Idol Room (2018) s01e18 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 18 - Sunmi [IDOL ROOM boasts dancing pigs.]
[Super fun to watch in reality.]
[Caution: He's not a zombie.]
[Something similar to Sunmi's Gashina.]
[Oh no.]
[The original singer learned a bad dance.]
[Out of dances.]
[Asking for the viewers' response.]
Idol reality show credibility No.
You're the second solo guest for "IDOL ROOM".
[The first solo guest was Seungri.]
The first male guest was Seungri.
[She's the second solo guest.]
As a girl, you're the first solo guest.
After "Gashina" and "Heroine," she has returned for three consecutive hits.
- It's Sunmi! - Hello.
[High-five for greeting.]
- Hello.
- We've been together all along.
- How have you been? - I've been well, working on my album.
[Her legs are getting long every time.]
I think you've grown taller.
[The secret is the heel.]
It's because I'm wearing a heel.
- She's cool.
- Yes.
[At the time of shooting, her comeback showcase.]
You've done the comeback SC (showcase).
[was supposed to take place before IDOL ROOM.]
Comeback SC? [but it has been changed to after IDOL ROOM.]
Comeback SC? That's too much.
It's how students speak these days.
- Comeback SC.
- Can I mention this? [It's a new type of broadcast that is surprising to someone who's debuted 12 years ago.]
- Yes.
- Course.
[This is important.]
She's making a comeback on TV through "IDOL ROOM".
- Yes, on "IDOL ROOM".
- How did the showcase go? [Foretelling subtitle 1.]
Yes, it ended in great success.
[Sunmi's showcase is going to take place at 8 p.
and it's going to be huge.]
It was huge.
- There were a lot of reporters.
- A lot.
It ended in great success.
[Foretelling subtitle 2.]
And I got a good result on the music chart.
[Her new song is going to be No.
- Your stage costume made news.
- Thank you.
[She has to do the broadcast for 60 minutes on her own.]
I heard that in case there's not enough [Her promise.]
for today's broadcast, you've prepared something fatal.
- Whenever there's a blockage.
- I did? [Lethal move that will liven up the atmosphere.]
Whenever there's a sudden chill, - you will do something.
- She's not good with neologism, are you? Do you know SID? [She's improved.]
It's short for "Suddenly It's Dull".
- You know now.
- It's because I'm like that.
[It's OK if you're like that.]
[Because you're too pretty to watch.]
And you've prepared the dance for? - Red Velvet's "Power Up".
- Banana? [Like this.]
I've seen girl groups dancing your dance.
[A lot of cover dances.]
Yes, GFRIEND and all.
[There's a craze for her dance among idols.]
I haven't seen you covering anyone else's dance.
- Nope.
- Right? [The reason?.]
Because I'm not slow in learning new dance moves.
[Lee Sunmi (27) / IDOL ROOM viewer.]
I watched another episode of "IDOL ROOM".
[And BLACNKPINK Lisa's dance scanning ability.]
Lisa just watched the dance once.
- She scanned the whole thing.
- We were very surprised.
She was dancing right away.
[Viewer Lee Sunmi's pick, the legendary scene of IDOL ROOM.]
[She's seen TWICE's dance once on site.]
[Dance genius Lisa digested the dance perfectly.]
I'm not like that.
Let's see what kind of dance - you've prepared.
- Banana from Sunmi.
- Power.
- Let's just take a peek.
[She's ready already.]
Do you have to be ready like that? - You don't dance when there's music? - Nope.
- You need to set it beforehand.
- Yes.
[Super bubbly Power Up.]
[How will Sunmi perform this?[.]
Here we go.
[It looks quite OK.]
[She's got it wrong.]
[She's trying to pull her bubbliness.]
[Is it just me?.]
Isn't it a bit slow? [As the song goes on, she's out of beat.]
[She's working hard.]
[Copying dance.]
[There's no liveliness.
It's not power up.]
Wait a minute.
[Asking Lee Sunmi.]
What if this dance makes the mood suddenly dull? [She didn't expect that.]
You got a lot of parts wrong.
It was very different.
- Isn't it this? - It was very different.
- It is.
[Asking for something else.]
- Is there anything else? - Or - BLACKPINK.
[It's charismatic atmosphere is perfect for Sunmi.]
[DDU DU DDU DDU #Sunmi version.]
Give us the music.
[Confident again.]
[Her limbs wanders in air in just 5 seconds.]
Isn't this from "Gashina?" Isn't this from "Gashina?" [Exclusive news, Sunmi claims the ownership of the gun dance.]
She's brought it up.
This is from "Gashina".
It is.
[Gun and two-hand gun.]
- But for "Gashina," there's only one gun.
- It's different.
[1 and 2 are different.]
They shoot two guns.
- You shoot only one.
- For you, it's "Gashina".
- Yes.
[What she wanted to say.]
[Let's stop the cover dance.]
I got it.]
Sunmi's back after 8 months.
So we've looked through what kind of related search keywords pop up when we search for you.
And J.
Park appeared when we searched.
He's called you after the "Gashina" performance.
You're still close with him, right? What did he say on the phone after "Gashina" performance? He said, "Sunmi, good job".
It was before the chart was out.
He said that this will definitely go No.
He said that I looked different.
It's amazing.
[It's rare for the ex-CEO and ex-member.]
It's not easy to close with the ex-CEO.
It's good to see how you keep in touch.
[She's been in JYP for 10 years.]
I was in JYP Entertainment for about 10 years.
She's the legend.
[Boasting that he's been there.]
- I'd say that Sunmi built the new building.
- She did.
- Sunmi did.
- Didn't TWICE did it? Without you, [This is fact.]
[Sunmi was there before TWICE.]
there wouldn't be Dahyun or Nayeon.
- It's all your outcome.
- No? But he said this.
[The episode from their get-together.]
I met producer J.
Park and ate together.
It was before the new building was built.
[He boasted in advance.]
- He talked about having an organic cafeteria.
- He talks about dreams.
[And he even talked about the budget.]
He talked about how much it would cost - and all that.
- He said that to us as well.
- Really? - That it's a loss.
He proudly said that.
[In the end, Sunmi is the best.]
You made that famous restaurant.
How about this album? Did you ask for his advice? - Did you? - Not this album.
- Really? Why not? [Mysterious.]
But he's heard it before.
[She didn't give it to him, but he's heard it?.]
Incomplete version? - Three years ago.
- Three years ago? - It was made three years ago? Did you write the song? [Composer of "Why So Lonely".]
- When you started learning? - While I was Wonder Girls.
[Artist Sunmi has been writing songs for years.]
You learned in the meantime.
[Why was it not released 3 years ago?.]
Why didn't you release it 3 years ago? This song was [Three years ago as Wonder Girls band.]
- I was in a band.
- Yes.
[It's been made as an arranged version.]
It was out as an arranged version.
The CEO and J.
Park said different things.
- J.
Park said that it doesn't go with the band.
- It doesn't.
And the CEO said that it's a pleasant song that makes you feel good like GFRIEND's song.
[Pleasant for GFRIEND.]
It must be bubbly.
It's not.
[Second trials.]
Then is it fresh? [Wrong.]
It's not.
[Then this?.]
It must be heartrending then.
It's not.
[Quiz show.]
Medium ballad.
- Wrong.
- No? - No.
Is it a trot song? [Wrong.]
I'm very curious.
[Stay tuned.]
[Mysterious song.]
Aren't you curious? [For the first time on TV.]
We will let you know a bit later.
And this keyword should go with Sunmi.
Water bomb.
[She's embarrassed.]
You performed on a festival in water.
That made a great news.
[Sunmi's performance in water.]
[Sunmi's sexy performance that heated the internet.]
[It became the real-time search keyword.]
Did you know that it would make such news? [She's never imagined.]
No, I didn't.
The swim suit that you wore [Another hot keyword was Sunmi's swim suit.]
from a luxury brand - was crazy online.
- It's all sold out.
[She's the famous sold out girl.]
Thanks to you, the event made news.
[The de fact No.
1 sexy performer.]
And your sexy image was praised among many people.
[Irreplaceable sexy charisma.]
Despite the fact that you're a female solo, you're unrivaled.
- Thank you.
- You are the front runner of sexy concept.
[Sexy hot trend dance "Havana".]
You know the trend these days, "Havana?" - No? - I know.
There are 3 major awards ceremony in Korea.
[That's what we say.]
Baeksang, Cheongryong, and Havana Korea.
[Being on TV for 12 years.]
[Reacting as if she's heard of it before.]
It carries great authority.
The first Havana Korea winner was Red Velvet's Joy.
- I saw Joy dancing.
- You did? - Yes.
[Joy's sexy dynamite burst on IDOL ROOM.]
[Kind heart.]
If you beat Joy's "Havana," then you'd be the second Havana Korea winner.
Do I get something then? When we play "Havana" song, [It's the privilege.]
you're the only one who can dance to that.
[The exclusive right to dance.]
For example, if "Havana" is being played on street, [Caution: You have to walk with others.]
dancers can't dance to that.
Only Sunmi.
[What's that?.]
They can't move.
The second Havana Korea.
- Let's see if Sunmivana can win.
- Win over Joyvana.
[Oh my.]
[Her limbs are shy.]
Let's see if she can win.
[Please let Sunmi dance to "Havana".]
Cue! [Sunmi's fan asked for the dance.]
[Her facial expression changed.]
[She's changed to cold Sunmi.]
[Her whole body is sexy.]
[Unrivaled atmosphere.]
[Her fans are getting a heart attack.]
[Sexy master.]
She's coming.
[She's coming.]
[On the spot fan meeting.]
[She's still sexy.]
[Her fan Mr.
Jeong is lucky.]
[She doesn't have to move much to be sexy.]
[And she's smiling for that.]
Amazing Sunmi.
[Melted again.]
[Warm Sunmi is back.]
[Looking forward to it.]
Let's see what kind of title she will get.
[Judges are serious.]
[Why am I nervous?.]
[The second Havana Korea.]
It's the first time in Havana Korea.
- It's the first.
- The first.
[Achievement award.]
- Achievement award.
- Congratulations.
[Is it a good thing?.]
[In just two episodes, there's achievement award.]
In a contest that was made 2 weeks ago, [Very official competition, Havana Korea.]
she's won achievement award.
- Amazing.
- Is it a good thing? [All awards are good.]
- Of course.
- Of course.
You've made great contribution for the vitalization of Havana Korea competition.
[She's buying it.]
- Really? - It's amazing.
- You should've given me the grand prize.
- No.
[Useless condescension.]
We don't just give out awards.
Maybe at the end of the year [The second Havana Korea achievement award.]
- Let's try again.
- Havana Festival.
[Congratulations Lee Sunmi.]
We will look forward to that.
The exclusive close-up camera for idol member.
Today's PICK DOL close-up camera.
[Miya camera.
Close-up camera.
One camera will be shooting you all along.
And the whole thing will be on air.
You're the only one here.
[You might think that you'd definitely have that.]
[It's not that easy.]
So we have an idea.
Please give me the wheel.
[The wheel of fortune.]
Having monitored your broadcasts, [Sunmi dictionary.]
there are four Sunmis.
- Do you remember? - Yes, that was from a long time ago.
[The legend of 4 Sunmis.]
Bright and all right.
Bright but weird.
Dark and weird, Dark and all right.
[Just Sunmi.]
And Sunmi now.
[We're going to choose one.]
We're going to pick one of the five.
Really? Oh no.
- Please make a flower and lie down.
- This way? - Yes.
[She's setting.]
This is just Sunmi.
Come closer.
[27-year-old is dying.]
Oh my.
[You can't miss the camera from the top.]
There's a camera on the ceiling.
- Where? - Up there.
[Follow me.]
[Donhee's telling her the direction.]
[Found a camera.]
I see.
[Hi, Miyayeah.]
- Sunmi is back.
- Hi.
I ask you to be pretty.
[Everyone makes this sound.]
[Lovely Sunmi.]
1, 2, 3.
- Bright and all right.
- Hello.
[She's doing high-five for no reason.]
- Hello.
- You have to go this way.
- This way? - Yes.
[She's rolling.]
[And another suffering sound.]
1, 2, 3.
[Hi, nice to meet you.]
[Rolling again.]
Dark and all right.
- 1, 2, 3.
- Dark.
Dark but all right.
[Concept genius.
You can order her everything.]
Bright and weird Sunmi.
1, 2, 3.
[Fun Sunmi.]
[I love that.]
- That was very weird.
- Weird.
Dark and weird Sunmi.
[This is truth.]
1, 2, 3.
[She's just pretty Sunmi.]
It looks scary.
[Five Sunmis in front of the camera.]
[Which Sunmi will get the close-up camera?.]
Who will get the camera? [Pit-a-pat.]
Who will get the camera? [Sunmi everywhere.]
[FULL 5 Sunmis.]
Bright and weird Sunmi.
[Which one?.]
Bright and weird Sunmi.
Bright and weird Sunmi.
[Almost there.]
Bright and [Ta-da.]
- Dark and weird - Bright and weird Sunmi! [Congratulations!.]
- Bright and weird Sunmi.
- Bright and weird Sunmi.
Bright and weird Sunmi.
From now on, you're bright and weird Sunmi.
[Fun Sunmi.]
[Bright and weird.]
Bright and weird Sunmi's today's PICK DOL.
Today's PICK DOL is bright and weird Sunmi.
[Her resolution.]
As today's PICK DOL, what will you do? [Bright and weird Sunmi (27) / celebrity.]
Bright and weird Sunmi is someone that all my fans know.
It's the Sunmi when I'm super excited.
Please look forward to it.
We will have some examples of bright and weird Sunmi.
[For PICK camera.]
1, 2, 3.
[Super weird.]
1, 2, 3.
[Very excited.]
[Super bright.]
[Next, bright and weird Sunmi.]
- Next.
- Next? 1, 2, 3.
[She's weird again.]
[We will use these to the fullest.]
1, 2, 3.
[Please look forward to it.]
It's very weird.
[(For the first time on TV) Sunmi's new song.]
- Finally, your new song.
- Yes.
[Sunmi's 3 big hits.]
Following "Gashina" and "Heroine," - It's the third song.
- "Siren".
- "Siren".
You wrote this song? [What a genius.]
I wrote the song and the lyrics.
Three years ago.
[3 years ago.]
Where did you get the inspiration from? [She got the feel after watching the pirate movie.]
- Have you watched "Pirates of the Caribbean?" - Yes.
[The mermaid.]
- The version with the mermaid.
- Yes.
In the myth, the mermaids are [The mythical beings that lure sailors.]
called Seiren.
- Beings? - Yes.
[Giving them the high-quality knowledge.]
- The word "siren".
- Mermaids are dangerous.
[The origin of the word "siren".]
Seiren is the origin of the word "siren".
[It began from seiren and mermaid.]
Siren, mermaid.
It's a beautiful and mystical mermaid.
[The speculation of someone who loves provocative dramas.]
So you're the bad girl.
- You seduce others, right? - Me? - No? [Wrong.]
Why are we always wrong? [She's the good girl.]
I warn others.
Not to come.
Not to come to me.
[Enough explanations.
It's time to watch.]
We're going to promote "Siren" in our own way.
Yes, it's killing part conquest.
- Nano dance.
- Nano dance.
We divide the dance in nano level.
[Members of a group dance in a relay.]
Usually members of a group dance it [Dance the killing part.]
- one by one.
- Really? [Since you're alone.]
Since you're alone, [Nano dance in different versions.]
we're going to watch killing part in different versions.
[Sunmi's nano version.]
General, cutie, fatal, innocent, and fun versions.
In total, five versions.
[I got it.]
- OK.
- Please watch it.
[Girl crush killing part.]
- You got the idea? - Yes.
[Smart Sunmi.]
- So I have to do it five times? - Yes, that's nano.
- Oh my God.
- She's seen it.
- She has.
[Ready in a sitting position.]
Please give us the music.
["Siren" on TV for the first time.]
The siren is ringing.
[Beginning in a drowsy mode.]
[Her eyes changed.]
[Her eyes did everything.]
[Fatal from the beginning.]
[Performance queen.]
[Her dance changes in diverse ways.]
[Dancing upright.]
[Her legs are 105cm.]
[Captivating dance with long legs.]
[Sensuous melody and fatal dance.]
[This is just Sunmi on stage[ [In the meantime, the fans follow her dance.]
[She's the performance master never in astray.]
[Now it's the part for nano dance.]
The original version.
Prepare the cutie version.
[Mikorita Sunmi.]
[Cutie version Siren.]
[Goddess Sunmi.]
[Fatal from her eyes.]
[Innocent like a deer Sunmi.]
[It's very innocent all of a sudden.]
[Fun version Sunmi.]
[Fun version Sunmi's Siren goes well.]
[And she can't control her fun once it's burst.]
[She's back to the original version.]
[Performance master Sunmi came back.]
[Dignified Sunmi.]
[Watch out not to lose yourself.]
[Seiren in real life.]
[Nano dance in five different versions.]
[Sunmi's performance includes a lot of sitting down.]
You sit down a lot this time as well.
- Are your knees OK? - My knees - I'm always worried.
[Oh my.]
I'm always worried.
[The trace of practice.]
[It's not all right.]
My knees hurt all the time.
Do you do it on purpose? No, it's [For the performance, she takes in.]
It's for the flow of the song.
I have to express mermaid.
[This is the point.]
- This shows mermaid.
- Yes.
[You need the sitting down dance - bruises.]
You have to sit down to do this.
- It shows your line and color.
- Yes.
- It pulls you out.
[This is the point.
Don't forget.]
Of course.
[You can watch IDOL ROOM's various videos.]
[including bright and weird Sunmi CAM on V LIVE.]
Donhee Conhee Fact Check! Please give us the first fact.
- Kim Jongmin? - It's Kim Jongmin.
[Kim Jongmin we know?.]
Kim Jongmin? Wait.
[Miya is also curious.]
It seems that there's no connection with you.
[She reviews her connection with him.]
I don't remember meeting him.
- Maybe on TV in the past.
- In the past? [They are trying to get something out.]
You're not lying to us, are you? - You know Kim Jongmin.
- No.
We might just play any video.
[Her conclusion.]
Do we look alike? Look alike? [The only thing that you look alike is the number of nose mouth and lips.]
What do you think of Kim Jongmin? If you haven't thought of that, you can say nothing.
I heard that he's a very nice person.
[He's here.]
I heard that he's very kind.
[No way.]
Why are you here? [Oh my.
Is this Kim Jongmin for real?.]
It is Kim Jongmin.
[He's the real Kim Jongmin.]
- Why are you on? - Give him a chair.
[As if she's looking at a pop star.]
I dropped by on my way to other cities.
Really? [Everyone's confused.]
- We were just talking about you.
- Really? [Amazed.]
- It's the first time seeing her this close.
- I know.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Please say hello to "IDOL ROOM" fans.
[Is this IDOL ROOM?.]
- Kim Jongmin.
- Yes.
[He is heading to Pohang.]
- I heard that you have schedule.
- I will go.
[He was dropping by on his way.]
You have to go? [Curious.]
[Why are you here?.]
Why were you drawn to this? [He has no idea.]
They were asking if there's a connection.
So I said not really.
[Why is this happening then?.]
Jongmin must have mentioned something.
[Let's see.]
Let's see.
Kim Jongmin wants to succeed as a soloist, and his role model is Sunmi.
[Kim Jongmin's role model is Sunmi.]
Really? [Is this true?.]
Your role model is Sunmi? You've been on TV since 1990s, and your role model is Sunmi? Someone asked who my role model was.
At the time, she was performing as a soloist.
[Kim Jongmin (40) / 20 years since debut.]
She was doing very well.
[Role model: Sunmi / Goal: Sunmi / Target: Sunmi.]
Watching her, I thought that she's very good.
[That's touching.]
I've been a soloist a few times.
[Praising Sunmi.]
It looks very empty when you're a soloist.
But she filled the stage.
[Happy to fill the stage.]
She's amazing.
When did you make a debut? [In 2000 as Koyote.]
I made a debut in 2000.
- As a dancer - He was the dancer of Um Junghwa.
[Including that.]
[Debuted in 1995.]
Around 1995.
You became a dancer in 1995, and you made a debut in 2007.
- Twelve years difference.
- Yes.
[She was 3 years old when he made a debut.]
A senior singer said that you're his role model.
- How do you feel? - Role model of respect.
[What should I say?.]
What should I say? [The subject is Sunmi.]
Usually young girl group members - mention me as a role model.
- A lot of them did.
I think it's the first from the male singer.
[And he's older.]
I never thought that I could be a role model for guys.
From Jongmin's perspective [Kim Jongmin acknowledges.]
It's amazing.
How do you feel after meeting the role model? She's just the same.
- What is? - What is? - What? - From the screen.
[Provoking a quarrel to his role model.]
Why do you do that to your role model? - To your role model.
- It's someone that you look up to.
[Don't misunderstand.]
It's not easy to [He says whatever all the time.]
meet your role model.
We're going to deliver Sunmi's know-how [Sunmi and Sunmi wanna-be.]
to Kim Jongmin.
[She will teach him the know-how.]
She will teach you the know-how.
[How did this happen?.]
Getting the know-how from a role model [Awkward.]
- Jong Min should - What should I do? [If you think it's late, it's late.]
Isn't it weird? [That's now.]
Sunmi wants Jongmin to be a celebrity.
[He said that he wants to be Sunmi.]
It's funny, but let's try.
[Let's learn.]
Sunmi has various looks.
[Sunmi / Human cultural asset of facial expressions.]
Cutie, innocent [She has 920,502 facial expressions.]
- Really? - Yes.
[Whatever Jongmin says.]
You must have some facial expressions that you'd like to learn.
[She will show you.]
If you ask her, she will make the face for you.
[Say it.
She can do everything.]
Just give her the word.
- Sadness, anger, you know.
- You know.
She can do everything.
Seducing facial expression.
- Teach him.
- What kind of seduction? - Cute version or sexy version? - See? [Scholarly ambition.]
She has detail? What should I choose? [OK.]
- Number two? - Sexy [#Metforthefirsttimedelivering know-how.]
Oh my.
- Sexy seduction.
- Sexy seduction.
[As a master.]
Should I do it looking at him? [Sunmi to Sunmi wanna-be.]
- Yes.
- Oh my.
- You're his role model.
- I feel very [Without titles, he's her student now.]
Think of him as your student.
I'm embarrassed.
[I don't have such student.]
[Teach me.]
I can't do this.
She's the master of facial expressions.
- It's because you're meeting for the first time.
- Sexy seduction.
[Mind control.]
[You're the student.]
1, 2, 3.
This is seduction.]
[The true teachings of the teacher.]
[No will to learn.]
[He's just watching.]
You can ask for anything else.
Winsome actions.
[Teach me winsome actions now.]
- Winsome actions.
- OK.
[Here she goes.]
[He can't take his eyes off.]
[No will to learn.]
- Ask for something else.
- Another one? [Out of words.]
[I have to think.]
Go on.
You have to learn.
Angry but sulky.
[Something's weird.]
- OK.
- Good.
[Theatre of situations.]
I said sorry.
And you suddenly hold my hand.
- It's - No touching.
[Academic probation.]
You set it up as a couple.
No setting.
You have to learn facial expression.
- Just say the word you know.
- Word you know.
[So funny.]
[He's out of words.]
- Almost all? - I think I said everything.
- Say one more.
- Just one.
- What kind of facial expression - You know.
[That's it.]
- Overwhelming girl crush.
- That's it.
- Overwhelming girl crush? - Girl crush.
[That's my major.]
Girl crush? Wait.
[You need loose hair.]
Hairstyle is very important.
[You can be Sunmi if you do this.]
Hairstyle is important indeed.
[Gashina from the movie is (cold Sunmi).]
What do you feel after watching your role model's facial expressions? - Making all kinds of faces with confidence - It's not easy.
[Warm Sunmi on with her words of respect.]
- It's not easy.
- Not easy at all.
- You have to learn.
- It's amazing.
[That's a very warm teacher-student relationship.]
Really? [The teaching is over.]
Let's see how effective her lesson was.
From No.
[As he learned, sexy seduction.]
Sexy seduction.
1, 2, 3.
[Seduction of Jongmin.]
[I didn't teach you that.]
Why do you do that? Isn't he scary? [Zero learning.]
- Cute.
- Something cute.
It's what you learned.
- Something cute.
- I'm not good at it.
- 1, 2, 3.
[I don't care what I learned.]
[Weird taste.]
It's cute.
[I don't think so.]
No tongue.
[He's cute when he doesn't do anything.]
They are professionals indeed.
[It's only possible when you're professional.]
You do this when you meet for the first time.
- And after the show, you go like, "Good job".
- "Good job".
[That's what professionals do.]
[Finally, girl crush look.]
Girl crush.
How do I express girl crush? [One point lesson for Jongmin.]
It's very easy.
You just have to raise your one eyebrow.
[Like this?.]
[Half successful.]
[But change your appeal.]
But your eyes [You need life in your eyes.]
- Correct in detail.
- You need focus.
You need focus.
[Just a bit of girl crush.]
[Are you sure?.]
- Really? - He's done well.
- Aren't you trying to get it over with? - No, no.
- He's done a good job.
- He did? Did you feel girl crush? [Speechless.]
Hmm We've learned facial expressions.
[IDOL ROOM, where there's learning.]
The second lesson from Sunmi would be [Sunmi is known for beautiful legs.]
her beautiful legs.
[This time, pass on the beauty.]
Jongmin should learn that.
[Very logical.]
You need long and beautiful legs to be a soloist.
- Of course.
- Yes.
Let's learn some postures.
[Agrees right away.]
- Sunmi, please pass it on.
- OK.
[Jongmin's first solo.]
[Checking the dance for "Oppa, Cheer Up".]
What kind of dance was it? 1, 2, 3, 4.
[This kind of feeling.]
It goes like, "Lonely oppa" His legs look short, right? [For some reason, his short legs are prominent.]
- Why does it look short? - It looks short.
[And Sunmi's version?.]
- Sunmi's version looks long.
- Give it a try.
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Same dance but very different.]
Her legs look super long.
- I don't know why, but they look long.
- Like this.
[I'd like to learn.]
Let's learn the know-how from Sunmi.
I should.
[Stretch the tip of the feet to make it longer.]
- Pointe.
- Pointe.
- Teach him.
[The basic ballet technique for beauty.]
Jongmin did like this.
[Like this.]
Instead, go like this.
[Learning the lesson, she does it right away.]
Instead of using the heel [Kim Jongmin.]
[Edge Jongmin.]
[The magic of making legs look longer.]
No heel.
[By the way.]
[Why does it look sensuous?.]
[Girl crush right away.]
- Girl crush.
- Girl crush.
You're going to do girl crush concept.
[It's not oppa cheer up.]
[It's like unni cheer up.]
- You're going to do girl crush.
- Oh yeah.
- This looks longer than that.
- This is better.
It looks long.
[Now, let's do it for real.]
There are different posture.
[What kind of posture should be used?.]
How do you get on stage? Jongmin, please look here.
Strike a pose.
Think of this as your solo performance.
[I'm the leader of Koyote.]
[The posture that has the experience of 20 years.]
It's been a while since I saw this.
[It's strange to someone who's debuted 12 years ago.]
[This is the posture from the 2000s.]
Let's have Sunmi do the posture.
- Posture please.
- "Siren".
- 1, 2, 3.
[This is the long and beautiful legs of Sunmi.]
Jongmin, did you see that? - Did you? - You did, right? [There's no end to learning.]
[I learned one more.]
They look super long.
[The true education of Sunmi.]
- It looks super long.
- Let's do what we've learned.
[Please do the posture as you learned.]
I heard you released "Oppa, Cheer Up".
Please strike a posture.
- Here we go.
- 1, 2, 3.
1, 2, 3.
[Lesson was useless.]
[Pointy feet.]
[Sloppy feet.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
[Suddenly, it's become the national exercise.]
2, 2, 3, 4.
[And you get pain with the posture.]
It hurts.
[Time with the role model.]
- Aren't you happy now? - I love it.
Of the variety shows you've done, what do you think? [Very implicative.]
[Within top 3.]
It's within top 3.
What are the remaining two? [No sleeping outside.]
The rest are what I usually do.
[Very good working environment.]
It's within top 3.
- It's not over.
- Is there anything else? [He knows all the schedule.]
There's still time till your Pohang schedule.
[Planning to get everything out of him till then.]
Then [A very special guest.]
With Sunmi, [IDOL ROOM X Sunmi goes on.]
let's check some more facts.
Please help us if you can.
Let's move on.
Sunmi's loyal fans, "ㅇㅈ".
Do you know what "ㅇㅈ" means, Sunmi? - Certification? - Certification? [Extra episode.]
[Wrong meaning.]
- Awesome.
- Sorry? [Jongmin's interpretation: awesome.]
- Awesome.
- Awesome? [Two didn't have any clue.]
They heard it from somewhere.
They heard about it.
It's close to certification.
[Correct answer.]
- Admit.
- Admit.
- However, - It means admit.
Sunmi's loyal fans "ㅇㅈ" don't mean [It has a special meaning.]
- "admit" today.
- Then? Please come out! Do we have another guest? What? ["ㅇㅈ" are coming in.]
Yoojung and Umji! [This is Sunmi's surprised look.]
Yoojung and Umji! ["ㅇㅈ" meant Yoojung and Umji.]
Yoojung and Umji! - So, "ㅇㅈ?" - Welcome.
[What's happening now?.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
[Jongmin is left behind.]
Come to the center.
- Oh, my.
- Did you say hi to Jongmin? [They came straight to Sunmi.]
- Oh, my.
- Did you say hi to Jongmin? [Please turn your head around.]
Jongmin is next to you.
[First encounter with a senior artist.]
Sunmi's loyal fan, Yoojung.
And Umji.
Jongmin [Fan meeting with loyal fans.]
learned a lot from Sunmi, his role model.
[Sunmi's male fan no.
He's the only male singer and her loyal fan.
[We're one.]
Nice to see you.
- Let's be friends, as loyal fans.
- Hello.
[Loyal fans of Sunmi will.]
How did they know Sunmi? [their testimonies.]
In the past, [Umji's story.]
I had an interview with reporters.
"Any senior artist you would like her or him to wish you happy birthday?" Sunmi came to my mind and I said, "Sunmi".
[Thumbs up.]
She uploaded a picture on her social media.
[Sunmi posted it on Umji's birthday.]
I was surprised.
[So cute.]
[Even now.]
I was so happy.
I had another chance to see her on a show.
I was embarrassed to say to her.
So I wrote a letter to her.
[Letter as cute as Umji.]
[Proof pic.]
[How lucky this fan is!.]
[Yoojung's story.]
And you, Yoojung? [Stammering.]
When our group was promoting, "Gashina" was promoting, too.
"Gashina?" [Slip of tongue.]
[Dancing to the song.]
Sunmi was promoting "Gashina".
She won no.
1 on a music show and the camera captured I was so happy.
[Real fan's happy face.]
- So cute.
- Oh, my.
Cute! [She proved she's a loyal fan.]
- It looks like she won no.
- Right.
It shows she's a loyal fan.
- That came out of heart.
- Right.
[Sunmi and 3 loyal fans.]
Welcome, 3 loyal fans.
You've met her in private setting? - Not personally.
- First time ever? [Can't look into Sunmi's eyes.]
- Right.
- First time to talk like this? [Embarrassed.]
- She can't look at Sunmi's face.
- I can't look to the side.
- It feels like you can't say in front of your crush.
- Right.
- She looks different.
- And you, Umji? How do you feel? I'm just so happy.
Why can't you look at Sunmi? [Loyal fans feel the same way.]
- Embarrassing.
- Why? - I'm so curious.
- Look at them.
I thought Yoojung is cheerful.
- Me, too.
- She's bright.
- She's playful.
- And talented.
[Conhee feels awkward with Yoojung today.]
I like Yoojung [Loyal fan 1 and 2 listening to their star.]
and Umji, too.
Sunmi, do you know this? Please look at the left.
[Turning their head.]
[I can't breathe when I see her.]
[Fans who can't look in her eyes.]
[Look at her.]
Yoojung, what's wrong? When Sunmi says, Yoojung stares at the back of her head.
[My star has a pretty head.]
When Sunmi says something trivial, [Her words are the law and truth.]
[Loyal fans' enthusiastic reactions.]
- Oh, my.
- When you look at them, [Pretending as if they didn't.]
They changed their attitude.
[I like her but I can't see her.]
[Fans will understand.]
- I am surprised.
- Good.
What does Sunmi mean to you, Yoojung? To Yoojung, Sunmi is a gemstone.
[Everything good is for my star.]
Because she shines so attractively.
[Sunmi is touched.]
- Yoojung, you look so different today.
- Do I? [Jongmin feels isolated.]
[They'll ask the question to Jongmin.]
Jongmin, you're thinking hard.
[Work, my brain.]
She said a gemstone.
[Today's lesson-learned.]
Jongmin, you should say carefully in an interview.
[Sudden regret.]
I have no idea.
And Umji? - She's like the lilacs.
- Lilac? [Why?.]
Is it because of the flower language? [Everything pretty is for my star.]
When you smell lilacs in spring, it will turn your head around.
It makes you feel happy.
[Jongmin's turn.]
We have a male fan here.
[What does Sunmi mean to Jongmin?.]
Sunmi is [So excited.]
like 24K.
[Overlapped with Yoojung's.]
- Similar to a gemstone.
- And she said lilacs.
[It makes Sunmi feel embarrassed.]
The image is similar.
Please don't name something related to jewelry.
[Let's hear the reason why.]
Why did you say 24K? [Saying whatever.]
She's yellow for 24 hours.
Yellow? Sunmi? [Jongmin's interpretation.]
She's shining.
24K is gold, right? [Explaining reason.]
It's not shining so much but it has a lot of value.
[No more.]
- Let's say another.
- 24 K.
[Help me.]
- I have no idea.
- Let's say again.
- I have to make it work.
[Sunmi feels embarrassed due to praises.]
- Sunmi lovers got together.
- Sunmi Lover's Meeting.
Here's the first Sunmi mania contest.
The first game is Sunmi dance cipher.
You know dance cipher, right? If you think the song is yours, you can come out and dance alone.
[I got it.]
We will have Sunmi's song.
[Koyote is not performing.]
[He's not confident.]
- I have to dance to that? - Dance.
You may not be able to do it as it is.
[For an entertainer.]
- You can dedicate some dance.
- OK.
[Parade of Sunmi's masterpieces.]
Dance cipher.
Give us the music.
[For Sunmi manias.]
[Full Moon #Sunmi.]
"Full Moon".
- "Full Moon".
- Yoojung.
- Yoojung.
[Although shy, she knows the dance.]
She knows.
[Perfect dance as if she's practiced at home.]
[She agrees.]
- She knows everything.
- She does.
[I'm the main dancer of Weki Meki.]
She knows.
[Sunmi finds her super cute.]
[Oh my.]
[Yoojung's mom.]
- She's the fan indeed.
- She knows everything.
[Come here.]
[Sunmi fan.]
["Gashina" #Sunmi.]
Here we go.
[The youngest?.]
[I'm an adult today.]
They're in order.
Then Jong Min's next.
Jong Min should be on.
[She's in sync with Sunmi.]
She knows everything.
In order.
[Let's see Then.]
Jong Min's next.
[Koyote's leader has sensed danger.]
[We saw Sunmi from Umji.]
It's Jongmin's turn.
[20 years.]
[Finally, Koyote leader.]
Jong Min.
[Let's guess that this is what he does on stage.]
[It's not "Saturday Is Fun".]
- Excuse me.
- I'm sorry.
- There's no such dance.
[What are you saying? I was just dancing.]
It fits the song perfectly.
Sunmi's never done it.
[He's bright but weird.]
Please dance again.
"24 Hours".
What should I do? - Homage dance.
- Yes.
Give us the music.
[Sticking to the lyrics.]
[Using his dance again.]
[No response.]
[It's something he does in a year.]
[CPR for the dying dedication dance.]
I know Jong Min well.
[It's the first time he's seeing this.]
He's doing it because it's Sunmi.
It's either of the two.
It's really for Sunmi, [I vote for the latter.]
or he's completely perplexed.
- I think he's perplexed.
- I'd say that I'm perplexed.
[Ding dong dang.]
Give us the next music.
[Who's going to dance this? ["Heroine" #Sunmi.]
I like this song.
[Dancing as if it's her song.]
- "Heroine".
- How do you know? It's amazing.
[The right example of homage dance.]
It's awesome.
[With Umji.]
[She's showing the dance as a fan.]
[Perfect reproduction of Sunmi that she's yearned for a long time.]
[Dancing hard.]
[After dancing, she goes back.]
Sunmi, isn't it surprising? [A singer from the same field is Sunmi's fan.]
She is a singer and there's a team.
- I know.
She's busy.
- She's busy, but how can she copy exactly? [She can't meet Sunmi's eyes.]
I know.
I'm amazed.
- Do you know Wonder Girls? - Can you dance to Wonder Girls songs? [Of course.]
Let's watch Wonder Girls dance.
Jong Min can dance too.
That's from a long time ago.
- You can dance to "Tell Me".
- Nope.
[No is no.]
Copy them.
[Big picture of the pigs.]
That's why we ask Yoojung to dance first.
[Teacher and student.]
It's for you to copy her dance.
Give us the music.
[The legendary song.]
[So Hot #Wonder Girls.]
Sunmi won't even remember.
I don't.
[The song from 20 years ago.
As if it's a new song.]
[Yoojung's amazing.]
[I'm so so so hot hot.]
[She only claps.]
[Giving up.]
- I can't copy that.
- Anything else? [Legendary song 222.]
[Nobody #Wonder Girls.]
[Umji can't hold it back.
She's on stage.]
She knows.
Umji knows as well.
Umji knows as well.
[Finally the song she knows.]
[He's drawn to the stage.]
[With Wonder Girls song, we're the one.]
[Complete fans of Sunmi.]
- It's fierce.
- Intense.
[On his own beat.]
You don't go with the beat.
You're slow.
[It's OK as long as you're happy.]
"Tell Me".
[From 2007.]
[Tell Me #wonder Girls.]
[The one who destroys the dance.]
[They are dancing in sync.]
[So good.]
[How are they so good?.]
[Sunmi's fan contest.]
[You can tell who'd win.]
[He's tired.]
[This is the end of today's stamina.]
[Jongmin's out and we get to see the perfect group dance.]
[Perfect finish.]
This is perfect.
[Released in 2007.]
How old were you when it was out? [Yewon was 10 years old.]
I was in grade 3.
Yoojung, how old were you? [She was 9 years old.]
- I was nine.
- Nine.
- Nine.
- Ten.
- Ten.
[I was 30.]
[Sunmi was 16 at the time.]
9, 10, 30.
It was on when you were nine and ten.
But you still remember.
- How do you feel? - It's very [She can't take her eyes off and she's speechless.]
I'm speechless.
[Her true fans keep watching her.]
- They know everything.
- Surprising and grateful.
And amazing.
Right? I'm touched.
It's not the end.
Don't be so touched.
The next event is a quiz battle about Sunmi.
[Time to show off your knowledge.]
Let's see how much you know about her.
We'll give some questions.
Jongmin, you need to go for another event.
[Rejecting it.]
I'll stay a bit longer.
- Sorry, Jongmin.
- He has to go now.
[Now you can go.]
Jongmin, your manager is waiting outside.
With his arms crossed.
[I don't want to go.]
[It's fun.]
You need to go now.
Instead, next time, [We'll give you another chance.]
if your solo or Koyote's album is out, [Just songs.]
I like Koyote's songs, too.
- Please be a guest for me.
- Sure.
Jongmin, thank you for joining us.
[Sunmi's male fan no.
Sunmi, rather than a role model, [This is a fact.]
I'm a huge fan and I like you.
I hope you enjoy your work.
[Heart-warming pep-talks.]
Thank you, Jongmin.
- Enjoy.
See you later.
- Thank you.
[Serious, too.]
Please call me if you need a guest.
Thank you.
[Jongmin, thank you.]
See you later! Leading candidate Jongmin has left.
[Quiz battle between loyal fans.]
We'll ask questions about Sunmi - but Sunmi may not know the answer.
- Really? [Confident.]
How can I not? It's about me.
The first question.
[Sunmi quiz 1.]
What was the dream of Sunmi when she debuted in 20017? [Thinking.]
Sunmi's dream in 2007.
Do you know it, Sunmi? [Of course.]
- I know.
- She knows.
Can I say it? [Let's hear out.]
Sunmi doesn't know.
You can participate.
- You can join.
- Please join.
[Quiz's owner who is in chaos.]
- What's that? - Please join in the quiz.
My dream? It's a bit eccentric.
- Sunmi.
- Sunmi.
- World peace.
- No.
[Yoojung challenged.]
- Yoojung.
- Yoojung.
- Rose.
- Rose? - Rose? - Why? [Sudden confession of love.]
She looks like a rose.
[Heart attack.]
- What's that? - Yoojung.
[We know you love her.]
- Please.
- Please focus on the quiz.
- I see.
It has four letters.
- Four letters? - Four? - What's your dream now? - My dream? Staying healthy.
[This is the truth.]
- Her dream became humble.
- Right.
[Special hint.]
- It's humble now.
- It was big then.
Conquering the world.
- Amazing.
- Lie.
- Conquering the world? - You said so.
- You said conquering the world.
Not the world peace.
- Really? - Nope.
[Purple super villain.]
We prepared an image of Thanos.
[Umji who can't smile.]
[Excuse me.]
Who is Thanos? This [Doesn't know Thanos.]
Is it like a monster? r [Thanos 101.]
If he does this, he can kill everyone.
[I learned something today.]
The 3rd question.
In 2007, this gave a hard time to Sunmi, more than a hectic schedule.
- What's this? - What is this? [Hint.]
Sunmi had a lot of thoughts when she debuted.
[Hint 2.]
This reporter may have felt proud of you.
- Proud? - Proud.
[Umji got an idea.]
- Umji! - Umji.
Global warming.
Really? - I got goosebumps.
- Really? [Close to the answer.]
It's related.
[The quiz owner doesn't know.]
- It's a bit too far away.
- But related.
[It's about her.]
[Just like a contender.]
What is the answer? - Tell me.
- I know.
- What's that? [Confidently saying.]
- Please continue to challenge.
- Seriously.
[Wrong again, Sunmi.]
Sunmi said, [Sunmi's wrong answer.]
She said collision with a comet.
[My star is so cute.]
- She said - Then? It's wrong.
Please continue.
What you said is included in this.
[There lies the answer of this quiz.]
It's included but more like a reason.
Reason? [Sunmi's quiz.]
[Highest participation.]
Freon gas.
[Wrong again.]
- But it's close.
- Greenhouse gas.
Umji, smog.
- It's close.
- But it took a wrong turn.
[Critical hint.]
We did it today.
- Sorry? All of us? - Yes.
[Yoojung, when?.]
- No.
- No? [Innocent Umji.]
- Flushing in the toilet? - No.
[They're getting farther away.]
Gas spray.
[Taking a hint.]
Sunmi! Hair spray.
[Ding dong.]
[Yay, I got a point.]
The last question.
We'll give 3 points.
[1 point, 1 point, 0 point.]
As you know, in a variety show's quiz game, all you need to do is to answer correctly the last quiz.
This one is nice.
It's an interview in August, 2013.
[I will answer.]
Very recently.
[The quiz's owner and contender.]
Talking about Park Jinyoung's sexy performances, Sunmi described him as "He's just like this now".
- Sunmi.
- Sunmi.
- God of performance.
[Sunmi doesn't know what she said.]
It's not the god of performance.
Sexy Park Jinyoung.
[Signature nickname.]
Sunmi, sexy gorilla.
Sexy gorilla, a good approach but wrong.
Sexy rising star.
[JYP will be satisfied with this.]
Sexy rising star.
- I think I know.
- What's that? - It's a bit - Tell me, to my ears.
[The 3rd try.]
[The 3rd wrong answer.]
Please be seated.
- Totally wrong.
- Please be seated.
- What's that? I have no idea.
- Cool middle-aged man.
- Wrong! - But almost there! [Not so sure.]
It's close.
It's a beginning.
- 3 points.
- You're almost there.
Yoojung has a point.
[Adding sexy.]
- Glamorous middle-aged man.
- Glamorous middle-aged man.
[Close enough.]
It's so close! - 5 letters! - Sunmi! [Taking a hint again.]
- Sexy middle-aged man! - Sexy middle-aged man.
- Sunmi! Sexy middle-aged man.
- Sexy middle-aged man.
[Will she win this quiz game?.]
Sexy middle-aged man.
[She won the quiz game!.]
Ding dong! [It finally happened.]
Sunmi quiz game's winner is Sunmi! [Lee Sunmi(27) / Winning Sunmi quiz.]
She got 5 points.
It was "sexy middle-aged man".
[I'm so good at this.]
She was unique.
[Umji and Yoojung who came a long way.]
Thanks for sharing your time for Sunmi.
- Yoojung and Umji came for you.
- Thank you so much.
Sunmi, will you say something to Yoojung and Umji? As we go on in the music industry, I'll be a good senior artist they can refer to as an example.
Yoojung and Umji, please say something to Sunmi.
[Looking at her face.]
- First - You need to see her.
- May I see her face? - Sure.
[My heart starts racing.]
This way.
Sunmi, come here.
[Sunmi's 1:1 fan meeting.]
- Come here.
- Hold hands.
Why? [Umji is avoiding to see her.]
It's embarrassing.
- Hold her hands.
- Hold her hands.
[Fold their hands.]
That's a bit [Umji, where are you looking at?.]
- It feels like - You need to look at her.
[About what?.]
I need to think.
They may want to call you "Unni (older sister)," Sunmi.
[Call me Unni.]
- Right.
- Please call me Unni.
[Loyal fan's real reaction in front of her bias.]
Call me Sunmi Unni.
- Please say it loud.
- Yes.
- Why are you whispering? [Please help me.]
Give me some time to think.
[To my precious star.]
I can't say anything.
[Old guys who don't know how fans would feel.]
What's wrong? - Yoojung, will you go first? - Will you? [Time has come.]
- Cute.
- Look at her.
Say "Unni".
- Oh, no.
Her hands are so small.
- Sunmi Unni.
[Breathing in and out.]
Yoojung, hurry up.
What should I say? [Sunmi thinks she's so cute.]
Look at her.
- Unni, Sunmi Unni.
- Sorry.
[Her bias bend her knees.]
- Sunmi Unni.
- Sorry.
[Oh my.]
[Just like a fan meeting.]
This is so much fun.
I've never seen it.
[Struggling not to feel so nervous.]
Today, I am sorry for not looking into eyes.
[Her eyes go down.]
- But it was my honor.
- Sunmi Unni.
I will do my best to be a good singer.
Please keep supporting me.
Ask her number.
[With courage.]
Please give me your number.
Your number, please.
[Hugging her bias.]
[Lucky fan Choi.]
[I did it.]
- I'm disappointed.
- Oh, my.
- They never did this to us.
[Amazed too.]
[Umji's turn.]
- Umji.
- Your turn.
I've never seen this before.
Sunmi Unni.
[Clearly saying what she thought.]
When I see your performances, [Eye contact.]
I learn many things from you.
Besides the performance, [As if being scolded.]
your positive attitude deserves respect.
I will do my best, following your advise.
- Thank you.
- Stay healthy.
- Yes.
- Yoojung.
- Congratulations.
- Umji.
[They need to go now.]
Thanks for joining us today and having a great time with Sunmi.
[Umji and Yoojung, thank you.]
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Yoojung, will you do this for us? - Thank you.
Sunmi is the best! [Cute Yoojung.]
- Sunmi is the best! - So cute.
[Fan's cute action made her laugh.]
Oh, my.
[Saying bye infinitely.]
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
[When will you leave?.]
Stop thanking and go.
- Bye.
- Will she be on the show? - Yes.
[Asking for a group shot.]
You want to take a picture with her? - Want to take a picture? - Let's do that.
- Take it now.
Bring your phone now.
I haven't done this in a while.
[Photographer Jeong.]
Will you stand in front of "IDOL ROOM?" So that it's in the picture.
[Like Sunmi with girl fans.]
Sunmi will stand in the center.
[We saw our favorite star today!.]
- Like 3 sisters.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Lucky fans' picture with their favorite star.]
Who intruded into Sunmi's stage? [I got a feeling.]
Who did that? Let's see the site.
Everyone, do me a favor.
[Her younger brother came to see her at a university festival.]
I have not seen him for awhile.
May I invite my brother to the stage? Is it okay? [Meeting her brother.]
Seungdong! [So sweet.]
He's my brother.
What's happening? My brothers are living in other areas.
- Your brothers? - Yes.
I have two younger brothers.
[So affectionate.]
- I can't see them very often.
- Right.
It was Daegu.
My brother said he would see me.
Your performance? Because it's close? He brought Kong Jin Dan (Oriental herbal medicine) for me.
But I didn't have time to see him at the backstage.
[Thanks to college students.]
So I had to invite him to the stage.
[They met on the stage.]
You saw your brother.
In most cases, male and female siblings [Unrealistic siblings.]
are not on good terms.
- He brought Kong Jin Dan for her.
- That's so special.
I thought this would happen in a fairy tale.
[Siblings on good terms[ - A brother and a sister.
- Yes.
My brothers and I are so affectionate to each other.
- How old is he? - He is [Calling brothers like her own baby.]
- The first kid is 24.
- She said the first kid.
[Age gap with Sunmi is 2 and 4 years.]
- The little one is 23.
- 2, 2, 2.
[Sunmi's treasure no.
- They're my best treasure.
- Why? My brothers [So proud of them.]
- grew up well.
- They did.
[All younger brothers close your eyes.]
I heard you sent pocket money to them.
- Every month.
- Best sister.
- So, we will call - Your brother.
[Fact check.]
- See his voice tones.
- Sure.
- We can tell if they're on good terms.
- Right.
[Calling Sunmi's brothers.]
- What she said may be sugar-coated.
- Sure.
[Happy to call her brother.]
I'll do that.
Do you call them often? Yes.
I do.
- Very often.
- We don't do that.
[This posture?.]
[Can't believe this.]
A video call? With your own brother? [Siblings talk on a video call.]
- Really? - Not the voice call? [Can't understand.]
- How can she do that? - Video call [The small one.]
- Seungdong.
- Yes.
[This is real.]
- He sounds comfortable.
- What are you doing? [Smiling after saying hi.]
- They sound comfortable.
- What are you doing now? [Sunmi brother's face is on the show.]
- I just woke up.
- Why are you naked? [Cute voice.]
I will go and wash.
[Amazed by this scene.]
[Like a real brother and a sister.]
Your top is too lose.
Do something.
Your top is too lose.
Do something.
[Why is it so funny?.]
[She laughs so hard.]
He asked me to button up.
[Sister who follows her brother's suggestion.]
Hang on.
- Is it the youngest one? - Yes.
You need to put on something.
- I'll go and wash.
- Will you? [Defconn is approaching.]
I slept.
Nice to see you.
I guess you're really close.
[Conhee thinks he's cute.]
He's cute.
Let me talk to a celebrity.
[Hello, I'm celeb Jeong.]
[Surprised again.]
- Hello.
- Hello.
[Meaning a lot of things.]
- Oh, my god.
- Oh, my god.
- What were you doing? [His face disappeared.]
I was preparing to wash.
Show your face.
Your sister is on "IDOL ROOM".
- What's that? - That is [IDOL ROOM is a variety show with no.
1 credibility.]
- On JTBC.
It's an idol singers' variety show.
Your sister is on it.
What is she like? - She's perfect.
- Perfect sister? [Embarrassed by his compliment.]
What? Say it correctly.
What's she like, as a sister? Really.
[Fixing her eyes to her brother.]
[Crazy about her brother.]
- Good looking.
- Cute.
[Surprised by unexpected situation.]
He can't talk.
He's crying.
If he's talking with me, he talks well.
He's surprised by celebrities.
- Please tell us about a good point and a bad point of your sister.
- Seungdong.
Say a good point and a bad point about me.
Oh, pretty.
[Crazy about her brother.]
A bad point about me.
A good point.
- A good point.
- What's wrong with my own sister? Tell them about my good point and bad point.
[Like sister, like brother.]
You have a lot of good points.
- Good points? - I can say infinitely.
You always do your best to your brothers.
[Refusing a heart-warming situation.]
- She's a perfect sister.
- Yes.
Despite that, if there's anything you want her to fix.
[Sunmi is giving pressure with her eyes.]
[Looking far away.]
[Bad point that he picked.]
I hope she can eat well.
[Knocked down by their family love.]
This is touching.
- Are you seeing someone, right? - Yes.
[Trying to come between them.]
Who is prettier, your sister or girlfriend? [Wise brother.]
[Keeping the silence.]
[Sunmi is looking at her brother with affectionate eyes.]
[Pointless of trying.]
Even though we called you suddenly, thank you for joining us like this.
- Say bye to your sister.
- Yes.
So cute.
[Heart beam from her eyes.]
How can an older sister think her brother is cute? - Seungdong.
- We can't do that.
I've never seen celebrities.
Never talked on the phone.
I've never talked with a singer's brother over the phone.
- Me, too.
- Seungdong.
[So sweet.]
Enjoy your dinner.
I'm hanging up.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[Crazy about her brother.]
- See you.
- See you.
- Way to go! - You, too.
- Eat well.
- You, too.
- Yes.
[What did we see?.]
I can't believe such siblings exist.
When was your last call to him? We call each other so often.
- We call each other anytime.
- Really? He calls me through a video call.
I think they talked like in a year or so.
[Sunmi calls another brother.]
[This time, the first brother.]
[The first brother appeared on the show.]
- Why? - What are you doing? - Sitting at my room.
- I can feel a distance.
[Difference compared to the younger one.]
- A bit.
- Because he's an older brother.
- Dry.
[Sunmi takes care of his meal.]
- Why? - Will you have a meal? - Yes.
What will you have? Why did you put on makeup? [Strange makeup.]
I'm on a show.
- What show? - "IDOL ROOM".
[Celebrity Jeong appears again.]
- Brother.
- Hello.
I'm a celebrity.
You may want to take a picture with a celeb, like me.
[Starting to come between them.]
- Do you have a girlfriend? - Yes.
Who is prettier, your girlfriend or your sister? Who is prettier, your girlfriend or your sister? [Answer wisely.]
Who is prettier, your girlfriend or your sister? Who is prettier, your girlfriend or your sister? [Honest.]
My girlfriend.
- Different from the youngest one.
- Right.
Give me that.
Dong, you don't forget that I bought you all camera devices.
[Brother who is so honest.]
Few people think you're pretty.
[This is the real siblings' conversation.]
[Biting her teeth.]
See you later.
You're prettier.
[Happy again.]
[Easy to soothe her.]
- Good looking.
- He's handsome.
He's good looking.
They all look nice.
[Smiling at compliments for her brothers.]
Beauty runs in this family.
Why are you so close? I had this interview in the past.
[In the past.]
"What will you do, when you become rich?.]
" [Brothers were on her priority.]
I wanted to buy devices they need and things they need.
So [Confession of big sister.]
They are so precious to me.
[Sunmi's treasure no.
[Their family love is more beautiful than a fairy tale.]
Sunmi, it's your first visit to "IDOL ROOM".
How did you feel? [Thank you for watching me.]
To viewers, too, thank you for watching Sunmi's episode on "IDOL ROOM".
My new song Siren just came out.
Please give a lot of support.
[Sunmi with beautiful face and kind heart.]
To "IDOL ROOM" and these big brothers, - Thanks.
- please give a lot of support.
Thank you.
This is "IDOL ROOM," with the highest credibility of a variety show.
[Including Sunmi's personal cam.]
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