Idol Room (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

Stray Kids

JTBC Idol Room Episode 16 - Stray Kids [Congratulations, the first outdoor shooting of Idol Room.]
[On the hottest of all days.]
[Pigs are being cooked on the street.]
[The opening show on the street.]
So hot.
So hot.
[Automatically dancing along the music.]
[So hot.]
[Help me.]
[Was the opening usually this long?.]
[Didn't know it was this long.]
[Hard to watch this two shot without idols.]
[Idol Room.]
Idol show with No.
1 credibility.
Idol Room! [Scowling and sighing.]
Right now, as of today, [Struggling in the scorching sun.]
it is the hottest day in Seoul.
[Complaining to the viewers.]
It's 39.
8 degrees Celsius.
Ever since the records began, it is the hottest day in Seoul [Why outside today of all days!.]
- in 111 years.
- Seoul-Frica.
[Record-breaking heat.]
Today Seoul saw the hottest day in 111 years with the temperature of 39.
6 degrees Celsius.
We're being barbecued.
The sunlight is so strong - that I had to wear my sunglasses.
- We're exposed to direct sunlight.
Please kindly understand it.
[The reason why they went on location.]
It's summer vacation special.
The first episode of summer vacation special of Idol Room.
- We'll visit idol's home.
- Right.
[Suddenly act like a reporter.]
The place we are at right now is the new JYP building.
[Idol home visit Episode 1 JYP.]
[Revealing the inside of the new JYP building for the first time.]
[What does my idol's workplace look like?.]
[Looking everywhere around the building.]
[The new building that JYP artists bragged about.]
Let me show you the new practice studio, everyone.
[The place my idols dance.]
[The place my idols eat.]
[Donhee and Conhee will look around like parents.]
What is this place? [Investigating idols' home environments.]
This is real.
[Look forward to it.]
[The big shot they are going to meet.]
[Can't wait to get inside.]
Let's get inside now and look around the new JYP building.
[Rambling on.]
We'll show you all the corners of the building.
Korea's four major broadcasters.
[This is what he wanted to say.]
Today, Defconn TV is joining us.
[Director, camera, cast of Defconn TV.]
We'll work together today.
Korea's four major broadcasters are with Idol Room's summer vacation special.
JYP! Let's go.
[Entering the new JYP building.]
[Greeted by the information desk.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
Good afternoon.
The CEO is here, right? We came to see him.
- Did you make an appointment? - Of course.
- Sure.
Tell him we are here, he'd know.
Tell him to be hospitable to other celebrities.
[The CEO kindly allowed them to enter.]
- Right? - Sure.
We are not unreasonable.
[Niggling even before entering.]
- I can't believe JYP.
- Why? On this hot day, they are given this mini handheld fan.
They are working here fighting against the heat.
The AC is on.
Aren't you a little cold? [Please hurry inside.]
[An interview to dig up some dirt.]
Do you see the CEO often? - Yes, I do.
- What did he say? [Wise.]
[She doesn't waste breath.]
- Right? - Do you happen to know Suzy renewed her contract.
[Is Suzy in this building?.]
Have you seen her? - Not recently.
- Not recently? [Anxious to see Suzy and TWICE.]
Have you seen TWICE? [Suzy and TWICE's absence.]
[So clingy till the end.]
Is there anything you want to tell the CEO? We will let him know.
[Fixed answer.]
- It's so comfy.
- Come on.
[Fixed answer.]
Cheer up.
- Something else.
- Be straightforward.
Are you happy with your salary contract? [Their true colors always show through.]
- You want me to tell him? - No, thanks.
We will tell him that the ladies at the information desk were very helpful.
[Big smile.]
[Almost free from Donhee and Conhee.]
We will tell him that.
- You're doing a great job.
- Very meticulous.
Have a nice day.
I'll put in a good word for you about your salary.
It's very neat, since it's a new building.
Very pleasant.
You know what? Stay there while you wait for the elevator.
What is this place? [Have you heard of it?.]
It's JYP water.
[Marching with JYP water, as if it's holy water.]
Even a disposable cup says JYP.
Is there something different about JYP water? [Water quality: Pass.]
It's a little sweet.
[Wall quality: Pass.]
Nice materials.
[Plants: Pass.]
It's organic.
It's real plant.
It's legit.
[Haven't found fault with anything yet.]
Even the elevator is environment-friendly.
[Elevator: Pass.]
Insect repellent.
Do mosquitoes get in here? Let's go.
[Investigators examine all the corners.]
Take a look at that.
- JYP.
- Wonder Girls.
Music videos of the artists.
This is part of the organic theme.
[New JYP building report.]
[Live plants are everywhere in the building.]
- It's real.
- It is.
- It's real.
- JYP Music Factory.
- Music Factory.
There is a studio.
[Exploring the inside of JYP.]
There's a recording studio.
- Hi.
- JYP Music Factory.
[He saw something.]
They are legendary musicians.
[Each room is named after legendary musicians.]
These are recording studios.
- JYP's favorite musicians.
- For inspiration.
It's all here.
[Oh! CEO's office.]
[Knock knock.]
[Finally meeting the CEO.]
Wow! JYP! New baby! [Park Jinyoung-musician, creator of Wonder Girls, 2PM, Miss A, GOT7, TWICE.]
[A present from Rain.]
[10 LPs JYP has collected since childhood.]
[CEO's office that looks like a little museum.]
By the way, I have a question.
How come the CEO's office is so small? [Nice vibe and view.]
[But it's quite small.]
- The building itself is quite huge.
- Actually, [No worries.]
[He has his own recording studio.]
The Quincy Jones room is my studio.
[Quincy Jones, legendary jazz musician.]
- Quincy Jones room.
- Quincy Jones.
- Yes.
[Quincy Jones room = JYP's studio.]
Oh my God.
- You have a spacious room for music.
- There is a separate room.
What is the use of this room? [Just a place to relax.]
This room is for relaxing and chatting.
Or I write some songs with the piano.
[Conhee spotted the unique interior.]
I saw the pictures of your favorite musicians downstairs.
Is this your concept? - Soul? - There is food for our body.
- But there is food for - Right.
There are musicians that I want my employees, artists, and trainees to learn from.
That is why.
[Big picture.]
I put up their pictures everywhere.
- Our generation are familiar with them.
- We sure are.
This great pictures are taken by Korea's 4 major broadcasters.
Korea's four major broadcasters.
[Fully prepared.]
[Conhee's online life.]
Defconn will get it.
- It's for his solo broadcast.
- For real? [Flustered.]
Is he multitasking? [Media inception.]
- A broadcast within a broadcast.
- Exactly.
[Amazing spot for Defconn TV.]
I'll place it right here.
The production cost is covered by Idol Room.
[It's so called "third wheel" broadcast".]
He knows how to run a business.
He can't get admission to the JYP building as a solo broadcast.
- So I'm on two shows at the same time.
- That's right.
He knows how to do a business.
He'll be successful.
Anyways, we got a little something for you.
I've met him before.
[From the rice cake place he raved about.]
I remember you enjoyed rice cakes so much.
[Organic rice cakes.]
I brought this from the same place.
- Organic rice cakes.
- That rice cake - You raved about it.
- It was so good that I can't forget the taste.
[Congratulatory gift.]
You kind of opened business.
- Right.
- I remember the taste.
We dropped by the cafe downstairs.
- The Soul Cup Signature? - Yes.
This is JYP's favorite drink.
[Signature menu.]
Loaded with avocado at the bottom and espresso on top.
[Savoring the taste.]
It's coffee, but it's not bitter.
[What is this taste?.]
It does tastes like avocado.
- With avocado.
- Yes.
[Brainchild of JYP.]
We had that drink.
I developed the menu.
I didn't like it though.
I liked it.
It was delicious.
[They hit it off.]
You have good taste.
[Musicians bond through taste in coffee.]
You are quite [Comedian Jeong is left out.]
- Musician.
- Yes.
[Return to the subject.]
Please try it.
[Having a bite.]
We wrapped it good so it won't go bad in the heat wave.
- The same place.
- Tastes the same.
- It's real good.
- He has tasted it before.
[Can't stop eating.]
I'll leave it here.
We brought another gift for you.
Idol Room value your business, JYP.
[High hopes.]
- We appreciate it.
- You can give it to him.
Not sure if you watched the show.
[Talk of the town.]
- TWICE's airport fashion.
- Yes, I know.
[TWICE shows their loyalty wearing Idol Room T-shirt.]
This one.
[A T-shirt for the father of TWICE.]
- Please wear it.
- Please do us a favor.
[There are only 12 copies in the world.]
It's limited edition.
I promise I will wear it when I go to the airport.
Had we given it to him earlier, he could have worn it for the JYP conference.
[Cracking up.]
I know.
You were wearing dark clothes.
Wearing this in front of 300 investors when I walk them through our company.
[Announcement of JYP 2.
[An official event revealing JYP's vision.]
[Wearing this humble T-shirt for this formal event.]
I will think about wearing this for my next presentation.
[Donhee says no.]
I don't think that's necessary.
- You send your artists onto our show because you trust us.
- Thank you.
TWICE came out on your show recently.
[He watched the TWICE episode.]
Dahyun She's been on your show before.
[Satisfied CEO.]
[Dahyun's growth thanks to them.]
She's come a long way as an entertainer.
We appreciate it if you think so.
After TWICE came on our show, here's what I thought.
I think they were on our show 4 or 5 times.
[Donhee and Conhee's acknowledgement.]
And I believe - You don't have to worry.
- You don't have to worry about them.
- On the recent show.
- They were consistently good.
[Father of TWICE's review.]
When they were asked to act sexy, [Being dramatic.]
I was like, "This episode is ruined".
They can't do sexy.
They might hesitate.
But then they went around and did what they were asked to.
I was shocked.
[Can't believe my eyes.]
- Especially, Mina.
- She was amazing.
I was like, "Is that really Mina"? [She seemed to be hesitant.]
[Then she took everyone by surprise.]
[Sexy beam.]
[TWICE nailed the sexy dance.]
She didn't even show it to JYP.
Speaking of which, here is what I thought.
You don't know about TWICE at all.
- I know.
- You don't know them.
[ONCE is here.]
Their talent should be recognized.
They've become even brighter.
[The real reason.]
There's a reason why we came here.
It's called idol home visit.
- I heard there's an idol group you highly recommend.
- Yes.
- So - We got the information.
- JYP is working ambitiously on this group.
- I'm confident.
You have a hidden card.
Celebrities like ourselves don't move much.
[King of reactions.]
- You know that, right? - You guys are amazing.
[In recording-breaking heat.]
- We came here for JYP.
- For sure.
If YG contacts us? Then we are already there.
Then we are already there.
[To Hapjeong for the 2nd episode.]
- We'll be hearing from you.
- We'll be waiting.
We will be there.
We are free.
- CEO Yang sometimes - Since he gets competitive he will probably never call you until he opens his new building.
[JYP vs.
YG, rivalry of the century.]
You two are rivals.
He always tries to beat me.
Friendly rivalry.
[We can't lose.]
I designed our cafeteria.
[JYP's organic cafeteria.]
I made an all-organic cafeteria.
[Proud of going organic.]
- Now he's going to - He'll do something.
He will design something.
- There's nothing more.
- We'll show you on the 2nd home visit episode.
We even have an oxygenator here.
I saw that in the elevator.
- It says eco.
Green zone.
- Eco It's green zone.
- Green zone.
- The oxygenator in each room [Another level.]
is the kind they have in Las Vegas [The air of Las Vegas in Seoul.]
at the casinos.
[Where's the machine?.]
Where is it coming from? [Showing them around.]
The machine is Excuse me.
- This is the machine.
- It generates oxygen? - Right.
- Clean oxygen area.
You can control the oxygen levels.
[Pigging out the oxygen.]
All of our rooms are temperature and humidity-regulated.
It provides oxygen.
The building itself is organic.
It's safe to say that this building was my dream.
The most important thing for me was feeding all my employees, artists and trainees with organic food.
As for our trainees, [Most of the trainees are minors.]
- their parents trust us with their kids.
- Right.
We're playing some of the parents' roles.
So even with food, our priority is their health.
You have a mindset like a mother.
[Clip from GOT7's V LIVE.]
A grape.
Take a look.
[They have all-organic food.]
I want to be an employee of this company.
It's frozen.
[Picture from TWICE's SNS My kids are 7 years old.
Can I trust you with my kids? If they are talented.
They are not.
Just feed them.
- What? Just food.
- Can't you just feed them? While we're here, would you allow us to register our fingerprints? So that we can have some organic meal from time to time.
[Defconn TV, power off.]
In fact, yesterday Is this broadcast over? [Defconn TV's concept.]
We don't deal with heart-warming stuff.
Heartwarming stuff doesn't sell on YouTube.
You have to pull yourself together.
- You're on two shows right now.
- My priority [With the slightest conscience.]
is Idol Room.
This is not important.
I couldn't help but be conscious of the camera.
Anyways, you keep bragging about it.
We have to focus now.
JYP's hidden weapon.
You need to deliver it to us.
[JYP's dear children.]
They're very special and meaningful to me.
I feel a little sorry to them.
Why? Normally, when we put together a team, we give a lot of thoughts about each member and we have a meeting together.
But this time, I asked a leader to put together the group himself.
"Put together the group yourself".
[Even godfathers of idols are shocked.]
"When you think you're ready, show us".
"If we approve, you will debut".
I made that promise.
The leader had trained for 7 years.
He picked the members himself.
He trained them.
He wrote the music and lyrics.
And he showed us.
Then we approved.
That is unprecedented.
- So you trusted the leader 100%, right? - Yes.
- It could be risk.
You opened a new building.
- I know.
You can't afford to a high-risk venture.
You'd better pursue safe.
But there was [Debut behind-the-scenes.]
a new girl group the agency put together.
And there was this boy group the trainee put together.
In a competition, the boy group won.
So they became the ones to debut.
If I thought they are too risky, I wouldn't dare to go for it.
- So there was a girl group.
- Yes.
Then they are - They got pushed away.
- Pushed away.
I'm so curious.
Why don't you go there yourself and introduce them to us.
Even if I do, I'm not as close to them as the other artists at JYP.
- Though you're the CEO.
- Yes.
- Other than the leader, - I don't know any of them personally.
I've never spoken one-on-one to the rest of the members.
- In the same agency? - Yes.
They are the first group where it's awkward for all of us.
Why don't you go there yourself? Let's go meet them now.
[Exploring the practice studio zone with JYP.]
There's JYP on the ceiling.
- This is JYP NATION.
Did you see that? Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson and Madonna.
We have 5 large practice studios.
Three of which are named after 3 performers that have inspired me the most.
[Practice room 1.]
Michael Jackson room.
[Practice room 2.]
Madonna room.
[Practice room 3.]
- Bobby Brown.
- Bobby Brown.
Are these personal lockers? We don't have designated rooms in this building.
All the employees and artists have their personal lockers.
Chansung, Mark, Jinyoung, Jackson, Nayeon.
Nayeon's locker.
[Defconn TV can't miss out on this.]
Jeongyeon, Momo, Their lockers are close to each other.
This are GOT7's lockers.
And these are TWICE's.
Do you think other agencies have personal lockers like these? No.
YG probably doesn't have these.
- Totally.
- He can't come up with this.
It's artists' lounge.
[The resting area for idols.]
- For their break after practice.
- To rest.
- In every corner of the building, - To fend off fine dust.
I can see you are conscious of the environment and health.
- Oxygen is generated in this room.
- Yes.
We also have a small practice studio for solo artists.
[Checking all the rooms.]
Like this.
- There it is.
- It's here.
[JYP's pride in oxygenator.]
It's blue.
This must be the first entertainment agency with these machines.
We have a band room.
- You have a band? - DAY6.
[A room for DAY6.]
Oh, DAY6.
Oh DAY6.
This room has live recording capabilities.
We took into account acoustics when building this room.
[So proud.]
It's natural that he is so proud.
[Doing their best showing reactions.]
It's amazing.
I can't take my eyes off of it.
[Look at this.]
- Oxygenator.
- Oxygen.
I know it's fun for you to brag about it.
[This room was my dream.]
You pointed out the oxygen generator.
- Bobby Brown.
- This is the Bobby Brown room.
- Bobby Brown, man.
- He was amazing.
[So excited.]
[Automatically doing the Bobby Brown dance.]
This is the main room.
- It's the Michael Jackson room.
- Michael Jackson room.
In this room, there is a boy group that JYP proudly recommends and who are not so close to him.
Right in this room, there is a group that I would like to introduce to you.
[Too honest.]
We might not show any reactions.
- We might feel awkward around them.
- I understand.
[Even he's actually nervous.]
You know.
- You've never met some of them.
- It might be awkward.
Let's go inside.
[Here comes the CEO.]
[So polite.]
[Continue to bow.]
So it's these guys? - JYP - Hello.
[The CEO is stepping backward.]
JYP - JYP Please come here.
- OK.
[Let's bring the CEO to the center.]
It's the only JYP group of which JYP wasn't involved as much in the creation.
Can we guess the leader? [Tracing down the talent JYP is proud of.]
The leader who've been trained for 7 years.
I think [Sparkling eyes.]
Woojin gives off the vibe.
Woojin gives off the 7-year trainee vibe.
I can feel those years from his face.
[He cracks up easily.]
Woojin seems like he's been trained for 7 years.
It's Woojin.
- Woojin.
- It's Woojin.
We'll pick just one member.
You're correct about his long training period.
But he joined our company a little late.
I know, right? I kind of got that.
[Guessing game.]
He's got that vibe.
He gives off the trainee of SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.
[Is he a genius?.]
He eventually picked JYP.
Please introduce him to us.
JYP proudly presents this boy group to you all.
Stray Kids.
[He's the leader they've been looking for.]
Let's say hello.
1, 2.
STEP OUT! Hello, we're Stray Kids.
[Stray Kids, JYP's youngest group who debuted in March 2018.]
[Bang Chan.]
[Lee Know.]
[Stray Kids.]
[The group who were put together by themselves.]
[Fierce dance performance and sentimental music.]
[Promising idol group.]
Bang Chan is the leader.
We found out Bang Chan was trained for 7 years.
[Bang Chan (22) Christopher Bang, leader of Stray Kids.]
- Bang Chan is the leader? - What was the chant during the introduction? - STEP OUT.
- Got it.
Oh my gosh.
Now JYP, [Arranging the meeting of CEO and group.]
why don't you say hi to them? [Nervous.]
You said you've never talked to some of them.
You said you haven't talked to none of them other than the leader.
[Voice cracking.]
Prior to debut, - I hadn't spoken to them.
- With whom? I had only spoken to Bang Chan, and none of the other members.
- For real? - Yes.
[Found something to pick on.]
You must feel uncomfortable right now.
[He doesn't say no.]
Why don't you say hi to each other? You said you don't talk much with each other.
[So awkward and polite.]
Say hi.
1, 2, 3.
[They're nervous too.]
STEP - Just say hi? - Yes, let's just say hi.
1, 2, 3.
[Awkward vibe.]
[Embarrassed CEO.]
- What was that? - That was super awkward.
So awkward.
[He can't look at Stray Kids.]
You're making us feel uncomfortable.
[They feel uncomfortable.]
I got goosebumps.
I really got goosebumps.
- I usually do this.
- Go to them.
Chan, come over here.
[Let's have a talk, Chan.]
[Bang Chan (22) bridge or hub between JYP and Stray Kids.]
He's like a manager.
Now that the CEO is here.
Which member do you feel the most comfortable with? For you? Well [They look like students who got in trouble.]
For you Well This is someone who, when we were doing the survival show, I almost eliminated.
- You tried to eliminate him? - That's so uncomfortable.
[Lee Know and Felix who almost got eliminated.]
But then - at the last moment, - you saved him.
We're uncomfortable enough right now.
[Still only looking at the MCs.]
Now you want me to point out the one I almost eliminated.
That is Felix.
Felix has been Looks like he felt really uncomfortable.
[Specialty: Exaggeration, making bad blood.]
When we came in, [They still don't make eye contact.]
he looked at you fiercely.
Come on out.
Come on out.
Hold hands together.
Face each other.
Hold hands.
Look at each other in the eye.
[Super uncomfortable.]
- Help me.
- Felix "Why did you do that to me"? You can tell him how you felt at the time.
[He still looks at the MC.]
Then he will tell you how he felt.
We will give you time alone.
Look at each other in the eye.
And talk to each other.
[Taking a big breath.]
All right? Ready, set, go! Make eye contact.
[Fierce eyes.]
[First time to call him by "hyung".]
Hyung (big brother).
[So shocked.]
He called him, "hyung".
[From Australia.]
Why did you try to eliminate me? [Anxious.]
He's shaking.
You weren't very good at the time.
You weren't very good.
[Happy group mates.]
[Deep scar.]
Just a little bit.
You feel comfortable now, right? - Are you sure? - Yes.
You look very uncomfortable.
But today's star is not JYP.
Before you leave, please give them a few words of encouragement.
[CEO's speech.]
It's your first time to be on a variety show.
I'm nervous.
- Anyways - We're the master in the business.
Now that I have to leave you guys to these guys, it's hard to leave.
If we think we need to secure more air time after they take over, we will give you a call.
You have to play games with them.
[Polite hands.]
What time do you get off work? I have to wait.
Until the filming is over, just in case, - Yes, I will be waiting.
- Please be on call.
I'm pretty sure we're going to meet soon.
[Way to go, kids.]
See you in a bit.
Bye, sir.
[Formal opening has begun.]
The first special episode for a summer vacation! [First episode: JYP.]
We're now visiting JYP Entertainment.
Let me introduce Stray Kids, who JYP strongly recommended.
[Meaning of Stray Kids.]
9 members will gather together to go out of the box, and lead the pack.
That's the meaning of Stray Kids.
- What does "Stray" mean? - It means "wondering away".
We're going to find the way.
[His own interpretation.]
Let's find the way and go straight? [Rookie gets along with him.]
Stray Kids came on "IDOL ROOM" in 6 months after their debut.
[Bragging about themselves.]
You're facing these two masters within a short period of time.
[Baby lamb who is falling for that.]
- You know us.
- Yes, we know.
[Be careful about people like them.]
Magic hands.
[They're fooling this idol band.]
Magic hands.
- If we touch idol bands, they're going to become stars.
- Right.
[Jackson has become a variety show star by himself.]
You know, Jackson.
See? [CEO, look at them!.]
[They started believing Donhee and Conhee.]
We were embarrassed first.
Since we have heard it for years, [This is the power of cramming.]
- Now I believe so.
- Right.
We're the only ones.
It's our honor.
I heard each one of you are good at dance performances.
[Dance performance-specialized band.]
We'll play songs.
[Introduction through dance.]
If you think it's your song, push others, come forward and dance alone.
[1 member, 1 dance, 1 song.]
Others should be behind him.
You need to show off yours next time.
[DANCE: Express myself with dance.]
Music, start! [Everyone moves.]
[Leader Bang goes out.]
Only one can dance.
[Sentiment from the nature of Australia.]
[Too free, hard to understand.]
[Great reactions.]
This is JYP.
[Leader starts rapping.]
This is my place.
My name is Bang Chan.
[Cheering him with reactions.]
I'm from Australia.
[Perfect chemistry.]
- My name is Kangaroo.
- Kangaroo! It was cold in summer.
[Sudden ending.]
I'm so honored to see you.
Like this, if the song stops, you need to introduce yourself.
[Everyone grows up like this.]
It must be embarrassing.
But be bold.
[Nervous for self-introduction on their first variety show.]
I see.
Don't try to set the mood.
It wasn't that exciting.
- Don't say "Wow" or such things.
- Good job.
Thank you.
When viewers watch it on TV, it will look awesome.
[Whatever they say, it's so funny.]
Don't get too excited.
Stay calm.
Next song, please.
Lee Know.
[Oh, my.]
[Greasy, cheesy.]
[Sexy dances learned from TV shows.]
[I can't stand this.]
[Immersed in his own sexy dance.]
[Greeting fans.]
[Too cringe-worthy.]
Rookies do this a lot.
This is too much.
[After doing the sexy dance?.]
I'm responsible for hip-hop performance.
Sexy Lee Know! [Respect to your courage!.]
Too much.
Rookies do this a lot when they're nervous.
[Sexy dance using the MC.]
Coming to the MC and doing this.
When they're nervous.
Next song.
[Sad song.]
[A guy appears.]
- What's this? - HAN came up.
[Too much concept.]
[Donhee, Conhee: Idol dance commentators.]
Isn't it too much? [I think this is too much.]
- Let's see.
- Okay.
[Too many things to think about.]
This is their first variety show.
- They prepared a lot.
- They're too enthusiastic, I guess.
[Passionate movement.]
[This is not right.]
I think we should call JYP.
[What should I do.]
They can't stop.
Rookies won't be tired.
[Failed to say hi.]
Hello, I'm from Stray Kids Others may think we're a bunch of troublemakers.
[Outsider-like speedy rap.]
We're nice and cute, more than you think.
I'm rapper HAN of Stray Kids.
[Hip-hop ancestors.]
- Sorry? - Others might think they're monsters.
But they're cute, he said.
Right? [Rap interpretation.]
Others may think we're a bunch of troublemakers.
- But we're nice and cute.
Stray Kids.
- That's what I said.
Great introduction.
Next song, please.
[Embarrassed + reading MCs' faces.]
[New type of dance that we've never seen before.]
[Can't breathe.]
[Rookie, please do that to the camera.]
Look at the camera.
[Automatically looking at MCs.]
Please, turn to the camera.
[Whatever you say, I'll do my job.]
Turn to the camera.
[JYP, who is this kid?.]
Look at the camera.
[Who, you?.]
Hello, I'm Seungmin.
A dandy boy of Stray Kids.
I'm Seungmin.
After he finished his dance, he looks like a dandy boy.
What was that? [Leader's introduction.]
He's polite, well-mannered.
[Manic excitement.]
But he's a bit excited now.
[Culture shock.]
I am shocked, too.
[Feeling calm alone.]
Seungmin, please describe yourself.
[Suddenly, he feels down.]
I don't know.
Why are you down now? It's better to see him when excited.
[Seungmin, a mysterious guy.]
[Occupying the stage with groovy dance.]
Great dance! [Looks like a dance member.]
Hello, I'm responsible for dance.
Lee Know, Felix and I are making our band's performances.
I'm Hyunjin of Stray Kids.
[Introducing himself by dancing for GOT7.]
[Tough and powerful.]
[There you go.]
[Talent who has been well-trained by JYP.]
I'm Woojin, a powerful and charismatic member of Stray Kids.
[Talented at entertainment shows.]
[Promising rookie on a variety show.]
Way to go! [Stray Kids' youngest member.]
Hello, I'm I.
N, the youngest member.
[Two are left.]
Felix and Changbin are left.
[First challenge on a variety show.]
Let's add a rule.
We have only one song to play.
One can not introduce [One can't dance on the stage.]
- himself.
- Only one can do.
Felix is in danger of being eliminated.
[Oh, god Sad Felix.]
Will he pass the audition of self-introduction? [Who will be the last one to introduce himself?.]
Beating Changbin, will he be able to introduce himself? [Last music.]
This is the last song.
Changbin and Felix.
Music, please! [Oh, my god.]
[Changbin came out first.]
[I won.]
I'm a visual member.
I'm a visual member.
- Hang on.
- Out.
[It's banned to lie.]
- You didn't know the rule.
- You can't tell a lie.
- You're not a visual member.
- You're not that good looking.
[Good sense of humor.]
- I am, really.
- It was so funny.
It was funny.
Don't tell a lie on a variety show.
[Self-introduction battle.]
Felix lost.
[Another round of competition.]
Felix, you shouldn't do that.
It will be traumatic.
Music, please.
I hope he will do well.
[Felix came out first.]
[Go away.]
[Showing reactions for him.]
Felix is not intimidated.
[Shouting in return.]
[Felix's dance time.]
[Flame-like dance that makes him survive in a challenge.]
[Remember, I'm Felix.]
[Showing off his dance skills to impress viewers.]
[Laughing out loud.]
[1, 2, 1, 2.]
[Versatile dance machine who can show a comic dance.]
[Many types of dances.]
Wow, this dance.
[Felix dance festival.]
Hello, I'm Stray Kids' Felix who has a booming voice.
[Should I not have a chance to introduce?.]
- Great voice.
- Booming voice.
You survived, Felix.
[Looking as if he's disappointed.]
Changbin [Talent who is ready for a variety show.]
[Given with another chance.]
Don't say you're a visual member.
Music, please! [Telling the truth.]
I'm responsible for rap.
He's telling the truth now.
Not telling a lie.
I can do anything.
I can ride a horse without a horse.
Riding a horse without a horse! [Wherever I want.]
I can move back and forth.
I can shoot an arrow while riding a horse.
[I'm announcing.]
I want to say this.
I will be sexy.
[Changbin successfully introduced himself.]
[You planned this.]
- He prepared this.
- Right.
- Right? - Yes.
[Many things about him.]
A visual member, his specialty, and the sexy movement for an ending! [Unexpected interruption by them.]
And we hated your comment.
So I was surprised.
You didn't know whether would stop you.
[Report from the production staff.]
Bang Chan, I heard you have double joints.
[What's that?.]
Like this? No.
[Different from normal arms.]
When you stretch your arms, they'll be straight.
[Hard to imagine.]
If I do that, I look like a seagull.
What does it mean? If I bend my arms, my arms look straight.
If I stretch more, I look like a bird.
If I stretch more, I look like a bird.
Like a bird! [I can't believe it!.]
- Hang on.
- I got goosebumps! [Comparison.]
I can't do this.
[Looking at him.]
I got goosebumps.
[It runs in his family.]
I'm not the only one.
My dad can do this.
- And my brother, too.
- Heredity.
[Unique personal talent.]
That's a good one to show.
- Thank you.
- Great physique, too.
[Cracking a joke.]
If you rotate this, will it rotate? Yes.
[Oh, my god.]
[Looks so comfortable.]
I asked half-jokingly! [Others are trying to do that.]
[One more time.]
- Please do it again.
- I see.
- Isn't it a magic trick? No, it's not.
[Magical joint.]
It's 1 o'clock.
And it goes like - Doesn't it hurt? - It's fine.
[He looks similar.]
- Did you find it yourself? - Yes.
- Because it runs in your family.
- Yes.
[Hands on the clock that keep moving.]
Will it go round and round from 12 o'clock? [Enthusiastic reactions.]
[Like this.]
[No way.]
Can you do this with your legs? [Can't do that.]
- I can't.
- Right, it will look strange.
[Variety show rookies try anything to develop a personal talent.]
Members, you can't do that.
[Chan is a unique one.]
- Amazing.
- Right.
Is there anything like this? A unique talent.
[Member who is specialized in variety shows.]
- Well, - I expected you would say.
I'll say how I feel about being on this [Intercepting.]
You made a rap.
Yes, I did a bit.
Let's exclude what you prepared.
[Donhee and Conhee put on the brake.]
We'll give you some words.
Let's not do what you prepared.
We'll give you words.
[Spartan training.]
Please do a free-style rap.
Why? What's wrong? [What?.]
[Giving a challenge to them.]
Let's add Bang Chan, too.
- We'll give a word.
- We'll give words, please do free-style.
[Free-style rap with 3 given words.]
It's too lame to do pre-organized one.
- Sure.
- I'm not good at that.
- Bang Chan, go ahead.
- Give words.
[1st given word.]
- Camera.
- Okay.
[Camera My brain, please work!.]
[2nd word.]
- Steamed pork.
- Steamed pork.
Camera, steamed pork.
[3rd word.]
Mine is top of the head.
[Looking so serious.]
[Chaotic 3 words.]
Camera, steamed pork, top of the head.
[Difficulty level is up.]
Mix them to say how you feel about being on "IDOL ROOM".
[Brain works at full steam.]
Drop the beat!.]
[Rap vagabond moving to the beat.]
- Camera.
- Camera.
[Smooth start.]
There are so many camera.
[Current situation.]
I'm having eye contact with cameras.
[So excited to hear that.]
Let's go for steamed pork! [Looking back on the past.]
I just had steamed pork.
We really had steamed pork today.
[Respect, bro.]
It smells like steamed pork on the top of my head.
[Starting the rap he prepared.]
Time to say how you feel.
The rap you prepared.
[Sudden change.]
Pop, pop, pop, pop! I turn this upside down with my popping charms.
Dot, dot, dot, dot.
Make dots, make dots on Stray Kids.
[Tongue got twisted.]
It's okay.
[You can do it.]
[Asking to remove the beat.]
Can I do it without music? Without music? He asks for many things.
I didn't expect this.
Isn't it more comfortable when you have the beat? [Ice prince to the beat.]
- I prepared a short one.
- Oh.
I think he's feeling pressure.
[Legs and arms are twisted.]
This is his first time to be on a show.
Also, MCs are doing unexpected things.
[Donhee and Conhee do unexpected things.]
Right? [Difficulties he has never experienced.]
- I didn't expect that.
- You made up the scenario.
[Simulation of Changbin.]
When he says, "I prepared a rap".
Then, MCs would say, "Oh, great! Let's see".
But we say, "Camera".
[Things that were not in the scenario.]
"Steamed pork".
"Top of the head".
- The world is not easy.
- Right.
[Feeling guilty.]
- That's why we're the idol band masters.
- Stop it! [Bold.]
We're Korea's best idol band masters.
[Be strong, Changbin.]
- We're training you.
- I see.
[You need to overcome Donhee and Conhee.]
Here we go, Changbin.
About how he feels about being on "IDOL ROOM".
5, 6, 7, 8.
[Members who cheer him up.]
- Pop, pop! I turn this upside down with my popping charms.
- Here we go! [Everyone is cheering.]
Dot, dot.
Make dots, dots on Stray Kids.
[Wishing for a success.]
Make dots! I'm on "IDOL ROOM".
It's amazing to see - Hyungdon and Daejoon who look like Matryoshka dolls! - Amazing! [Discouraged Bin.]
[Laughing out loud.]
[He made them laugh out.]
He became discouraged.
[Lost courage.]
He should've done as he planned.
But we interrupted it.
[I lost "My pace" due to Donhee and Conhee.]
So he got discouraged.
- Hyungdon and Daejoon - The rap was fresh.
[Emotionally-synchronized rap.]
It's so fresh to me.
[He secured some screen time.]
[It didn't go well as he planned.]
This is not what I planned.
[2nd report from the production staff.]
Hyunjin's voice to wake others up.
I can say in a loud voice.
It's hard for me to get up in the morning.
[He recorded his voice as an alarm bell.]
I recorded my voice.
"Hwang Hyunjin, get up!" [Using his own voice.]
I hear it and get up.
- You hear your voice and get up? - Yes.
[How big is his voice? Protecting his ears.]
- Woojin wants to plug his ears.
- We shared a room.
I recorded "Hang Hyunjin, get up!" I hear this and get up.
[This is the morning bell for every morning.]
That much [Can't understand why he does this.]
You can choose your bell sound.
[Good-looking guys are sleepyheads.]
- Still - Because I can't get up.
Hyunjin, are you a vocalist? No.
I'm responsible for rap and dance.
[Oh, rap?.]
Changbin [Different genres.]
- Different versions.
- I want to see that.
[Hyunjin's main part is dance.]
I'm more responsible for dance.
Three of us are rappers.
- You can rap.
- Yes.
Let's see him.
- Do whatever you've done.
- Right.
[Repertoire that he has.]
[Clear and precise rap.]
[Serious listeners.]
[Hip-hop god blessed and he finished successfully.]
[Teasing bin.]
Better than Changbin.
[Hyunjin passed the test by Donhee & Conhee.]
He didn't make a mistake.
- He didn't lose the beat.
- Right, I can hear his words.
[You're the victim today.]
You can't do that in the rap industry.
[Changbin, don't cry.]
Bad reputation can go for 3 years.
- Trauma.
- Hyunjin is a good rapper.
- Great delivery.
- Way to go.
Any challengers? Just try.
[Felix raises his hand.]
[In his childhood.]
When I was young, I used to make this sound through my teeth.
[Mosquito sound.]
It sounds like a mosquito.
[Evolving to a mosquito sound.]
- So, I will do - Through your teeth? [Unique charm.]
For example, [Whirring sound.]
[To take a closer look.]
Amazing! [I got the mosquito.]
[Donhee and Lix became a comic duo.]
[Enthusiastic reactions.]
[Upgraded version.]
- Adding beatbox.
- Beatbox.
[With the fast beat.]
- Some upbeat ones.
- Try.
Let's go.
[New genre - mosquito sound EDM.]
[So exciting.]
[Rare and unique personal talent.]
[He wants to try.]
It's amazing.
[Talented idol band member.]
Great job, Felix.
[His talent confirmed!.]
Great job, Felix.
[Finished exploring individual charms.]
Now, [Time to explore the group's charm.]
we'll see the performance by Stray Kids.
Your new song was recently released.
[Fighting, leader! Everyone's eyes are on him.]
We'll perform the title song 'My Pace' from the new album 'I am WHO".
['My Pace'.]
The song is about our determination to grow in our own pace without comparing with others.
[Good job, leader.]
That's what the song is about.
Now, the song 'My Pace'.
Let's see the performance.
'My Pace' by Stray Kids [Completely different style from other JYP singers.]
[Upgraded dance skills as they are part of JYP.]
[Familiar yet unique style of JYP idol.]
[So talented.]
[No wonder the CEO is proud of them.]
[Stray Kids registered.]
[into my heart!.]
No doubt about it.
So powerful.
[Asking for compliments.]
I could feel your energy - Did you make the song yourselves? - Yes.
[Written by Stray Kids.]
Who is the composer? [The composers.]
Three of us.
Chan, Han, and Changbin.
[Showering them with compliments.]
Stray Kids is truly self-sufficient idols.
[Very talented.]
- Right.
- You really make everything for yourselves.
[Fan club STAY's most wanted time!.]
Now we'll have the time for [We want the personal camera!.]
the personal camera for the idols.
- Today's Pick-dol, Personal Camera! - Camera! [Follows.]
- Personal Camera! - Camera! [Here.]
They just debuted 6 months ago.
[Hungry for more attention.]
They are desperate for personal camera.
[One member will be picked and the person will get a personal camera until the end.]
[The unedited footage will be on the Internet.]
And on Naver, the full-version of the video will be uploaded.
[I want you so much, personal camera.]
This is truly the direct camera for idols.
[Spinwheel comes in.]
Please bring it in.
[Already saw it in TV.]
The flower petals.
Look at that.
[Just as in the studio.]
[The top shot from the JYP Practice room.]
- Can't believe we're doing this.
- So cool.
- In a circle.
- Lie in a circle, please.
[Round and round.]
Lie around the circle.
[Flower petals ready.]
I'm next to the handsome one.
[Even their heads look handsome from the top.]
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Seungmin.]
Front shot.
You really look like Park Bo-gum.
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Hyunjin.]
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Changbin.]
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Han.]
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - I.
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Bang Chan.]
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Felix.]
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Lee Know.]
[Pick-dol: Stray Kids - Woojin.]
[All 9 Stray Kids ready.]
[The spinwheel determines the fate.]
It's spinning now.
Finally! Ready! [Let's go.]
Start! [All eyes fixed on the camera.]
[Me! Mine!.]
[Everyone wants to be the lucky one.]
Who'll be the Pick-dol today? [Who will be enjoying the personal camera?.]
And the Pick-dol is [Camera's pick.]
Now Go Moojin! [Congratulations!.]
Congratulations! [Embarrassed.]
[Woojin's camera is here.]
Who has the personal camera? Raise your hand.
Now that camera will only film Woojin.
I am really nervous to actually do this.
[Two hands are held tightly.]
I'll do my best today.
I see.
[Please stay tuned to watch everything about Woojin!.]
Please stay tuned! The summer vacation special #1.
[In JYP.]
Home visitations for idols.
[Growing fast in JYP.]
Today, we're meeting the ones recommended by JYP, the self-sufficient idol, Stray Kids.
- Are you really self-sufficient idols? - Self-sufficient idols.
[Did JYP really not help at all?.]
Or not? - We'll have time to verify that.
- We should.
[All ready.]
First round for verification.
JYP is Dance! [Dance party.]
You can't talk about JYP without mentioning the dance.
[Sexy Gorilla JYP's dance history.]
Starting with JYP [First beast-idols.]
[Legendary #1.]
Wonder Girls.
[Legendary #2.]
Miss A.
[Like a god.]
[The name of JYP is like a certification.]
Dancing ability is a basic qualification.
That's how it is for JYP singers.
Before we check individually, I heard that all of you can do the cover dance for - Twice's 'Dance The Night Away'? - Yes.
[Yup yup.]
[Twice's 'Dance The Night Away'.]
[How will it look in Stray Kid's version?.]
[From the request of STAY.]
Twice's 'Dance The Night Away'.
We'll see it in Stray Kid's version.
Music please! [Self-hypnotizing.
I'm Twice.]
[Let's go, Stray Kids!.]
[Fresh and cute.]
[And add on the coolness.]
Try your best! [Twice is watching you!.]
[The effect of cover dance.]
[Love for JYP company becomes greater.]
[Twice's brother version.]
[Feeling proud to be the part of JYP family.]
[Pretty good.]
[They learned the dance through TV.]
[Very cute.]
[What's up with the low voice?.]
[Musically acknowledged.]
[Finishing naively.]
You guys tried hard.
This was something you prepared.
[Time for the test.]
Now, we'll test individually.
We'll pick you randomly, [Nervous x 180326.]
and play JYP's song.
[JYP is Dance.]
If you know the dance to the song, [JYP singers' songs will play randomly.]
then please come up and dance.
[In case.]
Don't just come because you're excited.
[Don't dance just because you're excited.]
- Got it? - Come out when you know the dance.
Music please! ['Heart Beat' by 2PM.]
[Many 'hearts' are dancing.]
[Looking at them, my heart also beats.]
[Song changed - 'My House' by 2PM.]
[Forgot the next move.]
[The dancing skills is positively correlated with the number of years at JYP.]
[By Christopher Bang.]
[Bang Chan's seduction.]
Let's go to my house.
['If You Do' by GOT7.]
[Trying to remember GOT7's choreography.]
[Standing out with his awkward dance.]
- Changbin, you can go in if you don't know.
- Please go in.
[I know the next part.]
- Hold on.
- Go in, Changbin.
Go in, Changbin.
[Here it is.]
He knows this part.
[A teddy bear that looks like Woojin.]
Woojin is out now.
['Hard Carry' by GOT7.]
[You and I.]
[Felix wants to join.]
Who will survive at the end? There you go, Woojin.
['What Is Love?' by Twice.]
[Comes to the front.]
[Felix finally enters the center.]
[This song is 'my pace'.]
[There you go, Felix.]
[Showing off the moves.]
Felix is doing well.
[I'm the dancer of Stray Kids! - Felix.]
['24 Hours' by Sunmi.]
[All in awkward positions.]
[Here we have sexy Han.]
[Han leads the mood.]
[The sexiest squirrel in the world.]
[And this song is?.]
['Who's Your Mama?' by JYP.]
[Reacting automatically to their boss' song.]
JYP's song?! [They know who to please doing their best to impress.]
[For you, JYP.]
[Who's your boss? Who's your mama?.]
How did he raise you like this? [Very nice.]
[Dance verification is finished.]
[We're the pride of JYP!.]
That was legendary.
It's the 2nd section.
[Proving they're self sufficient.]
JYP is known for their teamwork.
Park Jinyoung once said that it takes all 9 of you to become one entire organism.
All 9 of them come together [Stray Kids is meant to be together.]
and unite and emit their energy.
So in the past, other JYP groups [All JYP artists have tried the teamwork pose.]
have succeeded in a teamwork pose.
Teamwork pose? [They are so surprised.]
This is level 1.
That's level 1? What? [Teamwork pose level 1, they must hold the pose for the number of members they have.]
[(That means Stray Kids have to hold the pose for 9 seconds).]
[Example: 2PM.]
1, 2.
That's just one side.
[Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V according to the team members.]
You have to make that in symmetry.
[One step behind (Can we do that? 0).]
[Woojin calmly thinks of a plan.]
Changbin and Han should be at the ends.
Woojin is like the overall planner.
Woojin, take lead and plan it out.
[Bang Chan & Woojin will be the pillars.]
Chan and I will be at the ends.
[Who will be the foundation in the middle?.]
I think the other spots will be easier.
I'll be on the bottom.
[I'll be on the bottom.]
- Should I be on the bottom? - OK.
[Let me se.]
You would be the most burdened.
[They make adjustments for the pose.]
The people on the bottom are important.
Chan and I should be in the middle.
[The next supporting roles are up to the oldest members.]
The stronger members should take on the second role right there.
[In perfect order.]
- OK, are you going on top? - Yes.
Who is going on him? Seungmin? [Seungmin is al ready.]
- Changbin - OK, let's go.
[9 seconds.]
9 seconds you guys, 9 seconds.
OK, 1, 2, 3! [The formation (of Stray Kids) is coming together.]
Here we go.
Give me your foot here.
- I wonder if they'll succeed.
- I'm not sure.
[Smiles and raises his legs.]
[On the other hand.]
Give me your leg and lift.
[Oh no Changbin.]
- Changbin is - Wait up.
Changbin is [The point is Changbin.]
[One side collapses.]
- Changbin is - Hold on.
[Hyunjin is hardening.]
[Save Bang Chan.]
Hold on.
- Are you good? - 1, 2, 3! [Just barely done getting ready again.]
Changbin made us laugh for a minute again.
[Countdown starts.]
1, 2, 3, 4, [We must endure this.]
5, 6, 7.
[Save me.]
- My waist is going to give in.
- 8, 9.
[Stray Kids succeed.]
8, 9, success! [Collapses.]
Wasn't it hard? [Celebrates.]
We succeeded.
[Teasing Changbin.]
If Changbin didn't try to be funny, - they could have ended earlier.
- Hey! [He has nothing to say.]
[You thought it was over, right?.]
It's not over yet.
[Yep, there are 12 levels in all.]
There are 12 levels.
[Han is so surprised.]
[Level 12 (skipping levels 2 through 11).]
Hurry up! Come on up.
[If they build a human pyramid, a specialty of 2PM, and take 9 steps, they pass.]
Are you ready? Are you ready? [Since they have 9 members, they have to take 9 steps.]
9 steps on the human pyramid.
[Seung Min's look.]
[He can't keep a poker face, he's unsure.]
We can do it.
[Leader Bang.]
Let's keep it in a 4, 3, 2, formation.
4, 3, 2.
- 3, 3, 3? - 3, 3, 3? [He can't help but clap at this.]
That would be unique.
[No one has ever seen a human pyramid in this formation.]
Bang Chan, that would be unique.
[Let's hold back on the joking around.]
No, no.
So a 4, 3, 2 formation.
[He feels somewhat bare.]
- Then - I don't think you have to go too far.
[Tape please~.]
Can I get some tape here? Can I get some tape here please? [Hwang Hyunjin is always so modest/ very conservative.]
What is that for? - Why? - That's a little - What? [He's going to take precaution.]
Then just do this.
[There there, prince Hyunjin.]
He's hilarious [Hands of help.]
What is he.
What should we do about him? - Are you OK? - For a safe show.
- Safe? - I've always been safe.
- I can't believe this.
- You can't even see anything.
[The regulation team would love Hyunjin.]
What? It's just that [The piggies are excited.]
- If you want.
- Give me that.
- A cord.
[Too late to refuse.]
No, give me a blanket.
Let's keep him safe.
[Since Hyunjin should be kept safe.]
Yes, like this [Wraps him safely.]
[Emergency measures.]
For a safe show.
[Hiding all skin.]
- You shouldn't feel uncomfortable.
- I've never done this before.
- For a safe show - We've never heard of that either.
[Want a blanket?.]
Bang Chan, want a blanket too? - I'm OK.
- Woojin? Are you guys going to be OK? - Yes.
[We're fine.]
- OK.
- You became the weird one.
[He's blanking out.]
He wants to be safe.
[Wraps it tightly just in case.]
- It's up to him.
- Sure.
Thanks Woojin.
If it came loose [He's regretting it now (Why did I say that).]
- Here we go.
- Yes [They're going in 4-3-2 formation.]
- Let's go.
- Everyone, remember.
[Already struggling.]
[The 3rd floor isn't on top yet.]
- Start with your right hand, left foot.
- Right hand and left food.
[Looks shaky (Is it going to be OK).]
It looks hard enough already.
[Looks shaky.]
[Closing in on the gaps.]
- Get closer.
- We're going on top.
- Get closer.
- Lee Know, you have to get closer.
- Get closer.
[3rd floor going on top.]
Here I go.
[All on top.]
[Stray Kids human pyramid.]
[Immediate response.]
Wow! [Let's go Stray Kids.]
Here we go, 1, 2, 3, 4.
[1 step, 2 step, 3 step, 4 step.]
Stray, [5 step, 6 step.]
[7 step, 8 step, 9 step.]
- Fighting.
- Pass.
[They proved their teamwork.]
Pass! [He made it through safely.]
Now you will continue the tradition [This is what Park Jinyoung was talking about.]
of all the other JYP artists.
Stray Kids did it.
[They're proud of themselves.]
[Uncovered a unique character in the process.]
And we uncovered a unique character too.
[Safety is best.]
The member who is always worried of safety.
[Stand by.]
[We're always open for suggestions.]
Let me know if you have any suggestions.
- Any time.
Are you all right? - Yes, I'm fine.
[You just exposed yourself.]
You should be careful.
Don't bow to me.
[Say bye to me like this.]
Like this.
[3rd step in proving they're self sufficient.]
JYP is entertainment.
Entertainment~ [JYP idol singers are always great on entertainment shows.]
Now you will try what other artists of JYP have done on entertainment shows in the past.
[Does Stray Kids have what it takes too?.]
We'll follow in their footsteps.
[Competing against other JYP artists.]
[Surpass those before you.]
Catch up with GOT7! [Trying to take of pieces of paper using only their face muscles.]
[Geniuses at this.]
Go! [Succeeds in taking 8 pieces off in 30 seconds.]
[He has the best record in this game so far.]
[Stray Kids must use only their face to remove paper in 30 seconds.]
It's simple.
[The person who removes the most wins.]
You cannot use your hands just your face to remove the post-its.
[Who will be able to move their faces the most?.]
We'll see who removes the most in 30 seconds and determine a winner.
[3 members at a time starting with Bang Chan's team.]
Let's start with team Bang Chan.
These 3 members.
Team Bang Chan.
[Not on your head.]
You can stick them to your hair.
- Just the face.
- Just the face.
- I.
- Yes.
[So kind.]
[Having fun.]
All right.
[While they're carefully placing the post-its.]
How are you supposed to take them off? [Simulations going on here.]
[Looks like a bear in the middle of eating.]
[Oh yeah.]
The camera is on you.
[Sweet bear including him in the frame.]
Come here.
[Bang Chan X Han X I.
- Here we go.
- Team 1, Bang Chan, Han and I.
30 seconds.
Ready, get set, go! [Puff.]
- It's hard isn't it? - Go! [Bang Chan is doing all right.]
[Han is just making loud noises.]
It's hard.
Han is in the lead.
N looks the funniest.]
Bang Chan and Han.
[His face is crinkling along with him.]
N Is he not cut out to be on entertainment? Bye I.
N~ [Just then.]
Han! [Chews on the paper.]
He's being creative.
[They're developing.]
[They've taught themselves on the tricks of entertainment.]
4, 3.
[Always remember August 21st, 2018.]
[The day Stray Kids used their faces like this.]
[Sorry Stray Kids.]
[These moments will haunt you for a while.]
[Watching what will happen to him in 5 minutes.]
3, 2, 1, stop.
[Diligent until the end.]
3, 2, 1, stop.
[Bang Chan got 5 off.]
Bang Chan got 5.
It's hard.
[Han got 6 off.]
Han has 4 left.
[It's impossible to count I.
N is out.
[No talent in this.]
[He has a low record compared to all his movement.]
Han got 4.
Team number 2, please get ready.
[Seungmin X Felix X Woojin try.]
Ready, get set, go! 30 seconds.
[Seungmin looks handsome even when he's doing this.]
30 seconds.
[The simulation is paying off.]
[Woojin is not doing so well despite all his movement.]
That's on there real good.
Woojin's is hard.
[Like it's stuck on with super glue.]
That's nailed on to him.
Those post-its must be nailed on to him.
They must really be stuck on for good.
Felix~ [Their faces are filled with entertainment.]
Woojin come on, Seungmin come on.
Felix~ [Where am I?.]
[The learning site of true entertainment.]
[Really going out there.]
4, 3, 2, 1.
Stop! [He tries so hard until the very end.]
How many did Seungmin get? [Seungmin got 6 off.]
Seungmin has 4 left.
[Felix got 6 off.]
Felix has 4 left.
[Woojin just failed.]
Woojin failed.
A lot of members have 4 left.
[Amazed at the sticking power.]
- Lots of members with 4 left.
- 4 is the best record.
[Team number 3, Lee Know X Hyunjin X Changbin.]
Lee Know, Hyunjin and Changbin.
[So many.]
So close together.
[The members put some on my ears.]
- On my ears.
- Ears count too.
[They keep teasing Changbin.]
You can blow wind out of your ears.
Lots of people can move their ears.
[Saying nonsense.]
It's science.
You can send wind through here and [Bin-derella is teased again.]
Changbin will be able to do it.
Here we go.
Ready, get set! Go! [The pieces of paper flying around as soon as they start.]
Hyunjin~ [Lee Know's post-its are all in place.]
Lee Know is surprisingly falling behind.
[It's so much fun now that Hyunjin is trying his best.]
It's between Hyunjin and Changbin.
Hyunjin is already down to 5.
[Even Changbin's post-its are mocking him.]
If he gets down to 3, he'll win.
[All of them shout at once.]
- Hyunjin has 4 left.
- Just one more.
[So surprised.]
[It's so fun watching Hyunjin.]
- It's between Hyunjin and Changbin.
- Hyunjin's down to 5.
[Even Changbin's post-its are mocking him.]
If he gets down to 3, he'll win.
[All of them.]
[So surprised.]
[Powerful blowing.]
- Hyunjin.
- Just one more.
[A gust of revenge.]
[They can't believe the strong gusts of win.]
[Super turbo engine power.]
- Stronger! - Just one more! Just one more! [Breathing out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.]
[Breathing out 6, 7.]
[Almost passed out.]
[Lost his good looks.]
[And his image.]
[The only thing left is laughter.]
[Come on you guys.]
Stop! [Changbin succeeded in getting 2 off.]
Changbin has too many on his face still.
[Lee Know got 6 off.]
- Lee Know has 4 left.
- Hyunjin has 1 left.
[Hyunjin got 9 off.]
Hyunjin has 1 left.
- There are 2.
- That means 2? 2 left.
[Hyunjin got 8 off.]
- 2 left.
- Hyunjin is in first place.
[Hyunjin wins first place.]
The winner of post-its is Hyunjin.
[Picking up.]
- Great pumps.
- Amazing.
[Oops! Be careful!.]
When you bend down! - Great pumping.
- Amazing.
- When you bend down! [What?.]
[His hand automatically goes up.]
When you bend down.
[Let's never forget, safety is number one.]
[Hyunjin's bodyguard.]
Woojin, hold on to him.
I'm sorry.
Are you all right? Always be safe.
[This is how much fun we're having.]
Thanks to the strong recommendation of JYP, the first home visit to an idol group.
[Time to say goodbye to JYP's idol.]
We enjoyed our time with Stray Kids.
[Taking care of Changbin.]
Changbin, what did you think about today? [Of course, he wants to tease him again.]
- I - In a rap please.
You can do it, right? Yeah! I used to see them on TV.
[Don't lose the rhyme!.]
Meeting Hyeongdon Defconn was so [Confesses to a trauma.]
I think I'm traumatized.
[Comfort is too much to ask.]
[Everyone else is busy laughing.]
Why are you traumatized? His rap is not yet over.
[We'll always cheer for you Changbin.]
[They're so curious to hear the end.]
I wonder how his rap would have ended.
[Maybe next time.]
- I'd love to hear the end of that - I wonder how it would have ended.
[Leader Bang went too far out.]
The time we spent with the kings of entertainment That's too much [He thinks of himself as a duke or a count.]
Maybe a duke or a count.
Count Idol.
[Putting words in his mouth.]
- Count Idol Master.
- A duke or a count maybe.
Maybe that level.
[Repeating what he was told.]
It was so much fun to spend time [Not embarrassed at all and satisfied.]
with the idol masters.
Please listen to our title song, "My Pace" a lot.
We'll try hard to show you the very best of Stray Kids.
All right.
Idol variety show with no.
1 credibility! [Always stay with us, see you soon.]
[You may watch other footages.]
Thank you.
[On the V LIVE channel.]