Idol Room (2018) s01e17 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 17 - iKON [Let's go cheerfully.]
[With handsome guests.]
- What's this? - To the right.
[We're getting excited from the beginning.]
IDOL ROOM! [Pose.]
The idol band show with the best credibility! [Guests know our signature pose.]
- IDOL, - ROOM! I guess young viewers [Expecting highest viewer rating from teens.]
will love today's show.
- Right? - Right.
Carrie of idol bands! Pre-teens love them just like Carrie.
[2018 preteen-agers' idol band Jin-Ji-Han-Yun-Dong-Jun-Chan.]
iKON! Let us say hi to fans.
- Get ready? - Show time! - Hello, we're - iKON! iKON! [B.
[Kim Jinhwan.]
[Song Yunhyeong.]
[Koo Ju-ne.]
[Jeong Chanwoo.]
[Kim Donghyuk.]
[Idol band of pre-teens.]
Kids at kindergartens and elementary schools love you.
You're so popular.
Do you realize the popularity? Recently, we saw young kids sang our songs.
[Popular among pre-school kids and elementary students.]
We realized it.
Who did I send the video clip? [Donhee sent a video footage to B.
I got that.
Did I send it to B.
I? [Popularity of "Love Scenario" that a dad of 7-year-old twins experienced.]
I was driving and iKON's "Love Scenario" was played.
My daughters sat in the back.
Both of them started singing it.
It was so hilarious.
[He sent the video clip to the composer.]
So I sent it to B.
I was waiting for a show outside.
[Bachelor De also experienced it.]
Elementary students at a playground sang it.
[Like a national anthem of early teens.]
- Pre-school kids like to sing it.
- Right.
With one song.
iKON is an unprecedented band.
[Not common for YG bands.]
They came back in 6 months.
YG recognizes them as the hottest band.
- iKON is regarded as the 2nd Big Bang.
- Right.
- No.
- YG bands don't come back twice a year.
[YG artists come back once per year.]
But they came back twice this year.
[Congrats! iKON released 2 songs in 2018.]
In a short time.
Seungri said this in a radio show.
[Lessons from a senior artist.]
Artists have to take a move first.
[At YG, singers need to work hard to make a comeback - Seungri -.]
Otherwise, it's hard.
- At YG? - Yes.
[As a result of hard work.]
So we hurried up to produce the next song.
- So you moved CEO Yang's heart.
- Yes.
[The secret is.]
[Until he approves it.]
You keep sending songs.
But It's different now.
I save some songs and send them on days CEO feels great.
I figured out the rule of permission.]
- Sending two bait songs.
- Right.
Then, send a good one.
"Oh, I like it".
I heard you dined out with YG, 4 years after you debuted.
It was the first time to have a meal with him.
First time ever.
- We also drank wine together with YG.
- With CEO Yang.
Not with all the artists.
[Only for iKON.]
- With iKON only.
- Yes.
Is it something amazing, at YG? [Meaningful dinner with CEO Yang.]
Because CEO Yang doesn't have meals with artists.
When he treats us on a dinner, [= Recognition or prize.]
- It's a great reward.
- When we did something well.
It means that he recognizes you.
At YG, [Who dined out with YG?.]
Who ate together with YG at a nice place? - All the artists did already.
- Except for us.
[iKON finished the mission.]
We were the last band.
- Even BLACKPINK ate together with him.
- We were the last band.
[iKON starts talking loudly.]
- We were the last band.
- iKON was left.
I was disappointed.
BLACKPINK ate with him and he posted pictures of them.
WINNER has dined out with him even before.
What's more important is WINNER and BLACKPINK dined out with him.
You may know the dishes that he bought for them.
What did he buy for you? [Generous CEO Yang.]
It's a course meal having 3 great delicacies.
- 3 great delicacies.
- Foie Gras.
Caviar and truffles.
[Careless comment.]
e There's a funny story.
[Trying to use it to tease him.]
I guess it's so funny.
[Merciless colleagues.]
[Joined him in teasing.]
So intriguing.
- Focus! - Yunhyeong said it's funny.
[Funny episode.]
CEO Yang bought us a great course meal.
- It was a full course meal.
- Yes.
[YG wanted to take a pic.]
I guess he wanted to take a pic.
We didn't say much.
He secretly held a camera and took a picture of us.
[He's laughing alone.]
We said, "May we take a pic with you, CEO?" [Funny story that made nobody laugh.]
With a child-like smile [Expecting laughter.]
- It's going to be funny.
- I'm sure.
- I'm sure it'll be funny.
- It's going to be funny.
[Ending without a bang.]
- We took pics happily.
- He said it's funny.
He posted it on social media.
[When will it become funny?.]
I'm ready to laugh.
Ready to laugh! When can I laugh? [Became angry.]
May I hit you? - I was too hasty.
- You need to be careful.
- About what you say.
[Strong mentality.]
[No impact.]
[YG appears a lot when talking about iKON.]
This is another story about YG.
- He will love it.
- He likes it, a lot.
[Group chat room with YG.]
You made a chat room with YG.
If we talk about this, it's going to be dangerous.
- Why? - Why? [Reading each other's face.]
It's hard to say there? [Courageous youngest member.]
I want to say To be honest [Older brothers want to stop him.]
- I - I'm nervous.
I'm saying this on behalf of them.
As the youngest, in a cute way.
You look so uneasy.
[Courage youngest member.]
I'm afraid of being scolded.
- But CEO Yang enjoys it.
- Sure.
[Donhee and Conhee's opinion.]
CEO Yang wants to be on this show.
[YG wants to appear on IDOL ROOM?.]
He likes when YG artists mention about him.
He deserves to appear.
[Carefully saying.]
There's a time Let's say, today is about Yunhyeong.
[Yunhyeong's day.]
For several hours, he keeps sending pictures of him and talks about him.
He's so affectionate about individuals.
[Members start talking.]
CEO Yang used to be like Before "Love Scenario" came out, - even though he had many things to say, - He didn't.
he summarized topics and texted two words.
He used to summarize things.
[Comfortable labor-management relationship.]
I guess he feels more comfortable.
He talks about details.
He texts everything [Messages became longer.]
that he has in his mind.
- That's nice.
- He's so detail-oriented.
- Affectionate.
That's nice for a CEO to send a long message.
[Too much delicate.]
He is, and we got messages for 7 hours.
Do you mean that it's too much? Too much information? [Dangerous.]
- Honestly - Will he be okay? - To be honest.
- I'm kidding.
[CEO, I love you.]
- I love you.
- It shows he's affectionate.
[Feeling nervous.]
Be honest and answer.
[Dangerous bait.]
You read his messages and pretended not.
You pretended you didn't read it.
[Biting the bait.]
Yes, I did.
[Too honest.]
- Did you? - Only once.
Please raise your hand.
[CEO likes these members.]
Two of you? - You kept replying every time? - Yes.
[Let's die together.]
- Don't tell a lie.
- It's not a lie.
- I'm always the first or second member to reply.
- Because CEO sends messages focusing on one member.
If we step in, [Reason why they pretended.]
- we may get involved and scolded.
- Right.
You may say "Wow" in the middle.
- He likes it.
- While being scolded? - Something like "Ho ho".
[Reckless advise.]
"Oh, sorry.
Kkkk I'll leave".
You have to hit and run.
[A whole new world.]
- To the CEO? - Yes! You better run! Use emojis like "Yeah, yeah".
You have to use such things.
When will you use such emojis? You don't use emoticons, right? 80% of our replies are like "Yes, I got it".
- We don't use emoticons.
- You have to use some! [Donhee and Conhee's opinion.]
CEO Yang waits for your emoticons.
[Don't listen to them.]
- Right.
- We didn't realize it.
He may want such things.
[Those who have never met CEO Yang.]
He may think it's cute.
- Sure.
- Sure.
iKON is known to be greedy [iKON is known to take up a lot on broadcast.]
You seem to take up a lot on a show.
I think so.
From reality programs, you take up a lot.
[How much would you say you were on?.]
For how much do you think you were on? [Calculating.]
- Out of 100? - Out of 100 - We just did the opening.
Junhoe takes up a lot.
[No modesty.]
I think I took up 36%.
36%? [You have no conscience.]
[Smiling, but sticks to 36%.]
- That's one third.
- How about you? [Passionate guy's philosophy.]
I try to say a lot.
[Because it will be edited out anyways.]
It will be edited out anyways.
[Very modest.]
- Up till now? - About 5%? [That's a lot.]
I don't think you'd even be 5%.
- I don't think so.
- After editing, it would be about 2~3%.
[It's OK.]
- How about Chanwoo? - I'm the youngest.
So I'd say 15%.
- Till now? - What have you done till now? - What did you do? - I will from now on.
- Your comments earlier? [In the opening part, Chanwoo started the group talk = agree for 15%.]
- Talk.
- Yes.
- Exposure.
- OK.
15% for that.
- OK.
- Jinhwan? - I'd say about 1%.
- Accurate.
- Very accurate.
- 1% is too much as well.
- I'd try to be at the top 1%.
[It's OK.]
You're at the low 1%.
- B.
I? - 10%? [10%.]
I is not greedy with comments because composing worked out well.
There's no reason for him to say a lot.
But his remarks are on TV a lot.
It's not that.
For "LOVE SCENARIO," [He's on screen.]
he's always on screen.
[Wake up.]
We should work hard.
- It was funny.
- Why? - Yunhyeong, why do you pinpoint on him? - Because he's the composer.
[Pride, he earned his part through composing.]
The camera starts from him.
- When there's a question for "LOVE SCENARIO," I answer for that.
- Yes.
[Lamentation from other members.]
- Camera gets him.
- And he gets called a lot.
[Calculating his proportion.]
I think I got 1% more for that.
- 1.
2% now.
- 1.
So B.
I had 10%.
- Donghyuk? - Dnghyuk.
I felt that [Donghyuk laments.]
Bobby or B.
I stay still but they are on screen a lot.
[Dragging others.]
Other members like Yunhyeong and myself [I'm doing good.]
Why would you drag me into that? I was on iKON TV a lot.
[No one else is so sensitive about their portion on the show.]
No matter how hard we work, I'm only on TV for about 2~3%.
- There are unlucky ones like that.
- So [No desire.]
I'm not greedy.
[He looks like Eun Ji Won today.]
Donghyuk, why do you look like Eun Ji Won? [He has the same feeling.]
Isn't it compliment? - Thank you.
- You look like him.
[It's not a compliment.]
- He cut his hair short.
- You lost your own color.
[Driving a wedge in.]
You look very plain.
Let me explain.
[It's because of hairstyle.]
There's transition period.
He's perplexed.
[This way, he's on screen a lot.]
His ears turned red.
- I'm responsible for ordinary guy in the team.
- For the hair to be transition [He sat down laughing.]
[That's what puts you on screen.]
That reaction will be on camera.
I's reaction will be on.]
Because he's sitting down while others are standing.
[Yunhyeong, what are you doing? Get some.]
Yunhyeong, what are you doing? Do something.
[He's doing something.]
It's late now.
[He enjoys watching V LIVE.]
- Bobby? - Wherever I go, - I'm like the audience.
- Yes, that's right.
- But since I'm on IDOL ROOM, - Since you're on here.
[Showing his resolution.]
- Let me work hard.
- What's your percentage? About 2%? [Conscientious 2%.]
- 3%? - 2%.
- 2%.
In that case, [Self-evaluation, Jinhwan has low portion.]
- Jinhwan said 1%.
- From the opening.
Why don't you just go home? [That's not it.]
Good defense.
- Good defense? - Yes, for 1%.
[For members who weren't on screen much.]
We've prepared something for you.
- We shouldn't just leave the members who weren't on screen much alone.
- Nope.
[We can't just leave them.]
We can't just leave them.
- We should take them.
- iKON is one.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Come on in.
- Jinhwan's time.
[What is this?.]
This is Jinhwan time.
[Very cute chair.]
- What is this? - Something fresh.
[Thinking chair.]
Yes, that's a thinking chair.
Please sit down and think about why you're not on screen a lot.
[A chair for members to think.]
- Oh no.
- Think about that.
Is it thinking chair? [Kim Jinhwan, we invite you.]
Please just sit there.
- Sit there, Jinhwan.
- You'd be on a couple of times by just sitting there.
- One shot.
It's a customized chair for Jinhwan.
[Going in.]
It looks good with you.
It's a customized chair.
[Very comfortable.]
Jinhwan, what do you think? [Automatic self-reflection.]
I should've been zealous.
That's what I think.
[Mixed feelings.]
- And - Look.
[He got his proportion.]
You get 1% for sure if you sit there.
- It puts you on screen automatically.
- It does.
[A magic proportion chair.]
If you think that you weren't on screen much, [It's open to everyone.]
we will give you time.
- OK.
- Sit there.
[Jinhwan, how do you feel?.]
Jinhwan, would you like to stand up and record? - I feel isolated.
- Do you feel the desire to work harder? [They are together, but it feels as if he's alone.]
- I can't really hear you.
- It's far.
- Can't I go? - What did you think during the opening? That I should've worked harder.
- I won't yield my comments.
- OK.
Good resolution.
[With that, tell us about some episode.]
Then please tell us an episode from the past 6 months.
- There's no time.
- I need time to think.
- No? - You should sit there a bit more.
Let me sit here for a while.
[So cute.]
Work harder.
The first close-up camera on idols, today's pick dol, close-up camera.
[Showing that he's watched it.]
- I envy this.
- Please come back.
Just a step back.
[Everyone pretends to know this.]
- You all know this, right? - Yes.
[Jinhwan, please explain.]
- Why not? - What is this, Jinhwan? - Pardon? - What is close up camera? - I think you've seen this.
- The camera closes up on you one by one.
[He's seen it, but he's not sure.]
Close up and? [Jinhwan' goes.]
And get the look.
Think over there.
[It's his sit.]
- You should've monitored our show.
- Who did? [Getting one shot, fighting for their portions.]
- Me.
- Me.
- Good.
[Passionate man explains today's PICK.]
- Yunhyeong, go ahead.
- Doesn't it select one [Close-up camera for one person till the end.]
and a close-up camera is on him till the end.
- Really? - How? [Touched, he knows the wheel.]
By turning the wheel.
That's a lot.]
That's like our assistant MC.
[I watched the TWICE episode.]
- I watched the episode for TWICE.
[Sniper Gu.]
- Why - He never watches the one with guys.
[Framing Hyeongwon.]
He won't watch our episode either.
- Shouldn't you have watched the one with BLACK PINK? - He would have.
[BLACK PINK = girl group, quick monitoring.]
- Have you watched BLACK PINK? - Only short videos.
[Looking pitiful, I want to talk.]
Only the short videos.
[Kind Kim brother, Jinhwan needs attention.]
- How about TWICE? - Jinhwan needs to talk.
- I watched it as well.
- Watched what? [Yunhyeong's comment, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.]
Spinning the wheel and having the camera He mentioned it.
[Trust me.]
- I watched the MAMAMOO's episode.
- Think.
[No copy and paste.
Thinking chair = where you think.]
[Giving him the chance.]
- So? - So [Everyone's enemy.]
- And the face - Who got the close-up camera? [If you watched the episode, who got it?.]
- You ask him the quiz.
- Who got it? [Not confident.]
- Solar.
[He just asked.
- Solar? - Think.
- I will think harder.
[He's staying in the thinking chair.]
[Actually Solar got it.]
Solar did the close-up camera.
[Anyways, it's time to pick one.]
It would be funny if Jinhwan gets the close-up camera and stay in the thinking chair.
[iKON's flower cup standby.]
Please lie on your stomach.
- Be close to one another.
- Everyone in? [All idols say this when they are to lie down.]
No empty spots.
[Very strange.
Not chin rest but flower cup.]
- Flower cup.
- Chin rest.
Flower cup.
[Here we go.]
Amazing posture.
[PICK idol, iKON's candy boy, Donghyuk.]
1, 2, 3.
[PICK idol, iKON'S Bobby.]
Bobby 1, 2, 3.
[PICK idol, iKON's Sebastian, Gu Junhoe.]
1, 2, 3.
[PICK idol, iKON's yoyo Yunhyeong.]
[PICK idol, iKON's Chanwoo.]
[PICK idol, iKON's chick B.
[PICK idol, iKON's tangerine fairy Jinhwan.]
[iKONIC fans, get ready.]
Here we go.
[Spin it, go go shoot.]
[Feeling pressure.]
I wish I didn't get picked.
[He wants to get picked.]
[Singing "LOVE SCENARIO" in harmony.]
It's getting slower.
- It's Chanwoo.
- Chanwoo.
[The youngest on top, Chanwoo got it.]
The youngest! Please wave your hand to the camera director.
It's the camera over there.
[Feeling embarrassed.]
- I feel under pressure.
- There will be a close-up camera on you.
Please say something.
[Feeling tight.]
I'm not on screen much in every program.
So What is it? Pick up camera? Sit down on the thinking chair.
[Thinking chair.]
It's Pick dol camera.
Pick up camera? - Who are we to pick up? - Pick up whom? Pick up whom? [Emphasis.]
- Say something there.
- Pick idol camera.
I wasn't on camera much.
I will be on a lot today.
[Wandering at first.]
[But after some time.]
[He's completely used to it and even showed his cutie version.]
We made a comeback after 6 months.
"LOVE SCENARIO" became an unprecedented hit song.
There was no pressure before writing "LOVE SCENARIO".
But after writing this song, I made up my mind like this.
I can't write any song better than "LOVE SCENARIO".
- I thought that way.
- That's understandable.
I felt much pressure because there's this song.
What is it about? "KILLING ME" is about breakup.
It's about breakup, loneliness, solitude, and love as well.
Its accompaniment is pleasant, and the title "KILLING ME" is quite impressive.
- Yes.
- If you focus your attention on that, it won't be about love.
You could substitute it with something else.
Let's introduce the song in our own ways.
Killing part conquering nano dance.
- Nano dance - Wait a minute.
[Checking if he's seen it.]
- Yunhyeong, did you monitor this as well? - Of course.
[Of course.]
Please explain.
Nano dance is to dance our killing point dance.
[He got the point of nano dance.]
We will dance altogether and the camera will focus on each person.
And then how? [He's stammering.]
- And then? - One by one? - To see if he's dancing well to that part or not.
[Wrong, go and sit there.]
He's seen it somewhere.
- I think he heard it from somewhere.
- I know.
[Today's hot place, thinking chair.]
Because he's trying to explain by looking.
[Nano dance, one by one, members will dance.]
[in a relay and analyze the dance in nano scale.]
[For "KILLING ME," they will do the nano dance to this part = Kim Jinhwan's part.]
Let me tell you the order.
You will dance altogether first.
[Nano dance order.]
It will go by Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Bobby, Junhoe, Chanwoo, B.
I, Donghyuk.
- All clear? - Yes.
No one's ever got it wrong.
You can't get it wrong.
You can't.
[Nano dance for KILLING ME.]
Here we go.
Give us the music.
[iKONIC fans are KILLING ME #iKON.]
[In angles, they show shipshape movement.]
[Soon, nano dance part = Kim Jinhwan's dance.]
[According to B.
I, it's called "Jinhwan's dance" because Jinhwan dances in the middle.]
[and that part was amazing that Jinhwan drew all the attention.]
Here we go.
[Sexy guy of iKON, Jinhwan.]
[Drawing attention, sexy center.]
[iKON prince and angel, Yunhyeong.]
[Fully charged handsome look completes the killing part.]
It shows everyone's dance style.
[iKON's Bobby hell, Bobby.]
[Swag that you can't escape once you're in.]
Everyone dances very hard for nano dance.
[iKON's fatal Junhoe, Junhoe.]
[With his long legs, he exerts too much sexiness.]
[iKON's fairy, Chanwoo.]
[The perfect harmony of shiny right and left.]
Chanwoo's late.
[iKON's charismatic Kim, B.
[Full of charisma from the entire body.]
[iKON's dance from heaven, Donghyuk.]
Donghyuk, indeed.
[The main dancer has golden proportion of sweetness and sexiness.]
[What are you doing?.]
[They danced well, but they failed to dance in harmony.]
[Dancing whatever.]
What the.
Bobby, B.
What is it? Bobby, B.
, Donghyuk what is it? [They got it completely wrong.]
- What the.
- Is it triangle? - I thought we were doing this again.
- Why? We did it once.
[YG, please turn off the TV.]
- CEO Yang, this has never happened.
- Never.
YG! [Oh no.
I'm just laughing.]
- It's OK.
- YG failed nano dance.
[Nano dance fail, they earned fun but missed success.]
- Hope it's cute.
- Maybe not this time.
Let's do the single dance that syncs everyone's dance moves.
[I've watched this.]
- You dance in a row.
- Yes.
One person stands at the front, and the rest stands behind him.
[Feeling confident.]
- Seven members dance like one.
- Yes.
- OK.
[GFRIEND's row dance created sensation.]
[They danced in a row, maintaining perfect angle.]
[You can boast your group dance to the fullest.]
[Can you do this?.]
Would it be OK? [Feeling pressure.]
- Yes.
- Who will be at the front? [I trust you, center.]
[iKON's row dance.]
- I will be at the 3rd from the back.
- And then Donghyuk.
We will dance to "BLING BLING".
[Awesome from the beginning.]
[Dancing in perfect unison.]
[According to the leader, from trainee years.]
From trainee years, [In the perfect angle.]
we practiced everything by extending our arms.
- Then - You do it in a row.
- We did everything.
- iKON is famous for their group dance.
[iKON is known for their group dance.]
- They are famous for that.
- They are funny, [It's time to show what they've got.]
but they show their talents when they need to.
Let's watch from the beginning.
- Ready? - Yes.
Here we go.
Looking good.
[Perfect formation.]
Give us the music.
[Let's show them what we've got.]
[Looking forward to it.]
[The leader said.]
Here we go.
Why? Here we go.
[The one who said here we go failed to do it.]
You said "Here we go".
[Oh no.
I missed it.]
You should go.
[Biting his lips.]
- Hanbin.
- You said "Let's go".
- Why wouldn't you dance? - Everyone danced.
[Asking to kick him out.]
- Change.
- Change.
- Come to the back.
[Small giant gets the center.]
- Change.
- Jinhwan, stand at the front.
- Yes.
Jinhwan shouldn't be at the front.
You will show everyone.
[He can't refute that.]
- Jinhwan's shouldn't stand at the front.
- OK.
Let me stand at the front.
[Jinhwan, why can't you say no?.]
Jinhwan, why can't you say no? [Too much self-objectification.]
I guess it's no good.
- Here we go again.
- This is the last time.
Give us the music.
- Here we go.
- Here we go.
[Perfect timing.]
[Looking square as if it's been measured with a ruler.]
[The dance collapses.]
[In waves.]
[Even with half-closed eyes, it's not in unison.]
I see a lot of difference.
[This is fun.]
I can see the difference.
[iKON failed again.]
CEO Yang, failed.
[Don't you know?.]
Why was it a failure? You surprised me.
I thought that you were doing the waves.
[Domino timing, showing everyone from the front to the back.]
[Trying again with "KILLING ME".]
Would you try with "KILLING ME?" - OK.
- "KILLING ME?" [Leader says.]
Let's succeed.
Let's show them how awesome we are.
You never change your positions.
- Would it be OK? - It's OK.
[That's what main dancer is for.]
- Donghyuk, will you come forward? - OK.
Hoping that something would be different.
[It's over now.]
Don't be nervous.
[But they are already nervous.]
Here we go.
Give us the music.
[Good start as always.]
[This looks successful.]
[iKON's row dance looks hopeful.]
[Are they are going to be god-like iKON after goddess-like GFRIEND?.]
[In perfect unison from the top.]
[But their dance gets different after 10 seconds.]
[It doesn't last.]
Good job.
[It's so funny.]
So funny.
[Very positive.]
Weren't we in unison before that? - It was fun.
- It was.
- It was fun.
[Very funny.]
You're a funny group for sure.
[Failed on purpose?.]
We're not in sync.
[When you come to think of it.]
Our dance is focused on feeling.
- It's not easy to be in sync.
- We are not to be in sync, [Very happy, in terms of feeling, they were in sync.]
We are to sync our feelings.
It was in sync.
[You can watch other episodes of IDOL ROOM on V LIVE.]
We're with iKON today.
Donhee and Conhee's fact check! [Check it, check it.]
We're going to check any rumors about iKON.
- Rumor.
- Rumor, slander, conspiracy.
- Are there any rumors? - We're going to check these.
- During this time.
- Fact check.
[Starting with some simple facts, making them surrender.]
Are there any rumors that you'd like to explain in advance? [Big fish 1, 2 that are thinking hard.]
Go on.
[Always easy to catch.]
- I have one.
- Junhoe.
What is it? [Gu Junhoe, the handsomest catch.]
A member inevitably said during broadcast [All of a sudden, his feet is said to smell.]
that my feet smell.
[He said that and he's just laughing.]
- We all forgot about that.
- I had no idea.
[Feeling falsely accused, he's known to be smelly.]
I couldn't refute that and became a person whose feet smell.
[Nice timing, please check.]
Please check his feet smell.
Check, fact check.
[Take off your shoes.]
Please take your shoes off.
- It's sponsored shoes.
- It wouldn't smell.
[Checking himself.]
- Let me check once.
- It wouldn't smell.
Let me check once.
You have cold.
[TMI, Junhoe is suffering from slight symptoms of cold.]
[His olfactory sense is not functioning.]
I ask for your fair judgement.
- It doesn't smell.
- Are you sure? It doesn't smell.
[What is this subtle smell?.]
It's subtle.
[Professional fact checker, he volunteers to smell the real deal.]
Let me smell his feet.
[Are you going to sacrifice your nose?.]
- No, it's dangerous.
- It wouldn't smell.
[Habitual vomit, he has the weakest stomach on earth.]
I vomit when something's repulsive.
[He claims his innocence.]
Trust me.
[Donhee's nose touched his foot.]
It wouldn't smell.
[They are nervous for him.]
[He claimed innocence and checks himself.]
- This is subtle.
- It is.
[He's trying to back out.]
I'm not sure how to describe this.
[It's somewhere between smell and perfume.]
It's somewhere in-between.
- Something.
- You know, new shoes tend to have artificial smell.
[Let me say that's what the smell is.]
- It smells artificial, right? - It's not repulsive.
It's not that much.
[Let me say that I've just danced.]
I just danced.
- This is very good.
- Junhoe's feet doesn't smell - as much as I've expected.
- Not that much.
- It's OK.
- It smells a bit.
[Gu perfume, you smell like human.]
- Like human.
- Like human.
Please give us the first fact.
iKON has become the president among children.
There's a craze for "LOVE SCENARIO".
It's the 21 century version of children's song.
[The president of children, iKON.]
- That is a very high compliment.
- It is.
[Record of LOVE SCENARIO.]
You don't know much about the records the song made, right? [Let's check that out.]
- We will tell you.
- Nope.
[Neologism, iKONcrete.]
A word iKONcrete has newly been coined.
1 for 43 days.]
It's been No.
1 for 43 days [And the wall is said to have made of concrete.]
on major music charts in Korea.
[No other songs could be No.
1 for 43 days.]
That's where the term came from.
- Amazing.
- And there are many different versions of the song.
[Different versions with different lyrics.]
"I'm late, here's delivery".
"I played a game and treated patients".
[You can put anything in the lyrics.]
- Everything fits in.
- And there's more.
[It's addictive like "Let It Go".]
It's said to be the next "Let It Go".
[It means that the song is devilish.]
You can't beat "Let It Go".
In Korea at least.
I think that next year, [Predicting pig says that it will be on textbook.]
the song will be on textbooks.
[Let me brag about it.]
- It's possible.
- I heard that students are studying [Korean language and history.]
Korean language and history using the song.
- History? - How is it possible? [True education of iKON, by changing the lyrics.]
- By changing the lyrics.
- Lyrics.
- That's possible.
- And according to parents, [Parents continue to tell them the good news.]
during elementary school dance parties, [A new culture, dancing to this song.]
children dance to this song in groups.
[Children are singing LOVE SCENARIO as if it's their school song #iKON.]
[Feeling very proud.]
[Even kindergarten children sing in groups.]
They are kids from kindergarten.
[What do you think of this?.]
How do you feel after watching this? [Feeling grateful 961,022 times more.]
I'm more grateful because children sing it.
[From baby food to school lunches.]
They will continue on to be [Grow healthy iKONIC fans.]
iKONIC fans as they grow older.
[This is the data we have.]
But you've only checked through videos, right? - Yes.
- That's right.
[This time, it's time to check the reality.]
We should check whether you are truly famous.
- How? - Let's check the facts.
- Right now.
- How? - Please come out.
- Please come out.
- Who? - We have judges.
- To check whether you are presidents of children for sure.
- Really? - Really? - There's someone? - What is it? [The judges.]
- Do you usually invite someone? - Please come in.
[Kindergarten iKONIC fans.]
[Can't believe their eyes.]
- Amazing.
- What the.
[Singing in groups.]
"Quite a conclusion.
That's enough.
I loved you".
[Reacting at their eye level.]
[Seven-year-olds who learned love thanks to iKON.]
Nice to see you.
[Boomi sister.]
How do you line up? [Average age, 6.
8 years old, super cute.]
Oh my God.
Please say hi.
- Hello.
- Hello.
[We are 7 years old.]
- How old are you? - Seven.
- You will go to elementary school next year.
- Yes.
[Nice to meet you, I'm 23 years old.]
- Nice to meet you.
- Do you know the uncles [The ones who taught them love.]
- behind you? - iKON.
iKON! [The composer of the song is amazed.]
How do you know them? [Telling them that he saw them on TV.]
When they sang "LOVE SCENARIO" on TV, I saw them dancing.
You watched them? Do you know the song? [Park Joo Hyun (7) Became a fan after watching them on YouTube.]
I watched them on YouTube.
- YouTube.
- Can you sing "LOVE SCENARIO?" [Ready, we've waited for this moment.]
- Yes.
- 1, 2, 3, 4.
[Singing in group.]
[With excitement and energy.]
[Members find them so cute.]
[72-months-old iKONIC fans sing "LOVE SCENARIO" at the top of their voices.]
[That's enough.
I loved you.]
So cute.
Oh my God.
[Very serious singer.]
[We won't miss neither the tune, beat, nor the feeling.]
Let's go.
[Rapper line Bobby is very surprised.]
[It's not good enough to face farewell.]
[Rapping, you can be swag even if you're young.]
[Although you might be hurt, it will deepen your scar if you go on.]
[We invited the young iKONIC fans for reason.]
There's a reason why we invited them.
[Of the iKON members, who's be the president?.]
Of the iKON members, we will decide who the real president of children is.
This is the contest of pride.
[Opinion poll, selecting the favorite member.]
Please stand behind the uncle - that you like.
- Your style.
Please stand at the back of the uncle you like.
[For title, he uses cheat key as a composer.]
Children I wrote this song.
Please look at the front.
[No appealing.]
- No appealing.
- Please stand behind uncles.
- Don't look at the back.
- We made this song.
Don't look at the back.
[Waiting to be picked, No.
I wrote this song.
- Babies.
- Don't look at the back.
Look at the front.
[The writer of the song is anxious.]
Let's hold hands.
[He's nervous.]
[I feel nervous as well.]
[Whom did they choose?.]
[Candidate No.
1, Junhoe.]
Junhoe, 1, 2, 3.
[Laughing, he wasn't the president.]
I think there has been fabrication.
Children don't lie.
[Candidate No.
2, Chanwoo.]
Chanwoo, 1, 2, 3.
[He wasn't the president either.]
Please come here.
[Chanwoo wasn't the president either.]
3, Donghgyuk.]
Donghyuk, 1, 2, 3.
[The same goes for Donghyuk.]
1, Yunhyeong.]
Yunhyeong, 1, 2, 3.
Please! [Cut-off line, he's not zero.]
Thank you, Haeun.
[Very envious.]
I envy you.
5, Bobby.]
Bobby, 1, 2, 3.
[Precious votes.]
There's one.
[A precious vote of one producer.]
[Getting all the votes, who would it be?.]
Please turn around at the same time.
1, 2, 3.
[13 picked B.
[5 picked Jinhwan.]
Children! [Deeply moved, he's the president.]
There are 5 for Jinhwan and 13 for B.
[Chanwoo envies B.
I got the most number votes.
Why did you pick him? - Because he's awesome.
- Awesome.
[Raising her hand.]
He is? Why did you pick him, Haeun? [Because he's awesome as well.]
- Because he's awesome.
- Awesome.
[Relatively less wonderful, zero club Dong, Jun, Chan.]
That makes three of you You three should be in one group.
Three of them should be in group.
So what are we supposed to do? [Creative dance contest, Let's see who's good.]
You should make dance moves.
For "LOVE SCENARIO" intro part.
[Basic question.]
[For whom?.]
For whom should we teach this? [For all young iKONIC fans out there.]
We will show this video to children.
[Dance moves for children.]
Please make dance moves for children.
Three of you, make one.
[Team play.]
[Sweet from the beginning.]
Come here, children.
Let's make a dance move Do you know what dance move is? [A definite difference.]
How come no one came to us? [He can't take his eyes off of them.]
[Including the zero club.]
[Five teams started making the dance moves.]
[We will win.]
It's too [We will win 2.]
Can't they do this? Or fold their arms.
[Dong, Jun, and Chan are working hard.]
[It's like the evaluation at the end of the month at YG Entertainment.]
You can do this.
[In the meantime.]
[Deep talking first.]
Do you like dancing? Do you like dancing? [Figuring what kind of repertoire he has.]
Did you dance to this song? Did you dance? How? [It seems that he is confused.]
You don't know? When you hear the song, [Dancing is freedom.]
Let's have fun with me.
You don't have to learn anything from me.
[This is teacher Song's dance class.]
Shall we start with a small heart? [1:1 dance training at her eye level.]
The heart grows from small, to medium, and large heart.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[In perfect harmony.]
Middle heart.
[How about Jinhwan's?.]
Stay still? [He's getting confirmation from children.]
How about this? No? You don't like it? [Grandpa.]
[Out because it looks like grandpa.]
- That's like grandpa dance.
- Grandpa? [2nd confirmation.]
How about this? [Hula hula.]
[Out because it's like the hula dance.]
- It's like the hula dance.
- Hula dance? [3rd confirmation.]
Then this? [Failed to meet their taste.]
- Shall I rotate this? - No.
Why? What should I do? [Super strict.]
These children are not in consensus.
[And this president of children are teaching many children by himself.]
[Teaching high-quality dance moves to children who are 72 months old on average.]
I, isn't that dance move for adults? [Doesn't care, he teaches them the dance.]
[And the children follows him.]
[Iterative learning continues.]
Let's do it one more time.
One more time.
[How is this for children?.]
That's too difficult for B.
[This is the curriculum of the president.]
Shall we start from the beginning? [His perfectionism continues even with children.]
Let's do it one more time.
One more time.
Shall we do it from the beginning? From the beginning.
[Practice is the only way.
Leader instinct.]
This is the one last time.
Last time.
[Look at him.
Donghyuk complains for the kids.]
He's practicing with the kids.
Let's practice.
[Practice is over.]
Stop here.
Please stand in teams.
- Teams.
- Jiho, Dongjun, come here.
Let's go.
[iKON's dance move contest.]
Let's do it in the order of [The team with no children starts first.]
the team with the lowest number of children.
[First, weed team (a.
a, Dong, Jun, Chan / zero club).]
Let's go.
- Follow your teachers.
- Let's go.
See you here.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[BGM, children iKONIC fans' voice.]
[Dance 1, nod our head.]
[Dance 2, Make hearts that are growing bigger.]
[Singing with passion.]
[That's it? Isn't it so easy?.]
[No response.]
That was weed class.
Were they good? [Stating her opinion.]
[Feeling dizzy from her honesty.]
Children don't lie.
They don't lie.
Yunhyeong net.
[Name of the team.]
The class name is "Boyfriends" that Haeun likes".
- Boyfriend? - Yes, "Boyfriends that Haeun likes" team.
[They showed perfect harmony during practice.]
[BGM, children iKONIC's voice, dance, "Boyfriends that Haeun likes" team.]
[Super cute.]
So cute.
[That showed their teamwork.]
[Winning ceremony.]
- Good job.
- Good job.
[Unpredictable Bobby team.]
Bobby team next.
- Bobby team.
- What's the name of the team? "Love that you like".
[Team name.]
"Love you that you like" team.
[BGM standby.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Perplexed, frozen.]
- You said that you're good.
- He didn't learn dance.
[He's not dancing freestyle that he promised.]
He's nervous.
[Solo dance.]
[He's responsible for being the pillar.]
He didn't learn anything.
[Good job.
Here's some formal applause for you.]
Jinhwan's team next.
[BGM, children iKONIC's voices, dance, Kkalcon team (leader: Kim Jinhwan).]
[The dance that they refused.]
[We will follow you.]
[It's fun to watch him.]
[Clapping because they are cute.]
[The sole purpose of this contest is to finish.]
Good job, Kkalcon team.
Good job.
[Finally the last team.]
Love team, put your hands up.
- Let's go.
- Love team.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[Introducing the team.]
Hello, we're Love team.
- Love team.
- Love team.
[The most number of children with the longest practice hour.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Sticking to the lyrics, watch and follow the dance.]
[For all they long, they look at the teacher on the side.]
[Good job (= Thank God it's over).]
- Come here everyone.
- Come together.
[It's a tie, let's take a group photo.]
Before we go, shall we look at the camera and take a picture? [Lucky.]
- Let's take a picture.
- Please come here.
- Please get together.
- Let's get together - and make a cone on top of your head.
- Cone for IDOL ROOM.
[Everyone does it for IDOL ROOM.]
- A cone.
- Show your face.
Thank you, children.
[Our love, iKON, let's stay together for a long time, from 7-year-old iKONICs.]
[Thank you, children iKONIC fans.]
[Thank you 7-year-old iKONIC fans.]
Next fact check, please.
Leader B.
I's shocking remarks.
"iKON does not suit my taste".
[That's outrageous.]
What? - Our leader? - He's really said that? - Have you or have you not said that? [Looks like a trial.]
- He's showing his true colors.
- I can't remember.
So we prepared this.
[Video evidence.]
Every person has different tastes.
You go together well with some people taste-wise or hobby-wise.
I don't think I fit in iKON.
You obviously said that in public.
How could you not remember? - Their hobby and taste is off.
That means it's pure business.
- Pure business relationships.
[Found something to tease him about.]
It's business relationships.
[Feeling betrayed.]
- There's no way denying it.
- Well [We'll give Hanbin a chance to explain.]
What did you mean? I said that when I really could use some rest.
But the members are crazy about active sports.
I likes to stay at home.]
That's understandable.
We are different in that sense.
[Driving a wedge.]
But you had to say that, doesn't that mean you don't like being part of this team? I think I was just trying to be funny.
It's not just the leader of the group, but the other members also dropped a bombshell.
- Next up is Jinhwan.
- Let's take a look at Jinhwan's remarks.
[Appealing to the close-up camera.]
A member he would like to resemble like is Bobby.
Because he wants to look plain like him for once.
[Right on.]
Did you diss his appearance? - Jinhwan.
- What an insult.
- Have you said that or not? - I remember that.
- Even I remember it.
- I think It's out of the context.
Come to think of it, he does look plain.
[Plain rabbit.]
To be honest, he kind of looks like white rice cake.
[Admit? He just smiles.]
Add two little eyes and a nose.
I was envious of him, for real.
- His openness to possibilities? - With makeup and hairstyle, he can pull off any concept, which makes him so versatile.
I found that charming.
[We'll give Bobby a chance for objection.]
Now Bobby, Jinhwan said - you look plain.
- Yes.
What do you make of his appearance? - Jinhwan? - Yes.
- He's short.
He's short.
[Biting each other.]
Cold truth.
So harsh.
- I'm not tall, but I'm not short either.
- By the way, [Even Bobby wants to look like Jinhwan.]
I do want to look like him.
- Which part? - He looks like a nice person.
- He looks like a nice person? - Right.
There are still more shocking remarks.
Yunhyeong said, How fun.
What is nice about our team is that we rarely fight.
Because we don't care about each other.
When did you say that? I remember that I said we rarely fight.
- I didn't say we don't care about each other.
- You said that in an interview.
[Denial first.]
- I don't remember.
- Which member couldn't care less about you? That should be Bobby.
Why Bobby? [What?.]
It's not that he doesn't care.
We're friends.
- I feel awkward talking with him.
- Since you guys are the same age? I can be more casual to younger members.
[It hurts.]
Like I treat Junhoe.
- But we are of the same age.
- How? - Like how? - I can be harsh to younger members and respect older members.
[Junhoe finds fault with him.]
What bothers me though is that he thinks he can be harsh to younger members.
[That's sharp.]
I know.
We missed that.
But aren't people of the same age supposed to be close? - You feel the same way, Bobby? - We're close, man.
[How can friendship change?.]
You like it when I touch your butt.
No, I don't! You're being weird.
Let's put this into perspective.
The rest of you, do you think they are awkward or close? I think Yunhyeong feels awkward around Bobby.
- Bobby doesn't feel that way.
- It's not him.
Bobby really cares about Yunhyeong.
[Sad rabbit.]
- Bobby would be so - I'm sad.
If I treat Bobby like I treat Junhoe, - he might hit me.
- What did I ever - What? - Bobby [Sorry, buddy.]
I'm sorry.
Yunhyeong is so weird.
[More awkward, being stuck in the middle.]
We tease each other.
We go like, "You're stinky".
You told me that.
Every time he teased you, he was actually feeling uncomfortable.
I did feel that way a little.
['95 line in crisis.]
Hope there's no awkwardness between you two.
Here's another shocking remarks by B.
I and Bobby.
It's pouring out.
[Wow! It's about me.]
It's about Chanwoo.
- All he cares about is himself.
- To the youngest member.
The worst guy in iKON is Chanwoo.
They said he's very manipulative.
- Is that a fact? - It is.
He's smart at best.
But at worst, he is kind of opportunistic.
Give us an example, please.
He never does anything if it's no good to him.
When we make a bet, he manages to get himself out of the bet.
- For example.
- That's an exaggeration.
And his eyes are so annoying.
His eyes get this big.
Talk about that incident.
[The biggest victim Jinhwan.]
There's some way of talking that makes you feel like you're being picked on.
Some people sound sincere.
His eyes tell me, "I can't help teasing him".
- I could read that from his eyes.
- It's a misunderstanding.
I was born with these big eyes.
That's why I'm misunderstood that I'm being mischievous.
[Suddenly, the victim became the offender.]
Even if I talk seriously, he gets mad at me out of the blue.
[He's doing it again.]
Like how? There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings.
For example, he told me, "You shouldn't have brought that up on camera".
[Listening to Chanwoo.]
And I didn't realize that.
[Clear explanation.]
So I told him, "Sorry.
I won't do that again".
And he took it like I said, [Already persuaded (Then is it my fault).]
"I won't do it".
Let me have your attention here.
[Chanwoo's natural enemy.]
He diverted attention to Jinhwan.
That is true.
[You are being fooled, everyone.]
Look how smart he is.
You should focus.
[I had no idea.]
[That's why he gets picked on.]
Now I became the bad guy.
Have you realized how many people he manipulated just now? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
- All 8 of us fell for it.
- Why don't you guys counterattack? We try.
But even if we do, before we know it, we find ourselves blaming someone else.
[He obviously looks like a victim.]
He diverts our attention away from him.
He turns our attention to someone else.
Chanwoo has much to say about the members.
No doubt.
You guys have a lot to straighten out.
I heard Chanwoo made diss rap lines? About that I did this diss rap for my solo performance during our fan meeting event.
Bobby helped me put on this performance.
I promised myself that I wouldn't ever do that again I wouldn't ever do that again after that event.
But I have to.
[I knew it.]
- He is annoying.
- So this is how it goes down.
It's no big deal.
It's just childish and funny.
[MIC and cap.]
It was used by TWICE and all.
- I remember Seungri has worn it.
- He did.
- Everyone did.
I'm going to diss every one of them.
- I'll go behind the members.
- All right.
- We will listen to it.
- You know I'm forced to do it, right? [Feeling small all day long.]
Of course I do.
[Now we get it.]
[Chanwoo the actual influence.]
Did you see that? - I get it.
I get it.
- That is what we were talking about.
But we cannot blame him here.
[FYI, He's older.]
He touched my side, saying, - "You know I'm kidding, right"? - It's because I like you.
"Because I like you".
[Realizing what Chanwoo is really like.]
You can't do anything about that.
Here we go.
Drop the beat! He promised he wouldn't do it again, but here he is.
♫ Ya ya ya call me young rookie iKON's center ♫ [Get on the beat.]
♫ Ya ya ya call me young rookie iKON's center ♫ ♫ I'm still the maknae (youngest) but I'll always be on hold of the military discipline ♫ ♫ Like Jinhwan profile there is lots of secrets but ♫ ♫ My presence is like his insole, it's not a secret ♫ ♫ Sexy, cutie, pretty, not everyone can hold the character ♫ ♫ Everybody knows he is everyone nice guy ♫ ♫ But.
If you look again you will know ♫ ♫ Among the 7 of us, his characteristics is one and only stupid and extremely stubborn ♫ [Worst personality.]
♫ Oh you know I love you brother, to be honest compare to Yunhyeong, Bbuyo (Jinhwan) is definitely better ♫ ♫ He is the single color in the stationary shop ♫ ♫ Front and back is different, recently not fit with sensational ♫ ♫ Hey Hanbin-ah, why are you laughing? ♫ ♫ If I diss you, we will probably be up until late night ♫ ♫ But stop, let's harmonize and shuttle part ♫ ♫ Don't be late and match with the time ♫ ♫ Bobby ah open your eyes and run brat ♫ ♫ But since you helped me wrote this rap lyrics, I love you bastard ♫ [Strangely thrilling rap lines.]
♫ But since you helped me wrote this rap lyrics, I love you bastard ♫ [Strangely thrilling rap lines.]
♫ Ju-ne quit drinking and let's exercise together ♫ ♫ Your pale tummy is a little different than mine ♫ ♫ Throw away some passion you unfunny little guy ♫ ♫ No matter how you escape, you can't run away from my hands ♫ ♫ Don't try to be funny, you're not funny ♫ ♫ When I dig my nose, it will be funnier than you Donghyuk ♫ Great job.
[Proud of you.]
You've improved.
I can tell that he really meant it.
Those are all facts.
[Draft: Chanwoo.]
I wrote what I wanted.
[Editor: Bobby.]
Bobby turned it into rap lines.
I cut a huge chunk.
- I told him, "Don't go too far".
- Was it that harsh? "You're known as a nice guy who is sexy and cute".
[Impressive line.]
Among 7 of us, your personality is the worst.
- That's intense.
- Worst.
- I will find a solution.
[Chanwoo seizes the day.]
I did write that line.
[Diverting the attention again.]
Bobby actually added some lines.
[Changing the target.]
I believe he added something he wanted to say.
[Chanwoo! We won't fall for it anymore!.]
- He sort of put it on me.
- See? He's at it again.
It's my fault.
Bobby ended up being blamed.
That was the most truthful diss rap lines on Idol Room.
[As it turns out, the members approved it.]
We told him when he wrote rap lines, - it had to be strong.
- We asked him to write rap lines.
- We told him to rap.
- They all found it funny.
[This is no big deal for the sake of fun.]
I was very grateful.
Does anyone else want to diss? [Raising his hand.]
If not I'd like to say something to Jinhwan.
What is it? He gets so angry when he drinks.
- Does he let go his pent-up anger? - He nags a lot.
- It's not even that.
He doesn't really suppress his anger, but he gets aggressive.
His anger ratchets up quickly as he drinks.
- He can't control his anger? - It's not like that.
I'm not very good at expressing my emotions.
- When you're sober? - There are things I want to tell them.
But I don't get to express that when I'm sober.
I use a drink to talk about - what I'd like to tell them.
- Same here.
I think he's different from you.
He just gets angry.
Like how? [Angry Jinhwan EP.
One day, we were having drinks.
I don't know where it came from, but he said, [Angry Jinhwan came.]
"Get out of here".
Out of the blue? Suddenly? [And it was Jinhwan's birthday.]
- You were enjoying drinks? - Then he left.
[They listened to the birthday boy.]
So we all left.
Does anyone know why? [Mysterious "Get out of here" incident.]
Why he left.
- I have no idea.
- I don't know.
[Angry Jinhwan EP.
There's another fun story.
[Deep breathing.]
The World Cup was held recently.
I was watching the game with him.
It was the semi-finals.
Jinhwan suddenly asked us, "Hey, what country was our semi-final opponent in the 2002 World Cup"? "How do I not remember that"? So I played the game for him.
So we had two monitors.
One was the semi-final.
And the Korea-Turkey match.
[Angry Jinhwan is back.]
Then he said, "Hey! It's noisy".
All of a sudden.
[The only one who is anxious.]
All of a sudden.
[Tearing up.]
Wow It might be about how he said it.
We have to listen to Jinhwan's take on this.
- That wasn't your intention, right? - No.
[Self evaluation.]
I think it's too late.
I think it's over.
[Jinhwan seems to need time to process this.]
Are you okay, Jinhwan? Or would you like to sit on the thinking chair? I could use some time alone.
[Thinking chair to pull himself together.]
[Offering words of consolation.]
That was fun.
It's what matters.
- It's nothing serious.
- Sure.
[Wounded heart.]
He is very antsy.
- Next fact check, please.
- OK.
[The only thing we can give you is more air time.]
Next fact check, please.
[Comforting him with one-shot.]
There are series of bombshells.
"If I were to be in a girl group, I would join TWICE.
" That's one hell of confidence.
[Immediately sensing something to tease about.]
[Desperately trying to escape the situation.]
In fact, - I like a lot of girl groups.
- I see.
[Yes, there is no easy way out of this.]
It's not like I like specific girl groups.
[Long excuse.]
At the time, - During promotion? - Yes, their new song came out.
- Who? - What? Who? Who in TWICE? There's nothing wrong with being their fan.
I am not a fan of a specific member.
[Junhoe is on Donhee and Conhee's side.]
It's okay to talk about that.
[Repeating himself.]
Believe it or not, I don't like a specific member.
Just the group in general.
[Ignore him.]
- I like Mina.
- Mina.
What comes to my mind is Sana.
Easy, right? What comes to my mind is Dahyun.
[We landed a big fish, Kim Hanbin.]
[So fun to tease Hanbin.]
- Tofu.
- Dahyun.
[It's so worth to tease him.]
[Super excited.]
Our Dahyun.
[Failed not to feed the troll.]
You also mentioned Red Velvet.
You said you're a fan of Red Velvet who sings "Red Flavor" passionately.
[Fixed question.]
Who in Red Velvet? [It's killing me.]
Who is your bias? - What? - Who is your bias? - In Red Velvet.
My bias is Seulgi.
- Who comes to your mind? All right, my bias is Irene.
You? [Crack up.]
You? - Who is your bias? - A lot of them come to my mind, but [He falls for it again?.]
My bias is [What the heck, I'm a fan of Seulgi.]
[Right on.]
- OK.
- "We were in love".
[Finding the right spot for himself.]
We met.
[Deep thought (Where did it go wrong).]
- It's a spot you can take a rest.
- Exactly.
Jinhwan, what did the chair make you think? Ah.
Is it going well [He went off course.]
[No intention to cover him up.]
Well, Dahyun and Seulgi [Fun to look at him.]
- probably - They might get some songs.
[I shouldn't make eye contact.]
[Can't pick up the pieces.]
What is always in my heart is [Only hear what he wants to hear.]
- girl groups - They were always in your heart? [Can't pick up pieces, it's getting worse.]
[Bogged down in their trap.]
- We got it.
- This is why idol groups don't show up again.
They get burned so much.
[Next up is iKONIC's request.]
ID Kimbap Hell Permanent Resident.
"I loved iKON's 'Bboom Bboom' dance over.
I would like to see it again".
"I'd like to see a dance cover of another girl group".
Have you prepared any girl group dance for Idol Room, by any chance? Different girl group dance.
We all love the song "Red Flavor" in general.
- This dance.
- Yes.
[Unrivaled center in this field.]
Yunhyeong knows the choreography.
[I'm the master of girl group dance.]
We practiced the chorus part.
Before you start the "Red Flavor" dance cover, we can't miss out on this.
Why don't you make the fruit face first? Think of a fruit.
Which fruit do you think you would be? Does Junhoe look like a durian? [Koo-rian/ Formerly known as smelly feet, he is durian from today.]
He'd make a handsome durian.
[Kind explanation.]
- What kind of charms does a durian have? - It means you're stinky.
- Durians are very expensive.
- Right.
1, 2, 3.
[Here is a durian.]
You really look like a durian.
[The sexiest durian on earth.]
[Having some durian juice.]
What about B.
I? I think I look like a banana.
- Banana! - 1, 2, 3.
[I'm Bin-nana.]
[Turn away.]
[Sweet banana.]
[According to Donghyuk.]
Jinhwan looks like a strawberry.
Strawberry? - Is it because you look refreshing? - You have that thing.
- Show them the gesture.
1, 2, 3.
[Aing aing.]
[iKONIC, you want a cup of strawberry juice?.]
Next up is grape.
[I'm Grape Chan.]
[Don't eat me.]
Grape! [Apple boy.]
He looks like a peeled apple.
- I know.
- Peeled and clean.
[Adorable rabbit with blueberries.]
- What about Yunhyeong? - Cherry? - He's so skinny.
- Calamansi.
[Sour, squinting eyes.]
Calamansi? 1, 2, 3.
[Human calamansi in front of your eyes.]
[What the hell is that.]
[Claiming for ownership.]
That pose is mine.
[In that case.]
That's mine.
[Here is 100% pure calamansi juice.]
[Please stop.
- Stop.
- Stop.
- Stop it! - What the, calamansi.
[Ha Calaman-C.]
[Calamansi ade drinking.]
I'll stop right here.]
[Get ready? iKON's "Red Flavor" TIME.]
Now with your own fruit face, show us your "Red Flavor" cover dance.
[iKON's version of refreshing and sweet "Red Flavor".]
iKON's "Red Flavor" cover dance.
Music, please.
[iKONIC with Calamansi Yunhyeong at the center.]
Don't forget your fruity face.
[The world's cutest iKONIC.]
[Maintaining refreshing face.]
Yunhyeong, remember juicy.
Yunhyeong, remember juicy.
[Durian + apple + banana + calamansi + strawberry + grape + blueberry.]
[All in one bite.]
[Juicy charm.]
[He became a fan.]
That's unbelievably adorable.
Juice is overflowing.
- So cool.
- I'm so embarrassed.
That was so cool.
iKON challenges.
My Idol's Guinness Record! M-I-G! Ma Baby.
My Idol's Guinness Record.
You're going to challenge a unique Guinness record.
[Idol band members will challenge.]
If you succeed, - to your fans, iKONIC.
- To your fans.
[To iKONIC.]
We'll send a coffee truck to them! [So tempted.]
Now [Enthusiastic.]
I'm good at this.
The event to challenge is - When staff members look busy, I'm nervous.
- What's that? [Simple but suspicious item, balloons.]
What's that? It's simple.
[iKON's challenge to a Guinness record : Blowing balloons by the nose.]
[Guinness record: 1 person, 23 balloons in 3 mins.]
It's to blow balloons by the nose.
The Guinness record was set by one person, 23 balloons in 3 minutes.
[iKON's M-I-G.]
It's going to be in relay for you.
[To blow 23 balloons by the nose in 3 minutes, in relay.]
If you are tired, let us know.
[Passionate practice.]
- Let's do this.
- Here we go.
- Let's go, iKON! [Checking the device before a challenge.]
[iKON's challenge to blow balloons by the nose.]
Here we go! Let's send a coffee truck to iKONIC.
- Let's go! - Let's go, iKON! [Quail Kim, the 1st player.]
Blowing 23 balloons by the nose.
[Please blow up 13 balloons.]
Way to go! [Let's get started.]
Let's go! [Have you ever tried it before?.]
I, great.
[Amazing skills.]
I is doing great.
It's awesome.
Help him so that he can put a new balloon to his nostril.
Please help him.
[Like a coach.]
Good, good.
I inflated four balloons.]
It's like he's playing something with nose.
It's thin.
Good, done.
- Good.
- B.
I has his own bouncing movement.
[He blew up a balloon riding on the rhythm.]
[Kim Hanbin's balloon factory.]
[Fun to see.]
I found his new talent.
[Genius Kim's new talent.]
- Let's call him Nose-I.
- Nose-I.
[ [Other challengers are taking a break.]
8 balloons.
- 50 seconds.
- There you go.
[Breathing in, breathing out.]
- 7 balloons.
- Take a deep breath.
[Just like a coach.]
Take a deep breath.
[Unexpected talent show.]
He's not tired yet.
I can finish this.
- Go! - B.
I, are you okay? [He's now inflating the 9th balloon.]
He can do 20 balloons.
He's so good at this.
[Breathing out from deep down of his lung.]
10th balloon.
I is exhausted.]
No more.
I inflated 10 balloons.]
Let's change.
[Falling down.]
There you go, Yunhyeong.
[Your leader is down on the floor.]
- Stretch it.
- 11th balloon.
[Nobody looks at him.]
[#Please look at me #I did my best.]
12th balloon! [#Left alone #This is iKON leader's way.]
Give a new balloon to him.
They blew up 13 balloons.
13 balloons, in 1 minute and 30 seconds.
- 1 minute and 30 seconds.
- 1 minute and 30 seconds.
- 1 minute and 30 seconds.
- You can do it, Yunhyeong.
[Returning to the table.]
- 14.
- Almost there.
- Almost there.
- Please do 10.
[Feeling dizzy.]
Think about coffee.
[The 15th and 16th balloons.]
Yunhyeong is doing great.
[The 17th and 18th.]
Hurry up.
- He's doing his best.
- Strong, Yunhyeong.
[2 minutes have passed.]
- 2 minutes.
- 2 minutes.
[Feeling nervous.]
[Air went into his nose back.]
Change the player.
[The 3rd player Dong came up.]
Let's change.
Stretch the balloons for him.
[He's now a coach.]
[30 seconds are left.]
2 minutes and 30 seconds.
[Giving directions.]
[The 22nd balloon.]
[20 seconds are left.]
- 40 seconds, 20 seconds.
- Way to go! - One more.
- 20 seconds.
[Why is it so hard to tie it up?.]
20 seconds! - It's not working.
- Try.
[Jinhwan starts blowing the 23rd balloon.]
[5, 4, 3, 2, 1.]
- 22, 23.
- Tie it up! The 23rd! [The last balloon was abandoned when counting 0.]
iKON! [So interesting game.]
They inflated 23 balloons.
[To iKONIC.]
iKONIC, please note this.
If they succeed in the challenge and you enjoy coffee from the truck, It's not just coffee.
[That's iKON's.]
It's iKON's nosebleed that they shed for iKONIC.
- It was amazing.
- They inflated 23 balloons.
But this balloon [Last blue balloon.]
- is a bit controversial.
- It's a balloon.
This one [Perfect size for a 13cm-tall balloon maker.]
This is the 23rd balloon.
Will the production team recognize it as a balloon? [It's not big but not small.]
This is a trendy walnut balloon.
Let the production crew decide it.
- But it has air in it.
- It's a balloon! - Sad.
- This is the last, 23rd balloon.
They tied it up.
- It has air inside it.
- It has.
Please be our judge.
[Let's see.]
[Will iKON be able to send a coffee truck to iKONIC?.]
They tied it up.
- It has air inside it.
- Sure.
Please be our judge.
[Production team crew.]
[Please, say it's a balloon.]
- It has air.
- Please be our judge.
[We're generous It has air in it, so it's a balloon.]
They said okay.
iKON blew up 23 balloons in 3 minutes! We'll send a coffee truck to iKONIC.
[A coffee truck will be sent to iKONIC soon.]
Thank you! Today's guest is iKON who came back in 6 months.
[Time to say bye.]
We had a great time and it's time to say bye.
[Time flew like an arrow.]
How was it? We were glad to see you after awhile.
Thank you for having such a great time.
Also, I want to thank IDOL ROOM [So sweet, he's like a candy.]
for sending a gift to iKONIC.
- I was worried at the end - Right, the last balloon.
"KILLING ME" is loved by so many fans.
[Leader Bin's comment.]
Please say something to your fans.
[Starting with a thank you message.]
I'd like to say thank you first to iKONIC and the public who liked our music.
We'll present good songs in the future.
Please look forward to the performance of iKON.
We'll stay young, wild and free.
[We're supporting iKON's well-made Kpop.]
Thank you.
- Idol band variety show with the best credibility.
- IDOL ROOM! [Including Chanwoo's personal cam.]
Thank you! [You may enjoy video clips of IDOL ROOM on V LIVE.]