Idol Room (2018) s01e20 Episode Script


1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 20 - Got7 The NO.
1 trustworthy idol show, IDOL ROOM.
[A brand new kind of show.]
We're going to try out a pilot section for the first time ever.
[A pilot section within the program.]
Weird showcase.
That's right everyone.
[Argues that they're the first.]
I think we may be the only show that tries pilot sections with idol member guests.
The trend among idol groups is to [Release a new song on Monday.]
release a new song, [Comeback on Tuesday with IDOL ROOM.]
appear on IDOL ROOM - and then appear on TV, right? - It's a mystery.
We don't know why everyone wants to do their first show with IDOL ROOM.
And to keep in step with that trend, IDOL ROOM came up with this idea [The reason for this showcase.]
to make a showcase stage for them.
That's right.
Since this is a pilot section, [Since it's dangerous.]
we need something safe to make it a success.
[A guest group that ensures the success of a new section.]
A safety idol, if you will.
We have a sure deal right now.
They're a group.
And it's not easy to see them in Korea these days.
[A world class idol group.]
They're popular abroad as well.
[Welcome GOT7.]
Come and get it GOT7! [Handsome members fill the stage.]
GOT7! [New York style greeting for world class idols.]
[Defconn from Jeonju.]
[Hyeongdon from Busan.]
[Put away your formal greetings.]
There's no time for a greeting.
No formal greeting.
- What? - That's the style of our showcase.
- Can we each - No, no.
[We have our own way of doing things.]
We have prepared some things.
[So just follow our lead.]
So even if you want to say hello, - please refrain yourselves.
- All right.
- Everyone! Have you seen our show before? - Of course.
- I saw it many times.
- Really? Jackson, what episodes did you watch? [He watched the iKON episode which was hilarious.]
I watched iKON's episode.
The one that played yesterday? [But all that has no meaning.]
But all that means nothing today.
It is no good.
- We're going to do something different? - Yes.
- Something brand new.
- Why us [Because you're GOT7.]
Then who else? [We believe in you GOT7.]
JB! Who other than GOT7? - No one.
We have to do it.
- Sure.
You're a sure deal.
[The staff of IDOL ROOM trust they will do great on the show.]
GOT7 is always golden.
That's why.
[You're curious too, aren't you?.]
We'll explain about the weird showcase.
[Briefing on the weird showcase.]
We all know that you put in so much work [They released a new song after really hard work.]
for the new song.
Right? Right.
[They thought about a way to really jazz up the new song.]
To make the song more special, more precious, and more beautiful [Wow.]
- Yes.
- We're going to let you PR [A new kind of show, they can PR the new song for 60 minutes.]
the new song so obviously.
[He doubts them because he knows they're not normally this nice.]
So it's all about PR? Like a showcase.
[But he has a condition.]
- But.
- There's a condition.
- Yes there is.
[We knew there would be a "but".]
- What kind of condition? - We have prepared [Not too hard, very little missions.]
some little tiny missions.
Very small.
- Really? - If and only if you pass the missions - Very small.
[Wants to goof around.]
Then can you PR for your new song.
[He won't play along.]
That doesn't sound that hard, does it? [They say OK even though they're not that sure.]
Yes, but we should listen to the missions first.
- All right.
- Just because it's a pilot section, [Does he get them to agree like this?.]
you're not burdened, are you? Just because it's a pilot, it doesn't mean that we'll [The leader knows it all.]
be the reason why this section won't continue on.
[Who is to blame?.]
[That's the reason they cast GOT7.]
We can blame GOT7.
- We can and we will.
- If this doesn't become a regular section, [It's all GOT7's fault.]
it's 100% GOT7's fault.
[The innocent lambs have been trapped.]
It's our fault? We'll start the showcase.
[Since they're done pointing fingers.]
Now, you can make a formal appearance.
- What? - What? - Do we go off set again? - Go off set again? [What do you mean?.]
[Red sun, this was all a prologue.]
- Then up until now - Now, we really start.
- That was just an appetizer.
- Then everything we did - Please leave us.
We want to be alone.
- Yes.
[Not liking this so much.]
- We have our own way of doing things.
- Yes.
- Please follow our instructions.
- Yes.
[What is this for?.]
[A mysterious box in the middle.]
Before we ask our guests to IDOL ROOM's weird showcase to come out, [The 1st gateway.]
there is something they must do first.
- There are security check points at the airport too, right? - That's right.
[This is a security check point.]
- They must go through this.
- A security check point.
[Checking their identity.]
And we will check to see if they are really GOT7 members.
[Prove whether you are GOT7 or not.]
They must prove they are GOT7 members to participate in the weird showcase.
Then candidates, please step forward.
[6 candidates including JB.]
- Please wait on the right.
- Are we not GOT7 yet? [Who am I? Where are we?.]
- You are not GOT7 yet.
- Then who are we? [About 2% short of being GOT7.]
You're GO7.
[GOT7 wannabes.]
- GO7.
- Candidates? [Candidates Wang, Bhuwakul, Tuan, Lim, Park, Choi and Kim.]
The first candidate please.
[Number 1 candidate is Mr.
Please enter, JB.
- Let's get it.
- Please walk through it.
Arms up.
[State of the art scanning system.]
[Not an airport.]
[He just wanted to try this.]
[What is this?.]
JB is [Name: JB, Team name: GOT7.]
JB went on a talk show in the US and demonstrated touching his nose with his tongue.
- On a show in another country - Yes.
It wasn't that high.
[He's a human after all, his tongue can't touch his forehead.]
Not like this? - Not like that.
- Not between your eyes? That's a little too much.
[Something to see if he's really JB.]
Since you already did it on a show in the US, if you can't do it here, you're not JB.
[Just one chance.]
- In just one try? - Practice? If you fail, you must leave.
[He wants to try.]
He's good.
It's gotten longer.
[They all want to be like JB.]
It's gotten longer.
I can't bend it.
If only I could bend it Look.
[If you succeed, then you might as well be JB.]
[They can't do it because they're not JB.]
- Let's go.
- Let's see if he's JB.
[The moment of truth.]
- Let's go.
- Let's see if he's really JB.
1, 2, 3.
[Passes with one try.]
- Pass! - OK.
[JB lost his coolness but regained his name.]
1, 2, 3.
Pass! [Proves that he is JB of GOT7.]
[Participates in the showcase.]
JB, pass! Please come this way.
[GOT7 wannabe - Is now GOT7's JB.]
He was really JB of GOT7.
- Right.
- And he's the leader, right? - The leader.
- Wasn't that too easy? - Come on.
[What is this, you as? This is a weird showcase.]
It's so weird.
[Proving he is Jackson of GOT7.]
[Proving he is Jinyoung of GOT7.]
[Name: Jackson, Team: GOT7.]
- In 1 minute, Jackson can - This is too hard.
do 76 pushups.
- There.
- Pass! [Proves that he is Jackson of GOT7.]
[Enters the showcase.]
He is Jackson.
[Name: Jinyoung, team name: GOT7.]
Ready, go.
[Jinyoung can peel an apple without breaking the peel.]
You have to focus for this.
[So focused.]
[His face proves that he's Jinyoung.]
[He is so handsome.]
- Pass! - Pass! [Proves that he's Jinyoung.]
[Enters showcase.]
- Show us.
- He passed? - Wow.
[The peel is so evenly cut.]
It didn't break, not once.
Good job.
Did you learn to do this somewhere? [Nope.]
Did you learn how to do it? [Fact bomb.]
Where would you learn to do that? From who? [Hong Kong Wang is alarmed by an attack from a younger member.]
Yugyeom is teasing Jackson.
[He's the infamous youngest member who lives every day like it's his last.]
[Can't believe it.]
Where would he learn to do that? [That kid.]
- I was told.
- Who would teach him that? I was told.
[This is a prop you guys.]
So far, we have 3 members so it's GOT3.
[Sharing the apple.]
Now it's time for GOT4.
[Candidate Choi, the 4th member's turn.]
- Next up is Youngjae.
- YJ.
[He hasn't even started and they're already teasing him.]
I'm amazed that he did something.
[It's 99% positive that it's Youngjae since he's being teased.]
I wonder what he did - No! - I'm so curious.
Youngjae, please pass through.
I wonder what he did.
Youngjae [What did he do?.]
[Name: Youngjae, team name: GOT7.]
[Enters showcase.]
He gets a birthday free pass! [Jealous.]
What! But we still have to see some ID.
[Not easy.]
[They ask for an ID.]
We have to see if it's really his birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- It really is his birthday.
September 17th.
[A bonus.]
[Youngjae's passport photo.]
Pass! - Happy birthday.
- Youngjae is [Number 5, Candidate Tuan's turn.]
- Next up is Mark.
- Mark! Oh no [On the day of the shoot, his birthdate is 930904.]
It's my birthday soon too.
[Sorry Mark.]
[Only one birthday pass per day.]
Sorry, there can only be one free pass.
- Working so hard.
- Mark [Name: Mark, Team name: GOT7.]
A frequent line of GOT7 members are, "Are you crying again"? - He cries easily.
- What is this! - This is really hard.
- Does he have to cry? - This one is hard.
- That's impossible.
- If you cry, you pass.
- That's hard.
[Feels like he'll fail.]
I don't think we'll be able to get Mark here.
Please give him some music.
[A kind show.]
[Sad BGM.]
- This makes it easy.
- To help him out.
- It's always this melody.
- Does Mark cry a lot? [Mark is alarmed.]
- How am I supposed to cry? - Mark, calm down.
If you can't cry until the end of the song, - you have to leave.
- You have to leave.
Don't blink.
This song is 7 minutes in total.
[He's so handsome.]
Will they be able to get him? - This is so hard.
- Or will they have to be GOT6 for today.
[Vouches for Leader Lim.]
He cries at all of our concerts.
[Be quiet PLZ, he's trying to cry!.]
- He's trying.
- OK.
- He's getting into the mood.
Mark, think of your fans.
[A huge barrier approaches him.]
What are you thinking about now? [The pig's [But Mark is so nice and does what he's told.]
- Look at me.
- You'll lose the moment.
- Mark fails! - Fail! [Mark can't enter the showcase.]
- Why? - Please face towards the back.
[Almost in tears.]
[He's almost crying because he's upset.]
[The reason he failed.]
It's because of you! Wasn't that like the worst thing you could do? [His eyes would make anyone laugh.]
I was just - How can anyone cry after looking into your eyes? - Everyone knows about my eyes.
[The You always say, "Mark, are you crying again"? [Pretending he doesn't understand.]
- You're blaming Yugyeom? - Can he get 1 more minute? Mark, you can stand by and when you feel ready to cry, you can walk past through whenever.
[Happy again.]
- May I? - Yes.
- Keep your eyes open the whole time.
- Get your tears ready.
- Let me sit.
- Please do.
[Sad thoughts Sad thoughts.]
[Number 6, candidate Bhuwakul.]
- Next is BamBam.
- So funny.
- It's hard.
- We need one more member to fail.
- What will his be? - BamBam [Thank you for your compliment.]
- This is fun.
- GOT7.
[Name: BamBam, Team member: GOT7.]
BamBam, please tell us the full names of your brothers and younger sister.
[Almost a free pass.]
- Isn't this too easy? - No it's not.
He doesn't know.
[Hard mission.]
[He said once that he doesn't know his brother's full name.]
- Too long.
- He's family.
[Brother number 1's name?.]
Let's start with the oldest brother.
[Let me skip him first.]
I know my sister's name.
[Let's start with the older brother.]
We'll start with the older brother.
Let's start with the older brother.
[Starts with the younger sister.]
All right then, your sister.
My sister's name is Bhuwakul.
- Correct.
- Correct.
[Congratulations, BamBam knows his sister's name.]
- He knows his sister's name.
- Wow.
If you can't say your brothers' names, they'll be upset.
The second brother's name starts with a C.
[Ding dong dang.]
- It starts with a C.
- Yes, it starts with a C.
- Right? [Thinks hard.]
- The second brother.
- Bhuwakul.
[At the same time, Mark is struggling with his tears.]
[Brother 1 + Brother 2.]
[We're watching you BamBam.]
[Not sure of his brother's name.]
- Bhuwakul? - What? Chindanai? [Wrong.]
- What? It's wrong? - Incorrect.
[He failed at saying his brother's name.]
No? [What we were all worried about.]
- What? - Fail.
- Fail.
- Wait, how can you not know? [That's reasonable.]
My brothers changed names 3 times.
- Why do the change their names often? [TMI on BamBam's family.]
[They all use nicknames.]
[BamBam cannot enter.]
- Fail.
- Fail.
- Mark and BamBam can't enter.
- Really? BamBam failed because he didn't know the name of his own brother.
[Thinking about his brother's name.]
[Thinking about something sad.]
[The sad failures.]
At that moment, Mark [Succeeds in a drop [And passes through just in time.]
- Just as we speak - Mark.
[Another drop.]
Mark passes! [Tear dropping.]
[Name: Mark, Team name: GOT7.]
[Proves he is Mark.]
[Enters showcase.]
Mark passes! [A sad and happy tear.]
He's finally here.
- Is he crying again? - Mark, are you crying again? Again? [And this guy still doesn't know his brother's name.]
Mark is crying again.
That proved that he is a member of GOT7.
[Now it's BamBam's turn again.]
- It starts with a Chin.
- That's right.
Right, Chin.
Can I call him? No.
You're going to say, "What's your name bro"? - - Just tell me your name.
- Chindanai? [No sure.]
- Chindonai? - Chindanai.
[Hints with his face.]
Is it really Chindanai? [He stumbles across a name.]
- What? - Chindanai? - [And the other name is hard.]
- The oldest brother.
- The eldest.
[Not the 20 questions game.]
It starts with Sur.
- Sur? - Like alcohol in Korean? - Sar Sarunchai Bhuwakul.
[Passes [Name: BamBam, Team name: GOT7.]
[Proves he is BamBam.]
Good work.
[Enters showcase.]
How did you know? How did you know your brother's name? That's a relief.
They didn't ask me my parents' names.
I just heard something.
He said it's a relief he wasn't asked his parents' names.
[BamBam is a bad son.]
They're way too long.
[Number 7, Candidate Kim.]
Next up is Yugyeom.
[Name: Yugyeom, Team name: GOT7.]
Apparently, there are witnesses that said that - you are a great dancer of "Havana".
- Me? [So fun.]
As the great ending.
Here is "Havana" in the Korean way.
[The music is playing already.]
Can you hold for a minute? That doesn't sound too good.
It's a crisis.
[The members cheer him on.]
[A sexy dance.]
[It's embarrassing.]
[He still has a drop of innocence.]
[He can't look.]
[He turns away.]
[The guy from Hong Kong cheers him on.]
- He's trying so hard.
- He's trying so hard.
[His advice.]
- Go down.
- Do that too? Come on! [You can tell he's the youngest.]
[Does what he is told.]
[Proves he's Yugyeom.]
[Enters showcase.]
[All passed for the showcase.]
They all proved they're GOT7 members.
- Can we say hello? - Yes.
- A formal hello.
- Finally.
[They've worked so hard for this.]
- We've been here for like an hour.
- 1 hour.
2, 3, come and get it, GOT7.
Hello, we're GOT7.
The real GOT7.
[BamBam learned a lot.]
- We learned how hard it is to say a greeting.
- Yes.
[Time to evaluate the pilot section.]
That was the first pilot secton, - did you all think it was OK? - Yes.
[All satisfied.]
- We - Youngjae, you too? Of course.
I wish it was my birthday every day.
Sunshine is so happy it was his birthday.]
[This section made it past all other pilot sections.]
We're really going to start.
For the first time ever on entertainment shows, close-up cameras on idol singers, the close-up camera for today's PICK idol! Camera.
[Wow, camera.]
Camera, camera.
- You know what's coming up, right? - No I don't.
- We'll explain it for you.
- Game.
[They pick just one member to zoom in on.]
The camera will zoom in on one member and follow him around until the end.
- A close-up camera? - Yes, close-up camera.
[The video will be revealed online after the show.]
The no-cut version will be revealed on Naver.
- Yes.
- We will upload the full version on Naver.
If you're a fan of JB [His Korean patch is working hard.]
- Then that's - The bomb.
- A blessing.
- Awesome.
When the others can't look cool, [They can do a one-man show.]
- All eyes on you.
- On the close-up camera.
[Ambitious puppy, can we steal someone else's close-up camera?.]
Can we steal someone else's? [Like this?.]
Sure! You can barge in.
[How BamBam can steal JB's close-up camera.]
If you haven't been on camera that much Sure! - Like this.
- You have to figure out who was chosen.
[Come on spinning wheel.]
Huh? There's a lot of additions.
[Please lie around the wheel and do flower cup hands.]
Please do flower cup hands.
[Flower cup?.]
- Like his.
- I've seen this.
- Right here.
- And we spin this? [What?.]
- We lie on top of this? - No, no, that's not it.
[JB isn't getting it.]
So you really haven't seen our show.
I didn't see this.
[The reason they were asked to lie down was.]
You really didn't see this then.
Like this.
[Like this.]
[JB is embarrassed by one point +1.]
- Roulette.
- Roulette.
[Hi IGOT7 fans.]
- GOT7 is back.
- Hi.
[Now for the pretty close-ups.]
[PICK idol member is Jackson.]
[GOT7 Jackson.]
[Jinyoung is such a handsome guy.]
Jinyoung should act.
He's so handsome.
Why are you guys talking about him being so handsome right after me? [PICK idol, cutie pie.]
[GOT7 Jinyoung.]
[PICK idol, cute retriever style.]
[GOT7 Yugyeom.]
LA style.
[PICK idol.]
[GOT7 JB.]
- JB.
- The leader.
[PICK idol.]
[GOT7 BamBam.]
What is your mother and father's names? [Special quality: doesn't know his parent's names.]
He has to think about that.
[PICK idol.]
[GOT7 Mark.]
[PICK idol.]
[GOT7 Youngjae.]
[So handsome they cleanse your eyes.]
We'll spin the wheel now.
[The spinning wheel starts its job.]
- Here we go.
- Spin hard.
Let's see who will be the lucky one.
[Who will the camera decide on?.]
Youngjae seems like he'd be selected.
[BamBam PICK.]
- BamBam.
- BamBam.
[A festival.]
BamBam, starting from now on, the camera will follow your every move.
The camera will continue to zoom in on you.
[Steals the camera early on.]
- That sound uncomfortable.
- Please tell us what you think.
[The members gather into the frame.]
We can do this.
[The close-up camera is so popular.]
It's a little Yes, that's how it's done.
I'm prepared to jump into the frame a lot.
[He makes sure he keeps his promise.]
[The hyena-like members jump in whenever they can.]
Please keep watching.
[He's the one selected by the close-up camera.]
[The most crowded close-up camera ever, please look forward to BamBam's close-up camera.]
[The next move according to the procedure.]
The next move is, - It cannot be missed in the showcase.
- Right.
[The first Idol Room showcase press conference.]
Let's have a press conference.
[We have this person for the press.]
Please come out here.
[Reporter who is doing hi-five with the Idol.]
- Hi-five.
- Hi-five.
- Yes.
[Who is he?.]
You must know him well.
- Of course.
- Sure.
- Yup.
Please introduce yourself.
JYP intern [Hahahaha super smily.]
- I am still very new.
- That's fine.
[Hwang Hyunjin/Stray Kids-JYP nation, the first day as a reporter.]
Hello? JYP reporter.
[Sweet, looking at him warmly.]
I am Hwang Hyunjin, a reporter from JYP nation.
How fresh.
[Looking so sweet.]
No one does well from the first day.
[ Puzzled saying it in banmal.]
Don't be nervous! Don't be nervous.
[Staged chaos, Is he the underly or a reporter?.]
You can't use banmal.
He's reporter.
[Today he is not an underly.
He's a reporter.]
Everything can be published in the article.
Don't tell him to relax.
- Let's say hi.
- Did you get the title for the article? 2, 3! Come and get it GOT7! [Well, please nice to us, Reporter, Hwang.]
Hello, we are GOT 7.
[Puzzled, don't know what to do in this circumstance.]
Hey, reporter.
[Unstable eyes looking at the crew members.]
There are reasons we are here today.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Yes.
[Super nervous.]
- Hold one.
- Go on.
Don't be nervous.
[You are saying this to who?.]
I am Hwang Hyunjin, a reporter from JYP nation.
[Staged but chaotic.]
First of all, GOT 7 seniors - Idol Room.
- Seniors? - Are we his seniors? GOT 7, - GOT 7, - Yes.
[This is too hard for the newbie.]
[From the beginning.]
I am Hwang Hyunjin, a reporter from JYP nation.
How many times are you talking about it? Are you going to do that or each question? [Newbie who feels like he has to stick to the script.]
- Script - Falling in there.
- Hyunjin.
Well, he is an intern [Fighting, reminding them of their past.]
- He needs to introduce him.
- Right.
[Global super star, GOT 7.]
GOT 7 has become super popular.
[World tour was success meeting 175,000 fans around the world.]
LA show was sold out.
8000 seats sold out for the show in Argentina.
8000 seat sold out in Huston.
[Asia's first to be on Billboard 'Hot Tourist Top 10.]
Hot tourist top 10.
The only Asian singers to be there.
[Shy but proud.]
- The first Korean singers' concert whose seats were sold out.
- Really? [GOT 7 eating the whole world.]
GOT 7 is eating away the whole world.
Is this all true? [Compliment.]
- True.
- Right.
Don't use banmal.
[Don't forget, This is a press conference.]
You are too relaxed to a reporter? [Super clear.]
- Right.
- Okay.
When in Russia, [A concert in Russia 3 months ago.]
- 2 months? - Moscow? - Yes, Moscow.
- 2 months ago.
- Moscow.
- How many seats were there? [First among K-Pop, 6000 seats were sold out in Moscow concert.]
- 8000 seats.
- 8000.
It is not easy to secure a venue with 8000 or 10000 seats.
- Asian singers - The first time there - Besides, they don't speak Korean.
- Right.
You meet them.
[Hongkong man who is shocked by foreigners singing in Korean.]
They sing along in Korean.
What is their favorite song in Russia? [Russia I GOT7 class.]
All sing along.
- All songs.
- Super cool that they can sing all songs in Korean.
[More to brag, what happened in Paris.]
- In Paris, - In Chile.
- It's Paris.
- France.
- They do this when they are excited.
[Paris fans' stomping performance.]
- In group? - Really? Like this? [Super impressed with their performance.]
They all were doing that, There was this echo all over the place.
- I felt the vibration - We were shocked as we were changing.
Thinking what is this.
[Not a reporter now, super jealous.]
All were super passionate.
[Capturing Hyunjin's envious eyes.]
- Hyunjin - Yes? What do you fee when you hear GOT 7's story? [The future of Stray Kids that Hyunjin is dreaming of.]
What do you think of Stray Kids? [The boss likes him.]
Well, we will be like GOT 7.
[Hyunjin, good job.]
[SKZ who are clapping in the studio.]
[Super friendly.]
You will be better than us.
- Okay.
- Idol Room, [It is aired around the world.]
It is being broadcasted around the world.
We need to promote the show more.
[World-dol, Got 7, say hi in multiple language.]
Korean, Thai, Chinese.
Say hi to your fans.
- Promote your show? - Yes.
[Yim leader doing it first.]
I will do it in Korean first.
[He is promoting his group, not the show.]
2, 3! Come and get it.
Not that.
? [Don't understand?.]
- Not this? - No, do it on your own.
- Alone? - Yes.
[Little bros' criticism.]
JB makes a lot of small mistakes.
[The little one reveals the truth.]
He is that way for sure! [Got it.]
Members are giving craps about the leader? Where is JB's charismas you once had? [ Okay, this is the time.]
When I read books in the waiting room, [There are lots to say.]
Let's go, hurry! - So, it is more relaxed like that.
- Right.
[Right on.]
Yugyeom is especially super relaxed.
[That little one.]
[ The little one's recent behavior, got it?.]
See? Hitting Jackson like that? [Little one's excuse.]
I have reasons.
[Don't want to hear it.]
I used to use formal words to Jackson [Jinyoung is on the same page with Jackson.]
We are friends.
[Little one, we are friends.]
What's up bro And said we are friends.
- Said I don't speak formal words with him.
- No, I said we are friends, not hyung.
(old brother) [Don't care about it anymore.]
[You are almost my father.]
[Yugyeom, an acting father of King Jackson.]
JB, unlike before, Who is the most difficult one to deal with? Pick one.
- One.
- I think [Candidate1.
A man with no today and no tomorrow.]
[Candidate 2.
The famous Bam Bam.]
[Candidate 3.
A little one of 2 month here who dreams of unlock.]
- Maybe that's right.
- No answer.
[JB has no answer.]
No answer.
There was no case of crossing the line.
What? [JB Ficial.]
I don't cross the line, Yugyeom didn't.
If a person's limit is here, then he [Staying logical.]
[Bam Bam around the edge.]
- His is here.
- That's mine.
- Hanging here.
But even crossing, [Leader is getting lost.]
- Can't do much.
- Right.
[Ha Ha Ha.]
- But I like seeing you all relaxed.
- Thank you.
[That's that.]
We haven't said hi yet.
[We plan to say hi to global fans but didn't for 10 minutes.]
[Jinyoung, would you?.]
Jinyoung, do you speak other languages? [Saving time, mix version saying hi.]
In many languages all at once, Guys, Got 7 [Respect.]
- We are here on Idol Room.
- Yes.
[From now on, all.]
Mixing it all up? Really? Support us, Support us a lot.
Thank you.
[ My introduction is the beginning of the question.]
An intern, Hwang Hyunjin from JYP nation.
[GOT 7 was on the popular US talk show.]
GOT 7 was on the popular talk show in NewYork, Poured out special news.
Can you announce updated news here? Mark fell from his bike and that left him some spots in his jaw.
[Really? How?.]
- Really? How do you know? [Look at him.]
You told me so.
Did I? That was a long time ago.
None now? [Tiny little bit.]
Here it is.
[Got over it now.]
- You are okay now? - Yup.
Next, JB told that he took out all of his tooth to get implant.
- Did you get implant done? - No, not yet.
[There is no Idol like this.]
- Where? - All gone now.
[Open his mouth as if it is nothing.]
[TMI news that was introduced to NY citizens.]
Not planted yet? Just taken all out? Yes, once it gets healed, - Maybe next month? - You need to wait for 3 months.
He said he will get implant to Good Day New York.
[Got 7 who shared just about everything in the U.
You shared TMI.
What did they say? [ Right, curious.]
After I told them that, Really? I showed them that.
[Super polite.]
They don't do like? What's up? [Super silly, his imaginary reaction by Americans.]
Nothing like this? [Maybe they didn't see it.]
MCs were women.
Are you saying we are ignorant? [What an attack out of nowhere?.]
Because we do not speak English? We have been to the States.
We know everything.
Why are you doing nothing? Why are you doing nothing? [Help me, bros.]
- Curious that you are doing nothing.
- Don't know what to do.
[Member is under attack.]
Your member is under attack, [This is a true learning scene.]
When attacking JB, [When JB was attacked, all of them were on board.]
All were attacking, [What happened now, no one cares about the leader.]
Right, no idea.
How did it become like this? JB? Now he is a like a tiger with no power [ Ex-charisma leader.]
Really a tiger with no tooth JB without tooth.
[The little one likes the most.]
Hah, just like that coincidently, [Little one who has no today.]
- One is out.
- No, it is a joke.
Jackson is into Yoga these days.
- Pilates.
- Really? - Pilates.
[Right now, fact check.]
We should check it out.
So many moves [The most difficult one.]
The most difficult one out of what you can do.
[Jackson who learned yoga.]
Can do everything.
This is the basic for B boys.
[Ex B boy, JB.]
Can do this.
[Yim leader, a chance to bring his swag back.]
- Of course I can.
- JB boy.
- JB boy.
[Who are you?.]
Why are you shaking so much? Shaking too much? [Shaky.]
- JB boy? - Why are yu shaking? [Yim Jaebong's goofiness got 10 points higher.]
- Too shaky? - Alright? - Nervous.
- Why shaky so much? [Screwed.]
Alright? JB? [If this is it, then forget about the charisma.]
You know what? Yugyeom will look down on you even more.
- No more.
- This won't even be broadcasted.
You tried.
[Okay, let's wait for the next time for JB.]
- Not everything can.
- Right.
[Strange showcase press conference-THE END.]
This is Hwang Hyunjin, an intern reporter from JYP nation.
Done? - Reporter, Hwang? - Yes.
[ Feedback for the conference today?.]
How was it? You have been watching.
[Idol Room audience + 1, great .]
So much fun, like watching the show.
What do you think of GOT 7? Many talents? They are so funny and pleasant.
[ Raw beef? What?.]
They are funny.
[Kind leader.]
Not the raw beef but pleasant.
We know.
[ Again, JB's charisma is gone.]
Ignored again.
JB! Ignored again by Bam Bam.
I saw it right here.
Oh this is how you feel.
I saw it right here.
[The character of the day, sad leader, Yim.]
I don't know why I am on this show today.
It was fun to reveal things before.
To celebrate GOT7's comeback stage, [Strange showcase celebration stage GOT7.]
The stage.
Was prepared by GOT7.
[Never heard of such thing(Huh? Us?).]
But! [What is it? Feeling scared.]
We Since this is a weird showcase, Pro-Idols should be able to in any circumstances, [Pro-Idol's principle, do your best in any circumstance.]
Do your best.
Isn't that Pro-Idol? - Right.
- So, we [So we prepared a tool for an extreme situation.]
Something small, small thing.
[Okay whatever.]
- Experimental.
- Yes.
- Not wearing heels, right? - Heel? No way.
They are on their way.
Something super small.
- Too small.
- Too big? - I have never seen something that big.
- Too small.
[Super big size.]
Too big.
- This is.
- Too much? [Don't know how to make faces.]
Thank you for being considerate.
[What the hell, Hwang reporter is on standby.]
Hwang, give us good photos.
Performing on the stage against the wind.]
In front of this super strong wind, GOT 7's performance, please! [Wind is working!.]
Scary! [Scared Bam.
Shaky already.]
Scary! [Super wind.]
[You might be blown away.]
[Showcase celebration stage.]
[Hard carry #GOT 7.]
[Going strong against the strong wind.]
[Awesome Idol who is doing its best in this harsh situation.]
[You are looking at Pros.]
[Huh Huh.]
[Almost blown away, hard to move forward.]
[Against the wind.]
[Who is this? What a difficult life away from home?.]
[Napul Napul, super thin body.]
[ Trying to avoid the middle spot.]
[Getting back the pretty face back for the moment.]
[The middle spot where you have to fight the hardest.]
[Is this real? Super good looking even now.]
[ Close to the wall.]
[Moving backwards unwillingly.]
[Stage guide.]
Move forward! Forward! [Against the strong wind again.]
[The first kind of show?.]
[This is the really weird showcase.]
[In front of the wind.]
[Super humble automatically.]
[Guys, Move forward!.]
- Forward! Forward! Forward! Forward! [Where are my eyes?.]
[The most harsh stage ever.]
[Forgot who I am .]
[Going strong.]
[ Peekaboo.]
[Unexpected exposure.]
[Super strong wind continues.]
[Hey, Double B.]
[Doing his best to stand against the wind.]
Forward! Forward! [Oh my.
[Hwang, forgot why he is there for the moment.]
[Members who show us how difficult to be Idol.]
Move forward.
[Getting used to it.]
[GOT 7.]
[Chic and Sexy.]
[Super long legs and arms, making good dance.]
[Actually having fun.]
[Doing their best to the end.]
[Perfect hard carry.]
Success! [Wow.]
You did hard carry just like your songs.
[Totally lost.]
[Super lost.]
- Wow.
- You are pros for sure.
[Getting seated 1 hour after the recording began.]
The first edition of Idol Room's Strange Showcase GOT7.
- Dancing in front of the strong wind was fun.
- It was really fun.
That could be our regular segment.
Thanks to us, right? - For sure.
- We got a good one.
- We did.
So when you introduce the segment, are you going to say, - "GOT7 made this" - Nope.
We made it.
We made it and GOT7 danced to it.
- That GOT7 danced to, or with GOT7.
- No, no.
- We could mention you guys just once.
- Yeah.
When we feel like it.
We are going to add, "That GOT7 did" once.
We have to watch the show.
[Briefly forgot about the reporter.]
Reporter Hwang Hyunjin.
I didn't know you were there.
[He's been here all along.]
Are you having fun? Yes, I'm doing all right.
- Reporter Hwang.
- Yes.
- Any questions about GOT7's new album? Yes, I do.
I'm Hwang Hyunjin, junior reporter from JYP Nation.
I'm curious about the title of GOT7's new song, after a 6-month hiatus.
- Hang on! - Wait a moment.
[Again? What?.]
Wait a moment.
Since it's a strange showcase, we cannot just reveal the title without condition.
There is a way you can reveal the title.
Please show us.
- GOT7's third official album.
- Title track.
"Present: YOU" features a title track called "A".
The genre of the song is called "B" with mystical sound.
The killing part dance in this song is "C".
Those are crucial information.
[So meticulous.]
You left out the key information.
We're going to give you missions.
- If you pass a mission, - One at a time.
- we will reveal - those keywords one at a time.
- OK.
If you're thinking you could talk about the album, it will all be edited out.
- Even the title - We can't reveal that? [Title of their new song.]
Do it again.
[What is this?.]
It was bleeped.
Shall we do it altogether? [A mission to reveal the title of a new song.]
First off, the title of your new song.
It's the key.
A mission to reveal what A is.
- You should make it.
- Show us.
- A! The mission is - Let's get it! - Just one member.
- Pulling out radish.
Haven't we played this game before? You're going to play radish pulling game.
You guys showed off incredible strength.
- It was amazing.
- Right.
[Radish pulling game to reveal their new song.]
If GOT7 pulls out more people, [Production crew vs.
the title of your title track can be revealed.
7 members of GOT7 vs.
7 Idol Room crew members.
You have 3 minutes.
7:7? You guys are just two.
[TEAM Idol Room.]
Let's bring our team.
[What the.]
- Please come on in.
- Please come over here.
So scary.
[Hyunjin the kid, among the adults.]
The security guards are so intimidating.
[A camera director, 2 producers, 2 security guards.]
[Different weight class.]
- Pull out? - We have to go first.
- I'm scared.
- They look so intimidating.
Let's decide who will attack first.
Who will go first? Please play rock, paper, scissors.
[Impersonating a leader.]
Rock, paper, scissors.
[JB lost, Jackson won.]
- OK.
- What are you doing? - What are you doing? - OK.
- What are you doing? - What are you doing? - He's the leader.
- He's the leader.
- I threw this.
[Not even allowed to play rock-paper-scissors.]
You're making me so sad.
[Quickly picking up this kind of stuff.]
To the leader, "What are you doing"? - What are you doing? - What are you doing? [Feeling so small.]
- I just gave it a try.
- What are you doing? You have to pull out first.
Please lie down.
[GOT7 on the defense.]
[Attack mode.]
Here we go.
We will send our intern first.
- Intern first.
- Go ahead and shake them.
Let's see how strong their teamwork is.
[Bring it on.]
- Go shake them, all right? - OK.
Got it.
- Ready, set, go! - Pull them out.
Pull them out.
[Stretch massage to help them get taller.]
That won't work, Hyunjin.
[So peaceful.]
[He's never pulled out a radish.]
- Not like that.
- Aren't you afraid of the consequences? You have to unlock their arms, Hyunjin.
You're out! [OK, Hyunjin, get back here.]
Let's get it.
[Security guards.]
[On his way to pull out radish.]
Shake them up! You have to shake them.
[Targeting Jaebum.]
There you go! [Help me.]
- There you go.
- JB, you can do this.
Don't go, Jaebum.
No! [So fun to watch JB.]
- There you go.
[Among 3 minutes.]
40 seconds have passed already.
[Jaebum and Youngjae are well.]
We need more time.
We need more time.
- The security guard is - No, no.
[Power is the only one Conhee's got.]
Here I come! Here I come.
[Drag him out.]
[GOT7 is at a crisis.]
My clothes.
You're going to rip my pants off.
[Variety show training.]
[S scary.]
It's been 1 minute and 30 seconds.
[Opposite extremes, safety zone.]
- How long has it been? - Hang in there! [Help me.]
- Hang in there, guys? - How long has it been? [1 minute and 40 minutes to go.]
It's been 1 minute and 20 seconds! [That felt like 40 hours.]
He won't be pulled out.
Not him.
Another one.
[Oh my.]
He won't be pulled out.
Next, next.
[We're screwed.]
[The ultimate weapon of Team Idol Room.]
He can't be pulled out.
Next, next.
[The one who tries to pull out.]
Jackson is strong.
[The one who won't be pulled out.]
He's really pulling him out.
He's really determined to pull them out.
No, no.
[Shaking them up.]
- No, no, no.
- Jackson vs.
security team.
Jackson versus security team.
Does he have to try that hard making his face turn red? [Jackson's struggle.]
- 2 minutes have passed.
- Wait up, wait up.
- It hurts.
- Hold out a little more.
- Mark.
- Bambam.
- Bambam.
[Bambam is terrified.]
Bambam, unlock his arms.
[Screaming even before being barely touched.]
Unlock their arms.
[Unlock immediately.]
- 2 minutes and 12 seconds.
- Get him.
We need more time.
[Being next to Bambam, Mark is facing a crisis.]
[In fact.]
I'm ticklish! [Breaking some section up.]
He unlocked one arm.
2 minutes 50 seconds! [10 more seconds to go.]
- 10 more seconds! - 10 seconds! - Hang in there.
[Everything depends on Bambam.]
Bambam! [Please hold out.]
[N no.]
[Almost there.]
Bambam! By the way, don't kick my face.
Time is up! [Bambam made it.]
Time is up! I stuck it out.
[Bambam survived.]
[But his belt is gone.]
That was amazing, GOT7.
[Celebrating their victory.]
Wait a moment.
We have him.
[The sucker among Team Idol Room.]
It's over when he's got pulled out.
- Let's pull him out.
- Let's pull him out.
Let's work on him first.
[Changing positions.]
- Let's start right away.
- Lie down.
- Let's start right away.
Lie down.
- I'll wait until they gen exhausted.
- To be honest.
- I'll go first.
Next to Hyunjin [Hyunjin security.]
- First off - Next to Hyunjin.
- He's - The guys are so fierce on his both sides.
- You guys.
[Hyunjin's personal body guard for the day.]
- You have to be his real body guard.
- I see.
Please take care of him.
- Get ready.
- Bambam, go! Go! The target is Hyunjin, as expected.
No, Hyunjin.
Hold out.
Hold out, Hyunjin.
[Kicking to help Hyunjin.]
[Stretching massage.]
No, no.
[In that case.]
No! [Urgh.]
Defconn! [Jinyoung is at it again.]
Defconn! Defconn! He got Defconn! [Hercules Jinyoung.]
He got Defconn! [Herculean strength hauling a bunch of big guys.]
Hyunjin is in pain! Hyunjin is in pain.
- Hyunjin has to turn around.
- Back, back.
[Coach Donhee.]
- Turn around together.
- Back, back.
You have to turn around together.
Turn around with him.
[Hyunjin wants to go home.]
Turn around.
[Unstoppable full power.]
Back, back.
You're turning us too much! [Not easy opponents.]
My back hurts.
They crossed their legs with each other.
Nice! [Even Jinyoung can do nothing about it.]
My back hurts.
- They crossed their legs.
Nice! - No, Hyunjin! - No.
- Jackson, Jackson.
[Go, Jackson.]
- Jackson.
- Flip them over.
[Jackson, bam!.]
He's the man! I don't think that would work.
[Radish pulling with full power.]
I don't think that would work.
You're the man! That won't work.
[Hauling them together.]
He's turning them around.
How come Hyunjin is in pain? [The game is just so fun.]
Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork! [Former national fencing player's strength.]
Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork! [Why the shoes again?.]
Turn around, turn around.
[Pulling out everything but radishes.]
Turn around, turn around.
Turn around, turn around.
Hyunjin, hold the arm.
My back, back.
I'm sorry, Hyunjin.
It's all right.
Hold out, hold out.
[Come on, Hyunjin.
Care for the younger artist.]
- Hyunjin.
- Hyunjin, hold out! [A personal body guard practices love.]
Hold out, hold out, Hyunjin.
Hold out, Hyunjin.
[The one who tries to pull Hyunjin out vs.
The one who protects Hyunjin.]
Why are you so heavy! [Release the beast inside.]
Hold out, hold out! [Give up.]
- No, no.
- Hold out, hold out.
[Power love, they protected Hyunjin.]
- Hold out, hold out.
- No, no.
[He's passed out already.]
[Please let me go home.]
[Jackson is at it again.]
You know what? If it's a tie, you lose.
If it's a tie, you can't reveal the title of your new song.
No title.
[Jackson ripped his pants off.]
His pants got ripped off.
[Oh my, what do I do.]
Drag him out! Drag him out! You have to take him out.
[Mark's command.]
[Take it off.]
Take them out, Jackson! [The youngest PD is being molested.]
You have to take them off.
[Prince Jinyoung protects him from humiliation.]
Hold out.
It's okay if your pants got ripped off.
- Time is up.
- OK.
[Fortunately the game is over without an accident.]
Let's change up.
[Let me go home please.]
- Change what? - We're going to do this again? [There is no such thing as a tie.]
It's a team competition.
[7:7 team competition.]
- Team competition? - What? - Yes.
- It's such a long shot.
- We need some water.
This time, you will have a team competition.
We will find out who gets pulled out first in how many seconds.
[I can see my future.]
Just go for one.
Just one.
Hang on.
I'm really sorry.
We started first last time.
Let's play rock-paper-scissors again.
Rock-paper-scissors? All right.
[The leader interrupts.]
They crossed their legs.
Nice! Rock, paper, scissors! [Then Jinyoung won.]
- What? - What are you doing, seriously? - What are you doing? - It's a draw.
He's the leader, so I'm sorry.
It's a tie.
[Jinyoung, even you.]
- What are you doing now? - What are you doing? [Due to Lim leader's poor rock-paper-scissors.]
Lie down, GOT7.
It's harder than fencing.
[Defense again.]
Let's go.
Is Mark going to be okay? - Go ahead.
- What matters is who gets pulled out first.
[Strong defense.]
Guys, gather your legs together.
- Gather them together.
- Legs.
Didn't we just say that too obviously? [We will pull everyone out.]
Their eyes are burning.
[Radish pulling game Round 2.]
All right.
Get ready, set, [Let's go pull out radishes.]
- Go! - Let's go! [Terrified.]
- Go! - Let's go! [The radish farm is being reduced to ashes.]
- Altogether? - Let's go! [Mark and Bambam section is the battlefield.]
They haven't been pulled out yet.
[Splitting GOT7.]
[Broken into 2 sections.]
They haven't been pulled out yet.
[Is it Mark or Bambam?.]
[Jinyoung is holding out sticking around Bambam.]
They haven't been pulled out yet.
[Struggle out of joy.]
They haven't been pulled out yet.
[No No way.]
They haven't been pulled out yet.
Stop! [Thrown to the ground.]
Stop! Stop! Bambam got pulled out.
[Peace has arrived after 15 seconds.]
22 seconds.
That was so harsh.
[A total wreck.]
Wait, guys.
We have a strategy.
[GOT7's record is 15.
22 seconds.]
22 seconds.
Guys! Guys! [GOT7 summit meeting before the game.]
Team Idol Room, please lie down.
You might not be able to do the most important thing which is revealing the title of your new song.
Let's grab one each.
- And pull them out like this.
- OK.
[There is war in the air.]
Is it supposed to be this serious for a game? [Is it possible in 15.
22 seconds?.]
The title of GOT7's new song can be found on a search portal in 15 seconds.
You just have to make it in 15.
22 seconds.
Ready, get set, go! [We go for only one radish.]
Go! [Mark, BamBam, Jinyoung, Youngjae tickle.]
Just as expected.
[JB, Jackson, Yugyeom drag him out.]
[What's the result of their fantastic role sharing?.]
[He got pulled out?.]
[We did it!.]
[Case closed in a flash.]
[Let's party! Everybody, make some noise!.]
[Feels like winning first place on a music show.]
[GOT7's record is 4.
69 seconds.]
- What? - 4.
69 seconds.
[Tampering the records.]
69! Who got pulled out? [Proud.]
GOT7! No one can't break this record.
No one.
69 seconds.
[Now the title of their new song can be revealed.]
GOT7 won! We got caught off guard.
GOT7's strategy worked They are experienced.
Finally, after 4 hours, [Voldemort? The title that must not be revealed.]
We will announce the title track of "Present: YOU".
Let's announce the title of GOT7's new song.
- 1, 2, 3! - "Lullaby".
- "Lullaby".
- "Lullaby".
The title track of GOT7's 3rd studio album "Present: YOU" is "Lullaby".
is "Lullaby".
- What does lullaby mean? - Lullaby.
- Lullaby.
- Lullaby.
- Based on dreamlike sound - It could be a trot song.
- Yes.
Who knows, right? It could be a trot song.
Now what is the mission to disclose B? Show us.
Random speed quiz with JYP.
- PD Park Jinyoung? - Our CEO? Call JYP and give a speed quiz.
In 100 seconds, if JYP guesses more than 10 questions right, B will be disclosed.
Three of us are foreigners.
Could you give us 10 extra seconds? [No room for negotiation.]
You're going to go around and explain one question for each person.
I'm not sure if this is his actual number.
Why? You don't contact with him? [Park Jinyoung rarely calls Park Jinyoung.]
No, I just rarely call him.
- or text him.
- I understand.
That could be hard.
[Starting with JB.]
Your 100 seconds starts after he answers.
- Don't put him on speaker.
- Don't put him on speaker.
It's not our song.
- Hello? - Oh, Jinyoung! - I'm Jaebum.
- Hurry up.
We're running out of time.
[Explaining the situation.]
- Right now, - Hurry up! We're filming Idol Room.
- We will give you a quiz.
- You're not supposed to say that.
[1st word: Layup shoot.]
What, speed quiz? In basketball, after two steps, you shoot the ball.
What is it called? [You dummy, shooting a lay up takes one step!.]
- 2 steps? - Yes.
- Jump shoot? - I mean, one step! - Lay up? - Yes.
- Lay up shoot.
["A Millionaire on the Run" starring JYP.]
[A Thai artist who doesn't know the movie.]
That Mr.
Park! - What's 5? - 5.
What's your movie? - I'm filming a movie? - The movie you starred in.
"A Millionaire on the Run".
[So excited.]
[Dream High.]
There is a TV show you made.
- "Dream High".
- Yes! [Gap-bun-ssa (Awkward silence).]
[Self dis.]
This happens a lot when I say something.
- It's very - Awkward.
[Breaking news: JYP finds Jinyoung awkward.]
Speed up! We're running out of time.
Yes, I agree.
There's a newly coined word in 3 syllables.
- Gap-bun-ssa (Awkward silence).
- Nice.
What's this? [Have no idea, pass it to Youngjae.]
It's a popular slang these days.
[Explaining with an accent.]
It's like you have to admit something.
It's a slang.
[On the tip of his tongue.]
Admit [Competitive.]
- Pass.
- Youngjae, will he pass? - Pass.
- Pass! - Youngjae pass.
- It's something that you didn't need to hear? - In English.
- TMI.
[So frustrating, it had to start with JB again.]
Let me Okay, okay.
The acronym that you don't like [Time out, hung up without mercy.]
How many questions? - You just hung up? - Yes.
[JB is flustered.]
I gave you 5 more seconds.
- But I - You can explain to him later.
- You can talk with him later.
- Failed! - How many questions? - He's going to be upset.
- 6 questions.
- 6 questions.
- 5, actually.
- What? You should have asked questions as soon as he answered.
[The reason behind failure.]
But JB - What are you doing? - He explained, "We're filming Idol Room now".
- I think he used up 20 seconds for that.
- What are you doing, man? He must be upset.
May I call him? [Have you been waiting? He instantly answers.]
- I said, "I'm Jaebum".
- Hello? - Hi, I'm Hyungdon.
- I'm Daejoon.
- Hi.
- Hello, JYP.
JB just hung up on you.
[Innocently fall for it.]
Is he usually like this? [Flustered.]
Did you watch the JYP episode of "Idol Room"? - Of course I did.
- How was it? - How did you feel? There were a lot of articles about it.
- I think JYP Entertainment was introduced well.
- Yes.
But I realized Stray Kids [What is he going to say after that?.]
They need to be trained for variety shows.
[What they need is conversation.]
- But Stray Kids - GOT7 got edited out.
- Get him on the phone.
- GOT7 didn't do well from the beginning.
- Sure.
- Wait a second, JYP.
Who is this? Hello, I'm Hyunjin.
Why are you there? So awkward! I came here as a reporter.
[He has no idea.]
A reporter? You two, get to know each other.
Have some more time to talk.
It's so awkward.
- So awkward.
- Showcase, showcase.
I'm here as a reporter for the showcase.
[Suffocating awkwardness.]
It's suffocating.
[A little pep talk from the CEO.]
Do a good job.
Continue to talk.
- Do a good job.
- Sorry, I created this situation.
Did you like the JYP's new HQ episode? Since I was back on the show after a long time, I was so nervous that I forgot to say what I wanted.
- Really? - If you have anything to say, - please go ahead.
- Then let's carry out a mission.
I wanted to talk about - the signature pose for "Idol Room".
- Yes.
That's my choreography, why do you use it without my permission? What? ["Idol Room" signature pose.]
[JYP "Your House" choreography.]
The choreography for "Your House" [Don't want to hear it.]
[Hang up.]
"Your House" "Your House" [Mysteriously defeated twice.]
[JYP got hung up on twice.]
[Somewhat thrilling?.]
[They couldn't have even imagined.]
Good job.
You made the right choice.
[Look, JYP They look the happiest throughout filming.]
[We want to go to the organic cafeteria.]
We won't hear anything [Please invite us again if you have complaints.]
that goes against us.
[Thank you for answering, JYP.]
We've never seen the choreography of "Your House".
GOT7 B will be remained unrevealed.
What a bummer.
- It's okay.
We revealed the title.
- The title is disclosed.
If it's R and B or Let your imagination run free.
What is as important as the title is C.
[GOT7 new album presentation.]
The killing part choreography of the song is - C.
- This is crucial.
Killing part.
Killing part.
[Wishing to reveal the killing part.]
I guess "Lullaby"? [Hang on.]
As for choreography for the killing part we just can do the dance anyway.
That will be all blurred out.
[Like this.]
[Any parts can be blurred out.]
We even hung up on JYP.
Please announce the mission to reveal what C is.
[IGOT's suggestion.]
ID Jaebum's Face Quite Good wrote, [Witty IGOT.]
- Jaebum's Face Quite Good.
- "I want to see GOT7 debone chicken".
[To feed chicken to GOT7.]
"Please let them do it".
In order to reveal the killing part choreography, GOT7 will carry out a mission to debone chicken.
Don't tell me we will be served with real chicken, right? [7 drumsticks for GOT7.]
[Yes, real chicken.]
[Wishing he were the 8th member.]
Please come forward.
The rule is simple.
For the next 7 minutes, finish 7 drumsticks on the table raise your hand when you're done and whistle.
Anyone can do it, right? [Not anyone.
All the members.]
All of you have to make it.
Everyone has to finish their chicken.
Reporter Hwang will show you if it would be possible.
[So excited.]
Finish just one drumstick.
Please give it a try.
Eat quickly and whistle.
[Average record.]
Go! [Instantly finished.]
[Leaving only the bones.]
[Who let our Hyunjin starve?.]
Hey, you're one passionate guy.
[Reminds me of myself 4 years ago.]
Hey, you're on passionate guy.
[What's this familiar comment?.]
He just sounded like a condescending old man.
[Yugyeom/ 22-year-old, acting like 220 years old.]
It's called young condescending old man.
- He sounds like an old man.
- I'm sorry.
[Not affected at all.]
[Can't tell if it was fried or marinated.]
Now whistle.
- Take your time.
- Eat slowly.
Stop! Stop! Stop! 33 seconds.
[It took 33 seconds for Hyunjin to finish a drumstick.]
I think I'd feel full.
Here we go.
Ready, set, go! Ready, set, go! [Fierce eating show.]
- You have 7 minutes.
- Don't go too crazy.
Since you're making a comeback in a long time, [Are you watching IGOT7?.]
we can go easy on you guys.
You have 7 minutes.
Yugyeom, you're one passionate guy.
[Stray Kids.]
[This chicken is pretty good.]
[Another passionate guy.]
You guys are doing great.
[Having chicken.]
You're eating well.
[Dieters around the world, turn away from this.]
[Chicken advertisers, pay attention to them.]
[So quick.]
[Instantly eaten by GOT7.]
You're doing great.
[Chicken hunter Mark and Jinyoung.]
Mark and Jinyoung are eating so well.
Even the bones Mark left are so neat.
[So neat.]
Mark! Mark finished 4 drumsticks.
He's in first place right now.
[Faster than anyone, better than anyone.]
[Eating up drumsticks non-stop.]
Mark is in first place.
He finished 5 drumsticks.
[Truly impressed.]
[It takes more than passion.]
I just finished 3.
[I'm LA chicken gangster, Mark Yi-en Tuan.]
[Slowing down.]
Isn't it good? I heard Jackson sweats a lot [Busted.]
when he eats spicy food.
Yugyeom and Youngjae do not seem to care about promoting their new album at all.
No! [Agree.]
- Yeah.
- Yugyeom isn't passionate.
[Yugyeom's promise.]
I'll do my best.
So far, only the title has been revealed.
[Going home like this?.]
We're not sure about the genre.
Bambam is doing his best to the end.
Bambam finished 7 drumsticks.
Bambam finished 7 drumsticks.
Mark, pass! The JYP staff members [Jinyoung tries with his mouth full of chicken.]
are so bummed out.
The staff members are so bummed out.
Jinyoung, pass! Yugyeom, Youngjae.
[Stop what you are doing.]
What is in your hand? [Let me see your hand.]
What is in your hand? Time is up! [Peek-a-boo.]
3 drumsticks.
[There goes the killing part.]
But the other members [But it will be revealed as unreleased footage.]
failed to finished all of it.
- I finished it.
- JTBC Idol Room values fairness.
[So they just ate drumsticks.]
Now GOT7's 3rd official album "Present: YOU".
The title track "Lullaby" is a song of B genre with mystical sounds.
The killing part choreography of the song is C.
This is the killing part! It's this! [Yes, it's blurred out.]
It's being blurred out, right? Mark and Bambam ate surprisingly well.
[Chicken is good anytime anywhere.]
It was so good.
[Thank you for the food.]
Our staff ate a lot.
You managed to disclose only 1 keyword out of 3.
Only the title of their new song "Lullaby" has been disclosed.
- "Lullaby".
- I'm curious about the genre.
However! There is no way we will just let you go like this.
Since you guys are the special guests, we will give you a chance - to promote your new song.
- This is the last chance, right? It's your only chance.
We can just reveal it? [No way, it's not that easy.]
We can't let you do that.
This is your last chance.
[The last hidden card.]
Please bring it in.
[What is going on?.]
- What is it? - What? - You never know.
- What is it? - What? [Ta-da.]
[This showcase is so dynamic.]
[Jackson got the hang of it.]
Introduce our new song on it, right? [Bambam thinks it's no big deal.]
- It doesn't seem really hard.
- Yeah.
It's possible if there is a passion.
The rule is simple.
[Depending on the time they are on the ice.]
If all seven of you can remain on the ice [Mark is already getting ready.]
for 3 minutes and 20 seconds, [The more they endure, the longer.]
we will disclose the whole song.
- Sounds easy.
- We get to reveal our performance? That's right.
You can reveal the performance of your new song.
But if you come down from it in 1 second? You get only 1 second.
If you move one foot, you're out.
If you move just one foot.
But if you take your foot for 3 seconds and longer, [Not easy.
It's impossible.]
- This is impossible.
- I can't do this.
Just imagine they are not your feet.
Let's begin.
- "Lullaby".
- Ready, get set, go.
- Think of the hot summer.
- Hold on.
[Self-hypnosis didn't work.]
Hold on.
- Just once.
- Did you slip? I guess you slipped.
You slipped, right, Jackson? But it is quite cool.
Here we go.
[Start over.]
After all of you step on it.
[Frowning altogether.]
[Struggles for the new song performance.]
JB, it's not been 9 seconds yet.
Yugyeom, passion.
Where's your passion? [Yugyeom doesn't know what to do.]
[Brain freeze.]
[Toes curled up.]
[GOT7's feet are frozen.]
- Hold on.
- Your new title song, "Lullaby".
[Nothing is easy in this showcase.]
It's all right.
Come on down.
[Can they reveal the entire song?.]
- Hold on.
- Your new title song, "Lullaby".
[Nothing is easy in this showcase.]
It's okay.
Come on down.
[Can they reveal the entire song?.]
- Come on down.
- I think it's enough.
[Shameless Jackson.]
- I think it's enough.
- You're out! I think it's enough.
That should be about 30 seconds, right? - 27.
66 seconds.
- Congratulations.
[Automatic yoga pose.]
Can you play the song? [Check out their new song during the ending.]
- No.
- For 27.
66 seconds, we will disclose the song and turn it off.
[Long and painful time.]
For GOT7's comeback.
[Their long showcase is coming to a close.]
They had a showcase on "Idol Room".
- You were today's pick-dol.
- Yes.
[Today's pick-dol Bambam.]
Don't you have any concerns? I think I'm fine.
Please say something to those who watched your close-up camera.
[Short and simple.]
Thank you.
[Hyena 1.
Thank you.
[Hyena 1.
Please support us.
- Reporter Hwang.
- How do you feel, reporter Hwang? Yes, I'm Hwang Hyunjin, junior reporter of from JYP NATION.
First off, I was honored to be on the same show with GOT7.
What did you learn from them? [Big lesson.]
I learned how to entertain.
I found Stray Kids quite fun.
[Cold truth.]
We were not fun.
[The members are taken aback.
Self dis! Thank you for joining us today.
Last but not least, JB.
Our third studio album "Present: YOU".
The title song is "Lullaby".
We worked hard on it, so please send us lots of love and support.
[Sweet JB.]
And please support "Idol Room".
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now "Lullaby".
' - For how long? - Unfortunately, you get only 27.
66 seconds to reveal it for the first time on TV.
Thanks to Jackson.
Jackson said, "My part can be shown, right?" [Feeling betrayed.]
That's why he gave up.
- That's why he gave up.
- After calculating the time, he said, "I can't do this anymore".
- You said that yourself earlier.
- I will go out for my part.
["Lullaby" #GOT7 27.
66 second version.]
[Sweet and refreshing melody.]
[Can feel it's a great song.]
[Jackson at the center.]
[GOT7's perfect group dance.]
[Enjoying the performance.]
Thank you.
[Feeling lost.]
- Good job.
- That was exactly your part.
Good job.
Thank you.
[Jackson is a genius.]
Let's go.
[I'm innocent.]
Excuse me.
Let's go now.
[Refusing to go home.]
Let's go.
I'm sorry.
- He's unbelievable.
- We need to empty the studio now.
[Their strange showcase is over, but the full version of MV will be revealed shortly.]
Let's go.
[You can watch various Idol Room clips.]
It was his big picture.
[including Bambam CAM on V LIVE.]
- Big picture.
- We were about to start.
Jackson is great.