Idol Room (2018) s01e19 Episode Script

Oh My Girl

1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 19 - Oh My Girl [Cute signal song (by.
Soyeon of I-DLE).]
[Perfect match.]
[Cute and refreshing guests.]
[Refreshing opening.]
Nice, Seunghee.
[The opening we wanted.]
[So good.]
[Shu, shu.]
[Idol Room.]
Idol show with no.
1 credibility.
Idol Room! You're so cute as expected.
[Welcome, Oh My Girl.]
We have Oh My Girl here today! [Oh My Girl.]
I heard you prepared a gift for Idol Room.
[Kind guests prepared a gift.]
That's right.
What did you bring? [They've come prepared.]
We made the choreography for Idol Room's signal song.
[So touched.]
- For the opening? - Yes! We're quite picky.
We've heard about that.
It's easy.
- It's super easy.
- So SEVENTEEN got very frustrated.
- We picked one move from GFRIEND's.
- Just one.
- It's not easy.
- We picked what we liked.
I'm sure you'll like it.
- You will like it.
- You surely will.
- Let's check it out first.
- Let's see.
Music, please.
[So prepared.]
[Changing formation.]
- There's formation.
- We have different roles.
[Please look forward to it.]
You've come prepared.
Nice, Oh My Girl.
[Oh My Girl Version Signal song choreography.]
[High quality choreography.]
Changing the positions? [Perfect girl group dance.]
What? What? What? It's too hard.
[Come on, Mr.
But the last part [Let us dance till the end.]
You have to watch the last part.
You know this move? It's too hard for us.
[Those who prepared a gift is begging.]
It's difficult.
I hate changing the positions.
Let's not change at all.
We can adjust anything to your liking.
[This is why idol groups have failed.]
- Like this.
- Too difficult.
It should be something with minimized movements.
[We can customize it for you.]
Stay still! Just stick to your position! [The best strategy.]
Don't try hard.
[Obnoxious MCs are satisfied.]
Let's see.
Music, please.
[They managed to get a chance to present a gift.]
[Doing their best to keep it minimum.]
[Still not happy.]
[Can't believe they made this high-quality dance moves for Idol Room.]
[Idol Room pose.]
[So cute.]
[Easy but not easy dance.]
[Impossible for Donhee and Conhee.]
[Oh My Girl's look is the key.]
Thank you.
Thank you.
We really appreciate it, but we can't copy this.
You guys can do this.
You always do this.
Where are you? [Rejection.]
I'm not sure who'll be our next guest, but we will look forward to it.
Wait a moment.
Seunghee, when they danced, - were you filming for something else? - No, no.
I was there with them.
- I was with them.
- You said you'd join them.
[Seunghee's gift.]
I actually made this.
- What is that? - Room.
Idol Room.
[Idol Room pose.]
This is a signature pose for Idol Room.
This? How? - This is love.
- Love.
- Love and this is a house.
- I can't do this.
- Can you do it? - How come he can't? I can do it.
How come he can't do it? - Send those fingers away.
- It's working.
Only kind people can do this.
- Like this? I kind of like it.
- Good, good.
This is pretty good, right? - Feels like idol.
- You know what? [Major weakness.]
Idol Room.
We can't do it right away.
Idol [Can't copy the pose.]
For us to do this, we have to prepare ourselves way before the shoot.
[Idol groups, please keep the dance or pose to Donhee and Conhee's levels (no high quality).]
The hitch is that we can't use our hands until then.
And my hand cramps up from the pose.
Idol Room.
Let's give up a brief update on Oh My Girl.
Since we had last seen Seunghee, she became the queen of fan cam.
Your fan cam went viral.
[Yes, I'm the fan cam fairy.]
The video instantly reached 800,000 views.
[The members haven't heard of it.]
I want to see that.
[It's Seunghee's fan cam, but Arin is on it?.]
- Oh, this one? - Arin! - It's Arin.
[The fan who filmed Seunghee got caught.]
I found out that a fan who used to film me filmed Arin.
So you're sulking.
[Super jealous.]
How dare you look away? [You think it's over? Then you're mistaken.]
Then she stares again.
[Crack up.]
Her look [Jealous Seunghee with many facial expressions.]
She keeps a straight face.
- You're good at that.
- Hang on.
- So funny.
- Your straight face was real funny.
- Yes.
I thought the camera was filming me.
So I played pranks with the camera.
- But it was filming Arin briefly.
- Then it came back to me.
You're good at changing expression.
- You nailed it.
- Good job.
My face is a famous restaurant (wordplay).
- Where does it coming from? - I nailed it.
"I nailed it".
[Hyun Seunghee (24) Open all year around.]
Salted seafood, kimchi, cooked beans.
I nailed it.
- Now that we checked out the video, - Yes.
- Show us 3 sorts of expressions that can reach 1 million views.
- Yes.
- Go for it.
- All right.
- All right.
- Let's say a fan was filming Binnie.
- Is it me? Something like this.
- And turn to Seunghee.
- Which camera should I look at? - I'm sorry, but what's with your voice tone? [Her voice and gesture.]
I mean Hang on.
You're close friends with Seungkwan, aren't you? - No, I'm not.
- Really? [By Donhee and Conhee.]
How come you remind us of Seungkwan? You totally remind us of him.
Conhee, you play a role of a fan.
- You film Binnie.
- OK.
[Focus on Binnie.]
Binnie! Here! Good, good.
Let me film Seunghee now.
[Instantly showing off her charms.]
[Look at me.]
[Learned from Seunghee.]
Binnie! Binnie! [Can't help but fall in love with Seunghee.]
She's good.
- She's good.
- Nice, nice.
- It looked like a cosmetics ad.
- Sure.
Though it was for a brief moment, I have to show my flattering side, which is left.
- Oops! - I think - Yes.
Binnie seems to have had a makeover.
Is it hair color and contact lenses? [1st mini album.]
[3rd mini album.]
[1st unit album.]
- Right.
- For the first time since debut, - I got rid of my bangs.
- Right, right.
- Is that why? - It's the vibe.
- You've got a different vibe.
- Looks different.
I'm not sure about the other members.
- They look similar.
- We did change.
- I'm really disappointed.
- I'm really disappointed.
- Why? I think it has something to do with the album.
I dyed my hair.
How would we possibly know you dyed your hair? - Did you have dark hair? - Yes.
It used to be dark.
- Did you dye your hair? - Yes.
That's a huge change.
I find this kind of quiz the most difficult.
- They look like they have no idea.
- Do you know anything different about me? What? "I got rid of my bangs".
"I had no idea".
"I'm so disappointed"! Something like this.
- Dark hair.
- Now I know.
- What? [Sherlock Donhee.]
You got hair extensions, right? You got hair extensions, right? Yes.
- Right? - It's a secret.
You want us to recognize the change, then it's a secret.
You're not happy if we don't recognize any change.
- What do you want us to do? - What do we do? - How did you find out? - I don't think your hair was this long.
- Right.
It was only this long.
Can't believe you found that out.
I notice all the changes.
[Good eye.]
- Hyujung exercised.
- Yes.
[Oh My Girl YooA joined "Havana" dance craze.]
YooA did "Havana" dance in a solo concert.
- Did you do the "Havana" dance? - "Havana Havana".
- The craze is sweeping the world.
- "Havana" queen.
[YooA rocked the stage with the "Havana" dance.]
That's why in this episode, Idol Room will have the third Havana Korea Contest with Oh My Girl.
This wasn't in the script.
- Do you read a script? - Of course.
Have you seen Joy's "Havana" dance in the first contest? - We have.
- We saw that.
- The one and only.
- Her dance was irresistible.
[Idol Room.]
[The 1st Havana Korea queen Joy.]
[The 2nd Havana Korea Sunmi.]
[Time to pick the 3rd Havana Korea queen.]
[The privilege of Havana Korea queen.]
No one can do the dance except the winner.
Only the winner can do the "Havana" dance.
You get the exclusive right of doing the "Havana" dance.
[I want to be the winner.]
The order is important.
Who would like to go first? - How do we decide the order? - In this order? Now a girl with lots of facial expressions.
- "Havana" girl.
- Let's start with Seunghee.
[Can you deal with this?.]
I'm sure you'd be pressured.
What's with your tone of voice? [Don't care.]
[Please stay calm.]
- Please till the music is on.
- All right.
Havana Korea with Oh My Girl.
- She put her feet apart too much.
- Music, please.
[The 3rd Havana Korea Contest.]
[Can you handle my charms?.]
[Feeling pressured already.]
Oh my God.
She's so good.
Too intense.
She practiced a lot.
She practiced a lot.
[Not sexy but so fun.]
- It's fun.
- It's hilarious.
[Can't control this energy.]
That's the Boo Seunghee I know.
This is the highlight.
So hilarious.
[The next contestant is worried.]
[After showing off her charms.]
Stop, stop.
That was really cute.
[I did so well.]
It was hilarious.
That was fun.
[Seunghee, where are you going?.]
What's happening? She's like Seungkwan.
[Bring it on.]
- So cute.
- Why Seunghee first? - Seunghee.
- Yes.
What kind of vitamins do you take? - I don't take vitamins.
- Really? I'm the vitamins.
[Human vitamin Hyun Seunghee.]
She's like [No.
2 is gloomy.]
[What do I do now.]
Seunghee is so cute.
- The next contestant is Binnie.
- Way to go! It's her first time to get rid of her bangs since her debut.
Music, please! Seunghee did a great job.
[There's no room for hesitance.]
[It'd have been a shame if she didn't do it.]
[Having been worried, but she's rocking it.]
[Oh my.]
[The other members are going crazy.]
[Whatever, Binnie's shows off her sexy charm.]
So cute.
That was really funny.
[Red hair and face.]
She seemed to be at a loss.
But once the music is played, - she wants to look sexy.
- I know.
- So serious.
- Strong gaze.
Now the eldest member Hyojung.
- Hyo-vana.
- Oh my goodness.
Music, please.
[Get on the groove immediately.]
[Sexy charms.]
[My work friend's business is hard to watch.]
That scared me.
[Oh my God.]
[Oh My Girl leader's sexy.]
That scared me.
- She really startled me.
- Oh boy.
[So funny.]
- Hyo-vana.
That was shocking.
- I'm surprised.
It was my silly dance.
Please do this again, Hyo-vana.
- What was the last move? - I'm so short.
[Wiggle wiggle.]
[Seunghee's feedback.]
- From the back, it was very uncomfortable.
- Nice.
Next up is Jiho.
[Acting cute and sexy isn't her thing.]
She was really good.
Music, please.
[What is that?.]
[Get on the floor to be sexy.]
[But she's just rolling on the floor.]
[Forced end.]
Thank you for your hard work.
- You get eliminated, if you have no potential.
- That was helpless.
[You're out.]
She doesn't have "Havana" in her.
She doesn't have the "Havana" gene.
[Next up.]
What do I do? [Follow your dream.]
You said you want to be sexy.
Arin, this is your chance.
You said you don't want to be cute anymore.
- This is your turning point.
- Right.
- Let's go.
- Bring it on.
- Let's go! - Music, please.
- What do I do? - A-vana.
[This is sexy.]
[So cute.]
[Our little girl.]
[Not sexy at all.]
[Overzealous mothers of Arin.]
[Little girl Arin is sent home.]
[That was tough.]
[Atta girl.]
So cute.
- It's too soon.
She has to be cute for a while.
- Let's stick with your cute image.
[You can try to be sexy when you get older.]
Stick with cuteness.
She's so cute.
Come on Looking forward to Mimi.
- Mimi is a great dancer.
- Dancing queen.
Mimi is a great rapper.
- She's good at rap, singing, everything.
- Music, please.
[There's something different about her dance.]
[Forget about bear Mimi.]
[Textbook of sexy.]
[Mimi, the master of sexy concept.]
That's the Mimi I know! [So impressed.]
- That's the Mimi I know.
- Mimi has surprising charms.
[Leave the dance floor after showing off her charms.]
Last but not least, she's a strong candidate.
[It's me.]
She did the "Havana" dance in a solo concert.
[Never stop showing facial expressions.]
Here comes Yoo-vana.
Yoo-vana, Yoo-vana.
- Here we go.
- Way to go! Music, please.
So hilarious.
[Is this proportion real?.]
[Tall and slim.]
[Mesmerizing gaze.]
[Quiet reactions.]
[Even the members are fascinated.]
- Nice.
- Yoo-vana.
[Bring the partner.]
[Suddenly form a duo.]
[Beauty and the pig.]
[Amazing solo dance.]
[Strong finish.]
[We can't beat her.]
- We need to discuss.
- All right.
[Serious judging process to pick the best out of great performers.]
- We reached a decision.
- It was a tough choice.
The third Havana Korea queen.
[Heart racing.]
YooA! Now the rest of you are not allowed to do anything when "Havana" is played.
You have to stand at attention [The one with exclusive right of dancing Havana.]
till the queen is done.
You must not move to the rhythm at all.
Music, please.
Attention! Here we go, here we go.
[The first target is Seunghee.]
You can't move.
[Spanking Mimi.]
It's the privilege of the queen.
She goes easy on the youngest.
[Arin's mom.]
[Baby Arin escaped humiliation.]
[The major target.]
Last but not least, she approaches the leader.
[So happy to be the winner.]
"Havana" Korean Queen.
Oh My Girl YooA is the winner.
When they go to work, play "Havana" with a Bluetooth speaker and film only YooA and upload the video online.
We have to check.
[Love it.]
It's fun.
Next up is the first-ever idol fan cam on a variety show.
Today's pick-dol.
Close up camera! - You know this, right? - Yes.
- It was in our choreography.
We will skip the explanation.
[Quickly moving on.]
Please bring it in.
- Amazing.
- In a circle Put your hands on your chin and lie on your stomach in a circle.
Thank you? [You too?.]
[Even a 20-year-old grunts.]
Hello, Miracle.
- Hi, Miracle.
- Mi, Miracle! Starting with Arin, the youngest.
Pretty face.
[Oh My Girl Arin.]
[Cherry fairy YooA.]
She's the Havana queen.
Seunghee with lots of facial expressions.
She's the funny one.
[Pretty Jiho.]
[Bear Mimi.]
[Oh My Girl flowers are in bloom.]
[The wheel starts to spin.]
Here we go.
[Come with me.]
- I feel dizzy.
- Here we go.
- I'm curious.
- Here it comes.
Looks like it's Seunghee.
Is it Seunghee? [Excited.]
Looks like it's Seunghee.
Is it Seunghee? - Hyojung? - Hyojung? [Ta-da, Hyojung is picked.]
Hyojung! - Congrats! - Congratulations! Congrats.
Can't believe this happened to me.
[So touched.]
- I can't believe it.
- Congratulations.
Hello, everyone.
I got picked.
[Never seen someone get so thrilled to become a pick-dol.]
It's Hyojung.
Today's pick-dol.
Please wave, pick-dol camera director.
- Hello.
- Now this camera - Where? will follow only Hyojung around until the show is over.
- It's my first time doing this.
I will try to look pretty throughout the show.
[At first, we thought she likes to be on camera.]
Let me hit the slate.
1, 2, 3.
[But she's obsessed with the pick-dol cam.]
"Idol Room".
[Her obsessive love for the pick-dol cam.]
[Just film me!.]
Who are you filming right now? [Look forward to Hyojung's fan cam.]
Did you get that? Did I look okay? You're sure I look okay, right? You have to take a break.
You're back with a new song "Remember Me".
How long did it take to make this comeback? I think it's about 9 months.
Or maybe 8 months? - It's been about 8 months.
- You had quite some time in between.
Tell us about the album.
[Awkward accent.]
The song has [She's from Korea.]
some EDM sound.
The lyrics are very sentimental.
- But the sound - Sounds like she's speaking Japanese, right? - It has some EDM sound.
- It does.
- I studied Japanese a lot these days.
- Really? - That's why you have sound like that.
- Right.
- She's in charge of Japanese.
- Please go ahead.
- And then Moving on With sentimental lyrics and upbeat music, you will remember the song for a long time.
Nano Dance to master the killing part.
We are going to play the killing part of your new song.
You will dance one by one in a relay.
And you will dance altogether.
["Remember Me" killing part.]
[This is the killing part.]
Dance together at first and dance in a relay in this order.
Seung, Mimi, Hyo, Sha, Jo, Rin, Binnie Let's start with Nano Dance.
["Remember Me" Nano Dance.]
Music, please.
[Strong EDM beat.]
[Girl crush Oh My Girl.]
[Never seen Oh My Girl like this.]
[So energetic.]
[So powerful.]
[Oh My Girl pulls off the concept well.]
[Cool girls.]
[YooA is so cool.]
[Chic charisma.]
[The sentimental part again.]
[Perfect combination.]
[Before you know it, it's the nano dance part.]
[Full of talent.]
[Main dancer's detailed dance moves.]
[Candy Hyojung.]
[Gives off lovely energy.]
[Extraordinary dancer.]
[Princess Jiho.]
[Looks particularly pretty while dancing.]
[The growth of the baby.]
[Red hair.]
[Beautiful dance.]
[Dancing perfectly in sync.]
[Oh My Girl are the best when doing their job well.]
[Falling in love with them once again.]
[It's going to be a hit song.]
What a cute song.
[Catchy tune.]
[You can watch various videos of Idol Room on V LIVE.]
[Hyojung's CAM.]
[Ready for filming.]
[Never ending love for her pick-cam.]
"IDOL ROOM!" [Never stop acting cute.]
[This camera is mine.]
You'll be out of the frame.
- Up close and personal.
- It follows me only.
[Her own broadcast that never stops.]
Let's clap it.
Let's clap the clapperboard.
1, 2, 3! Donhee and Conhee's Fact Check! [Let's check!.]
They saw this a lot.
- In the 4th year since your debut.
- Already.
The youngest member became an adult.
[No longer a minor.]
We'll check the fact of rumors around OH MY GIRL.
- We don't have such things.
- Breakup.
Whether it's true or not.
[Let's check the facts.]
We'll check the fact about OH MY GIRL.
Please give us the first fact.
[Let's find OH MY eccentric-dol!.]
- First fact.
- Let's find! Oh my eccentric-dol! [Who is it?.]
Unique talent? There's a report that someone has an eccentric talent.
What's that? [Acting like a master.]
Do you agree? Of course.
[They're reacting to this joke.]
We have this master here.
She looks like an eccentric master.
[Showing reactions faithfully.]
She's 60 years old.
She's impersonating Santa Claus.
Within a few months, it seems that Seunghee became maniac.
[Nope, since my birth.]
Born to be.
[Born to be mania.]
Born to be.
You may have similar friends.
My friends are all like this.
Who is the closest one? You don't know, even though I say.
- We may know.
- We know everything.
[Her real friend.]
In Chuncheon I know, I know.
[Real name.]
My friend Jisoo in Chuncheon.
[I know her.]
- I know.
- She's famous.
[Jisoo in Chuncheon, are you watching now?.]
The city is famous for eccentric people.
She likes Spicy Stir-fried Chicken.
- Oh my! - That friend! However, today's heroine is Hyojung.
[Leader Choi.]
Hyojung? I'm a bit eccentric.
[Why is that?.]
Do you know why? - Because of my appearance? - Nope.
What do you think about your appearance? If you think you look eccentric, it makes us what? You're so pretty.
Do you know why? Other members? Eccentric-dol.
Isn't this about your thing? [Putting anything on her head.]
- At the event - Top of her head is flat.
Things on your head.
- That's right! - Really? Do we have a video clip? [Flat head.]
[This personal talent.]
[Source: Twitter Mammoth Bread.]
You put a doll.
[Regardless of size.]
[She can carry any type of dolls.]
[Source: Sweet Lime.]
[Water bottle.]
[She can put anything.]
[Source: Twitter Mammoth Bread.]
[How did you find it?.]
Hyojung, how did you find such a talent? At the fan signing events, fans give us dolls.
[Leader knows how fans feel.]
If we put it in the box quickly, it will make them feel sad.
So I started putting one on my head.
It was fun.
[The initiator was fans.]
Fans brought bigger ones.
[That's how she found her talent.]
I once put this big one on my head.
It's like a battle among fans.
- Right.
- Bigger things.
- To see what she will put on her head.
So we prepared several items.
[Fact check.]
Really? - What if she can? - We need to check the fact.
- We prepared several things.
- Amazing.
- Can she do that? - That'll be difficult.
[Hyojung's CAM.]
[Pick-cam lover.]
Can I do that? [From dolls to Jenga blocks.]
[Meddling by members.]
She can't do that.
- Jenga? - That's too hard.
- She can do up to the 3rd one.
Here we go.
[Stage 1: a small doll.]
If we put it on her head [Success.]
it's finished.
That's it.
So stable.
Success for the stage 1.
[Stage 2: Medium-sized doll.]
Let's move on.
It's easy, just to put it on her head.
[Please leave it to an expert.]
- I'll strike a balance.
- Try yourself.
This is difficult.
I think it's stage 3.
- This is difficult, like a pillow.
- Right.
[Audience is also concentrating.]
Hang on.
Done! [Amazing.]
Success! - Baseball.
- I did it before.
[I believe you, leader Choi.]
I think it's easy.
- I think you can do it.
- Stay calm.
- Use your hair.
- To the right.
[Getting immersed.]
[My mouth opened again.]
[Helper Jeong joins.]
There you go.
Let's lift it a bit [!!!.]
Done! [Showing reactions so quickly.]
[This is counted as success.]
- She succeeded.
- Right.
[Jung is the best!.]
- Awesome.
- Amazing! Shall we stack them up in 3 layers? [Last stage Jenga.]
- I hope to have it as an event for Asian Games.
- Right.
[Putting Jenga blocks on leader's head.]
- One layer first.
- One at a time.
There you go.
[Human vitamin comes up.]
If you leave your hands [REC CAM.]
[SeungSeung's TV.]
[Changing her job into reporter.]
Hyojung is putting Jenga blocks on her head.
[Hyun Seunghee (24)/Idol, reporter.]
I'm here to report a girl band who put Jenga blocks on her head.
[Let's go! Go!.]
[Having an interview.]
- How do you feel? - It sounds too old-fashioned.
- Don't talk.
- Amazing.
[Participating in the role play.]
What are they doing? You'll be on TV.
If you have an interview.
There, camera.
[Donhee X Seunghee.]
Please say hi to your family.
[Attention please.]
She took her hands off.
[Succeeded having Jenga blocks.]
- 1, 2.
- Stay there.
[Difficulty up.]
- Let's take one by one.
- Amazing.
[No way.]
[Removing one block.]
Success! [Fact check finished!.]
Hyojung has an amazing talent! [I'm so proud of myself.]
I've never done this before.
[Her ability went up by 1.]
Jenga blocks! It's the end.
[Hyojung's cam.]
[Showing it off.]
Did you see that? Seunghee has a lot of personal talents.
What's this, mouth EDM? - It makes the EMD sound by mouth.
- How? [Confident.]
Everybody knows it's EDM? - Of course.
- May I hear? [Smart leader's order.]
With "IDOL ROOM?" I'll try.
[Hyun professional's mouth EDM.]
IDOL ROOM! Donhee and Conhee.
[So excited.]
[Shedding tears.]
[Revival for excitement.]
Hold her down.
[Our pride Hyun!.]
The EDM sound [Seunghee's infinite list of talents.]
What's this? Beatbox and Pikachu? [Confident.]
- This is cute.
- Right.
I'll try.
[While doing beatbox.]
[Saying Pikachu.]
Pikachu! [It's cute as she said.]
Pika, pika.
[So talented and entertaining.]
Pikachu! [Way to go, Seung!.]
This is not limited to Pikachu.
- You can do it with many things.
- You can add anything, like Lee Jeongjae.
[Lee Jeongjae version.]
- Do I look like a king material? - Do I? That's too harsh.
[The original creator likes it.]
Way to go! [New version.]
- Please mix some of them.
- Let's do that.
Hey, you kid.
[Oh, no.]
[The youngest is embarrassed with her.]
I am dumbfounded.
- You can do this with everything.
- Right.
- That's nice.
- Way to go.
Why are you embarrassed? She's embarrassed with me.
Why are you embarrassed with me? [Disappointed.]
She always feels like this.
Seunghee, do beatbox and Arin, do something.
[Forced challenge.]
- Do one.
- Let's see how she does.
Arin, you need to do.
- Anything.
- I'll do beatbox.
[Arin mom-like members.]
How delicious is it? [Arin moms loved it!.]
[Arin is so cute!.]
So cute.
[Dear Arin.]
How delicious is this? [Miracle requested for fact check.]
This was requested by fans.
ID, "I'll be sick for Arin".
[Eat my heart.]
"I'm curious if she develops any new personal talent".
Another member who can show off eccentric personal talents.
[Who will surpass me?.]
Let's find a talented member.
- I can do this with fingers.
- What? [Eccentric talent.]
[Finger can touch the wrist.]
She can do that, too.
You know Bangchan from Stray Kids? [Magical joints.]
He can turn it around till the end.
His arm can spin around.
[Oh, my.]
[That's easy.]
She can do that! [Leader is excited.]
Our members all have eccentric talents! [Easy.]
How can she do that? - How can she do? - How can she do that? [I can't.]
How can she do that? [Finding one.]
Is there anyone who can lick her elbow? [Member who can lick her own elbow.]
I've never seen it.
[Everyone challenges.]
Binnie can do that.
Let's do that.
[Easily done.]
- I can do that.
- She is relaxed.
[No way.]
Good for you.
[Bae Binnie's eccentric talent.]
- You had no idea? - No.
- Nobody can do.
- It's hard.
[0% of possibility.]
We can't do that.
We can do this, but not that.
Binnie is amazing.
Arin, anything? I think she can do that.
- May I help you? - We can help.
[Let's see, our youngest member.]
- She can do that.
- I bet she can do that.
[Result of big data analysis.]
- As I saw her joints, I think she can do.
- You didn't know.
[Arin mom association.]
- You can do this.
- First time, Arin.
- She can do this.
- She can.
She did it! [Credibility increased for Donhee's big data.]
See? I recognized it when I touched her arm.
You didn't tell us intentionally.
Two members did it! [1/3 of members can lick their elbows.]
Binnie can do it easily.
It's amazing.
[OH MY GIRL with many eccentric personal talents.]
OH MY GIRL! - We found many things.
- They're talented.
- Talented.
- Talented.
Next fact to check! [Fact check.]
OH MY GIRL was introduced to North Korea.
[Oh, no.]
What's this about? [What's this story?.]
Before the Olympic games, - North Korean - Delegation.
- To Pyeongchang? [Pyeongchang International Sports.]
They came to the TV station.
[North Korean delegation's visit.]
We were performing on a show.
Later, fans said they saw us on the news program.
[Proof video clip.]
Yoon Yongbok, the deputy director of Sports Ministry, led the North Korean delegation.
As the last schedule, they checked out the stage for Taekwondo performance team.
[The same outfit.]
[OH MY GIRL was rehearsing.]
[It's amazing.]
We are in the clip.
[Introduced into North Korea.]
- You were reported in the news.
- Yes.
- You had no idea.
- We didn't know.
[Peaceful mood has been formed.]
Let's take this opportunity.
To advance into IDOL ROOM is now being introduced to many nations.
I hope one of them will be North Korea.
[Our wish.]
[IDOL ROOM on air in NK.]
K-pop is at the forefront of cultural exchange.
[Still looking at her pick-cam.]
Let's see OH MY GIRL can appeal in the North.
This video clip is very famous.
It's "Daehongdan Potato" sung by a baby.
[I know.]
- We know.
[North Korea's song Daehongdan Potato.]
[So cute.]
[Learning the dance.]
[South Korean sisters are in love with her.]
- Cute.
- So cute.
It's this baby's version.
Please turn it into OH MY GIRL version.
[Already excited.]
Let's sing until the verse 2.
[Wearing a flower pin.]
[Like the North Korean art delegation.
[Master Seung's direction.]
Raise your brows.
Facial expressions matter.
OH MY GIRL's "Daehongdan Potato".
[Daehongdan Potato.]
[OH MY GIRL from Seoul.]
1, 2, 3, 4.
Round big potato, Daehongdan Potato.
[Perfect facial expressions and dance.]
Round big potatoes, Daehongdan potatoes.
[So cute.]
It's too big.
I can't eat one.
[Way to go!.]
[Like the native team.]
Potato, big potato.
[Feeling embarrassed.]
I love it.
[He saw Binnie.]
I like it so much.
[Excluding Binnie.]
[They finished it well.]
I can't finish one.
We saw the group version.
Let's watch the nano dance of this.
[Binnie's challenge.]
Let's see the nano version.
[Two MCs saw Binnie.]
Everyone did her best but Binnie didn't do it well because she was embarrassed.
Here we go.
5, 6, 7, 8.
Round big potato.
[It's more embarrassing.]
Round big potato.
She's not ready.
Not read.
Seunghee, please [Follow me, Binnie.]
help her.
[So funny.]
Round big potato, Daehongdan potato.
[Binnie started laughing.]
Round big potato, Daehongdan potato.
[She's so entertaining!.]
It's too big to finish one.
[Professional Hyun's dignity.]
It's a potato! It's a potato! It's a big potato! [Breathing in and out.]
[Starting singing alone.]
Round big potato, Daehongdan potato.
It's too big and I can't finish one.
[Feeling embarrassed after 5 seconds.]
Potato, big potato.
I like it so much.
[We had enough.]
Let's stop watching.
Seunghee, I heard you know many North Korean songs.
Through that North Korean children's songs, I learned a lot of other North Korean children's songs.
- "Let's Do Kkaeko".
- "Let's Do Kkaeko?" - It's so cute.
- So lovely.
- So cute.
"Let's Do Kkaeko" is the best.
Let's watch.
[Seunghee's recommendation.]
["Let's Do Kkaeko".]
[Nasal sound.]
[Highlight part.]
[Let's do Kkaeko.]
So cute! - Please do that.
- So cute.
- Yes.
How did they make this dance? [Let's Do Kkaeko.]
[By Hyun Seunghee.]
Go! [Amazing.]
[Ctrl c + Ctrl v.]
Let's wear a rabbit bag, let's go home joyfully.
[Class of North Korean song maters.]
My dog will come to welcome me.
[Her facial expression is amazing.]
Let's do Kkaeko.
He welcomes me, doing Kkaeko.
[Hyojung's CAM.]
[I'll do too.]
- Kkaeko.
- Cute.
Kkaeko means peekaboo? - It's similar.
- Like that? It's like peekaboo.
Peekaboo! It's "Kkaekko" in North Korean? It feels like that.
Next fact to check, please.
Vitamin beauty YooA.
She looks so refreshing like 100 lemons.
[Wow, that's true.]
This is the title of an article under YooA's picture.
- Really? - Really.
- Like that? Refreshing like biting 100 lemons.
The reporter knows it.
Besides YooA, other members have signature expressions for their refreshing looks.
- Jiho.
- Refreshing and cute.
[Thank you.]
Her refreshing and cute look is under limelight.
- OH MY GIRL Hyojung, 100% refreshing.
- 100%.
It means it's full.
Binnie, even her sour face looks so refreshing.
It means she's so refreshing.
Seunghee, refreshing, active and cruel Cute! Cruel! [Fun to tease her.]
Refreshing, active and cute.
[Staring at him.]
Mimi, refreshing rapper.
- They have their own.
- They're all related to refreshing.
- Arin.
Did she grow up by having refreshing fruits? Where can I buy the fruit? [They're all refreshing.]
- The titles always say this.
- Right.
So, this time, we will pick the most refreshing member of OH MY GIRL.
How can we do that? This is popular among kids.
Wear a rabbit hat.
[Source: twitter Groovy.]
You can move ears.
[Idol's it-item.]
[Source: twitter Jen Wonter.]
[Source: Twitter.]
[Caution: Your heart may skip a beat.]
Let's have a contest to make the cutest face.
[Hyo is worried.]
- What should I do? - It's difficult.
Who will go first? Arin, again? - Let Mimi start first.
- In the reversed order.
[Oh? I'm like a bear.]
- Mimi, are you okay? - Yes? [So happy to Mim rabbit.]
Mimi, wear the hat.
- So cute.
- Pretty.
[Bear Mimi turned into a rabbit.]
Put it on the back.
- Done.
- Try, practice.
- Hang on.
Hang on.
[Instant reactions.]
Cute! It's so refreshing.
Refreshing rapper.
[Refreshing challenge without dropping out.]
- Nobody drops out.
- Really? You can make a sound.
[Please showing off your refreshing look!.]
1, 2, 3.
Out! [Donhee did what he usually does.]
Nobody has dropped out - He cheated.
- but now we have one.
- Shaking.
- She was in a hurry.
- Please relax and do that again.
- Don't try to get it over with.
R 1, 2, 3.
Cute! 1, 2, 3.
[Refreshing smile with a wink.]
[Heart from eyes.]
Vitamin C of 100 lemons.
- 100 lemons.
- Vitamin C.
Go! [Vita YooA.]
[Refreshing smile like vitamin C from 100 lemons.]
That's nice.
[Giving the hat to Binnie.]
Binnie is good at this.
Binnie is [Pick-dol is working full time.]
[Binnie Bunny is ready.]
Bunny Binnie.
1, 2, 3.
[Binnie Bunny.]
Don't forget, uh uh no no.
[Binnie Bunny is so refreshing!.]
[Jiho Rabbit's turn.]
1, 2, 3.
[This rabbit is harmful to my heart.]
[Caution for Hyo rabbit.]
There she goes.
[Look at her.]
She's preparing.
[Finished setting.]
She's like a machine.
Stop setting up! [This hat is like a part of me.]
This is mine.
[Continuous reactions.]
Okay, I like this.
[We can't stop this.]
Let's make a character.
- 1, 2, 3.
- Sorry? I couldn't hear you.
[What am I seeing now.]
[Raising her ear up.]
Sorry? I couldn't hear it.
[I can't believe what I saw.]
- Please do it again.
- One more time.
- Yes, please.
- Way to go! - Oh, my.
- Crazy.
[Please don't look at me.]
Go! [Standard rabbit language.]
Hello, I'm Hyo Rabbit.
[How do you feel when you are not cute?.]
[Returned to Choi Hyojung.]
Way to go! [Habit of giving compliments.]
But she did it well.
Stop saying that! That's bad.
You're encouraging her.
You two are doing it in return to each other.
When she does, you compliment.
When you do, she compliments.
[Give-and-take relationship.]
You know, give and take.
That's our way of life.
Teamwork is a [Ready to show reactions.]
- Don't get started yet.
- She did nothing.
[Already showing reactions.]
She said cute already.
[Hyo-Seung alliance.]
I like this.
[Seung rabbit will be amazing.]
It's going to be amazing.
- That's how we wear it? - Can we put our hands in it? - You had no idea? - You're so talented.
[Oh, you ordinary rabbits.]
- 1, 2, 3.
- Bunny.
[Audio that stimulates our ears.]
[Video that captures our eyes.]
Bunny! [I'm so cute because I'm passionate.]
[Returning to the reality.]
It's not your home.
[Struggling to forget what she did.]
It's not your home.
[Covering her mouth.]
[Rin rabbit's turn.]
Oh, my.
[Cute ending.]
Everyone, Seunghee is [Hyun Seunghee(24).]
became a lot bold.
[Baby Rin's turn.]
Arin rabbit.
- Our Arin rabbit.
- The youngest rabbit.
[Successful thanks to MC's favoritism.]
- She's no.
- No.
So cute.
- Arin.
- What are you doing? - Will you not do that? You took it for granted.
- Good.
- Inside it.
[Arin moms.]
Put your hands inside.
She requires a lot of care.
[Choi Yewon (20) /Needs extra care.]
[There you go.]
- That's right.
- Great job.
- There you go.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Rin rabbit's fan 1.]
[Rin rabbit's fan 2.]
[What's this cute creature?.]
- Cute.
- No.
[Rin rabbit is training members.]
- Cute.
- No.
[Rin rabbit is embarrassed.]
- You won no.
- No.
1! - She's no.
- She is.
[7 MY GIRL rabbit is over.]
As the titles go, they're all refreshing! [But the real challenge begins now.]
This is just a preview.
You did a great job, though.
Let's have the real competition.
- What's that? - Scared.
[What are they?.]
- Oh my god.
- What? Lemons! So many lemons.
[A pile of lemons.]
[Bad feelings.]
I can't eat lemons.
[100 lemons.]
Listen carefully.
[Refreshing like 100 lemons.]
7 members will challenge to [Topic for fact check.]
eat 100 lemons.
[Is it possible?.]
I think we will be full.
[We will add up the numbers.]
We will fix the article title.
[Fixing the article title.]
- Not 100 lemons.
- Conscientiously.
- If you can eat 100 lemons, we will keep the title.
- Okay.
[It's not my business.]
- Let's challenge.
- You can finish it soon.
[Can't do this.]
[Reporter, are you watching this?.]
Please eat one per person.
[Fact check that started with the article.]
One per person? [Feelings before the 100 lemon challenge.]
I've never eaten lemons like this.
I've never done this.
[Refreshing scent.]
- Mimi, it's refreshing.
- Amazing.
[Mouth is watering.]
- My mouth starts watering.
- Me, too.
My mouth is watering.
[Putting one into her mouth.]
Your mouth watered? [Help me.]
Well, I am - You need to make a refreshing face.
- Make a cute face.
- Mimi, be refreshing.
- Refreshingly.
[Trying hard.]
- Don't forget the facial expression.
- How does it smell? - Don't try too hard.
- Yes.
- Did you eat? - Who likes to eat lemon? - Refreshing look.
- Binnie.
- She's the best.
[Bae Yoobin / Boss in this area It's a piece of cake.]
So fresh.
- Please make a look.
- You can enjoy eating.
Can we eat this? [Wow, I like this flavor.]
Binnie eats it like a tangerine.
[I wish everyday is like today.]
Can we eat this? [What a great day!.]
[Eating lemons so calmly.]
[This is a challenge for me.]
[Forgetting they're on a show.]
[Eating without talking.]
[Downloading it into my stomach.]
Look at Binnie.
Binnie, don't try hard.
Not sour? [So delicious.]
I had lemons yesterday.
- She buys some at a mart.
- Really? [Others are struggling.]
Others can't eat lemons well.
Mimi is now reaching her limit.
[Lemon effect 2: Sad thoughts.]
[Lemon effect 3: Neck pain.]
[Lemon effect 4: Emotional.]
[Lemon effect 5: Bigger eyes.]
[Still, among them.]
[I'm shooting a lemon advertisement.]
Hyojung, enjoy eating.
Please don't look at that camera when you eat lemons.
[Will you please eat it like others?.]
The director feels pressure now.
[Pick-dol resulted in zooming out.]
The camera director stopped zooming in.
[Don't care.]
[Pick-cam and Hyojung's world.]
While I'm eating them, [Do you know that?.]
- Delicious? - My teeth are corroded.
[Give me litmus paper.]
- I know what she meant.
- I hear clicking sound from my teeth.
[Interim counting.]
How many have you eaten? - 1.
- Mimi had 1.
Arin, 1.
Just one.
- 1 and a half.
- Me, too.
- Three.
- I had four.
- Stop eating them.
- 1? - 1.
- 1.
[Leader Choi's announcement.]
11 is enough.
We have a new title.
[Caution: Not 100 lemons.]
OH MY GIRL is refreshing like 11 lemons.]
[Fact check completed.]
That's the corrected title! Next fact to check! BoA said OH MY GIRL is the girl band that draws her attention.
Have you heard that? [I saw it in real time.]
- Yes.
- I saw it.
What did she say? "Who is the girl band that draw your attention?" She said OH MY GIRL.
I also heard YooA is [Yoo Sia (24) /BoA's loyal fan.]
- a big fan of her.
- Yes.
- I like her a lot.
- Right.
[YooA took a picture with her star BoA.]
We took a picture together.
[A day of YooA, BoA's loyal fan.]
After school, I came home [Watching BoA's music video.]
and watched her music video every day.
I loved "Atlantis Princess".
[YooA's best favorite song.]
I watched the music video so many times.
Then I became her fan.
What did you talk with BoA? [They exchanged phone numbers.]
- We appeared on the same show.
- Really? We appeared on a variety show.
- Now we text each other.
- You exchanged numbers? [Jealous.]
She boasted that to us! [A loyal fan can meet her star!.]
Is there another BoA's fan? [All members are BoA's fans.]
All of us like her.
[BoA Kids.]
- We liked her.
- When Seunghee was young - We liked her in childhood.
- She practiced her dance.
- How does it feel? When you met your star from your childhood.
How did it feel? It's hard to explain.
- Right.
- Emotional.
[Sia became YooA and met BoA.]
I felt like that.
- Really? - I saw her on a music show.
We took a group shot together and I shed tears.
[Miracle's comments.]
So, your fans asked for this.
"I want to see the cover dance".
[So, we prepared.]
Okay! You will cover the dance of female artists.
[OH MY GIRL's cover dance.]
Performance for their sisters.
Dedicated to their favorite singers.
Music, please! [Starting with "Roller Coaster" #Cheongha.]
[Cherry YooA's sexy solo dance.]
"Catch me, I want you!" [They're cheering on YooA.]
[Half-dance, half-cheers.]
[Like soldiers.]
[YooA's solo performance to "Roller Coaster".]
[6 MY GIRL added their voices.]
[Seunghee's volume is set to max.]
[Jiho is on mute.]
Your reactions are too extreme.
[I can't hear you.]
[Make some noise for YooA!.]
[It feels like YooA's solo concert.]
[That's all.]
[Roller coaster stopped.]
Let's go! [Rin-Hyo-Seung time.]
[Bingle Bangle #AOA.]
I like this song.
[Shake your body!.]
[Perfectly matching their image.]
[Cute, refreshing.]
[Outfits are similar to AOA's.]
[Unofficial 3-member unit Rin-Hyo-Seung.]
[Binnie is dancing too.]
[Whatever they do, OH MY GIRL is so cute!.]
[OH MY Girls' Generation.]
Mr #SNSD.]
[Suddenly changed.]
[Fatally sexy.]
[So versatile.]
[Their performance captures my attention.]
[Refreshing version of "Mr.
[This is a cool version.]
[Girl crush concept of there members.]
[Indeed, concept fairies They can show all kinds of concepts.]
[Showing off their dance and beauty.]
[That's why everyone likes OH MY GIRL.]
[Dedicated to BoA.]
[My Name #BoA.]
BoA! [BoA's loyal fan 7 MY GIRL's performance.]
[Recreation of BoA's performance that they've watched hundred times.]
[Everyone looks so awesome!.]
[So cool.]
[Sexy dance for the pick-cam.]
[My name is baby Rin!.]
[7 portions of hot dance performance.]
[Powerful cover dance.]
[They proved they're BoA's fans with high quality dance performance.]
[Ending with their signature pose.]
[Cheongha, AOA, SNSD and BoA likes this.]
It's a dedicated performance, right? Dedicated to other artists.
Ending with cover dance for BoA.
[OH MY GIRL, great job!.]
3 or 4 years later, on "IDOL ROOM," [Far-sighted Hyungdon.]
some girl bands do this for them.
Did you follow me well? Did I come out well? [Hyojung doesn't take a break.]
Did you follow me well? [Somebody please stop her.]
What's wrong with her? Did I come out well? Are you sure? [Voluntarily over-working idol.]
Please take a break! - I saw the camera was on.
- Don't work too hard.
My Idol Guinness.
My baby! - Have you seen the segment? - Yes.
[Idols try each segment of Guinness items.]
When you succeed in this Guinness items, [In case of success.]
- In the first show.
- To fans.
- To fans.
- Coffee car? - We will treat them with coffee car.
- Saw it.
[We will buy Miracle coffee car.]
- But it is very hard.
- If you succeed, - Please.
The Guinness item Oh My Girl is going to try is, [The item for Oh My Girl.]
- Curious.
- That is Run with the spoon that has an egg on.
[Kind explanation on rule.]
Put the egg on the spoon.
You hold the spoon with your mouth.
- In our mouth? - Can I do it with hands? - Like this? - Can't we? - We can't.
- You can't.
- In our mouth? - Right.
- Can't hold them with hands.
Guinness record is 16.
59 seconds for 100m.
[No worries.]
We are not shooting for something impossible.
[Only for something possible.]
- Our staffs did simulation.
- Really? [The result?.]
It took them 10 seconds to run around the circle track that they made.
[10 seconds for a lap.]
10 seconds? [70 seconds for 7 girls.]
10 seconds for one lap.
- 7 people in 70 seconds.
- How- In 70 seconds.
I think we can.
- Fighting.
- Fighting.
[Oh My Girl, you can do it.]
- We will set.
- We hold it still here and move legs only.
[Track setting.]
Coffee for Miracle.
- Let's step aside.
- Coffee.
[I am for Oh My Girl.]
Too big.
[Saying something in silence.]
Seems okay.
Seems okay.
Too large.
[Capture the moment!.]
[Uncle Don, you are a king.]
Anyone who is fast come first and next.
[Pigs No.
1 and 2 busy with tricks.]
Slow runners should be in the middle? No1.
[Relay order No.
1 Jiho.]
- Yes.
- Jiho.
[Prep for setting.]
- Have to do it in advance.
- Relay game.
- In advance.
- You have to bite it with your molar teeth.
[Arin, you are not eating the spoon.]
Go for setting.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Coffee car.
- Coffee if you can make within 70 seconds.
[Wait for us, Miracle.]
- Ready? - Fighting.
[Super nervous.]
- Okay.
- Careful.
[So shaky but fast.]
- Doing well.
- Good.
[Super good, Jiho.]
Jiho is doing well.
2 runner, Seunghee.]
- Good turn.
- Good.
- No.
2 Seunghee.
[Run safe and sound, good delivery.]
- Good.
- Seunghee is doing it so well.
[Super quick.]
Just don't drop it.
[Never stop talking.]
- It ends when it falls.
- [No3.
Ming Jjang.]
It ends when it falls.
[We are great.]
[ We are super good.]
- Good.
- It ends when it falls.
[And that moment!.]
This moment.
[Egg is flying away?.]
[Wow is this for real.]
Wow! This is amazing.
[Catching the risks.]
- Like a ghost.
- Don't let it fall.
4 Binnie.]
- Don't let it fall.
- Like a ghost.
[I am serious.]
[I am on the way to buy Miracle coffee.]
- Binnie is quick.
- Funny.
- Right! - Like a ghost.
- Don't let it fall.
[Usain St.
Leo Bolt is here!.]
- Binnie is fast.
- Funny.
- Right! Like going for a walk in the neighborhood.
[Puzzled staffs.
look at the speed.]
Staffs did the simulation.
[Crazy speed, No.
5 Arin.]
- Arin.
- Fast.
Arin, be careful.
[ Eggs about to fly away.]
[Oh no!.]
[Oh My Girl is about to fail?.]
Arin, go slow.
[Super slow.]
It was risky.
[Super cool.]
[Standing egg.]
The egg is standing.
[Arin delivery 2nd crisis.]
- Risky.
- Hold on.
-It's fine.
[Slow down and egg is delivered.]
It's fine.
[Took a long time.]
It's been.
6 runner, Yooa.]
- The time is.
- It's alright.
[Make sure to get the coffee car.]
- There is only one left.
- Go! - Miracle.
[Super nervous.]
[Super slow.]
It is getting slower.
[The last runner, Hyojung is on standby.]
Hyojung, [The last lap.]
Hyojung finished.
[Coffee car is right here.]
Don't let it fall.
[Despite the noise.]
[Stable delivery.]
It's fine.
[Stay calm.]
The time is.
! [Two are still holding spoons in their mouth because they are nervous.]
[7 girls finished the lap.]
[Successful egg delivery.]
[The result?.]
[7 girls finished the relay.]
[Egg delivery was successful?.]
[What's the result?.]
- Got it! - Guys, 70 seconds go by faster than you think.
[Reveal the last digit.]
What is it? [ second 56.]
56 seconds.
[Super happy.]
[Maybe 60.
56 seconds?.]
- 56? - 60.
56 seconds? There is 1 in front.
56 seconds.
- Are you sure of 61.
56 seconds? - 51.
56 seconds? - Fighting.
[Limited to 70 seconds.]
56 seconds.]
56 seconds! [Yeah.]
[Fireworks please.]
Coffee car! [Scream everyone, coffee car!.]
Coffee car.
[One thing you forgot.]
You made it.
[Oh My Girl is good at relay running.]
'Idol Room' will buy coffee car in the first show.
[Coming soon.]
[Coffee car is running to you, Miracle.]
[It is time to go home .]
Oh My Girl made its comeback in 9 months with 'Remember Me'.
We had Oh My Girl today.
[A word visiting Idol Room today?.]
Binnie, how was it today? [Working overtime till the end.]
I got to try many things and it was fun.
It feels like I am in TV.
[Binnie was having fun.]
It was fun.
Thank you so much.
Love 'Remember me'.
- Today's - Pick dol [Today's pick dol' word.]
How was it for you, Hyojung? I am a bit worried.
[Too much love towards the camera.]
I loved camera so much, It is hard to say good bye.
- Amazing! - Thank you.
Hyojung is asking to love 'Remember me'.
[A comeback in a while.]
We made our comeback.
[Good start with Idol Room.]
It was fun to hang out with 'Idol Room'.
We are here all together in 8 months.
It was such a fun start.
We got so much good energy.
Thank you.
[Heart Heart.]
- Love our new song, 'Remember me'.
- Bye.
So far, the best Idol show.
[Oh My Girl! Fighting.]
'Idol Room' [Enjoy more videos of Idol Room including Hyojung CAM on V LIVE.]