Idol Room (2018) s01e21 Episode Script

Cosmic Girls

1 JTBC Idol Room Episode 21 - Cosmic Girls / WJSN [Ye~ Come on.]
[Orange girls filled the studio.]
[Looking very fruity.]
[Found something.]
What is that? [LED is working hard real time.]
[Wow, cutting-edge technology.]
[All excited.]
[Even more excited.]
1 broadcast about idols.
[V LIVE canceled due to Thanksgiving.]
There was no V LIVE last week.
How about my fee? [Reacting with them although it's not their fee.]
It was Thanksgiving, right? Pocket money for my mom and kindergarten fee [Let's put bitterness away.]
As our viewers would've been very sad, [Twice the energy after the break.]
we've invited someone who would fill this week with fruitiness and liveliness.
[Very refreshing clients.]
We've invited this girl group.
WJSN back with "Save Me, Save You".
[Here's WJSN.]
Shall we say hello? 2, 3.
Would you like! Hello, we're WJSN.
[Cheng Xiao, Xuan Yi, and Mei Qi are in China.]
Chinese members are [Three Chinese WJSN members.]
working hard in China.
[The largest girl group.]
I guess that only the Korean members made a comeback.
[Ten Korean members made a comeback.]
- That's right.
- Good to see you.
[What's different?.]
Is there any difference? Well, the major difference is [Population density lowered.]
our dorm feels larger.
It's the same house, but there's the gap of - three members.
- The one who got the most benefit.
I use the room on my own.
[She used to share with Chinese members.]
- Room of her own.
- Three members [Single room.]
used to share the room with Yeoreum.
[And it's the largest.]
And it's the largest room.
Yeoreum uses the room on her own, with the air conditioner and washroom.
- I can even turn the light off from my bed.
- The room is the house itself.
[Just saying.]
- That's right.
- So she's not coming out of the house.
- That's right.
- How did you know? [Perplexed.]
SeolA, if you ask me that, [He was just saying it.]
I'd look weird.
I was just saying that.
How do I know whether she comes outside or not? [She's the official homebody.]
- Yeoreum stays in the room all the time.
- Yes.
Ten WJSN members [WJSN made a comeback after 7 months.]
came back after 7 months.
Let me ask about their individual whereabouts.
- Shall we? - This album - Eunseo.
[Eunseo is the official spokesperson.]
We did many individual activities.
First of all, Bona's acted in the drama with great success.
[Congrats, Bona successfully concluded her drama.]
[He heard compliments about Bona from Cha Tae Hyun.]
She was on a drama [Drama with Cha Tae Hyun.]
with Cha Tae Hyun titled "The Best Shot".
[From KBS.]
And he said that she's good at acting.
[From MBC.]
In Luda's case, she's on many variety shows.
[She was fighting the dinosaur.]
variety shows.
She's catching the dinosaurs.
Soobin, Dawon, SeolA, and Yeonjung [Eunseo delivers their news.]
are busy with OSTs.
Dayoung is also - on a variety show.
- There are members who are on variety shows.
Including myself as well.
[Looking for compliments.]
We were on variety shows a lot.
We will work hard.
[After the briefing.]
It was as if she was [It was neat like a curator.]
a curator introducing some art work.
Eunseo told us about the whereabouts.
[She missed out on one good news.]
Fans put a huge advertisement on [WSJN went on the electronic display in New York Time Square (by fans).]
- Time square.
- Yes.
[WJSN was everywhere in Times Square in March 2018.]
It's amazing.
[Thank you UJUNG fans.]
- Thank you, UJUNG fans.
- UJUNG is the best.
- Congratulations.
- Fans are full of wits.
UJUNG fan club knows WJSN [Letting fans continue.]
much better than we do.
[For the first time, communicating with fans live.]
So let us get some questions from UJUNG fans live.
It's a so-called live fact check.
[UJUNG in IDOL ROOM chatting room.]
Is it on live? - Is it on? - Really? - It's live.
[This is real situation.]
- Really? - Hello, UJUNG fans.
- Hello.
- Good to see you.
[Is this for real?.]
- UJUNG, hello.
- We're on.
[So pretty.
We love you, WJSN.]
Here we go.
[Broadcast within broadcast, like "Inception".]
It's my first time doing the live broadcast within a filmed broadcast.
[UJUNG fans are going crazy real time.]
Fans are going crazy real time.
[Yeonjung, I love you.]
- "Love you, Yoo Yeonjung".
[I love you more.]
- Me too! - "Miss you, Dayoung".
- Me too.
- "Soobin".
- Hello.
[Manual service for you.]
- Soobin.
Here you go.
- Hi.
[A golden question among myriads of questions.]
Fans are asking this.
[WJSN is sensitive about talking down.]
WJSN is sensitive about [Talking down time please.]
talking down.
[Older members defend.]
We're not sensitive.
Fans say it jokingly.
[Older members explain.]
We say that everything is OK but talking down.
[They are free style.]
We have this nickname.
[Talking down is not allowed though.]
"Confucian girls".
But then many were very witty about the situation.
So Exy, you're the oldest.
Who will make you the angriest by talking down? [Conhee's good question, are we nervous?.]
As a corner within corner, we're going to let you talk down for 1 minute.
[Don't be fooled.]
They are not scared of me.
They don't listen to me at all.
[Thanks for complaining.]
Who wants to do talking down time with Exy? [Stamping on her feet.]
- Me! - Soobin.
[Look at her.
Way to go.
Don't be harsh.]
Usually Shall I start now? [Yeonjung's report, they fight lot.]
They fight a lot anyways.
- I've been waiting for today.
- You two are friends now.
[Not calling her unni.]
- Start.
- Sojung.
[The audience is restless.]
I've waited for this day.
[Trying to calm down.]
- Oh no.
- Isn't it difficult being a leader? [Soobin is provocation.]
Do you want me to do do it? [Breaking news, leader change.]
What should we do? You want me to do it? [Soobin's announced a coup.]
[She's lost her words.]
And I have to say this.
[Yeonjung's dispatch, she's on fire.]
She's steaming.
- Wait.
- Soobin.
- I have to say this.
- She's red.
- Steaming.
[Sightseeing is fun.]
- Look at her face.
- This is so funny.
[Carbonated water.]
You know the carbonated water in refrigerator.
[The culprit is here.]
I drank only one bottle.
But I see [Empty bottles are found in her room.]
empty bottles are from your room.
- Did you drink it? - Soobin.
[You ate ramyun as well.]
You ate my ramyun.
We're friends.
[Let's stop there for their well-being.]
Let's stop there.
This is funny.
[Donhee, Conhee, Bona and SeolA should do it.]
Fans are saying that it would be fun if Bona and - SeolA do the talking down time.
- That will be fun.
[Conhee is good.]
- Bona and SeolA.
- We want to see that.
[Is this real? We've waited for this day.]
Let's do it for 30 seconds.
Fans want to watch it for real.
[Putting bait.]
We're very close.
Just do it.
Talking down time.
[Bona (24) / younger.]
- Way to go.
[SeolA (25) / older.]
- This looks fun.
I'm very curious.
[Already looking awkward.]
- You two are awkward already.
- We're curious.
[Don't know where to look.]
- I have nothing to say.
- Go ahead.
[Let's laugh together, they are laughing.]
You have to make something out of this.
[She can't look straight.]
- Hyunjung.
- I'm sorry.
- I love your hat.
- Please don't take it off.
[What is this awkwardness?.]
[SeolA walks back automatically as Bona approaches.]
[So awkward.]
I can't do this.
All right.
[No misunderstanding, they are bashful.]
They are very bashful.
For physical touch, [They are not like that.]
one person should do the touch and the other person should allow it.
[But they are like iron walls.]
We can never hold hands.
Why is that? [They are alike, cold beauties, Bona & SeolA.]
- Because we're both somewhat curt.
- Yes.
- It's not that we're on bad terms.
- Never.
[Telling fans in advance.]
As we continue with the V LIVE, [Promised to find out.]
we will try to find out why they are on awkward terms.
[About to finish the V LIVE.]
Shall we say bye? [Bye UJUNG.]
It's been WJSN.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Be happy.
[Conhee is out.]
- We will continue with the recording.
- Bye.
[Donhee is out.]
[WJSN is out.]
Now it's time for [HOT trend only in IDOL ROOM.]
a very official contest with tradition and honor.
[The 4th Havana Korea.]
Havana Korea contest.
Havana Korea WJSN preliminaries.
[The ones who's been through.]
Red Velvet's Joy was the first queen.
[The 1st Havana Korea queen, Joy.]
[The 2nd Havana Korea queen, Sunmi.]
[The 3rd Havana Korea queen, Yooa.]
[And now it's the 4th contest.]
If you become the queen, [Now the contest is building its own history and tradition.]
you get a lot of attention.
[The privilege of Havana Korea.]
When this song is on, no one else can dance.
[Monopolizing the Havana dance in WJSN.]
You have no qualifications.
You just have to do stand at attention.
Only the Havana queen can dance to the song.
[No age limit.]
- Even the youngest can do this? - Of course.
The youngest to Exy.
[I can't lose.
I will do my best.]
Younger members will do their best.
That's the privilege of Havana Korea queen.
Some members are responsible for sexy concept or dance.
[WJSN's sexy queen.]
- Soobin.
- Soobin.
Soobin? [She's a secret weapon, you can never tell.]
Didn't you know? - Show him how you look from the back.
- Isn't she just cute? [What is with the hand?.]
Not at all.
Sexy is hidden in cuteness.
[Are you OK?.]
Is your right arm OK? Are you sick? This is sexy posture.
You have cute image.
[Decadent charm.]
- I have more like decadent charm.
- decadent.
[Very funny.]
[The best nonsense.]
Decadent? That's the best nonsense I've heard this year.
Decadence? [WJSN Havana Korea preliminary round.]
Let's do a preliminary round.
[Five to one dance battle.]
[Two will go to the next round.]
Two out of five will go to the next round.
- Oh no.
- Two out of five.
And four members in the next round will have to dance individually.
[It won't be easy.]
This will be bloody.
[Preliminary round group 1.]
- Please come forward.
- Oh no.
[Dayoung, Exy, Yeonjung, Yeoreum, Bona.]
Will I be able to pull it off? [Ready.]
Here we go.
Give us the music.
[Oh my.]
Why would you all lie down? [Everyone's on the ground.]
[It's like bicycle workout in dorm.]
[Yeonjung, go in.]
- Bye Yeonjung.
- Bye.
[Yeonjung is out.]
[She's also trying to lie down, 20 years old, Yeonjung's friend.]
[Bye bye.]
Dayoung, roll in.
[You can just roll and go in.]
Dayoung, go.
[Dayoung is out.]
Older members are better.
[Look, young ones.]
Older members are definitely better.
[Look and learn.
This is called sexy dance.]
[20-year-old Lee Yeoreum is good although she didn't learn.]
[Judges are flustered.]
- This is difficult.
- It is.
- Please choose one, Defconn.
- I'd choose Exy.
[Conhee's pick, Exy passed.]
- Exy.
- How about you, Hyungdon? [Ambitious 20 vs.
confident 24.]
Years of experience pays off.
[Donhee's pick, Bona made it.]
[Yeoreum is out.
- Good job, Yeoreum.
- Good job.
You're better than us.
[Consolation from the friend, Yeoreum is the sexiest among 1999-born members.]
You can't ignore the experience of the elders.
As soon as Yeonjung laid down, I was ready to send her off.
[Killing point, she was on the floor as if it was her house.]
I was surprised.
[Babies just think that lying down on floor is sexy.]
We heard that you just have to lie down.
Bona and Exy passed.
[Bona and Exy passed.]
- Congrats.
- Good job.
What happened to Exy? [Ta-da.]
[She's just posing, but she's a winner candidate.]
[The next runner ups are nervous.]
Next, group 2.
[Preliminary round 2.]
Eunseo, SeolA, Luda, Soobin, Dawon.
Luda and Soobin could just go in.
They say that it's decadent charm.
[No expectations.]
I think it would be like this.
[You'd regret.]
- You got it wrong.
- Really? - Let's check.
- We're looking forward to it.
[Big laughter.]
- Looking forward to it.
- Give us the music.
[Moving limply.]
[She's staff.]
Luda's very typical.
[Look at her.]
[Trying very hard.]
Don't approach the MCs.
[Luda, it's time to go home.]
Luda, go home.
[As expected, Luda is out.]
[Excuse me, inspection.]
[Person under influence should go home.]
You're drunk.
Go home.
Call the cab and go home.
[Soobin is also out.]
[Now it's time to watch the ones who are good.]
[Bragging their sexy dance skill.]
What's with SeolA? [Wooden doll that was hidden behind Soobin and Luda.]
SeolA is out.
[SeolA is out.]
Eunseo is better than I thought.
[Eunseo, Dawon survived.]
Eunseo won by default.
- Soobin.
- Yes? [Praise, you were funny.]
- You were funny.
- No.
I have something more to show you.
- You know twerking? - I think I know what you mean.
Please look through the dictionary for the right definition of decadent charm.
[Let's do decadent charm in 2028.]
So sad.
[Four beauties that made through the preliminary.]
The 4th Havana Korea.
Let's start the final.
- Starting with Eunseo.
- She's nervous.
- Nervous.
How do you feel right now? [Sohn Juyeon (21) / Somehow made it.]
I'm the youngest.
My voice is shaky.
[Everyone's under the pressure.]
I'm the youngest here.
Let me be No.
1 surpassing them.
[Starting from the youngest.]
From Eunseo.
[Oh no.]
Give us some music.
Her look [Sexiness that has been sealed for 21 years.]
She looks different with the music.
[Trying to look fatal.]
[A new descending dance.]
[It seems to be a mistake, but she makes it look as if she's planned it in advance.]
[The one who doesn't know sexy, shoulder.]
Show us your shoulder.
[Eunseo listens to everyone.]
Next, Dawon.
[Eunseo's painful time is over, Dawon's next.]
[Hot body filled with sexiness.]
[Her eyes are different.]
[Sexy version of "Save Me, Save You" that will be made public soon.]
[Sexy Bona next.]
- Bona.
- Bona.
[Dancing limply as if she has no joints.]
[Oh my.]
[The youngest are dithering.]
[This is the textbook sexy dance on floor.]
[Cold judges.]
- She lies down quickly.
- And a lot.
[Exited after much impact.]
[Here's the chief.]
[Back step with purpose.]
[Oh my.]
[No one's tried the wall dance.]
[Very intense.]
[Deeply touched.]
[She's Exy sexy megan foxy.]
- Oh my.
- LED panel.
[I lost.]
[Who's the first?.]
The 4th Havana Korea queen.
[The 4th Havana Korea queen, god Exy.]
It's Exy! [She has something.]
I see why members can't talk down on her.
[That's right.]
[Genius try.]
- Exy.
- Everyone was on the floor.
So I used a wall.
- LED screen.
- I've never expected this.
[No idol member ever used the LED.]
Of all the Havana Korea contest, you're the first one to use the LED.
- Indeed.
- I'm embarrassed.
- Thank you.
- How do you feel? I knew that I'd win.
But I feel good that I won.
[Confused, she concludes as Miss Korea.]
Thank you for making me the queen of Havana Korea.
[Praise Exy sexy megan foxy.]
Now, let's do the PICK idol close-up camera, the first-ever exclusive camera on one idol member.
The moment you get picked, [Ta-da.]
till the end of the V LIVE, [Privileges of today's PICK idol.]
one camera will focus only on her.
[A close-up camera will be on her.]
A direct close-up camera.
[It will be shown online after the V LIVE.]
Shall we go clockwise? Shall we? [WJPlease.]
Would you lie on your stomach? [Come to the wheel.]
- In a circle.
- On our stomach.
- With the flower cup hands.
- Flower cup hands.
[They can't avoid groaning.]
[It's all random.]
[Hello, UJUNG fans.]
- Please say hi.
- Hi.
- UJUNG fans.
Dayoung, try to look cute.
[PICK idol, WJSN's Dayoung.]
You look too cute.
[Ha ha.]
- This is funny.
- Soobin.
[PICK idol, lovely Soobin of WJSN.]
Not decadent at all.
[PICK idol Gongsil, Yeoreum of WJSN.]
[PICK idol actress, Bona of WJSN.]
[PICK idol giraffe, Eunseo of WJSN.]
[PICK idol Dragonite, SeolA of WJSN.]
[PICK idol Kkoming, Yeonjung of WJSN.]
[PICK idol Chuchu, Exy of WJSN.]
[PICK idol Dada, Dawon of WJSN.]
[PICK idol Lukerbell, Luda of WJSN.]
[A picture that clarifies everyone's eyes.]
- Let's turn the wheel.
- Please! - Who would it be? Here we go.
[Finding the PICK idol!.]
[Enticing the camera.]
Come here.
[I'm not that easy.]
Who would be the winner of the direct camera? [They are all calling the camera.]
It's me! No.
[Camera picked Yeonjung.]
Yeonjung! Director, please raise your hand.
That director will shoot Yeonjung alone.
She will be on it alone.
[Nothing to lose.]
If you want to be on the camera, - come near me.
- Yes.
Then you'd be on for sure.
Please tell us your resolution.
We have many members.
- It's 1 out of 10.
- I didn't expect myself to be on the camera.
[Delighted with the probability of 1/10.]
It's a double delight.
- Yes.
- She's good at competition.
- I knew that you'd make it.
[Im Dayoung is sociable.]
Change the position.
[It's become power.]
Like this please.
I'm Yeonjung of WJSN.
[Direct camera has never been this useful, a V LIVE of her own.]
Call me if you need me.
I can do everything.
[UJUNG fans are lucky as she makes eye contact all the time.]
[The real one-person direct camera, please look forward to her V LIVE.]
We are back in 7 months? [Please sing us a new song that you brought back in 7 months.]
'Save me, Save you'.
- What kind of song is this? - 'Save me, Save you' is, ['Save me, Save you' will show you matured and sexier WJSN.]
It really fits fall, [Very fitting for fall.]
More matured WJSN, You will find sexier WJSN in this song.
What are the difference from other songs? [Fantasy X Super cute.]
Our previous songs tend to include fantasy elements.
Many of them are cute.
- This one - More like matured woman? - Right.
['Save me, Save you' is all about femininity and being matured.]
You will see matured WJSN.
[Got it.]
Who had the hardest time to catch up with that new concept? [Be objective, come clean.]
[All the cute girls here.]
Me, Luda, Soobin.
- Why? - Luda and Soobin both? - No.
- I think [Imagining.]
Because we went pretty far with the concept.
maybe that's why.
[Super puzzled.]
- Very deep- Deep, sort of dark and dirty.
Where did you pick up those words? [Another level for being 'matured'.]
We hear that word a lot, 'matured'.
[ Joining the rank now.]
- We used to use the word in the past.
- Sexy.
Right, we hear that word quite often.
- Often? - Something like sexy [ Sexy Luda, sensual Soobin.]
- Sexy Luda, - Sexy, sensual.
[Please give them a Korean dictionary.]
Introduce 'Save me, Save you' in Idol Room style.
Totally discover the new song's killing part with the nano dance.
Let's get it.
[Nano dance order.]
ttyeong, tteo, ttu, lu, yong [Nano dance killing part designation.]
[Each member will dance in turn and analyze the dance.]
[This is the nano dance for Save you, Save me = Magnet dance.]
[Save you, Save me nano dance.]
Give us 'Save you, Save me'.
[Smile with the thought of showing the sexy dance.]
[ So fitting for the season, 160225% melody.]
So matured and sexy and the charisma from it.]
[Sexy approved.]
[Impressed, what a progress!.]
[Time for nano dance part.]
[WJSN, cutie Bona.]
[Which way you look, you see pretty Bona.]
[WJSN Shakira, Seola.]
[Sexier than before with added goddess image.]
[WJSN power girl, Dawon.]
[ True to the basic dance move.]
[WJSN Yeoreum [Dance queen with no flaws.]
[WJSN Exy Exy Exy.]
[Never ending sexy dance .]
[WJSN pretty Yeonjung.]
[Dance dance what a pretty silhouette.]
[WJSN Eunseo.]
[Long limbs, powerful force.]
[WJSN lovely, Soobin.]
[Sexy vibe coming from the tip of her fingers.]
[WJSN little one Luda.]
[ Sexy vibe coming from the tip of her toes.]
[WJSN Dayomi, Dayoung.]
[Super cutie full of talents.]
[Time to get together.]
[Successful getting together, Wave WJSN illuminating stick.]
[Dreamy melody topped with attractive dance.]
[Watch Idol Room on V LIVE.]
Well done.
[Seat setting.]
[A conspicuous, ultraluxury chair.]
[Even more conspicuous, ultraluxury refreshments.]
This section is for WJSN.
[A new section for WJSN.]
We made this section, only for WJSN.
It's "WJSN Goddess Challenge!" [Don't know what it is but excited.]
We will pick the goddess of goddess.
[Super Goddess Contest.]
Through games we prepared, [The winner of goddess challenge games.]
only one member, [can sit on the goddess chair.]
just one member, can sit on this goddess chair.
The snacks next to the chair.
[No interest in the chair.
Who can eat the snacks?.]
- The snacks.
- Only the goddess can eat them.
[Dessert only for the goddess.]
[So many goddesses in WJSN.]
You have many goddesses in your group.
[(MD Photo) WJSN "Mood Goddesses?.]
[They are proven by news articles.]
Mood goddesses.
" [Luda "I'm the goddess of natural sciences".]
Goddess of natural sciences - Goddess of natural sciences? - Goddess of games.
[(S Photo) WJSN Seol-A, "Wink goddess, Seol-A" (Showcase).]
Wink goddess, and so on.
[Did you just call me?.]
Wink goddess, and so on.
So many goddesses.
Who is the mood goddess? [Mood goddess.]
- The mood goddess is - Seol-A? [Unanimously Seol-A.]
- Seol-A.
- Seol-A.
[Shy but not saying no.]
Really? Why? [History of the mood goddess.]
When we were on our promo tour of "Secret" [She was an ending fairy.]
she was the ending fairy.
- With "shh.
" - Shh.
[We should check it out.]
- Ending fairy.
- Please show us, Seol-A.
- Please catch our heart today.
- Yes.
- This is so embarrassing.
- We should look at her facial expression.
Oh my gosh.
[Summoning the mood.]
[Background music by members.]
I'll do it.
[High-quality music by the vocalist.]
Shh! Shh! [I think I know now.]
You did this and became a goddess.
What do you think, Bona? [Bona's review?.]
Do you think she is the mood goddess? [They laugh whenever they make eye contact.]
Yes, of course.
Why do you keep doing this to me? [What did we do?.]
What, why? [We didn't say anything.]
You keep making it awkward for us.
[Their conscience pricked them.]
I was just asking you a question.
[Soul 1g.]
- You just saw her pose as a mood goddess.
- She's so pretty.
[Soul 1g.]
Thank you.
Who is the goddess of natural sciences? [Luda is well-known as the goddess of natural sciences.]
- Luda.
- Luda.
- Luda is good at math? - She's the only natural science major.
[Lee Luda (22 years old)/ a would-be a chemical engineering major.]
I'm majoring in science.
Are you good at math? [She's good at science than math.]
She's good at science.
Can you answer our questions? [All he knows are element symbols.]
Like element symbols? Iron! Luda, Iron! [Iron = Fe.]
- Calcium.
- C.
- You don't know calcium? - You don't know calcium? [Calcium = Ke?.]
- Ke! Ke! - Calcium is anchovies.
[He made the question but doesn't know the answer.]
- Calcium's chemical symbol is Ke? - Ke? [Careful cross-question.]
- Then what about Ca? - Ca isn't calcium? - Ca? [Faced with chaos only at the second question.]
I don't know.
I thought Ca was calcium's chemical symbol.
[A scratch to her fame.]
- You're supposed to know this.
- She's panicked.
- I get confused.
With Ca and Ke.
[Correct answers: Ca = Calcium, Ke =None.]
Calcium's chemical symbol is Ca.
- Kalium.
- Calcium is Ca.
- Apologize to calcium.
- Calcium is Ca.
[Like she knew it from the start.]
She made an editing point, Luda.
[Luda turned out to be a brazen goddess.]
Let's just say Luda is the goddess of natural sciences.
Who else are the goddess, that we don't know? [Recommended goddess by WJSN?.]
Among your members? Subin, what kind of goddess are you? [An official comment.]
- I.
- She's the goddess of facial skin.
[Not finished yet.]
- Right.
- I have a few titles.
A few? - Apple hips.
- A goddess of apple hip.
[More girls! More!.]
- You don't have to mention it.
- What's apple hip? - She has the prettiest hips among us.
- Apple hips.
- Look from behind.
[In short, Subin is the goddess of rear-ly.]
- Really? - A rear-ly beauty.
Goddess of rear-ly.
And goddess of facial skin.
[Please lose it.]
- I can't miss out decadence.
- What? [That decadence, again.]
I'll never forget decadence.
You look it up that word on Naver.
See what that means, right? [That sensuality.]
- I'll go with sensuality, then.
- What? - Sensuality.
[Gave up.
Subin do as you please.]
- Sensuality? - Goddess of sensuality.
- But.
- Personally, Eunseo.
[Eunseo is the dog goddess?.]
- Goddess of shoulders, right? - No, the dog goddess.
- What's that? - She imitates dogs well.
[Almost misunderstood.
She's just good at imitating dogs.]
- It wouldn't hurt if we check it out.
- She sounds just like a dog.
Really? There are various types of dogs, you know? [Dog sound class by the dog goddess.]
In the case of pet dogs, [Pet dogs: cute sound.]
they sound really cute.
- Like this.
- Maltese? - Yes.
And a bigger dog.
[Mid-sized dog: Loud sound.]
- Mid-sized dog? - Yes.
A bigger dog sounds like [So good.]
Dogs live in the countryside, [Asking for help with eyes.]
- Can we bark together? - Hey! [Countryside dogs: Bark together.]
- Help us! - Countryside dogs, Countryside dogs, [A partner of the dog goddess.]
they don't bark alone.
- They bark together.
- Right.
- She's right.
- There always is another dog.
- They bark together.
One, two, three! [Feel like countryside dogs.]
Like this.
[Screen time secured.]
As you know, I'm doing a countryside variety show.
It sounds so familiar.
[Meeting of goddesses.]
All types of goddesses are here.
- Right.
- What? [I'm vocal goddess.]
This is like the Parthenon.
If you win the title, you will be an official goddess of WJSN.
We will give the title.
- I hope it's not the bizarre goddess.
- I should do this well.
First challenge, please.
[What's that?.]
It's physical goddess.
[Giving up.]
I can't do this.
- The true beauty is from a healthy body.
- Right.
- Right.
- I heard WJSN members are practicing sports to increase flexibility.
- Pilates.
- Right.
Many members are doing it.
Seola, Luda, Bon, Dawon and Dayoung, too.
Exy, do you not work out? - Exy does.
- I'm now developing muscles at a gym.
Weight-lifting girl.
[That's why you should take me seriously.]
I heard Dayoung wears Pilates uniform in daily life, like watching TV or cooking.
- I heard so.
- Right.
[Lim Dayoung / Wears Pilates suit all the time.]
I wear them when I go to a class, and I don't change.
I wear it when I watch TV.
- Then, I change it into pajama sets in the evening.
- Wearing it all day? - Yes.
Isn't it too tight? - Very tight.
- I guess it's not comfortable.
I am making my body fit the suit.
Yeonjeong, I heard you can do the splits.
She did it on many shows.
[She volunteered to show.]
- Will you do that? - Yes.
- Let's see.
- Jeans, jeans.
[Perfect 180 degrees.]
[Conhee's mission.]
Can you bend yourself forward? And roll, keeping that pose.
[Oh, my.]
And, again.
[She did it well.]
- Then, one more time.
- She can roll! - Again.
- She can't stand up.
[Surprised by her flexibility.]
- She's surprised, too.
- You're so flexible.
- She's flexible.
- Very flexible.
[Today's target: Soobin.]
- Amazing.
- Soobin, can you do that? [No need to say.]
Of course, I do.
[Leader is so proud of Soobin.]
She can do this.
Jumping and doing the splits.
She can do that after jumping? [Let me show that.]
1, 2, 3.
[Loud scream.]
[Too enthusiastic.]
[What happened?.]
What was that screaming? Are you okay? [Nothing.]
To sing a song! [She's not crying.]
- Vocal practice.
- Isn't she surprised? [Members are laughing so hard.]
I feel the pain.
[Positive mindset.]
Everyone, I'm fine.
[Embarrassed and painful.]
She's so cute and funny.
[Manger's report.]
I heard Seola is not flexible.
- I can do that.
- She can do the splits.
- Can you? - Yes.
Please do that.
[So confident.]
- I can do that well, so it's going to be funny.
- Seola is so flexible.
If she can do this, I think everyone can do.
Because she's the oldest one.
- I'll do the splits, in this way.
- Yes.
[I trust you, the eldest sister!.]
Way to go! [It's so funny! She's struggling!.]
[Seola's friendliness increased.]
Hang on.
[Embarrassed Seola.]
Go, go back to your seat! Well, that was a preview.
Let's pick the physical goddess.
It's to copy the Pilates pose.
[Physical goddess challenge.]
- Everyone can do this.
- Starting from an easy pose, we will increase [If someone fails, she's out.]
the difficulty level.
[The last one will be the goddess.]
Until the last on is left.
As we practice Pilates with using machines, we may not be good at this.
I will do it well.
[10 yoga mats.]
We prepared the mats.
If you are good at it, please go forward.
- Dayoung, go forward/ - Please take your mat.
- If you're confident, [The first row.]
you can do that in the front.
[Oh? Seola?.]
Seola is coming up.
To the first row.
[The one who doesn't know she's not flexible.]
- If you can't, - You will be out.
Here we go.
The first pose, please.
[1st pose to become the physical goddess.]
I can do this! I can.
[It's easy.]
I can do this.
- I should take off my shoes.
- You may do.
[Even Seola did it.]
- Seoa did it! - Do it comfortably.
[Everyone cleared comfortably.]
Your forehead needs to be on the mat.
[A piece of cake for WJSN.]
[For Eunseo, it's not a piece of cake.]
Eunseo is the only one left.
[I can't move my body as I want.]
You need to do that for 3 seconds.
[Too elastic, she's bouncing up.]
[Flexibility 0.]
Have you ever practice Pilates? [Struggling.]
For 3 seconds.
1, 2, 3.
Pass! Everyone passed! [All of them.]
I thought Eunseo would not make it.
- Everyone passed.
- Eunseo, are you really taking a Pilates class? Yes, but I have a tutor.
Because I'm not flexible - Let's move on to the 2nd stage.
- Please.
[2nd pose.]
Can they do that? Is this the 2nd stage? [Seol is flexible, more than we thought.]
- I can do that.
- Is that the 2nd stage? [Eunseo doesn't look confident.]
You need to maintain the pose for 3 seconds.
- Hold your legs.
- Just in case, [Warning.]
If you fart, you will be out.
1, 2, 3.
3 seconds! [The perfect pose.]
1, 2 [A piece of cake.]
- 1, 2, 3.
- Eunseo.
[Find Eunseo: Someone who is rocking back and forth.]
- Eunseo.
- Others, pass! Eunseo.
[Pause button is out of order.]
- 1.
- You have to stop.
- Stay still.
Stay still, Eunseo.
[Struggling to stop the movement.]
1 You should stay still.
2, 3.
Pass! [Dying.]
Okay, pass! [A long way to go.]
[After doing 2 poses.]
She always makes it, anyways.
- Great body for a variety show.
- Good to make the viewers laugh.
- She is good at sports.
- Who? She's good at weight lifting.
[But now its useless.]
- She's so strong.
- I guess so.
[We're so good at this.]
It's hard to choose the goddess.
[Let's increase the difficulty level.]
- Stage 3.
- They're all good at this.
What? That's too easy.
- It's too easy.
- Is it easy? - How can you do that? [3rd pose.]
- Is it difficult? - This? - Is it easy? - Yes.
- How can you do that? [Flat.]
- Yeonjeong is doing it.
- Like this [Everyone starts lying down.]
Everyone [Like LieV.]
- Hurry up.
- Dawon did.
- Eunseo.
- What? They're doing it so comfortably.
[Luda is struggling too.]
[Eunseo, look behind!.]
- Luda! - Luda! [Luda, why can't you lie down?.]
Eunseo and Luda, can't you do this? [Help me.]
Eunseo, try first.
- Luda is out.
- Out.
[No You're not good at other poses.]
This is the only pose I can't do.
[Give up, then you will feel happy.]
[Let's see.]
Eunseo and Luda.
Can you do this? Eunseo, if you try hard, you can do that.
[Too enthusiastic, shouting and struggling.]
[Let's stop.]
- Eunseo is out! - Hurry up.
- Eunseo is out.
- No.
- Hurry up! Count 3! [Protection is needed.]
No, you can't.
Eunseo might hurt her back.
- Eunseo.
- Eunseo.
- Luda and Eunseo, out.
[Emergency again.]
- Help me.
- She can't stand up.
[Making a fuss.]
- You can't? - As a part of protection for players Thank you.
[Comedy sketch goddess Eunseo.]
If we wanted to choose - the goddess of comedy, she's here.
- Thanks.
[The real competition just began.]
Respect, Eunseo.
[Oh, my.]
- This - Hang on.
[Lost confidence.]
Is it possible? [4th pose.]
- You have to lift your body.
- Right.
[It's going to be a hard one.]
- That's too difficult.
- Please do, if we say go.
[Seola is facing her limitation.]
Like this? [Many are expected to be out.]
- Right.
- Holding my body like this? [The one who is out.]
- Right.
- I think I can do that.
Eunseo, please show the example.
Eunseo can do this.
This requires power, not techniques.
[Child-like smile.]
If I succeed, can I join this? Let me think about it.
Way to go! [Comic goddess doesn't betray us.]
[Strong-willed Eunseo.]
You make me cry.
Please go this way.
Have your seat.
[Wanting to try again.]
[No one can do this?.]
[Look at her!.]
- Dawon! - Dawon did it! - Dawon! - Pass! [Good job, Dawon.]
Awesome, Dawon! [The youngest, Yeonjung did it too.]
Yeonjung, pass! [99 kid, unbelievable! Yeoreum, good job.]
- I did! - Yeoreum, pass! - Pass.
[Another 99 kid left unsuccessful.]
Oh, I can't do this.
Bona, come on! [Can she?.]
[Nah, failed.]
[Bona, out.]
Failed! [Ms.
Geundeok so determined in such a chaos.]
[Again, no chance to succeed.]
[Eunseo failed three times.]
Eunseo, out! [Final check.]
- It is the last chance.
Seola, you go first.
You can do it, come on! Get ready.
1, 2, 3.
[Dragonite, Seola, failed with a flare puke.]
- Failed? - You're out.
[Dayoung, your turn.]
Go, Dayoung.
[Desperate for success.]
- My hands are wet.
- Come on.
- Go! - She's rolling forward.
[Somewhat strange.]
[Supporting on her head.]
- The head! - Failed.
- Are you kidding? - Not using my head? [Nope, no mercy! Dayoung failed.]
[Look at those backstreet girls.]
[Sh, enthusiastic losers including Luda.]
I can't.
[Failing and going back, unnoticed.]
[Captain Exy, take a deep breath.]
- Exy, go.
- Bona, there must be something on your left.
Start! [Immediate failure, Exy.]
It's sort of bulking up.
Exy, out.
[The last one, Soobin.]
Soobin, your turn.
- No way.
- You can.
- Soobin, you can.
- I go.
- 1, 2, 3.
[Unstable toes.]
- 1 - Her toes.
[What are you doing with your toes, failing to defy gravity?.]
- Put your feet off.
- The feet.
This part, here.
[Bending your arms, the best tip.]
Bend your arms.
Your elbows.
1, 2, 3, pass! [Soobin's success thanks to Yeonjung's tip.]
- Soobin! - Now, move on.
[Physical goddess, level 5.]
[Don't stop me, serious!.]
I am taking my shoes off.
Look at that! Supernatural power? [Perfect, nice copying.]
Look at her.
Pass, Yeonjung.
Geundeok never gives up.]
[Eunseo, the 4th failure.]
- Eunseo! - Failed.
[What are you doing?.]
I am the perfect one for Pilates ads.
[New type of single-person broadcasting delivering a pitch.]
I am Yeonjung of WJSN.
If you need any help, I will be there for you.
I can do everything.
Feel free to contact me.
I'm waiting.
[You are not supposed to do it here!.]
Yeonjung, come on.
Go! - Yeoreum! - Failed.
Soobin! 1, 2 [Rolling on the floor.]
[Her failure cracks everyone up.]
Out! [The last, Dawon.]
She is really good.
If Dawon fails, the winner will be Yeonjung.
[I am keeping an eye on you.]
She's really athletic.
Go! 1, 2 [Quasi-athlete Dawon vs.
Flexible Yeonjung.]
[The losers: whoever wins!.]
[Will this round determine who wins?.]
- 1, 2, 3.
- She's dancing? - Pass! [Wonky but successful, three minutes done.]
[Neck-to-neck, ever-increasing suspense, the last game.]
Yeonjung vs.
Dawon - Dawon vs.
Yeonjung - Hard to beat her.
The end never comes.
[OMG, what is that? The final mission on the screen.]
- What is that? - Dawon's really good.
[Level 6, who will be the physical goddess?.]
Put your arm behind.
[Who can ever do this thing?.]
Isn't a special effect applied to the picture? - Hold a leg with your hand.
- Yes, that's right.
[Getting ready to copy.]
Hold your toes.
- So tough.
- Chocolate tart is my energy source.
She, she is so - Take the mike off.
- She's holding the toes.
Yeonjung! [Thank you, chocolate tart!.]
Chocolate tart! [I am here again.]
1, 2, 3.
Pass! You see? [Yeonjung is the best.]
Contact me.
I am the perfect model for Pilates ads.
[Full of passion.]
Dawon's turn.
- Look at Eunseo.
- No, no.
I'm just trying.
[Dawon destined to fail?.]
- Yeonjung is great.
- I don't know how to do.
- Yeonjung is flexible.
- Dawon.
- Yeonjung, you rock.
- Unbelievable.
- Now, you should [I am living proof of failure.]
- Put your arms behind.
- Like this? [Posing is a huge challenge.]
- Like this? - No, the other way around.
[Please lend her a hand.
Help her get set.
Put this here.
[Dawon's twisted torso.]
- Raise the foot and hold it.
- This one.
[Yeonjung cheering on her competitor.]
You need to move that foot a little bit forward.
- Oh, I think - Yeonjung looks confident.
- It is a very tough mission.
- This foot - Hold that one.
[Chipping in here and there.]
Raise the leg.
[I'm trying.
Come on, my body!.]
Then, raise.
[Let it go!.]
- Now, raise.
- Go, go! - You can do it.
[Almost in the right pose.]
- Hold that pose.
- 1, 2, 3.
Pass! [OMG, Dawon did it once again!.]
It's super exciting! [Suspense to the max.
Eager to win.]
Yeonjung almost got there.
By rock, paper, scissors! [The final pose.]
Here again.
[The final round to determine the physical goddess.]
Hold that pose as long as possible.
[Rule changed.
Stay in the pose as long as you can.]
Then, you will be the winner.
[Setting up with all the energy and strength.]
- It's a pose prior to a headspin.
- The hands, not that way.
[The 1st competitor, Ms.
Powerful Dawon with a strong build thanks to workout.]
- Put them beside the face.
[The 2nd competitor, Energizer Yeonjung with outstanding flexibility.]
[Spine-chilling match.]
If you don't even pose, you lose.
[The two have practiced Pilates for a year.]
- No pose at all, you lose.
[Unexpected level of excitement.]
We had no idea before we see you guys are doing great.
[Dawon is leading.]
Oh, gosh.
[Wonky wonky.]
Yes! [Stable.]
[Wobbly wobbly.]
I can't find balance.
[I did it.]
- Wow.
- Dawon, you are almost there.
She's incredible.
[Not yet in the pose.]
Dawon is the winner! [She made surprise success!.]
Awesome! - It is a big surprise.
- Dramatic story! [Sad.]
This is no different than the Olympics.
- She is the master.
- Congrats.
Please greet our goddess.
- Yeonjung also did a great job.
- Put those mats here.
They are carpets.
[Our goddess.]
The first physical goddess, Dawon! [The LED-lit goddess.]
[I wish it were me!.]
- Cool.
- You are fantastic.
Tell me how you feel.
[Dignity, elegance and grace.]
This LED-lit picture is a tribute to you.
Powerful satisfied with the results.]
I really wanted to own the title.
I made it, and I am really happy.
Dreams come true.
[Tea time for you.]
- Her Majesty Goddess.
- Bon appetit.
You must be hungry.
[That was supposed to be mine!.]
I wish I could have.
The chocolate tart that all of you have wanted to have.
It looks yummy.
[A bite of chocolate tart.]
You, beautiful.
[Don't do this to me.]
Looks yummy.
Next challenge.
- Tiny waist goddess.
- Not this one.
- No, I can't.
[You know the one is famous for the tiny waist in WJSN.]
There is this one.
[21 inch waist, that's me.]
- Bona, - Bona.
- 21 inch.
- Bona's waist is 21 inch.
- Really? No the arms? - Arms.
- Really? [Amazing.]
- That's amazing.
- Born like this? [Bo tiny waist/Born like this, CG waist.]
- Right.
- WEven when I gain weight, [Note: Not gain weight on the waist.]
I don't pu on weight there.
- I gain fat around my thigh.
- Amazing.
- Wow.
[What is tiny waist challenge?.]
What do you think this is about? [answer.]
- Tiny.
- Flexible waist? - No.
- Anyone with.
- The longest waist? [No idea.]
- Fat one? - No.
[ Anyone with the good ratio of head, chest and ab?.]
Anyone with a good body ratio? - The ratio? - Right.
[Tiny waist goddess challenge.]
- Anyone with the strongest waist.
- Yes! [Wow.]
Can I eat this? [Oh well.]
[Tiny waist challenge.]
- Know waist fighting? - Right.
[Pull the string and make the opponent fall.]
The first player, [You need power and flexibility.]
The next, You keep challenging the survivor.
[ Till the last surviving player.]
The one who survive the game is the winner.
[Better if you start the game late.]
- If you fight one person, better chance to be the goddess.
- Good.
- You cannot deviate? - Once you fall from here, you are out.
[ If you miss the rope or fall then, you are out.]
Then the winner, Pick one to fight with.
[I get it.]
Point the one to fight with.
[Gotta win.]
- Am going to lose this one.
- Hard.
[Tiny waist leader Soobin vs Seola.]
- Fighting.
- This is really about how sharp you are.
- Fighting - Go! Ready and go! [Preemptive attack.]
[Trying hard alone.]
[No move.]
[No damage.]
What are you doing? [HeHeHe.]
What! [Look at this, the attack meant no damage.]
Your turn to finish it.
[So, it is time to get it done?.]
[Come here Soobin.]
[Give and take.]
- One sec.
- How do you do this? [This?.]
Pull it.
[One angel is falling, Soobin is out.]
Oh this is it.
[Mastered the skill.]
As if she now knows it.
[Soobin wants to be an immortal.]
- Didn't really know.
- This is the way? [Trying to get the selfie.]
You are out.
Just walk down.
[+1 win.]
- Now, Seola.
- I am just going to win Soobin, [Next is you.]
Bona, your turn.
- Bona, go! - Bona, come here! [Real tiny waist.]
This is really heavy.
[Tiny waist 2R Bona VS Seola.]
I think Bona will be good.
I am going to go down here soon.
Don't think you will lose.
- Really? - Just do a real match.
- Right, eating that one? [There is this goddess benefit waiting for you.]
- Right.
- You can eat it all.
[Winning drive, then let me win.]
- Good.
- Seola, this is for you.
[This dessert belongs to you.]
Then, She is going to kill it? [Escalate the vibe before the game.]
A word to each other please.
[Fighting mode.]
[Fighting to each other?.]
awkward [Thinking this is funny.]
Ready and go! [ Give and take.]
Tug of war.
[Almost fall.]
- Oh no that is not good.
- Don't know what's going on.
- There is this tension, now.
- Just pull it.
[ Real time response.]
We cannot do this forever.
[Can't just lose here.]
Just pull it.
[Kim Seola in danger.]
[So fun.]
[Not a hulk but Seolk please.]
[Saving Bona.]
[+2 win.]
[ Blond Seolk is winning.]
Seola! [I cannot just let go of macaron.]
Macaron is my driving force.
[And she is.]
That's that.
[Taking Dayoung's hands.]
[Handing over the rope, dominating Exy with beautiful skill.]
Seola! [Seolkgoing down spiral after meeting Yeonjung.]
[Yeonjung, I will take the crown.]
[Seolk is winning.
Lost to the physical goddess.]
Yeonjung lost! [Well, she is not a goddess for no reason.]
[Objects for the goddess, Yeoreum and Luda.]
[+3 win.]
[The goddess keeps winning against humans.]
[Finally the last round.]
- Only one left.
- This is the finale.
[Tiny waist goddess 9R Eunseo VS Dawon.]
They are meant to meet in the final round.
- Ego competition.
- The tension is going through the roof.
[WJSN physical two top, the tallest.]
Both are now, - They are neck and neck to each other for their physics.
[Super high tension.]
- Start.
- Don't be in a hurry.
[Final boss vs Final queen, looking for their strategy.]
Right, figuring out each other.
- Eunseo is doing it so well.
- Euseo.
[It is not an easy attack to initiate.]
Trying to make others make the first move? - Eunseo.
- Eunseo.
[The first move by Eunseo.]
Okay, game on.
[Super tension.]
- Roll it, Eunseo.
- I did.
- So fun.
Eunseo, what are you doing? [Oh no.
What are you doing? [Physical goddess class.]
She is being generous.
Generous to Dawon.
[Goddess of mercy, don't die.]
- Don't die.
- Don't die.
She is playing it longer.
[Amazing? Frustration?.]
No!!! [Eunseo is out, beautiful hug.]
From physical goddess to tiny waist goddess.
[Besides of being physical goddess, Dawon becoming a tiny waist goddess.]
- Dawon! -Nam Dawon! [Scream! God Dawon!.]
Nam Dawon! [Tart refill for tiny waist goddess.]
Choco tart and egg tart.
- Refill.
- Refill for us please.
[Nam Dawon.]
Took the goddess position twice in a row.
[well it belongs to her by now.]
Congrats! - This game - You knew? Dawon.
[Super physical goddess, no change.]
- I knew it.
- She is strong.
[Powerful goddess approved.]
I knew she is strong, Never knew this strong.
[Replay her profile.]
She was an athlete before and - Superb sense of balance.
- Right.
[Goddess Dawon(22)/ Self appointed power girl, Runner at school.]
Goddes twice in a row.
[ Swimming in the morning, pilates during lunch, and workout at a gym at night.]
Oh Dawon.
- Give us next challenge.
- Another challenge? [Cover goddess.]
Cover dance.
[Dayoung's strong suit.]
Dayoung is so ready.
[This one is mine.]
Cover dance.
This is Dayoung's game.
[Well known, famous cover dance-dol.]
WJSN, beyond boy and girl idol groups, WJSN can handle anything.
[Take a look at who in WJSN is in human level and goddess level.]
Who in WJSN, Who will be the cover dance goddess? [WJSN dance shown here and there.]
[WJSN dance explosion every where.]
[Resource: youtube bimong.]
- Who will be the one? - Dayoung.
[All agreed, Dayoung.]
- Dayoung- Dayoung.
I like it.
Who is her rival? [Her rival is.]
Eunseo or yes it is her.
Eunseo or Eunseo.
[ Another rival is.
[ Suddenly curious.]
I am curious.
Who joined the team with the dance? [It is Yeoreum.
She joined us with the dance and Meiqi was the main dancer.
[Luda: Joined the team with her cuteness.]
- Luda? - Cute.
- Cute.
- Cute.
[Son Joo-yeon: Joined because she is pretty.]
- Me being pretty? - Visual - Visual.
[Me being sensual.]
Too sensual.
Likes sensual so much.
[Being sensual, that is what WJSN needs.]
- Lie.
- No that is not true.
[Park Soobin(23)/ WJSN main vocal.]
- Maybe needed? - She sings well? [No, being sensual.]
[Park Soojin, the world is big and there are many talented people.]
In a while, I laughed big thanks to you.
cover dance prepared by WJSN.]
Cover dance, - You prepared the cover dance.
- Right.
[The best cover dance.]
Let's see the dance.
And start the challenge.
Hit the music.
[ yongdyeongleum version Power Up# Red velvet.]
[Cute power Up.]
[Wow amazing cover dance?.]
So cute.
[So fitting for WJSN image.]
[yongdyeongleum is amazing!.]
[I am happiest when I dance.]
[ tteowon joined the dance, The Eve by Exo.]
[ What a twist in the mood, unbelievable.]
[Cool, awesome WJSN(boy).]
[Getting so drunk by WJSN.]
[Amazing cover dance power.]
[The eyes, the angles, and everything is just perfect.]
[It is like Idol the second cover dance.]
[ This cover dance should be saved forever.]
[ exppo joined, DDu Du DDu Du by Blackpink.]
[Totally into it.]
[Whole new level of cute and fresh.]
[ Girl crush for sure.]
[Finally 10 girls got together Dace The Night Away #Twice.]
[Turn as we get together.]
[Jungbong scream!.]
Go! [ 10 girls dancing together wow! What could be better than this?.]
[Which way you look at them, they are so amazing.]
Thank you.
[You are the top for cover dance.]
With many songs ready, [Cover goddess challenge.]
You dance one by one for this challenge.
[Individual competition.]
Again, [Cover dance challenge, to the random songs.]
We play songs randomly, [Cover dance individual competition.]
Will play them.
[Join the competition when you are sure.]
Only if you are sure, Join the dance.
What if it is not the cover dance, [Free dance possible?.]
Just dance away? [Well we will see once we see the quality.]
Well, if is really good, - Then, we will let you off the hook.
- Got it.
[Dance away spoiler.]
- Weighted points will be there.
- Got it.
Those who come to compete out of pure fun, - Well.
- We will do the cleaning work.
[You will be sent home if you do.]
We will clean things out.
[Why am I being nervous for this?.]
Why am I nervous? Hit the music.
[Individual competition start Roller Coaster #Chung-ha.]
[A lot of them joined.]
[ Slightly different from one to one but all good.]
[The judges have no idea.]
- Who is right? - They are right.
[Same song, different direction.]
- Yeonjung is a bit slow.
[That can be ignored.
Everyone is a dance goddess.]
Yeonjung in opposite direction? Alone? [ leumtteottyeong-yong made the first round.]
Anyway, [Cover Must song, Siren# Sunmi.]
I don't know this one.
[Member In-Out, the head is in.]
I don't know.
[ 3 mermaids are joining.]
[High quality dance.]
Sunmi's 'Siren'.
[Megan Foxy.]
Exy! [Megan Foxy in a while.]
[ Gorgeous three princesses.]
[Respond to the new song in 1 sec.]
[ Change to Bingle Bangle #AOA.]
[Both are correct, Two top Reum and Young.]
Dayoung and Reum, They are out here the whole time, Exy and Eunseo, [Can't lose.]
[Cover dance steady seller Red Flavor #Red Velvet.]
'Red flavor' [Dance machine.]
Some are just never trying.
Soobin is not trying at all.
[These are the fixed cover dance members.]
Eunseo knows a lot.
[ Discovered teol ttu.]
Seola and Soobin are having fun.
[Free dance party over here.]
[Joining the main dance stage.]
[Expectedly, Soobin failed.]
Soobin failed.
The first fail.
[Failed before showing how sensual she is.]
Waiting for the first fail.
Soobin failed.
[Reum young tteo, competition among the 3.]
Dayoung, Yeoreum, Eunseo are left.
Hit the music.
[The 5 ths song I am So Sick #APINK.]
[Young dance machine, automatic dance with the music on.]
[Soobin joined the dance out of nowhere.]
[Showing sexy dance here and there.]
[Bursting laugh.]
[So fun.]
[ Soobin, go home.
Playing with Fire #Blackpink.]
[Got the song.]
'Playing with Fire' [All girls joining the dance.]
[The 6th cover dance, Dayoung has been dancing the whole time.]
Hold on.
[Discovered the newbie cover dancer.]
[Again, Soobin joining the dance.]
[Caught you, unruly dancer.]
I will go home now.
Gotta go.
[The unruly dancer is sent home.]
- You two take a seat.
- I know this song.
[Hey guys, gotta dance to this song!.]
[ Driving Soobin crazy, Touch My Body #Sista.]
[Forget about the cover dance, just have fun.]
[Everyone is Soobinized.]
[Hear this scream?.]
[This is out of the world tension.]
[The 8th song IDOL # BTS.]
Go home if you don't know this one.
[Level up to BTS dance to distinguish the real cover dance queen.]
Go home.
[Boy-dol dance, no prob!.]
[1:1 dance to the camera.]
[ Small group WJSN, FAKE LOVE #BTS.]
[Real cover dances survived the hard song.]
[Unruly dancer joined the line again.]
[ I am Park Soobin, Where I stand is the center.]
How could she join everywhere? [Music stopped.]
Hold on, we need to have a meeting.
Hey you, are you filming a ghost movie? [ Scary by now, finding Soobin .]
Like she is present in every graduation.
I know all these songs.
[ It is not me who dances.
The music just got my body to move.]
We sent you home.
Why did you come back? [That's how you become a true talented person.]
I am just having fun.
[Never-ending competition, three 99 kids.]
- Dayoung, Yeonjung.
- The youngest.
- They are the youngest.
- Yeoreum.
[Only the youngest girls by chance.]
- Eunseo did a good job, too.
- Yeah.
No stop, here.
[Limitless streaming to determine who wins.]
Music continues.
- Tough.
- I will keep track of your moves till the end so I can pick the best one.
[Getting more difficult, something otherworldly.]
Getting harder, isn't it? [Only one can win the title of the cover goddess.]
Go, 99 kids! Music, on! [They've come this far, no more songs available.]
See who's the best.
[Soobin running amok.]
[No one can stop me.]
- What are you doing there? - Great! [She she is irresistible!.]
[I love your moves!.]
[Don't stop me! I'm the best.]
[Hallucinated by her excitement.]
[For whom is this music on?.]
[Rough #GFRIEND.]
[I want to be here forever.]
[She really cracks me up! I can't even breathe.]
[We got you!.]
[Dragged from the stage by the two police officers.]
[Thank you for sharing the stage.
- A wanderer who travels music, Soobin -.]
[Otherworldly dancers doing their job despite a human being's interventions.]
[It ain't over 'til it's over.]
[As if it's your last #BLACKPINK.]
[Is it a déjà vu?.]
[Who can ever stop her?.]
[She's unbelievable 111.]
[She's unbelievable 222.]
[She is tightly attached to the stage.]
[Cracking up in tears.]
[Dance moves of unidentified origin as if it's her last.]
[The 19th song played today!.]
[Monster #EXO.]
The last one! [The war of the goddesses, without a human being.]
[The 19th song played today!.]
[Monster #EXO.]
The last one! [The war of the goddesses, without a human being.]
[Just tell me whatever.]
Dayoung, Dayoung! [Yeoreum is here, too.]
Sit down, now! Now! [Coaching.]
Sit now, sit! [See who I am.]
Sit! Sit! [Sweeping the stage.]
[It took 19 songs to determine the winner.]
The cover goddess is Dayoung! [Self-congratulatory dancing.]
[The cover goddess dances till the end comes.]
[The human being Soobin, a goddess Dayoung, Thanks!.]
Well done! - It's - It's really [Full of grace even after 19 songs were played.]
[Soobin, you are so fun!.]
Laughing out loud, with tears.
Soobin deserves a participation prize, at least.
[As outstanding as Goddess Dayoung, your efforts being highly appreciated.]
With Soobin, [Sharing my honor with Soobin.]
I am sharing my prize.
[The ceremony starts for the cover goddess.]
- First - The cover goddess - Line up.
[Dignity, Grace.]
[The human being coming after the goddess.]
She's sweating.
[Being seated in the chair of the goddess.]
She sweats a lot.
Dayoung, the cover goddess.
[Listen, human beings.]
[Congratulatory speech.]
Please tell us how you feel.
I've spent.
[Honored, Thanks to seniors and juniors.]
numerous hours watching dance video clips.
- Efforts paid off.
Thank you.
- Sure.
I would like to share my honor with [Thank you for your contribution.]
the old lady, Soobin.
[No insurance guarantee, laughing too much to feel a flank pain.]
You gave me a flank pain.
I laughed a lot.
Graceful, look at her.
Feel at home.
[Awarding a piece of cake to Soobin.]
Soobin! Thank you.
Soobin danced so hard, [Dayoung stood out.]
causing distraction and making Dayoung stand out.
[Thanks to her mysterious moves.]
- You are full of energy.
- Great.
- Thank you.
- How is it? - It's really fun.
[Another hardworking lady.]
Yummy? [Yeonjung, you did a great job!.]
For "IDOL ROOM," [WJSN is time to go back to their planet.]
You've made the first visit.
Time flies like an arrow.
[60 minutes felt like 60 seconds.]
I lost track of time.
[Historical moment of Donhee's LOL.]
You made my day.
You are the funniest guys.
[The main contributor.]
Thank you so much.
- We are happy too.
- Thank you.
[Energizer Yeonjung is today's pick-dol.]
Today's pick-dol, Yeonjung! Are you happy with everything? - Everything? - Yes.
- I am really really happy because I've taken so many solo shots.
[No concerns, but lots of happiness.]
I have no worries or concerns at all.
I guess you have stayed focused and done so many things throughout the show.
[I love you, IDOL ROOM!.]
I hope that you guys will have the show edited incredibly.
- Thank you in advance.
- Sure, of course.
- The leader.
[Captain is speaking.]
Exy, tell me.
We all have really wanted to be [I mean it, 100%.]
on this show, IDOL ROOM.
- It's true.
- Thank you.
[Happy to be part of it.]
It's a great honor to be here on the show.
We are back with "Save Me, Save you".
[Support and love toward WJSN.]
I hope you will enjoy our album "WJ PLEASE?", everyone! - Thank you for your support.
- "Save Me, Save You".
- It's been seven months.
I hope you will enjoy "Save Me, Save You" of WJSN.
Please! - Please! - Please! - Thank you.
1 Idol broadcasting [We cheer on these energetic and attractive girls, WJSN.]
IDOL ROOM Thank you.
[Various video clips including Kkoming' CAM are.]
[available on V LIVE.]