Idol Room (2018) s01e22 Episode Script

Weki Meki

JTBC Idol Room Episode 22 - Weki Meki [Get out of the way, pigs.]
[Let me introduce today's guests.]
[Even chic.]
[They can be anything they want to be.]
[Break time.]
[I get vitamins by just watching you.]
[Thank you.]
[Big reaction for nothing.]
[Full-power, energy, supported by big reaction.]
Idol Room! Credibility ranking No.
1 among idol programs.
Idol Room! [Ho!.]
We remember your dance.
[Big news.]
These girls will sing their new song for the first time today.
[A little later! The new song will be released!.]
Weki Meki! We'll say our greeting.
Two, three! Let's get crazy! Hello, we are Weki Meki! [Ji Suyeon.]
[Choi Yoojung.]
[Km Doyeon.]
Yoojung has appear [Congratulations.]
in our show.
- How many times you were on our show? - Twice.
- Today's is the second time.
[Most frequent visitor.]
It's not been so long since we opened.
Nobody has visited us twice yet.
No one has appeared on our show twice.
But you were in our show as Sunmi's fan before, and now as a member of Weki Meki.
[The popular scene for Yoojung's cuteness.]
You need to look at her face.
Say "big sister.
" [She the poster girl of a successful fan.]
I can't look at her.
Big sister.
[Decisive comment.]
Give me your number.
Did you really get Sunmi's number? I didn't get her number.
[Wrong timing.]
[Yoojung had to go.]
- I was here for a short moment.
- Yes.
[Sunmi had to keep recording.]
- The timing? - Yes, the timing.
- It was not good.
- So sad.
[Making fun of her.]
- I didn't even bring my phone.
- I heard that Umji got it.
[Real friend joined to make fun of her.]
- Really? - Only Yoojung didn't get it! [All joined to make fun of Yoojung.]
- Why did you do that.
- Jongmin also got her number.
Really? [Hurt.]
Hey! Hey! I was joking.
[Time to explore Weki Meki.]
Before we find more about Weki Meki.
Many fans have left comments.
Weki Meki is the super rookie of sharp group dance.
[It can't be more true.
They say every member is the dancer.
So, let's introduce yourselves with dance.
Let's express yourselves with dance.
[Who will go first?.]
Who was picked for dance? [Confident dance pick, Yoojung.]
Yoojung? I started with dance first.
[Confident in dance.]
- So, you can say that.
- I look forward to Yoojung's dance.
- What did you do to join the team? - I was picked for acting.
- What? - Acting? [Picked for a girl group for acting?.]
- Acting? - But you are an idol, right? [Agency TMI.]
[FANTAGIO has many actors.
For instance, Seo Kang Jun.]
- has many actors as well.
- Actor agency? [Vocalist.]
- Suyeon? - I was picked for singing.
- Vocalist.
[Acting again?.]
- Elly? - I was picked for acting.
Acting? [Until now, half acting half dance & singing.]
You are a girl group.
[Getting more interested in their story.]
Already two of you were picked for acting? Lina? I was picked because the boss liked my eye beam.
[Interesting agency.]
It's a unique agency.
Then Sei? [Getting more interested.]
Given my possibility.
[Burst into laughter.]
Until Sei, only one member said she was picked for singing.
[Only one member for vocalist and dancer each.]
Well, in fact a vocalist and a singer suffice.
There should be a rapper and many parts.
Lua, what did you do to get in? [Finally!.]
I was picked for singing and dance.
Then you can play a double role.
[Detailed reaction.]
[The one who shares the burden of Suyeon and Yoojung.]
I went to both of the auditions.
Doyeon, what did you to to join the team? [No need to say.]
- I - Visual.
- Visual.
[Only one who was cast by the agency.]
- Casting.
- Right.
I was cast.
While you walk down the street? [Doyeon's casting story.]
I was practicing cheerleading.
[She was chosen for her beauty.]
I was cast.
[A talent found by staff with good eyesight.]
- Hey, don't you want to become a singer? - He gave me his business card.
Really? They were picked for their possibility, eye beam, acting and.
one of them was cast on the street.
[Looking forward to their dance profile.]
Members of Weki Meki with great potential.
Let's see their dance profile, one by one.
They chose their own songs.
- Right.
- We'll play the songs randomly.
[It's not even a big deal.
I'm so nervous.
[Who chose the song with hip rhythm?.]
[Dance profile starts with Yoojung.]
[Exquisite combination of cuteness and hip-hop.]
[She's the dancer.]
[I love you, Choi Yoojung Milk color, Choi Yoojung.]
[Fresh movements pouring out.]
Wow! [So talented, from head to toe.]
[I knew it.]
[That's the dignity of the dancer.]
[So proud.]
[Audience was satisfied.]
She's the dancer.
I like this move.
You've turned red? Or is it a makeup? [Now she's embarrassed.]
I think it's both.
[Next dancer with groovy melody.]
[What's that?.]
[The person who just said she was picked for both dance and singing.]
[If you look carefully, it's a dance of Hangeul.]
[Best teamwork.]
[Constant explosive reaction.]
Not the song.
[Self-introduction dance.]
[My name is Kim Sukyung.]
[Lua - Given by the CEO.]
[Kim Sookyung - Given by her parents.]
She's Kim Sookyung.
It's weirdly addictive, right? [Unexpected truth.]
One thing for sure, she's not the dancer.
I think you were picked mostly for your singing.
You may not know this but you were picked for your singing skills.
Play the music.
[Sei, come on.]
[What's that?.]
[Flinching dance that makes audience anxious.]
[Om my gosh.]
[Magic spell.]
[Look at me dancing~ You'll be falling in love with me.]
[Goddess of freestyle dance, Sei.]
Sei, what did you do to join the team? [Casting director was right.]
[Wide open possibility.]
You were picked for possibility, right? - Fighting! That was very.
[Next dancer, Elly.]
[She's definitely a dancer but was picked for acting.]
[I'm embarrassed now.]
[Dance-acting, expressed with her whole body.]
[Smiling but.]
[Worried member, who was also picked for acting.]
[Feeling the rhythm.]
[Leader turned her back.]
[Finishing her dance with acting.]
[Elly's dance proved her acting skills.]
It was acting.
Acting, on your face.
It was written on her face that "I'm acting now" [This is my song.]
[Finally another great dance after Yoojung.]
[This is the dancing skill of the person who was picked for her eye beam.]
[Oh my gosh.]
[She can be the dancer of the team.]
[I can't stand this feeling!.]
Keep dancing.
[Unusual taste.]
[(17 years old) Lucy, go!.]
[Silly silly.]
[Cutie behind is dancing again.]
[Like it.]
[Boldly trying to make Donhee & Conhee dance.]
[Fun evangelist, Noh Lucy.]
[Extremely embarrassed.]
[Quickly running away.]
[A 169 cm tall giant baby can't hide.]
[I saw it.]
She was so embarrassed that her face turned red the moment she came out.
She was thinking twice.
She knew that she couldn't escape this.
[Completed her mission, overcoming embarrassment.]
But she did it like a pro.
She works hard, you know.
[Another unusual taste.]
This is me.]
You can't do this.
You can't just ruin the atmosphere of our party.
[We can't let you get away with this.]
This is wrong.
The vocalist.
This is not right! It means "turning.
" [Unsatisfied.]
- That was too.
- This is not right.
- No? - You should turn this mood around.
- Weird.
- It was good before you.
[Mood changer, Yoojung's song + Sooyeon's dance.]
Play Yoojung's song.
We put our trust in you.]
You're hip-hop.
- Surprise us, okay? - Okay.
I got it.
- Okay.
[Feeling the rhythm.]
[There you go.]
[I'll show you real dance.]
[Same music.]
[Different dance.]
[Honest souls.
[I can't watch it.]
Oh my God! [I feel like a dance genius.]
[Now she came to her senses.]
[Representative apology.]
She got hooked on dancing late.
[Donhee & Conhee, please forgive us.
She got hooked on dancing late.
[So hot.]
Thank you for the dance.
[The visual who will clarify the place, go!.]
[Perfect song for her.]
Casting girl.
[Paparazzi appeared on time.]
Casting! [She went down.]
[Sprinkle a handful of foxiness.]
[Looking forward.]
She deserved to be cast.
[Also cute.]
[Her face did it all.]
- She's Doyeon.
- Of course you were cast! - Casting! The first among variety shows.
Today's Live Pick-Dol, Close Camera! [What's Live Pick-Dol?.]
This section is "Close Camera.
" [Add communication with fans to Pick-dol corner.]
You know what we did previously? But this time, we will proceed this corner, communicating with fans.
[A show inside a show.]
This will be aired real time.
- Real time.
Live broadcast.
- Is it aired now? [Idol Room's live broadcast has started.]
Hello, this is Idol Room.
[Congratulations on your comeback, Weki Meki.
Let's make a mega hit!.]
[Doyeon looks so cool and pretty today.]
We are with Weki Meki today! [Sei, I love you! Oops, eye contact with Elly!.]
[Are they this beautiful for real?.]
- Nice to meet you.
- Lucy.
Hello, I'm Lucy.
[Please have me.
- Hello, I'm Suyeon.
- Hello, I'm Elly.
We are having so much fun now.
[Don't look into space, Sei.
You're so pretty.]
- Hello, I'm Sei.
- I'm Lua.
[Hi, Ki-Ling.]
We are having a real time chat now.
"Doyeon, you said you didn't like hamburgers but I know you ate it recently.
" [Doyeon's Words & Actions Different.]
"I want to know the truth.
" [Demand a hearing for truth about hamburgers.]
I thought I didn't like hamburgers.
[Scoop! Doyeon didn't dislike hamburgers.]
It was kind of a fixed idea.
[She's getting to like it.]
I think I like hamburger now.
[Hamburger is watching Idol Room now.]
Send a video message to hamburger.
Hamburger, from now on, [My first time to envy hamburger.]
I don't want you to disappoint me.
[Wish Doyeon for pretty love with hamburger.]
[Recording day.]
- They say congratulations on Rina's birthday.
- Is today's Rina's birthday? [Rina, eat my love.]
[Lovely Rina, happy birthday!.]
[Lovely Rina, happy birthday!.]
[Thank you.]
Thank you all.
What do you want for a birthday present? - Me? - From team members? [With her mouth.]
- A kiss? [Reject.]
- No.
[So firm.]
[Sei's kiss was rejected by Rina.]
- I've already received.
- You've received love from the members, right? [She's happy for the love from the members.]
You're right.
[Today's highlight is impending.]
It's time for Pick-Dol.
[Who's today's Pick-dol?.]
Who do you want [Of course all members of Weki Meki.]
for today's Pick-Dol? [Explosion of energy! Yoojung, Pick-Dol, go go!.]
Now, real time.
[Ji Leader is the best.
Ru/Lu sisters.
Why am I crying.]
Please leave a comment.
- Who wants to be today's Pick-Dol? - Me! [I want to be the Pick-Dol.]
- All of us.
- If you are chosen as Pick-Dol, [Today's benefits for Pick-Dol.]
- Your full image.
- Full image will be aired.
[Provide a personal camera throughout the show.]
Nice, huh? [close-up video will be released after the show.]
- Everything that is recorded.
- If you are selected.
All of the close-up video will be released.
[Can't I just pick them all? It's too hard.]
In the chat room, [This is the power of lovely Weki Meki.]
they all say [No matter who is picked, we'll be waiting.]
they want to pick you all.
- So many fans have said that.
- Thank you.
Let's make a flower cup.
- Lie face down.
- Let's lie face down.
[To the command of the leader, Lying down broadcast starts.]
[Gathering Weki Meki is even cuter.]
We are so cute.
[Lua, Weki Meki's kisser.]
[Doyeon, Weki Meki's chic girl.]
[Suyeon, Weki Meki' Suyeonjji.]
[Yoojung, Weki Meki's Mangeumi.]
[Elly, Weki Meki's Marshmally.]
Rina, Weki Meki's Sobuksobuk.]
[Lucy, Weki Meki's youngest.]
[Sei, Weki Meki's natural girl.]
[They look so pretty from any angle.]
Here we go.
[Heart pounding.]
Who will be today's Pick-Dol? [Who will have the luck?.]
- Spin! - Hello.
[Come on.]
Who will be today's Pick-Dol? [Camera is rolling for real time broadcast.]
It is slowing down.
[I can't believe that I'm watching this in real time.]
[It makes me nervous.]
[I love you Weki Meki.
Let's make a mega hit.]
- It is slowing down.
- Who will be the Pick-Dol? [Lucy is picked.]
Please check it on the show on time.
[Pro MC's attack on Live camera.]
Please watch our show on time, to see who was picked as Pick-Dol.
[This is the scene that was not aired through Live Pick Cam.]
[Shh! It's a secret!.]
Please watch our show on time, [Lua is enjoying the close-up camera.]
to see who was picked as Pick-Dol.
Girls, put that away! [It's confidential.
So bye, Live Pick Cam.]
Get rid of it quickly! [Oh! So curious.]
Today's Pick-Dol.
[Bye, Weki Meki! We'll watch the show on time.]
Who will it be? [Idol Room's live broadcast has been ended.]
Today's Pick-Dol is Lua.
- Lua Cam.
- Lua Cam.
[Lua welcome her Pick Cam.]
Now, that camera is only for Lua.
[Manners class of Doyeon.]
- We shouldn't pick our noses.
- Of course not.
A word please, as today's Pick-Dol.
[Today's lucky girl, Lua.]
I usually don't get picked.
- Really? So good for you then.
- This is the first time I got picked.
I'll regard this as Idol Room's support for me to work harder.
[Please watch Lua Cam.]
I'll do my best.
[Lovely Lua moments.
[This is only a teaser for Lua's active role on the show.]
[I'm drunken with fun.
This is the guidebook to become Lua's fan.]
[Please look forward Lua's Close Cam.
Idol Room, the best! [Finally introducing the new song.]
Weki Meki has made a comeback after 8 months.
[Unrivaled concept of teen crush plus lovely.]
This album is said to have teen crush and loveliness.
[I'm lovely as well.]
- Teen crush.
- Would you introduce the songs in this album? When someone falls in love, [Lovely energy up.]
she or he becomes lovelier.
In this album, Weki Meki is in love.
[It's Weki Meki's love song?.]
There's loveliness in the album.
But there's not only that but [Album spoiler, two versions of album.]
We have two versions of album.
[His brain is overload.
Two albums?.]
- There are KISS and KICKS versions.
- KISS and KICKS versions? - Yes.
- Kick like kicking? - KICKS as in girl crush? - That's right.
[Briefing on the KISS version.]
- That's right.
- This is how you - kiss.
- Lovely.
[KISS version shows lovely Weki Meki.]
It is to show our lovely side.
It's the KISS version that goes well with Weki Meki.
[Briefing on KICKS version.]
And here's this version.
You don't blow [KICKS version, teen crush Weki Meki.]
kiss like this.
Instead, you make a kick.
This is KICKS version.
It shows girl crush.
[Unable to understand.]
It shows strong Weki Meki.
[Stupid question.]
Which version would you be performing? The same songs go in [Again, there will be different versions of album.]
two versions of the albums.
[Very confused.]
- Two different albums.
- Two different style? Yes, it's the same album.
[Quiz show.]
So the songs are the same, but there are KISS and KICKS version of the songs? - Nope.
- The name of the album is KISS [Explaining hard.]
and KICKS.
[Falling into chaos.]
I don't know what you are saying, but I get it.
- We will give you the album later.
- So there are two types of jackets.
[Two different types of album jackets.]
- Two different types.
- That's right.
[Different versions of songs.]
And similar songs are in both albums? The songs are the same.
[Please check out the album if you're curious.]
Fantagio Entertainment will have an idea.
Yes, it's fantasy.
[Curious, what's "Crush" about?.]
What is "Crush" about? Our title song, "Crush" is [Showing that she memorized the lines.]
It's a dance song in moombahton genre.
[Refusing what's in the article.]
Don't say something that the company ordered.
[A sentimental introduction about the lyrics.]
There are lyrics.
[Crush, you confess about love.]
You confess to someone that you like him.
[It's a very lovely song.]
It's a brave but very lovely song of confession.
- We can't get an idea if we just hear about it.
- Yes.
[Exclusive, performing "Crush" for the first time in IDOL ROOM even before the release.]
Let's see what it's like through Killing Part nano dance.
[Nano dance, dancing the killing part dance in a relay.]
[And analyzing the dance in nano scale.]
[This is the nano dance part of "Crush".]
[Nano dance order.]
We will go in the order of Suyeon, Doyeon, Rina, Lua, Yoojung, Lucy, Elly, and Sei.
- OK.
- Shall we perform "Crush?" [The first "Crush" nano dance.]
Give us the music.
[Good, they are dancing, while showing teen crush.]
[Looking forward to their relay dance moves.]
[Starting the nano part.]
[Nano dance, 3, 2, 1.]
[Leading Weki Meki by example, Suyeon.]
[She shows the standard dance.]
[Weki Meki's Doyeonjji, Doyeon.]
[The harmony of pride and coolness.]
[Weki Meki's Squirtle-like Rina.]
[An exceptional power dance like a goddess.]
[Weki Meki's Mulgeng, Lua.]
[Showing how flexible and cute she is.]
[Weki Meki's fairy, Weki Meki.]
[A very shrewd dance of someone with dance DNA.]
[Weki Meki's deer, Lucy.]
[Teen crush full of energy.]
[Weki Meki's Haerangdungi, Elly.]
[Lovely moment of the cold beauty.]
[Weki Meki's organicsei, Sei.]
[Natural dance of organic food mania.]
[In unison, ready for applause.]
[They move in prefect order.]
[Very addictive, the killing part continues.]
[Very charismatic.]
[I want you.
Getting addicted to the melody already.]
[Very proud.
Relaxed & lovely smile.]
[As if they've waited.]
The song is amazing.
[Donhee and Conhee agreed that it's a masterpiece.]
There's one more section for us.
[Recommending to the new rising star, Weki Meki.]
Weki Meki is very good at dancing.
They are the group dance idols.
Let's dance in a row to show how in sync you are.
The only team that was perfect [After many tries, GFRIEND was the only successful one.]
[The legendary scene of sharp group dance.]
[Six members all danced in sync.]
[This legendary scene made a huge impact.]
[It's not easy.]
It's not easy as it sounds.
- It's difficult.
- That's right.
Being in perfect sync and looking as if you're one person - is more difficult than you think.
- It's only possible if you've [Agrees.]
practiced a lot.
- That's right.
- Let's dance in a row.
[Weki Meki dancing in a row.]
- In one line.
"La La La".
[Clenching her fists, ready.]
- Way to go.
- Give us some music.
[Dancing in a row, "La La La" #Weki Meki.]
[Good start.]
[A perfect harmony of 8 members.]
[They are good.]
[They move almost in sync.]
[A legendary scene one more time.]
[Creepy synchronization.]
[It's in a perfect sync even from the top.]
[And from the front.]
[It's the rightful outcome for the rising star of sharp group dance.]
[There are 8 members, but it looks as if they are one.]
[Congrats, Weki Meki succeeded in synchronizing their dance!.]
I think you've practiced only this dance.
[Let's try one more song.]
Let's try dancing to one more song.
It looks as if one person is dancing.
I can't see Doyeon.
She looks as if she's not dancing.
[No Doyeon.]
[Although she was dancing hard.]
[They are dancing in a perfect unison that hid 173cm-tall Doyeon.]
[They stand in a perfect line.]
How do you stand in a perfectly straight line? [Self-praise.]
Weki Meki is good.
[Dancing in a row.
"I don't like your Girlfriend" please.
[What is this?.]
The original dance is in shape.]
[And they are in sync from time to time.]
[Here goes the dance in a row.]
[It looks as if Yoojung is the only one dancing.]
[But in reality, they are all dancing the same.]
[This is amazing.]
[Look at the line.]
[Watching the dance as if he's possessed.]
[Zero error, sharp group dance.]
[And a perfect ending.]
[Weki Meki did it.]
- It's a success.
- I love it.
Let's shout again.
Weki Meki has succeeded! [Weki Meki danced in a row perfectly!.]
[You can watch other videos of IDOL ROOM on V LIVE.]
Segment for Weki Meki! IDOL ROOM hosts this competition for Weki Meki! [Wow excited.]
[Weki Meki's nickname, Topki Downki.]
Do you know this? Topki, Downki? [Nickname for their height difference.]
Topki, Downki.
- Fans call you that.
- Yes.
Topki, please raise your hand.
[Topki: Lucy, Suyeon, Lua and Doyeon.]
[Downki: Elly, Yoojung, Rina and Sei.]
Downki! Topki's youngest member, how tall are you? [Sooyeon: 164cm.]
- It's me.
- How tall are you? - 164cm.
- 164cm.
The tallest of Downki, how tall are you? [Downki's tallest member Sei: 163cm.]
163cm tall.
- With the difference of 1cm.
- Too close.
Who's the leader of Downki? [The shortest member Yoojung.]
- The shortest one, Yoojung.
- She's so cute.
For the Topki, is it Sooyeon? - The tallest one, Doyeon.
- Doyeon.
[173cm tall.]
- Doyeon is the leader of Topki.
- Doyeon is the leader of them.
Among Weki Meki, Sooyeon is.
[Ji Sooyeon / Weki Meki's leader The shortest of Topki.]
That's nice.
- Please divide according to that.
- Let's sit in the order.
[Moving to sit according to their height.]
- In the order of height.
- That's nice.
It's good to cheer by doing the waves.
[The perfect seating plan.]
Doyeon, the representative of Topki, is using Yoojung of Downki as her own armrest.
- We got the report.
- Are you putting your arm on her head? [Tragedy resulting from the height difference.]
Right, like this.
- Is it true? - Yes, it's true.
[Doyeon's arm is on the shoulder of Yoojung.]
[That's familiar.]
It looks like a couple.
Yoojung and Lucy, change your seats.
- Let's reproduce the scene.
- Let's see how they do usually.
It looks like a comfy armrest.
She puts her weight, too.
She looks like my pillow I use during the flight.
[Doyeon looks so comfortable.]
This is so comfortable.
[Jealous eyes of the youngest member.]
That's the perfect height.
[Custom-made for Doyeon.]
Do you feel comfortable when she does that? [Already got used to it.]
- It doesn't feel uncomfortable.
- Not heavy? - No.
- She can handle it because it's not heavy.
[Doyeon's toy Yoojung.]
They look very close to each other.
[Trying to tease.]
Please change the seats.
Yoojung, don't you try to stop her? It's okay.
I'm fine with Doyeon.
[Copy-cats appear.]
But others follow her suit.
- Rina.
- Not me.
I hope others would do the same thing.
I guess Downki members can't do that.
Isn't it hard to do this? [Sad reason.]
- Elly.
- Yes.
- Do you do that to Yoojung? [I'm innocent.]
- I've never done that.
- Elly doesn't do that.
- I take care of her.
- Who does that? [Rina from Downki.]
- This one.
- Rina? Please change seats.
[Reproduction of the scene.]
No [Suspect Kang.]
- How can you do that? -I'm not trying so hard.
I was doing like this.
Try that, what you did previously.
Take pictures.
[Victim Choi tries to reproduce the scene.]
Take pictures.
She did this to me.
[Shocking: Use her shoulder as a tripod.]
She put the phone close to my face.
- You used her shoulder as a tripod.
- No way! I was taking pictures of her.
She looked nice from that angle.
So I tried it.
[Using her as a selfie-stick.]
If you take pictures like this She has a beauty mark on this cheek.
[Too close-up shot.]
- I guess it shows only her cheek.
- No.
Trying to take pictures of her ear? [I will cut you some slacks.]
- No.
- She did it for the first time.
- Right.
[Advice from an elder.]
Everything starts like that.
- If you say okay, she will keep doing it.
- She will, of course.
[Competition between Topki and Downki!.]
Anyways, Topki and Downki, [Through many games.]
let's have a team battle.
[Competition between Topki and Downki.]
Let's do this.
Through various games, we'll see which team is better.
Which team will be better? Topki or Downki? [Prize.]
To encourage and motivate you, [Oh yeah!.]
we will give a prize.
[Luxurious Korean beef set.]
See that? [Excited meat lovers.]
[Members look so excited.]
Let's start the first competition.
The first theme is - bending down.
- Bending down? Bending down.
Weki Meki's related search word is flexibility.
It's well-known that all members are so flexible.
- Is it true? - Yes.
- Everyone looks so flexible.
- Who is the most flexible one? [Weki Meki's most flexible one.]
[Who practiced rhythmic gymnastics.]
She was a rhythmic gymnastics player.
In a previous episode [WJSN Yeonjeong showed off great flexibility.]
Yeonjeong? - She's so flexible.
- Really? [Donhee and Conhee saw that.]
WJSN members are practicing Pilates.
- They're so flexible.
- In case of Yeonjeong, we thought she was like an invertebrate.
[For those who can't believe it.]
She's so flexible.
[Here comes the evidence.]
Thinking about chocolate pie Yeonjeong is [Members got surprised.]
She did it! Yeonjeong, think about chocolate pie! [Yeonjeong did the posture!.]
- Lua, you've been practicing Pilates.
- YEs.
[Can you do a challenging posture?.]
Will you show a pose? We've seen how WJSN did.
Let's challenge the pose that Yeonjeong did.
- What's that? - What if I can't do that? [Can you do that?.]
- This pose.
- This one.
[The pose of miracle.]
- How can a person do that? - She did it lightly.
[Let's challenge.]
- I will do that.
- Hang on.
She's not on our team.
Yeonjeong tried and did it well.
[Not knowing where to put her legs and arms.]
- You can do it.
- Hang on.
[Easier said than done.]
You have to put your foot in front of you.
Put your foot in front of you.
[Falling down.]
I can do this but I can't strike a balance.
[She's giving orders.]
- Strike the pose first.
- Concentrate.
[Hard to do alone.]
Please help me.
[Asking for help.]
- Help me.
- Naturally.
- Put this foot in front of you.
- Put your arms and legs in the straight line.
It's a challenging pose.
[Excuse me?.]
What are you doing? [Pose that looks different from the one.]
Put weight on your legs and arms.
- No, Doyeon.
Not her hips.
- My arms [Falling down.]
Is it okay with your knees? [Donhee came out to her.]
Are you okay? Your knees are fine? [Positive mindset.]
I think my arms are short.
[I got information.]
I heard Doyeon practices Pilates, too.
- Give her a chance.
- Doyeon, please try.
[Coach Doyeon tries.]
My arms are long.
Right, I think you can do this.
- But my legs are long, too.
- Many celebs practice Pilates.
[Suddenly, it looks difficult.]
How can I do this? [Helper is coming.]
- It requires arm strength.
- Do like this.
Behind your back - You need to put your arm behind your back.
- In the back.
[Help me.]
[Still doubtful.]
- Did Yeonjeong do that? - Yes.
[Yoojung's try.]
- Yoojung, please try.
- I will.
- It needs to go that way.
- I think she can do this.
[No way.]
It's hard.
[Trying to make them feel competitive.]
Yeonjeong did it alone.
[I can't lose.]
- Really? - Yes, she did it alone.
[Making excuses.]
I - You know that, this pose.
- Standing up.
[Yeonjeong succeeded this too.]
Dawon, pass! Yeonjeong, pass! [Let's try this too! Weki Meki members try the pose.]
[Bad posture.]
[Yoojung succeeded?.]
- Are you okay? - Yoojung! I can do that [Yoojung, this is not the one.]
[Struggling with the wrong pose.]
- Yoojung.
- Not this one? That was not correct.
[The right pose.]
- She tried another one.
- This.
Standing on her arms.
[Looking like a frog after changing the pose.]
[Giving up.]
I can't do that.
That requires mental practice.
[FYI, 4 WJSN members succeeded.]
For your information, [Making them feel competitive.]
three members passed this.
Let's do this! Everyone! [Enthusiastic, we will do this.]
- Let's try together.
- We can do that.
[However, nobody is close to a success.]
Why do you do that on the ground? Use the mat! - How can they do this? - How? [Funny postures.]
[Everyone fails.]
[Come to reality.]
- Come back.
- We didn't ask you to do this all.
[Everyone failed.]
[Respect to Yeonjeong.]
We thought it must be easy, after seeing Yeonjeong.
It was a hard one.
[Let's challenge one that is more difficult.]
Then, please show them - a pose that is more difficult.
- Yes.
- Shall we see? Lua, can you do the split putting your feet on chairs? - Really? - Even with these chairs.
[She's not the one who will do that.]
- We're so flexible! - WJSN never challenged this.
[Still talking first.]
- Please try.
- Please do this.
- Can you do that? - Challenge.
- Can you go up there? [Setting up the pose.]
- That way? - Do this first - Be careful.
[Members are trying to help her.]
[Oh, my.]
[Lua is comfortable.]
- I can feel the pain.
- I feel like I'm in pain.
[She's bouncing.]
- Don't move.
- Doesn't it hurt? - Nope.
[Conhee gives compliments.]
- It doesn't hurt.
- Because she learned dancing.
WJSN didn't do this.
Weki Meki Lua is the only one who succeeded this.
[So proud of it.]
Yoojung, I heard you can do the yoga pose standing on your head.
Really? Can you do this? [Half-worried, half-excited.]
[Do-sweet[ - She hasn't tried it for a while.
- Be careful.
[Suddenly, it feels like a talent show.]
Here we go! Here we go! Raise legs up! [Trembling.]
Raise legs up! [Putting them up.]
Raise your legs up! [She looks taller from this angle.]
[Smile of victory.]
She's talented.
[WJSN, are you watching this?.]
WJSN, come back! Let's have a competition with Weki Meki! WJSN has never tried it.
[After checking out their flexibility.]
We didn't start the real game yet.
This match is so much fun! The first one is a game to check their flexibility.
[Bending down.]
Weki Meki members will stretch your legs - and bend down the upper body only to take sand away.
- I'm not good a this.
Let's start.
Starting with Elly.
[Topki and Downki team members.]
If you bend your knees, - you will be out.
- Okay.
1 player Elly.]
Go! [Removing a handful of sand.]
- Yay! - Good.
[A nice start.]
- Good.
- Elly, you can do that.
[Doyeon goes first.]
What? [She used only one hand.]
What? She looks so relaxed.
[2nd player.]
- Sei.
- Sei.
- I will do.
[She shouted lo but took just a bit of sand.]
Are you swimming? [Used the butterfly swimming skills.]
Do you know the butterfly? You need to have preliminary moves.
[2nd player Lucy.]
[The youngest member's provocation.]
[Bold move resulting from great flexibility.]
Flexible! Good.
[The youngest one's cute smile.]
[3rd player Rina.]
[Getting a lot of sand.]
- Okay.
- Rina is so flexible.
[3rd player Sooyeon.]
- Sooyeon! - Let's go! - She's our leader.
- Sooyeon.
She's trembling [Just a fistful of sand.]
Trembling [Leader is not flexible.]
- Yoojung.
- Yoojung.
It's hard to do.
[4th player Yoojung.]
Stretch your legs.
Here it comes! [Cutie is trying her best.]
- Stretch your legs.
- Here it comes.
[Personal cam.]
[4th player Lua.]
Let's go! She's very relaxed.
[A handful of sand.]
[Almost half of remaining sand.]
- That's too much.
- Still, we have some sand.
[After Lua's turn.]
[Trying her best.]
[Members continued to take sand away.]
[Sand castle is becoming smaller.]
[The flag appears.]
Good job.
[Can't reach the sand.]
[It's getting harder.]
[Small amount of sand is left.]
Let's start the real game.
- She's - Good.
Sorry? What? Euupa? [The one who likes to tease such things.]
- Euppa? - Euppa.
[Downki passed!.]
- Euppa.
- Euppa.
[Relaxed moves.]
[Topki took some sand away.]
- Doyeon.
- She looks so comfortable.
- Hup! - Hup! [Downki also passed.]
I hope to remove a lot of sand, to make it risky.
Lucy is the one who will put an end to it.
[Lucy's big picture.]
She's the rule breaker, now.
[Lucy, please don't do that.]
[Bold move again?.]
Put your knees down.
Hang on.
[What's happening now?.]
[Flag fell down!.]
[Unexpected result.]
[Topki lost!.]
[Shouts of joy and disappointment.]
[In bending down game.]
Downki won! [Tragedy due to excessive enthusiasm.]
She was too enthusiastic.
[Two extremes.]
[Downki stood up in joy.]
- Don't do that.
- Right.
Good job.
[Waving SOS flag to others.]
Lucy waved it last time.
She wanted to do it again.
It's going in the opposite direction from what we expected.
- Team Topki - They were too relaxed.
- Yes.
What's the next battle? [What?.]
What's that? [Weki Meki's battle.]
Eating shrimp chips! You are full of energy and excitement, which gave you a nickname.
[Another name of Weki Meki.]
- Excited Meki? - Yes.
- Right.
- Excited Meki? - Excited Meki.
[Who's the most excited?.]
Then, who's a great source of such excitement? [My friend, Yoojung!.]
- Who? Yoojung is, of course.
- Yoojung.
[Cute Yoojung with great excitement.]
- Yoojung.
- Yes.
- Always.
She looks really happy and excited all the time.
[Who is her match?.]
- Which member is as excited as she is? - Who's another excited girl? - Lua.
- Lua? - Lucy.
[The main sources.]
[Cute Yoojung and Lu-sisters.]
- Really? - Yes.
We click.
- All the members [Reporting.]
[(When) All the members of Weki Meki.]
went to a park along the Han River.
[On that day at the Han River.]
[(Time) Late at night.]
It was dark.
It was in the middle of night.
[(Where) At the park.]
We were sitting on the lawn.
- On the lawn? - Yes.
- Lua went like [All of a sudden.]
"I want to move my body!" She turned music on and she started dancing.
Yoojung joined.
They danced here and there.
[In the middle of crowds.]
- No one there? - There were lots of people.
[Impromptu dancing.]
We even didn't know who they are.
- Excitement! - It was not different than a performance.
Anyone noticed who you were? - Didn't they? - No, I don't think so.
[Lua's CAM.]
[Hoping no one noticed.]
It was too dark.
[People enjoyed the dancing, though!.]
They really liked their dancing, anyway.
Well [Raise your hand if you were embarrassed then.]
Tell me, who was embarrassed? [Me.]
[Put your hands up!.]
You did it, too! [Betrayer! You did that hammer dance, too!.]
Suyeon, you did this with me! You did.
[Words and actions are different!.]
[Dancing, embarrassed.]
I was really embarrassed at first.
I was surprised, OMG [How was it, Sei?.]
Why were you embarrassed, Sei? Well people around us [Too close.]
- They were so close.
- Yes.
[This close!.]
- Like this distance? - Oh, really? [The distance between the MCs and Weki Meki.]
Like this much? Yes, yes! [OMG.]
- You danced with such a narrow distance? With a Bluetooth speaker on? - On the mobile.
- Yes, the phone.
[Music was not loud.]
I wish that music had been were louder.
That proves you are full of excitement.
[Excited Meki.]
For these girls, we have a mission today.
We know you are full of energy and excitement.
[We got you!.]
[Singing and dancing.]
Please show us what you've got by singing and dancing.
Do you often go to a karaoke? [Lua's CAM.]
[I love karaokes!.]
- Yes, I do.
- With the members? [Really?.]
[Nope, not with the members.]
Not really [Coin-paid karaoke.]
I go to a penny-paid karaoke alone.
I do, too.
- Going to a coin-paid karaoke alone.
- Going to a coin-paid karaoke alone.
- Going to a coin-paid karaoke alone.
- Oh? - Going to a coin-paid karaoke alone.
[My way.]
I call it a penny-paid karaoke.
[Doyeon, come on!.]
Sorry, I am from another city, Wonju.
It's okay.
So, as if we were in a karaoke, [This match is all about your excitement levels.]
have fun [This is not all of it.]
Then, we will give you a pack of shrimp chips.
It's normal we have it at a karaoke.
[Real game.]
Until the song is over, you should eat as much as you can.
Please give us the chips.
It must be yummy! [OMG.]
- So big! - Wow! Shrimp chips at a karaoke.
[Super-big shrimp chips.]
It looks yummy.
[Smells perfect!.]
- Shrimp chips.
- I love it! It smells shrimp.
[I want it!.]
[Team Meki, you won the first round!.]
Team Meki, you go first.
Willy Wonka! [She looks like Willy Wonka!.]
Cute! [We are ready.]
- Music, on! - Fighting.
[Life is now.]
[Amor party #Meki.]
- Now, go! - Eat it up.
[Mission is on.]
- Wow, it is a karaoke.
- Have it! [Excitement is escalating.]
Wow, it is a karaoke.
[Yummy yummy.]
Eat as much as you can.
[Yummy Yummy.]
[Snack is half your mouth.]
[Eat more and more.]
Come on! [A fistful of snack.]
[Pace should be stable.]
Elly, come on.
[Eating and singing.]
[We can't understand what you are singing!.]
- You have to have more.
- Here we go! [Excitement is peaking! Start!.]
[Excitement is everywhere.]
[Hey, shrimp chips!.]
[It's so fun.]
Look at Yoojung.
Amorrhhh partihee! [LOL.]
[Singing and eating at the same time.]
[Hey, it's salty.]
Sing! Sing! [Let's stay focused.]
[You cannot have water until the song is over.]
[Here we go!.]
Amor party! [Another Elly is here!.]
[Yoojung is excited as always.]
[Doing a good job without any pause.]
It is almost over.
[Let me check.]
[Put the chips in your hand back.]
Put this back.
- In your hand.
- You did a good job.
- Yoojung ate a lot.
- You all did eat a lot.
- Songs are not supposed to be this long.
[We did our best.]
"Amor Party" is not an easy song.
- We don't measure yet.
- Okay.
[After Team Weki plays, let's see the results.]
In a minute, we will measure the leftover after Team Weki plays.
[We've waited for this.]
[Weki, come on!.]
Come on, Weki.
[Fully ready.]
- Opening it wider.
- I want it.
[Unicorn Doyeon.]
- A rabbit! [She's sweet!.]
Your clothes go well with that one.
[Pinky rabbit.]
They all have perfect ones.
Music, one.
[Ready to fight!.]
- Go.
- Have it! [Hurried.]
Go, go.
The prelude is long.
[Yummy yummy.]
They have enough time.
[Vocalist holding the pack.]
[Eat it up.]
[Good job #Weki.]
1, 2! [Dancing.]
[Good timing.]
[Lua is playing a vocal part.]
[Doyeon is eating all the stuff.]
[Division of labor.]
[3 guys for eating: 1 guy for singing.]
[Strategic choice.]
[It's yummy.]
[Weki has a smart strategy!.]
[Here we go.]
- Shall we? - While eating, you sing! [Good chance to eat more.]
This is a good timing.
[No! Chance for dancing.]
- This is a good timing.
- Eat, eat! Good job! [Eat it up!.]
More, more, more! Good! [Gulping.]
She has her own charms.
[Never-ending turns.]
She turns well.
[Missing the beat.]
[Look at her.]
[Lucy's turn.]
[I don't need a song.]
Gulp it up.
[Leader who only pursues victory.]
[She is already full.]
Great! [Automatically from hand to mouth.]
[Excitement is going up, and she's forgot shrimp chips.]
[She's been singing since the beginning.]
[Never-ending song.]
It is not over.
[Please stop this.]
[Sounds like an experienced teuroteu singer.]
Right now, put it into the mouth.
[Ending rhythm.]
- Weki won! - Stop.
[The last one.]
- Weki won.
- Stop.
- Stop.
- Stop.
[Oh, no.]
You've had a lot.
The song was a good choice.
[Let's see who's the winner!.]
- Perfect.
- Be seated.
[What about Team Meki?.]
- Meki.
- Okay.
- Go.
[We are the winners.]
- Please.
- So excited.
- We had more, didn't we? [Precise scale.]
- Meki.
- Here we go.
What's that.
What's that.
[The leftover of Team Meki.]
660lb=around 299g.]
- 660g.
- 660g.
[If Weki's figure is smaller than 660g.]
- So - Less than 600g [Weki wins.]
- Weki wins.
- Please.
- It looks similar.
- Smaller? - The content itself it's less.
Wow, what? - Don't push it.
- Yes.
[The results?.]
[Weki's leftover?.]
658lb=around 298g.]
658! [Shout for joy.]
[Only a two-gram gap.]
2g! 2g! [Oh.]
[I wish I had had more.]
- 2g.
- Just two pieces.
- Wow, 658g.
[Disappointed vs.
- Just two pieces - What a small gap.
[Eating shrimp chips!.]
Weki won! Only by a two-gram gap.
[Oh, yes! Good job!.]
[Meki: Weki = 1: 1.]
They are even.
- What's the next? - Curious.
Weki Meki's battle! Let's dance! Do you often do cover dance? We did a lot when we were trainees.
On which song? Let me list up.
GFRIEND's song.
- Red Velvet.
- F(x).
Yoojung is the master, isn't she? [She's the best.]
- Yes, Yoojung.
- She can do everything.
[Source: V LIVE Weki Meki.]
[So cute.]
[Source: twitter TheGsd.]
[Source: V LIVE Weki Meki.]
[The master.]
How many songs? [Hmm.]
What is that? [The master posing so cute.]
What is that? She's put a cover on her face.
What is that for? How many songs? Boy bands and girls bands everything? - Yes.
- She is a copy machine.
- More than 20 songs? I think so.
Well, let us see [Let's do cover dance.]
Show us.
- They prepared something for us.
- Thank you.
Let's see what they will do for us.
Music, on.
[Doyeon solo Siren #Sunmi.]
[She looks like a mermaid.]
[She's doing her version.]
[She is the queen.]
[Music rules the world.
Yoojung is in, too.]
[Look at that dancing flow.]
[What a nice move!.]
[Killing part of the mermaid's dancing.]
[Everything is perfect.]
[6-girl OH MY Weki Meki Cupid #OH MY GIRL.]
[Lovely girls.]
So cute! [Fresh and cute.]
[They all are the masters.]
[Cover master IDOL #BTS.]
[Fully energetic cover dance.]
[She is attracting everyone.]
[OMG, she's cute and cool!.]
[She knows the points of cover dancing.]
[Yoojung's version of BTS.]
[MIC Drop #BTS.]
[The best song for her.]
[She's fully ready!.]
Good job! [1080p resolution, high quality.]
[High-resolution dancing.]
[Her facial expression is as cool as BTS members'.]
[You are the master.]
[Not cute, but incredibly cool!.]
[The repertoire when they were trainees.]
[Hot Summer #f(x).]
[They are really amazing!.]
[Attractive moves.]
[Elly is the main girl.]
Elly! [Weki Meki in cover dance makes us happy.]
[Proven dancers.]
[They are high quality.]
You did a great job.
Very clear-cut moves.
[It was a warm-up.]
We've not begun yet.
The competition is Making your own moves.
[Free style battle.]
Make your own.
I am not good at improvising.
When music is on, a member comes on stage and dances.
She picks the next competitor.
Bring another to the stage.
For example, you should not do cover dance on "Boom Boom," but rather make your own.
You do like this for "Boom Boom," but not this way! It's similar.
It's not creative.
So, we will give you a minus.
Music, on! [1st.]
[Genie #SNSD.]
You go, first.
- Hey, you goo first.
- Why me? [Then.]
[According to the lyrics 111.]
[I love you and I trust you.]
[According to the lyrics 222.]
[I give you my dreams and passion.]
What is that? [Random dancing.]
What is that! [What?.]
[Her body moves randomly.]
As the song verbally says She expresses the song's lyrics with her body! It is a dance for kids.
She dances like a kindergarten teacher.
[Thank you!.]
- Who's the next? - You choose.
You! Elly, come on.
Here? [Unstoppable moves.]
What is that? [Oh, Suyeon showed a good example.]
Do it according to the lyrics.
[I feel it.]
[Non-titled dancing.]
[Me? We are on the same team!.]
[Hey, keep the rules.]
You have to choose one on the other team.
Hey, the rules Why are you picking Sei? I was so enticed by music, so Suyeon you really! [Funny.]
[Children's dancing.]
[Body language.]
"I love you".
[Like this.]
Even if you don't know the lyrics, - you can notice from her moves.
- Reciting a story to kids.
Next song please.
[We want to see some original creative dance moves.]
["Move" #Taemin.]
[I got this song.]
[Expressing hiding from the lights.]
[Pantomime this time.]
How low is she bending? [I love this.]
[She's got to have a "Move" disease.]
[I'm so into myself.]
[I'm so amazing.]
[This is how dangerous the "Move" disease can be.]
[Lucy move.]
[Dangerous and contagious.]
What's that? [Even patient zero is surprised.]
Our youngest member.
[Like a live fish.]
What's that? ([Surprisingly separately moving head supposedly) the tail.]
What's she doing? We won.
[Lucy the fish deserves a thumbs up.]
[The piggies are amazed as well.]
It's the first time anyone has done that.
[Performance art of the mammals and fish.]
I've never seen anyone do that.
Not easy to beat.
Next song please.
[What will it be this time?.]
["BANG BANG BANG" #BigBang.]
The choreography is really tough.
[Lua Kim starts to slowly step out.]
- It's tough.
- It is.
[Bang 1, bang 2, bang 3.]
I was hit.
[Gets it later.]
Oh she was hit? [She falls from getting the 3 bullets.]
- She was hit? - Yes.
[Bang 4, bang 5, bang 6.]
[Making a dance move as if she was shot.]
[So hilarious.]
[Come on Yoo-Jung.]
Yoo-Jung's expression.
[I'll show you real dance moves.]
Yoo-Jung's expression.
[This dance is somewhere between being cool and funny.]
[Finally, something that we've been waiting for.]
- This is - She was great.
[But the funny dance ruled over the cool dance.]
But even the best dancers look funny when - I can't.
- It's too much.
[Weki team's attack.]
[They keep lying down.]
Weki team keeps lying down and popping Yeah.
[Their specialty is funny dance moves.]
[Weki team is winning.]
It's amazing.
The pioneers of fish dancing.
- Do you each have 1 member left? - Yes.
[The last battle.]
[Small and amazing Rina VS Tall and amazing Do-Yeon.]
- OK.
- Rina.
Please give us a song.
[Beware of old dance moves.]
["Cheer UP" #TWICE.]
[Loading to TWICE.]
What? [So cute it's almost awkward(?).]
[Using the original choreography and using her own dance moves too.]
[Let's see.]
[The highlight is coming up.]
[Hop hop.]
[Hold on.]
[A complaint.]
[That dance move seems too familiar.]
[The picky piggies step in again.]
- It's too similar.
- That's [Saying that she was expressing stretching.]
- It's the jump version.
- No.
That won't do.
We're tough judges.
We're sharp.
- Rina, you were still cute.
- It was cute.
The song was hard.
[Tough part.]
You couldn't help it, that dance is automatic.
I couldn't help but do it.
[The ending song for this battle.]
[Bang 1.]
[Bang 2.]
[Is this for real?.]
[A hard dance move for a girl idol group member.]
[She's wasting her pretty face.]
Again please.
Again please.
[For a moment, we saw Jang Do-Yeon instead of Kim Do-Yeon.]
[Shout, "God Do-Yeon"!.]
I want to use that as an emoticon.
We didn't expect that but her expression was [She can totally control her face.]
[Even comedians are jealous.]
[My friend is amazing.]
She went like this.
[The best ever dance move.]
Weki team wins this game! All 4 members of the Weki team came up with funny dance moves.
[We need to see it again.]
- You didn't get to see her face, did you? - Nope.
[An encore dance by God Do-Yeon.]
- Come over here.
- Watch.
- Watch her.
- I wonder what she looked like.
[Everyone is watching Do-Yeon.]
- So cute.
- I want to watch too.
I want to go.
- We're all watching now.
- Come here.
- The music - Watch from the other side.
[All moving.]
They go to a better place to watch.
You go over there.
Let's go.
[The dancer has been sent to the center.]
- The same as before.
- The same dance please.
[A key point.]
You have to focus on her face.
[Getting ready.]
The face is what that matters.
[This is what an original dance is about.]
[Her legs and arms are controlling the beat.]
[She is in complete command of her face.]
[So much fun.]
[Their reviews.]
[It's magnificent.]
[It's like a gift from above.]
[Her face and physical is perfect for this amazing dance move.]
[Thank you.]
- Wow.
- Wow, her expression.
- This was fun.
- She can do so many facial expressions.
- Her expression was - It's addictive.
[It's hard to believe, but he's imitating her.]
[This is how it's done.]
Weki team is in the lead, 2:1.
[The last game for beef.]
It's the last game.
[2 points on this game.]
The winner will get 2 points.
[Fair judges.]
But that could make the Weki team upset.
- So for 1.
7 billion points.
- Good.
If you're going to win, you got to beat them by a lot.
7 billion points.
The last game is Run Weki Meki.
Run Weki Meki.
Is there a member who used to be a relay runner? - Do you have a lot of members who used to do sports? - Which member? [Raises her hand.]
Sorry, I wasn't a professional runner.
[Top of the class.]
But I used to represent our class at school events.
[Do-Yeon, Lua, Rina, Lucy, Elly, Yoo-Jung.]
At school events [They used to run in school.]
- As the class representative - For your class? It's not easy to become the class representative.
We're pretty good runners.
Have you ever ran in "Idol Star Athletics Championship"? [Of course.]
- Yes.
- Did you all win? [They won the bronze at this "Idol Star Athletics Championship".]
- The bronze.
- That's awesome.
[She's the fastest.]
- Rina is the fastest.
- She is.
- How many seconds can you run 100 meters in? - 100 meters? [Not hesitating for a second.]
- 7.
- 100 meters? [Wait, Usain Bolt takes 9.
58 seconds!.]
- Usain Bolt takes 9 - No.
[Corrects herself.]
[No, that was for 50 meters.]
- 50 meters.
- That has got to be for 50 meters.
[Teasing Rina.]
You shouldn't waste your time on "IDOL ROOM".
What are you doing as an idol when you can run 100m in 6,7 seconds? [We're sorry, it's for 50 meters.]
- Did you make a mistake? - Yes.
- For 50 meters? - Yes, for 50 meters.
[What is this?.]
Take one for each team.
[The most popular idol group item.]
So cute.
The rules are simple.
It's a relay.
But instead of a baton, - The hat? - You have to hand over the hat.
Your legs will be tied and you have to wear the animal hat.
And hop away.
[Shortest members.]
[Even they have a chance.]
- No jumps.
- I was thinking of that.
Let's set the order you'll go in.
[She doesn't know relay runs that well.]
- Should the bad ones go first? - No.
- We all have to do well.
- That's right.
[She's not angry, she's just honest.]
You're not angry, are you? - We all have to do well.
- It's like she's saying, are you saying you're not going to try your best? [Sure I'll try my best.]
Everyone has to do well.
Wearing an animal hat.
It would be good to run in your signature expression.
[Weki Meki never tried on these hats before.]
Let's go around and try to make cute faces.
Should the ears go up? [They're amazed by the hats.]
So cute.
- This is so cute.
- That's adorable.
[You guys are way cuter.]
[Here are 4 rabbits and 4 hamsters.]
[Cutie cutie.]
[GIFs of the day worth keeping.]
[Here goes Do-Yeon again.]
[The cuties are all ready to go.]
[Last battle for Weki Meki.]
- The winning team will win beef.
- Fighting.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Weki team, are you ready? [We are ready!.]
Yes! - Meki team, are you ready? - Yes! [Number 1 runner Su-Yeon VS Sei.]
Ready, get set, go! [Run!.]
You can jump.
[This is the fastest they can go.]
[Their feet are so busy.]
You have to run in tiny steps.
- So close.
- This game is so fair.
[Safe cornering.]
- Su-Yeon gets here first.
- Su-Yeon is ahead.
[They bump into each other.]
- Get out! - Good.
- Get out! - Good.
[Sei, come on the insurance will take care of that.]
[They start running again.]
You may not jump.
Come on, this way.
- Bumping into each other is a basic on entertainment shows.
- Sure.
[Well then.]
- Push.
- Good! [2nd deliberate bumping.]
- Push.
- Good! [Falls for the 2nd time on her own.]
- Careful.
- Careful.
[Weki team's runner number 2 Lua starts.]
Lua is fast.
[She remembers to be cute.]
- Hurry up and put on the hat.
- Hurry up.
You have to put on the hat to start.
[Get out of the way! Elly is on the way.]
You have to have the hat on.
[Finally, the best chance to stop her.]
Elly is fast.
[Good manners.]
She just gets out of the way.
She should have pushed her.
[So she gets ahead easily.]
Rina, push.
Got it? You should push Lucy.
[Lucy is the 3rd runner.]
[The gap is widening.]
Lucy is so fast.
[Lucy remembers to be cute as well.]
- Your cute face.
- Put it on me.
[Meki team tosses the hat to runner number 3, Rina.]
- Put it on me.
- Your face.
You can take your time.
[They meet each other.]
They're going to meet.
[Lucy and Rina about to bump into each other.]
They're meeting.
[Fails to stop her.]
[They just go their separate ways.]
She fails.
[Weki team is already up to the last runner, Do-Yeon.]
The last player.
[Does the Weki team win without any drama?.]
- The game itself is - Let's go! The game itself is [Oh yeah, oh yeah.]
[So fun.]
[She forgot about the race.]
[She's so busy being excited.]
[Meki team's last runner, Yoo-Jung starts off.]
Yoo-Jung! [Do-Yeon is just taking a stroll.]
She's so fast.
[Come on hamster Choi!.]
[Booster on.]
[She's like Usain Bolt.]
[So fast.]
[She is catching up at an amazing speed.]
[Will she win her?.]
[Save Do-Yeon.]
[Hamster Choi blocks Do-Yeon.]
[Well then.]
[Takes her hat off.]
[She bothers Do-Yeon with just one hand.]
[The hats are coming off.]
They're fighting.
[They forgot about the race.]
They're fighting.
[Like they're at home.]
You have to put the hat on.
[Save Do-Yeon!.]
[Come on! Hurry!.]
[It's such a close race.]
[They can move only when they have their hats on.]
You have to put on your hat! [The finish line is right in front of them.]
[Who will win?.]
You have to put on your hat! [Baton.]
[They can move only when they have their hats on.]
You have to put on your hat! [The finish line is right in front of them.]
[Who will win?.]
You have to put on your hat! You have to put on your hat! [Hamster Choi's last hustle.]
[Meki team wins dramatically.]
[Hamster Choi did it.]
In the last bit [Happiness and sadness.]
[She let Hamster Choi win by goofing off.]
[She is suddenly the bad guy.]
Because of the signature "oh yeah, oh yeah" - Yoo-Jung was incredibly fast.
- She was.
[Yoo-Jung was the heroine.]
- So amazing.
- It was like she didn't have feet.
[The final score is.]
Winning by 1.
7 billion to 2, Meki team wins! [Weki vs Meki team.]
[Meki team is the final winner.]
[Makes some noise for beef.]
[It's like the beef was taken from their hands.]
I'm beat.
The winner is [Korean beef is the prize.]
It's an unexpected result! Team Meki! Congrats! [Self-congratulations with Korean beef.]
[We envy you.]
[Yoojung, good job!.]
Yoojung played a key role! She did a great job at the last part.
She did as much as Doyeon did.
Tell us how you feel.
[Today's MVP.]
I didn't know I could run that fast.
[Korean beef is mine.]
I will do my best, so I will get more than five pack of Korean beef as a prize.
This is the last battle.
It's over.
Okay, if I can be on the show next time Got it.
[60 minutes with Weki Meki.]
We've been with Weki Meki who has come back with "Crush".
- Lua.
- Yes.
You were today's pick dol.
How was it? Anything you are concerned of? [Let me think.]
Nothing Really? I don't think so.
[You were lovely.]
Tell me how you feel as today's pick dol.
[Solo shot for Lua.]
I was picked among the members.
I got solo shots, today.
But, I hope we Weki Meki can thanks to our third album gather a lot of attention and got shot on many shows.
Suyeon, how about you? It's our first time to visit here.
It feels like we are on a picnic.
It was really fun.
[Thank you, MCs!.]
You led us really well.
Our single album is coming up.
["KISS, KICS" is to be released.]
Please cheer on us.
I ask for your support and love toward us.
Thank you.
In 8 months, they've come back with "Crush".
[Before their comeback, they are here on the show.]
We will cheer on you onward.
[Lovely Teen Crush Weki Meki, you rock!.]
I hope you will make it big.
The most trusted idol show! IDOL ROOM! Thank you.
[You can check out various video clips including Lua's CAM.]
[on V LIVE.]
Thank you.