Only the queen who has been selected today will have the exclusive right to the Havana dance.
[Exclusive right to Havana dance.]
Those who have never participated, [Must take part.]
like Yeri and Wendy, can participate today.
Whoever doesn't get selected as the queen, [Emphasizes.]
- Should remain still.
- Can't move when Havana plays.
[No one but the Havana queen.]
You need to stay like this.
Can't even move your shoulders.
[What is that?.]
Gotta stay still.
So Havana Korea.
[2018 Havana Korea.]
- Havana Korea - The honorary ambassador.
Starting with Wendy.
[So burdened.]
Can you start from the other side? That will be more burdensome.
It is the best to go first.
[Red Velvet Havana Queen Contest.]
Now, the 1st Havana Korea started.
Who will win the queen's crown? Music please.
[Havana Korea Contestant #1: Wendy.]
[Saw the future.]
I knew she would do that dance.
I knew it.
[Wendy's version of sexy dance.]
I knew she would do that dance.
So typical.
Very typical dance.
[A spoonful of sexiness.]
Look at the camera.
[Ruining the sexiness with comical move.]
[This can't be true.]
- That is - You can't do these old moves.
No more 'Point dance'.
Now, the Seul-vana.
[Havana Korea Contestant #2: Seulgi.]
- Seul-vana.
- Music please.
[Face changes.]
[Well done, Seulgi.]
There you go, Seul-vana.
[Making big movements.]
[Great bear-crush.]
Seul-vana! [Audience/judge reacts fervently.]
[They get louder as Seulgi's dance gets more dynamic.]
[My goodness.]
[God-Seulgi flipped the stage upside down!.]
- Seul-vana.
- Seul-vana! [Praise God-Seulgi!.]
That was awesome.
[Good bye, Wendy.]
One thing is for sure.
Wendy is out! [Wendy is prohibited to dance to Havana.]
Wendy cannot do Havana dance from now on.
- Can't do the - Dance.
- Next is - Bae-vana.
[Havana Korea Contestant #3: Irene.]
- Bae-vana.
- Bae-vana.
- There goes Bae-vana.
Music please! - Bae-vana.
[Pose changes as soon as the music starts.]
Bae-vana! [Irene's style is perfect with Havana.]
[Attractive side dance.]
[Dance stops because of the loud pigs from next door.]
[Stopped the dance because of them.]
- Why did you stop? - You were almost there.
Why didn't you give all those reactions when I danced? [Not planned.]
I didn't know that I would scream like this.
[From the bottom of my heart.]
- It came out with Seul-vana.
- Right.
This is the right reaction for Havana.
[When Seulgi moves.]
[Don't get him wrong.]
[He's not barking.
He is praising.
You dance well with your mouth.
We try to lift up the spirit.
[Stopped too early Irene is also out.]
Bae-vana is out! And moving on.
Her outfit itself is banana.
[Banana outfit for today's dance.]
[Havana Korea Contestant #4: Yeri.]
Music please! - What? - Gotta do that.
[Unique start.]
[Looking away.]
This is cute.
[Stands up with determination.]
[Just old enough to enjoy pudding.]
[Clueless about Havana style.]
[My goodness.]
[Wandering not knowing what to do.]
You can come back in naturally.
And she is out.
[Yerim just wants pudding!.]
She is still a kid.
Now, Seul-vana and Jo-vana are competing at the top.
Seul-vana vs.
Two are the top runners.
- Jo-vana definitely wants the crown.
- Very much.
The 1st Havana Korea.
[Won't let this go!.]
- The final match.
- The queen of Havana! [Havana Korea Contestant #5: Joy.]
There she goes.
Music for Jo-vana! [Did you call me?.]
Let's win the crown! [Joy responds.]
[Forget about the naive Joy you once knew.]
[Sexy dynamite finally explodes!.]
[My goodness.]
[Accumulated sexiness for 23 years boom!.]
[I am the sexy Ha-Joy.]
[Totally into myself.]
[Watching my colleague during her business hours.]
[Just give her the crown!.]
[Praise God-Joy!.]
Jo-vana! - Jo-vana! - Just give it to her! Jo-vana! [Joy the Red Velvet Havana Queen.]
The 1st Havana Korea, Jo-vana is the first queen! [What a beautiful evening.]
Congrats, Jo-vana.
[Doing everything for such sloppy contest.]
Please wave your hands.
So Jo-vana was the original.
Can you say few words? [Havana is my destiny.]
I knew that I will be the winner.
[Flooded with charms.]
I think I've only expressed 30% of the charms that I have.
[What is she saying?.]
What is your dream? - Me? - As the first winner of Havana Korea.
I always hope for [Miss Korea's typical comments.]
world peace and helping the poor.
Those are my dreams.
That was the first Havana Queen, Joy! [Congratulations!.]
That was amazing.
[The exclusive right to the dance.]
So whenever Havana plays, only I get to dance, right? - Others should - We'll be still.
- Stay still.
- Like this.
[With respect.]
I'll do this for you.
Music please.
Stay still.
[The one with the right.]
Be still! [Ones without the right.]
- Can't put the hands together.
- Hands apart.
[I'm teasing you.]
There you go! [Can't move an inch.]
No, you can't move.
This is the privilege of the Havana queen.
[Joy is making her dream come true.]
The privilege of the queen.
Can't move at all.
You cannot move.
This is the privilege of the Havana queen.
The privilege of the queen.
[She is not the queen but a tyrant.]
Only the king of Havana can do this.
[So happy.]
The privilege of Havana queen of Korea.
She grabbed Seulgi's hair like this That was the queen of Havana Korea.
[Moving on after having fun.]
Now we will move on to the personal camera for idols.
Today's Pick-dol, personal camera! [Power on.]
Now, a camera will be designated to [Avid fan of the show.]
- one person until - I watched this before.
Can you explain to us? [Yeri's explanation.]
So the camera will only follow me until the show is over.
[A camera is designated to one person.]
The person will get a solo-shot.
[Attention Luvies: the video will be.]
And the no-cut version will be on Naver.
[On the Internet.]
Will be uploaded there.
[The spinwheel enters.]
- Do we lie down here? - Yes.
[ReVel is ready.]
Try to stay close to each other.
Exactly like this.
[Moving on her belly.]
Make a pretty face, Joy.
[Pick-dol: Joy.]
[Embarrassed for her.]
[Pick-dol: Wendy.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Seulgi.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Yeri.]
1, 2, 3.
[Pick-dol: Irene.]
1, 2, 3.
[Clearing my eyes.]
[Who will be today's Pick-dol?.]
Let's spin the wheel.
I'll spin now.
[Spin wheel moves.]
[Almost as suspenseful as Russian Roulette.]
[Heart beats.]
We have to count the proportion now.
[Heart B-B-Beat.]
To see who has the bigger portion on the screen.
If Jo-vana wins this [Today is Joy day?.]
[Almost there.]
Very close! Who is it going to be? [Camera picks Seulgi.]
Seulgi! [Teacher Bae's remark.]
- Congratulations.
- Seulgi's personal camera.
[Feels good!.]
Please give me the solo shot! You can hold it up yourself and film.
- You can do that.
- Come over here.
- What's that? - Seulgi's personal camera.
- Thank you.
[She is following the order.]
So funny.
[Just excited.]
That's like a reflection board.
[Greedy about solo shot.]
- Please follow me from now on.
- Okay.
Seulgi is today's Pick-dol.
Where is her camera? There is the Seulgi cam.
[Too excited to meet the camera.]
Can you say hello? It'll start recording from now.
- Everything will be uploaded? - Yes.
- Really? - So cute! [Trying to stay calm.]
I have to watch out what I say or do I really have to pay attention but I promise to do my best.
[Bite the bait!.]
- Please keep supporting me.
- Do you have any habits? [Totally fell for it.]
I do this.
- That's now on the Internet.
- Right.
But isn't that cute? My parents scold me when I do this.
I'll keep my eyes on today's Pick-dol.
[Keep looking at me!.]
[Seulgi's another habit found through the personal camera.]
[Clapping all the time.]
[Claps for everything.]
[Please check out the clap fairy Seulgi's video!.]
Red Velvet now joins the battle of girl groups for this summer.
So 'Power Up'.
['Power Up'sweeping the music charts.]
Our new song 'Power Up' is that when you play enough, then you can also enjoy work.
That is the content the lyrics.
- Like recharging yourself - Yes.
But I am sure you were little pressured because 'Red Flavor' was very popular.
We do not feel any pressure.
What a swag.
There is something you have to do now.
Now we'll start the Nano Dance.
You will pick the killing part of the new song, and do the relay dance for the section.
And then do the group dance at the end.
[This is the Nano Dance section from 'Power Up'.]
The order will be Yeri, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy.
When someone is doing their part, others cannot dance.
They are back with 'Power Up'.
['Power Up' Nano Dance.]
Red Velvet's Nano Dance starts! Music please.
[Power Up #Red Velvet.]
[Energy goes up just by listening to the song.]
[So pretty.
Can't stop praising.]
[The perfect proportion between the great song and great visuals.]
[How can you not love Red Velvet?.]
All together! [Entered the Nano Dance part.]
[The fatal cuteness from the human banana.]
[Showing off elegance with the cute melody.]
[Crazy dance DNA.]
[Fresh charm oozes out.]
[Vitamin energy from her cute face.]
[Succeeded! Wish I can celebrate with the cheer stick!.]
[More videos from IDOL ROOM are available on V LIVE.]
Here we are with Red Velvet.
Donhee and Conhee's Fact Check! [Check check.]
For the past 4 years, there were many rumors about Red Velvet.
[Only selected facts.]
We're here to check if those are facts.
- Checking the facts.
- Facts only.
First fact, please.
Bae Leader's leadership comes from beltfish.
Hold on, leadership and beltfish? - I think - What is it? - On a reality show [Self explanation.]
We went to eat together in Namhae.
[ReVel in Namhae.]
And this beltfish dish came out.
So I separated the flesh from the bones for the members to eat.
- Separated flesh and bones.
- Separated them.
Separated flesh and bones of beltfish.
Does she usually do that with fish? [If you are a true leader.]
I often do it for them.
- She is good.
- Exactly.
[When Yeri was still in school, .]
As Yeri officially became an adult [Bae Leader even ironed Yeri's school uniform.]
she doesn't have to wear uniforms anymore.
What does she help you with? [Any new Bae-care?.]
She often does this [Bae Leader is love.]
- What does she do? - She often grills meat for us.
She'd grill them and give them to us when they're cooked.
She'd do that for the younger members.
I like doing that.
[Knows the staffs well.]
- So how well Irene can - I have to do it again? - Huh? - Do it again? - Do what? - We didn't say anything.
- Separating flesh from bones? - Did she see the script? - How did she know? Not just the beltfish.
[A set of 3 fish.]
We have 3 fish whose flesh and bones are not easy to separate.
[I can only laugh.]
Is it going to be Mackerel? [New requirement for leaders.]
Irene will separate the flesh, and will feed the members with a spoon of rice.
And the members should check if there is any bone in it.
Bring it in.
Can I pretend as if there is a bone? [Like this.]
You can, but for Irene - Each of you - I'm scared.
[Here comes the fish.]
So yum! [Level 1: Beltfish.]
The first one is beltfish.
[Level 2: Mackerel.]
- Level 2 is mackerel.
- What's the last? [Level 3: Hickory Shad.]
- The last is hickory shad.
- This has a lot of bones.
[Scans with eyes.]
Mackerel has a lot of bones.
[Level 1: Kill that beltfish!.]
Let's start from level 1.
- Anyone wants to eat beltfish? - Me! [Me, me!.]
Beltfish looks really good today.
[I really want it.]
And it is pretty big.
[The expert picks up her chopsticks.]
Some members want to eat beltfish.
- We'll see how she does.
- Seulgi loves beltfish.
[Attacking the back bones in a calm manner.]
She removes the bones from the side first.
She knows what to do.
It's not working so well.
- You can use your hand.
- We got some gloves.
[Maintains elegance regardless of the situation.]
[Looking at her hand skills.]
Are you from Mokpo or something? - I am from Daegu.
- Really? You're not from the port city, but are still good.
[My goodness.]
She just picks out bones like they're white hair.
[Yeri is hungry.]
[Still with hand cuts in the middle.]
Why is she cutting there? If you do this It's easier to eat that way! [Cool.]
- That's not how I eat.
- But this is the right way.
You need to grab it like this and bite it off.
[When she moves her chopsticks.]
And put it up like that.
The flesh comes off.
[Got a big chunk.]
Can you put that on a spoon of rice and feed someone? - That's mine! - Why do you cut it!? [Instinctively shouted.]
- That is mine.
- Sorry.
- Why are you screaming at me?! - Sorry.
[She cut the precious flesh into half.]
I just couldn't help it.
[Everyone wants it.]
- Mine! - Me! - Well done.
[A big beltfish sushi.]
- Me! - This one is nice.
- Like a beltfish sushi.
[Seulgi's reason.]
Irene, I am the second sister of yours.
[Give me the beltfish!.]
I couldn't help but to scream - This is almost like sushi.
- Beltfish sushi.
[A battle for beltfish sushi.]
- Who wants this? - I said it first! [Ah~.]
[One fish, four hungry ReVel.]
- Second sister - What should I do? [Fair.]
- Let's do rock, scissors, paper.
- Go ahead.
Rock, scissors, paper! [Giving up.]
Three of you can go.
- Okay, rock, scissors, paper! - So cool.
Rock, scissors, paper! [The youngest wins!.]
[Beltfish is mine!.]
[It's like they are a mother bird.]
- So jealous.
- You need to give comments later.
[And a baby bird.]
Check if there is any bone.
[Is it good?.]
[Worried about the bones.]
- See if there is any bone.
- Is it good? [There you go, Bae Leader.]
- Any bones? - Not at all.
[Tries again to feed more.]
There can't be because all the bones are here.
[The posture to approach fish.]
[Another big chunk.]
Should we try to get another chunk? With mackerel? [Bear who knows how to eat fish.]
This tastes the best with Kimchi.
[Another one drooling.]
Looks so good sister? [I feel like a breadwinner.]
[Another chunk from her chopsticks.]
- That one is big.
- She's good.
[She already ate.]
Let's do rock, scissors, paper again.
[Angry bear.]
You are out! [Wendy lines up for mackerel.]
- Three of us.
- No, I'll wait for the mackerel.
You'll have to compete for mackerel, too.
- Always have to do rock, scissors, paper.
- You are out if you ate already.
[2nd battle for beltfish.]
No, new battle begins with the mackerel.
Rock, scissors, paper! [A glorious victory from 1:3 battle.]
[Lost the beltfish.]
- See? That's why you have to participate.
[Amazed by how it looks.]
Is there any bone? [Nom.]
No, because all the bones are here.
- More rice? - Is it good? [This is good enough.]
No bones? Is it good? [Reflecting on herself.]
Why am I so bad at rock, scissors, paper? Great, she passes the level 1.
[Level 2: Mackerel.]
Let's try the mackerel now.
[Please give the leftover beltfish to Wendy.]
The leftover please That was mine [All hungry ReVels gather.]
[Get your tools.]
- Chopsticks.
- Got it.
We just have to check this now.
[Not IDOL ROOM anymore.]
They have their own food show now.
[Beltfish party starts.]
- You can just bite it off.
- Irene? [Irene prepares herself for the level 2.]
We have to do this now.
[Mackerel - First time for Irene.]
I've never tried this.
[Already disassembling beltfish.]
- Teacher Bae.
- Chopstick.
- Who will you give the mackerel to? [Her hands are on her waist again.]
Although they are not so interested [No one is looking.]
It's our turn to eat now.
- How do you disassemble mackerel? - You have to take a look first.
[Finds the bones easily.]
Looking for the bones [Chatty.]
- Mackerels have a lot of small bones.
- And you can take everything out? [Can't allow any bones.]
Otherwise it gets stuck in your throat.
[Same space, different world.]
What's wrong? [Still having their own food show.]
Flip one first.
Do you want a glove? [Crazy about the beltfish.]
Eat with rice.
You are supposed to use your hands to eat.
[Who made our members starve?.]
[Can you pay attention to the leader?.]
Hey, your leader is doing the job [Souless reactions.]
- Oh, Irene.
- Fighting.
Put some rice on the spoon.
[Big chunk of beltfish.]
- Amazing.
- She's getting the flesh out.
[Lonely battle with the mackerel.]
I guess you're supposed to eat the top part.
Yeah, there are bones.
And you take all of them out? [Cannot let any bones in there.]
- I don't like it when it's not perfect.
- Really? If Irene opens a fish grill restaurant, the business will be successful.
[Taking out the bones one by one.]
You look at every single bones like that? Like that? [Bragging about the big chunk.]
- Rock, scissors, paper! - Hold on.
[Even the pigs left the scene.]
Rock, scissors, paper.
- Really? - You don't have to [Forgot about Irene, enjoying the beltfish party.]
- We'll get some later.
- We ate already.
[The very first time to have a solo Fact Check.]
[I am all alone with the mackerel.]
[Other members are getting their protein.]
[I am not sad I'm just getting the flesh out of mackerel.]
What are you doing? [Taking care of mackerel forever.]
Mackerels are difficult.
[Still very clean.]
You can actually eat the bones of mackerel.
Teacher Bae successfully got the flesh out of mackerel.
[Applause during the meal.]
Irene, you can probably do this for your fans.
[If you are done.]
Second round.
- Do you want the mackerel? - Sure.
[My goodness.]
[Fish for lunch.]
- The members are - Here is your rice.
[Nom nom.]
Whatever you do [As long as they are happy.]
They are really not interested.
[Finished the mackerel.]
It is already a chaos there.
- Do you like grilled fish? - Of course.
- It tastes really good.
- Hickory shad is really difficult.
[Level 3: Hickory shad.]
It's difficult, especially the ones caught in autumn.
[But the members will just stay there.]
That's really small.
This has a lot of bones.
You eat the bones of hickory shad, too.
- What should I do? - What is it? [Cuts the tail elegantly.]
- Eat this.
- Open up the fish a little and see.
[Irene attacks the side of the fish.]
You always rip off the side.
Because there always are bones on the side.
Because there always are bones on the side.
[Half flesh, Half bones.]
[What's going on?.]
Look! [Lots of bones.]
- That's a lot.
- So many bones.
- Too many.
[Wendy comes too.]
I can eat this.
[I'll eat it up.]
- There still are so many bones.
- I can take that.
[Filled with bones.]
If Irene gives it to me, I can eat it.
[Looking over.]
[Irene's battle with hickory shad starts.]
- Can you eat it? - Try your best.
- I really has a lot of bones.
- She took it out.
She took the flesh out.
She took it out and checks so closely.
[These bones are edible.]
- Are you sure? - Of course.
[Wendy is ready.]
That's nothing.
[Puts the flesh on the rice.]
[Flesh taken out by Irene.]
Thank you for the flesh! [Nom.]
- Why are you so energetic? - Is there any bone? [Eyes widening.]
Any bones? This hickory shad is so good! [Don't say anything if you haven't tried.]
[Feeling proud.]
Wendy is so happy after eating something.
[Mackerel, too.]
So yummy! [A restaurant?.]
- One more beltfish, please.
- Can you eat this, too? [Did you hear that staffs?.]
One more beltfish, please.
- One more beltfish, please.
- Where are the fish now? [Probably mackerel?.]
Wow, they do have extra beltfish.
More beltfish, please.
You totally stripped off the fish.
[It was beltfish in the past.]
- This used to be beltfish.
- Stop lying.
Beltfish! - You're holding a centipede.
- Beltfish.
Girl groups actually eat a lot.
Since Irene is good at disassembling fish we should try with tuna or - Tuna? - How about that? [Sounds attractive.]
Irene's Tuna Disassembling Show I will make sure to come and eat.
- Sounds good.
- You are pretty good at this.
[All fish cleared.]
Thank you for the food.
[Thank you.]
So full.
Fact Check please! Seulgi cannot wink.
But she can wink well.
You couldn't do it well before? I cannot do it so well.
- Why? - Try it.
Try it.
[Nothing went into her eye.]
[This is her best.]
This is my best.
[The other side doesn't work.]
- And the other side? - I can't.
- And the other side? - I can't.
[Blinded after attempting to wink with the right eye.]
Let me see.
- You really can't do this? - Why not? Can you wink with your left eye? Left side works.
When I am getting the make-up done, [Her success story.]
I still want to see my phone.
With one eye opened.
[Trying to read the letters = Can wink!.]
That's how I learned to wink.
- I can wink as I look down.
- And looking up? [Eyes are getting tired.]
- So this is like -With the right eye.
I can't wink with the right eye.
[How to wink #1.]
- Hold the left eye with hand.
- Hold it down.
[#2 And take the hand off.]
- The left side.
- And open your right eye.
- That's how you wink.
-That's how.
- Take your hand off now.
Take your hand off.
[No use.]
- Take your hand off - Hand off.
Don't glue them together.
[Wink training.]
That's how you wink.
Stay still and don't blink.
Take your hand off.
- 1, 2, 3! - Will it work? [Not that.]
No Three! [Seulgi cannot wink.]
[Hard to watch that.]
[Hard for Seulgi, too.]
I wish I could do this! - On the cheekbone.
- Cheekbones.
I guess it doesn't work here.
- Why now? - Maybe the cheekbone's problem.
- I really want to see.
- Can everyone else wink? [Expert.]
[This is nothing.]
She is an expert.
- Yeri? - She can.
Try it, Wendy.
[Real experts.]
Everyone except Seulgi.
Can Irene do it? [Huh?.]
She can't, either? [Another person without the skill.]
Irene, too.
[Eye is not closing.]
I can't put enough pressure here.
[I was not alone.]
- Try it.
- Close your eye.
- She can't, either.
- Close your eye.
- Why are you trembling, Irene? [Diagnosis.]
She is lacking Magnesium.
She lacks a lot.
- Can you try the left side? - The other eye? [Wow, worse than Seulgi.]
She can't do it.
[Members never knew.]
- She can't.
- Irene? There was another person who cannot wink.
- Seulgi, you're better.
- I can't wink on command, but when I have to, I can do it naturally.
I can do it when I don't have to force it.
- On the stage? - If it doesn't work, then I just smile.
- How? - Like this.
What's gonna happen to you two? Can they really wink? [Wink practice to 'Red Flavor'.]
According to the beats of 'Red Flavor', you'll practice winking.
[Practicing fervently.]
[Like this?.]
First, let's see the example from Wendy now.
[Red Velvet Wink Challenge.]
Can you do the demo? [Wink.]
- Just relax.
- Do as many as I can? Music please.
[The standard of wink.]
[Eyes are not hurting.]
[Following Wendy.]
[Looking away.]
[Wendy's wink show.]
She got it down.
[Not even missing a beat.]
I thought my eyes were experiencing spasm.
You looked like a doll.
Havana Korea.
The first queen.
[I am ready.]
Will she be the wink queen, too? [Leader practices hard.]
Music please.
[Fresh and juicy charm.]
[This wink is giving me heart attack.]
[Cold colleague.]
[What's wrong with her.]
[Showing her charms off.]
[Respect to all those who can wink.]
Yeri's turn.
Music please.
[Yeri's moms gather to see.]
Look at her.
Look at her.
[Sisters are excited.]
My goodness.
[Yeri's talent show won the members' hearts.]
So cute.
[Am I cute?.]
Wink master.
[The 2 patients are left.]
And next We have two people left.
[Wink for Luvies.]
- It'll be a close game.
- Think of the camera as your fan.
- Then it will come out.
- You can make a difference.
We'll start with Irene.
Don't just keep your eyes opened.
Music please.
[Irene's challenge.]
[Trying hard.]
[A great scene to see.]
[Stubborn eyelids.]
[The other side is worse.]
And the other side.
[Gosh winking.]
As if she is staring into the space.
[Forgot about her own problem.]
As if her eyes are sore.
[The expert is enjoying the show.]
Thank you for the performance.
The last one.
Don't be so sad, Irene.
She didn't go yet.
[Accepting the reality.]
She is still left.
[What's with the mouth?.]
- Cute.
- Rookie for winking.
Music please.
[New genre.]
[Going forward to wink.]
[Generating laughs.]
And the right eye.
[What's the matter? As long as she is cute.]
[Wink filled with cuteness.]
[I am totally better.]
So cute.
Who cares if you can't wink? You're still cute.
So difficult.
Hope two of you recover soon.
So, the fact is that Seulgi still can't wink.
Fact check.
And Irene also can't.
Irene also can't.
Next fact check please.
Ready to act, Yeri.
"I want to act later".
[Everyone gets amnesia here.]
- Did you - When did I say that? - Did you say that? [Taking a step back.]
- I don't remember.
- No? [That's why they always collect evidence.]
We keep evidence for people like you.
When did I say that? [Two years ago for Russian Roulette.]
- I learned acting from trainee years.
- "Russian Roulette".
[Yeri liked acting then.]
- I like acting.
- Would you like to try it? - You like it? - You like it? It's a very good I even told Sae Ron that [Definite evidence.]
"I want to act later".
[Oh my.]
I said that I'd like to act later.
You told Kim Sae Ron that you'd like to act.
[Why did I say that?.]
- I guess so.
- That means you have desire.
[Is there any genre that you'd like to try?.]
What kind of part would you like to try? [Drama mania.]
- I love watching drama.
- Drama.
[He has no idea.]
You don't know this? [Ludicrous statement.]
- I just mimicked Lee Byung Hun.
- What? - What? [Suspicious.]
- I just mimicked Lee Byung Hun.
- What? - What? [She's Kim Tae Ri.]
You're Kim Tae Ri.
[Mister Sunshine x Just Mister.]
Did you mimic the roles in Mister Sunshine? [Refusing that she didn't watch it.]
- I didn't watch it.
- You didn't? [She's shocked from his ludicrous remark.]
You have to hide the mouth like this.
[Donhee wanted to mimic this scene.]
- They met with the mask on.
- Mask on.
They only saw their eyes.
[Trying again.]
[Like this?.]
[Because of Donhee, she covered her eyes.]
You have to cover my mouth.
You cover each other.
- I got it.
- Just the eyes.
- Like this.
[It was as if he was reading her fortune by physiognomy.]
I thought it was physiognomy.
You can act.
[You're born to be an actor.]
To see if her face shows that she should act.
[Be quiet.]
- I was Lee Byeong Hun.
- Not like that.
[He makes them cover their eyes.]
- Stay still.
- Stay still.
[Proving actor Kim's talents.]
Yeri wants to act.
Let's see if she has talent.
- What is this? - Can she act for legit drama? [Acting after famous scenes from drama.]
We've prepared famous scenes from dramas as a sample.
What is that? [Watching a horror movie?.]
There we go.
What's that? [She screams.]
[On air in 2017, Source: She Loves to Lie.]
You were on.
Do you know me? [And Ye Rim was not herself.]
Do you believe in love at first sight? [Joy's first leading role, she was cute.]
You might be dumbfounded, but I couldn't forget you since then.
[I'm embarrassed.]
So I searched for you thinking that I want to meet you again.
[This is more difficult than she thought.]
- Let's watch the original acting.
- I should act this? [Original version.]
Let's watch the original version.
I'm different from back then.
- Sorim's matured.
- Older now.
[Sorim matured in one and half years.]
- Matured.
- I've been through a lot.
[Coach park is now acting coach.]
Watch her Yeri, she's the coach.
This is how you should act.
I don't have any lines.
[Trying to be engaged in the scene.]
I just ask, "Do you know me?" And then she will say all the other lines.
["She Loves to Lie" 2018 version.]
This is Ms.
Ready, action.
[#Sorim found her first love, she runs.]
Excuse me.
[She has to act against Conhee, how extreme.]
Finally, I found you.
Do you know me? [Sparkling the eyes.]
Do you believe in love at first sight? [Trying not to laugh or make any sound.]
[Stammering, feeling nervous.]
You might be dumbfounded, but I couldn't forget you since then.
So I searched for you thinking that I want to meet you again.
[Cut, OK.]
Cut, good.
Very good.
[Joy has done a difficult job.]
- Good.
- She acts very hard that I feel pressured.
It was very nice.
[Now, changing the actor.]
This time, it's your turn with Yeri.
[Feeling much more pressured.]
- How should I do that? It's too long.
- I'm an actor.
[He's getting into the role.]
- Do you know me? - Love at first sight.
- Do you believe in love at first sight? - Here we go.
[Checking the situation.]
I was walking, and she will hold me.
How many steps are you going to take? Promise her.
[They haven't heard of anyone counting the number of steps.]
How many? Left? Right? [Being fastidious.]
Left? Right? Where? Elbow or wrist? [Touching his shoulder, she's responsive.]
You're going to touch the shoulder? OK.
- Touching the shoulder.
- OK.
Harmony is important.
- OK? - Important.
- It's your first love.
- First love.
OK? Here we go.
[Persuading herself that he's her first love.]
Meeting the first love.
OK? Here we go.
- Excuse me - Excuse me.
[He's walking too quickly.]
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me.
- They are out of the camera range.
- What are you doing? - NG.
- You should be here quickly.
[Changing the title, "He Loves Walking Fast.]
- We're out of the range.
- You should walk quickly.
- I'm busy.
" - I have lunch appointment.
- That would be NG.
[What you need to act, running.]
You saw Joy running, right? She ran a lot.
- That's it.
- Let's do it quickly.
[They are forcing her to act.]
We're training you to be a real actor.
- We're training you hard.
- It's a good time.
[Thank God I didn't say that.]
You don't learn it in acting academy.
[Second time.]
Ready, action.
Excuse me.
[It's an action drama.]
Excuse me.
[Hollywood action.]
[Asking professionally.]
Come on up.
[So funny.]
Go on.
Go on.
[Go on.]
Finally, I met you.
Do you know me? [As if she's talking to him on the street.]
Do you believe in love at first sight? [He said that harmony is important.]
No, I don't believe that.
[Ignoring the ad-lib.]
You might be dumbfounded.
[Oh my.]
I am.
I couldn't forget you since then.
[What would be the conclusion?.]
[This is funny.]
[Customizing to the actor.]
So I searched for you.
Let's go and eat.
Shall we? [I love eating.
Happy ending.]
- Let's go and eat.
- Shall we? - Cut.
- Cut.
[From the site, it seems that it will be huge.]
- Harmony is important.
- Harmony.
- So funny.
- Now The lines changed.
[Good job, Yeri's quick wit.]
They made harmony in eating.
[Donhee's comment on the highlight.]
She pushed me and I couldn't control my body.
[That's what he did.]
You shouldn't push the first love.
[Made what she said into a reality.]
[We hope to see you in dramas later.]
Next fact check please.
Wendy, "I'm the dance queen of Red Velvet".
Have you said this before or not? [Trying to remember.]
- I'm not sure when - We knew you'd say that, so we've prepared this.
[Feeling anxious.]
- Please show us.
- Oh my.
- Dance queen.
- Yes, I'm the dance queen of this team.
[Who's that in the screen?.]
- Did you see that? - She's very brazen.
It's you.
[Wendy's jaw, full of confidence.]
Did you see that? My jaw? - Wendy, you joined as a vocalist.
- You joined as a vocalist.
- Yes.
[Son Seung Wan / Vocalist for high-pitch.]
But you said that you're the dance queen.
[Joy guarantees.]
But she has her own color when she dances something.
[Agrees the dance color.]
What is your rank in SM entertainment in terms of dance? [Dance ranking in SM entertainment.]
Even in SM entertainment? Let's say that you're No.
1 in Red Velvet.
[SM dance rank first.]
Tell us the ranking in SM Entertainment.
[This is a very subjective opinion of Red Velvet.]
There are a lot of great dancers.
- There must be.
- There are a lot of - A lot.
- Just to your taste.
- If you were to pick just three.
1 BOA.]
- BOA.
- BOA.
- BOA.
2 U-Know.]
- U-Know.
- U-Know.
3 Taemin.]
- Taemin.
- Taemin.
- Taemin.
4 Hyoyeon.]
- Hyoyeon.
- Yes.
- Hyoyeon.
- There's a lot.
- And then Wendy? [Congrats to be No.
- And then Wendy? - Just for convenience.
[That makes SM Five.]
- Just for convenience.
- Let's name them SM Five.
[SM Five.]
[Happy to be Wendy.]
- Just for convenience.
- Wendy.
- Wendy.
[SM's Dance TOP 5.]
SM's dancing machine 5.
Oh my God.
[This is the weight of dance king's crown.]
And fans requested this.
[A request from ReVeLuv fan.]
ID Joyistheminister says, That's a great ID.
Will Red Velvet beat male idols in dance? [Of course.]
- Of course.
- Of course.
- Wendy could.
- Wendy could.
Do we've prepared this.
Please come out.
- We have a male idol here.
- What? Really? [Male idol? Which one?.]
- Huh? - Who is it? [Ji Sung.]
- Come here.
- Ji Sung.
- NCT's Ji Sung.
- NCT's Ji Sung.
- Ji Sung.
[Is this for real? They're all surprised.]
- Ji Sung of NCT.
- Why are you here? [NCT Ji Sung has come a long way for Wendy.]
- We - Come here.
[Thank you in advance.]
- Ji Sung came for us.
- Youngest member of NCT.
Please say hello to our viewers.
Hello, I'm Ji Sung of NCT, who has 17 older brothers.
[SM's super rookie, NCT.]
[Dance prodigy.]
[Ji Sung is receiving attention as the next-generation dancing machine.]
[Current situation (and teasing Wendy).]
Before you came in, it's been decided that - SM's dance ranking goes as follows.
- Dance ranking.
[SM Five.]
BOA, U-Know, Taemin, Hyoyeon, and Wendy.
- That's TOP 5.
- Ji Sung, don't do the broadcast reaction.
Ji Sung, she said that everyone else is below her level.
[Relaxed because she won't be dancing.]
What's your dance ranking in NCT? [Modestly.]
- I will be No.
- In TOP 3? - Yes.
Ji Sung is in TOP 3 of NCT.
[Class difference.]
And Wendy is in TOP 5 of SM Entertainment.
[What do you think of Wendy's dance?.]
What do you think of Wendy's dance? [Let's say that I heard your answer.]
- Don't say anything Ji Sung.
- Say it.
No, Ji Sung, it's OK.
[We will hear that through manager.]
Please tell me through manager later.
What do you think? She sings well.
[I can't hear anything.]
- She sings well.
- She sings well.
She sings well, and her dance? - Dance - Stop there.
[This is the aftermath of "dance queen" remark.]
- Her dance is indescribable.
- Amazing.
- Awesome.
- He's come down here despite the busy schedule.
[Wendy vs.
Ji Sung dance cipher.]
Let's do the dance cipher.
[Joy comes out all of a sudden.]
Dance and we will call out Wendy's name.
And then the dance will change.
[Joy will join?.]
Joy, are you going to join us? [No, just coaching.]
- No, I'm a coach.
- Coach.
[Is she trying to teach SM Five?.]
Who teaches SM Five? [Joy turns out to be the hidden power.]
Are you the hidden teacher? She's the hidden dancer.
- Hidden dancer.
- Hidden dancer.
Wearing the clothes for fillet.
[Hidden dancer coaches her.]
[It's separate.]
[Very busy before the match.]
- Ji Sung, you're here for NCT.
- Yes.
Please say something if there's anything that you'd like to say.
[I'm the youngest of NCT.]
Way to go, NCT.
- When will you release your next album? - It's coming soon.
- Soon? - Yes.
- Red Velvet members are busy.
[They are discussing about strategy.]
SM Five is not relaxed.
[Calm, relaxed.]
3 vs.
SM Five.
It's almost [Good luck, a blanket for nothing.]
What the.
What is this? - We don't know what that is for, but Yeri gave her something.
- All of a sudden? [Here we go.]
Give us some music.
[This song is.]
[Ji Sung just started dancing.]
[What the.]
This is for me.
[Asking for her right, the queen for Havana in Korea is on stage.]
[Forcing him to stand still.]
Stand still.
[Stand still.]
[Move, SM Five.]
Stand still.
[What is this?.]
[SM Five is nothing.]
This is mine.
[I'm the Havana Korea.]
[The dance match begins.]
[The song for no one.
Dance prodigy is working on it first.]
That's it.
[Using all joints, cartilages, and ligaments.]
His joints seem to be separated from each other.
[Come out, dance queen.]
Come on.
[Coach says let's go.]
Wendy, go! [With the title of SM Five.]
Wendy, Wendy.
[Dancing heroically.]
[Come on out, Ji Sung.]
[Poppin for each beat (and he's the winner).]
[As a senior member (He's good).]
He's full of power.
[Dance queen waits.]
Come on out Wendy.
[No one asked her to dance.]
Ji Sung.
[The hidden coach pushes her forward.]
[So funny.]
[The dance queen, Son Seung Wan.]
[So funny.]
You should dance to the camera.
[She's given up her image with full power dance.]
Dance to the camera.
[He's now Ji Sung's mom.]
What are you doing, Ji Sung? Dance.
[They are all laughing hard.]
[This is a close match that no one expected.]
Go on, Ji Sung.
Go on.
Don't be pushed out.
[I'm also the dancer trained by SM Entertainment.]
She's dancing that.
[Eat the camera.]
Go to the camera.
[Fighting for the camera.]
[Ji Sung's mother shouts.]
Ji Sung, go closer to the camera.
[Changing the genre.]
[Pulling himself together, he takes the leadership.]
[This is Ji Sung's performance.]
Good, good.
What is this? [She dances something that catches eyes in every genre.]
What is this? [So funny.]
[This is what the blanket should be used.]
[Crying her eyes off, she's touched.]
[It's no joke for Ji Sung.]
Ji Sung's working hard.
[NCT's main dancer pours everything for NCT's honor.]
[She's watching.]
[Did I win?.]
Go Wendy! [What is this?.]
[How to survive as the dance queen in SM.]
Go, Wendy! [That means that Seung Wan has to beat Wendy every day.]
[Feeling dizzy.]
[It shows that experience beats skill.]
- Ji Sung.
- I can't beat her.
I can't beat her.
[The subject is Son Seung Wan.]
I'm tired.
[This is a very random genre for Ji Sung.]
- Wendy, Wendy.
- She's good.
[She's dancing whatever, but cool.]
[Dance cipher can't go on.]
He's lost.
[Good Game.]
- Ji Sung gave up.
- I can't beat her.
- What did you say? - I can't beat her.
[She's still full of excitement.]
- Excuse me.
- Which one? [Showing her repertoire.]
- Which one? - This one.
- You've danced that too many times.
- I've seen it many times.
[NCT dance No.
3's opinion.]
Let's hear from Ji Sung.
[Stereotype, Wendy = singer.]
Honestly, Wendy is for singing.
But I can understand why she's named SM Five.
Good job, Ji Sung.
- Ji Sung was like, "What is this?" - It's no joke.
[I saw the dance without genre today.]
- Genre - There's no genre for this.
- No genre.
- Genre is Wendy.
The genre is Wendy.
[Genre is Wendy, the one who opened up a new genre.]
- Genre is Wendy.
- Genre is Wendy.
Do you agree with the ranking? SM Five? [SM Five.]
I agree.
I think she could even be SM Four.
[Oh my God.]
Four? [An advice from SM Four to NCT No.
Please give him an advice.
[Listen up Ji Sung, she didn't know any dance.]
I've never learned how to dance before the debut.
But I'm starting to like dancing.
[It's not easy to beat someone who enjoys.]
Although I'm not good at it, I started liking it and enjoying it.
[You should enjoy it.]
It worked when I enjoy it.
[Donhee's summary.]
In short, she's saying that Ji Sung should like and enjoy dancing.
[Deeply touched.]
- Don't feel too much pressure.
- I will keep that in mind.
Please say something.
- It was good to see how you enjoy.
- It was touching.
- It was something that I didn't have.
- That's right.
Let's look forward to meet with NCT next time.
- Be here quickly.
- Please say good bye.
[About to come back.]
We will be here in no time.
Please wait a lot for Ji Sung.
[It was a good match.
Thank you NCT's Ji Sung.]
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Ji Sung.
Thank you, Ji Sung.
[Thank you, bye.]
Next fact check please.
Trainer Joy.
She can make any dog lie flat.
- Really? - You dreamed of becoming a dog trainer? [Park Soo Young (23), dreamed of becoming a dog trainer (But she's an idol now.]
You love dogs and animal a lot.
Yes, I love animal.
And you can train them even if you met the dog for the first time? [I want to be a trainer.]
I don't know why you should make the dog lie flat.
[She doesn't understand training for no reason.]
I love dogs.
[Dogs are my friend.]
Why should I train them to lie flat? - Because dogs are standing up and tired.
- Why not? - To relax them.
[Then she could make them sit down.]
I could make them sit down with some snack.
- We should test it.
- So - I'm not ready.
[Joy is meeting a producer's dog.]
We've brought our producer's dog - that you've never met before.
- Really? So cute.
[Pikko (2 years old).]
Yeri is scared of dogs.
[Yeri and Irene are scared.]
- Come here.
- Irene too? - Come here.
Irene, come here.
[Irene and Yeri should go to where MC is.]
- We're not scared.
- Come here.
[Right away.]
Can I hug her? She won't bite? Not scary? [Right away.]
- Hi.
- She's good.
[Very good.]
So pretty.
[Joy trains.]
As a dog trainer, please train her to sit down and roll.
[First step, to become friends.]
- The first step is to become friends.
- Yes.
- We will give you time for that.
- Let her go.
- Can I put her down? - She won't run.
- Hi.
- Come here.
[Bye, the dog runs away right away.]
- Happy.
- Let's eat some snack.
[Sounds pitiful.]
- Let's eat some snack.
- She's going to her mom.
[Pikko is still wary.]
Let's see if you can make friends.
- It's important whether she will be with Joy or not.
- Yes.
[Sitting down and meeting her eyes.]
- I'm sorry.
- Will Joy make friends? [She's very warm to the dog.]
With the dog here, her way of speaking changed.
[Oh no.]
She's scared.
[Let me go home.]
[Feeling like Pikko.]
- She loves her mom.
- She's scared.
[She ignores snack.]
[This is a new place for Pikko.]
- It's a new environment for Pikko.
- New.
This is how you get close.
[Joy sits next to Pikko.]
It's OK.
It's OK.
[They are scared, but like watching.]
It's difficult to become close.
- She's hiding.
- Joy is [They'd like to go closer, but don't want to interrupt.]
- It's somewhat - That's - She looks like trainer Kang Hyung Wook.
- She's avoiding her.
Very natural.
Dogs get scared if you look at them straight.
[Very calm.]
You have to stay side by side.
- Did you learn this? - Yes.
[New skill, giving her the food.]
And you shouldn't look into her eyes too much.
[Avoiding the eyes.]
You're not looking at her at all.
[Interestingly, Red Velvet is separated in three.]
- But then - She's interested.
[The ones at the front.]
Why are you on your knees? [To look at the dog from her eye level.]
- You could sit down.
- It's OK.
- Eye level.
She's eating.
[She's starting to eat.]
- Eating means - That they're closer.
- She's winning her heart.
- Good job.
[Animal communicator, she's opened her heart.]
- Come here.
- She's coming.
Come here.
[She's following around.]
- Although she's reading her look.
- She's coming.
[She's run into Joy after 5 minutes.]
They became friends.
[Big eyes.]
Pikko, you shouldn't follow a stranger like that.
[Joy is almost a new owner.]
It's almost a new owner.
[I like her.]
Pikko, you shouldn't change your owner.
[Got close right away.]
- First step.
We got close.
- Close.
You shouldn't hug the dog against its will.
You should let the dog come to you.
- I hugged her.
- I know.
- She was scared.
- I think animals can feel that someone likes you.
[Training step 2, sit down and roll.]
Sit down and roll.
It will be easy from now.
[Listening well.]
[Sat down right away.]
[Their eyes got bigger, amazing.]
[This is more than expected.]
- First step.
- This is amazing.
[What the.]
Joy's never raised a dog.
- She's sat down.
- Really? [She learned it by watching videos.]
Dogs sit down when they see some food.
How does she know so well? Shall we eat snack? [She jumps to Joy.]
- She just jumps in.
- She does.
[I love snack, I love her.]
You should raise a dog.
This is not it.
[Shall we try the hand?.]
Hand? Shall we try that? - Hand.
- Teaching what hand is.
[Right away.]
- Hand.
- But the dog - Hand.
- But the dog [Difference in the response.]
[Very proud, snack right away.]
Good job.
- Pikko, hand.
- Good job.
- That is hand.
And you have to give compliment.
[High-pitched voice.]
In high-pitched voice.
Good job.
- You've lost your voice, Joy.
- Good job.
[Park Soo Young is the master of dogs.]
We should name her the master of dogs.
[She got close, made her sit down and give her hands in 10 minutes.]
[She found something.]
[Bye Pikko, she went away as soon as she found her owner.]
She's going.
- Indeed.
- The owner.
[Good job.
Her own trainer.]
Good job.
Good job.
Good job.
This is a new section that we prepared.
My Idol's Guinness.
It's simple.
G, idol members will try all kinds of things that are on the Guinness Book of Records.]
You will try things that are on the Guinness Book of Records.
And if you succeed, there's a reward.
[They guarantee a reward.]
When will be on TV? - On 10th.
- August 10th.
[IDOL ROOM will send a coffee truck for ReVeLuv fans.]
We will send a coffee truck.
[Full of desire.]
- Really? - IDOL ROOM will send - Really? - Really? - Really? - We should succeed.
[What is this?.]
- What the.
- What should we do with that? What is that? [Curious.
What is that?.]
- What should we do with that? - What is that? - We don't ask you to do something difficult.
- Isn't it colored paper? - Nothing difficult.
Lego? [Very simple, table and colored papers.
What is this? It's just paper.
[A lot of paper.]
It's simple.
[Red Velvet M.
You have to blow this for 10 seconds and let all colored papers fall.
- Ten seconds per person? - That's too much.
- Yes.
- A lot.
For two of us, five seconds are enough.
Wow - There's too much.
- No, five seconds are enough for us.
[Yeri plays a trick naturally.]
[She reads what the staff thinks.]
[I'm generous.]
We will let this go.
[She's pretending to be ignorant.]
We didn't see that coming.
We will let this go.
[You're all suspicious.
Seulgi was thinking of doing something.]
- Ten seconds.
- Coughing? [Joy did some tricks.]
- Did you cough? - No.
[You should watch her.]
You shouldn't breathe now.
Not now.
Not now.
- Let's see how much we can let this fall.
- If I blow, [he puts the colored paper together.]
I can blow the whole thing alone.
I'm not joking.
- Shall we try blowing it? - You have to let it spread out.
Especially the ones that are in bundle.
[Look at them.]
- Excuse me.
- No, no.
[Reading countenance.]
[Pushing the papers.]
I'm sorry, but you're pushing the papers away.
- I'm sorry.
- Excuse me.
- It's falling too much.
[Red Velvet members have desire to win.]
It's not falling.
[Letting the paper fall.]
- It's - I'm sorry, but it's not a dough.
You will send the coffee truck for sure.
- Let's stop.
- Let's stop.
[Calmed down.]
Think hard.
[He's provoking them.]
Wouldn't it better if we put these together? No.
[Her eyes changed.]
[That provokes them again.]
Then they'd do it again.
They'd do it again.
[Let's win.]
They'd do it again.
[I'm sorry, Red Velvet.
He doesn't know.]
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I was thoughtless.
[You can't stop Red Velvet members.]
- That's too much.
- That's mean.
- You're too much.
[They didn't even start, but succeeded.]
There are more papers on the ground than on the table.
[Warning to everyone, don't touch them when they play games.]
You do play tricks.
- OK.
- Here we go.
[Finally START.]
- Here we go.
- I'm not good.
[Joy goes first.]
[She blows with the whole body.]
[She's getting excited.]
It works.
[Joy's done 1/3.]
It's working.
[After 10 seconds - Change.]
- Ten seconds.
- Next.
[Second, Yeri.]
Blow harder.
[She's not strong enough.
[She's succeeded in blowing the whole pile.]
[20 seconds has passed - Change.]
It's been 20 seconds.
- Hey.
- Irene? - Twenty seconds.
- Next, Seulgi.
Irene? [Chinese cabbage on the rise.]
[Irene is like a typhoon.]
[Irene shows her second ego whenever she plays the game.]
- Quickly, Seulgi.
- I feel dizzy.
4, Seulgi.]
Seulgi, blow quickly.
- No, no.
- Just a bit more.
[Trainer Park.]
Blow more.
[She's succeeded in training.
Blowing diagonally.]
- Blow diagonally.
- Remove them.
- Remove them all.
- Diagonally.
[Waiting for her turn.]
- Remove them.
- Diagonally.
- Forty seconds.
- Wendy.
- You can do it.
You can.
It's been 40 seconds.
[The final blow.]
- Wendy.
- You can do this.
[This determines the coffee truck.]
[Blowing away all the colored papers on table.]
- Quickly.
- You can do this.
[Is this going to be a success?.]
Here's one.
[Time's up.]
- Here.
- Stop.
[And the result is?.]
Stop! [Is this it?.]
[Five pieces of colored paper survived.]
- Stop.
- No.
[Red Velvet failed.]
Five colored papers.
[Pretending as if they haven't seen any.]
- Five.
- What are you saying? - There's none.
- What are you saying? [You shouldn't argue.]
- 50:44.
- There were five pieces remaining.
[Respect, Irene.]
[She was like cyclone.]
- Super good.
- I thought that she was a bulldozer.
Very sad, but Red Velvet failed M.
[So sad.]
You were almost there.
[After eating and playing.]
Red Velvet is back with "POWER UP".
[It's time to go home.]
[Still excited.]
We were with Red Velvet.
[Game is over.
Back to elegant Irene.]
It was our first time on IDOL ROOM.
Thank you for leading us and making us fun.
- We will work hard.
[I'm the PICK idol.]
And today's PICK idol.
- Where's my camera? - Seulgi.
[This camera is mine.]
- Is there anything that you remember from today? - Seulgi? [Hyenas, trying to be in Seulgi's camera.]
Don't do this.
I should be the only one on it.
Say that.
[Merciful beauty.]
I'm sure that our fans ReVeLuv fans would love the show today.
We had much fun today.
I love you all.
- Please love "POWER UP".
- OK.
Thank you.
Idol broadcast No.
, it's been IDOL ROOM.
[Thank you.]
Thank you.
[You can watch Red Velvet on IDOL ROOM.]
[on V LIVE channel.]